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#om mc
sin-cosin-tan · 2 hours ago
Of course I’ll add some context... I think?
Cute Styles I tried out
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A bit of some lore dump here~
Tumblr media
Phillia Reference #1: OG Outfit (WITH SOME INFO YA KNOW ;3c)
Tumblr media
Phillia Reference #2: Comfy Fit
Tumblr media
General reference I made but with a slightly different style n hair
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here’s a little comic based on the last message I remember with Asmo cause I love him muah
Tumblr media
There’s... there’s a 10 pic limit???
Man 🗿
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mammonswhore · 9 hours ago
How the Dateables will react to MC being a Gen Z teen. (Platonic)
Brothers react to MC being a Gen Z teen here
He is thrilled. He knew that teens were very much connected with the actual world and they might be willing to help him to make things more fun for the youngest demons.
Asks you about memes and words you might say. If the words "sis", "spill the tea" or "sheesh" are in your daily vocabulary,he will ask every single time).
Very much like Mammon when it comes to overprotective and fun. He is literally that one uncle that buys you things and gets you out of trouble evey time you need to.
If you call him "big brother" he will tear up a little. Being an only child he never knew what having a sibling was like so now he is excited to say the least.
Sneaking out behind Lucifer's back is a must. He really enjoys to do that sort of stuff since both of you get scolded afterwards. You get scolded by Lucifer and he gets scolded by Barbatos every time.
If by any chance he hears you or any of the brothers say that you want something he will get it for you even if it is the dumbest thing.
He wants to know everything about tiktok, twitter,memes absolutely adores everything.
Asks you,Levi and Asmo to create ideas for a new app besides Devilgram.
Gifts you Grimm every time he sees you just for him to be sure that in case of any event you have money.
This man is not surprised at all,he knew but decided to not say anything.
Grows fond of you as much as Diavolo did. Teaches you a lot of life lessons that are very important like "don't trust Mammon with your money" "stop trying to fight with Lucifer" "Don't ask me about your future because it will change it" and his favorite is "Don't let Lucifer tell you that you bother us when you are at the Castle,we love you and we are thrilled to have you here every time."
He is the ultimate dad figure. If for some reason you stay at the Castle you won't be able to sneak out with Diavolo or any of the brothers because he knows.
Bakes things you like when you are not in the mood. Tries new recipes and writes them down for you to keep.
Overprotective AF. This man knows how it's like to loose a loved one and he is not loosing you to anything. He is willing to do everything to keep you alive and with him (not in a yandere way,you dirty people).
Sometimes he stops time just to hang with you,he enjoys his free time and getting to spend it with you is the best.
This man loves to tease you,if you like someone he is going to tease you nonstop.
Get ready to have weekends at the Castle learning to do so many dumb things with Uncle Diavolo and being scolded by Big Brother Barbatos. He is telling you to clean the mess but helps you out since it wasn't only your fault.
When you call him "big brother" his pride can fight Lucifer's. He knows he is a father/brother figure and he is absolutely proud of himself for it.
He is excited. He wants to know how to do things teenagers do.
Practically a babysitter for you and Luke but beware because if you use your puppy eyes he will melt and let you do as you please.
Such a protective man,he knows how dangerous Devildom is and he is very aware of how dangerous the Human world is too. Boy is worried.
Likes to help you with everything you might need. It doesn't matter if it's school work or doing some chores,he will offer his help.
Talks to you about his life in the Celestial Realm and explains to you how the democracy works there.
He takes care of you as much as he takes care of Luke.
He is the type of person who takes pictures of almost everything so be sure that all of the brothers (and probably every person he knows) have deleted all of the embarrassing pictures when you see them.
He is always one step forward to every situation in his life so he knows how to help you balance your life so you can enjoy hobbies and family and friends without being irresponsible with your responsibilities.
Simeon is an excellent caregiver and he knows it but still tries to act like he is not that good to be humble.
He will put some timers in your DDD, computer and TV so he can make sure you don't spend too much time online.
Don't worry tho just ask Lucifer or Levi to take it off.
You and Luke are like siblings now so sleepovers at Purgatory Hall are a regular thing now.
He is so happy honestly. He finally has someone to joke around with and he doesn't feel like the only kid around.
When he rants about his admiration towards Michael please listen to him,even Simeon is kinda bored of hearing the same thing over and over again so please just sit and listen.
Tries to act like he ua the oldest since he is indeed older than you but if you stop him and tell him to cut it off,he will.
Help him get revenge on Lucifer for giving him that stupid nickname.
Befriends you and treats you as good as he treats Simeon. He is very soft and open ups to you very easily.
Sometimes he can just sit and ramble about things that he likes and he doesn't notice but he gets really excited when you lend your ear for him to talk.
He is still kinda scared of the Devildom so he will like to hold your hand while you two walk around town.
He makes sure things that you eat are safe for humans.
"MC,put the ice cream down I don't know if it is safe for you to eat it."
He is like that one cousin that used to be very annoying but he grow up and became very cool.
This boy is just cool to be with and he is not afraid of talking about his fears and feelings with you.
He will try to use you as a lab mouse.
But when you found out that you have magic he is teaching you a lot of stuff.
Most of them are either protective spells or spells you can use to prank the brothers since he is well aware of their soft spot for you.
"We should make a prank in our last day at RAD... Don't look at me like that,MC you know it's a great idea."
I think that at some point in his life he adopted someone as their sibling but for one reason or another they just got separated and he is kinda sad when you call him "big brother" for the first time but he will be just soothing himself for a while.
When he gets used to it he is bragging about his sibling.
"My sibling is as powerful as I am so don't go fucking around with them."
So proud of you like he knows he has good teaching skills but seeing you grow up and having a lot of improvement in magic just amazes him.
He takes notes of your questions if he can't answer them right away so he can make a litrle investigation later.
Solomon likes to have sleepovers so if you want,maybe you two can have a weekly sleepover?
When both of you go to the human world for a while,he offers you a room at his house. If you agree he is already buying things and setting up the room.
He shares some of his secrets with you and will probably find a way to make you immortal because he is not taking risks with you again.
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paradisoperdita · 21 hours ago
"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons"
'The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock' T.S Eliot
Simeon X MC Fluff
MC is gender neutral
I wanted to write something about both Simeon and my favourite line of all time. Just trying to stretch my writing muscles again. Hopefully somebody out there enjoys this 💜
Amber light embraced the café as the sun lingered just above the horizon. Flecks of refracted particles drifted through the sunbeams. The intricate dance capturing the air’s ebb and flow. Hushed conversations babbled effortlessly accompanied by piano music and the occasional squeaking of chair legs. In one hand, you held a pristine manuscript of a yet unpublished collection of poetry. In the other, a cup of coffee crafted by their poet. Both filling you with a warmth unique to Simeon.
Each poem carried a quiet intensity, much like Simeon himself. To read them aloud they appeared perfectly mannered: the meter, rhyme scheme, and cadence all in perfect harmony. Yet hidden in these lines were subtle oppositions. Certain words with the wrong number of syllables that tripped you up and stopped you in your tracks. Simeon gave you the poems to ask for your opinion, but he hadn’t told you that they were all love poems. Every poem was about the same subject; someone who had successfully captured the heart of an angel. Simply by reading these poems, you too found yourself falling for them a little. Your heartbeat quickening to match the rhythm of Simeon’s iambic tetrameter.
His voice plays out in your mind as you read, as well as reaching your ears as he greets his customers. For whom had Simeon written these poems? You watch him working behind the counter. His smile was wavering as the evening rush was nearing its end. None of these customers at least seemed to be the one he admired. His eyes meet yours across the room. The corners of his lips softened and his shoulders relaxed, yet the gold in his eyes shines brighter in the sunlight. He turns to tend to the espresso machine, covering his mouth with his hand; a habit of his when he’s trying to stifle a laugh. What did he find so funny?
You were completely oblivious. You had been holding an empty cup to your lips whilst staring at him for a solid minute.
With a freshly brewed pot of coffee in his hand, Simeon walked over to your table. He skilfully poured your drink, adding just the right amount of cream for your tastes.
“What do you think of them?” Simeon asked as he placed the pot down on your table.
“They’re really good! I didn’t know you could write poetry like this.” You said.
“Neither did I until quite recently.” He smiled cryptically and leaned over you to read the manuscript over your shoulder.
There was an unspoken question on the tip of your tongue, but would it be rude to ask it? Your eyes were glued to the page in the hopes that the answer would make itself known to you. That just maybe you could find it with a little more searching. A lover’s name concealed between the lines of an incomplete sonnet.
Simeon edged toward you. A hand slid from the back of your chair to your shoulder. Even through the fabric, he could sense your warmth. There were too many barriers between you and he needed to bring you closer still. A question played on your lips. A glimmer of hope twinkled in your eyes. Yet you dare not speak and you avoided meeting his gaze. Would he dare disturb the universe? His breath hitched in his throat. He brought his lips tantalisingly close to your ear.
“Wouldn’t you like to know who they’re for?” He spoke tenderly. A shiver shot down your spine. The heat rushed to your face. Completely flustered, you tried to move away to compose yourself. Your nose brushed against his. When did he get so close?!
And yet, despite the intimacy of your position, neither of you were inclined to move away. You saw none of Simeon’s usual mask; it had completely melted away with his question. A question you were too afraid to ask, with an answer he was too nervous to give you. Before you was Simeon: the real Simeon. A Simeon free from performance and pretence. Every line of his poetry was written on his face as he looked at you. You knew the depth of his feelings for you as well as you knew your own for him. The mutual recognition delighted you both. A comforting smile adorned your countenance.
“I think I might have an idea.”
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · 21 hours ago
The Future (Belphie x GN! Reader)
It's not entirely angst, but it's there a little bit... and it's not super fluffy... but it's also there a little bit... It's a little bit of everything I guess (except NSFW, it's not that... well there is a little teeny tiny hint of it, like a salt grain of NSFW if you look close enough)
TW: slight mention of death but nobody dies ; mentions of what Belphie did in Lesson 16 but it doesn't go into detail (also spoiler warning if you haven't made it to lesson 16 yet)
Word Count : 3.2K (why the fuck did I go so hard on this one? I've never written that much in a wing it fic before)
He sat on the windowsill in the attic, overlooking the garden in the backyard where you sat with his brothers. He should have been down there, he should have been sitting on the other side of you, sandwiching you between Beel and himself, but you didn’t want anything to do with him, and who could blame you? What he had done was unforgivable, and had you forgiven him, he would have thought you were weak and pathetic for even wanting to be around him after what he had done. Yet, here he was, wishing that you had forgiven him. It was an internal conflict that he was having with himself and he hated it, and he hated you for making him feel like this.
What were you but a meek, fragile, useless human. There were billions up on earth, and if need be, he could just go up and snatch one to have his way with and then be done with them. It would be quite simple for him, and there wouldn’t have to be any emotional attachment, not the way that his brothers seemed to be getting with you. They were foolish for allowing a no good human into their lives like this, and it almost seemed like you had a firm hold on them. They were wrapped around your fingers. Not him though, he wouldn’t allow himself to get like that. He knows exactly what happens when beings like himself and his brothers… like his sister… get attached to humans. It never ends well, and it seems like his brothers were completely forgetting all about that, even though it was the reason they fell in the first place.
Even with all of this, watching you with all of them made his heart ache. Laughing, smiling, everyone was having a good time, everyone but him. He tried to ignore the ache in his heart as he watched Beel wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to his chest and nuzzling his face in your neck. Your laughter, light and twinkling seemed to travel through the air, riding the slight breeze that blew through the trees, purposely up into his ears, almost as if it were mocking him. He was alone, and while it wasn’t a new feeling for him, it was starting to become bothersome. Nobody wanted to see him, especially you, but now it seemed like everyone was avoiding him like the plague. The door to the attic had been unlocked for a while, but now he didn’t want to leave. He had no reason to anymore.
“Hey, Belphie…” He had been so lost in thought that he didn’t even notice that Beel had left you in the garden with the others. His eyes focused on you, the way your eyes would squint up when Mammon said something so stupid that all you could do was laugh at him. The way you kept switching which leg to cross over the other, as if you couldn’t sit still for more than five seconds. You seemed anxious, and you would look over your shoulder and around the garden subtly before turning back to whichever one of his brothers were talking. It was like you could feel his eyes on you, and it gave him a strangely warm feeling inside, knowing that you knew he was looking… all you had to do was look up and you’d see him. “Belphie.” Beel said his name again, clearing his throat to get his attention.
“Hm? Yeah, what?” As much as he hated to take his eyes off of you, he knew that Beel wouldn’t leave him alone until he at least acknowledged that he was in the room. “Do you need something?” He turned to face his brother, his arms folded across his chest. Seeing him there, knowing that only a couple minutes ago his brother's arms had been wrapped around you, holding you close, and you had enjoyed it… He had no right to be upset over it, if anything, he should be happy for his twin that he had finally found something other than food and working out to fill the void inside of him that had been created when he fell.
“I know you like them…” He was about to protest, but Beel held up his hand, giving his brother a small smile as he sat on the edge of the bed. “I can hear you at night… calling their name… you move a lot too. Everyone hears you.” Beel scratched his head as he watched him, waiting for his response, but he couldn’t think of anything to say. It was obvious that Beel liked you too, and in a sense it felt wrong. If it were Lucifer, he wouldn’t feel bad about liking you at all, but he cared about Beel, and he didn’t want his twin to hate him.
“I’m sorry, man… I don’t deserve them. They seem happy with you, and you look happy… I’m not trying to take them away from you.” He sighed heavily, shaking his head as he got up from the ledge of the window. “It doesn’t even matter, it’s not like they’d ever like me back anyway.” And that much he was sure of. How could you ever like him back after what he did? He could hope for it, dream of it, but the reality is that it would never happen.
“What are you talking about?” Beel looked genuinely confused, watching as his brother climbed into the bed, pulling the sheets over himself. “I mean, of course I’m happy with them here, but we’re not together.” He let out a quick chuckle as he said it, but Belphie wasn’t entirely convinced yet. Sure, you and Beel may not be together, but how is he supposed to know that you don’t have any feelings at all for Beel? He’s already made himself look like a complete fool with you once, and he wasn’t planning on doing it again anytime soon. “I care about them, and yeah, I was kind of pissed off when you tried to kill them… twice…” He sat up just enough to glare at Beel. That was still a sore subject and something that he wished could be moved on from. Of course, that was wishful thinking and he knew that no one would ever fully move on from it, especially you. “But… They’re okay now… Maybe you should just talk to them.” He got up from the bed, walking over to the door before turning to look back at Belphie. “It wouldn’t hurt to try anyway. I’ll see you later.”
His head fell against his pillow, a loud groan escaping him as his hands moved up to his face. “Fuck…” Beel was right. It wouldn’t hurt to try, and even if you did reject him, he would get over it after a while. It’s not like you were the only human who would ever come down to the Devildom for Lord Diavolo’s stupid exchange program. The only problem is that… there probably wouldn’t ever be another human like you. You were special, and it took a lot for him to even think that about anyone, especially a human. But you… you went out of your way to save him in a sense. You freed him from the attic, and instead of thanking you as he should have, he had tried to kill you instead. He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t even know where he’d start if he was to try to talk to you. The only thing he could think to do was to sleep on it, a little escape from the reality of his fuck ups never hurt.
Dreams were all that he had, they were the safest place to go. When everything seemed wrong, he knew that he had his own subconscious mind to fall back on. At least in his dreams he could change the way things had happened. In his dreams he would tell you what you deserved to hear after you let him out of the attic, and he’d pull you into his arms and hold you when all other words escaped him. He could create any scenarios he wanted, and they always felt so real. Your lips pressed against his own as your bodies seemed to mesh into one under the warmth of his blankets in the attic. His fingers would trace the shape of your body as your legs intertwined, his name murmured softly from your lips when the tips of his fingers would brush over more sensitive parts of your skin.
“Belphie…” Your voice was so sweet, it sounded so close. His dream had just begun and you were already calling for him. It was a new fantasy, but one that he wasn’t against. All he had to do was find you, and it seemed strange that, although he was in control of his own dreams most of the time, he didn’t seem to be in control of this one. You were nowhere to be found, yet he could still hear your voice. “Belphie, wake up…” It was an odd request, one that he had never heard you make in any of the dreams he’s had of you. Your voice seemed to echo down the long hallway that he was currently walking down in his subconscious. It seemed never ending, and there was only one door at the end, and the closer he seemed to get to it, the further away it seemed to move. Maybe the only way to reach the door at the end was to wake up like you had told him to.
“Hm… Y/N…” He tiredly mumbled, rolling over to his side as he clung onto the cow pillow beside him. His eyes were still closed and it seemed like his body was fighting against itself. He wanted to wake up, but his entire body was basically telling him to stay asleep. There was going to be nothing for him when he opened his eyes, just like every single day before this one, and likely every day after. The gentle touch of fingers brushing along his arm had him jumping up though, his fight or flight instinct kicking in, except there was no flight option. It was just fight or fight, and either way, someone was getting fought. “What the fu-” His eyes shot open, and for a split second, he thought he was still dreaming. “What are you doing here?” It wasn’t meant to come across as rude, and he definitely didn’t want you to assume that just because he was asking that he didn’t want you there. In all honesty, he was confused, very confused.
“Uhm… Beel said that you wanted to talk to me…” Of course. Now that Beel knew about his feelings, he wouldn’t let his brother dwell on them, and he surely wouldn’t let the feelings eat away at his brother. A little bit of a warning or maybe even a heads up would have been great though, at least so he could have been prepared to talk to you. He only hoped that Beel didn’t say too much to you, but judging by the fact that you weren’t freaking out or yelling at him made it clear that Beel hadn’t said or done anything except extend the offer of an actual conversation.
“Yeah… I do.” Seeing you this close with his own eyes, in reality, it was completely different from his dreams. You were far more perfect up close, so close… He could reach out and touch you if he thought you would allow it. “Are you uh… comfortable? I mean, being up here… alone… with me?” He thought that it was important to ask, because as much as he’d hate for you to say that you weren’t, for you to leave at the guidance of his own question… he also didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable around him.
He watched as your eyes darted around the room momentarily, and then they landed back on him as you shrugged, taking a deep breath before nodding and giving him a small smile. “I guess I am…” Your voice sounded unsure, and the way your knee was bouncing was like a silent way of your body telling him just how nervous you actually were. “So, what did you want to talk about?” What did he want to talk about? He hadn’t even had time to think about it, let alone think that you’d actually want to talk to him. He didn’t know where to begin, he didn’t know how to start, and with you looking at him the way that you were, your eyes wide and your hands placed in your lap, your lips pursed as you waited for him to start speaking. What was he supposed to say to you?
“It uh… looks like you’re happy…” He began, immediately feeling stupid for starting off like that. What do you care if he notices that you look happy. Of course you would, since he was staying out of your way, out of everyone's way. You shrugged, giving him a small smile and a quick nod, rolling your fingers as you waited for him to continue. At least you weren’t leaving already, that was a start. “I’ve been thinking for a while now… I never actually apologized for what I did. I’m… I’m sorry.” It felt weird saying it. He had never apologized to anyone for anything, and he never felt obligated to do it either. He never cared what anyone thought or if people hated him, he didn’t need anyone but Beel in his life, or at least, that’s what he thought. But now… now he cares what you think, and how you feel, and he even feels like maybe… maybe he needs you too.
Your smile grew slightly, and it seemed like your eyes actually lit up just from hearing him say it. Was that really all that you needed? If he had known that, maybe he wouldn’t have felt the need to isolate himself for so long. “Thanks… It’s really nice to hear that…” You sighed softly, your leg stopped bouncing as you finally let yourself relax around him. “Is that all that you needed to say?” The way you asked it, the way that you looked at him, maybe it was wishful thinking on his part, but it sounded like maybe you wanted to hear something more, although he wasn’t sure what it was right now. “I mean… If you don’t, that’s fine… I was just thinking… You know… Now we can…”
“We can be together.” What? He just said that, he just fucking said that. What an idiot. He got too excited, too ahead of himself. That wasn’t what you were thinking at all, and he could tell by the way that you looked at him. You looked more confused now than you did when he had attacked you in the first place. Of course it was too sudden, even he knew that much. He would have been just as confused if it were the other way around, and he was about to apologize again until you started laughing. It felt weird to actually care that someone was laughing at him, and it stung worse that it was you. “No, that’s fine… You can laugh. It was stupid…” He mumbled, dropping his gaze to trace over the patterns of fabric in his blanket. He hated the way you made him feel, but at the same time, he loved it, because for once he felt something other than anger and hatred and tiredness.
You stopped laughing, taking a few deep breaths to calm yourself as you reached out for his hand. The action came as a shock, and part of him wanted to pull away, but he knew that would only look bad on his end, especially after the strangely timed confession he just gave to you. “No, no… It’s not stupid… Just unexpected.” You hummed softly in thought, letting your thumb brush almost mindlessly over his knuckles. It was calming, soothing even, and it felt much like the dreams that he’d had before. “It’s not all the time that someone tries to kill someone, and then say they want to be together. Where I’m from, it’s usually the other way around…” It made sense, and even in the Devildom he’s heard stories of stuff like that happening up there. It always confused him though, he never understood why someone would practically confess their love to another person just to kill them. In his mind, he did it the right way around. He tried to kill you, didn’t succeed both times, had time to regret what he did, and then realized that he actually liked you. It was the safer route to take, at least in his eyes. At least if you were to reject him, you’d have a reason why you did… But you haven’t actually rejected him yet… have you?
“It’s alright… if you don’t want to… It’s a really bad time to ask.” He also didn’t want to put you on the spot or make you feel like you had to say yes just because you were scared of what he’d do if you said no. That’s not what he wanted at all, and if he could go back in time just five minutes from now, he’d choose his words wisely… and just not say that at all. He still feels foolish for even uttering the words, but he knows that without the help of Barbatos, he wouldn’t be able to do that, and he knows that Barbatos wouldn’t even do it if he were here.
Your fingers drummed against your thighs, and he knew that you were deep in thought. Your gaze kind of turned cloudy and far off, and he wished that he could hear your thoughts, or maybe read them like a book. The smile that you had been wearing before faded as the silence in the room dragged on. He was holding his breath, waiting for you to say something, and truthfully, he wouldn’t even care what it was at this point, he just wanted you to speak because the awkward silence was way worse. “I’m not saying that I wouldn’t want to… sometime in the future… but…” There was always a but, there just had to be a but. “Maybe we can start as friends first? You can come down from the attic more, actually spend time with all of us. I think it would be fun for you too. I know that Beel misses you.” You sighed softly, pushing yourself off the edge of the bed before turning to look back down at him. “I’ll give you some time to think on that. It’s my turn to cook with Beel though… I’ll see you at dinner?”
“Yeah… Yeah, I’ll see you at dinner. Bye.” His eyes were glued to you as you left the attic, closing the door softly behind you, listening as your footsteps grew further and further away until he couldn’t hear them at all anymore. His head fell back against his pillow, exhaling sharply through his nose as he stared up at the ceiling.
Friends… There was nothing wrong with being friends. He still had his dreams where the two of you were more, and maybe one day, sometime in the future as you had said, his dreams would become a reality and he could finally be with you. He didn’t know how long it would take, but he didn’t really care. There was hope, and he would hold onto it until you were finally ready. But first… he’d start with dinner.
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rrasado · a day ago
Yo! If that's okay could i request the brothers (or some of the of your choice) reacting to a teen mc who already has a pact with a demon long before coming to the Devildom and this demon is pretty much their (very protective) guardian/caretaker? Like, the demon is really sweet and gentle with MC and babies them constantly but they're wary of the brothers (Nothing romantic, just platonic hcs!) Feel free to ignore if i'm bothering you!
Congrats on the 400 followers!!💞
Who’s The Guardian?
On another episode of “why didn’t I see this in my inbox before-“ but this is such a cute request.
I...haven’t played OMSWD in half a year ;-;. I never got past lesson 40 so, sorry in advanced for the OOC-
When you already have a pact
Tumblr media
Lucifer caught off guard, big time.
He probably skimmed through your files and records but not once did the thought of a seemingly innocent teenager already having a pact with a demon prior the exchange program crossed his mind.
That’s coming from someone who overthinks a lot.
As the so called right hand man of the young lord himself, he’ll want to conduct a thorough investigation on whoever this demon is. He can’t risk sullying the honor of Diavolo because of some minor slip up.
Under the guise of a friendly get together he asks MC to invite their demon pact mate over for a nice afternoon tea. Harmless correct? Well that -less becomes -ful when the demon immediate smothers their favorite human with such rare affections he didn’t knew demons were capable of.
He’ll attempt to be discreet about his intentions but, it seems the demon is more vocal about their displeasure of finding out that their dear human is living with seven of the most powerful demons in hell. So lucifer would blatantly put on a facade to keep the dignity of the council and the prince at peace. But if it were up to him...
“We all care for the human’s well being yes? A little cooperation is to be called for”
...Feels betrayed. And disappointed
He...wasn’t MC’s first- oh god the others are laughing at him as we speak aren’t they.
Would probably try to not so discreetly compare himself to the demon, arms crossed™️
Is that why MC was so fast in making a pact with him? Like no fear whatsoever because they’ve already done this before? Now he feels dumber than before
It all ultimately ends with..the demon and mammon trying to out do each other when it comes to spoiling Mc whether material wise or affection, of course mammon is at a disadvantage given how much he denies his concern for not being Mc’s first.
But in the end, if anything bad no matter how small happens to the two demon’s beloved human, they’d probably set aside their differences and hunt down the source. It’s a whole other story if the source was mammon-
“Oi the human also has a pact with me Ya got that!”
Leviathan both amazed and disdained.
And on the other hand-’re such a normie for being able to pull in other races, what in the name of damned friendship is this-
But that disdain turns to envy, whether envying you or the demon sometimes it’s interchangeable- because he wished he was also that cared for. Being able to be brought gifts or being protective over- it’s the otome dream he’s secretly wanted.
But once he realizes that the demon just genuinely cares for MC, for whatever reason- he seems to understand along the way, maybe he to wishes to protect one of the few people that willingly put up with him with a wild smile. Teen mutuality huh.
He might even invite their demon pact mate over for a game or two- heck if things go well they three might even become a triumvirate. Overall he’ll learn to get along with them’ll take a good while djdndnbd.
“H-hey...ya sure you wanna hang out with someone as yucky as me? Ah- wait I have games for three here somewhere.”
...Is highly intrigued suffice it to say.
The guy was highly enthralled when you managed to even make a pact with him through hard work and it seems there was a much farther history as to why.
Unlike the first born however, he’d be actually successful in hiding his true intentions when he decided to investigate whoever demon managed to wind up with the young human in the first place.
Those detective novels did him good Huh-
On a more serious note. He’d actually be encouraging to a certain extent until the demon directs their threats to him. Like how dare this lowly bastard make a point to the Avatar sin of Wrath- oh it was for MC’s sake...hard pass-
At one point he’s probably the closest to this demon in terms of peace next to Beelzebub since he’s the most serene of the brothers. Overall neutral to them unless the demon gives him a reason to.
“It’s nice to see the human having someone to lean on to...I wonder what would happen if that support were to suddenly collapse”
Asmodeus sappy to the brim
Look at the lovely human already catching demons with finesse! Proud wine aunt moment™️. And the fact that it was prior to the program? Damn the kid has more potential than he thought.
At first the demon themself is gonna- Ehe carry MC away everytime asmo ties coming in but. With a little nudge and convincing they’d probably stay to listen to Asmo.
Trust me when I say these three will go shopping every weekend once everyone is comfortable with each other. And for what it’s worth they might even get matching outfits.
Asmo would probably try and nitpick how MC even managed to wind up in a pact with a demon without knowledge of the Devildom in the first place but at the same time he thinks it adds to the younger’s charm
These three end up being the child the mom and wine aunt dynamic and y’all can’t convince me otherwise.
“Ehh~? Oh don’t look so weary it’s bad for your face darling~”
...For some reason happy.
Is this why MC managed to make a pact with his brothers so easily in so little time? Is this why the teen never seems to be bothered by any of his brothers’ threats? Overall he’s happy that you have experience.
He remembers something oddly like this...but in his case he didn’t had experience prior the fall wow way to go at angsting this am I right-
Because unlike him, a being millennia old was so confused of what’s in store for hell after the fall but he had no choice but to grit his teeth and bare the fear.
And someone so young managed to get a taste of a fraction of that experience but here was MC...laughing without a care whilst this other demon places a protective arm in front of them as they interrogate beel- oh wait they were talking to him-
Food as peace offering? You bet, thankfully they did settle with food and unlike first impressions- the demon actually is the most sensible to beel seeing as he was one of the few who...didn’t actively attempt to kill their human- in fact, the demon is probably the one to inform Beel of what demon food the young teen can actually eat and what they prefer.
“I see...ah, would you maybe wanna join us? Food always tastes better when shared”
...could care less until they talk about the whole time universe killing thing-
Ohhh boy- belphie run I’m telling you run- no beel won’t defend you on this one in fact I think I see mammon running with the demon but belphie run boy run-
In all seriousness him and the demon will take the longest to get into terms. Heck not even Mc’s convincing has effect, because the demon really really doesn’t like the avatar of sloth for good reason.
Depending on how the demon even winded up with MC. Belphie would also not like the demon. until something actually bad happens to MC-
The demon might blindly pin it on belphie but the thing is- he’s also panicking because if he and his brothers were there and the demon was there- wHO TF IS WITH THE TEENAGER-
He...didnt want to have what he did to MC happen again. Let him be the last one to harm the spunky human. I even considered him and the demon to never actually get along no matter how long of a time but...again it all depends on the Hows and Whys.
“I...Care for them as much as you do. Just- Tsk... I don’t need you to believe me.”
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designatedbreadbox · a day ago
The Duke of Devastation
Chapter I: The Monarch in Madness
"People often think mad people are born that way. Lies, I say; there is always a reason as to why someone went mad."
- Anonymous
"There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line."
- Oscar Levant
Wordcount: 3.3k
A/N: I fell in love with the concept of MC literally being Devastation itself and/or representing it. To anyone wondering, this is based off this post, where I got my inspiration. Sorry for any grammar mistake I might've missed.
Tumblr media
Had it not been for the sound of a ticking clock, you probably would've lost your mind in the time you had already spent here.
Tick, tock, tick, tock....
The damn thing irritated you to no end. It was soothing at first, comforting you since it meant you were still alive, grounding you to reality. Now it was a nuisance, a constant reminder of your imprisonment in this room. You couldn't even break it because it would reassemble itself, just like every other piece of furniture that tried making your life bearable.
How did you end up like this?
No one could accurately answer that question; no one but you. You're here because you got power hungry, desperate to make a statement for yourself saying that you were just as good as any demon in the Devildom. A personal goal to yourself that might've dropped too far out of reach. This was solely all your fault alone, with no one else to blame for your actions. The brothers tried warning you of the consequences, but you chose to ignore them.
Hehe, just kidding.
Could you truly blame yourself? They all always talked about what a weak human you were, an easy target even for the lowest of lower ranking demons. Strength that wouldn't stop a single attack if you were left to your own devices. Even after befriending them all, they all felt the need to gaurd you at all hours as if you were made of glass. It was sweet at first, in all fairness, but it soon became bitter the longer their behavior prevailed.
Tick, tock, tick, tock, ti-
You picked up the clock and slammed it as hard as you could against the floor. Silence poured into the room now, with the only noise being your breathing. Taking a glance at the shattered clock, you could see it physically putting itself back together; no piece, no matter how small, was left out. Within a few seconds, it started ticking again.
How irritating.
Books were your only friend after you burned the bridges of friendship you had with the brothers the moment you challenged Diavolo. Not that it bothered you too much; it's not like they had faith in your sorcerery skills to begin with. What was this feeling in your chest? Anger? No, deeper than that, a type of anger you could only feel in your heart and mind rather than body. Not anger, but fury.
Your room may have been made to hold you here, but there's always a few cracks in every armor. You just have to find them; and after patient searching, you found them. Normally, a person would aim for the door or walls to break out, but the true weakpoint is the room itself. Magic swamped the room, carefully in place to prevent you from escaping by magic. But all you need to do was break a single point over and over again to make the magic useless before making your next move. In order to execute this, you simple chose a wall; being proficient in every martial arts known to man makes this task alot easier.
Though it hasn't crossed your mind before, but isn't a red solar eclipse suppose to happen in a few days? Not that you kept active track of it, but Satan kept blabbing about it so muc at one point that it was hard not make a mental note of it. Fate must've wanted you to slide back in Devildom society on that day, huh? Your powers and the eclipse had nothing in common whatsoever. If anything, the red solar eclipse would make one badass entrance back into the Devildom as a whole.
You decided to stretch beforehand, not wanting to injure yourself severely from a simple mistake like this. Aside from your average fits of anger about being locked up injustly, you haven't done much of anything. Doesn't matter now, anyway; focusing on the singular point, you swiftly brought your heel to the wall before doing it again with the other. All of your weight was in your legs right now, so attempting to punch it would lose momentum.
A passing gaurd had to have seen what you were doing because they started jingling their keys, trying to find the right one. A hole in the wall erupted as you gave the finap blow, sensing that the magic that once greatly muffled your powers had been lifted. The guard looked at you now, face in shock and terror as you gave big smile filled with madness. Their hesitance to call for any one else allowed you quickly recite a teleportation skill by heart; and in just under a minute or two, you dissappeared in a flash.
A second later, you felt the crunch of leaves and twigs under you, hearing the howling of nearby animal and smelling the crisp air. What time was it anyway? It's always dark here, so relying on a clock was your only option. You didn't feel sleepy or tired in any way, so it's not nighttime. The wood had already partially blocked out whatever moonlight there was, so exact location was hard to determine. You walked around a bit, no direction in mind until a faded sign came into view:
Notice: You are halfway through the Whispering Woods to Sigfried's City. Please continue with caution.
The Whispering Woods.....? Wait, now you remember; Sigfried's City is a popular relaxation spot due to it being secluded in the woods, which ironically was also the problem. Get through the woods, and into relaxation, where your worries are gone until you have to go through the woods again. Diavolo brought everyone here at one point despite Lucifer's usual protest during the summer here. One of the most notable things you remember here was Mammon clinging to you the whole time and Asmo complaining dramatically. Something to do with stress.
Persisting onwards, it was hard adjusting to the sudden wilderness, half expecting the sound of a clock or chime that dinner was served to pop up somewhere. Ironically, now you missed it simply for the sake of having a familiar object with you. The ground felt damp, wet, and had mud in some spots beneath your bare feet. Birds would chirp every now and then, rustling thebleaves as they left the safety of the tall trees. You were shaking not from fear, but from the crispy cold air; maybe you should've given this more thought and wore proper clothes. Howls would sound for short period of time as you walked, but you weren't afraid of them now. As a human, you would've been, maybe even holding Mammon or Beel's hand for support. But you're a demon now, way stronger and faster than before; a stupid animal like a Hell-wolf isn't goimg to make you run for the hills. You can take twenty, no fifty in a fair fight!
The soft, colored streetlights of the city slowly came into view, creating a sense of safety as you came to leave the woods. It's been awhile since you challenged Diavolo, so making the assumption that word hadn't spread about you would be foolish. Simultaneously, this place was secluded, so there's also a chance that they might know nothing. Looking around, you saw no one was around you and started treading to a house with the lights on. Perhaps you could feign innocence and pretend someone left you here for dead; should that fail, you can always take them out. After all, you were able to beat the Devildom's finest warriors. A low ranking demon should be no problem. For good measure, you got mud and rubbed some of it on random parts of your pajamas, especially on your legs to show struggle.
You walked up to the house, grateful for the small wood patio as you patiently waited for someone to open the door. A few minutes flew by before it opened, revealing a man with glasses and a beauty mark under his right eye. His expression of confusion turned into concern as he ushered you into his house.
"My goodness, what happened to you? Why are you so, dirty?" He gestured you to a chair to sit down in.
"Someone drugged me, sir." You replied, choosing your words carefully. "They left me in the woods for dead. They were going to kill me until I ran away."
He folded his arms. "Thank goodness you did. Down the hall, on the right, there's a bathroom you can use. Wait here as long as you want until you think whoever drugged you is gone; you're safe here."
True, but are you?, you mused. "I'm MC, by the way. Thank you, Mr. ....?"
"Poole. Stanford Poole. Follow me, please."
You trailed after him into what was obviously his bedroom. Taking a peek behind you, you saw muddy footprints, and it was only then your current lack of shoes. Stanford was pulling clothes out of his drawers, comparing some as he tried to find something close to your size. Once he found clothes he deemed acceptable, he handed them to you.
How can someone like him be in here? He's so nice, so docile in comparison to everyone else. He's here for a reason though; best not to get too friendly with him.
"Let's wish they fit you; it was difficult trying to find something in your size. I hope you understand why I couldn't do much if you needed new underwear."
You nodded. "I do, and that's fine. Just by letting me inside your house helped me alot."
He hid his face slightly, probably embarrassed by your words. He gestured to the bathroom, saying to take as long as you need before heading to the kitchen. You watched him walk away, going inside the bathroom and locked the door behind you. Setting the clothes on the counter, you noticed just how truly of a mess you looked. Sure, you were physically clean, but your face told otherwise. Eyebags, messy hair, and what looked like a permanent frown on your face. No wonder Stanford was concerned. You took a shower anyways, putting on the clothes Andrew gave you; the pants fit surprisingly well, but the shirt was a little baggy.
You looked at yourself in the mirror again; you looked way more presentable now. There's a strange about you that you can't place; like something is wrong, distorted or twisted in a way. You shook your head, exiting the bathroom to see Stanford with wide eyes, phone in hand. He was looking at you, so many negative emotions on his face that could only tell an issue had risen. You kept a straight face as well, showing no emotion other than narrowing your eyes.
Shit! How could I forget about phones?!?? If he hasn't called the police yet, I might be able to convince him not to. You kept those words in mind.
You spoke lowly as you stepped forward, dropping the sweet act you had. "Stanford, put down the phone. Now."
His hands started shaking nervously, breath hitching. "An-an-and why should I? I know who you are! There's no hiding it from me!"
Another step forward. "And just who am I, Stanford? If you put down the phone, I won't have to harm you."
"Y-you're that insane pyscho that challenged Lord Diavolo to a fight and lost. It's hard not, not to know about you."
He made the mistake of pushing up his glasses, leaving an oppurtunity for you to suddenly lunge at him. He let out a shriek of surprise just as you tackled him, but in the moment of confusion a part of his hand pressed the button. In your state of shock, you let the call be picked up as you pinned Stanford to the floor. Once you snapped back to reality, you dashed for the phone and ended the call just as a voice on the other side asked what was wrong. You sighed in relief before remembering about Stanford, turning around to see him run at you in demon form with sharp, talon-like claws. You went into demon form as well, failing to dodge his attacks which led to a deep, painful gash on your forearm. The attack sent you crashing into a ornamental vase; you hastily threw more objects at him to regain your ground, needing to make a bit of distance from him.
He tried grabbing you, but missed entirely. You only took a glance back before roundhouse kicking him with your heel, intending to only cut him. You miscalculated the distance between you two and his height, because instead of his body, you struck his neck. He stopped suddenly, grasping his neck before falling to the floor, making a horrible gurgling sound. He even stretched a hand out to you, crying as he desperately wanted you to do something. You stood there, looking at his spectacle in astounishment as you noted the sudden mood change. In a few minutes he laid against the floor, unmoving, blood slowly forming a puddle around him. Holding your arm, you looked at your heel, seeing the blood that stained it trail down the silver blade to the floor.
How long you stood looking at his body, you'll never truly know. A new feeling rose in your chest, no, your heart the more you looked at the Stanford's corpse. It made you feel free, light as a feather and proud of yourself. The feeling was addicting, tastier than your favorite alcoholic drink at Hell's Kitchen and better than any dessert Barbatos can ever whip up. It seemed to give you insight to yourself, showing you just what you were missing all the years you spent as a pathetic human. Human, huh? That word left a bitter taste on your tongue, reminding you how helpless you were in the Devildom no matter how much protection and safety you convinced yourself you had. This feeling drowned out the meaning of human, luckily; the feeling wasn't happiness, but malicious joy.
What a wonderful feeling, You whispered to yourself. Another look at Stanford's body made you laugh deeply and dangerously. So this is what you missed out on! No wonder the brothers loved dealing with the lower ranking demons that harassed you, this was fun! Way too much fun to give it up now, just when you felt genuinely happy! Your laughing filled the room, echoing off the walls and filling the empty space. It took a few minutes for you to stop completely, thinking over the moment you killed Stanford to remember the phone call that was picked up. That didn't make you panic; you're stronger now but injured, so fighting isn't the best course of action. Strolling over to the thermostat, you clicked the button to raise the temperature until you stopped at the maximum level. The heater turned on in a few seconds, working fast to make the whole house scorching hot. You went into Stanford's room again, grabbing a random shirt and fastening it around your wound. Mumbling the same spell from before, you teleported away, leaving Stanford and his house behind.
Tumblr media
Now you had no idea where you were; you were in an sturdy, beautiful mansion by pure chance. Even though it looked clean, it smelled terribly like dust and a bit of ash. An ash tray on the table proved your suspicions of smoking; it was empty though. You looked around carefully, still in demon form in case there was anyone home. Place was empty, but a random portrait of a young, rich looking woman was hanged in a hallway. You went into bedrooms, opening and closing every drawer posisble, finding them all empty.
House must be a winter home or something....this will suffice, for now.
You walked back to the lobby, sitting down on a chair while unwrapping the shirt. The blood had stopped, but that didn't mean the wound looked nasty. You had to give it to dear old Stanford, he got a good mark on you. You placed your hand agsinst it, chanting a few healing spells Solomon taught you once in order to pass Enchantments Class 100. It hurt at first, enough to let out a few strings of curse words, but when you were done it felt alot better. Though it had healed, it left scars, a slight shade of red as it healed progressively with the help of magic.
You got back up, flexing your arm this way and that, feeling the strength back in it. You made a fist and held it in view of the window where moonlight poured in. That's when an idea struck you suddenly; a magnificent idea, one that'll shake the realm's foundations upon which it stood on. The brothers had spoke of being able to wreck the human world, even the youngest out of all of them, Belphegor. And Lucifer himself told tales of how he and his circus had cleared sections of the Devildom that was riddled with lowly demons and monsterous beasts. It was how the big seven were able to be on the student council and be feared by so many demons and humans. That's all you had to do, right? Just do what they did and then finally everyone would no longer see you as the weak human from the weak human realm.
You narrowed your eyes, smiling wildly at that idea. Sure, it would require a ton of work, but in the end it'll be worth it. That will come soon, but as for now, you need to touch up on your skills with weapons. Martial arts was under you belt as demonstrated twice now. You outstretched a hand, imaging the feel on a sword's handle, seeing the edges it has. It took little focud to manifest the sword you wanted. It was beautiful, alright, but you weren't satisfied with the results. It took way too long for you to summon it; it should be there almost without you thinking about it, there at your side in a moment's notice. You dismissed the weapon, trying again to summon it faster amd faster until you got your desired results. You gave up at the sixth attempt, wishing to try again without another weapon of choice.
You laid the sword on the ground gently, then backed away. Using two hand this time, you focused on the image of a scythe. You felt something in your hands, and upon opening your eyes, you saw it was the scythe you craved for. The sword was still there on the floor, waiting ever so patiently for it to be used by its master. Setting down the scythe next to the sword, you summoned more and more weapons, trying to see where your limit lies.
You had to stop, eventually, using up so much energy to summon every weapon of destruction you could possibly imagine. The artillery you were able to summon consisted of so many weapons you had to fill another floor with them in an adjacent room. The small room had molotov cocktails and guns of various sorts. The main room had a double-edged sword, a scythe sharper than any knife, hooked sickles, a lance that radiated a poisoneous aura, and a bow. At the fair end of the list, however.....
When did you make that thing? You couldn't tell exactly, memory hazy from spent energy. You walked up to it, seeing yourself in its polished side. You picked it up with two hands, holding it up to the light as it reflected the night sky. Now you knew what it was; it was a hammer, a big, gorgeous hammer that had black rims. The flat sides had sharp spikes, intending to maim and kill whoever was unfortunate enough to be underneath it. You were now anxious to try it, giving a few swings, feeling it bend to your will. This was going to be fun surprise to everyone. Sort of like a birthday party, but you, as the birthday kid, was the only one to bring weapons in advance.
....Well, shit. Now you're hungry for dessert. Too bad that means a trip into town.
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amor-immortalem · a day ago
Tumblr media
Its been so hot the last couple of days here. Summer really is making its presence known.
Masterlist 2
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spencerkeg · a day ago
Tumblr media
In this post I sketched a smaller version of my Henry design! Here’s a bigger ver because @jellophoid wanted to see my design🥺
I made it unnecessarily sparkly bc I could ❤️
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devildomsgod · a day ago
More Of You
Tumblr media
Simeon x gn!reader
Smut; Simeon takes a liking in the tentacles one of the brothers curses got you.
Tentacle sex, anal, slightly dom!reader
Tumblr media
A soft knock on the door makes you pause the episode of this anime Levi was forcing you to watch, your head turning to the door.
"It's me, mc," Simeon softly calls for you, "I wanted to see you..."
You feel your stomach tingle at his voice. Oh, how you missed the angel, but you couldn't let him see you like this! Not after what these stupid demons did to you. You stare at the tentacles twitching and winding around you, another knock pulling you out of your thoughts.
"You don't wanna see me like this, trust me," you call back, the disappointment in your voice clearer than you'd like to admit.
"You know I don't care what you look like, mc."
Your eyes are trained on the door for a long moment before sighing silently and allowing the angel to come in. Simeon curiously pops his head through the narrowly opened door, his warm smile illuminating the room as he spots you on the bed. He makes sure to properly close the door behind himself before approaching you, barely minding the winding limbs around while sitting next to you on the bed.
"You know they're working day and night on a cure for you, right?"
"They better be," you scoff while rolling your eyes, the tentacles becoming more unsteady as annoyance fills you, thinking of the brothers and their stupid prank experiments.
Simeon is quiet for a moment, his warm eyes trained on your extensions, hands lying steadily in his lap.
"May I touch them, mc?"
Your brows lift at the unexpected request, having thought these things would make anyone feel disgusted just by seeing them, but Simeon wanted to touch. You raise one of the tentacles, whispering a broken "sure" while watching him intently.
The angel reaches his fingertips for your extra limb, gently feeling the skin before curiously observing the suction cups. You watch the tentacle affectionately wrap around his finger, cringing at the subconscious action. Simeon smiles while allowing it to hug his whole hand, his eyes closing with the bright grin forming over his lips.
"They're cute," he finds fondly before turning his head to you again, leaning in to leave a quick peck on your cheek.
You feel your face heating up as the tentacles begin winding around his waist, possessively holding him tight. Simeon grins further as his hands come to rest on them. Your eyes widen as two of the limbs take off the long coat around his body, slinging around Simeon's upper arms now that they're free.
"Sorry..." you mumble, not bothering to hide your embarrassment, "I just missed you."
The almost fully tentacle-covered angel just chuckles before reaching his arms out for you, inviting you to scoot closer. You follow the invitation, your eyes trained on the angel's lips. Like through magical force, you're suddenly pulled in, your eyes closing right before your lips come in contact with his. Your tentacles retract from his body, allowing you to let your fingers trail from his neck to his shoulders, caressing his smooth biceps.
Simeon leans into the kiss, goosebumps looming under your familiar touch as he allows his arms to wrap around your body after the tentacles stopped restricting him. A soft sigh is shared between your lips, one that travels down your spine, leaving you shivering for more from him.
As the kiss gets more heated, you notice your tentacles beginning to slip past the narrow waistband of his white pants, teasing his angelic skin with borderline lewd touches. You feel like apologizing, sure that the angel isn't okay with this kind of thing by alien-like limbs, but before you can retract, Simeon lets himself fall back into the mattress, pulling you down with him, your lips still in passion.
"D-do you want this?"
Your slightly out-of-breath question makes the angel nod while still smiling so warmly up at you, his body twitching innocently as the tentacles tickle his sides while trying to get further into his pants. You let the angel adjust his position to be fully lying on the bed, his body invitingly exposed, and only baring further as the limbs finally pull his pants down the skinny legs, leaving his crotch in underwear. Even this sinful sight was as angelic as one could imagine.
He was already getting hard, a sight that is as arousing as it is surprising, considering that it's mostly tentacles that have been touching him. You reach your hand out to finally feel the angel's arousal, watching him shiver at the touch. You let your tentacles wind around his legs, having them pull his boxers down with them, finally revealing his proudly standing cock to you. You don't even have the chance to reach out for it, as your tentacles already claimed it.
Simeon moans out loud at the stimulation, the sound seeming to light up the room for a split second. Your hand rests on the angel's thigh as his cock is teased by your limbs, wrapping strongly around him while letting the suction cups gently run over his most sensitive head, making Simeon writhe in pleasure.
Simeon looks utterly blissed out, his hips lazily rolling up as he lets his head turn to the side, nuzzling his face into the pillow while seductively glancing at you with one eye. The smile on his lips is uncharacteristically teasing, but you can't say you're not enjoying this. You smirk right back, your fingernails dragging along his thighs, prompting him to prop his legs up, gasping as one of the tentacles immediately seizes the opportunity and slips between his cheeks.
Simeon momentarily tenses in surprise before sighing in content after the tip of your limb slipped into him, increasing his sinful pleasure.
"You really like my tentacles, don't you, Simeon?" you taunt while moving one of your hands to his ass, teasing the stretching hole with your fingertips.
Simeon doesn't respond, softly moaning instead while letting his head roll around in bliss, hair growing devilish by the friction. You can feel the slickness of your tentacle dripping out of Simeon's hole, encouraging you to thrust one finger into him as well. The angel cries out in bliss, his slim fingers gripping the bed sheets tightly as you and the tentacle finger him intensely.
Only a few more tightly aimed strokes from the tentacle around his cock have the man sob out a few forbidden curses before his beautiful body tenses, letting the tan skin stretch over his muscles before it stains with white semen from his cock. The orgasm lets his cum squirt all over Simeon's waist, his face illuminated in utter lust, lips tightly trapped between clenched teeth to keep his loudest moans hidden.
The angel returns to reality with long breaths after your tentacles and touch left his sensitive areas, protectively lingering around his spent body to make sure he's okay. Simeon's eyes wander around the room, only focusing as they meet yours, a warm smile blooming on his face. He longingly reaches out for you, inviting your hug.
Not minding the sticky substance covering his lower half, you desperately move down to feel the angel's warmth around you, noting that you both should take a shower after this.
"... I love you, mc."
Simeon's voice sounds raw, unusual for his composed self, but it somehow made his words feel more important, prompting you to return the words just as sincerely.
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pickle-scribbles · a day ago
I don't know why but I have this headcanon that Lucifer is great at oral sex... I you feel like it could you write something a out it? ( it's good even with the other brothers or side characters!)
And I think you’re right, Anon. I mean, anyone as fluid of tongue and amorous of speech [in private] as Lucifer is, can’t not be just as good with his mouth on and within his significant other LOL.
Jokes aside, I can’t provide you with a ficlet at the moment but I can expand on his, ahem, oral skillset as a head-canon. Not strictly adhering to his competence at providing oral but also the why. As to his reasoning to be just that good for his S/O ;)
Tumblr media
Rated: NSFW/18+ Tags: oral sex, descriptions of demon (monstrous) fucking in the literal sense
Part of Lucifer’s ‘expertise’ stems from the desire to see you utterly wrecked (of love and languorous pleasure) beneath a dexterous mouth and fingers. As one beloved to the former prince of Heaven, you are to receive nothing short of the finest gifts he has to bestow upon you [as detailed within my head-canons here and here], be it spiritual or of a far more physical nature. His mouth while it works upon you, tongue slipping in to curve against wet walls. The swipe of an incessant thumb followed by the broad of his tongue against that point of pleasure, Lucifer is particularly observant when he moves to settle in between your legs.
The precise exertion of pressure against your walls; that one spot within that has you ready to clench and collapse around the intrusion of him. The heavy spasm of your legs around his head; the twitch of thighs as his tongue tracks its path across you: he is scrutinizing it all, because when you release yourself so vehement you see stars, he wants you ruined enough you think of nothing but how violent his command over your body and its reactions, is. The Avatar of Pride; your pleasure is only but a source of such. Satisfaction, Lucifer’s prowess in the bedroom never fails to betray.
And also… because your anatomies are rather different, he wants you prepared, drenched and slick, to accept him within. It is not often he lets loose of his human personification but it does and can occur within the bedroom when he finds himself so lost within you, his own body unraveling and changing form to reveal: Canines lengthening into needle points, the urge, to press into you and spurt his seed deep, overwhelming enough. Great, dark wings that hurtle wide; majestic, obsidian parts of him, his face warping and changing form, he might’ve worried for how he might frighten you, were it not for how he trusts within your love for him. How you move to embrace him, mouth slipping open to his sinuous double-edged tongue sliding to entwine with yours. The light bitter, as if of ash, across his tongue almost intoxicating in your haze. The widening girth and length of his cock within, the pronounced ridges you feel across its texture might’ve been startling if not for how that pain stings into pleasure, thanks to how he he worked you open and dripping, prior, with his mouth and digits. Lucifer’s inhumane thrusts; each time he moves to drive you deeper into the sheets, excess combined arousal gushing out of the space you two are joined, splattering onto the sheets. Lending you dexterity and lubrication enough to accept him within.
Tumblr media
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hey-its-spades · a day ago
Mc: * does anything* ;)
Asmo:" are you trying to seduce me?"
Mc: * continues doing what they were doing *" is it working?"
Asmo:* already undoing his shirt* " YES"
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the-mourning-stars · a day ago
Hello! It's been a while (I think... Times a social construct honestly, I dunno how long it's been)
Just checking up!
Also I'm here to give to you a consideration: how well do you think Obey Me! Good Omens would work, and who would be who?
- 👽
Hello, 👽 anon! It has been a while but you are 100% right! Time is a social construct!
I have been meaning to rewatch/read Good Omens and this has reminded me! But have this! (I hope I spelt their names right sjsjs)
Crowley - Lucifer
Aziraphale - Simeon
Anathema - MC
Newt - Satan
Warlock - Beelzebub
Adam - Belphegor
I think it would be really interesting and I may write something if I rewatc it && have some time! 
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the-mourning-stars · a day ago
Mammon with Peony
🌻peony: how do they get their s/o to blush? how does their s/o make them blush?
Mammon gets you to blush by touches. (with consent), he wraps his arms around your waist, cups your cheeks, hands on your hips. He loves physical contact and if you allow him to touch you, he will make it special and will make you feel loved, don’t worry. As well as this, he also nuzzles into your neck, kisses, linking pinkies, small touches. He loves it when he sees the soft pink/red! Makes him feel special, knowing that you’re his.
But you can get him to blush with anything. He doesn’t get any love from his brothers or anyone so he’s isn’t used to the feeling of love. He loves when you run a hand through his hair, calls him pet names and when you hold his hand. He’s yours. He’s safe.
Flower asks here 
Three flowers - one character
one flower - three characters
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