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#om satan
certified-sloth11 hours ago
They turn into girls and it's THAT time of the month
Where this came from? LMAO I just had this random thought about it, first day of period, hey this isn't so bad, but when 3rd day comes in, you feel like truck-kun just beeped tf outta ya
Yep, one of the brothers happened to be nearby when you and Solomon had an experiment mishap.
Warning! This could be very personal, so please skip if you feel uncomfortable!
Oh ffs-
She glares at the both of you and was about to lecture you until she felt something... icky
You told her about the experiment and explained that you possibly ended up having to deal with an actual period
She freezes in place and takes a deep breath
You're telling her, that she's experiencing an ACTUAL period right now? Oh this brought her back to the cramp simulator
She'll turn to Solomon telling him to 'fix' it, or so help her, she would commit mass murder for real this time
And the mood swings play a huge role on that
Uh... you better calm her down before she chooses genocide
And Diavolo finds her to take her hand in marriage-
She looked at the both of you before looking at herself in a mirror
She was about to complain until she noticed a spot of red from her lower back
"...Mam-" "am I dying?"
Tell her what's happening and uh-
This woman is having huge ass VIETNAM flashbacks
She'll immediately become emotional and turns to you with teary eyes
"You never said you could bleed OUT!"
"Again, you are not dying-"
Of all the times where she decided to go out...
She just happened to become unlucky this day, huh?
She tries to think positively of it, at least she can cosplay more... right?
After you explain to her and helped her out before taking her back to her room
You'd have to deal with her insecurities
If you thought Levi pouring out his envy as a guy was bad, imagine a grown ass woman, on her period at that-
You'll just end up assuring her until night
She was feeling better but then saw something that made her envious, now you're back to ground zero
Big ball of angy became a bit smaller lmao
She isn't entirely mad about this
At least she gets to learn a bit more with an actual experience
She'll pause for a moment and looks at you confused
"Why do I feel very... gross from below?"
She was aware of the slight cramping, and it was bearable, but then something was... ugh
When you tell her what's happening, she'd be fascinated by it
"Interesting... so this is how it actually feels, and you have to deal with it monthly?"
Definitely writes a research about it
She wasn't too bothered
She was actually squealing in excitement when she saw her reflection
"I KNEW it! I'm just as dazzling as a girl!"
When she feels uncomfortable, you'd just stare at her dumbfounded
"How do you-" "hon, you don't have to question me~ this is simply a basic practice for women, right?"
Actually KNOWS how to deal with it
But uh, you know how sometimes you feel strong urges? Yep, she isn't a stranger to it at all
When she honky, she honky, now go relieve her or get the silent treatment until Solomon finds a reversal spell
"Come onnn~~ won't you spoil your beautiful lover???"
Oh Diavolo, no- Beel ending up as a GIRL in PERIOD- with his SIN?
Rip those cravings and hunger
She just wanted to ask you if you wanted to join her to Hell's kitchen
She'd blink in confusion before looking down
"Hey MC? Normally, I would just eat anything, but why do I feel like I crave something?"
Lots of comfort snacks, right now, or she will throw a fit
Although any food is nice, that's for a normal Beel, but with Beel being a girl right now...
Yeah, you need to get her a specific food she wants to satisfy her hunger
"I'm suddenly craving for human world food... MC? Could you cook for me?"
Was looking for you for your cuddles to nap
Ended up getting hit by the spell
Usually, she's cranky when sleepy. Now she's cranky x2 because of turning into a girl
She directs to Solomon, "Turn me back right now, or I swear, I will cut your dick off."
Lots of threats, and she wasn't joking
If she wasn't as close to you, she'd definitely not hesitate to pull a lesson 16 on you again
Until she felt that gross feeling, she'd look down in disgust and then look up at you
"What is this?" "Uh- a period?"
She'll roll up her sleeves and force a smile "i'm giving you 10 seconds to turn me back, or die."
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blackstar9513 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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certified-sloth15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have DESCENDED because i'm sure as hell that heaven won't accept me-
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areter-ki15 hours ago
My grandma (an ardent Christian): let's go to church.
Me: I don't believe in God.
Me (the one who plays "Obey Me", who has a crash on Satan, who has a master kink): well, you know, it doesn't sound bad...
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born-in-stravaganza19 hours ago
Obey me! Brothers as anime watchers
Since the game is really getting an anime and I can't wait for it I thought now would be a cool time to pick up this old idea!
Disclaimer: I haven't watched all the anime on this list. So though I'm very proud/sure of some of these, it's not the same for some others. So, I apologize if some of this are not 100% accurate, I tried my best and I had a lot of fun. Of course these are all opinions, you鈥檙e free to disagree. Long post ahead!
Let's start with...
Tumblr media
Lucifer - the non-anime-watcher anime watcher
He is definitely the least interested out of his brothers. He already doesn't have time for himself, let alone time to watch something longer than a movie.
In addition to this, I personally think he would look at animation as something childish, it wouldn't really fit his mature and refined image so he would be even more discouraged to try.
If Levi/MC managed to convince him though, I could see him watching something that makes sense and can actually teach him something
However keep in mind that Lucifer is a single mom to eight kids (MC and Diavolo included) so what do you think would be useful to him?
Yes, The way of the Househusband is a great pastime of his. Cool main character and good life advices. Not to mention, now his brothers can't stop seeing him as an ex yakuza boss and he just loves being feared
If you think it's too random of an anime for his liking, just remember... He thinks factories are cool for vacation time. He definitely has unexpected tastes so this could fit, I stand by it
He also looks like someone who would enjoy anime with a sort of medieval setting. Something that can be serious and shocking when needed. Do they remind him of the good old days of medieval torture? Who knows. He is quite fascinated by Berserk nevertheless
He also appreciates Attack on titan, one of the main reason being that Satan enjoys it too and it's way too fun to casually spoil it for him
"Mh, it's a very interesting show the one you're watching. I personally thought that ****'s death was quite unexpected and well delivered, wouldn't you agree?" * insert angry Satan noises and a coach pillow unsuccessfully aimed to Lucifer head *
He is also the type who will willingly watch horror anime with others just for the pure chaos he gets as a reaction
He'll sit in the living room with everyone else only to comment sh*t like "that's not what happens when you slice in two someone, how foolish of them", "drowning someone like that is quite inefficient, they should have done it another way" and the scariest of them all "this is pretty interesting, it would make an amusing punishment... Don't you think so too, Mammon?"
Tumblr media
Mammon - the closeted shoujo fan
This demon acts like he's not interested and as if it's just a thing for kids, but he is actually way more into it than he would be willing to admit
He would probably start watching by mistake, like he stole some DVDs from Levi and found out it was anime only after starting to watch it but by that time he was already hooked
Truth is, he is a hyperactive kid in an immortal demon body, of course he loves Pok茅mon and has started playing the card game with Levi on daily basis
He would probably get a lot into shounen anime, classics like One piece, DragonBall or even My hero academia, he watches the fights with the same sparkles in the eyes as a 7 years old kid
BUT hear me out, it's not just shounen, I mean, yeah it's "childish" but they are common so he can say he watches them without ruining his image too much
Problem is... He is also a big fan of shoujo...
We're talking classics, light hearted shows like Toradora or Lovely complex that just make him stare at the screen red faced while holding his breath
Please go watch them with him and assure him it's okay to like them
Once Levi barged into his room to steal back a One piece episode only to find him hugging a pillow, tears in his eyes, Ryuji confessing his feelings to Taiga on the tv
Levi still laughs to this day, while Mammon is... still in denial, the great mammon wasn't crying, gotcha? Gotcha??
Tumblr media
Leviathan - the wild card
Of course, being the true otaku he is, he watches everything he can put his hands on
When he finally got his brothers to watch some culture he became very proud & the reference for everyone, though not always his suggestions are appreciated
But he can't just suggest them some mainstream anime when the world is full of unknown underrated good anime, can he?
However when his suggestion titles started being longer than 20 words they just collectively decided to stop listening to him
Little reminder that he takes anime very seriously, in a devilgram story he says himself he likes to write super-detailed reviews, so if you want to discuss them with him be prepared to be info-dumped
As for his tastes, he likes all genres and is always willing to watch more, but if we ask him about his favourites...
He watched all classics of all genres and he is a big supporter, but I can also see him having a soft spot for shounen classics like Fist of the North star (plus he has probably played combat games in regard to it) and of course Jojo's bizarre adventures. You can't tell me he doesn't meme it constantly to his brothers displeasure
He also loves games-related anime. His gamer/otaku soul just gains HP every time he watches one. Pok茅mon? Biggest fan right before Mammon; Yu-Gi-Oh? Watched all seasons, got his own perfect deck
Isekai are also good, especially if they are videogame related like Overlord
No he didn't like Sword Art Online, I mean the first season had potential but then on the second the quality dropped right? And have you seen the mess they have done with the third one, really why would you even keep watching when the plot starts making no sense and
But of course, let's not forget one particular genre. Where is Ruri-can? Well, if his cultured otaku mind has to recognize the supremacy of anime classics, his heart has another opinion... Go moe magical girls!
He's got a moe moe complex that makes him go crazy in front of anime like Magi magica doka, Card capture sakura, or even just shows with cute girls anime artstyles like Lucky star
I would also like to add The magical Ruri hana: demon girl to the list since apparently it's the title Ruri-chan comes from though we'll never have a chance to watch it
Tumblr media
Satan - Detective wannaweeb
Okay maybe I'm just projecting myself in this but
I feel like he is a big fan of Case closed and you could, but please don't, change my mind
The sherlock vibes he gets from it, the complicated explanations they give, the satisfaction he gets when he comes to the solution before the main character...
Also this guy probably has a whole secret shelf of romance novels in his room, he was born ready for the main couple drama
So, other than mystery/mind games anime (Death Note and Code geass are classics too for him) I'm pretty sure he would watch anything with cats in it
Which means cat-centric anime are perfect little pastimes for relaxing, just like Chi's sweet home or Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
His brothers are kinda convinced that he gets hypnotized while watching them judging from his loving stare
Also a fan of Attack on Titan, but if you want to talk with him about it (or about anything else he has watched tbh) be prepared for long analysis of the plot and characters
He could like shoujo too since he is quite romantic though the heroines are so stupid most of the time it could get unnerving for him
Definitely the type to go and watch splatter anime with Belphie when he is in a bad mood
I also feel like he would pick up bungou stray dogs because he heard it's about books and writers only to leave it unfinished due to it making stupid the people who watch it
I don't make the rules sorry
Tumblr media
Asmodeus - the uh... sparkly man of culture?
Considering all the times he has called Levi a yucky otaku, I think he would really think low of anime before trying
It's just- super lame, right? Who even watches them?
What, MC? You like them too?
Well... I could give it a try...
He would start watching and grow to quite like anime, even if it's far from being his priority, however... don't hate me for this but-
His first interaction with anime was definitely something not suitable for young age
I kinda feel like he watched those with a more critical eye
As in honest curiosity to see how they made it as a drawing
Yeah, well, he is quite open in this regard, so I think he would appreciate them
He especially likes the ones that are less hard-core and more subtle
He has really liked Kakegurui and overall the vibes he got from it
He would also love sparkly fashion shoujo, just to see cool dresses and feel some wholesome romantic love
Nana or Skip beat are ones of his favourites, romantic but still a bit adult (big yess to fashion clothes, until he sees one terrible outift and starts roasting it with no pity, it's beautiful)
Honorable mention: Princess jellyfish, he loved the main character and his outfits of course. Also the ending song literally goes "I just want you to realize you're beautiful" and if you think that's not something Asmo would say to MC you're very wrong
Tumblr media
Beelzebub - Sports anime character鈩
Somebody said Food wars?
Mh, why is Asmo also here now?
Ok, let's just watch it together then
Beel loves food, in every form it may come. So yeah, delicious drawn food is great too (but only if he has a snack to chew on while he watches)
That's why he could also get really into Ghibli movies. Have you ever seen the ramen in Ponyo? He's drooling already, quick, get him some popcorn!
He is quite chill with anime and a good companion to watch it with, as long as you're okay with hearing him eating trough the whole thing
He's also definitely a big fan of sports anime. Haikyuu!, Kuroko no basket, Slam dunk...
I personally think that if he wasn't an otome game character he would be a KnB character eating burgers and sweating his way to the top
But also, listen, he's got a very specific troupe he loves to death which is of course the twin troupe
Give him a strong twin love bond and he'll watch it whatever the genre is
I'm talking Hikaro&Kaoru but even Mauri&Kururi vibes
Just give this boy a twin relationship he is s o f t
Tumblr media
Belphegor - the creepy gore fan & chill lo-fi listener
Of course being the enigma he is he had to like two completely opposite things
First of all, what is it with Belphegor and blood? Nobody knows exactly and at this point no one dares to ask
He gives me Devilman crybaby vibes so much it's crazy
Is it because he hated humans at a certain point in his life and seeing them getting slathered by demons is oddly satisfying? Is it because he actually likes humans and the final message of hope speaks to his heart? Is it because the ost music is so pretty he always falls asleep by listening to it?
No one knows, but he was seen watching it and laughing in the most crude scenes more than once, and this shit happens with other horrors anime too
Is he being a brat on purpose? Does he really find it funny? We're talking about Belphie here so there's no way to know
He is quite against long anime, his attention spam isn't long enough to watch them
Or at least he says so, lenght doesn't matter when it's a...
Space anime! Space anime! Space anime!
Cowboy bebop, Galaxy express 999, Captain Harlock... Okay, some of these are way too long for him to really follow them but he gets such a soothing vibe he can't just stop
He just puts them on, looks at the galaxies and... Falls asleep 10 minutes in
Yeah it's Belphie you couldn't expect something different
In the end he's still the type who would rather listen to lo-fi anime songs on deviltube to get to sleep than actively watching a new episode though
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kaitycole23 hours ago
Text a grandparent (p.1)
Tumblr media
Summary: OM boys and how they鈥檇 be as a grandparent.
A/N: Would they be grandparents or granddemons? Granddemons sounds badass, you have to admit.
Tumblr media
Lucifer: While his child got the best of everything, his grandchild will simply just get everything. The sky isn鈥檛 even the limit for what he spoils his grandkid with and there鈥檚 nothing that鈥檚 off limits whether it be clothes, food, electronics, etc. Once his grandkid came over saying they were teased for not having the newest model of the D.D.D. and Lucifer鈥檚 pride cracked, later that day, said grandchild had the D.D.D. model that hadn鈥檛 even been released yet. He is 100% the grandparent that says 鈥測ou might be grounded at home, but not at my house鈥 and throws the 鈥渞idiculous鈥 punishment out the window, letting the grandchild do whatever their parent took away from them.
Mammon: Toys. He buys whatever toy, no matter how obnoxious, how loud or how unnecessary for his grandchild. Parents said no? Oh well, Mammon doesn鈥檛 know that word and he鈥檚 using Lucifer鈥檚 card so what does he care? Before the Avatar of Greed wanted all the money he could get his hands on and while he still does, what he鈥檚 most greedy for is the title of 鈥渂est grandparent ever鈥 and if that means getting that annoying corn popper toy (image), the keyboard that only operates on loud or the tiny building pieces that hurts like a bitch when you step on them, so be it.
Leviathan: One-hour max on video games? Not in his room, how could a time limit be put on a bonding activity? How was Levi supposed to just quit a game in the middle of a quest or after they had been on a roll? The one-hour rule went through one ear and out the other because his grandkid was almost as great as he was at video games and they beat a level that Levi had been struggling with for weeks. The pair ends up playing for close to 24 hours straight, eating only Spicy Rainbow Pizza and drinking Little Devil's Slushy Soda.
Satan: The most tamed out of his brothers, he enforces the rules that his grandchild has at home, keeps them on schedule with any activities they do and when it comes to naps and bedtime. However, he is also the grandparent that will rat out his grandchild鈥檚 parents in a heartbeat. 鈥淥h, your mom said big kids eat their veggies? Funny she refused to eat anything green until she was 16.鈥 鈥淵our dad said that he鈥檚 allergic to cats so you can鈥檛 have one? Strange he had a pet cat when he was your age and never sneezed once.鈥 Will literally give his grandchild ammo to use against their parents and not even hesitate.
Asmodeus: Two words 鈥 matching outfits. This Avatar of Lust soaks up the 鈥渁ww鈥檚鈥 and 鈥渉ow cute鈥檚鈥 they receive from others around them and is through the roof when he hears 鈥測ou don鈥檛 look old enough to have a grandkid!鈥 Everything his grandchild wears is the best of the best because the grandchild of the Jewel of the Heavens can鈥檛 be seen in anything less than perfection. He goes completely overboard on the amounts of clothing he buys, the child won鈥檛 even wear a fourth of everything bought before growing out of that size, but Asmo doesn鈥檛 care, he鈥檒l simply just buy more when he needs to. His favorite thing he鈥檚 bought are the kid鈥檚 shoes that squeak with each step.
Beelzebub: Snack restrictions? What was this 鈥榥o sugar鈥 rule his precious grandchild told him their parents had for them or the 鈥榥o midnight snack鈥 nonsense? Beel couldn鈥檛 understand why anyone would deny his grandchild such luxuries and he sure as hell wasn鈥檛 going to allow it any longer, at least not when he was babysitting. His grandchild didn鈥檛 have as large as appetite as he did, but they did seem to enjoy Ghost Pumpkin Cream Puffs and Spicy Newt Chips. Beel wasn鈥檛 expecting such a massive sugar rush, but thankfully it wore off before the parents got back.
Belphegor: Belphie almost died when his grandchild looked him straight on and told him that they weren鈥檛 allowed to take naps anymore because they were getting too old for them. Too old for a nap!?! Who tf came up with such a ludicrous way of thinking? That didn鈥檛 stop the Avatar of Sloth from wrapping his grandchild up on their matching blanket set, pulling them into a tight hug before they both ended up napping for a few hours, only waking up when Beel told them it was time for dinner. He鈥檚 extremely excited when his grandkid pokes out their bottom lip asking if they can take another after they eat and when he sees them drag their little blanket around behind them.
Tumblr media
likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated!
interested in more? --> masterlist聽
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rrasadoa day ago
Yo! If that's okay could i request the brothers (or some of the of your choice) reacting to a teen mc who already has a pact with a demon long before coming to the Devildom and this demon is pretty much their (very protective) guardian/caretaker? Like, the demon is really sweet and gentle with MC and babies them constantly but they're wary of the brothers (Nothing romantic, just platonic hcs!) Feel free to ignore if i'm bothering you!
Congrats on the 400 followers!!馃挒
Who鈥檚 The Guardian?
On another episode of 鈥渨hy didn鈥檛 I see this in my inbox before-鈥 but this is such a cute request.
I...haven鈥檛 played OMSWD in half a year ;-;. I never got past lesson 40 so, sorry in advanced for the OOC-
When you already have a pact
Tumblr media
Lucifer caught off guard, big time.
He probably skimmed through your files and records but not once did the thought of a seemingly innocent teenager already having a pact with a demon prior the exchange program crossed his mind.
That鈥檚 coming from someone who overthinks a lot.
As the so called right hand man of the young lord himself, he鈥檒l want to conduct a thorough investigation on whoever this demon is. He can鈥檛 risk sullying the honor of Diavolo because of some minor slip up.
Under the guise of a friendly get together he asks MC to invite their demon pact mate over for a nice afternoon tea. Harmless correct? Well that -less becomes -ful when the demon immediate smothers their favorite human with such rare affections he didn鈥檛 knew demons were capable of.
He鈥檒l attempt to be discreet about his intentions but, it seems the demon is more vocal about their displeasure of finding out that their dear human is living with seven of the most powerful demons in hell. So lucifer would blatantly put on a facade to keep the dignity of the council and the prince at peace. But if it were up to him...
鈥淲e all care for the human鈥檚 well being yes? A little cooperation is to be called for鈥
...Feels betrayed. And disappointed
He...wasn鈥檛 MC鈥檚 first- oh god the others are laughing at him as we speak aren鈥檛 they.
Would probably try to not so discreetly compare himself to the demon, arms crossed鈩笍
Is that why MC was so fast in making a pact with him? Like no fear whatsoever because they鈥檝e already done this before? Now he feels dumber than before
It all ultimately ends with..the demon and mammon trying to out do each other when it comes to spoiling Mc whether material wise or affection, of course mammon is at a disadvantage given how much he denies his concern for not being Mc鈥檚 first.
But in the end, if anything bad no matter how small happens to the two demon鈥檚 beloved human, they鈥檇 probably set aside their differences and hunt down the source. It鈥檚 a whole other story if the source was mammon-
鈥淥i the human also has a pact with me Ya got that!鈥
Leviathan both amazed and disdained.
And on the other hand- wow...you鈥檙e such a normie for being able to pull in other races, what in the name of damned friendship is this-
But that disdain turns to envy, whether envying you or the demon sometimes it鈥檚 interchangeable- because he wished he was also that cared for. Being able to be brought gifts or being protective over- it鈥檚 the otome dream he鈥檚 secretly wanted.
But once he realizes that the demon just genuinely cares for MC, for whatever reason- he seems to understand along the way, maybe he to wishes to protect one of the few people that willingly put up with him with a wild smile. Teen mutuality huh.
He might even invite their demon pact mate over for a game or two- heck if things go well they three might even become a triumvirate. Overall he鈥檒l learn to get along with them but...it鈥檒l take a good while djdndnbd.
鈥淗-hey...ya sure you wanna hang out with someone as yucky as me? Ah- wait I have games for three here somewhere.鈥
...Is highly intrigued suffice it to say.
The guy was highly enthralled when you managed to even make a pact with him through hard work and it seems there was a much farther history as to why.
Unlike the first born however, he鈥檇 be actually successful in hiding his true intentions when he decided to investigate whoever demon managed to wind up with the young human in the first place.
Those detective novels did him good Huh-
On a more serious note. He鈥檇 actually be encouraging to a certain extent until the demon directs their threats to him. Like how dare this lowly bastard make a point to the Avatar sin of Wrath- oh it was for MC鈥檚 sake...hard pass-
At one point he鈥檚 probably the closest to this demon in terms of peace next to Beelzebub since he鈥檚 the most serene of the brothers. Overall neutral to them unless the demon gives him a reason to.
鈥淚t鈥檚 nice to see the human having someone to lean on to...I wonder what would happen if that support were to suddenly collapse鈥
Asmodeus sappy to the brim
Look at the lovely human already catching demons with finesse! Proud wine aunt moment鈩笍. And the fact that it was prior to the program? Damn the kid has more potential than he thought.
At first the demon themself is gonna- Ehe carry MC away everytime asmo ties coming in but. With a little nudge and convincing they鈥檇 probably stay to listen to Asmo.
Trust me when I say these three will go shopping every weekend once everyone is comfortable with each other. And for what it鈥檚 worth they might even get matching outfits.
Asmo would probably try and nitpick how MC even managed to wind up in a pact with a demon without knowledge of the Devildom in the first place but at the same time he thinks it adds to the younger鈥檚 charm
These three end up being the child the mom and wine aunt dynamic and y鈥檃ll can鈥檛 convince me otherwise.
鈥淓hh~? Oh don鈥檛 look so weary it鈥檚 bad for your face darling~鈥
...For some reason happy.
Is this why MC managed to make a pact with his brothers so easily in so little time? Is this why the teen never seems to be bothered by any of his brothers鈥 threats? Overall he鈥檚 happy that you have experience.
He remembers something oddly like this...but in his case he didn鈥檛 had experience prior the fall wow way to go at angsting this am I right-
Because unlike him, a being millennia old was so confused of what鈥檚 in store for hell after the fall but he had no choice but to grit his teeth and bare the fear.
And someone so young managed to get a taste of a fraction of that experience but here was MC...laughing without a care whilst this other demon places a protective arm in front of them as they interrogate beel- oh wait they were talking to him-
Food as peace offering? You bet, thankfully they did settle with food and unlike first impressions- the demon actually is the most sensible to beel seeing as he was one of the few who...didn鈥檛 actively attempt to kill their human- in fact, the demon is probably the one to inform Beel of what demon food the young teen can actually eat and what they prefer.
鈥淚 see...ah, would you maybe wanna join us? Food always tastes better when shared鈥
...could care less until they talk about the whole time universe killing thing-
Ohhh boy- belphie run I鈥檓 telling you run- no beel won鈥檛 defend you on this one in fact I think I see mammon running with the demon but belphie run boy run-
In all seriousness him and the demon will take the longest to get into terms. Heck not even Mc鈥檚 convincing has effect, because the demon really really doesn鈥檛 like the avatar of sloth for good reason.
Depending on how the demon even winded up with MC. Belphie would also not like the demon. until something actually bad happens to MC-
The demon might blindly pin it on belphie but the thing is- he鈥檚 also panicking because if he and his brothers were there and the demon was there- wHO TF IS WITH THE TEENAGER-
He...didnt want to have what he did to MC happen again. Let him be the last one to harm the spunky human. I even considered him and the demon to never actually get along no matter how long of a time but...again it all depends on the Hows and Whys.
鈥淚...Care for them as much as you do. Just- Tsk... I don鈥檛 need you to believe me.鈥
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certified-slotha day ago
Relaying them a kiss from your cat familiar...
Context: you don't know when the brothers are busy or not, so you had your familiar to relay them a gift
You hum a soft melody as you stroll through the dark night of the human world.
You looked around for a moment before calling out the familiar you were gifted before leaving the Devildom.
You smiled and kissed it before telling it to relay it to him.
As he left the council room after getting the few papers for him to revise
He caught his eye on the cat, and gave it a puzzled look
He knelt down and asked what it was doing here
Your familiar motioned him to come closer, and so he did
It gave him a gentle lick on the cheek which caught him off-guard
He smiles at your familiar
"Would you mind if I return you with a reply?"
He found your familiar just looking at him in a judging way after catching him red-handed
He scoops up your familiar and, yes, babies it-
He'll ask why it was here when you were all the way up in the human world
It places it's paw on his chest and leans in to lick his cheek to relay your kiss
He'll pause and stand there confused
Why did your familiar lick him?
Was there something on his face or..?
Casually playing games in his room is the norm
Until your familiar went on his lap
He didn't mind much but then realizes what's going on
He looked down to see your familiar looking up at him, he furrowed his eyebrows
"Did something happen to my Henry? Or-"
Yes, he was rambling about the bad things that could've happened on why your familiar is with him
Then your familiar went up to lick his cheek
He froze on the spot and looked at your familiar with a flushed face
He just spots your familiar a few steps away from him, and he was already there to pet it
He'll coo at it and smile
"Did MC tell you to come here?" He asks
He picks your familiar up carefully and it kisses him
He chuckles and nuzzles his nose with your familiar
"Haha, I never expected that, it's quite cute."
He'll feed your familiar first, and bond with it more before he let's it come back to you
Ah, if it isn't your adorable familiar!
He was squealing in excitement when he saw it approaching him
He'll kneel down and smile at your familiar
"Yes? Did MC miss me?~"
Your familiar would go up and kiss his cheek and it would surprise him
He'll touch his cheek and blush slightly before giggling
"Well~ isn't that adorable of them!"
He was on the way to the kitchen
And as he gets there, he sees your familiar on top of the kitchen counter
He'll approach it confused to why it was here
"Shouldn't you be with MC?"
Your familiar would climb on him and give him a kiss
...did your cat just kiss him? Was it from you?
This boy would smile from ear-to-ear the whole day because of it
Surprisingly enough, he was sleeping in the room you used to occupy
He woke up to find your familiar laying beside him
He'll raise an eyebrow at it before it goes to kiss him
He'll stare at it wide-eyed before blushing
He'll cover his face with a pillow, thinking you made your familiar relay him a kiss
He'll lower the pillow from his face and looks at your familiar embarrassed
"Did you have to do that without telling me beforehand..?"
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obeymematchesa day ago
A request! A angel!mc but their wings are clipped/damaged, like a injury when they were young and it never healed properly, brothers reaction?
(You can ignore this if you dont want to and let your creativity run wild on this one! Your writing is great!)
thank you for the compliment anon!!!
in case someone isn't digging angel!mcs i kept it a little ambiguous here and there, so you can interpret this as a regular ol scar as well.
Brothers react to angel!MC's scar
Not one to mention it at all, despite spotting it immediately. I think he has at least a couple himself as well. Plus let's be honest, it can be quite an awkward conversation to have. He is one of the few demons who actually prefer to mind their business when it comes to the past of the individual - why would he pry? Because of that he expects them to do neglect asking as well.
He is going to be very relieved when/if you ever let him know about the story and he gets to learn that it's actually been quite some time since. Even in demon / angel standards.
Has to practice self-control to keep his mouth shut.
You've grown so much on him, he can't help being extremely curious! Don't blame him!
If he hasn't already, he is going to make it his priority to protect you better.
He might touch and caress them a little to let you know he noticed and he is dying of curiosity but isn't going to ask (yet.)
Yes - once he feels close enough to you he is going to ask.
Oh no- he swears you look like an anime character- he told you this before and he is going to tell you again
Mostly just stares at you, trying to keep eye contact, not wanting to be too awkward.
I think working in the navy has left him with at least a couple of scars too. He knows the feeling MC, he knows.
At some point when the two of you have a strong enough bond, you will have a night when you just explain it all to each other.
Ah. Another very curious fellow. Despite the dwelling feeling, he digresses.
Trusts that eventually he is going to learn more about it - more about you.
Definitely find it intriguing and mysterious. I think that is a good approach if you want to steal his heart-
I'm not sure if he'd have enough self-control to ask despite it being inappropriate? I mean this man has it; when it comes to anger - but can he contain his curiosity when it comes to the past of a beloved? Idk you tell me-
You bet he is going to wonder about them for a while before he dares to speak of them. Don't get me wrong; I don't think he'd start this conversation.
Definitely one to kiss all of it/them gently when there is a chance to do so.
Loves to hear about the stories behind them! Every time he strikes back with a story of his / one of his brother's. He just loves to talk, don't mind him.
Gives you concerned looks but he knows there is not much to do about these scars now.
I think he might ask a simple "What happened?", quietly, but only if you seem a bit ashamed of them?
Like if you act like it's nothing he wouldn't want to bring it up himself & potentially ruin the mood
But if you try to hide them he just wants to be helpful? Like he opened to you about his own burdens, you must know you can rely on him if you want to.
Ok this can go two ways depending on how you feel about your own scars.
If you think of it as nothing, letting them be seen, he is definitely going to ask about them. I think he is on par with Satan regarding their levels of curiosity.
But; in case you do your best to hide them, he is going to pretend he never saw anything. He might have, but might not, you will never know! Even if you bring it up as a conversation topic, he is going to deny seeing them.
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anekogiaa day ago
Me: *Me doing something that I like*
My family: *Weirded out by it* Why are you doing that?
Tumblr media
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the-mourning-starsa day ago
鈥淲hy do I have to look after him?鈥 Mammon asked, looking up at his eldest brother as he held the tiny avatar of wrath in his arms. Lucifer sighed, giving one last look at his baby before looking up at Mammon. 鈥淛ust for a bit.. While I work, okay? Please..,鈥 he answered. The avatar of greed nodded slightly. 鈥淔ine.. Whatever. You owe me!鈥 Lucifer nodded in thanks and smiled at his brother before disappearing, letting Mammon look at his little brother. Despite being a baby, he was still more powerful than three of his brothers. Well, when he was awake he was.
Mammon smiled and sat down, rocking the small demon as he slept. They may鈥檝e lost a sister, but they earned another brother. Satan yawned quietly, cooing as he awoke. Mammon awwed and held the baby to his chest, hearing the baby sniffle and begin to cry as he realised it wasn鈥檛 Lucifer who was holding him, but Mammon didn鈥檛 mind it. 鈥淎we, sh, it鈥檚 okay, 鈥榯an. Calm down, okay? I鈥檝e got you..鈥 He promised, rocking back and fourth in hopes to soothe the sniffling child. 鈥淚 love ya..鈥 He spoke, chuckling when he felt the blonde grip onto his hair tightly, still crying lightly.
Satan whimpered softly as he looked into his brothers eyes, a sudden calmness wash over him. He cooed, resting against Mammon. And Mammon swore he would do anything to protect his brother. no matter what he had to do
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the-mourning-starsa day ago
My opinion on the OM boys pronouns/sexuality
This is only my opinion
Lucifer - omni demiromantic/sexual, he/him
Mammon - demiromantic, gresexual, neo pronouns
Levi - asexual, omniromantic, bigender- he/him/they/them
Satan - greysexual, bicurious, he/him
Asmodeus - omnisexual, autromantic, gender fluid, polymorous
Beelzebub - asexual, demiromantic, they/them
Belphegor - greyromantic, demisexual, bigender- he/him/she/her
Diavolo - polymorous, demisexual, omniromantic, demiboy- he/him/they/them
Barbatos - asexual, demiromantic, nonbinary- they/them/it/its
Solomon - Ace, demiromantic, neo pronouns - more specifically ze/zir聽
Simeon - AceAro. Or ace pan.聽 he/him
Luke - I don鈥檛 put labels on kids. But he鈥檚 so supporting!
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the-mourning-starsa day ago
Hello! It's been a while (I think... Times a social construct honestly, I dunno how long it's been)
Just checking up!
Also I'm here to give to you a consideration: how well do you think Obey Me! Good Omens would work, and who would be who?
- 馃懡
Hello, 馃懡 anon! It has been a while but you are 100% right! Time is a social construct!
I have been meaning to rewatch/read Good Omens and this has reminded me! But have this! (I hope I spelt their names right sjsjs)
Crowley - Lucifer
Aziraphale - Simeon
Anathema - MC
Newt - Satan
Warlock - Beelzebub
Adam - Belphegor
I think it would be really interesting and I may write something if I rewatc it && have some time!聽
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certified-slotha day ago
Satan:*plotting world domination with the cats on the sidewalk*
Lucifer:...I don't know what you're plotting but you better stop-
MC:nah, keep going
Satan: :)
Lucifer:Satan, no.
Lucifer:...MC- for Diavolo's sake, shut up.
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saerrana day ago
Obey Me Devs: Okay! So we got a onesie design planned out for Lucifer, Mammon, Levi, Asmo, Beel, and Belphie.
Obey Me Devs: Now Satan, what-
Satan: Cat.
Obey Me Devs: ...Are you su-
Satan: Yes.
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unlimitedfirepheonixa day ago
I just gotta get this out there during the special obey me event and I was seriously so touched when Satan literally made a small book to confess to you. Like the time and love into doing that just melts me. Every time I think about that it warms my heart and even if its just a game the thought of people doing things like that to make their partner happy is so wonderful and thoughtful.
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