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#om shall we date
obey-mes-treasure · 2 days ago
Sleep Demon (GN!MC; Chapter 4)
1/ 2/ 3
During a night alone MC gets sleep paralysis. This isn’t anything new though. That is until they find out that the shadow figure might now be something more.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Demons, Dreams, Nightmare, Paralysis
Satan felt so human standing in this tainted dream, like his very own hell. He’s never felt any sympathy for any of the souls he had carved into. In fact, he had enjoyed it. The slices his double made on MC’s body were only a fraction of what the souls in his domain sustain. Still, he felt the guilt that humans were burdened with. Bile rose in his throat, his stomach turned, his muscles in his hands tensed. It was so very human and so very terrible.
He didn’t even really know where to start looking for the object he needed. MC’s dream was of his torture room beneath the House of Lamentation. A room, as far as he knew, they had never seen. There was nothing even in the room except for them and the grim devices.
“How does MC even know that this room exists? How do they know what it even looks like?” He asked his quiet brothers. Besides MC only Satan’s words and footsteps filled the room with noise. Even so, it was too loud for Satan in the room as he searched for something to make it all stop.
“I took them down here,” the words had come from Lucifer. They were hollow and dry yet they still hit Satan like bricks. But bricks didn’t hurt demons, they hurt humans. He was convinced MC’s screams held as much power as Diavolo’s spell that turned Lilith human on the night of his creation. If he didn’t stop this dream soon maybe he might become human.
“Why the hell would you take them down here?” he said through clenched teeth. There was nothing on the walls that would mean anything to MC unless they had a fascination for knives he didn’t know about.
The screams had stopped causing Satan to force his eyes to finally look at them. His double was still cutting but their head was hanging to the side now. Usually, it would take his souls longer to get to this state but MC was not a soul. His hands were shaking now. The rest of his brothers looked almost as sick as he did. Their faces were painted with a range of emotions from helplessness to sorrow. This was his burden. Only he could find what they needed. MC’s hair stuck to their face from the sweat. Their lips release small, confused pleas.
“They were getting closer to us. I needed to make sure they knew that how we are with them is not the entirety of who we are. We do things humans consider evil. I didn’t want the first time they were introduced to this truth to be in a situation caused by someone who wishes to separate is. They deserve to know who and what we are”.Satan wanted to be angry at Lucifer’s reply but he couldnt find it in himself to disagree. Even if he did now wasnot the time to argue.
He needed to find the escape route before MC’s mind closed itself off and trapped themself inside in an attempt to be safe from pain and betrayal. He needed to think. His mind raced through every mystery book he had ever read. How had those detectives searched rooms? Was it behind the bricks in the walls like so many of those books? No. Of course not. This wasn’t a mystery that needed to be solved. MC had no reason to hide the things they cared about in walls. Nothing in this room mattered to MC. He asked himself what those detectives would do. Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Jessica Fletcher, Hercule Poirot… Hercule Poirot. The name caused ringing in Satan’s ears, catching his attention like a red flag being waved to a bull. Ring. The character became important to the two of them when MC had told him that their first trip to the human world together reminded them of “Murder on the Orient Express” by Agatha Cristie. Afterward, the two of them had read the entirety of the Hercule Poirot series. Ring. The ringing grew louder and Satan became frozen his thoughts racing. He remembered drawing a small train right before the knuckle of their thumb with a pen. Ring. The pen was important. MC had gotten him a limited edition Hercule Poirot pen that he took everywhere with him. He had it on him now and he was willing to better his double did as well.
He was walking towards his double without thinking about it. Ring. Ring. Ring. The ringing was so loud it nearly entirely blocked out the reminders from his brothers that he would not be able to stop the double. He found the pen in the inside pocket of his sweater. The pen was heavy in his hand. The sweat and shakiness of his hand made it hard for him to pull the lid off the ebonite pen. So human.
As soon as the lid was off a drop of ink rolled off the tip of the pen landing on the meaningful part of MC’s hand. The ink moved, as if it had a mind of its own, into the shape of a train. The knife in the double’s hand dropped to the ground. The smile that haunted his face turned into a blank look as he looked at the train. The room was now truly quiet. The seven brothers watched, their breath caught in their throat, as the double picked the knife back up. The knife was used to cut the ropes keeping MC in place. It was now them who looked confused. The pleas had stopped but they kept still in an attempt to keep Satan calm.
“Go,” the order from the double was hard and demanding. When MC remained in place his eyes lingered over the cuts on their marred body with irritation. His hand gestured towards the cells doos. “Go to Asmo. He’ll help you with whatever you need.”
MC thoughtthis over before they stood from their chair. Their legs shook as they walked towards the door, swinging it open. The cuts on their body were deep and blood pooled out of them leaving thick drops on the floor.
It took Asmo longer than any of his brothers to realize what was happening. Maybe that was the denial beginning to seep into him. He thought over what Satan’s double had heard he turned trying to look for him but he was gone. Leaving nothing except an empty cell, devices, and the memories of pain.
“H-hey, wait,” Asmo’s voice shook frantically. “Don’t go to me. Turn around. MC!” The list of demands couldn’t be heard by MC. They had already begun ascending the stairs of the dungeon, Asmo’s brothers following close behind. Asmo had followed with them until they reached the bottom step. Then he had stopped and stared at their back. They were holding the wall for support as they walked up. Their other arm was tightly wrapped around their stomach to stop the bleeding.
“Let’s go Asmo you can’t stay here,” Belphie said. He sounded tired and broken. He looked down at the fifth brother and a slight etching of pity decoraated his face.
“T-they can’t go to me. I’m not really. I don’t know-”
“It doesn’t matter if you want to do this or not. You are next and there’s nothing we can do about it. Besides…” he breathed. “It’s better to get it out of the way.” Belphie turned then and followed his brothers who finally reached the top of the stairs with MC. Asmo followed when the dreamscape of the dungeon began to fade. He couldn’t help MC if he was stuck in a dark part of their mind. Anything here they could fix later,
MC had nearly fallen down the stairs three times before climbing all three flights of stairs. The fingers were gripping the wall as they stood next to the last step. Their shallow breaths worried the brothers. MC was barely awake in their own mind at this point. The dreamscape was missing pieces that MC have known was there. A telltale sign that MCs mind was beginning to block itself off. If it did that before the brothers could get them out they’d be forced out of MC’s mind and back into their own body. MC would be trapped in A coma like state, only to get out when they truly felt safe. The brothers would not be able to help. If MC passed out while these nightmares continued it would be over.
Asmo followed as far as he could from MC. He didn’t want to see how he would hurt them. He was watching from down the hall as MC knocked on his door. The noise traveled through the hall seeming to settle the dreamscape. They were in the next nightmare. Asmo crossed arms, letting his eyes skim over everything in the hall. He had assumed that the next part would be in his room. The hall had things both of them cared about but, with his thoughts in a frozen panic, he couldnt remember a single one.
“Asmo are you in there?” MC asked in a strained voice. The only response was quiet giggles of various voices through the door. Still no one answered. Asmo crept closer watching as MC began to lead further against the wall. Their face looked lifeless and their eyes drooped half closed. He cursed every second they remained closed. MC knocked again, slightly louder. “Asmo are you there?”
“I’m a bit busy at the moment, come back later. Also, don’t leave that mess on the floor there. It makes my guests hungry and if they lose control I don’t know that i’ll stop them,” Asmo’s voice was off and MC seemed to be able to tell. It was it’s melodical self but there was an underlying mockery he hadn’t used on MC since they had gotten close. Asmo watched surprise cross over MC’s face.
“I-I’m sorry if I’m bothering you but, um, I’m hurt. Satan told me you would be able to help.”
More giggles fell through the door but no one opened. They raised their first to the door knocking again and then once more. This time Asmo’s double didn’t ignore them. The door was swug openrevealing Asmo’s scowling double. The doubles eye scanned MC up and down, a look of disgust written clear on his face. Asmo never hated the look on his face more than in that moment. Asmo stood in the back of the group of brothers in a desprate attempt to shield himself from MC and their nightmare. Asmo’s stillness was only broken by the sound of chimes that came through the air. His eyes immediately when to his door decoration, which Mc had made for him months before. It was a beautiful thing made of crystals and bronze charms. When the pieces moved they would hit one another creating a delicate musical sound. Since MC had made it he hung it on his door and quickly came into the routine of touching the center crystal that held a dried flower from a picnic they took together. As soon as Asmo saw the piece he knew he needed to touch the crystal. It would free MC of this nightmare but he couldnt make himself move. He was stuck it place watching MC and his double.
“I told you I was busy,” Asmo snarled. When hurt forced on MCs face he wished that his double would close the door and go back to ignoring them. The thought that MC believed he could treat them like this covered his in a blanket of guilt. The blanket weighed him down until he couldn’t move. He could tell his brothers where angry by his lack of him by now. Mammon, Satan, and Belphegor where yelling at him now. Leviathan was shaking him trying to force him to move. Lucifer and even Beelzebub where glaring at him. None of it could get him to move. His thoughts yelled at himself urging him to move to do something. The crystal was right there.
Nothing could make him move until he watched himself yank MC’s arm roughly. The doubles nails dug into their skin. When MC yelped in pain the blanket fell away. He forced himself to the front of his brothers. His hand reached for the crystal.
For a moment he thought he had gotten it wrong. Nothing really changed in the room but his double grip on their arm loosened and his face fell into an emotionless look. His hand dropped from their arm and reached into his pocket. A small glass bottle filled with a familiar blue potion was in his hand. He handed it to MC and watched as they quickly drank the potion. It wasn’t long before the cuts and wounds began to stitch themselves together and heal into a less damaged look.
A small flash of relief went through each of the brothers. Once the double had seen MC stand a bit straight the door to Asmo’s bedroom closed leaving MC alone in the hall. They looked like they were going to knock again but had decided against it. They turned down the hall heading towards their room. The brothers followed each of them looking more helpless than when they first arrived. When they finally reached MCs room only Levithan noticed his own form standing down the hallway with an angry look on his face.
Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in the next part.
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satanist-apparently · a month ago
House of Lamentation AU Rules
Warning: (Honestly, I’m not sure what’s going on here but like please just be careful okay?) (To be honest I just dumped whatever here hahaha my brain is spent)
Word count: about 1k?
1. If you love Mammon at all, be kind and do not trace his skin. Do not keep his hands in yours, do not press kisses on his face, do not hold him to your chest. Do not touch him, if you care for him at all. Regale stories and trade secrets to distract him, and perhaps also yourself from the blooming red stain so deeply imprinted into his clothes by now. Above all, do not accept expensive gifts from him. He will try to shower you with riches, as he loves you so. You will see it in the way that his eyes glimmer gold, and in the way that the glow eventually fades into blue. He will grin brightly at you, while pressing small and thin gold into your hands. It’s not much but these are the only parts of him that they haven’t gotten to.
2. Every so often, you might find Leviathan wandering around the House of Lamentation with confident gait and charisma. There are few things you can know for sure in the Devildom, but it is an irrefutable fact that Leviathan keeps to his room. So listen closely then, in case his steps are uneven, listen to the bloodlust his smile is singing. Watch his posture as it minutely straightens in pride, and most damning of all, notice how he lacks a shadow at all. Find Leviathan now or it might take his place, and I promise you, you don’t want that.
3. If you find yourself needing assistance with your assignments, you may turn to Satan for help, but do keep track of the time. You must leave before it hits three. Open a window on your way out, otherwise it will smell of roasted pork, and of sweet, musky perfume, until it does not. Stay away from the walls and keep your headphones on you at all times. In return for Satan’s help, offer to dust his books in the morning and sparingly water the aloe vera plants that line his windowsill. Under no circumstances should you attempt to pull the blanket off the lump on his bed, even if it is charred black and red.
4. There are no mirrors in the House of Lamentation except for the one in Asmodeus’s room. If you one day find it in your room, cover it with a piece of cloth, even if (especially if) Asmodeus will be disappointed by this. He will claim that you are breathtaking and wasting your looks. He will claim that if he had your face he would be flaunting it. You may find yourself flattered by his words but do not be. Remind him that he is the most attractive, the most beautiful, and that he need not concern himself with you. And do not stare at the mirror for too long, or you’ll notice something is amiss.
5. Do not enter the kitchen at night. If you must pass by the kitchen, hold your breath. Otherwise the aroma will draw you close and Beelzebub will call out to you. He will worry you are not eating enough, and offer you a portion from his own. I suppose you may accept him. Its flavor will be delicious beyond compare, its texture is soft unlike any other, you will find yourself craving it more and more until it consumes your mind. But keep your eyes level to Beelzebub’s chest, do not let it wander down, and do not ask what it is you have eaten, you may not like the answer.
6. Belphegor never speaks of these instances, do not ask him to speak. He fears that it will learn of your existence. You will find him asleep, wheezing and curled in on himself. Do not make a single sound. If you must wake him up, do so using your touch alone. Make sure that he has eyes and not hollow sockets of rotting flesh, only then can you hold him close. But know that your own eyes will burn and your body will feel heavy. It will be too easy to slip into his dreams, but you must not. Else you will awaken to sunken cheeks and brittle aching bones, or not at all.
7. The exchange program should last exactly one year, so track the days and have it burnt into your mind. You might come to find that it’s been longer. The clock stops at exactly 11:59 each night, and everyday nothing changes. Do you still trust Lucifer? Well, just stay out of his way, he’ll find a way to end this, or so he believes anyway.
When it is your turn to set the table, remember to arrange nine sets of cutlery and plates. When it is your turn to cook, remember to set aside her share. Pull out the chair for her, she will appreciate it. But do not speak to her during meal times. Don’t worry there will be more time to acquaint yourself with her, sooner or later you will join her.
When the winds seem to whisper, yet the curtains do not move, then you will know that it has come. Play with it, hide and seek is its favourite. Always count to ten and say “ready or not here I come” so that it knows to hide. Or else it will find you.
Always count your steps, if the hallways seem especially long, stop. Do not move. You may wander off to somewhere you can never come back from. Close your eyes and walk back to where you came from. You must not open your eyes, no matter what you hear.
You may see silhouettes from the corners of your eyes, you may even feel their gaze upon you. Do not worry, they are simply curious. Greet them respectfully but do not turn to look. Nothing will happen but you may not be able to look away.
Music will play, light and soothing, drifting in from the music room. There will be an abundance of laughter. If you come across the shadows on the floor, dance along with them, it is only polite.
When all the world stills, watch the picture frames that litter the walls, if they smile at you... Run.
My brain: I’m going to write something Me: The fluffy one we planned right? My brain: … Me: The fluff one… Right?!
And this is the result.
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sketch-guardian · a month ago
I have the feeling that Mammon wouldn't be too happy about a MC with insomnia,because:
(1) It's bad for his human health! Humans need sleep and as their first, it's his job to make sure they get enough of it! (He just worries a lot when he sees MC tired,but he would never admit such a thing-)
(2) who is he supposed to cuddle in bed if his human isn't there?! He gets lonely, you know? (Again,he would find another excuse to make MC sleep in his bed rather than confessing the truth,something like: "Humans get cold at night,right? Well doncha worry! Why? Because I will let ya stay in my warm room since I'm that great and generous!")
Here is for example a quick demonstration sketch of how Mammon gets Camy(MC),who has a fucked up sleep schedule, to sleep:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The only way to make sure Camy sleeps is basically trapping her to the bed(just because she doesn't want to risk waking Mammon up-). Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this silly sketch🙈have a nice day/night and stay safe everyone!✨
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imalivebarelystriving · a month ago
How the older brothers would react to you running up to them and giving them a tackle hug
I'm expecting absolutely no one to see this and if I change my mind and post it, oh well. this was written at literally 1 AM.
The dude was tired
He just told off Mammon for doing dumb shit again
and then suddenly
human running towards him
so his brain is just trying to recover from being frustrated and there's a human running to him at full speed
so what did he do
he opened his arms and caught you, of course
you should expect nothing less from the avatar of pride 😉
for a moment he's like "wtf human what are you doing"
then it kicks in like "oh this is affection. it's nice. I like."
but of course he'll never admit it
and yeah he's gonna lightly scold you for running into his arms without giving a warning.
"It seems you're getting a little too comfortable with me, hm? as much as I enjoy having you in my arms, I'd rather you ask me next time instead of running at me."
If you even manage to surprise him that would be impressive
no joke, this man is literally grabbing onto you for dear life at every given moment.
so if you do catch him off guard and just run at him, congrats!
Mammon has very fast reflexes, so he opens his arms just as you run at him, and you almost topple him over
so he goes from
"error. Mammon.exe has stopped working due to overheating. please try again later."
and of course he gets all red and tsundere-ish
but if you try to pull away he won't let you
congrats you're stuck with Mammon for the rest of the day
"O-oi! Human! W-what were ya tryna do, r-running into my arms like that... O-of course you'd wanna to tackle hug the Great Mammon! I'M NOT BLUSHING ITS JUST WARM IN HERE."
how did you even find him outside of his room???
I mean, you could try in his room but considering all the clutter in there...
so in the rare case of him being out of his room, that's when you strike
I'd like to say he'd catch you gracefully, like in a scene of an anime, but knowing him... poor otaku boy doesn't have the strength or reflexes for that
instead, you run straight into him and you both end up on the floor
and he gets redder than Mammon, if that's even possible
like I swear Levi straight up invented a new shade of red
he starts stuttering and the only way you can understand him is if you learn Morse code.
you thought the y/n in Wattpad fanfics stuttered a lot? check out Levi, who can barely form a sentence!
"I- You- wha- how- no- huh????"
and once he gets over it, he starts rambling about how it looked like a scene from an anime you guys watched.
"W-what you did... it was like what the main character did to their love interest on 'The Day I Thought I Was Going To Be Graduating From College But Then A Storm Came And I Got Struck By Lightning And Got Brought To A Different Dimension And Then Was Introduced To A Deity And I'm Now Her Apprentice Can Someone Please Tell Me What's Going On???'!"
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yukihaie · a month ago
Genre: Fluff with some crack
This can be deemed as romantic or platonic [except for Luke's part. His part is strictly platonic]
He's not having it when he's busy.
Will frown and glare at you if you keep poking.
You think I'm scared of you, Mr. Pridy McPrideface?
Just keep poking him, but make sure you poke him with longer intervals. Probably around 5 minutes before another poke?
That's his reaction if he's busy though, but do it again when you two are cuddling.
"Beep!" you poked his cheek softly.
Lucifer will only look at you with wide eyes before cracking a smile.
"Why are you always so cute?"
Might give a kiss or two on your hand if he's in the mood.
His pride does not permit him to poke you back so you just have to keep being the one who pokes him.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks. But in some rare occasions, you can see him blushing when you booped his nose.
Confused at first, but lets you be.
If ya wanna keep touchin' the Great Mammon, who's him to stop ya? secretly likes it
Understands that you poke him to get his attention.
One time, he was rambling on and on about his gambling adventure. But once he felt a gentle poke on his arm, he stopped talking and paid attention to you.
Since you used this method on him, he'll use it to grab your attention too.
Please expect yourself to be poked a lot because Mammon doesn't like it if you're not paying attention to him.
"Hey! Pay attention to me!" Mammon poked you several times on your cheek.
Please give him his well deserved attention along with some headpats to soothe your first demon.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks and arms. Boop his nose too, he likes it very much.
Blushy boy.
Very surprised when you first poked his arm.
The sudden contact between your finger and his flesh made him blushed for about 10 minutes.
Please give him some space and time to calm down.
If you want to keep poking though, you need to announce it first so he didn't scare himself.
"Levi, I'm gonna poke you on your cheek. Meep!"
Waaahhhh!!!! Why are you so cute?! THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE THAT 'I Was Reincarnated To A Rock Kingdom Where My Job As The Babysitter Is To Poke The Rocks On The Garden But Then A Handsome Knight Came To Me And Said That I've Been Poking Them The Wrong Way And Now I Won't Be Paid By The Royals! What Should I Do? Please Help Me!' LIGHT NOVEL HE READ LAST NIGHT!
Secretly wants to poke you back but is very scared.
But with enough time and courage, you'll find yourself getting poked by him too.
When that time comes, please give him your best smile and some head pats as a 'Good Job Well Done!'
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks
Really doesn't mind at all.
You're poking him while he's reading? Okay, glad you're enjoy yourself, MC
You're poking him while he's playing with cats? Aww, you want attention too? Maybe later, after he's done playing with the cats.
You're poking him while he's eating? Umm... Okay...?
"Kitten, I'm glad you find it comfortable being with me, but I'm eating right now. So, maybe later?"
If you decide to poke him while meowing (because that's what I do to my friends), you'll find him blushing and demanding more pokes because he wants to hear you meows.
If he's in a good mood, he'll poke you back as a sign of affection.
Overall, the best reaction in three realms. Tantan husband material
Favourite place to be poked: Arms
Actually likes it a lot.
His love language is physical touch and having you poke him gives him the message that you're comfortable around him.
Will poke you back immediately.
"Do you like touching me that much, Darling?" he poked you on your cheeks.
Might turn into a cuddling session, if you agree.
You can poke him anytime you want. He'll gladly accept it.
Except, maybe when he's applying his makeup or styling his hair.
Then, he'll get pissed off.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks, arms, hands, palms. Boop his nose too, he thrives on it.
Doesn't mind 2.0
Will smile after you poked him.
Glad you're feeling comfortable around him.
Actually wants to poke you back but Belphie warns him not too.
With his strength, he might accidentally stab you with his finger.
And the poor guy do not want that.
But regardless, he will show his appreciation everytime you poked him.
"Beep!" you ran towards him and poked his arms instinctively.
"Good morning, MC! Want some sandwich?"
If he's in a good mood, he'll give you a hug as a reply.
Favourite place to be poked: Arms and cheeks (if you can reach them, at least)
Hated it at first.
You're disturbing his sleep and for what, exactly?
But grows to like it very much.
Seeing your smile after you poked him makes him feel all tingly and warm on the inside.
Will not poke you back unless necessary.
"Hey. Hey MC. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey, listen to me. Hey MC hey." This demon surely knows how to play his card well.
"What is it, Belphie?"
"Nothing, just want to say that you look great focusing on your studies like this." He gave you a cheeky smile before lying back down to continue his nap.
Maybe not so necessary...
But hey! At least the cow man's happy :D
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks. He also likes to be booped on the nose, so please do it often.
Loves it very much.
Poor lonely prince is very glad to know you're comfortable with him.
He never gets treated like that because of his position, and seeing a powerless human like you poking him? He'll gladly accept it.
Will want to poke you back.
It's only fair that you get to know he's comfortable around you too. Just as much as how you're comfortable around him.
"Good day, MC." Diavolo gave you a smile when he saw you approaching him.
"Meep!" you poked his arms as a reply.
He let out a hearty laugh, "Well, glad to know you're doing fine."
You'll probably get lots of lectures from Lucifer when you touched Diavolo so recklessly, but the demon himself don't mind, so please keep poking and give him your attention.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks, arms, chest
Doesn't mind 3.0
Only smiles when you poked him.
Will not poke you back, but will drop everything he's doing to give you attention.
Except, maybe when he's attending to Lord Diavolo.
"Apologies MC, but I'm in the middle of making some tea for Lord Diavolo. Maybe we can spend some time after this?"
But still, if you choose to keep poking him while he's working, he might give you a kiss or two on your forehead to make you stop.
He's a hard working butler. If Diavolo didn't notice your constant poking on Barbatos's hands, he probably won't rest at all.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks and palms.
Doesn't mind 4.0
Finds it amusing, even.
Will laugh and smile.
This angel is very honoured to know you like being around him.
Will definitely poke you back.
Likes to see your smile after he pokes you.
"Beep! You've been poked by moi."
"Hello, MC," Simeon poked you back on your arms, "How's your classes for today?"
Now that he's used to poke you as a sign of greetings, he found himself poking Luke next.
Favourite place to be poked: Arms, cheeks and also palm. Also liked to be booped on the nose.
Why are you treating me like a child, MC?!
Acts like he doesn't like it.
But actually likes it a lot.
But still! Why are you treating him like a child??
This little angel is clever enough to get into college at such a young age.
So no, he's not a child.
(Keep telling yourself that, Luke :D)
So just poke him. This little child secretly likes the attention.
Will accidentally poke you back if he's too excited and in a very good mood.
He still doesn't want to admit that he likes it though.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks
Poking war.
The first time you poked him, he instantly grinned and ran to poke you back on your cheeks.
And so, you've been in a poking war with the sorcerer for about a few months now.
Lucifer and the brothers can't catch a break everytime Solomon comes to visit the House of Lamentation.
Because you two will run around the house for your war.
In truth, he actually likes them.
So please don't forfeit or admit defeat or declare a truce.
Favourite place to be poked: Arms.
This headcanon is dedicated to my Meowmies [Syira-chan & @/chii70599] because they both know how annoying I can be when I'm constantly poking them; especially during Chemistry and Maths class. Now that we're not in the same class anymore, I'm gonna restrain myself from poking anyone who's sitting beside me (not that I can though :') My trust issue said 'no')
Taglist: @ninefuckingoneone @candymeowz @humans-are-weird-by-an-alien @liraajustsimpin @nishayuro @hell-temptations @chii70599
Thanks for reading! Any form of feedbacks are highly appreciated! 🌼
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 5 months ago
Asmo: calm down Mc! go find your happy place!
Mc: *storms out of the room*
Mc: *forces himself into Lucifer’s arms*
Lucifer: you okay?
Mc, grumbling: no.. Asmo told me to find my happy place.
Lucifer: so you came to me?
Mc: …
Lucifer: you’re so fucking cute.
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anekogia · 7 months ago
TWST × Obey Me! (again)
Tumblr media
Them fighting would unleash WW3, lbh.
Tumblr media
I'll fight whoever talks trash about them.
Tumblr media
What's better than one capitalist who deserves all the love? Two capitalists who deserves all the love!
Tumblr media
🎶You are my sunshine, my only sunshine 🎶
Tumblr media
Tell me you secrets, kweens~~
Tumblr media
2D > 3D. Am I right, guys?
Tumblr media
Come on, tell me straight to me face this isn't true.
Also, bonus:
Tumblr media
I drained away my first weeks worth of payment from my part-time job because of OM (True story).
Tumblr media
Broke: Twisted Wonderland/Obey Me is a rhythm-game/dating stimulator!
Woke: Twisted Wonderland/Obey Me is a therapy stimulator!
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frogecstacy · 7 months ago
Hi! I really love your writing! My favorite is the one where the brothers don’t notice MC’s lipstick. Could I request you continue it with the newdateables (minus Luke) or just do Barb if that’s too much
OOf course lovely!!!
I’m so happy you liked it!
I’d be happy to do the new dateables (except Luke of course because I consider him my son)
For anyone who sees this first here are the brothers
Part 2 of the new dateables not noticing they are wearing MC’s new lipstick (except Luke)
Reader is gender neutral 
Hope you like it
Tumblr media
Your relationship with Diavolo had to be very appropriate and mature when addressing the public and attending meetings
Never really getting to fool around (if you know what I mean)
However while still dating a royal Diavolo always made sure he had time for you and that your relationship was fun
He had read somewhere in a human world magazine that keeping you partner happy and living life to the fullest was how a relationship lasted
He vowed to live by that. I kid you not if not for Barbatos this man would have pledged his life to make sure your every need was acquired 
Diavolo had been very busy recently and you thought maybe this new lipstick you had bought would spark his attention
He wanted you to paint a picture on his face
Your lips and the brush and the lipstick as the paint
Sadly you two were in a meeting regarding a new lunch menu, but the only thing this man had on his mine was eating your lips
His brain going BRRRRRR
You quickly picked up that his attention for this conversation was dropping quickly and was trying to end the conversation
As soon as the chef that runs the cafeteria left, Diavolo gave you no chance to say goodbye
His lips were on your quickly grabbing your cheeks so you could face him
“Now darling I must say this new lipstick of yours is quite tempting” Diavolo was smirking giving you a teasing tone
“Is it a crime to want my boyfriend’s attention” you loved giving him those innocent puppy dog eyes
“Why yes it is my dear, I’m afraid your punishment will be giving me more kisses” 
How you loved Diavolo’s “punishments”
This led to a quick make out session but it was cut short as Barbatos called reminding Diavolo he had a meeting with elderly demons regarding some RAD students getting out of hand
“We’ll continue this later my love, I hope you’ll be reapplying the lipstick. It tastes amazing.”
As you looked over at Diavolo you saw the lipstick marks on his face and was going to tell him but he was already gone
You were a bit worried but thought that Barbatos would remind before he entered the meeting
You were wrong Diavolo had quickly ran into the meeting and was met with wide eyes
“I’m sorry I am late I had... ugh, some important matter to attend to” he had thought maybe they were mad that he was late but Barbatos had quickly pulled him aside for a private chat
“My Lord I believe you have MC’s lipstick all over your face” Barbatos was smirking
He could have stopped this but I mean who doesn’t love a bit of excitement 
Diavolo looked at himself through his camera phone and turned bright red
He just walked in to a meeting with a bunch of elders lipstick smudged all over his face
I mean the man jinxed himself, he wanted you to paint a picture
He quickly than realised something, why be embarrassed, these geezers should know he’s in an active relationship and he doesn’t care for their opinion
He wiped off most of the marks but left one on his neck for them to know he enjoyed himself, reminding them they took him from his enjoying moment
He walked right back into that board room with his signature smile and laugh and continued with pure confidence
You later found out and was so embarrassed but that thought was quickly swept away and Diavolo said he wanted to wear your love all the time
Damn sorry I got carried away with Diavolo’s
Tumblr media
They should seriously make a UR+ card of this man ASAP
Okay Barbatos is 24/7 butler so you don’t always get time with him
BUT... you had a plan to get his attention today
You had bought a new lipstick that you knew would be to Barbatos’s liking
You had went to the castle for tea but you just wanted to get Barbatos (Sorry Diavolo we kinda used you as pawn today)
You had come to the castle in a new outfit that made you look stunning 
You already are stunning lovely this outfit just made you God’s competition. Simeon have to step up his game
Okay so you enter the castle giving a small kiss to your boyfriend and saying Hi to Diavolo
Barbatos quickly saw your new lipstick and outfit and man had to hide the small blush on his cheeks
I mean he could’ve known you were going to do this but he still would be blushing 
Your chit chat with the two was small as you could Barbatos was watching the way your lips moved or the way you sipped on your cup of tea
He was not subtle in any way today
Wanting to feel your lips on his he reminded Diavolo of some work he had to complete
Barbatos insisted in guiding you to the door and for Diavolo to return to his studies
As Barbatos was leading you out he put his hand on your lower back and said “I see what you’re trying to do my dear. You want me to give you some attention” 
Now at the door and facing him you said shyly “Is it working?”
“Mhm” as Barbatos hummed his answer he leaned into you and kissed your lips
But one kiss wouldn’t suffice, he need more
Now pining you against the wall he was holding you
Your kisses started to get more desperate and Barbatos was addicted to to your lips
You were kissing all over his face
His neck, his lips, his forehead, his cheeks, he was lost in the feeling
Being so lost in your loving lips he didn’t hear Diavolo walking down the hallway to ask a question 
You both froze when Diavolo stopped talking and was staring at you two
Barbatos quickly pushed you outside and closed door
Was calm and neutral Barbatos embarrassed
He didn’t hear the end of it from Diavolo
However the prince was now reminded he assistant was in a loving relationship and need to give him more time off
Barbatos was trying to explain himself but Diavolo cut him off laughing and saying “Barbatos you should wash your face first before you explain yourself”
He left to wash his face confused but knew why when he saw himself in the mirror
He was tempted to walk out and enter a new timeline
But how could he leave you, he loved you more than any teasing Diavolo could give
Tumblr media
I could not find a good gif for him so I’ll have to get one of my own for future posts
Okay I know everyone thinks this man is Holy as hell but I think NOT!!!
I mean look at him, look at his angel outfit you can not tell this man isn’t a tease 
If he asked I would give him all the kisses he wanted
Okay so you and Simeon were going to go on a nice date in the DevilDom and you decided to wear a new lipstick
I think sometimes this man just throws out all levels of holiness when it comes to your hotness 
I mean who would be able to resist your beauty. No one bam!
You and Simeon were going to Ristorante Six for a well deserved date
You two had agreed to meet there, but Simeon had the wind knocked out of him when he saw you
He seriously had to have conversation with Micheal asking why you weren’t an angel
I mean your his angel though soooo
Okay so not only is your outfit jaw dropping he can’t get his eyes of your lips
While you two are eating dinner you remind him that his eyes should be up here, looking at your eyes
While dinner was nice all Simeon wanted to do was kiss you lushes lips
He watched you reapply the lipstick before leaving
He burned the brand name into his head and made sure he would but it again
When finally reaching the house of Lamentation he couldn’t leave without a kiss
So when he received a kiss from you he couldn't get enough
Your small kisses quickly became long and needy
Simeon had you pushed up against the door and was kissing you like there was no tomorrow
You both making sure no spot on your faces were unkissed, the moment had to come to an end as you could someone approaching the door
One last kiss and whisper of a goodbye before Simeon left to go back to Purgatory Hall 
When he got home Luke screamed
Poor baby probably doesn’t even know how to make out with anyone
Soloman was smirking and suggested that Simeon go look in the mirror
When he saw himself and he blushed 
He had to admit though he looked good wearing your lipstick
Tumblr media
Okay so this man loves getting handsy and intimate at random moments
Like you could be walking together at RAD and then he’ll just start kissing you and go into an empty classroom
He loves keeping the name of the sneaky and mysterious sorcerer 
But behind his little act he just loves kissing you
So when he sees you wearing a new lipstick at RAD he pulls another one of his stunts
However maybe it kinda backfired on him
So you two are talking about a new spell you were working on
I mean the two most powerful sorcerer’s dating makes the most powerful power couple
While you’re talking about one ingredient you can’t seem to prepare right you find yourself suddenly pinned against a classroom door
His hands are at your hips and his lips are mere inches away
He’s looking at your lips and asks “Is this a new lipstick”
“Ugh, yeah it is. Do you like it?” 
Solomon wasn’t usually this bold or so revealing in the halls 
He responds with the gears in this already wanting to kiss you “I love it”
He already has his lips on you and he’s hoisted your legs around his waist
Opening the classroom door and closing it behind him, he places you on the desk turning your light kisses into a hard make out session
Your lips trailing everywhere from his lips to his neck to his forehead
After almost trying to see who could go without air for the longest you two heard the bell rings and quickly separated going to your different classes 
Solomon had ran into Asmo and he got a handful of questions from him
Solomon was confused but than it him, he must be wearing MC’s lipstick all over his face
“Ahh, you and MC getting real bold at school Solomon” Asmo loved the tea on your relationship 
Solomon’s pride didn’t falter and just said “We did an experiment and that was it”
He walked away smirking
What a sneaky bastard
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plush-rabbit · 5 months ago
Knuckle Deep - Satan
Tumblr media
A/N: Headcanons felt easier for me, I hope you don’t mind!! (also this is super sweet because i really love your writing and like hearing this is just a !!! type of feeling so thank you for the patience and I hope you enjoy!!)
Despite the appearance he presents to the world- the sophisticated, wrathful, cunning brother- he can be tender, loving and giving to you. Satan will place his knee between your thighs, a soft rutting against your sex as his lips are harsh against you, tongue slipping to push inside of you mouth, filling your mouth until spit is pooling heavily in your mouth. He’ll pull away, watch as a line of drool spills from the corner of your mouth, your face flushed and eyes hazy with passion.
He will have you sit on his lap, your hands resting on your shoulders as his hands teasing against the inner parts of your things, brushing against where your thighs meet your bikini line. His eyes are on you, his smile stretching upwards with lips closed. He’ll press his lips against your chest, feeling the way that your heart beats against your chest, almost pulsing as if to meet his closed lips in a kiss. Your chest vibrates in soft whimpers, trying to move your hips against the bulging tent in his pants. 
The perverse part of him wants to hear you beg, will mar your skin with bite marks, soft breaks of your skin against your collarbone and the curve of your breasts. Noble fingers with dance above your clit, barely grazing above the throbbing pearl. His free hand will dance upward on your skin, past the soft skin of your belly and against your breasts until his hand wraps against your throat. When he hears the soft whimper vibrate against the palm of your hand, his fingers will slip into your folds, his fingers resting flat on your clit.
Your nails press against the fabric of his shirt, legs spread as you sit on his lap. He doesn’t push past your clit, taking sadistic joy in how you whine and try to pleasure yourself on his fingers. You squirm above him, a pitiful attempt to provide more friction on your end, his fingers rough against your sex.
“You’ve certainly handled far worse than what I’m doing to you,” his mouth is against your chest, warm puffs of air against your body when he speaks makes your hand relax around his shoulders. “And yet, here you are, squirming and mewling like you’re in heat with just a simple press of my fingers against your clit.” His eyes flicker to you, a bright green with fading yellow meeting yours and the hold mischief, a hint of playfulness as his fingers creep to your fluttering entrance. “Don’t be so needy-” his smile turns wicked, his face flushed and he leans close to you- “you know I only like good girls.”
His hands leaving you resulting in a whine, only to forcefully grab you and turn you around, his legs spreading yours further. There’s a crackle of energy around you, sparking against your body, leaving you in a heavy flame that makes your spine curve against his chest. His arms snake around you, darkened tips of his claws dragging against your body, leaving a pale green its wake as his hands nestle between your sobbing sex, wetting his fingers.
You’re flush against him, his hand curving around your breast while the other one is knuckle deep inside of your aching cunt. He can feel the warm, soft walls clench around his finger, suckling on his digits as if trying to make him spill inside of you despite not having a cock inside of you. His fingers twist on your pebbling nipple, watching as the skin twists and plumps with his touch. Every shudder and movement is pressed against him, his cock straining in the confines of his pants, his staggered tail wrapping around your calf, the tip of his tail against your ankle. His tail pulls your legs upwards, your hip straining as his fingers pump inside of you.
Loud clicking of your arousal and his fingering fills the room, drowned out by your moans. You shake in his grip, your hands pawing at your own body and on the bed until you find his body, nails digging into the back of his hand that curves your breast. He’s groaning, rutting his hips against your lower back. Inside of you, his fingers spread, slick spilling past your entrance and down his knuckles in slow, heavy drips. 
His name is broken by your moans, tears springing in the corners of your eyes as your high approaches. He keeps you close, his pace consistent, thumb stretching out to rub against your throbbing pearl, the hand on your chest squeezing tight until his nails mark you. Slender, calloused fingers curl inside of you, petting at your velvety walls, his eyes darkening the more that youpatn and all his name and he wishes that he had placed a mirror in front of you to see the blissful look on you face, the vulgar look as you climax against his fingers. His face hides into your shoulder, fingers rapidly pumping in and out, pushing your release further than necessary.
Satan doesn’t let you rest, stretching your orgasm until you’re shaking against him, your leg in the air aches and he slowly places it down, watching as the limb falls between his open legs. Your legs clasp against each other, trapping his fingers inside of your leaking cunt. His fingers dance inside, pushing more of the syrupy sweet nectar past your fluttering folds. Your chest heaves, loud gasps for air that brush past your lips and barely ghost above his knuckles on your chest. You’re laid on the bed, thighs slick with arousal, whines that escape you when he pulls his fingers out of you. Your face is flushed and you’re visibly tired and yet, you reach upwards with open arms, pulling him a hug which he welcomes and he can feel the faintest of touch against his crotch as your hips rise to meet his.
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obey-mes-treasure · 3 months ago
Imagine Gordon Ramsey trying Solomons cooking.
Tumblr media
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satanist-apparently · a month ago
A glimpse inside MC's brain during class
Tumblr media
*existential crisis intensifies* MC no longer knows what they don't know
Alternatively: Praying to God for patience because people really be testing MC
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sketch-guardian · 2 months ago
Remember the first time I tried to do a Mammon fanart in digital? Probably not-
Anyway here is another attempt, a chibi comic about Mammon only stealing MC's clothes because their scent makes him feel safe and loved, but he would rather die than admit it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hope it isn't too cringe, have a nice day night and stay safe everyone! ✨
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imalivebarelystriving · a month ago
How the younger brothers would react to you running to them and giving them a tackle hug
I.. did not expect anyone to see that, much less like it, so uh, here's the younger brother version. enjoy.
Look, the only way to catch him off guard is either when he's reading something interesting or playing with a cat
Do not recommend running up to him when he's playing with a cat though
If you scare the cat away he's gonna be angry at you for roughly an hour or two
So when he's walking around while reading, either to the kitchen to get a snack or to go do whatever he does, that's when you strike
I feel like Satan's reflexes are pretty quick, so he'd probably catch you... if he wasn't reading
He had about 0.5 seconds to figure out what to do when you came sprinting down the hallway at him.
So what did he do?
Threw his book and caught you of course!
Rip book, you will be remembered
He's going to be upset about his fallen book, of course.
Just give him some affection and eventually, he'll get over it.
"Agh- MC? What... What did you just do?" "It's called a tackle hug, Satan." "Yes I'm aware of that, why did you do that? You made me throw my book to catch you." "... Sorry?" "You're going to pay for that."
You fool
You absolute swine
You think he didn't already try a tackle hug on you before?
Asmo adores every and any affection you give him
The only way you could upset him with a tackle hug was if you were running at him while he was painting his nails or using a hair straightener/curler (I DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THOSE TWO)
But in any other case, go ahead, run at him with a goofy grin on your face and watch as he opens his arms with the same smile
A lot of people seem to think Asmo is frail and fragile
The dude's a demon
He could probably take quite a bit of weight
So he definitely catches you
And then showers you with all his attention, romantically or platonically
He probably just ends up carrying you to his room
"Oh~ MC! How nice of you to return the favour! By the way, I got this new bath bomb, and it's supposed to make your skin turn as smooth as silk, would you like to try it out with me?"
The dude's like what, 6'8-7'0???
The point is
He's tall
He's really tall
If you can jump into his arms, i applaud you.
cries in 5'3
Beel plays Fangol, which I'm gonna assume is like rugby (or football, depending on which part of the world you're at)
So he definitely has fast reflexes
I think the main problem is looking for a good time to run at him
Since usually he's eating
So a good time to strike is when he's heading to the kitchen to get a snack
Run as fast as you can
He'll catch you
Try and jump too so he can hug you properly and you won't face-plant into his chest
He's going to be happy, of course
It's his favourite human giving him a hug
Why wouldn't he be happy?
But of course he's going to be a little confused
If you wanted to hug him, you could've just walked up to him instead of running full speed into him
"MC? Why were you running? If you wanted a hug, you could've just said so. Though, I like this type of hug too."
He's sleeping most of the time
I mean he's the literal manifestation of Sloth
Of course he's gonna be asleep
Unless he's forced to do something
Even so, he's going to be sitting or lying down
So there's not many opportunities to strike
I think the best time to do it is if he's walking somewhere, like to his room, or your room or to the library to ideate with Satan so that they can think of pranks to pull on Lucifer
Belphie probably has fast reflexes
But he's also really lazy
So he's gonna let you run into him
And both of you are going to collapse onto the floor
He's going to blame you, of course
Technically it's your fault that both of you are lying on the floor
He might just stay down there and sleep
And make sure you don't escape
It is your fault, afterall.
"Oof. MC, why did you just run into me? Nevermind, I'm staying here now. What, where do you think you're going? You made us both fall on the floor, now you suffer the consequences."
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yukihaie · a month ago
The Letter Under The Shoes
This is more of a heavy angst series, but it's still dark, so Dark Fic it is. I'll be using they/them pronouns rather than my usual you/your. Please inform me if I made any mistake throughout the story.
TW: Self hate, mentions of self sacrifice, su*cidal attempts. Also contains spoiler for Lesson 37 & 38. [I'll update this as I go, but please tell me if I miss anything]
Summary: MC felt responsible for what happened in Lesson 37
[To my permanent taglist, please let me know if you want to be exempted from the taglist for this series.]
Lights from the street below illuminated the dark sky of Devildom.
The breeze from the wind kissed their face harshly and further disheveling their hair.
They glanced back over their shoulder to the letter under those red shoes.
A small smile painted their lips before they took another step forward.
Participating in this exchange student program is a valuable experience for MC.
The friends they made throughout the program has been wonderful. Every single one of them will be engraved in MC's memories.
The smiles they shared together; the constant bickering they had over tiny matters; the laughing fits they shared after realising how stupid it was; and the bittersweet memories that'd leave MC smiling to themselves whenever they remembered the Devildom.
Meeting and sharing bonds with the demon brothers were also one of them.
Who would've thought a powerless human like MC turned out to be the distant descendant of their youngest sister?
MC shared deeper bonds with the brothers than they did with Solomon, the angels and the Royals due to the pacts made between them. They love the brothers and the brothers love them too.
They are family.
And the last thing MC wants, is to cause trouble and grief for the brothers.
"Let me just come out and say it. We believe that MC is the one causing all of this to happen."
The world came crashing down to their feet after hearing Diavolo's statement.
"What are you talking about? The royal tomb collapsing; that hole in the forest... You're trying to say it's all because of MC?" Beel said.
MC's heart throbbed painfully inside their chest. The weight of the three realms felt heavy on their shoulders as MC reminisced on Diavolo's confession just now.
Further explanations from Diavolo didn't register themselves to MC's mind.
'I... caused this? I'm the one responsible...?'
MC's breaths started getting shallow and raspy.
"–When I learned that Solomon believed MC's special status was connected to the strange phenomena occurring in all three worlds, I decided to try to find out just how powerful MC's magic really is–"
Another shocker to the poor human.
To say they felt betrayed by Solomon wasn't the case; Solomon was just trying his best to fix everything without anyone knowing.
After all, that's how he does his jobs.
But it's no lie.
They did feel hurt deep inside.
The discussion and explanations continued further but MC felt their willpower to stay and listen faltered after every words said by Diavolo.
MC stood there, silent and still, as the intense guilt consumed every fiber of their being. The grip on their fist tightened and they struggled not to make a choking noise and further directed everyone's attention to them.
They just want to run.
They just want to cry.
They just want to–
"Lacking the ability to control these powers, MC has been having an adverse impact on all three worlds without even realising it."
"And you're saying that power affected Lucifer? Which is what caused his current condition?"
They're the cause of this.
They caused Lucifer to lose his memories.
They caused the strange phenomena that affected the realms.
They did.
Their existence did
"MC, either you gain the ability to control your powers so the ring no longer causes these erratic effects. Or you sever the ring, which would turn you back into a regular human
They finally gathered enough courage to reply, "Sever the ring?"
"Severing the ring means severing the pacts between you and all the brothers."
Several shocked gasps were heard in the living room. As much as the brothers didn't want to sever their pacts with MC, it was the only option because the lost Ring of Light could never be the solution.
It's the only way. The only way for things to save the three realms and for Lucifer to gain his memory back.
Though MC seemed brave and composed on the outside, heaven knew how messed up things were on the inside.
When Luke mentioned that Lucifer's awake, they all rushed toward his bedroom, equally worried for the Avatar of Pride.
If MC thought they couldn't feel guiltier, seeing Lucifer so vulnerable like this made it even harder not to cry.
Maybe the visible struggle of holding back their tears had finally been noticed by the brothers and Diavolo, so they gave some space for MC and Lucifer to talk.
"Why are they leav–" whatever thoughts Lucifer wanted to say were interrupted when he realised the human in front of him burst into tears.
Their knees buckled as they fell onto the floor.
They cried.
They cried and cried.
Even Lucifer was worried because MC was trembling like a little lamb; helpless and lost.
"I'm sorry, Lucifer. I'm so sorry..." they managed to mutter in between their sobs.
Lucifer didn't reply immediately. He was too wary of the everything at the moment, but hearing the depressive cries from MC, Lucifer gave in.
"Why are you apologising?" they felt Lucifer's warm touch on their shoulders before he gently pulled them up, "I don't think it's your fault, so please don't do this."
"I-I'll make things better for you, I promise. I'm so sorry, Lucifer."
"Don't be. Your name is MC, right? I heard they called you MC."
MC nodded.
"Don't worry. I'm sure the old me will tell you the same thing. We both know it's not your fault, so don't cry." Lucifer pulled them into a tight hug.
MC reciprocated the action as they took this opportunity to bask in his comfort and strived to do better; both for Lucifer and for the three realms.
It was then and there; they've made up their mind.
They're going to fix everything.
Taglist: @ninefuckingoneone @candymeowz @humans-are-weird-by-an-alien @liraajustsimpin @nishayuro @otome-scribbles
Next chapter will probably be uploaded two/three days from now.
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anekogia · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
To top it all off, my birthday is a day after Satan's...RIP my bank account. 💸💸💸
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frogecstacy · 6 months ago
Anyone have that feeling where it’s 7:59 and your trying to collect that 30 XP
Tumblr media
Please I’m so happy when I make it on time
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