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No reason to be shy

Alpha lisa x Omega reader

Finally got to this its was at the bottom of my inbox I’m sorry its short!


Originally posted by jadorelalisa

Lisa new that this was a big step for you, you were shy especially around alphas so when you agreed to be in a room of 4 of them she was ecstatic. Her enthusiasm didn’t cloud her worry though, the girls could be a lot and she wanted to make sure you were 100% okay with the idea. Once you had agreed and set a date you just had to prep yourself.

Your nerves only grew the closer the meeting got, now standing outside the dorm your hand clutching Lisa’s own tightly. Just as she went to open the door she turned and pulled you closer kissing across the crown of your head and nuzzling you. Her efforts of relaxing you only going so far.

Once inside the apartment you recognised as the dorm, a place the girls hardly live in anymore having all moved out with their own mates or family. The girls getting up to greet you excitedly yet keeping their distance having been warmed of your shyness and out of respect of Lisa being mated to you.

After awkward introductions you made your way to the seating area, lisa pulling you onto her lap knowing it made you feel safe when you had her arms around you. Smiling shyly at the girls the five of you decided on ordering take out and getting to know each other. The food choice partially due to the lack of food in the dorm and jisoo stating she wanted chicken.

2 hours later and you had no idea why you had been so nervous, they were so respectful and kind making sure bit to overstep and that you were comfortable. But most importantly to you and lisa, they loved you and could stop cooing over how cute you and their maknae were. You were broken out of your thoughts when you felt a nudge on your shoulder, turning to lisa you raised your eyebrow in response waiting for her to speak up.

“I told you they’d love you, there’s no reason to be shy”

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Take it off.

Guess whos back? Pack DC x Reader

A!Jiu x reader


Originally posted by ecstasy-krp

The rest of Dreamcatcher had gone out for the day, all doing solo schedules like photoshoots or additional practices. Which gave the perfect time for you and the eldest alpha to hang out and catch up.

Walking into the main room of the dorm you found her sitting and watching a film, smiling to yourself you walked over and sat next to her leaning into her touch and nuzzling her neck.

Too enthralled in her show she didn’t notice you at first so with a huff you got up and walked away. Intending to make her jealous and ignore her. When that didn’t work you had another idea, your friend Mina was also an alpha and on your last outing with her you had borrowed a hoodie.

Snickering to yourself you pulled the article of clothing over your head rubbing it over your neck and walking out of your room. Snuggling into her again you kept an inocent look on your face as you watched her reaction. Her eye twitching slightly as she glared at the outifit, eyes aflame with jealousy.



“I said off.”

Nodding and swallowing thickly you got up off her lap and stood infront of her, only for her to leap up and pin you to the wall. A bang echoing through the room when you colided with it, a wince painting your lips.

Conecting your lips with hers she forced her tongue into your mouth, her hands traveling to the zip of your hoodie. In one quick motion the material was unziped and ripped off you. Landing to the flour with a thud.

You moaned as the cold air hit you’re now naked upper body, jiu breaking the kiss to trail her mouth up and down your neck. Teeth sinking into your soft flesh every now and then as she licked and nuzzled at the scented area. Replacing it with a her own scent the two of you turning your heads at the claps and whistles echoing through the room.

Your face flushed and you whined hiding your face into her chest. The alpha cooing at how cute you were and that there was no need to be shy while the 3 betas simply shook there heads with amused smiles. Safe to say you had a lot of cuddles and scenting ahead of you and maybe a punishment for keeping that hoodie.

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Omega jennie x alpha reader


Originally posted by 4evayoung

When you had first met jennie she had seemed very aloof and cold towards you. Assuming she just didn’t find you interesting or worthy of being her friend you had let it slide, focusing on being friends with the rest if the girls.

You had imagines never speaking to the girl as she actively avoided you, so imagine the shocked look on your face when she showed up at your locker.

Approaching her slowly you raised your eyebrow in confusiom eyeing her suspicionsly as she shifted her wait on her feet before looking up at you. Holding out a envelope and looking at the floor shyly.

Taking the letter and giving her one more look you opened it reading it,


I know it may not seem like it but i really like you, you make me shy and feel things I’m not sure how to process.

Ive always had a little trouble expressing my self and conveying my emotions to people, new people included. But its never been as hard as it is with you, i just get so shy.

So what I’m trying to say is…. be my alpha?

- Jennie kim <3

Looking up at her you simply chuckled before carefully pulling her into a hug, grinning when she hugged you back. Her nose nuzzling into your shoulder.

“I’d love to be your alpha”


The sight of her gummy smile made your heart do a thousand flips, lost for words you smilpy nodded. Staring at her with a look of awe that didn’t go unotices by her, giggling as her cheeks heated up she leaned in and pecked your lips before hiding her face in your chest.

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Headcannon: Siyeon needing to be softly taken care of during pre-heat by alpha Jiu


Originally posted by 7nsomnia

Already knows siyeon is in pre heat

Her omega is whiney and clingy

she makes an effort to stay close to her

Lots of cuddles

Will lock them in their room and cuddle naked if needed

Alot of skinship

Pre heat siyeon is a cute and horny mess

Wants cuddles and kisses one minute and demands jiu to be fingering her knuckle deep the next

She thinks her alpha doesnt like her this way….

But jiu adores it

Loves tge feeling of being needed

Naturally a leader and a mom friend so she enjoys looking after her

Overall a very cute situation

Jiu will make her drink and eat as much as she can

Pretends to hate it but…

She knows when her heat hits full force she womt want to drink or eat

If siyeon is in pain then jiu would freak out

Asking her hiw she can help

Like every 5 minutes

Wont stop

High key ✨stressed✨

Will only settle if siyeon sleeps

Often wakes up to siyeon humping her leg

Which ends with naked cuddles and jiu fingering her

Probably why she does it

The members hate it because siyeon is either upset and angry or clingy and whiney

Which makes jiu panicked or stressed

Making them have to deal with that

But they know she cant help it so they deal with it by staying out as much as possible

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It’s okay

Alpha reader x omega seulgi

Short little one shot for anon!


Originally posted by gifs-kpop

You and seulgi had just finsihed cleaning and were currently lounging on the sofa, the tv playing quietly in the background. Turning to you she smirked before grabbing a pillow and throwing it to get your attention.

“Y/n, i feel kinda sick… I think my heat might be coming soon


Whether she noticed your distant look or the unenthusiastic tone in your voice or not, she didn’t act on it. Which you were incredibly thankful for, silently hoping it was just a cold rather than her going into heat.

Unfortunately you hadn’t been so lucky as two days later you came home from work to find a naked seulgi humping your pillow. Her scent filling your nose and overwhelming your senses as she called out for you.

Gulping you tried your best to reason with her as to let you get her anything she needed and then let her help herself. Which of course only upset her as she began to cry, feeling unloved and unwanted by her alpha.

“No no baby please, dont cry! Ive just never done this before I don’t know how-“

“Just try please”

Nodding you began to undress, kissing her before aligning your tip to her entrance. Looking uo at her wonce more to see her smile at you.

“Its okay baby, you’ll do fine”

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Sharing scents and Kisses

alpha hwasa x reader

Part 2 of scent for anon!


Originally posted by weseoch

“I’m sorry, you just smelt so good..”

Laughing lightly you leaned closer to her, rubbing her shoulder in an attempt to get her to look at you. When that failed you pushed her back and climbed onto her lap.

“If you like it so much maybe i should share”

Leaning down you grabbed her shoulders for support as you began to nuzzle her neck. Kissing and licking at her scent glands and scenting her, much like she had done to you.

When you pulled back you laughed at her flushed face, happy that you had gotten your own back. Only to yell out moments later when she tacked you to the floor, her fingers digging and grabbing relentlessly at your sides as she tickled you.

Pulling back once your breathing became increasingly ragged she noticed how close you were. Your lips only centimetres from hers as both of you flicked your gaze from eachother to the each others lips.

Neither of you sure who leaned in first, only really remembering how it felt when your lips met. The way everything around you stopped and it all just felt right, like this was meant to happed.

Giggling you pulled pack and nudged your nose against hers, seeing her grinning at you. Leaning in you captured her lips again and again and again. Pecking your lips to hers softly.

“I should of scented you a long time ago…”

“Or you could have just grown a pair and asked me”

The feeling of a pillow colliding with your face made you jump, catching you of guard as you fell to the floor again. Yelling out you through it back at her and thus comenced a pillow fight and later a lot of mess to clean up.

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First times and Vanila sex

Alpha yeji x omega reader



Originally posted by dahyun

“You ready baby?”

Nodding at your girlfriend you grabbed her hand and pulled her naked form on top of your own, her hard member rubbing against your thigh. A moan coming from her and a whimper from you.

Grabbing your face gently she crashed her lips onto yours, her hands softly roaming your body as her tongue explored your mouth. Pulling away, she layed kisses to your neck and chest marking your heated skin as she occasionally sucked and bit down on your flesh. Purple and red marks blossoming in her wake.

“Hurry baby please it hurts”

With a nod she position the tip of her cock at your entrance slowly pushing herself into your awaiting heat. Both of you gasping at the immediate pleasure, trying your best to ignore the slight pain of mating for the first time.

Her thrusts started slow and shallow as she slowky worked more and more of her length into your heat. Once bottoming out she began to pick up her pace, puling out to the tip and pushing all the way in to the start of her growing knot.

She wanted to keep this gentle and loving being your first mated heat, and first time sleeping together. She was doing an excellent job at making you feel loved and pleasing your every need as she thrusted into you while sucking on your sensitive chest.

With your loud moan and a hiss from her you both came, yeji trying her best not to hurt you too much as she pushed her knot inside of you. Feeling it expand even more and lock you guys into place, she pulled you close biting into your neck marking you as her mate before letting you cuddle up to her. Sleep overtaking the both of you as content smiles painted your faces.

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So, how do you people like the new Epica album?

Personally, I need a few more listens, but early favourites are The Skeleton Key, Code of life and Synergize. Also, doesn’t Abyss of Time sound way more amazing coming out after the intro? Didn’t think it could sound better, but it does!

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it’s out it’s out it’s out

Omega by EPICA, it’s out

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EPICA - The Skeleton Key (x)

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Minha mais nova paixão é essa música aqui:

O álbum inteiro é maravilhoso, tô encantada 😍

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