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naboosunset · 8 hours ago
slipping through my fingers, pt. 2
a/n: spoilers for ep. 8 if you haven't seen it.
warnings: angst, hardly any fluff bc I'm sad. medical stuff. (also I'm not a nurse and know nothing about this stuff, I just did some hardcore googling so excuse...that).
words: 1.6k
pairing: bad batch x f!reader; but mostly hunter x f!reader
thank you to @rebelpitstop for encouraging the angst 🥺
Tumblr media
summary: everything is up in flames after Bane took Omega. you promised you wouldn't let her slip through your fingers, but such promises are difficult to keep in the aftermath of battle.
You’d been trained for situations like this before. The squad had contingency plans in place, in case one of them was felled in the field.
But you never ever thought it would be Hunter, your fearless leader, in this position. You’d always seen him as untouchable, unstoppable, unaffected by all danger. How silly and foolish you’d been, thinking that way. Sure he was brave and strong but he wasn’t impervious to blaster shots.
You kept your cool for as long as you could, but it was difficult. With everything that had happened, that day alone, you could feel yourself beginning to crack. Crosshair had returned, obviously still controlled by the chip. When his new squad had you surrounded, both you and Omega had bargained with him: telling him it was all the chip’s fault, saying you could remove it and he could come home. For a brief moment, you thought he’d listened to you. There was a hint--just the briefest hint--of softness in his eyes. But then he’d flicked away his toothpick and fired at you.
You might have been able to handle that on its own. A little shaken, perhaps, but still functional.
But then of course, everything that could possibly go to shit, went to shit.
You remembered dragging Hunter up the ramp with Tech, panting almost as hard as he was--you could hear it through the modulator. Blaster shots and the whirring of attack shuttles had left your ears ringing. You remembered hearing them as if they were from a distance, like you had been shoved underwater while the battle raged above you. But everything snapped into motion the moment you got Hunter onboard the marauder.
You ordered Tech to sit him down in one of the chairs at the holodisplay.
“Tech, help me get his armor off,” you ordered.
In situations like this, Tech knew it was best to follow you. There was a mutual understanding that if something happened to you, he would be their medic in your stead, so he always listened.
The two of you made quick work of Hunter’s chest piece and helmet. You snipped the edge of his shirt with a  pair of scissors before ripping it off--afraid that having the sergeant raise his arms over his head would aggravate any unseen injury.
“Shouldn’t we lay him down somewhere?” Tech asked.
Hunter’s head lolled to the side, his eyes fluttering. He wasn’t unconscious, but he wasn’t coherent, either.
“Check for spinal injuries.”
He did as asked, running the scanner over his brother’s back, and confirmed the absence of a spinal injury.
“I’m going to keep him upright for now since he’s experiencing dyspnea. Get me an oxygen mask. Saturation is ninety percent. We need to get him up to at least ninety-two.”
“Any sign of pneumothorax?” Tech asked as you ran the x-ray over Hunter’s torso.
“No, thank the maker. Looks like it’s just shock for now. There are two cracked ribs on his right side but they won’t require any invasive treatment. Sarge, can you hear me? Can you speak?” you asked, looking up at him.
“‘Mm fine, Stitch,” he grumbled.
“Alright. Speech and hearing don’t seem impaired. I don’t think we’ll need to do an esophagoscopy,” you declared.
“Any internal bleeding?” Tech asked.
You shook your head. “I can’t know that without a CT scan. I doubt we can get back to the cruiser. The place is crawling with imperials.”
You asked Hunter various questions about his symptoms to get a better sense of his health post-blaster shot, and found that his ailments did not indicate internal bleeding, at least not for now. But wherever you went next, you were determined to get him to an imaging center so you could rest easier.
There wasn’t much else you could do besides administer a bacta shot, cover him with a blanket, and force him to rest once he could breathe better.
When it was all done, and the marauder was cruising unbothered through hyperspace, you did whatever you could to normalize the situation. Unfortunately, it was anything but normal. You cooked dinner--just rice with some seasoning, since you were out of meat and vegetables--and everyone (except for Hunter, who was finally sleeping) ate gratefully. No one really spoke. Not even Wrecker. No one really had to, or, perhaps they didn’t know what to say.
You took your time in the fresher that night, hoping the water would hide the fact that you’d been ugly snot-crying. It probably didn’t. You knew your eyes were rimmed with red when you came out. Echo gave you a pitying look, which you returned with a rueful grin, trying your best to reassure him before you went to check on Hunter.
The door to his shared room with Wrecker hissed open. The big guy wasn’t there. He’d busied himself in the hold, rearranging the crates to his satisfaction and lifting Gonky until he tired himself out.
Hunter lay on the bottom bunk, legs elevated like you’d asked, chest rising and falling in his sleep. His breath was just a little more ragged than you would’ve liked to hear, but that could just be the pain from the cracked ribs.
You set the bowl of rice on the floor next to you before sitting at his side, brushing those thick dark locks away from his face.
His eyes fluttered open at the action and he awoke, looking a little dazed, until he saw you sitting above him. Then a smirk stretched across his face.
“Well, hello nurse,” he quipped.
You rolled your eyes and dropped your hand. “Only you would try to hit on me after taking a blaster shot to the chest.”
Well. Crosshair might have done that too, you mentally reminded yourself. The intrusive thought had you blinking back tears. Hunter noticed almost immediately, and tried to sit up, but you gently pushed him back down to the bed.
“Rest. You experienced thoracic trauma today. I don’t need you moving unless it’s necessary,” you admonished.
“Makin’ my girl feel better is necessary,” he maintained.
“Sarge. I’m the medic. I give the orders here now,” you said firmly, in a way that made it clear you were not flirting.
He acquiesced but not without grumbling. You gave a half smile at your victory and quickly retrieved the bowl of rice you’d brought for him.
“You hungry? I promise I didn’t make it spicy.”
Hunter nodded. You gave him the bowl and propped his head and chest up so he could eat a little more  comfortably.
“Isn’t rice just a carb?” he asked between spoonfuls.
“More or less. It’s a complex carbohydrate. But it expands in the stomach and makes you feel full. Tech also suggested putting protein powder in it. So you’re at least getting something nutritious.”
“We’ll get more meat and vegetables on the next supply run,” he said.
A lump formed in your throat at that. The last supply run had been unsuccessful. Omega had nearly been taken by another bounty hunter. You’d been so afraid, hearing the chatter on the  comms between Tech and Hunter, as you stayed behind while he rescued her. And when she’d finally been retrieved, safe but scared, you held her close and made her promise not to stray next time.
Hunter noticed your sudden dejected nature, and set the bowl on the bed against the wall.
“Stitches, what’s wrong?”
You only shook your head, your bottom lip trembling, tears blurring your eyesight.
“We keep losing each other,” you said, your voice coming out strained and cracked.
Hunter didn’t have to ask what that meant.
“But we always get each other back,” he said, although there was an edge of  uncertainty in his voice that wasn’t usually there.
You shook your head again. “We keep losing each other. I can’t keep living like this. First Crosshair, then me, almost Wrecker, almost you, and now Omega. I can’t...I can’t lose one more person!” you cried.
Hunter ignored your earlier command to stay laying down as he sat up, enveloped you in his strong arms, and pulled you back down on top of him. You were mindful of his cracked ribs and stayed closer to his left side, but in such a raw emotional  state, you couldn’t help but sob into his chest.
“I f-failed her!” you cried against his skin.
“Ssh, no you didn’t. You didn’t fail any of us. And we’ll get her back,” he tried to reassure you. You suspected he was trying  to reassure himself, too.
You sniffled and cleared your throat enough to talk. “Remember that night I sang to her before she went to sleep?”
Hunter nodded.
“After I sang, she hugged and looked right into my eyes, and she said ‘you don’t have to worry. I won’t slip through your fingers. I’m here.’ Hunter…” you looked at him with pure desperation, your bottom lip quivering almost violently, “don’t you see? I’ve let her slip through my fingers. I’ve lost our daughter. I promised I would keep her safe and I failed!” Thick, ugly sobs wrenched from your chest, and you were only vaguely aware of Hunter’s hand rubbing up and down your back.
‘It’s not your fault, cyare. And we’ll get her back, I swear it. I will tear apart this galaxy to get our daughter back.”
Had you not been so emotional, you might have rejoiced in the fact that Hunter finally called Omega his daughter. To be quite honest it was a first for you too. You’d always thought of her  as such, but neither of you had ever voiced it aloud before this moment.
But right now the pain was unbearable. She’d slipped through your fingers and you’d never forgive yourself for it, even if you did get her back.
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all1e23 · 8 hours ago
Lavender Smoke [Pt. 1]
Tumblr media
Pairings:  Alpha!Bucky x  Omega!Reader
Series warnings: A/B/O dynamics. Slightly more than my previous A/B/O series. Sorta love triangle. Kinda but not really. Arranged marriage. Smut 18+. Be cool, kids. I’ll add more as I go but for now I think that’s it.
Word Count:  4074
Squared Filled: Free Space
A/N:  Another one for @star-spangled-bingo​​ 2021! Finally posting the first chapter.  It is sort of modern AU but some typical royalty/medieval aspects are still there because it is loosely based on Tristian & Isolde. I am adding a few medieval accepts but it's set in modern times.  I don’t know, okay? Just go with it. It will also be a little more A/B/O traditional because of that. As always  my beautiful beta @moonbeambucky​​​​​​​​​​​​ looked this over for me. If you like it write me a book report, sing me a song or come scream at me. I am no longer doing taglists. 
***My fics are not to be saved or posted on any other sites without my written permission. Reblogs are my jam, though!***
Tumblr media
The southern beaches were different from the northern shores Bucky grew up near. The sand was softer, silkier, if that made any sense at all. Less shells, too, and if you picked the right spot the water was so clear you could straight to the bottom like it was made outta glass somethin’. There was a different feel to them altogether. It left you with a warm, excited feeling. Something deep in you buzzing with the possibilities of what the waves would bring in each time they crashed against your feet. When George told Bucky to take the summer to get his head on straight, Bucky knew the exact place he wanted to go— Juno Beach. The last time he was here, he was just a little boy. That was back before everything went to shit; before his grandfather died, before his father took over the throne and before he became next in line to be king and clan alpha. A lot of things changed that winter and none of them have been in Bucky’s favor.
Bucky went from kicking Steve’s ass with wooden swords and chasing pretty omegas around the dance floor, to sitting in on council meetings and learning every single law and bylaw forward and backwards. Not just his kingdom’s but all the ones surrounding them, too. He spent night after night in the father’s office, slumped down in a chair asleep with papers and books on his lap only to be awoken by a heavy boot kicking his chair hard enough the wood legs shook and threatened to cave under the pressure and Bucky’s weight. Bucky wasn’t a little kid anymore. He reminded his dad of that fact. Bucky told him the legs were going to give out one of these times and George would be sorry. He’d be sorry when his heir had a concussion from falling onto the brick floor. 
George reminded him, they always had Steve if things with Bucky ever went south. It was a shitty thing to say and wasn’t even half true. Yes, they took Steve in when his mom died. Cancer. Steve was only twelve when he lost her and there was no way Bucky would let his best friend be alone after something like that. He promised Sarah he would look after Steve and that was just what Bucky did. Steve has always been treated as his brother, as part of their family. Bucky loved him like his blood and if anyone thought to question Steve’s position, his place within the Barnes household or his relation to the crown George was the first to set them straight. Well, first once Bucky had calmed down and quit yelling. Regardless of everyone’s affection for Steve, Bucky knew George wanted Bucky to succeed him when the time came. Not because he didn’t love Steve, or because he wanted his bloodline on the throne— that one might be partly true— despite his less than warm parenting towards Bucky and Rebecca, George loved his kids very much and since Bucky was a little boy, George has always said he believed Bucky would do great things one day if given the chance. 
The alpha had a strange way of showing it. Bucky supposed, he wouldn’t truly understand the things his father has had to go through until he took over, walked a mile in his shoes and all that. Maybe then he will see that George did the best he could with what he was given. Or that’s what his mother keeps telling him anyway. Either way, it was a relief to be away from them and Bucky knows he shouldn’t find this much enjoyment in solitude, but he was so relieved when his parents told him to take Steve and Sam and get away for a little bit. One last summer to have some fun with brothers, forget his upcoming nuptials and just be himself; not king or clan alpha. He didn’t have to be a leader or someone that his people looked up to. He could simply be Bucky. 
It sounded like a fuckin’ dream and Bucky planned on enjoying every damn second. 
That’s exactly what Bucky was doing. Enjoying the moment. Regardless of what Sam and Steve thought about his current activities or company. Bucky’s knees sank a good inch into the sand, covering the little bit of thigh that was peeking out from his navy swim trunks. Pink painted nails scratched down his chest, leaving red marks in the wake, but he didn’t care. He chased the pretty beta’s lips as she pulled away, taunting him with a sultry swipe of the tongue to her bottom lip drawing him in for more. That silly grin on his face only grew when she pulled away at the very last second, giggling and rushing off towards the water. She was hoping Bucky would chase after her, that was obvious by the exaggerated wiggle to her hips and the not-so casual gaze over her shoulder as she sunk down into the water. Bucky tore his gaze from the gleaming droplets rolling down her bare back and looked back at Steve and Sam, grinning widely at the annoyed and slightly disappointed glares he was getting. 
“Y’know,” Steve started with a roll of the eyes when the young redhead called Bucky’s name for the third time. He had to grab Bucky by the chin and force the alpha to keep his eyes on him and not on the tempting view a mere twenty yards away. “When your parents suggested this little trip, I don’t think your mother meant, take up residency in a brothel for a month and sleep with anyone that calls you pretty.” 
Bucky yanked his chin out of Steve’s grip and pushed him back into the sand, laughing at the look of feigned annoyance on Steve’s face when Sam snarkily muttered, “I told you so.” 
“I want to have a little fun before I resign myself to a lifetime of misery. Give me a break Stevie.” 
Not all arranged marriages were like that, of course. Bucky knew that and knew Steve was going to make that point any second now. It’s been a week since they found themselves alone on the coast, and Steve’s only mentioned it twice. So it was overdue really. Deep down under all the annoyance, Bucky knew Steve was trying to help with all that crap. None of that really made Bucky feel any better. He’s known the omega he was going to marry since he was six, his mother said it would help to know who she was so the transition to mates would be easier. It wasn’t. He saw her portrait a handful of times. They never even spoke until recently and that was only a few letters preparing for her arrival. Her letters were formal. Bucky appreciated that. He didn’t know what he would have done if she arrived starry eyed and hoping for some fairytale that didn’t exist. There wouldn’t be a love story from their bond and Bucky was grateful they were on the same page. It didn’t make marrying a stranger any easier. 
It didn’t really matter in the end. Bucky’s unease. The importance of the match mattered more than Bucky’s discomfort. Lands were still divided and kingdoms refused to share their wealth and goods and everyone suffered from this level of mistrust and greed. They all needed to work together if they were going to keep them from becoming another Sokovia. No one wanted that to happen again, too many lives lost and homes destroyed. Bucky’s father has been working to repair the damage done by past war-torn decades and ignorant monarchs of the past. He wanted to make amends, heal and bring everyone together under one rule. Bucky’s marriage would help make that a reality. It would bond two kingdoms together by marriage and one day, hopefully, a shared bloodline. If they were willing to be honest with themselves, every clan needed this bond to work. It was a step towards peace and if this marriage would get everyone to accept a meeting to talk about the possibility of uniting, that would be the breakthrough they’ve all been waiting for. Bucky was willing to sacrifice his freedom and his true mate to make that happen. 
What were the chances true love and fairytales were real anyhow? 
“What if you like her? Maybe she’s not as bad as you think. Your parents were arranged and it turned out okay.” 
Fairly predictable Steven. As always. 
“Steve,” Bucky grumbled, unlit cigarette balancing between his lips as he spoke and brows furrowed as he fought the urge to push Steve over again. He was still shaking the sand out of his star-covered shorts and that was enough to make Bucky crack a smile. 
“I know you don’t remember, but they hated each other when they first met and it took decades for them to get to love.” 
Steve shook his head and waved his hand as if Bucky was making the whole thing up or it wasn’t as significant as Bucky was suggesting. 
“They still got there.” 
Yeah, they did. Minus the months they spent unable to look at each other and all the years they spent in silence. 
“Yeah, well, I don’t want to fight for twenty years only to settle into a comfortable convenience that feels something like love.” 
“That’s not an option. Your dad is king. Head alpha. You’re going to be clan alpha. It’s your responsibility to fix the divide and bring everyone back together-” The loud, slightly obnoxious groan that left Bucky’s lips had Steve’s words drowning in the background and before he could start up again once the silence settled, Bucky cut in, putting an end to the discussion. For today at least. 
“Steve. I know all this okay? Why do you think I begged and begged for this? After this, I’ll marry her, bond and do all the shit I have to do but I want this one last moment that’s entirely mine. Is that so bad?” 
Steve opened his mouth and Sam shushed him before he ever got a word out. Sam has been a little more understanding this trip. Bucky wasn’t sure if Steve was really sore with him or if he was worried if Bucky bolted, he would have to shoulder those responsibilities and marry some random omega he didn’t love. He couldn't blame Steve for dreading that. He’s known his path since he could walk and he still hated it. Sam slung his arm around Bucky's shoulder and shook his head at Steve who rolled his eyes in return. Bucky was starting to like having Sam on his side for a change.
“Nah, it’s not so bad, Buck. Let’s live it up before your life really turns to shit.” 
“Thanks. Thanks for the help Samuel.” Bucky chuckled and pushed Sam’s arm off his shoulder and forced himself to his feet, looking towards the northern end of the beach. Sam followed his gaze and cleared his throat, causing Bucky to tear his dreamy gaze from the shore and back to them. 
“There’s a party tonight at the little place a few miles up. The traveling-”
“The fair set up on the northern beach?”
Sam got to his feet and yanked the cigarette from Bucky’s mouth, tossing it into the bag they were using for trash. He really hated being cut off and when Bucky smoked even more. “Yeah, the fair that follows the coast. One of the girls working there said they had music, games and omegas drink free. You wanna have a little fun? That’s where fun is gonna be tonight.” 
Bucky glanced at Steve who threw his hands up in forced agreement and Bucky grinned. 
“Yeah, alright. Let’s do it. Think we can get your sister here by tonight-”
Sam stuck his finger in Bucky’s face making Bucky’s grin turn sheepish and his own features turned deadly serious. 
“I’ll break your neck.” 
“What? She loves music and free drinks!” 
“I’m serious. I’ll drown your ass.” 
“No you won’t. You think I’m adorable.” 
“Head alpha or not, you touch my sister and you’re done for.” 
Bucky threw his head back and cackled loud enough to be heard several miles down the beach.
“Alright, children,” Steve sighed. “Let’s settle down. The night is still young. Plenty of time to kill each other before the night is over.”
“Pietro says he may have found somewhere for us to go.” 
Y/n looked up from the evening's playlist in her hand at the sound of Wanda’s voice and frowned as she processed her friend’s words. She hadn’t been expecting that. Maybe she should have. It was only a matter of time really. Not everyone was made for a nomadic lifestyle. Y/n wasn’t sure she was really cut out for it but it was better than where she was. At least here, she could make her own choices and live the life she wanted, not one someone forced on her. 
“Somewhere safe. He spent the day talking to one of the high ranking council members and apparently they are very accepting. In fact, he said that their king hoped one day we all would be under one rule living together. Can you imagine that?”
"You want that? You want to leave all this behind to live in some strange alpha’s kingdom? Follow their laws and be tied down?” Y/n asked with a chuckle but it was hollow and her nose wrinkled. She couldn't imagine the thought of living with a bunch of strangers who you were supposed to trust without any real reason to. The only thing close to a family that she knew was Wanda and Pietro. It would be hard to lose them, but would it be harder than losing her freedom? Y/n doubted. 
After fleeing the kingdom they were born in, Wanda and Pietro have talked of nothing else. They want to find a permanent home where they can settle down and truly feel safe. Not a traveling camp that follows the road and coin. Y/n has listened to Wanda talk about starting a family one day for years now. Days on end of talks of dreams and family and a home with no wheels. She wants an Alpha and twins some day. So they will always have each other the way she has Pietro. She shouldn’t be surprised they finally found a kingdom worth settling down in. It still made her heart hurt and her stomach burn with uncertainty for them both. 
“To have a family again? People you can rely on? People who love you? Yes. Of course I want that. We aren’t meant to do this alone.”
Y/n nodded in understanding because she truly did understand where Wanda was coming from. It simply wasn’t for her though. Not anymore. A younger version of her perhaps. A less jaded, more naïve version of herself. Unfortunately, the omega she was now, didn’t allow for childish notions and foolish daydreams. 
“I don’t think I could do it again,” Y/n whispered. Even through the thumping of the music she knew Wanda heard her by the way her eyes softened a fraction. She didn’t want pity. It made the nerves she was feeling simmer and boil over into anger. Not all alphas were bad. Y/n knew that. She’s heard stories of other kingdoms with kind leaders. Stark, Odinson and a few others, they were kind and those without a clan flocked there, hopeful gleam in their eyes as they asked for refuge and possibly a permanent home. Y/n knew all about them. She’s also been witness to the less kind clans. Ones that operated with old customs and outdated hierarchies. The small kingdom she was born to, Cerberus,  was home to a man that was only kind when it suited him. Y/n has been victim to more than her fair share of alpha power and abuse. She had no interest in tying herself to another clan and another alpha that would seek to serve only himself. As if Wanda knew what terrible thoughts were plaguing Y/n, Wanda placed her hand on top of Y/n’s and squeezed it gently.
“Not everyone is like Billy,” She spoke softly enough that those around them wouldn’t catch onto Y/n’s secret. “Pietro said they are heading back at the end of summer and if we go with them we would have to leave then. Give it some thought. You could come with us.” 
“I’ll think about it. I promise,” Y/n muttered quietly, pouting as she did and Wanda laughed.  She laughed but let the topic fade into the background. Yn didn’t talk about Billy often, when she did it usually soured her good mood for the evening and Wanda didn’t want to darken Y/n’s night. Not when she had been so excited to have the night off and she deserved to have a little carefree fun after everything she’s been through.
Y/n dropped the list of songs on the temporary bar they set up this morning and spun around to the sea of people dancing. The dance floor was one of those snap together floors that vendors carried to outdoor venues. They didn’t always need it but at locations like this, near the beach or somewhere mainly outdoors, they had to create the right atmosphere to draw people in. Y/n liked to watch the semi-drunk people attempting to dance on the slippery fake wood that was covered in sand thanks to the movement on and off the floor. She wasn’t much for dancing but she did like to laugh at all the alphas tripping over all the omegas swaying their hips and batting their lashes. It was half ridiculous and for a dumb reason she didn’t want to admit, the sight left a twinge in her chest.  
The heady smoky, cedar scent catches her attention, she searches the crowd for the source when she spots someone across the dance floor — a golden skinned, long haired Alpha clearly searching for someone of his own. His icy blue eyes landed on her and he grinned, sending a shiver through her. Her hand found its way to her neck, without thinking, and she could see the alpha’s eyes sparkling at the gesture. He had been searching the room for her. She didn’t know why she did that. She’s never been one of those omegas. Then again, she’s never had an alpha that looked like him, staring back at her the way he was. 
He slowly pushed through the crowd of party goers and she found herself pushing off the bar walking towards him, ignoring Wanda’s calls for her to come back and despite telling her feet to turn around and go back where it was safe. Or at least stop at Pietro’s booth to tell him who she was meeting so he could keep an eye on her. Neither of them stopped though. Not until they were face to face, standing in the middle of the dancefloor. There were two larger alphas standing off to the side watching them with interest and shouting something she couldn’t make out while she was drowning in the gleaming blue of his eyes. The man in front of her flipped them off without looking away and she laughed. He grinned at her as if he was completely enamored by her and they haven’t even spoken. The alpha leaned forward to shout over the music and chatter around them, “I’m Bucky. What’s your name?” 
She told him her name and the whimper that left his lips made her stomach flip.
“You smell good,” Bucky groaned and immediately threw his head back, obviously mad at himself and slightly embarrassed judging by the crimson shading his cheeks. “I know that sounds like some knothead alpha line. I’m sorry. I caught your scent the second we got here and I had to find you.”  
It was a cheesy line. One she’s heard a few times but it felt different coming from him. It didn’t make her stomach twist with something ugly or make the hair on the back of her neck stand up and he’s the only alpha to say it and seem genuine. 
“It’s okay. So do you.” 
Bucky practically beamed and Y/n melted at the sight. She meant it, too. He did. A deep cedar scent that made her chest warm. There was something else she couldn't place under all that. Maybe a hint of cherry in there. Whatever it was, it was sweet and she liked it. 
“Yeah,” she repeated dumbly, grinning like a fool to match the dopey smile Bucky was wearing.  
“Wanna dance with me?” 
Gods did Y/n want to, but she didn’t dance. She didn’t exactly have two left feet but she wasn’t going to draw in her true mate with the moves she was sporting on the floor. Bucky tilted his head to the side and gave her a pleading smile with wide eyes, set for begging if needed. Y/n shoved his shoulder and Bucky caught her hand. He said something about not needing to worry when he pulled her close. He would make sure she only crushed two or three of his toes. As if he already knew her that well, like it was so easy for him to read her that he knew her trepidation came from her own lack of skill and not from fear of him.  
They danced for a while, to whatever came on. It didn’t matter if it was fast or slow, romantic or silly. They stayed on the sandy wood floor, hands on skin every chance they got and shouting questions back and forth over the music. Favorite color? Red. Favorite season? Winter. True mates? For kids but a nice thought. Last time you bathed? You sayin’ I smell? Your Worst trait? Stubborn and I can be a little bit of a flirt or so I’m told. Biggest regret? Letting once in a lifetime slip by. They danced and talked for so long that the songs came and went, slowly drifting from one to next. She didn't know how many they listened to but her legs felt numb. They tingle a bit and her ankles were sore from her shoes, knees weak from the way he was staring at her. All of that was nothing compared to the way they caved when Bucky leaned in, pausing just before her lips to make sure he was reading this right. Just because an omega scents interested, didn’t mean she wanted to be kissed or held like this. Y/n did. Bucky caught on fairly quickly when her hands slipped into his curls and she tightened her hold on the delicate strands tickling the back of his neck and nudged him that last inch and when their lips touched, he swore he saw sparks.
Soft lips brush against her, eager and willing. Their kiss was languid, as if they were searching for something more than this. Bucky’s right hand came up to cradle her jaw, his left pressing against the small of her back and urging her against him so he could envelop her by his arms. The moment his tongue parted her lips, she sank into him and gripped his biceps to steady her unsteady legs. It was slow. Intense. Y/n could feel it with every beat in her chest, she didn’t know how long they kissed for but when Bucky pulled back just enough to take a break the song had changed to a much slower beat. 
“Ah, shit,” Bucky whispered against her lips. There was an unspoken question of concern in her eyes, wondering if she had done something wrong or gone too far and that definitely wasn’t the cause of Bucky’s hesitancy. Bucky kissed her a few times too many and took another grounding breath. 
 “You’ve got my head spinnin’. Just need a minute to catch my breath s’all.” 
Not that a minute would make a whole lot of difference. There was no going back now. Bucky knew when he caught her scent she was different and after having her on his lips, he was sure of it the moment he claimed her lips; she claimed him the second they touched and they were both in deep, deep trouble. 
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Can't Tie Me Down - Ch 3/5
Tumblr media
Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader Rating: 18+ Tags: Omegaverse, prostitution, dub con (medical necessity), Y/N OOC, Sam and John being douches about Omegas, thigh riding, making out, heavy petting, praise kink Word Count: 3782 Created For: @spnabobingo - Feral Omega
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Tumblr media
Hey Y/N, it’s Dean. Uh, Winchester. Listen, I know you usually call me to book but I thought I’d just um, I’d call you this time. So, yeah uh, if you want to meet up again next month uh, call me back?
Hey, it’s Dean. Um, ignore that last message. It was lame and it was kind of a lie. I didn’t call you to book for next month, I called to ask if you wanted to get coffee sometime? Or even a drink? I don’t know, so um, yeah, give me a call, I guess. Bye Y/N.
Hey Y/N, it’s Dean. Again. Uh, sorry if my last message freaked you out. You don’t have to go out with me. I probably crossed a line I shouldn’t have. But um, look, I know this is usually about the time of the month we see each other and I just wanted to check in and see if you were okay? If you uh, still need some help this week just give me a call, yeah? Hope you’re good.
Y/N was doubled over in pain, cramps roiling in her belly. It was infuriating, and embarrassing, and unbelievably unfair that listening to these messages play back through the speaker on her phone was the only thing that was really helping the pain to subside.
She’d wanted to start taking suppressants again the second after Dean left. She didn’t want to let whatever had started to come over them go any further. She couldn’t let it. But Dr. Weber had refused to issue a prescription to her; she’d said it was too dangerous to override her heats in this state, that the pills might even send her body into some kind of toxic shock. So now Y/N was here, in heat and without an Alpha in sight.
If she had even let herself contemplate calling Dean again to book their usual time for this month, that train of thought would have been cut off the moment he asked her out. That was too far; too close to Dean actually being her Alpha. So she’d ignored his messages – but she hadn’t deleted them. Something had told her that she shouldn’t just delete them outright and forget about him; now she was fighting the swirl of relief and bitterness inside her as a result. She was glad she had the recordings, because Dean’s voice was helping a little to soothe the sting of her heat and the gut wrenching cramps that were surging through her, but she was angry at her body for its reaction to the sound of the Alpha. She hated that this physiological programming kept finding ways to pull her back under its control.
So no matter how much pain Y/N was in, no matter how much her every instinct was reaching out for Dean, kicking and screaming inside her and telling her to call him, she wouldn’t do it.
Tumblr media
Y/N had taken a few extra days of leave after her last cycle to rest and recover once the pain had subsided. It had been hard, going through that alone, but not impossible; and that’s what Y/N was clinging to now. She didn’t want to go through that every month, but she wanted an Alpha even less. She could do it. If this was as bad as it got, she could handle that.
When Y/N got back to work, people seemed to be treating her differently. It was like she gave off an aura that prevented people from getting too physically close. Everyone hung back around her, not stepping up to shake hands or give comradical pats on the back. Even cups of coffee were set down kind of near her, instead of handed straight over like they always had been before.
The not-so-secret looks of pity were the worst. At first Y/N didn’t know what was wrong, she could just tell something was off. Then she caught Brent looking at her over the break table in the lounge like she was some poor, pathetic puppy that had wandered off and gotten lost; there was sugary sympathy and sadness, but also a clear desire to take the puppy home and keep it for himself. Then, one by one, Y/N caught the other Alphas on her floor looking at her the exact same way – even some of the Betas. And the stares she got from the other Omegas had to be the worst of all of them.
The Omegas were all looking at Y/N with far too much understanding, silent solidarity but tinged with the wistful encouragement that it would all get better one day – as soon as she’d found her Alpha.
But why couldn’t things get better without an Alpha? Why did she have to sacrifice her autonomy over her body, over herself, in order to not be crippled by an absurd biological urge on a monthly basis? Why couldn’t Omegas live the lives they wanted to live, and not the ones that Alphas wanted them to lead?
Her anger bubbled hotter every day.
Tumblr media
The next week, everyone in the office was freaking out because the Congresswoman was going to be back home for the next month, instead of in the Washington office. Y/N hadn’t actually met her yet, since she’d begun working ] for the public policy team, but she’d seen her speak a few times during the campaign and she had liked her. Congresswoman Charlie Bradbury was an Alpha, Y/N remembered, but she spoke forcefully about the issue of Omega rights in the workplace and under healthcare regulations, and even advocated public funding for research into neutralisation.
That had been the big selling point for Y/N. The science wasn’t there yet, and it might not even get close in her lifetime, but if she could contribute to something that meant Omegas wouldn’t have to suffer through their heats if they didn’t want to, she was going to do everything she could to help. The perk of paid time off for anyone who was too incapacitated to work during their cycle was also a huge bonus – most places weren’t so lenient but the Congresswoman believed in being the change you wanted to see in the world.
All the bustle and stress in the office was starting to give Y/N a headache, so she popped some painkillers back with the last dregs of her coffee before pouring a fresh cup. The moment she turned around with the full, warm mug in her hands, the Congresswoman pushed through the big glass doors at the other end of the office. A wave of nerves crashed over Y/N the second she saw her, and she felt herself heat up and start to sweat. She had to make a good impression on this woman – people were already saying she might be president one day down the line.
“What smells amazing?” was the first question out of the Congresswoman’s mouth. Her eyes swept the room and landed on Y/N by the coffee pot, fresh mug in her hand. “Bingo,” she clicked her fingers and pointed at Y/N. “There any more of that around here?”
“Oh uh, yes, ma’am, here,” Y/N stammered, nerves in a jumble, trying to point at the coffee with her shoulder, which she realised too late wasn’t going to work. It just looked like she had some sort of odd nervous tick.
“Awesome!” The Congresswoman smiled widely and marched over to the coffee machine, brushing right past Y/N in her quest for a mug. Y/N spun towards her, not knowing why she felt like she needed to keep her attention on her boss but feeling strange ignoring her as well. She must have turned too quickly because she felt dizzy for a moment, and had to lean against the counter to steady herself. “Are you alright?” Charlie touched her shoulder when she noticed Y/N’s far off expression.
“What?” Y/N blinked, a shiver running through her as Charlie withdrew her hand. “Yeah, sorry, um, we have a meeting to talk through the funding proposal for the research initiative if you want to do that now?”
“Oh! That’s you? Perfect, let’s go to my office then,” Charlie picks up her mug and sets off but then stops and turns back to Y/N. “Um, where is my office?” Charlie turned back to ask. Y/N laughed, and felt a bit more at ease but for some reason she still felt hot and nervous.
“Here, I’ll show you.” Y/N pointed the way and led Charlie into the room at the end of the hall.
When they were closed into the little office, Y/N sat at the chair in front of the desk and looked down to sort out the papers in her lap. When she looked back up Charlie was right next to her, leant against the front of the desk, coffee cup cradled between her hands.
“Right, show me what we’ve got so far,” Charlie looked down at Y/N expectantly.
“Yeah so, I have the draft proposal here,” Y/N handed over a copy and felt a rush of tension shoot down her arm where her elbow bumped into Charlie’s. Her throat tightened and it felt like her whole chest was restricting as she kept trying to force words out. “We’ve started off asking for two fifty to start, assuming they’ll slash everything in committee. We can probably get things set up with a hundred and build from there if we have to.”
“Million, yeah?” Charlie checked absentmindedly, flipping through the packet.
“Yeah,” Y/N hissed, a roll of pain running through her gut right when she goes to answer.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Charlie checked again, setting down her papers and coffee and focusing intently on Y/N.
“Ye–” Y/N broke off in a conflicted moan when Charlie pressed her hand on her forehead, pain was surging through her core, but the feel of skin against skin was pleasant. Still, underneath everything it didn’t feel right, didn’t feel like what she needed.
“No, you’re not okay, you’re in heat,” it dawned on Charlie, and she quickly withdrew her hand and rushed around her desk to root through her bag. Out of the corner of her eye, Y/N saw Charlie pop a tablet into her mouth and swallow it down. “Okay, let’s get you home,” Charlie went to usher her out of her chair but Y/N tried to stay put.
“I’m fine, it’s not– I just had mine, it’s not time,” Y/N complained, but she couldn’t focus on Charlie to look her in the eyes while she was speaking because everything in her vision was swimming. A flash of pain clenched her stomach and she doubled over in her chair, clutching her briefing papers to her chest. It must have painted a pathetic picture.
“C’mon, I’m taking you home,” Charlie hoisted her out of the office and pushed her out to the car, and Y/N had run out of fight. She gave Charlie her address and curled up in the passenger seat, and then she was being eased out of the car and up the stairs to her apartment.
When they were inside, Charlie settled Y/N onto the couch. She crouched down and brushed the stray hairs off Y/N’s face, her kind, blue eyes staring deeply into Y/N’s pained ones.
“Can I help?” Charlie asked cautiously, and laid a hand on Y/N’s neck. Y/N shook her head regretfully. Charlie was nice, and sure she was cute, but she wasn’t what Y/N needed right now. “Do you have anyone I can call instead?” Charlie wasn’t the least bit phased by Y/N’s rejection.
Y/N started to shake her head but then another cramp seized her and she felt like she wanted to scream with the pain. She couldn’t do this.
“Dean,” Y/N whimpered reluctantly, not looking Charlie in the eye, like that would somehow make it more real. “Call Dean.”
“Okay, Dean it is,” Charlie got up and pulled her phone out of her back pocket. “Number?”
“Fridge,” Y/N jerked her head towards the kitchen where Dean’s card was tacked to the fridge door. Charlie moved out of her line of sight, and Y/N heard her start to speak, asking for Dean, but she didn’t listen closely to the conversation, too distracted by the bubbling, stabbing pains in her belly. She absently found herself wondering if this is what childbirth felt like.
Y/N must have dropped off, because the sound of a knock on the apartment door suddenly jerked her awake, and she looked around, startled. As soon as she was conscious again the pain returned, and she was just considering how she would possibly get up to answer the door when Charlie walked past her to open it.
“Sam?” Charlie asked when she opened it. Sam? Y/N wondered to herself. Who was Sam? She couldn’t see around Charlie from her place on the couch.
“Yeah, that’s me,” a deep, gentle voice answered from out of sight.
“Thank god, she’s getting worse I think,” Y/N overheard Charlie’s sigh of relief.
“Yeah, I’m not surprised,” the man’s voice, Sam, replied. “I spoke with Dean on my way over, he told me they didn’t meet last month. He just figured she’d found another Alpha in the meantime.”
“Okay, now you’re here I should get back to the office,” Charlie walked back over to the couch and put herself in Y/N’s view. “Y/N?” she pulled her face up out of her hands. Y/N blinked up at her boss tearily. “Sam Winchester is here, he’s going to help you out until you feel better, okay?”
Y/N nodded weakly and she twisted to watch Charlie leave but her eyes landed on Sam and she was transfixed. The Alpha was big, taller than Dean, broader in the shoulders and God, his hands. Y/N felt herself clench, and this time it wasn’t a cramp. She needed this Alpha – inside her, fucking her, taking care of her – and she needed him now. Conscious thought was fading more and more by the second.
Cautiously, Sam approached Y/N where she was still curled up on the couch, hand held out in front of him like he was offering it to a puppy to sniff.
“Hey there,” he crouched down, bringing his mass right in front of her and my God he smelled fucking delicious. “I’m Sam,” he reached out and brushed Y/N’s hair behind her ear and instinctively she leant into the touch. “Good girl,” Sam murmured softly as he ran his fingers through her hair. “Good little Omega, aren’t you?”
If she was in her right mind, Y/N would have fought him. Cursed him, spit in his face, something. She wasn’t a ‘good little Omega’, and she never cared to be. But right now the praise sang through her and lifted the pain singing through her body to something bright and pleasant. Right now, she needed to be good for the Alpha, so he would give her what she so desperately wanted.
Y/N keened, leaning forward to bury her head in Sam’s shoulder to scent him. “Alpha,” she breathed heavily and nuzzled into his body, and Sam reached out and wrapped his arms around her.
“Hey sweetheart,” Sam cooed and kissed her gently on the top of her head. “I don’t know what Dean was talkin’ about. You’re not difficult are you?” Y/N shook her head vigorously in protest. “No, you’re gonna be so good for me, huh baby girl?”
“Need you Alpha,” Y/N whined, nodding.
“I know baby, c’mon, I gotcha.” Sam scooped Y/N into his arms effortlessly and carried her through to the bedroom. He laid her gently on the bed, and set to work undressing her. Sam’s hands felt warm and sure against her body, and the rough pads of his fingers teasing along her skin sent shivers coursing through her and slick leaking into her panties.
When Sam got her down to her underwear he stepped back briefly to discard his own clothing as quickly as he could, then climbed onto the bed with her. Y/N grabbed for him, pulling Sam down on top of her and attacking his mouth. Sam didn’t fight her, but happily cradled Y/N’s body beneath his. She arched under him, trying to rub her centre against whatever was in reach, which happened to be Sam’s groin.
“Shit,” Sam groaned as Y/N tried to get herself off against him. He must have been able to feel her soaking through the thin material of her panties, because she could feel it plastered sloppily to her skin. “Needy little thing, aren’t you baby?” Y/N could hear the grinning approval in Sam’s voice even though she couldn’t see him smiling. She buried her face against his shoulder and breathed him in. He smelled so incredible and sexy, it brought a small sob to her lips.
“Alpha,” Y/N whimpered desperately. All they were doing was making out and grinding but with the tug of her panties against her clit with every roll of their hips, she was already so, so close.
“Yeah, that’s it baby,” Sam grunted, and he shifted their legs so his thigh was between hers, pressing right where she needed it. “You’re gonna cum for me, aren’t you sweetheart? I can smell it,” Sam dipped his head to her neck and scraped his teeth over her mating vein lightly. Y/N keened at the unexpected ripple of pleasure that shot through her and bucked up hard into Sam’s thigh. “C’mon Omega, cum for me, you can do it baby,” Sam growled against her.
“Oh, oh my god, I– I’m cumming, I’m–“ Y/N’s words were barely intelligible.
“Good girl, Y/N, good Omega,” Sam crooned, dropping kisses against her neck, lips brushing softly over her pulse point, her mating vein. She gave a low, keening whine and craned her neck, exposed her throat – practically offered herself to Sam. She felt him grin against her skin. “Such a good Omega for me, huh baby.” Sam slithered over her body, removing her bra and panties on his way down, and settled between her legs.
“No, Alpha, need you,” Y/N nearly growled at Sam, and he looked up from between her legs, surprised but smiling.
“Sure you don’t want me to make you feel good like this? I’m really good at it,” Sam smirked. “Want to make sure you’re all sloppy and wet and open for me when I shove my cock inside this pretty little pussy.” Sam slid his finger teasingly through her folds, slicking up the digit.
“No,” Y/N did growl this time, scrambling off her back and down the bed until she was on top of Sam, grinding herself over his dick. “Fuck me Alpha, need you to fuck me.”
“Okay baby girl, whatever you need,” Sam stroked down Y/N’s back, trying to soothe her. “What are you waiting for? Put it inside, sweetheart,” Sam chuckled when Y/N just continued to grind on top of him, her slick dripping down over his cock and between his thighs.
When Y/N sank down onto Sam, she moaned wantonly. Under normal circumstances she would be judging herself for sounding like such a slut for an Alpha but she couldn’t help it. Her mind was blank beneath a fog of lust, a patchwork of want and need obscuring any inkling of rational thought. And when Sam’s knot began to form, and worked its way up inside her, Y/N knew with certainty that this was the way she wanted to feel forever.
Tumblr media
“How’s Y/N?” Dean asked the moment he returned from his latest client. Sam looked up, puzzled, before recollection lit his face a moment later.
“Perfect,” Sam smiled wolfishly. “Honestly, don’t know what you were talking about. The second I got there she practically shoved my cock inside her.”
“Y/N? No, that’s not like her,” Dean was confused. The Y/N he knew would never eagerly submit to an Alpha. Sure he could tell she did enjoy it when they fucked, but he respected the fact that she didn’t want to admit that. Her jumping Sam the second he was inside didn’t make any sense. He’d expected her to protest, fight Sam off – to argue that she wanted Dean, instead.
“I’m telling you man, she was all over me. Perfect little slut, perfect little Omega,” Sam licked his lips, reminiscing.
“Don’t call her that,” Dean shot at Sam before he could think through what he was saying.
“What, a slut?” Sam chuckled darkly, unfazed by Dean’s protest.
“Omega,” Dean’s voice was dropping into a defensive growl. “She’s not yours, you don’t get to call her that.”
“Oh wow,” Sam’s eyes went wide, genuine surprise gracing his features. “You got a crush, big brother?”
“Shut it, Sam,” Dean’s teeth clenched as he levelled a glare at his little brother, who was smirking pointedly towards him.
“What, you think you’re gonna get to claim her? After everything you told me about how she was fighting you tooth and nail?” Sam was stalking towards Dean, closing him in against the older man’s desk in their shared office. “Because if anyone is gonna claim the bitch I think it should be me. She was practically begging me to do it.”
“I said shut up!” Dean shouted as he shoved Sam back, baring his teeth.
“Boys!” A gruff voice shouted from nearby, and Sam and Dean both startled and leapt apart. “What the hell’re you fighting about now?” John grumbled as he stomped through their office to get to the door of his own.
“Dean’s got it bad for a little Omega bitch,” Sam sneered, “and he’s mad that she liked my knot better than his.” Dean pounced on Sam but John pulled him off with a grunt.
“Shove it, both of you,” John instructed, stern and dead serious. “If you can’t play nice about the bitch then neither one of you will get to fuck her, y’hear?”
“Yes sir,” Dean grumbled reluctantly after a moment’s hesitation.
“It’s a family business boys, we’re not gonna let some cunt get in the way of that – are we?”
“No sir,” Sam and Dean answered in practiced unison.
“Good. And if I catch you two fighting about this bitch again, I’ll take her next booking myself.”
Tumblr media
We’re All Mads Here: @vulgar-library @tintentrinkerin @negans-lucille-tblr @fandomfic-galore @petitgateau911 @schaefchenherde @kickingitwithkirk @little-diable @laxe-chester67 @kassyscarlett @austin-winchester67 @flamencodiva
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Senses - Omega!Kakashi Hatake
A/N: I love Kakashi. Thats it. Thats the note. Also this was supposed to be innocent and sweet but Kakashi wanted it spicy. This is also unbeta-ed because I don’t edit anything ever. 
Warnings: Some NSFW thats poorly written. Panic attack caused by PTSD.
Tumblr media
Kakashi always wakes up before you. No matter how late it was when he went to bed, he always wakes with the sun. Before you, he’d roll over and go right back to sleep without ever opening his eyes. 
With you in the picture now -his Alpha, his love - he will open his eyes. He knows you don’t have the same reaction to sun coming out as he does so he’ll take a few moments to wipe the sleep from his eyes to see you clearer as you continue to rest. 
The idea that people are attractive when they sleep is a myth. The idea that watching people when they sleep is romantic is an even bigger myth. Still, sharingan-activated, he is going to take a peak while he can.
He likes to follow the curves of your messy hair with his gaze, letting his gaze slowly linger down to map out the shapes in your faces as it smushes into the pillow under your head. He trails down to the exposed skin of your neck - his mark scarred and noticeable-, leading down to your chest before falling on the blanket that covers the rest of your body and back up again. 
Most mornings, he’ll purr quietly, nudge closer to you, and fall back asleep with his nose touching yours. 
Days like today though, he’ll reach out and drag the blankets down to see how much of you he can see and touch before you start to wake up. Fresh slick drools out of him as he sees all the bright multicolored marks he left on you the night before and he wouldn’t mind a repeat performance.
Turns out, you didn’t mind either. 
:: Hearing::
Your voice settles between his aching ears like a balm to a burn as you wrap your arms around him. It had been a good day right up until it wasn’t. He didn’t know what triggered him. One moment he was having a good time, eating his dinner in the private hotel room his Alpha booked for their first mating anniversary so he could eat in peace and laughing about something Naruto and Sasuke had done on their last mission and the next moment he was on the floor hyperventilating as the flashbacks wracked his mind and body like electricity in his blood. There is blowback and blood, the clang and clink of kunai and shuriken as they met each other, distant explosions and the squelching-tearing-ripping as bodies are torn apart. 
An hour later, he was sitting on the floor, dressed in soft clothes, leaning back against his love on the hotel bed as they whisper in his ear. He can’t remember the  details of his memory, the flashback, but the feelings have settled like tar on the edge of his mind and the bottom of his stomach. He leans his head back against your shoulder and you tighten your arms around him, murmuring and purring and crooning along the lines of his neck and face.
Kakashi can only make out bits and pieces of what you are saying and he can feel himself settling. Metal shrapnel dissolves into shimmering stardust and he focuses on your words. In the voice of wind chimes, you emerge from the debris singing ‘You are okay. I am here. I love you.” He lets out a few clipped purrs as you hammer your way through the fog in his mind and he can regain control of his own body again. 
He can feel your coo as you vocalize it and he lets himself drift in the place where only your voice exists. 
As smart as he is, Kakashi never really got the hang of cooking or baking. There was just something about it that escaped his grasp and nothing he made ever came out correct. Too undercooked. Too burnt. Soggy in the middle. Too much flavor. Not enough flavor. Holy crap that's a lot of salt. 
Still, he wanted to try. He wasn’t much in the way of a traditional Omega but he wanted to put in the effort of trying to prepare a meal for you before ordering take-out and arranging it nicely on plates. You never asked him to cook - because you know he was not to be trusted in a kitchen - but he wanted to try.
And what better time to try than on a night when you were working late and left him to his own devices to surprise you? 
This time around, the final product actually looked pretty good when it came out of the oven. It wasn’t hideous. Nothing smelled burnt. It didn’t sag when he poked it with a fork. Grinning, he thinks he may have succeeded. It looked like it had the potential to taste good and he was beyond pleased with it. 
You had instructed him that he was to eat at his normal time, not to wait for you, so he made himself a plate. He turned off the oven, washed and dried the dishes, put them away, and wiped down the counters while the food cooled down to his preferred temperature. Taking out a clean fork, he grabbed his plate and brought up a forkful of food up to his mouth and took a bite.
And immediately spit it into the garbage can, his taste buds screaming at him for his transgression.
‘Oh well,’ he thought as he disposed of it, ‘At least the kitchen didn’t catch fire this time.’
Lust’s sharp fingernails raked down his spine, following the path your lips traced as you rubbed him down. He was sore, spent, exhausted, and you had taken one look at him and took him in your arms. You held him as the hot water burned away all the evidence of the last week, guiding him to lay on his front of the massive bed you had splurged on when you realized that he liked to nest on a bed. 
You hadn’t bothered to redress him and it took him longer to than he cared to admit to realize why. 
The first touch against his back felt fantastic, the warming oil you had rubbed into your palms sending tingles along the places you touched. When you shifted from Effleurage to Petrissage, he was pretty sure that he ascended to a different realm, groans escaping without his consent. He almost wished he believed in Heaven. The beginnings of arousal started seeping into the edges of his consciousness and he grinned.
You smile softly, enjoying how sweet your Omega was as he lay pliant underneath you, “Tell me Kakashi, where do you hurt?”
“Lower,” he responded, his voice deeper than normal. You moved your hands from his upper back to the middle of it, pressing in his sides and rolling the flesh there.
“Lower,” he groans again. 
Your eyebrow quirked up, a small smirk lifting at the corners of your mouth as the scent of his slick started permeating the air. You stroked your way down, rubbing his firm, plush ass before slipping your hands between his thighs, spreading them as you rubbed them.
“Inner, “ he huffed, reaching up to grab a discarded pillow to cling onto, “In me.”
“Oh?” you coo, fingers sliding up higher between his legs, fingers curling around his slick opening, “Here? Its hurts in here?” 
“Please,” he begged, shifting back to trying and get your fingers to enter him, “Hurts. Need you to make it better.”
You don’t respond, slipping in two fingers easily and stroking along his walls. He bucks with a choked cry as you rub against his prostate, clenching against your fingers. You growl lightly at the feel and sight of your mate’s desire.
“Thats it ‘Mega,” you crooned, leaning up to press kisses along his shoulders as you pump your fingers against that same spot. “You feel so good. You look so good.”
“For you,” he growled as he wiggled back to meet your fingers, “Only you. For my Alpha.”
“Good boy,” you slip in another finger, “You going to cum for me? Cum all over my hand?” He whined, shaking his head in the affirmative as he gripped the pillow desperately against him for leverage. “That's my boy. Do it. Cum for me.”
He did, spraying his cum all over his stomach and the sheets and his slick all down your wrist, twitching as you kept pumping your fingers, guiding him through the aftershocks until he was too overstimulated to continue. 
Gently, you removed your soaked fingers and licked them clean, savoring the taste of your Omega’s pleasure as your other hand stroked along his sweaty back, gentling him back down. 
“Good boy. Such a good boy.”
Kakashi remembers his rebirth. Becoming human again took effort. It was time consuming and boring. Learning how to process and feel and experience seemed so pointless and when he was tasked with managing a genin team to bring out the person that never had a chance to form irritated him. He didn’t need to feel things. He was perfectly content as he was - a weapon for the village. A copycat. A shadow of a person that crept in the night and brought enemies to their knees.
He hadn’t know what else there was. He was convinced there was nothing more to it than what he knew to be true. His ideology was enforced, stamped with a bright red seal of approval than shone brighter than the one used to stamp mission scrolls. 
He was wrong. So, so wrong. 
He remembers sizing you up as you spoke to Gai, your scent wafting over to him and stirring up something foreign. He remembers you spotting him and smiling, your scent - rich, thick, lovely - spiking pleasantly and the smile that spread across your mouth. He had never been more grateful for Gai and his ridiculous challenges more than in that moment. Any excuse he could use to escape you was welcome.
But he kept coming back to you, following your scent almost automatically every time he walked about the village. And you let him. You let him hang outside your home, eventually leaving the window open for him to crawl through and sit inside. You let him follow you to and from work, taking five measured steps behind you, silently observing you under the guise of reading. You let him steal your scarves and t-shirts, pretending you didn’t know where they had gone to. 
The news that the feelings your scent evoked were not synthetic was confusing for but you knew that. You knew him without ever saying a word to each other. You led him into digesting the confusion with a warm feelings inside of his belly instead of despair that fumes like the smoke from Asuma’s cigarettes. He held tight to those feelings, sinking into them faster than he ever thought possible even as he hesitated.
He remembers when he finally accepted what was happening. You had swallowed a scent blocker and worn a cheaply made perfume and it drove him mad. He didn’t know why you had but he did know that he didn’t like it. He hated it with an intensity that made him come to terms with what was happening with you and him. 
And he let you know about it. As far as Kakashi was concerned, he had no choice but to take matters into his own hands. 
And the happy, lively scent that emerged as he wiped you off and nullified the blocker was the sweetest thing he had ever smelled in his life. 
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lancearcherinrippedjeans · 13 hours ago
Eternity - Chapter 4
This was supposed to be put a week and a day ago, but me and Adriana procrastinated. A lot. ANYWAYS, nice seeing you guys, happy Dynamite Friday!
Starring - The talented OC's, Kenny Omega, Wardlow, Ricky Starks, Anna Jay, Britt Baker, Chuck Taylor, Trent and Hangman (Small appearances from The Young Bucks, Tony Khan, Taz and MJF)
Word Count - 6,257
Category - Fluff, implied smut, angst, friendship, bits of comedy
Summary - It finally happens. What the girls have been waiting years for. But they still have to deal with arguments, jealousy and sadness. Maybe a Girl's Night Out will make it all better...
Warnings - cussing, implied smut, Wardlow and Kenny being horn-knee
other author's notes - I'm posting and editing this 5 minutes after I woke up,,,forgive me pls.
“Uh, thanks, but I’m good. I just got here and I’m not just gonna get stuck in a faction.”
“I’m not getting you a date with Nova.” Sawyer scoffed, turning to walk to her and the girls’ rental. “But Sawyer please?” Ricky whined, following after her. Nova had already rejected the invitation to Team Taz earlier that night, but Ricky wanted more than just Nova in the faction. “No. Way.” Ricky groaned, “C’mon Sawyer. You owe me. Remember?” Sawyer stopped in her tracks, she didn’t even think Ricky remembered. “I got you that one date with Wardlow. You said you owe me. This is all I’m asking.” Sawyer sighed and turned to face him, “Alright. I will try. I can’t guarantee she’ll say yes though.” Ricky smiled, pulling Sawyer in for a hug.
“Ew, let me go you weirdo.” She laughed, Ricky rolled his eyes when he pulled away. “Okay, I’m gonna talk to her in the car. If she says yes I’ll give her your number, if not, then you gotta leave her alone for a while. Deal?” Sawyer held out her hand, Ricky shook her hand, “Deal.”
Ricky watched as Sawyer walked to the rental, getting in the backseat. “So what did Starks want?” Nova asked, looking back from the driver’s side. “Well...he wanted to know if he could take you out on a date.” Veronica spit out her water, coughing and laughing at the same time, while Nova stared wide-eyed. “A date...he’s not gonna ask me to join Team Taz again is he?” Nova questioned, brows scrunched up. “I don’t think so. Nova, I think he’s actually into you.” “I think you should give him a chance.” Veronica said, finally catching her breath and taking another sip of water. Nova sighed, “Okay. I’ll give him a chance.” Veronica and Sawyer started to celebrate before Nova cut them off again, “But! If it doesn’t go well, I better not hear another word about him. Alright?”
“Fine.” Sawyer said, already texting Ricky to tell him the news. Nova turned towards Veronica in the passenger's seat, “Don’t look at me! That’s Sawyer’s friend. Not mine.” They all giggled, Nova putting the car in drive, and pulling off and driving away from Daily’s place for the day.
The Next Afternoon
“It’s been weeks since I’ve been in the gym.” Sawyer brought up as she spreaded across the couch. Veronica looked up from her phone, “You’re right, since being here in Jacksonville we’ve been busy,” she sat up from her spot on the floor, “I’ll go get Nova, and we can head to the one upstairs.” They went through their luggage to find their workout clothes. Of course, Nova whined about having to get up, but soon began to get ready pulling out one of the drawers to find her bright pink gear. Veronica began to fill up her water bottles and tie her laces when Sawyer came out with her Nike Pro spandex shorts, a sports bra under her matching hoodie, and some white and black trainers. “Are you ready to go?” She asked while setting up her apple watch.
Nova began to gather her items, “Let's just get this over with.” Veronica laughed before opening the door. “You’ll be thanking us once you start.”
The elevator dorms chimed open, and straight ahead they could see the decent-sized hotel gym. Only a few people were there, so it must have been a perfect time. When Sawyer entered, she looked around deciding what to do first; until she spotted a muscular figure running on a treadmill. She tried to turn around but collided with Nova and Veronica who were rubbing their sides. “Sawyer, watch where you’re going!” Nova wept. Making Wardlow look back, they almost went unnoticed until he did a double-take, nearly making him fall off in the process. Nova's lips straightened before she started laughing, loudly. “This is what you get for having me go to the gym.” She laughed before walking over to a different machine while dragging Veronica along with her.
“I didn’t expect to see you here.” Wardlow came up while dabbing a towel on his forehead. Sawyer's mouth began to go dry, seeing a sweaty Wardlow was always a beautiful sight. “I felt like I was losing my strength, it’s been a while since I worked out. I have to do something before it becomes noticeable.” She joked, but he seemed to be busy in his train of thought to laugh. On the other side, Nova and Veronica were doing their best to hear them unnoticeably.
“What is he saying to her?” Veronica asked as she pretended like she was going to pick up a weight. “Nothing,” she shot her a perplexed look, “He’s totally eye-fucking her though.” She smirked,” I don’t blame him either.”
Nova was right, Wardlow couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. If she wasn’t working out like she used to he for sure couldn’t tell. She seemed to be going off about something and he was listening... at first, but then he started to get distracted by her features. Trying to comprehend all the words she was saying, but his eyes drew back to her body. If possible, he seemed to be sweating more. Making him bring his bottom lip in between his teeth while trying to control himself.
“Hello?” She snapped her fingers in front of his face, bringing him back to reality. “Did you come by yourself?”
“Huh? Oh… Max is somewhere, I don’t really remember.” He rubbed the back of his neck trying to think of anything besides having her clothes on the floor of his hotel room.
“ARE YOU SPYING ON THEM?!” A loud voice echoed through the gym. Wardlow shot his head back and clicked his tongue, “I think I found Max.” causing Sawyer to groan.
“COULD YOU SHUT THE HELL UP?” Nova smacked the back of his neck making him try to thump her in return. Veronica stood up trying to break them up before Wardlow and Sawyer came over causing them to stop. “Hey buddy, you won’t believe what I caught these two raccoons doing.” Veronica put a hand on her chest, offended at his insult. “Don’t act like you weren’t interested either!” She shot back, making him roll his eyes. “Please, I wasn’t interested in their conversation, that would be rude. I was more into the fact that Sawyer came looking like a fine glass of wine.”
“WHAT?” Nova, Sawyer, Veronica, and Wardlow all asked at once. Maxwell scoffed before walking over and letting his arm fall over her shoulder. “I don’t think we’ve properly met before without Nova getting in the way, but I’m Max.” Their eyebrows knitted in confusion, as he flashed a smile at Wardlow. “I see you chatting to my bodyguard, Wardlow here, but come up to my hotel room and we can do way more than just chat.” “Max I already know who you ar-” Max held up his hand to cut off Sawyer, receiving a glare in return. Veronica covered her mouth while trying her best not to encourage the situation. She shot her head in Wardlow’s direction but saw he was avoiding her gaze, as he walked straight to one of the lifting benches. Max removed his arm, having a smug smile appear and lightly laughed, “God I knew Wardlow liked you, but I didn’t think he liked you that much.”
“What are you talking about, YOU caused that.” Sawyer threw her hands up in frustration. “You should be thanking me, Sawyer.” he looked back at Wardlow who aggressively picked up and added another weight. “I should have kicked your ass-”
“Just hear him out, Sawyer.” Nova cut in causing Max to shoot her a grin, “I knew you still liked me.”
“Spill it out already, damn.”
“Oh yea, right. As we can all tell by his reaction to me flirting with you...Wardlow is still into you obviously, but he got it bad.” His eyebrows rose as he looked at the group to get a reaction. “They both do.” Veronica shrugged, causing everyone, besides Sawyer to agree. “I’m going to work out. You know the thing we came here for?”
“She didn’t deny it.” Max nudged Veronica as she flipped them off causing them to snicker. “As much fun as it was messing with her, I gotta get going. I’ll catch up with you guys later.” He first hugged Veronica, before quickly thumping Nova on her forehead and running out of the gym too fast for her to catch up. “I’m going to kick his ass next time I see him.” Nova spat while walking over next to Sawyer on the treadmills. Veronica laughed to herself before she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket.
Kenny Omega: meet me in my hotel room?
Her breath hitched in her mouth, she let her thumb hover over the keyboard before deciding what to say next.
I’m in workout clothes, is that cool?
Kenny Omega: I don’t care, I just need to see you.
“Damn you, Kenny Omega.” she thought to herself, this man had her wrapped around his finger, and it scared the hell out of her.
Nova and Sawyer seemed to be busy seeing who could outrun the other, and Veronica would just be gone for a couple of minutes…right? She slipped out of the gym making her way to the elevator with a pit of guilt sitting in her stomach.
Kenny texted her his room number and then started to pace around. He hadn’t been able to get a good sleep since his last conversation with Veronica, and it killed him to know she was upset with him. A knock came on the other side of the door making Kenny freeze. He smoothed over his shirt before going to open the door. “Veronica, hey-” he was cut off as she threw her body into his embrace. “I’m so sorry Ken.” Ser words muffled causing him to rub circles over her back. “You have no reason to apologize, it was my fault.” He brought her in and closed the door, not letting go. He liked this, he wanted this to be more than what it already was.
“She’s worth it. Take the risk…” Karl Anderson’s words from the club flew around in the back of his mind . He gulped as he began to remove his arms from around her, “Veronica…” He started causing her to look up at him. “I’m tired of lying to myself saying I don’t like you as much as I think I do. In such a short amount of time, I feel like I could trust you with anything..” Veronica sat there taking in every word, mentally pinching herself to make sure this wasn’t a dream. He gently swiped at her chin, making her blush. “Will you be mine?” His question was barely loud enough to be a whisper; but it was enough for her to hear.
She nodded before connecting her lips to his in a passionate kiss. His hands held her face, and her fingers began to massage the back of his scalp. He laid her down gently before lightly straddling her, “I want to do this the right way this time.” He broke up the kiss, making her want more. “I’m all yours, Omega.” and that was enough for him.
Sawyer and Veronica got out of the car, continuing to sing the song they were listening to on the way to Daily’s Place. “Will you guys put a cork in it?!” Nova yelled, limping past them. Sawyer stifled her laughter before mumbling, “One Direction is gonna save your life one day.” Nova rolled her eyes, still walking ahead. “Does the knee still hurt?” Veronica asked, looking at the bandage around Nova’s left knee cap. Nova frowned, “Yes. The scar opened back up this morning.” Sawyer shrugged, “I told you I would win the treadmill race.”
Nova limped towards Sawyer, the two giggling as they were play fighting, Veronica pretending to be the referee. “Uh excuse me?” They all stopped when a technician had all their attention. “Tony Khan called for you guys in his office, right away.” He had walked away, no other word said. Nova turned towards Sawyer and Veronica, her whole demeanor changed, “What did you guys do?” Nova yelled, pulling her arm away from Sawyer’s grasp. “Why are you assuming it's something we did?” Veronica asked, the three rushing through the halls to get to TK’s office. “Y’all already got in trouble for throwing yogurt at Justin Roberts two weeks ago.” Sawyer groaned, “Okay, that was an accident, my Gogurt wouldn’t squeeze out.”
They all stood in front of the door when Veronica mumbled, “Better not bring that up then.” Nova raised her hand to knock on the door, hesitating. She was really close to just putting her hand down when Sawyer mumbled under her breath, “For crying out loud.” And then knocked on the door herself. They all started to argue, but silently.
It all stopped when the door swung open, Tony Khan standing on the other side. “Ladies, come in, have a seat right there for me.” They all smiled at him, all walking in one by one. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it was just Tony, but Kenny, Matt and Nick Jackson were in there as well, and they didn’t look happy either. While none of them were looking, Veronica took the opportunity to flick Sawyer in the back of the head, knowing that if it WAS the Gogurt that got them fired, it would be her fault.
They all sat anxiously, looking in their laps and fidgeting with their thumbs. Tony coughed, causing them all to look up, “Now you guys know, you’re valued here.” Veronica nodded, stopping suddenly. “The EVP’s and I have been talking a lot recently about you guys,” Tony continued, “And after finally discussing it, I think we’ve come to a conclusion and I think it’s for the best.”
Nova reached for both her friend’s hands, all them taking deep breaths in, trying to prepare themselves for whatever he had to say. Tony reached in the drawer of his desk, pulling out clipboards instead. The three girls looked at each other in confusion. “Sawyer Holden, Nova Jay and Veronica Rodriguez, we would like to officially sign you to All Elite Wrestling.” Nova laughed in relief, Veronica smiled looking towards Kenny and Sawyer sat there dumbfounded. Veronica reached towards the desk, reading the contact. Nova followed, Sawyer signed it almost right away. The words the EVPs and Tony were saying were all drowned out, they couldn’t believe it, their dreams were coming true.
Kenny pulled Veronica in for a hug swaying them back and forth, “You deserve this.” He whispered in her ear before planting a kiss on top of her head. Sawyer cleared her throat. “Is this how you congratulate everyone who signs a contract?” Nova scoffed, making Veronica break up the hug. “I’m guessing you didn’t tell them yet?” Kenny laughed nervously making them all wait in anticipation. “Kenny and I are dating.” Veronica chuckled. Nick and Matt looked at Kenny trying to read him. “Officially?” Matt questioned, more towards his best friend.
Kenny nodded. “BITCH, YOU SAID NO MORE SECRETS.” Nova yelped, causing Veronica to quickly put her hands up in defense. “I promise I was planning to tell you guys,” She looked over at Sawyer, “I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity.” Kenny stood next to her, placing a hand on her lower back. “If you're mad, and I understand why you would be, take it out on me, not her.” He stood taller, making Sawyer and Nova laugh. “We’re not upset. You two deserve each other.” Sawyer laughed before beginning to head for the door.
“Just…if you plan on ever doing it in OUR hotel room. Make sure the door is locked.” She joked, causing Kenny and Veronica to cover their faces in embarrassment. Nova chuckled before looking over at the two, “I knew there was something going on when you arrived back at the hotel with that goofy ass grin, now I understand.” She handed her contract to Nick before exiting, “If you hurt her.. I will find you.” She squinted before closing the door. Veronica let out a sigh of relief, “That went better than expected.” He turned and saw the Bucks and TK with perplexed faces.
“What did she mean by, “Make sure the door is locked?”" Nick asked while Matt rubbed his chin in confusion. Kenny pursed his lips before laughing, “That’s a story for another time.”
Sawyer strode down the hallway, slightly singing to herself to celebrate before she reached her locker room, planning to call her parents to tell them the news. She opened the door, and to her surprise, Chuck Taylor and Trent were already there. “There she is!” Chuck called out, Sawyer looked at them, dumbfounded. “We heard about you signing!” Trent mentioned causing her confusion to go away. “It’s been five minutes!” Sawyer laughed, pulling the two in for a hug. “Brandon told everyone you guys were getting your contracts offered today.” he smiled. “It was completely unexpected, for all of us.” Sawyer grinned, causing them to admire her.
“It was just a matter of time, I would have signed you sooner,” Chuck commented, making her feel warm on the inside. Trent and Chuck had been nothing but friendly since they met, and that was a huge difference from the other locker rooms she’s been a part of. “How’s it been with Wardlow?” Trent raised his eyebrows up and down making Sawyer roll her eyes. “Honestly, I don’t even know. Sometimes it feels like we’re together, and then the next second we’re strangers again. It’s frustrating.” She plopped onto the couch making Chuck look down at her with a frown. “Wardlow is a dumbass if he can’t figure out his feelings,” he responded sitting next to her. “He doesn’t know that the perfect girl is right in front of him.” he leaned next to her, relaxing his hand on her knee. “Dustin’s right. If he keeps screwing up, I won't be afraid to swoop in.” Trent joked, causing Sawyer to laugh. “I don’t know if people would actually believe that,” Chuck said while resting his arm around Sawyer.
Sawyer reached and put her left hand on Chuck’s right, “You guys are so sweet. I’m not used to this.” Sawyer frowned, her attention straying away from the two men. “Well,” Trent started, “You’re here now. And I can confirm, the people and fans will adore you.”
“Not as much as me but, I’m sure Veronica and Nova are close seconds.” Chuck joked, getting a laugh from Sawyer in return. “I’ll make sure when I get merch you guys are the first ones to get it.” Trent smiled, “If we don’t,” He leaned closer to whisper in her ear, “I know where you sleep.” Sawyer rolled her eyes and chuckled at his threat, “I’ll make sure to lock my doors then.”
Trent looked down at his phone, “I hate to cut this celebration short, but we gotta go take pictures.” Chuck sighed, getting up from the couch, “Well, I guess we’ll see you later.” Sawyer waved, finding herself frowning when they were gone. Not even a few seconds later, there was a knock on her door. “It’s open!” Sawyer called out, but to her surprise, it was Chuck again. “Hey.”
“Oh hey; Did you forget something or..?”
Chuck wiped his palms on his shorts, “No, uh I just wanted to say something that wasn’t in front of Trent.” Sawyer nodded. “I know things are kinda dumb with Wardlow right if you need anything, I mean anything, you can come to me.”
Sawyer smiled, she had only ever heard words like that from Nova or Veronica, so Chuck was a breath of fresh air. Sawyer fidgeted with her hands, “Thanks, Dustin. You’re a really, really great friend.” Chuck opened his mouth to speak but thought against it. “Of course, that's what...friends are for.” Chuck leaned in to kiss her cheek, “Catch you later, Sawyer.” He exited the room, leaving Sawyer, a confused and blushing mess.
“I can’t go out like this!” Nova whined as she looked herself over in the mirror. She had just bought this beautiful white blouse to wear for tonight’s Dynamite but ended up ripping it instead showing a huge piece of skin on the back. “I guess another wrestling shirt will have to do.” She went over to her backpack to look for a change of clothes, but automatically face-planted herself. “I left all of my shit back at the hotel,” She set her hand on her chin thinking of where she could find a replacement. She doubted Veronica or Sawyer had any shirts that fit her, so the next best choice was to go buy one from one of the merch stands.
She looked over the many choices on display, they had almost every roster member's merchandise. “I think a Team Taz shirt would fit you perfectly.” A voice crept from behind her, making her turn her head. “Of course, you would think that Ricky.” he flashed her a grin, before pulling out his wallet. “That or my personal favorite… the one in the corner.” He pointed towards his shirt, making her laugh.
“I’ll take the Team Taz, and Ricky Starks shirt please,” She told the cashier, having him start to bag them up. Nova reached for her purse before Starks had beat her to it giving them a 50 dollar bill.
“You didn’t have to do that,” She told him as she grabbed her items. “It’s a gift since you’re officially a part of AEW now.” He shyly admitted, causing her to stop. “I saw it on social media before going to find Cage and Taz.” She nodded, before heading over to one of the bathrooms. He pulled out his phone scrolling on social media when someone started yelling in his direction .
“AYO RICKY!” a booming voice down the hall caused him to turn his attention from his screen and down the hallway. “What are you doing on the other side of the arena? You said you were going to the bathroom and coming right back.” A furious Taz said, as he checked his watch. “I’m on a tight schedule-”
He stopped mid-sentence, as the bathroom door opened. Nova came out, and she was wearing her brand new Team Taz shirt. “I decided to save the other one for a different day…” She began, but her eyes darted towards the man that was next to Ricky.
“I’m sorry, was I interrupting something-“
“No, you’re fine. Nova this is Taz, Taz this is Nova Jay.” Ricky introduced them as she stuck her hand out for a handshake. He looked her over before letting out a laugh. “You’ve got to be ribbing me, man.”
They sent him a confused expression as he rolled his eyes. “Is this the girl you’ve been trying to get me to recruit? Weren’t you just on Dark a couple of weeks ago?” He started to yell, making a lot of people backstage look over.
“Ricky you’re a talented guy, everyone here knows that… I expected better.” Ricky opened his mouth to say something but was cut off. “I don’t think you heard me correctly. No new members, especially someone who just got here. Keep wearing everyone else’s merchandise, you’ll be gone in a couple of months.” He shrugged making her face frown. He walked off leaving Nova and Ricky alone.
“You should go after him before he takes it out on you later.”
He sent her a half-smile, and wrapped his arms around her before saying anything, “I’m going to talk to him. Don’t let what he said affect you, I’ll see you on Saturday.” He kissed the outside of her hand, before jogging off.
A little while later, the girls were hanging out in Sawyer’s locker room, chatting about their contracts and the day they’ve had so far. “You won’t be gone in a couple months, don’t listen to Taz.” “Yeah, he looks like a penguin anyways.” Sawyer added on, wanting to make Nova laugh through the sucky situation. Nova exhaled, “I guess y’all are right. At least Ricky tried to defend me…” Sawyer and Veronica looked at each other, before looking back at Nova, making that face. Nova noticed it before rolling her eyes, “Stop it guys. I haven’t even gone on the date yet.”
“Whatever you say, Nova.” Veronica shrugged. “If it works out I better get a special toast at the wedding.” Sawyer joked, causing Nova to playfully push her over. Their laughter was interrupted by a knock on the door, “The door is open!” Veronica called between giggles. The door opened and a smiling Anna Jay and cheering Britt Baker walked in. “Congrats girls!” Britt shouted, giving them all hugs. “It's about time you guys were signed.” Anna mentioned, sitting next to Nova. The trio thanked them both, smiling.
“So,” Britt clasped her hands together, “we wanted to ask you guys if you wanted to go on a Girl’s Night Out with us.” Nova nodded frantically almost immediately, Sawyer thought for a second, “Y’know what, why not? A real celebration is due.” The four looked at Veronica, who hadn’t answered yet. “I don’t know guys, I was just gonna celebrate with Kenny tonight.”
Sawyer rolled her eyes and scoffed jokingly, “C’mon, who knows how many times you and Kenny have secretly hung out these past few weeks. It’s one night.” Veronica’s expression changed suddenly, then Nova added on, “We promise, he and the unlocked door will still be there when we get back.” The other girls laughed, while Veronica faked a laugh, feeling anger build up inside.
She sighed, “You’re right, I’ll be there later. But I gotta run.” Veronica sat up without another word, leaving the room and slamming the door behind her. “That was weird.” Anna said, lifting her eyebrows. “I’m sure she’s fine, just having one of her weird moments.” Nova shrugged, turning her attention back to everyone else.
Veronica walked away as far as she could. Sometimes it was difficult being friends with people like Nova and Sawyer, they all had their moments, but sometimes it could be a little much. A bar at the end of the hallway caught her attention. It looked empty until she saw a figure alone in the corner. She made her way over and sat next to him. “Rough night?” Adam Page asked not taking his eyes off his bottle. She let out a breath before rubbing her hand through her hair, “I guess you could say that,” she looked over at him taking in his features. “Do you have any extra glasses?” his ears shot up as she stared at him with curiosity. “There's some behind the counter.” His head gestured, making her nod. She hopped off the stool walking over to find what she was looking for. Hangman took a long glance at her. “Kenny was right, she is pretty,” he thought.
The whole reason he was drinking was because of that man. He took a hard swig, ignoring the burn in his throat. “I doubt your boyfriend knows you’re here.” He burst out of nowhere, making her sigh. She reached over to grab the Jack Daniels from him, “We are literally in the same building, he’ll be fine.” She chugged her drink before pouring another shot. His eyes widened, “Woah easy, why are you drinking so much?” He began to pick up his glass before realizing what he asked, making him put it back down.
“I just needed to get away from some people. I didn’t exactly plan to end up here.” She lightly chuckled before pushing the drink away, “What about you, Hangman? Why are YOU drinking so much?” she questioned making him slightly curse her. “Can you blame me? My friend’s kicked me out of their life, I have a tag team championship match coming up with some guy I’m pretty sure doesn’t even want to be in a tag team it’s…” He shot the glass down on the table hard, “It’s a lot to handle at one time.” Adam looked at her in the eyes, for the first time since she walked in, expecting them to show fear or terror. Instead, he was met with sincerity, and that caused him to sober up a bit. “I can’t speak for Matt and Nick, or Kenny but...” she sat down next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder, “Maybe this is what’s best.” He gulped before reaching back to his drink. “You’re right. I don’t need those guys…all they did was cause me to forget who the hell I was.”
“I have a feeling you and I are going to get along quite well Hangman.” She laughed, causing him to smile. He raised his glass in the air, “To not caring about real life and drinking our problems away.” he joked, causing her to raise her glass as well. “I’ll drink to that.”
Back at the Hotel
Veronica arrived at her hotel room feeling a lot better than earlier. Her conversation with Adam repeated in the back of her head, while she opened the door revealing a stunning Anna Jay and Britt Baker. “Took you long enough, we thought you left Florida.” Baker joked, as Veronica embraced them in a hug. “Where are the two asshats?” Anna laughed, “Sawyer is finishing up with her braids, and Nova is,” a shoe flew and hit the wall separating Sawyer’s room from Veronica and Nova’s, “looking for her shoes.”
“Sawyer, did you steal my nude rockstuds?!” Nova popped out the closet and called to the other room. Sawyer walked into the room, “The Valentino ones that have a scratch on because you threw it at me when I said Max was better than you?” Nova glared at Sawyer, “Yes. Where are they?” “I don’t know, I tried to stick them down the garbage disposal but I couldn’t see cause you HIT MY EYE.”
“They’re in my bag from when I borrowed them last week.” Veronica spoke up, trying to end the commotion. Nova walked over to her luggage, sighing with relief when she found them. Nova plopped down next to Veronica to slip on her heels, “You and Sawyer better hurry up, I’m trying to get my celebration on!” Veronica rolled her eyes, getting up to look through her bag for something to wear.
“Hey, that's not completely on me, someone wouldn’t let me start braiding in my weave at the show.” Sawyer complained, braiding another lock and glaring at Nova and Anna. Sawyer turned back to her room to get ready with no disruption. Veronica followed, grabbing the outfit she was planning to wear and her makeup bag. The two stood side by side in Sawyer's bathroom, silently, besides that laughter and yelling going on in the room next to them.
“Can you zip me up?” Veronica asked, motioning to the back of her dress. Sawyer looked over, quickly zipping up the dress and fixing the straps. The two turned back to the mirror, no conversation. Sawyer twisted with the jewelry on her hands and wrists before turning over to Veronica, “Look. Earlier, I don’t know if it was the jokes, or maybe something else? But Nova and I didn’t mean to make you upset if we did, it was all in good-” “It’s fine. Just cool it with the Kenny jokes, please? I really like him. I can’t mess this one up.” Sawyer snapped her mouth shut, just nodding in agreement to what she was saying.
She had never been this serious about a relationship before, let alone been that upset about one of Sawyer’s jokes. “If you don’t mind, could we take the Kenny jokes down a notch? Just for tonight.”
“Yeah no that’s fine. Totally fine. I’m sure there are plenty of Ricky jokes I could make towards Nova.” Sawyer tried to laugh, but felt like it wasn’t coming out the way she wanted. “Gee thanks for killing the mood, V.” Sawyer thought to herself, putting on gloss to finish her look.
Veronica exhaled, putting all her stuff back in her makeup bag, smiling in the mirror to see if she was satisfied with her look. They both exited the room, walking into a bunch of hollers and cheers from the other three. “Now can we PLEASE go? I need a Malibu Sunset in my system.” Nova whined, leaning onto Anna’s shoulder. “Fine, fine. Just let me text Chuck ba-” Britt snatched the phone from Sawyer’s hand, “Not while girls night is happening you’re not.”
“Okay okay. No men…unless it’s a fine ass bartender.” Sawyer said slyly, starting to copy the mood of Nova. “Let’s get this party started baby!” Nova called out, the first one to dance her way out the door.
When they arrived at the bar they were immediately met with loud music and the smell of alcohol. “I’ve been waiting for this all night,” Britt yelled as she clapped her hands together, making them laugh. Veronica felt her phone vibrate in her clutch, she pulled her hand back trying to avoid checking it.
They ushered to a table in the back, Sawyer sat down thinking Veronica would have sat next to her; instead she sat in a chair on the way end of the table. She let out a huff of air, before rolling her eyes. Nova instead took the chair and picked up her menu. Sawyer looked around, stopping when she saw a pair of eyes already on her. She squinted trying to make out the face immediately realizing it was Wardlow. He smirked before lifting his glass and taking a long sip.
Sawyer slammed her hands down on the table making her way to the bar. Veronica raised a brow in confusion, but no one seemed to notice as they were all in their conversation. Her phone vibrated once again, making her look around at the table. She slowly pulled it out of her pocket and unlocked the screen.
Are you on your way here??
Did you forget!?
Where are you? :(
She started to type out a response and thought against it. Her stomach filled with guilt, she didn’t want to hear them make even more fun of her relationship. Britt looked at her friend in worry before grabbing a shot off the tray Sawyer brought back.
“I didn’t say these were for YOU!” Sawyer said in disgust as Britt flashed a smile, “You don’t need all of these. Plus, I’m paying!” Veronica laughed, feeling her phone buzz once again.
I’m going to search this whole city if you don’t respond in the next 10 minutes.
Veronica looked up to see if anyone noticed, and as expected- Britt was staring right at her. “Is that the Cleaner?” She asked with a grin. Her face flushed pink before nodding. Britt let out a groan, “Fine. You can go see him, BUT, you have to let him know to never interrupt a girl’s night ever again.” “THANK YOU. I’ll make it up to you next time.” Veronica rushed gathering her things and exiting the bar. “Where is she going? She didn’t even drink anything.” Anna wondered.
“I think we all know where she’s heading,” Nova said, making them all laugh - except Sawyer. “She’ll be back after she’s done.” Sawyer tried to explain. “I don’t think she’s coming back.” Britt replied, “That girl is HOOKED.”
Wardlow seemed to notice from where he was sitting something was wrong. Sawyer fidgeted more with her glass than actually drinking it, and that made him worry. She looked up and saw him staring at her, her hands fell to her sides as she began to walk over to him. “Why do you keep LOOKING AT ME?” Sawyer asked with suspicion.
Wardlow raised his hands up in defense, “You just seem a bit upset,” his hands trailed to her waist pulling her forward, “And I know part of that is from what happened at the gym last week, and I’m so sorry for that. Seeing Maxwell on you… it made me feel a certain way.”
“Jealous?” Sawyer rose her brows while smirking at him.
“Me? Jealous? In your dreams maybe.” he laughed while his hands lowered feeling around causing her to bite the inside of her mouth. “Why don’t we get out of here? I saw Veronica already-”
“I can’t. I don’t plan on drinking anymore tonight, and the girls need to get home safely,” She told him as he frowned. “I understand, just text me when you get back to the hotel, alright?” She smiled, “I will. Goodnight Michael.”
He let go of the fabric of her dress and buttoned his coat up, “Congratulations by the way. I’ll make sure you get a better celebration party soon.” He winked at her which sent a wave of heat through her whole body. He kissed her on the forehead before making his way out. She closed her eyes, letting everything process. She didn’t know what was happening with Veronica, but did she even care? Wardlow seemed to be more interested and he wasn’t even sitting with them. Nova came over to pull Sawyer with her, Britt, and Anna, and for the first time in a long time, she danced like nothing else was happening.
Tumblr media
well that as chapter 4 friends, hope you guys enjoyed. Be ready cause next is the date! @adriii-omega
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crazyfangirl25 · 13 hours ago
Bad Batch Episode 8 spoilers
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deleteddewewted · 15 hours ago
I have a request
Can we do a jealous Omega monoma x reader were someone is flirting or trying to take reader away from monoma.
You can do this if you want too and love your work keep it and drink water.
Aww thank you so much and thanks for the reminder!
Jealous Omega! Monoma
Tumblr media
Jealousy is an ugly thing that comes in the least opportune times, but it also makes for great stories to share with others.
Monoma has a jealousy streak in general, this was mostly seen anytime class A did anything that he felt undermined class B.
When it came to you and him in the other hand, it wasn't jealousy but doubt. He didn't feel like he was a good enough boyfriend and when it came to dynamics, not a very good omega.
It didn't matter how many times you reassured him that he was the perfect omega for you and just a perfect boyfriend in general, he always found something he wasn't happy with.
You never asked if he needed help with his heats, you just assumed he would ask you for help when he needed/felt ready to have you share his heat. He never asked you for help and it was because he thought you would be the one to ask. This made his insecurities worse.
The day all of this was challenged was when you both were out on a date at the fair. You asked if he wanted to go and he agreed saying that "Anything for my beloved, especially my alpha!" You rolled your eyes playfully, he'd been using your dynamic more and more these past few days, you guess he might be going into heat since he lets himself indulge to his omega.
He was holding on to your hand by intertwining your pinkies. He wasn't a huge PDA guy but he did enjoy being close to you and occasionally kissing you.
That didn't stop some random guy from coming up and talking to you.
Monoma was fine with you being with other people, he never wanted to make you feel like you had to be with him, but when he's nearing his heat he was a bit irritable. He was going to tell the person off or just leave and let you deal with this guy till he noticed the persons scent.
Another omega....oh boy
"So whats a beautiful alpha like you doing at a fair by your lonesome?" "Im here with my boyfriend, my omega actually." "Oh right, i don't see a bite mark on him. Stop joking around your free know, fuck around"
You made it clear you weren't interested and you could smell Monoma getting agitated. You turned to him and just grab his hand fully dragging him away from the other omega.
Monoma felt more relaxed after you took initiative and left with him. That didn't mean more problems didn't arise as the date went on.
Person after person continued to interrupt the date you both had planned and is was getting too Monoma.
You wore blockers in a daily and he asked you if you would let up a bit since he wanted you to scent his things for his nest. He now regretted asking you to do that because you always had a potent and attractive scent.
All of these people completely ignored the fact that you held hands, that you both had kissed multiple times thought the day.
His doubts started to come in and it wasn’t pretty.
He felt like the attention that everyone was giving you was what you craved. That an alpha like yourself deserved to be gushed over rather than tied to a pathetic omega like him.
His hormones were all over the place and he needed to calm down, he knows you wont leave him, he knows you love him, that he's your boyfriend.
Your omega
But he couldn't help but see red when some other omega came up to you and ended clinging to you, rubbing their nose to your neck.
They're trying to scent you
they want to smell like you
….and for you to smell like th-
Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to face Monoma.
None of them stood a chance against a pissed off omega, especially when that omega was Neito Monoma.
"Get off of whats mine! Thats my partner! My.Alpha!"
He comes up to the omega holding on to you who was cowering in fear. He yanks them off and grabs at you.
"Their mine! You're mine!"
He looked between the other people and you. He was looking at you for reassurance and comfort. He didn’t feel the best but he couldn’t stop, he was pissed.
He pulls at you and bites your neck, essentially mating you in a way.
He claimed you
You were his. That was hot.
In Monomas head he's having an entire meltdown because "Oh my fucking god, i just claimed my alpha! Should i've waited till we were older? Maybe they didn't want this?"
The other omega immediately left the two of you alone and so did everyone else. The two of you were alone again, his omega purring at the fact that he laid claim on you.
You on the other were raving at the fact that your boyfriend was now your omega and that he took initiative. If you weren't in a state of shock you would've clapped at his display. It wasn't like he never took initiative but this was a huge step when it came to PDA with you in public.
"Neito, sweetheart? Are you ok?" "Huh, y-yeah i'm great! I-im just y-you know..."
He was precious.
"Why did you do that? Im not mad or anything, i'm just curious." He hesitated in answering but you already knew that it was a mix of being close to his heat and jealousy from the attention you were getting from other omegas.
"Nei? Baby, come on~" "D-don't say that i-im not-" "My precious omega, what happened~?" You're grinning proudly at him. His face flushed from the teasing.
"Im not dealing with this, lets j-just go back-" "Nope! Let's go to the carousel. This date isn't over my omega." Monoma was crowning at you, he loved it when you called him yours.
The rest of the date went great. He was yours and you were his. He asked if you would bond with him, you said yes but when he wasn't in heat. You wanted him to be conscious and ready for bonding.
Monoma couldn't have asked for a better alpha other then you!
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anonymousstinkkat001 · 16 hours ago
Heyo! So I’m about that scenario I mentioned uh-
LJ has found a significant other and they decide they want to take their relationship to the next level. LJ explains that his ruts are pretty intense and he’s not sure if they can handle it. (Personally, because I’m female, I always imagine this with a female partner. But if writing this with they/them is more comfortable for you, by all means.) Partner really wants to ease him through to save him discomfort and pain, so they suggest a slow and sweet first time before his rut so that it isn’t as difficult for them to handle.
Also if you could add a blurb about them building a nest together to do this in, I would die and be in heaven
~lovely Anon
PS - I truly like your work, I hope you continue to be creative!
Heya, thank you as I always try to keep up with the creativity here for you all. As well, I enjoy these requests given since it's really interesting. Constructive criticism, advice and feedback is welcome. Ask box is always open
Due to not entirely being a human and more demon/inhuman, Laughing Jack's ruts are a little more stronger, uncontrollable even if not handled properly
Ruts often leave him more on edge then normal, a little irritable and at the worst, has been left in depressive episodes that can last throughout it
His preferred mate would possibly be the most calming, level headed and patient but have a wicked sense of humor to rival his own and keeps up an optimistic mindset
^ Someone who would be able to get through it with his ruts with him or just in general his bad times while helping him become a better person on his own
Only his Omega s/o and their scent would be the one to help comfort him whenever his tension during his rut becomes too much to bear
Their first ever time doing anything intimate especially in his rut was in the beginning awfully awkward and tense on Jack's end where he didn't want to accidentally hurt his s/o
^ But again his Omega s/o would calmly reassure him that they're fine, that's they're loving it so far and they will get through this rut together even if it's taken at a slow pace
His gentle, caring Omega no doubt in their mind will take the lead at a time like this with a reassuring calming aura
One-Shot Down Below: The Reader is gender-neutral here but it can be seem as they/them or she/her and is exactly written in mind to be in third person then the normal set up
After his tedious rut had settled down to a bearable pace where he can actually think without being stuck in a muddy state of mind, Lj looked towards his mate. His mate, an Omega much shorter than him dressed in vibrant colors who was helping make a nest for the both of them to relax in. The nest consisting of feathery soft clothes, blankets, and pillows was huge, much more than what a normal one would ever be just so that it can comfortably fit them. What made it all better was the sugary sweet scent that lingered thickly on just about everything which drew the monochrome clown in. Pale blue that was almost white eyes soon enough brhan to slowly scan his mate whole from top to bottom while the other returned back with a small smile.
"What do you think?" His mate's soft yet high pitched voice replies upon turning around to face him, plush full lips sparkling in glittery lip gloss that's permanently set in the grin. "Its almost done and then we can get in, cuddle all we want in it"
"It's perfect baby"
Eventually, the humongous nest was finished where the Omega carefully crawled in first into the middle as Jack stood back waiting for his turn. Wide, beautifully starry, pitch black eyes like the night sky looked over at the black-white Alpha and taking it as silent permission he immediately entered the comfy nest. His bony hands soon brushed through the thick, curly, dark brown hair with purple highlights that flopped over to cover the Omega's eye slightly as they tilted their head to the side. A thin, slender neck finally revealed itself bare yet with scents glands barely pulsating that the oblivious soul wouldn't pick up on however the Alpha did upon nuzzling deep into the warm, sunkissed brown flesh. Skinny, abnormally long arms slide around the smaller one's waist, face pulled in up close, near enough to smell the scent getting stronger luring him to ease up.
"Nice. I'm glad. Now c'mon, Jackie. Relax and get all cozied up with me"
Once finding them in the middle of the layered nest together, positioned with limbs entangled with one another, Jack heaves a muffled sigh as the tension leaves him.
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animeomegas · a day ago
I feel like some characters (mainly itachi) would get insecure of their bodies after giving birth, and then become embarrassed about it. Like, how can he feel this way when he has a healthy pup and a loving alpha? But still he can’t help but look in the mirror a certain way, and when his alpha notices...😳😏
How are you feeling monarch?
Content warning for discussion of body/weight related insecurities below and a few allusions to sex
Itachi’s insecurities about his body are actually a longer issue than just post-birth.
When he was still in the courting phase with his alpha, Itachi started to look at his body differently for the first time. He was a weapon, a shinobi of the leaf, and as long as he could carry out his duties, aesthetics didn’t matter. But now he was also a lover, physically and emotionally. So, when he looked in the mirror and saw sharp, protruding hips bones and the outline of all of his ribs, it didn’t make his feel very attractive.
He tried to put on a little weight, not just for his alpha but also for himself. It wasn’t healthy for him to be so underweight after all, but then he just couldn’t. Between missions with too few rations, the stress from his life and the many commitments stemming from his role a clan heir, there was no time for a consistent eating schedule, even if he did try.
But it was fine… once he was able to retire, he could focus on it properly.
He retired as soon as he found out he was pregnant, excited to finally be able to relax enough that maybe he could put on a little weight, and according to some of the other omegas he’d spoken to, pregnancy should help him with that significantly.
But then Itachi gets sick, really sick.
His body doesn’t handle the pregnancy well at all. He can’t keep food down, he can’t stand up unassisted on his worst days, he’s exhausted all the time and does little other than sleep. He’s dangerously underweight, more than he has ever been in his life. He feels like he’s wasting away, but for his pup, it’s more than worth it. Itachi just hopes he’s around long enough to see his pup. The mednin aren’t exactly subtle in their concern about his health and the way his alpha holds him extra tightly at night suggests that they have the same worries.
But he pulls through in the end, even if he’s now sicklier and more underweight than ever (although it’s certainly debatable whether the weight loss was in the traditional sense or simply a result of all the blood he’d lost during labour.)
One day, when he draws enough strength to hobble over to the mirror, he’s unsurprised to find that he still doesn’t like what he sees in the mirror. He’s even smaller now, but this time with stretch marks and loose skin, a swollen and tender chest, and his whole downstairs area will never be the same.
And he hates himself so much for getting caught up over something so insignificant. He’s retired finally, he has a mate he could only dream of, a pup whom he loves more than anything else in the world… He shouldn’t be thinking like this. Itachi is the opposite of a shallow person, so he is disgusted with himself for thinking like this and he guilts himself constantly about it.
Until eventually, his alpha catches him staring at himself in the mirror. They don’t know the whole story, but they see enough to figure out the crux of the problem. They slip behind him, wrapping their arms around Itachi’s tummy, ignoring the way he tenses and rubbing little comforting circles onto his skin. They don’t point out his insecurities directly, but they make it known how much they love him, regardless and because of how he looks. They want him to be healthy and happy, but that’s all. It doesn’t fix everything for Itachi straight away of course, but it does make Itachi feel warm and content in himself, if only for a moment, so it’s a start.
(And while the mednin specifically forbid any penetrative intercourse for another few months, there are definitely other methods to show Itachi how much he’s loved 😉)
(I’m feeling great, thank you for asking <3 I got a new phone today which was desperately needed, so super happy about that! And I got to go the pub with my friends yesterday for the first time since march last year which was very exciting haha. How are you, @queenondeezmatatas?)
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imaginedreamwrite · a day ago
Ransom being territorial over Reader while also still feeling like this whole this is a mistake
Tumblr media
Reader being confused by his reaction and also hangry because reader was promised food
Tumblr media
Ransom then spending the next coming days avoiding reader
Tumblr media
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mallr4ts · a day ago
How the Batch shows interest in you, and what Omega does to help (Gender-neutral reader!)
Tumblr media
Hunter knows how to somewhat control his emotions and feelings, and can prevent his crush on you from taking the wheel and turning him into an embarrassing mess.
But despite his ability to remain cool and calm, it's still obvious that he has a thing for you.
Hunter automatically clings to you; he'll always be sitting/standing beside you, he'll find an excuse to playfully touch your arm, he turns his focus to you first out of everyone else.
If anything, you'll be the one doubting yourself because, well, this is Hunter after all, and who wouldn't get flustered around him? If you shy away from his advances then he'll back off, worried that you're not interested, and you'll need to make the next move to re-kindle things.
Hunter wants to know if you're truly into him, and he has the confidence to do so. He'll become more flirty, sending compliments and glances your way, and might even find some time to pull you aside and ask if things will go further.
Wrecker just wants to be around you 24/7. You make him so happy, and he wants to try and give you the same in return.
He'll constantly be cracking jokes, showing you cool things, maybe lift heavy items here and there in an attempt to impress you.
You'll receive compliments galore, but not an excessive amount. Wrecker will ensure that you know you're good-looking, that you look like you slept well, that your outfit looks nice, and so on, but he knows when enough is enough.
However, Wrecker is easily flustered and stumbles all over his words whenever you reciprocate his compliments; his cheeks will turn vibrant red, he'll struggle to maintain eye contact, and he'll often rub the back of his neck.
His crush on you is painfully obvious, and both you and him will be teased about it by certain members of the batch (Crosshair and Omega.)
At first, Echo might avoid you. He was forbidden from relationships when he followed the Jedi, but now that he's in an independent group, he's able to slowly become curious about his feelings, and explore them.
Echo will shy up and that's due to his lack of experience. He has a lot of self-confidence issues, especially physical ones, and he can't wrap his head around the odd idea that you might actually like him back.
You'll need to make the first move. Send him a few compliments and flirty glances, and then, if he still doesn't understand that you're interested, then a Batch member will pull him aside and point out the obvious.
Echo's never really flirted before, so expect a lot of stuttering and pauses. It'll go on like that for a while - you flirting, and Echo attempting to flirt back.
Until one day it finally sinks in that you really do like him, and then he'll suddenly pull you aside to admit his feelings, and ask you to date him before he "makes a fool of himself."
Tech has a hard time reading other peoples emotions and social queues, so he doesn't realize that you're interested in him until a Batch member pulls him aside and informs him.
Poor Tech didn't even realize he was flirting back until that same Batch member pointed that out also. Tech always assumed that you were simply interested in his mind full of information, and not that you were only listening to him ramble because you fancy him.
To make things worse, now that Tech knows you're into him, he suddenly doesn't know how to function, nor flirt. He'll attempt to compliment you here and there, but he now has this overwhelming fear that he'll drive you away.
He'll probably pull some strings and create an opportunity to be alone with you, which is when he'll confess that he has a soft spot for you, and that you make his mind so hazy that he can no longer think straight.
Give that poor man a kiss and watch how quickly his goggles fog up.
Crosshair's style of flirting can be summed up in two words: Playful bullying.
He picks on you all the time, but there's always a light, flirtatious, teasing tone to it. It's painfully obvious that he's flirting, mostly because Crosshair never follows up an insult with a compliment.
That being said, he can still be considered distant. Crosshair likes his 'me time,' and he sets that boundary from the very start. If you're clingy, then things will quickly turn sour; he needs someone who can still give him his independence.
He's always asking to have a shooting contest with you, which is his excuse to get you alone. Then he can really lay the flirting on thick as he shows off in front of you.
If your tone matches his, then he'll snatch you up then and there. Be prepared to deal with a lot of jealousy, as Crosshair wants every inch of you all to himself, along with a lot of rushed make out sessions during the heat of battle.
What Omega does to help
Hunter - Omega's a smart kid who quickly notices the way that you're looking at her dad, and because she likes you, she decides to do something about it. This child has the nerve to literally take matters into her own hands by grabbing Hunter's hand, then grabbing yours, and physically putting your hands together as she goes "that looks about right." She then leaves you two to it, hand in hand, both as flustered as each other. Maybe it's time for a talk? Wrecker - Since Wrecker is easily flustered, she gives him pointers on how he can approach you more confidently. Omega will hype Wrecker up to talk to you, followed by pointing out a few conversation starters and things he can compliment you on. If Wrecker's eyes keep trailing off into the distance as he speaks to you, then don't turn around - Omega is in the background cheering him on and pointing out what to talk about next. Echo - Echo needs hyping up, and Omega is there to help. He has no problem admitting to Omega that he likes you, and explains why he hasn't made a move yet. Omega looks like she's about to cry when Echo expresses his self-doubt, but she quickly buckles down and begins lecturing her brother on all his strong points, and why you two are perfect for each other. She won't take no for an answer, and gives Echo that push that he needs to approach you. Tech - Omega tries to talk to Tech about his blatant crush, wanting to help, but he brushes her off. She tries a few times, and is eventually met with "I highly doubt they'd ever reciprocate my feelings, so let's leave it at that." So, with that doubt in mind, Omega straight-up approaches you and asks "do you fancy Tech?" and when you reply yes, she goes back and tells him. Omega is met with a very embarrassed Tech who wants to tell her off for getting involved, but he thanks her, as now he no longer doubts himself and can begin making a move. Crosshair - Despite the flirting going both ways, Crosshair still wants to ensure that you're interested in him. He offers Omega two credits to go and find out if you're actually into him, and pays her when she reports back saying yes. He then offers her another two credits to find out what things you like, and goes with Omega into a nearby town to pick up a present for you. Cue Omega and Crosshair bonding over which treats you'll like the most.
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clonewarslover55 · a day ago
I feel like there’s not enough kal fics, so any fic about him would be great. He and the reader spending a day together maybe?
Spending the day with Kal Skirata
Kal X Reader //Fluff//
Absolutely!!! I loved this request. Kal definitely deserves more content. He was the first DILF to appear in the repcomm books after all……
Notes: May contain spoilers for the final Repcomm novels! So beware! Also I’m making an established relationship where kal and the reader have been together for a while; so Kal’s sons see the reader as their other parent
(Also in a universe where Kal and Darman don’t hate one another because Kal told Darman about Etain being pregnant. So Omega Squad is there and OKAY!!)
Warnings: Established relationship, reader is gender neutral, Kal and his kids are Mando’a but it isn’t specified if reader is; so it’s up to you
Kal was always an early riser, some days he was even up before the sun. Like today. He stood outside of Kyrimorut, watching as the sun of Mandalore rose. You smiled as you walked up behind him.
You knew Kal heard you coming, he just didn’t say anything. You hugged him from behind, resting your head on his shoulder. “Good morning Cyar’ika.” He spoke quietly, his voice a soft rumble.
You hummed a reply, pressing a kiss to his slightly scruffy five o’clock shadow. Both of you stood there in silence as the sun rose, the golden glow coating the land surrounding Kyrimorut.
“You know….” Kal spoke, looking at you from the corner of his striking blue eyes. “We haven’t had a day to ourselves in ages.” You grinned at his words, he was right. “You’re right!”
He turned around, his hands now on your hips. “I love our boys…...But let's go do something. Without them for once.” You laughed at his words, nodding in agreement. “Of course! We’ll have to make it up to them later though….We know they’ll get mad.” Kal only huffed at that.
You leaned back into his touch, resting your head on his shoulder once again. He gently swayed both of you back and forth, humming in your ear. “We should go to that small hole in a wall diner in town….” You muttered, “The one with the really good food.” Kal nodded, his stomach grumbling on que.
“Then what, my Cyare?” You shrugged, “Lets wing it and find out?” Kal smiled at that, he loved the sound of that.
*Keldabe, a few hours later*
After some killer breakfast you went for a stroll in the market area with your Mandalorian lover. You picked up some essentials you needed back at the big house along the way of course.
“We should get the boys some sweets while we’re here.” Kal sighed at your words, “You spoil them.” You busted out laughing, “And you don’t?!” You began laughing harder, Kal glaring daggers at you.
“Ah shut up. Give an old man some sympathy, Cyare!” You continued to laugh, Kal holding your arm in his. He was holding you up at this point, your laughing fit coming to a stop.
“Okay okay.” You grinned at Kal, “I’m done. Sorry.” Kal only rolled his eyes, snorting. You grinned, pressing a kiss to his cheek. Kal couldn’t keep the frown on his face after the kiss.
“Come on ‘old man!’ We got some shopping to do!” Kal shook his head at your words, a grin still pulling at his lips. You grinned back at him, leading the way through the crowd.
*Kyrimorut, a few hours later.*
You and Kal dropped the two large bags of sweets off in the kitchen before heading outside once again. You two decided to take a walk in the forest that surrounded Kyrimorut; Kal, of course, armed just in case.
You two were lucky to get outside into the woods without a certain Strill following.
As you walked your hands were intertwined, Kal’s rough calloused hand bringing you comfort. Oh how you loved your old Mando…..You and Kal talked the whole way, mainly about your large family. Like how Kad was growing up so fast and how you two were expecting a new grandchild or two.
Right before the sun set you two made your way back to the house so you could watch the sunset in the same place as the sunrise. It was your ritual with Kal, watching the sunrise and sunset in the same place.
He sat down on the grass, you between his legs with your back against his broad chest. “What a great day.” Kal pressed a kiss to the top of your head, “Yeah.”
Once nightfall came you two went inside, greeted by a room full of clones. All of your sons sat there, Darman was even there with Kad in his lap.
Corr was the first out of the group of sons to speak. “In thanks for the sweets I-” He yelped when Prudii and Niner slapped the back of his head, “I mean WE made dinner for you two love birds!”
You and Kal grinned widely. “Thank you boys!” You spoke, pulling the closest one in for a hug. The others quickly joined, wrapping Kal and yourself in one giant clone group hug.
You couldn’t ask for a better way to finish an incredible day.
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sofreddie · a day ago
A Happy Accident (2/2)
Tumblr media
Summary: She intended to leave - leave behind the Bunker and her pack. Now, she wasn't so sure she could.
Characters: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader
Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics, Heavy Angst, Fluff, Smut (Unprotected Sex, Knotting, Claiming/Marking)
Word Count: 1,667
A/N: For @spnabobingo square FLUFF. Okay, so, hear me out. I had to think on this for a couple days because there were several different directions my mind wanted to take this. I finally settled on one, and yes there is heavy angst. Lots of feels. I mean it. BUT - in the end, I feel like it earned it's square. : ) Also, Sam's just...somewhere that's not there, okay? LOL. Feedback is appreciated!
Tumblr media
Y/N sat in her car, her hands clutching the steering wheel as she stared off into nothing. She could barely move, barely think. She turned her head, looking at the passenger seat where a hastily packed duffle sat along with the cellphone she had tossed aside who knows how long before.
She intended to leave - leave behind the Bunker and her pack.
After her encounter with Dean, she woke to find him gone. When she did manage to find him, he acted as he always did. Like the connection they shared never happened.
As the days passed by, she was in turmoil. Her head and heart constantly flipping between rejection and anger. Maybe it was all in her head. By the time a week had passed, she had felt like she caught the crazies. She was overly emotional, her thoughts driving her mad. The concerned gazes from the brothers didn't go unnoticed either.
She made an appointment to see a doctor, thinking maybe she was having an imbalance. She did have a heat, while on suppressants, and she had never been with an Alpha before. Maybe all of that combined would explain why she felt so discombobulated.
The doctor told her to quit the suppressants. Either they were no longer effective or she found a highly compatible mate and the suppressants would no longer work. She tried not to think about the latter. The doctor wanted to run a few tests to make sure there were no other issues. So she got a motel room, waiting for the results.
Then, she would leave, start a new life somewhere else, maybe find an Alpha who wanted her.
Now, she wasn't so sure she could.
Tumblr media
Y/N parked her car in the Bunker's garage, forcing herself out of it, leaving all her belongings inside in case she still needed to leave. But she had to talk to Dean first. Not knowing, not trying, would leave her with a bigger regret than leaving ever could.
As she made her way through the halls, her trepidation changed to concern. Her nose crinkled with the scent of distressed and depressed Alpha. She followed the scent, regardless of how it made her stomach churn, stopping in surprise in front of her own door.
Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she stilled her nerves, opening the door, releasing it to swing wide of its own accord. Her eyes widened, the wall of scent strong as it smashed into her.
Dean was sat on her bed, clutching at the bedding, inhaling deeply between heart-shattering sobs. As the door swung open, his head shot up, the sobs changing to hiccups as his eyes landed on the Omega.
In a flash he was on his feet, rushing towards her and dropping to his knees, his arms wrapped tightly around her hips, clutching her like a lifeline.
"I'm so sorry," Dean cried, his head pressed against her belly, "Please don't leave, please," he sniffled, looking up at her with red-rimmed eyes, "I'll do whatever you want, Y/N, please," he begged, sobbing once more.
She'd never seen him so broken, so openly vulnerable. She was shocked to her core and her heart clenched painfully as she realized it was her fault.
"Dean," she ran her hands over his head soothingly. He leaned into her touch, his tears calming. She began to lose herself in him before she remembered why she came back, and why she was leaving in the first place, "Dean, we need to talk," she insisted.
"Okay," he responded so quietly she barely heard. He rose to his feet, wiping at his face and keeping his eyes trained anywhere but on her.
She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, "I just need to know," she looked at him and he slightly lifted his head to meet her eyes, "Why didn't you claim me?"
His head shot up, his eyes wide as he looked at her, "Is that why you left?" he asked as he approached her, his hands reaching for her, "I'll claim you if that's what you want," he promised, his hands finding her sides but holding his body apart from hers.
She shook her head, trying to fight what that promise was doing to her, "I need to know why you didn't then, and why you acted like it never happened," she demanded, a little harshly.
Dean flinched at her words. He took several deep breaths to ground himself, his brow furrowing as his eyes trailed over her, "I'm not a good Alpha," he responded distractedly.
"You are," she insisted. Dean pulled himself closer to her, his eyes still wandering, "What is going on with you?" her tone concerned at his increasingly odd behavior.
"Something's off," he muttered, his eyes finally landing on her neck. He slowly leaned his head down to scent her and she allowed it, swallowing hard.
"Pie," he hummed to himself, "Pie baking in the cabin," he groaned, inhaling deeply. He pulled back, searching her eyes, "That wasn't there before."
"That's why I came back," she admitted, feeling like her throat was closing from fear. She closed her eyes and shook her head, Dean uttering her name to draw her attention to him once more.
"What it is?" he urged, now holding her so close and tender. Her Omega was thrilled and soothed, her heart racing.
"I'm with pup, Dean," she whispered, taking his hand and holding it over her belly, "I couldn't leave without telling you."
"I have a pup," he finally breathed out, somewhere between a question and a statement. In a flash he had scooped her into his arms, carrying her off to his room, letting her down once the door was locked behind them.
Dean cupped her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. She could smell and feel all of his emotions as he laid himself bare for her to read. She swooned under his attention, falling under his hypnotic spell.
"Dean," she stopped him, the last dregs of her rational mind kicking in. She looked at him, trying to find the words to express herself without hurting him further.
"Gonna claim you," he promised as he pulled from her enough to quickly remove all his clothing, letting her watch his reveal, "Wanted to make you mine for the longest time, Y/N," he started in on her clothes and she helped, the two of them bare and exposed in many ways.
"Wanted you too, Alpha, so long."
Dean took her into his strong arms, her legs wrapping around his waist. He crawled onto the bed, lowering them down gently, pressing their bodies together.
"Is it safe?" Dean asked as he splayed a large hand over her belly, "To claim you, with the pup?" He was so gentle and so concerned it melted her heart.
"Yes, Alpha, it's safe," she promised. She shifted to present but Dean stopped her, instead laying them on their sides in a spooning position. He wrapped one arm under her head, the other lifting her leg over his hip, opening her up to him.
She gasped as Dean slowly worked himself into her tight channel, finally settling at the hilt. His knot already throbbed, every part of him eager to make the Omega his, to become hers.
He kissed her neck over his chosen spot, letting her adjust to him. When she shifted her hips back against him, he knew she was ready. He began with long strokes, pulling nearly completely out before thrusting back in glacially, allowing them to feel and enjoy each other.
"I love you, Y/N," he breathed against her skin, his mouth and hands roaming wherever they could reach, stimulating and satisfying her in every way possible, "Wanna keep you full of pups. Can't wait to build a nest with you."
Y/N gasped out his title, clinging to him, the slow build and his spoken words making her desperate for it, for him, for everything.
"Yes, Alpha!" Y/N shouted, thrusting back against him. Dean increased his pace, the sounds of skin slapping, the desperate moans and grunts from the Omega swelling his Alpha with pride. He didn't think he was a good enough Alpha for her, but he was prepared to try with all he had.
"Gonna knot you, Omega," Dean warned, increasing his pace further, driving them both towards their climax, "Gonna claim you, Y/N," he warned again, scraping his teeth over her gland.
At the feel of his teeth, she came, clenching like a vice around his cock. Dean shouted, his knot popping and locking him in place as his cum flooded her pulsing core.
He lowered his head, opening his mouth wide and biting down hard, his teeth sinking deep and breaking the flesh. The taste of her filled his mouth, a groan vibrating as more cum shot forth in response.
When he finally pulled away, he examined the mark. It was swollen, angry, the wounds fresh and seeping. He lapped at his claim, letting his instincts guide him, repeating the cycle until he was satisfied and the mark was no longer bleeding.
"Baby, you alright?" he checked, leaning over her shoulder to see her face, his hand rubbing over her belly soothingly.
"I'm perfect, Alpha," she cooed, turning her head to smile at him, "I love you too, you know?"
"I'm so sorry for before, Y/N. I never meant to hurt you. I didn't want to claim you in your heat and have you regret it, being tied to an Alpha like me."
Y/N's smiled faded. She shifted her hips, feeling his knot go down enough for her to separate, rolling over to face him.
"You are a good Alpha, Dean," she cupped his jaw, holding his attention, "The best."
He wasn't sure how to respond, understanding she felt that way but not believing it himself. So he kissed her until they were breathless, promising himself to be the Alpha she -and their pup- deserved.
Tumblr media
Dean Winchester:
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deleteddewewted · 2 days ago
Don’t know how you'll will react to this but here we go.
Omega! Monoma Headcanons
because why not. Maybe i'll do one were he's an alpha but is super submissive....idk its just a suggestion.
Tumblr media
He smells like fresh air with combination of something sweet, like honey and fruit. Nothing overwhelming just a comforting smell.
That sweet smell becomes overwhelming when he enters his "maniac state" of acting, everyone feels dizzy because of his scent. This is why Kendo hits him so much, no way is she going to suffer because of him and his scent.
When you showed up to UA as the new transfer student (great another one) he already planned on ignoring you. He was a nosey person but even then you didn’t catch his eye…is what he said to himself, you know, like a liar. (yes, this is a reference to John Mulaney)
Once he laid his eyes on you, he was a goner.
It did bother him that he couldn’t smell you though. He wanted to know what you present as but you made that difficult by smothering your scent away with the blockers.
He straightaway strikes a conversation with you and took notice how you would reply short or quick, almost like you didn’t want to talk.
The more time went on the more his inner omega would beg him to just go up to you and claim you. He wanted to grab you and just rub his scent gland all over you.
He wants you as his.
He wants to be yours.
He wants to have your pups.
This feeling didn’t improve at all when others started to take a liking to you. Everyone wanted something with you which caused him to think more territorially.
He decided that courting you was the best choice. Unfortunately this backfired on him.
You didn’t pick up that the lunch he bought for you was courting, nor the fact he bought an article of clothing you mentioned liking and just took it without paying attention to his scent clinging to it.
Everything he did went unnoticed and it pissed him off because he wanted you to court him back, to accept him.
“Maybe they're traditional? Yeah, that would explain it. Maybe they're an omega and don’t want to be with another omega???” Monoma would pace around his room as Kendo plugged her nose so she didn’t have to smell the rooting sweetness coming off of him.
He couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to know if you were rejecting and just being nice about or just weren’t aware.
He went to you during lunch and walked you towards a secluded hallway were you both wouldn’t be interrupt.
“Y/n, I need to ask you something important.” You blinked at him because what the hell? Why would as he so “😐” right now?
“Alright?” “Great! Areyouanomega?” Again, you just blinked at him. “No”
You just "no’d" him and didn’t elaborate, god he had it bad.
“Then what do you present as?” “I’m an Alpha.” 🙎🏼‍♂️
*Silent judgement*
“Well…you're a dense.” “Thanks 😒”
You honestly planned on walking away because he was being kind of rude but his hand on your wrist wouldn't let you leave.
"I-i uh, i want- ummm." "What do you want Monoma?" "I umm, i want to court you. I want you as my alpha!" Monoma didn't mean to shout that last part but he couldn't back track anymore. He wanted you as his and he wanted to be yours.
"Can you please say something? You not saying anything is freaking me out!" "Monoma, why do you want to court me? Im flattered but what are the reasons for your intentions?" "Cause i love you and i want to be with you, I want that once we're both pro heroes we can have...pups- and whatnot." "Awww, you want to have my kids?" "Shut up!"
Monoma is a disaster omega but you wouldn't ask fro anything different.
Completely unrelated to this headcanon but in my head Kendo's an alpha and she goes by she/they. The reason for this is because in the on of the non canon books, Kendo mentions not being able to aline herself with societies ideas/expectations of gender and roles. I also say that she's an alpha for the sense that i want to have her and Tetsutetsu be an alpha power couple cause they're such a cute ship!
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 days ago
(Future) Moonflower
Summary: 17 years on Earth. 17 on the train. As an alpha who was forced to make his life on the tail section, he hadn’t seen an omega in over 19 years. The actions that led to the earth being frozen had two years earlier, wiped the omega’s from the earth.
He hadn’t seen an omega in over 19 years, until one is found on the tail section. One omega who had managed to hide in plain sight for 21 years, an omega who until recently, had been hiding by disguising their scent with the clothing of their alpha and beta father and brother.
But your brother and father are gone and you are exposed. You are the first omega to present in over 19 years, and the entire train will soon know about it.
The tail section is no place for an omega but the neither is the front. A claim has to be made before the omega is taken and forced into a place of sexual servitude. Curtis still wants to take over the front and he will, but he needs to be cautious.
He has been urged to take the claim, he is the healthiest, the strongest alpha in the tail section and the only one who can protect the omega as you should be.
From the moment he catches your scent, something long since forgotten, you have and will become his future whether it be in the tail section or the front. You are his hope; his moon flower.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fanficsonthebrain · 2 days ago
Alpha!Bucky x Reader
all Alpha!Bucky fics I’ve reblogged and recommended!
Tumblr media
*Intentional by buckycuddlebuddy
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imaginedreamwrite · 3 days ago
Alpha, May I?
Part four
** **
Ransom Drysdale was an alpha who would not settle. Ransom Drysdale was an alpha who used omega’s like disposable playthings because what else was there? A loveless relationship between alpha and omega that would end in one cheating on the other?
A few kids being popped out only to be regarded as troubled little snots later by their father? By their mother?
It wasn’t like he was unaware that his entire family thought he was a pariah. It wasn’t like he was oblivious and ignorant to his whole family, ironically, thinking that he was the black sheep.
Joni stole $400,000 from his grandad.
His uncle was raising a little nazi while pretending like he had a perfect family when in actuality, he was screwing beta whore’s in the cheap motel on the edge of town.
His father was cheating on his mother with multiple women.
Meg was a weed addict.
Donna was an uptight bitch whose nerves were fried from her paranoia.
But Ransom was the black sheep.
But it was Ransom who was the ultimate disappointment.
Why should he have cared about screwing different omega’s and tossing them aside? Why should he care about giving them brief hope?
Why should he want to settle down, mate and mark one omega? Commit to monogamy?
What good would that do?
Relationships like that were piss poor.
His grandad sensed a hole in him, a deeply rooted wound in his heart that was being pulled further apart, leaving him colder than he should’ve been.
His father was a cheater. His mother was a chain smoker and was so oblivious to it all.
His uncle was a pervert. His cousins were nazis and weed addicts. His aunt was a thief.
He had never been shown the proper way to love, the appropriate way to receive and give love.
He had been shown toxic and poisonous relationships that bled and sucked you dry.
Ransom didn’t want to do this.
He didn’t want to be with an omega who was strong-willed. He didn’t want to be with an omega who would eventually depend on him for protection and security.
He would only break you.
He would only destroy that fire, that bright addictive flame that made you stand out as a beacon of something good.
Like the rest of his family had done to him, Ransom would destroy you.
It was inevitable.
Everything good in his family eventually turned to ash and crumbled into destruction.
Nothing ‘good’ and ‘pure’ stayed with the Thrombey/Drysdale's. Everything eventually gave way; everything collapsed.
** **
His Beemer wasn’t there when you arrived, which brought you a sense of relief, as well as a sliver of disquietude. It was a matter of time before he came, before you and Ransom Drysdale would be sharing part of the same spaces, forced to date and commingle to appease Harlan, to secure an inheritance and to keep a promise to an old friend.
When you stepped in through the door of the mansion, you could make out the soft and sweet-sounding melody playing on one of the many record players in the estate, the sweet, crooning voice belonging to one of Harlan’s favourite old-timey singers.
You were generally alone, with very few other bodies there with you, other than the cooks, the housekeepers and the relief nurse. You were given a few days off to prepare, to move whatever you wished to bring with you. You didn’t have much you wanted to get, to pack, to hold on to.
You kept your photo albums and the few first edition books Harlan got you for your birthday a few years ago. You kept the last remnants you had of your mother, a necklace that’d been passed down from her grandmother to your grandmother to you to your mother.
You didn’t know where your father was buried, as he had abandoned your mother and yourself when you were 4. He died when you were 18, and you’d only been informed by an obituary that arrived in the mail.
Your mom died later that year, an omega who lived a short life without an alpha. She was the prince’s example of what an omega without a good alpha would fall into.
Sickness, broken-heartedness and death.
Everything else in your apartment you decided to sell and use to pay off your student loans, or at least make a dent in them. When you were left with clothes, memorabilia and heirlooms that would mean nothing to anyone else, you were ready to face your fate.
“Good morning, Mrs. Thrombey.” You greet Harlan’s mother with a kind word and an even kinder smile. “How are you feeling today?”
She was nearly deaf and was hard of sight, though she saw more than others realized. She was an older woman, and her age is what most of the family noticed. They had no idea that despite her age and her battle with her mind showing signs of potential starting to slip, Wanetta was still observant. She was still able to hold conversations; only most didn’t want to.
“She’s had her morning pills,” the relief nurse slipped by her, squeezing her shoulder lightly.
“I didn’t bring you flowers today, Mrs. Thrombey.” You adjusted the scarf around her neck and straightened the blanket on her lap. “I’m moving in today.”
“So is the devil,” the relief nurse mumbled.
“Ransom isn’t here yet.” You gave the nurse some ease before you slipped past them both to head to the kitchen.
“Those little snakes,” one of the cooks hissed as he slapped a big chunk of meat on the butcher block and slammed his butcher’s knife into the heart, “they’ve been back here every night at the same time to bother everyone who works here.”
“Really?” You reached for your usual coffee mug and poured yourself a cup, inhaling the robust and delicious scent of Columbia’s coffee.
“Trying to get to Hugh.” The cook rolled his eyes. “And you.”
“Of course,” you rolled your eyes as he had, and lift the edge of the cup to your bottom lip and blew lightly on the dark brew inside, “hyena’s.”
“Donna threatened to have the whole staff fired-“
“No one is losing their job,” you lowered the mug and frowned, your eyebrows furrowed, “Donna Thrombey doesn’t have the authority to fire anyone.”
“You do,” the cook raised his knife but not in a threatening manner, “and the entitled prick.”
“The entitled prick only has the authority if he complies,” you sipped on your coffee, the liquid gold delightful as it hit you almost immediately, “and I have my doubts.”
“We all do,” the cook kept up his task of cutting the meat, tossing it into a large stockpot when they were cut small enough.
“You don’t have to cook for me,” you leaned against the kitchen cupboards, “I can cook for myself. Ransom can eat dirt.”
The cook raised his head and locked eyes with you before lowering his head once again. He didn’t say anything, and the only sound in the kitchen was the sound of the knife hitting the butcher's block and the ticking of the clock on the wall.
“We’re relieved it’s all going to you, Y/N.” he finally spoke. “They don’t deserve a cent. They’re nothing but a bunch of assholes and bitches.”
You opened your mouth to speak, only to snap it shut when you heard the familiar rumble of the Beemer’s engines as it drew closer to the house. With a heavy sigh, you set your cup down and strolled through the kitchen to the front door, managing to stand just off to the left of it and out of the way as it slammed open.
Ransom stalked in, a light blue sweater and dark-fitting jeans replacing the Burberry coat and stupid scarf. His hair wasn’t slicked back as usual but was still styled messily.
“What is that smell?” He sneered, his eyes zeroing in on you. “May flowers?”
“May flowers?” You attempted to keep your cool as mere glimmers of your scent were detectable through your suppressants. “Where the hell did you get May flowers from..?”
Ransom’s eyes narrowed, and he leaned in, dangerously close to you. You didn’t step back; you didn’t look away from him. His blue eyes were scrutinizing your frame as he caught another small glimmer of your scent. His nostrils flared, and for a moment, his eyes flashed, some primordial alpha reaction to a smell he didn’t find revolting.
“Get away from me.” You snapped and pushed him back. “Personal space is wanted.”
He stepped away, the moment over and replaced with hatred. He turned his nose up at you and your scent, and you were hit with the sudden desire you smack him across the back of the head.
“Stay out of my way.” He pushed past you for the stairs. “I’m taking the big bedroom, by the way.”
“Of course, your majesty,” you growled, “you need somewhere to fit all that overcompensation.”
“Overcompensation?” He gripped the railing with enough strength to nearly crack the wood.
“Oh, I’m sorry, is there another explanation for why your only personality trait is your arrogance?” You bared your teeth.
“You little bitch-“ he stomped down a step, his eyes flashing again and his nostrils flaring, but his anger was fuelled by something else and not your attitude.
The wood cracked under his grip, his jaw clenched and his body rigid. He looked as if he was in pain as if he was being tortured by something unseen. And then, as quickly as it hit him, it was gone.
Vanishing like smoke through fingers.
“You’re so classy. It’s no wonder you’re still single into your ‘30’s.” You stepped backward, facing him as you moved. “Because I don’t know what omega wouldn’t want to be looped in with you. Entitled trust fund prick.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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taurus-h0e · 3 days ago
Alpha Aizawa x Fem!Omega Reader
A/N: Here you go my lovely Aizawa Simps 😊💕
Tumblr media
Most people think Aizawa is a Beta or even an Omega at first, because of how laid back he is.
But when you went into hero-mode it was very clear that he’s an Alpha.
You two most likely met during his U.A. years.
You were in the same class, sitting across the room from one another.
People immediately knew you were an Omega and put you down for you, thinking that you were just a tiny Omega who didn’t know the first thing about being a hero.
It was after school one afternoon when the two of you first spoke to each other for the first time.
Two alpha boys from class 3-A were following you, throwing misogynistic lines at you like;
“Are you sure you should be a Hero, Omega?”
“Omegas are to submissive to be a Hero after all.”
“Why don’t you go home and learn how to be a cute Omega-housewife?”
Aizawa had walked out of the school when saw this interaction going on.
And the sour scent coming from you really bothered both him and his inner-Alpha.
“You know, if the Omega is here then she obviously has the strength and smarts to be here. She earned her place in this school fair and square, just like you did.”
“Stay out of this Beta.” One of them spat at him.
Aizawa glared at them, letting out a warning growl. The two Alpha’s blinked slightly, running off when he snapped at them.
You stared at him with wide eyes when he looked at you.
“You alright Omega?”
You nodded, letting out a tiny sniffle.
“Th-Thank you, Aizawa.”
“Anytime... um, what’s your name again?”
“Oh! (L/N) (F/N)! It’s nice to meet you!”
He stared at you for a bit before walking off.
When he noticed you were just standing there, he turned to you, raising a brow.
“Are you coming (L/N)?”
“Uh, yeah! But where exactly are we going exactly?”
“Your house, I’m walking you home.”
“I can take care of myself you know!”
“I don’t doubt that,” he started, “but I’m afraid my Alpha won’t leave me alone unless I make sure you get home safely.”
Ever since that day, Aizawa had become slightly overprotective over you.
He knew you could take care of yourself of course, but he just couldn’t help but feel slightly protective of you.
His Alpha didn’t like it when you sweet scent turned to a wet dog scent.
Sometimes you guys would train and study together.
It wasn’t until one night at 3 a.m. did he realize he had romantic feelings for you.
Not sure how do go about these feelings, he went to one of his most dumb trusted friends, Hizashi Yamada.
“You like (L/N)? Right on man!” He said, taking a break from his game. “Now, to win a righteous Omega dudette like her, you need some sort of courting gift.”
“Ok, so what should I get her?”
“No bro, it has to be hand-made.”
“Of course it does.”
Despite his complaining, he stayed up all night making you a courting bracelet.
He even wrote you a short letter to go with it.
And the next day, he approached you at his locker, handing you the bracelet and letter.
You stared at it for a minute before taking it, reading the letter. You then smiled, looking at him.
“Of course I’ll be your Omega!”
You then hugged him, giving a content purr. He smiled, giving out a purr in return.
So you two started courting, and despite him wanting to keep it a secret, Hizashi had told everyone.
Occasionally he would get teased by Hizashi and Oboro when you two would walk home after the end of the day, but it was worth it when you would give him a kiss on the cheek when you two got to your house.
When you two trained, he would go easy on you, despite your whining.
“Alpha, can’t you go a bit harder on me? Please?”
“I can’t risk hurting you ‘Mega.”
You two lasted lasted for the rest of your school years.
When you graduated, you two went to separate agencies, but still kept in touch.
During this time period, he could get angsty without your constant cuddling and purring.
You two decided it would be best to officially bond when you become stable in the hero-world.
And once you two did bond, he immediately moved you into his apartment.
It was a bit small, which made him slightly embarrassed, but when you happily chirped his insecurities melted away.
The two of you would take time off for one another’s ruts and heats.
During your heats, he would be the most attentive Alpha and get you anything you wanted.
Chocolate? On the way to buy you everything chocolate in the store.
You want an extra blanket? He brings you 10.
Want to cuddle? He would hold you so tightly.
During his ruts, he just wanted to stay in your nest and hold you. He could get to possessive and protective of you during this time.
Lowkey thinks everything is a threat soooo anyways-
When he got a job at U.A. as a teacher, you were very supportive.
Despite him coming home late and being grumpy and tired.
Aizawa always loved cuddling in your nest after a long day of patrolling and marking grades.
He would scent anything you gave him for your nest of course, loving the way you happily smiled when he did.
On the rare days when he came home early, he would usually find you in the kitchen, making dinner.
He would smile, wrap his arms around you from behind, and scent you.
You would giggle slightly, peck his cheek, and ask how his day was. He would just either hum or huff in response before resuming his scenting session.
When he did come home late, you don’t mind staying up for him, wanting to be awake when he got home.
Despite his constant nagging.
“(Y/N), you shouldn’t wait for me this late. You need sleep Omega.”
“But this is the only time I get to see you Shota. I miss my husband.”
“And I miss my wife as well.”
He would talk about his students a lot, especially his current students.
For example, he would complain about Bakugou’s temper but would praise him for his determination and strength.
When the class first met you, they absolutely adored you. Especially the Omega’s of the class.
They thought that if you were an Omega and could be such a strong hero, then they definitely can!
They thought you and Aizawa as a their class Mom and class Dad.
If the two of you had pups, then Aizawa would support them in anything they did.
They wanted to be a hero? Great, he would train them personally.
They wanted to be a villain? Funny how neither you or Aizawa could catch them and turn them in.
They decided to become a baker? You guys would only order from them and them only.
All and all, you two are literally such a power couple.
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eaucian · 3 days ago
a side of gentle kisses please
➹ˏˋ°•* ミ pairing: alpha!ushijima x omegagn!reader (no specific pronouns used)
➸ summary: it's been a year since your twins were born. now you live in blissful domesticity with your little family
➸ warnings: babies, implied nsfw (it's rlly not obvious-), marriage. ushijima says 'mega one time!!!
➸ notes: ummm, i have had a BLANK mind the past few weeks, pls forgive me- but here is a little something i wrote out of pure want because it seems i just want some domestic little scenarios rn. i hope you like this regardless on if this isn't exactly ur normal cup of tea :,)
this is sort of a sequel/continuation to a m!reader fic, also with alpha!ushijima which you can find here
➸ wc: 1,005 (1k)
Tumblr media
The sheets of your bed happened to be the only thing covering you this morning.
You were wrapped up in them, comfy with only them because of the summer heat now enveloping you.
The smell of coffee invaded your senses almost immediately after waking up. Which meant Ushijima was awake by now.
Your twins were two now, and normally easily entertained by Ushijima on days just like this one until you woke up and got ready.
Just as you were rubbing your eyes, the door to your room opened slightly and in came your husband himself.
You hummed to yourself.
You certainly scored with this one.
And in your sleep muddled brain, that was really all you could think about. At first he had just peeked into the room, to check if you were up. But seeing that you were sitting up and rubbing the tiredness from your eyes—he let himself in.
“Good morning,” he spoke quietly, approaching you quickly and kissing you.
“Mm, very good,” you mumbled. “Cuddle?”
“The kids are waiting for you,” he said matter of factly. But he maneuvered himself on the bed next to you anyways.
“They can wait a few more minutes, right?”
“I think so,” your husband said against the exposed skin of your neck. He liked how you smelled most in the mornings. It was always your own scent, only your scent and it was exactly what he liked.
Ushijima had wrapped himself around you, effectively sticking you two face to face—or in this case, his face to your neck.
“What’re you doing there, Alpha?” You doted, sighing softly at how comfortable you still were.
His response was a gentle sniff at your neck along with a kiss to the mark there.
“Smells nice,” was all he provided.
You chuckled at his antics. Sometimes you thought he acted like a little Alpha pup. Your little girl was an Alpha and she acted the same way as Ushijima did in the mornings with you.
You thought it was adorable.
“I bet,” you said.
He hummed, continuing to snuggle and kiss at your neck while his hands started to wander a bit further.
The hand which had previously rested on your hip, trailed down your side. He reached under the sheets, his hand going to your thigh—obviously exposed thigh—and started rubbing his thumb back and forth against your skin.
It seemed he found where he wanted to keep his hand for the time being.
“Toshi,” you warn in a not so warning voice.
“Hm?” He said, sounded utterly innocent.
“The kids,” you reminded him.
“You said they could wait ‘mega,” he murmured against your skin.
“I did say that, but we can’t leave them alone for that long,” you said, moving your head so that your Alpha wouldn’t have easy access to your neck anymore, “Besides, I wanna see my babies.”
You pushed off the sheets and (even though Ushijima grumbled and pouted) he gladly watched as you walked away and into your bathroom.
The moment the door closed he let his head drop against the pillows; more specifically your pillows.
Hours of sleeping on them allowed at least some of your scent to stay there.
“Go keep an eye on our kids, please!” You yelled from the inside of the bathroom.
Your husband grumbled some more but left the room nonetheless.
In the kitchen, tiny hands slapped at his chest and face as you woke up properly.
As soon as you exited the bathroom and changed into some comfortable staying-at-home approved clothing, you went to join your family.
You found them sitting at the dining table, the babies in their high chairs and gurgling at Ushijima’s back who was gracefully whipping something up to eat.
Ah, you loved the fact that your husband cooked. Along with the fact that he cooked well.
The first baby to notice you was Harumi. Her being an Alpha probably played into that fact and even though Akemi was also an Alpha, he seemed to be less prone to pheromones and scents. He preferred staring at both you and Ushijima’s faces, studying you.
He would always have a smile on his face though. And that was before he would start making grabby hands at either of you, something he did when he wanted you to come closer or pick him up.
Harumi managed to turn her little head in the seat, accordingly yelling out, “Da!”
You approached, picking her up easily, proceeding to smother her in kisses while she giggled.
You could hear Akemi whining beside you.
You laughed yourself at that, making eye contact with Ushijima as he’d been looking over his shoulder to see what the commotion was about. You smiled at him before balancing Harumi securely in one arm and moving to pick up your son.
He grumbled a lot like Ushijima had that morning, but it lasted barely a few seconds before he was sinking into your chest and making himself comfortable there.
It was a lot to carry the two babies at once, seeing as they were as small as when they were newborns, but you could definitely handle it.
Your morning moved slowly—comfortably. And by the time you were actually having breakfast, provided by your one and only Toshi, you could feel the love in the air.
Quite literally as well.
But you thought that if anybody walked in on this, the only thing that would cross their minds upon seeing your little family, was how much love was there.
Most of your breakfast was spent cooing at the twins and praying they wouldn’t make too much of a mess with their own food, but that hardly affected the sappiness you felt.
Ushijima would kiss your temple, or the crown of your head from time to time; but one of his arms was always touching you or around you.
You felt safe, secure—and happy.
And it just was.
The little kisses would always be there, you knew that.
You didn’t think you could live without them anymore.
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