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loosely set in the starkercest omegaverse, tony makes the hard decision to send peter to a heat clinic for his first heat and peter fights it, not understanding why his daddy is sending him away when all he wants is to curl up in daddy’s arms and he even tries to sneak in one of daddy’s flannels but the nurse that checks him in takes it from him and he’s just so lost and upset.

he ends up heatsick and the heat clinic ends up under very heavy fire from stark industries bc they won’t, under any circumstances, let tony in even though Peter’s crying for him

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How Omegas are treated in my universe.

Omegas are treated like precious jewels. They are valued, but treated like property.

In the universe there is a decling population and omegas help raise it.

Some dads see their Omega children as a way to move up economically. They sell them off to a rich family to be married.

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(This is a Yandere Beta Setsuno Toya x Omega Female Reader x Yandere Alpha Chronostasis story! I just want to apologise before you go any further if my characterisation of these two suck, I tried to read other fics and rewatch scenes with them, but I still feel that this is a bit OOC :/ 

TW: !Dubcon!, daddy kink!, creampie!, double penetration!, slight self deprecation (Setsuno), you’re a pillow princess :)), slight abuse (not at you), kinda gets hard core (again, Setsuno), full nelson, kinda stockholm syndrome, etc.. 

I hope you enjoy my attempt at these characters!) 

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Me: I am, for the time being, done with long ambitious novel type story ideas. If it’s long that four or five chapters I refuse to acknowledge it

Also me: sketched out 3 pages of lore and world building for a Snarry Nu!Sabrina AU, plays around with a plot idea that would follow Harry in a year long journey to decide if he shall embrace being a witch or not, while Snape spends the time trying to seduce and claim for his own less than pure means.

Brain: Gurl don’t do it

Me: Gurl I’m not-

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Martin the toy maker: Perhaps your body can help make the perfect toy~

The Toy Maker: your greatest dream became your worst nightmare as well, right? Welcome to my life…

The Toy Maker: that mask seems very…familiar…


Mitchel Slasher: *growling snarls in utter disgust*

Mitchel Slasher, in a text to speech voice, similar to Aut0 from Wall-E: I’LL cut out your vocal cords and make you felt what I felt…

Mitchel Slasher, in a ghostly dreadful voice: You made us suffer for a useless goal, The Angel of justice has given me permission to torture you as I see fit…


Beta! Eda: you taste very…aged…

Beta! Eda: I’ve killed so many people who deserved it, to me, you were practically begging for it~!

Beta! Eda: You break my T.V, I break your skull in…~! 

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so I have this brilliant world building idea for a story where everything is absolutely normal and then one day a moderately significant side character is briefly out of commission and the protagonist asks where they went and the deuteragonist casually says “oh you know, they’re in heat.” the protagonist goes “ah yes” nonchalant as can be. a few days later the side character rejoins the narrative as if they were never gone. the fact that the narrative apparently occurs in the omegaverse is never mentioned ever again

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“We have too much to do.” Steve argued. His mind already running over the long list of putting away books and movies. To have the nursery rearranged to his liking. To rereading the –

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Perf! There are not enough trans-dynamic things. I can only think of a couple fics that talk about this (one being Trespasses Sweetley Urged by JD_Riley and Gooseberrypickler on ao3). There are some transgender ones but not enough either so let’s get to work. I’ll try to fit as much as I can in.

(Disclaimer- I am nb but not trans, I will try my best on this. Also just for the sake of this post I will be referring to the supposed person assigned gender/dynamic at birth briefly)

  • Omega identifying as a Beta. Packing on cologne/perfume of a super neutral scent a beta may wear. Using scent blockers before this and repeatedly putting it on to help pass. Some peoples noses being super sensitive and they gotta sneeze all the time.
  • They’d also use heat blockers religiously, making sure they have an alarm set every day to remind them
  • Alpha identifying as an omega, at first really trying to appear sweet and diminutive like omegas are ‘supposed’ to. Realizing that’s not the only aspect of being an omega and being a strong tough one. Building their cozy little nests and inviting all their friends to chill.
  • Beta identifying as an omega, taking long showers and baths to help them get that sweet smell. Their alpha knotting and praising them as they roleplay a heat.
  • Omega female identifying as an alpha Male. He works out tons to get the muscle to pass and to feel good. The other alphas at the gym giving him tips to work on certain muscle groups and inviting him out for drinks. Soon the buffest short alpha ever keeping omegas from being harassed at the gym.
  • Alpha lady struggling most of her life, not fitting in with any alphas, finally finding himself as a beta male. Super nervous going to a beta support group but is welcome with open arms. Has to get lots of tips on binding cause he is used to just toughing it out. So glad he doesn’t have to pack.
  • Omega male identifies as alpha lady. Will only get with other omegas. She sometimes uses s toy or a ring to simulate a knot and her partners love it. Shes always been on the stronger smell for an alpha, and wears heels all the time to seem taller in her slacks.
  • Nonbinary alpha feeling so strong and tough in their dresses one day and fuckboi (or suits) the next. Loves simply being addressed as Alpha instead of Sir or Miss.

Thank u for the ask I hope its satisfactory; please feel free to add on or ask if yall want more stuff!

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Heya, I just wanted to share a personal Hc of mine for Betas as I honestly feel like they don’t get enough attention or love at all. Constructive criticism, advice and feedback is welcome here. Ask box is always open to be flooded with asks for A/B/O or anything else

In my personal Hc, I imagine Betas as the only dynamic between the three to have two sets of canines then one where it’s much thinner, longer and sharper albeit the most fragile. When biting their mate/partner a calming aura with an extra addition, saliva licking up the mark, cleaning has the other party relax then be in pain. As well, Beta’s saliva is a lot thicker than normal where some think that there is a healing factor to it leaving their mates to ‘heal faster’ and that the said marks are seen as more colorful due to the double bites. Most likely this unique trait was caused as an evolutionary leap for them to keep up competition to Alphas and Omegas.

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Hi all! Is anyone willing to beta read an A/B/O fic for me? It’s very NSFW, so 18+ only! It’s for Borderlands (Rhack), with trans Rhys so be warned if that squicks you! Just DM me with any questions and we’ll work it out! Tysm!

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Chapter 10 :Disappearances

“Are you sure about this Sidon?” Link asked softly, his hands ringing at the bottom of his shirt. “What if word gets out about this?”

“From what you told me Link no one else knows about the deepest part of this. I think it would be safe for you to come clean about the whole thing to the princess,” Sidon said, taking his hand in his and kissed the back of it softly. “I want to send the guards after that pig right this moment but you, nor I, have the proper authority to do such a thing. We need to bring it someone of higher authority to set things right.”

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