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lace-bun · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
everything sakusa kiyoomi touches feels like fire, not even the vibrator rumbling on your puffy clit could compare to his touch.
he’s watching you like a hungry predator surveying its prey, waiting. like he can eat you up any second.
and when he fills you up, he just stares at your expressions, licking his lips the longer he watches. because fuck, you look so lovely being ruined.
of course, you were a simple and inefficient omega. waiting to be fucked so patiently. but that would not happen to anyone. sakusa was determined. extremely determined. no one would lay a finger on you once he claimed you.
now simply walking into his room left you caked in his scent, rutting so desperately into your cunny with his pretty cries of pleasure. the knot building up felt spectacular inside of you.
“pretty omega.. alpha’s gonna cum from this pussy. and you’re gonna take it all. stuffed so full with me baby.” he drawls a groan, rocking the mattress recklessly.
his little omega. cumming in her little pussy. so warm. just for him. his.
your hiccuping sobs, toes curling. your little hands are holding onto his broad back, mouth hung open in silent cries.
when he cums, it feels heavenly. easily coating your insides with his semen. your eyes are blown with pure.
“take it all omega, daddy is being generous.”
Tumblr media
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animeomegas · a day ago
Hi dear, how are you? Hope you're having a good day/ night.
I don't know if you already have this in your new WIP or not but it was in the old one.
Do you mind reconsidering writing something for adopted brother Naruto, and cock block Sasuke. Where Naruto is actually really happy his older sibling is getting married and having kids when Sasuke is planning murder? You don't have to do it if you don't want to, but you said it's OK to resend something and I really hope you don't mind .
Anyway, have a good last month of 2021 and a good life, all the love.
(Hello, my lovely, I'm having a great day today actually! And I'd love to write this! Please enjoy and also, I hope you have a great December too 💓)
So, let's set the scene first.
So, you sibling-adopted Naruto when he was about six years old after you witnessed him, obviously starving, get kicked out of a supermarket.
And Naruto adores you more than anyone else in the whole world and he wants you to be happy.
He was a bit nervous when you started courting Itachi, because what if you replaced him?! But Itachi was so kind to him, and you promised that he was your number one priority always, and Naruto started to get excited for you.
Does this mean Naruto will have a brother-in-law? Nieces and nephews? A proper, big family???
He wants that so badly.
He tells you quite seriously that he would rather you focus on him while he's a genin, but once he starts going on dangerous and important missions as a chunin, you should start having pups because Naruto wants lots of nieces and nephews, believe it!
And no, he doesn't quite understand what he’s asking.
Itachi finds it cute.
The only downside for Naruto is that he'd be sorta kinda related to Sasuke teme if you and Itachi got married!
And Sasuke teme keeps trying to ruin everything on purpose!!
So yeah, Naruto and Sasuke are not on the same page at all.
I can just imagine them together at the Uchiha residence accompanying both of their siblings, and Naruto is laying on the floor, kicking his legs back and forth as he designs different wedding cakes for his big sibling because he wants to help with the wedding preparations! Meanwhile Sasuke is standing behind him on the phone with the police like 'I'd like to report someone trying to steal my brother's innocence, send help fast'.
Ironically enough, they are both amazing cockblocks.
Sasuke does it on purpose, but Naruto does it by mistake. Because he wants to go on the fun day trip too!! You're going to a hotel? That sounds fun!!
And while you and Itachi are more than happy to pick Sasuke up by the scruff of his neck like a misbehaving kitten and toss him out of the room, you both can't get angry when Naruto barges in because he just wants to show you his newest exam grade that you and Itachi helped him study for. He wants you to be proud of him and that earnest behaviour is just impossible to combat 😔
When Naruto and Sasuke get put on the same genin team, they always bring the sibling drama into the team.
Lowkey Sakura and Kakashi are invested though.
Sakura thinks the whole thing is romantic.
Kakashi thinks the whole thing is hilarious.
Shisui and Naruto get on like a house on fire and Naruto is able to persuade Shisui to stop helping Sasuke cockblock.
You and Itachi often bribe Naruto to get Sasuke out of the house lol.
Also, Naruto and Sasuke learn about sex ed at the same time.
Sasuke is horrified and throws a fuss about the disgusting things you're trying to do to his brother, embarrassing everyone in the nearby vicinity.
Naruto thinks the whole thing is a bit weird and he doesn't really want anything to do with it, but if that's what's going to give him a big family then he encourages his sibling completely.
When Itachi announces that he's pregnant... the reactions are mixed.
Naruto asks straight away if he can feel Itachi's tummy, even if he's not showing yet, and starts talking to his little nibling and telling them about how he's going to be hokage, believe it!
Sasuke looks very ill at first, and then he turns his attention to Itachi's alpha with murder in his eyes.
And as Itachi is busy answering Naruto's million questions (What's their name? Is it a boy or a girl? What's their secondary gender? Can I babysit them sometimes?) you have to deal with Sasuke on your own.
And believe me, Sasuke is out for blood.
He knows what parts you have to lose to make sure this doesn’t happen again.
When the baby is out and Itachi is somewhat stable after the birth, Sasuke and Naruto are allowed to come in and visit.
You have to intercept Naruto and calm him down for a bit first, because he's practically vibrating on the spot he's so excited.
But when he's calmed down, he very gently strokes his thumb over the pup's little chubby cheeks, completely amazed. He will cry if the pup grabs a hold of one of his fingers.
And then he immediately ruins the moment by asking Itachi how on earth the pup managed to fit out of him. Itachi just laughs, still completely exhausted, and says that it wasn't easy. Naruto's eyes just track from the pup, to Itachi's stomach, to Itachi's crotch area, eyes squinted like he's trying to solve a puzzle lol.
Sasuke feels a bit uncomfortable when he meets his nibling for the first time. They're so... small. And delicate. He forgets for a moment how this all came to be, focusing on the pup. Itachi doesn't let either of them hold the pup for a couple of months, but he does encourage Sasuke to hold the pup's hand, which Sasuke does.
It was one of the first times you'd seen Sasuke and Naruto in the same room, focused on the same thing, without any sort of fighting or banter.
And about five years down the road, Naruto and Sasuke make the most hilariously chaotic babysitting duo.
"You're so beautiful," you whispered, gently tugging Itachi's hair free from his hairband, letting the strands fall loose around his face. "I know I've been working a lot recently, so let me make it up to you."
You joined your lips together, hands already sliding up Itachi's shirt, feeling the warmth of his skin under your hands. Itachi's breath caught audibly in his throat.
"Keep going," Itachi murmured, tugging your hands further down and encouraging you to slip them into his waistband.
Suddenly, your bedroom door swung open with a bang, making both you and Itachi flinch and jump away from each other immediately. 
You could see the silhouette of Naruto standing in the door, Sasuke awkwardly trailing behind him. Naruto called your name in a broken voice, sniffing and wiping at his eyes. All arousal was immediately killed and you opened your arms up, allowing Naruto to run into your embrace. 
“Oh dear, what’s wrong?” you asked, stroking Naruto’s hair. 
“I had a nightmare that you said you didn’t want me anymore,” Naruto sniffled pitifully. He nuzzled his face aggressively into your neck. 
“I’ll always want you, Naruto,” you promised, already moving him so that he was underneath the covers with you. “I love you more than anything else in this world. Do you want to sleep here tonight?”
Naruto nodded and snuggled down. You looked back at Itachi and mouthed ‘sorry’ but Itachi waved it off. Naruto was upset. He should be your priority right now. Itachi’s priority was his brother, who was currently grinning in the dim bedroom light. Itachi narrowed his eyes. 
“And what are you doing here, Sasuke?” 
Sasuke blinked and smiled. 
“I also had a nightmare, can I sleep in here too?”
Itachi didn’t buy it for even a second. But he also didn’t want his brother to turn his frustrations onto Naruto if he thought they were being treated differently. Nothing was going to happen tonight anyway. Itachi sighed and wordlessly lifted up the blanket, Sasuke immediately scooting in and making himself comfortable. 
The bed was cramped. Two adults and two 11 year-olds was more than the bed was designed to house... Oh well, it would be fine for one night. 
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yesitsmewhataboutit · 7 hours ago
Alpha!Bakugo x Omega!Reader
Summery: It starts taking a toll on Bakugo since he hasn’t had an omega during his rut. He thinks of you, but doesn’t act. When y’all hang out, he slowly slips into his instincts, doing everything he can not to let them out
Omegaverse Key
Warnings⚠️: 18+, a/b/o, softy Bakugo at the end <3
Bakugo glares at the doctor. He hated going to the doctor. Ever since he was a kid and his secondary gender surfaced, they've always been on his case. He stands in front of the desk, arms crossed, ready to leave. "And your ruts have been regular?" The doctor asks while looking down at whatever paper he had. "Yeah. Every two months like always." Bakugo said, annoyance all through his voice. "How long do they last? When does your pre-rut usually start?" He asks. Bakugo hesitates. "They been lasting about nine days. Pre-rut usually happens between an hour or a day and a half before." He says, trying to sound as if it was normal.
The doctor pauses what he's writing, looking up at Bakugo with concern. "Bakugo, when was the last time you had a rut partner?" The doctor asks. "Never. I can deal with it fine by myself.” Bakugo says. Every rut he's had, he locks himself away and pushes through it. Recently, they've been getting longer and worse. His instincts to find an omega, mate, and breed got more intense than it ever was. "From what I'm hearing, you need an omega. Even if it's not permanent, it's very unhealthy for an alpha to go without a rut partner at least two times a year. At this rate, if you don't get this sorted out soon, I'll have to send a note to your agency to leave you off any hero work until you get this under control."
Even if Bakugo wanted to try to find an omega right now, there was nobody that caught his eye. Well, there was one omega's scent that always seemed to calm him, but that wasn't an option. "WHAT!? Doctor, I'm fine. I don't need to stop hero work just cause I don't have a rut partner." Bakugo spits, throwing his hands up in frustration. "Bakugo, I'd like you to come back after you've had two ruts. Until then, I'd advise you to be careful around other omegas. Your body is trying to attract an omega. Being around one could easily push you into a rut. I'll also give you these tracts. There are a few places around here with services specifically for rut partners for strong alphas like yourself." Bakugo growls a "whatever" under his breath and exits the office.
Later that night, Kirishima had set up a movie night for him, Bakugo, and the others in their group of friends. Kirishima asked Bakugo if he could host it at his house tonight since Kirishima's omega was having her friends over. Bakugo agreed, returning home from the doctor's office and getting a few things ready. Kirishima said he would be over sooner than their other friends, being there to get the snacks and movie ready. Bakugo heard a knock at his door, knowing it was Kirishima.
He walked to the door, opening it to let in the other alpha. The second he opens the door, the scent of Kirishima's omega and the lingering pheromones of her omega friends hit him in the face. Bakugo kept his composure, only blinking a few extra times as he stepped aside to let Kirishima in. "Hey, Bakubro. Thanks for hosting tonight." He says, setting down the snacks on his tv table. He hums, plopping down on the couch as his friend walks around getting everything ready. "You ok, man?" Kiri asks. "Yeah. Tired. Been a long day." Bakugo answers, leaving it at that.
He internally growls, already feeling his rut start to creep up. He gets up, excusing himself to the bathroom. He opens his cabinet, pulling out a pack of scent blockers and putting them on. Not bothering to take any rut suppressants, knowing his body already started rejecting them long ago. He takes a deep breath, exiting the bathroom and joining back in the living room. When he walks up, Kirishima is letting Kaminari and Jirou inside. He gives the Alpha and Omega a quick hug as they take off their shoes.
The three joined Bakugo in the living room, laughing and engaging in small talk, waiting for the rest of the group to show up. Within minutes, there's another knock at the door, Kirishima getting up to answer it. He opens it, seeing Sero, Mina, and you. He gives all three of you hugs before you walk further into the house, greeting everyone else. You sit down across from Bakugo, giving Jirou a quick hug as you all engage in more small talk. Before turning on the movie, you all tell stories from pro hero work, laughing at the different things that happen in each of your lives.
At one point, Kirishima was giving a demonstration. He asked you to stand, and he put his hands around your waist and stomach, showing the group something that had happened one day when he was on patrol. They laughed at the demonstration, not thinking much of it, while Bakugo was internally fuming at the way the other alpha had his hands on you. He knew you guys were only joking around, and he knew Kirishima had his own omega that he loved. He knew you didn't have any feelings for your alpha friend. He knew. But as you guys continued to laugh, and you fell back, sitting in his lap, on his leg, as you all kept laughing like it was nothing. Bakugo's inner alpha that he had been keeping quiet growled in annoyance in protectiveness toward you.
Bakugo pushes himself up. Walking quickly to his room and closed the door, leaning his head on the wall, trying to calm himself. Why was he feeling like this? His rut was slowly approaching, but why was he feeling it toward you? He was always fond of your scent but never thought much about his feelings. This time though, he wanted you. He wanted you bad. Seeing you with the other alpha made his instincts go out of control. He had to excuse himself. He rolled his head on his shoulders, feeling the building tense in his scent glands under the blockers. He wants to rip them off, but he knows he shouldn't.
While deep in thought, trying to calm the growling alpha deep within him, he doesn't notice you stepping into the room. "Katsuki? You ok?" You ask concern written all through your voice. "Yeah, just uhh... yeah." His voice is rough, strained. You notice the scent blockers he has on, his scent glands pushing against them. "Do you want me to get you new scent blockers?" You ask, your voice quiet, sincere. He opens his eyes, looking at you for a moment and then nodding. You leave his room, enter the bathroom, and find more scent blockers. You go back to his room, handing him the pack.
Bakugo takes it from you, bringing his hand up to start peeling at the soiled scent blocker. He winces, biting his lip as he tries to peel it off. "Here. Let me help." You say, walking closer to him and holding your hand to his neck, pulling at the scent blocker, Bakugo flitches when you touch it, letting a quiet whimper leave his throat when you pull it off. You're immediately hit with his strong scent, taking a deep inhale through your mouth. You can smell the signs of his rut, plus the layer of distress his scent is carrying, your inner omega releasing a sweeter scent to calm the alpha. You move to the other side of him, pulling at the scent blocker, again making flinch and whimper. You look at his swollen scent gland, having to stop yourself from reaching your hand out and massaging it for him, knowing how uncomfortable they must feel right now.
"You want me to tell everyone to leave? You don't really seem up for this movie night right now." You ask, fidgeting slightly at the alpha's scent. "Yeah. Yeah, that would be great." He says, turning and flopping down on his bed. You walk out to the group, saying, "Hey, guy, uh, Bakugo isn't feeling that well. Could you all maybe come back another time?" You say. They all show concern and quickly nod, getting up to exit the home. "Hey, you staying?" Kirishima asks, pulling you off to the side. "Um, just for a few minutes. I wanna make sure he's ok." You say. "Ok. Be careful, though. If he tries anything, text me, and I'll come and help you out." Kirishima says, flashing his million-dollar smile that makes most omegas fall to their knees. You nod and give him a hug goodbye, walking back to Bakugo's room.
You cautiously push open the door, peeking in. "Hey. Everyone left. You all good?" You ask. Bakugo looks up at you, his pupils dilated, staring at you. He stands, slowly walking toward you. Your eyes fall on the unopened scent blocker pack as he moves closer, his scent overwhelming you. He keeps walking, and you keep walking father back as he gets closer eventually, your back hitting the wall, barely an itch separating you and the alpha. You don't lift your head to meet his eyes, his scent thick and intimidating. Your eyes fall on his swollen scent gland. It's red and irritated. "D-do you, um, I c-could massage your gland. I- If you want?" You asked, trying not to sound too intimidated.
Bakugo doesn't answer, only dipping his head down to your shoulder. You shudder and gasp when he runs his nose around your scent gland. He snakes his hand around your waist, pulling you against him. "K-katsuki. Are you- is this what you want to do?" You ask, your body submitting to him, your mind not far behind it. "My doctor said I need a rut partner. You're the first one that came to my mind. I want you, Y/n," he says, his breath hot against your throat. "O-ok." You say, bringing your hand up to his neck, slowly starting to massage his scent gland. He does a low growl when you come into contact, holding you tighter against him.
You slowly move your fingers, feeling the tense go down, smelling his scent that's starting to release stronger. He starts walking backward, dragging you with him as he walks into his room. He walks to his bed, dropping down and sitting against the headboard, making you straddle his waist. His eyes flutter close, nuzzling his head on your neck and head. You bring your other hand up, massaging his other scent gland, moving both your hands at the same time. Bakugo moans, his shoulders relaxing, unconsciously grinding you on his semi-hard cock. His mind is totally blank. All he knows is he has you, and that's all he needs, you.
"Katsuki. You still in there? You sure you wanna do this?" You ask, pulling back, trying to look at him, your hands going lax on his shoulder. "Mhm. Yeah, s'pre-rut right now." He says, pulling his hands to pull you against him, burying his face in your neck. You run your hands up through his hair, gripping it a little as he kisses and licks at your neck. You start to breathe heavy, your eyes flutter close, until you feel a sudden pinch in your neck, yelping and jolting back, but still trapped in his grasp, him not letting you go. "Ouch. Katsuki." You whine, trying to pull his head back, feeling him do gentler licks and nibbles. "Sorry." He groans against your skin.
Bakugo keeps at your neck, then brings his head up, connecting your lips. He lifts up, setting you on your back and hovering over you. He pulls from the kiss, lowering his body on yours resting his head on your shoulder. "I can stay for a few days if you like. I can go back to my apartment and get some clothes," you say. He growls, tightening his hold on you, saying no without actually saying it. He hovers his nose directly over your scent gland, it slowly lulling him to sleep.
You wake to your phone vibrating in your pocket. You move slowly, trying not to wake the sleeping alpha on top of you, thanking god that you had your phone on vibrate. You pull it from your pocket, seeing Kirishima's contact photo before you answer the call. "Hello?" You say, your voice quiet. "Hey, just checking in. You ok?" Kirishima's voice beams over the phone. "Yeah. All good." You say, trying to keep your voice as quiet as possible. You feel Bakugo starts moving, letting out a low growl from hearing the other alpha's voice over the phone. He brings his hands down to your waist, digging his nails into your flesh.
You flinch slightly, slightly inhaling. You try to release a calming scent, trying to get the alpha back to sleep. "Is that Bakugo? He ok?" Kirishima asks. "Yeah, he's just waking up." You say, running your fingers through his hair. "Hang up," he growls into your ear. "Uh, Kiri, I should go. I'm ok, promise, I'll talk to you later." You say, quickly hanging up before he can say anything else. Immediately, Bakugo goes in for a kiss. A rough, animalistic kiss, him being now deep in his rut. "Omega," he cooed, "last chance to leave." He dives in to kiss your neck, grinding his hips into you. "I want to stay. I want- I'll help you." You say breathlessly.
Bakugo doesn't waste another second. He uses his quirk to burn away your pants and hoodie. You want to whine since you liked the hoodie and underwear you had been wearing, but you were stunned at his control on his quirk. He tilts his head up, his eyes preying on you as he moves between your legs. He immediately dives his tongue in, both his big arms wrapping around your thighs, holding you in place. He flicks his tongue, moving one of his hands to rub tight circles on your clit. Your mouth falls open, you moan and grab hold of his hair, tugging him further into your core. He moves away, putting his fingers into your dripping cunt and curling them directly to your g-spot.
"Taste even better than I would've thought, omega," he smirks, "Gonna cum on my fingers?" he asks. You nod rapidly, lifting your hips to grind more on his fingers. Your legs tremble as you cum, gushing around his fingers. He pulls them out, licking them once before putting them against your mouth. "Suck," he says. You do, and he slowly pushes his fingers deeper down your throat as he moves his other hand to work on his pants. Once he gets them off, he pulls his fingers out of you and grabs you, flipping your stomach and pulling you up by your waist.
He spits on his hand and grips his cock, stroking it a few types before pushing it into your cunt. He lets out a shaky breath, throwing his head back, his cock already twitching as he continues to go into you. When he bottoms out, he grabs your hair, pulling it so your back arches deeper. He pulls his hips back, thrusting into you, hard. He sets a rough pace, hitting your g-spot over and over again, feeling your walls grip his cock like a vice, cashing both your releases. "You gonna let me knot this pretty pussy of yours?" Bakugo asks. "Yes, alpha," you whimper, "Yes, please. Please knot me." You beg, pushing your hips back to meet his thrusts.
Bakugo lets go of your hair, his hand going to rub circles on your clit. You moan, all the air leaving your lungs as you cum around him. Bakugo growls, his hand gripping your waist tighter while his other fly to your back, pushing you to arch deeper as he thrusts rougher, his cock throbbing as he cums. He rocks his hips as his knot grows, locking you both in place. Once he calms down, he slowly moves you toward the pillows on the bed, then he lowers himself on your back and turns you both on your side, momentarily pulling away to pull off his shirt and pull you against him, curling his body around you and nuzzling his face in your neck.
The following eight days you spend in his bedroom. Bakugo treated you like his queen. You had to call in for your agency, telling them you'd be working from home for the next two weeks. You also called Bakugo's agency, telling them he'd gone into rut. You agreed to stay with him, but he didn't let you leave the bed at all. If you did, he was taking you with him. Any time you ate, he cooked it and would bring it to you in the bedroom. He let you use his laptop for work and would make himself sleep while you worked, laying his head on your shoulder and letting it keep him calm until you finished work, but only letting you get about two hours done a day.
On the ninth day, Bakugo wakes, his mind still a little sluggish from the mentality he was in, but mostly he was all there. He immediately smells your scent, opening his eyes slightly and nuzzling his nose to your scent gland, tightening his arm around you and pulling you closer, half his body over yours. "Morning," you say, shifting your head over to him. "Hi," he rasps. "I can get going whenever," you say, resting your hand on his head. "Or you could stay," he says, soft. "What?" you ask. "You should stay, Y/n," he says again. "Y-you want me to stay?" you ask, confused. Bakugo lifts his head. "Y/n, I don't want this to be a one-time thing. I don't want you as just a rut partner. If you agree, I'll court you and treat you as my omega."
You're speechless. You never thought Bakugo wanted an omega, let alone you as his omega, but you had always liked his scent. "You don't need to court me, Katsuki. I'll be your omega," you smile up at him. He does a rare, genuine smile, leaning down and kissing you. This kiss is different from the others. It was passionate, slow, and caring. He was gentle, his lips soft against your lips. It made your heart flutter. He pulled away, dropping his head back on your shoulder and closing his eyes. You start to rub your hand through his hair. "I could get used to this. You being all soft and cute if it comes with being your omega," you tease. "Shut up. M'tired." He says, trying to return the usual roughness to his voice.
You smile and roll your eyes, snuggling closer to him. "I know you had talked about your ruts being longer. I wasn't sure how long it'd last, so I told my agency I'd be working from home for the next two weeks, so I'll be able to stay for a while," you say softly. Bakugo hums, pressing his lips to your scent gland for a quick kiss before settling on you again. You spend the next few hours happy in bed with your alpha.
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sopejinsunflower · 2 days ago
Warning: 18+
I watch expectantly as Yoongi pulls his shirt over his head, revealing his pale but lean body that I didn’t expect. His abdomen, albeit without a pronounced six pack, is sculpted nicely. His pecs are slightly visible, his biceps evident. The omega in me, fully awake now, is gawking at the sight, purring slightly in anticipation as he shucks his pants off, leaving only his black boxers. He chews on his lower lip, thinking, and the sensible part of me throws my gaze to the opposite wall, giving him some privacy. I hear the sound of fabric being removed and then he slips into the water behind me.
The subtle smell of chocolate fills my nostrils and my tensed shoulders relax. I feel Yoongi’s long fingers brush my upper arms before they settle there, his thumbs tracing circles on my skin. I don’t dare to turn around, never mind moving. But he does. He scoots up closer to me, his legs on either side of me, until my back presses against his chest. I lean into him and he repositions his head so I can turn into his neck. I breathe in his scent, eyes fluttering close as I nudge him. We stay this way for a while, unmoving, only existing in each other’s presence.
I give him a small nuzzle, my lips brushing the skin right where his pulse is beating fast and he takes a sharp inhale of breath. He moves his hands to the back of my neck, guiding me to look up at him. His eyes are hooded, dark with desire. I imagine he’s seeing the same thing in mine as he leans down and ever so gently, like a feather, brushes our lips together. He pulls back slightly, looking at me as if asking for permission to continue. I return his look, holding my breath. I’m not sure if I’m imagining it but I see his lips twitch into a tiny smirk before diving in again, this time locking our lips together, fully and deeply.
My mind goes completely blank as I whimper against his mouth, eliciting a low rumble from him. I part my lips and he takes that as an invitation to slide his tongue in, intertwining it with mine. He sucks on my lower lip, before covering my mouth with his again, his hand on my neck pushing me forward as if he is desperate to mold me into him. I snake my hand up to the back of his head, my fingers gripping lightly his dark hair in an attempt to keep him there. He moves from my lips to my cheek then down to my neck, trailing wet kisses down any inch of skin he can reach. He settles just under my earlobe, lighting nibbling before raking his teeth down to my collarbone as I stretch my neck to give him more access.
There are three knocks on the bathroom door, deliberate and loud. Yoongi makes no intention of moving away as he rests his forehead against mine as we both catch our breath. The door swings open nevertheless and Hoseok’s head appears, his face clouded, his eyes dark. He doesn’t look happy, grumbling, “You were supposed to just help her clean up, hyung. We can smell you guys from downstairs.”
Yoongi sighs, finally moving away from me to my discontent. Leaning one hand on the edge of the tub, he turns to Hoseok. “Fine. Can you get her a towel, please? I forgot it.”
Hoseok looks a little alarmed, his eyes going wide as he looks around the bathroom for it. He fully enters the bathroom and searches the overhead cabinet, finding one immediately. He takes it out, unfolds it and stands cluelessly by the sink. Yoongi kisses the side of my face, making a show out of it and says, “Hobi will take it from here. Go on.”
Hesitantly, Hoseok approaches the tub with the towel spread between his two hands, doing his best to look at anywhere but us in the water. I get up, the water dripping off of me in loud splashes and I hear Yoongi let out a soft groan as I’m assuming he is face to face with my ass. I can’t help but feel a little happy to have that effect on him and step out of the tub and into the waiting towel. Hoseok wraps it around me in a bear hug and he finally looks at me squarely in the face. I look up at him through my lashes and the tangy cinnamon scent is back. I shiver, both from the cold and from the way he has his eyes on me.
He takes my shivering as me feeling cold and ushers me out of the bathroom. He exchanges a few hush words with Yoongi before following me out. I find Taehyung sitting on my bed, a set of pajamas in his hand. He gives Hoseok a reproachful look when he comes out and the older man hurries out of the room. Taehyung gets up and hands me the pajamas. “Quickly change. We need to dry your hair before you catch a cold.”
“I’m not a child, y’know,” I mutter without conviction as I pull the pajama top over my head. “I don’t know why you guys are treating me like one.”
Taehyung grabs my waist from behind, twirling me around as he did. “Because we want to,” he says, a cheeky grin on his face. “And because we can. Not the alphas though, not right now when your scent is this strong. Only me, Jin-hyung and Yoongi-hyung have the ability to do it without much risk, though Yoongi-hyung is taking advantage of it.” Yoongi, still in the bathroom, shouts, “I can hear you.” Taehyung rolls his eyes at that and then dips his head to my neck and plants a kiss just below my ear. “You smell so good, princess.”
“Really?” I ask breathily, relishing at his touch. “What do I smell like?”
Taehyung takes this chance to nuzzle my neck some more, placing kisses here and there as he works his way up to my cheek and forehead. “Sweeter now, a mix of honey and caramel.” His eyes grow darker, his voice going a tad bit lower than usual as he adds, “Makes us want to eat you up.”
My heart skips a beat and my stomach does the slow churning again. Further down south, I can feel heat starting and worry that I might need another shower. With the way Taehyung is looking at me, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea. He pulls at my hand. “Come on. We need to dry your hair.”
At the same time we head towards the sink in the bathroom, Yoongi comes out, a towel wrapping around his middle and carrying his clothes, his wet hair falling over his eyes. Taehyung plugs in the hairdryer and starts drying my hair as the older member exits my room without a word. I feel a little sad when he leaves but Taetae’s calming sea breeze envelopes me like a warm blanket and I feel better, standing in front of the huge mirror as he works the dryer through my hair, his long fingers running through to smooth out any tangles. When he is done, he regards me with a satisfied look, proud of his own work.
Back in the bedroom, Taehyung looks a little pained but gives me a quick kiss on the temple before turning to leave. In a momentary reflex, I grab his hand and stop him. He turns, gives me a soft smile and says, “Your scent is getting too strong even for me, princess. I have to leave now before-”
“Before what?” I ask, genuinely curious. I let the omega take control, lacing my fingers through his and pulling him to me. Taehyung looks torn but doesn’t resist. He tucks my hair behind my ear, his hand lingering on my ear. Standing this close, I stand on the tip of my toes and peck him on the lips once. His hand slithers to the small of my back and pushes me towards him again as he leans in for another kiss, sucking on my bottom lip. Then, just as quickly, he pulls back, gives me a small appreciative smile, and then leaves, closing the door behind him with a soft thud.
I throw myself onto the bed, sighing. I’m a little sad, realising that my DNA changing means I’m now a walking hazard to these seven men I’m stuck with for who knows how long. The human part of me is angry. I never ask for this, having only been excited to be working with them on a project I have worked on for over a year. To be given the chance to develop my writing into an actual production and with my dream company, too. It had been a dream come true when I was informed of BTS’ involvement, ecstatic to learn that they read and love my work as much as I love theirs. But everything has been turned upside down, inside out. Nothing makes sense anymore.
To think about it, it’s actually quite unfair. The boys were assigned higher hierarchy status and I’m reduced to nothing but a broodmare. It’s debasing! The men can continue on almost like normal, adjusting to the situation pretty fast. Aren’t they worried, too? Scared? Don’t they want to go back to their own normal lives? Their work? Their families? Their beloved Army? Aren’t they wondering when will we be rescued, counting the hours of the day to keep time to how long we’ve been here? C’mon! Why is it taking this long for South Korea to not start deploying their military, get the Interpol involved, The CIA or MI6, the whole world, even? I’m pretty sure the BTS Army is probably doing more than those combined, raising hell as to what actions are being taken to recover their favourite boys.
Is our kidnapper, the Master, that good at hiding a group of the most influential idols? Am I underestimating him, his effort to see his experiment through?
I feel hot tears stream down the sides of my face and I don’t bother to wipe them away, letting them fall to create dark patches on the bed sheet. I cry silently, feeling overwhelmed by the frustration and other mixed emotions I can’t quite put my fingers on. I curl into a ball, crossing my arms over my chest to quell the pain. If this is a nightmare disguised as a dream, I want to wake up already.
I hear the bedroom door creak open slowly and soft footsteps approaching. I feel the bed dips under the weight of whoever has sat down but I stay in my position, sniffling and feeling torn between wanting to be left alone and wanting whoever it is to comfort me. The latter happens instead. A warm arm wraps around my shoulder, turning me around.
“My aegi-ah,” says Jimin softly when I’m face to face with him. He kisses my forehead and brushes my tears away with his thumb. He looks sad, too. I bury my face into his chest, fisting his shirt in my hands. He rubs my back, pets my head but doesn’t say a word.
“Aegi-ah,” he calls, a whisper against the top of my head. “It hurts seeing you like this. Your scent…it smells like the rain on a gloomy day. It reminds me of sad days. Jin is crying downstairs. He says it reminds him of the day he lost his dog. I haven’t seen him cry in so long.” He strokes my hair. “Believe it or not, we feel the same way. But life has to go on. We can’t wait around moping. It’s not going to change anything and it’s only going to make things worse.”
I try to get my emotions under control, the tears have stopped. “Did you just reference your song?” I ask through a hiccup. Jimin chuckles and pinches my cheek lightly. He feigns a frown. “How dare you call me out on that. I was trying to make you feel better.”
I wipe the tears away with a knuckle and offer him a smile. “It worked.”
Jimin smiles. “Did it? Good.” He rubs our noses together and nuzzles my neck. “Hmm, your scent is improving. It’s sweeter now. Smells so good.”
I feel him lick a strip down my neck and I shiver, leaning into him more. He continues to nibble my ear as he rolls us over so that he is now on top of me, hands holding up his weight on either side of my head. His dark hair is done in a half ponytail, giving him a cross look between sexy and cute. The sweet perfume scent of licorice is overpowering and he is regarding me through heavy-hooded eyes as if looking for an answer to a question he is probably asking himself.
One thought is thudding in my less logical brain: I want him. Just as the thought springs into my mind, Jimin gives a low growl. Something deep inside me is reacting to it, my stomach churning, feeling heat traveling straight down to my toes. My heart is beating like a drum and I’m growing impatient. I whine and before I can call his name, his lips land on mine, hungry and desperate. I match his fervor, sucking on his lower lip which makes his eyes go a shade darker, letting out another growl.
He’s got one hand cupping my face while the other has found its way under my pajama top and is now burning hot on my waist, the spot by the band of my pajama pants. As he deepens our kiss, his tongue prodding in between in my lips for access to which I gladly give, his hand slides up my side, stopping just beneath my left breast, his thumb caressing the skin under my boob. I arch my back slightly, demanding more, wriggling a little in an attempt to shake his hand to move up just a tiny fraction.
Jimin smirks as he moves his kiss down to my neck, sucking on the skin as he descends. I move to put my hand around his neck and that’s when he used his free hand to grab both my wrists and pin it against the bed, all the time his lips never leaving my skin, nibbling on the collarbone. Jimin’s scent fills the room but now there is another smell mixing with the licorice in the air; it smells like someone has started to peel oranges in the vicinity, the scent only getting stronger.
My eyes, which had been closed all this while, flutter open. Just over Jimin’s shoulder, I see a figure standing at the foot of the bed, his aura demanding attention. Jimin notices too and snarls in response, a warning to tell the other man to back off. But of course, he doesn’t. The person crawls on to the bed and once he levels with my face, I first see the glint of the eyebrow piercing. Jungkook doesn’t say a word, his facial expression calm but his eyes wild. Jimin shifts a little, switching to focus solely on my left side of the neck and face and Jungkook takes that as an invite.
Jungkook’s lips are warm, the coolness of the lip ring the only thing grounding me to reality as he uses most of his tongue to do the work. The animal in me, the omega, is greedy for more, rotating between sucking on his pink tongue to biting and pulling at his lower lip. Jimin then sits up on his knees, watching us begrudgingly. Not wanting to be outdid by his dongsaeng, he ducks his head again, this time to my belly which he has exposed when he flips my pajama up. He trails kisses upward, exposing more skin as he goes. Jungkook repositions himself more comfortably, leaning over me on his elbow as he holds my face.
A pair of lips brush against my erect nipple and I gasp against Jungkook’s mouth, who responds by shoving his tongue to lick at mine. He nibbles my lip, alternating between tongue and kisses as if he is distracting me from what Jimin is busy with. My whole body is on fire, making it highly sensitive to any touches, especially wet ones. So when Jimin closes his lips around my nipple and uses his tongue to flick at it, I moan loudly into Jungkook’s wet kisses. Just as Jimin starts to get serious, his other hand moving to softly knead my other breast, the door of the bedroom swings open and the strong, almost overbearing smell of coffee and dark wood fills the room.
Both Jimin and Jungkook halt their actions but neither looks up or even dare to move. I’m panting beneath both the men, my body burning, yearning, desperate for their touch. Annoyed at the interference, I raise my head to look beyond Jungkook's almost cowering stance. A tall silhouette stands by the door and the omega in me is immediately thrilled to recognise that the pack leader is here.
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moonlight-alphafemale · 2 days ago
Miracle Baby
Tumblr media
Omega!Sano Manjiro (Mikey) x Alpha!Reader
Warning:brief smut,detailed birth, mentions of miscarriage
This is a longer than my other stories 😅
“Mikey?” You had walked in on Mikey slamming his fists into a couch pillow.
“Alpha!” Mikey called from his place on the couch. I sat up, reaching out to you for a hug.
“Hey baby, how's our little Sunshine Baby?” You asked, hugging Mikey while patting his belly.
Sunshine Babies are babies born just before or after another baby is lost due to a variety of reasons. You and Mikey's little Sunshine Baby was honestly a true miracle.
After having 2 miscarriages, you and Mikey finally successfully got pregnant with a healthy little boy.
It's finally the 3rd trimester with Mikey's due date rapidly approaching.
“Why were you murdering a pillow?” You asked, patting Mikey's head.
“I have all this tense energy....” Mikey whined, hugging you tightly. He purrs quietly, fidgeting around.
“Well, I could help with that” you said, licking at Mikey's neck.
“Can we do that, no we can't!” Mikey said, pushing you back. "What if we hurt him....?"
“We won't hurt him, I'll be gentle”you said, stroking Mikey's hair back.
“Besides, it'll help release that energy....” You said, leaving gentle kisses all around Mikey's neck and collarbone. He whimpered quietly and you began letting off your scent.
There’s a noticeable silence in the room, but that absence of sound is what allows you to hear the way his breath hitches when you start heading lower. You smile and lift his shirt, kissing down his chest down to his pregnant belly. You pull away to look at him as your arms encircle his neck.
Soft mewls and timid moans come from Mikey as you go down to. You pull his shorts and boxers down and kiss along his inner thighs, making him squeal. Hands sliding up and down his leg.
Clothes fly and passions are wordlessly exchanged.
You hover above him, studying his features. He nods emphatically, letting your hands rest on either side of his neck as he pulls you down to kiss him once more, to bring him closer.
He shift his hips, spreading his legs wide enough to allow you full view of him.
“Aww, you're already producing slick for me. How thoughtful....” You said, easily him down on the floor and down on his back. This'll be a little hard with Mikey's pregnant belly, but you'll make if work.
You lap up his slick, making him whimper. His legs shake as you lick up all his slick and lick up his legs. Mikey's sweet moans almost makes you lose control. You roll Mikey over on his hands and knees.
“Be careful....” Mikey said, wiggling his hips. You slowly slide the head of your cock inside him, gently nudging your way in. You seem to breathe out as he inhales, sucking in a sharp intake of breath as the stretch sets in for him.
“I know,” You say, taking your time as your slowly rocks your hips, pulling them back and forth to ease your way in a little further with each pass to give him time to adjust to your size.
“There you go,” you cooed quietly as his mouth drops open into a lewd moan when he you sheath all of yourself inside of him with a soft grunt. “Good boy” you whisper, brushing your lips against his as you languidly roll your hips.
You begin to pound into Mikey, going slowly at first. Mikey moans as you pound into him, he grips onto what little he can grab of the carpeted floor. Mikey pushes back against, grabbing onto your thighs and pulling you closer.
“H-Harder....” Mikey cries out, wiggling a bit. You hold only Mikey's shoulders, leveraging yourself to pound harder into Mikey. Mikey lets out lewded screams as you pound into with such vigor and strength.
You gently stroked Mikey's member, making Mikey scream louder. You massage the base of Mikey's cock, making him almost melt in your hands. You massage him until you feel him cumming into your hands.
He calls your name over and over again, clinging to it like it’s the only word that he knows and at this moment, it is. His back arching inward as you pound harder into him. You pull him in closer and bite into his neck, reopening the original mark on his neck as you finally empty all of yourself inside of him until your left chasing your breath.
Mikey's just about ready to collapse from fatigue and pleasure. You wiggle out of him and drop down beside him, he collapses onto you on his back and you pull him over to hug him.
“See, he's fine....” You say. You gently stroking your hand over Mikey's pregnant belly, making the pup squirm inside Mikey's womb. He giggles softly and nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck.
You sit up and kiss his nose while gently scenting him. Mikey sat on your lap and sniffed the scent glands on your neck, taking in your scent. You giggled softly, holding Mikey close.
You stand up, helping Mikey stand. He falls against you and you just take in all his weight, kinda your fault he's turned into silly putty [lol]
“I'm sore....” Mikey whines, holding onto you as his legs shake under him. You ease Mikey on the couch, gently rubbing his pregnant belly.
“I'll bring you some clothes, need anything else?” You ask, massaging Mikey's shoulder. Mikey shakes his head so you kiss him and leave.
You snuggle with Mikey in his nest between the couch and the wall. He keeps sniffing at the scent glands on your neck, finally coming off his high from earlier.
You quietly ran your fingers through his hair, which had become messy from earlier. You wrapped the blanket tighter around Mikey while he hugged onto you.
“Are you ready for the twins?” You ask, patting Mikey's head. He nods slightly, he seems a bit sad.
“What's wrong Mikey?” You ask, cuddling your mate in your arms.
“Draken hasn't come to visit....”
That's right, Draken hasn't been over to visit. Not even to see Mikey during the miscarriages. Draken liked Mikey but Mikey always saw Draken as his big brother and he didn't want to go beyond that.
“He will soon....” You said, though you knew it was pretty unlikely. It's been almost a year and Draken hasn't texted either of you, much less spoken to either of you.
“Ow!” Mikey screamed quietly, burying his face into your chest and holding his stomach.
“Y/N....” Mikey says, wincing from the intense pain. “Y/N, somethin’ don’t feel right,”
Scout pulled himself off if you, groaning in pain as another wave of pain flashed through his abdomen. “Fuck…” he grunted, gritting his teeth.
You rubbed Mikey’s shoulder soothingly, saying, “It's ok, take a deep breath—” You were cut off when Mikey yelled in pain and gripped his stomach, curling up against you from the sheer agony of it all.
“Y/N it hurts!” He cried out, tears rolling down his face. You begin to panic. “It hurts…” Mikey whined, gripping the sides of the nest with his head tilted back.
“I know it does, but it’s going to be over soon,” You said, removing his clothing. You ran to the bathroom and grabbed a towel from the cabinet.
You sat beside him in his nest. You helped him onto his back, sitting behind him to help stabilize him and comfort him. Mikey bit down in his lip until he bled, and a short whine escaped his throat as he strained.
There was a sudden gush of fluid from in between Mikey's legs.
“Y/N! M-My water broke!” Mikey yelled, squeezing your hand as another contraction hit him hard.
“There's so much pressure, it hurts!” Mikey cried, gritted his teeth and pulled back his legs at the start of the next contraction.
“You'll be ok.... Just relax” You tried soothing your mate, you knew there was only one way to make this end, he needed to push.
“Don't push unless you feel like you need to ok?” You said, kissing Mikey's cheek. You knew Mikey would know if he had to push, but you still didn't want him to hurt himself.
After hours of intense labor, Mikey finally began to feel himself start crowning. He knew crowning was going to hurt, but already the sharp, burning stretch was unbearable.
Mikey whined, unable to do anything for the weight forcing its way further down into his pelvis, and soon his breaths turned into moans.
“You're doing good baby....” Mikey was doing better than you thought he would. You knew he could handle it. Mikey screamed, squeezing your arm tightly as another contraction tore at his body. The pain no longer seemed confined to his core.
“Come on, You're doing good” You said, gently stroking his head. You kissed him, trying to calm him down. Progress slow and steady, accumulated little by little in halting grunts until he finally, finally felt something near his opening. It began to burn.
“AAAHHH!” he cried out as his flesh finally gave way, letting the baby’s forehead, eyes, nose, and chin free from it's confines.
“You got this! You're almost there” You said, reaching down and cupping your hands around the baby's head.
Mikey collapsed back against you as he stared in disbelief at the whole ass head sticking out of him. He wanted to cry, but his body reminded him that he was not done.
"Oh my god, there's a human head sticking out of me...." Mikey said, completely dumbfounded. Never fully sunk in that yes, there you be a baby sticking out of you.
“AAHHH!” Mikey cried out as his flesh finally gave way and molded itself over the baby’s shoulders.
"Come on baby! One more push!" You said, patting Mikey's head. Mikey let out one final bloodcurdling scream before he collapsed against you.
The shrill cries of a baby filled the room. You and Mikey's little boy had finally been born. Hormones flooded his omega body as he cradled the baby against his chest, feeling more than he thought a person capable of feeling.
"He.... He's beautiful...." He said holding the baby close to him, pressing her little cheek against his own cheek. You came back and wrapped the female pup in a purple blanket, allowing Mikey to bond with the puppy.
“I think you just hold her like that” You said, holding your daughter's head up to Mikey's nibble. You should have did more research and practice.
“How do I— Eek!” Mikey squeaked as the female puppy finally began to suckle on Mikey's nibble.
“It feels weird” Mikey complained, as the baby continued to feed.
*knock knock*
Someone? At the door? Now? Who the hell could it possibly be. You got up from beside Mikey and opened the door.
....It was Draken....
“Ken-chin?!” Mikey yelled, looking up from breastfeeding your son. Draken waved sheepishly as you let him inside. Draken went over and sat next to Mikey's nest.
“Hey Mikey....” Draken says, averting his gaze from Mikey.
“What made you decide to show up, you haven't even texted me in a year. Not even when I had those 2 miscarriages....” Mikey refused to look up at Draken, continuing to breastfeed your son as you sat down beside Mikey in his nest, hugging him tightly.
“I know.... And I'm sorry....” Draken said. “I shouldn't have done that, you are my friend. Just because you don't see me as more than that, doesn't give me the right to do that....” Draken said, almost starting to cry.
“Mikey I'm sorry, would you please forgive me!” Draken pleaded, he covered his face with his hands. He cried softly and bitterly. “I just need my friend back....”
“You shouldn't have done that, that wasn't right....” Mikey said, handing you your son and hugging Draken burying his face into Draken's neck.
“But.... I forgive you....” Mikey mumbled, hugging Draken into a tight squeeze. Mikey purred softly, finally being able to get back with his best friend.
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psychicskulldamage · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First page of my gallavich fancomic is up! 😄
✨Start Here✨
Being a Gallagher and growing up in the Southside was difficult enough, throw in presenting as an Omega at 14 and Ian's life might as well be over.
Make sure to look over the tags! 💖
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ann-era · a day ago
Tumblr media
invictus. (unconquerable) /
Characters: Omega!Reader, Alpha!Bucky Barnes, Alpha!Steve Rogers, (brief, Natasha Romanoff)
Warning: R18/ slightly dark, explicit, language, smut (i tried.), dub-con, abo dynamic, mentions of restraints, no beta-reader, one-shot. DNI if under 18.
As beautiful and fearless as the unconquered goddess Athena. You were no Aphrodite, give you a shield and an ebony blade any day and you would have the city of Troy falling on your feet. Thus so, you often compared Steve as the reincarnation of Ares, Bucky as Hades himself, misunderstood but having immense capacity for affection, ask Persephone. But you were not Persephone or Aphrodite, you were Athena. Unconquered.
Tumblr media
“Peace? And what under Helios would you do with yourself if there’s peace? Be a farmer? You profit from this war as much as I do. You don't want peace, Rogers - you just don’t want to deal with them.”
The team might eat up your little kicked puppy act, but he’s seen better.
You always had a dull interest with Greek mythology, oftentimes they added colour to your language.
Steve had dealt with criticisms his whole life. The latest bane in his life being the existence of you. You angered him, got under his skin, refused to even show a speck of respect. He found you to be shrewd, calculating.
He had sparred with you before, calling you out for puling your punches.
It conflicted Steve to hell and back. He wanted you to be strong, stronger at the same time, he wanted you to trust him, to show him the vulnerable facets of yourself too.
You laced the final eyelet of your boots. Stomping your heel a few times before getting up on your full height. Your back straightening to make yourself seem taller. Even with the boots on, Steve had a whole foot more, towering over you - much to your chagrin.
“No...” You jerked your wrist out of his grasp, rubbing the bruised area, an angry red already forming on the skin. Your lips twisted into a derisive grin. Sometimes you wanted to punch him in his perfect teeth. You really wished you weren’t trying so hard to even your breathing, because the cold frigid air made your rhinitis hurt with each inhale.
“And you’re just a poor attempt of them trying to replicate me.” Steve’s tone held no love or sympathy. You were just a watered-down skillset version of Natasha Romanoff to him. You levelled your gaze, refusing to back down from his stormy blue ones. He clasped your wrist, firm grip in one hand.
“Listen - .” Steve tried to take a gentler approach. Only to be cut off by your terse tone.
As time cumulated, Steve found himself detesting your existence. It wasn’t natural for Omegas to behave like you. You never have had heats, you never nested. You were never affectionate, at least not to him and that led him to believe that you had purposefully done so.
You bristled at his tone, clamping your mouth shut, any sass toward a reply had escaped you. Of course, you were damaged as an Omega, you weren’t normal. Steve Rogers had the original serum, his perfections, heart, strength amplified, making him the prime species of an Alpha.
Steve Rogers volunteered for the Super Soldier program.
Bucky and you didn’t.
“Hey cupcake. Wonder boy here giving you trouble again?” The voice that could only belong to one person.
Relief washing over you as Bucky saved you. Again. You looked over Steve’s shoulder, brushing past Captain Rogers to carry your feet as quickly as you could manage towards the Winter Soldier. Pulling on the metal arm to tug him along.
“Nothing he hasn’t already done. Let’s go.”
Bucky once confessed to Steve, unsure if his metal hands could afford the barest form of affection toward a dame, yet here he was, affectionately mussing up the braid atop of your hair, your fringe falling forward on your forehead, sticking out in all directions. You swatted his metal arm away, clearly annoyed that you would have to redo your intricate braids.
In the open space of his room assigned in the Avengers compound, you handed Bucky the patches that was wired towards the case of the machine, he mechanically stuck one on the underside of his wrist, another under his left rib. He didn’t miss you stealing glances when he pulled the hem of his shirt to reveal the defined sculpt of his muscles.
“Whatever Steve said, it’s best not to take it too personally. He has a habit of running his mouth and then getting socked in the face after, even before the serum.” You tried to remain impartial, offering a wry smile back at him, that faraway look still etched in your eyes.
You kept your hand steady, holding the glass vial in one hand, injecting it from a secondary tube with another practised hand. This was the part that had his instinct thrumming. Your keen eyes following the trail of the liquid, to every fibre of his being.
You knelt before him on the floor, your eyes sometimes darting between the patch on his wrist to his face, to the screen of the transportable machine. He resisted every urge against his Alpha instinct to lean against the comfort of your touch. Ignoring every thrum and sensation wrecking against his lower region when your hand made contact with the sides of his face, cradling it like a precious artefact, your thumbs absentmindedly massaging the sides of his temples. If he leaned close enough, he could sense lilies in your scent as well. Gently wafting off the pulse point on your wrist.
You caved under the intensity of his gaze. Clearing your throat, you brusquely moved your hand away from him the moment the machine started its pulsing beeps, signally the end of the transfusion.
“And do... what exactly…?” He leaned forward, you didn’t drink, so inviting you over for a nightcap was close to zero. You rarely spent time in the after-battle revels, preferring the company of Tony’s machines and guided systems. That, and your idea of a hard beverage was coffee without milk.
“Is it just me or are these treatments getting shorter and shorter?” He tried not to let his disappointment show, removing the patch on his wrist and body carefully.
“If you wanted to monopolize my time with you, you could have just asked.” You rolled up the tubes, a knowing smile fully pulling on your lips, bagging it in a biohazard labelled zip lock.
“Hot chocolate?” He offered.
You had the audacity to give him a coy smile.
You were easy to read if one paid enough attention. Tony did say that only Steve had maintained to get under your skin. It seemed that you reserved and directed every ounce of resentment, anger, aversion for the said First Avenger. It was like Steve had a special place in your mind where no one else had. Something about that didn’t feel right with Bucky.
It was worse because Steve will usually just brush him off whenever the assassin tried to pry the reason why he was hell-bent on making Y/n’s life so difficult.
Tumblr media
You smacked your lips together, savouring the rich chocolate taste that lingered on your tongue. Bucky got down the milk and chocolate ratio to perfection, you swirled the liquid in your mug watching the swirls and steam rise from the mug.
Bucky had poured himself a dry scotch. Albeit mournful that he can’t get himself to drink into a stupor. The super soldier serum enhanced his metabolism, so no drunk Bucky for you to handle. Eyeing you carefully as you sipped your concocted beverage in peaceful silence.
“What’s going on with you and Steve, really.” He said quietly, pouring himself another from the decanter.
You bit the inside of your cheek. Not knowing how to begin. You took another long sip, appreciating the whiff of vanilla permeating. Bucky really knows how to treat a girl. You turned a furious pink at the thought – no. Bucky’s Steve best friend. That can’t end up well.
“You know him better… you tell me why he hates my guts so much.” Your fingers started to tangle on the chain of your necklace, where it stopped right above the décolleté of your sweater.
Bucky tried to not look where your hand lingered on the necklace. He took a long gulp of his scotch, appreciating the burn on his pain receptors at the back of his throat from this whiskey. Stark’s got good taste. He mused.
Shifting his gaze to your loose curls tumbling on your bare shoulders. If he didn’t know any better, he would think that you were tempting him on purpose.
“He doesn’t… hate you, no. Steve’s… old fashioned, very traditional kind of guy... guess he’s trying to scare you into leaving so you won’t put yourself in dangerous situations anymore y’know?”
“Good thing I don’t scare easy…” You threw him a defiant look, was that a challenge, he wondered.
“Andddd.. that’s where the problem is.” He stated dryly.
You leaned back further into the armchair, taking in his explanation, nursing your hot chocolate delicately, bringing your knees up, finger tracing the rim of the mug. Bucky watching you, entranced, his imagination going so far as to what other … things your fingers could do to him.
“If it really means that much to you…” You surprised yourself on how quiet your voice was, “I’ll try to… tolerate… him, for you.” You placed the now empty mug on the marbled coffee top.
Oh honey, don’t do this to him. You cannot possibly fathom what you were doing to him. You being this submissive was testing his herculean self-control. He wanted to be a good doting, supportive Alpha, everything you had confided in him.
With a newfound bravado spurring your actions, you walked toward where he sat on the chaise lounge sofa. You pressed him into the couch, your hand on his shoulders.
“But I can be so good for you too.” You purred.
Nuzzling your nose in the crook of his neck, taking in the rich leather and cedar scent he gave off. You briefly registered his hand gripping a little too tightly on your waist, the fabric of your sweater bunching in his hold. Absolutely fucking addicted to your sensual vanilla scent. You really did smell like cupcakes, fucking hell, you were his undoing.
Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Lord, have mercy on his soul because he don't think he’d be able to walk out of this one.
His hand travelled to the length of your neck, applying just the right amount of pressure while his mouth got busy, peppering open mouthed kisses all over your exposed shoulder, throat, collarbone.
“That’s right, you’re going to be a good girl for me?” He growled against your skin.
His finger nears your mouth and you suck on it, a carnal moan liberated from your vocal cord.
“Baby…? Look at me…?” He whispers, your lips just inches apart.
Fucking hell, he’d damn his own soul for a taste of you. The small keening noises you made against his hold, keeping you in place when his hand reached the apex of your thigh. Your body warmer than usual, a delirious cloying sweet scent permeating, sticking to every corner of his room. You were in heat. You weren’t thinking. This was purely instinct driven from you.
He rested his metal hand against the back of your neck, feeling your warm breath fanning against his face. Your eyes screwed shut, it must be difficult for you right now… when your instinct and every sense only wanting for one thing. He pulls you close, resting your forehead against his, nose touching.
It barely registered that all of this was occurring and he hadn’t even kissed you yet.
You answered by holding his face in your hands then closing the distance. He kissed you again, gentler and softer. Bucky took his time, vowing to adore you, protect you, do anything for you. He carried you to his bed, laying you down on your back.
Tumblr media
You remembered the night falling, Bucky kissing your neck, your hair, whispering something desperate in the morning before leaving you in your second day of heat. There was a rattle of a doorknob, clothes rustling, discarded carelessly on the floor. Your already weak lust ridden body and senses mindlessly reaching out to source of the Alpha musk.
Your fingers pulling on the grey linen of the sheets, your knuckles turning white from your grip. You reached down with your other hand, your fingers running through his hair as he continued his ministrations between your legs, eating you out. You bucked your hips impatiently, earning a growl from the Alpha as his grip on your hips tightened, keeping you in place.
He could eat you up all night, but he was nothing if not an indulgent Alpha for his omega. His desire for you reaching a fever pitch as he pulled your hips flush against his. Your weeping cunt lined against his hard shaft and he pushed himself completely inside of you.
He swallowed your screams into another searing kiss, he bites and nips on your lower lip. Praising you on how good your hot pussy was taking him, how you were tightening so good and how perfect you would carry his pups.
He reached down to adjust your leg over his shoulder, hitting inside you deeper. He let out a guttural groan, your walls tightening around him that had his soul ache for you, had sent your carnal lust into overdrive.
Yes, oh god, yes you needed this. Your Alphas hand covering your line of sight. You wanted his knot; his seed to keep you full. You creamed hard around his cock and he followed soon after, his seed spilling your insides. His knot still keeping him inside of you.
Your alphas hand moved from your jaw, to the side of your head, lovingly dragging his finger against your scalp, your alpha nuzzling against your bare shoulder.
You relished in the aftermath of your second day heat. A gentle, feathery brush of your lips against his forehead…. Your fingers tangling against the muss of dark blonde hair.
Trepidation crawled against your skin. Seeping into your veins and soul. Dark blonde hair?
“… Steve?” You hated how broken and small your voice came out. Feeling the scruff along his jawline as he pressed a soft kiss against your cheek, tucking a stray strand of hair away from your face.
It finally dawned on you, Bucky left you that morning, whispering his regret and remorse at having to leave you for a mission, so he had Steve take his place in your heat.
A sob wrecked through you before you could even help yourself, your chest tightening, closing in like a vice around your lungs, the wet streaks your tears left on your face…. this can’t be happening; your distressed scent soured the entire proximity.
“Shhh, we'll take good care of you...” Steve pressed another kiss on your nose, pulling on your shoulders to rub your back soothingly.
“Your Alphas will always take care of you.” Steve observed your reaction, stubbornly pressing the side of your face on his shoulder, refusing to look at him.
He tugged on your hand, pressing his mouth over veins on your inner wrist. Huh… so he is capable of making a tender expression like that, you mused dryly.
The familiar burn still etched in between your thighs, his knot still buried deep, every carnal illogical emotion burns whenever he shifted himself inside of you. Your eyelids grew heavy, before finally letting sleep take over you. Your fingers still loosely clasped in his, your soft even breathing as you were trapped in a slumber.
You were everything Steve and Bucky wanted in an Omega and more. You belonged to him, to them; you were their fated pair.
It finally made sense to him why he felt hostile towards you.
Steve could barely reach out to you and it angered him, frustrated him. Every question he ever had was left unanswered. Had he been too severe? Where had you been? Who hurt you in that mission? Why weren’t you taking better care of yourself? Why had you been avoiding him? Why can’t you just listen and let him explain himself?
Tumblr media
You awoke by the rude glare of the sunlight seeping into the bedroom. your hair was a mess, just looking at the love and bite marks littered on your skin. You reached up to scratch the back of your neck, feeling another bump there.
Jesus Christ, was there any part of you that they didn’t mark?
You picked up a grey t-shirt that was carelessly strewn on the floor by the foot of the bed, slipping the material on over your head. You slipped into your loose joggers, tying the string. You straightened your back a little, stretching your tense and sore muscles. There was a knock by the bedroom door.
Steve stood by the frame of the door, looking like Ares reincarnated, crossing his arms, taking in the sight of you.
You nodded, absentmindedly taking the tablet propped on the bedside table. Your fingers scrolling through the interface, a deep frown etched on your face.
Attempting to flatten any flyaway hair, you looked up at him, stifling another yawn with the back of your hand. The scars on your knuckles and hands littering across your skin.
“Is… Bucky home?” You asked softly. The veteran war hero shook his head.
All your assignments, mission recon. None of them showing on your feed.
| Avenger Direct Override: Captain Steve Rogers. |
This self-righteous bastard.
“What is this?” You flipped the tablet around to his view, your confusion evident. You were tempted to hurl the device to his head.
“Safeguards.” As if that explained anything.
You grit your teeth, fully intent on reinstating your withdrawn missions.
You swung the door open to Bucky’s study room, your smacked face first into Bucky's metal arm. You rubbed your nose.
“Whoa, where’s the fire cupcake?” Bucky held onto both sides of your arms, keeping you steady.
“You do realize I am an enhanced, just like you two?” You tried to keep your voice levelled, calm. Bucky touched the side of your face, applying just a bit of pressure to alleviate the migraine you’re currently having.
“My missions, Bucky, my job, they’re gone, its all gone.” You trailed off. You felt like you were doused with cold water. The shock of it all barely registering as you tried to wrap your head around all this. You stared at him, an incredulous look thrown in his direction.
“Of course it is. I made sure of it yesterday. C’mon, back to bed, you haven’t fully rested from your heat cycle yet.” The cold metal under your knees and another warm flesh against your back carried you off your feet. Your back and legs rested against the plush and soft mattress. Your sharp eyes attesting the situation, running a mile per minute.
“I’m sorry, we had no choice.” Was Bucky’s response.
You nodded. “I’m sorry too.”
You slapped a metal cuff whirred around his prosthetic arm, without missing a beat you threw the secondary device on the floor, effectively locking him in place.
Steve's reaction was quicker than you had anticipated, you took a well-placed kick to his center. Throwing Steve off-balance. You had the bedsheets wrapped around your hand, throwing it over his head, twisting and tying it in place with quick precision,
That won’t hold them for long.
They were still super soldiers.
The doors will be barred and locked, you’d be an idiot to try and force your way out that way.
Your eye caught the glint of the red and silver metal, you slung the shield over your arm, the sheer size of it effectively blocking your body. It should.
It will.
Running on instinct to build momentum. Both your arms holding the leather brace, you pushed forward, leaning your weight into the metal shield. The dull shattering of glass nearly made your ears bleed from the point of impact against the vibranium shield.
A four storey drop, Natasha and you had taken worse.
By some form of miracle and perhaps of experience, you had managed to land on your side with the vibranium shield dampening the impact. Knowing full well of its remarkable shock absorbing properties. A visible hollow in the ground where you had fell.
You coughed a choked gasp. Glass cuts on your arms and face. You stood up, a little unsteady, finding the center of gravity to keep you grounded, releasing the vibranium shield from your arm. It fell carelessly on the lawn of the compound.
What the hell – what the hell, you repeated the mantra in your head. You ran, you ran like your life depended on it, the gate proved to be an easy challenge for a skilled climber such as yourself, but landing on your bare feet made the task more laborious.
You would rather be a fugitive, than be a broodmare. You weren’t ready to give up any of it. To be some sort of domesticated … pet for the both of them. You won't. You're a warrior. A soldier.
Pure adrenaline driven by instinct, you aptly realize this wasn't a real 'fight' in a sense, it was a hunt, a test of strength, will.
You tried to recall where Natasha and Tony rigged the places to set intruders off from the Avengers Compound, deterrents as he’d like to call it.
Nope. You set off a boogey and was thrown several feet back. You rolled your body along with the impact.
Motherfu- you bit your lower lip, bearing the pain.
Getting up ungracefully, dusting yourself off, muttering a string of curses. “Damn your boogeys, Stark.” You looked up, trying to find your bearings.
You ducked behind several overlapping tree trunks when the familiar ringing of the vibranium shield all but splintered a hundred-year-old bark.
Jesus Christ - He was trying to kill you, you balked. That tree trunk could had been you. Your heart palpitated. Leaping from the branch, landing on the ground, bending your knees to lessen the impact.
The sight of both prime species of Alphas who you had spent your heat with, blocking your exit. You scanned the perimeter. No way out or back but through.
“You can’t beat us hand to hand.” Bucky slowly walked towards you from the opposite end, in case you tried to make a run for it.
“Yeah, but I can still kick your ass,” you said contemptuously. Bucky shrugged; he can’t argue with that kind of sass.
You punched him, a weak lunge that Steve probably would have seen coming even before he turned super-soldier. He grabbed your fist and threw you over his shoulder.
You groaned, okay, he wasn’t pulling his punches then. The pain was beyond unbearable. The exertion from your Heat Cycle, the lack of nutrients, was starting to affect even your enhanced metabolism.
“Honey, I'm not going to-“
You were aware of the former hydra assassin on your 6, moving towards you. You leaned on your side avoiding the metal arm aiming for your arm before slamming your palm heel into his jaw.
Moving far faster than he could even react, you reared one foot back and brought it up with a powerful kick right to his nose. You were convinced that you could have killed him, but Steve just recovered from his stagger, blood dripping from his nose. He then wiped it clean with the back of his sleeve casually. Not surprised in the least bit.
“– haven’t had a broken nose since Siberia.” Steve mumbled.
Jesus – he heard a crack, and it was definitely from him, definitely bone, had not for his enhancement, that would have been his dislocated jaw.
Bucky’s metal arm shot out to your shoulder and the back of your leg connected to the side of his head, driving your momentum forward to throw him a several feet back.
You dislodged the vibranium shield from the splintered tree. Moving faster than any human should have, you grabbed the leather brace of it, the first swing of your arm, you stopped right before the edge could connect to his throat. Choosing instead to push him away with the broad side of the shield.
You were learning, adapting to their behaviour, fight pattern.
“I can do this all day, honey.” A wolfish grin stuck on his boyish features. He had managed to twist your body into a headlock. The shield still braced against your arm.
“I can’t.” You struggled through clenched teeth, your speech impended by your breath hitching, your lungs struggling to keep the oxygen intake.
“Drop the shield, and we won’t punish you.” Bucky’s coarse voice responded.
Though it spurned his Alpha on, loving the hunt, the challenge, he didn’t think it would be wise to push your limits any further. Not especially in your post-heat cycle where your condition could be so delicate.
You dropped the vibranium shield, the loud sonorous metal rang in your ears. Your shoulders slumping.
Steve’s grip loosening, still holding your shoulder and neck in place. Bucky taking your chin between his thumb and index finger.
“Fought like a true warrior of Athena.” He watched your resolve shattering, lip quivering utterly defeated. You’re defeated because out of Steve and Bucky, the former hydra operative gets you.
He knew how hard you’ve trained, seen your work up-close, recon, takedowns, destabilize, neutralize.
“Cupcake, we never said you can’t take on missions anymore. You can always tag along with us.”
Steve arched a brow, don’t lie to her. “I don’t think so, I’m tempted to just suspend her indefinitely for insubordination.”
Your muscles tensed and coiled like a spring under the First Avenger’s grip. His hand clenched harder against your shoulder, you whimpered, your knees nearly buckling at the shot of pain bursting through your shoulder sockets.
“But maybe she needs to do something for us, as an act of good faith that she’d be able to behave.” Steve rasped into your ear; his gravelly voice held no room for dispute. It was the Captain America tone.
You hissed, clearly not appreciating his concern. The flecks of amber in your irises glowed, your Omega instinct still on high alert.
You were exhausted, spent, cut, bruised and sure you had a broken rib, call it intuition, or... just the blaring pain whenever you shifted or moved your side. Bucky titled your face, clicking his tongue at the long cut that started from your temple to your jaw.
“Let’s have Dr Cho look at you on this. Make sure it doesn’t scar.” His concern was visibly etched onto his face. Turning your face again, his fingers against your scalp for any bleeding or bumps that may lead to a concussion.
“We can treat you good, so good...” Steve brought his arm lower, resting his warm palm low against your stomach and Steve always delivers on his promises. Pulling your back flush against his chest.
“Steve’s Rut and mine are usually about the same time. This time round, we’ll have you to help us get through it.”
You were resisting in his hold, Steve didn’t want to have to dislocate your shoulder, he whispered hotly against your ear. Nuzzling against the back of your nape, rubbing his scent on you. He pheromones calming the rage in you, subduing you.
Your arms were sore not from carrying the vibranium shield but the sheer resistance and force of from Steve, to bracing the impact of the four storey drop. You had cuts and scuffing all over you’re the soles of your bare foot and arms.
Bucky knew more than he let on. This was more than just a little rebellious streak.
Primarily you were an Omega. It’s embedded in your biology, the behaviour and traits dating back before the birth of Christ himself, the strongest Omega would only mate with the Stronger Alpha. If he breaks or yields, he fails in his conquest to have her.
You must had felt confused, winning every conquest close to three decades of your life. Not finding an Alpha who could best you. Not knowing what to do. Barely finding a reason why you weren’t like most Omegas.
They heard your soft sniffle, suppressing every ounce of emotion to keep your eyes dry from the tears threatening to spill forth.
“Hot Chocolate?” Bucky bent forward, tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear like he always does when you’re upset. Lifting your chin with a finger to look at him. Your face crumpled, nodding a few times before the dam breaks. Steve bending his knees to your height to pick you up in his arms as you covered your face in his shirt and wept.
Tumblr media
A sudden movement in the corner of your eye had your hairs standing.
You poured the melted butter into the peanut butter paste, mixing it until smooth, following the simple steps on the tablet, you methodically poured and mix carefully. Once done, carrying the tray to the fridge. Wiping your dirty hand against the clean towel hanging by the oven.
“Jesus! Mary and Moses. Please grant Natasha Romanoff the blessing to not give other people near heart attacks.” Natasha raised a brow, swiping the Callebaut chocolate off a bowl before licking it off her fingers.
“Had to turn around, said he forgot something” Her reply was instantaneous.
Talk about language, you've been spending way too much time with Steve.
“Where’s Steve?” Giving the empty living room a once over.
“Said we needn't wait on him, went to pick something up. Anywho, Steve and Bucky is being pretty tight lipped about your 6 months sabbatical, you wanna tell me about it?” Natasha had trouble speaking with rich semi-sweet chocolate sticking to the roof of her mouth.
“Just... taking a break I guess.” You shrugged, serving her small portion of the dish you just made into a side-dish bowl.
“Yeah.. to make … some half-cookie half-brownie Frankenstein monstrosity – Clint took the whole tray back home to give it to his kids.”
“What a shame.” You said non-committedly.
Your mentor gave you the side eye, stabbing another forkful of chicken casserole pasta in her mouth. “Yep, Tony nearly waged the second civil war for that last tray.” Natasha brought the glass of water to her mouth. Washing her mouth pallet.
“Wow, a second civil war? Better not tell Steve.” You remarked dryly.
“Tell me about it, we could use your help this time, you know.” Natasha gave you a kicked puppy look, batting her thick lashes. You looked at her from over your shoulder from where you were drying the plates onto the dish rack, your lips twisting into a sardonic smile of your own.
You gingerly took out the first tray of the infamous brookies bars, skillfully cutting it with a chef’s knife, packing it carefully in a lock&lock before stuffing the container in a paper bag.
You brought your finger to your lips, “For you and Tony, Don’t tell Clint.” You gave Natasha a conspiratorial grin, she knew you would take their side.
You bet money that Natasha would kill to see you go against Bucky and Steve in a little scuffle
If only she knew.
Flipping the handle of chef’s knife in your hand , before hanging the blade on the super-magnetic bar on your kitchen wall.
No doubt your skills have only improved over the years, honed and refined.
Knowing Bucky, he probably trained you himself.
“You’re an angel and none of them deserve you.” She pulled the bag closer to her person.
“Are you proposing?” You leaned forward, just content to watch her eat. Resting your face against both of your palms, elbows leaning on the tabletop. She eyed your child-like gesture, the twinkle of innocence gleaming in your rounded eyes.
“Tony would had, had a whole Winston ring and Manhattan apartment with your name on it too.” Natasha answered, still sour over the fact that Steve and Bucky had kidnapped her protégé right under her nose.
She also blames you because Tony was being an insufferable prick for the past few months. Bemoaning why his goddess Athena would ever think to leave with the Manchurian Candidate and Star Spangled Man with a plan.
“Jesus Christ, ring’s bling bigger than my future, price tag too….” You shook your head, Tony’s exuberant over-indulging tendencies never failing to shock you.
“Yeah, but you always seem more Tiffany-ish anyway, that's what I told Tony.” She pointed … to well, all of you with the fork. You felt offended by that.
You fished out the thin box chain necklace from under the neckline of your blouse, a simple flat 24K gold band set with a humble brilliant cut diamond attached. The stark screw indentation on the ring recognizable to any person.
"Cartier huh." Natasha’s gaped, her shock apparent, it was quite rare to see her loss of words –
You tilted your head slightly toward the sound of front gate of the driveway sliding open.
That would be Steve.
He dropped the keys into the porcelain bowl on top of the shoe cabinet.
Natasha had counted at least 3 vehicles parked in your garage. Steve’s Harley bike, Bucky’s R8, and the black Chev Camaro which was supposedly yours but Steve used the Camaro to run his errands as well.
“Hey honey, sorry I’m late, they were out of white chocolate, had to circle back to Maison– what… did I miss?” Steve was very not used to seeing Natasha pausing mid-chew to gawk at his mate, who was tangling the chain that held your gold band between your fingers, a wide Cheshire grin on your face. Decidedly choosing to ignore it, he pressed a kiss on top of your head before heading towards the bedroom to get himself changed.
Tumblr media
Bruce picked Natasha up after dinner and dessert, she hugged you so tightly you were concerned if she was trying to check on your muscle mass or something.
Bucky clamped his lip shut. Knowing that Steve would be more apt to break the news to you.
Bucky and Steve then led you to sit on plush lounge. You knew what they wanted to ask. You tried to mask your disappointment.
“I know – my heat is supposed to be today – but sometimes its late, it happens.” They knelt in front of you. Steve takes your face in his hands, pulling you forward to kiss your forehead, nose and mouth, swallowing whatever retort or excuses you had from him, you had this irrational habit of overthinking things.
“The reason why you’re very late on your Heat Cycle is because you’re … very pregnant, honey.” Your jaw slacked. The affectionate tone he had for you, the warmth of his palm against the front of your stomach.
That was one way to drop the metaphorical bomb. You drew in a sharp breath, well – that was one way.
The baby blues of his eyes gleamed, he was so close he could see the refraction in the amber flecks of yours as well. The permanent side-effect due to the enhancement you underwent.
You wanted to be happy, you are happy but -
You felt normal, there wasn’t any morning sickness or particular cravings or mood swings. It was too normal – was there something wrong? –
“Hey hey hey, its fine, you’re fine, the baby is fine, you just happen to be the lucky few mommas not feeling nauseous.” Bucky rubbed the inside of your wrist soothingly. Steve rubbed your lower back, you wanted to tell Steve that it was still early for you to be having lower back aches, but you didn't find the heart to tell him that.
A child, your child. Yours, you hold the divine right to protect the life of your offspring. Then you broke into a smile of your own. A hand you placed protectively over your still flat stomach.
A fierce sense of pride overcame Steve and Bucky, watching your maternal instincts already settling well.
Bucky settled on kissing the inside of your palm, rubbing your knuckles in gentle circular motions with his thumb. Steve nuzzling in your scent gland, basking in your mellow vanilla fragrance. Bucky pulled your legs over his lap, and right past the sight of him...
… was the first fall of snow.
- Fin.
Tumblr media
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granny-fujoshi · a day ago
Hello. This might be suddenly, but what do you think will be the pheromones smell that 4 boys from 19 days have if its an omegaverse?
Hi dear Anon,
I don't know shit about omegaverse really.
I'm sure this must be an unpopular opinion but I haven't been able to continue reading many ABO fics because I'm not so comfortable with the strict role assignment in general.
Even if the universe extrapolates male/female gender I think it still replicates a binary world just by swapping terminology.
He's an alpha so he's the fucker who apparently calls all the shots. He's an omega so he's the mother who must be submitted. The betas in the middle not minding anyone's businesses.
Something similar happens to me when people get obsessed with the top/bottom notion.
I do find it intriguing. So as my horny ass is always looking for horny content over the months I've been in this fandom I've found two ABO fics I enjoyed in particular.
Because I believe the universe is used in a metaphoric way. There lies my interest.
During the weekend I re-read Want me more by Miharo perusing the scent factor. This is mainly a Tianshan fic, JY and ZXX appear but on the tangent.
The author mentions the yearning their scents have on each other described as an unavoidable smoking hot attraction that quickly leads to love. But they aren't really specific about the scents the characters emit.
Just a little bit from He Tian's side:
Guan Shan smells of something warm and spicy, not really sweet but there are traces of something. It’s not like He Tian has never smelled his scent before, it’s more than familiar and comfortable, tasty and definitely to his preference.
Warm and spicy with hints of sweetness. Even if he hasn't determined what it is yet, it's a familiar comforting smell to him.
My goodness:
He takes a sharp breath, inhaling He Tian’s scent, an alpha’s scent so close to him, so delicious, so tasty and he wants nothing more than have a closer taste, indulge himself in this scent.
Both excerpts are from the first chapter. The pivoting POV in this fic is super interesting. Notice how they both use the word "tasty" to refer to one another and you've guessed it right, they are about to eat each other up.
Because Mo's heat has gone out of control on account of his confusing feelings. And stalker He Tian's strategically there to gently offer his services.
It's a hell of a horny fic.
The other one is Push/Pull by Bachtoreality, which is actually one of my favs.
It is also very horny:
So stupid to not question why somehow this feeling was stronger that night. How the usual smell of bread and milk tea that came off of Mo in light waves was suddenly crushing, cloying. Even in the crowded train station. Had he looked, really looked, he'd have seen the light blush tickling the red head's face.
Here it is very much defined. He's talking about a familiar scent, at least for us western minds. It's the smell of home which is precisely what HT wants.
A domestic future with Guanshan.
So you see, in both fics we have something in common. The scents affect the person evoking a particular memory or feeling.
Tumblr media
And because both authors have a spot-on reading of the characters the figure of speech is practically the same.
I find it beautiful.
So let's go that way, shall we? I won't talk about specificities because my sense of smell is pretty lousy.
I do love the idea of Mo smelling like home for He Tian so I'm stealing that one from our great authors. And I think this is precisely what Xixi must feel like for Jian Yi too.
But when I think about Xixi the idea of intriguing nature comes to mind. A stoic ancient beautiful tree witnessing the endless passage of time. The smell of wisdom. So I'm thinking something earthy and vegetal, the woodsy tone giving the hint of home.
Then Jian Yi must bring back childhood to him. I'm thinking sweet smells, like the intense scent of caramel invading your nostrils when you're at the movies. A lingering nostalgia of happier but sinister times. Like a Miyazaki or a Tim Burton piece.
Guanshan is smoking cigarettes in the future because he misses He Tian's scent. So He Tian is tobacco but he's also something expensive, something MGS believes he can never presume to have.
He's the smell of the ocean. Of brute force tidal waves crashing against the rocky cliff that is Mo.
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oldandkinky · 22 hours ago
Since I'm cramming for exams, my brain is working in new and mysterious ways. So! Do you think Slipknot exists in the omegaverse?
Tumblr media
I ALMOST CHOKED JUST NOW. I love you, this is fucking amazing.
But to answer your question, yes, I believe so. Their music is very different though.
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sortingabosincebirth · 2 days ago
The Mating Run
Fact 90: Dancing is the main courting ritual but there was a different kind of social gathering in times before: the Mating Run.
The Mating Run is a voluntary chase where the omegas prove their prowess by running from the alphas, who prove their skill by chasing them. Those who didn't want to participate and betas, who were not allowed to join (olden times were less inclusive of the beta population in regards to romance than they are now), watched and mingled. Packs and pack members came from miles to participate in the run.
Fact 91: It was common, expected even, for participating members to wear a ribbon or garment with the colors or symbol of their pack on it. If one were to wear no associated colors then they would be declaring themselves to be a lone wolf.
Fact 91.5: This is why it's socially distasteful if a pack member didn't wear their color, as they would be insulting their pack in front of everyone.
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animeomegas · 2 days ago
The most likely to least likely to like a love letter in bed for obey me if there's still space 🙏🙏🙏
(Of course! Enjoy~)
N-sfw under cut
Satan - Satan would love for you to read him a love letter during sex. The cheesier the better. He's a huge fan of regency themed erotic literature and that was honestly how he learnt about sex, so it really gets him going. It makes him feel like a main character in one of the novels he loves and he gets very, very into it. It doesn't even really matter what you say in it, the fact that you wrote it down (bonus points if you used a quill and parchment) is enough for him. If you go all out, candles and rose petals too, Satan may faint like the maiden he lowkey wishes he could be.
"When you focus on something you love, your eyes glisten like sunlight dancing on calm green waters and I'm drawn to you, no matter how hard I may resist."
Satan's vision was hazy and he knew his eyes were unfocused. He'd imagined himself in this scene so many times but it was so much better in real life. Your touch on his skin and your words in his ears mixed in a way that made every inch of him tingle.
Simeon - Simeon knows how difficult and passionate writing can be and he values pieces of literature greatly. The fact that you took the time to write your thoughts about him down and read them for him fills him with love, and nothing makes Simeon as horny as genuine feelings 😌 He'll cum very quickly if you do this, but finishing the letter in the afterglow, while he rests his head on your chest, sounds just as good to him.
"My sweet Simeon, I can no longer fathom what life was like before I met you and even attempting to imagine a life without you causes me great pain. Every day, every minute, every moment I'm with you is bliss, like coming up for air after living underwater."
Simeon couldn't supress the whimpers at your words. He could feel his own chest burn with the love he felt for you in return. This wasn't just sex, it was making love. He shuddered from head to toe. It was perfect.
Asmo - He didn't think he'd like it as much as he does. Feelings don't have to exist for sex to be good, he knows that better than anyone, so why would you waste your time reading a letter for him when your mouth can be put to... better uses 😏 But when you start to speak about him in a way that no one ever has before, his eyes burn with tears and he pushes himself as close to you as possible. It feels different to any of his other partners, it feels... special. He feels special. Cherished even. And now, touches he's felt a million times before feel new and electric in the best possible way.
"You're so special Asmo, and I'm reminded of that every time I see you. When I hold you in my arms I'm so grateful to my past self for making decisions that brought me to you, because there is no one like you, that I can say for sure. You're perfect, inside and out."
Asmo felt a sob crawling up his throat but he supressed it. Crying during sex could be sexy, but sobbing a bit less so. He just didn't know what to do with himself. He felt warm and loved and special. He wanted to show you how much you also meant to him.
Mammon - Mammon's self esteem can be shaky at times, so he loves to be praised in bed. Every time you call him a good boy, you can almost see the wagging tail behind him, so a letter full of compliments is something he enjoys. Don't make it too wordy, he has some issues concentrating when you're fucking him, but something simple will make him flush all over and enthusiastically clench around you. Mammon loves nothing more than being a good boy. The fact that you've written the words on a physical piece of paper will also trigger Mammon's greed and make him desperate to please you so that you'll let him keep the letter.
"You're so amazing, Mammon. So perfect, so handsome, so funny. There's no one like you. No one I love like I love you."
Mammon preened under your praised. You'd gone out of your way to write something about him. His greed flared up suddenly. He wanted that letter, he needed it. It was about him, right? So, it should be his.
Diavolo - He does enjoy you reading a love letter for him in bed, but don’t expect to get very far before he tries to spontaneously dictate his own about you. Diavolo is eager to praise you in return, so a short letter works best for him. He often feels isolated and excluded, so a love letter like this makes him feel seen and treasured in the way he craves so much. The letter doesn’t make him horny as such, but it does make him very, very enthusiastic, and marathon sex always follows. He’s insatiable after a love letter. 
“Dia, my dearest love, I’ve become so addicted to your love in the time I have known you. When I’m away from you, I feel nothing but desperation to return to you-” 
“Me too!” Diavolo interjected, wrapping his legs around your waist to pull you closer to him. “I want you with me all the time, forever.”
Levi - He likes them in theory, but in practice, he can’t really handle one, it’s too much, he would simply be too embarrassed. But, if you gifted him a love letter, he’d hide away in his bath in the middle of the night, blushing and squealing, and most definitely masturbating by the end. 
‘There is no one I’d rather be with than you, Levi. No one I’d rather play video games with, no one I’d rather hang out with, no one I’d rather love.’
As Levi read the words, a high pitched whine escaped into the darkness of his room. His face felt like a furnace, but he felt elated. You wanted him, not someone else. Him. Only him. His cock started to strain his underwear as he tightened the grip on the letter. Fuck.
Barbatos - He would cherish a love letter from his mate, but I’m not sure it would do anything for him in bed. But he finds it adorable and he would keep it safe forever. Just imagine the little blush that would dust his cheeks as he reads your words. I think he’d like a love letter that focused on the smallest parts of his personality and little quirks. He’s incredibly powerful and important, but when he’s with you, he just wants to feel small and insignificant for a moment. Nothing about his powers or his duties, just him. 
Lucifer - He feels much the same way as Barbatos actually. He would cherish a love letter, although you’d have to be fairly deep into a relationship with him before he felt it appropriate. Lucifer would reread it often, and he’d honestly be happy to amass a small collection over the length of your relationship. I don’t think it makes him horny though, more often than not it makes him want to sit and drink with you or cuddle by the fireplace, or eat dinner together. The letters make him yearn for soft things and gentle conversation. 
Beel - Reading Beel a love letter in bed sort of turns into a negative cycle. You read the letter, Beel feels horny, Beel gets distracted because he’s horny and can’t focus on the words properly, Beel misses part of the letter, Beel feels guilty for not appreciating something you worked hard on properly, the guilt supresses the horniness. Game over. He would absolutely adore a normal love letter though, especially if you sat him down and read it to him. It makes him feel so soft and squishy. 
Belphie - Like Beel, he would also get distracted. Unlike Beel, he doesn’t really feel guilty. In his mind, you should be the one feeling guilty for interrupting the sex. How’s he supposed to get off if you put him to sleep with a speech? He’s such an asshole lmao. 
“When you wake up from a nap, hair perfectly tousled into the cutest bed head I’ve ever- Belphie did you just fall asleep?!” 
“Hmm?” Belphie blinked up at you blearily. 
“I hate you so much and I’m burning this letter.”
Solomon - Even worse than Belphie. Sure, he won’t fall asleep, but he will laugh, which is probably worse. It’s too sincere for him, he can’t handle it without bursting out into peals of laughter. 
“Darling, there’s really no need for such a dramatic reaction.” 
“Nope, I’m burning it, now you’ll never know what it said.” 
“I promise you, I didn’t mean to laugh.” 
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I've been trying to work out what "omegaverse" is for ages, I wouldn't personally read it but what is it???
Ahhhh simplest description without being overly crass: characters have a secondary "gender" of Alpha, Beta, or Omega and essentially denotes their position (in both meanings of the word) in society.
From Wikipedia:
Omegaverse, also known as A/B/O (an abbreviation for "alpha/beta/omega"), is a subgenre of speculative erotic fiction, and originally a subgenre of erotic slash fan fiction. Stories in the genre are premised on societies wherein humans are divided into a dominance hierarchy of dominant "alphas", neutral "betas", and submissive "omegas". These terms are derived from those used in ethology to describe social hierarchies in animals.[1]
Crass definition: It's mostly porn. Very messy porn LOL. With knotting, leaking and scenting, and male-identifying persons getting pregnant.
Of course there's more to it than that; I like a good long story with plot, but most of it is shameless PWP.
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seven-oomen · a day ago
Tumblr media
Chapters: 2/6 Fandom: The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes (Video Game) Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Jason Kolchek/Salim Othman Characters: Jason Kolchek, Salim Othman, Zain Othman, Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s), Original Child Character(s) Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega Jason, Alternate Universe - Werewolf, Mates, Werewolf Jason, human Salim, Werewolf/Human Relationship, Enemies to Lovers, Angst with a Happy Ending, Romantic Fluff, Mpreg, Jason has a vagina, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, your soulmates first words to you are on your body, Period Typical Bigotry, just the story of two single dads falling in love, Jason and Salim end up in London with their kids, First chapter is the road on how they got there, Story kicks off in Chapter 2, short king Jason, Salim is 6 ft Jason is around 5'6 at most Summary:
What is a werewolf to do when your soulmate turns out to be 1. a human and 2. your enemy? This story follows Jason, Salim, and their struggle to fall in love and start a family when they are on opposite sides of a conflict and there are monsters hunting them. I'm not talking about the ruins.
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omegaverse-daily · a day ago
I saw one of your recent random pup head canons, and the mention of puppy syndrome was interesting. Could you explain it in more detail? Like is it entirely mental, entirely physical, or some of both?
Hello, Sweet Anno thank you for this ask I was the one that created or came up with the "Puppy syndrome". So PD is found in every two out of 30 puppies possibly 40. The syndrome affects the puppy's development mentally and physically. They are commonly shown in Omega puppies and in some in Betas and very Few in Alphas.
Causes of Puppy syndrome
One the of many factors that have been seen in puppy syndrome is that the carrier of this pup has been having a stressful moment during pregnancy.
The second factor is puppy growth in the womb is visible however it is easily mistaken for other syndrome or deem a slow bloomer. the statistic shows that 10 puppies out of 20 are underdiagnosed from five-month after conception.
The third factor is that there could be a fail in the DNA Replication. For example, there could be a mutation that cancels out some of the codings. Affecting the formation of the puppies.
The fourth factor could be the abuse of substances during pregnancy. As we know we tell those who are carriers not to consume or do substances that could and will harm the puppy.
Physical Development of The Puppy with PD
Underweight from birth
Premature birth
loss of weight because puppy doesn't want to eat
Slow growth. (Puppies with PD have slow growth and once they hit the age of 15 they stop growing.)
Abdominal pain
Difficulty breathing ( They need to have an oxygen tank or the pump to help them send oxygen to their lungs straight from the nose. )
They have a bad immune system so they are hospitalized regularly
When they are born they stay in the incubator for 2 to 3 months generally.
Mental Development Of Puppy with PD
These puppies are mentally fragile just as they are Physical.
They have a slow understanding of the real outside world and usually are less exposed to the outside world. ( There are special facilities for Puppies with PD to help them interact with others besides their families.
Puppies with PD could develop autism, Asperger's syndrome, dyslexia, dyscalculia, epilepsy, hyperlexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Tourette syndrome (TS), and many more.
Puppies with PD could develop gender identity disorder and have a 99.1% to be left-handed.
Depression is something parents need to watch out for these puppies' minds are can vary some from 1 to a 5-year-old puppy however they have an understanding when they don't feel good and they feel sad.
Mutisim or selective mutisim.
They could lead a nice relationship with somebody however their partner need to understand PD and know what they are getting into if it is something they want in life or if they cant.
PD affects the heat process. Warm heats start at the age of 18 and regular heats start at the age of 20.
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Tumblr media
babe i know about niche fandom infighting you've never even heard of
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Pregnancy Scent
Fact 92: Reminder of the differences between scents in dynamics. Pregnant people’s scent is altered slightly as they progress through their pregnancy. Some people claim this is one way to tell what dynamic the baby will be by how the scent changes. Whether or not this is true is to be debated and it’s considered a pseudoscience by most.
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tiktoks-for-tired-tots · 21 days ago
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