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im-a-medicinecat-martin · 5 months ago
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babe i know about niche fandom infighting you've never even heard of
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lord-explosion-baku · a year ago
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Yandere Alpha!Aizawa x omega!reader
Warnings: omegaverse fuckery, yandere, dark themes, very slight daddy kink, very slight breeding kink, PiNk NiPpLeS
A/N: I wrote this for a friend and that friend is me. Entirely self indulgent which is wack because usually when I write AOB shit I have the shield of it being a request up. Usually I try to stray away from describing things about skin and bodies for self-inserts, but I did a little bit for this one. Anyways, have some nasty trash
Aizawa was a patient and experienced man. He was no stranger to having a cat he rescued off the street become reclusive in his domain— only making appearances when they needed to eat, drink, and relieve themselves, so it was not too alarming when he brought you, a criminal vigilante, back to his home and you had reacted similarly. He wasn’t worried. He figured that as an omega, he’d find you deprived and wanton sooner or later.
He understood that you needed your space. It surely had to be a bit of a culture shock to you for the first couple of days or weeks, and he certainly knew that you’d need your time to cool off after being plucked so suddenly off the streets like you were. The last thing Aizawa wanted was for you to hate him, so at first he had repressed his need to claim you immediately in order to help you acclimate to your new environment. He was fervently against forcing himself on you, even if his nature told him that it was his right.
Before you became a suitable partner, you had to be his pet. You had to be his comfortable pet.
So he left you alone in the room he’d set up for you, only hoping that you’d come out to visit him on your own accord before you fell into your first heat in your new home. Your stubborn heart never showed its face, but that wasn’t a dealbreaker for the erasure hero. If anything, your petulance stirred him. It beckoned him.
The day finally came when you had your first heat, and he would be lying if he said that he wasn’t looking forward to it. It was only natural for Aizawa to be drawn to your room when he caught a whiff of that delectable scent, that musty aroma that was so indisputably you, that it got him hard as a rock instantaneously. Like a moth to a flame, he found and rescued you from your own aching turmoil. The alpha claimed you, and marked you, and fucked you, and loved you, until you were nothing but a messy pile of satisfied lust melded into the guest room sheets, panting and writhing and thanking him for taking very good care of you. You were soft and warm and you fit around him perfectly. You were heaven on earth, crying into his shoulder, clawing at his back, begging for him to give more, more, more, and he did, and you wailed and came for him over and over until you inevitably passed out— splayed on the bed all cute and tuckered out and his. He had been elated.
He had hoped that after the first time he mated with you, you’d be more personable. However, after the fifth heat, Aizawa had to admit that your indomitability would not be broken so easily. He figured that he was spoiling you— letting you stay hidden and alone for as long as you wanted until your heat broke and you could use him for the one thing you’d value him for as an omega. That was the thing. He was letting you use him, and though that may have made you his comfortable pet, that didn’t further your advancement into becoming a suitable partner; it just made you a spoiled princess. He just had to let you know that though a princess you may be, you were his. He’d spoil you on his own terms, and that was only after you learned who held the reigns under his roof.
Six hours had passed since he first caught your scent. You were early this month, which was a pleasant surprise. That could’ve been because of your change in diet; Aizawa had been feeding you lean meat rather than packaged protein in hopes of getting you to act a little more congenial, but that hadn’t changed your mood much. You still glared and recoiled whenever he entered the room, which was nothing compared to the storm of swears you had whirled at him while trying to claw his eyes out when he first brought you to the condo. Still, he’d prefer that you at least thanked him for feeding you and making sure you had plenty of blankets to sleep with at night.
But now that you were in heat— now that you were needy, and desperate, and hungry for an alpha, Aizawa knew that dealing with your less-than-pleasant mood would be worth it. However, this month, he would not come to your aid when he caught the first signs of you torture. He’d have you wait for however long he could stomach it
Aizawa was surprised when you finally came out to the living room.
What Aizawa was expecting was an insolent omega with a potent glower on her face— that consistent brat’s disposition. What he wasn’t expecting was that the brat was going to be wearing one of his long sleeved shirts with nothing but her panties underneath, and he didn’t expect it to be so fucking cute. Did you miss his scent? Was his shirt some sort of comfort object to you?
You were becoming such a good girl.
A sheen of your own need coated your thighs and your potent aroma wafted around the living room. It was nearly unbearable. Aizawa didn’t bother to hide the raging tent in his pants. He wanted you to know that he smelled you, that he wanted you, and that it was no mistake that you had been neglected for hours. You were being punished and you should know. He lifted a singular brow, prompting you to speak.
Instead of begging for him immediately like he expected you to, you surprised him for the second time with an accusation:
“You are being cruel.”
Your voice was hoarse, as if you’d been crying, or moaning, or both, and Aizawa loved it. The corner of his mouth twitched up and he extended his arm out, beckoning you to climb into his lap, and like an obedient little bitch, you did.
Your knees were on either side of one of his thick thighs, one of your hands were pulling pathetically at the shoulder of his shirt while the other pressed lightly to his neck. Shouta felt a shudder climb up his spine when you squeezed your legs together and he gave his own leg and experimental bump, just to watch you clench your teeth together and hiss.
You burrowed your face into the crook of his neck. Aizawa took you in, pressing his nose to your hair, relishing the mixed aroma of your shampoo, your sweat, and your pheromone. You gave out a wanton little whimper when he pressed his hand lightly to the small of your back. Aizawa bumped his leg again, and you shuddered against him, letting out the smallest sigh. Noisy baby girl.
You were everything lovely in this world— his little rose.
“Sadist,” you accused, slowly rolling your hips as you began riding his thigh. Your nails dug into his shoulder when he gave you another bump. You growled, but it was no more threatening than a hiss of a kitten.
Aizawa smirked against your hair. Even the loveliest of roses had their thorns.
“How do you figure?” He asked in a slightly mocking tone, because his true nature when he got intimate was no secret to him nor you— not that you objected to it… in the moment. “I haven’t laid a finger on you.”
He slid his large hands down your waist to your smooth, bare thighs. Your body flushed with warmth, and Aizawa could tell that you felt his cock pulsate against your leg by how your cheeks burned a deeper shade of lustful red.
“You’re… neglecting me,” you murmured into his chest.
Aizawa tutted at you and you hummed against him. It was baffling how similar you were to an actual pampered cat.
“Neglecting,” he echoed, baleful and bemused while still oddly roused by how you were trying to appeal to his alpha ethos. “Do I not bring you food when you are hungry? Water when you’re thirsty? Have I not invited you to stay with me in a loving home that you’re free to roam on your own accord only to leave you be when you choose to stay shut away in the lonely room?”
You peeled your head away and scowled down at him. Your plush lips pursed in a way that thrilled Aizawa. His eyelids grew heavy as he imagined pushing his fingers between your them while his cock plunged deep into your soaking, needy, little omega cunt. God, how he missed feeling your walls tighten around him. He thought about what it was like being inside you all the damn time, and it was torture knowing that you were a only a room away from him, and that he could have you at any time so easily, but you’d never be able to love him like he wanted you to if he commanded you to fuck him. Even now, waiting this long while he knew you’d let him in easily, but knowing he had a point to prove, was absolute torture. If patience was a virtue, Aizawa was a goddamn saint.
Trembling, you said, “you kidnapped me, actually. That’s not as loving as you might think, Eraser.”
“No, sweetheart.” Aizawa brought his hand up to your face. His thumb caressed your lips, and they parted readily for him. Your mouth wrapped around him as you hummed tentatively around his thumb. You suckled on him with buzzing warmth, trying to sway him away from having a serious conversation, because it was obvious that right now, you did not want to talk about your ‘kidnapping’; you wanted Aizawa to rut you. “I saved you.”
Aizawa pulled his thumb out of your mouth with a pop! and with the same hand, he proceeded to squeeze your cheeks together. “And you’ve not been very gracious.”
Aizawa could see a fire building up in your eyes. The carnal side of him wanted you to lash out, just so he could push you onto the floor, head down, ass up, and teach you some goddamn manners, but he had to tell himself that you needed to learn. This thought waged war against the sudden realization that his thigh was warm and wet with your lust, and that was quickly pushing the limits of his resolve. He didn’t think that you even knew you were scenting him, which might’ve made that all the more hot.
You’re hurting, he thought to himself. You’re hurting and you want him. You want to be pumped full of his seed, to be bred like a blue ribbon bitch. You want him to use you.
Aizawa could feel his blood rushing while you reached around his head to pull his hair tie out, letting his messy black mop drape over his face. Your lovely hands softly grasped his wrist and with a voice too damn sweet for your own damn good, you asked, “what do you want?”
“For you to be a good girl.”
“I— I’m here, aren’t I?” You asked, as if that would suffice. In retrospect, it would, but Aizawa wanted to be greedy with you. He wanted much more.
So he lied. “That’s not enough, princess.”
“God, please, tell me what I need to do for you to… to fuck me. This is excruciating!”
“Oh. Is my little kitten in heat?” Aizawa moved his hand from your cheeks, down to your warm neck and squeezed. “Is that why she’s finally crawled out of her hideaway?”
Aizawa grabbed the back of your head and you gasped. Your hands slid down to below your stomach, but Aizawa yanked on your hair, causing you to cry out and grasp at his arms before you could dip your treacherous hands into your ptanties. He watched as your nipples hardened harshly through his shirt that really did fit you well.
You whispered out a cute little, “yes,” as Aizawa pushed the shirt up to reveal the tender, pink tits he’d been missing for weeks. Licking his lips, Aizawa experimentally pinched one of your swollen buds between his middle and index fingers as he palmed your sore, swollen breasts. You moaned as you rubbed yourself harder onto his thigh, as if that would be enough to get you off, though it clearly wasn’t by your hushed pleas for any kind of relief. Aizawa ached. He could feel his own pre-cum dribbling out of his cock every time you barely brushed against him.
“Poor baby,” Aizawa cooed before wrapping his lips around one of your nipples. Your body shook while his tongue swirled around you. You placed your hands on the top of his head and began kneading your fingertips through your hair. Aizawa groaned, the reverberations in his chest deepening, the edges of his teeth teasing your sensitive bud.
“Eraser,” you mewled, because you were a vigilante criminal first and foremost, then with another tug, you warbled out a, “daddy,” because you wanted to stir him on a crueler, more personal level, and to tip the bucket over, you knitted your fingers into the back of his head, and pleaded, “alphaahhah.”
Aizawa pulled back and growled, ripping his shirt up and off your shoulders. In nothing but your panties, your entire body flushed in either embarrassment or asoursal— possibly both. Aizawa wanted to worship every inch of you.
You tried to kiss him then, but Aizawa wasn’t having it— jerking his head away just enough so your lips were a hair away from his. You groaned defiantly, then pushed your face past his so his nose was lodged against your neck, below your scent glands. Since Aizawa was having a fine time teasing you, he rolled his tongue up your neck, just to hear your voice catch in a pathetic squeak that set every single nerve ending in his entire body aflame. This was sadomasochism in its prime. Aizawa enjoyed it immensely.
“I’ll come out more— a couple times a week.” You promised desperately, catching that Aizawa wanted to bargain with you.
“Not enough,” his gruff whisper against your skin sent ripples of goosebumps across your arms. “Though I love looking at my little pet, I want to be able to touch her, to hold her, to hear about her day. I’m going to need more from her. Do you understand?”
You paused. Mirthless. Shaken. His. “Yes.”
“Yes, what?” He asked, before giving you another long lick.
“Yes-“ of all the names he’d like to hear from you— sir, alpha, Shouta, Eraserhead, you chose, “- daddy.” While in this state, your lustful, breathy sighs was the only air he needed for his lungs and hearing you call him daddy woke up something covertly instinctual in him. Your name was his heartbeat.
Baby girl. Baby girl.
“I can… join you for breakfast or dinner on the weekends… when you have time.”
“-I can make the time,” Aizawa cut in, murmuring against your skin. “Go on.”
You groaned in frustration. “I don’t know what the hell you want, Eraser! I can’t be your little housewife!”
Aizawa didn’t miss a beat. He was used to your outbursts, even when they were a bit too sudden. He also knew that when he bit down on the junction of your neck and shoulders, you would moan and pull in his hair. When you did, all he had to do was grab your wrists, hold them above your shoulders, and watch you become a panting mess.
Housewife? As if Aizawa wanted you to be so tame. Someone to cook and clean for him? The concept was cute, but that wasn’t on brand with the woman he loved. Aizawa knew who you were, and that was not a doting slave, although the thought of you in an apron and nothing else besides that apron was an exciting concept.
“I don’t want a housewife, kitten. I want a mate.”
Your face flushed. Aizawa’s cock throbbed between your wet thighs. He wanted you. He wanted you. He wanted you, and you kept pushing yourself against him, and god could he not wait another agonizing second of not being inside of you. He was about to let up— give in, give you what you both wanted, and then try again the next time you were desperate for him. He was about to, but then you hit him with a deal.
A myriad of promises escaped your lips, each richer than the last. Some of them were cute, domesticated bullshit that tickled Aizawa’s interest: movie nights, a kiss in the morning, brushing teeth together. Others tickled Aizawa in a different way: massages, surprise blowjobs, something concerning a collar and a leash.
Before he knew it, Aizawa was grinning. He couldn’t say that any of the ideas you spouted in your time of need, but in all honesty, the promise to try was really all he needed.
“I think we might be in business,” he said, and his grin turned into a kiss, and that kiss turned into his tongue brushing against yours, and his enjoying the taste of your moan turned into him ridding himself of the sweats that kept him from you.
The head of Aizawa’s cock twitched and glistened, wet with urgent desire. His stomach tightened when he grasped his throbbing base. You gave him a hungry look. “You wanna prove to me you'll be my good girl?” he purred, appraising you. You bit your lip and nodded attentively, ready to take any request he sent your way. “Then why don’t you ride daddy’s cock?.”
You laughed then. It was a sort of short, relieved kind of laugh that was more of a thank you than anything else— a yes, sir, anything you say, grateful for this opportunity, sir sort of noise.
You pulled your soaking panties to the side and formed a gyre with your hips, moving in circles, coating Aizawa’s cock in your slick. You licked your lips as his cock head teased your saturated slit. You hummed, practically quivering from the idea of having his cock push into you and it took everything out of Aizawa not to grab on to your hips and force you down on him. He needed to enjoy the show before being brute.
You dipped down onto him. Your mouth fell open, but no noise came out. Aizawa flexed his jaw, trying hard to hold onto the last remaining thread of his restraint. You locked your hand onto the back of his neck and eased yourself off of him— you hadn’t gotten even half of his length inside of you, but still your face tensed in pained pleasure as you rolled back down his shaft.
“Fuck. Sho. I can’t-!”
“What is it, baby girl? Is daddy’s cock too big for you to work with on your own?”
You gave him a withering look. You locked your fingers into his hair and forced your lips back on his. He chuckled lowly against your kiss, palming your breasts as you began to ride him.
Aizawa groaned inwardly because fuck, you felt so good rhythmically sliding up and down his cock— so warm, so sloppy, so tight— fuck, so tight that you couldn’t fit all of him in you. You moved your ass so well that Aizawa was surprised he hadn’t made you ride him before. Of course, every time the two of you had gotten intimate (intimate being being Aizawa’s word of choice because he loved you too damn much) in the past, it's always been rushed, carnal, and desperate. It didn’t help that Aizawa liked to take the reigns, and that fact battled with Aizawa’s desire to watch you move so fluently, so sensuously on top of him. You were a marvel to witness, and if he could, he’d savor this moment forever, but his corporal instincts took over.
Aizawa gripped onto your hips. Your pupils dilated.
Aizawa pulled you down onto him and when your mouth fell open this time, a high yip rang out from the back of your throat. He bucked his hips up, hitting you hard and deep each time you came down on him. You whimpered and mewled, digging your nails into his skin as your lust and need rolled down onto his thighs.
“Such pretty noises, kitten.“ he pulled your head back to him so his lips were against your ear. “I’m gonna ruin your little cunt, baby girl. How do you like that idea?”
“Hnngggg. Yes, daddy, please, please.”
Aizawa smirked. Good girl.
He bit your neck and you squeezed around him. He wrapped his arms around your body and stood up, moving you to the arm of the couch. You wrapped your legs around him, locking them around his hips with a grin Aizawa didn’t think you knew you had on. Fingers pulled on skin as he pistoned his hips, slapping into your fast and hard, filling the room with slaps and squelching and the sounds of you hissing and moaning and pleading for more. His skin turned red where you scraped your nails across, hopelessly trying to pull him more into you, and so he did.
He pushed himself to his hilt and watched your eyes roll into the back of your head. Your mouth formed an ‘o’ shape and Jesus Christ if you weren’t the most enchanting fucking creature on this plain earth. Aizawa pushed your shoulders back so you laid flat on your back with your legs hanging off the couch. He admired your stomach as his cock pressed against it, hitting your spot again and again, eliciting sweet music from his precious fucktoy.
Your pussy fluttered as your sputtered out nonsensensical praises for your alpha— the only man that could take care of you, the only man that would ever touch you again.
“Feel good, baby?” Aizawa hissed through gritted teeth as the base of his cock began to inflate. “You like it when I take care of you?”
You were lost to your words, only able to whimper back at him, clutching at the couch cushions with trembling fingers.
“C’mon girl, I know you can handle much more than this.”
“Shooutah,” you managed, squeezing your eyes shut as two thick tears rolled off your cheeks. “Pleaaase.”
“What is it, little kitty? Use your words.”
“I wanna make you a daddy,” you cried, your toes curling, your body shaking. Aizawa growled, his vision sharpening, his cock pulsating. You crooned, “I wanna have your baby. Please— please! ”
Aizawa couldn’t believe his ears. His perfect little mate playing with his instincts like that, just for a good fuck? Naughty kitten. He hunched over the couch, hand wrapping around your neck, squeezing lightly, forcing you to look at your mate. You squeaked, brows furrowing, breath faltering. You were giving him such a pretty and pathetic look. He couldn’t stand it.
Aizawa felt his knot swell all the way up when his lips once again collided with yours. You spasmed around him, and the added sensation of the sweet reverberations of your moans against his lips blew him away.
Aizawa could forgive you for making empty promises every now and again, but if you were going to say something so dangerous while he rutted into you, he might have to teach you to choose your worlds a little more carefully his way.
His knot locked you into place. His cock throbbed intensely as ropes of thick, hot cum lined your quivering cunt walls. Aizawa groaned when you howled, the two of you harmonized and synced, bonded to each other once again. Elation coursed through his veins, and he could tell by the beautiful euphoric look on your face, he could tell you were feeling the same way.
Trapped in each other’s daze, Aizawa couldn’t be happier stuck to you like this. He wove his fingers through your sweaty hair and kissed your neck, your jaw, your cheeks, and your lips.
“I love you,” he whispered, because he couldn’t lie to you like this. You said nothing back, because you couldn’t lie either. It bothered Aizawa, but not enough to ruin his good mood. You didn’t love him yet because you didn’t know him. If you were true to your word and spent more time with him, letting him show you that the two of you were each other’s perfect mates, that could change. It would change.
At least when the swelling went down, and Aizawa could lay back on the couch, you curled against him and let him play with your hair. The two of you laid entwined together for a long while. Aizawa was content having you in his arms, but when your breathing grew heavier and he knew you were asleep, he was glad to be carrying you back to bed, his bed, where you’d be sleeping in from now on.
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ghost-ghost-baby · 2 years ago
Alpha!Yandere reactions
a/n: thank u so much for this request,,, omegaverse is my JAM
Request:  yandere alpha! baku, shoto, deku and dabi reacting to their s/o who's an omega and submits easily. what would be their reaction? 
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki would fucking love it, you didn’t question what he said, you’d just do it. It made keeping you safe so much easier.
From the moment he saw you he knew you were his
He’s not good with his feelings, so courting would be interesting
Expect random objects shoved at you
By an incredibly flushed and angry blond alpha
He’s determined to be the best alpha there is
And that means courting you off of your feet, obviously.
Once you accept he’d be head over heels
You aren’t going anywhere without him
He knows how badly omegas can be treated and how dangerous it can be for them, and there’s no way he’d let anything like that happen to you.
He’d make sure the bond mark was very prominent
Constantly covering you in his scent, it scares almost everyone else away, which is perfect.
As for the ones that aren’t put off?
Well, thank god you have Katsuki, right?
Would be hovering right outside the door when you’re nesting
Gives you any item of clothing you ask for
He doesn’t even complain, much.
“Here, take this.” Katsuki grumbled, shoving his jacket at you. You gave him a questioning look, it wasn’t cold.
“But it’s not cold?”
“Would you just take the fucking jacket, Y/n?” He growled, hands shoved in his pockets. You pouted slightly at his tone, shrugging the jacket on and going back to the book you’d been reading. Katsuki shifted closer, head resting on your shoulder.
“People were looking at you, alphas, you know how they get. And my scent is wearing off.” He mumbled, letting his arms wrap around your waist.
“But I have you to protect me Katsuki.” You chirped, closing your book to give him your full attention.
“Some people don’t get the point.” Taking that as an invitation, he pulled you into his lap, cheek pressing against yours.
“Besides, isn’t your heat comin’ up soon? I thought you’d want my jacket.”
Shoto Todoroki
He’d be quite pleased, he wants the relationship to go smoothly, after all, and you questioning his rather unusual demands wouldn’t be ideal, he might have to take you away from unsavory people… or something like that.
Would be the most traditional when it came to courting
He’d probably ask his mother about it
Or his sister
Just so he can make sure he does it right.
Would shower you in the most lavish gifts, all the food you wanted because he had to win you over.
When you’re bonded he always makes sure you’re covered in his scent
A couple of hickies aren’t unheard of, either.
He’s not the greatest when you’re nesting, he doesn’t exactly know what to do.
He still tries!! He’d leave blankets and pillows and food and water bottles outside your door.
It was spring, the birds were chirping, flowers blooming, and you were miserable. You just weren’t having a good day, you’d dropped your lunch, spilt coffee on one of Shoto’s sweaters, lost your homework, been scented by some creep, and now you were alone for lunch. You didn’t really have any friends, Shoto and you normally had lunch together, but he was a no show. That was probably best, you had ruined his sweater, and taking it off had decreased his scent, which in turn was getting you unwanted attention. You didn’t even have anything to do, your phone had died and you didn’t have any books on you. You were seriously debating ditching, if truth be told, but Shoto would freak, and you’d already seen enough of him angry and afraid. Another incident with him storming into your room with flames covering half of his body was the last thing you needed.
“What’ve I told you about biting your nails?” Shoto sat down besides you, graceful as ever.
“Sorry, ‘m just thinking.” You let yourself lean into him, nose crinkling when his scent invaded your senses.
“Sho… why do you smell like blood?” You tried to keep your tone light, ignoring the lingering scent of the alpha that had tried to scent you earlier that seemed to hover around him.
“I just had to take care of something dear, you don’t need to worry.” His tone was gentle, pulling you closer to kiss your temple. Pursuing the matter seemed pointless, that was his answer, and he wouldn’t budge so you merely nodded, going back to your previous thoughts of going back to your room.
“What’s wrong, Y/n?”
“Hmm? Oh it’s nothing serious.” Your head rested on his shoulder, and you felt his grip on you tighten.
“Y/n… don’t make me ask again.” You felt his hand heat up against your waist.
“It’s nothing, Sho. I’m just… having a really bad day, and I just… I just wanna go to my room.”
“Then let's go!” And then he was pulling you up, ignoring your protests as he dragged you back towards the dorm.
Izuku Midoriya
Okay, we all know this boy isn’t the most alphaish alpha
But still, he’d be overjoyed that you didn’t mind that, and that you still respected him and submitted to him.
He’d be a flustered mess trying to court you
He’d gift you with random trinkets, sometimes he’d attach little notes to them
When you accepted he just started bawling
His bond mark is the most prominent, and he even goes over it when he’s feeling particularly possessive
He’s the most possessive, so be expecting to be absolutely covered in hickies to show people you’re taken.
Izuku would even go as far as to scent you in public if he feels his scent is wearing off, or to prove a point
Since he doesn’t come off as the most alpha, he’s used to people trying to steal you away.
That being said, he can become the scariest motherfucker in less than a second if anyone tries to cross him
People that have tried anything with you tend to have accidents
But it couldn’t be linked to izuku, he’s such a sedate alpha.
He’d actually knit you blankets for you to nest with, made with only the softest wool
He’d prepare the room you decided to nest in beforehand, stocking it up with food and water for you.
Wouldn’t budge from outside the door until you let him in.
It’d been a long day, and you were finally, finally back in your room. Izuku had gone to take a shower, promising he wouldn’t be long, and you were trying to get a head start on your homework. You’d been falling behind in your classes, Izuku taking up most of your time since you’d bonded. You just… couldn’t say no to him, he’d look at you with those eyes, and start tearing up and you were gone. You were going to fail if this went on for much longer, truth be told. With that in mind, you tried to focus fully on your work.
It wasn’t long before Izuku was back, hair damp from the shower and dressed in loose sleep clothes. He wasted no time plopping down next to you, eyeing your work with obvious distaste. Your attention should be on him.
“Y/n, I’m back.” Izuku cooed, laying down next to you. When you only mumbled out a reply, something about needing to get this done, his annoyance spiked. The alpha sat back up, snarling quietly as he grabbed your work and tossed it off of the bed. Any complaints died when you saw how angry he was, green eyes brighter than usual and canines sharp.
“Izuku, baby, you know I’m gonna fail if I don’t get this done.” You kept your tone soft, fingers coming up to push his damp hair out of his face.
“I’ve barely seen you all day! Please Y/n I missed you.” Izuku whined, tears starting to glisten in his eyes.
“Of course babe, how could I say no to you.”
Of all of them he’d be the one to just kidnap you, rather than try to befriend you like the others.
When you don’t put up a fight he’d be over the moon, glad that you were being so submissive for him.
He wouldn’t be one for traditional courting, but he’d still gift you with things if you were being good
He’d place the bond mark on the back of your neck
Would burn you so people knew who you belonged to.
Other marks usually litter your skin as well
Get’s even more possessive when you’re nesting
Only lets you use material that’s yours or his
Snarls at anyone who even gets too close to the door, if he needs to use his quirk he will.
You bit your nails as you waited on the bed, the league had had a mission, and Dabi told you to stay right where you were. So you hadn’t moved from the bed, but the mission was taking longer than you’d expected, and worry was bubbling up in your chest. You were too worried to read, your mind just drifted back to Dabi, wondering if he was okay. The door to your room finally opened, revealing a, thankfully, uninjured Dabi.
“Hey dollface, you gonna greet me?” He asked, and that was all it took for you to launch yourself at him. He buried his face in your neck, breathing your scent in deeply and letting out a sigh.
“You stayed on the bed the whole time?” He pulled away to ask, blue eyes lighting up when you nodded.
“You’re such a good omega, Y/n. My good omega.”
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plainbrunettelbl · a year ago
ABO (A) Katsuki Bakugo x (O) Reader I’ll kill the Bastard!
Word count: 1531
Warnings: A little bullying. Someone might have tied up said bully. 
Title: ABO (A) Katsuki Bakugo x (O) Reader I’ll kill the Bastard! 
Summary: You had been sent a courting letter and accept only to be stood up. 
(Gif not mine) 
Tumblr media
💥-You had just walked into class and noticed something laying on your desk. All of the other Omega girls gathered around it whispering and giggling. Although Momo was an Alpha she still participated in the fun.
💥-When you got closer you noticed it was a letter that had your name handwritten on it. You quickly realized what it was and blushed. When an Omega wanted to court an Alpha they usually asked for them to scent something.
💥-It was a traditional way of starting the courting process but it was well used. 
💥-When an Alpha wanted to court an Omega they would hand-make something as a gift for the Omega and if the Omega accepted then they would accept their request at courting.
💥-This Alpha went the more modern route and sent a handwritten letter asking to go on a date. They would also scent it to make sure the Omega knew who was being asked by.
💥-So when you walked up to your desk and batted away the curious girls you sat down and stared at the golden letter. Your name is written in black ink. Your heart dropped a little already telling by the handwriting and scent alone that a ruby eyed boy didn’t send it.
💥-You tentatively lift the paper to your nose and took a whiff. Oranges and smoke flooded your nose. It wasn’t an unpleasant smell but it definitely caused you to pause a bit.
💥-If you remembered correctly it belonged to an Alpha you bumped into at the library a while back. He had come down the aisle without looking and nearly knocked you over.
💥-Once he apologized he quickly went back to his laughing group of friends. You couldn’t say you remembered much about his appearance but he seemed nice enough to accept his request.
💥-It had nothing to do with you finally realizing a certain spiky blond had no interest in you and wanted to try and move on from outrageous dream of courting him.
💥-You might have given up too easily and didn’t even attempt to ask him to scent something of your but that was because you saw how he rejected other Omegas.
💥-Loudly and bluntly.
💥-No way were you gonna be embarrassed like that. You wouldn’t be able to face him again. Let alone share the same class with him. So when you lifted up the letter and broke the seal it was solidified that you accepted his request.
💥-Unknown to you lost in your own thoughts a certain blond Alpha was growling in his seat as soon as you touched the letter and smelled it. He didn’t recognize the scent but he sure as hell wanted to find the bastard and blow him to hell.
💥-As soon as he walked into the room and spotted the golden scrap paper his Alpha was scratching at him to tear it up and toss it out the window. No one but him would know since he was the first one in the room.
💥-He stopped himself though. If his Omega wanted to court someone else then he would have to grudgingly accept it.
💥-He shoved a beaded bracelet into his backpack with a menacing growl. A few heads turned but none of them questioning him. They all knew the Alpha had his eyes set on the newly courted Omega.
💥-Someone was gonna end up dead for sure.
💥-You had worn your best clothes but also tried to keep it casual. Nothing too eye-catching but if someone wanted to eye you they wouldn’t be disappointed. The letter said to wait outside a ramen shop.  
💥-You had taken the liberty to arrive early so you made a good impression. Ten minutes had passed the set time the Alpha was supposed to arrive but you just figured he was running a bit late.
💥-After thirty minutes and no Alpha to be found you were left standing there with teary eyes and a wobbling lip. You were so excited to be asked out you didn’t even think it could have been some sort of harsh prank.
💥-You knew the lower classes were jealous they didn’t get into the top class but to be so envious the prank a hopeful Omega was cruel. You had half a mind to run to Mr. Aizawa and report their cruelty.
💥-You knew the Alpha might have acted a little indifferent when it came to his students but he wouldn’t hesitate to give harsh punishments to those who mistreat his students.
💥-Just as you were about to head back to your dorm room and spend the night eating sweets and crying in front of a TV you heard a harsh voice from in front of you.
💥-You had been looking down at your shoes to hide your heartbroken face so you didn’t notice someone come up to you. You recognized that brash voice anywhere though.
💥-“Oi! What are you doing out here when it is getting dark? Your stupid Alpha left already or what?” His gruff voice broke through your circle of sadness.
💥-Your watery eyes lifted up to meet his sharp ruby ones. As soon as he realized you were on the verge of crying he let out a small purr to ease you. A growl threatened to follow it but he pushed it down and focused on calming you down.
💥-“What’s wrong? Did he not offer you dessert or something?” He wasn’t really good with crying Omegas. He tried to lighten the mood with a small joke to see if he could get you to smile.
💥-Your tears cleared up but your lip was still wobbling a bit. “No. He didn’t even show up for me to even look through the dessert menu.”  You sniffled.
💥-You could have sworn you heard popping coming from somewhere but you ignored it. You focused on Bakugo’s purring to keep you from tearing up again. He had stiffened at your explanation.
💥-“I’ll kill that bastard! Well, it sucks for that asshole. He really missed out on seeing you all nice and dressed up.” He tried to take on a soft tone but it might have come out harsher than he wanted. He didn’t say the wrong thing and set you off.
💥-Your sadness was instantly replaced with happiness. Bakugo had complimented you! It was practically unheard of! Your own little purrs vibrated from your chest.
💥-“Thank you Bakugo! That made me feel a little better.” You smiled at him.
💥-“Of course I made you feel better! It’s what good Alpha’s do!” He didn’t know how to handle your purring so he did what he was good at. Answering you back in an overconfident tone.
💥-“Ya, you are a pretty good Alpha. I wish this one was a better one like you.” You sighed.
💥-“No one is better than me!” He boasted.
💥-You laughed and nodded along with him. “Well, I guess this day is over. I better start getting back to the dorms.” You made to leave.
💥-“Wait! Are you hungry? I was coming down here to get some spicy ramen. You could join me if you wanted.” He was suddenly bashful not looking you completely in the eye.
💥-He might not have sent a letter or offered you a handmade gift but the request was clear.
💥-“Yes! I would love to.” You chirped happily.
💥-“Good. I’ll even get you dessert.” He opened the door for you.
💥-He sure knew how to treat an Omega right.
💥-You had walked into class the next day with an orange and black beaded bracelet on your wrist. Bakugo had given it to you when you got back to the dorms last night.
💥-You wore it with pride and even showed it off to all the other girls the next day. Bakugo was nearly preening the whole day. Of course, you loved the bracelet that he made.
Extra bonus:
💥-“Why the fuck are these beads so small! It’s fucking pointless! Who the fuck can do this shit!” Bakugo sat on his bed trying to get a black bead through the clear thread.
💥-He was tempted to give up and get one of the girls with small hands to do it but then it wouldn’t be a courting gift. A courting gift has to be only made by the Alpha and no one else.
💥-So he suffered most of the night trying to get the beads to string together. He was a persistent Alpha. And a protective one. 
Extra extra bonus:
💥-Momo had helped to produce the handcuffs once she found out what had happened. As an Alpha herself she was disgusted at the one handcuffed to the fence.
💥-Her and Bakugo stood on the roof eyeing the restrained and pants-less Alpha. He wanted to do more but knew if he took it too far he would be expelled.
💥-Mr. Aizawa was walking outside of the building when he noticed someone tied to the roof fencing. He calmly kept walking and would wait a bit to report it. You had come to him last night about what happened and he could only guess who was dangling from the fence.
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gothic-alpha · 9 months ago
Yes, fangs are great and deserve the appreciation we give them. But hear me out... claws
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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michiieewrites · a year ago
Bakugou - Alpha (headcanons)
A/N: First time writing anything A/B/O-related, so kinda nervous about this one. This has been plaguing my mind this week, so here y’all go, my loves! IF YOU UNDER THE AGE OF 18, STOP RIGHT HERE AND GET OFF MY BLOG!!
·         Like his quirk, his second gender is strong
·         Very potent Alpha, in every sense of the word
·         (In my omegaverse they present at 15, but start heats and ruts at 19)
·         Nobody was really surprised when he presented as an Alpha
·         He likes the fact that people fear and respect him for his Alpha status
·         However he doesn’t want that to be what makes him a hero
·         He doesn’t need to be an Alpha to be the no. 1 Hero, since All Might himself is an omega
·         His explosive behavior also makes it harder for him to find an Omega suitable for him
·         Either they get intimidated or they push him on all his negative buttons
·         But you? You have done the unthinkable and tamed the Alpha inside him at first sight when he just 20 years old
·         You just started working as a waitress at his favorite diner and as an Omega you’re often the target of degrading behavior, to say the least
·         This particular shift however, you were done with it!
·         Bakugou  didn’t even have time to step in, or anyone for that matter before you went completely ham against this Alpha that started inappropriate touching you, beating their face with your notepad for taking orders
·         The moment Bakugou got a good look at your face for the first time he swears he found his reason for living
·         He had to rush out of the diner immediately (he left the money on the table) since his rut abruptly began
·         Every instinct inside him told him to turn back immediately mate you, mark you, bond with you for life
·         Barely made it back to his apartment before he ripped his pants off and just started fucking into his hand right in the hallway
·         It wasn’t even close enough to the real thing
·         Had to hump and grind on his bed to feel something, anything, just anything so he didn’t get to stop himself until he got exhausted
·         By far the most painful rut he ever had, since his knot would not deflate
·         After a couple of days he finally managed to get through it
·         Took him another week before he dared to go back to the diner and face you again
·         Eventually does court you, albeit it was the hardest thing he ever had to do
·         Definitely one to peacock around and show off his wonderful Omega
·         He found someone who can take him on, handle him with care, push him to do his best and provide for him just like he does for you
·         Wears his bond mark around like a damn prize
·         This man doesn’t do half-assed jobs, so get prepared for ruts and heats
·         During your heats he’s the most tentative Alpha
·         Teases you by telling you how lucky you are to have him as your Alpha, that you should take pride in one day carrying his pups
·         Then follows it with praise
·         “That’s it, Omega, only you know how to please your Alpha”, “So submissive, such a good girl”, “You are made to take my knot”
·         Will have you ride him reverse cowgirl style so he can see your ass bounce in his lap and his cock disappear in your greedy hole
·         For the last round of your heatwave he’ll turn you on all fours and drape himself over your body before completely fucking every thought out of your head
·         You got his full and undivided attention during your heat
·         Now his ruts are a dangerous situation for anyone who isn’t you
·         One time you weren’t allowed to leave work to help him through and he was just like: “Fuck social manners”
·         Went to your work and wasted no time in bending you over and fucking you in the staff room
·         Your colleague wanted to come in and almost had his head ripped off by the Alpha for interrupting your mating
·         Hell hath no fury like Katsuki in a rut
·         Needs serious affirmation that he’s a good Alpha while he’s losing himself to his Alpha-instincts
·         “Tell me how good I’m fucking you, Omega”, “Only I’m allowed to fill this womb, right Omega?”, “I swear I’ll do anything for you, Omega, just let me put my knot inside you”
·         Average length will be compensated for what he has in thickness
·         His knot…. His knot will fill up every crevice inside of you
·         As soon as it deflates, round two begins
·         “Please don’t ask me to stop, please Omega”, “Let me breed you again”, “I can’t stop, Omega, you feel too good around me, please let me mate you again”
·         Don’t make him stop, at least cock warm him, he won’t survive otherwise
·         Even soft he fills you up till he can’t fit anymore
·         Rut or heat doesn’t matter, your neck and collarbones will wear the physical proof of your mating with bruising hickeys and bites marks
·         Despite his strength, Katsuki reminds himself that you are his mate and no serious harm should ever come to you
·         His favorite place to mate you in is your nest
·         The intimacy of putting your trust in him and having him make love in your nest is like a drug to him
·         Even though you’re supposed to be the Omega, your proud Alpha will get down on his knees and let you do whatever you desire to him
·         Pat his head? He’ll purr for hours
·         Feel insecure about your body? He’ll kiss the ground you walk on, all the way up to your belly button while mumbling words of love and praise
·         Ride his face like your life depended on it? Your Alpha’s face will be the carriage to bring you to new heavens
·         This man is an ass-man, no doubt, just wiggle that cute butt of yours and he’ll be a horny puddle
·         He swears your lust filled scent will be the death of him and it’s the only he’ll allow himself to die
·         The barbs on his tongue will make you cry until your voice gives out
·         They’re just rough enough to make it hurt in a masochistic way
·         Go to his office party in a dress with his hero colors and he’ll bend over every surface he can in his office
·         His new mission in life is to fill you up with pups
·         He may be a strong Alpha, but don’t think for a second you don’t have him whipped
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cat-and-omegaverse · 2 years ago
nesting (with pictures)
I found some nice nesting stuff recently and decided to collect them from different blogs and put them all together, so here we are!
These all look like some comfortable places omegas and other dynamics would nest in! I'll update this occasionally with new additions! Feel free to add your own too!
My personal favorite:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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theamberwriter · a year ago
Pocket Omega [Alpha!Dabi]
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alpha!Dabi x Omega!Reader
Word Count: 3705
Warnings: Cursing, as usual lmao
A/N: I’ve never written for Dabi in my life, I hope this came out okay!
~ You were something of a prisoner for the League of Villains. You weren't directly part of it. But you weren't not part of it. You'd wandered into their hideout by accident. Toga found you first and begged to keep you. She was ecstatic to have another omega around. But they only kept you because you could create pocket dimensions. 
The pocket dimensions were good for spying and fast travel. They were less obvious than the big black mist of Kurogiri. You kept many of them open in many places, so you could watch and listen from a central point. Just tiny slits in the ceiling, or little holes in the wall. You did this in return for them not killing you. You knew you'd never be allowed to leave. You could try all you wanted, but you were smart enough to know that they'd find you.
The fact that the hideout was full of alphas, save for Twice's beta half, was overwhelming. Their scents were potent. Nauseating. They didn't mix well with each other. You didn't understand how Himiko could stand it. She just shrugged it off.
There was one, though, that you were drawn to. It was wood smoke and spices. It sent your mouth a-watering. The omega in you called you to run to him. But your rational mind wanted to keep your little infatuation a secret. Even Himiko, who turned into your best friend quiet easily, couldn't know about your crush on Dabi. She'd spew it everywhere.
Instead, you took to observing. Sat in a little bubble in a pocket dimension. You didn't like being around everyone, so you often secluded yourself in a private space. Himiko had access to a dimension you made just for the two of you. Other than that, no one could reach you until you wanted them to.
But that didn't mean you hid all the time. You made the best of the situation. Trying to get along with who you could. If they weren’t all that bad even for villains. You probably could’ve been friends before all this. That included Dabi. You two did missions together, on occasion. 
He was your favorite to go with. Twice was...well Twice. And Himiko got distracted too easily. She liked it when you opened little holes into stores so she could shoplift without going in. And everyone else was boring. Some were still suspicious of you, so you sat in uncomfortable silence as they glared you down.
You and Dabi spent a lot of time in quiet. But it was comfortable. Though the talking you did do was pleasant. You felt...seen. More so than under the eyes of any alpha you'd talked to. But you still kept your distance, spending some of the time in a pocket. You kept it open for a quick escape. But also so you could take a break from Dabi's alluring scent.
It wasn't long before you started nesting. Which frustrated you. The omega in you wanted everything to smell like Dabi. That was impossible, of course. And you didn't want to outright ask him to scent things for you. Your feelings must be kept a secret! 
You knew it was a bad idea. But you couldn't help setting up a pocket in Dabi's room. You knew you shouldn't have. The nesting omega in you forced your hand. You tried nesting in your room for months, it just didn't feel right. You wanted to be close, his scent wrapping you up in warm comfort. 
You'd snuck in one day while Dabi was out. Opening up a slit in his ceiling. You'd have a zipper on this one. The pull was typically invisible to the naked eye. Every now and then you'd run into someone who could see it. It was a tiny, translucent tab of energy jutting from wherever you'd made your dimensions. Most people never noticed while the entrances glowed for you.
You'd been sneakily snagging items from his room. Nothing he'd notice. A shirt here, a sock there. You'd sporadically take them. Being extremely careful that it wasn't too much. If you heard him ask after something, you'd put it back where you found it when he left.
You would die of embarrassment if Dabi ever found out about your crush. He'd never messed with any of your zipper tabs before. You hoped he just couldn't see them. You had a series of escape routes, just in case you heard him question so you could bolt. You prayed you'd never need them though. 
You were so glad when you finally finished your nest. It always took you forever to make one. Mostly due to procrastinating. But nothing brought you more joy than the day you could finally just curl up in your bubble; surrounded by pillows and blankets and the utterly intoxicating scent of Dabi. You even stuffed a pillow into one of his shirts. You'd snagged enough, along with having a dimension above his room, to be completely enveloped in his scent. 
You barely came out of your nest. So content in the warmth and safety of the things you'd stowed away. Enjoying, for the first time, the scent of an alpha. You couldn't have been more at ease. More relaxed. Everything was perfect. Even with Himiko whining she never saw you, though she was nesting in her own room.
After a few weeks of being gone, Dabi was finally back. He was glad to just relax away from everyone. Sure, there were things to do. Shigaraki was whining about something. People were complaining about staying put. But he couldn't have been bothered. The League had been lying low anyway. 
However, Dabi wasn't super excited to be back in the scent of a specific omega. You. Your scent had driven him nuts in a way nothing and no one ever had. It bothered him to no end. That’s why he’d been staying away more, despite the protests from Kurogiri and Shigaraki. You clouded up his mind too much. Made his alpha instincts rear up in a way he’d never experienced. To the point, he didn’t want you to physically go on missions, because he was worried you’d be hurt. Since when did he worry about anyone but himself?
What was it about you that made him want to claim you? Why did he get jealous when you finally showed but ignored him to talk to the others? Why did his heart flutter when he found out you two had a mission together? Why was he so disgusted in the scents of those who threw themselves at him? But moreover - what would you want with him anyway? After all, he was part of the reason you'd been stuck here for a year.
He'd been lying on his bed staring at the ceiling when he noticed something. It was barely there. He never would've seen it if the light hadn't hit it just right. It was a little tab. He recognized it - a zipper pull. What was it doing here?
Quietly, he grabbed a chair and placed it behind the zipper. When he got up to ceiling height, he could smell you. It was potent. Some sort of fruit mixed with the scent of earth after a rain shower. It made his heart lurch and his head swim. He thought he had noticed it before. But he’d assumed it was because you'd been roaming the compound. 
With a zzzzzzrrrrriiiiiiipppppppp he tore open the zipper. Your scent flooded out, taking his breath away. And then fell blankets and pillows and stuffed animals. Finally, with a thump, you landed on the floor. You were clutching for dear life to a pillow.
You groaned. "What the hell? That was a rude awakening."
The groggy fog in your voice made his heart pound. The complete confusion on your sleepy face was utterly adorable. Your bed head made him want to curl up and cuddle you back to sleep. And he hated every moment of it. Because he was weak to you. Because you weren't his omega. Because he was so painfully sure you had an alpha outside of all this. It made his blood boil.
"What the hell were you doing?" Dabi asked bluntly. Pushing back the things mixing and fogging up his mind.
You shrieked as you noticed him standing over you. You scrambled backward, but only got tangled in everything. You kept trying to move, but he placed his foot on your chest, pushing your back flat against the floor. You couldn't deny the spark in his eyes, he was about to kill you.
"Well?" He pushed down harder. 
You wanted to speak, to move, but you were drowning in his scent. You'd avoided being this close to him. As soon as you realized that feeling you got when you smelled him, you kept your distance. Still, you couldn't help the mewl that escaped your throat. Dabi's face didn’t change, but you saw his shoulders tensing. Heat flooded your neck and cheeks, prickling your ears, you slapped the pillow over your face.
"So that's where my shit's been going." Dabi leaned down and yanked the pillow out of your grasp. "What's wrong - little omega?"
"I-I'm sorry," you breathed and opened a pocket under you. 
Dabi, losing his balance as you disappeared from under him, fell into the pocket too. He landed right on top of you. You groaned and the space stopped expanding around you. You felt like dying as he crouched over you. His apathetic face edged on anger and disapproval. 
"Get out of my pocket!" you whined, pulling your foot up to his chest and shoving. He still had the pillow, using it as padding against you. You squished him against the space where the floor used to be."Get out! Get out! Ge -"
"Fucking stop that," Dabi snapped, grabbing your foot and yanking it up over his shoulder that way you couldn't get a grip. 
You couldn't hide here. In this space, white webbed over infinite, swirling black. You stared at each other. Both pumping out pheromones of your own. You could nearly drown in it. Soon, the small space was choking you. Dabi leaned closer, pushing your leg up farther towards your head and adjusting the other to sit more comfortably between your legs. His face got extremely close to yours. 
You couldn't take him being that close. You couldn't take your bodies touching like that. You definitely couldn't take that position that got you uncomfortably aroused, a smirk coming to his lips as your scent changed. You flung your arms out, and the pocket around you opened up. Causing both of you to plummet, though the room caught you and lowered you down. You scrambled back, untangling from him, once you both were on a surface again. You stood and started pacing, glad you hadn't broken or pulled anything.
"I can't fucking believe this!!" you muttered going back and forth. "You're so stupid, [Name]! You knew you shouldn't have done it!"
Dabi groaned and stood, starting to come towards you. You enlarged the space between you. He didn’t seem phased. He kept walking, essentially going nowhere. The faster he moved, the faster you widened the room.
"I can expand this infinitely," you yelled. "Just stop!"
"You stop," he growled back, his scent peaking. It became sharp and threatening, it burned your nose. Still, that immediately shut down the omega in you. You couldn’t force yourself to do anything else. You just - froze up. Dabi charged up to you, grabbing the front of your shirt before you could send him away again. "What is your deal?"
"My deal?" you laughed breathily. You couldn't stand being this close to that enticing scent again. You tried not to breathe. "What's yours?"
He pulled you closer. "Why did you have a pocket over my room? What kind of fucking weirdo -"
You tried to jerk out of his grip. "I was nesting! Leave me alone, it's perfectly normal!"
"You're not supposed to steal shit from just any alpha! They have to -" Dabi couldn't bring himself to finish the rest of the sentence. “You just - shouldn’t be building it around me.”
You avoided his eyes as you finished his partial thought. "The alpha has to make us feel safe. I know. - I've been nesting without an alpha for years. Trust me...I know."
He searched your features, looking for any sign of lies in your flustered face. “You don’t have an alpha outside of all this?”
You nodded weakly. “Don’t look so surprised.” 
The unreadable mix of emotions on his face made your stomach sink.  Dabi let you go, backing away. He picked the pillow back up, turning it over in his hands.  It smelled like you had this shirt for a while. He’d have to remember to rescent it for you.
“An omega like you? - I’d thought you’d’ve had your own harem. You seem to have all the alphas here wrapped around your finger. Even that bitch omega can’t get enough of you. - They’re going to be disappointed if they find out you’re here.” He smirked, chuckling at the disappointed faces he saw in his mind. 
"This wasn't supposed to happen! You weren't supposed to notice the zipper! And I'm sorry for stealing your stuff. I just…" You flopped down, sitting cross-legged as you hid your face in your hands. You tried to disregard most of what he said. But you wondered if you had him around your finger too. You didn’t get your hopes up. You groaned loudly. "Just kill me now. That'd be less painful."
To your surprise, Dabi calmly came to stand near you. You peeked through your fingers when you smelled his scent getting stronger. His face was blank as ever as he stood over you. You were scared of what he was going to do.
"You can keep this." He tossed the pillow, which you were quick to catch.
You looked between him and the object in your hands. "But - aren't you mad? Don't you want your stuff back?"
Dabi smirked again then, and it sent your heart hammering. "Stand up."
You did as you were told. Dabi grabbed your arm and yanked you close. He rubbed on you before he could convince himself out of it. His scent soon overtook yours, causing you to relax into him. You couldn't help the contented sound that escaped you. Even though you were up to your eyeballs with questions.
"The only thing I want," he muttered, his face coming to settle in the crook of your neck. His nose pressed against your scent gland. "Is for everyone to know who you belong to."
You yelped as he bit you. It drew blood. You could feel it trickling down your shoulder. Himiko was going to be jealous. Your skin felt like pins and needles as he pulled back. A bit of your blood was smeared on his face.
Dabi wiped at his chin with his shirt sleeve. "Make your nest in my room, not above it."
You nodded, taking a step closer. You just studied his face. Trying to understand what was going on. What this meant. What you two were now. His eyes held no answers. Just watching on in amusement. 
"What? You gonna kiss me?" Dabi asked. You were very close to him. Your own face heated up, and you took a step back.
"We should head back, I guess," you uttered, averting your eyes. "I have work to do."
He nodded. You hesitated before taking his rough hand, which quickly folded with yours, and opened the top of the pocket back up. You lifted the floor, and it pushed you back through to his room, closing itself beneath you. You started gathering up the blankets that fell from your nest. Piling everything up in a corner.
"There's still some stuff up there, gimme a sec," you noted, shy under Dabi's intensely watchful eyes. You opened a pocket entrance in front of you. Then stepped into the pocket where you made your nest, shutting the new hole behind you.
"Hey, Dabi!" Himiko exclaimed, barging in. "Have you seen -"
You popped your head out, hanging upside down from the ceiling. It only took her a second. She immediately caught the blood dribbling from your mark. She didn't even question that you were hanging from a hole in the ceiling.
"You let him mark you?!" she exclaimed, pointing her knife at Dabi. "That's so unfair! I wanted to make your beautiful red blood run first -"
"You hurt them and I won't hesitate to kill you, you fucking psycho," Dabi warned. Himiko chuckled excitedly at the threat. She ran her tongue across her clean blade.
"Himiko is my friend, Dabi," you pouted. "That's how she shows affection."
Dabi turned to glare at you. "You're my omega, now. No one gets to fuck with you."
Himiko rolled her eyes. "As if anyone had a chance before. - Are you two finally going to fuck? We've all been drowning in your sexual tension -"
"Himiko!" you groaned, you wanted to hide. Dabi looked at you over his shoulder, smirking. You could see the wheels turning in his mind.
"None your damn business," he said turning back.
Himiko grinned, her eyes clouding over. "Can I watch -"
"No, now fuck off!" Dabi literally shoved her out the door, slamming it behind her.
Once she was gone, you went back into the pocket. Just glad to be able to get away from that. At least there was wasn't much left. Dabi watched on, amused, as you threw down socks, shirts, and a few other odds and ends. Finally, you came down with a stuffed rabbit in hand. Standing on the chair, you zipped the pocket back up and yanked out the tab making it disappear.
Dabi pulled the rabbit from your hands as you climbed down. He wrinkled his nose at it. "Why does this smell like her?"
You laughed. "Himiko wanted me to have her in my nest. I scented a pillow and gave it to her. I've never had a friend who wanted to do that before. I thought it was nice."
Your heart sank a bit as Dabi lit the rabbit on fire, letting the ashes crumble to the floor. "I don't want her scent in here."
You were a little upset but didn't argue as you started to putt around, pulling blankets and pillows to where you wanted. You laid out his shirts, handing them over to be scented when you gave them a disapproving face. Dabi didn't seem to mind. Just watching as you did your thing.
For him, it was surreal having you here. In his space that he shared with no one. That he'd imagined, more than he'd care to admit, sharing with you. He couldn't quite take in the fact that you were making a nest with his musk to keep you safe. He was totally drunk on your scent. On the way you moved. How you'd place something, step back to observe, mutter under your breath, then shake your head as you moved it again. He watched until he couldn't handle it.
"This is going to take a while," you stated. "You don't have to stay. I know it's boring."
Dabi smirked, and went to you. A hand on your waist, he pulled you to him. Then, finally, he leaned down to kiss you. You could feel his heart in his chest. Yours pounding just as fearfully. The texture difference in his skin surprised you. But it wasn’t unpleasant. In fact, it made you a little more drunk on him. His kisses started soft, but the more intoxicated you both became on each other, the rougher the kisses got. Dabi lead you to the bed, where he pulled you into his lap. He just couldn't get enough of your scent. Of the fact that he was totally content in having you as his own.
"Why don't you take a break?" he muttered, breathlessly. Chuckling just a bit at the whimper that left your lips at being separated from his. He brushed his thumb across your cheek. "Just lay here and sleep awhile. You look tired."
"You did disrupt my nap," you yawned, kissing him again before relaxing into him. 
Dabi laid down, pulling you to him. His face was in your hair. He hated having a weakness, but he loved this feeling. This was going to take some getting used to for both of you. Before you totally drifted off, you stretched up and kissed his cheek.
"Why me?" you uttered sleepily.
"You're the only one who didn't smell like garbage," he replied drowsily.
You sighed. "Seriously, Dabi. I...I know I wasn't the only one that wanted you as an alpha. Why bother with me? - Because I was here?"
He rolled his eyes. "Why did you never have another alpha? I thought for sure you'd have one."
You fidgeted with his shirt. Being so close made you nervous. You were suddenly very aware that you've probably looked a mess this whole time. This was new territory for the both of you.
"No one was right,” you uttered softly. “Most alphas I’ve run into want omegas to own us. Not for who we are as people. But you...I could talk to you. You saw me as someone, I could tell. I...I liked doing missions with you more than anyone. - Don't tell Himiko, though. - And I couldn’t stand being around your scent. But in a good way."
"That psycho will try to skin us both," he noted disapprovingly. 
You nodded, shivering at the thought. Dabi held you closer. As if Himiko was going to burst in, knives ablazing, at any moment. And he was going to throw himself in front of you to fend her off.
"I wanted you," Dabi muttered, finally. "That's all, now go to sleep."
"Yes, sir," you snickered, settling cozily into his body heat.
Dabi knew there was more to it. To you. To this whole thing. More than just he wanted you. He was fearful of things to come. But, for now, he would just enjoy being yours. And finally, finally having you all to himself.
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plainbrunettelbl · a year ago
ABO (A) Dragon Bakugo Katsuki x (O) Reader Crimson Scales (Part One)
Word count: 2487
Warnings: Cursing. Attempted assault. Gutting of an animal. 
Title: ABO (A) Dragon Bakugo Katsuki x (O) Reader Crimson Scales (Part One)
Summary: A Knight in shining red scales saves you.
(Gif not mine) 
Tumblr media
💥-You had been on the outskirts of your village picking wildflower and berries to bring back to your den. You wanted to go farther into the wilderness but everyone knew not to step foot into the dragon forest.
💥-Anyone who was able to listen understood that those who went into the forest would likely meet a fiery death. There hasn’t been a dragon sighting in a while so you felt safe enough to visit the outskirts.
💥-You had heard stories of Omega princesses being abducted by dragons but didn’t give it a thought. You were just an Omega and no princess at that. Dragons had known to be attracted to two things.
💥-Omegas and jewels. Hence their obsession with Omega princesses.
💥-Anything shiny they would take back to their cave and hoard. Dragons were very particular about their hoard. They only let family and their mates around it. A thief was likely to catch sight of the glittering mass before he was incinerated.
💥-Dragons liked to be left alone in their cave dens so it was no wonder one hadn’t been sighted in a while. You knew the village men had been slowly heading into the forest to set hunting traps but nothing too serious yet.
💥-Just testing the waters to see if a hulking mass was lurking about ready to unleash their rage for the villagers trespassing. You felt confident in your wildflower picking so didn’t see the harm.
💥-No dragon was about to throw a fit over the missing flowers. Missing deer on the other hand... Let’s just say the deer wouldn’t be the only thing roasted that night. You hummed along as you did so.
💥-You heard a snap of a branch but didn’t turn towards it. Plenty of small critters skittering about. You only lifted your head when you caught the scent of multiple Alphas.
💥-They smelled disgusting to your Omega nose. Part of the reason why you have yet to take up a mate from the village. You have been of age but didn’t see any interest in the rough and rowdy Alphas that crowded the town.
💥-Not to say they weren't interested in you. You had a number of Alphas sending your courting gifts but had yet to accept one. You didn’t feel like being tied down to an Alpha that would want you to sit around by the fire sewing all day.
💥-You wanted adventure.
💥-You haven’t gotten the opportunity to do so yet but you dreamed of white beaches and sapphire seas. No Alpha here would even let their Omega venture to the nearby town.
💥-Your eyes caught sight of three Alphas looking at you from a few yards away.
💥-“Omega!” The middle one in the group called out. “I have a couple of berries at home if you would like to come by and pick those!” He howled in laughter. His friends followed suit.
💥-You scoffed and rolled your eyes but resumed your task. Alpha fools thinking they were the best thing this town had to offer. You thought them harmless until you heard whispering among them.
💥-You felt a prickle on your next as you felt their gazes change from one of laughter to hunger. You wasted no time hurling your basket in their direction before taking off into the forest.
💥-You would rather take your chances with a dragon then find out what they had planned. You heard them yell and give chase. Clearly enjoying the chase.
💥-“What about the dragons, Pete?” One shouted, still running for you.
💥-“Fuck the dragons! Haven’t seen one here in forever. Bastards are all gone.” One shouted.
💥-You had cleared a fair amount of distance but if you were close enough to hear them yelling then you weren't far enough. You heard the sound of rushing water before you run across the river.
💥-Without giving it a second thought you hopped him. It didn’t matter that the water was less than welcoming. The water went up to your thighs before getting higher the farther you went in.
💥-“Look! The pretty Omega wants to go for a swim. If you wanted your clothes off we could have helped you Omega!” One of them spotted you still in the treeline. Before you would trudge even farther into the water a low growl was heard.
💥-You snapped your eyes to the other side of the river. The side you were making your way to but suddenly had second thoughts when you saw a hulking mass waiting for you.
💥-He was in the tree line as well but the light filtered through the leaves casts a brilliant light on his crimson scales. Rubies came to mind while gazing at him. His head was as big as a wagon.
💥-His vermilion eyes catching your frightened ones before shifting to the startled Alphas. Clearly taken back that they came across a dragon. One looked like he was about to wet himself.
💥-He threw out another growl, louder than the last one.
💥-“The Omega wasn’t worth this much, Pete.” One shakily said.
💥-“Shut the fuck up, Frank.” The other glared.
💥-“Listen, how about if we leave you the Omega and we go on our merry way.” The middle guy offered with a crooked smile.  
💥-The offer seemed to anger the dragon even more. He lifted his head higher, smoke coming out of his nostrils. Before you could blink his mouth opened and he roared fire at them.
💥-You smelt their clothes catch fire before all three yelped and went fleeing back into the safety of the trees. You were left stuck in the middle of the river frozen in fear.
💥-You took a shaky step back. It was a mistake. Your foot slipped on a slick rock causing you to lose your balance and fall back. Your soaked clothes doing nothing to help you stay upright.
💥-You went falling back and felt a pinch before darkness overtook you.
💥-You heard a crackling of a fire before anything else. Embers spitting at each other. Next, you noticed the light flickering under your eyelids. You let out a soft moan at the pain in your head.
💥-It felt like someone was pounding a nail into it.
💥-“Calm down, Omega. You are fine.” A rough voice said. “Just a little head wound. Nothing I couldn’t fix up for you.” He continued.  
💥-You calmed at his rough but kind voice. You had yet to open your eyes. Your body still your own yet sent out a small chirp. An Omegas way of calling out to an Alpha when in distress or need of comfort.
💥-The Alpha answered back instantly. A loud purr leaving his lips before you felt his presence shift and move away for a second. You let out a small whine. Not wanting to be left alone.
💥-“Calm down, Omega. I was just getting you some tea for your pain.” He said, reaching out to touch your head.
💥-You hummed as his warm hands came in contact with your cheek. You felt slightly chilled even as you were surrounded by soft blankets. The fabric felt too soft to be regular cloth but your mind was still disoriented not quite all there yet.
💥-“Drink, Omega.” He rumbled, lifted a wooden cup to your mouth.
💥-You drank without hesitation. If he wanted to kill you he could have done so already. The drink was warmed and held a small about of sweetness. Honey. You hadn’t had honey in years!
💥-You let out a happy purr before gulping down the rest of the liquid.
💥-“Slowly, I don’t want to be cleaning your vomit off the floor of my den.” He sternly but softly chastised.    
💥-You wanted to pout but did as requested. Once you had a few more sip and he laid your head back down you slowly started to come to your senses. You finally opened your eyes.
💥-You were surrounded by rocks so you knew you were in a cave of sorts. The fire by your side, lighting the big cavern sparsely. You saw more shadows than light. You caught sight of the Alphas furs clothes before meeting his eyes.  
💥-Vermilion eyes staring back at you.
💥-Like the dragons!
💥-“Dragon!” You yelped and pulled away from him.
💥-He scoffed and rolled his eyes. “I swear, I save your life and the first thing you do is cower in fear.”
💥-You sat frozen, clutching a blanket to your chest before slightly relaxing. He had helped you in more ways than one and here you were insulting him. You had a right to be fearful of his kind but he hasn’t done anything that showed that you should be.
💥-He did try to burn a few Alphas but the had it coming.
💥-“You’re right. I’m sorry. I was just startled.” You shyly apologized. “Thank you for the tea. And nursing me back to health and all.”
💥-“You still have days till you recover so I wouldn’t thank me yet, Omega.” He grunted. He was upset that you got hurt even when he was trying to save you. Your sweet scent shouldn't be ridden with pain.  
💥-“I guess I do.” You nodded before wincing.
💥-“Lay back down I don’t need you passing out on me again. I’ll go hunt for some dinner.” He put a few more logs on the fire before heading out of the cave.
💥-He came back with a deer slung over his shoulders. You were used to seeing dead animals strung up at the meat market so you didn’t squirm at the sight of him skinning and gutting it as most would.
💥-“I usually eat them whole in my dragon form but since you are human that option is out of the question.” He explained. “I think I have some pans I can cook it on around here somewhere. If not I can just roast it.”
💥-“Anything cooked is good in my book.” You smiled, still in the nest of blankets he had set you in but now propped up.
💥-When he had carried you back in his human form he used his fire powers to dry your clothes. He didn’t want to have an angry Omega on his hands because he undressed them.
💥-Without a second thought, he softly laid you down on a bed of blankets he was hoarding for his future mate. He didn’t want to think about your frame looked perfect sitting among them.
💥-Like it was meant to be.
💥-He quickly shut out those thoughts and stood up to go look for some pans he might have taken. Dragons are known for their sticky fingers.
💥-You had spent the last few days in comfort. You had learned his name was Bakugo. He was a little growly but it did nothing to stop your growing affection for him.
💥-He had a hard exterior but you knew him to have a soft inside. He showed it in the way he kept checking on you throughout the day. His concern for you when you finally felt better enough to walk around.
💥-When you felt able enough to walk more than a few minutes you asked him if you could take a bath. He was eager to show you to the bathing pool he had carved out of his cave.
💥-He preened when you softly praised it. Clearly satisfied that it met your approval. His Alpha purring inside him. The pool was another thing he had made with his future mate in mind.
💥-The water came in and out so it was fresh and clean.
💥-You might have spent a few more minutes than you were supposed to splashing around. The water was warm and comforting. Once out he shyly dropped off some gowns that might have went missing from their previous owners.
💥-You laughed at his slightly embarrassed face. He couldn’t help his nature of taking things. It was what dragons did. Something deeply ingrained in him. You patted his shoulder before shooing him away to get dressed.
💥-But even though you sat in a silk gown and laid among soft pillows and blankets your mood was doleful. You had fully recovered and were well enough to make the journey back to your village.
💥-The only problem was that a certain growly Alpha wouldn’t be able to come with you. You both knew it was coming but ignored it. Bakugo had gone out to chop more firewood.
💥-It was more for you since he could see clearly in the dead of night.
💥-He had came in stacks of logs in hand. He knew what was coming the moment he saw your saddened face. He dropped the logs to the floor.
💥-“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He asked, already having an idea on what you were gonna say.
💥-“I should be able to go back to my village now.” You stated in a soft tone.
💥-He wanted to growl at the thought but held it back.
💥-“Yes, you are.” He agreed, barley able to grunt out the words.
💥-“What are you gonna do after I am gone?” You hesitantly asked, scared of his answer.
💥-“Since you been here I haven’t been able to take flight like I am used to. I was thinking about heading south and visiting a somewhat friend of mine.” His words burning in his mouth.
💥-His Dragon was excited about stretching its wings but the thought of coming back to his den and not seeing you curled up in your nest made him want to roar in grief.
💥-His Dragon already claimed you. To him you were his and he was yours.
💥-“South? Like were the beach is?” Your mood picking up slightly.
💥-“Ya. I tend to stay away from the shore because the sand on my scales is a bitch to get out but I love the feel gliding above water so I tend to stick more to the ocean.” He remarked.
💥-“That sounds amazing! I always wanted to go to the beach.” You smiled, imagining his red frame gliding across the blue water.
💥-Your thoughts catching up to you and your mood once again fell. You wouldn’t be able to witness the sparkling water or pink shells. You would be back in the village by then.
💥-You Omega was whining at the thought. That wasn’t home anymore. Home was were this ruby eyed Alpha was. You didn’t have many ties to the village so why would you want to go back.
💥-“Bakugo?” You peered up at him.
💥-His steady gaze already on you.
💥-“Yes?” He rumbled, his eyes raking over your face
💥-“You think I can come with you?” You got the words out before you talked yourself into holding them back.
💥-“I would like nothing more.” He purred, making his way towards you.
💥-You didn’t know what being a Dragon’s mate had in store for you but you accepted his embrace with a happy purr. Your home is right by his side.
I was in a fantasy mood. I hope you liked it. I really quite like this Dragon AU. What are your thoughts on it? I feel like there could be a part 2 for this but I don’t know what it would be about. 
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ghost-ghost-baby · a year ago
Dabi w a soft/timid omega!s/o
this fuckin sucks lol but i just,,,,, wanted some soft dabi,,,,,, to help w my depression,,,, this is purely self-indulgent,,,, yes imma write a oneshot for this eventually 
The way you got together was… far from traditional. 
You’d joined the league after you’d gotten kicked out of school, Toga bouncing to your side the minute you entered. 
It had been nice! You’d never felt so included, there weren’t any weird looks at your habits, you even got your own room! 
The only real problem was Dabi… you didn’t know why, but he just felt so… safe? Comforting? His scent was so strong you could smell it before he entered the room, and it was just like… every bad thing vanished. 
The two of you barely spoke, although he’d always go out of his way to greet you, even if you rarely responded. 
That being said, you were often paired together for missions. Your quirk was mind reading, which wasn’t the best when it came to combat. That was where Dabi came in, you guessed. He’d watch you back, make sure you didn’t get hurt, or captured. 
Your nightmares had flared back up, something that hadn’t happened since you’d joined. The base was practically empty, everyone else was out on a mission that had been deemed too dangerous for you to go on. You just wanted to feel safe, you didn’t know why that was so hard. 
Well, there was no harm in going into Dabi’s room, was there? He wouldn’t be back for a couple days… How did you get outside his door so quickly? 
There was no going back now, you pushed open the door, relief washing over you at the familiar scent. It was like you were possessed, feet carrying you across the room of their own accord, stopping as you reached the bed. You chewed your lower lip, no one would find out right? You’d never be able to face Dabi if someone told him about this. God you were weird. Still, you climbed into the bed, passing out almost as soon as your head touched the pillow. 
Waking up always left you with a bad feeling, made you want to go right back to sleep and never wake up. It was just… lonely… you were always alone. These thoughts had you clinging onto sleep with everything you had, a small whimper leaving your mouth as you realised there was no point. You were awake now. 
The usual feeling of despair didn’t come crashing down like it normally would, and as you woke up more you started noticing things. Like the arm wrapped around your waist, Dabi’s scent stronger than ever and- why was your face smushed up against someone’s chest? 
Who wouldn’t freak out in that situation? You’d started screaming, flailing around as you tried to escape the ‘strangers’ death grip. Dabi didn’t take kindly to this, low growl leaving him before he pinned you under him, body covering yours and face pressed up against your scent gland. Oh god, you could die. If there was a god out there, please let the ground swallow you whole! He wasn’t meant to be getting back for at least a couple days! 
“You came into my room, remember doll? You’re not getting away that easy.” His words had your whole face flushed, mind tumbling over itself to figure out what he meant. 
Of course, you didn’t know. Didn’t know how hard he’d fallen, how it was because of him the two of you had started going on missions so he could make sure you were safe, how he’d had a camera set up in his room just in case you’d needed him so he could come right back to you. You were his, his perfect little omega, he’d always be there. 
“D-Dabi? I thought you weren’t getti-”
“Maybe I missed you too much to stay away, now go back to sleep, doll.” He’d only mumbled in response, and you remembered how much of a heavy sleeper he was, nothing could fully wake him up until he wanted to.
So, you’d done what he’d said, letting yourself fall asleep feeling safer than you ever had.
Later on the two of you had actually talked, about everything, and you’d sealed the bond, but he still teased you about how the two of you had gotten together.
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pack-the-pack · 2 years ago
Some Random Alpha Headcanons
- Alphas showing up at work with hideous mismatching clothes or two different socks because their mate started to go into pre-heat and hogged all their good clothing. "No it has to be this oneee", they say as they steal just one sock right from their mate's foot before arranging it in their nest.
- Alphas showing up at odd times in their gym and not doing their regular routine. Their friends don't understand why that is. They find out later that it's because the Alpha is helping their smol mate to do their own training, because the smol bean wanted to be good at fighting too and the Alpha is scared to leave them alone with the more experienced and bigger Omegas because "what if the other Omegas are mean and they end up hurt?"
- Alphas showing up at work with glitter all over their hair or with their case filled with stickers because their Omega pup wanted to "make their stuff prettier".
- Alphas with fake bandages in their arms, because their Alpha pup wanted to prove they could best them in wrestling and they don't have the heart to tell their four year old son/daughter that their bites/tugs tickle more than anything.
- Alphas that spend hours in a store just petting rugs and covers, because their mate deserves only the best. And he doesn't care how much the other Omega elderly ladies giggle at them, they'll pet every single one of 'em if he has to until he finds the one.
- Alphas running from and refusing to, hold their new mate's small dog, because they fear they'll end up hurting it cause it's so tiny. The result is a really big Alpha running shitless of a tiny pomeranian. The dog doesn't mind, it thinks it's a game.
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arisarthell · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Since I couldn't find any omegaverse of these two, I decided to create it.
Like always, @purr-no-graphic is to blame for this, we were talking about it some days ago. Then I came up with the idea of making Trucy and Apollo their children, I'm crying 😭💜💙💕
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ddaeng-181338 · 2 years ago
Cold | MasterList
Tumblr media
Cold MasterList — I’ve seen people do this before for different series and I figured it would be a good idea to keep all chapters to this story in one place. I will probably be doing this for future series as well!
This will be updated as the story progresses
How I see the settings of Cold
Character profiles 
Chapter | 01
Chapter | 02
Chapter | 03
Chapter | 04
Chapter | 05
Chapter | 06
Chapter | 07
Chapter | 08
Chapter | 09
Chapter | 10
Chapter | 11
Chapter | 12
Chapter | 13
Chapter | 14
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dragonroleplaystarters · 2 years ago
☆゚Sentences → Soft A/B/O
❝ Don’t listen to them. Omegas can be stronger than any Alpha. ❞
❝ Hush, pretty thing. I’ve got you, I’ll keep you safe. ❞
❝ Use your words, love. Tell me what you want. ❞
❝ I want you to help me through my first heat. I...I don’t trust anyone like I trust you. ❞
❝ I’m not going to force you to submit to me. I’m not some brainless Alpha meathead. You’re my partner! ❞
❝ Stay close to me, my scent will ward away any asshole feeling brave. ❞
❝ I don’t need anyone else but you. You’re perfect just the way you are! ❞
❝ I can’t take care of you like they could. A Beta is just...settling. ❞
❝ Easy, easy. I’m not a threat—see? I’ll bare my throat and everything. ❞
❝ I’m gonna punch the next Alpha to even look at us wrong. ❞
❝ You’re so cute, I just want to wrap you up in a blanket and carry you away from everything. ❞
❝ I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but if you aren’t ready, I respect that. It’s a big commitment, the mating bond. ❞
❝ I want you to mark me. I want to belong to you and I want you to belong to me. ❞
❝ Here, hun. I ran the blankets in the dryer so they’ll be nice and warm for you to nest around in. ❞
❝ I know you think you have to be a big, tough Alpha all the time, but let me take care of you. Let yourself go, for once. ❞
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simsadventures · a year ago
Panopticon Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: You live in a world where Omegas are extremely rare species. To ensure that only the best and wealthiest Alphas get those Omegas, the government put them in a panopticon-like cells, and only the highest bidders can come near and choose their mates. You are one of the Omegas, and all you know in your life since you presented is your little cell. Steve Rogers is known as the wealthy, albeit dangerous and vicious Alpha in your country. What happens when he comes to your panopticon, trying to find a mate as fast as possible?
Warnings: a/b/o dynamics, dark-ish elements, Alpha Steve, angst, smut, knotting, scenting, breeding kink, breeding, and much more
Status: In progress, new chapter posted every Saturday around 4 PM CEST
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: The Circle
Chapter 2: Rules are Rules
Chapter 3: The Feeling
Chapter 4: May the Best Man Win
Chapter 5: Endings, Beginnings
Chapter 6: Brand New Life
Chapter 7: Welcome Home
Chapter 8: Who We Are
Chapter 9: Natural Causes
Chapter 10: Heat
Chapter 11: The Morning After
Chapter 12: Girls’ Talk
Chapter 13: Uninvited Guest
Chapter 14: Past in Present
Chapter 15: Time Out
Chapter 16: Actions Taken
Chapter 17: Minor Inconvenience
Chapter 18: Business Woman
Chapter 19: Not So Innocent
Chapter 20: Well, Well, Well
Chapter 21: Wasted Times
Chapter 22: Stop and Go
Chapter 23: Might Not
Chapter 24: Training Grounds
Chapter 25: That Time of the Year
Chapter 26: Hurricane
Chapter 27: War Path
Chapter 28: Obey
Chapter 29: TBD
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theamberwriter · a year ago
Nesting Fever [Alpha!Pro!Katsuki Bakugo]
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alpha!ProHero!Katsuki Bakugo x Omega!Reader
Word Count: 2694
Warnings: Cursing, lil angst
A/N: Bruv, I don’t even know. But I hope you enjoy
When you lived on your own, it was different. The entire experience was different. Normally, you didn't want to make a big nest. You kept it small and cozy, just enough room for you to curl inside with some hoarded snacks and bottled water. And you'd count your lucky stars your alpha was busy on hero business. But ever since moving in with Katsuki, the urge to make the biggest, coziest, plushest nest ever had taken over.
This was going to be your first nest since moving in together. You'd been trying all week to take pillows, clothes, and bedsheets. You had a mattress on the floor of the spare room that was a perfect base. Everything was perfect - except for Katsuki. All week he'd been putting away the pillows and blankets you'd piled on the mattress. You liked to gather before you built. You'd always done it that way. But this was driving you crazy.
Did he not care that you were prepping your nest? One that you'd build so it'd be perfect for when you had pups? Did he not understand how important this was? Or just how absolutely insane he was driving you?! Honestly, what was he thinking?! 
By the end of the week, you were one cranky omega. One that no alpha could even begin to hope to soothe. It was the same feeling as when your parents grounded you. When they took everything away. Or when you were fresh out of crayons to color with when that was all you wanted to do.
Katsuki was working so much he didn't notice. Not to mention he was stressed himself. And with all the pillows and blankets disappearing, it just made it worse. All he wanted to do was go home and hang in the soothing embrace of his omega while he scented them. He didn't want to do anything else, especially clean.
Come the weekend, you were basically off your rocker with the worst cabin fever. But Katsuki was having some friends over. He spent the morning tidying up. Making sure nothing had disappeared to the spare room. When he was satisfied, he set up snacks and pulled out the games and movies they'd planned out.
It was noon when there was a knock on the door. You were slouched down in an armchair. One wrong word and you swore you were putting someone through a wall. Wasn't an alpha supposed to understand nesting? Or at least notice when his omega was cranky? Yours sure didn't, and that irked you more.
"Bakugo, dude!" Kirishima cheered when Katsuki opened the door. 
Behind him was a hack. You smelled Kaminari. "Oh my God, that's what you were talking about. Dude, is [Name] okay?"
"Why the hell wouldn't they be?" Katsuki snapped.
"Seriously?" Kaminari gagged. "Can't you smell that?! They're not even my Omega, and I can tell something is wrong!"
Katsuki growled. "Damn right they're not yours. So butt out! - [Name] is fine. Are you coming in or not?" 
You didn't mean to, but glared as Kaminari and Kirishima came around the couch. They knew. They could smell it. Kirishima mouthed sorry as he covered his nose and mouth with his shirt sleeve. You nodded at him.
"What do you extras want to drink?" Katsuki barked. They both muttered out water and your alpha went to the kitchen.
"[Name] what is wrong with you? You're burning my nose!" Kaminari exclaimed quietly.
Kirishima nodded. "I could smell you from the street."
You glared towards the kitchen, wriggling slightly in the chair. "He keeps taking the things for my nest! I kept trying to build it, but he tore it all down. He doesn't even seem to notice my scent changed!"
"Should we call Uraraka to talk some sense into him?" Kirishima offered, his voice muffled by his sleeve.
Kaminari nodded. "Or Kyoka?"
You shook your head. "Denki, leave your Omega out of this. And Deku's poor mate as well."
Kaminari groaned. "But you smell like rubbing alcohol -"
"Well apparently Katsuki likes the smell of rubbing alcohol more than vanilla!" you snarled, nails extending to dig into the chair arms. "Maybe I should just find another alpha -"
"The hell did you just say?" barked Katsuki. The wooden tray the waters were on groaned and cracked in his hands. "You're thinking about another mate?!"
You stood, glaring him down. He was pissed. The burnt caramel scent was sickeningly sweet. It didn't mix well with your alcohol scent. You glared at him as you went and sat on Kirishima's lap, rubbing your scent on him. You could tell you were pushing it. His scent started to smell smokey, and you could hear emitting from him.
You'd never scented Katsuki in the year you'd been together. He was too embarrassed to admit he wanted you to. But he also pushed you off whenever you tried. Instead, deciding to cover you head to toe in his scent. Which always mixed nicely with your natural vanilla.
"Do you even care about me, Katsuki? 'Cause Kirishima and Kaminari noticed, but you haven't said anything! Maybe I should have Eijiro here as my new alpha," you threatened. Kirishima was trying to stop you from scenting him. Though they were weak attempts. 
Your aura and scent were utterly intoxicating, especially that close. Naturally Kirishima, as an alpha, couldn't resist. He wanted to drown in your scent. But Katsuki was his friend. You were Bakugo's, not his. And he definitely didn't want to get caught in the middle of this.
"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Katsuki roared, dropping everything to rip you off Kirishima. "You're my omega -"
"You sure as hell haven't been acting like it!" You exposed your scent gland more, scratching at it. "Can you smell that??! Do you care that I don't smell right?!"
For the first time all week, Katsuki really bothered to take a whiff. A deep one. He gagged, clapping a hand over his nose. His eyes watered as it burned. His body immediately pumping out comfort pheromones. But you were too worked up for them to be effective.
"What the fuck? What is wrong with you?!" Then something clicked. "It's been you taking all the blankets!" 
You rolled your eyes. "Well they didn't fucking grow legs!"
"Why the hell - do you know how annoying that's been?!" Katsuki groaned. "Why are you so mad about some shitty blankets?!"
The entire room went silent. The only thing heard was Katsuki's heavy breathing. Kirishima's musky scent started to swirl threateningly in the air. Katsuki fought back with his own pheromones as soon as he smelled it. It was unmistakable.
Your heart skipped a beat. It lurched painfully in your chest, your stomach swirling. He really didn't know. You felt your mouth go dry, a lump clogged up your throat. You felt devastated. "Do you not want to have pups with me?"
Katsuki was taken aback by the soft accusation. "What does that have to do with -"
Finally, Kirishima groaned and stood. He looked frazzled and angry. "[Name] has been nesting, you absolute dumbass!"
"Nesting?" Katsuki repeated quietly. Completely disregarding the name he'd been called. He realized he deserved it. Then his eyes turned to you. "You've been nesting? Why didn't you tell me, idiot?"
You pulled your arm out of his grip. His pheromones finally starting to take effect. "Because I wanted it to be a surprise! Not to mention I just assumed you knew what I was doing! I was going to let you in. But definitely! Not! Now! You're unbelievable!"
You brushed by Kirishima as you turned, rubbing your mellower scent on him. You saw his pupils dilate and his body go rigid. And caught the undeniable growl of your angry mate behind you. You went to your bedroom, slammed the door, and bundled up under your comforter with the pillows on your bed stacked around you.
You could hear the guys arguing through the door. Which definitely didn't help your mood. Katsuki didn't understand. He didn't know. Your mate was supposed to know. But he hadn't even bothered to smell you.
You pulled the blanket over your head and slumped over on your side. "Maybe Kirishima would be a better mate...but I don't want to leave Katsuki...I love him…"
You listened until it was silent. The door to your room squeaked open then. You heard footsteps coming to you. You were just going to pretend you weren't there. You were mad at all of them now. Kirishima and Kaminari for no real reason. Only because they picked up on it. And the one person who mattered most hadn't bothered.
"Hey, uh." That was Katsuki's voice, a hand was gently placed on your shoulder. "Can I come in?
You flopped over, out of his touch. "Nope, sorry. This is a one-person nest. There's no room for you."
"[Name], c'mon…" he sounded tired, but annoyed.
You sat up and uncovered your face. You could feel the tears as you turned to him. "No! - You were supposed to notice! You were supposed to know! But you didn't! Mates are supposed to know when you're nesting, when you're pissed off, or just not in a good mood! But you didn't! Eijiro did, immediately! Even Denki smelled it, and he's a beta! Do you just not care about me?!"
Katsuki's distress was evident in the air as he gripped your shoulders and shook you lightly. "Of course I care you, idiot!"
"Then what the fuck -" you sobbed. You couldn't help it. You choked out garish, moaning sobs. You didn't want to, but the omega in you was begging for attention from your alpha. More than just physical attention. 
Katsuki sighed. "Why didn't you say anything?"
"I shouldn't have to!" you stressed. "Didn't you smell me? Didn't it bother you I wasn't normal?"
"You smell like you do when you're in heat! I figured that was it. I've never seen you fucking nest! How was I supposed to know?!"
"Don't lie to me, Katsuki! You would know if I was in heat! You know before I do that it's coming! Also, I thought it was obvious that I was nesting!" You flopped back onto the mattress. "You haven't paid attention at all. Do you just not want me as your Omega anymore?"
Katsuki couldn't take any more of your sharp, bitter scent. But he didn't know how to apologize. He'd never seen you so upset. And Kirishima had even threatened to take you from him if he didn't treat you right. There was no way he was allowing you to be anyone else's, even his friend's.
Katsuki pulled himself to lie beside you. Gently, he shifted your back to his chest. His chin on the top of your head, he gently rubbed against you. You didn't shove him off, but you didn't make a sound either. 
"I'm sorry, okay?" he grunted in your ear. But you stayed quiet. He rubbed on you more. You could hear the TV in the living room, it was nearly muted it was so low. They were listening. "[Name], I know I've been a shitty alpha, I get it."
You grunted in agreement and he tensed. That signal he got. He was trying everything he could to try and comfort you. But, even though your scent was losing its sharp edge, it remained damp smelling. Like the earth just before it rained. He couldn't deny the sadness in it.
Katsuki sighed. "I'd get it if you wanted to mate with shitty hair, instead of me. - He'd be better for you. He noticed you were upset right away. He knew were nesting."
"I may be mad at you," you muttered finally. "But that doesn't mean I don't want you to be my alpha. I'm sorry about acting like that and for scenting Kirishima. Those two only know because I told them."
"You didn't let me finish -" Katsuki pulled you down to lay on your back, and then hovered over to look into your teary eyes. It broke his heart. "He may be better - but I'm going to work to be even greater than that. Got it? I'm going to be the best fucking alpha. I'm gonna prove it to everyone. They're gonna fucking wish they were you. But I do love you, idiot. I'm not just your alpha. I'm your mate. - And I know you only did it because you were mad...I - I want you to scent me, too."
"Katsuki," you breathed. He noticed as your scent dulled. Lulling back to into a warm, sugary vanilla. He lowered himself down, laying his head on your chest. You began to rub on him, covering him over with your scent.
He breathed in the sweet tone deeply. Enjoying the feeling of you marking him, if only by smell. "And I wasn't lying about you smelling like heat, but you're right - it wasn't as pungent. You didn't smell like you wanted it. Maybe that's just what you smell like when you're nesting. You never let me come over when you would do it before."
"It technically an ongoing thing." You shrugged, pausing briefly. Katsuki let out an involuntary whine. You smiled, kissed his hair, and began to scent him again. "But I do have weeks where that's all I fuss over. I'm sorry I stole your clothes. And your pillows. And all the blankets. I just wanted everything that smelled like you."
Katsuki's heart fluttered at those words. He'd heard about omega nests. What they meant. And the fact that his scent brought you the feeling of safety? - Nothing could swell his ego more.
Katsuki leaned up and gently kissed you. Then he leaned his forehead against yours. "Do you still want to?"
You beamed. "I've wanted nothing more all week."
"Then do it. I'll scent anything you want, sweetheart." His tone verged on arrogant. As soon as he pulled away, you sprung up and began collecting things. You stumbled as you dragged a large armful of blankets down to the spare room. 
Katsuki went back out to hang with the guys. Now that everything was settled, everything smelled sweet again. Except for a slight tinge of jealousy coming off Kirishima. But Katsuki knew it would either pass or he'd have to brawl over it. The two would decide when the time came. In the end, they'd still be friends.
It wasn't until much later when you finally announced your nest was done. You'd run out a few dozen times to where they sat, silently holding objects out to Katsuki. Or rubbing them on him if he wasn't going fast enough. You were so busy running around the house and trying to make it perfect, you didn't realize it was pushing midnight. Kirishima and Kaminari were still there. Though you had the feeling you were going to have to call Kyoka about Denki, he was passed out.
"You may look, but you cannot touch," you said, guiding Kirishima and Katsuki down the hall. "Tada!"
You opened the door, allowing them full view of your masterpiece. There was hardly a spot of floor to be seen. You'd moved around some furniture, draping blankets over them. The mattress in the center was the focal point. It was piled high with pillows and clothes. Stuffed animals of all kinds. Little trinkets Katsuki had given for your birthday and the holidays was was stacked on a shelf.
"This is amazing, [Name]," Kirishima said, grinning. "You're lucky, Baku-bro."
You chuckled. "Oh no, Katsuki will not be sleeping in here with me yet."
"What?!" your alpha snapped.
"I'm still mad at you," you sniffed. "Now, if you'll excuse me."
Kirishima pulled a ranting Bakugo down the hall. You shut the door behind them, finally falling into your finished nest. This was definitely the biggest and coziest one you'd built. And you hoped to just keep adding to it. You curled up, burying your face into Katsuki's pillow.
Your heart swelled with happiness. Comfort and warmth immediately spreading over you. One day you'd let him in. One day, you'd share this with Katsuki. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow - but soon. 
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star-anise · 10 months ago
I am so sick of people shitting on A/B/O and Omegaverse just because it’s weirdass cringeworthy lady smut. You know why it turned into a lawsuit in federal court? Because it’s BIG BUCKS because A TON OF PEOPLE READ IT. Mostly women and AFAB trans people. And not because we’re all regressive antifeminist dumbfucks.
Omegaverse is a coded way of exploring gender and desire, of navigating identity and sex and relationships in a world where the people you desire and the kind of sex you get off on are part of the system that oppresses you politically, and your own biology is at once the instrument through which you live and achieve sexual fulfillment, and a weapon that can be used against you.
Wolf dynamics don’t work that way because IT’S A FUCKING METAPHOR. 
It explores these dynamics in a way that is just unfamiliar enough that it isn’t like being smacked in the face with memories of the entire rest of the world. You don’t read it and think in the middle of a sex scene, “Jesus, guys like this make up most of the government that decides whether I get to have abortions.” It’s a fantastical framework that you can shake off when you stop reading, because it’s not actually real.
You better damn well bet a lot of A/B/O actually explores queer and trans and intersex experience and sexual autonomy and impaired consent and domestic violence and reproductive rights, and manages to be hot as hell while it does so.
I am just. So sick. Of people taking potshots at it for easy laughs.
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