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First of all I'm glad you liked the things I submitted and secondly what that Anon sent is such a cute idea I want to try! Okay when I think of you I think of quiet confessions, nature dates, hummingbirds, the sky when it's cotton candy colored, finding shapes in clouds, worn out well loved books, a pretty garden in midsummer with glasses of lemonade, bright smiles, study dates, and late night conversations

Who allowed 😭😭😭 I’m amazed that I can represent these things? Omg? I love all of these things and to think someone associates me with them 😭😭😭😭

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Ok, so I have been living in this house for 2 years and the neighborhood is very quiet and safe so I don’t have something to complain about, except for the little bastard that my Neighbor just got.

Apparently, his designated place to poop is right in my porch and I wouldn’t care if just the owner was a little considered and cleaned after her dog finished. When I first started noticing the poop I cleaned it thinking it was a stray dog or something but then, one day I was on the porch myself and the little bastard came out of my neighbor’s house, saw me and returned…my neighbor most have noticed that her dog returned too fast so she went out of her house to check what had scared the dog and there I was, we made eye contact and I nodded…I had a feeling so I remain sat in my porch for a little more …And there she was, peeking through the wall to see if I was gone to let the little bastard poop on my porch.

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I have an easel that came with paints and I wanna use it but I have so much work and no time rn

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