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🥰 Ежедневный уход – это повод для веселья, классное занятие, к которому вполне можно привлечь своего парня! Увлажняющая текстура сияет модными оттенками, не вредит природе и отлично смотрится на фото. Instaglammers вдохновляют на творчество, заряжают кожу энергией, а тебя – бодрым настроением на весь день.
🌟 Делай маски по-новому! Пусть поднадоевший образ с халатом и бигуди останется в прошлом. Теперь можно транслировать бьюти-процедуры хоть в прямом эфире и не бояться показаться банальной. Красота и новые идеи для самовыражения – в линейке Instaglammers.
#инстаглэммерс #InstaGlammers_Faberlic #OMG_Faberlic#FaberlicGlammers
#ИскримКрасиво #InstaGlammers #крутойконтент #OMG #faberlic_новинки #любовь #счастье #счастьеесть #счастливывместе

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sorry for caps but im excited-

this is insane, how did this happen sifhadsjhfdskj explain-

thank you for following my blog and putting up with me being a mess, it means the world that i’m making content that people enjoy, even if it’s just momentarily, your love and support makes me so happy

thank you for everything, i’m excited to continue making content for you guys.

i love you all<3!!

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Tristan inhales deeply as his mother tries pulling off a boot to see the injury. “Tsss, please be careful mommaaaa, it huuuurts!” He wails. Elizabeth removes his shoe to see his twisted ankle and sings, “sit still now little one, the more you squirm the longer it will take.” She calms her child and plants a tender kiss to his scraped knee. He grumbles a bit and tries pulling away a few more times as she gently rolls his sock down. His ankle all puffy from where he mistreated it earlier by running down a hill to fast causes her to bite her lip as it pains her to see her sons poor foot so badly hurt. She uses her magic to quickly repair his damaged joint and Tristan watches with wide eyes while exclaiming, “woah momma! Cool!! It’s not so painful now! Thank you!” He throws his arms around her neck for a big hug. As he tries to return to his activities his mother stops him. “Hey silly!” She calls out, “don’t forget to put your sock and boot back on!” He quickly races back to her and she helps him put his clothing on again before patting him on the head. “Ok baby, you can go play now, but please be more careful!” She reminds him. “Sure thing momma!” He replies, but he’s eventually inside once more before too long looking for more of his mother’s tender affections and care.

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This revenge was not intentional, but it was truly satisfying!

In our office we had that typical problem - food thief. I ran out of milk faster then I should’ve, one of my 2 yogurts once disappeared, my piece of pie was bitten, numerous cases.

I bought a small fish tank with a macropodus fish. He was a predator, so I bought him some bloodworms. They were frozen and portioned into nice cherry-colored candy-size bricks (can you already see where it’s going?). I have thrown away the box, so they were in the inner package with no identification marks.  I kept them in the fridge and everyday I took half of a brick.

And one glorious day I found out that the fresh brick that I was going to chop in half, had it’s corner bitten off! The clearest human teeth markings I have ever seen.

I never knew who that was, but I imagine how that person takes a bite of a candy, feels it melting in their mouth, wonders what is that taste and texture and why isn’t it sweet, spits it and sees these were bloodworms! Ohhh how satisfying! I made sure to tell everyone in the office about it, loudly. It gives me a huge grin everytime I remember it.


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“Agricultores residentes nas localidades de Campinas e Guapira, zona rural entre os municípios de São Felipe e Maragojipe, relatam supostas aparições de um animal ainda não identificado, mas que suspeitam se tratar de um lobisomem”, anunciava, na semana passada, um site do Recôncavo Baiano. Na reportagem, uma câmera instalada estrategicamente no meio do mato registrou o que seria a criatura.

#lobisomem #werewolf #criptozoologia #weird #esquisito #real #fake #wow #omg #wtf #what #oque #jesus #deus #nossa #eita #kkkkk #lol #caramba (em São Filipe, Bahia, Brazil)

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