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#omg i remember this
haechvnie4 hours ago
omg gaon finally remembered he has his own home? i鈥檓 so proud of him
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musette229 hours ago
Omg I just remembered a couple of years back I had a real vivid dream that Steve woke up from a nightmare about Bucky falling of the train. It was seriously a scene that was acted out and played as part of the CA:WS film, I woke up to look for it after and found out it wasn鈥檛 true. It鈥檚 so bizarre because it felt so real. Gosh, the anguish on Steve鈥檚 face was all too real. After that I鈥檝e always imagined Steve waking up from that nightmare and immediately sitting in Bucky鈥檚 lap, hiding his face against his neck listening to his heartbeat as proof he鈥檚 alive. Its the first thing he does, no matter if other people are around to witness it. If Bucky鈥檚 not there to comfort him he has a really bad day.
Oh my god, this is the saddest thing 馃ズ馃槶 Poor you and poor Steve!! Sadly I have no doubt Steve would've had nightmares like that many, many times before Bucky came back to him, and even after that... But as you said, once Bucky was there, Steve could just curl up in Bucky's arms or on his lap and let himself find comfort in Bucky's presence and his steady heartbeat 馃挊馃ズ
Oh, now I'm imagining a scene where the Avengers all live in the Tower, and one morning, Bucky has gotten up and left Steve to sleep in because he had a mission last night and needs the rest. Bucky is having breakfast in the common room with the others who are already up when suddenly Steve comes bursting through the door, his face all scrunched up in pain and close to tears. Steve lets out a sound close to a sob when he spots Bucky sitting at the kitchen table and strides over, bodily throwing himself in Bucky's arms and folding himself up in his lap somehow like he's still only a little guy instead of a 6'2" supersoldier. Pushing his face into Bucky's neck, breath hitching and shoulders shaking with suppressed tears while Bucky wraps his arms around him and holds him tightly, rocking him from side to side and murmuring to him that it's okay, they're alright, Bucky is safe and he's here and never leaving Steve again and he loves him so, so much...聽
Imagine the look on everyone's faces when they see their strong leader, their golden Captain, so small and vulnerable and so clearly much less okay than he'd let them all to believe he was? Imagine how acutely grateful they'd be for the fact that Bucky came back, and that these two now have each other to get them through their nightmares, after everything they've been through?聽 God, my heart hurts 馃槪
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wolken-himmel7 hours ago
I just remembered there was this day, me and my sister were talking about twst. And she brought this question out of nowhere "if you can beat up anybody in twisted wonderland (and win) , who would it be and why?"
And for a second I thought it was just the students, then I realized she said anybody
"The Head Master" I didn't need to say why
What a solid choice 馃槶 I think I would either choose Ace or Crowley. How about you, guys?
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plumbtales15 hours ago
Hii, how are u doing? I miss you so much, OMG. Dont u remember me ? I'm Karim from Brazil, I used play The sims too. I hope u are fine :)
Hi Karim! I hope you're fine as well! 馃挄 Did we use to talk on tumblr? I'm afraid I don't remember :/
Tumblr media
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papiermachecat11 hours ago
Harry dream time! So I was at a show? Except it wasn鈥檛 a concert but some kind of鈥omething with a bunch of people? Anyway all the people involved were kind of filing out and some fans (including me) were watching from the bleachers, and Harry walked out last (wearing jeans and an unbuttoned button up that looked like Bode over a tee, in case you wondered) and we made eye contact and he was like, 鈥渙h hi! It鈥檚 always good to see you, K!鈥 and I was like omg he remembered me from last time 馃槂馃槂 (idk what last time would be), and he hugged me and I was super chill and normal (so proud of dream-me). Then my husband and I were in鈥.Mexico? Maybe? With Ed Helms but he wasn鈥檛 famous. Anyway we went into a pharmacy where we knew Harry worked (?) and Ed immediately broke a shopping basket, so I found Harry to tell him and he was really nice about it. OHHH and before that in the first dream Harry got into his car and it was鈥h man I might have to try to draw it, it was awful! And I had a real internal battle over whether I should take a pic of the car to show you guys or be a decent human but decency won out in the end.
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noteguk8 hours ago
omg as a veteran fanfic reader i remember that almost all jk fanfic i read had thigh riding in it 馃槶 plus from what i鈥檝e noticed dilf jungkook is the new trend right now
Yeah!!!! Omg you鈥檙e right, I think it鈥檚 the dilf phenomenon too 馃 I don鈥檛 know what that says about us as a society
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froqgy17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
waaaait omg i remember seeing caps of these panels before馃ズ
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hyrudea year ago
OMG JUST REMEMBERED I HAVE ANOTHER EAR OF CORN IN MY FRIDGE 馃グ馃グ馃挄馃挒鉂ゐ煉橉煡梆煉曫煉曫煡梆煡梆煉曫煉炩潳馃挊馃グ馃挄馃挄馃グ馃グ馃挄馃挒鉂ゐ煉橉煡梆煉曫煉 馃グ馃グ馃挄馃挒鉂ゐ煉橉煡梆煉曫煉曫煡梆煡梆煉曫煉炩潳馃挊馃グ馃挄馃挄 馃グ馃グ馃挄馃挒鉂ゐ煉橉煡梆煉曫煉曫煡梆煡梆煉曫煉炩潳馃挊馃グ馃挄馃挄馃グ馃グ馃挄馃挒鉂ゐ煉橉煡梆煉曫煉曫煡梆煡梆煉曫煉炩潳馃挊馃グ馃挄馃挄
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cradleghost2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
best way to figure out how you want to draw a character: make an 8 page comic
(Transcript under the cut in case my handwriting is # bad . Edit: ok nOW its under the cut)
T: soooo.. barry鈥檚 pretty cute huh?
L: cutest nerd ive ever seen. ... wAIT--
T: ((has been trying to get her to confess for months))
L: aaAAAAA FINE! I have a huge crush on his jean clad ass!
T: so its only his ass you have a crush on.
L: well i mean, it is a nice ass
L: hes just.. so genuine and caring. Hes shy and quiet and kind. Got sweaty hands too. Hes the most brilliant guy ive ever met. And determined a-and, and hes sooo soooft.. hes out of my league.
T: so when are you going to ask him out?
L: I CANT DO THAT! Besides what if he diesnt feel the same? We still have to live togeher
T: well damn, ive never seen you so worked up about anyone. Whats really stopping you?
L: its just - with all of this, all that we鈥檙e doing, its hardly the best circumstances. He deserves a good life and i dont know if -- why are you making that face?
T: oh y鈥檏now. Its just my sister is obviously in love with someone who obviously loves her back.
L: ... im gonna ask him out
T: tell him now!
L: no wait--!
B: ? you guys need something?
L: all good in here babe-- uh- i-
B: right uh o-ok then s-see you later
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quxxrpearl2 years ago
Me: omg that song can turn into a amazing fanfic about my OTP *thinks all the plot*
Also me: do nothing about it and just die in frustration
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dreamquackity29 days ago
ok but dream actually really wants to play in mcc he told lazar 鈥榙on鈥檛 worry if u oversleep i鈥檒l step in and take your place <3鈥 and mefs asked him 鈥榳hich team are you rooting for鈥 and dream said 鈥榓 power outage <3 /j鈥 and dream messaged scott saying 鈥榡ust letting you know in case anyone suspiciously dies or disappears 1. it wasn鈥檛 me n 2. i am available <3鈥 and last i heard he鈥檚 just hanging around in the mcc practice server im crying
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Stain would have a crush on Aizawa don鈥檛 @ me
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 cackling
Tho i think Stain鈥檚 attempted murder of Aizawa鈥檚 highschool friend and 3 of his students would kill the vibe between them preeeeeeetty quick
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