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#omg this took so long
stinkrascal · a day ago
How do you go about planning your story? I want to post my own but I am not into heavy plot and kind of want it to be a slice of life story. Would I need things to be all planned? I hope this isn’t a bother, thank you in advance 😊
the way i plan my story is pretty sporadic! i do try to organize my thoughts and write them down, but there are still a good chunk of scenes which i’ve planned in my head for years, but i've yet to write out lol. i consider my legacy to be a healthy combination of serious storytelling and silly gameplay, and though i do have something of a plot interwoven in the straud legacy, i wouldn’t say it’s extremely plot-heavy, but rather steadily character driven. my story is forwarded by the interactions between the characters, not by the situations with which the characters find themselves apart. without a heavy plot to maintain the tension, heavy character development and interpersonal conflict takes its place. so if you’re more interested in slice of life storytelling, i think that’s something important to consider!
okay, onto the actual process/my advice ig idk i rambled HARD here man lol
originally, i only wrote the dialogue for my scenes, but per isa’s advice, i now use two writing documents:  one which details the timeline of events, and another with a brief descriptor of each scene, followed with the characters’ dialogue.
writing document one:
Tumblr media
this document is organized by characters. i structure my story in a way where each “sequence” of scenes focuses on one specific straud child on one specific day, then segues into focusing on the next straud child on another day. i typically start with one of the triplets, then work my way down in the order of which child was born first. normally, i wouldn’t recommend doing this, as it does disrupt the linear quality of storytelling, but i have around twenty characters now, ten of which consist of the straud family alone, which means there’s a lot of characters to cover in a small amount of time. characters who all have their own lives, their own hobbies, their own interests, their own friend groups, etc. for me, it’s easier to write this way, as i can isolate the motivations behind each character and each scene while still ensuring that i’m giving each straud child enough screen time!
writing document two:
Tumblr media
and this document is where i write the dialogue!! usually i stay pretty close to what’s written in the document, but occasionally while i’m editing, i'll switch the phrasing if i find that the text doesn’t align with the border of the image in a way i find pleasing lol.
i also think it’s really helpful to have a basic foundation of ideas planned. have a beginning, a middle, and an end. have a few random scenes sloppily tossed in between. have an idea of how characters start out, and how they change and grow in their environment. it really helps a lot, knowing where your destination starts and ends!! with those destinations in mind, all that’s left is to meaningfully fill in the gaps. find smaller ways to heighten tension and interpersonal conflict that reaches your end. plant the seeds which inevitably lead to greater ends, find ways to reincorporate miniscule items/phrases/interactions from the past and turn them into larger plot developments. what scenes would heighten tension and interpersonal conflict? what will help express a character’s intentions, motivations, emotions, personality? try to include as many little scenes with those ideas in mind!
for the most part, i do believe that much like an author brainstorms his book, you should brainstorm your sims 4 fanfiction lmfao ;-;. i feel gameplays can usually get away without much (or any) preparation, but stories with the intention of being coherent narratives really do need to be fleshed out in whatever way’s more comfortable for you, so you don’t write yourself into a corner you can’t get yourself out of later. i find this especially important for simblr, as our stories are published online on what i’m assuming is typically a “posted when finished” schedule. we don’t have the luxury of an author, who spends years mulling over their works before releasing it to the public. if you write and post a scene you later find disrupts the narrative, there’s almost no way to fix this, as the scene and each scene succeeding it has already been posted online. i mean, sure, you can delete the posts, make an announcement that those scenes are no longer canon, and that you’re working on rewriting those scenes in the meantime. but, to me, it makes more sense to plan the scenes ahead of time so that you’ve time to decide if any scenes disrupt the story. it’s good to give yourself a little leeway with these things! but overall, just do whatever’s most comfortable to you! i hope my rambles helped, even just a little!! :’))
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xuanyuu · 5 days ago
hii isaac!! ur vibe is like howl movingcastle but specifically the exploration of his monstrosity in the movie if that makes sense? also knights and sunlight in water
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milkdoie · 6 days ago
types of fashion the 127 members would find attractive.
not requested!
— TAEIL. neutral tones, pleated skirts, cuffed pants, oversized crewnecks, collared undershirts, long plaid flannels, elbow shirts, skinny jeans
i see his style as pretty simple with an appearance of layering here and there, an occasional pop of colour to brighten up the whole outfit.
he’d probably like if his s/o had a similar fashion taste as him so that they’d be able to subtly match with each other :(
Tumblr media
— JOHNNY. dark/neutral/earthy tones, button ups, trousers, cuffed pants, blouses, trench coats, sweater vests, wide leg jeans, crossbody bags, puff jackets
his style in general (in my eyes) comes off as rather sophisticated with a little splash of skater boy; he includes many varieties into what he wears.
with that being said, he’d like if his s/o were to have at least a little bit of a similar fashion sense! he loves shopping and he’d love it even more if you guys could do it together and maybe even get matching hoodies,,
Tumblr media
— TAEYONG. animal prints, bold colours, bucket hats, ripped jeans, elbow shirts, cargo pants, layered bags, monochrome, two toned pants, jean jackets, funky prints
taeyong is definitely someone who goes above and beyond with his fashion; colouring on his shoes, experimenting with different styles, and overall taking risks not a lot of other people would.
he’d want someone to take the same risks and not be afraid of what others may think! you guys would totally be that it couple everyone else wants to be.
Tumblr media
— YUTA. dark tones, chains, techwear (kinda), graphic tees, elbow shirts, beanies, cargo pants, chunky shoes, baggy clothes, funky sweater vests, layered necklaces, ripped jeans
i see yuta as someone who prefers to dress in dark colours; he’s a pretty even mix of both skater boy and e-boy, who adds in a little bit of a soft aesthetic every now and then, but it’s rare.
he probably wants an s/o that dresses similar, just so that both your aesthetics don’t look crazy next to one another: an eboy walking around with a cute little cupcake isn’t something i think he would want.
Tumblr media
— DOYOUNG. neutral/earthy tones, pastels, soft material, kirts, sweater vests, cuffed pants, wide leg jeans, layering, crewnecks, turtle necks, thin cardigans, oversized
he’s a very lowkey person when it comes to fashion, but not to the point where his clothes are boring. he doesn’t experiment often and he keeps a standard wardrobe!
for his s/o, he loves if they maintain a cute style! though he wouldn’t really have a preference, it’d be such a good bonus if they were to match his aesthetic.
Tumblr media
— JAEHYUN. plain colours, leather jackets, lots of layering, dainty jewellery, bucket hats, oversized shirts, wide leg trousers, ruffle cardigans, puff jackets, skirts
jaehyun isn’t afraid to admit that his style is somewhat plain; he definitely knows that he isn’t as adventurous as some of his other members, but that’s completely okay!
he’d want an s/o that’s more bold than him, just so that everything balances out well. by bold, i mean only a little; not completely out there and experimental, just enough that you’re catching people’s attention so jaehyun can go, “yup, you see them? that’s my s/o!!”
Tumblr media
— JUNGWOO. soft tones, sweats, chill prints, oversized flannels, collared undershirts, zip up hoodies, overalls, knit cardigans, skinny jeans
in my opinion, jungwoo’s style seems very laid back and comfy! he adds in simple pieces that allow his outfits to have a little ~spice~ but all in all, very chill.
he wants to be comfy with his s/o :( he’d really like the calming vibe you two would give off together with how chill both your aesthetics are; bonus points if your clothes are all soft so he can cuddle you.
Tumblr media
— MARK. bright colours, streetwear, leather jackets, stripes, wide leg jeans, bucket hats w/ animal ears, long sleeved undershirts, jean skirts, overalls, chunky shoes
when i think of mark, my brain seems to instantly go to bright colours and happiness; that’s definitely the sort of aesthetic i associate him with.
that being said, i’m almost 100% sure he’d adore having an s/o that radiates that same energy! just two big balls of happiness hand in hand on their way to the playground :(
Tumblr media
— HAECHAN. pastels, beiges, skirts, girly/cute, thin cardigans, sundresses, knitted crewnecks, sweater vests, minimalistic prints (argyle, plaid, floral, etc), ribbons
haechan, to me, comes across as someone who wears a lot of dark pieces — we see him wearing black, ripped jeans and a graphic tee all the time.
he probably wants someone who’s pretty much the opposite of his personal style. the diversity between both your aesthetics is what he finds most adorable; he loves how he comes across as the big strong boyfriend in your relationship.
Tumblr media
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askelite · 9 days ago
((sister moments because wrting a sceneario is a pain. XD))
"Sit still, I'm trying to braid your hair."
[The young girl quietly said, well more like demanded. She didn't know how to or let it alone bother to ask if she could have a sister moment. Her hands just simply grabbed her unbraided bang to pair her with sisters braided one, it was gentle and completely contradict the young one's tone.]
((I can't just do one line starts or heck rps sorry, I'll tone it down.))
Fluff sentence starters
(( @askdiabolicambers ))
[*She exclaims in surprise.*]
Tumblr media
Haruna: “Ah! Well, if you insist.. Fufu. You really are adorable, little sister~ Having another girl around is a nice change of pace. Those brothers certainly are a chore, Haah..”
[*She relaxes her tense shoulders and trusts herself to Rinne. Her eyes close as she calms from the nice feeling of her hair being braided.*]
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atlabeth · 10 days ago
thank you for the tag @arquitecturadelanada !! starting anew so it doesnt become too long lol 
favorite song at the moment: purge the poison - marina
a song you associate with a favorite character or ship: im so bad with songs for characters but war with my mind by crimson apple works for an oc im writing a zuko fic with 
a song that could be about you: crying all the time - alexandra savior lmao 
a song you think is overrated: i think olivia rodrigo is very talented but driver’s license isn’t my taste 
a song that reminds you of a specific memory: complicated by avril lavigne reminds me of simpler times riding in the car w/ my mom in the 2000s 
last song you listened to: i’m listening to year of the child from the falsettos obc right now 
a song that makes you laugh: the irony of choking on a lifesaver - all time low 
a song you want your mutuals to listen to: liquid smooth - mitski
tags: @simplysolo @madswonders @sokkadora and anyone else that wants to do it!! 
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windstrider2017 · 10 days ago
I cut my hair today and while I love cutting and styling my own hair, I will always hate having to deal with the fucking clippings afterwards omg
#hair clippings from hell...hello we meet again :(#ugh they get everywhere#and i'm remembering the Hair Splinter From Hell that i stayed up all night trying to remove until i finally got that stupid mf out#i got it out tho#also imo it's worth it. i will happily keep cutting my own hair#i took a bunch off this time so it was a little weird to look in the mirror and see it this short again bc it had grown out a bit#not drastically but enough that this is a bit of a difference for sure#it looked cool before too before it got too overgrown for my liking but meh i always cut it a lot when i think it's time for a haircut#ik i'd probably be a good barber or hairdresser and would lowkey consider it as a job option but#for one thing i would rather not be the one potentially responsible for a haircut somebody doesn't like#if i fuck up my own hair that's smth i'm willing to accept and idc but i wouldn't wanna screw up someone else's#just thinking back to last summer when i first cut my hair and i went v quickly from like.#cutting most of it w the longest possible guard and same length all around...except for the top that i did w scissors#to now i'm cutting hair like a pro and doing a sort of fade each time and purposely doing the top a bit messy bc it looks good that way#i use both scissors and clippers to cut it and tbh it's still somewhat long-ish even after i cut a lot off#my haircutting style is literally a mix of meticulous by-the-book and purposefully sloppy diy and it works great#man people at school next year are gonna be so shocked when they see me and i am here for it#i wish i'd done it sooner cause oh man#i went around looking like THAT when i could have been looking like THIS? omg#this is way easier to deal w too. it looks cool when it's messy and doesn't rly get in my face#i still wear hats a lot just bc i like them but i wore a hat to class so much freshman year#bc my hair was ugh and i didn't want to deal w it or have anyone to see that shit lmao#i finally got the guts and the excuse to cut it last summer when it was so long that it was getting in my face and nobody objected#so...snip snip bitches#and here we are today#i had pretty neutral expectations and was just like if it's bad it's bad (whatever) at that point#but it turns out i am a bit of a natural at cutting and styling hair#i am not a natural at common sense tho bc my back hurts from sitting weird and my phone battery almost died...skdjdjd whatever
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beyondhumanexe · 10 days ago
Seems someone got the memo as a good sized plate full of a spicy baked good was being carried toward the woman. The carrier? An overgrown lizard of sorts walking like a normal human. "I got a special order for a special someone. Never thought I'd have to help bake so much in my life." The lizard chuckled before handing her the plate. "I'm more of a sweets person myself so these are for ya."
Mother was taken aback at the sudden encounter. She instantly could smell food and found herself drooling a bit at the sight of sweets. A slight twinkle in her eyes. She now has obtained the sweets and looked over at the lizard.
A connection of eyes were made and a voice came to their head.
"Ah, thank you very much. Who are you?"
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jelle-jareau · 11 days ago
You’re 100% valid as a nonbinary person, you’re not a self hating misogynist for not identifying as a woman! You shouldn’t feel pressured to learn about someone else’s views when those views are not believing in your existence. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself, and we love you! <3
Thank you so much anon, this means a lot to me!
I love you so much.
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nothingtoseehd · 11 days ago
eah characters as cavetown songs
this was inspired by @/applewhiteapologist's eah characters as taylor swift songs, sooooooo yeah
some characters might not be here because: 1. it's hard to find songs for them (as of right now) 2. i forgot them/i'll do them if i have more time
apple white - devil town v2/green
-i chose devil town v2 because it seemed the most, uh, apple out of all the devil town versions? devil town v1 seems edgy-ish, and devil town v3 seems lower and calmer, i think???? maybe i just chose this because it has those light, floaty chords, i'm not sure, i'm not smart or anything -also i honestly felt like this was hard -i chose devil town because it could represent the future she pictured in her mind when raven didn't sign the book -i don't really know what to explain green, but like, ashlynn and apple in true hearts day??? that's the best way i could explain this song -lyric analysis time: --"i still get a little scared of something new, but I feel a little safer when i'm with you, falling doesn't feel so bad, when I know you've fallen this way too" ---apple is "a little scared of something new" because she's in for an unpredictable future without the storybook of legends ---for the falling part, it's like she's not so sad about being led astray when she's with her friends maybeeeeeee -lyrics for green because i can't explain it but it's just THERE: --"you looked so good in green i hope you’re well and you look so good with him and i’m proud of you still take care of my shirt warm and red i hope you think of me still as your friend i hope you love yourself your body and heart i hope you feel happy that’s all i want that's all i want"
raven queen - devil town v1 (dang it there's no purple text so have plain text)
-i just chose devil town v1 because i think it would work well with her guitar, i actually don't know how guitar works but i'm pretending to know how it works, don't tell anyone i don't know how they work -i think this song could represent her home life and whatnot because she's living with the evil queen -it's lyric analysis time!!: --"you said something dumb again, she's mad, at least that's what they say" (i just used orange so the lyrics wouldn't blend in as much) ---the something dumb thing could be like a 'nice deed' the evil queen doesn't like, and she's mad because of that --"we're all dead in devil town, that's fine, cause nothing's gonna scare us now" ---she's 'dead' after all the nagging and 'be eviL EMBRACE YOUR INNER EVIL' shit and it's now the normal, and it's not going to scare her since it's basically her life now -also slowed devil town can fit her too
madeline hatter - hug all ur friends/talk to me
-she's just so friendly?????? and supportive?????? and oh gosh i need a hug???????? -seriously though, they suit her because she feels so much like a huggy, supportive person and she's friends with everyone sooooooooooooo, hugs for everyone!! except you crystal!! and headmaster grimm!! not forgiving for the time you almost banished maddie!! -the lyrics because i can't explain these songs, it's just that maddie vibe, you know?: --"life’s too short to worry about things that we got wrong, so hug all your friends and let them know, you’re not letting go, i’m not letting go" (hug all ur friends) --"you don't have to be a prodigy to be unique you don't have to know what to say or what to think you don't have to be anybody you can never be that's alright, let it out, talk to me" (talk to me)
briar beauty - pigeon
-i had a very hard time with her but i think this kinda fits -it generates a sleepy vibe? (even though i didn't get this from the sleepyhead album *cough cough*) -okay, so the reason why i chose this for her is because of the chorus, which could kind of tie in with her destiny, with the 100 year coma -have the chorus for reference: --"didn’t give me time to say goodbye in the way that i wanted to, so honey, close your eyes and stay like you’re supposed to do, don’t know how i’m gonna live without, but i’ll stay strong for you"
ca cupid - sweet tooth/for you
-this is already self-explanatory if you listened to the song(s), buT IF YOU HAVEN'T YET, basically it's a song about an unhealthy crush and love and stuff -and you know who she has an unhealthy crush on???? that's right, it's blondie!! /hj (but seriously, in canon it's dexter but uH, i refuse to believe that, they're better off as friends) -lyric examples because like maddie, i can't really explain it but i know the vibe is THERE: --"a sweet tooth for you, i'm wide awake, the sugar went straight to my brain, feel like a kid, i double tap, my chest with my fist, i like you, say it back, say it back"
cerise hood - snail
-snail iS SUCH A GREAT SONG OMG -snail kinda represents her childhood and 'not wanting to be born like this' because of her parents technically breaking destiny (stupid storybook of legends) -lyrics from the song because i kinda don't really need to explain this song more: --"i was just born like this, wish that i could change it" --"i'm hanging out with the foxes and the hounds, and when i fit in i'll break back out"
daring charming - boys will be bugs/lemons (technically cavetown is just a feature but he's still there so yeah)
-it's just about the vibes -and also about the fact that the person in the songs have to uphold some sort of standard (the songs' standards were about masculinity) and i thought it could fit daring because he also has to uphold a standard (being the perfect charming prince) -also in lemons, daring's part is the one where cavetown sings it (if that wasn't obvious) -also ANOTHER LEMONS SIDE NOTE, i'd imagine rosabella singing brye's part, just because -lyrics time: --"don't mess with me, i'm a big boy now and i'm very scary i punch my walls, stay out at night, and i do karate don't message me 'cause i won't reply, i wanna make you cry ain't that how it's supposed to be? though it isn’t me boys will be bugs, right?" (boys will be bugs) --"so i'm gonna take it out on you too proud to show i'm hurting push it on you 'til you're burning" (lemons)
darling charming - 888/trying
-888 is a fun song, very groovy, has peppa pig plasters, 10/10 -main reason i chose 888, it kinda feels gay when you put it under a certain light?????????? -and snail could also fit with darling but i don't want to rob cerise -i was very stuck for a second song for darling because i felt obligated to give the charming siblings two songs because they're that top tier, but i think trying could be a good fit to some extent -could be like 'not great relationship with parents, struggle to fit with their standards ever since she found out she wanted to be a hero or something' -i still do think snail is a better fit for darling but i really really don't want to rob cerise because cerise is amazing -some lyrics: --"i'm workin' things out clouds lookin' strange papercut fingers dancing on the strings if i could see you right now i'd dance just for you when the nightlight goes out" (888) --"please let me know if you change your mind cause inside i'm falling And I need you to pull me out of this decline i realize how hard on you this must seem But trust me when i say it's far, far worse for me" (trying)
dexter charming - telescope/home
-telescope just feels like his vibe???? also because it kinda also have hopeless romantic-ness???? -also i headcanon him to be an astronomy nerd???? so that's fun???? that's my reasoning i guess???? (also, side-note i have just listened to astronomy by conan gray and it fits dexter) -ALSO HOME IS HERE BECAUSE DEXTER IS TRANS YOU CAN'T CHANGE MY MIND -also because it's also his vibe??????? -what time is it????? *clap clap* it's lyrics time!!: --"through the lens, it's dark, single-digit on the clock singing, "yessiree, i sure like-a you a lot" all i need is to get her she'll be happy if you let her" (telescope) --"turn off your porcelain face i can't really think right now and this place has too many colors, enough to drive all of us insane are you dead? sometimes i think i'm dead cause i can feel ghosts and ghouls wrapping my head but i don't wanna fall asleep just yet" (home)
okay the process of this post was just me staring at the lyrics and listening to cavetown a lot, sometimes during online classes but shhhh don't tell anyone (and finding more great songs)
is this post going to flop?? very very likely. do i care? eh, not sure, this was just me trying to put on my big brain hat.
also i realized while reading this post, that i never actually analyzed the majority of the songs' lyrics in this post?? so i'm very sorry
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gimme-a-chocolate · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You can go on a blind date instead of me, and I’ll buy the plane ticket instead of you.
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