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#omswd beel

Ok but imagine,

Talking to Lucifer about art. Fine art. The subtleties of glass blowing, the complexity of classical music, the delicacy of ivory sculpting, the quiet strokes of painting and the stories under them. He teaches you about the subtlety of the world, the faint earthly taste in tea, the quite complexity of wine, the amazing ways birds fly. He sees nature in the details, when everything is calm, nothing is still and he can breath even if it’s just for a moment. He cares for those on his side so deeply and so much. He is more than a strict stoic older brother.

Talking to Mammon about rare metals and gems. The way opal reflects light, how fool’s gold is different than valuable gold, the differents between gems, the mineral, the components, how they interact with light. He teaches you about trusting your gut, to be assertive in your wants and take the leap of faith to get it, to not be afraid to act like a fool for those you love. He sees light in the world, shiny metals and pretty gems, expensive clothes and the thrill of gambling, when the world is chaos he sees his chance and acts in impulsivity fueled by adrenaline, he is true and energetic and caring. He is more than a greedy scumbag.

Talking to Levi about marine biology. Bioluminescence in the deep ocean, why whales and dolphins have so much fatty tissue, the different sorts of animals, the different flora, the different energy, Lotan, the unknown, all that he knows. He teaches you about holding on to what you have, the beauty of the ocean is only as far as you can see and you should hold onto it, you learn about all his skills and he shows you how to do them to, he teaches you to sew, paint, code, dance, design, stitch and so much more things and you see him smile, truthfully smile, with no fear or doubt. He sees the beauty on what’s overlooked, the scary ocean is inmensely beautiful to him, the art of anime is something he loves, he loves what he loves and he hold onto it tightly. He is more than a shut-in otaku.

Talking to Satan about philosophy, all philosophers big and small form ancient times to modern, what he agrees, with and what he doesn’t, the overated and the overlooked and when you are donde talking about philosophy you talk about literature, or about anthropology, or sociology and the conversations are deep and soulful and sometimes they are shallow and filled with jokes and its never old. He teaches you about so much, everything that can be read up on books. He sees the world of words, he reads, travels and learn from books, he knows he gets lost on his emotions more often than not so he tries to be better to overcome that because he feels so stronlgly, his love, his hatred, his admiration, they are all so strong. He is more than a cynical demon.

Talking to Asmo about beauty and self love, about makeup and food that’s good for you and routine. He teaches you how to feel good about yourself, about the different types of love, of self, of family, of friends, romantic, sensual, all the others. He paints a picture of yourself with words that make you love yourself, he make you see yourself in a new light. He sees beauty, cute things, trendy clothes, pretty animals and good looking people, he wants to feel love, to spread love, to be the light, oh, so many people need. He is more than a vain party person.

Talking to Beel about sports, talking about family and relationships, he doesn’t know a lot of different subjects but he could speak for hours about those he loves. He teaches you about them, about the way he sees them in a different light than you and when he is finished talking you can see them in a different light too and he asks about your own family and is you are close to them he asks you more about them and leans into your words and if you dont he offers to become part of your family, to lets him be your family as whatever you want and he means it. He sees family as the most important part of life, the connection, the support, he wants you to have that, to live like that to be part of it and he sees it. He is more than a ever hungry jock.

Talking to Belphie about the stars and dreams, how different stars are called, how the can be used for navigation he tells you about the myths and stories surrounding them, you point toward a star and he tells you its name, if its part of a constellation, he tells you about the meaning of dreams, how to remember them better and what the best way to sleep is. He teaches you about music, he plays violin and the soft melodies lure you to stay, the piano melodies he plays are so full of sadness and love, the soft music that surrounds him is so calming its easier to breath, he listens to music so often when he is alone, it carries him, it lulls him. He sees the little movement in people, the subtle look in the eyes, the stifled yawns, the lingering touches and so much more, he seldom has enough energy to do big extravagant actions so he’s subtle about caring, he hides it under snappy remarks and cruel jokes but when he is alone they are so pure, loving for him is rarity and a treat only for those worthy of it. He is more than a lazy brat.

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Skin marks of the obey me! Characters (like freckles, moles, scars etc.)

Yeah, this is cause i have skin marks but i never thought of them as imperfections, without them i wouldnt be me, one very specific mark on my left hand is the only reason i know my left form my right. Some skin marks, like moles and birthmarks are beautiful but make people feel insecure, even when they shouldnt. And i feel, the best part of meeting someone is seeing those little “imperfections” that make them unique.


  • I dont have to say this again, he has scars on his back and neck.
  • He used to be self conscious because of the origins but he has grown to like them.
  • Thats lowkey cause he heard that someone felt scars tell incredible stories.
  • Still rather not show them, thats why he never takes his shirt of.
  • Also stress related acne on his chest and back, which he keeps touching!!, LUCIFER STOP.


  • He has some very small scars on his hands, because he does a lot of things and tends to be careless
  • He also has moles on his scalp, hands (on his left hand he has one near his middle finger nail, other in the base of his ring finger and on his right hand he has one on his wrist) and on the back of his left ear.
  • They are tiny and not noticable and he doesn’t care about them.
  • He also has one (1) scar on his leg that has been there since forever and there is no one that knows where it comes from.


  • Freckles.
  • Not normal sun freckles either but oddly colored freckles. Like fish freckles.
  • Hated them, but has learned to accept them.
  • On good days, but he does feel down cause of the sometimes.
  • Do kiss each freckles until he learns to love them, yes.
  • He also has various swimming related rashes at times. He complains about them ALL the time and he actually tries to take precautions against them.
  • Oh, and acne scars, obvs.


  • Cafe au lait spots on his arms (yes, i am only saying this cause i have them, leave me alone)
  • He also has a very big birth mark on his back which he used to hate cause it reminded him of his dad Lucifer.
  • Now he owns it, and no one even thinks of making fun of him, cause it looks amazing.
  • Also, he has a very long scar across his back, nearly following his spine, this is due to his demon form tail. Unlike lucifer, he never had a problem with this scar, he sees them as a sign of his true nature, which he no longer denies. He’s grown so much, i love ‘im.


  • He actually does not have any freckles or moles or even scars.
  • He takes upmost care of his skin and even then his skin is smooth.
  • He has a tiny heart near his right eye, its pink and no one knows what it is. But it’s cute, and it fits his ✨ aesthetic
  • He does have dimples.
  • He loves them, they got him so many compliments when he was little. And still do,haha


  • Bug bites, so many bug bites.
  • Also a lot of scars, because he does a lot of physical work. All of them shallow too, he doesnt even notice when he has new ones.
  • And strech marks, his back is very broad beacuse of his muscles.
  • He a strong man, yall, he got strech marks,
  • On the human world, he got a tans quite fast. A week and he has a farmer’s tan.


  • Three moles near his left eyes. (Which i always forget to draw oops)
  • Eye bags, like deep eye bags.
  • Little bastard has a real smooth skin due to the amount of time he sleeps.
  • He is awfully pale and you can see the blue of his veins through it.
  • And he has those cow marks on his back and chest, tho sometimes the are lighter than other times.
  • Gets freckles easily when under the sun. He “hates” them 🙄 he actually likes them but doesn’t want to admit it.


  • Like Beel, he has strech marks on his back.
  • i don’t remember why, or who but someone planted this idea and i just, i just know that he used to have a tail and now he has a scar in its place.
  • Two moles on his neck, tried to make a vampire joke but they to far apart.
  • Also, other moles on his forearms, try connecting them like little dots, it’s cute AND fun.


  • I cant think of him having any marks, freckles or moles, really.
  • He takes care of his skin and he is really careful about not hurting himself.
  • He does have blisters on his fingers sometimes, but thats about it.


  • Being immortal doesnt mean he’s invulnerable, so he has a lot of scars throught his body.
  • They are covered by tattos so you have to focus to see them.
  • More moles on his torso and arms that you can count.
  • Used to have a birth mark but it faded and never came back.


  • Sun kissed freckles all over his face, arms, shoulders, anywhere where the sun hits.
  • They say each freckle is a kiss of an angel, so let’s just say he is very loved.
  • Man has impossibly smooth skin, he has no acne whatsoever.
  • Has some tiny moles on the back of his shoulders, 5 to be exact.


  • Again, sun kissed freckles.
  • Other than that, he has a smooth and clear skin without much moles and whatnot.
  • He does have one on the base of his skull but it’s covered by his hair.
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Someone on Beel’s fangol team made a bad joke about non-demons and Beel slapped the Hell outta them. Belphie’s the only thing holding Kenji back from murdering Beel’s teammate.

Thanks to the awesome @riddlemd for this draw the squad! Their art is really cool; if you haven’t checked out their blog you totally should!

(Click for higher resolution!)

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AHHHHH My little dumpling light just came in and it is absolutely to cute and delicious not to share with you! Also slightly worried if Beel finds this in my room he may just try and eat it…..

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Hello you beautiful Anon, you! I highkey sumo for Beel too. He just way too fuckin cute 🥺👌🏻

  • You were nibbling on your food delicately, while sneaking glances at Beel, who was scarfing down his 3rd helping with a huge smile that makes your cheeks warm.
  • He was so concentrated on his food, that he didn’t notice you prancing over your him.
  • You plopped yourself on his lap and give him a kiss right when he was getting more potatoes on his fork.
  • His face flared up in red, flinching at your sudden affections.
  • You bury your face in his chest, and tell him how cute he is when he eats.
  • “The fuck ya talking about, human? Beel is gross when he eats. He gets sticky and sloppy whenever he digs in” Mammon retracts.
  • “He’s better than you, stupidmammon.”
  • “Yeah, your grubby hands take everything your filthy eyes lay upon.”
  • You ignore their argument about who is more disgusting,
  • Because you know Beel is the most wonderful creature in the whole Devildom.
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Satan: Beel did you see the cat treats?

Beel: Was it in your room?

Satan: Yes

Beel:… I thought they were cookies


Beel: And I…

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(I wasn’t sure who you wanted to be matched from, so I just went with the seven brothers, I hope that’s okay!)

From the brothers, I match you with: Beelzebub!


Beel would find you super interesting the moment you two meet. I feel like right of the bat, you guys would get along almost instantly. Once he manages to break through the introverted exterior, he would make you feel so safe and well loved! Like boy loves one thing more than food (okay maybe not more but it’s a very close second) it’s cuddles.

Also, if you become curious about his intensive workout, Beel would totally invite you to join! He’d love the idea of getting to show you what he does everyday. If he notices that you’ve been especially reclusive/touch starved, he would not hesitate to wrap you in his arms and carry you to bed. Also, THIS DUDES HOODIES WOULD BE SO BIG AND COMFY AND HED 10/10 LET YOU STEAL THEM. Overall, I think he’d be super tender and understanding if you’re having a more antisocial day and wouldn’t push you to do anything you wouldn’t be up for.

Other contenders: Leviathan

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Short confession to Mc

From: Beel and Belphie

Mc! How are you? Are you taking good care of yourself? You better eat enough and exercise to be strong.

A good rest is also important, you don’t wanna end up looking like an Lucifer old goat

We miss you a lot! Wish you were here so we could go try this new pudding cake on Madam Screams’.

Movie nights are not the same without you and the attic feels weird now.

Belphie sometimes mumbles your name asleep- Hey!

But Beel hasn’t eaten as much as he used to too!

Anyway, please come back soon. We can’t deny that you are our thirdwheel and we need you :(

One day the three of us will run away

Until then, see ya’.

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Struggled a bit with this but here’s Beel!


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