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#on longing
420technoblazeit · 4 hours ago
ok let me paint a picture here. it's a hot summer day and quackity is patrolling the border of his country. he's not scared of what he might find per say, but ever since tubbo and ranboo set up their 'cookie stand' he's been a little cautious of his country's surroundings. they might not pose a threat, but a newly resurrected ex-president might. and he'll be damned if he lets that man ruin another country. his hand tightens around his axe
surely enough a building emerges from the woods. or rather, a van. of course wilbur soot of all people would build a van just after the l'manburg's independence day. quackity doesn't know what he'd expected. it looks sturdier than the original, more stable. he wonders briefly if it'll last longer, and then knocks steadily on the door. a thick coil of smoke that burns his lungs and reminds him of worse times spills from the door. and from its midst comes a man who looks every bit like he spent the last 13 years in a living hell. wilbur grins and slowly extinguishes his cigarette butt against the van's wooden door
'well hello mr. president,' he mutters lowly. 'i don't suppose you came here to order a burger?'
quackity squints. 'a burger'
'of course, this is a burger van after all,' wilbur says, gesturing to the back where ranboo is cooking. the boy is eyeing him nervously, as if every bone in his body is telling him to leave. knowing ranboo, they probably are
not knowing what else to say, quackity orders a burger. nothing looks out of place here, all the equipment is set up and a full menu greets him at the front. and if wilbur wants to muscle in with his restaurant, he might as well check out the competition. but before the burger arrives he locks eyes with wilbur. a moment passes and he remembers a night 2 months ago, a steak in wilbur's mouth and his eyes on quackity hungrily. that same look is in wilbur's eyes now. something clicks, and then they're kissing. wilbur's backing him up onto the counter and there's teeth and tongue and quackity thinks he can taste a bit of blood in his mouth. he doesn't know whose blood it is
ranboo is frantically ringing the counter bell, trying very hard to give quackity his burger. they do not stop
anyway that's what i think ranboo's limbo is what do u guys think? leave a comment if u liked it UwU i tried to be very accurate to the characters. couldn't resist putting my favorite yaoi ship in there XD
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bastardbvby · an hour ago
//twitch crit 
guys i think it’s time we finally have a conversation about the negativity being perpetuated by twitch towards our woof woof. their actions have been severely damaging and i just think that- (pt.1/35) 
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Tumblr media
If you’re a multi-millionaire and snorkeling is your hobby, you can build a mansion like this in the Florida Keys and have the Tank Kings put a reef in your house so you can snorkel whenever you want.
Tumblr media
The ground floor of the house is dedicated to snorkeling.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
About the reef, the realtor says, “It’s a big monstrosity, but it’s actually very user-friendly. My seller actually got the installer of the aquarium to come teach him how to operate everything, and he operates it all from afar,” she explains. The massive system needs further explanation, and the agent said it does involve something of a learning curve, but that shouldn’t frighten away any interest.
Tumblr media
I guess he got tired of it, b/c it was listed for sale for $5.5 million, but this is only used as a 2nd home.
Tumblr media
If you’re interested in seeing how they did it, the video is on YouTube.
Tumblr media
It has all the other fabulous mansion amenities, too, like a gorgeous living room.
Tumblr media
Space age chef’s kitchen.
Tumblr media
Home theater.
Tumblr media
Built-in display cases for your collections and an elevator.
Tumblr media
Nautical railings that look like a ship.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Large master bedroom and ensuite bath that have big terraces with a view.
Tumblr media
Beautiful secondary bedrooms.
Tumblr media
A tiki bar, of course.
Tumblr media
Patio with a view of the ocean.
Tumblr media
A private beach.
Tumblr media
And a pool surrounded by tropical trees.
Tumblr media
The building on the left is the garage with a guest apt. upstairs.  In addition to the guesthouse, the garage has an angler’s room for fishing, boating, scuba, and snorkeling gear, as well as a pump room for the aquarium system.
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wenofqishan · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
consider this a small tribute to episode one, and to the polite disbelief of all my friends who have been told “i swear it makes sense when you rewatch it!”
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elsewhereuniversity · 7 hours ago
No one ever told me it would be so lonely on campus.
I got my own dorm this year because whoever was supposed to be my roommate decided not to attend. So, the first time I had to live away from home, I ended up living entirely on my own. I only took gen-eds this year, and those classes coupled with the college credits I had built up from taking dual-credit and AP courses in high school means that I’ll have all of my general educational requirements taken care of, and I can focus entirely on my chosen major next fall. But, with all this focus on getting my classwork done and battling the slew of technical difficulties I’ve been plagued with for years now, I haven’t had the opportunity to make any friends.
The gen-ed classes are always full of people trying to fill a requirement, hundreds in a lecture hall all wanting to just take notes and go home. The professors don’t care to encourage class interaction; these courses are supposed to be a foundation, not the peak, and there is a lot of groundwork to cover for those that are unfamiliar to the subject. I frequently raised my hand and participated in class, but I cannot say the same about my classmates. And I’ve always been shy; definitely too shy to approach a veritable stranger to talk about what? A subject neither of us truly care about?
The point is, I’m lonely. Painfully lonely, in my dorm room with one made bed and an empty bedframe, eating my meals by my lonesome at a table for two in the cafeteria, walking between classes with my eyes geared towards my feet. Achingly lonely, yearning for the affection of a hug from the owner of that voice on the phone, a lifeline home.
At twilight, sitting alone on a low stone wall dividing the campus path from a grove of trees, my loneliness eats at me. It grips at me, contracting my diaphragm and forcing air out through my nose, body going through the motion of a sob and curling over a little.
I’m just so sad. So soul searingly sad. Alone, insignificant, and sad. The thought comes to my mind for the first time, ripping through my brain until it’s the only thing in my head:
‘I’m lonely. Please love me.’
I felt those two phrases with every ounce of my body, tears pricking at my eyes. And finally, the cure comes.
Rustling grass, dissimilar enough from the sound of wind playing with the grass to be identified as footsteps, walk up behind me. I can hear them, but I don’t move because I don’t care. Instead of another student hopping the wall to continue on their way or even someone asking me what was wrong, a body draped itself over my own. I didn’t even panic; my body froze in surprise for a moment, but then the pure comfort of being held hit me, and I didn’t care about anything else.
I started sobbing in earnest, sitting on that stone wall, as limbs came around me and a chin set itself on my shoulder. A hug. What I so very desperately needed. The appendages wrapped around me more closely resembled arm-shaped voids than normal arms, and the chin felt more like it belonged to a snout than a human’s jaw, but I was beyond caring. My classmates (chatting with their friends) mentioned that there were fantastical things at Elsewhere, but I always took it as pure superstition and campus rumor, however fervently it was believed. If this was my proof of worlds beyond my own, so be it.
I bent my elbows, trying desperately to tug the arms closer to my heart, and they obligingly tightened their embrace, making my cry even harder. I just closed my eyes at this point; even if they were open the amount of tears I was shedding coupled with the waning light meant I wouldn’t be able to see anyway. The loneliness was trickling out of my body, slowly being replaced by gratitude to whomever cared enough about one random college student to give them a hug.
A pang of self-deprecation hit me, and, almost in response to it, one of the arms slid further down, pinning my own arms against my sides as they held me tighter up against their chest, one arm across my own chest and the other around the level of my navel. I felt safe and loved in this being’s arms, feeling oddly like a mix between a toddler and a teddy bear, but in a comforting way. The pit of loneliness drained even faster, and the snout nuzzled against the side of my neck, cool scales against tear-sticky skin.
The magnitude of my crying died down a little, though I still kept my eyes closed to at least try to stem the flow of tears. I blindly felt it as the limbs wrapped around me changed. The arms themselves didn’t change, but out of them grew what I could only assume to be wings, leathery and soft brushing against my hands. I was swaddled in a blanket made from the figure behind me and their suddenly-appearing wings.
And I felt loved.
Loneliness no longer ruined me in that moment. The last remaining purple light of twilight faded into darkness and I felt my own awareness fading into slumber. My mysterious savior began to gently rock us back and forth. I still sat on the low wall and they still bent over me from behind, but it felt like I was being cradled in their arms. And I fell asleep.
And now, waking up in my lonely dorm room, an inky arm (sans wings) curled over me and a scaley snout nosing at the back of my neck, I feel nothing but loved.
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uncannycarrot · 4 hours ago
Hey, I've been wondering about something but feel free to ignore this. A bunch of people have been saying Dick threatened Tim with Arkham, and for a while I thought that was people taking the Metropolis therapist scene and exaggerating it for fanon angst. However, I've recently seen them being acknowledged as separate events. Did dick actually threaten to send Tim to Arkham? I can understand grieving leading to some OOC things (such as a lot of tim's choices due to being pushed to his darkest point) but that seems to OOC for Dick for where he is.
god NO IT NEVER HAPPENED! This is a common and really annoying misconception but no that just never happpened.
You're right btw, when you say that it was probably in reference to this scene (imma just put it down here for full contex of the fight) where Dick confronts Tim in full Batgear just before the latter leaves Gotham.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Red Robin #4)
Tim is the one who has been throwing the first punch in almost every encounter he's been in during this era- which is ALWAYS overlooked. I feel like that because a lot of Tim fans want to have it so their fav is always right? But in RR Tim is while technically right about Bruce being alive, he definitlely wasn't right in the way he went about interacting with literally anyone in the beggining of the series. He's violent, erratic, and overall not really being a great person. But the thing is it's really understandable bc the way this part of the story was framed, we're given a glimpse into his psyche, and he's VERY OBVIOUSLY having a mental breakdown. and while we can sympathize with Tim, it needs to be reemphasized that he was NOT being very good.
Nowww, listen. A lot of people give Dick flak for the way he went about firing Tim, especially since we see the whole thing happen from Tim's perspective. But Dick was really under a lot of pressure okay? His dad just died, he's been thrust with the responsibility of raising a very erratic child, he has to take on Gotham now as the Batman. Homie was straight up not having a good time. I get that Dick really didn't make a good call in anyways trying to deal with Tim (who was very obviously mentally unstable) but the kid was also being pretty unhelpful and straight up dipped out and left Dick to handle Gotham largley on his own.
Dick was trying to help his bro by reccomending therapy not throwing him into Arkham jfc. It wildly ooc for him to even think of that. I know this whole misconception about the Arkham thing is largely pushed by Tim hardcores which is... eughhhghh. It's okay to have a character bias i guess, but the misinformation about the whole thing make me look with,, suspicion.
Also, just cuz I'm a fan of certain character, i'm not gonna lie to ya and say they aren't being problematic. All of the Batman cast are really crappy people, literally all of them.
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naberiie · 6 hours ago
i cannot go two weeks without thinking about the royal handmaidens and how they could have been utilized SO INCREDIBLY WELL in the prequel trilogy. i know i’m biased. so today i present my newest theory (with help from @evaceratops​​):
Tumblr media
what if this wasn’t padmé, it was sabé.
the prequel trilogy could have opened and closed with the handmaidens. throughout the prequel trilogy, if they’d been a constant background presence, if they’d had even just a LITTLE more plot weight, they would have planted a seed of doubt for every scene senator amidala was in: “is that really the senator, or is it one of her handmaidens?”
and this would have opened up the possibility for the MOST INCREDIBLE misdirection on mustafar!! we see padmé’s ship, we see someone disembark in a concealing nabooian robe, but is that really padmé? and i think one could easily argue that anakin wouldn’t notice, not right away--maybe not even until it was too late. he’s too saturated with the dark side at this point. think of the bait and switch that could have been played with for the entire last half of ROTS! it would have echoed PERFECTLY the latter half of TPM! except this time the stakes are THE ENTIRE GALAXY.
‘padmé’ always just out of frame. ‘padmé’ always just a little too out of focus in the background as anakin waxes poetic about his power, his new empire. is that really padmé?
she could never have killed anakin. padmé couldn’t have done it--but sabé (admittedly, as i/@evaceratops imagine her) absolutely could have. padmé is either going to lose her husband or her oldest friend or BOTH. and she is going to lose one of them to the other, or both of them to each other, because star wars prequel trilogy is a tragedy.
sabé would not have been burdened by padmé’s character flaw: her love for anakin makes her turn a blind eye to the things he does. sabé would not have been blinded by obi-wan’s love for anakin. he is not breaking her heart; he was not her brother. she does not love him. sabé has one chance; she does not have time for last words. she walks into the mouth of hell for padmé, and for the galaxy. does she think she can succeed? maybe. maybe. because that’s the appeal of a tragic story, isn’t it? maybe this time, it’ll work out. maybe this time, they’ll find a way to survive.
the loyalty of padmé’s handmaidens opened the trilogy, and so too could they have closed it. what happens to anakin is inevitable; i just think the rhyme of the poem could have been that much more complete.
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hcnnibal · an hour ago
thinking abt the fact that u recently bought a house and like i rationally know that u probably have another job but all i can think is:
"the house that slutty hannigram patreon built"
hannigram smut did not buy the house but hannigram smut will be buying all the furniture ahdjfjjg
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lynxgriffin · an hour ago
Tumblr media
More ask block stuff here!
- Ahh man sorry you had to experience that, but thank you so much for the kind words about writing her character!
- Eventually it’ll be bright enough to light Santa’s way, except she’s scared of Santa so that’s not gonna happen!
- The finale is three times as long as parts like the most recent. 
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daddycoded · 3 hours ago
These accounts captured how agents are simultaneously ubiquitous and invisible. Customers talk to them all the time but know little about their work conditions.
So we’re providing accounts from seven agents, many of whom describe the experience of being caught between abusive callers and corporate directives to appease. These seven are highly representative of the 100-plus agents we heard from, as well as the agents we interviewed in our first article. The agents, including some who told us they love their setups, laid out common themes, describing problems that people at various levels of the industry, including managers, have told us are endemic. We’ve also found echoes of these complaints in lawsuits and arbitration claims. Abusive callers are such a concern that, a few years ago in Canada, a union for telecommunications workers launched a campaign called “Hang Up on Abuse.” Airbnb, recognizing the emotional strain of taking such calls, offered their in-house customer service agents free therapy sessions.
The reps we spoke to needed these jobs, which allowed them to work from home even before the pandemic. They included people with disabilities, caretaking obligations or limited opportunities in rural towns. Recruitment ads touted flexibility and the chance to be your own boss. But many agents discovered the roles came with limited hours, close monitoring and strict performance measurements that put them in constant fear of losing their jobs. A Department of Labor investigator concluded that one contractor, Arise Virtual Solutions, exerted an “extraordinary degree of control” over agents. (x)
I've staffed a call center before so I had more of an idea of just how fucking brutal positions there can be than I think many people do, but some of these stories made me gasp. It is the most relentlessly metricized position you can find that people still think of as somehow cushy or nice.
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arrozbrillante · 7 hours ago
Yooo Idk if I should be asking this here but I adore the way you draw Pink!!! I wish I could draw her just like you, the expressions omg you do it like no other! Was um thinking though do you have any tips on drawing her? The hair is a real problem haha not mention the cut out she has on her clothes and her shoulder poofs oof. I didnt wanna ask on tour art blog cause I dont wanna clutter it up with this silly question.
oh woah thanks!! its fine to ask in the other blog, but i can answer here too i dont mind.
as i haven't seen your art, i can only give tips on what i've seen that -while are valid ways of interpret the character's look- i think doesn't quite work with the way i personally draw her
1. the crown
i think this one is caused by people not knowing very well how to visualize tridimensional shapes. what do i mean when i say avoid "crown hair" at all costs? its this habit of drawing the hair as if she were wearing a tiara or a weird bun: face and bangs in front, rest of the hair in the back.
nope for me! think of dustbunnies and dandelions. its as light as air, it could take off at any moment. if you have trouble drawing spherical shapes, then it's easy: practice with cotton and clouds as reference. the lines of these objects are subtle and soft, more obvious in flat angles than upfront. mass > individual strands
Tumblr media
2. say no to the droop 🚫
pink's hair doesn't work according to gravity, don't let it fall! don't let any of those masses point downwards. this is only my taste but the way i see it it goes against her character, one of her powers is floating! 😂 how could her hair not be flying too?
i think this happens when the center of the hair is roughly the same as the center of her face, but the truth is that they do not coincide, the center of the hair is closer to the top of her head. this is not a hardcut rule that you must painstakingly reproduce on paper ofc but something to have in mind. over all, more hair on top that below her nose.
Tumblr media
3. break the shape!
make it imperfect, just like she is imperfect. this is an aspect of her design that contrasts very well with what white's design is supposed to represent. flexibility vs rigidity, roundness vs spikeness, freedom vs rule. white has no hair out of place, pink has never seen a comb. you get the idea.
personally i do it like this:
Tumblr media
4. childlike proportions
her head is big in relation to her body. this is caused by the fact that she is baby. here you can see that the proportions are obvious when we give the diamonds roughly the same height (from scalp to toe)
Tumblr media
art by @charaviolet, based on official cn renders.
5. its just pears
imagine that the shoulder pads are pears, maybe a squash. but like squished at the bottom? and made of rubber? does that make anything about them easier? 😂
Tumblr media
turning the clothing into basic shapes can help you in some cases to visualize how physics affect them. her torso is a cilinder, her skirt is the section of a cone, her pants are just like her pads!
those pesky folds are really hard to master though. once i saw that drawing the rim of it first gives very good results.
Tumblr media
well i think that's it! i hope that helped? good luck 👍
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