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feysandfeels · 3 months ago
Me and my hot villain when???
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rusycchi · 7 months ago
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them 🤲✨
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woahdejavu · 15 days ago
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Spider-Man 2 + the mention of Dr. Strange.
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saetyrn9 · 3 months ago
the saetyrn9 to monsterfucker pipeline is real and i’m slapping a sticker of my face on it rn
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euesworld · 4 months ago
"Pssst, hey.. I love you all over your dash, think fast cause my hands are all over your ass."
Oops, my lips drooped and a kiss pooped out of my mouth but the truth is they kept falling south, and now you're screaming my name.. no shame, I'm living without doubt - eUë
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dorky-thighchi · a year ago
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beautiful, precious, and adorable dorks i love them ( ̄ε ̄)
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marvels-chaos · 8 months ago
why is EVERYTHING on my dash sambucky?? im not complaining i am just very confused ? 
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sammylarusso · 9 months ago
Did they really have Sam play therapist to Bucky? Seriously?
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wigglebox · a year ago
Hiiii Jen! Would it be too much trouble to recommend some blogs that don’t hate the writers/don’t call other fans conspiracy theorists for blaming the network? I’ve had to do some mass unfollowing recently due to this :/ You’re one of the few people who’s vibes I trust on here so that’s why I’m asking you 💕 thanks!
hello! here are some blogs i’ve enjoyed having on my dash! some maybe critical of at least dabb but i haven’t seen anything inherently disrespectful! and some don’t really partake in the network talk either but again, not disrespectful! and then others i just like following because they’re cool! some may have a ‘cult warning sign’ post on their tumblr but i’ve noticed talk has died down, and i think most if not all the people i list here just kinda want to bop along to the spn song 
@mittensmorgul @elizabethrobertajones @heliodean @winchestersingerautorepair @valleydean @antifacas @sunforgrace @amyoatmeal @wanderingcas @andromachewritesstuff @15yearsofspn @ahundredbillionheavens @starrynightdeancas @misha-moose-dean-burger-lover @carryoncastiel @crxstalcas @destieltoast @curioussubjects @deletingpoint @chill-legilimens @trisscar368 @flyingfish1 @grey2510 @samdyke @redbrickrose @7faerielights @dotthings @occamshipper @thetiredstuff @jensenackhles @ltleflrt @coffeeforcastiel @amirosebooks @dimples-of-discontent @livebloggingmydescentintomadness @celestialcastiel @cuddlemonsterdean @malallory @waywardexpectations @aphony-cree 
there are like a LOT others but i have a shitty memory. i suggest going to blogs these folks reblog from and scrolling through to see if they have content you enjoy! 
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incorrectinkheartquotes · 8 months ago
me: hasn't posted regularly in over a year
me when i see basta/dustfinger shipping on my dash:
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bookologist · 29 days ago
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cracraforfandoms · 12 months ago
Not y’all fetishizing Karl being ace
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glompcat · a year ago
Part of why I want to post this piece here is I often see “leftists” on tumblr echo the sort of harmful talking points that led to this nightmarish situation. 
Namely when it comes to the core of SB 145. SB 145 is an amazing piece of legislation that will save youth from a lifetime of hardship imposed on them for no reason other than homophobia. That said, I know there are people on here who have absorbed enough QAnon propaganda that they would look at it and call it a bad bill.
For those lacking context, here is a screenshot from this article explaining SB 145 (which is thankfully now part of California’s law):
Tumblr media
I often worry about how QAnon is gaining ground with people regardless of political affiliation, filing the more distasteful parts of their nonsense off to start the process of convincing people they are addressing real problems or are in any way reasonable. Far too often you see evidence, across the internet, that people who may not otherwise identify as QAnon followers do in fact believe several key parts of its bullshit.
IDK where I am really going with this, so here, have some more screenshots from this opinion piece:
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agir1ukn0w · a year ago
Me, ranting at Tumblr’s head office behind closed doors *muffled screaming*:
...and furthermore I caught another fucking anti on my dash today I THOUGHT I MADE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR I DIDNT WANT TO SEE ANY MORE OF THAT BULLSHIT IN MY HOUSE!!!!!!
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kiloueka · 6 months ago
It’s easy to make veganism sound ridiculous if you grossly misrepresent anything it stands for
How are we even supposed to get anything done when some shitty dairy bootlickers just throw out word salad and people just scramble over each other to give it thousands of notes uncritically
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indomies · 7 months ago
head empty, only sebastian stan
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ghostwillows · a month ago
All right this is becoming a problem I need to follow more blogs who are active from like midnight to 7am est tumblr always refreshes between my breaks at work and its just my posts from earlier.
Insomniacs, Australians, fellow night shift workers, late night bloggers please interact with this
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glitter-garbage · 6 months ago
im a simple person. i see beautiful art i like it i rb it i FOLLOW THE ARTIST.
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hufflepffs · 5 months ago
        @weasking    @gryffinseek     you’re both cursed.
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oikawasmommy · 8 months ago
When tumblr recommends me hard daddy dom Oikawa smut:
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