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~ 30 Day Studyblr Challenge ~

Day 15 - A photo of your handwriting

Ngl, my handwriting is changes a fair bit ahah 😅 Normally, my handwriting looks like the photo, but if I get very tired sometimes it goes into this larger style that I was taught when I was under the age of 10. And when I’m in exams, it can get so messy that even I have trouble dysphering it!

Thanks to @hayley-studies for the challenge idea!

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Winter Studying Challenge

12/1/20 Day 1: Do you like winter?

I like winter! I would’nt say I love it, but I really enjoy bundling up like a little marshmallow and then coming back to a warm home. I’m an Aquarius, so my birthday is during the winter and it’s fun to spend a time that’s usually cold with those who make my heart warm🥺 (very cheesy, but that’s how I am)

Day 1 Goals:

🖋Math- Watch 2 lectures

🖋Psych- Finish notes for 2 lectures, complete extra credit assignment

🖋Extern- Work on leadership microcredential

🖋= in progress

🔏= completed

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Build Sprint 1, Day 5

All is well! I met up with my teammate and we were able to resolve the conflicts. Now we’ll just all keep away from the main/master branch until further notice. Also, this is the last day of Sprint 1 and we’ll officially start working on Sprint 2.

P.S. I’m really glad that I started working on this app. I didn’t think that I could do it and I didn’t believe in myself enough to work on an app with random people, but I’m glad that my friend believed in me and pulled me into his group. This is an amazing experience and I’m so grateful that I’m a part of it. :)

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Build Sprint 1, Day 4

This was an eventful day.

I realized an issue with my rounded corners was incredibly simple. I worked on the network request for another screen (this time TV shows instead of movies). This was easier as this is technically the third time I’ve done this. I worked on the custom cells, completed table view setup, made a branch. It was almost the same as the other time. There was a merge conflict so we called up a TA and he helped us resolve it in terminal, so that was cool. Later that night I had to resolve conflicts on my side and did it the way the TA did, but instead of terminal I did it in git and all was well! Until I had to pull/push from/to git. I got incredibly confused with everything happening in my terminal and I asked my teammate for help and she gave me advice. But then I think I messed up our master branch and it was so confusing. At the time I was also playing among us with my friends, but I stopped to resolve the conflicts because I thought it would be quick. I was really stressed for quite a while. Anyways I stopped worrying about it because my partner had a good version on her machine and if anything she can just push that to git so I played among us, watch Nightmare on Elm Street with my friend and then went to sleep. I’m trying to focus more on the things that I can control and it’s definitely allowing me to approach situations more logically (tuning into my inner Spock).

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Build Sprint 1, Day 3

Today I added constraints for my table view, I worked with the network request to get my images showing (used The Movie Database API). I made another view controller for the movie details (previous view controller was for the movies in general). I had a meeting with my team today and we worked out aesthetics (constraints, rounded corners for the table view). Then my friend helped me with creating a branch from terminal and we talked about keeping our main/master free from conflicts.

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Build Sprint 1, Day 2

I struggling with cloning my repo to my machine because I haven’t done that before. I had absolutely no clue what to do so I took a break… for hours. In those hours I watched Star Trek, updated my laptop, ate tiramisu, and then looked to stack overflow for help. I asked my teammate (and friend) what he was doing because I was struggling (and crying- I cry a lot) and didn’t want to outright say that I needed help yet. I realized that the issue was with the pod installation and I just had to re-install and initialize them. One thing about me is that I tend to overthink. Anyways, after I overcame that little hurdle I worked on my view controllers, network requests, table view setup, and configuring custom cells.

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fri, 27 nov.

i’m sorry i’m not uploading images of my studying, all of my work is on my laptop and it’s difficult to get a good picture of the screen. so here is a picture from my window instead.

i’m currently in self-isolation so that i can go home for christmas. to be honest, it’s like i’ve been in self-isolation the entire time i’ve been here, so i’m not finding it to be a huge struggle! i’m hoping to go home on the 6th of december. i’m looking forward to being able to eat properly again (we’ve already planned a kfc feast for when i go back). i’ll also be at home for my birthday, which i’m relieved about.

i have a busy next few weeks. i’ve been sorting out some personal issues and now things are moving forward. i’m stressed about the sudden load, but it will be beneficial in the future.

i’m planning on working on my ‘understanding crime’ article review tomorrow, let’s hope demotivation doesn’t creep in while i’m at it, clock’s-a tickin’!

as always, i hope you are all happy and safe.

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I woke up early for a meeting (my partner is in a different time zone) and I finally followed my schedule in regards to the time I wake up. I love that I feel as though I have time instead of like I’m playing catch-up since I woke up late.

Also I’m going to phase out my regular pens for more fountain pens! And if anyone has tips for waking up early, let me know!

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Build Sprint 1, Day 1:

Today was really productive. I learned more about using git and developing an app with a group of people. I’m taking notes at each of our meetings so I can see what we’ve done and how we’re progressing. We worked on the login screen and the parse for that (I have to practice that). There were 4 of us in the group and one of our members left for person reasons so I really have to step my game up. We’ll split the work evenly, but I’ll be working on the screen she would have worked on. Tomorrow I’m going to start working on the screen and network requests! Here’s to taking action!! :)

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sat, 21 nov.

apologies for my long disappearance. a lot of personal matters have been ruining my experience at university, so because i haven’t been enjoying myself, i haven’t had anything good to say in my updates. i know i should be honest and not paint everything as perfect, but i also don’t want to constantly be complaining!

i’ve managed to start planning for one of my module essays today. i’m really confused and overwhelmed with what i have to do, but all i can do is try. first year is the year to make mistakes, so i’m trying to not be too critical if i get something wrong. this is a new experience, i’m bound to get muddled.

the essay i’ve planned for is an article review on drugs and social harm. articles are so difficult to read with all the references disrupting the flow. and all of the big words. but i’m very proud of myself for getting a mind map going despite my struggles.

i hope you’re all doing well and keeping safe.

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I would love to follow more inspiring studygram accounts!! (ㆆᴗㆆ) 💛
You can find me here! (or @/miri.studies) let’s meet each other over there
(๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

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🗓 17/11/2020

Here’s this week’s schedule.


Because I missed all of yesterday and most of today (I spent yesterday planning and reorganizing my desk, which I finished today), I will properly start studying tomorrow, and I hope to have done at least six chapters of each subject by the end of the week.

I know I haven’t been productive in the best way, but starting with a clean space and a clear plan is already a lot for me, so I won’t take any criticism from myself.

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to the lovely people in my inbox: i see you, i really do; and i can’t even express how much i appreciate your messages!!

promise i’ll get back to you as soon as i can <3

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