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#on researching

Hey! Happy FFWF!

How much research I do depends a lot on what I’m writing. If it’s anything canon-based then I usually will reread or rewatch any related books or movies so I’m not contradicting anything unintentionally. I also will do a quick google search if I’m unfamiliar with a certain area that I’m trying to depict, or to make sure my terms are correct. For example, the story I’m currently writing has a few scenes where Steve is flying an aircraft. Using the proper terminology for him while he’s flying is important to me, so I did a fair bit of research for it.

I do try to stick a lot with what I already know, as I’m more comfortable writing stuff that I know 😉, but research can be a lot of fun as well 💖.

Thanks so much for the ask @joyful-soul-collector 💖

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So, last night I had to explain to a person that not all writing is based on a person in particular, that some writing, is based on several people, events or the writer just makes a character based on, their imagination: hence character creation. I mean the point of fiction.

I also ended up explaining that poetry, seems to be more like a journal, or personal, then further I had to explain, that no, my poetry isn’t about them.       (shesh peoples egos are massive). 

Talking of massive, (egos), I am getting to the part in my research, which is so foreign to me, that I am finding it difficult. I am sure other, writers, have this same, experience. Or just people in particular have this experience, attempting to understand, the other side to the  narrative. 

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i can’t believe it took me four years of university to realize I probably should have just gone to school to be a lab tech or something 

It took me this long to realize all of these courses revolved around the assumption that graduates would eventually be going into research or something that heavily involves interpreting experimental data but no way do I want to actually do that. I like doing stuff in labs like routine procedures and stuff like that but not the actual research and stuff. 

at this point though it’ll probably be faster to just finish this degree and see what happens instead of switching over rip

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Kurtz was born in California, USA in 1979, he technically started his artistic career while working on his master of fine art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he got his first introduction to photography. This has lead to the evolution of his individual style.
There is a rich, cinematic and painterly quality to Anthony´s photography which not only drew the attention of the advertising industry but he also has won  some of the world’s top photography awards. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany. 

He has travelled and visited many different countries which makes looking at his work interesting, because you feel like you’re looking at photographs taken by many different photographers. One thing that I like about his style is that he is usually framing the photos horizontally, which makes his work look more cinematic. I usually take photos vertically, so I’ll try to change it this time, when shooting my environmental portrait. 

He is contemporary photographer and there is not a lot of informations about him out there. 

Here is a few examples of his work. 

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oooo yay long!!!!

blue: cooold. i love fall and winter and cold weather in general. snow is fantastic. i want to need layers to be warm.

magenta: i really try to keep them long. i rlly do. it doesn’t last. ever.

sea green: lol no i wish

amber: it’s a sketch i did awhile ago in black and white


coral: hmmmmmm i’m not sure about extinct animals but i did have a passion for saving the manatees for a very long time when they were endangered and i still love them because they are wonderful

claret: i don’t play anything, but i do have an old guitar that i’d like to play

coconut: i really love reading any analysis of anything. it’s can be an analysis of a two page instagram bio, i will still read it. it’s just fun. one thing i really like is film analysis that is specifically about how animation is used (so liek oh the lighting is cool or oh i like the colours) because it’s so pretentious and fun

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I am finding that with my recent photography explorations, I enjoy taking photographs when the individual pictures are intended to be displayed as a set of images, or a typology as I have found out that it is called. In my series of photographs I have been particularly inspired by the photography duo Bernd and Hilla Becher.


Winding Towers (Britain)

The Becher’s photography consisted of capturing industrial structures including water towers, coal bunkers, gas tanks and factories in a documentary or archival style. These structures where exhibited in sets or typologies, which are collections of several photographs all displayed together, typically in a grid formation. The structure is always the focal point of each individual image and they were always in black and white. No people were ever present in the Becher’s photography. 


Blast Furnaces

Their photobook Anonymous Sculptures is their most well known body of work, the title a reference to Marcel Duchamp’s readymade sculptures. Duchamp’s readymades were sculptures made from found objects, usually things that were overlooked and debate on whether they can be considered “art” has been well argued and still is discussed today. Typically, these were statements on the the increasingly mass produced world of the 20th century. The Becher’s approached their structures in a similar way, as if they were sculptures, worthy pieces of art, rather than rundown buildings and the way they present their photographs emphasises this. The repetition of similar images laid out side by side tells a different story compared to a singular photograph. If Bernd and Hilla had displayed a singular photograph of a blast furnace then it wouldn’t be half as significant - a filler photograph from an album of holiday snaps to an abandoned industrial estate. However, displaying them in a set like this drives home that these abandoned structures deserved to be observed. By grabbing our attention to them we start to notice the differences and individualities of these structures- almost like looking through a yearbook of students-  things we may notice now as we see a water tower or factory building in our day to day lives.  


Water Towers

“The Bechers approached photography the way a botanist might approach the cataloguing of flora and fauna” - Sean O’Hagan, the Guardian

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[top]  Democrats, Republicans increasingly divided on whether offensive content online is taken too seriously, as well as the balance between free speech, feeling safe online, 2020

[bottom]  Across both parties, women more likely than men to prioritize people feeling safe online and to think offensive content online isn’t taken seriously enough, 2020

Source: Pew Research Center

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Scalpels: Oh, they’re talking about you.

Vials: Hm?

Scalpels: On @deckofkaards. You’ve made quite the impression, it seems.

Vials: … Ah.

Scalpels: Why did you send such a message, anyway? Surely you didn’t think it wouldn’t be taken poorly.

Vials: It was an honest sentiment.

Scalpels: … I know. But do be a bit more judicious in your choice of phrasing when you apologize.

Vials: …of course.

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day 7 / 100

  • attended seminar and meeting with graduate coordinator
  • finished sir gawain and the green knight
  • fully prepped for class and assistantship meeting tomorrow
  • started lavinia greenlaw’s a double sorrow
  • did a bit more general article searching for essays
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i am not going to private this ask, although i am going to say you shouldnt get anon hate for this or anything unless you’re trying to be nasty about it, which, yeah. i’m gonna give u the benefit of the doubt bc i think (and hope!) youre just out of your element here but bc i’ve gotten several asks of this nature in the pas (some of them less-than-delicately worded), here we are. this isnt a personal affront toward you, but you and others need to understand that you cannot continue rely on the emotional strength other marginalized groups who actively under fire for existing to hold your hand and explain to you smth that in this case, can easily be googled. it is not the obligation of myself or any other muslim, former or practicing, to hold your hand and explain this to you. you do not need to be out here asking these questions of me or actual practicing muslims when you can easily get the information yourself.

contrary to popular belief i am not an educational blog or a therapist, although i may choose to speak out on issues that have a very visceral effect on my life and the things that i enjoy. people on this website have held me to such a high standard in this regard. it is NOT a good precedent to set.

im not a practicing muslim anymore for many reasons (tho I still love and respect my roots bc it’s the way I was raised, it became very difficult for me to reconcile my identity with my religion and the culture shock that accompanied me moving to a country that hated my culture and wanted me to die, and still does oops) after I came to the US after bc father passed away. ive lived with the white, agnostic side of my family and was barred access from the culture id been raised with for almost 15 years. still, i cant help but notice how many westerners are so quick to condemn Islam while giving Christianity essentially a free pass and boy howdy, I am tired of it. again, gonna give you the benefit of the doubt here and assume that’s not where you’re coming from. once again, instead of relying on the emotional labour and potential fallout it takes for me to divulge a tricky subject, you could easily google progressivism within islam and modernist reforms.

idk why its so. surprising? to people when I tell them that are different interpretations of the Quran and not every not every muslim is conservative; there are plenty of muslim women who do not wear hijab, etc. there are progressive movements within Islam that are, again, easily googleable.

as for “mistranslations”: ok but there’s still a shitload of extremely rancid takes in the bible too, and christians “can say” whatever the fuck they want but many of  them are actively using their ideology to justify murdering muslims and even nonmuslim arabs/afro-arabs which is happening right now so like where does that leave us

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i wish the world were simpler, i wish there were clear lines between right and wrong and good and bad and white and black but alas it is not so and every day is a tiring journey to find the balance, to find the middle, to find the best possible path because goodness is an illusion and perfection is a lie but hateful anger is more tiring than anything else

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