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#on the other... i wanted to see what the colors would add and i'm not fond of the minimalistic animation
azhefa-moved · 2 years ago
hey cuties !! ♡ i haven’t seen a lot of representation for dyslexic muns around here. it seems like people rarely understand or discuss the issues and struggles we face. so i thought, instead of being a frustrated little bean, i would make a small post about some things to bring awareness and maybe even encourage others to accommodate those with dyslexia and eyesight issues. now i’m as much trash for aesthetics as the next pal, but there are some common trends in the rpc that are hard on those with varying visual disabilities.
small sup text: it’s extremely difficult to read and can actually hurt the eyes of those with varying visual impairments and disabilities. of course, i’m not demanding people never use this. but maybe check in with partners? i gave up on trying to ask people to refrain from using it because everyone always forgot after one reply. it was really discouraging and a little hurtful. so please, please do what you can to remember the needs of your disabled partners. 
fancy theme backgrounds: everyone loves a beautiful theme! but please keep in mind for some people, busy graphics are difficult to look at and overwhelming. i still have so much trouble finding menus on really crowded themes. again, i would never tell people they need to change their aesthetic drastically. but perhaps, if it’s possible, find a way to make your menu options a little bigger or give them more obvious spacing in the graphic of where the menu toggles are located.
over formatting: super small text, paired with extra spacing and bolded and/or colored words. it is cute !!  but for some people it’s too much. all these things blended together at once is like a recipe from hell for some with visual disabilities. it puts a lot of strain on us when we’re trying to read replies, it makes comprehension difficult because we’re working so hard just to simply look at the text, our brains can’t even process what we’re reading. again, not saying you should stop using this. but some willingness to compromise for threads with specific partners would be wonderful. 
dark/busy/small graphics: this is just something i would like to explain. i once saw a post where people were reblogging a comment making fun of someone who was complaining about how small icons were getting. it kind of shocked me because no one took a moment to consider maybe this person wasn’t hating on anyone, but they generally were having trouble with how tiny everything in rpc is getting. please, please when you see complaints about things consider that it might come from a place of disability. the tiny icons are kind of hard to deal with for some. super intricate graphics can be difficult to look at. extremely dark images aren’t very easy on the eyes either. 
please keep in mind there are people with genuine struggles, not everyone is trying to shame you for your aesthetic tastes. sometimes people are just frustrated because rpc isn’t really very friendly towards the disabled. a lot of us have to work a little harder to be able to write. of course, i know no one is trying to be inconsiderate. i understand most people don’t even know the difficulties dyslexics and the visually impaired face in the rpc. so that’s why i decide to make this post! i’m not trying to police anyone or create guilt.  i simply want to spread some awareness towards visual disabilities! please be considerate towards your disabled partners. ♡ it would be so lovely if you could take a moment to reblog this to help increase awareness and discussion. and if anyone else has some rpc disability struggles feel free to add to this post! 
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blobbyclouds · a year ago
Pet names with the main six in the arcana? Like what pet names the LI's call mc, where and how, how they feel about it, etc.. I'm a soft bean,,,, I'm weak for pet names so just,,, go wild i guess
I really feel that anon so… (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✲゚*。⋆
warnings: fluff, read at own risk
-Asra Alnazar-
Asra has an average amount of pet names for you. They fall off his tongue like second nature, so he doesn’t even realize he uses them sometimes
Which can sometimes mean that you’ll start blushing from a term of endearment he used and he’ll be completely baffled like what did I do???
He’ll use them in public without being too bashful, but uses them a lot more when it’s just the two of you
I’m pretty sure love/my love is a given 
Also, lovie anyone? I could see him using that when he’s being extra affectionate and just wants to cuddle you and pepper your face with kisses
I think sunshine would be one of his favorites too. Just imagine him handing you a mug of tea in the morning, hair still messy as he dots a kiss on the top of your head and murmurs “morning, sunshine”
Darling, honey, angel and dear are pretty common as well
He uses sweetie a lot, but it’s usually in teasing manner
Beautiful/Handsome for when he’s feeling flirty
And while baby is a pretty common pet name, it’s one he only uses in very soft and intimate moments with you, like comforting you from a bad nightmare or something along those lines. His voice whenever he says baby is so tender and warm and just 100/10
My other half when he’s feeling sappy? Cause… you know… half a heart and everything. Too soon?
He only adds a my to the front occasionally, and still gets a little kick out of the idea that he’s yours and you’re his
-Nadia Satrinava-
Nadia has a few pet names for you, most of which she reserves for being with just you or a few close friends
As the Countess, she feels that there’s a certain amount of professionalism expected on her part, so she’ll tend to stick to names like my dear or darling when in public 
Part of her would sometimes just like to say screw court customs but she doesn’t want to possibly make you uncomfortable, so she’ll keep herself under control
Surprisingly suave about using pet names. It didn’t take her long to get used to using pet names with you, and at this point she doesn’t even think about them
Lovely, dearest one, and jewel are some favorites
Eventually, she’ll have a specific gemstone pet name for you, like diamond, sapphire, or opal. Whichever gem she uses for you is the one she associates the most with you, whether it’s because the gem is your birthstone, a color she associates with you, or some deeper reason
Pretty sure Nadia knows more than one language, so she probably has one or two pet names in another language for you. Those pet names are usually reserved for when you two are alone though, so you see them as something very intimate
-Julian Devorak-
Considering how many languages he knows, he definitely has a plethora of pet names for you in other languages. They’re probably the most sickeningly sweet ones because the chances of you being able to know what they mean and see how lovey-dovey they are are pretty slim
But should you ever figure out what they mean he will be extremely flustered, poor man
He uses pet names in private and public about the same amount, but he saves the sappier ones for when it’s just the two of you or you’re with close friends
Julain definitely uses the classics like darling, sweetheart, and dearest one
And lots of names like my one and only and my beloved are saved for just the two of you, which in itself makes them even cuter
He definitely uses doll, especially when he’s being flirty
Star light, angel, my Queen/your Majesty/my King he always uses a wink with that one tbh, and my sweet are favorites
Sometimes when he’s flustered or a little panicky (like trying to comfort you when you’re upset) his mind can’t really decide on one pet name so they just come out in a jumble
“Angel— dearest, please, darling, darling— oh no please don’tcrysweetheart.”
Or sometimes he does it more on purpose, like using every single pet name he knows with little adornments like my, precious, and little as he smothers you in kisses
Oh no, help him
He’s probably never had pet names used on him (not in his memory anyway) so he wouldn’t have had a way of really learning any
Honestly, I’m wondering if he’s ever been in an environment where he’s heard pet names being used in general, even on other people? The most he’s probably heard is the occasional pet name in a conversations he overhears in the city
He’s very uncertain, and probably learns most from you
So if there are certain names that you use a lot, those are the ones he’ll probably get comfortable with and use on you
His pet names are going to be very simple, usually just one word
It’s very rare for him to add a my to his pet names because being that outwardly possessive is a little bit out of his comfort zone
Dear was probably the first pet name he was comfortable enough to use on you
He had been trying to work up to it all day because he was lowkey nervous to see how you reacted. When he finally worked up the courage, he was trying so hard to hide his blush and not look at you
He was silently pleased by the little smile you gave him, so he would make a conscious effort to try using it more often
He also catches onto darling, sunshine and — hear me out guys, this one’s really cute — raindrop
-Portia Devorak-
It must be a Devorak thing, because Portia also uses a lot of pet names
But hers are more simple and cutesy compared to Julian’s, and she’s a bit more shy about using pet names. She’ll use them in public, of course, but there’s definitely a difference between being in large groups and it just being the two of you
Her favorites are pet names like cinnamon, sugar, sweetie, cupcake, or cutie. She uses those ones on a near daily basis in more casual or playful situations
And honestly, I feel like Portia is one of those people who can make pet names sound so natural. It never sounds awkward or forced, and instead flows off her tongue like she’s always used these pet names with you
I have a sneaking suspicion she calls you hun more than your actual name
She uses charmer a lot when she’s teasing or being flirty, and of course throws in a cheeky wink when she does
Lot’s of flower pet names, like buttercup, rose, sunflower or other flowers she really likes
I swear this woman thinks of a new pet name for you everyday, she can’t be stopped tbh,,, I didn’t think this was possible but she has more pet names for you than Lucio does wow. Edit: Just read over Lucio’s part again, he still wins, sorry Portia :(
Some other favorites of hers are sweetums, sweet pea, and sunshine
-Count Lucio-
So many pet names omg, so many pet names does this man ever call you by your actual name? 
Lucio does everything over the top, which means you’re going to be constantly showered in pet names
He uses pet names both in private and in front of others, partly because he wants everyone in this city to know your his 
He gets kinda… touchy when other people use pet names on you, even casually. Like, a nice shopkeeper could call you hun or dear, and he’d feel the need to bring out his more extravagant names for you in response
Anyway, I think dove has been universally accepted by the fandom
Gem/gemstone, flower, jewel, blossom, pearl, darling, petal and treasure are fairly common too see what I mean, there are a lot
A lot of his pet names are compliments in a way, like gorgeous/handsome, angel eyes, and doll face
He would probably have a few pet names specific to your appearance, like goldie for blonde hair or emerald eyes for green eyes
Some of his more playful pet names are puppy, lamb, and kitten. He usually only uses them when he’s teasing or joking around with you
If you’re short — and even if you’re not tbh —  he may add little to the front of some things, like little jewel or little flower 
“Of course you can have it. You know it’s my job to spoil you, my little dove.” oh no I’m blushing help
Also, just thought of this but: Angel of mine is something I can almost literally hear him saying 
Pet names like precious and sweetheart are usually reserved for private. They aren’t as flowery as some of his other pet names, which makes them feel more intimate I guess
9.9/10 there’s a my added in front of any of these pet names because he’s possessive as hell 
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hurricanejjareau · a year ago
Sooner Than You Think: Spencer Reid Imagine (Female!Reader)
Tumblr media
*GIF isn’t mine! Credits to the owner!*
Summary: In which you have been keeping a secret from your husband that finally comes out during a case with children.
Warnings: Fluff.
Word Count: 1.9K
Episode: s13ep17 (The Capilanos)
Matt, Spencer and I quietly made our way down the beige hallway of the hospital. We were on our way to the room where Dylan, our only witness to the most recent murder, was currently residing in recovery.
We found the room, and the three of us stood at its open door, watching and quietly waiting for his mother to acknowledge our presence. She turned a few seconds later and saw us, leaving her son's bedside and coming over to us.
"Hi, Mrs. Wilson." Spencer said. "We're Agents Reid, Simmons, and Reid. We're from Quantico."
"Hi." She said quietly, her eyes flitting between the three of us.
"We're so sorry for your loss." Matt said.
Mrs. Wilson swallowed deeply. "Before he stopped talking he said he wished he'd called for help sooner."
I gently laid a hand on her elbow, she glanced over at me with a sad smile.
"Irrational guilt, especially for a child, is common after a traumatic event." Spencer said.
"Is he going to talk again?" Mrs. Wilson asked worriedly. "The doctors here can't tell me."
"Most likely." I said. "But what he's doing is called disassociating."
"It's a psychological form of self-protection." Reid finished. "Do you mind if I talk to him?"
"Please." She said, and stepped aside so he could enter the room. I placed a hand on his arm and gave it a gentle squeeze as he stepped inside.
Dylan's mother and I, along with Matt watched from the doorframe.
"Hi Dylan." I heard my husband say quietly. "My name's Spencer. I'm really sorry about what happened to your dad. I can't imagine how scary that must have been." The young boy just started off in another direction.
I looked sadly up at Matt. "I can't imagine what this must be like. Witnessing your own dad's murder." I said, keeping my voice low enough that the Mrs. Wilson couldn't hear.
"I know." Matt said quietly. He shook his head, I'm sure thinking of his own children and pushing the thought out of his head."
We watched as Spencer handed Dylan a notepad and a pencil; I knew he'd been hoping Dylan could draw what he had seen of the unsub. I could see Mrs. Wilson's eyes fill with tears for a moment.
The young boy drew for a while, at one point grabbing crayons to add color. I was surprised he could remember so much detail and information.
"He's been drawing for a long time." His mother said quietly after several moments of the three of us watching. I snapped out of my slight trance and glanced over at her.
"That's good." I said. "The more detail he remembers the more likely it is what he remembers is accurate and will he more helpful to us find out who did this."
"He introduces you as Agents Reid and Reid." She said. "Are you married?"
I smiled softly and nodded. "A little over three years."
Dylan's mom smiled. "He seems like a good man."
I looked over at him and smiled. "The best."
"Do you have kids?"
"Not yet." I said quietly.
Dylan handed my husband his notepad back.
"Thank you Dylan." Spencer said. "This is really helpful. I'm going to go show it to my friends now, ok?"
Once it appeared the young boy comprehended what Spence had said, he began walking back over to Matt and I.
"Well, he's gonna make a good dad one day." she said.
He showed us the drawing as Mrs. Wilson went back to her son's bedside.
"Wow." Matt said when he saw it. My eyes widened in surprise. Dylan, as I had hoped but not expected, had remembered more details than we thought we would have.
"He's not compartmentalizing at all." I said, which had been our initial theory when we heard Dylan said the unsub had been dressed as a clown.
"Not at all." Spence said. He got out his phone to call the rest of the team at the station.
The next day, I was back in Dyaln's hospital room, this time with JJ joining us. I was coming with Spencer anyway, and JJ just wanted a break. She and I slid in quietly, seeing Dylan and his mom asleep. We sat in some chairs on the other side of the room. Spencer's entrance woke her and Dylan and up.
"Hi Dylan." He said quietly. "That picture you drew really helped us a lot."
I smiled and shook my head as I watched him.
"He's so good with kids." I said quietly, looking over at JJ.
"I know." She said. "I've known since the first time he held Henry he would be a great dad."
I nodded, smiling at the thought and trying to keep my hand from instinctively touching my stomach.
"Have you two thought about having kids yet?" JJ asked.
I bit my lip; I hadn't told anyone yet. Not even JJ and Emily, two of my best friends. My silence gave me away.
"Y/n!" JJ whispered excitedly. "Are you pregnant?!"
I looked over at her with a smile. I nodded softly.
She gasped happily.
"Shh!" I said. "Spence doesn't know yet!"
She wrapped her arms around my shoulders. "I'm so excited for you all! Congratulations!"
"Thank you." I said.
"How far along are you?" She asked, touching my stomach gently.
"About 6 weeks. I just found out a few days ago. The afternoon before we left actually."
"How did you know?" She asked.
"I'd been feeling sick recently and I couldn't think why." I said. "So the other day I was texting Kate and I asked her. She said it sounded like how she found out she was pregnant so I went and bought a test when I went and got everyone's lunch. I would've asked you but I didn't want you to get too excited."
"Well either way, I'm so excited for the two of you. Do you want a boy or girl?"
"I don't know. I haven't even had time to think about it. I would love to see a mini Spencer Reid running around but as long as it's a happy baby I don't care."
JJ just grinned in response and hugged me again. I laughed.
A small voice said "He was wearing a shirt like that."
We both looked up to see Dylan pointing at his mom's shirt; he was talking again, answering Spencer's questions.
I gasped and smiled, along with his mom across the room. Spencer look over to Mrs. Wilson.
"Like denim?" He asked.
"Yeah." Dylan said. "He also smelt like horses."
His mom got up from her chair and hugged him. Spencer smiled for himself at the interaction, and I could tell he was enjoying the interaction between the mother and her son. JJ noticed too, and looked at me with a grin.
I stood across the room from the small table where two young boys had been coloring with their moms. One was Dylan, who has been released from the hospital. The other was Mikey, the nephew of one unsub and the son to the other. Spencer and I had been coloring with Dylan until Mikey and his mom arrived to see her husband. The two boys seemed to be fast friends, even after having just met. I wondered if they knew who the other was, or if they'd ever know.
I stood next to Spencer, his arm draped around my shoulders and mine was on his back. We along with the rest of the team watched as Dylan walked over to Mikey and handed him a piece of paper.
"I made this for you." Dylan said to Mikey.
"Thanks." Mikey said, seemingly surprised. Their mothers stood behind them, hugging each other tightly. My heart was happy at the sight of Mrs. Wilson not holding Tony's actions against his wife.
"He's on an adventure to find his family in the forest." Dylan said, explaining his drawing.
"How much farther does he have to go?" Mikey asked.
"He doesn't know."
We all smiled at the innocent interaction as Mikey wrapped and arm around Dylan's shoulders and brought him closer to him. A few moments later their parents led them out of the station.
"I can't wait until we have kids someday." Spencer whispered as they left, seemingly to no one in particular, though I know he wanted me to hear.
"Well..." I said quietly, figuring now was a good a time as ever to tell him.
He looked down at me. "What?"
I gently grabbed one of his hands and placed it on my stomach, yet to show.
He looked down at his hand and back up at me, slightly confused for a split second. I could see the pieces had clicked in his eidetic brain when the tears began to form in his eyes.
"No." He said quietly in disbelief. "Are you...are we pregnant?"
"You're gonna be a dad, Spencer Reid." I answered, a huge grin on my face.
"Oh my god." He said quietly. "I'm gonna be a dad."
After a moment his tears began to flow and he broke out into a huge grin. He wrapped his arms around my waist, burying his face in my shoulder before picking my up and spinning me around. I laughed as he sat me back down.
"What's going on here?" Rossi asked with a smile, and I had a feeling he could already tell. Spencer looked back at me, making sure it was ok to tell the team the news. I nodded and glanced over at them, letting him deliver the news.
"I'm gonna be a dad!" He said excitedly.
The team's eyes lit up and their jaws dropped, all except JJ, who stood there with the same grin from earlier shaking her head.
"Congratulations kids!" Rossi said, first to hug us and give us both kisses on each cheek in his usual excited or congratulatory way.
"I can't believe we didn't know!" Emily said, following in next.
"I didn't know either until a few days ago." I said, wiping a tear I hadn't realized had fallen and laughing.
"You guys are gonna be great parents." Matt said, wrapping me in a tight hug. "It's the best decision you'll ever make. And please, don't hesitate to let Kristy and I know if you guys need anything. She'll be so excited to find out."
"Thanks Matt." I said.
More hugs were exchanged.
"This baby is going to have more love then it knows what to do with." Luke said as he came over an hugged me.
"You've got that right." I said with a laugh.
We all began to talk amongst our leaves excitedly, Reid talking with Rossi and Matt while I talked with Emily and Tara until Luke's voice rang out again.
"Ok wait a minute, hang on." He said. We all looked at him.
"Who knew?" He asked. "Because you can't tell me someone on this team didn't know before this."
"That would be me." JJ said with a grin. "And I call godmother."
We all laughed as we packed out things up and hopped into the SUVs to head to the airport. Once on the jet, Spence took his usual seat next to me. He looked over at me, his eyes sparkling as he gazed at me with his chin propped on his fist.
"What?" I asked quietly, brushing some hair from his face.
"You're gonna be such a great mom." He said quietly.
"And you Dr. Reid," I said. "Are going to be such a great dad."
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wily-art · 7 months ago
1) love you love your art fuck you for continuing to make me feel feelings
2) I'm also an artist (I don't post anything tho), and recently I got a drawing tablet for the first time. It's great! Also I don't know what I am doing! Do you have any tips for transferring over from paper and pencil to digital art?
Or is it just another case of 😑practicing 😑?
Everyone is cursing my name and it gives me life.
Also art advice! I’ll do my best. Because yes, practicing is always the answer, but also there’s other tips that may or may not help that I sorta slowly stumbled on over the years. 1.) My first bit of advice would be to just experiment with the art program you have. Mess around, scribble, test brushes, click buttons. Abstract chaos that nonsense. Don’t worry about making anything, just start getting comfortable with what every thing does. Practice lines. Practice squiggles. Mash colors together, and throw on filters just to see what happens with no actual end goal. 2.) Layers are your friend, and sometimes you will end up with 90 by accident. I try to keep mine down to four or five when I can (from bottom to top- background, sketch, colors, lines, effects). I don’t always succeed. Also for the love of all that is holy keep track of the layer you’re on because I cannot express the devastation of realizing you were not, in fact, drawing your line art on a separate layer. You were doing it on the sketch.  3.) I have discovered that sketching on a background that is literally any other color than white can reduce eye strain. I usually opt for light greys, blues or greens. Behold-
Tumblr media
4.) Outlines do not always have to be black. Once it occurred to me that they can literally be whatever color I want, it blew my mind and can add fun depth. Drawing characters in a cool environment? Those lines can be grey, blue or purple! Warm environment? Reds and oranges. Or there doesn’t have to be any rhyme or reason. Do what you want because you think it looks cool. 5.) Don’t be afraid of going super dark or super light with contrast if you want some pop. When you shade some shadows can be close to black. It creates deeeepth. Here’s an example that’s not even as dramatic in the contrast as I can get.
Tumblr media
Anyways. This is a hodgepodge of hopefully useful snippets that literally have no rhyme or reason. Hope it helps. Go forth and create.
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honeybee1895 · 2 years ago
Why Lewis "ignored" Vivi in Hellbent.
My guys, I can't get this out of my head.
I think I know what happened to Vivi's memories. And why Lewis ignored her in Hellbent.
So, y'all know Vivi SAW Lewis death first-hand right?
Tumblr media
Let that sink in. Vivi saw Lewis die. From pretty close. She watched him get impaled. Giant hole where his heart used to be.
That has to be *very* traumatic.
My point is:
I think Lewis erased Vivi's memories.
As we can see in Ghost, there's something pretty strange about Vivi's eyes/glasses. Just for starters it's the only pink thing in her outfit, pink being the color (obviously) associated with Lewis. And I think this moment is the biggest evidence we get:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Vivi is clearly distressed, and Lewis doesn't seem very happy to be doing this. They really cared about each other, Lewis couldn't let Vivi suffer so much for him so... To avoid her suffering, he erases her memories of him.
Okay moving on.
"But Arthur is deleting her memories on Freaking out! He's the bad guy!"
No. Come on.
Let's go to that famous moment in Freaking Out where Arthur seems to be Erasing Lewis from Vivi's memory.
From the start this theory is a bit weird because why would Arthur be trying to make her forget about Lewis while restlessly looking for him? I mean.
Tumblr media
It just doesn't really add up.
So. What I'm thinking is. What if Arthur is actually trying to "send" that picture back to vivi? How could she not remember him? As soon as Lewis image glows, it goes straight to her glasses right??
I swear to God every time I think about this I want to hug Arthur even more.
And all this sends us to the big question: WHY DID LEWIS IGNORE VIVI IN HELLBENT?
If my other theory about Lewis's heart is correct, What's keeping Lewis alive right now is his NEED for revenge. And if he has Vivi's memories, why would he worry? After he's done with Arthur, he can just make things right with her anyway.
That actually also explains that moment in Ghost where Vivi almost has his heart. For a moment, Lewis might have hoped she still remembered him. But that hope was crushed (just like his heart) the moment Arthur snatched her away.
Actually, in HELLBENT when Lewis is closing in on the van, he opens his locket and Vivi's petals crumble away after being inside the heart. Does that mean Vivi wouldn't "survive" a relationship so filled with hate?
Anyway I'm losing focus.
I think Lewis erased her memories.
I think Arthur needs a hug.
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herbgerblin · 9 months ago
I've seen some other people talking about this and I share their concerns, but the only people I've seen say anything (including myself) are white, which is an objectively terrible way to discuss race. Please just ignore/delete this if I'm overstepping or anything, but I think your thoughts particularly (I do mean you personally, not just Black taz fans generally but obviously those too) would be insightful here. So: Lucas, the slave owner and all around bad person, is Black. Good design choice?
This is a lot, so I’m going to address some things before giving my opinion on the matter:
1.) If you don’t see poc talking about issues like this right off the bat, there’s usually a reason. I know that I, myself was planning to wait another day after the previews released to speak at all. Usually people who are still excitable about something they enjoy are less likely to acknowledge criticism and more likely to go on the defensive. And when you’re the one most impacted by a circumstance, you gotta be strategic in order to be listened to.
2.) I’m black, however I do not interpret Lucas Miller’s design to be black. I had to look through the previous books to check, but he's been hinted at since the first graphic novel, (first time when THB arrived on the moon base and second time during the solar eclipse). His character design then was, I would say, ambiguously brown (like the trope). But with this latest gn I assume that he is more explicitly supposed to look Desi, brown, etc. So I feel my position on this is tangential, but not absolute.
3.) D:
My main concern is that, in the context of the podcast, him being brown and keeping the bugbears in a state of slavery is objectively bad. Full stop. The whole controlling a family of already sentient beings to work in lifetime servitude is already gross, but, you know. I think most folks who listened to the podcast first pictured Lucas as a pimply, scrawny, pasty as hell nerd, and I think that makes sense in regards to his character. These people are still going to have those associations when reading the books. But for the people going from book to podcast, or not going to listen to the podcast at all, him being brown will be associated with the terrible things that he does in canon.
Him generally being an awful person—excluding the plot point of the bugbears—while being brown, is also not great. But with all cases of media, the more people of color introduced into the cast, the more appropriate it is to have a wider variety of personalities. I am thinking of Sloane as a point of comparison. Even though she’s the main antagonist of PttM, we can clearly see that her antagonism not rooted in who she is as a person, and by the end she is redeemed by her positive qualities. 
Tangent: I am assuming that Maureen is also going to be depicted similar to Lucas. She is an objectively good character, and that is rep that I would like to see, but she’s dead and in a robot body most of the story :/ (and that is a talking point for another day.)
I don’t know how Lucas’s storyline is going to be adapted and/or modified. From what we’ve seen of Klarg (G’nash) having the faulty charm person spell, I don’t know how that bodes for the rest of the bugbears. In the grand plot of the podcast, Lucas is still a dickhead, but he makes efforts to make up for his misdeeds. I want that to be made more explicit in the graphic novels. In my opinion, best case scenario would be to cut the whole enslaved bugbear plot point entirely. Second best, make it clear that they are not in a state of slavery, that they are acting within their realm of free will, and are treated with respect as employees or some other role within the story. Worst case, the plot point goes unchanged and this is what we have.
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spacebubblehomebase · 7 months ago
A Merry Kirikami Christmas Comic:
"December Balcony!"
I know this was done before, but I wanted to add more to it, so hope it's ok. 👀👉👈 It took longer than I thought it would, thus, the difference in coloring skill was uh... 😬 Ah well. I tried. 😅
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love them when they're both being dumb. (But they're dumb all the time?) Exactly. They're just so sweet and stupid and I'm weak for both. They'll never happen, but even their platonic bromance is wholesome. I just love seeing these lovable idiots together even if they'll never be canon. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 No hate. Just Kirikami. ♥️💛⚙️⚡-Bubbly💙
Kaminari's wish list:
"A basketball. A new gaming console. A pikachu power bank. A FERN Super Soaker ZipFire Water Gun. Lastly, wishing Eijiro & the rest of the Bakugang to srick with me again this year. The best gift of all!"
(Notice: The events in this comic happened at September because I started making this then. It's the start of our Filipino Christmas!)
🧡Katsuki: ".....I'm gonna tell him."
💚Izuku: "Kacchan, don't you dare."
💚Izuku: "W-Well... That's-"
🧡Katsuki: "What would Santa even be doing here so early anyways???"
💚Izuku: "I-he... Huh?"
🧡Katsuki: "EVERYONE knows he always make it at EXACTLY December!"
💚Izuku: "Filipino Christmas time then- Wait... Kacchan, you... You believe in-"
💙Todoroki: "Bakugou that's... That's not it..."
🧡Katsuki: "What was that, IcyHot bastard?"
💚Izuku: "Oh! Todoroki-kun! Maybe you can explain to him that-"
💙Todoroki: "Santa always comes at the 25TH of December."
💚Izuku: "Oh no. Todoroki-kun, not you too!"
🧡Bakugou: "Maybe for you losers, but I always get my presents from that trespassing Christmas Man early! They're underneath the big tree at the very 1ST! Can't open them til actual Christmas, but still... Old hag says she even SAW him once! Heh. Probably why Santa never got HER a present! Though she and my old man sneak off to their room just to give each other their gifts. Any idea what that's about?"
💙Todoroki: "..... Not a clue."
💚Izuku: "Oh god."
Merry Crisis!🎄
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chim-chimchii · 6 months ago
Encaptured (Jungkook)
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluff 
Note: A little fuckboy Jungkook for you all! I’m currently working on a social media au and I might just post the profiles so I can give you guys a sneak peek and to also motivate myself to work on it more! Let me know what you guys think! I also didn’t know how to end this so I apologize if it’s a crappy ending. 
. . . . . . . 
On Thursdays, the literary class met in the college library, and that was when Jungkook always had you look over his essays. Not only did he use that time to get his papers edited, but he also took this time to prod you about your weekend plans.
"So, are you going to accept my offer to take you to the movies this weekend?" Jungkook asked, resting his chin on his palm.
You glanced up from his essay. "Hm, not this week. I think I'm all booked." With a smirk directed towards him, you continued marking his paper.
"You said that last week." He mumbled with a playful pout.
"And last week, when I rejected you, you ended up taking that girl from your math class." You stated with a challenging stare.
Tongue in cheek, Jungkook chuckled, "Well, I couldn't let those tickets go to waste! I thought for sure you would have agreed." He continued trying to justify his playboy ways.
You scoffed and slid his paper over to him; red pen marks were scattered all over it. You thought that the edits you made to his essay would distract him from the current topic, but he pushed the assignment to the side.
"Y/n, when will you let me take you on a date?" Jungkook leaned in ever so slightly and smiled sweetly.
Your heart rate increased. His whole appearance changed with that one smile, and it was hard for you to hide the fact that it made you feel some way. Maybe it was time to give him a chance, and if it didn't work out, then he would finally stop bugging you.
"Okay." You finally answered after thinking it through. That one word took Jungkook by surprise.
"Okay? Are you saying, yes?"
Without making eye contact, you nodded and closed your notebook with a gentle smile.
"I'll pick you up at seven." Jungkook bit his lip to hide his smile and watched you leave the library.
. . . . 
The sun was setting, and seven o clock was right around the corner. You gave yourself one last look in the mirror that hung by the door and nodded in approval of your outfit. You tried to remember the last time you got all dressed up for a date, and as you tried to place a moment, there was a knock at the door. 
As you reached for the door, you hesitated. What if this was a one-time thing? What if he never spoke to you after tonight? Just because you turned his offers for a date down multiple times, it wasn't as if you didn't like Jungkook. You appreciated his presence in your boring literary class; you appreciated his jokes and stories. What if all he wanted was to add you to the list of girls he won over with his charms? 
Your thoughts were interrupted again by a knock, but this time it was a lot softer. You took a deep breath and twisted the doorknob. Whatever his intentions were, you decided to accept this date, so you had to deal with the consequences. 
Jungkook stood in the doorway with his hands buried in his pockets. His head was hung low as if he was half expecting you not to answer, but when you opened the door wider, he looked up. 
You forgot to breathe upon seeing him. Instead of the cliche leather jacket he always wore, he wore a grey flannel over a white shirt. It wasn't THAT different from what he always wore but seeing him wear light-colored clothing suits him well. His demeanor was different, as well. A timid smile replaced the cocky smirk he always had on his face. 
"Are you ready?" His voice came out lighter than usual; it took you a moment to remember this was Jungkook and not someone else. 
"Yeah, let me just grab my bad." You left him by the door as you dashed back to your room to grab your purse. 
. . . . 
It was the little things that Jungkook did that made you weak in the knees. As the two of you walked to the theater, Jungkook rested his hand on the small of your back. He maneuvered you to the other side of him; it wasn't until his warmth left that you realized he was making sure you were closest to the buildings and away from the busy street.
Your eyes fixated on him, and it felt like the world was in slow motion, and you saw Junkook in a new light. You wanted nothing more, but to have this moment last forever. Forever didn't come because he glanced at you with that beautiful smile of his.
"Would you be upset if I told you I don't want to go to the movies anymore?"
The world resumed at its original speed, and your excitement disappeared.
"Oh? Did you want to take a rain check or something?" You tried not to sound too disappointed.
"No, no. I just don't think I can handle sitting next to you for two and a half hours and not talk to you."
You sighed in relief, which made Jungkook chuckle.
"I don't know what you've been told or what you heard about me, but I'm not cruel.
You raised your eyebrow at him and smirked. "I don't know, I've heard some pretty interesting things about you, Jungkook."
You gave him one last teasing look before walking ahead of him. Jungkook tsked before jogging to catch up to you.
"So, are you going to tell me what you heard so I can prove those accusations wrong?"
Together you waded through the crowded street, careful not to lost one another. If he took your hand, would you pull away or let him have that small victory?
"You haven't said what we're going to do now that we're not going to the movies."
His hand grazed yours. "You're changing the topic."
Seconds later, his hand rested on your shoulder to guide you towards the entrance of an arcade. It was full of other couples, groups of friends, and people wanting to have fun. The atmosphere brought a smile to your face. You didn't even realize Jungkook had left until he returned with a bag full of tokens.
"I'll let you choose the first game."
Dramatically, you rested your hand on your heart. "What a gentleman."
Jungkook threw his head back in defeat. "Whoever told you that I wasn't a gentleman needs to stop feeding you lies."
"I'm sorry to tell you this, but you don't really have the best reputation." You explained as you made your way over to the basketball game.
You glanced back at him to make sure he was following and found him chewing on his lip. Your statement bothered him. The two of you exchanged no other words until he was standing next to you.
"Is that why you always rejected me?" His eyes locked with yours, and you didn't dare look away.
Rather than lying, you nodded. "Yeah."
Jungkook was the one to break eye contact; it was clear he was upset. He fished for a token and inserted it into the machine to start the game.
As you watched him, you inhaled deeply and thought about everything. You didn't want to be the reason the date ended in ruins. You were honest about why you declined his offers, but now that you were here with him, you kept thinking how different things could have been if you had just agreed to date him the first time he asked.
Without thinking further, when Jungkook reached for another ball, you took it from him and aimed for the moving hoop.
"You can't blame me for being scared."
Jungkook opened his mouth to say something but stopped as he watched you throw the ball straight into the hoop. Another ball rolled towards you, but Jungkook grabbed it before you could.
"I wasn't blaming you. I was blaming myself." He missed the hoop and ticked his head to the side, slightly annoyed that he didn't score, but as the game ended, he had one of the highest scores.
Together you moved in the direction of another game.
"Why are you blaming yourself?"
He didn't say anything, and you were afraid he didn't hear you due to the increasing volume of everyone around you.
"Because I got careless with relationships and dating, and now that I want something serious, my reputation is ruining my chances.
The corners of your mouth twitched into a tiny smile. "It's your turn to pick a game."
You weren't ignoring what he had said; you just wanted to think about it for a moment longer.
The two of you wandered around the arcade and tried not to lose each other with the growing amount of people entering the building. Jungkook stopped in front of a photo booth and let out a small laugh.
"It isn't a game, but it seems like this is the only thing unoccupied." 
"I think it'll be fun!" You linked his arm with yours and entered the small booth. 
Jungkook sat silently next to you as you messed around with the photo settings. As you sat back, your shoulder brushed against his, and it made it obvious how close the two of you were. You couldn't help but think back to his previous comment about wanting to be in a serious relationship.  Did he mean that he wanted to try and be in a serious relationship with you? You'd be lying if you said you didn't have feelings for him. The truth was, you had liked him all along, but you let the rumors about him cloud your judgment of his character. 
The beeping of the timer caused you to snap out of your thoughts. 
"Are you ready?" You glanced over at Jungkook, and to your surprise, he was already staring at you. The flash went off, signaling that the first picture was taken. Then the timer reset. 
"Your chances aren't completely ruined, by the way." 
The two of you looked away and to the camera, where you opted for a funny face. The camera went off. 
"What do you mean?" Jungkook turned to you again. 
"If you were this version of yourself all the time, you wouldn't have any trouble getting into a serious relationship, and any girl would be happy to be with you."  
You stuck your tongue out at him as the camera snapped another picture. 
"I don't want just any girl though--" He faced forward and held up a peace sign. "--I want you." 
Your expression changed in an instant, and it was captured as the shutter sounded. "Jungkook." 
He hesitated but looked your way as the last seconds of the timer counted down. You took his face into your hands and pressed your lips to his. The moment captured forever as the final flash of the camera washed over the two of you. 
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pudimsuki · 4 months ago
The outline of our hearts | Alpha! Bakugou x Omega! Reader Ch. 2
Tumblr media
Hi babies ❤
First of all, I just wanted to say thank you for everyone that liked, commented and reblogged the first chapter. Honestly, I wasn't expecting that feedback, so I'm more than happy today! 
Summary: Your life as an omega wasn’t easy, especially while working at a big fashion company. Things didn’t look like they were going to change anytime soon, but the arrival of a new boss certainly promised to get your feet off the ground.
AU: Omegaverse / ABO / Alpha Bakugou x Omega Reader
Warning: 18+ (none in this chapter); alpha and omega dynamics; just Bakugou cursing. 
 Chapter 1 | Chapter 3
Tumblr media
It seemed like hundreds of years had passed between the moment you took the folder for mr. Ogawa and your current position. You were so focused on the papers in your hand when you walked to the elevator that you didn't notice who was in the way. Now, not noticing him would be the difficult part. 
The man's eyes were piercing, the red coloring of his orbs making it look like he could see your own soul. It took you just a second to process his appearance, from his defined jaw to his broad shoulders. His hair was a blond mess on his head, still his  pointed locks felt soft to the touch and for a second you felt the need to reach for them. 
Despite his good looking form, what really hits you was the scent. The intense, almost overwhelming smell of burning caramel and cinnamon that wafted up your nose and dominated every cell in your body. You feel like you'll never move again at that feeling. Your omega hummed with joy.
That is, before you suddenly became conscious of your surroundings. Something in the back of your mind warned you that, first: You were in the middle of the ground floor; second: You didn't know that man; and third: You were holding on to the shirt of an unknown alpha male for way longer than what people would call a normal accident. You blinked and immediately stepped away from him. 
“I-I’m so sorry” You gagged, looking more flustered than you wanted. "I did not see you, I was so distracted and ... Oh, shit" You cursed, realizing the papers shattered on the ground and immediately reaching down to pick them up.
Bakugou took a second to compose himself, too busy with his alpha stirring at the sound of your sweet voice, but soon ducked to help you collect the papers.
“It was nothing” He said, stoic. His deep voice sending shivers down your spine. Nothing? Something inside him questioned, normally he would have shouted at the careless idiot, but he would be damned if he didn't admit the lump forming in his throat.
He finally gathers the papers and reaches out to hand it to the flushed omega in front of him. For a brief moment, both stared at each other again.
It took all the self control of his body to not step forward and bury his face in your neck to inhale your inebriating scent. And dear Lord, what a beautiful neck. Your hair up in a bun leaving your immaculate skin on display. 
Bakugou had to scold himself. What kind of idiot did he look like? His alpha acting like an agitated puppy, begging him to claim her here and now. He felt like a horny teenager. For God's sake, he's 26 years old. 
Remember what you came here for. You have business to do, don't waste time on distractions. He told himself.
A delightfully attractive distraction, his alpha seemed to add, and with the best perfume we've ever smelled.
He ignored the thought.
Bakugou cleared his throat, standing up and handing over the papers.
"Be careful where you're going next time, omega. You can get hurt.” He said firmly, his voice emanating dominance. 
You swallowed slowly when you heard the man call you by your title. Your instincts wanting nothing but to listen to his command. 
The rational part in your head, however, knew that you should get out of sight as soon as possible.
“Yes, of course, I - uh - I should go now. I’m sorry again.”
Well, it didn’t work.
The ride up in the elevator seemed slower than usual. If you thought you would have gotten rid of the overpowering alpha at that point, you were wrong. Coincidentally, you both needed the elevator. Coincidentally, the two of you were going to the same floor. And coincidentally, it was the top floor of the building. You were beginning to wonder how many coincidences happen in your life.
You were standing side by side, staring at the elevator doors as if they were the most important thing in the world and pretending that the smell of each other in the recluse space did not make you want to purr. 
Calm down. You thought. You could feel the effect that the few minutes with the alpha was having on your omega, but you forced it to stay still. After the breakup, the last thing you wanted was an alpha to hurt your heart, even though your omega was basking in his dominant scent and showing some reaction for the first time to another man that wasn't wariness.  
“So…” You start, trying to break the tension “I never see you around before” 
He looks at you for a few seconds “I’m new”.
“Oh, I see.” Would you have to see him every day? Thinking that it would be impossible to work with that man in those conditions, you try again, doing your best to smile sincerely. "Welcome to the company, it's really great here"
"Hm, looks like it needs some improvement”
You blinked, who was that guy? You allowed yourself a second to look at the man, he wore a white button-down shirt, even though the first one was unbuttoned - you try not to think your fingers were curled into it a moment ago. He got his right hand in his pocket with a confident posture. If it wasn't already enough, his body was athletic, that man definitely spent a good hour at the gym. You couldn't help but imagine the strong arms under his shirt.
Bakugou seemed to notice your gaze, catching you in the act with a raised eyebrow. You quickly look away, which makes a brief smirk appear in his lips. 
You watched the elevator numbers flash as you moved up to the top floor and inhaled deeply, hoping to ignore the fact that he just caught you staring at his body.
Well, wrong move.
The moment you inhale, his dominant smell invades your nasal passages  again. You automatically emit a small satisfying noise, then widen your eyes, being embarrassed right away and coughing to disguise what you just did.  
"Something's bothering you?"
You turned to him again, meeting the amused look in his eyes.
The son of a bitch knows. 
"Dust" you lied, faking a cough again. 
The elevator was spotlessly clean. You condemned yourself for not finding a better excuse. 
Bakugou did not seem convinced "Right. Dust."
You pretended you didn't hear and looked back at the wall.
Stop acting like a desperate omega. You scold yourself. What would the guy think about you?
Your hands tightened on the folder, drawing the blonde's attention.
"Do you design?"
You took a second to understand his question, then laughed, humorless. "Oh no, no way". Before he could question your dry answer, you complete. "No, I'm just taking these to the boss"
"Are you the boss's secretary?" Bakugou's red eyes suddenly glow with something you couldn't catch
You snort quietly "Well, it looks like I am whatever my boss wants on the day" You mumbled, again not looking happy.
You got out of the elevator as soon as you reached the desired floor.
"Thought you said the company was great"
"It is!" you tried to explain yourself. "It's just that..." You stop, wondering why you were about to share such personal matters with an unknown man. "Nothing. Never mind".
You couldn't help but notice that you were walking in the same direction. Okay, new employee. You thought. He probably needs to speak to Mr. Ogawa too.
He narrowed his eyes at your response.
Both stopped by the door, the secretary - the real secretary, what a surprise - called Mr. Ogawa and asked you to wait a second before he showed up. Bakugou would have been annoyed by that, he wasn't known for his patience, but he seemed to enjoy every moment of conversation with that curious good-smelling omega.
"Things can change around here." He voiced out of the blue. 
"What do you mean by that?"
"Don't you know about the new boss?"
You were surprised "Do you know about that?"
He shrugged, avoiding the question. "Everybody knows"
"Oh" You reflected, not imagining how fast the news was going around since even the new guy knows. "Well, I don't expect much. It will probably be just another rich guy who thinks he's better than all the employees at the company"
You noticed a second later the words that came out of your mouth. "Oh, sorry. I probably shouldn't be talking like that"
Bakugou smirked "Probably not"
"Fuck that. Tell me what’s in your head"
You sighed and shrugged, trying not to think about how easy it was to open up to that stranger, even with his dirty mouth.
"I love this place, really. But things at this company are the same since I first set foot here. The arrival of an old, arrogant man is not going to change things."
Bakugou almost choked. That was definitely an interesting omega.
"Is that what you think?"
"What else could he be?” You shrugged and looked at him, noticing his lips trembling in an almost smile.
"Oh, nothing. Talk more." God, he was enjoying this.
You tilted your head, trying to decide what was behind that almost smile stamping his pretty features. But it was his malicious red eyes that gave him away. 
“What is your sector of work?” You suddenly ask.
Bakugou did not blink before answering, keeping his side smile.
You frown. Management? What kind of work did he… Oh no. 
You breathe. His smile widens.
You couldn’t be that stupid. No way in hell. Was that man…
“Mr. Bakugou. I see you’re here in time.”
And just like that, as if your nightmares were turning into reality, he answers. Still looking in your - now wide - eyes. 
“Have I ever been late?”
"You - You're" you stuttered.
"Katsuki Bakugou. But I think that old arrogant man fits me better"
You wanted to die. Make a hole in the ground and bury yourself. You felt like the stupidest being that stepped on the face of the Earth. It was obvious that he was the boss. Your mouth was open in a perfect "o", face redder than a tomato.
Bakugou did his best not to burst out laughing.
“(Y/n)”. Mr. Ogawa’s voice drove you out of your shame. You have never felt more blessed to hear his voice.
“Yes?” Your voice was almost a whisper.
“Are you going to hand me the papers or not?”
You just nodded, unable to form any coherent words, delivering him what was asked before looking back at Bakugou.
“You ... you didn't tell me…”
He raised his eyebrows, clearly having fun with your situation. "You didn't ask"
Mr. Ogawa coughed, annoyed by whatever was going on there, but you couldn't care less.
Your new boss was in front of you, the man you almost dropped on the floor, the man who made your omega swirl with joy just because of his smell, the man who was definitely not old and, Lord have mercy, had an Adonis body.
Katsuki Bakugou, that was your new boss. And you never wanted to disappear as quickly from the earth as you did then.
“See you around, omega. Hope you keep enjoying the company” Was all he said before turning around and leaving with an not very pleased mr. Ogawa behind him. Suddenly, his will to finish the company's acquisition increased tenfold. 
You stood there, in the middle of the place, standing like a statue.
Oh no.
Tumblr media
That was honestly so fun to write, can’t wait for the next one.
Taglist: @kyleewrites, @jubilee40 , @madisonolivia606 , @whore-for-anime , @jazzylove , @20yearoldforbucky-blog , @darlingkuroo , @miraclecherryblossomsblog , @pettywallflower , @yaboiithewreck​ , @bakuhoe-simp​
I’m pretty sure I didn’t forget anyone. Tell me if you want to be added here! 
- Angie  ❤
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thollandneedy · 6 days ago
Heat-Tom Holland
Pairing: Tom Holland X Fem!Reader
A/n: - I’m a whore for this type of concept 
Summary: Let's just say that Y/N's provocations hit Thomas in the way she didn't plan.
Warnings: Swearing, dirty talking , masturbation,kissing and lap-dance
Requests are open!
Add yourself at my tag-list
Tumblr media
From a young age, Y/N was very close to the Holland family because of the school she was attending. As a teenager, she became friends with Sam Holland, and this friendship only grew over time. At many times of the year, such as Christmas and even New Year, Y/N's family would spend time together with the Holland family. Just as Sam was not an only child, the girl began to make friends with the other siblings, but the one person who made her blood boil when seen, was Thomas Holland. In the younger girl's view, he was just a stuck-up kid who fucked a lot of Hollywood girls - and based on his track record, this was not a lie. In the actor's view, Y/N was daddy's little princess who always got what she wanted, which was also not a lie.
Maybe it was jealousy of each other, but in any case, they did not like each other. Their relationship was based on stalking, with shameful talk and speculation to make each other uncomfortable. That classic story that they could never like each other could also be used as a basis in their childish relationship of hatred. On Saturday night, Sam decided to invite some of his friends to a party at his own house. After he left school, he decided to move and have his own life in another part of the city. Since the boy didn't have many friends on campus yet, he thought it was a good idea to ask Tom and Harrison to come to the party and call close friends. The middle brother was crouching by the sink drawer, trying to find disposable cups. Y/N seeing the image of his friend, went with light steps to him and shouted in his ear. “FUCK” The boy shouts as he turns to his friend. The girl laughs with her hand on her stomach and takes a deep breath, so she can speak: "What are you looking for" She says, ceasing her loud laughter. "I was looking for the disposable cups. Do you know where they are?" Same questions getting up. "They are near the disposable plate cabinet" The girl replies as if it was obvious, and Sam rolls his eyes, wondering why he hadn't looked there before. "Have you packed the room with the drinks yet?" The brunette asks, opening the cabinet. "Yes, sir. Who did you invite to come ?" The girl in a white cropped question looking around the kitchen with black cabinets. "Ahm...Well, some friends of mine from campus. Harrison, who is bringing some of his friends, Harry and Tom" The boy says the last name in a low voice. Y/N exhales, putting his hands on his waist as soon as his older brother's name is uttered.
"Come on, Y/N. Haven't you guys stopped with these implications yet?" The same becomes for her friend with loose hair.
 "No. Your brother thinks I'm a spoiled brat and I think he's a Hollywood whore" The same grunts as she quotes his name, making Sam laugh.
 "Well, I expect you to behave yourself today. I don't want any fights between you two. In fact, he's sleeping here tonight and tomorrow in the upstairs guest room. You can stay with me, or you can sleep with him." The boy warns, and Y/N's eyes expand upon hearing the news.
 "I'd rather sleep on the floor" Y/N crosses her arms, and walks to the living room.
 The girl sits down on the large coffee-colored couch and waits until the party time has arrived. Sam, after finishing organizing the kitchen, walks to the living room on the second floor and sits down next to the girl. His hands pass behind Y/N, bringing her close and then hugging her with the intention of bringing comfort to her. Both stayed in this position until the bell began to ring, announcing that their guests were arriving.               
 "Who's going to start?" One of the students in a white sweatshirt and jeans asks, taking a seat around the center table of the room. 
 "What are you playing?" Y/N approaches the wheel.
 "Truth or Dare" The same responds betting to the beer bottle positioned on the table.
 "I thought that was high school thing." The same smiles.
 'It never loses its fun seeing your friends embarrassed by the challenges." The same adds.
 "Are you going to play?"
 "Sure." The girl sits down among the people in the wheel, and waits until they start the game. 
 From a distance, Harrison and Thomas were watching the wheel of students begins their game. The brunette, in the gray t-shirt, watched Y/N play while drinking from his strawberry shake. The blond, next to Thomas, even stopped talking when he realized that Thomas wasn't paying attention to any of the talk coming from you. Harrison followed with his eyes the direction in which the brunette was watching.
 "Are you okay?" The older man asks the brunette.
 Thomas shakes his head quickly, and turns to Harrison. He was watching him with a question mark on his face, trying to understand why he was so interested in Y/N. 
"I was just eyeing the redhead on the wheel." The same mind pointing to a young woman with hair more toned than autumn itself and, diverting his eyes to his drink.
 "Okay, Thomas. And I'm Batman." The blond mocks the actor, and he smiles sideways at his response.
 A few seconds later, Sam Holland appears at the two's side, watching his friend in the middle of the wheel. Tom turns his eyes to his brother as soon as he notices his presence beside them. The brunette gives the younger man a gentle nudge, and asks: "Aren't you supposed to be with your little friend in the middle of the wheel?"
 "I don't feel like playing." Sam shrugs. 
 Suddenly, the girl in the white cropped top stands up laughing and sits on the lap of one of the participants. Holland's eyes turn dark as soon as he realizes that she is rolling on the participant's lap. 
The boy slides his curious hands up to the waist covered by Y/N's black jeans, squeezing her curves tightly. Her tightly clasped ass rubbed against his lap, superficially against his newly erect erection. Sensual music sounded from the speakers placed next to the television in the living room. Her seductive eyes were cast against Thomas's. Her delicate hands traced imaginary lines under his covered body, fingering his breasts and running through his hair. For a few brief seconds, the girl's eyes darted to another room in the room, trying to hide the direction of her provocation. Since the younger girl had her back to the boy, Holland could get a perfect view of her.
 The actor denied it with his head with a small defiant smile as he saw what kind of game she was calling him to play. Damn teasing. Up to that point, it was all innocent banter where there would never be a consequence. Sam and Haz, just stood there looking at Tom, and waiting for a reaction from him. The actor could feel his pants getting tighter because of the heat that made a point of burning internally every time his voluptuous eyes turned to Y/N.
 The girl made a point of biting her lips and rubbing her perfect nose with the student's neck that received the sensual dance in her lap. For Y/N, the best way to win a battle was to seduce her opponent into her own grave. The girl stood up, receiving applause from the participants who were watching the dance. Once again, Y/N's irises turned to Holland, who was still watching her. The girl nods briefly to him, and he raises his beer bottle in response. Even he didn't know if that was a white flag for today's battle, but he certainly wouldn't let her win.                                                   
As the clock struck midnight, the guests began to leave. Sam was leaning against the kitchen wall while chatting with some friends. Y/N, on the other hand, started to take out the garbage left on the living room floor and on the furniture. She was just finishing putting a glass in the garbage bag in her hand when she noticed the presence of someone behind her. Y/N turned slowly, coming across Harrison, who was holding an empty bottle to give to the girl to put away.
 She smiles in response, and her friend reaches out to take the black plastic object in her hands. "Leave it to me to finish cleaning up here." He insists to his friend, and she eventually gives in after a few stubborn sentences.
 Haz ran the vacuum cleaner over the areas that were empty, while his friend wiped with cloth the furniture soiled by drink marks and leftover saltines. Her eyes closed in a straight line as she tried to see from a distance who the figure was that was pressed against the wall, while another kissed her in the dark hallway leading to the bedrooms. Y/N mentally cursed as soon as she saw that it was Thomas with a girl.
 As she had said, a Hollywood whore.
 The girl went back to clearing the table, where a few packages of snacks were laid out. She shook her head quickly, trying to shake off her slight discomfort at the image. Why could someone you don't like to have that much influence over her? 
 "Y/N!" Sam catches the younger girl's eye, causing her to walk over to his direction.
 The boy was standing in the doorway, taking one of his jackets and putting it on, when the girl came across it. Three other boys were repeating the same action as the middle Holland. The girl approaches Sam, and he warns: "Harrison and I are going to drink some more at a friend of mine's house. Tomorrow morning, I'll finish cleaning up the kitchen,okay?" The boy says, and then Haz walks over to Y/N's side. 
 The girl holds tightly the arms of both her friends, and brings them close. "I refuse to be alone with... him" The girl says in between.
 "Earlier today, you seemed quite willing to be alone with him after that dance." The blond man in a black leather jacket stuns, and Y/N responds with an inappropriate gesture with her hand. "We'll be back in a few hours. Relax." The boys open the door to Sam's house, and walk out, leaving the girl alone in the not-so-narrow doorway.
 Y/N takes a deep breath, making her way up the stairs and into Sam's room. The girl takes off her clothes as soon as she locks the wooden door of the small bathroom. The tissues lay on the floor, while the girl took her cell phone into the bathroom for her daily sing-along. The quiet beat of the song sounded low because of the sound of the shower. She took a deep breath, letting all her tension fall away, as well as the water running down the length of her body.
 Y/N's mind went carefully over the scene of Thomas looking at her with that tempting smile on his delicate pink lips. She was not focused on what the boy receiving the dance was feeling, but rather, whether she would be able to get the attention of the one she hated. As soon as she finished washing her face, she stepped out of the shower, so she could put on her pajamas. When she went to look for her towel, she remembered that she hadn't picked it up when she went into the bathroom. She remembered that one of the towels was washing, and the only ones left were in the guest room.
 "Shit," the girl cursed herself.
  She tried to find a solution to get what she wanted. One of her first ideas was to call Holland, but there was no way she wanted to ask him for help. Her second and most laborious option was to go to the guest room and get the spare towel. Thinking about the time, Thomas was supposed to be asleep by now. The girl took courage and put her plan into practice. Y/N sneaked out of Sam's bathroom, opening the door slowly to see if there was anyone around. It was possible to see a small trail of water behind her, because of her wet hair and body that wandered around the empty house. When she realized that her bar was clear, she hugged herself and walked with quick steps to the guest room.
 The girl slowly snuck around the side of the closed door to the room, and then slowly opened it. Her eyes scanned the empty room, but her ears picked up the sound of the shower. Great, he was in the shower. Gently, she made her way to the closet where the towels were stored. The girl sat down on her knees, pulling out the plain wooden drawer. As her hands slid down to take the white towel stored in the cupboard, a groan was heard. It was not as if someone was in pain or even a groan of frustration. 
 "Urgh, that must be the redhead he was kissing earlier." Y/N says to herself, placing the towel around her wet body.
 "Y/N" Another louder groan is heard.
 Y/N quickly becomes facing the bathroom door, feeling her cheeks blush as soon as the sound of Thomas' thick, husky voice was heard. His breathing becomes heavier each time he heard the grunts and slight exhales coming from Thomas. The older man had one of his hands resting on the bathroom wall, while the other was busy satisfying himself. As hard as it was to assume, Y/N had really invaded Holland's mind with that dance from earlier.  As the girl's hands played with her breasts in the dance, Thomas could only think how beautiful she would look on his lap with his lips pressed against her breasts. Sucking on the hard, exposed tip, making her ride on his thigh and moan his name in her sweet throaty voice. 
The actor's hands slid all over her lubricated length, alternating between flicking the tip of his cock and masturbating with the palm of his hand. His shaky breathing increased with the dirty thoughts that his fertile mind created. Y/N, at that moment, was paralyzed. Sure, they always played sexual games to show they were better than each other, but she never thought one of these games could lead to...this. Her game, as much as it didn't need to go beyond just talking, changed course when she walked into the bathroom.
 "Damn, baby. That's it." The man groaned according to his sexual fantasies.
 He was so focused on his thoughts that an unusual sound produced by the door did not bother him. Y/N felt her intimacy pulsate just hearing his voice. Her breasts became more rigid, and her mouth opened in a soundless moan. She should take action, but not get out of character, even if she wanted to. That was the only moment she had total control of him. 
She came within inches of the shower, which had a large white curtain separating the room from where Thomas was standing. The moans seemed to slowly tear at the actor's throat, and that made the girl weaker than usual.
 "Are you busy, Holland?" The girl says with a certain internal insecurity. The moaning ceased, and the only noise was that of water falling against the marble floor. 
Neither Thomas nor Y/N knew what to do, if not hold each other as fast as possible. 
 "It depends on who you ask. You want my help for something?" The actor's voice is heard by Y/N. The girl takes a deep breath before answering. Her legs cross quickly and her walls contract as she hears his voice.
 "Looks like the one who needs help here is you, Thomas." She licks her lower lip only as she recalls the same's moans. 
 Thomas lets out a light laugh, before replying: "Then come here, if you want."
 He asks tenderly. It was impossible to resist the moment. Even if she wished him dead, she couldn't push away the burning feeling that was forming between her legs and spreading through her body. 
Thomas, on the other hand, was praying to the heavens that she decided to enter that bathroom. He needed to feel her, if only for a few seconds. All he needed was to touch her and feel up close that delicious ass that had previously been leaning against another. The curtain was opened by Y/N's fingers. She left her towel on the floor and went into the bathroom with her eyes focused on his as soon as they met. The girl wanted to show vulnerability next to him, but her purpose was only to show that she was in control. 
The actor looked at Y/N as if she were a Greek sculpture. Her perfect details like her round and well-formed breasts. Her curves that resembled a guitar, and her mouth drawn with the most perfect brush.
Quickly, Holland's hands pulled hard on the back of her neck, causing their breaths to mix. Their mouths collided with desire and hunger for each other. Their heads moved in coincidence just as their tongues, with taste if bitter beer, slid past each other making their hair shiver. A few short exhaled moans came out of both of their mouths, especially at the moment when Thomas's hands went directly to Y/N's ass, squeezing and slapping it lightly when possible.
 The brunette's tongue slid against the girl's neck as it descended into the valley of her breasts. You could hear Y/N's heart racing the moment the warmth of the brunette's mouth met the nipple of her breasts.
 "Did you get the urge to have a dance after you saw me?" The girl clasps her hands in the older man's wet hair.
 "No. I felt like fucking you" The man replies against the younger girl's chest, causing the vibrations of his voice to rise throughout her exposed body.
 The cold of the bathroom wall made contact with Y/N's back as soon as Holland pressed the girl against it. The sight of it could be considered a privilege by many girls. Seeing lines of water running down the deep folds at the end of Thomas's waist, as well as seeing his ripped belly, made Y/N want to leave hickeys on it.
Thomas positioned his two hands in their original position from before, making it so that only his head was in contact with Y/N. The brunette's erect cock rubbed against the base of the girl's heated pussy. The younger girl then decided to slide her hands down between the actor's legs. Her thumb made circular movements against the head of Thomas' member, while he continued to kiss her fervently.
 The older man let his head fall back onto the shoulder of the girl who was in front of him masturbating. The feeling of being in control of the situation made the girl know that she would win everything. Thomas lightly bit her shoulder as soon as she decided to start her movements with the older man's cock. Once again, Tom left hickeys on her neck. If it were for Y/N, she would have let him fuck her against the wall of that bathroom by now, but that day was not today.
 "Damn, you are so good at this." Holland says against Y/N's ear, making the girl herself moan. " You like to be complimented, don't you" The actor warbles with his groaned words.
 "Tom" The same one says in a low voice.
 The man from his hands to Y/N's entrance, but the girl denies his gesture.
 "Don't be spoiled,Y/N. Let me give you a cuddle, my princess." The same says in a grunt of pleasure, but Y/N once again denies it.
 "Let me show you that I help you, Holland. Then we can negotiate what you will do with me." She closes her eyes, moving her hands faster.
"And what do you think I want to do with you?" 
The same one licks gently behind Y/N's ear, causing the girl to grab the brunette's curls once again. 
 "Why don't you tell me?" Y/N's legs start to go wobbly. 
 The man gives a nasalized laugh and begins to move his hips against the lubricated hand of the girl who jerked him off deliciously playing with his balls and the reddish tip of his cock. 
 "I would take you in my lap, and put you on the bed." He gives a brief pause before moaning again. His head lifts to mine from the eyes of the girl in front of him. Her mesmerizing irises focus more intensely once Thomas speaks again. "I would take you to the end of the bed, and have you sit on me on your back. We would take advantage of the mirror you have in the room, so I can see my cock disappearing inside that little cunt of yours." The man explicitly made Y/N's walls pulsate more and more.
 Thomas and Y/N knew he was about to reach his climax as soon as they noticed him moaning louder and louder, filling the space with the room with his dirty words. At that point, Y/N's legs were trembling because of the hard-on that was cumming between her legs. Their breaths merged again each time they had encounters with his lips.
 "Come on, Tommy. Cum for me." The girl says, almost stuttering because of her irregular breathing. 
 The man let all his tension pour out in jets of cum directed at Y/N's belly. Thomas laid his head on the girl's shoulder once more, letting him catch his breath. The younger girl also took a deep breath, trying to balance her carnal desire with her rational desire. She took her hands to the water running in the shower, watching the white of his sperm fall into the drain. 
 Y/N slowly stepped away from it, causing the brunette to look confused. She opened the curtain that separated the room, and picked up the white towel lying on the floor. For the last time, Thomas had an exclusive view of the younger woman's pert ass, which was later covered by the soft cloth. Before opening the bathroom door, turning her back to the same man who was watching her, she said:
 "Aren't you coming?"
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tartagliaxx · 2 months ago
OMGGG your slime fathers hc was so good ;w; thank you for all this!! Now, I have another suggestion - What do you think would be the ideal type of Serenitea Pot realm for each of the hubbies (same boys, Diluc, Zhongli, Kaeya and Childe)? There's gotta be more serenitea pot stuff related to genshin nowadays, I'm so curious as to what the characters would do or want (also what other pots look like really haha)
━━ ☆ INCLUDES: zhongli, diluc, kaeya, childe
━━ ☆ SUMMARY: thoughts on what the genshin husbands’ teapots would look like + how they would act in it + domestic hcs with you
━━ ☆ WARNINGS: spoilers on a few bullets
Tumblr media
— zhongli;
i could see zhongli having a floating abode realm.
he's the prime of the adepti. he knows what's up and he would want to see something familiar every time he's in there.
but at the same time, he would want to have the opportunity to add tidbits of the new world.
with all that said, zhongli's teapot would be a complete masterpiece.
he'd have one area serve as the main house styled as a siheyuan which is a traditional courtyard house. around it would be a lush bamboo forest.
another area would serve as a makeshift business district which would be heavily based on present-day liyuen architecture.
the other area would be a little tea garden where he can enjoy the afternoon in peace. afternoon tea dates are often held there.
interior-wise, expect a lot of antique vases, paintings, and books.
literally, it would be everywhere you look but it would be placed neatly so instead of acting as clutter, you would feel as if you were in a museum.
i reckon he would have one special shelf displaying mementos from your dates and the things you gave him.
furniture-wise, i think he'd keep it simple but as he has a good eye for things, the furniture he would select would somehow pop out.
the color scheme would be earth-toned with golden accents.
alright. so now, on to things he'd do while inside the teapot.
out of all the guys, he has the most spare time and he uses it to relax in the teapot.
zhongli has dedicated one of the rooms in the main house to be a study room.
in it, he would often spend time finishing paperwork.
but in the downtime, he would indulge in calligraphy. his best works are displayed on the second floor.
at your insistence, he got a few pets. when the sun has barely risen, you would find him crane-watching from one of the benches stationed outside.
while he's inside, he would idly stroke one of his cats as his mind drifts off to other things.
they have a very strict diet and the best one at that, a product of his long study for the best cat menu.
tea brewing. loads of it.
if you're up to it, he'll happily teach you how to brew a perfect cup.
also, cooking. he likes cooking old liyuen cuisines.
imagine coming home to the teapot and you'll find a majestic steaming bowl of gourmet masterpiece and a smiling zhongli gently asking about your day.
he'd listen intently to the words you say, clinging onto it like a deprived man and asking questions when needed.
also the type to recount every single thing he did that day and it's very endearing because his day is mostly spent looking after the house.
compliment him. you would literally see him beam in a very zhongli way which is just a smile and a certain gleam in his eyes.
without fail, every time you come home, everything is tidied and done even if you didn't ask him to.
he likes taking walks and would often invite you or any of his guests to come along.
zhongli would softly talk about his memories, old visits to the realms of his friends, and what they used to do.
the teapot becomes synonymous with a safe place. you'd find him murmuring to himself, simply reminiscing the days long passed.
he's much more open here than he is outside. he feels free to discuss things that had made rex lapis.
on another note, his affection would also increase while inside.
lingering touches, comforting smiles, kisses on your knuckles and forehead. you get a lot of it.
he wakes up earlier to prepare breakfast and warm up the baths.
if you're not awake by then, he'll wake you up with a quiet call of your name and a fleeting kiss on your eyelids.
you would not dare count the number of times zhongli asked if he could help you prepare for the day. he'll do whatever you allow him to do.
be it your makeup or your hair or whatever it is, he always does it with a certain tenderness.
when you're running late, he leaves your clothes in the bed to change to.
return the favor and he's forever in his happy place.
also, present him some flowers when the day ends. it makes him very flustered but happy.
the perfect teapot husband.
— diluc;
as for diluc, i see him feeling cozy in the cool isle.
he's not opposed to liyue style houses but i think he'd appreciate a good, proper mondstadt feel.
it's home. it's familiar. there would be little to no adjustments needed.
diluc's teapot is very refined and has a very elegant air, like him.
his main house would be a near-identical copy of the dawn winery from the outside. it's also separated from the rest of the areas.
a few crates stacked containing god knows what, garden trellis with grapevines, fruit carts...
i see diluc making a residential/community area. he likes his privacy so in case he has guests, they would not be residing in the main house.
the residential area would feel a little closer to springvale while the community area (which is also where the majority of the supplies are) would feel more like mondstadt.
windmills. he technically doesn't need them but he places them there anyways for aesthetic purposes and also because he's quite curious about the mechanisms it had.
he'll leave the beach mostly untouched, just adding a few tables and chairs to enjoy the sunset with.
i also think he'd make a conscious effort to add loads of trees. it calms him and offers shade when he wishes to get some fresh air.
interior-wise, it'll be a controlled mess.
there's a lounge area in the corner with a nice homely fireplace which is mostly the highlight of the entire house.
bookshelves. lots of it. he enjoys reading but he doesn't have much time for it outside the teapot.
the bookshelves aren't enough though and the books are seen piling on the floors or the tables.
he also has a lot of paintings. it reminds him of his father. having them there feels like honoring him but it does so without bringing much of the pain along since they are technically different.
the furniture would be kept to the bare essentials but they do look classy and expensive so it kind of cancels out.
his color scheme would be something along the lines of mahogany with vague tints of purples and oranges.
on to his teapot habits.
diluc is busy so he's not around the teapot very often. when he is though, that means he needs immediate repose.
one thing that always helps him is walking along the beach barefoot. the cool waves that gently pushed back and forth, occasionally touching his skin soothes him.
another one with a study. he continues his work there before he reads a few books or plays chess.
he has a few dogs outside, breaking the silence. aside from a few pats and them tagging along when he's taking a walk, there's not much interaction there.
he has boars though. again, to keep the springvale vibe as close as possible.
he's very busy so i can't imagine him cooking for you but when you arrive, he'll put all things down and help you with it.
he mixes drinks though. it's quick and easy not to mention, he's pretty good.
if you're just hanging around the teapot doing your own thing, don't be surprised to find him handing you a cool smoothie, milkshake, or juice (no alcohol though. the teapot is a 'strictly no alcohol' place.)
inside the teapot is where you see diluc at his best. not master diluc, not diluc ragnvindr, not the darknight hero. just a relaxed, young man.
he's more inclined to wear his hair down here and he'll happily (albeit, shyly) allow you to play with his hair. massage his scalp and you'll hear a few satisfied grunts.
like zhongli, he's more open with his affection in the comforts of the teapot.
not much of a cuddler in fear of being walked in on, inside the teapot, that changes considerably.
he's not gonna be a big, snuggly, clingy teddy bear but he'll always make up an excuse to touch you.
after dinner cuddles are also very common.
when you're inside the teapot, you don't really spend much talking. rest assured though, he is always near you. more often than naught, his hand, ungloved for once, is laced with yours.
read a book with him. better yet, read a book for him while you lounge near the fireplace at night.
if not that, join him for some chess lessons.
and if you're still not into that, take a walk with him. sides pressed together as the sand tickled the soles of your feet, the sky fading from bright orange to a dark blue that shimmered like the lights in his eyes.
— kaeya;
i also see kaeya liking the atmosphere of the cool isle for similar reasons with diluc.
but also, he appreciates the caress of the weather on his skin. the contrasting warmth of the sun, his natural body temperature leaning to the cool side, and of course, the gentle chill of the breeze.
it's nice enough on its own and kaeya never fails to exhale in satisfaction when it blows.
kaeya's teapot is well presented, at least, until you inspect it.
unlike everyone else, kaeya doesn't separate his realm into areas.
instead, the place is just one whole city with his main house placed somewhere in the middle where it just fits, not too obnoxious nor too irrelevant.
it's a habit of sorts by now but he likes being at the center of things where he can be well-informed without being too eye-catching.
it comes in handy when he invites other people. his sharp ears catching gossip even if it's outside the tavern.
speaking of the tavern, he probably has a building near his house with a mini-processing plant in it.
he even made sure that he has his own grape plantation so every wine that pops out of it is guaranteed to pass his standards.
overall, his city is very alike mondstadt. in fact, it almost feels like a replica.
he once joked that he made it that way so it would feel as if it was only the two of you in the world. it's funny though because a part of you thought he was not joking after all.
interior-wise, it's... surprisingly bland.
there's not much to it. a sofa, a table, a mini-kitchen, a small shelf with books, a small dining table, a bed, and a cabinet.
in truth, kaeya can't be bothered. he's not inside very often and when he is, he just needs to lie down or sit which he can already do with the things he has.
it's almost appalling. the exterior is very pretty but the interior is very empty and dare you say, lonesome.
oh, look. life imitates art.
he gave you full authority to decorate it for him though and as time goes on, his house begins feeling like a home.
pieces of you and your character are scattered all around which when he catches sight of it, elicits a smile and a throaty chuckle.
since then, he found himself staying indoors more often.
he doesn't have a color scheme he strictly adheres to but there are more cool tones than there are warm ones.
he does have a preferred material though. he likes stone because it's cool to touch.
now, the fun part.
he likes sleeping.
no joke. that's the first thing he does when he's inside. inside the teapot, he allows himself to be vulnerable and catches up on some sleep he lost while doing cavalry captain things.
he is always, always, up for cuddles. if you catch him sleeping, drop all things and cuddle him. he smiles in his sleep and will pull you closer.
when he wakes up, he'll be extra soft and you'll be free of his jokes for a good ten minutes. in exchange, he'll be doting and clingy which is just as great.
after a quick recharge, he heads out to take a walk. he tends to stay away from the city during this time because he's kind of tired of it.
instead, he'll find himself on the beach, thinking of nothing for a change and just in a rare state of peace.
not much of a cook or anything in the kitchen. rest assured though, he does everything you ask him to do.
water the plants? done. fold the laundry? done. put the crates away? done and done.
he also does things without needing to be asked. after a long day, he'll quietly take the dishes despite your insistence and will wash the dishes. as for you, go to bed and rest.
i personally don't see him keeping pets but he will willingly take care of yours in case you're not around. kaeya has a soft spot for you and soon, the pet itself.
although the best times always come when you're both done with the recharging time.
he would start a tickle/pillow fight which results in a lot of giggles and chasing around.
it almost became a tradition for him to bring you to the beach and run around like teenagers before settling down and making faux accessories with stray shells or rocks.
good times.
— childe;
i see childe having loads of fun in emerald peak.
it's high. just the mere thought of accidentally making a mistake and falling to his death gives him an adrenaline rush.
exactly what he loves.
it's also cool. not freezing like snezhnaya (which he would've preferred if he was being honest) but it was a nice cool. he particularly enjoys the mornings when the chill is stronger.
childe's teapot is a hot mess, like him.
better to say, it's like a puzzle with mismatched pieces.
it's messy and cluttered. it's as if he couldn't be bothered and just randomly placed whatever.
oddly enough, it feels very homely.
like how you could toss around your things but still be able to decipher which is which and where it is because it's uniquely yours.
that's how it feels like with his teapot.
it's very him and if you look deeper, it's actually positioned practically and conveniently.
basic necessities are separated from the main 'marketplace'. instead, those are found in the same area as the main house.
because his space is very limited, you'll see his buildings in staircase-like layers (similar to qingce village).
the closest 'establishment' to the main house is the forgery.
he also allocated one area (and it's worth mentioning that it is also the most dangerous area) as a training ground.
his interior isn't any better. it's a mess but a comforting mess.
his furniture is mostly of liyuen design because that was what was available.
but he also made sure to buy some snezhnayan products to display.
the main reason it feels very cluttered is that he has a horrendous amount of mementos and battle trophies scattered around.
i think it's safe to say that he has no color scheme or any pattern in the house for that matter.
upon questioning, he simply laughs saying that's what 'home' is. living with a big family means that everyone's interests are just smashed into one big hotpot.
he's used to sharing stuff and making almost everything communal.
childe encourages you to add things into his house which you do and after a while, you realize the appeal it has.
by the end of it all, you're not even sure which item belongs to whom and it weirdly makes two giddy.
back to things he does as a teapot husband.
he wakes up very early. if you're with him, he carefully slips away to make sure you get some rest while he does his morning routine.
after preparing for the day, he goes for a quick jog which is also simultaneously a dog run.
he gets a lot of dogs and it's always fun to wake up to him playing fetch with them, youthful laughter filling the morning air.
before leaving the house, he heats the water to make you your morning drink.
it's a must to have the first drink of the day together. sometimes he needs to leave because of fatui duties so he can't stay for breakfast but he can spare some time for coffee.
he informs you of his activities, limiting the details but making sure you know his schedule and if he'll be back late.
if you do the same, it'll give him so much relief because he knows where to find you in case something goes wrong.
when you're away, he's the second-best teapot husband.
he's had experience taking care of his siblings so your pets and animals are well taken care of.
his mother had plants so your plants are also in good hands.
he lived in a constant state of disarray so he knows how to clean the house.
i think it's important to note that you can be disorganized but still be clean and hygienic.
which is the case for childe. he likes his house spotless.
he's not the best cook out there but he makes mean seafood dishes which is what he makes for your dinner.
incredibly fond of spontaneous kisses and hugs.
you could be cutting up a mango and he'll suddenly come up to you with a back hug.
you were reading? oh look, a kiss on the cheek.
be sure to smother him with attention from time to time lest you want him pouty or worse, playfully vengeful.
sing a song, sing a song he knows so he can sing along, sing loudly, wildly, and maybe off-key, sing and have fun, sing a lullaby, sing with or for him.
he loves nothing more than seeing you free and willingly vulnerable in his space. it makes him feel loved and trusted.
the domesticity of it all? he lives for it and if you reciprocate his sloppy advances, he just might be ready to pop out a ring and make this his new permanent.
Tumblr media
━━ ☆ NOTES: ahhh!! i’m so happy you liked it! i swear you have the most interesting ideas. this got so long because i had so much fun writing it. .....i also may or may not have self-projected a little with zhongli.
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 6 months ago
I'm not sure what you would call it, but I remember seeing an au for another fandom where, whenever somebody has a traumatic experience, they gain streaks of white in their hair. While it's rare for somebody to have a full head of white, it is possible.
And I thought, hmm, you could have some real angst fun with that in DSMP.
So, imagine:
First off, everybody on the server has at least the tiniest bit of white. Some certainly have more than others, but too much has happened for all of them to be completely white-free.
After the War from Independence is when all of the L'Manburgians get their first streaks (primarily from the Final Control Room, but also the TNT, the duel, war in general)
(If you want to go down the bad dad!Phil route, you could even say Wilbur has some white from neglect)
After the Election and during the Schlatt Administration/Pogtopia is when it starts to speed up, with Wilbur's downward spiral, Tommy trying to cope with that, Quackity and Tubbo and Niki steadily gaining smaller bits the longer their under Schlatt's rule.
After the Festival, Tommy, Tubbo, and Niki all get extreme shocks of white, so much that it's easily noticeable.
Eret has a few more streaks from having to deal with the stress of Dream and aiding Pogtopia
After Nov. 16th is when everybody gets another big shock - Phil gets a streak from killing Wilbur, and Tommy and Tubbo now have more white than their natural colors.
Ghostbur has a strange ability where if he touches someone the white will actually recede back to it's original color. It's not permanent, usually only lasts for a few minutes at best, but it's something.
A lot of people headcanon Ranboo as having half-white hair. Do with this as you will.
The moment the words Tommyinnit, you are hereby exiled pass Tubbo's lips, you can actually see as more color drains away from them both.
Don't imagine Tubbo's horror when he sees Tommy for the first time after exile, and Tommy has completely white hair.
I'm not sure whether Techno would get white from the Butcher Army, because I don't think he was so much traumatized as incredibly pissed off.
Tubbo gets more white when he sees the scene at Logsted, and even more after that disastrous reunion with Tommy, is now clinging on to only a few strands of brown hair.
Several people get significant amounts of white from Doomsday, and Tubbo goes completely white like Tommy.
People are free to add onto this!
Man we can have so much angst in this concept. I love this idea already. I love it a lot.
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stricklanderkin · 2 years ago
Strickler is a Stupid Idiot and a Copycat and Desperate for Power and Control Over Other People Not Because He's APHAB (Assigned Power Hungry At Birth), But Because He's Spent His Own Whole Life Being Controlled and He's Bitter and Jaded Over It, Except The Problem Is He's Actually Really Bad At It and That's Why He's a Copycat: The Informal Analysis Post
Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "Strickler Kinnie, what the fuck are you talking about? Why is the title that long? What is the point of this, you crazy bastard?"
Well, I'm here to tell you! Or, more accurately, show you!
To make a long fuckin story short, here's the Basis of my argument--These Two Specific Moments;
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Ok, so what? They say the same three words Once, what's the big deal?" That is exactly it. Those three words a r e A big deal.
'Don't Patronize Me.'
The words themselves don't mean much, but the connotations of them certainly have their place here. When someone says 'Don't patronize me,' it often implies at least these two things--
The person saying it percieves themselves as the one being in a position of power.
The person it is being said to has in some way questioned or undermined the other's authority because THEY believe they're the superior one.
And they both seem about the Same amount of irritated they say it--both Annoyed and Insulted, but not quite full blown Anger.
The difference between the way they say it is the key here! Bular says it smoothly, lowly, completely confident and certain of himself and the fact that he IS the one in control.
Strickler, however, says is much more clipped. Rushed, snappy, his anger very Apparent and Obvious... "Of course I do!" He says, in relation to knowing how to use the binding spell totems. But then...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Uncertainty.
So why act like he knew when he'd literally just go back on it and Ask anyway? Ill fuckin tell you why-- 1.) He's a stupid idiot, and 2.) He only said the Don't Patronize Me part on reflex, because Bular said it once to him, and it got him to shut up and go back to being obedient for a while.
He's a copycat.
He's spent so long under someone else's control, and had rarely if ever had control over anything stronger than a Goblin before. He does not know how to be a Boss, he does not know how to get Angor to submit to his will--and the only example he has of that kind of situation/dynamic is his old relationship with Bular. So, that it what he is trying to imitate, to replicate.
But because he has never been on the other side of that scenario, he is unsure of himself. Like when you're playing a game, or a sport, and you're filling in a role or position you've never played before; he may know the technicalities, he may have the passion and emotion, but he does not have the experience--and he is fully aware of that fact, so he overcompensates for it.
Every single time he brings up the fact that he brings up the ring, the fact that he's 'in control', the idea that he is Angor's 'master', the way he implies that Angor is somehow lesser than him, comparing him to a dog--all of that, every moment of it, is as much a Threat to and Flex over Angor, as it is a reassurance for himself.
To tack onto that, it's also incredibly likely that Strickler's treatment of Angor is a form of misplaced revenge for the way he was treated by Bular--an unhealthy mindset of 'If I was treated that way, why shouldn't I treat them that way right back?' A type of direct (and again, incredibly misplaced) karma.
This is mostly it--i Would delve in deeper and bring up the Racism Parallel but as a white person that's probably not a good idea (that said, if any people of color see this and Want to add their thoughts in regard to the racism parallels, oh my god please do)
So yeah this is definitely a mess bc i hate rereading stuff but Yeah, these are my thoughts, so please give me pennies.
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atsumiye · 2 months ago
um, wrong number?
summary: on a night out, atsumu manages to get his next flings number. written on a flimsy napkin, they scribble a cute “call me” and their number. however, the next morning atsumu realizes the last few digits are smudged. with his superb guessing skills, he manages to guess the last 3 digits….or what he thinks is the 3 digits. so what happens when atsumu texts y/n some raunchy messages? he gets called a pervert.
masterlist ll eleven ll twelve ll thirteen
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You changed your outfit 5 times, your hair 2 times and your shoes 7 times all before you even left your room. It was just some man you were talking to, so why were you nervous to meet someone you literally met before?
And to add to that, Meian's reaction was weird. Why was he so angry? You even promised to make it up to him, so what did he want? Reading his messages again made your heart ache. He was supposed to be your closest friend, but here he was acting like a different person. You thought about it for a while, but you couldn't come up with a solid reason as to why the idea of meeting Atsumu was so frustrating for him.
And to add to that, Meian's reaction was weird. Why was he so angry? You even promised to make it up to him, so what did he want? Reading his messages again made your heart ache. He was supposed to be your closest friend, but here he was acting like a different person. You thought about it for a while, but you couldn't come up with a solid reason as to why the idea of meeting Atsumu was so frustrating for him.
You expected an apology. His words hurt you deeply, and you don't even want to begin thinking about what other harsh things he would have said had you not stopped the conversation.
However, you decided that you wouldn't let Meian's attitude ruin the exciting day and you would deal with it the next morning. For now, you had somewhere to be. Taking a deep breath, you grabbed everything you needed and left your apartment.
You arrived at the water fountain right at 8, hiding behind a collection of large trees. The are was really beautiful, especially during spring. The colorful flowers started to bloom, the weather was perfect and the sound of the water provided a nice ambiance.
Before exposing that you were there, you looked around the empty area to see a fidgeting Atsumu holding flowers. You laughed to yourself as you pulled out your phone to click his contact and press the blue phone icon.
You watch as he jumps, scrambling to pick up his phone and smiles looking at your contact. You wait till he picks up the phone and you hear a cough, followed by a "hello?"
"Hi, Tsumu."
You watch him smile even more and before he can say anything, you decide to step out from behind the trees.
"I cant believe I saw your dick before I saw your face."
As he turns to look at you, you laugh and wave your phone at him, still connected to the call.
You reach for the end call button before turning your eyes back to him.
"No way, yer kidding me, it was ya the whole time?"
"The one and only. Hope I didn't disappoint."
"Ya could never." He hands you the flowers and you smile, "I'm just embarrassed that I asked ya for advice over and over and it was about ya..." he trails off before you say, "I thought it was cute. Definitely brought some excitement to my life."
"Oh wait, I owe you something!" He gives you a confused look as you place the flowers down on the ledge before grabbing his cheeks. You lean in, flashing the biggest smile you can put on and say, "I'm really proud to know you Tsumu."
His eyes start to water as he places his hands on top of yours. As he sniffles, you wipe the one tear that slides down his cheek with your thumb.
"Hey, don't cry now. We just met, I haven't even started being mean to you yet."
"'m not crying." He shuffles away with a few more sniffles before turning back to you.
"Why don't we go inside the ice cream shop and talk?" You nod as he reaches for your hand to bring you inside. "WAIT SAMU KNEW" you shushed Atsumu while bowing your head to the workers for the disturbance.
"He found out after he hired me, my number and the one he helped you decipher from the napkin were the same." He narrows his eyes, mumbling, "He could have told me he was that close to ya, that scrub. He only said he knew ya."
"So that means yer close friend is Meian then?" He asks as he shoots his head back up. You nod and say, "Yeah, we have been friends for over 20 years. Grew up next to each other."
You scoff, "Wait, has Meian never mentioned me or anything? I can add that to the list of reasons I can get mad at him for."
"He probably did but sometimes I don't pay attention..." he shyly laughs before looking away from you, "But if he gives ya any problems, ya let me know. I'll deal with him."
You giggle at his antics before you perk up to say, "But that being said I have a question for you."
"Go ahead angel." He rests his head in his palm while flashing you a grin.
"You met the girl who you actually meant to text, so why not text her and just end it there?"
He looks down at the table before he says, "Eh, well, I think I already liked ya at that point."
You meet his eyes before you say, "Good to know."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
chapter twelve- damnit atsumu
riya's notes:
- y/n and atsumu hung out for 5 hours
- he made sure to walk her home to her door
- he did make a joke about inviting him in but y/n smacked his chest
- they are both really really happy
- y/n never texted meian when she got home
- pls let me know your thoughts <333
taglist (bolded names cannot be tagged): @satorinnie @speakfrenchbetweenmythighs @tetsuhoes @namyari @tabipleats @yamstadashi @lilith412426 @haikyuuwifu @bakugouswh0r3 @royahllty @its-the-aerieljeane @schleepyflocci @riceballsandanime @lady-tokugawa-of-mikawa @zukoslosthishonor @blueowl51 @meri-soni-meri-tamanna @windkages @unstaaableaf @sakusasimpbot @tsukkinginamo @starylust @crocigator @a-disappointing-teen-author @ysatrap @fuschiguro @sugabeaniee @art-junkie-13 @indaybella99 @blue-berry-pop-tart @jojowantstocry @moi-bunni @hirugachan @notchineseduh @paintedstarres @broken-from-fandoms @internethome @everytimeswift @why-couldnt-it-be @kroerms @singularly-gifted-witch
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odinsonsobsessed · a year ago
Tumblr media
Forever With You
Sebastian can't wait to be married to you. But he has to wait thirty more unbearable minutes and apparently isn't the only impatient one.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan/Reader || Word Count: 800 || Rated T
A/N: A drabble inspired by this picture, which of course the loveable @silverink-goldenlies is responsible for. It's short, but incredibly fluffy. I can't resist an about to be married Seb.
Tumblr media
Sebastian is really excited. Like, I'm about to marry my best friend in the whole world and we're going to spend the rest of our lives together excited. Because that’s what he’s going to be doing in just thirty minutes. In just half of an hour, he’s going to be standing in front of you, reciting the vows he's basically been wanting to say to you since he's known you. 
A timid knock on the dressing room door tears him from his thoughts. He turns around from his spot in front of the window looking out onto the beautiful display in the garden where he will be pledging his forever to you. "Yeah?" You open the door just a crack and he turns to see a sliver of white fabric. Quickly he turns away. "You're not supposed to be in here, babe, it's bad luck!"
He hears the rustling from your dress and your arms encircle him. Sebastian looks down, your pretty freshly painted nails come into view as they settle on his stomach. Even though he hasn’t seen you yet, he knows you look perfect. You always look perfect to him.
"I-I'm sorry, I just..." A soft giggle escapes you, making him smile and his stomach flutter like it was the first time he'd seen you.  "This is happening. After all the planning and obsessing over every single detail about today, it's finally happening. I needed to see you." 
Sebastian's hands slide across your arms and he's holding you to him. He feels your lips graze his cheek and he asks, "And this couldn't wait?" 
He feels you smile against him and you pull back to shake your head. "You mean like how you couldn't wait to ask me to marry you and ended up kneeling on the floor in our apartment before we had a chance to leave for the dinner you planned? No, I couldn't." 
The memory enters his mind and he laughs. Sebastian remembers being so nervous and anxious to ask you, that he couldn’t fathom waiting another second without knowing if you were willing to be his wife, to be stuck with him the way he wanted to be ‘stuck’ with you. "Touché."
“We’ve got exactly two minutes before our mothers realize that I slipped away. Hold me just a bit longer?”
He hums contentedly. “Yeah.” His attention goes back to the guests being seated into the chairs, decorated in your favorite color. Everyone’s chatting, happy and excited to be there. Not as excited as he was to be there. The wedding arch was decorated impeccably with your favorite flowers, the ones he used to bring to you when he picked you up for each date. “It looks beautiful, sweetheart. It’s gonna be perfect.”
“I know… I wish it would hurry up and be three o’clock already.” You groan and Sebastian takes his left hand from your arms only to glance at his watch before he returns with a squeeze. 
“Only twenty seven more minutes, babe. Twenty seven more minutes and I’m officially yours, on paper.” He adds quickly.
“You and the cake.”
This sends a burst of laughter out of Sebastian. “The cake!?” Shaking his head, he rubs your arms slowly, savoring the way your skin feels against his. “That’s what this whole thing has been about, hasn’t it? You just want your wedding cake.”
“Damn, you caught me.” He can hear the smirk in your voice and he knows you’re kidding. He thinks it’s cute how much you love cake. You have no clue about his plan to smash cake in your face later and it prompts his own smirk. It was probably a pretty predictable thing to do at a wedding, but the two of you never talked about it, so he thinks it will catch you off guard.
“But seriously-” The sound of your name being called by some very distressed familiar sounding women come from the other side of the door, interrupts him.
“I’m in here!” You call before sighing. “Busted.” You mumble before the door swings open.
“Oh thank goodness! I thought you ran away!” Your mother sounds out of breath and he can hear remnants of a shaky voice.
“Well, what was I supposed to think when you suddenly disappeared? This was the last place I was going to look. I didn’t want to scare poor Sebastian. Now get out of there, it’s bad luck, you know!”
“Told you.” He whispers and you gently slap him on the back.
“I know, I know. I’ll see you soon, Mr. Stan.”
“See you, Mrs. Stan.” He isn’t sure if the gesture affects you like it does him, but it makes his heart flutter at the sound. He glances at his watch again once you leave him. Twenty six more minutes.
“Seriously! What were you thinking, young lady?” This time, it’s his mother he hears scolding you now and he stifles his laughter.
“He was a perfect gentleman. He didn’t even look.” He hears your hushed response to your mother and it makes him smile for what seems like the millionth time today and it certainly will not be the last.
Tumblr media
Part 2
@silverink-goldenlies @igotloki @mrshiddleston-uk @nikkalia @manager-of-mischief @spidey-bites @dangertoozmanykids101 @xxloki81xx @devilbat @furstinnajoelle @exbandragirl @joyofbebbanburg @sabine-leo @officiallyunofficialperson @littlefrogstuff @wolfsmom1 @drakesfiance @awkwardfangirl2014 @fire-in-her-veinz
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ptw30 · 2 years ago
So you're saying this theory about Shiro being bp in pre-production, it expanded upon s7 to s8? I thought it'd be just the scripts but there're so many inconsistecies with lion color and lines it baffles me. If they had almost two seasons ready, why would they put effort in remaking them, wouldn't that make up for a higher budget? why would DW EPs change their minds about the former version? (also, I'm sure this means there's no alt s8, just a s8 over a s8)
So which of the four people I started to explain this theory to are you? 
To clarify - no, they didn’t change the Black Paladin role from Shiro to Keith in pre-production. According to this - 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Keith’s panel is double the size of everyone else and off-center, thus taking over Lotor’s panel.)
- the EPs changed Seasons 7 & 8 in post-production. 
The Theory: Seasons 7 & 8 were a mess because essentially, we were watching different parts of Seasons 3-6 that were re-purposed following the insertion of the clone subplot. 
After watching Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 8 and seeing how Allura and Kuron’s struggles paralleled, I realized - they don’t parallel. These struggles match. Honerva invades Kuron’s mind just like she invaded Allura’s, is connected to Kuron and Allura through some sort of mind-link, and eventually is able to override Kuron’s mind while Allura receives visions in hers.But why would the EPs and writers do the same fight over? Why would they choose to redo parts of the story, rather than advancing the plot?That got me thinking about other theories about reused episodes. Coupled with “Knights of Light” being Shiro’s paladin journey sans Shiro - it occurred to me – Seasons 7 and 8 are, in part, Seasons 3-6. And thus – here’s what I think the original order of the episodes were, heavily influenced by interviews and foreshadowing, and most likely, a bit of bias, too.
Season 3 (released as Seasons 3 & 4)
Season 3 up to “Hole in the Sky” was originally plotted and shown as is; however, we know from EP interviews that “Reunion” was originally slated after “Hole in the Sky” and “The Legend Begins” was a two-parter.
After the clone subplot was conceived, “Reunion” was pushed back, “The Legend Begins” cut to one episode (but footage reused later), and “The Journey” inserted. The reused footage of Lotor’s ships and Shiro being added after the fact (where he barely interacts with the rest of the paladins) puts most scenes from “The Road Home” and “The Way Forward” in Season 3. 
I also want to add in here –  while the EPs said they wanted Shiro to die at the end of S2, they originally said earlier that the execs told them Shiro couldn’t be out a full season. That means Shiro was slated to return – my guess within 26 episodes, a full production season, not a full release season (which is 13 episodes).
So I surmise Season 3 originally looked something like this:
Changing of the Guard
Red Paladin
The Hunted
Hole in the Sky
Matt and Kuron’s Keith’s reunion in “Black Site” with parts of“Trailing the Comet”
The Legend Begins Part 1
The Legend Begins Part 2 (with the flashbacks we saw originally in “Knights of Light” Part 1 and 2) 
Code of Honor (switching out the scene with Kuron for a scene with Kolivan; Keith returns to save the team) and/or The Journey Within 
Fight scenes from “The Road Home” with paladins being captured/Zethrid and Ezor torture scenes/Black Site ending
The Voltron Show 
Begin the Blitz 
A New Defender
Just want to add – I wonder if originally, the five paladins stuck their bayards into their lions in “A New Defender” to give Voltron that extra punch, rather than Allura powering up Voltron with a deus ex machina. Then Lance seeing Shiro in the Void would have been the cliffhanger, not Keith almost dying. That would also explain why Keith’s near-death experience was never addressed by the team - cuz originally, it didn’t happen.
Season 4 (released as Seasons 5 & 6)
An early theory by @sol1056​ was that Keith was the second son of Zarkon, born in the rift. It makes sense, particularly since Krolia had no bearing on the plot other than birthing Keith. Sure, she found the Blue Lion on Earth, but as the Galra Empire was originally announced to be misogynistic, and thus having no female warriors other than Lotor’s generals – then Krolia was never meant to be a Galra soldier and therefore, could have not found the Blue Lion. 
I surmise – from Zarkon’s seemingly infiltrating Shiro’s mind in the pilot episode, to Haggar being able to hack Black and Shiro’s bond literally, and Red being on Sendak’s ship, where Shiro also spent some time – Shiro helped the Galra, perhaps inadvertently or unwillingly, to locate the Red and Blue Lions. 
Also, please note - Cosmo was originally inserted into this season, and as you know from previous posts, Cosmo most likely took the place of Shiro in the script, seeing as Cosmo and the Black Lion have the same teleporting abilities. (Yes, I believe the paladins were going to go all AtLA and get powers.)
For this season, I start to get a bit creative since the blanks are gaping here, as the clone subplot came to a head:
The Prisoner
Blood Duel (with Haggar remembering Keith)
Postmortem (if not in the last season finale, then here is where Shiro would yell to Lance and Keith wouldn’t have been in the Void, seeing as he’s not the Black Paladin OR Allura missing from the Void and Keith in Red’s position)
Kral Zera (a bit different, with Keith and Lotor going to Kral Zera; also, there would have been fallout from the team finding out Shiro may be alive)
Bloodlines (Lotor and Keith finding out they are related)
White Lion
Omega Shield (Allura having issues, not Kuron)
“The Colony” – changed as Keith doesn’t find Romelle (potential deletion all together)
Black Paladin redux but this time with the team finding Shiro’s body being drained by Lotor - Lotor and Keith fight
Knights of Lights Part 1 – team goes to find Shiro with Allura feeling for Shiro’s presence, not using the entity; minus the og!paladins flashbacks, which now aired in the third season; Keith says “you’re back to Shiro,” not Black. 
Knights of Lights Part 2 – Keith meets Zarkon surrounded by the paladins; found family trope achieved; Shiro’s history in the arena revealed or even “A Little Adventure” flashbacks
Defenders of All Universe - Voltron vs. Sincline
Please note: “Knights of Light” is a bit of anomaly. I feel it would work better as a mid-season climax - perhaps set in Season 7 - but if Shiro was to return prior by the end of the original Season 6 and Allura was having issues due to Honerva going to Oriande, then KoL would have to be in this season. 
Also, since “The Colony” was literally an eight-minute scene inserted in the middle of an episode and later, the Alteans become pawns - there’s a chance the Colony could have been deleted all together and Honerva, as Empress of the Galra Empire, still could have completed her plan. 
Season 5 (released as Season 7)
This season originally had Shiro back in Black with Lance and Keith going back to their original lions. Allura would be the one on the Atlas bridge by the end of the season, not Shiro. 
Considering this - as well as the re-purposed parts from Season 3-6 - here is where budget question comes in. Moving “Prisoner’s Dilemma” here so Shiro unlocks his bayard and seeing as Pidge should have gotten her bayard upgrade after Olkarion, the original Season 5 may have looked something like this:  
Shiro and Keith parts from “A Little Adventure” (originally written for “Across the Universe”) 
The Ruins (Shiro teleporting him and Keith)
Battle Scars
Prisoner’s Dilemma 
The Last Stand Part 1
The Last Stand Part 2
Know Your Enemy
Heart of the Lion
Trial by Fire
Lions’ Pride Part 1
Lions’ Pride Part 2
Adding in here “Monsters & Mana” and “The Feud”  - you have thirteen episodes overall, but my guess is these filler episodes were added to take the place of content that eventually was ejected from the plot - such as Lotor’s redemption and Shiro’s history, Lance and Blue getting back together, etc. 
Season 6 (released as Season 8)
I’m not even going to guess how this season originally looked, though we can assume “Genesis,” “Uncharted Regions,” “The Zenith,” and “The End is The Beginning” were all in the original rundown but with Allura in Atlas, Lotor returning to help Voltron, and the team back to its original line-up. And seeing as Allura went to Oriande and helped build Sincline, the natural progression of her storyline would have been to change Atlas on the fly in Season 7 and then in Season 8, merge Atlas and Voltron. 
But more importantly, here’s where the budget was really made up -  
Launch Date (filler)
The Grudge 
Genesis (maybe the White Lion wasn’t supposed to die originally)
Day Forty-Seven (filler)
Clear Day 
Uncharted Regions
The Zenith
The End is the Beginning 
There are only eight episodes created here - not thirteen. Coupled with using this season’s budget for “Razor’s Edge” and some of the scenes from “Bloodlines,” that brings the total to ten. By injecting the clone subplot and choosing to redo the storyline for Black Paladin!Keith, the EPs were able to cut-and-paste together the remaining episodes of this season. 
There are also short cuts in production you can see, such as leaving errors in animation and/or post-production. If the EPs and team were truly making sure VLD was the best it could be, we wouldn’t have:
Shiro calling for the MFE pilots to be ready to launch, and the Iverson doing it again less than four minutes later in “Uncharted Regions”
Atlas saying that it would cover the lions and then Keith saying they were giving Atlas a shot (A shot at what? Atlas was just supposed to help) in “The Zenith” 
Quintessence colors that aren’t uniform, considering Keith’s bayard now changes to the same color of Black’s tail when Shiro pilots (There is a gentleman whose sole job at DreamWorks is make sure the colors align.)
Luca coming back from the dead, Lance in Blue, Yellow having Red’s fire power in “The Zenith” 
Reused dialogue lines from previous seasons and perhaps even recorded dialogue with Shiro as the Black Paladin - Shiro as part of the field team in “Day Forty-Seven,” Shiro standing in for Griffin in “Prisoner’s Dilemma,” almost Shiro’s entire dialogue from “The Grudge”
Lance and Allura’s conversations with the original paladins not making any sense in “Knights of Light,” seeing as Allura isn’t overlooked. In fact, Honerva wanted to recruit her. 
Pretty much - VLD cut corners in the last seasons to make up the budget and delivered us a torn-apart story with offensive message and yet another set of ridiculous wings. 
TL;DR - Who really knows what happened with VLD, but what DreamWorks delivered wasn’t the original episode rundown, seeing as the team was supposed to be in their original lion line-up by the end of the series with Allura and Lotor being alive in Atlas and Sincline, respectively. And tbh - it hurts to see what we could have had and know there was an incredible story the EPs and DreamWorks not failed to deliver but refused to. 
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newslettertweaky · 9 months ago
I AM LIVING FOR THOSE HP!MC IDEAS AND I LOVE EACH AND EVERY THING YOU WROTE! -Ahem- now that is out of system and you opened the asks again I'm just gonna toss you this idea if you wanna use it, or not, its your tumblr. MC finding she has some Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans in her bag and gives them to others as a 'test your fate' challenge (Ace and Deuce, after tempting fate with theirs are totally one hundred percent behind her on this) (Bonus points if Vil is given a rather foul flavor)
So, I only did the Heartslabyul boys and Grim because you didn’t specify which characters but you did mention Ace and Deuce, so that decided your fate. Also, I didn’t add Vil since he would stand out in this pairing.
Please Enjoy~
◎ Bertie Botts Beans
Mc was sitting at a small table with Ace, Deuce, and Grim helping them study for a retake quiz since all three of them failed the test. Mc basically forced them to retake the quiz, so she’s being forced to stick around and watch over them a quiz. Riddle let them use an outdoor seating area to study since he was feeling very happy to see that they were taking their studies seriously. 
“Oi, Mc. Do you have any treats for us to eat? I’m kinda hungry and bottled water isn’t going to cut it.” Mc was on her phone at the time, texting Trey for treats when Ace asked. She shrugged before looking in her bag she’s had on her since coming here. “I haven’t cleaned out my bag so I might have some candy from my world. OH, I got a chocolate frog and some bagged gummy snakes!” 
“What’s a chocolate frog?” She put the treats on the and dug down further, finding a very full, carnival looking box from the bottom of her bag. An unopened box of Bertie’s Beans. She looked up as Grim ran off after a magic chocolate frog, Ace laughing at Deuce’s shocked face when he opened its container. “Hey guys, you want a magic jelly bean! My friends would try our luck with these, so if anything this might predict if you’d pass your test or not.”
Holding out the box, Ace spoke, mouth filled with gummy snakes. “What’ssss sssso magic about them? Whoa, I’m hissssss-ing! Nicccccce!” Deuce looked in at the colorful beans, the box looking fun and interesting. “Well, some beans are really tasty! And half aren’t, it’s a 50/50 chance so I’ll be fun!”
Deuce shrugged, taking a greyish-black bean. “What flavor is this? Does it tell you on the box?” Mc could only smirk, a playful gleam in their eyes. “Why don’t you try it and find out~” Grim came back to watch Deuce eat the bean, chewing it for a second before coughing and spitting it out onto a napkin. “GAH, it tasted so bad! Almost like-”
“Black Pepper.” Ace was laughing it up, Grim and Mc smirking before looking at the back of the box. “Yeah, there are about 19 different flavors. Looks like you got a bad one.”
“U-unless your like Cater then-” Ace couldn’t hold back his giggles, “You’re right.” Mc picked a bean at random and without looking popped it in, Grim following her example. She grimaced before swallowing the bean, “Damn it, I always get sausage. Ugh, hand me the water.” She takes the bottled water Deuce drank from to cleanse her pallet, Grim humming while chewing his bean. “Sausage isn’t that bad, it’s pretty good.” Grim also got the bean but since he’s a monster, he isn’t affected by the bean.
“Come on Ace, your turn! We’re Russian Rouletting this, 50/50~” She offers him the box, but he backs off. “I’m good with my bag of snakes, you guys can eat the beans all you want!” Deuce rolls his eyes, taking a light-colored bean, “Only the boys take a bean. Ace is not one of the boys- Oooh I got Green apple! Now that’s tasty!!” Ace didn’t like his insult and snatched the box, taking a yellow bean with white spots. His lips puckered up, eyes squinting while patting the table for the water. “L-lemon.” Mc laughed, handing him the water. “Bottoms up. So we all have bad luck huh?”
“What are you all? This doesn’t look like studying!” Riddle approached the table in his dorm leader outfit, cape flowing behind him with a stern look on his face. Deuce was laughing at a very ill-looking Ace, he just saw Grim eat what looked like poop in the garden and Mc had a red and white box of candy. “Oh Riddle-senpai, we’re testing our luck with some magic candies from my world, would you like to try one?”
Ace, Deuce, and Grim watched carefully as Riddle inspected the box and grimaced, “What are these flavors? Vomit? Earthworm!? Oh, they even put in soap to clean it out.” 
“There’s vomit in there!?” 
“Gross!!” Mc shrugged before eating a blue bean in front of him, “They’re safe, see. I had a blueberry, come on. You can collar me if you get a bad one!” He hesitates before sucking his breath and randomly grabbing one from the box. He takes a good look at the candy before looking at her, “I-is this a good one?” I was a pink bean, Candyfloss. 
“Oh that’s a sweet one, it’s safe to eat!” He eats it, taking a couple of chews before sighing in content. “That’s not fair! We had to go in blind!” Riddle digs in the box, picking out the sweet ones like cherry and candyfloss since he knows what they look like. “Still, you all should be studying.”
“What are you guys eating?” Trey walks over with two plates filled with sweet tarts and teacups, Cater holding a teapot. Cater sees the box and sees a bunch of jelly beans, not interested in the candy thinking it’s sweet. “Oh, we’re are having candy from Mc’s world. You should try one, you can either get a really good one or a bad one.” Riddle offered Trey a candy, Mc forgetting he had the box for a second. Trey grabbed one that looked Ace’s first bean, Lemon. 
“Oh, be careful! That one is really sour. The lemon bean is really lemony.” Ace warned Trey as he ate it.
But Trey’s eyes went really wide, like his whole face as he took the box and looked at the colored beans on the back, spitting out the bean that was half-chewed. “THAT WASN’T LEMON!!” Ace looked at the box with him, Cater and Riddle getting a cup of tea ready for him, Trey downing it in one go. 
“ROTTEN EGG!? That’s a flavor!?” Cater laughed, taking a photo of Trey leaning against Mc as support, not feeling good.
“Now I wanna try, hand me some beans.” Ace looked over all the flavors while Riddle was helping you sit Trey down on a chair. “Don’t tell me what they are, I’m going in blind!” Cater hands his belongs to Ace. You nervously chuckle, taking the box as Cater picked three different beans. 
“Ace, record this on my phone. I want to post this later.” He sat at the table taking a pink bean, Candyfloss. “Ok, so... it’s Candyfloss, not a personal favorite but better then what Trey got.” Trey glared at him, glasses folded nicely on the table as he ate a slice of tart in silence. Ace and Deuce gave up on studying and already cleaned the table to eat the strawberry tart. 
“Ooh, ok this has some tang to it. It’s passing… it’s passing… passing… Hand me a cup, it’s a rotten egg.” We laughed as Cater cleaned out his mouth, drinking a bit of tea. “How was it?” Trey groaned, smirking in his direction. “I think you overreacted, it’s not so much that the flavor is bad, it’s that with every bite it gets stuck in your teeth and the taste stays past the candy, ya know?!”
“YEAH, I can still taste the black pepper!” Deuce agreed, Mc nodding her head while drinking her own cup. “Yeah, that’s magic candy for you.” Trey sighs something about having to brush his teeth hard tonight. He eats the last bean in his hand, grimacing before spitting it onto the yard. “HEY, you’re cleaning that up Cater!” Riddle yelled at him before Cater started couching and gagging.
“What was it?” Ace tried to look over, the bean was white. “Really Cater!? You wasted a perfectly good bean.” Mc sighed, rolling her eyes at how dramatic he was being, “It was a marshmallow.”
“What, that’s way better than lemon!” 
“Mc, you think I can borrow those beans for whenever someone acts up in the dorm? It’ll be a fair punishment.” Riddle snickered while looking at the group, happy he wasn’t cursed like they all were. They argued over which bean was better while Mc made it up to Trey and giving him a CandyFloss and Watermelon. You’ll save the rest of the beans for another day, sharing the bag of candy snakes with Riddle and Grim. 
Bertie Botts Beans~
Ace: Lemon, Snakes in a bag
Deuce: Black Pepper, Green Apple
Grim: Sausage, chocolate frog, Snakes in a bag
Mc: Sausage, Blueberry, Snakes in a bag
Riddle: Candyfloss, Cherry, Snakes in a bag
Trey: Rotten Egg, Candyfloss, Watermelon
Cater: Candyfloss, Rotten egg, marshmallow
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othervio · a year ago
I hope you don't mind enlightening us on shading and lighting 👀 I love how you shade (especially with all the fancy double light sources you do--)
When it comes to shading and lighting- I could blab all day about colors and color theory, but in the end, a lot of it comes down to understanding 3D forms.
If you’re struggling with shading something and can’t tell if it’s turning out right, I would suggest turning it to greyscale to see if it’s working or not. Even practicing shading in greyscale can be immensely helpful.
Tumblr media
I’d practice shading different light sources on the same face to get a feel for how a face works in 3D. (The far left drawing has lighting directly in front of the face, the middle one has light coming from below, and the far right one has light coming from the side.)
I tried to do a mesh drawing on top to show you how you want to think of things as 3D, not 2D, but I’m not sure if it worked well haha.
Tumblr media
Anyway. Moving on. I don’t have a strict method of coloring things, but this is generally how I go about it. I start with flat colors, and then choose where I want my light source to be by adding in shadows. (Shadows naturally tend to be cooler in color, and highlights tend to be warmer, but it’s fun to experiment with different lighting conditions!)
Tumblr media
On top of that, I add highlights, and then add a little more depth to the shadows by adding a few darker spots where I think it needs it. 
Tumblr media
Then I tell myself “Stop adding double light sources to literally every drawing you do” and then I promptly ignore myself and add a double light source :D (+ here’s what it looks like when I convert it to greyscale to check it)
Tumblr media
Adding a second light source can really make a drawing pop. I typically add it on the opposite side of my main light source.
This specific secondary light is referred to as a “rim light” because it’s just barely touching the outline of the figure. It’s totally possible to have two light sources that are the same strength though!
Like in this Red drawing I did, I focused on only adding highlights from the two light sources as opposed to shading. I only added some shadows afterward in places that needed it.
Tumblr media
I hope that helps! Lmk if you have other questions!
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bukojuiice · 16 days ago
just the two of us... and the divine dogs — megumi fushiguro
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ೃ pairing: megumi fushiguro x fem! reader
ೃ  tags: fluff, a cute date in the park
ೃ  warnings: none!
ೃ wc: 1.6k words
ೃ  it was an otherwise perfect day for megumi to finally destress and be at peace from all of the drama surrounding the jujutsu world, but after you have a fated reunion with a childhood sweetheart, your boyfriend and his divine dogs find ways to get you back for the rest of the day.
ೃ a late birthday gift to @chibishae34! i hope you enjoy shae bestie! <3 
Tumblr media
Perhaps it was the rhythmic chant of cicadas and the light reflecting off of the beaming sun that lulled you into this calm and comforting state of being. The last days of summer- in all it's glorious sunsets and fading colors. Freeing your mind from the chaos that has been the recent events revolving the Jujutsu World. Not to mention being able to experience nature's delightful and healing presence with your handsomely stoic boyfriend, Megumi Fushiguro, felt like something out of a romance novel. So blissful. So perfect. It just felt too good to be true. You're out with him on a day at Ueno Park, walking Megumi's divine dogs. It's not the ideal date nor was it Megumi's kind of thing, but he needed the time to destress and get away from all the heavy emotional and physical burden of being a Jujutsu Sorcerer right now. Aside from that, Shikigamis deserve walks too! His divine dogs were floofy and adorable little cuties who deserved the world. And although Megumi had never bothered to name them, you decided to give them their own nicknames. the white ball of fluff was nicknamed Haru, whereas the latter darker wolf was nicknamed Tsuki. The day had been perfect so far for Megumi. You're walking hand in hand, his divine dogs are cutely tied into leashes with little bells, the sun was smiling, the sky tickled and teased by wispy white clouds, bright yellow butterflies danced a flowery waltz with buzzing bees and a shadowy wave rippled across the sleepy meadow of lush green. There was no other way to describe this day than to call it pure bliss. Just absolute bliss.
Tumblr media
"I'll get us some drinks." Megumi mutters, his hand breaks away from yours as he points to a nearby vending machine. "D-do you want your usual? The melon soda?" He adds monotonously. "You know me so well." You smile sweetly at him. "I'll be sitting over there, 'kay?" You then gesture to a park bench near a towering tree that had a beautiful shaded view of the entire area. It was a lovely spot for the both of you to spend the rest of your day in. He nods before leaving with Tsuki and Haru as you watch him walk away animatedly. Watching his figure walk further and further away. Seconds pass by as you continue to stare lovestruck at your boyfriend- when you suddenly feel a light tap on your shoulder. "(Y/N)! It's nice to see you here!" A voice calls out from behind. You turn your attention to see who it was and you find someone from your past- your childhood sweetheart come into view. His attractive features still remain the same. The innocent and gentle look in his eyes is still present and his soft dark hair brought you back to the times when you would make flower crowns for them. They still look the same and you can't help but reminisce. But... the feelings for him are gone of course. Your eyes widen and your mouth goes practically agape, "Rei! I can't believe you're here! How are you in Tokyo!?" "My family and I are vacationing here for a while." He chuckles, your baffled expression kept him chortling to no end. "What about you? What made you stroll around Ueno Park on such a perfect day?" "Oh! I'm with my boyfriend! He's just-" You turn your head, gesturing to Megumi who was now nowhere to be seen near the vending machines. Shifting your gaze from side to side, he was still nowhere to be found. "M-megumi?" You call out softly, a bit worried. "Maybe he went to the restroom?" Rei suggests as you turn your attention to him once again. Tapping his feet to the slightly awkward silence, he clears his throat. "Would you like to wait for him over there?" He points to the same scenic spot where you promised to sit at with Megumi. "I'd love to meet him!" Walking in slow strides, you can't help but grow worried at Megumi's sudden disappearance. Did he look for other vending machines? Did he actually go to the public lavatory? What about Haru and Tsuki? Why didn't he leave you with them if he went to relieve himself? You slightly perk up when you hear leaves rustling in the bushes. About to look for where the source of the sound came from, Rei's affirming and friendly words subsequently drown out all your suspicion and signs of worry. With a bite of your lip, you pay it no mind and continue to walk to your destination. Unbeknownst to you, The source of such suspicious sound came from your disgruntled boyfriend and his two puppers hiding in the shadows. 
Tumblr media
(Megumi's Point of View)
(Y/N) and her weird touchy childhood friend sat on a park bench underneath the scenic tree overlooking the park.
I would have no problem with this.
But... that's where we were supposed to sit.
Me and (Y/N). No one else. 
90% of the parkgoers around them were couples-- that says it all, as far as I'm concerned.
"Tch. When will that bastard leave?" I turn away from the dismal scene, leaning and hiding against a bush with Tsuki in my arms, giving him a good rub, and with Haru at my side, panting softly and wagging his tail. "Haru, Tsuki, Can you do me a favor and go take a nice bite out of that bastard?" I turn to my two divine dogs as they whimper audibly in response, almost as if saying no. "What's taking him so long?" The bastard finally speaks, sinfully patting (Y/N) on the shoulder. "Maybe he got lost?" Burying my face in Tsuki's fur, I grow even more irritated. There's clear intent that he does not want me within a few feet of (Y/N) and him. There's this coarseness in his voice like he's praying to the gods to wish me away or something. Jokes on you asshole, I'm just here listening along. (Y/N) shakes her head, her beautiful features more prominent underneath the delicate shade. "Megumi knows Ueno Park like the back of his hand. Frankly, I would get lost before he does." Thinking about it with as cool a head as I can manage, there is no particular reason I should be cross with them. I've been together with (Y/N) for about a year and a half now, it was far from the first time that some smug asshole from her school or from her past life in the countryside would declare their love for her.   Even so... My mind is convinced but why isn't my heart? If I'm confident about our relationship then why am I tailing them in the first place? Why didn't I just rush to (Y/N) as soon as they started talking? Just as I was about to pick myself up, at that very moment- The flirtatious scum snakes his hand away from (Y/N) to look at the time on his watch, "I'll have to go soon. We're scheduled to tour around the Ikebukuro district today. Maybe we can meet up one of these days? Before I go back to the countryside, that is!" With not the slightest hesitance, (maybe he saw me staring into his soul?) he props up from his seat and bids farewell. "Oh! Of course!" (Y/N) blinks, tilting her head in confusion as to why he stood up so suddenly. "I'll have your number then?" "Yea! Let me get my-" "WOOF!" (Y/N) furrows her brows, turning indignantly at the huge bush before her. Shit. Shit. Shit. She recognized Haru's bark. "Haru? Are you there?" "Arf!" Haru leaps out of the shrubbery at her call before I can get a hold of his tie, jumping into (Y/N)'s arms and smothering her face with affectionate licks and sniffs. A burst of giggles escapes from my girlfriend's lips as the man next to her stood still, albeit awkwardly. She narrows her eyes, turning to the hedge where I've been hiding once more. With a hefty sigh and her hands resting on her hips, my jig is finally up. "Megumi... I know you're there." Idly petting Tsuki, I let out a huge sigh and finally reveal my cover. Her childhood friend notices the death in my gaze as soon as he sees me come into view and quickly escapes the scene. "I'll see you around, (Y/N)! It was nice meeting you, Megumi!" He saunters away before I could curse him off. I shift my attention to (Y/N) once more as I step out of the bush, head low. "I'm sorry for spying on you like that. I didn't know what to do or how to approach you as soon as the two of you started talking. It was like the both of you were in your own world." "I'd like to a-apologize too." (Y/N) says firmly, approaching me with an apologetic smile.  "I was being unfair and got too caught up in the moment that I didn't even bother looking for you. Major flags when he asked to stroll further away from where I was supposed to wait for you. I'm sorry, Megumi." "Guess we're even now." Enveloping her into a warm and comforting hug, I intertwine my fingers with hers and bring her back to the park bench. With the rest of the day in our hands, waiting for the sun to go down, and my divine dogs plopped on the grass at our side.... This was all I needed to achieve a sense of calm. Momentary peace amongst the grueling demands of my life studying to be a Jujutsu Sorcerer. That was all it took for a day to become perfect.
Tumblr media
taglist: @impinthecloset​ @dibhachu @sugurus-princess @crapimahuman @ieatyangyang @hu-tao-main @dukina @kenmakeii  @arvinrusselisbae  @call-me-moonfloweer @midnightangelfox​
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tonyglowheart · 8 months ago
Thinking about this again, but: Is there already a community/tumblr page/twitter page/discord server/whatever of Chinese cultural consultation for fic writers? Similar to Brit-pickers of ye olde, or Writing with Color here on tumblr?
If not, are there other Chinese ppl who would be interested in being a mod on such a tumblr page/twitter ask (probably via cc or some such)/or sth? I’d prefer a range, including diaspora in various parts of the world, Asia-based Chinese ppl (I’d prefer not just Western diaspora Chinese ppl), mainland-based if we can get them I know tumb & twt are banned..., recent immigrants, etc. The goal would be to act as an “ask blog” of sorts for specific questions similar to how Writing with Color does, as well as hopefully provide a pool of ppl who would be willing to act as cultural consults/Chinese-pickers/sensitivity readers for ppl to work in a more close/intimate way the way a beta reader would.
But yeah, if this doesn’t already exist, it’s an idea I do kind of want to get off the ground, because I do have ppl still asking me about it and it’s something I WOULD like to exist bc I feel like it could be a good resource for ppl or a good hub for cultural appreciation & learning, but it’s something which I don’t think I’d be able to do alone, nor would I feel comfortable doing alone since culture is so complex/in no way a monolith, and different perspectives are so important to providing nuance as well as verisimilitude, etc etc.
This concept for a fan endeavor is still in its nascent stages so the exact details and parameters haven’t been pinned down, and I’m also grappling with what exactly the scope & function of such an endeavor would be. Is it going to be just more generally for “Chinese culture” stuff? Is it going to be more specific to fandom? If so, then does the scope of the fandom need to be limited? It seems inevitable that if this is a general thing there’ll be fandoms we can’t cover. And if it is fandom specific, do we limit it down to one fandom? A few fandoms? And how specific-to-the-fandom do we get as to what’s allowed and what’s not?
Additionally, there’s a lot up in the air as to logistics. What platform would this endeavor be based in? There’s pros and cons to most of the prevailing platforms rn. Some of the functionality is going to change depending on what platform is the “home” platform.
As of now I do envision it more of a WwC style situation, where people can ask in, and a designated panel of people provide their input, as well though with open invitations to the audience to comment. I do think something like this would benefit from having a specific panel of responses as a starting point, not to position anyone as an ”authority,” but to hopefully provide more focus and direction for the asker (I imagine something truly open the way open comments or even reddit could be overwhelming and might confuse the asker more because of the potential multitude of positions and reasoning). Again what I’m envisioning here is a platform as well as space to provide guidance and, hopefully, education and tools to people to better navigate the space respectfully and with confidence. Am I being too naively optimistic?
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