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#once again

Daniel: johnny do you only listen to gangsta’s paradise by coolio?? is that the only song you listen to???

Johnny: what are you talking about

Amanda: yeah johnny every time i go onto spotify and see my friends’ activity you’re always listening to gangsta’s paradise

Johnny: uh

Johnny: uh

Johnny: gotta blast

Daniel: what the-

Amanda: i stg ill kill him i stg im gonna do it 

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Yeah, they’re different, but here’s the thing: unless the author SPECIFICALLY asked you for constructive feedback, or you are betaing something, leaving a comment pointing them out is only going to make them feel extremely shitty. Like… posted chapters are finished works. I’m never going to take a chapter down and edit it to fix things that were pointed out in my comments (unless it’s a typo lol.)

You know when I do listen to comments like that? When they come from my betas. When they’re going through the unedited chapter. If you’re not that author’s beta, keep it to yourself.

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One more time, I apologize for hurting someone’s feelings in this whole David/Lily story but that’s how things are: not everybody shares the same opinion you have!

I still think it’s unfair some random anon went to talk about me to another blogger and I got blocked before I could even have a chance to defend myself but what can i do?

but if I’m such a bother to some people in that fandom, I just DELETED absolutely ALL JIM HOPPER CONTENT I ever posted except the asks I answered about David because they are just my opinion and unlike some people, I don’t go to blogs who like Lily Allen and David and throw hate at them, I just mind my own business on my own blog and occasionally reply to curious anons.

I thank everybody who supported me and my writing work, but I don’t feel welcome in a group where I have to pretend to agree with everyone else about every single thing in order not to be treated like the worst person in the world.

P.S the fact an anon whose real identity is probably someone I don’t even know went talk shit about me to another blog, literally proves my point when I said you can’t disagree to ANYTHING that David does/says without having some fans attacking you for nothing LMAO

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