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#once in a while. i design random characters
jadequarze · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Character design with a random color palette
💥  [Ko-fi | Redbubble | Twitter | Youtube | INPRNT] can be found in pinned post.    
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opal-owl-flight · 2 months ago
“Oh yeah, tumblr also has a follower count. I wonder how many-“
Tumblr media
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slytherinchevy · 3 months ago
Improv ~ MCU CAST x Hearing Loss! Teen! Reader
A/n: Hi!! I’m back! (Hopefully)
But yeah, thank you so much for being patient with me. It’s just been a weird time for me. 
I’ve mentioned teen reader but honestly no age indication is there other than the fact that the reader is the youngest in the entire cast. 
I don’t experience hearing loss and this is based on research to make this as accurate as possible so I really hope you like it. 
Requested by: @kdrosebme 
 (Why are these tumblr tags so annoying, they don’t work half the time ;-;) 
Warning: None other than 2 swear words
Words: 1.8k+
Y/c/n - your character name
(disclaimer: any act of translation or plagiarism will not be tolerated. this oneshot is not available anywhere other than tumblr so if seen somewhere else, please do notify me)
You were quite nervous for the scene you were about to shoot. You had been jittery about it the entire morning. You probably had memorized the entire script verbatim so that you can be as effective as possible.
But you knew how your cast members had a knack for improvising all the time, doesn’t help that Marvel also likes improvs and made room for that in the script.
You wondered if you could do well in acting in movies like Marriage Story where everything is timely scripted as Scarlett had once said. That way you might not have to concentrate so much on what someone is saying.
Your cast mates had assured you that they will try to be as accommodative as possible and help you along the way if they find you having trouble. You were grateful that they were understanding of your situation, trying their best to make you comfortable and included as possible.
And why wouldn’t they, they loved you. You were the baby of the group.
Anyways, the reason this particular scene had you nearly shitting your pants was because it was a scene where all of you had to argue while trying to come up with the best plan of action for your mission.
You made your way to the conference room set-up the design crew had made, finding the rest of your castmates there, greeting you as soon as you had arrived.
They had learnt not to greet you from afar, because either you wouldn’t be able to understand anything or hear the most random thing ever which had happened a couple times, sending the entire group into hysterics, along with you when you learnt what they had actually asked you.
“Hey, honey” Elizabeth greeted you first, bringing you into a side hug before you got a chorus of ‘Heys’,’ good mornings’ and ‘feeling good?”
Their voice did get muddled together but it was routine at this point so you knew what they would’ve said to you. It was almost a ritual, to greet you with these phrases and if someone had something new to say, they knew to tell it you to when others weren’t speaking so you could concentrate properly.
It wasn’t long before you all were called onto the set to start filming.
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. Chris Evans came over to you and patted your shoulder,” It will be alright. You got this”
You focused on his lip movements since the last few words weren’t easily comprehendible to you.
“Do you want me to repeat?” he asked kindly.
“Yeah” you smiled sheepishly, not happy with making someone who was trying to encourage you repeat themselves.
He repeated once again, a bit more slowly and loudly and smiled when your face lit up because you were finally able to understand what he had told you.
“Thanks Chris!” you exclaimed, louder than you thought you were actually talking.
“Y/n?” Paul shouted for you, kindly gesturing to lower your volume before pointing up. You looked up to see they had placed the mic right above you, which meant that you had shouted a bit too loudly for everyone’s hearing comfort.
“Ah, sorry” you whispered, a bit too scared to talk now. The cast gave you reassuring smiles, telling you it was fine which helped relax you.
They finally started filming and everything was going well in the beginning.
It had only been two to three people speaking, and you had trained yourself after long, hard hours of practice to be able to concentrate on at least three people at once, just enough to get the gist of what the topic of conversation was.
You felt yourself relaxing, thinking that you’ll be able to do well for the rest of the scene. And as soon as that thought came to you, you cursed yourself for celebrating a little too early.
Because soon enough a lot more people joined in on the argument, some shouting and some talking way too quickly but quietly which just made it all the worse.
You tried your best to follow because you knew your dialogues were fast approaching but you couldn’t understand where to insert them anymore.
So just thinking fuck it, you blurted out your line, everyone stilling at once. You looked around nervously, stunned at the sudden silence.
” Y/n we haven’t gotten to that part yet.” Chris Hemsworth said gently. No one was mad at you, they knew you had trouble with scenes intense like this.
You still couldn’t help but feel like you were slowing them down, so you just nodded embarrassed before asking for a re-shoot.
Scarlett came up to you and gave you a huge hug, already sensing your nerves rising and trying her best to calm you down,” It’s okay, alright. We are here for you.”
You nodded before looking at the cast again,” Can you guys talk a bit more clearly? And slightly louder for the ones who have quieter lines please? Hopefully I’ll be able to get the gist of your dialogues then.”
They nodded amongst themselves, telling you they’ll do what they can.
This time, when the scene started filming, Scarlett and Tom Holland sat beside you instead of their original positions, so that they could help you keep track of what was going on.
Scarlett and Tom would interchange whenever they had a dialogue so that you didn’t fall out of the loop because of the breaks.
Quite a while back, you and the rest of the cast had come up with a system to help you through scenes like these. You had different tapping patterns, to tell you when it was your line and when it wasn’t and for you to tell them when you couldn’t understand etc.
And over the years you all had learnt to keep it discreet from the camera.  
But this time it got too confusing even with the tapping patterns and at one point, you just stopped trying so hard.
You gave up on trying to comprehend stuff because this was giving you a headache and you rationalized that since your character also experienced hearing loss, you could improvise and get away with it.
You also had a lot of faith in your co-stars to improvise along with you, so you just leaned back and massaged your temples, still in character to show as if your character was just as done with this argument as you were.
“Well, Y/C/N, what do you think? You are the only one who hasn’t chosen a side yet” Paul, as Vision, asked.
You slowly opened your eyes and answered,” I gave up in the first five minutes of this argument to understand anything of what you all were gibbering about.” You snarked in an annoyed tone because that was how your character would respond unlike you who would apologize and ask someone to repeat themselves.
Robert caught along and responded in the most Tony Stark way, by throwing his hands in exasperation,” Great. How did you even end up as an avenger?”
Chris Evans as Steve, Scarlett as Natasha and Lizzie as Wanda all protested against his commentary, starting another mini argument which ended with you and Vision leaving the room midway through it, which was supposed to be the ending for the scene anyways, even if it wasn’t supposed to be in this sequence.
The director yelled,” CUT! Change for the next!”
You stood confused, tilting your head slightly trying to think of what he could’ve said because whatever you heard wasn’t it.
Tom Holland came to you and asked,” You couldn’t understand?”
You silently shook your head,” I doubt he said ‘Age or next’ because if he did, why in the hell?”
Tom chuckled slightly before telling you what the director actually yelled before accompanying you to your trailer.
It had been quite a few months now. The movie had premiered last night and currently you were attending one of the press conferences with fans attending as well.
It was a jolly time, everyone having fun joking around.
At some point during the fan questions, one fan stood up and addressed a question to you.
But you couldn’t hear much of what they said due to the constant buzz and chatter in the hall.
“Uhm, I’m sorry, could you please repeat a bit more loudly and slowly?” you asked.
“And we would highly appreciate it if everyone in this room can quiet down and not talk or whisper or anything.” Robert added.
Once the chatter had died down, Lizzie commented,” Thank you very much.”
The fan repeated their question again,” Hello Y/n. Big fan of yours and your character. I wanted to ask you about a small scene I had noticed last night. During the argument scene, Natasha and Peter were lightly tapped on the table beside you and my theory is that it was to help Y/C/N understand the conversation. My friends don’t believe me so I wanted you to confirm what that was.”
You were quite surprised that anyone had even noticed that because it was quick and not focused on. You looked at Scarlett and Tom and saw they were just as surprised as you.
“So Scar, think we should let them in on our secret?” you playfully asked, Scarlett smirking in response.
“By the way, your observation skills are amazing. Tell your friends you are absolutely right” Tom answered.
“Oh my gosh , really!?” the fan exclaimed.
You nodded,” Yeah, you are. Honestly didn’t think anyone would even notice that part since its not even focused on by the camera and is only a few seconds long. But actually, the tapping isn’t only for Y/C/N. It’s actually for me personally. The cast and I came up with a code to help me through intense dialogue scenes because they overwhelm me a lot.”
After the chatter for this particular topic had died down you spoke up again,” By the way, anyone interested in a tiny fun fact about that scene?”
When you got a loud YES shouted back at you, you continued,” Alright. That entire scene was improv.”
Even though all you could hear was a buzzing, through the audience’s facial expression you figured they were all surprised by the fact,” Yeah. And Y/C/N giving up on the argument was actually me giving up on following the dialogues. So, the entire discourse that happened there was improv on the spot.” You laughed.
Your story soon was used as a segue into behind the scene stories which you and the cast had a lot of fun recounting and narrating, getting the opportunity to tease each other more than usual because of that.
Overall, y’all gave a lot of juicy details about each other for the gossip blogs and news outlets to feed on for weeks.
Taglist: @mrsweasley06    @boba707    @calimoi    @nevaehss-heaven    @catsandbooksandsstuff    @darlingangel-17    @magic-source    @heyarely16    @originaldragonalmondflap @supercorpendgame100   @sleepyheadssss @sleutherclaw  @deadrhee @graciecliffx  @seggsyburrito @sweetlilbambi  @bi-lmg  @mxgcalvi @sunday-kindoflove         @idk123906  @m-1234          @aqarath          @mrs-scottmccall           @freyathehuntress          @yelena-belovas-wife         @natashadeservedmore         @mmmmokdok 
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sunhee-sun · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
characters : timeskip!various characters x gn!reader warnings : suggestive; petnames (love; pretty; pretty baby; etc...) a/n : i had the idea today and i finished it today, applause pls. anyways, there will be a part two. when? idk ._. also i'm bad at adding many characters at once so bear with me :0 hope you enjoy <3 (no i didn't proofread, pls don't have high expectations on me :0)
Tumblr media
you weren’t listening to him, he noted, slightly growing frustrated at the way you were more entranced by your phone by him planning your date that was supposed to happen this weekend. an almost inaudible ‘tsk’ fell from his lips as he took your phone away, preventing you from whining or getting mad at him by simply grabbing your chin, pocketing your beloved device and bending to your height, a victorious smirk on his lips as he watched the way your anger was replaced by the feeling of your cheeks heating up under his fingers.
“are you finally going to listen to me, love?”
and of course, with the way his low voice sent shivers running down your spine and had your heart thumping against your chest, you could only nod, drawing a satisfied smile on his face.
akaashi; osamu; oikawa; matsukawa; iwaizumi
Tumblr media
with a cup of your favorite beverage in your hands and a small smile on your face, you let yourself ramble about your day, knowing that your boyfriend would listen to every trivial detail leaving your lips. you talked about your work, friends, how your best friend caught her partner cheating last week and that you hoped she was slowly pulling herself together since you couldn’t see her as much as you wanted. your boyfriend listened, attentively, a fond look in his eyes matching the fond smile plastered on his face. then you switched to another topic that picked his interest, and he simply leaned slightly forward on his chair, looking up at you through his bangs.
“oh yeah?” “is that so?” “mmh.”
you could almost hear the teasing edge in his words. you could see the way his lips curled slightly up. and you hated how you loved every second of it, words dying on your tongue the moment his voice cuts you off and taking a deep breath before speaking again, trying not to show how the way he drawled out the syllables or how low he made his voice sound did not just affect you.
suna; matsukawa; atsumu; tsukishima; kenma; semi; sakusa
Tumblr media
as soon as you heard the front door opening and closing and once your boyfriend’s voice reached your ears, you threw your phone on the pillow next to you and jumped out of bed, a large smile on your face as you greeted him. he chuckled in amusement, quickly slipping off his shoes and jacket before spreading his arms as he noticed you were almost vibrating in place. not a second later, you were wrapped up in his warmth, feeling his cheek rest over your head as you nuzzled deeper into his chest, inhaling his comforting scent.
“you smell so good,” you couldn’t help but admit, drawing another chuckle out of his lips.
days later, you found hoodies folded on your side of the closet and of the bed at the most random times. and as soon as your head went through the hole designed for it, you were enveloped in your boyfriend’s warmth and scent, making you smile softly while scrolling down your phone.
akaashi; sakusa; sugawara; kita; aran; ushijima; yamaguchi
Tumblr media
the first thing your eyes notice when you make your way towards the kitchen, sleepily rubbing the right one, was your boyfriend leaning against the counter in all his shirtless glory, smiling and cooing softly at you as you padded your way into his arms. the second thing you noticed about him when preparing your breakfast was how his sweatpants were hanging dangerously low - enough for you to admire his v-shaped line and enough to tease you as he likes.
“enjoying what you see, love?”
and the third thing you have noticed this morning was the teasing glint in his eyes and the playful smirk on his lips, making you huff, pout, cross your arms and turn around from him, desperately trying to hide any sign of you being flustered - only to be caged against the counter for the next hour.
atsumu; osamu; oikawa; matsukawa; tendou
Tumblr media
your boyfriend looked tired. exhausted even. and you weren’t sure if you felt guilty or not as you let your eyes wander around his figure instead of helping him out with his jacket and his tie and maybe even prepare him a warm bath while he waits on the couch and once he’d be disappearing in the bathroom you’ll either cook his favorite meal or order from his favorite place. but instead, you watched, mouth suddenly dry, how he pulled his tie, unbuttoned the first buttons of his shirt and how his large hands pulled his sleeves up his forearms, revealing noticeable veins to which all your attention went to.
“help me out of all of this, y/n.”
of course. of course he would notice your gaze and of course he would tease you. and, of course, you knew better than to say no, slowly getting up from the couch where you were admiring him and walking towards him. you almost yelped at the feeling of his hand grasping your wrist and pulling you towards the bathroom.
daichi; ushijima; sakusa; kuroo; iwaizumi
Tumblr media
annoying your boyfriend would undoubtedly be the best part of the day. you weren’t sure what you found amusing in how he seemed to slowly lose his temper whenever you joked around, escaping his grip, cuddles and kisses as you ran down the house, laughing. you didn’t really know why you loved talking back to him so much or slip jokes between serious talk or pretend that you were ignoring him. maybe it was the way he chuckled, clearly annoyed before his eyebrows raised and his tongue poked at the side of his cheek, half-glaring at you. yeah, he looked hot doing that.
“you’re really annoying, pretty baby.”
you had the urge to smile widely at his words and reply back but you knew it would be the last straw and it was barely ten in the morning and it was his day off - which meant you had the chance to go on a date. so instead, you did as he asked you earlier and ran up the stairs, readying yourself for said-date, a small smile on your face.
sakusa; iwaizumi; daichi; suna; kuroo
Tumblr media
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mammonssugarmamma · 16 days ago
Could I request a short drabble or heascannons with Mammon and an mc who gets random cuts and bruises frequently? Like they have absolutely no clue how they got them, "oh, I have a cut on my arm? Neat. Should I use the Marvel or the Disney bandaid."
mc that gets hurt often
a/n: gosh i feel bad not posting anything for a while but i’m back! i’m writing something else that was my main focus so sorry i’ll try to get it out in a couple days
but here’s this we all need a little protective mammon in our lives don’t you think<3
the more mammon hangs around you the more he loses his mind
it’s like every time he turns around you get cut or bruised and he doesn’t understand, he’s supposed to protect you but he can’t even figure out how you got a cut by walking?
the first time he noticed you got hurt he panicked because one you seemed so calm about it and two if Lucifer saw (which he would see) mammon would be knocked into tomorrow 
because of this he always keeps tons of bandaids on him preferably character ones, glitter ones, and his personal fav grim designed bandaids
the more you two get close the more mammon becomes gentle around you, opening your door like a regular person just in case you’re behind it or something smacks you in the face, he doesn’t death grip your arm he actually just holds you hand now (blushing face and all)
he caries your bag at school and anything else you have in your hands so you don’t fall or bruise your body, at this point he’s gotten so soft around you he once served, cut, and spoon fed you dinner which he got called out for but you were thankful
in more intimate moments he holds you like any greedy demon would but you can tell it’s a little loser and a lot cuter. he noticed that when he holds you like this you tend to not hurt yourself so he does this a lot thought the day 
another plus side is the house is now MC proofed! since the place is basically gonna fall apart at any second and the brothers don’t bother to fix it the stairs have padded cushions on them so you don't get splinters or slip and fall, the kitchen now has baby locks and all hazardous stuff that could possibly hurt you (which is apparently everything in the kitchen) is stored and tucked away so you won’t get to it
all the brothers room are MC proofed in some way like mammon now cleans his room so you don’t get hurt and he now holds your hand whenever you walk around his room (it’s for safety purposes and Lucifer even told him to do it) 
all in all mammon makes sure you’re never hurt not even in the slightest. he's basically your bodyguard, you sweet, caring, tsundere bodyguard and he’ll do anything to keep you happy and safe.  
Tumblr media
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allisonlol · a month ago
Omg I would love a part two of the s/o moving in 😖💞
a/n: hell yea!! u didn't specify what characters so i just chose some at random!!
warnings: none!
(Fyodor, Dazai) When Their S/O Moves in with Them
Tumblr media
he has great taste so i know he has the best designed place
only second to chuuya's
lives in an apartment near the outskirts of the city
has that nice ass dark interior too
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
but i digress
fyodor would let you move in only weeks after you started dating if you wanted to
and who wouldn't
sees this as a way to keep you closer to him, and therefore safer
rushes you to get all your stuff moved in after only a day??
probably calls nikolai over to help carry the furniture bc both of y’all are too WEAK
...which ends up being very eventful
^nikolai drops your favorite lamp down the stairs btw. and yes it broke </3
you guys share a bedroom since he doesn’t have an extra guest room 
fyodor probably has some secret room locked up that you’re NOT allowed to enter
dw it’s just his office lol. he’s trying so hard to be mysterious 😐
it’s always super hot in his apartment because he keeps the thermostat set to like 80 degrees
you’ll be sweating and begging him to turn it down while he still continues to insist that he’s freezing
ok that’s enough slander for today
his apartment always smells good!! like that clean linen febreeze
there’s always some soft classical or symphonic music playing over the surround sound at any given time; it’s actually really soothing
his kitchen is always STOCKED with the best kinds of foreign foods too...fyodor is a man of taste as previously mentioned 🤗
move into what, lmao?? a storage unit???
kidding. i’d hope he’s moved out of there by now
but we all know that dazai is practically broke 
so his apartment is pretty small and basic, like a studio apartment
i’m being pretty generous with these but:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dazai is another one who wants you to move in right away, after a few months of dating or so
unlikely that you'd get your own room since the apt is already so small
not that u mind...(or maybe u do, idfk)
dazai is that specific breed of person that NEVER locks their doors so pls start doing that for him 😟
^sometimes atsushi just randomly shows up?? he tells u it’s because before u moved in, HE was the one who made sure dazai didn’t leave any important documents out in the open for ppl to find
his apt is surprisingly clean tho?? probably cuz he can't afford many belongings in the first place
i'm not sorry that this has just turned into repeatedly bashing dazai and his living situation
once you've unpacked your stuff and settled in, you make his place actually look lived in
while you're there, you take it as an opportunity to help him fix his absolutely cursed sleep schedule
literally have to drag him to bed at a normal time
you do most of the shopping too, since the first day you moved in and checked the fridge it was completely EMPTY
dazai could care less about how you furnish or organize the place, so feel free to do whatever you'd like with it
Tumblr media
taglist: @deadmitochondria @miycutie @xelia25 @scul-pted @exorcisedstraydog @gogolyouwhat @chuuyasboots @shy-socially-awkward-intovert @beandaifuku @ravenina14 @sonder-paradise @imhanako
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eri-cheri · 11 months ago
Now that we have reached the last chapter of the year. It is time to do a 2020 roll call of what I like to call, “State of the Shippers”:
1. IzuOcha. Status: Placated.
-IzuOcha’s could celebrate several cute tidbits throughout the year. Mini moments as they say.
Anime Highlights: The OVA’s came in clutch with moments for shippers all around and IzuOcha is no exception. We got a cute tidbit where Izuku and Ochako bumped into each other and were flustered.
Tumblr media
Manga Highlights: Christmas kept on giving to this fandom as the AM doll Izuku gave Ochako made many appearances. A cute fist bump between the two was also exchanged and Mina was right there bouncing with y’all.
Heroes Rising: Izuku super man carried Ochako to safety. And was Angy she was injured. Fans could enjoy the small Lois Lane moment.
Troubling Signs?: Ochako said “I would like to be excluded from this narrative” when it comes to her feelings for Deku. She’s a hero damnit! So if they are in for something, probably won’t be while they are still in school.
II. DabiHawks. Status: Yikes.
- Dabi and Hawk’s very public breakup set this fandom in disarray but also kind of disayay?
Anime Highlights: None yet. This fandom was cruelly cock blocked by Bones. Sorry DabiHawks stans.
Manga Highlights: Where to begin, my goodness. With these fans, I guess the good and the bad is a plus in this homoerotic double agent relationship. We have the notion that Dabi may have known Hawks when they were kids, which may be a positive? Hori sure loves his childhood friends. Other than that. The GIRLS WERE FIGHTIN’. Hawks is now permanently scarred by Dabi and I don’t think it was kinky folks. Tokoyami inserted himself in the middle to White Knight Hawks, Dabi broke up with him via YT expose and overall, shippers could anguish in the absolute MESS that this ship endured this year. But I’m sure that’s part of the appeal. So...yay?
Tumblr media
Heroes Rising: They were both in it.
Troubling Signs?: The entire relationship is a troubling sign which again, is part of the appeal. Maybe Hawks will cuddle up with Dabi’s father after the war. That’s troubling! Speaking of...
III. EndHawks. Status: Yearning and Burning.
-If there’s one thing Endeavor couldn’t stop worrying about, it was his hot (in more ways than one) new side piece who probably should have looked at the fine print when signing a contract to be a recurring guest star on “Keeping up with the Todoroki’s”.
Anime Highlights: A fateful meeting finally in high definition for all our eyes to see! Hawks’s unwavering support of his biggest hero was endearing to watch and their shenanigans together spurred the anime onlies to finally jump on the biggest May-December ship in the series.
Tumblr media
Manga Highlights: Endeavor’s admiration and concern for Hawks seeped through the pages as we entered our most exciting arc in the manga yet. Fate split these two up yet entwined their downfall together. And that Fate’s name was Dabi...or should I say ⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️ or should I just say Touya!
Heroes Rising: “Don’t bite my head off, Endeavor.” Geez, can you flirt a little less loud Hawks?
Troubling Signs?: They say never meet your heroes and Hawks is in for a rude awakening. We shall see just how deep his admiration runs or if Endeavor’s past will split our dynamic duo up for good.
IV: TodoDeku. Status: “Precious”
-Shoto’s “Midoriya is in Danger” radar was highlighted in both manga and anime. 4th User’s quirk, who?
Anime Highlights: “Midoriya hasn’t returned yet.” “Where’s Midoriya?” “Midoriya! Grab my hand!” “Have some of my Soba Midoriya.” Shoto gets it. His emotional support friend is a danger magnet. TodoDeku’s also enjoyed tiny tidbits in the OVA such as a hand grabbing scene. Gotta hold tight to those crumbs.
Tumblr media
Manga Highlights: Two Words. “Precious Friend.” Deku comes in w/o arms or legs fighting for Shoto and Shoto’s honor. These two spent the entire year worried sick about each other, and going against all odds to save each other. Precious Friends indeed. TDDK fans ate.
Heroes Rising: Shoto kicks some dog ass and then faints thinking of Deku (and Bakugo but shh. Let the shippers rejoice.) On the bright side, we have a 3rd movie coming featuring “The Three Musketeers” so shippers of TdDk can HOLD TIGHT to what’s to come.
Troubling Signs?: Shoto still doesn’t know about OFA and he’s gonna have LOTS of questions after this arc. Will Deku finally tell him? If not, it could make or break the ship.
V. TodoBaku. Status: “Shining through the city with a little funk and soul.”
-Who knew the greatest comedy duo we needed was Shoto and his hot headed “friend” or not friend? It still remains unclear to Shoto. Regardless, these two had a fun year.
Tumblr media
Anime Highlights: “I wanna see your cute face”, disco dancing, and more fun in the provisional license training. Plus the OVA added some cute moments between the two such as Bakugo staying behind to save Todoroki during a dangerous excercise and his adorable plan neatly animated for us. I’d say TodoBaku’s really were resurgent and energized this year!
Manga Highlights: Shoto, that is not how you properly Catch a Kacchan, I’m sorry. But at least you did it you mad lad. As with Deku, Shoto spent the year worried sick about Bakugo. While the anime let us have our fun, these two were suffering in the manga.
Heroes Rising: Again, Shoto put a dog down and then fainted with Bakugo on his mind (and Deku but we ignore that. Shush.) TodoBaku’s have the 3rd movie to look forward to which is bound to have some amazing content!
Troubling Signs?: They have a lot of trauma to deal with. And a lot of Deku to worry about. I also imagine Shoto will be hurt about being left out of the OFA secret. We shall see what 2021 has to offer.
VI. KiriMina. Status: Unbreakable.
-Changing your hairstyle to match the gal who inspired you in middle school? Sorry y’all but if Mina were a guy, I’d say that’s gay af.
Anime Highlights: We got that backstory Bois. Red Riot’s origin might as well make him be called Pink Riot. Again with Hori and the childhood friends though I wouldn’t exactly call them friends. They just went to the same middle school but Kirishima was highly influenced by Mina’s Chivalrous spirit! A ship is born!
Manga Highlights: The influence is mutual! Mina creates a move based on Kirishima’s unbreakable and we all let out a collective “awwww”. Also in the war arc, we got Kirishima making sure Mina’s chivalrous spirit shines through right into Gigantomachia’s mouth! KiriMina may just be the unsung MVP’s of this arc.
Tumblr media
Heroes Rising: They were in it.
Troubling Signs?: I can’t think of a single one. KiriMina’s can enjoy a peaceful sailing.
VII: KiriBaku. Status: Crumb Collectors.
-2020 was an uneventful year for KiriBaku but Bones made sure there were crumbs aplenty! Thank God for OVA’s!
Anime Highlights: KiriBaku’s did thrive in one episode! Kirishima reflects on the sludge incident and evolves his quirk based on inspiring words from Bakugo! Hooray! KiriBaku’s can thrive in their blossoming friendship. The OVA also has Kirishima (and Kaminari but shh) once again following Bakugo’s lead when it comes to the training excercise. How can you not? He’s so manly!
Tumblr media
Manga Highlights: Not gonna lie. There is nothing much here this year. I did find a teeny tiny flake in Aizawa’s flashback. Kirishima and Bakugo are sitting next to each other. Oh! And at the hot pot gathering, Bakugo sits next to Kirishima! Eat your crumbs KiriBaku’s! There’s always next year!
Heroes Rising: Kirishima hangs with a lazy Bakugo and delivers the most hilarious line in the whole movie. “Silly Bakugo, there won’t be villains here!” Hahah... Silly Bakugo. Oh you~ KiriBaku’s can inhale the fact that those two sure love to hover around each other!
Troubling Signs?: With great crumbs come little responsiblity. No trouble if there’s no content! 🤔
VIII: KamiJirou. Status: Singing their hearts out 🎶
-If there’s any ship that’s coming close to canonization, I think this is it, folks! “Think of the person most important to you!” Can’t argue with Midnight!
Anime Highlights: Kaminari does non stop encouraging of Jirou and her hobbies! He works super hard to learn guitar for her sake! We love a king who can encourage his queen!
Manga Highlights: Kaminari thinks of the most important person to him and surprise! It’s Jirou! All of the feels can commence.
Tumblr media
Heroes Rising: They were in it!
Troubling Signs?: Kaminari does love his women. And men. Kaminari overall is a huge flirt. But Jirou appears to have his heart strings. ❤️
IX: BakuDeku. Status: Rising. 👑
-Alternative Statuses include Winning, Thriving, Soaring. It’s just been non stop content this year. 2020 is truly the year for BakuDeku. The shippers can rejoice.
Anime Highlights: Three words. Be. My. Cane. The OVA’s helped fan the flames of the BkDk hearts with a surprise! Deku tops! Not only that, we got a lovely shoulder tap of encouragement in the canon material. While in season 4, Deku’s primary focus was Eri. Bakugo and Deku still had their moments to be hella gay.
Manga Highlights: Where do I even begin? I guess we’ll just cut to the chase with Bakugo Katsuki: Rising. We finally saw Bakugo’s true feelings manifest for Deku and if getting stabbed for him isn’t the ultimate showing of love, then idk what is. BakuDeku’s rounded out the year with the Volume 29 cover AND the volume 29 cover drafts to eat at our heart strings. Overall, their relationship got the spotlight in the manga this year. And we’re bound to start 2021 with a dramatic confrontation. Hand holding seems to be the key with these two and it didn’t stop with Heroes Rising...speaking of.
Tumblr media
Heroes Rising: The entire movie. Like....yeah. That’s it. [OP, your bias is showing. You have to be SPECIFIC.] {But random criticizer in my head, if I lay out the entire plot of the movie, my post will be too long} [OP....] UGHHHH Okay okay. The POPSICLE MELTING. THE HAND HOLDING. THE CHARACTER DESIGNS OF WHAT MIGHT AS WELL BE THEIR LOVE CHILDREN. Did I mention? “It’s fine if it’s you?” CAUSE YEAH. Oh and All Might randomly officiating their wedding in their heads like idk. Isn’t it just simpler if I say the whole movie??!
Tumblr media
Troubling Signs?: Well these two’s relationship is extremely delicate and while it has non stop soared this year, Deku might not take too kindly to Bakugo almost dying for him. Will they stop pushing each other away? Time will tell.
That’s all for this year folks! Happy Shipping and good luck to everyone next year!
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honeydazai · a month ago
with a reader who has anemia
characters: Kunikida Doppo, Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, Atsushi Nakajima
Tumblr media
the first time you suddenly faint in his presence, KUNIKIDA barely manages to catch you in time
he has heard of anemia before, sure, but had no idea what the actual symptoms were
once he knows about your condition, he immediately tries to inform himself as much as possible
yosano is kinda annoyed at this point by how many questions he's asking 😭😭
LISTEN, he just wants to be ready for all possible emergencies!!
absolutely dedicates a whole page in his notebook to “anemia knowledge”
he then tries to help and support you with his newfound knowledge
if you're prone to forget to take your meds, he reminds you to do just that
daily. at the same time. there is no escape
Kunikida also tries to positively influence your diet
you like drinking lots of tea or coffee?? hah not anymore
you're vegan/vegetarian or just don't like meat and fish? fine.
he'll simply buy a book about cooking with vegetables that are rich in iron.
he's honestly not trying to be overbearing, he just wants to help 💔💔
he means well
and just doesn't want to see you in pain or discomfort
please don't get angry at him :(
“Good morning, darling. I'm leaving for work now, but I've already prepared breakfast. It's a new recipe I've read about yesterday. Also, here are your meds and some water to wash them down with. I know you don't like them, but please take them anyway. They're important, alright? Love you.”
Tumblr media
when you straight up collapse, AKUTAGAWA has to try his hardest not to panic
he had called you over to him, expecting you to quickly appear at his side
only for you to stand up too quickly and immediately faint, your sight blacking out for a moment
despite trying to act like he doesn't care, he's quick to catch you using Rashōmon
he's a second away from calling Higuchi to get help as you wake up again and explain what exactly anemia is to him
this only results at him getting angry
why haven't you told him before???? this seems like an important thing to know??
while he does seem furious, he's actually just worried
he knows the feeling of being ill and hates it
even though you assure him that his lung problems are most likely much worse than your anemia
informs himself about your sickness, but only in secret
won't tell you he already knows that headaches and exhaustion are common symptoms when you explain that to him
he doesn't want you to know that he cares 🤧🤧
he's the type to get all angry with you if you refuse to take your meds
especially only because you claim they “taste bad”
“Take your medication. I don't want you dying on me. What do you mean you don't like them? It's not designed to taste well. Get over it. This isn't worth risking a heart failure for. What? What do you mean how do I know heart failure is a possible risk? I simply guessed. Shut up.”
Tumblr media
you and ATSUSHI are standing in line at a store as you notice sudden exhaustion overtaking you
your heartbeat getting faster, sweat pearling on your forehead as your sight begins to blur
you're just like
“hey, Atsushi, I need to go and sit down for a second, alright?”
while trying to gracefully walk over to the next bench
spoiler alert: you don't make it very far before your legs go all numb
Atsushi tries to catch you in time, but he's too far away
instead, he can only watch as you sink down on the floor
luckily, you're not hurt too badly
still, he's immediately incredibly worried
he's like ❗❗😨😭😭
after you explain your condition to him, he always carries painkillers for when you get a headache
always stays at your side to help and support you
you're too exhausted to continue walking??
no problem at all!! the view is pretty here anyway
will sit down on the pavement with you if you suddenly need to rest
if anyone's weird about it, he'll kindly ask them to stop
he definitely explains that you've got anemia to random strangers who are annoyed at you for walking too slowly
just wants you to feel safe and comfortable around him
what a baby :(
“No, no, it's totally alright for us to stop here, don't worry! Look, there's a nice spot for us to sit down and rest. Are you cold? Do you have a headache? I brought painkillers if you need them!”
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swordgayist · 8 months ago
cultural appropriation in ATLA (hinduism edition)
i’m sure there’s already a ton of posts about this, but whatever, i’m still making one idc. 
ATLA’s cultural appropriation, everyone knows about it, the white people don’t speak about it, and the asian and indigenous people get ignored. we know the cycle. but i wanted to come here and highlight some of the most prominent examples of ATLA abusing hinduism, as i am kinda sorta hindu (i was raised in a hindu household, i go to chinmaya mission, that kinda shit). i might forget some things so keep that in mind.
this is gonna be divided into 3 main sections, since there are different ways that they disrespect hinduism that i don’t wanna lump together.
and i’d say i know a lot about hinduism but that doesn’t make me an expert, obviously, so if other hindus have anything to add and/or correct then please do !! and if anyone else wants to share how their cultures were appropriated then please do that as well !!
so let’s get started shall we?
appropriating hinduism
1) the avatar
we’ll start with the most obvious example: the avatar itself
i know that there are parts of the avatar mythos that are taken from other cultures as well but the idea of the avatar itself is primarily from hinduism.
basically in hinduism, the term dashavatara refers to the 10 reincarnations of lord vishnu (the god of preservation), with avatar(a) meaning form or incarnation in sanskrit, and das(a) meaning ten. it was said that whenever the world was out of balance, lord vishnu would come down to earth in a certain form to restore balance. Each reincarnation is considered a different life with a different story. the avatars of lord vishnu are often considered the saviors of the world.
so basically, the central idea of the show and the actual name of the show is largely based on hinduism.
2) chakras
many different indian religions have a concept of chakras (chakra meaning wheel or circle in sanskrit), but hinduism is the one that primarily preaches the system of seven chakras, the version used in ATLA.
chakras connect the physical body to the ‘subtle’ body (referring more to the spirit and the psyche) by connecting parts of the body to aspects of the mind. the idea is that through different forms of steady meditation you can manipulate the different chakras and allow the pure flow of energy through the body.
the whole idea of chakras on ATLA is that aang has to unblock them all to let the cosmic energy flow through him so that he can go into the avatar state at will. so yeah, pretty much that whole idea was taken from hinduism.
3) terminologies
these are just a few terms that were taken from hinduism. i’m pretty sure there are more that i can’t think of right now but yeah.
“agni” kai 
i’ll be honest i don’t know where the ‘kai’ part is from, i don’t think it’s from hinduism but if it is well fuck me i guess.  ‘agni’ in hinduism is the god of fire, so the creators used it in ‘agni kai’, the name for a firebending duel.
this is in reference to the hindu word for ‘earth’, which is bhoomi. this is also in reference to our goddess of earth, bhoomi devi. also this doesn’t really bother me but i wonder if the creators knew that bhoomi is a name typically used for women (as are most hindi names ending in ‘i’/‘ee’).
in general, concepts like having multiple complex gods (the spirits) who are capable of good and evil and the reincarnation cycle are prominent in a lot of asian cultures, including (and arguably primarily) hinduism.
mocking hinduism
now we get into the mockery of hinduism in ATLA, because it is very much there.
1) whoever the fuck that baboon guy in the spirit world was
Tumblr media
now what the fuck was this.
i mean i wouldn’t say this is the most egregious example of them making fun of brown people but lord why did this even need to be there? this random guy from the spirit world has an indian accent ? and is fervently chanting ‘om’ for some reason, and it’s clearly meant to be seen as comical. also portraying brown people as monkeys....... really.
2) combustion man/sparky sparky boom man
when rewatching ATLA in 2019 i actually had no idea that this was a thing, because the last time i had watched it was as a kid and i didn’t finish it.
so lord was i in for a surprise when i saw...
Tumblr media
now... now what.
if you didn’t know, combustion man’s ‘third eye’ is designed to replicate the hindu god of destruction, lord shiva. right down to the vibhuti on his forehead (referring to the three line markings around the third eye).
Tumblr media
in hinduism, lord shiva’s third eye is used to reduce people to ashes, though as far as i can recall, not very frequently. the primary significance of the third eye is that it represents the ability of higher spiritual thought and higher consciousness.
the ATLA writers take the ACTUAL significance of the third eye, throw it out the window, and then take its destructive abilities to make a super duper cool and dangerous new firebending technique.
and if that wasn’t bad enough, the actual person who uses this technique, and is meant to emulate a GOD who is PRAISED, is a scary, burly, half metal man who is a villain and an assassin. not to mention the design of his facial hair replicates that super duper scary “terrorist” depiction of brown people, particularly of muslims, that white people are so thoroughly terrified of for no reason. 
this is a parody of a god, and they portrayed him as this terrifying, maniacal fucking assassin who, along with p’li, the combustion bender from LOK, is constantly referred to as a “third-eyed freak”. i’ve made this analogy before and i’ll do it again, this is like making jesus into a hitman.
now onto my favorite example...
3) guru pathik
Tumblr media
ah, this motherfucker.
i don’t really have any problems with him as a character, i mean hell, must’ve taken a fuck ton of patience to handle aang’s “why would choose cosmic energy over katara” bullshit.
but we all know it, we see it plain as day, don’t even try to deny it.
“guru” literally just means teacher or guide, so i don’t really know why pathik needed to be referred to as “guru” so distinctively from aang’s other teachers and guides, but that’s just extremely trivial compared to all the other issues with this character.
first of all what is this character design? what is he even wearing? if they’re trying to replicate the clothes of swamis and priests and stuff this is already wrong, realized people don’t dress like this. and why the fuck does he have an indian accent? and why was this indian accent done by a non indian (brian george)?
once again, the poor but extremely heavy indian accent is clearly meant to be mocking, if it wasn’t, they wouldn’t’ve gone out of their way to get a non indian person to DO an indian accent, and instead they would’ve just gotten an actual indian person to play the role. 
and oh yeah, the onion and banana juice. because hindus just eat weird shit right.
whether it’s actually weird or not, the show certainly portrays it as weird. and as far as i know no hindu actually fucking drinks onion and banana juice.
ironic because brown people can absolutely destroy white people in cooking. but i digress.
i know what you’re all waiting for. because the guru apparently didn’t have enough fun with guru pathik, so they just had to come back to him in book 3:
Tumblr media
where do i begin.
so this is obviously john o’bryan’s super funny and hilarious depiction of pathik as a hindu god.
usually when a god has multiple arms it’s to carry an array of things, from flowers to weapons to instruments, and one hand is typically free to bless devotees (ie. goddess durga and lord vishnu respectively):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
but of course white people see this as weird and so they make fun of it, hence guru pathik having multiple arms just flailing about aimlessly (save for the two that are being used to carry the aforementioned onion and banana juice).
then there’s the whole light behind pathik’s head which is usually depicted in drawings of hindu gods to show that they are celestial.
also what the fuck is he holding? is that supposed to be a veena? because this is what a veena looks like:
Tumblr media
and i assume the reason this was added was to mock the design of goddess saraswathi, who carries a veena:
Tumblr media
but that right there in the picture of pathik looks more like a tambura than a veena. 
Tumblr media
and it also just kinda looks like a banjo?
but i guess the animators just searched up “long indian instrument” and slapped it on there. actually no, that’s giving them too much credit, they probably didn’t search it up at all. 
and then the actual scene is pathik singing crazily about chakras tasting good or something while playing the non-veena and it’s all supposed to be some funky crazy hallucination that aang is having due to sleep deprivation. just some crazy dream, just as crazy as talking appa and momo sparring with swords or tree-ozai coming to life.
our gurus and swamis and sadhus and generally realized people are very respected in hinduism, they’re people we look up to and honor very much. and our GODS are beings that we literally worship. and the writers just take both and make caricatures out of them for other white people to laugh at.
4) other shit
before we move to the next portion i just wanna mention there are also smaller backhanded jabs that i can’t really remember now, but one example was when zuko was all “we’ll be sure to remember that, guru goody goody”. or when a character would meditate and say “om” only when the meditation is supposed to be portrayed as comical or pointless. or in bitter work when sokka was rambling on about karma. small things like that. but moving on.
south asian representation, or lack thereof
now i finally get to the “losing” hinduism part. by this i mean the lack of actual representation there is of south asians (the region where hinduism is primarily practiced) despite the fact that hinduism plays such a big role in the show’s world design.
i think it’s safe to say that broadly the main cast consists of aang, katara, sokka, zuko, toph, azula, iroh, mai, ty lee, and suki. 
a grand total of none of these characters are south asian. the writers don’t even attempt to add any south asian main characters. 
there are characters with dark skin, like haru and jet, but a) they’re not confirmed to be south asian and don’t have any south asian features or south asian names, b) they’re side characters, so they don’t count as representation, and c) even if they were south asian and main characters, jet wouldn’t even count because he’s portrayed as a terrorist.
the ONLY truly south asian character we get is fucking guru pathik. so yeah. not representation.
i don’t get how the creators of this show rip off of hinduism (among many other south asian cultures they rip off of), mock indians, and then don’t even have the decency to HAVE a main character who is south asian.
i’ve never gotten a chance to compile all this, and this definitely isn’t all the creators have done, but i hope this was somewhat informative.
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alluringjae · 7 months ago
until dawn - ljn
Tumblr media
part I | part II
⤑ summary: basic number one rule of the museum is not to touch the art. but no one told jeno that falling for one of them isn’t allowed either.
⤑ pairing: jeno x female reader
⤑ word count: 14k
⤑ genre: fluff, humor, angst | broke architecture major!jeno, historical figure!reader, college!au
⤑ warnings: jaemin mentions onlyfans as a joke, references to actual historical figures (some try to flirt with jeno lol) and literature, explicit language
⤑ author’s note: wow, i’ve had this idea for almost two years! this one was inspired by one of my favorite childhood movies, night at the museum. it definitely required a lot of research and brainstorming, and finally i brought it to life! it was so fun to play around with the characters, and even if majority of them are real people, this is all still fiction.
i also wanna mention one of my moots, marge for enlightening me about her life as an architecture major.
⤑ taglist: @renjunniehome​ (dm me if you want to be added) 
⤑ leave me some feedback, constructive criticism or hellos!
Tumblr media
Dormitory rent was another thing to worry about aside from the inflated university tuition per semester. Although he’s lucky to have his parents backing him up already on it, paying the monthly rent for his dorm was the remaining objective on Jeno’s list.
Plus, money for food. The man was a heavy eater, following the whole “gym is life” mantra.
Splitting it already with two of his dorm mates turned best friends, Renjun and Jaemin, his plate felt lighter. But the question still lies: where on earth was he going to get the money?
He’s practically checked out every available part-timing job in university and anywhere near campus. Barista at the same café Jaemin works at, teaching assistant for an art school for kids, convenience store cashier, library assistant, all taken in a heartbeat. The burden of his friends paying his debt these past months took a toll on him, almost to the point he almost considered making an Onlyfans.
“Yah, just find something else! Part-timers are in demand right now!” Renjun intensely closed his laptop before his older friend gets any suggestive thoughts.
“I mean, you didn’t work out your body to look the way it is for nothing.” Jaemin pitched otherwise, lifting the front back up. “When do you want to start filming? Loads of chicks would dig a piece of you!”
The contradicting opinions of his friends were like the devil and angel debating on his shoulders. Useless, he gave this worry a rest and returned to drawing new plates. A common thing when you’re an architecture major. Those deadlines were nearing. Looks like he’ll pull another all-nighter again.
Good thing most of his classes were late in the morning until 6 pm.
As if someone from above heard his petition, Jeno saw a help wanted sign posted on the bulletin board outside of the university museum. He initially went there to document some artwork and architecture models from Greek and Roman times, further analyzing how they’re still apparent in modern buildings.
The sign explained the need for one part-timer from any college to cover the night shift of the museum due to the current night guard’s full semester absence. He only had to come in 3x a week, choosing his days since he was still a student. Even the pay was above average, considering that most part-timers never go beyond midnight. Jeno would, on the other hand, always staying for his projects or gaming with the boys. Drinking sometimes during late-night Fridays with his entire college crew.
The pay would leave him a load of extra cash for himself, thus he sent an application to the museum office right before he left. A week later, while he was out with the boys, he got a text from the office that they wanted to meet him again for a final interview first thing on Monday.
Perhaps it was having architecture as his course and a healthy physique that landed him the part-timer position. Mainly, the latter because guards required strong endurance and fighting skills when worse comes to worst. It would start at 9 pm until 6 am the following day, and there was a designated uniform of it too. Blue blazer with matching trousers, white dress top, and loafers.
Aside from the typical museum etiquette the head director instructed him about, there was an unofficial list of tips written on paper given from the night guard on leave when the director handed you over his box of office-related things.
Only read at the night guard office once you’re the remaining staff left.
He did as he was told like an obedient son, flipping the succeeding page.
 To my temporary replacement,
This part-timing job is nothing regular than the other jobs. You’ll witness things as you’ve never imagined them to be, almost like witchcraft. You’ll be lost and maybe frightened, or that’s how I felt the first time because no one led me through it all those years ago. Lucky for you, I made this small guide on how to properly take care of the place that the other staff doesn’t know about.
Before you proceed, I request you take a 5-minute stroll around the lobby first to understand what I’m talking about. After such, go back to the office or somewhere quiet then browse through the guide as quickly as you could.
Art is timeless here, so they need to be taken care of.
Good luck!
 Park Sanghoon
Night Guard on Leave
 Nothing could’ve prepared Jeno for what’s to come once he unlocked the office door. They say that art brings so much color to our life, allowing us to feel all sorts of emotions in a glimpse. But no one ever interpreted art to be literally alive and walking in the halls.
Behold, random wax figures and marble sculptures that he’s seen in the past roamed the hallways, as well as the paintings were interacting with each other side by side. Even the standee of a puppy from the entrance played fetch with one of those sculptures. He swore he looked like Hermes the messenger god from his arrow headpiece and sandals.
It made more sense why the guard on leave explained his feelings during the first day because it resembled Jeno’s. But unlike that guard, Jeno sucked it up. No one ever does well on the first day, even if others say otherwise. The first day was a learning experience, so he collected his thoughts even though the goosebumps triggered his body during that one rotation.
There was an indoor garden, already locked by the day guard earlier. The only room without any art piece, where students lounge to study the plants or relax in nature.
The sculptures section ahead, showcasing various fictional figures specifically from Greek mythology, chattered away about family drama and beliefs. The sculptures of Hades and Zeus, according to their title plate, argued relentlessly about power while Athena always intervened by shouting or even throwing arrows or daggers to any of the lightbulbs there.
That was one rule in the guide, but Jeno didn’t know yet until he came inside the room and swerved the attention of the arguing duo.
“Well, what do we have here?” Zeus, in the center, straightened his posture on his throne to present himself in a more regal way. “Are you perhaps the temporary replacement of Sir Sanghoon?”
“Sir Sanghoon’s stand-in is rather good looking, don’t you think?” Hera mused, stepping down from her throne beside Zeus to take a closer look at the taller male. Her cold fingers trailed his jaw until his chest, where his heart was beating intensely. She even pinched his toned bicep, mouthing wow.
“Truly handsome you are, my dear. So full of life, please introduce yourself to us.”
While Jeno introduced himself to everyone in that room, he answered any sorts of questions they had for him too. From his age, educational background, hobbies, Aphrodite just had to ask him if he had a girlfriend because he was that handsome.
“Nope, I’m single. With my degree in architecture, the requirements are so heavy I can’t even try dating.”
Mentioning his degree excited the gods, telling him how their people created and designed all these temples to house them and perform rituals. They loved it so much. This was a copy-paste of what Jeno learned from his history classes, and for a first, he’s hearing the perspective of the Greek gods.
Mind-boggling that he hasn’t fully freaked out yet. That’s what Athena anticipated when Sanghoon told her about his short leave, putting her in charge of everyone for the meantime while the replacement settled down.
The college museum was built during the late 70s as a gift from one of the alumni. It was for the purpose to preserve history and educate college students outside the classroom. The Greek mythology exhibit was the oldest one, making Athena have more seniority. Over her stay, she’s seen every new guard lose their senses during the first night. Some not even returning for a second night. She got used to every outcome, and so far, only 8 people lasted after the first night. A couple of students in the 70s and 80s, Sanghoon in the 90s, and now Jeno was one of them.
“Jeno, aren’t you terrified by us? You just got a job in a museum that comes to life every night, and it’s not a normal thing.”
“Well, I’m still shaken up about it. But it’s my first night, and it’s when I learn everything about the place from head to toe. Plus, I really need the money.”
“Money for what? But you’re young, a student even!”
“Yes, I am. However, I do pay for the rent in my dorm. So, this job is like my first big responsibility, and I want to perform well.”
Athena commended his sense of authority, capable of leading himself. She noticed how well-spoken and poised he is, respecting and listening to everything the gods and goddesses said even if they were nonsense. She never liked to compromise with her power, taking a while to like Sanghoon back in the day. Though Jeno looked like a natural leader on his first night. If he could take care of himself well, he’s skilled to take care of the rest in the museum as well.
Plus she had full control on the nights he won’t be there, especially the weekend.
With his potential, Athena mentored him the entire night about the gist of the entire museum. Every upcoming leader needs an intelligent mentor, right? She was naturally gifted with worthy leadership skills, managing Jeno like her own child.
Athena explained how the museum came to life, which was through a royal golden plate from the Oriental room. It was a gift from a popular sorceress in China to an affluent family from the Han dynasty, who wished them a long life after she was saved from invaders due to them. The plate preserved over time, becoming an artifact. Its power remained immortal, mutating to bring life wherever it goes. In this case, the museum since its arrival in the late 70s as well.
“That’s why the Oriental room must be locked always so no one could touch or break the plate.”
After she ordered Jeno to lock the mentioned room, alongside the Foreign Art Exhibit Room which he checked out for his class, she led him to the best view of the entire museum. Center of the second floor, where stairs were on both sides. Jeno marveled at the vivacious atmosphere, witnessing actual art living, breathing, and enjoying themselves.
“Unreal, right?” She leaned in the railing, scanning through the chatty paintings.
Jeno also leaned down, deep in thought and wonder. “Absolutely, Athena. How come no one knows about this? Art coming to life? It’ll invite more students to the museum.”
“That goes against a golden rule as a night guard in this museum.” She replied bluntly. “The life that goes on inside this museum at night must remain a secret to the public.”
Jeno predicted this kind of response, having watched too many films where anything supernatural mustn’t be revealed. Although he liked the advantage of knowing something this powerful, he’d never abuse it.
Athena’s intellect was beyond the world, seamlessly reading Jeno’s expression and what he was thinking. He had good intentions even if he’s a bit mischievous. She needed to keep a keen eye on him, but for now, he needed to explore on his own.
“Anyways, Sanghoon still left out some other details. So if you have any questions, I’ll be at my exhibit trying to shut my father and my uncle up again.”
“Can you not use any weapons to do so?”
“Can’t make any promises, Jeno.” She slyly cracked her knuckles and neck as if she was fighting another battle.
Jeno was silently left with himself, finally browsing through Sanghoon’s guide while seated in one of the museum benches.
It consisted of 25 rules, wherein the first two rules consisted of locking up. One, for the doors and gates of the museum, so no art piece could escape. If they do, they will turn into dust when the sun is out according to Athena. Two, locking the Oriental and Foreign Art Rooms, which was already done.
Rule #5: Let Mochi the puppy from the lobby tag along with you; feed him treats if you have any.
On cue, the little guy barked from the corridor and raced to his side. Jeno carried him, babying him for a little and letting him lick his face a few times before putting him back down. He’s surely going to the pet store first thing in the morning with the museum allowance the director gave him.
Since he was on the second floor, he read and followed the rules that fit in before returning downstairs. On the other side of the floor were the wax figures exhibitions: one for prominent men in history while the other for prominent women. Well, more people to get acquainted with.
It’s the exchange of gasps and profanities he received when he chose the latter room. Seeing their faces, these were women he’s learned in school and online. Now in the (fake) flesh. Except for one girl he’s never heard of, unbothered in her corner sketching her life away in a sketchpad. But before he could check who she was, a suggestive touch on his arm distracted him.
“My, oh my, Hera wasn’t lying when she said that the new night guard was a fine specimen.” By her dark blue eyeshadow and eyeliner with the snake-like crown, Cleopatra studied him like he was one of the most renowned art pieces. Even patting his chest, abdomen, and arms with both her hand, Jeno caught a suggestive glint in her eyes and a smirk across her red lips.
Rule #13: Reject Cleopatra’s seductive advances at all costs.
“Goodness, Cleopatra. It’s only his first night, and you’re scaring him.” With her accent, round eyes, and a chic formal outfit, she carried a posh aura while unhesitatingly scolding the Queen of the Nile.
“Come on now, Diana. He’s stunning, who wouldn’t go after him?” If no one knew her, you’re not reading up on your world history. She’s said to have been a lovely and intelligent woman, gone so soon. Jeno definitely understood why after she detached Cleopatra’s raging hands off him.
Rule #14: Treat Princess Diana and Hera like your own parent.
“Your highness.” Jeno nodded at her out of respect, only making her chuckle uncontrollably.
“No need to address me like that, love. Now, come here.” She widened her arms for Jeno, hugging him amiably. He sensed her motherly warmth, accepting such a gesture. “You remind me so much of my youngest son, Harry. Welcome to the night shift of the museum, love.”
Similar to the Greek mythology exhibit, he introduced himself and responded to any questions that the women wax figures may have. Good for him, they weren’t crossing any borders and kept him at ease.
“A student like you working at night to pay rent?” Katherine Johnson, an African-American NASA mathematician whose calculations led to the success of a lot of famous spaceflights, cannot believe her ears. Students must only focus on school, nothing else. “What about your studies, boy?”
Rule #15: Engage in academic discussions with Katherine Johnson whenever you can.
“Most of my classes are in the afternoon, Miss Katherine. So I’ll sleep in the entire morning later and study during my breaks.”
“Mr. Jeno, what do you like to do outside of work?” Anne Frank, a German-Dutch teenager whose revolutionary diary that documented her life in hiding from the Nazis gained popularity worldwide after publication dreamily asked from her section of the exhibit. Her life was robbed of greatness merely because of her religion and war.
Rule #16: Bring delicious food or gifts to Anne Frank.
“Well, I like to bike with my friends, exercise, and draw whatever comes into mind!”
Everyone he’s met so far acquired pleasure in knowing about who he was and his passion for architecture, ridding the “freaking out” phase Athena assumed he had. Yet not everyone in this exhibit bothered to give him a shot.
Jeno’s attention from Anne talking about her crush towards Peter van Daan, a teenage boy who lived with her, switched to the section beside her, where an unacquainted figure was zealously sketching as if something was due to the following day. It reflected how he’d look when he’s cramming one of his plates due to first thing in the morning. While he properly excused himself, he quietly gazed at the way this woman scrunched her eyebrows when she erased something then drew it again. She was someone he’s never seen or heard before, reading the information plate in front of him about her.
 (Y/N) (Y/L/N), Explorer and Author. (1854-1900)
 Wealthy women in the Victorian Era only served one purpose in society: marry a man from a prestigious family, have his children and join whatever interests they have. However, for (Y/N), she wasn’t going to conform to those standards.
Born into the affluent house of (Y/L/N), she was the youngest of 8 children. She was said to be the kindest and sweetest sibling out of everyone, not capable of hurting anyone or anything. She said it herself that she can’t throw away a dying flower because it’s too painful. While 5 of her older brothers were sent to school, she stayed at home with her 2 older sisters Cecilia and Amelia where she learned how to play the piano and take voice lessons from impressive teachers. Due to the huge age gaps between them (12 and 8 respectively), she never felt close with them. She was only closest to the 6th and 7th siblings, her twin brothers Benjamin and Liam whom she only had a 2-year gap. She was also best friends with one of the scullery maids her age, Lily, because she found her amusing that than the boring rich girls her mother forced to interact with.
The moment it bothered her that she wanted to live a more meaningful life was when Amelia got married. She was 12 years old at the time, and it left her as the last unwed daughter in the family. Badly did she want to revolt, which she gradually did. Instead of practicing piano, she’d sneak in to read every book in her father’s office. She secretly studied the notes of her older brothers from school and even dressed as a boy numerously thanks to Benjamin and Liam to join their classes or field trips.
This was her routine up until the age of 18 when she stomped her foot down and expressed to her parents that she wasn’t going to let Victorian society dictate her. The night before her parents were bound to send her to her great aunt’s home down South to sort her out, she successfully snuck out her house thanks to Lily, Benjamin, and Liam. It’s another good thing that she saved a lot of money for that moment.
Off she went across Europe first, then sailed to America and even parts of Asia. Initially under the name Lilibe, coined from picking the first two letters of her brothers and best friend, she documented her days and nights through her journals and sketches. Over time, she sent them to her brothers for publication. It started the franchise, “The Adventures of the Young and Free Lilibe”. There are 10 books under it.
She learned French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean by herself as she made friends from those places. It was rare of someone like her to be fluent in Oriental languages, surprising locals every time she spoke to them. She was the only explorer to vividly describe life in different Asian lands in English, talking about their history and culture. With her accurate drawings of diverse citizens and their daily lives, it educated a lot of those living back home in Europe about them rather than speaking lowly of them.
In Seoul did she stayed the longest until her death from pneumonia at the young age of 46.
In her posthumous work, Finding Me, did she reveal her real identity, dedicating it to her parents whom she apologized and expressed her love for them despite everything that occurred between them. She talked about the last years of her life in Seoul, how locals were so nice and inviting to her, and how she adopted kids instead of having her own through the years.
“It’s not because I never found love in men. It’s more like I found love in doing things I’m passionate about. Traveling, learning new cultures, it outweighed the human need of romance.”
Due to her thrill in taking risks and embarking on wondrous adventures, it brought inspiration to a lot of young girls pressured to marry at that time to pursue what they really want.
 A remarkable background you had, Jeno contemplated. How come no one discussed her in his classes?
You kept brushing the bangs of your hair back as it fell repeatedly. But you got irritated instantly because it sabotaged your drive, you brought out a hairpin from her desk and attached it on both sides. But when you shifted your angle of focus, the corner of your eye locked with Jeno’s attentive gaze.
He didn’t flinch, even he should’ve. He wasn’t one to linger his look on anyone’s physical appearances, but your story and the passion on your face as you sketched mesmerized him. He was charmed, to say the least.
“Uhm, hello there?” You broke the silence due to your uneasiness about it. What’s his deal?
Jeno bowed, reintroducing himself to you. As soon as his presence settled in the room when Cleopatra attempted to hit on him, you could’ve cared less. Though this man was a first for you, a first in a long time as all guards would feel intimidated by you during the first night. Even your sharp tongue didn’t faze him. “Staring is rude, sir. Didn’t your mother teach you manners?”
“She did,” He wandered through the exterior of your section, by the fence that separated you and him. Not breaking eye contact, his eyes turned into moon crescents as he smirked with trouble. “Though she also told me to appreciate the art too.”
Snorts noisily exhaled from Cleopatra, who took the center section of the exhibit, succeeded by Princess Diana’s whispered gasps and Katherine’s side-eyeing Anne beside her while she taught her math. That was an odd way a guard conversed with you, but Jeno was merely doing what the rules stated. Partly, he was impressed with his cheesy pick-up line, partly embarrassed because he’s never spoken like this to anyone.
Rule #17: Act playfully around (Y/N) (Y/L/N) to break the tension; she’s a harsh one.
There was irony between the information he read about your life versus the wax model. Even when you faced sexism and ran away according to your history, never were you impolite to anyone in your life. You couldn’t even kill a lurking fly when it roams around your food! It showed Jeno a possibility that as much as you’re just a wax version of someone famous in the past, maybe the external environment around you had a heavy influence too.
“You fool!” His confidence exasperated you, urging you to persistently throw balls of paper with your failed sketches at him. No one dared to talk to you like that, most especially a night guard. “Take that for your comment!”
If you thought he’d scram away and act repentant, you were proven wrong. His reflexes were parallel to a spider, capturing every single paper ball without fail. Up and down his body went, one arm held on to them and no more were left on your part. Never a single defeat during the first meeting in years, but that seemed to alter now.
“Give up already, Ms. (Y/L/N)?” Jeno remarked vibrantly as he discarded your mess in the trash bin behind him. If he managed to get everyone to like him tonight, he wanted to make sure to have you onboard too.
Whatever agenda he had, you weren’t up for it. You’d treat him the same way you usually treated Sanghoon for the past 20 something years: cold and ignorant. From your stool, you left your comfortable position to come face to face with this man. He better be grateful for that barrier in between you, or else you would’ve caused mayhem.
“Never in your wildest dreams, Mr. Lee.” Your mouth gave a half-smile, clenching on the bars to liberate your annoyance. Before you could fend back, that’s when Princess Diana intervened between your heated dialogue.
“Oh heavens, children!” She stood by the barrier, mostly to protect the newbie Jeno with her body. “(Y/N), he just wanted to know you. Must you be so cross?”
This Princess Diana embodied all the traits the real one had: soft-spoken, intelligent, and protective. She’s gotten so used to your gradual temper, staying on standby whenever anyone tried to mess with you. Even if it was harmless, you could get so mean!
“Diana, he was mocking me! Saying such a sleazy phrase as if to amuse me, ha! Not a chance, I hate people like that.”
“Not us women though; you just despise men in general.”
“And you’re absolutely right!” With a smug smile, you greedily rejoiced. “Anyways, escort this disgrace out. I’m not in the mood to get angry when I have a lot of inspiration on mind right now.”
While you resumed your sketching to let go of that extra steam, Jeno was left with Diana who apologized on your behalf. Your pride was too high to do that, and as the motherly figure among them, she always took care of things in your exhibit.
“I’m so sorry for that, Jeno. She’s not really like this, but I know how much you tried your best. It was quite a fresh spectacle honestly.”
Whatever was responsible for your abrasiveness, Jeno yearned to know. He couldn’t understand who you were yet even knowing your life story. All he wanted was to get along with everyone. It was the key to successfully maintain his job for the next 6 months.
“How can I make her come around then?”
A demanding question that no one had a solid answer to. Diana recalled how much Sanghoon didn’t let your dislike for him get to him, maintaining a respectful boundary in between each other after his past attempts. Though with Jeno, observing how he riled you up and your focus entirely on him, she hasn’t seen anything like it since the 80s.
There was something in Jeno that may just get you to warm up and return to your kind nature.
“Aside from acting playful, as Sanghoon recommended, I can think of two ways, love.” By the doors of her exhibit, where Jeno was already waltzing the corridor to visit other rooms, she suggested smartly. “One, argue back to her opinions. She hates whenever anyone tries to get her way, but boy, you’re just as wise as her. No one was brave enough to peeve on her until you came.”
“How about the second way?”
“Do your research, love. Aside from libraries, you have those small technology devices that allow you to search up anything.” She tousled Jeno’s brown locks as if it were her actual son’s. Some habits just don’t die when you do.
“Brush up on your history, Jeno. Not only will it help you with (Y/N), but it’ll serve purposefully with the other art pieces here.”
Tumblr media
Boy, he was ready to crash in his bed for a few hours after all those interactions. His introverted nature required to be revitalized.
Towards the last hours of his shift, the art pieces who’ve strolled in the first floor lessened his plate by not leaving any major clutter behind. As if she listened to him, Athena didn’t break any lightbulbs too.
His main highlight would be meeting the men of the historical male section, who flaunted a more humorous ambiance. Freddie Mercury from Queen insisted he drink a glass of his wine and to bring more wine next time, which he denied since it would against Sanghoon’s rules. King Sejong the Great and Martin Luther King Jr. argued back and forth over the most random things (pineapple on pizza specifically), while Steve Jobs mediated whenever one crossed the line. Meanwhile, William Shakespeare was too preoccupied in his writing and speaking to himself about his books, wondering how to improve them.
During one of his breaks today, he multitasked drawing a new plate with his research on every art piece to know them better. He started with the exhibit of sculptures of the Greek gods and goddesses, which were Zeus, Hera, Hades, Athena, Hermes, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Artemis, Dionysus, and Circe. They weren’t the complete roster because the rest were in other museums across the globe, as said by Athena before sunrise. The majority of them he knew what they were in charge of, but the rest were foggy to his knowledge. Typing away and jotting notes down, he started downloading his favorite jazz songs too.
Rule # 4: Play jazz music to the paintings on the first floor so they can relax and dance within their frames.
Circe is a minor goddess, the daughter of the sun god Helios. She’s recognized for her versatility in incantations and herbs, capable of transforming people into animals. From Jeno’s perspective, she’s mostly within her space with her journals and magic wand, trying new spells or combinations of herbs. For the latter, he had to keep a closer eye on.
Rule #9: Don’t let Circe, god of potions, into the Oriental Room to get plants and herbs.
He discovered that Dionysus is the god of wine, happiness, and theatre. That’s why every god in the exhibit had full wine glasses during their gathering. It also added up why Freddie Mercury always comes to him when his bottles run empty, though he mustn’t go overboard.
Rule #18: Make sure Freddie Mercury doesn’t get too drunk from the wine of Dionysus; he might make numerous scenes if he does.
After his lone studying session, he took a short trip to the pet and convenience stores to buy food. He got a dumbfounded look from Jaemin back in the dorm room, who was studying for one of his quizzes in Biology in a couple of hours.
“Woah what’s with this stash? Is it for yourself or something?”
“The museum surprisingly has a lot of tasks needed to be done at night. And no, not from my wallet but the allowance they gave me before you get a heart attack.” Jeno plopped on his solo bed, covering his face with a pillow.
“Thank God.” A relaxed sigh escaped Jaemin’s lips, taking back his balled-up fists meant for his roommate. “I think I would’ve stormed that boring museum if they made your broke ass spend a cent.”
“Boring?” Jeno removed the cushion hastily, eyeing his busy and coffee-high roommate. The scent of black coffee from his mug spread in the room, assuming that this upcoming test was testing his roommate’s patience again.
Not even trying to look at Jeno while reviewing his handwritten notes, Jaemin continued giving his opinion. “Museum culture is dead, Jeno. Not everyone has the time to roam around one, plus people can always look up the artifacts online these days.”
People were entitled to their own opinions on numerous things, though Jeno begged to differ with his roommate’s. Especially after witnessing the magic of the night shift, you shouldn’t merely judge a book by its cover. In this case, you shouldn’t judge an artwork or art piece merely on its history and legacy.
Maybe because his roommate was in the science department, he thought this way. A lot of art students regularly visit the museum both for fun and for their classes, and Jeno was one of them. Though he was too sleepy to explain his side, he let it slide for now and snoozed throughout the late afternoon.
An hour before the start of his shift, Jeno promenaded the emptying museum to inspect anything else he might’ve missed out on from last night. There were two areas according to his rotation, both in the first floor.
One was the Diorama Room. Divided into 4 sections, highlighting some of the well-known ancient civilizations in world history. Ancient Egypt and Ancient China to your left, Ancient Rome and Ancient Maya to your right. They acted as if they were the actual people during those times, giving Jeno a laugh when they cracked jokes in between. Such tiny figures, yet the rule for them said otherwise.
Rule # 7: The small figurines in the Diorama Room are feisty, so make sure they don’t fight with one another again.
The remaining room left was the Theater Room. He’s never been here, though his art friends have for film festivals held by the university.
The interior of it was set to look like an actual cinema place you’d see in a mall. There was a mini lobby with a few posters of iconic films over the years. Singin’ in the Rain, Back to the Future, Titanic, those were some framed and hung on the wall. There were two other doors there: one leading to the chairs and the other where the movie projector was. The latter room was pretty riveting, wherein you can choose to watch old short films through an 88mm film projector or switch to a cd player for the newer releases.
Back to those posters, they weren’t an exception to the magic and a simple rule was left for Jeno to do.
Rule # 10: Chatter with the movie posters in the lobby of the Theater Room; they love meeting new faces.
Since there wasn’t anyone checking out the Art Rooms on the second floor, he closed them. Though as he was about to lock the Oriental Room, the ravishing plants around the royal plant appealed his interest. Said to hold magical properties from his research, Jeno was reminded of another rule to keep in mind for later.
Rule # 3: The fake flowers in the Oriental Room come to life too at night, so when no one is lurking, water it diligently.
Instead of lounging at Sanghoon’s office first, he brought his important items to the front desk of the lobby and continued sketching his plate. He wanted to watch the art come back alive with his two eyes. Usually, he’d have coffee when he does his work, but due to another crucial rule in the guide, he’d rather not take the risk.
Rule # 6: The lobby room can get rowdy, so keep any drinks away from important items.
On the dot, the cries and yawns from the art pieces around him reverberated. Closing his sketchpad, his night guard mode was on. Connecting his laptop on the aux cord of the museum speakers, he tapped play on his playlist of jazz music that’ll last for the entire shift duration. As the first notes flooded the entire vicinity, sounds of joy left the lips of each painting. Some were humming, dancing, and even singing along.
“You can never go wrong with Frank Sinatra!”
“This Jeno lad really did the heavens’ work quick!”
Having the sense of accomplishment on his sleeve, the small barks of his fluffy pal reached closer to him. As he kneeled to find him, he was only taken by surprise as Mochi excitedly jumped on him. Tumbling over, Jeno chuckled innocently as Mochi licked his face numerously. This puppy was friendly, easily liking everyone at first sight. He wasn’t as choosy like Daegal, the puppy of his friend Chenle studying Business Management.
Once he composed himself and cradling the dog like his own, he fed him a dog treat from the desk.
“Good boy, Mochi!” He rubbed his fur while the puppy happily munched on it, ready to fulfill more of his duties.
He skipped the Greek mythology exhibit since Athena was doing a good job not letting anyone go overboard with their powers, though he’ll check in again in a few hours. He met the posters of the theater room, who were celebrities he grew up watching on tv. Sanghoon was right; they were the kinder group in the entire museum because they were more laidback.
On to the second floor, all the female wax figures lounged by the male section due to another lecture from Shakespeare. Although the guide informed him that most of the time it could get boring, this lecture was more stimulating. On his platform, he elaborated with conviction the lines of one of his famous books, Romeo and Juliet. A must-read book back in his high school days, there’s no way Jeno could’ve missed that out.
From the looks of it, Jeno perceived that Shakespeare was performing spoken word poetry due to him reading only Romeo’s lines while Cleopatra read Juliet’s beside him. This kind of show was one of the sources of entertainment to these figures, so Jeno leaned by the side of the door to listen. After all, the famous author of it was a few feet away. Cleopatra channeled such a naïve character to her ability, absentmindedly saying as she clutched her chest.
“O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name; Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I'll no longer be a Capulet.”
“Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?”
“'Tis but thy name that is my enemy; Thou art thyself, though not a Montague. What's Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face, nor any other part belonging to a man. O, be some other name! What's in a name? That which we call a rose-”
The flow of an engaged Cleopatra was abrupted by the loud yell from Shakespeare in front, specifically to an amused Jeno. “Jeno, my boy! Welcome back!”
Such an announcement diverted everyone’s attention to the back, some running to Jeno to give their respective greetings. It’s rare for everyone to feel at ease with a new guard, taking them weeks to approach them due to the intimidation. Though Jeno’s bright presence felt welcoming, so they accepted it. Perhaps it’s because of his youth, it reminded them of theirs too.
Shakespeare highly requested (or forced) Jeno to take his part as Romeo, intrigued to watch someone younger read his lines. Since most of the male wax figures were aged, it never satisfied Shakespeare so he jumped on this opportunity as quickly as he could. With the roaring cheers from the other figures, Jeno might as well give it a try. It wasn’t like his friends were here to clown him like they usually would if he did something humiliating.
Jeno shockingly liked this activity as he wasn’t much of a performer on stage, but someone who does the behind-the-scenes of it. He realized as he read the lines from the book Shakespeare asked him to follow along with why people held university-wide spoken word shows a few times per semester. He was no actor, but it’s delightful to have tried it at least once in his life.
“O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?” As if the edge of the platform was the balcony of Juliet (or Cleopatra rather), he knelt as he ardently spoke his lines. He’s emphasizing this rush of uncontrollable desire for her, rambling whatever he would do to get the girl.
“What satisfaction canst thou have tonight?” Cleopatra questioned from her chair, inching closer to the young boy. Even outside character will she attempt to charm Jeno, but Jeno was quick to catch it and kept his distance.
“The exchange of thy love's faithful vow for mine.”
“I gave thee mine before thou didst request it, and yet I would it were to give again.”
“Wouldst thou withdraw it? For what purpose, love?”
“But to be frank, and give it thee again. And yet I wish but for the thing I have. My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep. The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.”
Everyone was condensed by their top-notch acting, as if this was the actual play unfolding before them. Jeno wasn’t so sure how he got himself in character without preparation, yet he felt what his character felt. He comprehended the material a lot better now than when he was still in high school.
However, there was always that one killjoy to ruin the heartfelt mood.
“How dumb is it to say that you’re in love after the first glance?” You opposed, putting the spotlight on you. This book was said to be a classic in literature, but as you matured physically and mentally, you could no longer agree with it. “Isn’t love the same thing that killed Romeo and Juliet in the end?”
Remembering what Princess Diana told him, he wasn’t going to let this pass. He wanted to give a piece of his mind too, caring less if the show must be paused. “Love is an emotion we don’t ask to feel. It’ll come to us when we least expect it, even when the timing of it can be crucial.”
“Of all the people Juliet could’ve gone for, it just had to be the enemy.” In all the years you’ve been brought to life, no one dared to test your opinions because they were aware of your intelligence, from the streets to the books. When someone bark, you’d bite back. Hard. “With all due respect, I love your works, Shakespeare. Yet the fate you’ve given these two at a young age was grave, could’ve you given them a better outcome or another character to love instead?”
“Giving them extra characters to love won’t address the horrific life fact that love can be dangerous. Regardless of what status you’re in, you can’t stop the attraction towards someone. The heart wants what it wants.” Jeno pressed his hand to his chest, pumping it a bit. Unknown to you and him, the audience found more entertainment in your argument. Anne, who was munching on the popcorn Jeno gave her earlier, passed the snack to Katherine who just couldn’t stop watching.
If this man wanted a challenge, you’re all ears. Who was he to compete with you? Was he not intelligent to know who you are?
“So are you insinuating that we just go with the flow? Be a slave to our emotions too and let them dictate our next motives?”
“Slave is such a strong word to use, (Y/N). But it’s not like we can’t choose who want to love because we actually can. In this case, Romeo chose Juliet and vice versa.”
“But what happens if the person you choose doesn’t choose you in return?”
“At least you tried your best, right? It’ll hurt like hell though, but it won’t last forever.” From his kneeling position, Jeno strutted his way with confidence. Trying not to let it mess with you, your extreme stare at him as if they’ll shoot lasers. Inches away from you, Jeno declared. “Love always has risks, that’s a given. Romeo and Juliet still tried and followed their hearts despite the downfall. But it was a needed downfall to get the message across.”
“No one would be that foolish to risk their lives for love though, right? Life is so precious, why would they do such a thing?”
“Even if they knew what their lives were without each other, they still preferred living a life where they were both in the picture. Therefore, they tried all they could that time because the regret of not doing anything at all carries a heavier burden.”
Whenever anyone argued with you, their debating points they spat back would further piss you off because most of the time, it never made sense. Back when this rude man told you to go home and be a wife in your earlier years of exploring, you civilly told him to fuck off, kicking his balls because he cornered you in an alley. For the first time, a man who tried to challenge you actually made sense. Was it because he lived in a modern time, where minds were more open? Because of the amount of sexism you faced in the past, you’ve turned a blind eye to the current period.
But your high pride maintained, not submitting into anything he said. “I still think it’s stupid to risk your life for love. There’s no such thing as having only one true love anyways, and you have to be alive to see it.”
“Fair point, but again, the feeling of regret and carrying it your entire life doesn’t fade easily. It’ll make you reflect on the what-ifs, and it’s heart-wrenching.” Jeno digressed, walking around you in circles. He’s intentionally trying to drive you mad, but he could care less. He wanted someone to put you in your place and open your mindset. “The question stands: would you rather try and go for it even knowing its risks or regret not even trying for the rest of your existence? Quite ironic for me to ask you that, don’t you think?”
Past the information board, Jeno researched more of your life history online. Your whole life was grounded on risks, from breaking the standards of your society, leaving your family and home country, to fending yourself from disrespectful men. Rather than living the original life expected from you, you chose not to because it didn’t make you happy. Such a risktaker he knew you are, but with the topic of love, he wondered why you were on a fence with it. Though some records stated you’ve had rendezvouses with a few men in your journeys, love was never in the equation. The single life was what you chose and you were more than satisfied, plus your adopted kids filled that supposed void anyways.
This man may have studied your history, but so much he still doesn’t know. Information that never made the books because you chose not to write or tell anyone about it. Aside from the discomfort growing in your chest, everyone else felt the awkward tension when you were lost for words.
Never been defeated in an argument, until tonight. Your mind lost its drive and willpower.
“Touché, Lee Jeno.” Indeed, his name you’re acquainted with. Numerously passed around in your exhibit, mostly from the lips of Cleopatra, who’d fantasize all the graphic things she would do to him. Too much information, least of your interest. “Please excuse me. I’d like to work on my sketches to ease my mind.”
As you quietly exited the room, an all too familiar sculpture leaned against the railings overseeing one side of the museum. Just like you, she hated accepting defeat or compromises. She always rooted for you to win. With a faint chuckle, “Facing a loss for the first time, I see.”
“Don’t even lecture me about it, Athena. I’m still fired up, and I need to relax.”
“Jeno is a different breed, isn’t he?” She stuck to your side, strolling wherever your feet led you.
“Different as in he’s a man? Yes. What else is there to it?”
“Men these days aren’t as trashy as those back in the day though. Shouldn’t you give him a chance?”
“Last time I did, it destroyed my heart. I’m not allowing myself to let men in even as a friend, Athena.”
She knew exactly what you were referring to, not touching on it further. No way will you let heartbreak or disappointment from men bother you. Even Sanghoon’s sweet company took a while to tolerate. You really needed to sketch this out on your pad right now, excusing yourself from Athena’s presence. Isolation wasn’t new to you; it’s what’s protecting your entire being. Immortal as you are, you had to recover from the past pain so the next decades won’t feel as brash.
You hoped to return to your old self when you were a fresh new figure in the 70s. So naïve, only proud of your accomplishments, and purely happy.
While Jeno continued to finish his scene in respect to Shakespeare, he received a standing ovation for his mini-show. Cleopatra didn’t expect such talent from him, growing fonder of the younger male. Whether she seduces him or not, he was never afraid to try new things and she liked that about him.
“Bravo, love!” Princess Diana praised, clapping at him.
Although Jeno appreciated all this positive attention, his thoughts bounced back to your and your stance on love. The debate earlier was just out of being playful, interested to hear your opinions. Though, he’s worried that he might’ve offended you. It may have been time to finally witness something like that, but then again, he was sure he touched something personal to you. No matter how you tried to fight it off, your eyes can’t lie. Staring down at him, there was pain beneath it. Your eyebrows scrunched to the center, thinking deeply yet remained utterly speechless.
A win he didn’t feel good about.
“It’s time she encountered something new in the years she’s been here. Give her some space tonight, then try again to reach out to her. Kindly this time; I’m not in the mood for another brawl that could end up like the Greek gods’ past fights downstairs.”
These clever words shared by Katherine loitered his mind for the rest of the night, eventually going back to finishing his current plate since everyone was behaving well. As great it is to get the approval of the majority, he tried brainstorming ways to make you like him too.
He understood the whole “men are trash” concept in today’s modern society, but if he could prove it wrong to at least one person, it would be you. Whatever is holding you back, he only hoped that you’d let it go. Questionably unsure as to why he was so persevering, he concluded that it was so he could perform his job better as the night guard. Set higher standards than Sanghoon even.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Tumblr media
Weeks passed, and his attempts continued to be unsuccessful.
The capability for you to ignore his efforts remained strong, whether he was pestering you over small things or debating with you again about anything. Life, books, morals, the two of you always head butt each other. Anything good he did, you searched for a flaw in it. Whatever acts he’s tried and continued trying, not one flinch from you ever.
Even if that’s his state with you, his job no longer felt stressful nor strenuous. He’d try to sleep more on days he was off-duty. Although the fatigue of staying beyond his usual sleeping time was inevitable, he compromised to take a nap lasting an hour or two when the art pieces weren’t acting frisky.
Plus, there have been multiple times they adapted to any alterations so his physical well-being wouldn’t fall sick. Per order of Princess Diana and Hera, who by instinct became his motherly figures here, only wanting what’s best for the kids.
He became accustomed to everything that went on at night, discovering things on his own without Sanghoon’s guide. Anne talked about how much she missed biking in her neighborhood, so one night, Jeno snuck his bike inside and let her use it around the first floor. With proper monitoring so none of the paintings would be unbothered or pieces wouldn’t tumble.
Hermes the messenger god was fluent in every language possible, so every so often, Jeno would freely speak to him in Korean because sometimes he felt he could explode by the amount of English he used every night. Bilingual things, you know. He knew you were multilingual too, but for obvious reasons, he couldn’t converse with you.
Because Jeno was heavily favored, that should’ve been enough to push through his night shifts before the end of the semester. In addition to that, the hourly rate was above the average of whatever Jaemin or Renjun was earning. For the past 2 months, Jeno paid upfront first, even paying back all his debts. It almost made Renjun want to switch jobs with him.
“Trust me, Renjun. You don’t want it, being the lowkey scaredy cat you are.”
Work no longer felt like work, and that’s what everyone aspired to feel. Nevertheless, he tended to worry over you mid-shift, glancing at you from his side view. Sketching, reading, and writing were your default actions. No matter how many times he said to himself not to let your dislike for him affect him, it’d always backfire.
Why were you so cold?
What made you lose your fire from all the research he did about your lively personality?
When morning arrived and he gathered his stuff, you’d be the last thing he’ll check on. Frozen in your standing pose, smiling as you held a book and a pencil, he detected how fake it was. Bystanders would only assume your happiness was from your achievements, though Jeno’s gut firmly pried that something grand overpowered that happiness. And definitely, not in a good way.
Out of all the art pieces, he investigated on you the most. Skimming through every material in the library, endless searching on the net, even asking professors from the History department thanks to Renjun, he did whatever he could. People may already think he was obsessed with who you are, but only little did they know.
Another plate was done and submitted, and he promised himself to look you up one last time before surrendering. For someone who’s rarely given up on a challenge, this one was really out of his control. Maybe he should follow Sanghoon’s footsteps now.
You lived centuries before him, and there’s limited material of you left. Rather than learning of your adventures again, he dug through what things you liked over your life. Maybe by giving one of them, it’ll lessen the tension from a 100 to 99. Maybe you preferred gifts over words, he’ll never know until he tried.
According to one of your journal entries, there’s a fond liking you’ve acquired for lavender roses from Benjamin and Liam when they visited you in Paris in secret because of how much you missed them. It went both ways, praying your family ties could be recovered.
It’s a good thing he needed to refill his stock of items for the art pieces so he could pass by the flower store a few blocks away from his dorm. That night, without further words, he graciously offered you a fresh lavender rose in between your new sketching session.
“I may not know exactly why you’re spiritless around me, but with this rose, I hope we could work something out.”
Your frigid face of disdain, keeping your chin high and squinting your eyes with judgment, began to crumble down.  Of all things as a peace offering, he gave you that? Then again, it’s not like he knew that an item you liked so much became something you’ve grown to hate and why so. No history books could teach him that.
Vulnerability was a normal thing, yet feared by many. Once one uncovered your weak spot, they could harm you. You still couldn’t trust Jeno fully, not willing to show your helplessness nor were you ever going to tell him. Hidden from his knowledge, everyone else including Sanghoon were familiarized as to why this kind of flower tormented you.
You sprinted like thunder out the exhibit room to wherever it’s private to control your senses. You may not have a physical heart, but your emotions were just as actual as a human’s. You needed to regulate your panting breath. In the past decades, you’ve not shed a singular tear but the cycle broke when they streamed out your miserable eyes like a flowing river. Quiet sobs, an empty corner near the fire exit was where your wobbly legs faltered, the painful memories of the past replayed in your head. Once beautiful, but now an agonizing reminder of what could’ve been.
Katherine, Cleopatra, and Anne were swift on their feet to hunt you down, anxious of what you may do next. Seeing or the mention of these flowers still affected you despairingly. Sanghoon must’ve forgotten to write them down, or perhaps he didn’t know either about this fact during all the years he’s worked there.
It’s one of the biggest secrets of his museum. By the clueless face Jeno had with his eyebrows raised, mouth, and small eyes slightly open, he repeatedly asked what he did wrong and adding that he never meant to harm you. Indeed, they knew that yet what occurred involved a secret in the list of museum secrets. Confidential only between art pieces according to Athena, none of the male wax figures spoke a word, only pitying the boy.
“I wasn’t here yet that time, but they said that it was once beautiful, but now it’s a rough period.” With hesitation, Princess Diana chose to reveal it to rid Jeno’s misery. She didn’t mind having to argue about it with Athena later on, as this may further affect the two of you later on.
“A long time ago in the early ‘80s, there was a night guard around your age named Junmyeon. Also, a college student, trying to make ends meet. He did it for 3 years until he graduated. Though within his stay, not only was he such a delight to everyone, he broke a golden rule in the guide. I believe you do know the guide much more now, Jeno?”
“Yes, I do, Princess Diana. Memorized it even, but which one specifically?” Jeno’s desperate eyes pleaded, only hoping for the best and to fix what he messed up.
“You can form friendships with the art pieces, but nothing more.” Princess Diana replied bitterly. “Junmyeon was an aspiring painter, a different path from his business-oriented family. He was seen as the black sheep. She resonated with him, sharing the burden and lifting it by doing whatever fun they could in the museum. In time, they both fell in love with each other; they were each other’s first loves.”
“Why must something beautiful like love be broken? It’s not like you can control it. That golden rule makes no sense.”
“It does, unfortunately. Wax figures like me cannot age, while humans like you can. None of them could accept the reality, always pushing it away. Until Junmyeon’s last week in university, he broke it off with her unexpectedly. From there, (Y/N) was heartbroken for decades. With heartbreak, giving the cold shoulder and bitterness followed. Then with the lavender rose you gave that she used to love became a flower that she associated with Junmyeon too because he gave her one almost every night for those past 3 years.”
Things finally added up, and the guilt in Jeno’s gut expanded. His major lightbulb moment was a major failure.
“Has Junmyeon ever returned to try and win her back?”
“Well, there was one time he did come back for an art exhibition for his paintings in the 2000s. I was already here, then he had a woman around his shoulder with an adolescent boy holding his hand. He roamed around our exhibit and kept gawking at (Y/N). We may be asleep, but we remember the conversations exchanged in the room. So, his son then asked him if he knew who she was.”
“What did he respond?” Jeno attentively listened, on the edge of such a hurtful tale.
“He knew her name, praising her for historical achievements. However, nothing as a former friend or lover. From what I predict, he ingested one of Circe’s potions.”
“But I thought Circe isn’t allowed to make potions for actual consumption. She’s not even allowed to enter the Oriental Art Room.” Jeno pointed out, overwhelmed at the puzzling past. Princess Diana was mindful that she had to stop spreading too much information, so she had to end her discussion with the lost boy.
“There are a lot of secrets about this museum, Jeno. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal to you to protect our peace.”
With due respect, Jeno quit his follow-up questions and concerns. The only thing he wished to do was mend his relationship with you. As vague as to where you even stood in the first place, he unintentionally crossed a line due to his selfish intention to befriend you.
“What can I do now, Princess Diana? You know I’d never push her buttons like that, even if I’m a whimsical person.”
“Oh, my boy.” Princess Diana soothed, holding both her hand on his sweaty palm and cupping his cheek. “For the meantime, give her space. No taunting for a while, and just observe her from a distance. Though do not fret the slightest; I’m sure she’ll be okay again.”
During that interval, you were hunched on the wall, bawling and weeping like the wound was brand new again. While Katherine and Anne stood by your side, on the lookout for anyone who’d be spying on you, Cleopatra knelt in front of you as your infinite tears gushed down.
“My dear,” She tried to wipe some of them while holding your hand. “It’s been years, and Jeno didn’t know a single thing. He didn’t mean to do it.”
“I don’t care, Cleopatra! He should’ve stopped trying to socialize with me because I won’t ever live down my experience with Junmyeon.”
“As if crying like this will bring Junmyeon back to your life,” Cleopatra exclaimed, holding in her temper. Acquainted with heartbreak, it’s awful that it changed you entirely, but you should’ve found a way to heal. Throughout your attitude change, it’s mostly you in pain, not those you inflict it to. “My dear, I love you a lot. But this Jeno boy is different, and you know it.”
“He’s still a nightguard, for Christ’s sake, Cleopatra.”
“You shouldn’t generalize that all night guards are bad just because of one encounter that occurred at the wrong time.” Brushing some strands stuck by your wet visage, she professed to you bluntly. “You’re never going to know how good Jeno is unless you slowly open up again, (Y/N). Not forcing you the slightest, but healing started once you’ve acknowledged the past and move on from it.”
“But I’m scared, Cleopatra.” You restlessly admitted, hunching even more against the wall. Your poor, metaphorical heart could only take so much. You barely expressed sorrow towards others as you always held a strong exterior, only letting it out alone. Not holding back anymore, Cleopatra brought you in for a hug. The last time she did that was the first night after Junmyeon left, calming your intensified emotions so you wouldn’t do anything dumb that night. No violence, just pure sorrow.
“My dear, it’s alright.” She whispered while stroking your back upwards. “But you’re a risktaker; that’s how people remember you. Now, you must challenge yourself to move on from things that didn’t work out. Because once you do, it’ll put your heart and mind at ease.”
“Do you think I’ll be okay again?”
“Yes, you will be, my dear. You are not alone, and never will be.”
Tumblr media
Acting like the dutiful son he always was, Jeno distanced from you.
He still cracked jokes, chatted with the art pieces, and followed the rules, yet never did he utter anything to you. You’ve proudly anticipated it since day one, not wanting him up in your business or teasing you ever. But this time, it felt odd.
On nights he didn’t report, you’ve unconsciously wondered what he may have been up to. A job like this at his age was just as Sanghoon once said: nothing in the regular.
Was he with his friends?
Was he resting well?
From the moment you chose to let go of your limitations and old thoughts, it included your grudge against past guards. Asking for forgiveness to Sanghoon when he returns was on the top of your list, however, that’ll take a while to happen. In the start, you’re baffled as to why he no longer picked on you like every night he’s been present. Somehow, it became a habit you’ve gotten used to, having so many comebacks planned to fend yourself. But you didn’t want to concede to it, maintaining what was left of your pride since that breakdown.
While on the subject, you suspected if anyone told him anything that night because that also indicated the last time he reached out to you. By anything, it would be your unwritten past with Junmyeon. A part of yourself in the museum that you didn’t want to disperse like rapid-fire again. It would be the last thing you wanted Jeno to know.
To your misfortune, Princess Diana came clean due to your growing concern over it. Although your attitude changed and people got used to it, you could only blame yourself that you were responsible for Jeno’s change.
“All he wanted was to understand and enlighten us with his likable presence. Then with you, you were his challenge because of your high walls. Out of everyone, he tried to learn everything about you. From my observation, whenever he has a goal, he’s determined to achieve it.”
“But I’m trying to be better now, Diana. Why did he stop?”
“He may have determination, but he knows where the boundaries lie.” Princess Diana patted the side of your arm, giving you a half-grin. “It hurt him when he hurt you, even if it was accidental. So he opted to give you space; that way, you could catch a breather and he wouldn’t harm you anymore. It was what you wanted from the start anyways, right?”
A hard pill to swallow, though it was a fact. It’s just that now, you’re slowly willing to release yourself from the dark. It’s been decades, and more to come. Nothing can move on unless you do.
“Where is he, Princess Diana?”
Just as she predicted right on the edge, Diana completed the grin on her face and led you to the entrance of your exhibit. She may be younger than you, but you’re reverted in your twenties while she remained in her mid-thirties. Gaping the wide museum from the railing, starting from the painting exhibit in the lobby to across the other side of the museum, Diana spotted the black hair of the boy in the Foreign Art Room.
“Over there.”
Observing where her eyes focused, you caught a glimpse of a recognizable side profile. The owner’s eyes were completely taken by whatever he was drawing on the fold-up desk he brought out from the storage room. By the tedious action of his right hand going up and down, you’ve gotten so used to his part-time identity as the night guard to entirely dismiss his current status as a university student.
Architecture specifically as he first introduced himself to you. The same path your oldest brother, Christopher, worked in. The look of tenacity Jeno presented as his eyebrows continuously scrunched, his crescent orbs hastily spied his work for any unnecessary details and his veiny hands brushed his already messy hair, you were profoundly reminded of Christopher when he was designing his possible future house. You were 8 years old, and he was 22, who just got married. He explained how many floors it’ll have, what rooms to put and what extra furniture he’ll place to make it feel more at home.
Seeing how exceptional his art skills were, you started to sketch like him. With flowers first, it turned into bedrooms and sceneries of your neighborhood. You felt your shoulders rise in accomplishment when you were able to accurately draw people. As much as you credited Benjamin and Liam the most in your works, it’ll only be within yourself to know that you also held a soft spot for Christopher.
Excusing yourself to Princess Diana, you bravely yet quietly ventured into the Foreign Art Room. Hiding first from one of the cement columns, you resumed watching him sketch. Instead of a pencil, he used a black pen with a tip as thin as a pencil. Your assumptions would be it was for a class, basing it on him informing everybody earlier that he’ll be inactive for the remaining hours of his shift to focus on his midterm requirements. That must be difficult to balance, yet he still does everything expected from him. Maybe the second cup of iced coffee beside him stimulated his bones and mind, letting his imagination free.
Through the limited space, you tiptoed whilst holding the side of the column to make up his work. There were 2 and a half rectangular shapes stacked on top of each other, the third one he was still tracing. A sign encrypted with tiny written words you couldn’t decipher, the beauty and modernity of Jeno’s plate cannot go unappreciated.
“That’s absolutely beautiful.”
Sweet words you didn’t think would bounce back in the room, Jeno’s pace ceased whilst you hid again. Art pieces capable of walking weren’t allowed here, he locked the door even beforehand! Or he thought as he was rushing to get his work done because one of his terror professors moved up the deadline to tomorrow morning. Not even 25% finished, he petitioned for everyone’s cooperation just for tonight.
He used up his 2 days of not having the night shift for other projects, and not wanting to ruin his perfect attendance, he proceeded to show up.
The voices from the foreign paintings around him hushed for him out of respect. So possibly someone snuck in, his head looking around for intruders. But only did he quit it when he saw your blurry reflection leaning against the column. The glass windows slightly mirror back what it sees, without you knowing that.
Not to mention, the small bit of your lilac dress was left out. Of all people, it was you?
“Do my eyes deceive me or is Miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N) inside when she’s not allowed so?”
To break the killing tension, he tested the waves with an innocent taunt. Never did you reach out to him, so least to say he was entertained whilst keeping his distance.
Fixing your proud stance, you responded in a low baritone voice you used to persuade numerous men in her adventures. “Uhm no, I don’t know who she is.”
As intelligent as you were, Jeno was a few steps farther than you this time. Educated about the risky ways you’d get around and one of them was changing the pitch of your voice, he heartily laughed at your unsuccessful attempt.
“Okay don’t lie, (Y/N). I can see a trail of your dress and your cloak. Oh, your reflection too.”
Damn, you peeked a little to realize that he was correct. Hauling your dress back in to readjust your outfit, you pushed your hair back before appearing to him. Though when you did such, you didn’t suppose that he was practically beside you the entire time. Bumping into his towering stance of 5’10 while the sleeves of his dress shirt rolled up, your proud posture loosened up. He even discarded his blazer. A few more inches, he could’ve cornered you on the column if you didn’t take another step back.
Has he always been this tall or were you so used to your boots having high heels under? Oh wait, maybe because you wore flats this time because it’s making your toes sore. Your head bowed from struggling to maintain eye contact with him, your palms caressing your cheeks that suddenly heated up. Clearing your throat, you straightened your back again like nothing happened.
Jeno thought otherwise, shrugging his shoulders as he chuckled. He’s never seen you get shy, not that it was a bad thing either. The temptation to play around it more was there, but he was running out of time for his assignment.
“Come in. I’ll let you off the hook this time.” His arms opened up, allowing you access to such a wonderful exhibit. Paintings from different European periods, miniature versions of famous infrastructures inside glass containers, and replicas of Greek columns in the front entrance, no wonder it’s important to protect them all.
“Are you sure?” Watching him return to his spot, which was a bench in the center of the exhibit with a table in front, it didn’t process that you were gawking at his toned back. His broad shoulders and the evident muscles in his arms while he stretched, your eyes were speedy to look away when he tried to take a glance at you.
“I don’t think the paintings here and I mind.” Sitting down again, he tapped the vacant space beside him. “Feel free to watch me draw if you want to.”
Settling by his side, he recommenced where he left off. Now with a closer view of his piece, it did look like a building as you thought. He was sketching the remaining outline of the 3rd floor of this hypothetical place, continuously checking his ruler to monitor if the lines were consistent. Able to pick up on the words of the sign beside the building, you wowed with one hand on your lips.
“You’re redrawing Seoul National University Museum of Art?”
“One of my plate assignments was to visualize a renovation of a certain place, so I chose the museum.”
“Why so?”
“Well,” Jeno shook his pen so the ink could come out. “This entire place comes to life with the royal plate, so I think we should expand the space and bring in more art pieces to life if we add another extra floor. A rooftop area for visitors and events would be fun. And definitely, we should modernize the exterior and interior a bit because it looks outdated personally. That’s also what my friends think too.”
Noticing the minor details of his plate whilst removing any unnecessary pens so it wouldn’t smudge, “Huh, I quite agree with you.”
For the first time since his night shift, you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), came into an agreement with him. He became so accustomed to clashing opinions that now, you had no contrasting points to make at all. A good change perhaps was what he’s witnessing.
“Woah, who are you agreeing with me and where’s (Y/N)?” He creased his brows whilst locking eye contact with you. This time, you didn’t wince away and just nudged him on his shoulder to get back to work.
“Hush, Jeno. Isn’t that due later? Get to work, I’ll roam around here for the meantime.”
After decades in this museum, you’re enlightened with the foreign paintings in which some you’ve heard of in your younger years and some that were created beyond your time. The Birth of Venus, Liberty Leading the People, Girl with a Pearl Earring, there’s an advantage of learning about their stories that humans couldn’t interpret. Logical that this section must be off-limits because these pieces were extra special, yet there’s so much more than what meets the eye.
There’s peace in silence while you wandered around, though it doesn’t hinder only at the art. Jeno hasn’t uttered a word since he got back to drawing, and once you asked him what’s doing now, still no answer back. Odd, he’s constantly awa-
Oh, my. You must’ve jinxed it.
Your eyes laid on Jeno leaning forward on his desk with his arms serving as his pillow, resting his head sideways. Soft snores and minimal movement in his upper body to shake the growing cold temperature of the room, he was sleeping like a log.
Putting into perspective, he hasn’t acquired enough rest specifically this past 2 weeks. The endless number of plates due making him work extra during his shift rather than sleeping in the slightest, exhaustion must be an understatement. Coffee no longer pushed him to his maximum for this week even.
But this was the path he chose, and it’ll have its challenges. Still, if you could relieve the stress in any way, you would. This would be one of the ways to repay for all the rudeness you’ve passed on him. Scurrying to his side, placing the plate on the side with his other things. You returned the caps of his open pens so they don’t spill. They must be expensive, recalling how Jeno shared the cons of being an architecture major to Princess Diana. One was the pens needed for sketching, and any tiny damages to them meant buying them again.
With his watch on clear display, he only had 2 hours left until his shift was done. Then, 4 hours until his plate assignment was done, and his current plate was far from done.
The blunt impulse to wake him up slithered your mind, though his calm state deflected your duty. As if you were on board a ship again for your explorations, you paid attention to the view with a relaxed mindset.
Lee Jeno specifically was the view.
His coffee-stained lips were parted and his sharp nose breathing in and out at a relaxing pace, he must be dreaming a happy moment the way half his lips curved into a smile. If he’s resting well, then you too would be calm.
Because of your past disinterest in him, only at this moment did you observe how sharp his jawline was and the cuts on his arms he sought refuge in. No matter how many times you tried to deny Hera’s compliments of him on the side, you couldn’t.
Lee Jeno embodied attractive features; both physical and emotional.
Back to his plate, it’ll put him at a disadvantage if he submitted the way it looked before he passed out. But you remembered all those extra details he mentioned and wanted to add to this project. Being an explorer, you documented all your ventures through words or drawings. You’re fast to adjust to anything new too.
For all the good he’s done for everyone, he only deserved some help in return.
Your version of help was sketching the remaining details of this plate, using other pens for more emphasis. It’s a risk also, but no way could you turn a blind eye on Jeno this time.
Around 5:30 am, Jeno’s eyes blinked open due to a brightening light from the outside. Stretching his limbs, he finds a velvet cloak wrapped around him like a blanket. But before he could question it, he pulled his arm in to see the time on his watch.
“Fuck!” He cursed, realizing that his so-called 10-minute snooze break aborted.
“Oh my, you’re awake!” From his frazzled state, there you were. So put together yet active, some strands of your hair falling down your face even with your hair up in a ponytail. “How was your sleep?”
This whole time he could’ve been woken up, yet you chose not to. You’re aware of his deadline, yet you let him rest entirely. He could’ve burst out in stress, yet he didn’t. You and he may have started on the wrong foot, yet it’s impossible of you to do such an evil thing. He’ll just have to tolerate the outcome later today.
“Refreshing. I really needed it.” Packing his things in his bag and closing the table, you trailed along as he exited with you. Locking up, he has 30 minutes left to accomplish the cleaning. A long good morning indeed.
But his worry of that vanished when you admitted that you had it all covered.
“Everyone helped out in cleaning, plus there are no damages made either.” From your hand, you returned one of his keys that was on his guard blazer. “I double-checked the Oriental Room and locked the doors again.”
“Why are you suddenly so nice to me, (Y/N)?” He questioned with confusion, wearing his blazer again and patting away any creases. He placed your cloak over you again like a true gentleman.
Without a word, you simply invited him to walk you back to your exhibit as parts of the sun began to rise. As you returned to your section, your fellow figures readying themselves to pose again,
“It’s my way to apologize for my very rude first impression and the succeeding moments after. I was too cooped up in my past that I was too afraid to let humans in again, night guards in particular.” You admitted, removing your cloak and placing behind your chair like always. “I’m so sorry, Jeno. Everyone was right about you and your kind heart.”
“About time.” Cleopatra’s sultry voice cut in, laying on her day bed.
Before you had the chance to flip off, Jeno mediated swiftly. With a gentle smile, “No worries about it. I’m just happy you’re okay, after all you’ve been through.”
“Can we start over then?”
“Absolutely.” With his free hand, he brought it out. No matter what kind of introductions, shaking one’s hand was the best way to start a friendship. “Good evening. I’m Lee Jeno, the new museum night guard.”
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), explorer and author.” Sighing at his humor, you still replied by shaking his hand. “And I believe you’re mistaken, Lee Jeno. It’s a good morning.”
Seconds after, you imitated your typical pose and smile. Only now, the latter was more genuine. Finally, a fresh start to end your agony.
Once the sun fully revealed itself, every figure including yourself froze back to sleep. Something Jeno wished to catch up on if it weren’t for his damn plate. He was so screwed, already contemplating his next steps if he does fail this class. The possibility of getting delayed in all aspects, he dreaded it already.
Heading back to his dorm, where both his roommates completely passed out from soju on the couch, he sat by his work desk and turned on his night lamp for more light since the sun wasn’t strong enough yet.
With another cup of coffee, he cracked the joints of his knuckles and laid out his pens. He had 2 hours left to submit this plate, and at most he should accomplish 50% of his initial plan. However, he didn’t anticipate such a gorgeous outcome when he brought out his plate.
Picture perfect of every detail he desired, even adding a rooftop area with that he’d love to have if ever the museum does go under renovation one day. Rather than setting the plate during the day, it was at night as the skies were dark and bright specks of yellow inside the building symbolized light.
So much for wasting coffee, he’ll just give it to Jaemin when he wakes up later. Below the final product, a note written in cursive was stuck on it.
 I knew you wanted to get this specific plate done, but you mustn’t compromise your sleep for it. It’s your inhumane professor’s fault!
To make up for my faults, I wanted to help you out. I paid extra attention to the details you spoke highly about, so I only hoped that I interpreted it correctly. It’s risky, but as someone who researched so much about me, would you be surprised that I did such a thing?
PS: Get back to sleep. I’m quite sure your desk is laid out the same way in the Foreign Art Room.
 Turning off his lamp, Jeno jumped the covers of his bed to continue his lost sleep. Without an ounce of care that he hasn’t changed into cleaner clothes, he’s relieved that he won’t flunk his class.
Most of all, he’s relieved that you’ve melted the ice in you and allowed kindness to come in. Jeno may never understand how hard that must’ve been for you, yet he raved you for it.
“Oh, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Surprise is an understatement when it comes to you.”
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tauremornalome · 10 months ago
so, while it's obviously not 100% true to the mandarin original, i counted how many times the word "fuck" appears in the ExiledRebels translation of MDZS (which i think most of the anglophone fandom is familiar with, and bases their takes on characters upon) and here are the results:
1. wei wuxian: 17 fucks said aloud + 3 "thought to himself" = record 20 fucks
2. the narrator: 11 fucks (9 of them to describe sexual acts)
tied for the third place:
3. jiang cheng: 9 fucks (way less than i expected of him tbh)
3. xue yang: 9 fucks (establishing the record of fucks per chapter in the extra "villainous friends")
4. wen chao: 2 fucks (surprisingly this is shouting at wang lingjiao and his servants)
characters who said fuck once: a-qing, nie huaisang, jin ling, anxin (a prostitute from meng shi's brothel), jin guangyao, two random cultivators in a tavern, he su, yunmeng jiang shidis
which all sums up to 59 f-words in the translation of the novel
some of my favourite fucks under the cut
starting with wei wuxian in chapter 2, commenting on mo xuanyu's situation (he's right):
The words on the paper were small and compact, which hurt Wei WuXian's eyes. He thought to himself, "How fucked up is this person's life?"
11/10 this use of the f-word is very much justified, poor mo xuanyu :(
next on the list: xue yang in chapter 40, upon meeting song lan:
"For once I actually wanted to shop for food, and here you fucking are, spoiling my mood!"
understandable, 9/10 (this doesn't get full notes because i like song lan and this is not fucking ideal for him either :c)
next we have this gem, nie huaisang in chapter 49:
Nie HuaiSang roared at Nie MingJue, "Saber, saber, saber! Who the fuck wants to practice the damn thing?!"
100/10 holy shit!! nie huaisang is braver than any u.s. marine, roaring at his easily irritable jock brother the famous chifeng-zun about not giving a damn about their family legacy
this cute fragment from chapter 55, wangxian in the xuanwu cave:
"And now, we finally have it dead, and the son-of-a-bitch made the hole collapse. Fuck!"
Hearing the 'fuck', Lan WangJi's brows twitched. He wanted to say something, but held it in.
8/10, kudos for calling the xuanwu of slaughter 'son of a bitch'
shoutout to jiang cheng's first use of the word fuck, which appears in chapter 73 (burial mounds flashback):
"I'm the one who fucking wants to give you a thrashing!"
directed obviously at wei wuxian. 5/10, i'm slightly disappointed, please support your brother through his necromancy phase
next, jin ling in chapter 98, must have been picking up bad words from his jiujiu:
"Fairy! Come back! Fuck!"
6/10 you're your uncle's nephew i guess but that's not how a 13 year old should talk to his dog >:(
coming next jiang cheng with his heartbreaking rhetorical question (chapter 102 - he really is having a rough time):
"Why do I have to feel like I'm a fucking clown all these years?!"
12/10, i think this is the only place in the novel where a character acknowledges the general clownery happening around them
followed by jc in chapter 104:
[JGY talking to WWX] "Someone like you is destined to have a short life. You see? Doesn't it feel a lot better if you think about it this way?"
Jiang Cheng raged, "You're the one who's got a fucking short life!"
10/10, a great sentence to say + he's defending his shixiong!!
jin guangyao's last words, as presented in chapter 108:
"Fuck you, Nie MingJue! You think I'm really scared of you?! I..."
and then he died. 3/10
wei wuxian being mean to lan zhan about the phoenix mountain incident (or rather about the fact that lwj thought wwx had plenty of ~experience~) in 111:
"Are you an idiot, Lan Zhan?! You fucking believed all that nonsense!"
4/10 i would say he's hurting lwj's innocent ears with swearing but next chapters are full of wwx begging lan zhan to fuck him, sooo...
xue yang making an epic come back in chapter 118, starting with critique of jin guangyao's interior design:
[about Suibian] "What's the use of keeping a fucking piece of decoration?"
6/10 i know xiao xingchen is blind but i'm sure he would appreciate some decorations in your cosy little house in yi city, not everything has to serve a purpose my dude
aaand in the same chapter dragging jin guangyao,
"You should've gotten a mirror and looked at your face. That smile was nasty. It was so fucking fake I could throw up."
15/10 accurate assesment
aaaaaand we're finishing with this slice of everyday life at lotus pier, yunmeng jiang shidis in chapter 125 reacting to wwx and jc arguing:
The shidi all complained, "Fight outside if you have to!" Please fuck off together, won't you? We're begging you!"
13/10 this is why i love the jiang sect. show me ONE lan disciple who would tell their sect heir and first disciple to fuck off. su she doesn't count
Thank you for your attention, I love science, while writing fic remember to have wwx swear like a sailor, also remember nie huaisang shouting "fuck sabres!" to nmj's face
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akamarulover · 7 months ago
Winter 2021 anime
It has been a while since I wrote one of these reviews! But this season was SO good I wanted to talk about these series. There was so much good stuff that I ended up dropping some shows I want to revisit later. So here’s all the anime I completed in the 2021 Winter season.
Sk8 the Infinity
Tumblr media
My favorite anime of the season. One of my favorites in a while. The staff working on it is just stellar (Director: Free!, Banana Fish) (Scriptwriter: Code Geass) (OST: Initial D) and produced by Studio Bones (MP100, FMA) no less! I cannot stress enough how good the OST is.
It’s about Skateboarding! Specifically, secret underground, no rules brawls in the “S” arena. Reki (innovative, artistic, engineer, talented, cheerful, sweet, best boy supreme) is a skater through every cell in his body. He meets Langa (cute, Canadian, snowboarder, angel), who recently moved to Japan after losing his father. Reki quickly pulls Langa into his world of skating and the two face the trials and tribulations of the S arena, and the colorful cast that inhabit it. 
The energy of the show is captivating and funny and a bit nostalgic. The skating tricks (and fails) are cool, and funny, and ridiculous, and an absolute blast to watch. The characters are charming and well rounded, and the story resonated with me in a very personal, motivating way.  I can’t recommend this enough! 
Wonder Egg Priority
Tumblr media
CONTENT WARNINGS (sexual assault, abuse, self harm, suicide. If you need to know about certain warnings please make sure to look them up before starting)
Don’t let the pretty colors and cute girls fool you! This is a psychological horror magical girl series! With a similar look and production quality to any Kyoani series. After the suicide of her best friend, Nagase receives the ability to traverse dreams in the hopes of saving her friend. In those dreams, she and the girls she helps must confront their greatest fears and traumas. The enemies she and other “egg” owners face are grounded in reality, but twisted into grotesque forms.
The series absolutely does not shy away from heavy topics. The girls themselves represent a variety of personal internal struggles as well. Including a trans girl and wlw. Very good but very heavy anime.
Tumblr media
Horimiya is simply romance done well. The characters are charming and likeable and funny. The cast is colorful and well designed with good dynamics. The main couple is established very early on, so there’s not a lot of pre-relationship drama antics. Rather, Horimiya explores the growing relationship between Hori and Miyamura. There are plenty of side characters though, that do go through the pre-relationship fumbles and bumbling if that is your jam. The side characters are also great and often become the focus of an episode.
Kemono Jihen
Tumblr media
Cryptid kids solving mysteries! The character designs are amazingly well done. The color palette of the series is a visual joy to look at. Their powers are really cool and interesting. And the personalities hold together the show well.
Cells at Work: Black
Tumblr media
It’s Cells at Work, but edgy! All the same fun shenanigans and random facts and character designs of cells at work, except this time the body is actively dying nearly every episode! These cells have to save their host body from fun things like Carbon Monoxide poisoning, ulcers, and erectile dysfunction, oh my!
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
Tumblr media
I tend to be a bit wary of the highly oversaturated isekai genre by now. But this one actually caught my interest visually and with its characters. IMO it presents those tired tropes in a thoughtful way. It does explore a lot of the more unpleasant aspects of isekai genre (CONTENT WARNINGS). But the way it’s presented still feels organic and usually interesting. Also the main voice actor, Sugita Tomokazu, carries the show.
Rudeus was a very much worthless loser in his past life. So once he is reborn, literally as an infant, he decides to start from scratch and work hard at bettering himself. He still has much growing to do, however, and he does make bad decisions often. But he learns to be reliable when it counts, and hopefully will grow past his problematic shortcomings in time. 
Skate Leading Stars
Tumblr media
Aka the other worse skating anime this season. It did have a strong opening episode, which is the main reason I kept with the series as long as I did. The main 3 characters have a strong and interesting dynamic. Their backstories are interesting and the drama and dynamics between them all was compelling. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast was not so much.
Attack on Titan: The Final Season
Tumblr media
A bit of a misnomer, since it’s not finishing quite yet with its split cour. I’ve been a fan of the series from the start, and I really enjoy where it has headed. Despite being in a new studio, I think they still adapted the story well, which is what matters most. I got used to the updated character designs pretty quickly too. Eren you’re one crazy bitch I love it. Can’t wait for the actual end.
Doctor Stone: Stone Wars
Tumblr media
I liked season 2 even more than I did the first! Senku has really grown on me a lot as a character. Even more characters were introduced. Established characters grew their relationships and developed. The inventions were fun (and factual). I enjoyed this season a whole lot! I can’t wait for more.
Cells At Work
Tumblr media
The original, also airing! The season ended up being pretty short, only 8 episodes, which was disappointing. I didn’t feel a lot of the same charm that season 1 had either. It was still good, and I would watch another season absolutely. But I was left wanting a bit more.
True Cooking Master Boy
Tumblr media
Not much to say other than the same fun cooking buffoonery. If you enjoy food wars, or want to watch food wars but without the fanservice, this is it. 
CONTINUING SERIES (from last season)
Tumblr media
The anime had a strong opening arc that I really enjoyed. However a lot of this season was kind of a dud for me. Everything up through where the demon Mahito was included, was great. Nothing special, just typical shounen with cool powers and a high budget anime. But I enjoyed it. 
Except, not really. I did not enjoy the school battles arc. I do not like any of the second years, or third years, or other schools. I only care about what the main 3, plus Gojo and Nanami and Sukuna were up to. I think the series is strongest when it is not at the school. The high school part of it really drags it down.
The mission they went on right after in the final episodes was fantastic. It really reminded me where the series shines. Which is in its demon investigations.
Black Clover
Tumblr media
This is another hit or miss series. When it’s bad, I gotta skip episodes. I don’t care for filler and for a good handful of the cast. But when it does decide to step up, its great! The fights are engaging and visually stunning. The powers are interesting when they’re utilized well. The demon form in Asta is always such an interesting part of the story. The magic visuals overall are great.
Osomatsu San 3rd Season
Tumblr media
Same show its always been. You should know by now if you like it or not. Some of my favorite gags and episodes ended up being in this season. 
Pokemon Journeys
Tumblr media
I was falling a bit behind, but I did completely catch up recently because Gou has been snagging some pretty sweet catches. I love the Grookey he straight up stole from Team Rocket. And he got a hella sweet legendary. What a good kid! He’s so cute and I’m so proud of him! Also Ash just evolved his Sirfetch’d which is  one of my favss. I hope Leon comes back soon.
The Promised Neverland season 2
Once I heard from manga readers it totally derailed itself, I dropped out. I plan on picking up the manga. I didn’t want to be spoiled by a lackluster adaptation.
Otherside Picnic
I want to revisit this one. I kinda replaced it with Wonder Egg Priority, which was like a similar but better version of the story.
Not gonna lie, I totally forgot about it. Nothing major made me drop it. I just didn’t have enough interest to remember it lmao.
Re-Zero season 2
The haremy crap got too much for me. All the appeal of the first season is totally gone. The story wasn’t interesting and the new characters were bad.
That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime season 2
I never actually picked up season 2 to begin with. I finished season 1 and it was good enough. But i wasn’t interested enough to continue the story.
And that wraps it up. Winter season was packed, and there was a lot of good stuff to watch. Spring will have a hard time measuring up, but I don’t expect it to. I dropped or skipped out on some series that in a less hype season, I probably would have watched. Not a bad problem to have haha.
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yguchild · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warning: none.
genre: fluff.
characters: sano "mikey" manjiro, baji keisuke, and mitsuya takashi.
note: possible ooc. grammatical errors. I like Haruka's character design, especially his hair. (it looks so pretty) So, I, kind of, focused on that part.
requested here
Tumblr media
Sano "Mikey" Manjiro
When he first saw you, he never thought of anything. He's pretty casual with you and talks like the usual Mikey we see in the anime/manga. Mikey doesn't give a fuck about one's appearance, preferring to know the person before handing his opinion.
So, you captured his heart through your passion, dreams, personality, and kindness. Your looks come second to this man. He still admires your beauty, nonetheless.
Mikey was and still is, whipped by your hair. (let's be honest here, who wouldn't?) He admires the curls and the length, telling you how amazed he is that you take care of them very well. He will ask you for advice on what kind of shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask to use to keep it as healthy as yours. You will give him the best products you had.
He will insist on having a night/day where you take care of each other's hair. Wash them, style them, brush them, etc. There were times where Draken and Emma will join you guys, and you're happy to spend time with them. You guys will probably take turns tying/styling each other's hair, teaching the boys (especially Mikey) how to braid. Draken even requests the fishtails.
If you like art, just like Haruka, he is by your side every time you paint. Watching your skillful hands move the brush as you create scenery, people, or anything possible to human perception. He's amazed by your passion for painting and how you can create beautiful images with swirls of paint on the canvas.
Technically, your biggest fan in any of your endeavors.
He once asked you, "Can you paint me?" with the same expression as the handsome Squidward. He said he wants that hanging in his room so that he can stare at his beauty made by your beautiful hands. You obliged, giving it to him as a present for his birthday. God, it was the happiest day of his life.
When there are times that you are overworking yourself, he will not hesitate to drag your ass out of your studio/room. Sleep and eating are the things most artists, including you, forget when indulging in their works. Not on Mikey's watch, though. He is concerned for your well-being. Expect lots of cuddles and dorayaki from this man.
Will absent-mindedly play with your hair because he really loves you and your hair that much. He finds solace in them, he says. You guys spent every cuddle time with you snuggled close to him, asleep, while he peacefully plays with your hair until sleep knocks him out too.
Last thing: WHOEVER COMPARES YOUR HAIR TO BAJI WILL MEET THEIR END SIX FEET UNDER THE GROUND. Keep Edward as far as 20 feet away from (y/n).
"So, what hairstyle do you want today, sir?" you ask, smiling from ear-to-ear after Mikey sat in front of you.
It was a Thursday night, and nothing in particular happened. You're taking a break after Mikey insists for the hundredth time, dragging you to his place to cuddle. Now, both of you are bored to your wit's end, trying to entertain each other with random ideas until Mikey decided that you can play a hair salon, taking turns at being a customer and hairstylist.
"Braid, please~" his singsong voice brought delight to your nerves. Humming in response, you gently braid his hair.
The comforting silence envelopes Mikey's room, and without words, you both knew how you brought comfort in each other.
"Here you are, good sir," tapping his shoulders, "Please proceed to the check-out."
"How much is it?"
You innocently blink at him, smile growing big, "2 kiss currency, good sir."
"Well, can I give an extra for being my pretty girlfriend?" he asked, cupping your cheeks.
"Very well appreciated."
Baji Keisuke
Dear oh dear, he has the most reaction out of the bunch. He's immediately on the ground, admiring your beautiful hair. He will endlessly talk about hair products and hair tips.
But, this man loves you because you are you, okay? Like Mikey, this man doesn't think much about someone's appearance. Talk about your dreams, and you already got his heart.
He will go to your place, asking for a particular product when he runs out of them and vice versa. Yes, that's your relationship in a nutshell. Baji has a habit of going to your place after fighting with whoever he decided to beat up because—he hasn't told you this yet he likes it when you wash his hair.
He will occasionally insist on washing your hair too. Trying to impress you with his hairwashing skills. He's really competitive at times, so expect a lot of "How's that? Aren't I good?"
Literally, a golden retriever boyfriend.
He will ask you to tie his hair and teach him other styles. He told you once he wants to amaze the other members when he appears with a braid or some fancy hairstyle. Baji will do his best to learn everything you teach him, practicing in your hair.
Once again, if you like painting, then expect this man to ogle every work you have in store. He has a different reaction to every piece you show him and will ask you if you're some magician or scientist. Like Mikey, he will ask if you can paint him. But, it was a picture of the two of you, and he wants them hanging in his room.
He may not drag your ass out when you overwork, but he will be there to accompany you. Whenever you need something, he immediately has it in hand to give you. He's there to tend to your needs. He will occasionally ask you to stop and sit with him for a minute, which leads to cuddling on the floor of your studio.
He's proud of you and your achievements. So, he will do his best to be your number supporter.
"It's been an hour and a half, (y/n). Come here and sit with me," Baji taps the space beside him. You turn to the man from kissing your canvas, begging him to give you another five minutes to do your work.
He stood up and took you out of your seat, "Your wrists are still recovering, dumbass. Take it easy, will you?
"Keisuke, let me finish the nose-"
"You've been fixing it for the past fifteen minutes, (y/n)," putting you down where he sat earlier, "Now, eat this bread with me."
You take the melon pan he hands you and observes the other goods he got before coming to your place. He took out energy drinks and another couple of junk food before opening his favorite chips. He noticed how you weren't eating the food he offered, opening them for you when he thought your hands hurt.
"Now, eat up, and we'll take a nap," He brushes the stray hair stuck on your forehead.
"Let's take care of each other, okay?"
Mitsuya Takashi
You're immediately this man's model. (his sisters are still his number one, of course) He will ask if you have any ideas about fashion and sewing. And, if you are, then expect this man to ramble about what he makes and everything he finds fascinating. You will probably spend time until dawn talking about it.
He will notice your hair and ask you what kind of sorcery you do to keep it healthy. He will probably look up ways to take care of them, then ask you if it's okay for your hair. (He deems you as an expert in this field) Probably go and try it out to his sisters too.
And to that, Mana and Luna find your hair beautiful. As mannered kids they are, they will ask if they can play with your hair, style it to their liking, and you will agree while beaming at them. Mitsuya once saw you playing salon with them, and he swears his heart almost burst.
You're the one learning different hairstyles from this man, not the other way around. His sisters will critique your work, and boy, they are hard to please about hairstyles.
He will make clothes for you and his sisters. He had all of your measurements memorized, so he'll surprise you with newly sewn clothes at your front door. He, sometimes, asks you to come to his place and help him think of a new design or give your thoughts about his work in progress. It's a wholesome exchange between the two of you.
YOU. WILL. DRESS. UP. EACH. OTHER. No, definitely not the butt-naked in front of the other while they put on your clothes. You guys will plan out each other's clothes, asking if it's a miss or match. It also happens to his sisters every time you guys go out on dates. Yes, you want Mitsuya to bring his sisters.
Like the other two, this man will love your paintings. He will even ask if you can teach him some basics because he wants to paint you and his sisters. You will teach him, of course. It's one of your favorite moments with him.
After your painting session, he will shower you with praises and help you relax. He will bring you snacks, ask you how's your painting, and occasionally barge in your place to remind you to take a rest. He learned after painting with you that what you do is complex and tiring. So, he'll do his best to look out for you.
When you decided to take a break, you end up cuddling him and sleeping your worries away while he whispers praises and sweet nothings in your ears.
"Did you finish already?" Mitsuya asks, opening his arms for you.
You hum as you melt in his hold, laying down on his futon. It was past 5:00 PM, and you barge in their place after spending the day painting tirelessly in yours. His sisters were out with his mom, leaving you two alone to cuddle and enjoy each other's comfort.
"You don't have to come here," pulling you close to his body, "Text me, and we can spend time in your place."
You gaze at the man, smiling, "But, I like it here more than being stuck with my stuffy place."
Mitsuya fight the urge to hold you tighter, flustered at your cute face, dreamy and hazy. He chuckles at your attempt of easing his worries by burying your face in the crook of his neck. He runs his finger to your hair, taking out some of the tangles gently. His ministration lulls you closer and closer to sleep. Soon enough, Mitsuya noticed your even breaths and soft snores.
"You did very well today, my love. Sleep tight."
Tumblr media
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ohwowimlonley · 8 months ago
Bruce Banner nsfw alphabet
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
He is so freakin cute. Like, he'll stroke your hair and kiss your forehead. He would also clean you up and wash off all of your makeup. Once he learns that you're sorta into skincare he would definitely design a specialised face wash just for you
B = Body Part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partners)
His favourite part on you is your fingers. He loves to fiddle with them and play with them. Most of all, he loves how tiny they look wrapped around his big cock.
His favourite part on himself is his hair. He loves it when you pull on it and how you look so enamored with him when he styles it in a certain way- he just found you adorable
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum, basically)
He loves the thought of cumming in you, but his anxiety is so high he rarely gives you the satisfaction. He always overthinks 'what if I have and STD I dont know about?' 'What if I accidentally infect her with Hulk genes and she becomes like me?' Y'know, the normal stuff. Usually, though, he goes with a safer option and cums on your tits. He loves the sight of it; his seed dripping beautifully off your nipples.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self-explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
He secretly really wants to have a threesome. Especially with another boy; that other boy being Tony. He'd never outright tell you (though you pick it up from his longing stares when you talk to tony) because he can't even admit it to himself
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Before he was the Hulk, tonnes. I mean, can you imagine a younger Bruce being totally uninhibited? It would be chaos. Girls soon girls, piling on him. Though, after he became the Hulk, he staved off women as he no longer felt he could guarantee their safety. It took him some reassurance, but he's now very much okay with fucking you silly over and over again.
F = Favorite Position (This goes without saying)
Missionary, mostly. Only because he loves to see your face. He thinks you look really pretty getting your brains fucked out
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment? Are they humorous? etc.)
He's definitely more serious. Though sometimes he sees that you're nervous and he'll crack a few jokes to take your mind off of things
H = Hair (How well-groomed are they? Does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
He keeps himself compulsively neat, always insisting that he 'doesn't do it for you' but he totally does
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment? The romantic aspect.)
Unbelievably intimate with you, most of the time. Sometimes, you'd tease him too much, or provoke him or sometimes he'd just feel like it and he'd go ballistic; choking, spitting, spanking. He would just let loose
J = Jack off (Masturbation Headcanon)
After so many years without the touch of a woman, he would much rather have you touch him than do it himself
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Honestly? The bed. He likes the room, it's nearly impossible to fall off and you don't have to worry about getting caught
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Basically anything. You're his whole world and you manage to make him horny by barely doing anything. Although, it does get him very rowdy if you sit on his lap. He loves the closeness and the pressure
N = No (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
It goes without saying, but he'd never hurt you. Surprisingly, though, he'd never blindfold you. He doesn't want you to relinquish all of your control because he doesn't know if he could hold back (not that you want him to)
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Loves to eat you out. Loves to. He insists that he gets you off on his tounge every day. No matter if you guys were arguing or anything, he'd still get you off. The only thing that would stop him is if you're on your period. He wouldn't eat you out because he claims it wouldn't be gentle enough (so he gives you something really soft and sleepy and cuddly if you're comfortable)
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
It varies depending on his mood but he usually opts for being nice and slow with you; it gives him more time to look at your pretty face
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
He wouldn't choose it over normal sex (whatever normal sex is with him), but he'd definitely go for it if you're offering. He just loves to have you whenever he can
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment? Do they take risks? etc.)
He's pretty set in his ways but if you wanted to try anything (like one time you suggest that you dom him for once and it was a fun night), he'll jump at it
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for? How long do they last?)
However lone you want him too. Seriously, he'll go all darn night. What do you expect? He's literally the hulk
T = Toys (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
If you asked? Yeah sure. It makes him feel a little insecure, though. He feels like, if you want to use toys, that he doesn't give you enough pleasure by himself. You reassure him that 'no, you're perfectly perfect and I love your dick and all it does for me'. So overall, you decided against it
U = Unfair (How much they like to tease)
He doesn't, really. If he ever does then it's probably unintentional. Though, sometimes, he'll notice that something he's doing is riling you up and he'll make a point to keep doing it
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
He makes little sounds normally. They're really very pretty so you're understandably very happy if he ever rewards you with a large moan. Mostly, though, it's all dirty whispers and whiny praises that come from his lips
W = Wild Card (A random headcanon for the character)
He (this is gonna sound really weird so bear with me) really loves to finger you. Like really loves to. So much so that the Big Guy would want to have a go too. He'd be able to control it for a while, but after some time he'd have to confess to you that he can barely keep the Hulk under wraps. You (after quite a lot of persuasion) convinced him to to let himself Hulk out a little bit while fingering you. He only allows himself to keep one finger in you and only for a little one. Admittedly, it was the best orgasm you'd ever had
X = X-ray (Let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
Mans is big. Like big big. Like tear you open big. He's (at the very least) nine inches long and twice as thick as you could imagine. The Hulk had definitely taken a physical toll on him
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Pretty high? Not as high as if he'd have to take you every single day (with the exception of eating you out) but he'd still very much like to
Z = Zzz (How quickly they fall asleep afterward)
He doesn't sleep very well on the daily. Though, much like Tony, he can fall asleep in your arms surprisingly fast (provided he'd given you the appropriate aftercare and was satisfied that you're perfectly content). He just finds you so comforting that he can hardly help it.
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thalfox · 8 months ago
OM Theory: The Seven Stars of Virtue
[Tagged for season 3 spoilers]
Early in season three it was revealed that one of the goals of this season was for MC to obtain a sorcerer's license from the Sorcerer's Society under the tutoring of Solomon. This follows on from the preparation at the end of season two for MC to learn how to summon their demons, a task that seemingly requires magic to be performed.
(This is despite the fact that with only Solomon's borrowed power and words, MC was able to easily summon Asmo early in season one 👀)
The receptionist of the Sorcerer's Society places a magical seal upon the back of MC's hand, which Lucifer recognises.
Tumblr media
Three Staves and Seven Stars
Solomon tells MC that the three staves represent the Three Magi, who are said to have "invented the magical arts" and that the seven stars represent the "seven virtues that a sorcerer must never forget". We will return to this shortly!
This is the same configuration mentioned later in season three, in reference to a constellation in the Celestial Realm known as the Seven Brothers - which of course maps perfectly to the demon brothers themselves. The characters also speculate that the three stars above the constellation are Michael's eyes or a representative of angels, demons, and humans with the latter being MC.
However, Michael's eyes would have no place on the Sorcerer's Society crest, the "three magi" is extremely vague, and while a star for each virtue fits, symbology can help us out a little more...
Tumblr media
Seven stars is an unusual configuration but not unheard of* - especially in Japan. Ancient astrology there was rooted in the existence and observation of seven "stars" - 七曜, the Seven Days, or Seven Luminaries. This was made up of the five planets visible to the naked eye (Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn) along with the moon and sun.
(Additionally each of the five planets are associated with one of the five elements.)
These were the celestial bodies, who appeared to behave independently of the rest of the heavens, rising and falling in their own rhythms. Not unlike, perhaps, some brothers who are each associated with a planet, and who each fell to rise again.
The three stars above, or three staves, is even more blatant - 3 stars, 3 staves, 3 realms. Indeed, the well known triple-comma shaped design found everywhere in Japan via Shintoism is alluding to precisely these three realms: heaven, earth, and the underworld.
In OM, it could further be theorised that each stave represents the ruler of each realm, or indeed one being who embodies all three (👀).
Three also echoes the omni present three-legged crow, Devildom company and creature theorised to be the source of demonic power. The company even plays a part in MC's trials.
(*See also Hokuto Shichisei/Big Dipper/Plough)
The Stars of Virtue
Solomon lists the seven virtues of the Sorcerer's Society as: temperance, chastity, generosity, patience, diligence, gratitude, and humility.
And that MC must earn each of the seven stars by passing seven trials in order to obtain their license.
However, it probably hasn't escaped your notice that these virtues are the seven heavenly virtues (in depth theory here!), here associated not with the Celestial Realm, but with magic-users in the human world.
These virtues are: Humility (vs Pride); Charity (vs Greed); Kindness (vs Envy); Patience (vs Wrath); Chastity (vs Lust); Abstinence/Temperance (vs Gluttony); and Diligence (vs Sloth).
There could be multiple reasons for this switcheroo, but a probable one is that it removes the connection between being virtuous and being angelic/religious. That virtues are attainable by all, no matter the background, experience or beliefs.
These seven virtues were deliberately chosen in order to match and oppose the seven deadly sins we are all familiar with.
And it is this that reveals the key to how and why MC must attain each star.
A Virtue for Every Brother
Each of the former secondary characters have thus far been charged with awarding one star to MC: Solomon with Temperance; Diavolo with Gratitude; Simeon with Patience; Luke with Generosity; and Barbatos with... Ah, well we'll get to that shortly.
Taken at face value, this is a random collection of pairings.
But the person who awards the star is not part of the trial - not intentionally so. It is another person present who provides both obstacle, triumph, and learning.
In Solomon's trial, MC must protect Lucifer with the help of Beel, by learning how to call upon Beel's power in a controlled manner. And for his part, Beel must resist using his power.
The Avatar of Gluttony must practise Temperance.
Tumblr media
In Diavolo's trial, MC must overcome their own frustration at being trapped and seeing their friends disappear, to cheer on and motivate Levi. And for his part, Levi must put his envy to one side and accept Diavolo's friendship.
The Avatar of Envy must practise Kindness.
Tumblr media
In Simeon's trial, MC is seemingly thrown into the distant past alongside the angel and Satan, where they must deal with the other brothers in angel form in a time, helping Satan deal with his upset at seeing what he never got to be a part of. And for his part, Satan must stop reacting in anger to Lucifer, and instead listen to him, and see what they actually have in common.
The Avatar of Wrath must practise Patience.
Tumblr media
In Luke's trial, MC travels with both the angel and Mammon on a long train ride during which tempers fray, pride clashes, and Mammon and Luke seek to annoy each other. For his part, Mammon realises his harsher methods with Luke aren't helpful, and that the angel's devotion to Michael isn't him intentionally trying to annoy the demons, but perhaps isn't too far from Mammon's feelings towards his own family (and Lucifer).
[incidentally, this trial relies on Mammon being pretty OOC, and is also notable for the trial runner to also fumble then practise the corresponding virtue]
The Avatar of Greed must practise Generosity.
Tumblr media
In Barbatos's trial, that is to say, the current trial, MC must play a game in which the characters are animals with tails to steal, with the help of both Barbatos and Asmo. However, Barbatos's powers can only be used with the opening of his grimoire, which he requests MC not do. Asmo opposes. I have little doubt that Asmo must learn to stop pushing for things when somebody tells him "no", that respecting boundaries is more important than winning a trial or competition.
The Avatar of Lust must practise Chastity.
This leaves us with two remaining virtues and their opposing sins, and brothers: Diligence and Sloth with Belphie; Humility and Pride with Lucifer.
However, we have also run out of non-brother characters to award the stars, meaning that either some characters will award multiple stars (Solomon and/or Diavolo perhaps), that the awarding of these stars comes within the final trial itself, or that someone(s) different will award these stars.
Given the nature of Humility and Pride, it would not be terribly surprising if Lucifer's expression of Humility culminates in him awarding that star.
And of Diligence? Perhaps that is the final star, awarded by the Sorcerer's Society itself, or the receptionist thereof at least.
Or... perhaps a certain ruler of a certain realm is set to make an appearance, either through voice alone once again, or with a spectacular season finale show of face 👀
A Clue in Plain Sight
Incidentally, this method of pairing demon with opposing virtue was demonstrated in Simeon's birthday event (full theory here).
In the course of that event, each demon had to practise their opposing virtue with Simeon using each sin as an instigating factor.
A clue, and a reminder that not all who are virtuous are angels, and not all who are sinful are demons.
Coming soon: The Theory of Barbatos, and The Theory of Michael.
Further reading:
Obey Me: Seven Heavenly Virtues
Obey Me Theory: Simeon’s Virtuous Birthday
Obey Me: The Three-Legged Crow
Obey Me: The Theory of Karasu
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timobeechalamet · a month ago
dune thoughts!! (it’s 1:30am and i’m in bed so this is by no means a review lmao)
lots of spoilers ahead
[pretend this is a cut im on mobile]
ok for starters for my first imax experience it wasn’t at all worth the 4€ extra lmao it was just too big and too loud
the beginning was a bit choppy i have to say. the voice over and then the first few scenes are a bit patched up to introduce as many characters in as little time possible. but this is like the first 5-10mins only and then it settles into a good pace which leads me to
this film. is. so. long. maybe i’m just rusty from not going to the cinema ? but i was surprised at how it kept going lmao in saying that i was never bored for a second, nor did i think ‘come on hurry up’ a single time. this might be the most impressive thing actually, it keeps you engaged the whole time
PRODUCTION DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
COSTUME DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so haunting it stands as character/narrator of its own
A+ acting all across the board, actually impeccable. everyone is so good they make everyone seem average if that makes sense!!! the standard is so high and they all rise up to it
somehow it felt like timmy slipped into this role completely seamlessly, which is surprising considering it was his first time acting in a production this scale and given his background up to dune, it could’ve felt misplaced or heavy-handed (not that i was expecting it to) but it’s really just. he showed up one day as paul ? ik there was a learning curve w this role for him but that doesn’t show at all. natural. talented brilliant show stopping etc. basically i’m still in awe of his talent
desert mouse 🥺
never stops being funny to me how the main character is just a horny teen boy having horny dreams about a random girl and being like I Had A Vision
no ‘where are my feelings? i feel nothing’ quote. disappointed
timmy looks so young. this was shot in 2019 or am i wrong? his face has rly matured as of recently. he’s still baby in the film (probs exacerbated by makeup to make him look the characters age but still i was a little shocked at how different he looks vs now)
ok my FAVOURITE part was how futuristic sci-fi blends into medieval aesthetics into arabic visuals SO WELL. again, mostly production and costume design but it’s a marvel how the story feels set both in the past and in the future like it’s all happening at once, as well as also drawing from european, middle-eastern and african cultures and their clashes while having them complement each other
also love the portrayal of imperfect leaders. these sort of stories and film adaptations tend to adopt a black and white moral compass, ‘us vs them’, ‘good vs evil’ mentally. the villains are very clear, don’t get me wrong, and the baron is absolutely freaky, but the characters are allowed to be proudful and make mistakes regardless of where they stand. leto’s moral purity and trustfulness get him killed. yueh in spite being the catalyst for everything that ensues, is doing so to save his wife and also tries to minimise the damage of his actions. paul wants to be a fearless leader but when his mum tells him to run he runs. etc etc
this is hard to explain but i felt like i’d seen the film already? in the sense that the adaptation is incredibly faithful while still subtly cleaning up around the edges some stuff that would not translate to screen. i think this is where both the mastery lies and also where previous adaptations have failed. a too literal interpretation would make for a chaotic film that would be hard to understand and take seriously. they were able to pluck out those unintelligible bits of the book and either cut or translate them into something more digestible, while still sticking to the source material to the T. creative liberties were taken only where necessary. denis clearly know this story and this world by heart and had a very clear vision both of what it was like and how to best represent it on screen
overall!! really liked it and it lived up to the expectation. after so long waiting for it, it could’ve easily felt like the beat took long to drop and it’s disappointing, but absolutely not. i’m not an expert on sci-fi or this sort of big budget ‘action’ movies (aka marvel) by any means so i can’t say how it compares to other franchises/series out there but i know i liked it and am already plotting to see it again soon :) also timmy is beautiful but we already knew that xoxo off to sleep
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theyareweird · 6 months ago
My Top 9 Point-and-Click Games
In all honesty, it's aesthetic and theme which grabs me to a game. Later, the characters are what make me stay to love a game as a whole. I used to think point-and-click games were boring, but I was proven wrong. Because of this, l want to share my favorite games through this article and hopefully bring more attention to these independent indie games.
1. Fran Bow: It's amazing to see several elements of the original "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" book by Lewis Carroll. Fran and many of the other characters in the story are great too. As an independent dark fantasy adventure game, it lives up to its genres with incredible unpredictability. The best thing about this game is its strong gothic horror aesthetic. True horror lies within the atmosphere; not jump-scares. Because of this, the game takes horror to an all new level.
Tumblr media
2. Sally Face: This game is a bit like Fran Bow with it's own incredible unpredictability. Along with some good characters, this game has it's own aesthetic style too. It utilizes individual horror elements to build the game’s own creepy atmosphere once in a while. Overall, this is a great indie horror adventure mystery game with it's own dark humor.
Tumblr media
3. Little Misfortune: This is an independent dark fantasy adventure game which takes place in the same universe as Fran Bow. The game still counts regardless of the fact this is more of a 'choose your own adventure' than a 'point-and-click’ type of game. In the end, the characters are great even though there aren't many horror environments or elements compared to it's predecessor. Instead, the universe is better described as "messed up" with its dark humor. The weird and random things in the game are also messed up, but they tend to create a strong and lingering impact on players rather than the humor which wears off overtime.
Tumblr media
4. There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension – At first, this game seems to be highly predictable. As the game progresses, it becomes less predictable and more humorous. This game is the definition of weird upon its completion. It's a fun game to play with various art and game style aesthetics featured in each section of the game. This is a similar way of telling a story by introducing different environments, like what is seen in the final chapter of the Sally Face game.
Tumblr media
5. Alice is Dead: This game has beautiful drawn artwork with creepy and cinematic music. Its mix of old school Disney movie wonder and creepiness makes this a gritty horror. Although there aren't too many, there are some random and unexpected horror elements throughout the game. The mystery is what truly pulls the story through. There is also an "Alice is Dead 2" game with a third installment to the series too. However, I have yet to see either.
Tumblr media
6. Parsnip: Although this is a short game, this is still a Daylight Horror point-and-click adventure genre game. Its great to see the main character, Parsnip, have an overall feminine gender expression for his character design, while also identifying as a male bunny rabbit. Like a RPG horror game, this game comes with many endings which a player can easily gain, One of these endings include a good ending too.
Tumblr media
7. Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse: Despite not being an RPG horror game, this pixelized stealth horror game does have multiple endings. The game also has its own creepy and suspenseful atmosphere style. By the end of the game, players are likely to be curious to know more about the story. There is a non-canon second installment called "One Hour With Mr. Hopp", but it's more of a Five Nights at Freddy’s inspired game.
Tumblr media
8. Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2: Like it's predecessor, the game has its own unique soundtrack which is easily identifiable and individualized to the game series. The game also continues the same RPG horror game style elements featured in the prequel storyline. To top it all off, this game has more story and lore befitting its genre to conclude everything.
Tumblr media
9. Whiskers: Despite not having much of a story, the aesthetic of the game is interesting. It has a pant n' drawing by hand type of art style. The game is short, but the universe is well-built and horrific in its own twisted way. It's easy to see where the game developer took inspiration from as the situation creates Saw movie vibes.
Tumblr media
What do you think? You do agree with any of the point-and-click games on this list or no? If not, what are some of your favorite point-and-click games? Are there any point-and-click games you would like to recommend? Please share with me!
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punkyurio · a month ago
Just watched Belle (Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime) and I have thoughts *spoilers*
Disclaimer: this is me ranting, because I had high hopes and I was let down. I loved a lot of things about the movie but..
• there was so much buildup for some sort of romance and absolutely no payoff, with either ship.
• they wasted time. There were many scenes that were not necessary and took time away from what could be used for more character development or even romantic development between the leads. For example, the misunderstanding of people thinking Suzu confessed and the confession of the popular girl to kayak dude. I swear they wasted like five minutes of getting the popular girl and this random side character together not to mention a good 10 minutes of “who is belle?”/“who is the beast?” Montages.. like we get it people think they’re celebrities but they’re just normal people, we can move on
• on that note. Belle and the Beast almost had no time to get to know each other and everything regarding their relationship was rushed. Like they completely skipped over them actually warming up to each other and becoming friends. It just went from anger to now I’m singing a song for you and suddenly we understand each other and that’s that
• we all know the ending was rushed. Nothing was explained either. Okay so, what happened to the the brothers?? And regarding the romance bait, only a vague implication of an unrequited love and a friend-zone lol like what? Same thing with Kei. He overtly confessed but he only gets a thank you.. he’s only 2 years younger, I mean come on, it could’ve worked. Anyways, I get it, the message is about healing, but honestly if you’re going to do a retelling of beauty and the beast and build up a romance throughout the movie (with two potential leads) and not have romantic payoff for either, that’s a problem in my eyes. They could’ve accomplished both messages - healing and loving what’s on the inside - if they tried.
• the antagonist was weird and I had no idea why this person/group of “peace keepers” were so obsessed with outing the Beast like who even are these people irl? An equivalent to Gaston would’ve made more sense. If you’re going to do a retelling of beauty and the best, it’s understandable.
This is just how I would do it:
- make it to where Suzu had a crush on her childhood friend yet fell in love with the beast. Focused on Suzu getting to know the Beast and actually talk with him, do things together in the game. She forgets her popular crush and begins to love “the beast” for his heart. All the while, he helps her heal from the loss of her mom. It would’ve made sense for her to not want the beast to know what she really looks like as well, but he loves her for her heart too.
- I would’ve had the Beast be a boy in her town or even in her school, even though maybe that’s cliche. But the dramatic irony of the audience knowing who they are (yet not the characters themselves) would be great- and we would actually get to know Kei/the Beast as a character outside of the game. We could even see how Kei would would likely be bullied even in school bc of his brother and how Kei would protect/defend him, hinting towards their home life. And Suzu would also likely stand up for them. Anddd once Suzu saved him/his brother from the dad, we could see them get together and how he changed with her help + how confident she is to sing now and healed from her loss.
- made an equivalent to Gaston as the antagonist. This person in real life could be someone who ignores her and bullies Kei in school but loves Belle for her looks in the game. And to add to the conflict, make it be her popular childhood friend whose actually a jerk or something
At this point, I’d write a fanfic retelling this story if I weren’t in college drowning in homework. feel free to take these ideas and write it :’)
But yeah, the songs/character designs/animation were bomb
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xreaderbooks · 9 months ago
Two sides (2)
Pair: ACOTAR Azriel x reader
Word Count: 3.6k
Warnings: Language, implied smut
Summary: Y/N has been in love with Cassian for centuries now, Just how Azriel has been with Mor. Both heartbroken by their unrequited love they fall into a routine of 'one-night stands', Not realizing their each others mate.
Masterlist - Part 1
A/N: So I dont know how accurate the mate information is, like I said before I haven’t read the ACOTAR series since 2019 so I probably got a couple things wrong or didn’t write the characters the way you would expect them to act. I chose to make them more how they would be in head canons if you get what I mean. Either way I really hope you enjoyed the 2nd and final part to Two sides :) Feel free to send requests for Azriel or any other Acotar characters. Thank you all for the support <3
Tumblr media
"We need to talk."
"Okay," Azriel says skeptically, he walks over to sit on the chair across from you.
"I wanted to apologize for the other night," You shifted in your seat as you spoke, you were noticeably uncomfortable. That bothered Azriel, he wanted you to feel natural not forced, he didn't know where that desire came from but it was true. Even if this conversation was a bit awkward. "I never meant to make you feel used, I guess, I just needed a distraction."
"From seeing Cassian and Nesta together?" He asked. You bit your lip and nodded. "Y/N, I didn't feel used." He let out a small chuckle. "I enjoyed it, actually. And a bit flattered that you chose to-" He coughed awkwardly, "share that part of yourself with me." You grinned. You eased up a bit after knowing that Azriel didn't feel bad about what happened the other night, and even enjoyed it. It also warmed your heart at the fact that this was one of the rare moments that he felt comfortable enough to talk about how he was feeling. Despite it probably being out of sympathy or to defuse the tension.
"Oh," You chirped "well good. The last thing I wanted to do was fuck up our friendship."
He shook his head, "Y/N you've done a lot in the past few centuries that could've fucked up this friendship and we're still okay, better than okay considering. Besides Mor and I are still friends even after..." He tensed up, you went over to him and hesitantly put your hand on top of his.
"I know." You gave him a small smile. "I have an idea, I'll admit it's not my brightest but it will benefit the both of us."
His eyebrow quirked, "Your ideas are never the brightest, that's why you're just my second."
"Okay, wow." You blinked, removing your hand, and started pacing around the room. "First Rhys made me your second because I'm good at my job and you're just better cause of your shadows." He glared at you when you made the comment about his shadows. "Two, I've had a couple of good ideas in the past you just never go through with them."
"Maybe it's because all your ideas are reckless and we'd get caught if we did our job by using your so-called good ideas." He got up to meet you when you turned around to face the other way, you were met by his chest in your way.
You huffed when you looked up at him. "Whatever, I'm pretty sure you were going to like this one." He gave a nod to continue. "I- you know what I think it's better if I just show you."
He cocked his head to the side. You took this as an opportunity to grab him by the back of his neck and slammed your lips onto his. Immediately after he put his hands on your waist, pulling you closer. He started walking backward, leading you towards one of the bedrooms. Your foreheads pressed together but you paused from kissing him, catching your breath. You knew he could hear your heartbeat, beating quicker by the second, his heart was beating faster too. It gave you all the encouragement you needed to start taking off your clothes.
"So this was your bright idea," Azriel asked, while also hurriedly taking off his clothes.
"Mhm." Was your response before nodding and relocating your lips onto his.
The intensity of it made your heart stutter. You wanted him and at that moment he wanted you. He truly wanted you, you both felt it and took that feeling, using it to fuel the passion in that kiss. He moved down to your neck, nipping and biting at it. You moved your hand to slowly graze his wings, which made him freeze. Azriel gave you a look that made your body go on overdrive.
He picked you up, you wrapped your legs around his waist as he continued to "eat your neck" as Cassian had said all those days before. You rolled your eyes at the thought, but then they rolled back as Azriel bit at a sensitive area that intensified that already intoxicating feeling you got when you were with him.
And you wished it never ended.
"How do you feel about this?" You asked, hoping he'd be okay with it. So far he hadn't opposed.
"I don't want to hurt you." He confessed. You knew he meant physically, he could be a little rough sometimes. You were okay with that though, You rolled your eyes at his comment.
"I'm serious Y/N." He looked you in the eye. You were back at the training grounds of the Illyrian camp. You didn't specify any details, so you both didn't care about speaking in public.
"I'm a big girl, I think I can handle it." You began to walk ahead of him, He grabbed your forearm and pulled you back to face him, a hint of a smile on your face. "Only if you're sure."
Your smile faded once you saw that he was genuinely concerned. "Az, you wouldn't hurt me. I trust you."
He froze and let you go. He had a hard time letting people see how he was feeling but you could tell he was struggling with letting you in and his self-deprecation.
You had kept your secret "relationship" hidden from everyone else, as much as you could. It didn't take long. They were extremely nosy and it was difficult with Mor being your best friend. She always knew when you were lying and had insisted you were acting differently. You would always blow it off and say you had a good day, telling a random story you just thought of on the spot.
Cassian had continued to tease you about your secret lover-- which only intrigued Mor even further-- you avoided the truth most of the time. You and Azriel would be extra careful when doing what you did. Sometimes even going to Inns and you would both winnow to the location.
Going through all that trouble only for Amren to find out and threaten to tell the others. She tried to blackmail you into buying her a pure diamond bracelet. As if she couldn't afford it yourself. You talked to Azriel about it and you both decided you didn't care if anyone else knew, it's only a matter of time before they found out anyway. Plus you could use the money to buy a house somewhere private in Velaris. You enjoyed the privacy and lack of teasing for as long as it lasted.
Amren didn't tell but as you predicted, everyone did find out. Some already had suspicions like Mor, Rhys, and Feyre. Amren wouldn't have known if she hadn't caught you both and Cassian never would have thought. You'd be lying if you said you weren't disappointed at him not showing any sign of jealousy. You knew he wouldn't be, being caught up with Nesta and all but you still held hope. You considered yourself a fool and would try to fuck the feelings out of you with Azriel. And most of the time it worked.
Months went by as sleeping with your best friend became your new normal. You never would have thought that you'd be one of those mysterious girls that Azriel hooked up with, ever since that night, you were the only girl. You had to admit, you liked the idea; being Azriel's only girl. But you knew that although you would be the only girl in his bed, Mor will always be on his mind. Not that you blamed him, you were still somewhat hung up on Cassian. After you can't get rid of 500+ years of feelings.
As you laid next to Azriel, who now stayed nights instead of leaving right after, You admired his tattoos, the intricate designs, you fought the urge to trace them. You did anyways but only a centimeter away from his chest so you wouldn't wake him. In the morning light that slipped through a slight gap in your curtains, It shone right on him. He looked ethereal.
You always knew he was attractive most Illyrian men were, at least if they weren't assholes most of the time. You had time now, to actually take in his beauty. You could never understand how someone so beautiful and kind could be so broken. You guessed that's why you chose him to spend your nights with, instead of some random guy. You could help him and heal him and get him to appreciate himself more.
The shadows around him became more active, it made him tense up. He was awake. You lifted your hand up to up to move the stray hair that fell onto his face. At that moment, you felt your world shift an overwhelming sensation of love and adoration consumed your body and you snatched your hand away from him. You were in pure shock.
'Holy fuck' Was the only thing going through your head.
"What's wrong?"He questioned as if he could sense your distress. His voice hoarse from just waking up.
"Nothing." You said, immediately getting up and getting dressed in whatever you had closest to you. "You should, um, You should get going. I have a lot of reports to do, I've been holding them off but Rhys has been asking me for them for the longest so I should get on it."
Azriel sat up, the bed sheet covering one leg and another part. His perfectly sculpted body in your bed, the lighting, half of his leg uncovered by the blanket. You tried to compose yourself to figure out what you would do. Hoping that he didn't pick up on how different you were acting. It was no use he probably already expected something was up.
To try to ease the tension you sat next to him, brushing the hair out of his face, dragging your fingertips down to the side of his face, and kissed his cheek. You ignored the tingles you felt as his face nuzzled into your hand. Hesitantly, you remove your hand and got up from the bed, and sat at the desk you had in your room. You pretended to read through old letters from officials.
Azriel took that as his cue to leave. He got dressed and pressed a kiss to the back of your head before he left.
He definitely knew something, that's not how your mornings usually go. You would at least spend an hour or two together either talking or enjoying each other's presence before sending each other off to your respective duties. However due to your new discovery of Azriel being your mate. You panicked. What would you do now?
Hours had passed and you hadn't left your room, choosing to focus on the reports that you did in fact, have to do. Rhys just wasn't expecting them for another week or so. Mor then busted into your room. "Knock, knock bitch."
"Uh, hello gorgeous, didn't expect a lovely visit from you today." You said sarcastically, turning your chair to face her. She dropped the shopping bags onto your floor. You lifted a brow in question.
"We're going on a trip!"
"I'm busy." You turned back around to focus on what you were writing.
"It's a fun work one." You twisted your chair around again.
"How do you mean?"
"Day court gala, bonding with people, gaining trust, and all that." She waved it off as if you didn't need to know actual information. You decided you'd ask for details from Rhysand later.
"And you went shopping." You gestured to all of the bags. "like you don't have tons of outfits you could take."
"Well of course I do. These are for you." She grinned.
"Just because you're supposed to be invisible and all that, doesn't mean you have to be like that all the time." She referred to your job description, being another spy for Rhysand, relying on you being a woman to get information from people Azriel couldn't. Kind of ridiculous considering Azriel's shadows allowed him to get all the information needed but it was an easy enough job. Unlike Az, you didn't have shadows to command so you stuck to your black outfits tunics, and suits that would help you move easily. You never really dressed up, unless it was for an occasion, but you enjoyed doing it when you could. Most of the time you would be on duty or something like it so you couldn't.
This Gala gave you the perfect excuse too. You were thankful to Mor for having bought you these dresses and accessories. You were pretty sure you had worn all the dresses you had in your closet already.
"Yeah, you're right." You gave her a half-smile. Part of you wondered what Azriel's reaction would be to you in one of these revealing dresses. You shook the thought from your head. You would dress for yourself not for some male, even if that male is your mate.
You debated whether to tell Mor or not. She might be able to help you with your internal battle. Part of you was hurt about Cassian not being your mate. Another part always knew that he wasn't, and another part of you wondered how Azriel would react. Did he feel the bond snap into place? Or was it a Feyre-Rhysand situation where the bond would snap into place at another moment? Would he reject you cause you weren't Mor?
You opted to tell Mor at the day court where you would have more space and privacy from the others.
Helion's words about uniting and bonding were very heartwarming and kind, but you couldn't get past the thoughts that swarmed your mind. You took advantage of this time with everyone listening to Helions welcoming speech and sneakily made your way over to where Mor was standing. You pretended to greet her with a kiss and whispered in her ear to meet you in the room you were staying at.
"Thank the cauldron you came along, Helion was droning on and was about to make me fall asleep." She joked as she sauntered into your room. She paused her amused tone as soon as she saw your face. "You were fine like two minutes ago."
"Glad to know, I'm good at hiding it." You forced a smile. She tilted her head as if to ask you 'what's wrong', so you told her. You told her that Azriel was your mate and how it happened. You told her of your fears of rejection and confusion with your love for Cassian. It was a different love now, you felt it. There was a shift in what you felt towards Cassian and more intense feelings for Azriel. You suspected the bond but you didn't mind it. You then opened up about your insecurity about him rejecting you for her. Which she shut down, though she knew what you meant.
"Mor, Azriel loves you, like I loved Cassian. What if his love for you is stronger and he refuses to let go. We all know the only reason he never went for you is his trouble with his self-worth." Those were harsh words, but they were true. "He could easily reject me for you, knowing you don't love him in that way."
"You don't know that Y/N. And you loved Cassian, probably as much as Azriel loved me. After all this time you spent together, you truly don't think he would have changed the way he feels for me?" She grabbed your hand in hers. "You and Azriel are like two sides of the same coin, he's all dark and brooding and you, well you're the same in some ways. But you bring out the light and you can cast out all of his darkness with a simple smile."
"I don't know." You whispered. You were scared. Your feelings for Azriel already began to grow, without the bond, with it in place now it was strengthened. Your feelings for Cassian was a background noise that would soon grow into a more familial type of love.
"What should I do Mor?" You whimpered, you put your face in your hands. "I feel like a girl with a crush. This is ridiculous."
She laughed and nodded. "Yes, yes it is. On the bright side, if he doesn't know about you being mates, you could still have fun with other people."
You gave her a look. "You forget that he's my designated person to 'have fun' with."
"I didn't know you had a conversation on exclusivity." She shrugged and walked over to the cart that had alcoholic drinks, at the corner of the room.
"Technically we did when we agreed to sleep with each other when we felt like it." You reasoned.
"Hm." She mused, sipping on her drink. "I still say enjoy tonight, dance with a few males, or females, and if you two end up having sex with him again just enjoy the time you have with him."
"Thanks for the talk, Mor."
"Of course darling, by the way, I highly doubt he'll reject you. If he does he's an idiot and I'll kill him." She sent a wink your way and left you in your room to think.
Azriel watched as you swayed your hips to the beat of the music. A man who he didn't know came up from behind you, keeping up with you. That was the first of many. He felt a twinge of jealousy in his gut. He attempted to force that emotion down. He couldn't understand where that was coming from.
He was keeping watch, even though he always made sure to keep a lookout for danger to his court. Mor and Cassian tried to get him to ease up, he didn't budge. Who would pry Cassian from more liquor when he's had enough to drink if Azriel wasn't sober? He used the excuse of being the only responsible one to keep an eye on her. Y/n, Azriel thought he knew what it was to love someone because of Mor but what Azriel felt for Y/N was different. It felt raw and real and whatever it was, was growing fast. She was easy to talk to, not that he did much of that but she listened, actually listened when he did, and she didn't pry or hover as much as the others. They tend to beat around the bush when wanting to know about what was going on with him. Unlike Y/N who would take her time to make sure he felt comfortable and if, he wasn't, she would change the topic and act normal.
Y/N was a calming presence that allowed him to just be. She brought out another side of him that he thought he could never be.
That's why when he felt a change in the way he saw her dancing with a new guy than the one she was with earlier, it all made sense. She was his mate. He saw red as he practically flew to where they were. The fae males' hands that were roaming your bonds were ripped away from you and he dragged him away. Azriel pinned the man against the wall. People began to stare and talk in hushed whispers, appalled at the sight.
"Never touch my mate, again." He growled. He dug his fingers into the guy's neck.
"I-I didn't know." The man choked out.
"Well, now you do." He muttered, letting the man slump to the ground. He went over to where you were standing, eyes wide. His eyes softened while looking at you. He slowed as he got to you. "Can we talk?"
You nodded your head and began to walk toward an empty hall.
"I'm sorry if I scared you." He kept his voice low but soft. He was afraid, you would want to run away.
"You didn't." You stood there staring at him. You tried to figure him out, to no avail. His face was always stoic. "I- I thought you'd reject me and now I don't know what to do." You confessed.
"You knew?" He tried to recall if you had acted any differently. His shadows had felt the change in your demeanor and set out in whispers when you were rushing him out. He brushed it off, he should've looked more into it. The last thing he wanted to do was to make you feel unwanted or rejected.
"Since yesterday morning." You confirmed. Your anxiety consumed you, you heard of the pain that came along with being rejected by your mate. Some have died from it. Little did you know Azriel was worrying about the same exact thing. Not thinking himself worthy enough of your affection. He allowed himself the pleasure of being in bed with you, assuming it was nothing more and he couldn't get hurt you or be hurt that way. It was a release from another pain you both had the displeasure of feeling.
"I want you to know it is an honor to have you as my mate." He took a step closer.
"Really? Honestly, I thought..." You shook your head. "Nevermind."
He looked confused but let it go, if you wanted to tell him you would. "Guess this means I have to go cook you something." You let out a laugh. He smiled an actual wide beautiful smile. Azriel grabbed your face and kissed you.
It was soon interrupted by a very drunk Mor who shouted, "Finally!"
Cassian was right behind her, "Mor! I forgot where the bathroom was, can y-" He paused looking between you and Azriel. "Oooh getting freaky in the hall, that's new. Hey Y/N if he isn't hitting it right, you know where to find me." He winked at you. Azriel gave him a murderous look, putting his arm in front of you. 'So he's gonna be one of those', you thought.
You couldn't wait till the second part of the mating process.
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hanazou · 9 months ago
matching onesies with him.
Tumblr media
Books : Dazai | Chuuya | Oda
Shelf : Mixed
Genre : Fluff, domestic
Note : I did this of my own accord because I am, in fact, a softie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dazai Osamu
This clingy crackhead.
Dazai will be the first to come up with the idea. It's actually a random one and he asked it so spontaneously, he doesn't expect you to actually say yes.
"Sure, why not?" You agreed.
He's both surprised and elated, and he didn't hide this reaction at all.
"Oh, darling!" He wrapped a hug around your neck. "You always revive my heart with your love!"
You both will be enthusiastic about picking the onesies and agree to surf the net instead of looking from shop to shop since Dazai is under the supervision of a certain angry Kunikida
It almost feels like babysitting. Not that you hate it right? Should you get an identical pair with different sizes? Or complementary ones?
Dazai will call the customer service to ask if they have black crow onesies since crows represent death in some cultures. The response is obviously no and it's obvious that the customer service was confused.
"That's a shame," Dazai whined disappointedly, shoulders dropping. "Wouldn't it be both cute and poetic if we had a double suicide while wearing matching crow onesie? Two achievements in one!"
At that point you wouldn't even be surprised anymore. You will just take the phone away from him to apologise and thank the customer service. You have to convince Dazai that you won't find a onesie of that kind
"Wait, don't tell me," You stared at him. "The reason you want to get onesies is just to wear a matching crow pair?"
"Is it?" He grinned mischievously. "Maybe you're right, maybe you're wrong, but I just want to match with you."
Other ADA members will wonder what you and Dazai were doing, Kunikida the most. He isn't exactly curious, more like suspicious. What's that good-for-nothing Dazai up to now?
Eventually you find a pair of identical ones. Kind of rare designs too! Guess what?
Crabs! In red! The little eyes on the hood!
It will take less than a week for the onesies to arrive in a small box. When it does Dazai will pull out a cutter so energetically Atsushi will think he's going to pull a suicide attempt with it
"AAH! Dazai-san! No!"
Nothing will happen aside from Dazai stabbing the box (while making sure he doesn't cut the onesies inside. he's good with blades, ex Port Mafia and all)
The crab pincers for your hands are soft like mittens and so smooth???? Imagine sweaterpaws but with crab pincer mittens (!!)
It will take everything in you to stop Dazai from wearing it that instant since a client Fukuzawa talked about will be coming. You will need Atsushi's help to take it off him but let's not talk about it
Both of Dazai's legs are already in the onesie too..
It seems like Kyouka wants one. Yosano and Naomi will tell Atsushi to buy the girl one and match with her
When Dazai and you go home together, he will be so excited to wear the onesies immediately. Dazai will be light on his feet.
And when you finally put yours on? Pictures. Dazai will take lots of pictures of you. You're a piece of art and he wants pictures so he can recall the image anytime
"Oh, dearest~ How is it possible for you to be so cute?" He began his dramatic poses, a hand over his head while spinning like a ballet dancer.
You both will take a lot of couple pictures.
"Love, you are so adorable I want to eat you!"
"Is it me who's cute or the crab?" You teased back.
When Dazai makes a troubled expression to answer your question, you will have to pinch him 💢
If you can cook crab soup, wouldn't it be funny to make and eat one with Dazai while wearing crab onesies? He will be so clingy when you do it, like an old school married couple; when you cook, he'll be bugging you while hugging from behind. It feels cozy, don't blame him
You have to be keen with your eyes so you won't miss Dazai secretly pouring ajinomoto to the soup. Get him a healthier diet, I'm begging you.
"Look, the crab is red like us." He pointed at the soup. "And like your face when I do this." He took advantage of you turning your head to peck your cheek.
He will also pinch your nose with his pincer mitten. "Boop!" It's a challenge. Boop his nose back.
You think he's already as clingy as he can be, huh? Wrong. You are absolutely wrong. If he previously sticks around you like a magnet, this time he's glued to you.
Even in the shared living space, he won't let you go. Is it the softness of the onesie under his touch, the warmth, or your cuteness? Well, it's all of them. What then?
You both cuddle together in the futon until falling asleep together. You feel twice as warm.
He's the big spoon, let him feel the smoothness of the onesie while feeling your heat. And for once, the double suicide joke stopped for the rest of day. That's how much this impacts him, and you're proud of him.
Tumblr media
Nakahara Chuuya
Matching with Chuuhuahua in a onesie? You lucky fella.
You have to be the one initiating it with Chuuya. Baby boy will be like "Eeh?" at first. He's not against it at all but more like, confused. The request is out of the blue
"Come on, why not?" You tilt your head. "It will feel so soft to cuddle with?"
That's it, that's the spell for him to agree
Mans is a Port Mafia executive, you can't go out from shop to shop in a mall to get your onesie with his schedule, so you have to settle with online shopping with this guy too
Only when he has time to spare from beating up people
You will sit together on a couch at the headquarters once Chuuya and you don't have missions. It's a good chance to relax and unwind together too
Chuuya knows best where to find clothes, including onesies. There are so many options! Dinosaurs, frogs, bears, Sanrio characters, Doraemon, Pikachu, Line characters, pandas, unicorns, penguins!! (I should stop fantasizing Chuuya in each of them)
Chuuya will act cool and chill about it at first, but he actually got invested in choosing and thankfully he isn't a crackhead unlike a certain someone
He has a good fashion sense I don't accept criticism, and this side of him will jump out while both of you scroll the catalogue. He nails both street wear and mafia outfits daily, so you can bet he'd pick the best onesies for you both
"This one doesn't suit you," He moved to the next option. "These are the only colours available? Pass.", "What's with the unnecessarily long tail?", "Oh maybe this? Wait, I don't like the stripes."
Of course, he will listen to your opinion too but since you feel he's better at this, you just either nod or shake your head with him
You have to be careful with your words when picking the size (this is much more valid if you're taller) or he'll go "I'm not that short!"
Kouyou and Mori (+ Elise) will catch you both on the couch together while browsing, comfy and all, and Kouyou asked what you two were doing. Chuuya's face will be as red as wine.
When you want to explain, his gloved hand will cover your mouth and he frantically shakes his head, screaming "Don't!" silently.
But alas, while you want to tell him there's nothing to be embarrassed of, Kouyou will take the phone from your hand with a curious grin and a "What's this~?"
Chuuya will just accept fate at that point, growling to himself and all
Kouyou and Mori won't expect to see a catalogue of onesies, apparently. The "Huh," on their faces are hilarious, and Mori will be instantly inspired to get a full set for his Elise-chan, much to her distaste.
While Mori and Elise are going at it, Kouyou will actually share her opinions. Chuuya will crawl out from his burrow of embarrassment and listen to her with you.
"Rather than identical ones, these would be much better. They have variety." Kouyou said. And you both will agree. You both have been eyeing a specific pair anyway
You both will decide to get complementary ones! Chuuya's will be a brown teddy and yours a white bunny! (Try googling Line's Brown and Cony, they're cute you won't regret it) Kouyou will totally agree with the decision.
When the package arrives, both of you will open it together. Chuuya's eyes for clothes are never wrong, the quality is immaculate. So warm and smooth, not a seam out of place.
Imagine the blush on Chuuya's face when you put on the white bunny onesie. The bunny ears on the hood! The fluffiness! His flustered face!
He will be slightly hesitant to put his own on, but when he does, you swear you can die from the cuteness. Want to see more cuteness? Tease him about it, and maybe he'll tickle you down until you're too breathless to tease him.
Chuuya doesn't want to say it explicitly but it does feel really comfortable, it's suitable for winters too.
As usual, Chuuya will be the big spoon. You will melt into his warmth and the smoothness of his onesie, and you can tell he's enjoying it too, from the way he'll drag his hand all over you to feel the smooth fabric
"It's a good thing we listened to ane-san's suggestion, hm?" You asked. "I didn't exactly like the matching penguin pairs."
"Yeah, this isn't bad at all." Chuuya admitted, snuggling his chin into the crook of your neck. "You're so warm."
Tumblr media
Oda Sakunosuke
First off I'm Odasaku's lover before I'm anything else.
When the weather gets cold, it's your idea to get onesies for the kids. They could use some cute onesies to sleep in.
Unlike Dazai and Chuuya, Odasaku will have time to spare to go shopping with you. Being the handyman of Port Mafia has its good sides, after all.
The atmosphere is identical to a date! You both meet up at evening after work, have a simple dinner first, then start the shopping. Shopping for the kids' onesies with him makes you feel like a parent doesn't it?
Odasaku and you will make sure not to pick flimsy, thin, or rough ones. Only the best for the kids. Both of you put your keen eyes to use, examining every considered piece
Odasaku and you will definitely discuss whether to get five identical or different ones. After considering that the kids have different personalities, choosing different pieces will sound more ideal. You both will grant them the liberty of picking themselves.
"We just have to make sure they don't fight over it." Odasaku said.
Lion, dinosaur, piglet, panda, and penguin. That's what you both will choose!
Odasaku is a man who doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeves, so you relied on his eyes when it comes to him. You will see love and sincerity. He picks each piece with careful consideration.
The store clerk will throw an unexpected (yet clichéd shoujo) question at you both. "You picked such good choices. We have sets for adults too, why not match with your children?"
Odasaku and you will widen your eyes. First of all, parents? And match? Both of you stare at each other in confusion. Should you get two get a pair for yourselves?
"Why not?" Odasaku eventually said.
Odasaku's will be a brown dog and yours a white cat (remember that one official art of Odasaku with puppy ears? <3)
Odasaku and you will immediately visit the kids and give them their onesies. Their excitement in picking one for their own made you smile, and you can see the joy in Odasaku's eyes when the kids thanked him and you. He doesn't smile, but you don't need him to just to know he's glad his children love your pick. The way he pats their heads already speaks volumes of love.
Thankfully no kid wrestled to get what they want. You were especially concerned Kousuke will compete with someone
Odasaku will bring a secondhand polaroid he once bought at Yokohama's flea market to take pictures of the kids. You will herd the children to gather for the picture while Odasaku looked for the right angle in the other side of the room.
"Why don't you stay there for the picture too?" Odasaku asked you, half of his face behind the camera.
You kneel behind the kids and put your hands on Sakura and Yuu's shoulders, the ones who stood on the far left and right. That much is enough to warm Odasaku's heart, but when you too, smile for the camera, he freezes for a while to take the sight with his eyes
The picture comes out nicely. You will end up convincing Odasaku to take more but with him in it, together, all seven of you. You would need the curry diner owner's help to take the picture
"Sakunosuke, smile, will you?" You held his shoulder while you both kneeled behind the kids for the picture. He would be a little stunned
He smiles, but it was faint. Nevertheless, you recognise the content in his eyes in the photo, and it's enough.
When it's just the two of you in the living quarters, you will have to remind Odasaku that he too, bought a onesie. He will gladly put it on him since you look so eager, he's curious how it feels too
Your heart stops when he put on the hood with the puppy ears. You will have to fight back the urge to attack him with cuddles right there and then when his confused and innocent face matches the onesie so much!
"You're adorable," You smiled half teasingly, taking in the look of confused Odasaku who looked down at his onesie. The weight of the material felt right, it's like a cozy blanket.
"Try to put yours on," He says. When you did, his heart also missed a beat. The kitten ears on your head! The pure snowy white on you!
Odasaku is a bear hugger and when he hugs you, his embrace will feel tighter than usual. It's no surprise, he likes you and cats, and the way you interacted with the kids that day played tricks on his heart. You hug him back and ruffle his head while he mumbles his thank-you's at you
That night's sleep will be filled with nothing but cuddles of love and adoration. Yes, Odasaku is the big spoon, but you will also hold his arms tighter around you as you both drift into the night, chatting about life.
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