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#once upon a time
hattersarts · 2 days ago
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ms regina evil queen mills
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dinneratgrannys · 2 days ago
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6k celebration meme - 10 otps - dragon queen
a whole new generation is getting their happy endings while you sit up here and rot.
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minchwithroots · 2 days ago
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started watching Once Upon A Time for the first time and girl, do i have to say that this show is so gay?
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romancemedia · 2 days ago
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Captain Swan Kiss + Forehead Touch
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kyriat-sims · 21 hours ago
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King Radhamanthos and the royal family / Sim household
The King is indisputably the head of the kingdom and the family. But in practice, it is the Queen who controls the court and the family's duties and privileges.
King Radhamanthos - Elder - Aspiration: Friend of the World
Queen Alkmini - Adult - Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Ifiklis Amphytrionas - Teenager - Aspiration: Friend of the World
Laonome Amphytriona - Teenager - Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
Heraklis Zinos - Teenager - Aspiration: Bodybuilder
I’ve used some stunning CC from the following creators, a list with links to each item is included in the download zip. Package files are included/not included in accordance with the creator's  TOU, please download and install all cc before you place the household.
@candycottonchu  * @kijiko-sims * @luumia sims * @natalia-auditore * @okruee * @oydis * @plasma-jane-deactivated20210918 * @quiddity-jones * @satterlly * Mammut * @teanmoon * @tekri * Madlen * @pralinesims * @meatballteeth/uxji * @valhallansim
Thank you all so much 💕
👉  Info and download here
📥 Download from SFS  (free & adfree always)
Hello @anitasims - @itsjessicaccfinds - @sims4historicalccfinds - @emilyccfinds - @yes-sims-stuff - @simshistoricalfinds -  
Thank you for sharing!  
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swimmingstudentchaos891 · 16 hours ago
Me: so I actually started watching Once Upon a Time, it’s pretty good! I’m really interested in the story and what’s gonna happen to the Storybrooke characters as opposed to-
Wife: did you see her ass already?
Me: yeah a little bit
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plus-size-reader · 22 hours ago
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Killian Jones x Plus size!reader
Word Count: 2450 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Reader is Killian's wife who loves Baelfire when he rescues him. Unfortunately, he isn’t the only child on the Jolly Roger.
You never wanted to have children of your own.
It just wasn’t something you ever needed or wanted to do.
You were a pirate, devoted to the sea, and the life she’d provided for you. That sort of thing didn’t exactly lend itself to child rearing of any kind, and Killian seemed to be in agreement about the whole thing.
Life under the Jolly Roger wasn’t the life for a child, and even if it hadn’t been all you had ever known, that didn’t mean you didn’t want better for any child.
Getting married to Killian had already pushed the limits of how attached you were willing to get to another person in the first place. Children were simply out of the question, you weren’t the kind for it.
You were a pirate, and it was no secret that pirates didn’t make the best parents.
You weren’t maternal enough to raise a child of your own, at least, you didn’t think that you were.  
That notion did come into question a bit when Killian found Baelfire.
He was just a child, an innocent young lad, and even if you were a bit out of touch with being around children of all kinds, you had grown used to his presence on the ship.
Baelfire wasn’t a child you had brought into the world. His suffering was not by your own hand, and you weren’t responsible for forcing him into the life he was living.
Everything the two of you were doing for the child was simply for his benefit, and even if you would never admit it, you did have a sort of soft spot for the kid. He was clever, and took to life on the sea easily.
In that way, he made it easy to care for him.
“Bae, you best bring my rolling pin back here” you called, your hands finding your hips as you waited for him to do as you asked. You had just had it, and when you turned back around, it was nowhere to be found.
He must have been the one to take it.
None of the crew members would have ever done something like that, lest they face your wrath but the child wasn’t afraid of your anger. In fact, you often thought he was testing you on purpose.
What he didn’t realize was that years with Killian by your side had taught you unbounding patience.
You could play this little game with the young boy if he was so determined to do so.
“I don’t have it” he assured, peeking around the door, showing you both of his hands as if that was more than enough proof of his innocence.
Again, failing to realize that you saw that slight upturn of his lips, which gave away his lie as he told it.
“Very funny, where is it?” you question, waiting for him to answer you without so many words. You had a soft spot for him, it was true, but there was only so much tomfoolery you were willing to tolerate.
Before too long, your patience was going to wear thin.
You only had so long before these rolls needed to go into the oven, and if you didn’t roll them out, they would bake all lumpy and strange.
When he didn’t move to produce the tool from one of his pockets or scurry off to get it, you sighed, tilting your head a bit in silent warning.
“I suggest you tell me, before I toss you overboard and let the fish have their way” you tutted, empty threats that were just as alarming from your lips. You would never dream of such a thing, but if he was anyone else, that would be the next logical step.
Thankfully, for Baelfire’s sake, Killian came around the corner right on cue, holding the rolling pin in his hand.
He had a wide grin on his face, one that matched that on the young boy’s face, that told you everything  you needed to know.
“Let’s hold off on the tossing darling” he cooed, handing it over to you and ducking just out of reach before you could smack him with it. Killian knew you far too well, and he wasn’t about to hand you a weapon while he was within arms reach.
That would be foolish, on his part, and on the part of the boy at his side, who he pulled out of the way as well.
“The two of you are going to be the death of me, I swear it” you muttered, rolling your eyes at the childish antics of your husband, who couldn’t help but torment you at every chance.
They had been doing things like this to you since Baelfire arrived, and you were sure that they had no intention of stopping anytime soon.
It seemed as though having a child around was only fueling Killian.
“Since you have so much time on your hands, why don’t you go wash up and you can help me cut these out?” you prompted, addressing the order at the child who rushed off to do just that.
He liked to have his fun with Killian, but when you needed his help, he was never one to refuse.
You were kind to him, having taken him in when you didn’t have to, and he would never dare ignore you.
“Don’t be too harsh on him, it was my idea” Killian grinned, pressing a kiss to the side of your forehead as you busied yourself with the dough once again.
Preparing dinner for every member of the crew wasn’t an easy task, and with everything else you needed to do today, you didn’t have time for their games, but you knew he was right. You couldn't rightly punish Bae for Killian’s actions.
...but you could punish the Captain just fine.
In fact, one could suggest that as his wife, it was your job to make the man do things, even when he didn’t want to, especially when he’d made a choice to actively make your job harder today.
“You’re right My Love, I cannot be too hard on the child. You can help me with the rolls instead” you hummed, a content smile falling on your own face as you watched him frown, trying to connect the dots.
He should have seen that coming, but somehow, he hadn’t. Now, he was stuck kneading dough into rolls with the one good hand that he had left.
“Don’t pout, you brought this on yourself” you teased, bumping the male with your hip as you passed, immediately taking notice of the less-than-subtle frown on his handsome face.
He really was being dramatic.
After all, the Captain had brought this on himself and you weren’t about to let him out of this so easily. If anything, he’d guaranteed that you were going to lay this on just as thick as he always did, just for the fun of it.
Maybe that would teach him his lesson. There was barely room for one child on this ship, let alone the both of them.
Eventually, Killian was going to have to put his childish taunting behind him and act like an adult.
“I mean, blaming a child for your own foolish actions, I expected better” you continued, your teasing barely phasing the male at your side. In fact, you weren’t even sure that he was listening to you, too focused on how upset he was at having to be here.
Baking biscuits was hardly the job for a Pirate Captain.
Not that he was going to tell you that.
He may have been the captain of this ship but Killian was no idiot. He understood that there was no harm in helping his wife with her duties, especially after he actively tried to inhibit the process.
“Are you listening, Killian?”
He wasn’t.
The man you loved had been so preoccupied with whatever it was swimming around in his head that he didn’t even turn to look at you until you poked his cheek, the contact leaving behind a greasy, floury mess on his face.
That had done it.
That would get his attention.
“You did not” he huffed, bringing his hand up to find that you, in fact, had. Right there, just under his left eye, was a glob of raw dough.
Now, up until this point, you were fairly confident that you were untouchable. Killian had been in the wrong where the rolling pin was concerned and while you weren’t really upset about that, you were glad to have his help as a result.
You weren’t really concerned with him trying to get back at you in any way, and perhaps he wouldn’t have, if you had kept your hands to yourself.
Though, you both knew that at one point or another, one of you was going to do something like this.
“Darling, we need to get these finished-” you started, slowly backing up as you realized the gravity of your mistake. Of course, Killian wasn’t going to be so easily swayed.
What you had just done was an affront to his honor, and what sort man would allow that.
“You didn’t seem to worry about that a moment ago” Killian hummed, a small smile blooming on his face as he dashed as quickly as he could in your direction.
He would have caught you, should have, but you saw it coming.
Thankfully, and you’d already made it around the table before he could grab you.
“Don’t, you’re going to get flour all over” you warned, doing your best not to laugh at his ever-childish actions, which you just couldn’t get away from. You would have had better luck if you had Bae help you in the first place instead of your husband.
In trying to punish him, it would seem that you punished yourself instead.
“Ah-ah, fair is fair. It’s your turn” he tutted, grabbing a glob of uncooked dough in some kind of threat, which forced a squeak from your lips.
Adrenaline rushed your system as you tried to figure out how you were going to get out of this now, without getting covered in all of that mess.
For all intensive purposes, Killian had you trapped in the kitchen.
“Don’t do it, Killian. I’m not kidding” you tried, a thinly veiled threat in comparison to the leverage he had over you currently.
You had brought this on yourself, of course, but there was nothing you could do about that now. 
Killian wasn’t going to be satisfied until you were covered in flour and muck, even though you had barely gotten any on him in comparison.
“Just a touch, and I’ll leave you be” your husband negotiated, looking at you like he always did when he knew that he had the upper hand.
You two got into these games of chicken pretty often, and he almost always won.
He was too quick a talker for you to keep up with, and eventually, you would either slip up and he would catch you or you would give in, looking for a means to an end.
All he had to do was wait for either of those things, and he had all the time in the world.
Right now, all you could think about was not letting him get his hands on you, which was far more fun than making rolls all afternoon.
“Don’t be a child, Killian. I’m serious, you’ll make a mess” you sighed, wiping your own hands on your apron in an effort to get him to do the same, but it wasn’t happening. Killian had already made up his mind.
His face gave away the sick joy he was getting out of this, sort of proud that he’d managed to get you so far off track already.
“You started it love, I’m simply trying to finish it” he shrugged, as if he had no choice in the matter.
He was being ridiculous.
You were going to be here all day if he didn’t knock it off. Though, you knew him well enough to know that wasn’t going to happen. The only way he would concede would be if you could win the little game.
...and perhaps you could.
If you could make it around the table, and out the door, you would be on the main deck before he could catch up to you. At this point, it was the only choice that you had and you had to make a break for it.
You had done it before.
“You could do that, or-”
In a desperate attempt to get away from him before you could end up covered in that gunk, you took your shot and tried to round the table before he could catch up to you, and for a moment, you were sure you were going to make it.
Though, that dream came crashing around you rather quickly when Killian nabbed you up like he knew he was going to, his arms wrapped around your hips so tightly that you couldn’t even wriggle away from him.
“It was a valiant effort, my love” he grinned, keeping you close to his body with his left arm, the other hovering much too close to your face to relax, all covered in goo.
You couldn’t help the giggles that left you as you did your best to escape the tight grasp your husband had on your frame, eventually deciding to hide your face in his chest so that he couldn't get it all over you.
It was disgusting.
“I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” you repeated, continuing to do so as a last stitch effort to keep him from doing what you both knew he was going to.
From where he was sitting, you had earned this and all he was doing was paying up. After all, how did you think he was going to react to something like that?
“I’m sorry, darling, but you know I have to” he hummed, not even bothering to hide the huge grin on his face as he ran his hand over your face as gently as he could, leaving a trail of wet, sticky dough behind.
Immediately, you groaned, your face scrunching up as you tried to wrap your head around the fact that he’d actually done it.
He really did it.
“There. That’s perfect” Killian cooed, taking a second to admire his handiwork before he gently booped your nose, ignoring the disbelief in your eyes at how far off track he’d managed to get you.
One thing was for sure, Killian was lucky that you loved him because he was so childish sometimes.
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bellefrenchsource · a day ago
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every belle french outfit: 5x01
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dinneratgrannys · a day ago
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6k celebration meme - 2/10 otps - glass believer
i find myself wanting to explain all kinds of things to you. like, i don’t know, like why pancakes are appropriate for dessert, whey the english beat is so culturally relevant, why...i can’t stop thinking about you.
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xhookswenchx · 2 days ago
Learning to Fly: Chapter One CS HistFic Event
Tumblr media
Learning to Fly
After the loss of her husband to the war, Emma Humbert has sworn off everything to do with pilots and the skies they call home. As she tries to make a life for herself and her young son, summer adventures call to her little boy, bringing her back into a world she'd just as soon forget. It isn't long before she finds herself enjoying the air shows and getting lost in the arms of one of her brother's new hot shot pilots, Killian Jones.
Killian didn't escape the war unscathed. Thanks to a war injury, he feels as though he's grounded more often than not. More at home among the clouds than on his own two feet though, he's grateful for the opportunity David Nolan has given him to heal and fly. He's not quite prepared for the family he finds, and even less prepared when he realizes how much he wants to be a part of it.
Here we go on another adventure! Thank you to @ohmakemeahercules for looking this over! I appreciate it!
For the @cshistfic​, we have a post WWII romance filled with broken dreams and hope for healing. :) Enjoy!
Also on AO3!
Chapter One
Life went back to normal after the war. Well… as normal as it could be after such an event. The world still seemed to be in turmoil, with conflicts popping up sporadically in the aftermath. But in Storybrooke, life carried on. 
Nearly a year after it had all ended, Storybrooke had picked up right where it had left off before America joined the war. Lovers were reunited, babies were born, and the constant fear that gripped the inhabitants was fading away with each passing moment.
Everyone except Emma Humbert at least. Her life had taken a nasty turn when her husband found himself in the thick of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He’d assured her that he was safe, that America hadn’t entered the war, and he’d only be gone a couple months, finish his training, then return home. 
Home. Where she and their young son waited. Where the radio was always on, waiting for news on the war, hoping beyond hope that her husband wouldn’t be headed into the hellscape that Europe had become. 
When news broke of the attack on Pearl Harbor, she couldn’t bring herself to step away from the steady stream of news airing on the radio. Any static was met with distress, and any time the phone rang, her heart skipped a beat. She was often told that “no news is good news” but found that harder to believe with each passing day. By the time an officer arrived at her doorstep, Emma was numb. She couldn’t cry, because the tears had already dried up days before when she realized that if he’d been okay, Graham would have found a way to contact her.
Her heart hurt even more when men started heading overseas to the battlefront. How many others were saying goodbye for the last time?
Then, when the men started coming home, her heart ached. She caught herself on more than one occasion looking for Graham. 
Henry was nearly six now, and had no memories of the father who’d adored him so much. 
David and Mary Margaret had taken care of them. From the moment she and Graham had met, to the fateful day he was gone forever, she could be grateful for the close proximity to her family. They were there when she packed up her base housing and opened their doors to a broken woman and her one year old son.
Graham had the foresight to make sure she and Henry were provided for should the unthinkable happen. But Emma couldn’t bear the ache that came with the insurance money. It sat in an account, untouched, save for necessities and emergencies. She’d trade it for her husband’s life in a heartbeat. 
Over the years, she worked odd jobs, trying to keep busy. Not that she needed the money. It was more of a distraction than anything else.
Summertime always meant a semi-steady gig at Granny’s. The hours weren’t the best, yet tourist season was right around the corner.  It always promised more business for the local shops and restaurants. 
The Storybrooke airfield also brought in pilots. Stunt planes and racers came in by the handful to put on shows, compete for prizes, and hopefully qualify for larger, more prestigious competitions. 
In the years since Graham’s death, Emma avoided the shows. The sounds of the planes over Storybrooke was enough of a reminder of the life she’d once led. 
Now though, Henry was beginning to show interest. Maybe it was the fact that they lived so close to the airfield, or that the dinner conversation often turned to flying and David’s plans for his team that caught his attention. 
Maybe flying was simply in his blood.
Whatever the reason, her son’s pleas to go to a show finally got through to her. There was a grand opening for the first show of the summer and she was supposed to be ready bright and early to join Mary Margaret and Ruby in the stands.
She tried not to think about it as she waited tables that afternoon. It was nowhere near as busy as it was going to get later in the season, but it was still bustling. Pilots had arrived for the first show, and a few tourists had settled into the local hotel in hopes of seeing something spectacular.
“Don’t look now,” Ruby sighed, nodding towards the window, “but we’ve got incoming.”
Emma suppressed a groan when she saw the small group approaching the diner. “Looks like lunch hour just got a little longer.”
Three men walked in, just as another table cleared out. As Emma went to go clean the table, she overheard Ruby mutter something about the men.
Of course her friend would comment on their attractiveness. Sometimes, she wondered how Victor managed to keep his cool with Ruby’s wandering eye. Then again, she supposed he had one, too. As long as they were happy…
“Thank you, love,” one of the men said, sitting down once she’d finished cleaning. 
She wanted to tell him that she wasn’t his love, but then reminded herself that she needed the job and the tips it provided. 
“Can I get you something to drink?” she asked instead, making eye contact with the one who’d called her “love”. His eyes were impossibly blue, and his dimples deep as he smiled at her. His dark hair was windswept, giving him that scruffy look that many of the pilots wore.
But he wore it so well.
She cautioned a quick glance at his friends, who were also handsome and windswept, but not quite as handsome as the man smiling at her right now.
No. She didn’t need to get tangled up with another pilot.
“Just some water to start,” one of the other men said. He had lighter hair, and his voice was not so deep.
The other man with them agreed. He had the same dark hair and blue eyes, almost as if he could be related, but he definitely wasn’t as attractive as-
“Killian Jones,” her current fixation said, offering a hand. As Emma shook it and introduced herself, he nodded towards his friends. “These are my mates, Robin and Arthur. We heard Granny’s is the place to be, so thought we’d give it a try.”
“I’ll get those waters,” Emma said, inwardly wincing at how dumb she sounded. She hurried off as the men began perusing the menus. 
“Gorgeous, aren’t they?” Ruby asked when Emma returned to the counter. “And it seems Mister Handshake only had eyes for you.”
“Ruby…” Emma warned. She may have a wandering eye, but Emma knew exactly what she was hinting at. 
“I’m just saying,” Ruby shrugged. 
“I have a boyfriend,” she reminded her friend. Ruby only rolled her eyes. Emma knew there would be more pushing later. For now, she had at least a few blissful moments without an attempted setup.
It was only a half truth, and Ruby knew it. She’d only been seeing Walsh for a few weeks, and even though she hadn’t said anything, she knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere. As nice as the man was, she couldn’t see herself getting serious with a guy like him.
Someone boring and predictable.
As quickly as the thought crossed her mind, she shook it away. Sure, Walsh was a little boring, but he was also safe. She’d never have to worry about him going off to war, or training and never coming home again.
He’d never seen anyone quite as beautiful as Emma. There was a sadness he could see behind the soft smile she’d given him. As much as he wanted to get to know her a little better, he didn’t want to interrupt her during what seemed like a fairly busy shift.
There would be plenty of time to get to know her, and all the other residents of Storybrooke since he’d decided to settle there. His friends, Arthur and Robin had made several visits over the course of their careers, and insisted it was the perfect place for him to start over. Far away from the war-torn countryside he’d tried to go home to. Away from the memories that kept him awake at night.
Away from a world that had taken his livelihood away.
Killian flexed the fingers on his left hand in an attempt to remind himself that he was luckier than most. His injury may have ruined his military career, but he could still fly on a good day. He wasn’t dead, even though some days, he thought death was a better option.
“So how long before they have you back up in the air?” Arthur asked. He and Robin would be racing at the grand opening. 
It was something Killian wanted to do as well, but he was still having more bad days than good. “They have me on programs at the moment,” he said. “Dave wants me to practice away from the public eye before he puts me out there.” He was grateful even for the chance. David Nolan had hired him without so much as a demonstration. The man was compassionate about Killian’s injury and setbacks, and welcomed him on the team. 
His friends had tried to convince him to give up flying, but it was in Killian’s blood. He’d spent his entire life longing to be in the air, and when he finally got the chance-
The surprised gasp had them all turning their heads towards Emma. She looked shocked as a man crossed the diner and kissed her on the cheek. Jealousy bubbled up in Killian in a way he’d never experienced.
But why should he be jealous? He didn’t really know Emma, and it was none of his business if she was seeing someone.
Or married to someone.
“You’re early,” she said. “I haven’t even clocked out yet.”
“I can wait,” Walsh stated.
Killian turned his attention back to his food and tried to wrest away the churning in his gut. There was something he didn’t like about it all, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Emma wasn’t his, and Walsh was just another random townsperson he’d likely see on a regular basis. Especially if he chose to spend his meals at Granny’s. 
“You alright?” Arthur asked. 
Killian breathed out a sigh, “just a bit of a flare up,” he lied. His friends accepted it without question. It wasn’t completely untrue, though it also wasn’t the reason he was so uneasy now.
“See you tomorrow, Ruby!” Emma called.
“You’re not really going to that ridiculous air show,” Walsh snorted. “Are you?”
That nearly made Killian say something. He bit his tongue, not wanting to cause a stir so soon. He and his friends looked around as the bells on the door chimed. It seemed every pilot in the place had heard Walsh’s comment. Once the door was shut, the murmuring began.
“What a wanker,” Arthur muttered.
Robin and Killian agreed.
It gave him hope, though. Hope that he might see Emma in the stands without Walsh. He wondered if she’d at least talk to him.
Or maybe she didn’t care much for pilots. There had to be a reason she was seeing a guy like Walsh. He seemed so plain and boring. Like he’d avoid going outside if it were possible. Emma seemed like the kind of woman who wanted adventure. Why else would she go to the airshow despite her beau’s complaints?
Tagging the crew: @elizabeethan​ @donteattheappleshook​ @the-darkdragonfly​ @winterbaby89​ @zaharadessert​ @kmomof4​ @hollyethecurious​ @lfh1226-linda​ @allons-y-to-hogwarts-713​ @gingerpolyglot​ @wefoundloveunderthelight​ @xsajx​ @officerrogers​ @ultraluckycatnd​ @deckerstarblanche​ @xarandomdreamx​ @stahlop​ @ownedbycaptainswanandportwell @jrob64​
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everything-person · 2 days ago
Then Came You
A/N: This is my contribution to @cshistfic Historical Fic Event. This is my first time diving deep, just submerging myself into research to make sure I got my time period correct and I had a blast. Sometime I had too much fun and thankfully I had @spartanguard to push me off my high horse. Thank you @shireness-says for making this event and running it. Hopefully my entree is worthy enough. This fic is based in the 70’s and is inspired by Disney Pixar’s Cars. This may have up to 3 parts.
Summary: Rookie of the Year race car driver Killian Jones finds himself lost in a forgotten Storybrooke on his way to the finale race of the season. His world and perspective on what he wants gets turned upside down in the small town.
Where the fuck am I?
was Killian Jones, famous race car driver, first thought as he woke up. Well, first thought after he got over the throbbing pain in his skull. He sat up to see he was laying in a cot. Taking in his immediate surroundings, he realized he was behind bars. His head fell into his hands.
How did I get here?
He recalled being at Pocono in the Piston Cup series finale. He was named Rookie of the Year and was set up to be the first one to win. His only real competition was Ernest “the King'' Triton, Atlantica’s golden boy, who was planning on this being his last season, and Edward Teach, the King's tail biter. They weren’t expecting Killian to come out of nowhere and take the season by storm.
He was set to win it all, ahead by half a lap, checkered flag insight when a tire blew. He struggled but was able to keep control of his car. He could feel his competitors gaining on him as he lost speed. Such events caused a three-way tie, set to be settled in a week in Daytona.
He remembered the interviews asking about him driving without a crew chief; he always had an issue taking orders. The King came walking up to him.
“My man, you are one bad racer. You got more talent in that famous smile of yours than half these dudes got in their whole body but you’re stupid. Let me give you the lowdown: this ain’t a one-man show, young blood. You need to wise up, get yourself a good crew chief and a good team. You ain’t gonna win unless you got stellar people behind you doing their jobs so you can keep being the slammin’ driver you are.”
He thanked him for the advice before they were made to get on stage for the press. That's when Edward Teach decided to try to psyche him out.
“Listen space cadet, that was some fab drifting today. By me. He he he. First one at Daytona gets Atlantica all to themselves. Catch my drift?”
Then he went looking for his team, only to find out from Smee, his truck driver, that he had to make a personal appearance over at his sponsor's tent—Arendelle Chocolates, run by sisters Elsa and Anna Arendelle, most famous for the Apollo Bar.
“A taste that’s out of this world!”
He desperately wanted to get away from his sponsor. He didn’t care for sweets and frankly found most disgusting. He entered the tent to find the other reason he didn’t care for his current sponsor: children all running around with their grubby hands. The sight made him squirm, but Smee reminded him they gave him his big break and it was in his contract. With those inspiring words, he put on a smile, made his way to his sponsor sisters, said a few words that had the tent roaring in cheers before he said goodbye.
“Killian, that was stellar! We are so proud to call you our driver!”
“And we are looking forward to another fab year!”
“Don’t drive like my sister!”
“Yeah, don't drive like my sister!”
He and his crew got on the road not long after that. His crew were in the truck along with his car while he drove just behind them. While his crew pulled off to get some rest, he kept going to be the first at Daytona. But he kept nodding off and got lost.
He remembered pulling out his map to try and find out where he was. He tried to keep his car steady while trying to make out what his map said by moonlight, when he heard sirens. Looking up, he saw the lights of a town. Before he could think about pulling over the sirens were accompanied with sounds of loud popping. He assumed it was the officer firing at him. He tried to dodge the bullets but soon lost control of his car. He ran into quite a few things before gaining control again, only to get caught on something. He gunned it to get free, only to have his car spin out once he was. The last thing he remembered was something crashing into his driver side door effectively stopping his spin out and causing his head to slam into his window; then everything went black.
Groaning, he picked up his head taking another look around. He was on a cot, in a holding cell, in a dusty office. He was taking in the desks and filing cabinets, looking for signs of life, when he heard a voice.
“Well hi,” came an excited, high-pitched voice.
His head snapped back to one of the desks to see a boy he missed sitting just behind it.
“I was wondering when you were gonna wake up.”
Killians faced scrunched up, “What's going on? Why am I here?”
The boy laughed, “Like you don’t know. For being a spaz last night.”
“What's your name, lad?”
“Henry. What's your name?”
“You don’t know my name?” Killian asked, taken aback by the question.
“No; why should I know your name?”
“I’m Killian Jones.” He waited for the moptop boy to put the pieces together
“Killian Jones!” Henry shot up out of his seat as he exclaimed the name before falling back down. “Yeah, not ringing a bell.”
Killian furrowed his eyebrows, “Where am I?”
“Where are you? You’re in Storybrooke, the most rockin’ town on the Potomac River.”
Killian sighed, dropping his head, bringing his hand up rubbing at his forehead. “Great. Just great.”
“Well if you like this place, you should see the rest of the town.”
Killian picked up his head, looking at the brown-eyed boy and spied just behind him the keys to his cage. Focusing back on the boy, he smiled and stood up from his spot on the cot.
“You know, that's a brilliant idea. I’d love to see the rest of your town. If you just let me out of here, we could go cruisin’ the town.” Killian finished his thought as he came leaning against the bars.
“Golly! Really?” Henry sat up straighter with a bright smile that slowly turned into a smirk, “You think you can psyche me out. I’m ten, not stupid.”
“Henry!” a new voice shouted out.
In walked a man sporting a perm and mustache wearing a star at his hip.
“What have you been told about being in here with criminals?”
Henry sighed, “Not without supervision. But he was sleeping.”
The man crossed his arms, letting out a huff, “Well now he’s awake. Want to help me escort him to court?”
The next thing Killian knew, he was in chains and being placed in the back of a cop car. After a short ride, he was hauled out and guided into Town Hall where he was met with shouting and very angry townspeople. He was placed in a chair.
“Oi mate,” Killian looked up at the sheriff, “I gotta skitty. How long is this gonna take?”
The sheriff, Robin read his name tag, crossed his arms, “Do you have a lawyer?”
Killian scoffed, “Aye, but he's probably in Hawaii right now.”
“If the defendant doesn’t have representation, the court will assign one to him.” Robin turned to the crowd behind him bringing his fingers to his lips, letting out a shrieking whistle. “Anyone want to be his lawyer?”
The room went silent.
“I’ll do it,” a familiar voice broke the silence.
Killian turned to see the boy from before trotting up to the gate. Robin quirked an eyebrow at him.
“What? It's not hard.”
“Hmm, alright,” Robin agreed, letting the boy take the seat next to Killian.
Killian looked between the two before landing his gaze on the sheriff.
“Are you serious?”
“Well, our normal defense is at the vet after you clipped his dog last night,” Robin informed him before speaking to the room, “All rise! Honorable Judge Nolan presiding.”
Everyone stood as the sound of a door opening and closing was heard. Heavy footsteps rang out in the silence.
“I want to know who is responsible for wrecking my town. I want his ass on a silver platter. I’m gonna put him in jail until he rots. No, until the jail rots on top of him then I’ll put him in another jail and wait until that one rots. I—”
The man's rants came to a halt as he laid his eyes on the accused. “Get him out of here, sheriff. I want him out of my courtroom and out of my town. Case dismissed; charges dropped.”
Killian let out a breathy laugh, “Woah. You were a better lawyer than I thought, youngblood.”
“Sorry I’m late, Your Honor.”
Killian turned to see a stunning blonde woman come strutting in.
“Bloody hell,” Killian whispered under his breath. He thought the sheriff must’ve found his agent's number and gave him a call. This must be who they sent from his attorney’s office.
As she was walking by, Killian spoke up, “Hello, love. Thank you for coming but we are all set. He’s dropped the charges.”
She stopped and turned to him, her eyes darting to the boy next to him. “What?”
“Aye, we got off lucky. Now all we have to do is speed on down to Florida.”
“I get that a lot. I create feelings in people they themselves don't understand.”
She raised an eyebrow. “Right. Well I’m gonna go talk to the judge.”
“Whatever you gotta do, love. Do be careful though. These cats are a bit feral.”
She pursed her lips, nodding before turning her attention to the smiling child next to him, “Hi, Henry.”
Killian looked at the boy before looking back at the blonde, who had turned to the crowd behind him.
“Morning everyone,” she called out, receiving greetings in response. She turned, eyeing Killian as she did, before she walked up to the judges stand who was intensely looking at his papers.
“David, you're looking well. Your sideburns are—”
“Forget it, Emma. I already dismissed the case,” he said, not looking up at her.
“He endangered most of the town and destroyed half of it. You can’t just let him go.”
“We are better off with him gone.”
Emma huffed, “Alright; you asked for it.”
Emma turned and addressed the room, “I move for an appeal. Robin, if you will help me escort the accused to the Mayor.”
Robin assisted Killian out of the chair. They followed the woman down the hall and up the stairs. Killian would protest but the walk was giving him a great view of the blonde’s ass.
As they came to a door labeled Mayor, Robin leaned over and whispered to Killian, “May the mayor have mercy on your soul.”
Before Killian could question or even look at the man he was being ushered into a black and white room.
“Ms. Swan, why are you barging into my office?” A woman sitting behind the desk in the middle of the office asked, not bothering to look up at the intruders.
“Judge Nolan ruled to dismiss the charges against our drunk driver—”
“I wasn’t drunk,” Killian interrupted.
“And I moved for an appeal. I thought the sooner the better,” Emma continued.
The woman finally looked up to see Emma standing in front of her desk before her eyes darted to Sheriff Robin, and Judge Nolan standing just behind her with Killian standing in between them.
“What are the charges?”
“Reckless driving, reckless endangerment, trespassing, vandalism, and destruction of property.”
“Why did you dismiss the case?” The woman directed the question to Judge Nolan.
He stepped forward standing next to Emma. “Madame Mayor, what happened last night was a terrible occurrence but I believe the longer this man stays, the more trouble will come.”
“Based on what?”
“I know the kind of man he is. I can see it in his eyes. He’s the last thing this town needs.”
“We let this guy walk, it sends a message to every delinquent in town that you can do whatever you want. The town needs to be fixed—they need this,” Emma stated.
“I think the sheriff's station’s reputation will precede this incident. We are fine without him,” Judge Nolan responds.
The mayor turned to Emma. “What do you suggest the sentence should be if I agree to your appeal?”
“Make an example of him. Give him community service, make him fix everything he can that he broke. Whatever he can’t, fine him for; by the looks of his clothes, he can afford it.”
The mayor sat back looking between the man and woman in front of her.
“Sheriff,” she called, “What say you? Should I let this man go to avoid further disturbance, or have him fix the town?”
“Well, I think the town needs renovation more than it needs to avoid trouble. In fact, I think we could benefit from some,” Robin eloquently answered.
The mayor nodded, standing from her seat, “I’m inclined to agree. The accused is sentenced to community service until everything that was damaged from last night's events is fixed and a fine of six hundred dollars for reckless driving and endangerment.”
Killian’s eyebrows nearly shot off his forehead. He went from walking away scot-free to becoming this town’s new handyman along with being fined six hundred dollars.
The mayor took her seat once again stating, “You are all dismissed.”
Emma turned around with a satisfied smile plastered on her face. “Looks like Florida is gonna have to wait.”
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yellowbugifs · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
once upon a time 3x13 - I'm not well-versed in cons. Unlike you, I never spent time in prison.
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lesbian-in-leather · 19 hours ago
Okay so I've seen some posts about this and wanted to chime in because we were robbed of the Dark Swan we deserved.
She should have just been Emma with less morals - we saw Rumple continue as himself but just slightly off and get worse over time so it shouldn't have been an immediate switch from normal Emma to that. Like, the whole point is that the magic corrupts the user, we saw that her conscience was replaced by an echo of Rumple for god's sake like... that's going to mess with her head but it should have taken some time to actually let it affect her that strongly!
And as @swanqueensalad said in this post - she should have still been Emma!! She should have been loud and angry and impulsive - but instead of doing it to defend what's right she does it to defend what she wants. And wouldn't it have been so interesting if, at first, they were the same thing? If she became the Dark One but still helped fight the good fight? Then, as time went on, what she wants and what's right slowly start to drift further and further apart, and the only person who can't see it is her?
Because one of the most important parts of Rumple's character is that the power became more important than anything - even his own son. It corrupted him, but he still believed he was right. He wanted his son back, sure, but he needed to keep his power. And Emma should have been the same
She should have been twisted and monstrous (including scaley skin - the inherrent sexism of refusing to make her visably a monster cannot be ignored) but she also should have still been the same character just... slightly to the left. She should have been a little unhinged, but just a much worse version of herself - the same person with her flaws exaggerated and her good traits supressed - and I'm actually so mad that instead we got a completely different character who was barely even recognisable
Like I would kill for a Dark Swan who insists she's still the Saviour, who's so caught up in all the times she's been told that she's the embodiment of what's good and right that she can't even tell that she's twisted what those words mean beyond recognition. Imagine everyone else slowly realising that no, this isn't their Emma and it's been way too long to fix anything now and oh god what do we do? And Emma starts feeling alone because suddenly everyone's turned on her and she can't see what she did wrong - and echo!Rumple guiding her further away from the light with promises of winning her family over because "of course you're still good, dearie, you're the Saviour, aren't you?"
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blaze5681 · 2 days ago
Things OUAT Characters Absolutely Have Said Pt.2
Emma: Is anyone going to tell me what's going on in here?!
Henry: It's kind of complicated, but Hook-
Emma: Got it. Forget I asked.
Regina: Name a more iconic duo than my crippling fear of abandonment and my anxiety. I’ll wait.
Emma: You and me!
Regina: *tearing up* Ok.
David: It’s impossible to make a sentence without using the letter a.
Belle: Despite your thinking, it is quite possible, yet difficult, to form one without the specific letter. Here’s one more to further disprove your theory.
Hook: Fuck you.
Henry: Why should I make my bed, when I'm just gunna unmake it to sleep in it anyways?
Regina: Why should I feed you if your just gunna die anyways?
Henry: I'll go make my bed-
Regina: Something’s off.
Snow: Maybe you’ve finally developed human emotions and feel bad for hurting people.
Regina: No, but that’s funny.
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smnthwrd · a day ago
Me, just trying to enjoy a silly show about fairy tale characters come to life:
My brain, for some reason needing to criticize literally everything i consume for absolutely no reason: now tell me why Emma and Mary Margaret are on a mission to save Henry's life and they have time to wing their eyeliner. And why Regina's lipstick is always perfect. Never smudged? Theyre not even sweating
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horrormoviebitch · 2 days ago
Y/n: I told Pan their ears flush when they lie. Felix: Why? Y/n: Look. Y/n: Hey Peter! Do you love us? Pan, covering their ears: No. Felix:
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