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i will never not love them
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ONE’s mob psycho 100 || ONEの『モブサイコ100』
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rants-about-opm · 4 months ago
I wanted to touch briefly on a comparison I’ve seen making the rounds sometimes, between Saitama and Reigen talking to their respective pupils.
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The debate here is often regarding who’s in the right. Is it ok to run away, or should you always try to face the danger?
Well, the problem is that to water the argument down to this is to miss the point of these two moments entirely. Saitama isn’t saying it’s not ok to run away. He’s saying it is a hero’s duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Reigen is saying that Mob *isn’t* the hero, and he doesn’t have to be. It’s not his duty to shoulder the burden and sacrifice himself for the sake of others when it would only cause him harm.
These are two ideas that can and should coexist. In one way or another we’re all the “heroes” Saitama mentions; there’s always going to be problems we have to solve, situations we have to manage because no one else will, because it is for the betterment and safety of ourselves and others. If we run away from those responsibilities, there is no one else who can clean up for us.
But on the other hand, there are issues that aren’t ours to fix. You may find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to be, where trying to fix the problem can make it worse, where unnecessary pressure is being put on you to shield everyone else at your own expense. And in those instances, it’s better to walk away.
Not everything that’s expected of you is your job to handle, and not every problem you come across can be walked away from. As human beings we need to be flexible, come into every situation with the knowledge that there is a choice to be made on whether this is something that needs our attention, or if it’s something that isn’t our burden to bear.
***(Editing this with the addendum because I think its really important for people to see)*** Edit:
I just wanted to add something to this because a lot of people have been mentioning it in the reblogs.
Mob is indeed a child. None of this responsibility is his.
But Genos is not a completely different story. He’s only 19 years old. Certainly old enough to do things for himself and to be taking on some responsibility, but not old enough to take the whole world on his shoulders like he’s trying to. There are older, more experienced heroes who should be there for these grand battles. All too often we cheer when Genos steps in to fight the big bad, whether it be the Deep Sea King, Garou, Centichoro, whoever. But consider the fact that he isn’t the only S-Class in existence. He’s not the only person whose job it is to protect the general populous from these monstrous beings, he’s just the only one who bothers to step up and do it.
In a weird way, Reigen’s message applies to him too. Not in the sense that he should run away, but in the sense that it’s not solely his responsibility. It’s pretty obvious that Genos suffers a lot from this idea that he has to be there no matter what, or he’s not growing as a person, not being a good disciple. There’s potential for this to change into a healthier mentality, but for the moment, Genos is constantly throwing himself into dangerous situations and barely making it out alive. What Saitama is telling him isn’t meant *only* for him. It’s a testament to the times they live in, a nod to the fact that high level heroes pick and choose what emergencies they want to respond to instead of always being there to save the day, the way you would expect. The thing is that neither of these approaches is really the right one. Genos throwing himself into harms way all the time isn’t necessarily heroic as much as it it self destructive, but it’s his only option when everyone else has decided not to show up at all. In the reality that they face, where threats to humanity are so constant, it’s not possible for a single person to be a true embodiment of a hero, because it’s not a world that can be saved alone. Genos needs help. He needs other heroes to realize what it means to actually be heroes, and to step up as well to face the danger.
I want to reiterate that both Saitama and Reigen’s messages are universal and coexist. Some things are problems that you have to step up and handle, somethings aren’t solely your problem, or even your problem at all. Some situations aren’t Mob’s problem, some things only he can handle. Some things are up to Genos to fix, others he won’t be able to do alone, because it’s the responsibility of other heroes to stand by him for the sake of humanity. It’s not about age, because no matter how old you are, it’s important to keep this  in mind.
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Mob goes for a walk
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The U.S. flag but each star represents one war it has been involved in and each stripe represents one intervention in a foreign election
from /r/vexillologycirclejerk Top comment: U.S. interventions in foreign elections: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/0738894216661190 Estimated total: 81 Wars the U.S. has been involved in: https://www.thoughtco.com/american-involvement-wars-colonial-times-present-4059761 Estimated total: 93
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Hoping for some live action Clone Wars scenes in the Kenobi show 👀
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Why does nobody talk about how hilarious the ending panels in Mob Psycho 100 are
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Fantasy Tour in Nagoya
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🧚‍♀️5月26日(木) 京都府城陽市
🧚‍♀️5月27日(金) 兵庫県西宮市
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会場でもお手にとって下さり嬉しい #one ☺️
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なんと、初日でオリコン総合チャートランキング 5位に🥹 嬉しすぎる #one ミスチルさんの次というのも光栄
Oricon Chart - ranking 5th on first day in all genres in Japan🥹 So grateful.. 1st in New Age, getting there in pops 🥰
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Album drop but phone drop on toe
Thongs/barefoot days to come 🇦🇺
#名古屋 #サラスタイル #sarahstyling #Fantasy #メンタルヘルス #one #岡本知高 さん #名古屋弁
「SARAH ÀLAINN 10th Anniversary ~ One」
📣【宮崎】「SARAH ÀLAINN 10th Anniversary 〜 One」コンサート FC先行 6月13日(月)10:00 決定!
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▪️7月6日(水) 東京:東京国際フォーラムホールC
開場 18:00 / 開演 19:00
◾️8月21日(日) 大阪:NHK大阪ホール 
開場 16:00 / 開演 17:00
◾️9月7日(水) 北海道:Kitara大ホール 
開場 14:15 / 開演 15:00
☀️ NEW!☀️
▪️ 9月25日(日) 宮崎|メディキット県民文化センター 演劇ホール
開場 14:45 / 開演 15:30
▪️10月15日(土) 広島:広島国際会議場 フェニックスホール
開場 17:00 / 開演 18:00
▪️10月18日(火) 福岡:福岡国際会議場 メインホール
開場 18:00 / 開演 19:00
#one #1f #fanclub
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dean fucks me up so bad. he fucks me up so bad. he took the angel. of the lord. soldier of god. and he said. ill call you by this little name. you're cas now. you're huggy bear. you're sunshine. he took the angel and he said i'll show you my favorite movies :) and I'll put a silly hat on you. come here. I'll take you to a bar cause I know bars, and I'll take you to a strip club, cause i know strip clubs and thats how I know how to show you something I deem important, something I understand. he said I'll call to a messenger of god on a cellphone and i'll chuckle about it. 'cause it's funny. 'cause he's funny. cause I like him. he said I'll pray to you, Cas, even though I don't like the whole praying business, I feel stupid doing it. You know I'm not one for praying. but I'll pray to you. in an empty parking lot. in the middle of the apocalypse. in the land of monsters. in a hospital church, on my knees. even when you can't hear me. I'll pray to you. and when you're gone. I'll pray to you then, too.
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tome panel redraw
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mangaart · 5 months ago
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One-Punch Man (ワンパンマン)
Volume 3 (2013)
Written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata
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ONE’s mob psycho 100 || ONEの『モブサイコ100』
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multifancore · 3 months ago
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 。゚・ ♡⃕  ⋆ ࣪.  정제원۫ ⋆ ࣪. ༺☆༻ ִ ۫ ⁎ .
➪like or reblog if saved
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randomshyperson · 5 months ago
hi! just saw your kink specials blurb collection and it's so good!! can I request one where wanda's hesitant because it's her first time and she's afraid of what her powers will do when she reaches her high?
A/N: my favorite headcanon is that wanda is a virgin so i love this haha. Btw, again, this turned out to be a lot bigger than a blurb. Good for the readers i suppose? Hope you liked it.
Wanda Maximoff x Reader - First time of many
Summary: You and Wanda are finally ready to cross the line of intimacy, but she's hesitant about her powers.
Warnings: (+18), Dom!Soft Reader, Bottom Wanda, praising (a lot), soft smut, a bit of teasing, established relationship, explicit content and language, a bit of dirty talk, first time, virgin!wanda. || Request
Words: 1.911k
All Works Masterlist || Blurb Collection
Wanda pushed your shoulders gently, a low moan escaping your lips when you broke the kiss to look at her precoupatively.
"Something wrong?" You asked in a husky voice, putting your hands on her thighs that were each on one side of your body as you both are lying on your bed.
You had ended up like this during one of the movie and sitcoms nights, and dating for a few weeks, the kisses were getting hotter and hotter, close to crossing a line that Wanda had some hesitation about.
"Y-yes, i'm okay." She clarified equally breathlessly, her cheeks blushing. Her hands moved up the sides of her neck. "I just..."
But she didn't complete it. You frowned slightly, bringing your hands to her waist to reassure her. "You can tell me, babe. We can stop too and-"
"No!" she exclaims quickly, and you raise an eyebrow in surprise and amusement. Wanda turns even redder. "God, I don't want to stop. I just never... you know..."
"Is that a problem?" She asks unsurely, and you deny it with your head, feeling your neck heat up.
"Not at all."
She smiles, but still looks embarrassed. "I just don't know how it's gonna go with, well...my powers."
You look at her with confusion, your hands caressing her back. "What do you mean?"
Wanda let out a soft grumble, sinking her face into your neck. She was adorable when she was embarrassed.
"I meant when I'm finished." She whispers against your skin.
You chuckled softly. "Sorry, what was that?"
She let out another grumble of frustration, and looked at you again, her face very red. "You know what I meant, I can hear what you're thinking."
You let your fingers dig into her skin, which is warm under the fabric, slowly tracing their way up to her breasts as Wanda holds her breath.
"And what am I thinking about?"
She chokes softly, looking down at your mouth, "You're thinking about me."
You smile, nodding as your fingers skirt her exposed breasts beneath her blouse. Wanda has trouble keeping her eyes open, and you increase some of the pressure, playing with her nipples between your fingers.
"Fuck." She moans breathlessly, instinctively arching her body toward you.
You giggle, squeezing her breasts with a full palm, and watching adoringly as she moves her body with a low moan.
"Do you trust me, Wanda?" You ask with your lips close to hers, and she nods immediately, half dizzy with the pleasure she is feeling. "Are you going to tell me to stop if you feel uncomfortable at any time?"
"God, I'm not uncomfortable." She murmurs huskily, trying to press against you. "I feel really good."
You smile, resuming your movements and making her shift bothered in your lap, a low whimper escaping her throat as you apply pressure with your fingers.
"You're tense, I can feel it." You clarify, bringing your mouth closer to her neck to kiss her skin gently. "Relax, and trust me, my dear."
"I don't wanna hurt you." She murmurs unsurely, almost closing her eyes. You smile against her skin.
"I thought I was the supersoldier in this relationship." You joke, making her laugh softly. She closes her eyes now, because you keep stimulating her nipples and she thinks she is melting in your hands.
"Just... stop me if I lose control." She asks lowly, almost choking on a moan next.
You stop your movements, and she nearly complains, but you pull her by her waist back against your hips and kiss her hard.
Wanda gasps into your mouth, sliding her tongue in yours the next moment, and you are already spinning yourselves around to get on top and lie above her.
Despite your desire to rip Wanda's clothes off, you slowed your pace, savoring the kiss slowly. Which seemed to excite her even more, and a short time later she was wriggling beneath you, sighing and trying to increase the friction of your hips together.
"Babe..." She tried breathlessly between one kiss and another, and you smiled against her lips, able to feel how wet she was through the fabric of her pajamas, your thigh between her legs.
"What do you want, darling?" You teased moving your kisses down her jaw and chin, while Wanda held her breath with her eyes closed, enjoying the feel of your lips on her skin.
"Touch me." She whispered, one hand in your hair, keeping your face against her neck, and the other in her own strands, trying to regain some control of her own.
"I am touching you." You return, biting a sensitive spot on her skin, making Wanda gasps impatiently, moving her hands to your waist suddenly, and spinning you on the bed to be on top in a single motion.
You let out a chuckle, watching her straighten herself above your hips, red eyes signaling that she has used magic to move so quickly.
"God, you're beautiful." You gasped. The red disappeared from her eyes and went right to her cheeks.
Her breath hitched as she fit against you, and your palms landed on her waist.
"And you're wearing a lot of clothes." She comments, her fingers working quickly on your belt, and you smile, moving your hands away to remove your shirt in one tug.
You sat up again to kiss her hard, and Wanda lost concentration, unable to unzip you.
She began to move her hips against yours, and you gasped on her lips, cutting the kiss to pull her shirt off.
With the item on the floor, your hands tightened on her waist, and you kissed her some more before turning your mouth to her neck, making your way down to her breasts.
When your lips wrapped around her nipple, stimulating the tip with your tongue, and sucking, Wanda arched her back, whimpering softly.
You played with her breasts for a moment, appreciating the way she began to lose the rhythm of her hip movements, trembling against you.
Releasing her breast with a pop, Wanda moaned on top of you, and you smiled as she opened her darkened eyes to look at you.
"Why did you stop?" she asked breathlessly, her cheeks burning.
"You were going to cum without me touching you, darling." You said simply, your fingers scratching her back and making their way forward until they entered her pajama shorts. "That wouldn't be fair, don't you think?"
But Wanda didn't answer, tensing up again as soon as your fingers landed against the soaked fabric of her panties. You needed every mental control not to take her for yourself now, taking a deep breath as you rested your index finger against her.
"God, babe, you're dripping." You muttered aroused, looking down. Wanda sighed, not moving. Trying to push some of the excitement away, you swallowed dryly, and your free hand caressed Wanda's back, trying to relax her. "It's all right, Wands. It'll be just like when you do it alone."
"I don't..." She confessed clumsily, and fell silent, almost embarrassed. You felt the tightness in your belly intensify.
"You never...?" You ask breathlessly, beginning to gently stroke her through the fabric.
She holds her breath, shaking her head. But add softly, "I can't finish it on my own."
"God." You gasp moving to kiss her hard. Wanda moans against your lips, and you thrust your hips upward, your fingers pushing against her clit and making her let out a loud exclamation. "I'm going to make you feel good, baby." You whisper as you break the kiss, your fingerprints caressing her entrance, separating your folds.
Feeling her so hot and slick, you took no time in gently push two fingers into her, the contact making you both moan.
Wanda broke the kiss with a gasp, her hands on your shoulders to keep a hold, and you faced her back, delighting in her flushed face and dark, ajar eyes, her breath uncompensated through her mouth.
"Get used to the feeling first, baby." You guide as you held her hips, your fingers deep into her warm intimacy. Wanda swallowed dryly, nodding. You waited, not long, because she was dripping against your palm and started trying to fight your grip for a little friction, making you smile. "What a needy girl." You teased, and she gave you a breathless shy laugh, choking on a moan as you began to move your fingers in a slow rhythm, in and out, the sound of you burying into her echoing softly through the room.
"That feels so good." She gasped closing her eyes, her hips moving in the same rhythm as your fingers. You nodded, keeping up the pace and trying to go deeper, which made her choke in a moan.
Letting her move her hips as she wanted, your hand returned to her nipple, your fingers playing and stimulating the tips, while you began depositing several kisses on her face, since Wanda couldn't respond, moaning softly.
"I got you, babe. It's okay." You began to murmur, feeling her clench against your fingerprints, her orgasm approaching. "You're doing so good, my pretty girl. Taking my fingers so well, babe."
Wanda whimpered, her hips losing their rhythm against you, but you didn't stop your movements, using your thumb to stimulate her clit and she let out a loud moan, sinking her face against your neck.
"Go on, Wanda. You can let go, I'm here." You assured softly against her ear, stimulating her faster now, and the woman moaned loudly against your neck, clenching against your fingers, and the sensation sent a strong pounding in your belly. "Jesus, you feel so good baby."
"I'm gonna-fuck-I'm..." She began to moan against you, throwing her hips hard and off rhythm against your hand, cursing softly in a mix of Sokovian and English, her back arching.
You wanted to look at her, so you moved your hand away from her breasts to her face, bringing her face up to yours. Wanda opened her eyes with difficulty, choking on her own breath at the coordinated movements of your fingers inside her.
She came a moment later, squirming against you, a loud moan that you caught as you kissed her intensely, unable to hold back.
She responded weakly, trying to recover from the intensity of her climax, and only when she stopped twitching, her juices running down all over your hand, did you notice the electric sensations on your shoulders, where her fingernails were digging.
You moaned softly, breaking the kiss and staring at her adoringly. Her eyes were red, as at the moment she reached her orgasm, and you thought she was absolutely breathtaking.
Wanda looked at you shyly, her face very flushed.
"Hi." She gasped with an easy smile, her lips swollen from kissing hard.
You gave a short laugh, unable to look away.
"D-did i I hurt you?" She asks hesitantly, noting the redness in the skin of your shoulders. You deny it immediately.
"You were amazing, darling."You speak feeling ecstatic. "You're amazing." You confess kissing her again. "Beautiful." You add with each kiss. "Breathtaking." A kiss. "Perfect."
Wanda smiles against your lips, and your fingers move inside her again, making her gasp.
Her hands moved up to your neck, increasing her control of the kiss, and you smiled against her lips, sinking your fingers into her at once.
"Please don't stop." She gasped against your lips, melting against you.
"I won't." You assured before kissing again.
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daniel3ric · 10 months ago
Daniel worries about Max's health... What a true friend!
He's kindly interrupts the interview and asks about Max's condition 🙏
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suniitiea · 4 days ago
why mammon has his titties out in almost every outfit? it's not a bad thing i like it that way but why?
for me to hold them right?
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full-metal-negro · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Spiderverse - Yusuke Murata
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star-fiend · a year ago
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ONE is the master of omakes. Every single one makes me laugh.
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