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#one I grew up on

Thanks for playing!

Phinabella: 1 (I LOVE THIS SHIP! Best ship in this fandom!)


This is the kind of positive, soft romance I like seeing in animation aimed at kids? Because children, who are in that phase of life when you do take such things on TV at face value, grow up and shape their idea of romance based on what is presented on media.

And those two! They’re so supportive of each other, they always help each other, they have such a… natural understanding of each other too?

There is no nasty jealousy that causes the girl to act like a jerk, there is no toxic “pulling the girl’s pigtails” nonsense and neither has to seem smaller for the other’s sake; their respective strengths help each other.

Phineas is a genius inventor, but he still needs help and Isabella has the leadership and organization skills necessary to round the majority of Phineas’ projects up. They’re a team, they’re equals to each other - and they have fun doing this with each other!

It’s not just Phineas’ projects and Isabella just does it for his sake; she has fun with it too and she gets to shine and occasionally she actually has gain from it too - when it earns her one of her Girl Scout batches.

send me a ship and I’ll rate it on a scale from 1 to 7!

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thank u sm for the tag @sunsetnerve! xoxoooo

If you had to pick only 5 movies to watch for the rest of your life what would they be?! And, just to add a lil razzle dazzle, what is your fav movie snack?! 🤗✨✨

oh god sos, these are all my (soph’s) answers because ellie can’t decide - we both mostly watch tv shows instead of movies and our genres of both are so different so it’s hard - so these are the movies i’ve watched the most times and will never get tired of i guess

  1. friends with benefits ft justin timberlake & mila kunis (idk why but i cry every single time lol)
  2. school of rock (one time i watched it 5 times in 6 days lmao it is the best) 
  3. the parent trap
  4. freaky friday
  5. stick it (my bi awakening - iykyk)

favorite movie snack: PEANUT M&MS (both soph & ellie)

i’m tagging @meangirlsx @dr-rigatoni @notsunsetcurve @curvesofsunset @sunsetcurvesphantoms and ANYONE ELSE IF U SEE THIS I TAGGED U

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one more-

#edit: i think what happened w/ the random ''i wanted it'' @ the beginning here was bc i accidentally used quotes instead of apostrophes, #i wanted it, #flick ticks, #when will i cease with the personal/vent posts? never ❤️ /j idk. i wanna stop but they're . vent posts for a reason sbfnsbfnsms, #also it's my blog i can do what i want ❤️, #anyways- impulse control. i realize now that Everything i Ever Did was based on impulse lmao.....i need to learn how to better control, #that shit. and yeah i will!! but it's? gonna be hard bc i don't exactly? have anyone to i guess test myself w/ lmao......, #all of the shit i did was based off the negative impulsive feelings i was feeling- i feel lonely? isolate so someone will notice that you'r, #gone (doesn't work. surprise); i'm sad because i feel unloved?* isolate! maybe throw a fit or get mad about it!, #*my feelings of being unloved were . common in my childhood lol. ✌️✌️ that's on growing up touch starved & emotionally stunted ✌️✌️, #✌️ my parents didn't hug me enough as a child and now i'm a monster ✌️ LMAO. like- real tho bc like??? i also!! fun fact- i also have a har, #time sometimes like. understanding why people are upset or the general fact that they're upset (my mind: why are they upset?, #(i'm not upset/i wouldn't be upset by [that] so what's their problem?) like......god..... and yeah i realize that i was . very insensitive, #towards a lot of things (thanks uhhh Literally Everyone i grew up w/ not being even remotely sensitive towards me and thus making me value, #(my own feelings over anyone else's because if no one cared about how i felt at least i did. also if they only cared about themselves, #(why can't/shouldn't i prioritize my own feelings over anyone else's?) and in that process i? did in fact end up being very selfish and lik, #taking things for myself (most often without permission) simply because and!!! i apparently didn't grow out of that at all!!!!, #bc taking things for myself and pouting when i didn't get my way was one of the ways i abused him!!! my excuse for everything i did is that, #i'm barely an adult but like..... i'm still an adult; i really should know better. i should've learned better by the time i was at least 16, #[also just to make things clear: i'm not out for pity/sympathy points if y'all are concerned abt that- i'm literally just. talkin to myself, #[like. i just want this shit out of my brain y'know? anyways], #but now i do know better i think; very much too late but like..... i do kinda still think all of this was meant to happen...., #as hellish as those three fucking years were *especially* for him i.....still think it was all meant to happen. all the vile shit i did, #absolutely sucked but like.....yeah.... i think i myself needed to go through that. i needed to learn more about myself i guess. it just, #really wasn't fair to him. for him to have been my learning experience- for *anyone* to be my learning experience. its bullshit and it's no, #fair. i just? wish i was better to begin with lmao.... i wish i had the knowledge then that i do now i guess because like. i would Love to, #go back in time and redo EVERYTHING. i would treat him so fucking much better if i knew the shit i know now, #but what's done is done and i need to accept it and move on, #it. hurts, #but it's done. it's in the past
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#raise your hand if a fictional character has ever emotionally devastated you because of personal issues!!!!!, #it happened with Ben Solo and now it hAPPENS AGAIN WITH DEAN!!!!!!, #I get so fucked up when Sam just twists the knife on that poor dude, #like yeah Dean has made some poor fuckin decisions and Sam has the right to be mad about things but Jesus, #‘if the roles were reversed I wouldn’t save you’, #‘you’re selfish for wanting to keep me alive and it’s sad because I’m the only person in your life’, #‘but also I’m gonna shame you for having friends that aren’t me’, #like buddy please acknowledge that you and he had very different experiences in being loved and supported as you grew up!!!!!!!! fuck!!!!, #anyway, #characters being told by the one (1) person they truly care about and feel they can trust, #that they don’t return certain feelings and don’t care as much as they do???, #kills me, #cause I have always been on the receiving end of that, #literally always, #and it sticks the knife in really deep and just twists it when it happens to a character I relate to really hard, #it really hurts more than it should lmao none of it is real but Christ, #the characters that try so fucking hard and sacrifice everything for others always get me right in the heart, #especially when it’s never really appreciated, #it’s also like, #lmao, #Sam bro if you don’t want a big brother who devotes his entire life to trying to protect you and take care of you then I’ll fuckin take him, #I would love for somebody to care enough about me that they will do anything to keep me around, #it’s better than feeling unloved and unwanted by 99% of the people in your life, #I’m emo about it all, #personal, #god it’s sNOWING AND THAT DOESNT EVEN MAKE ME HAPPY LIKE IT NORMALLY DOES, #WHAT THE FUCK
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@hors4 miles is my boyfriends ex who I hate. some miles height lights include

“you’re abusive because we both kin sans (undertale)”

“you’re abusive because you never talk to me” (while also…. not initiating conversation/literally doing the same thing"

made his own kiwifarms thread, freaked out and tried to delete it when it the people there yknow. did kiwifarms things. pretty sure it’s still there.

makes a habit of making sad begging/woe is me posts whenever someone doesn’t read his fanfiction/buy his kandi/just want to be his friend at all

oh and I’m only using he pronouns because that’s what I knew him as. last time I checked its ~nonbinary lesbians~ and like she/they or some shit

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ugh on one hand i really dont want to listen to the rest of everywhere at the end of time because it was bad enough listening to just stages 1 and 2 and knowing that it’ll just get so much worse in 3 and 4 (apparently 5 and 6 aren’t so bad, you “get used to it”) and it’s like… i’ve always had tendencies towards… paranoia.. i feel bad saying that bc it’s not like, debilitating paranoia, but for lack of a better word, yeah i do get like that sometimes, and so like. i’ve literally been so on edge since i just listened to stages 1 and 2 and i know it’ll get so much worse if i actually listen to stages 3-6 all in one sitting one day like it’s been over 24 hours since i listened to stages 1 and 2 and i still am feeling kinda off. i think i’ll be better after tomorrow cause tomorrow i’m going to school, im leaving the house for the first time since monday morning so like it’ll be a good way to clear my head. but if i spend all saturday or sunday listening to stages 3-6 then i wont be able to clear my head like that till NEXT thursday… and i kinda dont want this weird paranoia sticking around for several days like UGHH

but also like. idk. just stages 1 and 2 were so thought provoking and like, emotionally destructive, yeah, but like. idk. i feel like it’s an experience i should have, even if it fucks me up for a few days i just feel like it’ll be good in the long run. just stages 1 and 2 made me realize so much but i feel like those realizations cant really like, go all the way through, unless i complete the rest of the stages. it’s weird cause like, yeah in the Throes of it yesterday i was talking about my family member and it’s like, idk i just think. it’ll be good to experience this album because it’s really like, put things in perspective, what she felt, but stages 1-2 only really capture the beginning of it so i feel like to really understand i’d have to complete it. and i think i kinda have to finish the rest of the album, just to complete that new sense of clarity.

and even beyond sorting out my own grief, i just think it’d be important to experience because like. idk, already just after the first two stages, im already like. thinking about my own life and all the things i take for granted and it’s just like. idk i think it would be important for me to like, re-examine what im doing with my life and be thankful for what i do have still

and not only all that but also i am, curious to a fault, even if it’s kinda self damaging. and so like, god this has been EATING at me for the past day like i know it’s going to be a horrifying experience but i just, cant stop thinking about it, and it deosnt help that it will NOT leave my youtube recommendations like i just have to hear the rest of it even if its for nothing else but sheer curiosity

#... lowkey think my . tendencies towards Paranoia are like. leftover from my weird ass childhood anxiety bullshit, #like i mostly grew out of that weird shit . but with things like this? oh man it comes back, #instead of lying awake afraid of the shadows in my room bc like, #man i was scared of the STUPIDEST shit like 2012. the zombie apocalypse. etc, #i dont lie awake at night worrying over that shit but sometimes that same like. fear comes over me sometimes, #over. well. not the stupidest shit anymore . but like yeah over things that probably dont necessitate that reaction, #like .yeah . reading up on cannibalism at 1am fucks me up for that night.., #like idk this shit just leaves me feeling OFF KILTER and then i feel like someone is always watching me, #and it just leaves me feeling so on edge and its even worse when its at night when im the only one in the house who's awake, #and now like. literally there is no reason to feel like that when this album is dealing with dementia, #there is no external threat when its about a mental illness of your own brain, #but god damn i cant go to the bathroom at 1am without feeling freaked the fuck out LOL, #LIKE IDK THIS ALBUM IS JUST GIVING ME EVERY SINGLE NEGATIVE EMOTION, #grief? misery? supreme sadness? nostalgia? loneliness? paranoia? fear?, #and its weird bc AS i was listening to it i was mostly focused on the. grief and sadness, #i was so preoccupied thinking abt my own experiences irl, #its only AFTER the fact that i started thinking abt the. sheer existential fear and dread of losing who you are, #like only AFTER the fact am i feeling the Uneasiness.. the Dread.., #as i was listening to it i was just sobbing but then as i cleaned myself up and took a shower it was like, #oh shit lol O_O, #and for the past DAY ive just been trying to chase that unease away by listening to pop music and shit but like, #idk its still WITH me i cannot escape it. the pop music just feels like a thin shield like its doing nothing to keep it at bay lol, #it distracts me for the 3 minutes its on but as soon as its off its like. oh haha O_O, #like i stayed up on my laptop till 3am last night to work on hw and it was just freaking me out SO badly, #being in my dark bedroom with my glasses on and being painfully aware of how silent the house is, #im gonna have to stay up tonight again as well <3 AUGHGH, #and like idk i just cannot stop thinking about like. death and dying and the afterlife and what it means to be alive at all, #like even if im not feeling that unease im still Thinking about it like omg, #brot posts, #LIKE ALL THIS TO SAY YES I NEED TO FINISH IT
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I feel like “things that are good storytelling” and “thinks that are politically/morally/philosophically responsible and meaningful in this world” are two circles of a real tricky venn diagram and I’m interested in everything that’s close to the middle even if it’s not in the middle proper. It’s REALLY hard to 1. determine what’s in the middle and 2. stay in the middle long enough to get through a whole story. But I think the reason I’ve been stuck about that is that I haven’t been articulating it so maybe now that I have I’ll make progress at it

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So I asked my boss about transferring to the other site (because it is closer, and I didn’t realize there was an english wing..I’d been told it was all french which was why I didn’t ask to move sooner ANYWAY)

and she looks at me all confused and stuff and is like well why would you want to go there? is it because Carol left? (because Carol is the girl who trained me basically, but honestly that has nothing to do with it)

and I explain its closer for me and in the event I have to take the bus, I can do so waayy easier. (because my house to the current work site is 2 hours with twenty minutes of walking and oh yeah it doesn’t even run early enough for me to take the bus looollll)

and that we are trying to keep expenses down and don’t wanna have to get a second car

And anyway she explained that she absolutely cannot spare me right now because she’s just bleeding people (I’m paraphrasing), and also that if I went that would reset my seniority which may affect my wage and benefits.

And I’m getting a dollar raise in November for being there six months, plus able to apply for benefits.

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anyway i was listening to last day of summer and i literally cannot stop thinking about the fact that luke spent like, years completely neglected and ignored by the gods before going on a quest that permanently scarred him and realizing in full that his father genuinely didn’t care about him, and that was just enough to fully push him over the edge, to the point he didn’t even care that he was being used, he was just so desperate for the gods to be gone.

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as i started to reorganize my mask shelf, i realized

  1. i have probably tested out more medical ones (astm ½/3) than most
  2. winter is coming
  3. this shit costs multiple times what it did a few years ago

if you are in the usa + are pondering buying medical masks + are wary at spending $20+ a box

  1. i can point you to the “real stuff” vs overpriced dust masks
  2. yes, it will involve amazon unless you have a dentist who can order from one of their suppliers for you
  3. yes, they really are packed that way 😬
  4. yes, they aren’t all light blue or yellow! i’m partial to black b/c they are like a magical repellant for the anti😷 “brought to you by the letter Q” cashier 😈 (yes i am in the usa)
  5. message me if you have questions
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Anon you’re going to make me cry… You can’t just say that you’re excited for the next chapter and that you like Atsumu in this story and that you like their relationship and that it’s your favorite piece and expect me NOT to tear up 😭😭😭😭😭 I’M GOING TO GET TEARS IN MY COFFEE 😭😭😭😭

I’ve been overusing this image lately but like…


Thank you so much anon :( You’re the best 😭😭😭😭 I hope you like the upcoming chapters when they’re up!!! And thank you so much for reading the series 💛

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