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#one could not comprehend
thehappiestgolucky · 2 days ago
I can’t tell if Markoth is afraid, heartbroken, or both. That must have hurt with Xero.
Definetly both, it’s hard to comprehend someone you’re close to just suddenly turning to attack you - let alone a partner.
He doesnt want to hurt Xero, but the fact Xero’s attacking relentlessly is terrifying because it’s not him. Also knowing that Xero did fall to the infection and that, in Markoth’s mind, he didn’t try hard enough to help Xero and now he’s basically lost him.
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mihrsuri · 14 days ago
I am extremely dateable stay for my ‘will come up with All The AUs, am probably way too femme, bakes cakes, tea drinker, has a lot of opinions about how movie Elrond is not my Elrond, can’t have sex due to trauma, loves Anne Boleyn, is a sap, loves OT3 triads’ self
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freeing-the-man · a month ago
ok ok ideas, I have two, one is Barney with big trench coat to hide friends in, and one is jumping spider, but big and friend
I had no idea how to fit multiple people, so Barney suggested for the drawing to make it: "a big trench coat to hide a boyfriend in?" So I did that.
Okay the first sketch took almost two hours, why? I don't know, I guess the mix of me being in the same jacket as him, being in front of him, but also taller and needing to crouch in some way to make it work was just hard to draw.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Then the second is just the spider :] it's much quicker since the body's back started killing me fifhdjdhdhrb but enjoy a cute dancing peacock jumping spider!
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thirdhandidiot · a month ago
Hey!! I don’t mind to sound clingy just checking up to see if you’re okay :0 I know you said you were a little ill Is that getting any better? <:0 <3
GOOOD MORNING FOLKS I do be living but at what cost -.- I was unexpectedly tripple whammied with being ill, a tonne of assignments (one unsexy multiparted bitch) during a busy work weekend and the besties 18th which I spent 8 hours on a call for, so I’m alive, about to sleep like the dead now and will hopefully be back with you tomorrow! I realised just now that it’s gotta look bad but dw, sexy Sunday is still on schedule and I am alive -.-
When 5AM hits
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suncaptor · a month ago
Thinking about how Raphael was presumably billions of years old. Older than any scale of humanity, certainly beyond any comprehension of human life. Yet some guy has him locked in a ring of fire (yeah, he totally didn't see that coming, of course, it's not like he should have perception beyond that, not like angels aren't able to time travel, not like he's an angel beyond the others), and he's standing there, talking, being asked where his father is.
"We're tired. We just want it to be over. We just want...paradise."
God can no longer be found even by the archangels, and immediately, immediately they want it to be over. They're tired. They want paradise. After billions of years, Raphael is now simply fighting for an escape from their current existence in the form of an apocalypse. Because hey, won't the apocalypse bring Heaven to all? And then, finally, won't it be done? Will it bring his father back, if he's about to die or the world is lost to Lucifer? Does it matter? Does anything matter? He's just tired. He just wants it to be over.
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rigelmejo · a month ago
Just an unneeded update lol:
Rereading hanshe like it said and it took me like 3-4 days to read case 1 arc this time around. I am not quite speed reading (except dialogue which is much easier than the rest), but it’s going decently paced!
Like. First time I read hanshe the first case took me 20-30 days to read and I’d read 30 minutes to an hour a day. And I remember each chapter would take like 2 days at least. This time a full chapter is taking me like 20 minutes it is so much fasterrrr
#February reading#February goals#February progress#my dream is I read more hanshe#then when I go back to tian ya ke THAT IS easier#because the biggest wall for me rn is priest novels take me SO long to get thru a chapter#when I do extensive reading and read the English first it’s faster yeah like 20-30 minutes#but when I intensive read? cant WAIT for it to go that fast#cause every priest novel is like 100 pages and hard words I wanna improveeee#anyway I’m glad I didn’t lose skills??#language learning is weird cause 99% sure I’ve lost speaking skills#I feel way less confident of my grammar every day#but also reading just gets easier and easier#it feels hard whenever I hit a milestone and NOTICE more things I didn’t comprehend before#but it basically only linearly improves#same with watching a show or listening#the skills are easier they just steadily increase. grammar tho like... production is hard I need an eventual plan#when reading now there’s grammar I can easily follow but absolutely could not speak/write myself without gratuitous mistakes#BUT I see those grammar constructions so often my brain tries to do them anyway then I have no idea WHY I’m doing them#one of the much simpler is when to use 一点儿 一会儿 I instinctively wanna say/write them in certain situations#but I could not fucking explain why one sounds right. or 一下 I can’t explain why I wanna say it in certain context#I know there’s a grammar pattern but have no way to understand it just that I pick up on it?? and then more complicated shit#a lot of double negatives and clauses u see in novels#like 否则 却 成了 除了除非非但 etc idk#I read a lot of negative clauses tonight and it struck me how easy they are to follow but how I have NO idea how to make them myself#also ooohhh I jusr looked at the reading list I have and I bet sci will be doable to read soon#but priest first!! I really wanna read guardian ToT
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winter-hoof · 3 months ago
I completely forgot about Andy Milonakis and I cannot express the level of someone has to be fucking with me when I found out he was not actually like 12 years old but in fact a grown ass adult with a hormone issue 
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chuckhansen · 5 months ago
vianna is her father’s little shadow, even after he passes. i think his bff (her god father, alan) had really good intentions when it came to treating her like one of his own and making sure she and her mother (regina) were provided for when necessary but at the same time ..... it was done with an underlying motive of making sure he had vianna’s trust in full. and it’s because if that she finds herself making the same mistake her dad did. having those conflicting feelings of loyalty because her mother is pulling her one way (with vianna’s best interests in mind) while alan is actively trying to keep her in his pocket the same way he did when antoni started to realize he was beyond getting through to.
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