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#one direction

hey everyone!

since I’m super bored during quarantine (who isn’t?) I thought it would be nice to practice more lettering, and I need some help with choosing quotes to draw (too indecisive for that lol)

SO if you wanna see a lettering from your favorite lyrics of your favorite band/artist, send me a request!

I’ll do it in wallpaper/lockscreen size so you can use it whenever you want to ;)

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okay so I don’t know what happened (I blame it on COIVD19 outbreak if anybody asks) BUT.

I seem to have fallen into a rabbit hole concerning One Direction. And let me just tell you, when they became famous, I was 15, or 16. So “I” (as in - age wise, -female, -European citizen) was their prime target subject thingy. And let me tell you, I like purposefully ignored them and was annoyed at everything they did. Hated their music too.  

So I thought I surprise myself and start watching 1D vids on youtube the whole day, all day, always. Still not the biggest fan of their music BUT I’m kinda smitten with their personalities. (hu…) 

and just let me tell you how surprised I was (like really really reaally surprised) to find that all of them now have solo careers (okay yes apparently I am Patrick Starfish and live under a rock) and another thing I found out which was MIND BLOWING was that (my sweet baby) Louis Tomlinson and (my love sunshine and son) Niall Horan have like the LEAST views/ listeners on spotify? WHAT? how? WHY? I mean okay like the music is not everybody’s cup of tea but like how is it possible that 1D has 17.000.000 monthly listeners and Louis has like 7.000.000 (and he is the angle voice always.) 

WHELP that turned into a ramble but what can I tell you. If you are 10 years too late to join a fandom - there is nobody out there to talk about it anymore so let me scream into the void that is my blog and ramble.

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can you write one based on Conan's song ''the cut that always bleeds?'' pleasee

the one you’ll always come back to

A/N: It’s a small one ik but lately i don’t have time, also this is my 7th attempt trying to finish something😂hope you enjoy!! 

word count: 454


Originally posted by inkedcross

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