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#one direction
fool-for-harry · a day ago
Smut: ❁ Angst: ✿ Fluff: ❀ Youngest ~ Top Oldest ~ bottom
☽ “That was Intense.” - ❁ (She and Harry do anal for the first time.)
☽ Ass Man. - ❀ (Harry’s obsessed with her ass.)
☽ Surprise - ❁ (she pegs him for the first time.)
☽ “Join me.” - ❁ (they do it doggy style)
☽ “That’s not funny.” - ❁ (They have sex in the back of his Range Rover)
☽ Blowie. - ❁ (She gives him a BJ.)
☽ Caught. - ❁ (Anne walks in on them doing the devils tango.)
☽ Reunited. - ❁ (“He brushed his lips against hers. Savoring her. Memorizing her so that the next time they have to be apart, he remembers what she tastes like.”)
☽ Lights out. - ❁ (The power goes out, so they find another way to entertain themselves.)
☽ “I Will Then.” - ❁ (They have sex in a car while it’s raining.)
☽ “You feel so good.” - ❁ (“Do you want me on top?” He asks her “yes.” She responds immediately.”)
☽ Little Spoon - ❀ (They argue over who gets to be the little spoon)
☽ “Our inner Noah and Allie.” - ❀ (They get takeout while it’s pouring outside, and kiss in the rain.)
☽ “What do you want?” - ❁ (“What do you want?” She wondered the same thing. But ultimately decided on “You.”)
☽ “Good Morning, Darling.” - ❁ (They have morning sex.)
☽ “Hands on the counter.” - ❁ (“Hands on the counter,” he demanded,”)
☽ “Fast and Hard.” - ❁ (“Do you want me to make love to you? Or do you want it fast and hard?")
∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾∾⌇My Rec list⌇
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lollypopsx · 2 days ago
I don’t know if you saw but The Forum provided cake and cookies for Harry tonight. So what about Ivy, Harry, yn catch Ivy trying to have some cake or something but she hasn’t even ate dinner yet or already had dessert or something but she has icing all over her face and you and Harry and everybody else laugh over the situation
Drabble Request
Drabble Masterlist
 "Vee, go and get your teddy from the sofa, we're all going to go and have an early dinner out today before the show" You stroke her hair sweetly while you were standing outside the dressing room door talking to Sarah.
"Mummy I need a wee!" She whines softly.
You let out a chuckle and open the door for her. "Do you need me to come and help?"
"No! Mumma I'm four, I can wee by myself" She states firmly. Oh so much attitude.
"Alright...shout if you need me" You laugh, wedging your foot in the door so you could hear her from the hallway if she needed you.
"She seems much more settled now..." Sarah smiles, Mitch was getting the baby dressed and wrapped up to go for dinner and Harry was finalising last minute details for the show.
"I know, she went through a phase where she wouldn't eat much, but I think that was from the travelling. But she seems much more settled" You sigh in relief.
You felt two strong arms wrap tightly around your waist. "Mmmm hi dove" He whispers, nuzzling his face into your neck. “Where’s my littlest love?” He frowns, his eyes scanning the corridor.
You let out a chuckle “she’s having a wee and I’m not allowed in because she’s four and she can wee all by herself” You giggle softly. “I also told her to get her teddy from the sofa before we go for dinner” You yawn softly.
“Oh, I moved it onto the shelf just incase a cleaner came in and threw it away. I’ll go grab it” He gently places his hands on your hips and slides you out the way, pushing the door open wide.
Ivy was no longer in the toilet, upon exiting the toilet, her eyes had fluttered over to the table in the corner of the dressing room. Her eyes widened with a giant grin on her face. So many pretty looking cakes and cookies.
The sweetest smells were flooding the room as she peaks around the room slowly, hearing the chatter of the adults outside the door, her tiny hands quickly grabbed for her favourite looking one, she didn’t want anyone else to have her favourite one.
The cupcake was so sweet, one of the best things she had ever eaten. “Mmmm yummy!” She whispers, grinning widely at the sugary goodness, although she got half way through and decided she didn’t want it anymore and that she wanted a cookie instead.
She placed the cupcake back on the tray, her eaten half was facing the back, but before she could reach for a cookie, she heard the door swing open and quickly stepped away. 
“You all done bug? Ready to go for dinner?” Harry strolls in, picking up her teddy from the shelf and walking over to her. His eyebrow immediately raised, looking between the table and his daughter. “Ivy, did you have one of those cakes?” He crosses his arms over his chest, his eye bows raised and a smile on his lips, which he was desperately trying to hide.
“No Daddy, I didn’t...” Her eyes widened. Harry nodded gently, biting his cheeks tightly to supress the laugh attempting to escape. 
“Okay...if you say so” He nods. 
She nods and runs out of the door, towards you.
“Took your time little madam...” You chuckle, Mitch was rocking the push chair gently as Sarah zipped her coat. You had also been joined by Jeff, Anthony, Pauli, Niji, Nyoh and Elin. Harry followed close behind her with a smirk.
“Vee...what’s that all around your mouth?!” You frown, wondering what she could have possibly found. Harry’s face said it all and you shook your head with a smile.
“Ives, have you been eating cake in the dressing room?” You raise an eyebrow.
Her cheeks rushed with the brightest shade of red and she looked down at the floor, the cupcake icing had been smeared all over her lip. The rest of the band couldn’t control their laughter.
“But she’s so cute like that” Nyoh grins widely.
“You know the rule darling, no sweet treats til you’ve eaten all your dinner. I hope you still eat it all” You sigh softly, rummaging in your bag for a wipe.
“No no, that’s okay lovie. Daddy will just have it all off!” He swipes Ivy up into his arms, tickling her belly gently and attacking her face, very gently, in lots of kisses.
Her shrieks of joy and giggles were enough to fill the corridor, and everyone’s hearts apparently!
“Do I have one child or two...” You shake your head and sigh, smiling widely.
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landhinlove · a day ago
Oh my god
Tumblr media
They have been together for 18 years and he had a beard for 9 and just officially came out today
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We are 2 days into December 2021. Up until literally today when he posted on Instagram, tabloids have been posting about Julian Morris and Sarah Bolger dating. His fans have suspected he was gay.
We have heard about very similar closeting cases in the past, but to have one so recent and blatant exposes a lot about the industry
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larrylimericks · 2 days ago
Spotify Wrapped Edition Here’s to the point-five percenters, The went-on-an-OTB-benders, The Fine Line replayers (“I swear I’m okay”-ers), And just-a-hiatus pretenders.
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styleszitas · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
㌕㌖ ㌗ ㌘🥗🥁 𝘇Z𝘇! 𝗜𝟏k⃨ᦸ᪶᪳ ุ๋𝗿 Ꮡ[ɘ𝗯𝕝៙මั𝗀.ぱ̫᪾🧩ゐ䙰䚭₊)に渡のこが🥭 ^◡^ > ◡̈ ?胡おとᵎᵎ (*꒦ິ⌓꒦ີ) 𖤣𖥧𖡼.𖤣𖥧 🍽 琢頹 衙浳 ..  ̄ ̄䨻 ꩜📗📙 ☆。゚ノ !! ✿ ᩿퇕퇑.
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talkfastrry · 2 days ago
5SOS talking about their first shows at O2 arena opening for 1D on the 10 Years of 5SOS podcast
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vallentinerry · a day ago
Pairing: boxer!harry and nurse!y/n
This is how you and H met :))
Where nurse!Y/N is boxer!Harry’s nurse on tour.
wordcount: 2k+
If someone told you that you'd be in this position before, you'd straight-up laugh at their face.
But here you are waiting at a boxer's locker with a shaking leg. You have never met Harry Styles, though he is notorious for his cocky and cocky personality. And that made you scared. You were the type of person to cry whenever someone so much just shouted at you or if you get criticism. And you hated it.
Perhaps, that was the reason why you went to nursing school. Because even though there will be rude patients, the sense of accomplishment was still there to defy you. When all of your classmates told you that they were getting summer jobs at the hospital, so they can have an experience to add to their application, you immediately panicked.
You did try applying to hospitals, but you were late and they were full already with applicants. Which is why you really didn't have much of a choice when your cousin told you to be the boxer he's coaching's nurse.
You were confused at first. If he was a well-known boxer of course he'd have paramedics with him on fights, right? But Liam-- your cousin-- informed you that he had asthma, anxiety attack before fights and he abruptly wakes up at the middle of the night as well as has a hard time to sleep due to his insomnia.
It was your first day of meeting Harry Styles. To say that you were scared was an understatement.
You nearly jumped out of your skin when the door opened with a 'bang' and a very irritated Harry Styles walks in.
"Hi! How are--"
"Get the painkillers in my bag and get out." He instructs taking off his boxing gloves without making eye contact with you.
"Mr. Styles, I have to check-up on you first. Please sit down." You grab his wrist attempting to guide him down the couch.
"Don't fucking touch me." He seethes snatching his hand away from yours.
"I'm so sorry sir, it wont happen again. But please, sit down. I really need to just do my job and I promise ill leave after." you sigh running your hand on your face.
"Do i look like i--"
"Harry." The voice of Liam cuts him off. Liam lets out a sigh, "Y/N, thank you for coming to his fight. But please just wait in the car, you can take care of him at his hotel room after I'm done talking to him."
"Right, okay--I can do that. Bye." you wave at him and give Harry a little smile in which he scoffs at. You opened the door, ignoring the sudden feeling of hurt in your chest.
"Harry you cant act like that! She cant help you if you don't want to be, H." You hear Liam scold harry, raising his voice a little.
"I don't need help, Liam." you heard Harry grunt.
"I will not be having this conversation again with you. I promised your mum I will never let what happened happen to you, again. " That was the last thing you heard before you exit the building.
To say that Harry was friendlier to you after working for him for a week, was a lie.
Sure he lets you tend his wounds now, and let you touch him in places that needed your attention but that was it.
So here you are, sitting at the shower stall crying. You felt ridiculous, you really did. But you just didn't understand why he didn't like you. And that frustrates you.
"What are you doing." you hear his cold, distant voice rasp above you making you release a small scream out of shock.
"Are you gonna take a shower?" You stood up, wiping your face with the back of your hand and faced him.
He rolled his eyes, no sign of empathy or interest in his face. He gripped your chin with his pointer finger and thumb, pulling you closer to his face. You let out a small squeak, placing both your hands at his chest. He tilted your head at the side, mouth directly at your ear, almost grazing it before whispering; "Do yourself a favor and stop trying to act all sweet and innocent. Your effort to be likeable is annoying as fuck. You annoy me. "
Your jaw went slack at his words, but even more so when he pulled back and squeezed your chin to look up at him. "Do you understand me, darling?"
"You're an asshole." you breathed out feeling yourself feel hot with the closeness of him. His scent. His face. His touch. Just him.
"Hm?" He said, amusement clear in his eyes. "Now, get out."
He moved away from you and your jaw clenched as he leaned on the wall, looking so fucking smug. "Go, pretty girl."
You gulped moving towards the door but stopped when he called your name. "And Y/N get Liam in here, will you?" you only nodded not looking back at him.
After your talk with Liam you finally understood that;
1. Harry doesn't like anyone.
2. Stop trying to be the first one cause that makes him more irritated.
So here you are the next day, waiting where you always are. But this time you didn't jump when Harry enters the room.
You only nodded towards the couch and Harry bit back the smile that was threatening to escape with how cute you looked when you were being so authoritative.
With his legs spread out, you standing between them with your eyes roaming all around his face to scan for an injury. You felt proud of yourself for not cowering away from his darkened eyes, watching you intently.
You had to give it to him, he was good. For someone so young— he was only 21— he was good at boxing. He hasn't lost yet throughout the entire tour around the States and he barely gets any injury on his body and face.
All you had to do was clean up the blood and that was it.
"Okay you're done, go take a shower now." You say staring at him but he was already staring at you.
You bit your lip a little, shaking your head to yourself. You tossed him his clothes and towel and fixes your supplies, ready to leave.
"I'll be in the car." You say slinging the duffel bag on your shoulder.
"Wait." you felt his touch on your t-shirt sleeve making you suck in a breath.
You turned around murmuring, "Yeah?"
"Where's Liam?" He muttered, almost softly.
There was something making him feel uncomfortable right now. You knew it.
"Oh. He already left, said he had a date to go to. Is that all? Can I go now?"
No. This is bad.
Harry felt his eyes bulge at what you said. Harry ran a hand through his hair out of distress. "Did he leave already? Or is he just leaving now?"
"He left around 5 minutes ago. Why? Are you okay? Do you need your pills?" you tried so hard to read his emotions, but there was nothing.
"No. No. I—um.. Y/N can you company right now while I shower? I promise I'll only take 5 minutes." He said scrunching your shirt in his fist.
"What? No! It's hot in here plus that's weird."
"Y/N please..."
"Harry honestly, I'm not gonna make your driver leave without you. Just go to the damn shower."
"Its not that...Please y/n."
"Harry, what's going on? You have to tell me or the answer is no." damn him. You were doing so great matching his attitude towards you and he to act so soft and... cute?
"Nothing is wrong! I just don't like being alone, when I shower."
It wasn't a lie. That's why Harry travelled with his cat, cause he just can't shower alone. He can't, it freaks him out. Makes him cry.
"You're lying, there's more to that."
"Please y/n? I'll buy you... uh waffles? Do you like that?"
"Alright I'm leaving, you being nice to me is scaring me. Bye." You pushed on the door making Harry panic.
He swore he saw his life flash right before his eyes.
"I'm scared of ghosts!" He squeaks.
Now, this was a surprise for y/n.
"What?" You stopped, furrowing your eyebrows.
"The shower makes me feel like there's a ghost watching me. Makes me proper scared. Please just company me. Please, please, pretty please." He touches your shoulder blades, breathing heavily.
"Jesus, fine okay." You huffed. Damn him really.
"Thank you." Harry breathed in relief, having to stop himself from hugging you with gratitude.
"Go shower, ill wait here with my bloody sword or something." you sigh plopping down the couch.
He smiles, at least he was sure there were no ghosts to attack him now.
"Okay, ill um be as fast as I can." He ushers grabbing all his things.
It has been 5 minutes and the silence was killing you.
"Mr. Styles! How long will you fuckin' be there?" you groan.
"Sorry! My hair is tangled, absolutely hate it when it is." He shouts back.
With nothing to do, you decided to pull a small, harmless, prank on Harry.
Well that was what you thought.
Grabbing your phone, you searched "ghost sounds" on YouTube and here you are at your position right now.
Speaker on the counter, you beside the light switch and your right hand hovering over the play button.
Harry felt so thankful, that he didn't have to face his fear of being alone and ghosts right now. He just couldn't do it.
That was when you hit play and turned off the lights.
You backed up on the corner, beside the door hearing Harry let out a cry.
"No! Mommy!" He screamed wrapping the towel he was using to dry himself out and running out the stall to find you.
"No please, 'm scared! Y/N?! Where are you?!" He was hyperventilating.
No. He couldn't do this.
That was when he saw your figure at the corner. "Y/N." He breathed.
Running towards you and hugging you to his body. He felt like he couldn't form coherent words, so all he did was sob on your shoulder. "Are you okay? Did you hear that? I cant—Y/N I can't breathe."
Oh you fucked up.
Harry fainted in your arms, tears still wetting his eyes.
"Fucking shit! Oh my god! Harry!" You opened the light, bringing his body towards the couch.
You lied him on his back, leaning down to see him still breathing. You brought his legs up to his heart level as your own tears start to flow down.
Harry suddenly sits up with him looking around. "Oh my god." You breathed hugging him to your body.
Harry didn't return the hug.
"Why would you do that?" He breathed, staring at the wall.
"I'm so so so so sorry. I was being insensitive, and I thought it was a good prank when it's not. I'm so sorry Harry." You sobbed on his shoulder.
Never have you ever felt so guilty. What was wrong with you?
"I was really scared, y/n."
"I know. I'm sorry. I'll tell Liam to buy me a ticket back home-"
"No." He cuts you off.
You pulled back from his body looking at his eyes.
His eyes looked so bright when you told him that you would company him while he took a shower. Now it was just distant, confusion.
"I said no."
"Because you might tell someone I'm scared of ghosts." He says clearing his throat, now making eye contact.
"Seriously?!" you scoffed. "Harry you have fucking asthma, you could've died because of me and my stupidness! And you're scared of people finding out you're scared of ghosts?!"
"They'll make fun of me like you did." He whispered.
He looked so... vulnerable and small.
"That's because I'm an asshole! I won't tell anyone. I promise. Do you need your inhaler?"
"No. Y/N don't leave, I'm fine."
"I don't understand." you said furrowing your eyebrows.
"I feel— I feel that Liam feels bad that he goes on dates because he knows that I don't have friends. He's my coach. Not his job to take care of me." He sucks in a breath before continuing, "Liam doesn't know that the reason I ask him to stay with me at the shower is because of that. But you do."
"Is that your way of asking me to be your friend?" You snicker.
"What? No! I don't need friends. Just like a... shower partner."
"Okay you make it sound weird." You scrunch your nose. "But sure I'll be your shower buddy."
"That's even weirder." He points out.
"You're weird." You stuck your tounge out at him.
"Okay, nurse-Bath buddy. I forgive you for making me faint."
"And I forgive you for being an asshole and making me feel sexually frustrated. " you mutter.
"What?" You say back in surprise.
"Do you wanna fuck me Y/N-"
"So um waffles?" You cut him off giving him a nervous—cheeky smile making him cackle.
"Oh wait shit you can see my penis." His laughter stops as he looks down—the white towel barely covering his crotch.
Yeah, if someone told you that you'd be in this position before, you'd straight-up laugh at their face.
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fool-for-harry · a day ago
can u write a blurb about Harry's obsession about Y/N's ass
Ass Man.
Warnings: Maybe language?
(Harry’s obsessed with her ass.)
I’m not really sure how to make a blurb, sorry 😭 so hopefully this is good enough lmao
He’s an ass man, there’s no denying it. When she’s wearing leggings, or a tight pair of jeans, he can’t help but smack her ass every time he walks past her.
she was getting dressed in the walk-in closet, when she was fully dressed, she came out. His eyes scanned her body, and he realized she was wearing his favorite jeans of hers. The light Denim Levi’s that made her ass look fuller.
She walked over to her desk to retrieve her phone, but when she picked it up, it hit something else and fell to the floor. She bent over to pick it up, but right before she could get up, she felt a hand slap her on the ass, and she let out a gasp in surprise, not expecting it.
She got up and turned around to look at him with a huge grin on his face. “Excuse me?” She asks, smiling, as she went to walk past him, but he caught her hips and pulled her back against him.
He leaned over her shoulder to whisper in her ear, “Your ass looks so good in these jeans, baby.”
“Thank you.” She said as she escaped his tight grip.
“Babe,” he said in a pleasing tone
“Not right now,” she laughs, “I’m busy” “Doing what?” He asked, “I’m gonna clean,” she said as she exited their bedroom and made her way to the kitchen.
About 20 minutes later, she was doing the dishes. She felt Harry step behind her, as his hand traveled down her back until he reached her ass, and gave it a tight squeeze, but he didn’t let go.
He massages it lightly, gave it a few slaps then he put his hand in her back pocket. She tried to remove his hand, to keep her attention on the dishes.
He smirks, leans over and begins kissing her neck, he removes his hand only so he could slap it back down on her ass, which created a loud smack noise throughout the room.
She turns around “Harry!” She scolds,
He smirks while trying to bring her closer to him. But she pushes him away and escapes his hold, beginning to walk away.
“Baby,” he laughs following her
“No,” she laughs too, while looking behind her at him, still walking.
“Stop walking,” he demands, but she didn’t listen and kept walking.
He tried to do it again later in the day, but she would either walk away or cover her ass with her hands, but that didn’t stop him at all.
Thank you guys sm for 300 followers! ♥️♥️♥️
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lollypopsx · 2 days ago
Can you please write about char walking in on Harry having sex, like maybe when she’s a teen or something and it’s just some awkward banter
Drabble Request
Drabble Masterlist
Charleigh had a tutoring session this morning, which meant she was out of the house until 1pm, but her session had finished early today, so when she phoned Harry to come and pick her up and he didn't answer, she assumed he was out at the studio.
She walked home with her air pods in, minding her own business happily, but when she punched in the security gate code and saw her Dad's car on the drive, she couldn't help but frown. Was something wrong? Was he sick?
She rushed inside so quickly, she didn't even notice the white Audi parked in the corner. Her eyes quickly scanned downstairs, with no sign of life, she rushed upstairs, not even thinking.
"Dad? Dad are you okay?! You didn't answer the phone and then you-HOLY SHIT" She shrieked as she opened his bedroom door without thinking to knock like she usually did. Big mistake.
“Fuck, I’m sorry!” She groaned, as she was met with her Dad and a blonde woman she had never seen, being extremely vocal and naked in bed together. Her shriek had caused them both to freeze.
"Oh fuck..." Harry mumbled, pulling the duvet over them both and fumbling around for some clothes. “Charleigh I-”
Charleigh bolted out of that room within seconds and rushed back downstairs, her phone and keys still tucked into her coat pocket. She wasn’t upset, she had just never experienced this before. She was 16, of course she knew what sex was,  and she was aware her Dad still had sex at his age, even though he didn’t have a partner. But Harry always made sure that he never brought a stranger into Charleigh’s home, unless he knew for sure that Charleigh was staying at a friends house. But even then, it still wasn’t a regular occurrence. 
She had gotten herself her favourite drink from Starbucks and wandered to the park, settling onto the swing and swaying gently as she embraced the quietness. The only reason that she had left was because she was embarrassed, and she also didn’t want to stick around with her Dad having sex.
Although, little did she know, Harry had very quickly gotten himself dressed. “I’m so sorry I didn’t know she’d come back I...” Harry mutters, awkwardly running his hand through his hair. 
“Hey, it’s okay...don’t worry about it! Kid’s aye...always expect the unexpected.” She gave him a soft smile as she pulled her clothes on too. 
“I’m erm...sorry we didn’t get to finish. I should probably go and make sure she’s okay...this doesn’t happen much and she’s never...seen another woman here...” Harry rambles nervously.
“Harry I promise, it’s okay...but if you ever do want to finish...this...let me know” She offers him a smile before leaving promptly.
He threw his shoes and coat on, tidying up his hair and checking the app to see if Charleigh was close by. She was two minutes round the corner, so he took a brisk walk to the park. To say he felt slightly nervous was an understatement. He didn’t know how she could react to this.
“This one taken?” Harry asks softly, leaning against the metal frame, pointing to the empty swing beside her as she shook her head gently.
“Are you okay?” Harry mumbles softly, the concern heavy in his eyes.
“Yeah...I’m okay...I’m sorry know” She mumbles nervously.
“Bug, I’m sorry...I should of been more careful and it was just a moment of have every right to be mad Char.”
“Dad, I’m not mad. I get it. I just...I don’t know. I’ve never experienced that before” She admits quietly, offering his some of her drink.
He accepts with a grin, sipping on her Caramel Frappuccino.
“You know...We’ve never really had that talk...” He chuckles softly, knowing it would make her squirm with embarrassment.
“Dad please we really don’t have to!” She groans
“Char...when you get to a certain age...”
“Dad please stop! I am not having this conversation about sex with you!” 
“Well it’s perfectly normal for two people to be intimate...” He chuckles, nudging at her arm.
“Dad I swear! You’re the most embarrassing human in this entire world! I don’t want to talk to you about sex!” She groans.
“Why not? It’s a perfectly normal thing for adults to talk about...I thought you could take grown up conversations little Miss “Dad, I’m not a kid anymore”
“I’m not!” She whines.
“Well...maybe you are” He chuckles, teasingly.
“I am not! I’m almost an adult just like you are!” Her feet still kicking at the ground beneath her.
“Well, at least I don’t have a curfew...” He smirks.
She shoots him a glare, trying to think of a witty comeback. “At least I don’t sleep with random women...” She mutters, trying to hold back her laugh.
Harry fakes a gasp and grins slyly. “...At least I don’t walk in on it...” He chuckles. 
“Dad!” Charleigh hides her face in her hands, shaking her head.
“Hey, listen. You know we can talk about anything right?” His joking character turned into a calmer, slightly more serious, vibe.
“I what is she then?” She asks quietly. It was bound to get brought up at some point. Charleigh had never had the presence of another woman around her house, and Harry had never pushed conversations like there with her if she didn’t want to know, but he also would never lie when she asked questions.
Harry hadn’t really been with anyone else officially since Charleigh’s mum, apart from a few dates here and there. She remembered him dating Taylor Swift when she was much younger, and to this day they still kept in touch, but that was all. He wasn’t one to sleep around, and she understood that sometimes things happen.
“Just someone I went on a date with once, a while ago. But it’s just a one time thing that’s all” He says softly. 
“Just sex?” She asks
“Just sex” He nods.
“Do you ever want it to be more?” She mutters shyly, wondering if she was the reason he didn’t have a relationship.
“Not really...maybe later in the future...but not yet. Char, you know I’d never go through with anything you’re not comfortable with...right? I have all I need already. I’d never jeopardise your home and your safe space...and certainly not our family.”
“I know Dad...thank you” She grins happily.
“…Race you home for a binge watch of The Crown?…” He smirks, standing up from the swing as Charleigh gets up and chucks her cup in the bin.
“You’re on old man!”
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1dchristmasfest · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
1st December:
🎄🎅🏻 Is This Yours? (I Want To Be) by @sullenlarry 🎅🏻🎄
4396 words // Teen & Up
Louis loses his phone in the mall. Harry finds it.
A strangers to lovers in which Harry spends his time chasing Louis (who is down on his luck.)
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Written for @1dchristmasfest
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bus1zouis · 2 days ago
Twitter Question: Liam, how do you deal with the responsibility of being Batman?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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chloehl10 · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Right Beside You is Where I Belong by lovelarry10 / @chloehl10
Written for @1dcountryfest
Words: 46,075 // Mature
“Harry, hi, I thought it was you,” Louis said as they came to a stop in front of him, Teddy by now sound asleep in his pushchair. “I hope I’m not holding you up?”
“Not at all,” Harry insisted, smiling down at Piper who was peering shyly up at the stranger in front of her. “I’m really glad we’ve seen you, actually. Pip, there’s someone I’d really love you to meet, sweetheart.”
Piper shuffled a little closer, clinging on to Harry’s shorts as he set a hand on her shoulder, willing her to relax. “Hello.”
“Hi!” Louis said, giving her a little wave, making Harry’s tummy flip over, loving how easy Louis seemed to be with his children. “I love your top. Sunflowers are my favourite.”
.•° ✿ °•.
Harry lives on his farm in the British countryside with his two children, loving the peace and quiet of his surroundings.
Louis is a writer who lives in the city, and decides it is time to take a break, to recharge and find some inspiration for his next book.
When Harry's daughter is left heartbroken by the unkindness of strangers, Louis decides it is time to right some wrongs, but doesn't expect to be reunited with the one who got away...
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28alexastylinson · a day ago
Remember when the boys were asked about the rainbow bears and Niall's whole life flashed before his eyes in that minute, yeah I still laugh.
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