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#one eyed owl

It’s Eto again. I tried too hard working on her clothes and her face looks kinda skinny. But it was worth a try and I’m kinda happy with it.

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Anime Animal/Creatures Club | Monsters Edition

Card by Linette

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I’m still alive!!!!

Haven’t updated for a while but I’m still Alive!!!

And I’ll be going to Anime Revolution Summer!!! More info to come :D

This is a character from a game called Identity V, which I have been super addicted lately!!!

If you are playing this game too please add me as friend ;v;

Identity V - Seer (Eli Clark)

Software: MediBang Paint

iPad Pro

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2019 - acrylic on paper - 28x34cm
©Marcus McAllister

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I musted make a fanart to Identity V :‘3 Thats the seer btw, he is my most fav survivor out of all, yep I know the owl looks weird I cant draw animals atm so practised a lil XD and practised to draw on tablet, I cant do lines properly….

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