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#one for all

I’ve been thinking. What is up with the second and third users of OFA? Why can’t we see them? Why do we know nothing about them? Are they actually Bakugou and Kirishima? How would that even happen? Time travel?

So, there are basically two reasons I could think of as to why we can’t see them.

1) We would recognize them. This possibility is mostly used to support the idea of Bakugou and Kirishima being the users. But maybe they instead greatly resemble another character, or it’s a figure from the past that we’ve been shown (or will be shown) and Horikoshi wants the reveal to be dramatic. This reason would mean that Horikoshi is planning yet another shocking reveal, and that shading them out is an artistic choice (like how we never see AFO’s full face).

2) There’s something weird going on with their mortality. Now, they don’t resemble All Might. They’re even less than All Might- just silhouettes. This points away from them being alive. This is also why people believe the Bakugou and Kirishima theory (they don’t exist as users yet).

But, to offer up another theory, what if the second and third users were actually Nomu? It would explain why they’re not fully within the OFA Quirk yet don’t resemble All Might. The life of a Nomu is barely a life, but technically they wouldn’t necessarily be dead. This also keeps the timeline intact.

Do you guys think it’s possible? Do you agree with the theory that Bakugou and Kirishima are the second and third users? Do you have another theory?

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Hear me out on this please. In “My hero Acidemia hero’s rising” we can see all for ones warp gate and you don’t see much of the LOV. Now you may be thinking that he is in high security prison but there is most likely some thing going on as how hawks is now looking in to the case. other hero’s have been targeted many times but on the seen for the case like the pussy cat dolls. So there is most likely something going on that no one knows about. even endeavor and UA  this is a theory so don’t came at me know one said anything about it so ya.  

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I would just like to say that S3E11 of MHA was very inspirational. If I’m not mistaken (cuz I forgot) it’s the episode called All For One, and it was the episode is where All Might fought against All For One. In this battle it was revealed that All Might used up all of the One For All that he had, but before that happened, a series of flashbackss was shown of All Might and his Master. He said that he wanted to be a hero because he wanted to be the pillar of hope and justice to the people around him. He wanted to be the reason why everyone had a smile on their face. As this was happening, everyone already knows what All Might looked like when he was deflated. Even though he looked like that, people still believed and still had hope that he will be able to fight and win against All For One.

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At the moment, no, I don’t really have any theories about the fourth user or any of the others users at the moment. I just think that there isn’t any evidence to really speculate outside of random guess work. The comment about living in the woods doesn’t add anything new to the conversation. We already knew his Quirk was considered dangerous, so him isolating himself away from people doesn’t really change much. And why would Hori want to give Izuku a Quirk that powerful when he is already overflowing with Quirks? The only thing I am hoping for is that it reveals the previous users so we can do away with that dumb time travel theory.

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I already talked about the possible effects “One For All” can have on other Quirks, but part of this ask got me wondering. If Tomrua really did get his hands on “One For All”, what exactly would happen? It has been stated a lack of control could lead to someone’s limbs being blown off, so could that happen to Tomura? You could argue that his augmented body would give him better control over it, or at least be better at dealing with the backlash, but we are seeing that his body is already failing under the effects of the “All For One”. So if “One For All” augments “All For One” with the stockpiled power, wouldn’t that mean Tomura would just explode from all the excess energy?

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Little rant/idea post

But I’ve been re-reading the bnha manga and I really love all the info we get on all for one and his servants in the villian arc and I was thinking how I’d be really sweet if we got something like that but for deku.

I’m not saying like copying the entire arc but deku finding and getting more info on ofa from a possibly unknown person who personally knew one of the past users that we don’t know that much about.

I mean,,,it’d make sense if one of these people are in hiding because the secrets way too dangerous and they’d have to lived in more dangerous times before All Might. I’m not sure if this is right, but there was a post about there being a friend of nana’s master. So maybe they could get some more info on the sixth, fourth, second, and third?

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