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#one hell of a butler

Simply One Hell of a Butler~

I was commissioned to draw Sebastian Michaelis, and man I gotta say I had a blast drawing him. Black Butler was either my first or second ever anime, and it brought back a lot of good memories getting to draw him again

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Originally posted by remindblack

“Ahhh, I simply love cats of all sort. They are much more different from what we have down in hell. In fact, I find these furry little creatures very adoring, indeed! Sadly…I can’t keep any cats within the manor due to my young master’s allergies. Not only that, but…he doesn’t particularly care for felines. Oh dear….but no matter. I’m one hell of a cat lover…and butler.” ✨😌✨

~Sebastian Michaelis

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It is said that eyes are windows to the soul. But yours, my dear, are not. They are a barren void, whose reflection give only a glimpse to the ravenous, insatiable hunger within…

*Not my original work, found on Pinterest (could not find the creator, but if someone knows, I would love to give them credit…this has been one of my favorites for some time)

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