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my long overdue tulip appreciation post


tulip is amazing. she is an extremely flawed character when we first meet her- and honestly, that doesn’t change. she meets one-one and is ready to give them up simply for a way out- but she realizes that one-one is worth more than a cat in a sphere. (no hate samantha). tulip is an extremely task driven character who can get lost in the end goal instead of stopping to smell the roses-

and that’s exactly why atticus and one-one are so good for her. they teach her to appreciate the world- and to not take everything she sees at face value. atticus and one-one teach her too, though. atticus teaches her that friends don’t just leave when the going gets tough- or just because they have different goals. one-one teaches her that it’s ok to want to succeed at goals and still enjoy the rewards that come along with the journey- however it’s most important to note this.

tulip teaches atticus and one-one. a girl who was brought onto the train to learn a lesson and leave ends up teaching two “nulls” (thank you grace) more about themselves. tulip teaches one-one that just because things aren’t what you think they should be doesn’t mean they’re wrong. tulip teaches atticus that sometimes there’s more to life than being a royal dog- there’s so much to see and learn and enjoy. tulip embarks on a quest and she doesn’t even know it- a quest to change the train she herself doesn’t even understand.

tulip is truly one of my favorite characters not because she has no flaws or because she “becomes a better person” but because she learns that she is indeed flawed, she is indeed imperfect and reckless- and she runs with it. she uses it to make a spur of the moment choice to save atticus- inadvertently saving not only atticus but the train as well. she risks her life to save a dog and help one-one “find his mom” for a “door” she may not ever get. it may be lost in the back of the train forever.

tulip becomes a loyal, headstrong, beautiful character who sees people, nulls, and robots as something other than the label they’ve been given. she fights for a home she isn’t even at peace with yet- because she knows she’s still learning. she’s still becoming herself- ever changing, and ever bouncing back.

and that is why i love her.

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good morning onion-loving lesbians, amnesiac spheres, GOOD MEN, inventors/engineers/snappy dressers, jaded punk kids, unifiers of high school cliques, reality-bending wildlife, ballet school dropouts, the worst kind of nerd boys, failed resurrections, and music-themed gorillas

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