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#one piece heat

pre timeskip kid pirates icons! guys, when are you going to get your punk metal album?


heat always JUDGES you. and don’t mess with kid until he’s finished reading his paper.

upd: wire, what’s wrong with you??? why do you look like this??? honestly i think that he has pretty good design, but his proportions are killing me.

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Shachi: Who’s most likely to be hit by a train?

Kid: It be Kay.

Luffy: Oh yes definitely Kay

Wire: Then who’s most likely to kill someone by accident?

Penguin: Vanessa

Heat: Why Vanessa?

Killer: Because she can’t control her disease like Penguin and Guin.

Zoro: That and because she has already killed someone by accident.

Wire: Wait what!

Vanessa: Yeah it’s true😁

Heat: Ok then Who’s most likely to throw one of their children?

Apoo: Baz

Drake: Oh hands down definitely Baz. Ghost and me have seen him throw Record before.

Shachi: What is wrong with your family?!

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!!!spoiler 1005!!

They’re finally back, hey guys, I missed you–

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M'kay I dunno why, but I’m always attracted towards the strangest anime characters. For example:


Heat, Laffitte and Van Augur from One Piece.

Now, I have no idea to why I love these three so much. It could be the fact that we have very little idea, about what happened before they had joined their crew.

But, like I mentioned in one of my other post’s, I get attached to characters way too easily…but, I hope to see more of them in the anime.

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this is the cover for a small playlist of Heat if you want, can listen to it here

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Bud: He died of natural causes

Heat: Natural? You pushed him off a ladder !!

Bud: Gravity pulled at him and that’s natural.

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I made a crossover of Pirates of the Kid and the TV series Nation Z, haha


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So, I went on Paint 3D, put a pic of Heat, and 𝓰𝓸𝓻𝓰𝓮𝓸𝓾𝓼𝓵𝔂 drew him with eyebrows and without scars.

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I spent some time and painted Heat in things that I think fit it!

( and now you can safely go to sleep khh)

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Not to be salty on main but the fact this show has characters with really cool designs but refuses to give them screentime is unacceptable yes this is me asking for the attention my boy deserves

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