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#one piece killer

Drake: OK who did it?!

Penguin: Who did what.

Drake: Who changed the shampoo bottle with pink hair die?

Apoo: It was either Baz or Killer.

Killer: I was with Pen-Pen and Zoro the whole week doing a movie marathon.

Zoro: I can vouch for that. 

Hawkins: I didn’t go near there.

Apoo: It was Baz..

Drake: BAZ!

Hawkins: *Starts to run* Baby no..

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Hawkins: Who tf took the last brownie.

Penguin: Killer did


Kiza: * signing* ~What’s going on~

Penguin: Killer took the last brownie Ghost made.

Kiza: ~I wish I gotten one~

Penguin: Wait you didn’t get one.

*Kiza Shakes her head*


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Katakuri, Killer reaction to chubby!fem!S/O wearing a cow print bikini

Katakuri x Reader, Killer x Reader

Description: Katakuri & Killer (seperate) reaction to seeing their chubby fem!S/O wear a cow print bikini for the first time

Warnings: none

A/N: okay 1st of all, that sounds fucking adorable and I am 10000% sure you look gorgeous in it~ 💐 2nd, thank you!! 💕

also I just want to say to anyone else who likes Katakuri, one of the Charlotte siblings, or simply just isn’t very confident in their looks, Katakuri is one of the most body positive characters in one piece, he hates when people judge by appearance and he truly finds physical beauty in everyone, also Big Mom’s whole “plan” is to bring together people of all kinds no matter what they look like- the whole Charlotte family doesn’t care what you look like because they all find physical (and nonphysical) beauty in their S/O (and friends/siblings’ S/Os) I can not stress how non judgemental they are towards physical features 💕


Katakuri had demanded a pool built in Komugi when you brought up the idea, not exactly asking but hinting about wanting one, and he preferrs to spend a lot of alone time with you so having a private pool built was perfect

it was a sunny day and very warm, and he was waiting out by the pool for you to join him

you stood in the shade created by the tall house, admiring the way Katakuri’s leg slightly swirled the surrounding water

taking a deep breath you stepped out and walked towards your boyfriend who heard your footsteps and turned, his face quickly turning red when he saw your outfit (oh how he wished he was wearing his scarf)

“how do I look?”

you smiled sweetly at Katakuri and he smiled sheepishly, amused by your innocent actions and flustered blush that matched his own


he said quietly

“I’m wearing a swimsuit though, how can I look stunning?”

granted Katakuri knew that stunning wasn’t usually what people called their girlfriends then they were bikini clad, but it’s how you looked to Katakuri

“you look stunning no matter what you wear, but I have to say you look absolutely adorable in that”

he outstretched his hand and touch yours while he pulled you down onto his lap and wrapped his arms around your stomach- he truly didn’t know if he could handle your cuteness when you looked up at him smiling, his own self-conscious thoughts regarding his mouth long forgotten as he smiled and pressed a kiss to your lips, delighted by the giggle that left you when he pulled away 


the Kid pirates were stopped at an island and chilling on the beach, Killer sitting on the sand watching the ship for you to join everyone on the shore

you took one last look in the mirror and smiled in excitement to show Killer your cute new bikini, skipping out the door and pausing to make sure you… intimate parts were completely covered by the material, before stepping onto the deck 

Killer saw you appear on deck and he sat up, only noticing what exactly you were wearing when you stepped onto the plank leading down to the dock- if he didn’t have his mask on his face could easily be compared to a tomato 

his cheeks burned and he felt a warmth spread through his body as he watched you prance down the plank and onto the sand, your demeanor suddenly changing to bashful when you noticed him staring

his eyes followed you as you made your way across the sand, your eyes focused on the ground

you pased in front of him and grinned sweetly, the sight taking his breath away and making hsi heart flutter, he opened his arms and let you sit yourself between his legs leaning back against his chest

he rested his mask on your shoulder, whispering 

“you look amazing”

and when you turned to look at him, blush still prominent and smile glittering like the ocean ahead, the look of pure innocence and fondness gracing your features, he couldn’t contain himself

he lifted his mask over his lips and brought his hand to cup the back of your head while he pressed a tender kiss against your lips, retreating and nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck, trailing soft kisses along your skin until he heard a whistle from Kid 

he pushed his mask back down over his mouth and tightened his hold on you, though slightly adjusting his arms to show off more of your body, because he loved seeing Kid jealous of him

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Penguin: Don’t eat the blueberries. We need them to make the alcohol.

Killer: *Eats a blueberry*

Hawkins: Killer just ate one.

Penguin: KILLER!

Zoro: Oh he’s in trouble.

Originaly done with Alen, Vanessa, and Kiza.

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Yandere!  Ichiji, Kid, Killer reaction to their S/O refusing to marry them

Yandere!Ichiji x Reader,   Yandere!Kid x Reader,   Yandere!Killer x Reader

Description: Yandere! Ichiji, Kid, & Killer (seperate) reaction to their S/O (S/O against their will) refusing to marry him

Warnings: yandere, abuse, violence, toxic relationship

A/N: all of the Vinsmoke brothers, excluding Sanji, are already yanderes without the au, just slightly less violent 💕 i made this kind of short, I’m still rather new to yandere writings but I think this turned out pretty good- you can request again if it’s not what you were looking for though 💕



he thinks he handled it well, he didn’t scream or yell, he thinks that’s being cool. about it

but no, he might not have screamed at you or yelled at you, but he did hurt you- bad

when you refused, he stayed silent, too silent, you could feel the anger radiating off him and the whole atmosphere grew dark, a malicious smirk spread across his face as he got up from kneeling

you tried to take a step back but he grabbed your arm and yanked you closer, his grip tightening evey second as he whispered

“that’s not your choice to make, I asked you because I thought you would like it, whether you agree or not doesn’t matter. but unfortunately now I have to punish you”

he moved his hand from your upper arm, fingerprints turning purple as they were engraved into the flesh, his hand wen to you hand, closing around it forming a fist before exuding his pressure all at once and you felt a splitting pain and heard a series of cracking noises as his hand closed tighter around yours

“I don’t like to hurt you my love, but you need to learn your place, and you need to learn that you’re only role is to serve me and follow my every wish- what I say goes~”

he smiled devilishly as he opened his hand and dropped yours, now pruple and swelling, dangling limp at you side while you bit your lip to hold back the tears 

“now, let’s go tell everyone the good news”

Ichiji sneered as he grabbed your by your shirt, yanking you towards him and out the door first, following behind and pushing you harshly down the corridor, his hand going to grab your noww broken hand- his touch with a slight feeling of gentleness,or at least not an intention of furthering your suffering


he stayed silent for a moment, before throwing his head back and cackling, once he met your eyes again he had a physcotic smile, wide and spiteful ad he got up from his chair and swiftly moved to push you against the wall, wrapping his hand tightly around your neck and you felt your feet leave the floor

“you still think what you say matters?!”

he laughed loudly at the idea, finding your thoughts of significance amusing

“I asked because I wanted to at least see a smile, but that doesn’t matter either”

you clawed at at his hand that was tightened around your esophagus, nails scratching the skin but only making Kid sneer at your attempts to release yourself

he leaned forwards and captured your lips in his, hungrily devouring your mouth with his, pulling apart to reveal a strand of saliva conecting the tongues

 he smirked evily and threw you to the floor a ways away, you hit the ground limply and reached up weakly to feel the side of your head, pulling your hand back to find red liquid coating your fingertips

Kid was smirking from the doorway

“go to sleep, I’m going to tell the crew the news then I’ll be back”

he left the room, slamming the door behind him and you were left in the dimly lit bedroom struggling to push yourself up off the floor


Killer stayed still and quiet, you though he didn’t hear you at first, but then he shot up from kneeling and gripped your shoulders harshly, bringing you within an inch of his face 

“I thought you would be smarter than that baby”

he squeezed your arms tightly and backed you up until your back hit the wall and you inhaled sharply at the contact 

his face was set into a serious expression, his jaw cleched and eyebrows furrowed

“baby you know I hate hurting you, so I’m going to ask one more time and you’re going to say yes, do you understand?”


“good. will you marry me ______?”


“that wasn’t so hard was it”

Killer’s tone was tight but he smiled slightly at your accepttion of his proposal. he leaned forward and claimed your lips with his, biting your bottom lip as he pulled away, tilting your head to the side to place a kiss below your ear, pulling away after whispering a warning

“now don’t go anywhere”

his grasp tightened once more and he lifted you slightly before throwing you to the ground beside him and turned to leave the room

you whimpered as pain shot through your foot, he had pruposely made you land on your leg, spraining it so you wouldn’t be able to run away from his proposal 

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Kid, Killer reaction to S/O using their safe word during sex

Kid x Reader, Killer x Reader

Description: Kid & Killer (seperate) reaction to their S/O using their safe word during sex

Warnings: implied sex, safe word use

Sanji, Luffy, Zoro here


Originally posted by catburglarwendy

the word didn’t register to Kid the first time, his mind too cloudy with pleasure, but when you said it again you almost yelled it and Kid eyes flew open, he fumbled with his movement as he pulled out of you quickly

he fell beside you, propping himself up with his arm, and he looked at you worriedly

“fuck what happened?! was I too rough?!”

he honestly felt sick at the thought of hurting you and he was suddenly very alert, noticing the way you clenched your thighs together though not for the usual reason

you explained what happened and he simply grunted an “okay” before laying down, you expected him to pull you into his side but he stayed still, truth be told he didn’t think you wanted him to touch you

after a few minutes of silence, you decided to make the move and flip over onto your stomach, throwing your arm across his waist and holding yourself against him. he looked down at you out of the corner of his eye, trying to find any sign of uncomfortability- finding none

he sighed and hooked his arm around your waist, pulling you partly up onto himself. he pulled you up so he could press a kiss against your cheek before resting his cheek against your forehead


Originally posted by kultalintuni-rakastettu

it took a moment for the word to reach Killer’s ears, but as soon as it did he froze and slowly pulled out, sitting back and and asking if you’re okay

“are you okay? what’s wrong? did I hurt you?”

his eyes were full of concern and he waited patiently for your answer before running to the bathroom and getting a warm cloth, returning and carefully cleaning you up

he was extremely careful, watching your expression for any sign of discomfort. he threw the cloth aside and sat in front of you, placing his hands on your legs and rubbing his thumbs gently over the skin

he waited as you closed your eyes, after a moment he moved and wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you on top of him once he was laying back down

you looked up at him, trying to fight away the sleepiness encasing you, and puckered your lips silently asking for a kiss, he obliged and leaned his head down to capture your lips in a short sweet kiss

his hold reinforced as you settled once again against his chest, he kept one arm wrapped tightly around your waist while the the other rubbed circles on your back

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Penguin: Has anyone seen Vanessa.

Kid: Nope

Zoro: Not since last night.

Killer: Wait did she have any of the alcohol.

Zoro: Yes, I watched her down four barrels before blacking out.

Alen: I saw her go to the kitchen at 2:37 am.

Apoo: She is still there. Asleep on the fridge.

Penguin: How’d she manage that.

Apoo: Don’t know.

13 notes

I tried for a blood stained look in the background but it sadly didn’t come through (need to figure out how to do it best). Buuut anyways: Killer, as always, is a great practice for posing and anatomy :3

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Hawkins: If anyone is bored I have a great idea.

Killer, Shachi, & Luffy: Yeah

Law: Depends, what are we doing.

Hawkins: Party then blow up mariejois.

Apoo: What are you doing?

Hawkins: Nothing.

Penguin: Their going to blow up mariejois.

Killer: No we where not.

Kid: Yes you were. Don’t lie, besides he was going to find out before you went. It will be a lot worse if you keep denying it.

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Killer, Shanks, Mihawk having a nightmare about S/O dying

Killer x Reader, Shanks x Reader, Mihawk x Reader

Desciption: Killer, Shanks, & Mihawk (seperate) reaction having a nightmare about S/O dying

Warnings: death


Originally posted by sableu

the enemy crew surrounded Killer, all charging at him at once, leaving Killer no time to think and in a flash their bodies lay spread around him- he heard a meek whimper of his name, turning quickly only to meet your fearful gaze, a large gash was across your stomach, blood pouring out, Killer looked down at his hands and saw the blood dripping from his scythes- you coughed blood then fell to your knees, gasping and spitting blood-

Killer’s eyes shot open and his body jolted, he looked around the dim room frantically and saw that you had somehow gotten out of his embrace and were now facing away from him on the other side of the bed

he moved over until he was next to you, sitting up he leaned over you and moved the stray strand of hair away from your face, taking a moment to calm himself before settling back down

he put his arm over you waist snd pulled you into him, throwing his leg over yours and encasing you in his embrace

he buried his face in the crook of your neck inhaling your drunkening scent and placing a gentle kiss on your skin, his lips lingering for a minute before he pulled away and rested his chin on the crown of your head, tucking you into his chest and fighting his hold around your waist


Originally posted by nerdwithabirb

Shanks’s grip on your wrist was slipping, your hand slowly slipping through his hand, the sea below you moved into a whirlpool and as Shanks shouted for Benn to help the water seemed to push the boat up, creating a far drop to the water below, but Shanks couldn’t seem to pull you up or even hold your hand tighter- it was as if you were trying to slip away, and you did, falling from his grasp and plunging towards the sharp waters below-

Shanks shot up on bed, his chest heaving painfully fast as his eyes adjusted to the darkness, the dream suddenly coming back to him he whipped his head to the side- with his sights falling on you he closed his mouth, taking deep breaths through his nose, watching you sleep peacefully

once he had calmed down he fell back onto the pillows, rolling onto his side hooking his arm around your waist and pulling you towards him so your noses were touching each other

he grinned, all of the anxiety and fear fading away as he watched your hand unconsciously reach up and rest on his cheek

he stifled a laugh, and placed his hand over yours, rubbing his thumb across your skin- you stayed like this for a few minutes until Shanks’s eyes became heavy with sleep and he kissed your nose lightly before closing his eyes


Originally posted by sherrybirkn

Mihawk heard a shriek from somewhere in the castle, he sprung up from his chair and grabbed his sword, the screams bounced off the walls and Mihawk ran fast calling your name, every time he turned a corner where he thought you would be, a scream came from another part of the castle, calling for his help over and over-

Mihawk’s eyes shot open and he gasped, there was sweat lining his forehead and his heart was beating rapidly, he looked down and tried to calm himself as he realized you were sleeping on his chest

he tilted his head to see your face and brought his hand to your cheek, gently brushing his knuckles over it and watching as you leaned into his touch unconsciously, he sighed and leaned his head down to place a soft kiss to your forehead

he contemplated going to get a glass of wine, but he didn’t want to wake you up, and much more he didn’t want to let you out of his sight after that nightmare

so he settled back and tightened his arm’s hold on your waist, his other hand going to cup the back of your head- he pushed you up slightly so that your cheek was resting against his peck, he kissed the crown of your head and began stroking your hair, he didn’t want to go back to sleep that night

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It was truly a miracle. A good chunk of Kid’s missing crew was found over the past few days, and at long last you were able to regroup on the Victoria Punk. It took a long ass time, but you did it and immediately got to work on preparing to sail out and raid Onigashima with the others. A good raid is just what you needed after enduring hell and back after all.

Walking out on deck, the sounds of a bustling crew eased your soul along with the feeling of waves rocking the floor you stood on. Everything about the open waters brought you a sense of calmness, and you were oh so glad to be back on board a ship. Kid shouting orders while people scurried about preparing cannons and weapons alike was exciting, and you couldn’t wait until the fated day came for you to launch the attack that everyone had been planning for quite some time. For now though, as activity continued on deck, you decided to go below, heading straight to Killer’s room. You wanted to see how your dearest love was doing now that everyone was back, after all.

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*The three captains on a date*

Kid: we should check out that restaurant.

Law: As long as I’m not paying, sure.

Luffy: Yes lets go.

*The first mates on a date*

Zoro: You see that trash bin.

Killer: Yes

Zoro: Want to put penguin inside it.

Killer: YES

*Killer and Zoro putting Penguin in the trash bin*

Penguin: Alright let’s get going.

Killer and Zoro: Yes.

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Art Journal: Feburary 17th, 2021


Sorry, if I haven’t been able to post my artwork lately, I’ve been busy with work and I’ve been also self conscious about my works. But I’ve got some great news(?), I’ve started my own TikTok profile and I already have views and a few likes.

One of them have the most and it’s based on this page featuring a Pro hero oc and wife of a Hero AU version of Stain, Mariah Akaguro.

(Stain absolutely worships the glow she radiates and she adores him, their relationship is the Gomez and Morticia couple dynamic)


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