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kodzuken-chan · 2 days ago
Can I request Monster trio putting their cute babies to sleep.. thanks
A/N: Awwwwwweeee, I immediately melt for husband+papa op boys, I just can't handle the wholesomeness and cuteness 💕🤧
This kinda might be like a short scenario but in a Headcanon form and it's Modern AU 🥸
(Y/B/N)= Your Baby's Name
Credits to the pictures owners
Here you go, and I hope you enjoy~
Monster Trio as Dads putting their cute babies into sleep Headcanons
Tumblr media
My Man is a father, and he sure wants to be the best father ever
But since his life involved no father around
He's not really sure how to do things that the 'Best Dad' should do.
But no worries because he usually ends up doing it effortlessly, and without him noticing
With some help of either You, Nami, Robin, or sometimes Sanji, he was able somehow to manage.
You and the Strawhats all lived in the same house
Today especially, you were in need to go to the market, to get some stuffs
And Since Nami, Robin and Sanji were going there, you decided to join them
Of course Sanji offered you to rest and leave (Y/B/N)'s stuff on him
But it wasn't just the matter of getting milk and diapers, you had to get (Y/B/N) some new clothes too
And maybe few more toys
So, you asked Luffy to take care of him/her until you're back
Now, (Y/B/N) was an active and hyper baby just like his/her father
Although he/she can't do much as a baby, but papa Luffy for sure knows how to take care of this issue
Luffy spent most of the evening playing with (Y/B/N) running around the house
When they were forcefully sat by Usopp
(Y/B/N) started playing with Luffy's face, stretching his cheeks right and left as he/she sat on his lap
"Shishishishi you seem to enjoy playing with my face, don't you my little Nakama" he laughed as he gently pinched (Y/B/N)'s cheeks too
"Oi Luffy, didn't (Y/N) tell you that you need to take (Y/B/N) to sleep by now?" Called Zoro with his sleepy voice
"Aleeeeeh!!! Its already past his/her bedtime!! (Y/N) is going to kill me!!" He said after glancing at the clock and Zoro sighed
With this, he started rushing around trying to clean up (Y/B/N) and get him/her ready
Once he got into (Y/B/N)'s bedroom, he sat there on the duck shaped rug
And Usopp started telling a story, of course Zoro was pulled inside forcefully
The 30 minutes that was supposed to be for storytelling, turned into C-H-A-O-S
The pillows and toys were scattered everywhere
And soon everyone fell on the ground giving up against the sleep
But through the loud snores of Uncle Zoro, Uncle Usopp and Papa Luffy
(Y/B/N) was still awake discovering their faces as if they were his/her new toys
Boredom soon rushed to (Y/B/N) making him/her yawn
Slowly (Y/B/N) crawled towards Luffy and climbed his back
Snuggling into his/her father, Joining him in the dreamland.
When you came back, you went to check on Luffy and (Y/B/N) since the house seemed weirdly quite
Opening the door, you found the two men alongside your husband sleeping soundly on the floor
And you chuckled at the sight of (Y/B/N) sleeping peacefully on his/her dad's back with these beast-like snores echoing around
After putting (Y/B/N) in his/her own bed, with the the help of Sanji, Nami and Robin, you were able to take out the three men to their own beds as well.
You layed next to Luffy and kissed his forehead, he and (Y/B/N) sure had their own funny and chaotic bedtime night❤️
Tumblr media
My dude has a slight experience in dealing with babies tb to water7
But when it comes to his own baby, he'll do his best to be the best dad ever
Even though he might mess it up between time to time
But at the end he succeeds
Today you informed Zoro that you had to work overtime
And won't be able to make it on your baby's bedtime
"Zoro babe, can you please put (Y/B/N) to sleep, I'm going to be late today and won't make it on time" you said in concern
"No worries, I've got this" replied Zoro proudly
"Thank you so much dear" with this you ended the call
"Okay buddy/muffin its time to sleep" Said Zoro as he carried (Y/B/N)
(Y/B/N) always gets happy whenever he/she pulls his/her papa's cheeks
And Zoro won't mind it
He placed (Y/B/N) in his/her bed, but he/she won't let go of Zoro's cheeks
"Alright Alright, its bedtime now, you should let go of my cheeks" he playfully said as he gently loosen (Y/B/N)'s grip
Then he turned on the lullaby toy as well as the bulb on
He also set the ac on a suitable temperature for (Y/B/N) to not end up catching cold
Once Zoro made sure that everything is settled, he walked out of the room
Before turning off the lights, he heard soft sobs
For a second he panicked, thinking that something happened
So he ran back to (Y/B/N)'s bed and saw his/her glossy eyes
"What's the matter buddy/muffin?" He gently asked leaning to (Y/B/N)
(Y/B/N) extended his/her arms whining to get carried
"You want me to cuddle you to sleep?" He asked but was already carrying (Y/BN) in his arms
(Y/B/N) immediately threw himself/herself on Zoro, he wrapped his firm arms around him/her gently
"Alright, Let's sit here and try to sleep, deal?" He said as he sat on the froggy couch next to (Y/B/N)'s bed
Zoro laid back as he gently tapped on (Y/B/N)'s back
And within few minutes (Y/B/N) fell asleep, snoring adorably
Zoro watched him/her until he started yawning himself
Later when you returned home, Zoro was no where to be seen
So you went to check (Y/B/N)'s room thinking that he's still struggling with getting (Y/B/N) to sleep
But once you opened the door, your heart pounded at the sight
Zoro was sleeping deeply on the couch while (Y/B/N) was over his chest sleeping soundly.
Later You took a picture of them and set it as your lock screen wallpaper 💚
Tumblr media
My husband had a traumatic childhood and wasn't treated equally like his siblings
Because his dad was the jerkiest jerk on earth idk if that was even a word
He grew up being hated by the people who were supposed to be his family
Now that he has (Y/B/N), he sure had insecurities about him not being a good dad
But you were always there for him to prove him wrong
And so He'll make sure that his baby will live being loved by his parents
Trusting your reassuring words
You've been going through alot lately
Managing between your stressful duties at your job
And your responsibilities as a Wife and a mother
That was hella too much pressure not just mentally but physically too
You were laying down there in the living room couch after another stressful day at work
Trying as much as you can to get rid of the exhaustion built up inside of you
(Y/B/N) was next to you in his/her baby swing, enjoying the little fight with the pacifier
You glanced at the clock few minutes later to realize that its already (Y/B/N) bedtime
Getting up from your place, your head felt dizzy and you lost balance
Ending up in no one but Sanji's arms
"Honey, what's wrong? Are you feeling sick?" He asked, concern filling his face
"I'm fine sweetie....I'm just a little tired, nothing to worry about" you slide it off with a weak smile
But that didn't convince Sanji, he took (Y/B/N) in his arm, and took your hand with the other
"Your face is pale honey, you need to rest right now"
"But what about (Y/B/N), I haven't -"
"Leave (Y/B/N) on me and go take a warm shower" He said stroking your hair
With that, you immediately went to take a quick shower and Sanji took care of everything
Once he changed and cleaned up (Y/B/N) he straight up walked to your room where (Y/B/N)'s bed was next to your and Sanji's king sized bed
Sanji never liked the idea of letting (Y/B/N) sleep in a room by his/her own
He always wanted him/her to be within his eye reach, and close enough so he can always be there for (Y/B/N) when he/she needs him
Sanji gently climbed to his huge bed and placed (Y/B/N) on his/her tiny pillow between your and Sanji's pillows
And then Sanji layed next (Y/B/N), bringing him/her closer to his chest, providing enough warmth for the baby to feel safe and sleep
(Y/B/N) was enjoying his/her dad's accompany and muffled few sleepy giggles
"Is my Prince/Princess that happy because Papa is sleeping next to him/her?" He smiled as he kissed (Y/B/N)'s forehead
With his soothing voice, Sanji stared softly singing some of (Y/B/N)'s favorite lullabies, playing gently with his/her hair
Until the baby drifited to his/her dream land
By that time, you finished showering and were already listening to Sanji singing behind the door, not wanting to ruin the sleepy atmosphere
Once you noticed the silence, you entered finding Sanji placing (Y/B/N) finally in his/her own bed.
You couldn't be happier than you're now, to have such a considerate and tender husband Like Sanji💙
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mochiajclayne · 2 days ago
I know Thriller Bark was The Zoro Moment where he was willing to sacrifice his own life for the safety of the crew. However, it was also a pivotal point for Sanji because it was the time that he acknowledged Zoro’s ambition. 
Back in Baratie, when Sanji was watching Zoro’s fight with Mihawk:
Tumblr media
In Thriller Bark:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was a small moment, sure, but such little detail speaks volumes considering that it was the same fight that had Sanji pondering and considering about pursuing his own dream. And Zoro, in turn, reciprocates the same acknowledgement as he knocked him out after the whole speech that Sanji had about death and telling Zoro his last words, emphasis on finding another cook. These two bickers, engage on silly fights against each other, and are literal opposites majority of the time but they will always be on the same page when it comes to protecting the crew--always sharing the same resolve, always ready to sacrifice their life.
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aveegrex · a day ago
Just taking a guess at what a date with more mature Sanji would be like
genre: smut
pairing: dilf!Sanji x f!reader
word count: 1k
cw: smoking (mentioned), alcohol consumption, blood mention (a metaphor), oral (f!receiving), vaginal penetration, kinda dominant Sanji
author's note: I'm obsessed with this man, and I love the og Sanji, but I haven't seen any speculations on what he would be like when he's older, so here is little something that I turned up with.
Just imagine a date with dilf!Sanji. 
His ways with women have changed drastically since his twenties. He’s now subtle, reserved and collected, opting for the old-school courting and treatment. No more over-the-top compliments, no more abundant lovesick gazes and servitude, oh no - Sanji has grown into a perfectly mannered man, the one who can sweep you off your feet with just a simple gesture. 
Don’t get it wrong, his attitude hasn’t changed. All the things Zeff taught him are ingrained into his DNA, and his respect for women is still one to be admired. It’s just that now he doesn’t explode his heart into your face. 
When you fall victim to his infatuation, you don’t get to pick up on it until he wants you to. He treats all women with elegance, and you’re just mildly surprised at first that you’ve come across a pirate who would exhibit such vintage consideration. But the more he courts you, the drunker you get off him, and the more you see how irredeemably clumsy other men are. He’s like a pristine aged wine that you decide to splurge on once - you take a few sips and all other drinks are mere insults to your taste buds further on. 
And the more you drink, the more you want. 
So when Sanji, a weathered pirate with a nine figure bounty over his head, asks you on a date, only then you realize that his attitude towards you was, in fact, different from other women. You remember the longer gazes and slower kisses to your hand. You remember how he always puts his cigarette out in your presence. How his eyes always pick you out of the crowd first. How the honorifics that he uses towards you are more personal. 
And when you sit across from him at the restaurant table, you know he’s got a weaker spot for you. You would be dumb not to know, when you’re at the only table left on the whole floor, sipping on a wine that’s labeled before you were born, some delicacy you didn’t know existed melting on your tongue. Sanji’s finger tracing circles on your wrist, his musky woody cologne a time-bomb for your arousal - just the setting makes you weak in the knees, wishing the evening would never end. 
And how he listens to you talk, his eyes lidded, rare but quick witted comments highlighting his attention to the story - you barely hold yourself from submitting then and there, temptation to bluntly state your other sort of appetite still not acted upon, tickling the tip of your tongue. 
You can’t help a clumsy suggestive statement slipping your lips and Sanji holds in an airy laugh, opting for a smile. He pays and tips, and slides your coat on your shoulders, offering you a hand as he notices a slight wobble in your feet. He’s a devil for the latter, knowing exactly how much his odor is driving you crazy, using your weakness for his benefit.
Yet you forgive this tiny mischief as his demeanor changes when you get to the more secluded part of town. He wastes no time nudging your chin up and pressing his lips to yours, his tongue tasting the dessert he recommended you about an hour prior. 
‘It’s getting chilly. - his raspy voice bringing on the verge of moaning. - What gentleman neglects a lady’s need for warmth?’ A true devil, - you think to yourself, hazy mind quick to catch on his implication. You just nod, letting him walk you home and into your home. 
Sanji Vinsmoke is a considerate bastard, a master tease. He has been simmering your arousal since he opened a restaurant door before you, but now he outright watches you boil in it, burning in need. He relishes in power he has over you as he sits you on the couch and kneels before you, slipping your heels off your feet and massaging the ache away. The dim lights of your living room enhance a hungry sparkle in his eyes as you whine when his thumb brushes against a sore spot. 
Sanji has grown into a shark who watches you bleed to surrender before his feast ensues. The last drop leaves you when he plants a chaste kiss to the slope of your bare foot, his eyes not leaving your once, unblinking and predatory. You just lose it, whining a pathetic “Please”, and he hoists your skirt up, ripping your soaked panties off, stuffing his face full of your weeping cunt. The obscene slurping sounds, his groans and satisfied huffs - you deem yourself delirious because no man can hide such savagery so well. He’s starved, your weak hands finding purchase in his hair only forcing him to bury his face deeper, work his tongue faster to get a fill of his dessert that he so considerately skipped earlier. 
It’s only when you’ve orgasmed twice he resurfaces from under your skirt and brings your trembling body to the bedroom, letting you fall on the covers as he rips off his clothes, wasting no time to slide in you. Swears leave his mouth and he rams into you, thrusting deeper and deeper, harder and harder until your eyes cannot even make out his form, glistening with tears of sheer intensity of it all. You don’t even moan anymore, you cry and scream, nails etched deep into his back, your own hips following him for more, more, more. 
You feel like fainting, ragged breaths doing little to fill your lungs as his groin slaps against you, his cock rearranging your insides to his liking. Your calves on his shoulders quiver, threatening to clasp around his neck and snap it any moment, but he’s already spent all his considerations on you, fully prepared to welcome death if it comes in the minute of such bliss. 
A fucked out moan leaves his lips as orgasm shudders your body, and his own one follows suit, leaving him to pant and shiver as an addict that has finally had his fill. He laughs at your unseeing gaze and lands on the bed beside you, making sure to discard any clothes left and to envelope both of you in blankets. 
“Thank you for this evening, my heart. - his whisper tickling your forehead as you doze off. - I’ll have the rest of you tomorrow”. 
reblogs are welcome, MDNI, treat your dates good and don't settle for shitty treatment youselves
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rishere222 · 2 days ago
How Would One Piece Characters Confess to You
Tumblr media
—☆ fluff-comfort, a bit angst
—☆ fem and masc y/n
—☆ enjoy
Tumblr media
He's not used to romance so he tried to deny that he likes you
Secretly stares at you when you're busy
He thinks that confessing is not needed, not until you accidentally made him jealous
Grabbed you by your wrist and locked the both of you at the kitchen
"Why can't you get it? I like you for petes sake. Stop letting that ugly guy see your beautiful smile or else I'll cut him up."
Blushes so hard when he realized he just confessed to you
Ignored you for a couple of days because he's shy around you
He realized that he likes being around you so he said he was sorry and try to linger around you wherever you go
Obv he would deny every "sweet and clingy" thing that he does
Does this guy even experience romance?
A tsundere.
His way of showing love is smiling at you when people aren't around
He's not fond of sweet and romantic stuffs
He got drunk and accidentally confessed to you
"You're a peculiar woman, I like you. I won't admit it though even if I just did. You look pretty."
He wouldn't remember that he confessed to you
Still acts cold even though deep inside you make his heart flutter
A very shy and playful person
His cheeks would go red whenever you will smile at him
Loves to tell you his amazing adventures (the true version)
He doesn't know how to be true to his feelings so he confessed to you when you were asleep
"Say Y/N, you're an amazing and kind person. I think I like you, you make me laugh and you always smile at me. I may not be as brave as Luffy and the others but I'll promise to protect you."
You were pretending to be asleep and immedietly teased him
He was embarassed but happy since he finally got the courage to confess to you
Doesn't have the drive to confess to you
He likes you but he thinks confessing is not his priority
Knows all of the things that you like and dislike
He loves giving you gifts and protecting you
You were badly hurt and unconcious and he was there to look out for you and talk to you everyday
"I miss your loud laughs Y/N. I like you, I know its random but I kinda regret that I only confessed now that you're unconcious. Say, why don't you wake up so we can go on more adventures?"
Very patient with you
He would cover your head with his hat whenever he blushes so you wouldn't see him
A big fan of the food that you cook
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dailyusopppics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mygiorni · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Dr. Hiriluk & Chopper
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luffys-sugee · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
let's take a moment to appreciate luffy's drawing skills that just keeps on improving PRECIOUS
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marciaillust · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’m gonna give the audience (me) everything they want @wellfine‘s comics are just too good and inspired me to draw this one 
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lucciluvr · 4 months ago
kissing their scar ; scenarios
Tumblr media
contains : fluff. gender neutral/no pronouns.
characters : luffy, zoro, & nami
Tumblr media
monkey d. luffy
you sat with luffy ontop of sunny’s head, one of the privileges of being luffy’s. everyone was minding their own business, leaving you and luffy alone at the front deck. with no one around you leaned into luffy’s face, pecking the scar under his eye. luffy’s cheeks broke into a big smile, snickering to himself. he leaned closer to you, his nose almost touching yours.
“what was that for?” another snicker escaping his lips.
“i just felt like it,” you leaned in to his face, nose touching each other, a simper displayed on your lips.
“shishishi,” he giggled before wrapping his arms around you, pulling you into his arms and peppering your face with kisses while you giggled through his pecks.
“thanks!” luffy kissed your cheek tenderly and aggressively, leaving a trail of saliva when he pulled away.
“luffy!” you whined, wiping the spit of your cheeks to his top.
he laughed at your reaction, his hands resting ontop of your thighs, squeezing softly. a smile found it’s way back to your face, soon laughing with him.
roronoa zoro
the moment the two of you laid down, he was already fast asleep. you stared at his face, observing his features. furrowed brows, sharp jawline, prominent temples, perfect nose, slightly chapped lips, and of course, his eyes. specifically, the line that cut through his eyebrow and eye.
without thinking, you placed a gentle kiss on his eyelid before burying your head on zoro's chest to finally join his slumber. the arm around your waist tighten, pulling you closer to him while you curl further into him.
a few seconds passed, you were pulled out from your unconsciousness by a gentle boop on the crown of your head. a smile formed on your lips before falling back to your shallow sleep, nuzzling closer.
"goodnight," you heard from above you before you felt zoro's chin rest ontop of your head followed by a snore.
cat burglar nami
you were quietly observing nami while she was taking notes from a book she was reading. slowly, your eyes trailed down her tattoo. observing, you notice a slightly visible scar under the design making you unable to unsee it.
you were interrupted from your daze when nami pulled away from the table, dragging the chair and stretching her arms and neck. she turned to look down at you, before sitting beside you against the sunny's railing.
"you've been staring for a while now." she yawned, resting her head against your shoulder. "something on your mind?" she looked up to you.
you slumped and slid further down the floor to level yourself with her arm, making nami lift and tilt her head in confusion.
slowly, you stretched you neck kissed her tattoo, or better, the scar under it. nami tensed under your affection, taken aback.
"you... you're so dumb, you know that?" she grumbled as she looked at the opposite direction to hide the hue on her face.
slowly, she slid down the floor to share the uncomfortable and dumb position you're in. you leaned on her shoulder, not before placing another peck.
it wasn't long before nami rested her head against yours, a smile on her face before closing her eyes.
Tumblr media
© lucciluvr
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gothgf-misaamane · 11 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I also want to point out the fact that the user is “gayarsonist”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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kodzuken-chan · a month ago
Monster Trio + Law and the types of Hugs they give to their S/O Headcanon
A/N: Sooo I got this Idea while I was doing the dishes, these ideas really appear at the weirdest times. Anyways, Enjoy this tiny SFW Headcanon until I post the final chapter of Regret Veins 🫂
Tumblr media
Luffy: The Bear Hug
A Genuine and meaningful hug
And its given by Luffy so you can't ask for a better thing
He might seem like an air head sometimes
And probably won't give you affection at the times you want
Except when you/him/both are super clingy
But when he wants to show you how much he loves you
He would just appear out of nowhere
Without a single alert
And jump, wrapping his stretchy arms around you
Giving you the tightest yet warmest hug you could ever ask for
He's not that dump, so whenever you're stressed, anxious or tired
He would give you his iconic bear hug and it never fails to makes you feel relieved and loved
Luffy's bear hugs always gives you the reassurance of how much he care for you the relationship you both share❤️.
Tumblr media
Zoro: The Long Protective Hug
A comforting and a Strong hug
Zoro isn't a man of words
Yet he's a man of actions
He seems like a tough man that is rarely interested literally in anything
Of course except for his swords
And you
To him, showing affection isn't something he's good at, especially verbally
But when he wants to show you how much he loves and cares for you
He would just pull you into his embrace
And let you snuggle into his chest as he rests his head on the top of yours
His buffed arms would be wrapped around you in protective manner
As if he tells you that as long as his lungs are breathing air
He'd be there for you, to protect you at all costs
You wonder how he does it
But you swear that he can read your mind
Because whenever you're feeling Low or sad
He'd be right there holding you tightly with his strong arms
And it lasts as long as you part away willingly telling you're feeling much better
Zoro's protective long hugs will always provide you with warmth and emotional support
It just speaks your incredible Love chemistry💚
Tumblr media
Sanji: The Straddle Hug
A Deep and an Intimate hug
Opposite to Luffy and Zoro, Sanji is extremely a romantic lover
You can't have enough of the unique ways he shows his affection to you
He nearly showers you in hugs and kisses every minute
But when you're alone or its the before bed time, he loves to express his affection in a different way
Because to him, hugs are good physical connection between lovers
Wherever you both were, cuddling on bed, or giving each other comapny in the kitchen alone
He'd place you on the counter or pulls you closer to his lap on the bed
And gives you a full body embrace
With a deep eye contact, delivering what can't be expressed in words
He'd snuggle his face in your hair, stroking it gently with his fingers
And you'd inhale the colonge scent in the crook of his neck
It feels like time have stopped
Until you hear your captain's desperate hunger whines from the distance
Or when tiredness has the upper hand and both of you end up sleeping
Sanji's straddle hugs highlights the mutual love and feelings between the two of you💙
Tumblr media
Law: The Back Hug
A Fonding and Surprising hug
Similar to Zoro, Law isn't a man of words
But of course not to Zoro's level
Law's actions and words appear when you let your guards off
He never shows intimate affection towards you infront of his crew
You can't say he's a shy person
But to him, showing his love to you should take place in private, between just the two of you
He'd show that he loves and cares for you in other different way during the day
And in ways that you will only understand
He would surprise you with a warm back hug while you're standing infront of your dresser table
He'd lock his arms around your chest and buries his head in your shoulders
You can tell how he signifies his deep feelings each time he back hugs you
And how those gentle backstrokes can express what a million words cannot
As if he tells you how fond he is of you in his own way
Law's back hugs indicates the mutual deep trust and love you share towards each other 🖤.
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thatoneannoyingfan · 17 days ago
Bro- bro I can't - I JUST CAN'T
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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zorokinniemoment · 25 days ago
Candy thief
Warnings: just kissing chuchu (^з^) , gn!reader
Tumblr media
“They’ve been eating candy the entire day, are they okay?” Nami frowns at you, watching you open yet another wrapped of the sweet and sour candy. “Maybe the candy is too good to resist.” Robin chuckles at her and goes back to reading her book making the orange head sigh shaking her head.
“Y/n what are you eating?” You tilt your head up looking at the strawhat captain with wide eyes. “Candy” you speak before going back to your bag of candy hiding it under your shirt from him. “Are you hiding the candy from me?! Give me!!” His gummy arms stretch and wrap around your hands pulling you against his chest, the bag of candy falls from under your shirt and you grimace knowing that it will all be gone in just a few seconds. “Ohoho y/n why didn’t you tell me you had that much candy? You know sharing with your captain won’t hurt!” He drools at the candy like a starved child, reaching to the bag and quickly grabbing a handful of a colorful variety of candies.
Your hands wrap around his stretched arms stopping him opening more candies and stuffing them into his mouth. “Hey y/n let me have some!” He protests against your hold. “No those are mine and you didn’t even ask nicely!” You argue back, forcing the opened candies into your mouth and jumping off of his hold, backing away against the railing of the Sunny. He grumbles at you stretching his arms to grab into the railing on each side of your face caging you against it. He flies against you and straddles your lap forcing you to stay still under him. A mischievous smile curled on his lips with amused eyes, but his face drops watching the bag of candy slip behind you and fall into the sea. “Luffy look what you’ve done!! My candy..” you pout looking behind you watching the candy sink into the water. “I didn’t get to taste one..” he throws his head back letting out an upset groan then moves back down towards your face, his nose pushing against your nose with serious eyes.
“What?” Your sweet breath hits his nose and he grins at you.
“Y/n what’s in your mouth?” A creepy smile lands on his face.
His hand grabs the back of your head pushing your mouth to crash against his own, his wet tongue traces your bottom lip and you open your mouth to him unconsciously. Feeling saliva drooling from both of your mouths down to your chin. His tongue intertwines with yours, sucking your sweet mouth into him messily and his hands unintentionally roam down your sides making you groan into his mouth. He pulls away licking the string of saliva into his mouth and grins at you with pink dusted cheeks. He stick his tongue out showing you the candy stuck on his tongue and you stare at him dumbfounded not knowing what to say.
“Thank you for the candy, I love you!!” He pecks your lips and moves away running towards usopp who was fishing.
“…I need to get more candy.”
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quasarsansserif · a month ago
Not me thinking about a One Piece Fight Club au 🔥
Next is best boy Sanji.
Sorry for the crappy quality
Edit : I'm so glad you liked it ! It was a flop on my other socials. Now I see all the mistakes, but still, I'm happy with it
Thank you so so much 💖
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Tumblr media
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evergone · 14 days ago
In The Bird's Nest
Roronoa Zoro x Female Reader
Warnings: 18+ content (unprotected sex of varying kinds, naked cleansing), strong swearing
Tumblr media
The crew sat around warming themselves under blankets in the continually sparking light of the fire. Nami and Robin were talking about the recent weather and its implication on your voyage; Luffy, Franky and Usopp were trying to keep each other awake until twelve, but it was clear that they were all seconds off passing out; Brook hummed a lullaby to Sanji, Jimbei and Chopper.
Zoro, your dearest, Zoro, had fallen asleep hours ago, his cock balls deep in the walls of your clenching pussy. Thanks to the blanket covering your mid section the other members of the crew were none the wiser to the tension in your lower half that was making your thighs twitch like a dying light. You were practically passing away under there, begging that the others would hurry up and fall asleep so you could ride his dick like a toy and finally bring a satisfaction to your aching lady-parts.
“You okay, Y/n-swan?” Sanji asked.
You couldn’t open your mouth, not when you could almost hear the moan that was caught in your throat, so you just nodded. Sanji’s curled brow lowered in concern, but he didn’t bother you again, just the odd glance every few minutes. Your head rested on Zoro’s vast and bare chest, the scar across it was awfully familiar against your cheek. It was often that he would stuff your face there as you orgasmed, the comfort of his bulging pecks somehow making you cum that much faster. Your pussy squeezed as you rubbed your cheek across the scar and eventually your waist followed along, dragging Zoro’s dick through your body. You must have gotten too into it because soon enough one of Zoro’s hands was groping your waist and the other was moving your head into his neck.
“I don’t think we agreed to you using me to get off,” he whispered into your ear, his voice still gravelly from his nap.
You stiffened but held your ground, “I was bored,” you whined.
His dick pulsed inside you, “Bored? On my dick?” he chuckled softly, “I don’t think so.”
You hated it when he acted all entitled. But, fuck, you really loved it. In the corner of your vision you could see Sanji fighting back the urge to intrude on the two of you. Zoro must have seen it too because he licked the length of your neck like it was his sword, his eye attached to the cook’s like you were some kind of object to win. The flesh of your walls twitched around his cock and with it you took back his attention.
“Should we go back to...” he sat up in the chair as you spoke and he carried your body on top of his with ease, “The ship?”
He just shrugged as you near-spasmed on him, gripped his huge biceps and glared at him. Zoro’s hand rested on your bare lower back, restricting your movement for his own evil pleasure. If he wasn’t the best dick you’d ever had you would have killed him right then and there. The first time you two fucked he was nice to you, gentle even, but once you told him he was a little too soft he started to act like this, like his dick was too good for you.
“Y/n-swan, are you sure you’re okay?” Sanji repeated himself, his concern seeming a little too jealous to be genuine.
“She’s fine, erocook,” Zoro answered for you, “Go away.”
Zoro’s leg bounced with impatience as he waited for Sanji to leave — a habit of his. Such a wonderful habit. Your eyes rolled back as you stuffed your nose into his chest, letting him slightly bounce you atop his throbbing cock. The movement was less than fulfilling but you were so desperate for him to fuck you that you were willing to settle for anything he was willing to give.
His dick was painfully proportionate to his body, so thick and long that it almost felt like you were giving birth every time he let you bump and it slipped out and back into your wet pussy. Sanji scoffed in envious disgust and left you two to your own devices.
“Like that, do you?” Zoro said and you nodded into his chest, his scar rough on your plump lips, “Tell me how much you like it.”
You looked up into his eye with a frown. You almost expected him to stop bouncing just to elongate your desperation, but he was being nice for once. He smirked down at you and repeated his last sentence silently.
You sighed, giving in for the sake of horniness, “I like it so, so, so much,” you moaned quietly.
He started to rock his hips back and forth along with the bouncing and pushed your head back into his chest. The drag of your pussy against his cock that was dripping precum inside you was making both of you have to breathe past the groans in your throats.
“Yeah, fuck this,” Zoro hissed and lifted you off his dick, placing you to the side of him in his camp chair, careful not to let the blanket fall off you, “Meet me in the bird’s nest.”
He pulled his pants up and walked off towards the ship. You refused to let yourself get off the high so you followed him there, but not before turning to the others and making obscenely sexual gestures. Franky gave you a thumbs up, which you returned while ignoring Sanji and Nami’s utter disgust.
When you got back onto the ship, you didn’t have to search for Zoro. Ever since he dragged a futon up there he’s had no need to leave the bird’s nest. All his favourite things were there; his swords, his weights, even a fishing pole. And his favourite of all seemed to be there most of the time, too, just for him. You.
By the time you got into his home inside of home, Zoro had rid himself of all his clothing, save for his bandana that he had tied around his bare arm and his underwear.
“Now I feel overdressed,” you laughed as you walked to him and slowly took off your denim jacket.
Zoro licked his bottom lip and caught himself before he managed to palm himself through his boxers, “I can fix that.”
He stood up and came so close to you that your breasts were squished on his ribs and the only thing stopping you from falling was his hand that had rested almost subconsciously on the curve of your back. You raised your arms for him and he pulled off your shirt with his free hand, speeding up when it kept your eyes from his. His hands travelled up your sides, just keeping your balance with their faint touch, and he unbuckled your bra like a professional. Your boobs fell from the underwire and his body shuddered at the feeling of your bare nipples on his tanned skin.
“Stop it with the unnecessary foreplay, Zoro,” you said firmly, pushing your shorts down but not daring to send your undergarments with them.
“Don’t tell me what to do,” he replied.
He didn’t bother to take your panties off before he threw you against the wall and brought himself even closer to you then he was before. His dick, still in his own underwear, slotted up against your covered opening and he grinded you into the wall. You moved along with him in waves of growing excitement as you both started to breathe heavier. Eventually, he’d picked you up and forced your legs around him, having grinded to his limit.
“What?” He asked hurriedly.
You took your shining e/c eyes away from his for what felt like the first time but considering how you had seen stars in the back of your eyelids just moments before you knew that wasn’t right. He followed your gaze to your pink panties and the darker spot right at the front. A small smirk reached the edges of his mouth as he grabbed your leaking cunt through the panties. You melted into his hand as a harsh moan escaped your lips and your head, once again, buried itself in his large chest.
“No,” He said, “No, look at me.”
You groaned but returned yourself to the position you were in before. He forced you to watch as he removed his hand from your panties, much to your dismay, and raised it to his nose. He took a good, long sniff of your wetness on his hands and you found yourself removing your panties on your own.
“Oh?” He questioned.
You dropped from his waist and in seconds the two of you had moved from your position on the wall to the futon. You sat on his stomach, your bare pussy was like a low-running vibrator with its endless unwanted clenching and it was starting to dawn on Zoro just how desperate you were for his dick to be rammed inside you. Two hands made their way into his boxers and for a second they just laid there on his balls, embracing them like old friends, then they pulled his underwear all the way off. You smiled sweetly at him, your eyes were wide saucers of lust, your lower region inched ever closer to his own.
Zoro puffed out whiny breaths as he tried not to moan. Your face dropped down towards his and you kissed the corner of his mouth.
“Oh,” you said, “I missed.”
You kissed him again on the centre of his lips and explored his salty mouth with your tongue. One of your wanting hands circled the tip of his cock, and you pulled away from his lips, a string of saliva attaching you to each other, and watched his eye close in impatient arousal.
“Fuck me,” he told you.
You scoffed, “So when you want to be fucked I have to fuck you, but when I want to be fucked it’s all ‘tell me how much you like it’” you imitated his gruff voice causing his body to shake with quiet laughter.
Well, when he was being so polite how could you refuse him? You raised your body and lined your entrance up with his hard dick that had grown at least a few inches in size. Your heart fluttered as it worried you wouldn’t fit all of him in, but your hole knew it had done it before and would more than gladly do it again. Pain ached through your lower region and up your spine as you pushed your hips past the girth of his length and managed to rest on it as you had been earlier that night.
“You good?” He asked, his ego almost as large as something else of his.
You frowned and bounced on him, watching as he pursed his lips together as to not scream in undeniable pleasure, “Absolutely perfect, you?”
Zoro hesitated, grunting back his moans, the stubborn bastard, “Great.”
“Don’t hide your voice from me, little boy,” you said.
“Little boy?” He shouted, halting your movement by grabbing your waist mid-bounce. He was so sexy strong. “Fuck you.”
“Please do,” you teased.
A groan escaped his mouth as he adjusted his body and before you knew what was going on he was slamming his dick into you so hard you were almost scared you might rip open. You threw your head back in explicit passion, deathly screams tearing their way through your throat and tears pickling the edges of your eyes. Under you, Zoro was grunting and puffing as he slotted his huge dick in and out of your soaking cunt.
At some point he was so much louder than you that you couldn’t even hear yourself screaming so you looked down to see his right hand slapping the floor and his good eye squeezed shut. He was blushing like a boy right after his first time and all you could do was run your hands through his short green hair as his grip on your waist started to feel like a trip to the doctor’s office for bandages. The movement below you slowed and dragged rather than slammed and you bit your lip.
“Hey... hey, Zoro,” You said between pants, “Look at me, Roronoa Zoro.”
Oh, how he hated it when you called him his full name. He opened his good eye anyway, too horny for games.
“I love you,” you whispered and he came immediately.
Your eyes rolled back into your head as he filled you with his sweet, manly milk. It smelt so bad yet so good. Like Zoro’s normal scent to the extreme. You laughed as he hid his face in his hand and breathed through it.
“You’re not gonna leave me hanging, are you?” You asked with a small, innocent pout.
Zoro’s gaze turned to you and he removed himself from you. You visibly changed moods as he flipped you over and sat up like he was gonna leave you.
“Hey, not cool, Roro—”
His cock rammed hard into you, jolting you up and into his chest. He was such an asshole. An asshole who was very good at taking care of you. He fucked his cum and let it mix with the slick of your vagina, making a concoction of the hottest sex you’d ever had. He had you gasping for air and drawing lines of blood on his back with your nails as you kissed the scar on his chest followed by a lick of his eye scar. Your pussy ate up his dick and in minutes you were kicking and making noises you didn’t know you could make.
“Fuck, fuck,” you whimpered, “Oh, Zoro, fuck!”
Zoro kept going and going and going. And you dug your nails further and further and further into his poor back. One last slam of his body into yours felt like it hit your womb and the bubble inside you burst, covering his dick in your love. He pulled out, letting you breathe.
“I’m going back to sleep,” he said and fell onto his back beside you.
A sigh escaped your lips as you stood to your shaking feet and threw Zoro’s green coat over your body. It dwarfed you but covered you all the same. You left the birds nest and filled a small bucket with warm water and another with soapy water, there were towels in the nest so you weren’t particularly worried about grabbing those. You passed Brook on your way back from the bathroom and he stopped you with a laugh.
“I would frown at you,” he started, “But since I’m a skeleton I have no eyebrows to frown with! YOHOHOHO!”
You giggled and returned to the nest where Zoro was sleeping alert but peacefully. You pulled a scrub from the soapy water and gently wiped his skin clean of the mess you had made with him. His eye opened ever so slightly but you encouraged him to sleep as you continued to wipe him down and washed the soap off with the normal water and dried him with one of the towels laying around. It was probably sweaty, but he would live.
“Tie your hair up with this,” he said quietly when you took his coat off to clean yourself.
“What is— oh,” he passed you his bandana, “Thank you.”
He sat up and took the scrub from your hands.
“C’mere,” he grunted.
You got closer to Zoro and he washed you down as you had him. He quietly apologised for the bruises on your waist, but after a reminder of the scratches in his back his worries were eased. The swordsman dried you, too, then grabbed you like a plush toy and fell asleep on your breast.
“You’re as bad as Sanji.”
“Shut the fuck up.”
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mygiorni · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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stories-across-the-seas · 2 months ago
How They React To A Small Reader
Ace, Law and Zoro
Warnings : gn!reader, a little suggestive
Tumblr media
This guy is tall, there is no denying how he hovers over you like a giant tower
Will often poke fun at your height, especially when you need his help when grabbing things in higher spots
He puts said things in those high spots just so he can get them for you
Ace is a sucker for your hugs, small hands wrapping around his waist? Absolutely makes him melt into your touch, and although he loves your hugs from behind, the front ones really put in perspective how tiny you are compared to him
He loves feeling your small body wrapped around his when cuddling, similar to hugs he enjoys being the small spoon but prefers you to be the small spoon so he can cradle your tiny body into his
You may be small but boy aren’t you mighty. Ace loves when you fight back, commenting on something stupid he did in battle or chastise him for being to hard on the second division
His initial response to your outbursts are a quip of the eyebrow and a small smirk plasters over his face
He’s amused at how someone so defenceless looking has such a mouth
But don’t worry, he’ll make sure you put that feisty mouth of yours to good work ❤️
Tumblr media
Law is an absolute menace when it comes to teasing you and of course its about how tiny you are
Will do it in front of the Heart pirates because he knows how flustered you get
Purposely will put in you situations where you need his height - need a book in his office? Too bad, he’s put it on the top shelf just to see you try and get it
Of course like Ace, he’ll do things like that so he can taunt you about needing him, telling you to grow taller so you can get it yourself
This man is an absolute giant too, he may be leaner but he makes up for it in height tenfold
When you go scouting medical supplies for you its like hell trying to catch up to this man. You’re practically in a sprint while he’s just causally strolling along
He definitely walks fast on purpose too - MENACE I TELL YOU
I have no doubt though that when it is just the both of you he likes holding you, specifically in his lap so he can put his arms around you and hold you tightly
He loves that your shorter than him, it makes him feel like he has to protect you more just because how cute you are
Cute you say? Well that mouth of yours can be anything but cute sometimes
When you get feisty, all hell breaks loose
Law may be a menace but you can be one too when you decide to run your mouth
It’s hard sometimes because it can feel like all Law does is make fun of your height and it makes you feel a little worthless, yeah you’re small but you can hold your own. You’ve proven it time and time again
Of course Law knows this but you mean too much to him to let anything happen to you
When you do mouth off to Law, he makes sure to get you dumb enough so nothing comes out 💙
Tumblr media
Zoro is one of the taller Strawhats no doubt so when you first joined the crew he was kind of taken by surprise by how short you actually were
Chopper is a pretty small himself so when he compares him to you you’ve got a solid two feet on Chopper
LOVES how small you are, makes him feel stronger and he has this overwhelming feeling that he has to look out for you
Unlike Ace and Law, I think Zoro wouldn’t make fun of you for being small, especially when things are out of reach
He’d probably snicker when you ask for help but would do it wordlessly and would do it in a heartbeat for you
Definitely gets flustered when you ask him for help with tall stuff, he cant help but think your adorable
No doubt wears an infamous smirk on his face while doing it but he’s harmless
Like the other two, Zoro loves how you mould to his body; the way your small body gets entangled in his by hugging his waist or when cuddling has him hooked
Just generally loves to hold you, especially during naps; he’ll set your smaller body on top of his and doze off until Luffy is bugging him
Loves it when you bite back at him. He’s a bit snippy himself so when you interject and say something he looks at you amused adorning a smirk and raised brow
Thinks its adorable how you fight him on things he finds stupid - especially when you stick up for Sanji
No worries though, he’ll make sure his name is the only thing you can say later 💚
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