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Tumblr media Tumblr media
GENRE || WC: smut, 2100 WC (MDNI)
CONTENT: heavy overstimulation & dumbification, fingering, mating press, spanking, vibrator usage, cunninglingus, mirror sex, & individual tags too
A/N: reblogs appreciated & also would love to know which one u liked most (:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— 𝐀𝐂𝐄. mating press, squirting, overstimulation
ace folds you into a mating press, pushing your thighs against your tits, hands coming to slap against either side of your head. his pace is rough, focusing on aiming his cock at the spot that has you trembling the fastest. your mouth drops open at the roughness, clinging onto his strong back as you whimper.
“fuck…don’t squirm,” he growls, one of his hands come to delicately wrap around your neck, pushing you into the mattress as better leverage to snap his hips against yours. “did you think i’d fall for something like that, baby?”
he leans down, propped up on his elbows as he nips and sucks at your neck, groaning when your nails dig into his back. “i’m gonna make you cum so hard,” he grunts, “cum all over my dick. you like that?”
“yes, yes please…” you plead, eyes wandering down to his thick cock being swallowed by your cunt. you clench around him, and he groans loudly in your ear. “fuck, that’s right— you always tighten up like this when you’re gonna cum— shit”
ace’s dick is throbbing in your cunt, picking up a quicker pace as you cling onto him, body swaying from each of his movements. his fingers come down to roughly rub at your pearl, pads of his fingers drawing circles as you try and close your thighs instinctively, only to be stopped by his own.
“stay still, stay fucking still— gonna make you squirt.” his words come out unsteady from the way he’s pounding into you, and he grasps both of your wrists easily with one hand, pinning them above you to keep you still for him.
you’re so captivated by him, face glistening with sweat, eyebrows furrowed harshly in concentration as he aims for your most sensitive spot, slamming into it again and again. he always fucks you so good, making sure you cum hard around him every time.
but the way he’s giving his all to make you cum harder after seeing you fake an orgasm makes you feel differently, cunt fluttering around his cock after seeing him so feral this time.
“a-ace, gonna cum!” you cry out, cunt clenching sporadically around his cock— and he doesn’t slow down, spitting on your clit so he can rub faster, harder— snapping his hips against yours with pure strength. “cum then,” he growls, and the knot inside you snaps, gushing all over ace as he slows down his thrusts to lengthen your orgasm.
you think that you’re done, shaking with the intensity of the orgasm he just gave you, expecting him to pull out and watch his cum seep out of your cunt— but he didn’t cum.
he keeps his cock buried in your cunt, giving you a toothy grin. “you ready for more?”
you can feel his cock throbbing against your walls, desperate to empty its load into you, but you should’ve known something like this would hurt his pride. he’s panting above you, his jaw clenched hard— trying not to cum even when the aftershocks of your orgasm cause your walls to flutter so perfectly against his sensitive cock.
“i wanna see….” he pulls out slowly, “just how much you can cum in one night….”
he slams back into you, cunt squelching loudly around him. “you don’t mind, right?”
Tumblr media
— 𝐌𝐈𝐇𝐀𝐖𝐊. cunninglingus, heavy dumbification
you’ve lost count of your orgasms now— mihawk eating you out mercilessly for what feels like forever. you’re not even sure if you can feel your orgasms anymore, clit swollen and tired from the endless abuse he’s given it.
you think you’ve been fucked dumb, too dumb to have anything besides the feeling of his tongue in your mind— too fucked out to do anything besides lay there with your tongue lolled out and let him have his way with you.
he thinks it’s cute that you’re so trusting with him, letting go of your thoughts and taking whatever he chooses to give you, but that’s not enough for him to let you go tonight.
his tongue laps at your clit, switching between flicking at your tired nub and tongue fucking you. he’s groaning into your folds, hungrily slurping at your cunt as you choke out a moan and pant. “naughty girl,” he grunts. “you’re going to cum over and over like this on my tongue alone.”
he knows exactly how to treat you when you act like this, your name rolling off his lips every now and then to ensure you’re still with him. his hands are always gentle with you, rubbing at your thighs and ass up to your pretty stomach, letting you know how much he loves you— a huge contrast to the roughness he’s giving your aching cunt.
you think your next orgasm is approaching, you’re not sure if you can tell— but mihawk can. his tongue shifts its attention to focus solely on your poor clit, licking the nub and slurping on it until the knot in you snaps for what feels like the thousandth time, shaking and crying under the mercy of his mouth. his mouth doesn’t move off of you, and you tiredly push on his head for any opportunity to seek relief.
instead, he wraps his arms around your thighs, pulling you flush against his tongue. “i’m not letting you go just yet.”
he’s so satisfied with the way you’re laying at his mercy, body shaking with the intensity of all the orgasms he’s given you with just his mouth. but he still wants to see just how far exactly he can take you, so his tongue comes back to lap at your cunt.
his mouth is admittedly tired by now, face and chin covered in your cum as he forces himself to eat you out meticulously, angling his head to get deeper into you. he can’t get enough of you, hungrily eating at your cunt even if his jaw is aching, just because he’s addicted to seeing you come undone. he’s happy with your lack of squirming now, limp body heaving up and down with each breath you take.
“you should have just asked for this instead of trying to trick me like that,” he grunts against your cunt, golden eyes flickering upwards to sneak a glance at you.
his lips tug into a subtle smile at the sight, eyes rolled back and panting tiredly as the back of your palm rests on your sweaty forehead. “but i guess it’s too late for that now.”
you were all his, after all. he was gonna rip every orgasm out of you tonight to make sure you never pull a stunt like that with him again, until your only memory of tonight is the way you’re shaking and at his mercy.
Tumblr media
— 𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐂𝐈. spanking, brief usage of a vibrator, mirror sex, standing full nelson
you should have known it would be a stupid idea to try and fool lucci. faking your orgasm didn’t do anything but get you in trouble, now sprawled over his lap with a vibrator buried inside your dripping cunt as you count and thank him for each slap to your ass.
“what number was that?”
“t-thirteen! thank you,” you blurt out, ass stinging and your legs shaking against his firm thighs. his hand rubs over the redness on the globes of your ass, satisfied with the hand prints littered across it. “think you deserve it now?”
you shyly nod, unsure of what answer he’s looking for from you right now. “you don’t, but i’ll show you something anyways,” he says flatly, removing the vibrator and discarding it onto the floor as arms come to scoop you up and carry you to the large mirror hanging on the wall.
your face is already heating up at the sight— his hands digging into the skin of your thighs as he holds you up against the mirror, wide open and dripping slick directly onto his cock.
“well, what do you say?”
his dick is rubbing against your slit, cock dragging along your folds as you gasp at the stimulation. you know how mean he is, fully aware that he won’t stick his dick into you and leave you desperate and needy unless you ask for it nicely.
“please…please give me i-it!”
you choke out a moan as his thick cock buries itself in your cunt in one swift motion, before he’s immediately bouncing you up and down on it— not giving you any room to adjust to his size. “f..fuck,” you slur, slamming your eyes shut to relieve some of the overwhelming stimulation to your core. his cock is always so good, hitting all your spots with precision in each snap of his hips.
“open your eyes,” he grunts, slamming you down until you’ve taken every inch of him, balls pressed against your skin as you gasp at the fullness. he watches you as your eyes flutter back open, brimming with tears before suddenly widening at the sight of yourself.
“look at yourself closely. see that?”
and yeah, you can see why he didn’t believe your little stunt for a second. his throbbing cock is covered in your slick, dripping all the way down to his heavy balls, and he can feel your walls clench around him at the lewdness of it all. you can hardly believe the face you’re making is real, half lidded eyes bubbling with tears and little gasps escaping your swollen lips.
it looks like he’s completely ruined you, and he hasn’t even gotten started yet.
“get a good look. after all, that’s the dirty face you always make when you’re about to cum.”
Tumblr media
— 𝐋𝐀𝐖. fingering, dumbification, hand fetish
law’s chin rests gently on your shoulder as he watches the way your aching cunt is still managing to clench so hard around his fingers, even after giving you your third orgasm.
he curls his digits against your spot again, letting your head fall back against his chest as your mouth hangs open at the overstimulation. “did you think i wouldn’t notice?” he asks, fingers sliding out of your folds before he’s running them up and down your slit, smearing your slick against your clit as you tremble in his hold.
“i know every single one of your reactions by now.”
his gaze shifts to you, lips tugging into a smirk as you tiredly stare at the hand touching your cunt right now. he knows how much you love his hands— always trying to hold them, or lay by him and trace the letters on each of his fingers. he knows you love the sight of them working at your cunt, pretty fingers covered in slick and flexing inside of you.
which is why he’s going to make you cum on them again and again, until you forget that you ever even tried fooling him like that.
two fingers dip back into your cunt, lazily pumping them in and out of you before he curls them perfectly against your spot again, causing you to squeal. “too..too much!” you slur, grasping onto his arms.
“stay still,” he grunts, fucking your cunt with his fingers, “i’m giving you what you need, you just need to lay here and take all of it.”
the flex of his forearm has your breath hitching in your throat, veins bulging out of his hand each time he curls his fingers against you. he’s hitting the same spot over and over again, and you gasp as your cunt squelches loudly with each movement, thighs squeezing around his hand until you’re finally gushing around his fingers, thighs shaking against his hand as you pant.
“i’m not done. again,” he says flatly, tilting your chin up to look at him.
his lips slot against yours to capture you in a breathless kiss, moving three fingers in and out of your dripping cunt. he loves you like this, still trying to hump against his fingers with your hips even when you’re too fucked out to talk.
he pulls away, trailing wet kisses down your neck as he quickens his pace. “i’ll take my fingers out of you,” he whispers against your neck, “only after you’ve forgotten about everything except the way my fingers feel inside of you.”
Tumblr media
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kazenomegaminowanpisu · 2 days ago
When the op boys woke up and your face was the first thing they saw
Warning: SFW, Fluff, (mistakes please ignore it)
Feat: Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Law
Tumblr media
—He will be happy to see you there next to him.
—Luffy pull you closer and he hug your more tightly.
—when you open your eyes. Luffy give you wide smile. "good morning y/n" you smiled as you rest your head into his neck.
—He will get small blush on his cheeks to see you there.
—Sanji tucked in some strands of your hair behind your ear. "What a beautiful princess"
—You open your eyes to see him smiling at you. Sanji pull you closer and he close his eyes once more. "Let's stay like this for a moment love"
—"Oh" Zoro will start touching your face.
—You felt his gentle touch. Zoro Kissed your forehead. And there you woke up.
—You give him a smile. That made him Blush. "is that an invitation to stay on bed?"
—You nodded as you hug him tight.
—Law Will be happy to see you there next to him.
—But still he doesn't want you to get woke up. So he just stayed like that. He keep on watching you sleep.
—he smiled before he pressed a kiss on your forehead. "I'm happy to see you here next to me"
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kodzuken-chan · 2 days ago
Can I request Monster trio putting their cute babies to sleep.. thanks
A/N: Awwwwwweeee, I immediately melt for husband+papa op boys, I just can't handle the wholesomeness and cuteness 💕🤧
This kinda might be like a short scenario but in a Headcanon form and it's Modern AU 🥸
(Y/B/N)= Your Baby's Name
Credits to the pictures owners
Here you go, and I hope you enjoy~
Monster Trio as Dads putting their cute babies into sleep Headcanons
Tumblr media
My Man is a father, and he sure wants to be the best father ever
But since his life involved no father around
He's not really sure how to do things that the 'Best Dad' should do.
But no worries because he usually ends up doing it effortlessly, and without him noticing
With some help of either You, Nami, Robin, or sometimes Sanji, he was able somehow to manage.
You and the Strawhats all lived in the same house
Today especially, you were in need to go to the market, to get some stuffs
And Since Nami, Robin and Sanji were going there, you decided to join them
Of course Sanji offered you to rest and leave (Y/B/N)'s stuff on him
But it wasn't just the matter of getting milk and diapers, you had to get (Y/B/N) some new clothes too
And maybe few more toys
So, you asked Luffy to take care of him/her until you're back
Now, (Y/B/N) was an active and hyper baby just like his/her father
Although he/she can't do much as a baby, but papa Luffy for sure knows how to take care of this issue
Luffy spent most of the evening playing with (Y/B/N) running around the house
When they were forcefully sat by Usopp
(Y/B/N) started playing with Luffy's face, stretching his cheeks right and left as he/she sat on his lap
"Shishishishi you seem to enjoy playing with my face, don't you my little Nakama" he laughed as he gently pinched (Y/B/N)'s cheeks too
"Oi Luffy, didn't (Y/N) tell you that you need to take (Y/B/N) to sleep by now?" Called Zoro with his sleepy voice
"Aleeeeeh!!! Its already past his/her bedtime!! (Y/N) is going to kill me!!" He said after glancing at the clock and Zoro sighed
With this, he started rushing around trying to clean up (Y/B/N) and get him/her ready
Once he got into (Y/B/N)'s bedroom, he sat there on the duck shaped rug
And Usopp started telling a story, of course Zoro was pulled inside forcefully
The 30 minutes that was supposed to be for storytelling, turned into C-H-A-O-S
The pillows and toys were scattered everywhere
And soon everyone fell on the ground giving up against the sleep
But through the loud snores of Uncle Zoro, Uncle Usopp and Papa Luffy
(Y/B/N) was still awake discovering their faces as if they were his/her new toys
Boredom soon rushed to (Y/B/N) making him/her yawn
Slowly (Y/B/N) crawled towards Luffy and climbed his back
Snuggling into his/her father, Joining him in the dreamland.
When you came back, you went to check on Luffy and (Y/B/N) since the house seemed weirdly quite
Opening the door, you found the two men alongside your husband sleeping soundly on the floor
And you chuckled at the sight of (Y/B/N) sleeping peacefully on his/her dad's back with these beast-like snores echoing around
After putting (Y/B/N) in his/her own bed, with the the help of Sanji, Nami and Robin, you were able to take out the three men to their own beds as well.
You layed next to Luffy and kissed his forehead, he and (Y/B/N) sure had their own funny and chaotic bedtime night❤️
Tumblr media
My dude has a slight experience in dealing with babies tb to water7
But when it comes to his own baby, he'll do his best to be the best dad ever
Even though he might mess it up between time to time
But at the end he succeeds
Today you informed Zoro that you had to work overtime
And won't be able to make it on your baby's bedtime
"Zoro babe, can you please put (Y/B/N) to sleep, I'm going to be late today and won't make it on time" you said in concern
"No worries, I've got this" replied Zoro proudly
"Thank you so much dear" with this you ended the call
"Okay buddy/muffin its time to sleep" Said Zoro as he carried (Y/B/N)
(Y/B/N) always gets happy whenever he/she pulls his/her papa's cheeks
And Zoro won't mind it
He placed (Y/B/N) in his/her bed, but he/she won't let go of Zoro's cheeks
"Alright Alright, its bedtime now, you should let go of my cheeks" he playfully said as he gently loosen (Y/B/N)'s grip
Then he turned on the lullaby toy as well as the bulb on
He also set the ac on a suitable temperature for (Y/B/N) to not end up catching cold
Once Zoro made sure that everything is settled, he walked out of the room
Before turning off the lights, he heard soft sobs
For a second he panicked, thinking that something happened
So he ran back to (Y/B/N)'s bed and saw his/her glossy eyes
"What's the matter buddy/muffin?" He gently asked leaning to (Y/B/N)
(Y/B/N) extended his/her arms whining to get carried
"You want me to cuddle you to sleep?" He asked but was already carrying (Y/BN) in his arms
(Y/B/N) immediately threw himself/herself on Zoro, he wrapped his firm arms around him/her gently
"Alright, Let's sit here and try to sleep, deal?" He said as he sat on the froggy couch next to (Y/B/N)'s bed
Zoro laid back as he gently tapped on (Y/B/N)'s back
And within few minutes (Y/B/N) fell asleep, snoring adorably
Zoro watched him/her until he started yawning himself
Later when you returned home, Zoro was no where to be seen
So you went to check (Y/B/N)'s room thinking that he's still struggling with getting (Y/B/N) to sleep
But once you opened the door, your heart pounded at the sight
Zoro was sleeping deeply on the couch while (Y/B/N) was over his chest sleeping soundly.
Later You took a picture of them and set it as your lock screen wallpaper 💚
Tumblr media
My husband had a traumatic childhood and wasn't treated equally like his siblings
Because his dad was the jerkiest jerk on earth idk if that was even a word
He grew up being hated by the people who were supposed to be his family
Now that he has (Y/B/N), he sure had insecurities about him not being a good dad
But you were always there for him to prove him wrong
And so He'll make sure that his baby will live being loved by his parents
Trusting your reassuring words
You've been going through alot lately
Managing between your stressful duties at your job
And your responsibilities as a Wife and a mother
That was hella too much pressure not just mentally but physically too
You were laying down there in the living room couch after another stressful day at work
Trying as much as you can to get rid of the exhaustion built up inside of you
(Y/B/N) was next to you in his/her baby swing, enjoying the little fight with the pacifier
You glanced at the clock few minutes later to realize that its already (Y/B/N) bedtime
Getting up from your place, your head felt dizzy and you lost balance
Ending up in no one but Sanji's arms
"Honey, what's wrong? Are you feeling sick?" He asked, concern filling his face
"I'm fine sweetie....I'm just a little tired, nothing to worry about" you slide it off with a weak smile
But that didn't convince Sanji, he took (Y/B/N) in his arm, and took your hand with the other
"Your face is pale honey, you need to rest right now"
"But what about (Y/B/N), I haven't -"
"Leave (Y/B/N) on me and go take a warm shower" He said stroking your hair
With that, you immediately went to take a quick shower and Sanji took care of everything
Once he changed and cleaned up (Y/B/N) he straight up walked to your room where (Y/B/N)'s bed was next to your and Sanji's king sized bed
Sanji never liked the idea of letting (Y/B/N) sleep in a room by his/her own
He always wanted him/her to be within his eye reach, and close enough so he can always be there for (Y/B/N) when he/she needs him
Sanji gently climbed to his huge bed and placed (Y/B/N) on his/her tiny pillow between your and Sanji's pillows
And then Sanji layed next (Y/B/N), bringing him/her closer to his chest, providing enough warmth for the baby to feel safe and sleep
(Y/B/N) was enjoying his/her dad's accompany and muffled few sleepy giggles
"Is my Prince/Princess that happy because Papa is sleeping next to him/her?" He smiled as he kissed (Y/B/N)'s forehead
With his soothing voice, Sanji stared softly singing some of (Y/B/N)'s favorite lullabies, playing gently with his/her hair
Until the baby drifited to his/her dream land
By that time, you finished showering and were already listening to Sanji singing behind the door, not wanting to ruin the sleepy atmosphere
Once you noticed the silence, you entered finding Sanji placing (Y/B/N) finally in his/her own bed.
You couldn't be happier than you're now, to have such a considerate and tender husband Like Sanji💙
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v166 · 2 days ago
Hey! 🧡
I saw your request and comission Page and I'd might have something for you
How about the Monster trio with a female lover who is nice, caring, helpful and there when you need her or just to pass boredom and others think she is weak but she is actually pretty strong
Good luck with your requests 😊🧡
I cheer you on🧡🧡
Monster Trio x Reader
Tumblr media
Cute but deadly? What an understatement.
Monster trio with a lover who’s underestimation of power is constant because of how sweet kind and caring she is. She’s always there for him to help out and just to please him because of how dearly she loves him. Who knew something so sweet could have such a deadly bite.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Commentary - Thank you so much for the request and kind words! I hope I’m interpreting your request correctly. I love and adore the idea. <3
Tumblr media
Monkey D. Luffy ★ -
Luffy asked you to join his crew simply because he enjoyed you so much. He loved you as a person which is why he off the bat told you he wanted you on his crew and to marry you someday.
“Isn’t that what someone does when they like someone else a lot?”
Luffy didn’t even realize how ridiculously strong you actually were until after he’d already asked you to join him.
He has an overwhelming urge to always take care of you. So whenever you’re out exploring with everyone and he even sees the slightest bit of tire in you he demands you get on his back and let him carry you around.
You stretch his face a lot. At first you were worried about it, scared it might hurt him, but now it’s one of your favorite things to do.
Luffy loves to show you off.
You felt sad when you found out Luffy couldn’t enjoy water as much as eveyrone else. This resulted in you and him swimming together, or rather you swimming or floating with him latched onto you.
Although he doesn’t fully understand why people mistake you for weak, he loves the shock on their faces when you reveal how strong you are.
Instead of scolding Luffy for his dumb decisions or getting angry you usually partake in them instead. Of course if it’s something seriously dangerous you’ll talk to him but you never take a angry approach with him.
Even though Luffy invited you to join his pirate crew where you’re expected to fight at least a little, he loses his mind when people hurt you. He always believes you’re strong enough to fight for yourself, but when it starts to get dicey or you get hurt he turns extremely angry towards whoever did this to you.
You and Luffy are both very physically affectionate lovers. Which is perfect. Neither of you have any shame when it comes to kissing one another, cuddling, hugging, or even stupid sappy words you share with each in the presence of others.
If Luffy is fishing he’ll want you in his lap. If you’re exploring together he’ll want to hold hands and drag you along. Even when he’s eating he’ll want to be near you, even if it makes things harder to do.
Luffy unconsciously likes to touch you, even when he’s occupied with something else. Most of the time he doesn’t even notice he’s doing it.
You and Luffy are a perfect power couple in many different areas. But fighting wise you both absolutely dominate the field. You almost always fight together, even if it’s completely unnecessary against an opponent one of you could take out in a matter of seconds. You enjoy the fun of fighting together.
Tumblr media
Roronoa Zoro ★ -
Despite your best attempts to stomach the liquor and sake Zoro drinks you just can’t get behind it. He laughs when you take sips of his drink and always end up disliking it.
The same goes for whenever you peck his lips, which you do a lot. He usually has some of the dry liquid on his lips and your face always scrunches up in a way he adores after you pull away.
He loves absolutely loves having your fingers run through his hair and scalp. He never knew or really thought about liking something like that until he met you.
You’re constantly rubbing his shoulders and sores, trying to massage and relax him anyway you can. The poor man is usually under a lot of pressure that he never releases. Very tense.
You also take baths with him to help him relax.
Zoro loves how strong you are and how sweet you are. Most women that he’s met can’t be sweet and soft and also look forward to training with him, working out, fighting, etc.
You’re a huge help to him when it comes to working out. You’re great motivation, know exactly what he needs to hear.
You and Zoro nap together all the time. It’s one of the physical ways he can show affection to you without his crew getting all wound up about him holding hands for example. You both are found sleeping on deck or anywhere in the ship together constantly.
There’s only a few things that get him red in the face with embarrassment and fluster, one of them is when he reciprocates your affection in front of his crew and they tease him for it. For a while he let that get in the way and it was only behind close doors he did that sort of stuff but eventually he got out of the habit.
Now whenever you’re doing stuff he’s right behind you with his head buried in your hair and arms wrapped around you. He loves how warm you are.
Somehow you get more angry and violent when someone hurts Zoro than vise versa. Of course he still becomes beyond pissed when somebody inflicts serious harm on you but your rampage and anger is from another world.
At first when Zoro saw you switch from your nice soft caring personality to an absolute demon from hell it scared him a bit. But now he finds it ungodly attractive how you catch your opponents off guard completely.
You’re one of the only people Zoro would trust going near his swords alone. You have free range on them to do whatever practically. Of course you don’t just do whatever with them, you’re very careful about the sentimental things Zoro has.
Zoro found it very attractive during a fight where you were weaponless and had to use a sword of his. With permission of course. You absolutely destroyed with his blade and he found it strangely alluring.
You and Zoro both fight an equal amount, usually separate fights with one cheering on the other from the sidelines. Zoro cheers silently of course by simply sporting a smug grin at the sight of someone getting completely obliterated by his sweet girlfriend.
Tumblr media
Vinsmoke Sanji ★ -
You’re always in the kitchen right behind Sanji. Or anywhere really. Just basking in his presence while he cooks. He really loves when you do this
Sanji always feeds you when you let him.
You always want to try all his meals that he makes. And even though it’s only happened probably once in all the years, when your tastebuds aren’t the biggest fan you still eat and tell him how delicious it was.
You praise him big time. And I meant seriously big time. Most of the time it’s second nature to you. In any situation at any time he’s being praised by you.
Sanji loves how you have such a sweet side but at the same time a strong powerful independent one. Whenever you’re in a fight of some sort he’s cheering you on and swooning over you.
Ever since he met you, even before you became an item, his relentless flirting with every woman he saw ceased. It wasn’t even that he had to force himself. It was just like the world around him dimed and it was you in the spotlight. He simply is uninterested in anyone else.
Your biggest fan.
Like Zoro he loves having his hair played with.
Sanji loves it when you try to cook. He stands behind you with his chin on your shoulder and arms wrapped around your waist, watching you cook and helping if needed.
You absolutely love lighting Sanjis cigarettes for him. Though you don’t smoke regularly at all you enjoy sharing cigarettes with Sanji too.
You and Sanji both notoriously slow dance on the deck most nights for hours.
He probably never would have guessed that he’d be so head of heels for a woman who’s the more dominant one in the relationship. Sanji usually preferred taking the lead and just treating a woman like a real gentlemen. But a new part of him loves how overpowering you are.
You are very aware that Sanji is more suited for some fights than you, and overall stronger more than likely. But you still always take the fight for him. It’s not like if you were hurt or not up for it that Sanji wouldn’t fight, but you’re always quick to jump in front of him and steal the fight for him.
You probably fight more than Sanji.
Sanji really likes how outside of fighting you’re a complete angel to him. Usually people with your power and rage don’t have an off switch for their behavior and personality when they’re not fighting. But you do. You’re absolutely perfect.
Tumblr media
I didn’t think I would enjoy writing head cannons and little blurbs like this as much as I did. I’m already getting ideas for future ones that I’d love to make. In the mean time though keep them coming! These are usually quick and easy for me to make and enjoy. Hopefully you like them as much as I did!
Tumblr media
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ilygetou · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing 𓏲 𓏲 roronoa zoro x fem! bimbo! reader
content + warning 𓏲 𓏲 dacryphilia, creampie, semi-public sex, reader is very dumb & clingy, attempts of dirty talk, unprotected sex, more like a quickie, slight tummy bulge, hints of size kink, short n‘ sweet.
note 𓏲 𓏲 zoro‘s type is definitely strong but dumb girls 🤭
it was by chance that you got to meet zoro, it‘s actually quite funny but embarrassing for the Pirate.
he was lost.
& you happened to be there, so he asked you for directions but you didn't leave him alone after that.
clinging onto him like some lost kid.
Zoro was obviously annoyed but decided to remain silent. he has no interest in you but you don't seem to get that!
Zoro has no time to be playing around with women, the only person who would do that is that dumb cook, Sanji.
"zorooo" you kept whining & whining his name while zoro tried his hard to ignore, so he could regroup with luffy & the others.
you were just about to start your whining again but this time zoro had cut you off.
"shut the hell up! can‘t ya‘ see that i‘m trying to do something important? quit calling my name like that! it‘s so fucking annoying!" you were shocked from zoro‘s sudden outburst that you just stood there, eyes widened, staring at him.
Zoro clicked his tongue & started walking away.
you immediately started catching up, "i don‘t get it? what‘s so important? you‘re just walking anywhere" zoro just clenches his fists, trying his best to not let out another tantrum.
&...you‘re back to whining & complaining.
zoro suddenly stops in his tracks..."you! what‘s so hard about understanding that i don‘t want you around me? just leave me alone!" once you heard zoro‘s last 4 words tears started bursting out of your eyes.
"zorooo!" you suddenly threw yourself at zoro & hugged him so tight, crying on his chest.
"quit clinging onto me like that! are ya‘ kid!?" you looked up to zoro, tears in the corner of your eyes, "but zoro...i like you!" your breasts were pressed against zoro, making it harder for the pirate to look at you.
"ya‘ like me? quit saying stupid things!" you buried your face on zoro‘s chest, not letting go.
"listen ‘m in a hurry, i don‘t have time for this!" zoro & the others have just stopped at this island, so he actually have so much time to spare.
you once again look up at zoro mascara running down your face & a pout covering your face, zoro will not lie, you actually looked kinda good like this.
zoro was getting hard just from your face & breasts.
fuck it. his dick wins, wait no. you win.
zoro drags you into an empty hallway, causing you to let out a gasp, "listen i don‘t know what part of leave me alone ya‘ don‘t get but i guess i‘ll have to fuck those words into your little dumb brain," his words were sent straight to your core.
a blush was spread across your face & you immediately tried to cover it with your hands.
"oh?" zoro smirks as he saw you hide your face, "you‘re shy now? didn‘t see ya‘ even slightly embarrassed when ya‘ said ya‘ like me," zoro pinned you against the wall & started groping your breasts, his thumbs occasionally rubbing your nipples since you weren‘t wearing a bra.
"anyways ‘m gonna make this fast ‘m in a hurry after all," zoro‘s cock sprung out, his tip covered with pre-cum. zoro started rubbing his cock on your clothed pussy from under that short skirt of yours.
he kept sliding his dick on your clothed pussy, until he started letting out low grunts from the feeling.
zoro slowly moved your panties to the side & positioned his cock at your entrance, "you‘re already dripping, ‘don‘t think i‘ll have to prep ya‘ right?" you were nodding your head repeatedly, too cock drunk to think.
"mhm! just fuck me already!" zoro instantly slammed his hips against yours, his cock already so deep into your warm cunt.
zoro started off with rough thrusts which were to your liking, with every thrust you would let out low moans & whimpers, “s-shut up! are ya’ trying to get us caught?” your walls clenched around zoro’s length making him let out a chocked moan, “argh...! i-is the thought of getting caught excites ya’?” your juices were coating zoro‘s dick with every thrust he makes. 
“z-zorooo...’need more..!” your moans were getting higher making zoro pull you into a kiss, moving his hips at a rapid speed, making the tip of his dick hit your g-spot over & over again. 
tears were threatening to fall from your eyes, once zoro pull out of the kiss you both were breathing heavily, but zoro’s thrusts remained the same, fast & rough. 
the tip of zoro’s dick created a small bump that was visible on your tummy, “s-shit ‘think ‘m close...” zoro fastened his thrusts making you roll your eyes to the back of your head, with your mouth wide open. 
“z-zoroo please cum inside me! ‘want your cum zorooo..!” these words were enough for zoro to spill hit hot semen inside of your abused hole, his thick cum was filling you up.
you immediately came right after zoro, completely milking his cock with your cum. 
once zoro pulled out his cum started oozing out of your cunt, making the swordsman bring two fingers & push them inside of you.
"don‘t waste any of cum, it‘s not everyday you‘d get filled up with my semen," or so you thought, cause after this incident zoro let you follow him freely, not complaining or whining about it.
even if you did start to get annoying with your whining & clinginess, he‘ll just have to fuck you & fill you up with his cum till you shut up. <3
Tumblr media
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aidonoo · 2 days ago
oddly enough, ace is first to wake up this morning. sunlight creeping in through the blinds, filling your shared bedroom with a warm glow. as he opens his eyes a gentle sigh crosses his lips at the sight of you still sleeping in his arms. for a second, he thinks you look almost like an angel with the white satin bedsheets covering your body and the morning light illuminating your face. and he just lies there, trying to keep his breathing relaxed, watching you sleep, anticipating eagerly for you to wake up, to see your beautiful eyes look at him. his hand gently strokes your hair, slowly moving it aside to reveal your neck so he can bury his nose in the crook of your neck and breathe in your scent. you smile a little at his ministrations, trying to not give away that you’ve woken up. he pulls his face away and resumes stroking your hair as his eyes longingly and lovingly observe every single motion on your face. he knows you’re awake by the way the corners of your lips slightly curl up into a soft smile. and he keeps watching. even after years of being together, he still finds himself mesmerized by your beauty as if it’s the first time he sees you.
‘stop staring at me while i sleep, it’s creepy’, you tease, trying to fake a pout, eyes still closed.
‘you made me like this, little one…’, he whispers, you can feel his face coming closer to yours, '…so lovesick that i miss you even when you’re sleeping in my arms’, lips inches away from yours 'now open those pretty eyes for me'
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feral-pansexual · a day ago
You found yourself waking up next to Shanks almost every morning during his stay at Windmill Village. Either in your bed or his aboard his ship, it wasn't hard for the crew to find their captain now that there were only two locations to search.
Before his incident with the Sea Monster, he would cradle you gently against his chest, one hand smoothing against your scalp while the other anchored you to him at the small of your back. Well, that's how you both feel asleep anyway; Shanks' hand had a habit of slipping down as you slept, and you often awoke with it splayed across your hip.
After he lost his arm, he preferred to sleep with you laying on top of him. His hand kept you there, grip gentle on your waist. You always woke up with your head tucked beneath his chin, his breath barely ghosting past your hair. His hand didn't travel in his sleep now, instead absentmindedly fisting the fabric of your shirt as he blissfully snored away.
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butterfluffy · 2 days ago
Thank you so much for “don’t ignore me” l loved it so much. I hope you don’t mind me putting in another Law x female reader request. Please but this time reader being a secret nerd. Law doesn’t find out until he learns that she bought the last rare Sora comic he was looking for. Thank you!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
“geeky couple”
⠀⠀ੈ♡˳· thanks to a small accident, you and your lover, law, finally revealed to each other that you are geeks who are a huge fan of sora, warrior of the sea.
⠀⠀➧ fluff | trafalgar law × f!reader | oneshot
⠀⠀➧ warnings — none, other than swearing...! mistakes may be present though.. so do ignore them, thanks!
⠀⠀➧ requests are closed until further notice!
⠀⠀꒰ 🍨 ꒱ notes: pfft, what a nerd, a handsome nerd, right, @only1nycsweetie ?
Tumblr media
Arriving home after hours of shopping, you sighed, holding a tote bag that has what you bought—a single item that took you hours to find, a rare edition of your favorite comic book ever since you were a child, which is Sora, Warrior of The Sea.
It was a hard battle in getting it, but you luckily won, keeping your sacred book hidden from your lover, Law, in your room. Fearing that he'll laugh at you for collecting them as a fully grown woman.
“..Alright, I'll read you tomorrow, since Law won't be home by that time, so for now, just stay there, okay?” You muttered, talking to the comic book that is still sealed, sparkling clean as you placed it back on your hidden shrine for the said series.
“See you tomorrow, Sor—” “Y/n-ya, what are you doing?”
About to bid your good-bye to the comic book, you were interrupted by your boyfriend, Law, who suddenly barged in, looking so drained before his eyes landed on your shrine.
“L-L-L-Law, fuck..!!!” You screeched, stammering and fumbling as you tried to hide your secret obsession over the comic, well, tried.
You were too late. Law had already saw it, and as if magically, his drained self was rejuvenated. Eyes widened, and sparling at your collection. Not even wasting his time and immediately dashing to you as if he was a little boy who saw a toy he wants.
“I-Is that an entire shrine of Sora, Warrior of The Sea!?? And—And that! It's one of the rare edition of the comic! I was searching for it a while ago, but had no luck.. Where did you find it, Y/n-ya!?” Law gasps, hand shakily reaching out to the comic book you just bought, his reaction catching you off guard..
“You... You aren't weirded out by my collection? And.. You know Sora?” You muttered, blinking as Law nodded as an answer. Holding the book close to his chest.
“..No hiding it anymore, yeah. I'm a fan of Sora, and seems like you are too.” He says with a small cough, clearing his throat as he calmed himself, returning the book to the shrine.
“Yeah.” Scratching your nape bashfully while you muttered your answer, silence then took over the room you two are in.
Breaking the silence, you then took your newly bought comic book and peeled the seal off before sitting on your bed, patting the space beside you, calling Law.
“Hey, Law. Come here if you wanna read Sora's adventures with me.” You said with a smile, catching your lover's lips tug up, smiling as he crawled on the bed, sitting beside you.
“We're such a geeky couple, aren't we?” Law mentions with a chuckle as you nod, leaning your head on his shoulder as you two started reading the book with joy and love in your eyes, strengthening your bond with you lover..
Tumblr media
© butterfluffy 2022
Tumblr media
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cyborg-franky · 16 hours ago
Hey, sorry If I’m boring you but I wanted to request a law or Luffy or any character you would like to have an s/o(fem) that has really long curly hair. I wonder how they would react to this and what would they do.? I’m sorry if im being a bothersome. And if you are not taking any request.
You could never bore me darling and never bothersome. I hope you enjoy <3 I did make this GN I'm sorry!
Tumblr media
He’s a fan of soft things, look how cuddly he gets with Bepo.
Not one for words but you can tell how much Law loves your hair because when it’s just you and him he leans his head against yours, idly playing with the curly strands, feeling them between his fingers with a happy hum.
He’ll say it’s annoying and he hates it in his face when he spoons you in bed but really? He spends hours unable to sleep and just running his fingers through it, letting the texture calm him.
Law also likes to watch it bounce when he gently pulls it taut.
Tumblr media
Grabs handfuls and rubs his face in the soft curls.
He likes to pull them [sometimes too hard, an accident though] and watches them spring back to shape.
He’s always pouty when your hair gets wet and they vanish. 
You’ve had to tell him so many times that when your hair is dry they will be back.
He always wants to brush your hair but he’s a little rough.
Likes watching when people like Nami and Robin braid it.
UNDERCUT - Ace - Marco - Corazon.
Tumblr media
He’s forever worried he will drop his cigarette in the curls and set them on fire.
He likes to nuzzle into the curls, feeling how soft they are.
He’s another one who likes to watch them spring back into shape.
Corazon likes to sit there and brush your hair as you read or just close your eyes and let him.
It helps to calm his nerves and he could do it for hours.
Just watching your curly hair cascade over his hands.
Tumblr media
He stares at your curly long hair and it takes everything in his human brain to tell his zoan side that it’s not a good idea to collect the strands for a nest.
Secretly wishes he could turn into a small bird and sleep in the nest of hair.
Likes to idly play with it, sometimes getting his fingers tangled, a fan of twirling strands around his fingers.
Always finds it funny when you get caught in the rain and lose the curls.
The amount of people who put your hair over his head to see what he’d look like with long hair since when he was a teenager his hair was curly.
Tumblr media
Will sometimes turn up the humidity in a room to watch as your hair expands.
Is a little shit about it.
He, however, loves it, and will always run his hands through it.
He might not seem it but he likes to braid it, he likes it when you make it even curlier. 
When he doesn’t want to deal with people and is a little done with socializing he’ll bury his face in the curls and just, nap and hide.
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ahomine-chi · 2 days ago
Hello, I hope you are well.
I just discovered the blog and I think it's great :D
I really liked your Pregnant reader HC's and wanted to ask if you could do this with my favorite OP boys Katakuri, Ace and Killer?  But only if you want it or feel like it.
I wish you lots of success and great days ;D
A/N: how are you sweetheart? i'm really glad you like it ♡
Tumblr media
♡ characters: Katakuri, Killer and Ace
♡ warnings: none just fluff
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Katakuri is one of the most affectionate and cute partners there is. Not counting his pirate duties, katakuri's life is to make you happy
When you told him you were pregnant he had two reactions: first freeze and not think about anything for minutes and then kneel in front of you and hold your belly while thanking you
He always wanted to have a family to call his own, with you by his side and several children running and calling for both
He's going to be extremely protective to an absurd level. Nothing exactly nothing can harm you and the baby.
He'll caress your belly and softly hum his donut song when you two are alone
He just loves you so much and now that he's having a baby with you he's the happiest man alive
When you go into giving birth he will be calm after all he has seen it happen. He will be by your side all the time and when he holds the little baby in his arms, Katakuri will cry saying how much he loves both
Tumblr media
Ace is another lover who would do anything to see you happy
Honestly when you told him you are pregnant his mind would freeze and for some time he would think with his insecure mind that he is not worthy enough to be a father
But if you put his hands on your belly and told him how amazing he is, Ace would cry and promise to protect you and the baby forever.
He just wants to be loved and having a family with you is the greatest proof of love for him. That's why Ace goes every day to kiss your belly and thank you
He will definitely ask Marco for help because he has no idea how to handle a pregnancy and will be extremely protective and passionate.
Also a crybaby, will cry from the moment the baby kicks for the first time until the day of birth
At the time of birth he will probably cry and scream more than you. But when the little baby is born this man will give the biggest smile of pride and love as he kisses your forehead
Tumblr media
Killer is a careful and observant partner. Most likely he will notice your pregnancy symptoms and talk to you about
After you take the test and see that you are pregnant he will be silent for a moment after all the pirate life is not easy to have a baby. But he has you and the crew by his side so he will hug you and speak kind words about how much he loves you.
He will be even more careful and affectionate with you. He will avoid putting you at risk and if he can, he won't even let you get out of bed alone
In the moments alone he will remove the mask and kiss your belly leaving several lipstick marks and compliments for your baby
He will want to help you all the time, brush your hair, bathe you, put cream on your belly
When your baby kicks for the first time, he'll look at you in surprise and spend the rest of the night hugging your belly and whispering how much he loves you both
And when the baby is finally born he will hug you and the little being and even with the mask over his face you know that tears are rolling down his eyes
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simpingforoldman · a day ago
First off, loved your Fairy tale series with Mihawk! I could read that one over and over again. Please do a headcanon with Mihawk reacting to Doflamingo trying to flirt with his s/o if you're up for it?
hi anon ! thank you so much, here you go!!
Dracule Mihawk
Tumblr media
-you and Mihawk were recently together, and your relationship was secret: you were a marine and having an affair with a shichibukai was not well seen, plus they could target you. It didn't bother you, also because like Mihawk you have always been a reserved person.
-as a marine, you attended shichibukai meetings. Nothing in particular, you were generally on the sidelines watching, plus you had the chance to look at your beautiful boyfriend so you didn't have to complain.
-one day, one of the shichibukai, Doflamingo, decided to bother you. You never liked him, too snooty and treated everyone as if they were inferior to him, especially lower-ranking Marines like you.
-so when he pointed at you and came at you, it felt very strange. You found yourself a few centimeters from his face (he had to lower himself to get to your level), looking at the smug smile of someone who considers himself superior to all, and an arm resting on your shoulders.
-"Do you have a boyfriend, y \ n?" he asks immediately, you nod at the question knowing that in any case it would bother you. And in fact, she begins to tell you that whoever you had as a boyfriend could certainly not be his equal.
-you try in vain to wriggle out while Doflamingo continues to filter with you ("even this shitty robe is cool when you wear it" and stuff like that). you looked at Mihawk, who had just arrived at the meeting, and you immediately noticed a different light in his eyes: was he annoyed? you didn't think he could be jealous.
-immediately, you found yourself in Mihawk's arms. You didn't understand how it happened but now you feel safe, so much so that you sink your face into his fitness torso.
-"if you try to touch her again, I won't hesitate to stick my sword into your body" you hear your boyfriend's voice vibrating through his chest.
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jadedrrose · 2 days ago
hello!! I have a request for u if u don't mind! And yes LAW centered!!! I just love very much our grumpy boy ;-;
So it's a headcanon but you can write it however you want!
How do you think this introvert right here *points to Law* would act with his s/o once they're "comfortable enough" with them? cuz I feel like his s/o specifically would have some kind of "privileges" kind of like with Bepo and a somehow a "different treatment"?? if you know what I mean (◕દ◕) like hold his sword when he needs both hands or something along those lines. Like pure fluff stupid couple things that he would do VERY discreetly cus he has a reputation to uphold (¬_¬).
I love this so much lol. I hate when people see things like this and say Law would absolutely not be romantic in any way possible, like that’s not what I’m asking for!!! Besides I totally think that if he has a soft spot for Bepo, he could have one for a partner too.
Warnings: Mostly none. One headcanon has to do with ass-smacking but in a funny way, not smutty in the slightest.
Tumblr media
• I always like to imagine that reader knows Law from pre time-skip, because let’s be honest: it would take this man quite some time to get comfortable, convincing himself he won’t lose you just because he loves you, and that it’s okay.
• So once he is comfortable, I think pre time- skip Law would like to show you off almost. Less in a doing suggestive things in public way, more in a “that’s MY girlfriend and she’s fucking hot. Nobody can have her but me.” way, like you could just be standing there looking menacing, and he’d be like “that’s my girl.” with a little smirk on his face.
• Post time skip Law would maybe take a similar approach, but keep it more private at the same time. It would be something more subtle, like maybe you have a matching tattoo or something like that, and if anyone asks he’d just say “yeah, it’s for me ‘cause she’s mine. What about it?” And leave it at that.
• But as far as special privileges go, he’d totally let you cuddle with him when you’re alone in bed together. He probably wouldn’t initiate it, but he wouldn’t complain if you curled up against him, with your arms around him.
• When you’re just around the crew and no strangers, he may be open to you holding his hand, or at least just having it resting on top of his. He’d also allow small kisses on his cheeks but no lip kissing, it’s too intimate to do in front of anyone for him. (If he’s a little drunk he’d totally let you sit on his lap and put a hand on your thigh). But he knows his crew wouldn’t judge him and would probably be very happy that he found you, ‘cause otherwise he’d be in a bad mood more often.
• On a more “funny” note, pre time-skip Law would 100% smack your ass randomly just to catch you off guard and make you mad and/or yell. It’s cute to him. Post skip Law may do this, but not quite as often.
• Honestly, I feel like as long as the two of you are alone, Law would be pretty open to many things. Now he wouldn’t baby-talk you, be overly romantic or anything like that. But he’d still kiss you, hug you, talk in a much more kind tone, etc.
• Also he 100% would let you wear his hat. No questions asked. Possibly in public, too.
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kazenomegaminowanpisu · a day ago
Op boys reacting to their s/o pushing them away after a kiss.
Warning:SFW, slight fluff, Some words, (Some mistakes)
Feat: Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Law, Kid
Tumblr media
—luffy will surprised when you push him away.
—"Wait y/n you don't like it?" He said while pouting.
—You pretend to look away. But it seemed that Luffy want more. Luffy Hug you tight and start showering you with kisses. "can I have some more?!"
—Will be emotional.
—"what? Did I did something wrong?"
—You look at him with sharp gaze. He felt that his heart was tearing up into pieces. "ahhh!! y/n don't like me anymore!!!" You got surprised when Sanji hug you tight.
—"I promise next time I'll do better" he said while crying. But still laughing at his reaction.
—Zoro will be like "Wait did I forgot to brush my teeth" he said while trying figure out the smell of his breath.
—You can't endure the laughter. And you totally burst into laughter. "What the" Zoro got surprised.
—zoro was tomato red. "Stop it!" Still laughing.
—law will be serious as this emoji😐.
—He was surprised when you pushed him away. "Are you trying to trick me with you pranks again?"
—You ignore him. Law let out sigh before he start walking away from you. You got surprised and start following him.
—Kid will get irritated. Will get jealous at the same time.
—"what's wrong?" You ignore him. Kid lost it and he inclined you into the wall. "Shorty tell me why?"
—You cupped his cheeks and pressed a kiss on his nose before you Walk away. You leave him speechless and stunned.
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Don’t you know it’s rude?
Back again with some goofy stuff with Ace 👀 
While having a dinner party with Whitebeard’s favorite sons, you notice Ace’s plate looks much tastier than your own.
Tumblr media
You're used to Ace falling asleep mid-meals and when everyone gets together, stopping mid-chew or mid fork lift.  Whatever Thatch had done for him today was unfair compared to what you were eating - everyone had the same spread with extras to yank from as they pleased, but the meat on Ace's plate just looked... marbleized better. If there were different cuts of meat, Ace got the more expensive one.
You gestured to Marco next to you, "look at that shit, he's got -" you threw your hands up, before crossing your arms with a huff. "Matchstick over there has the literal primest cut of meat, and we have... lack thereof." Marco shrugs, continuing to eat, reaching over the table and yoinking a piece of meat straight from Ace's plate. "Or you could stop complaining and just take some, yoi."
Ace wakes up and continues eating as if nothing happened, barely noting that a piece of his food is gone. You wrinkle your nose, continuing your own munching, the conversation still roaring around you as you watch...
And you watch...
And you watch...
And right back to sleep.
It was incredible that despite how loud everyone was, and how delicious the food was, he could just pass right out mid-conversation. You stood up to get yourself slightly better leverage and leaned over to snatch at a piece of meat that he hadn't attempted to pick up yet. It was funny, but your heart was pounding away in your ears. Before you could quite get a grip on the piece of meat, Ace's fork stabbed it right between your grasp, flames licking at his fingers.
"Now now darlin', hasn't anyone ever told you it's rude to steal a man's food?"
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childofblackmaria · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
♡ DILFS DILFS DILFS: caught masturbating w/ Garp & afab!reader
a/n: in light of Garp with the Wano glow up, a fic for me (i'm getting good at that "writing for me" thing) and also for @tardiiart who never fails to give me the horniest brainrot. i'm merely a little cat, smashing the keyboard to put their ideas into a full blown fic. can't write a Garp fic without dedicating it to @rowan-rites so please consider this my humble gift (´,,•ω•,,)♡
contains: afab!reader (no pronouns, 'cunt' used once to describe genitals), masturbation and reader getting caught doing so, dirty talk, fingering, overstimulation
word count: 1.5k
Tumblr media
You hump that poor pillow as if your life depends on it. 
It’s been weeks now since Garp has been gone, leaving you alone and dry in this small house. He was a busy and high ranking marine, yes, and he had grandkids somewhere in the East Blue which he had abandoned with some mountain bandits and which he visited every few months, sure. But when was it your turn to crawl into his big arms again and let him show you how much he missed you? 
Your last letter remained unanswered and you haven’t been able to reach him via the transponder snail either, hoping you could at least hear his voice for a bit – by now the two of you were champs when it came to phone sex, probably much to the horror of Garp’s subordinates who had to listen to the whole thing. Your man’s voice was everything but subtle when he came with a groan over some important documents probably, pushed over the edge by your whispered sins and the things you wanted to do with him once he was back home. 
Oh, how you wished he were here with you right now. That pillow was nothing compared to edging on Garp’s big thighs, his hand around your throat as he made you beg, your sweet mewls his favorite sounds. He was a tease, his physical strength beyond measure, easily tossing and turning around as he wished but always making sure you came first, if not multiple times before him. A cock his size needed good preparation anyway; you’ll never forget the triumphant feeling when you were able to take him to the base for the first time, all for the prize of not being able to walk for three days afterwards.
“Garp… Garp, I–”
You let out a frustrated groan, chasing that orgasm but never fully getting there; as if your own body was laughing at your desperate attempts to replace Garp’s thick cock with your mere fingers and a pillow. With your face down and your ass up you reach for the bottom drawer of your nightstand, fumbling around for a toy that could help you out of your misery, your juices running down the inside of your thighs.
“My, my… what a nice view.”
You shriek and almost fall off the bed, startled by the rumbling laugh of the intruder leaning in the doorframe, until you realize it’s your one and only, finally home. Garp is quick to catch you, an arm wrapped around your waist as he maneuvers you back to bed again, sitting down next to you. 
“You’re home! You’re finally home! But when did you–” 
You interrupt your own sentence by kissing him on the lips, your arms wrapped around his neck. If this was a dream, you wanted to make every second of it count, but from the way his chest vibrates with every laugh and from how his fingers dig into your flesh, pulling you closer, you know that this is the sweet, sweet reality. Your fingers run through his black hair which slowly whitens on the sides, only making him more desirable than ever, and you let out a soft moan when his calloused hands wander underneath your shirt, teasing your stiff nipples.
“I missed you so much, darling”, he coos and steals another kiss from you, his tongue seeking yours, smiling against your lips when he feels you sinking into the kiss with your eyes closed. You felt dizzy from him, his scent, but also from the aching arousal between your legs that fully burned up again under his touch, greedy for more.
“How long have you been standing there?”, you ask breathless, your hand resting on his broad chest. He was wearing one of those tropical shirts again you got him for his birthday, the buttons holding onto for dear life whenever he stretched or flexed his muscles.
“Long enough to see you need a helping hand…” 
And just like that Garp grabs you and bends you over his lap, your surprised gasp quickly turning into a sweet mewl the moment he spreads your cheeks apart to get a better view at the dripping mess you’ve made of yourself. One hand is gently holding you down at the back of your neck while his other dips into your wetness, two of his plump fingers sliding in with ease. You arch your back and wiggle your hips for more friction, but he doesn’t move yet, enjoying the feeling of your walls clenching around his fingers as you whimper frustrated into the bedsheets.
“Let me take care of you, okay? Just be good…”, he growls and, much to your delight, adds a third finger before he finally starts pushing in and out of you, lewd sounds of your core filling the room. You were wet to begin with, but his thick fingers stretching you wide open only added to that, your juices running down his hands after a few pumps already. The additional friction of your clit rubbing against his thigh made it even more pleasurable and you cry out in joy, muffled by his hand now covering half of your face slightly. 
You open your mouth wide for him, letting his fingers slip between your lips as you start sucking on them, greedy, your tongue curling around them to show your lover how much you’ve missed him. Your whole body felt like it was on fire, edging on your climax like you did before, only much more intensely this time. Garp leans down to you, his breath hot against your ear as he whispers with a raspy voice.
“You’re so wet for me, baby, so tight… you missed my cock, hm? I’ll fuck you properly, I promise, but first I need you to cum for me, will you? Show me how good you are, okay?”
At this point you’re only sobbing and drooling all over his fingers as you cum violently under his touch, your whole body trembling in his lap as if you were merely a little toy, used to his own delight. Your orgasm lasts a long time, huge waves crashing over you as you curl your toes and grip the sheets until the white of your knuckles show, all under Garp’s constant praise. You cry out loud once he removes his fingers, already grieving the loss of them, only to find yourself flipped around and being pulled into a seating position in Garp’s lap, your back resting against his broad chest.
While you’re still catching your breath, he makes you spread your legs wide open, his throbbing cock rubbing between your ass cheeks through his pants and you shiver, so hungry for him. He muffles your needy mewls with another kiss as he twists and turns you around as he pleases, growling when you grind against him, not willing to leave him the upper hand just yet. 
But Garp had other plans and one of them was to make you count out loud the amount of times he made you cum before you could have his cock. You watch his fingers disappear in your cunt again as he kisses down your neck, and you whimper when he curls them up slightly to hit your sweet spot. Still sensitive from your orgasm prior all you can do is cling onto his arm and let the high rush over you one more time, a shaky “two” falling off your lips, another number quickly added when he keeps fingerfucking you through your orgasm and charms another one out of you, your cries of pleasure only engaging him more.
“Count to five and you can have my cock, yes love?” 
Unable to form any words, all you can do is nod weakly, your cheeks flushed and your chest heaving, covered with a thin sheen of sweat. Your whole body felt as if it was floating into higher spheres. This was all you craved for the last weeks, to melt in his arms while he fucks you until you see stars, no, whole galaxies as he fills you up completely. Your fingers cling onto his arm as he continues shoving almost his whole fist inside, only his thumb outside rubbing over your poor clit, the sensation of it making you blank. 
“Want me to stop?” 
Garp holds still for a moment, giving you a second to breathe and kiss away the tears pricking in the corner of your eyes as he hums against your skin. You smile about the unexpected softness of it and lean in for another kiss, before you shake your head and guide his free hand to your neck, showing him how to choke you the right way while you twitch underneath his fingers buried inside of you.
“Still two more until you’ll fuck me sore, right?”
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laawlesss · a day ago
;; As the sun sets ..
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— ;; minific monday! a oneshot every monday, usually under 5k words.. (..usually..)
>> in which a swordsman helps you see the sunset from a new point of view.
; words ? ; 3.1k.
; warnings ? ; none.
; genre ? ; fluff, slight comfort.
; request ? ; yes.
; pairing ? ; zoro x gender neutral reader.
; notes ; no mention of pronouns or y/n , zoro being his usual oblivious self.
   The deck of the Thousand Sunny was warm, having soaked up the prevalent rays of the sun for hours. The wood retained the warmth and fed it into your cold body as you sat near the bow, your eyes closed, listening to the distant caws of birds and the hearty winds that filled the sails. The day was drawing to a close, and the uncommonly gentle lapping of the waves against the hull was helping to lure your heavy eyes shut. It had been a calm day, surprisingly, with your next island still a ways away. Of course Luffy had managed to stir up some trouble, but Nami eventually knocked him out of it, telling him off about how she wanted to have just one quiet day. 
Sanji had spent the day checking the stores and preparing light meals, delicious and filling. He’d bickered with Zoro about some nonsense, eventually earning a sharp scolding from the navigator as well. You’d only exchanged an amused smile with Robin, before leaning back in your chair to take your second nap of the day. Your heart was warmed not only by the sun, but by your close friends that milled around you, carrying on with unimportant tasks to keep themselves occupied.
The day went by quickly, no doubt because of your peaceful naps, and now as you shifted to lay out on the deck, your eyes grew heavy purely from comfort, and not from lack of sleep. It wasn’t every day that you were able to rest so much, your adventures and chaotic moments hadn’t seemed to cease ever since you joined up with the infamous Straw Hat Pirates, but you loved it nonetheless. You had gotten so used to the raucous chatter and amiable duels that you couldn’t imagine life without it. Even the thought of a night without falling asleep to Brook’s elegant violin sent a woeful shudder down your spine. This ship was your home.
The wide expanse of the sky above the sea was beginning to tinge with purples and extravagant pinks, signaling the soon rise of the moon. The faintest stars began to appear, and your half-lidded eyes were glued onto them in amazement. No matter how many times you’d seen the sunset while at sea, it left you awestruck every time. The horizon tinged with beautiful colors all around the Sunny, casting its excellent craftsmanship in shades of deep hues. If only you were Luffy, and could safely make your way up onto the lion’s head at the front of the ship, you were sure the view would be remarkable.
Your thoughts continued to wander in slow, lazy circles, and soon the sound of Brook’s violin filled your ears. When had he started to play? You were so caught up in your mind you hadn’t noticed. Slipping back out of your daydreams, you heard Robin and Nami bid their good nights and make their way to the women’s quarters. You’d join them soon enough, but for now, you were content. Your back soaked up what was left of the sun’s heat from the deck beneath you, your chest rising and falling in slow, deep breaths. It was times like these, peaceful times, that made you all too glad you’d decided to become a pirate.
A scuffle of boots was heard to your right, but you didn’t bother to turn your head and look. A clink of swords gave away the identity of the shipmate, and you greeted him with a soft, “Hi, Zoro.” The man said nothing, only grunting in response, before settling down next to you. He unhooked the three sheaths from his hip, and rested those alongside him, before mimicking your position and laying back beside you. You didn’t turn your head to question him, he was always laying down in unusual places to nap around the ship, you were probably just in one of his regular spots. The slow rise and fall of his chest soon matched yours, and you weren’t sure if it was unconscious or intentional.
“Didn’t think you were a stargazer.” You piped up, breaking the comfortable silence after a few long moments. Rolling your head to the side to look at him, your eyes took in his own closed ones, and he seemed to be asleep. Waiting for a second to see if he was truly asleep, you took the time to admire his features, angled and sharp, usually tense but for now they were perfectly relaxed. He had folded his strong arms under his head, supporting his neck, and the bright colors of the sky faintly reflected across his face, nearly giving him the appearance of a masterful painting. One leg was splayed out, while the other was bent at the knee, his lips slightly parted as he exhaled.
Shifting your head back, you didn’t want to be caught staring. Your heart had leapt into your throat at the sight of him, hardly a foot away from you. The feelings you’d done your best to repress were shoving their way back up, decidedly at the forefront of your mind as they became the only thing you could think about. It had been about a year since you’d joined the crew, and you’d faced your share of hardships. Throughout the thick of it, though, everyone had been there to support you, even the harsh-seeming swordsman that rested at your side. You’d developed a bit of a crush on the man, admiring his strength and tenacity in battle. It amused you, the way he fought with the blonde cook, and fell asleep anywhere and everywhere, causing your heart to pound a bit harder than normal when he’d asked you if you wanted to train with him a few months prior. You’d accepted his offer, of course, and had become fast close friends, but you were sure he was entirely oblivious to what you felt for him. Even now, your heart had begun to beat rapidly, and you prayed that he couldn’t hear it.
“There’s a better view on the lion.” His words broke you out of your dizzying thoughts, his voice slightly raspy from unuse. He had opened his unscarred eye, and turned to look at you, no doubt having watched you have your small crisis. You swallowed harshly, taking a deep breath and forcing your feelings down. You could deal with them later. He was just a friend, one you weren’t going to risk losing. He was too precious to you.
“Maybe so, but I can’t get up there. I’m not stretchy like Luffy.” Sighing, you closed your eyes, pouting slightly that you couldn’t get up to the affectionately titled ‘Captain’s Spot’. You were quite nimble, but even your agility couldn’t get you that high. It was odd, envying your captain’s powers and his recklessness that allowed him to discover such places. “Even if I were, I wouldn’t risk falling into the sea. The steps only go up so far, and I can’t get up over the back of the head.” You shrugged, leaning your head back against the sturdy wood of the deck. Besides, here was plenty. There was still warmth to covet, and your view of the sky was only slightly inhibited by the large ship masts.
It was quiet again, save for Brook’s playing, then Zoro broke the air again. “I can take you.” You opened an eye to see him pushed up onto one elbow, his gaze striking and sending a flurry of butterflies rushing to your stomach. It was hypnotizing, the radiant colors of the sunset reflecting off of his tanned skin and sparkling earrings. Your breath caught in your throat, and it took you a second to recover. Was he serious?
“C’mon.” He grunted, seeming annoyed by your lack of words, but you knew that was just how he was. The hostility his tone sometimes gave off was just a facade, something he’d developed a habit of. He meant nothing by the rude sighs and huffs. The green-haired man pushed himself up, moving his swords to rest by the mast. His footsteps were heavy on the thick wood, and he turned to you to make sure you were following.
Scrambling quickly to your feet, you winced at the slight ache in your legs from laying for so long. Casting a glance behind you, you noticed that the main deck was mostly empty, only a small light from the kitchen as Sanji was likely cleaning up. Brook was sitting on the swing on the lawn deck, happily playing his gentle, soothing tune. Waves crashed against the sides, pushing the Sunny along to her next destination. Everyone else must have turned in, as you noticed a distinct lack of voices. Turning back to the impatient swordsman, you caught up with his long strides, stepping past the helm. He quickly scaled the small staircase leading to the back of the lion’s head, waiting for you to join him.
“Okay, we’re here, how do I-“ You were cut off by Zoro wrapping a strong arm around your waist, and lifting you with ease, causing your stomach to lurch with unspoken feelings. “What are you-!” He grunted again, hefting you up, as he bent his knees slightly.
“Just shut up, will you? I’m takin’ you up there.” He muttered, and with a single strong push from his toned legs, he leapt up onto the top of the lion, setting you down and making sure you were steady and balanced before letting you go. He flopped down, sitting with his legs crossed, his eye focused straight ahead. You could say nothing, the view was entirely breathtaking.
Nothing obscured your gaze, the colorful sky and the soon to be numerous amount of stars wrapped around you, filling you with awe and wonder. The sound of waves and wind soothed you, and you could hardly process Zoro’s words until he finally gave up and tugged you down with a sharp pull to the hem of your shirt. You settled into a seated position like his, securing your balance, leaning forward as your eyes did their best to burn the sight ahead of you to memory. Zoro let out a frustrated sigh, leaning back on his arms as he gave in to watching the sky with you too.
The horizon was turning a much darker blue now, and the few, thin clouds in the sky were dispersing, their fluffy edges stained red and orange as the sun sank lower and lower. More and more stars became visible, and a comfortable smile settled on your face. Gratitude bloomed in your chest, and the threat of tears made itself known in the back of your eyes. Inhaling slowly, you closed your eyes for a moment to quell the newfound emotion.
“Oi, I didn’t bring you up here just so you could not look at it.” Zoro’s brows were furrowed, slight annoyance portrayed in his handsome features. You let out a soft giggle, before turning back to the lovely sunset ahead of you. You could hear Zoro huff and mumble something under his breath in exasperation, and you just smiled, happy to be sharing such a beautiful moment with the man you had feelings for. Your heart continued to pound, and you swallowed thickly, trying to just focus on the sunset. It was hard, when the man had himself reclined on his hands, head tilted to rest on his shoulder. His coat was open, displaying the wicked scar across his muscular chest. He looked handsome, almost as if he was posing for a picture, and you could feel your cheeks tint with blush.
“Thank you.” You mumbled quietly, unsure if he would hear you. It was a one-off thought, curious about the view, and he’d answered your query without a second thought. You were sure he’d just ignore you, hell, you’d thought he was asleep at first, but his rare kindness had made itself known.
“What?” He responded, obviously not hearing you over the combined sound of the wind and the waves. He turned to look at you, but you had already laid back, starfishing your limbs and staring up at the wide, beautiful sky, now turning a deep navy color as night began to take over.
“Nothing, silly marimo.” You spoke a little louder, laughing softly. Zoro grunted something in response, but it was too low for you to hear, leaning down and laying next to you, the arm closest to you resting by his side while the other supported his head. You could hear Brook transition to play the first few chords of Binks’s Sake, a clear sign that he was going to bed soon. He always liked to end his nightly performances with that song, you found it entirely endearing, giving into a yearning for something that you couldn’t quite decipher.
You relished in the moment, savoring it in its entirety. You had the chance to relax, ponder, and fall into the clutches of pure contentment. There was nothing quite like the life of a pirate, was there? The night air began to cool, a shrill breeze blowing over the pair of you and giving rise to a rough shiver. You sidled a little closer to the man next to you, close enough to feel the heat from his body, but not close enough to touch shoulders. Your knuckle brushed against his, and in your state of slight fluster, you took a chance and reached out to grab a hold of his strong hand.
To your surprise, he didn’t push you away. Instead, he clasped his calloused hand around yours in return, his gaze still firmly fixed on the sky. The tips of his ears were pink, but you refused to turn your head to look at him. Zoro took initiative and pushed himself closer to you, so that your sides were firmly pressed against each other, a welcome sigh leaving your lips as even just the mere touch of his warmth protected you from the soon-frigid night. Your heart was racing, furious as though you’d just fought a long battle, unable to handle your proximity. You didn’t notice Brook finish his playing, leaving only you and Zoro left on the main deck.
You were holding his hand, and he wasn’t pushing you away. Did this mean he felt the same way about you as you did him? A flurry of thoughts blanketed over your mind like a blizzard, only stopping when Zoro gave your hand a faint squeeze. “I can feel your pulse, y’know.” Your heart caught in your throat, and you sucked in a harsh breath, refusing to move or acknowledge what he said. It was true, he likely could feel your pulse, the edge of his finger resting over the pulse point in your wrist. “Just relax, I’m not gonna let you fall off.”
You let out a shaky exhale. He was oblivious, entirely oblivious. Of course he thought you were just scared of falling off. In all actuality, the thought of falling never once crossed your mind ever since Zoro had brought you up to the lion’s head. You trusted him so completely that you knew he wouldn’t let you fall, his arms would wrap around you again and keep you safe. Shifting your head to rest against Zoro’s shoulder, you sighed.
“Stupid swordsman.” Your words were little more than a hum, and Zoro just furrowed his brow. He leaned his own head to the side, giving you a bit more space as you leaned on him. He’d grown so used to you, so attached, that your position felt familiar, comforting, even. He’d come to expect you leaning on his shoulder after a long training session, sprawling over his lap when he drank during celebrations on the ship. He didn’t know what possessed him to let you hold his hand, but he was glad he hadn’t pushed you away. Your smaller hand was tucked in his, and it brought blush to his face. He hoped you couldn’t see it, now that the bright colors of the sunset had faded and left only deep navy behind.
He could acutely hear your slowing breaths beside his ear, a clear sign that you were falling asleep. He stayed as still as he could, not wanting to disturb you. So close to him, you mumbled out another ‘thank you’, before putting your weight into him and falling asleep. He didn’t mind supporting you, after all, you weighed hardly anything compared to the weights he trained with. The only thing that bothered him was the rapid pace of his own heart, nearly matching yours from earlier. He was being serious, he wouldn’t let you fall, not someone who’d become so precious to him. So why had you called him stupid?
Waving off the thought, the swordsman felt an unfamiliar feeling bubble up in his chest. He was surprisingly content, his positioning with you leading him to forget about his goals and looming ambitions for just the slightest moment. Something about you pressed neatly into his side felt so right, so perfect. He felt an overwhelming urge to protect you, as more and more confusing feelings sprouted inside of him. Pushing all of the feelings away, including the butterflies in his stomach, he sighed as he decided to handle them all later.
Carefully resting his head atop yours, his unscarred eye stared up at the night sky, tracing out constellations. He’d agreed to take you up to the lion’s head on a whim, you just seemed so eager to see the uninhibited view that he couldn’t resist seeing the look of wonder on your face. It was all entirely worth it, it wasn’t like it was hard for him to leap up to the figurehead of the Sunny, even with you in his grasp. He’d just done it because you wanted, and that was as good enough a reason as any for him. Maybe all those days of training you, helping you learn how to use a sword, sharing sake with you had turned him soft. With one glance at you, though, he didn’t mind going soft.
Your eyes had fluttered closed, your lips slightly parted. The moon reflected over the planes in your face, illuminating you in a pale white glow. You looked beautiful, something he’d realized a few days prior. Your peaceful state was endearing, and he felt those new feelings bubble back up again. Shoving them back down, he closed his eye, deciding to wait there a little longer. He didn’t have the courage to disturb you, not when you looked so relaxed rested on his shoulder.
His voice was low, barely above a whisper when he spoke, but full of warmth. “You’re welcome.”
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uvbnr21-killer · 22 hours ago
I need more Killer fanfics/headcanons or scenarios. This man deserves more love. 🫶🫶
Tumblr media
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