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cowboy harry and y/n breeding kink like him being feral ab her raising all of these kids/domestic shit like that
Hmmm we will do some dirty talk of that… hehehe
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“Do you know how much it kills me t’see you be so sweet with those kids?” Strong arms wrapped around her waist as she threw her trash into the can, the setting sun making a beautiful background to the birthday party for Harry’s cousin. It was thrown here and Y/N had been overjoyed to see the children, spending most of the afternoon playing hide and seek or coloring with the toddlers.
It had killed him. Watching her walk about with a toddler on her hip and the other one holding her hand as she helped them gather some snacks to bring to the table. She claimed she was giving their mother a break, and Harry realistically knew that, but it had sparked something deep in his soul that he had been eager to have.
“Harry…” she giggled as she felt him talk against her ear, the vibration tickling as her hands settled over his that had possessively wrapped around her body. “I wasn’t doing it to tease you. I just like kids.” She said softly, not wanting people to hear despite him having dragged her off a bit. Got her right where he wants her. “We can have them soon, okay? Just have to get out stuff settled.”
Y/N wanted them just as badly, but Harry was intense. In a way, it was extremely attractive. Knowing how badly he wanted her to have his children. He was relentless and she teased him, but she did want it just as badly.
“How much more settled can we be, baby?” He grumbled against her. “Moved in together. Got a good steady job. Good family ‘round. Got cars and good schools around us… please.” He placed a hand on her stomach pulling her against him to let her feel him. “Let me put my baby in here.” It was almost a whine, almost pouty but a bit aggressive.
She liked it.
“Want to fill you up more, make it catch inside of you. Want you walkin’ around full of me in every way. S’killing me.” He was pleading his case when he didn’t need to but Y/N felt herself getting wet as he spoke, so she didn’t interrupt. An innocent looking embrace for a couple in love, but the words falling from his mouth were anything but.
“Let me take you to the bathroom n’get a head start. Or we can go to our house… just let me get inside of you and fill it up. Can give it to you so good. I know how much you love the idea of it, pushing back against me… I want to make you a mother already. M’tired if waiting.” He kissed her cheek, rubbing circles into her stomach. Imagining it swelling for him.
“Going to be such a good one. Just have t’let me inside. I’ll take care of everything as long as you’re a good girl and let me knock you up. Best gift you’ll ever give me besides that heart that’s already mine.” He moved the hair off her neck and kissed the pulse point a few times. “can’t wait to walk around and tell everyone when the baby is due… and have everyone know you’re taken care of. Going to be so pretty f’me.” Harry could imagine it well, walking about with her in those pretty dresses that showed off the bump and him waiting on her every need.
They both wanted a large family and Harry was chomping at the bit to get going. He was making a very good argument, and Y/N was pretty convinced.
“You’re a dirty man, Harry.” Her voice was quiet, leaning her head back on him. “I can still feel you from earlier. Bet there still some of you inside of me. I was a mess before. You didn’t properly clean me, I think. Felt it on my thighs.” The words made him freeze for a moment, turning her around in his arms.
“We are going home.” His hand cupped her chin, keeping her gaze. “Get into the truck, take off those panties and cross your legs inside there. I’ll make sure you can’t walk without feeling it drip down your legs again.” He was so serious, eyes boring into hers with the darkness of his arousal. A man on a mission, sending excitement down her spine. “S’time to start our family, for real. I can’t take it anymore.” A kiss was given to her, Harry barely able to keep it sweet before pulling back before he could get carried away.
“Car. Take them off, now. I’ll make the excuse.”
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you know you make my cold heart warm with a touch ; kiyoomi sakusa.
pairing kiyoomi sakusa x f!reader word count 7.1k synopsis how else can kiyoomi show you how close to his heart he keeps you than by fucking into you so deep, you’re pretty sure you can feel him reaching for yours? content contains hurt/comfort, past abusive/toxic relationship (not with any canon characters), clingy & crybaby reader, vaginal fingering, creampie, lots of love declarations, size difference, belly bulge, soft!sakusa <3
You’ve been acting differently lately.
Sakusa’s always been perceptive, especially when it comes to you, but he can’t figure out what exactly went wrong. It starts off with little things, things that he can choose to ignore or brush off easily by chalking it up to you having a bad day or just not being in the mood.
Normally, you’re unlocking the door for him before he can even reach into his pockets to pull out his key. On the instances you’re not, the moment he opens up the door himself, you’re practically sprinting to him, arms wrapping around his body before he can even set his gym bag down, showering his face with kisses and greeting him as if he’s come back from war. Even on the days where you’re sick, you still bundle yourself in fluffy blankets, camping out in the living room, letting out an excited albeit tired “Kiyoomi!” when he makes his way to you.
You barely even greet him when he gets home now. He’s lucky to even get a “oh, hey, Kiyoomi” before you’re returning back to whatever has your attention on your phone screen. He knows it’s probably immature of him, but he kinda misses your overzealous attitude. It’s nice, sometimes, to know that someone likes you enough to miss you and wants to celebrate your return even if you’ve only been gone for a couple of hours.
You’ve always been clingy, and Sakusa’s always been the type of person who doesn’t like people in his personal space. It only takes him a couple of weeks full of longing stares, shy smiles, and him wanting to chase after the scent of your perfume every time you pass him by that makes him realize that it’s not necessarily him not liking people invading his personal space; it’s just that the right person hasn’t ever been by his side before.
He doesn’t care, he realizes, if it’s you. You, going from hesitant to holding his hand to clinging onto his bicep and forearm whenever you two are walking. You, texting him every second you get (there’s a lot of seconds in a day where you’re free), and him using any opportunity he can to FaceTime you.
(He gets a little sad when he’s scrolling through his old texts — really, these are texts from just last week, but the distant behavior you’ve been exhibiting is so far from what he’s used to that it feels like he’s been without his sun for months — and sees that you’re not updating him on your life at a minutely basis. There are no more notifications lighting up his phone screen during his practices, no more texts from [name] 💖 — you added the pink heart; he pretends he’s been too busy to erase it — asking him “are you free to ft?” or “baby i miss u & also look at my nails!!!! i got them to match ur jersey for the game hehe <33333”.)
You would always find some way to be touching him, and even if you’re in separate rooms in the apartment, you would still try to hold a conversation with him despite the walls blocking the flow of it. It’s only been one week, but he’s not sure where this behavior is coming from.
Once you got over your shyness and the tension of being in a new relationship and not wanting to mess it up has completely disappeared, you never had any issues with clinging onto him, practically unashamed at how you always wanted his attention. This behavior would be annoying from anyone else, but it’s you. You, his sweet girl, his cute girl, his perfect girl. The person he wants invading his personal space for the rest of his life, to the point where he’s got a box and a question that’s waiting to be asked.
Usually, you like to suggest for him to take you out for date night. There’s always some new restaurant or club or festival going on, and you seem to always know about them. Tonight, when he asks you if there were any spots you wanted to check out, he’s disappointed but not surprised to hear that you don’t have a preference. Normally, you would talk his ear off in the days leading up to date night, cutely begging him to take you out to whatever spot is trending on social media. Your silence gives him enough answers for the questions he wants to ask.
You’re biting down on your lip as you watch Kiyoomi scroll on his phone. The two of you are in the living room, a rare night in. You hadn’t researched any new date spots because going on social media for you right now is the equivalent of walking into an active minefield with no protective gear. It’s a suicide mission. It’s a death wish. If you feel like crying and throwing up, maybe you would open your phone and click on one of the many articles headlining all the EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS OF MSBY’S SAKUSA COZYING UP WITH SUPERMODEL SAKURA DURING MATCH BREAKS!, but after accidentally stumbling upon the first one, you’ve had enough of MSBY’s Sakusa’s dating speculations to last you a lifetime.
The first night you saw the headline practically screaming at you, curiosity had you in a fucking chokehold. You’ll be fine is what you fooled yourself into believing. Kiyoomi is different.
Besides, stories like these are just clickbait articles that some aspiring journalist looking to make some dinner money will come up with in order to survive. You can’t fault them for wanting to turn something innocent into something wild and completely far off from the truth.
But rumors are rooted in the truth. Something can’t just come from nothing, you know.
You swathed yourself in your comfort blankets, too sad to even go about your day. Not when the photos tell you that maybe Sakusa is cozying up with a supermodel. Not when the article spins a timeline of the potential dating history between him and her. Not when you’re barely mentioned, merely brushed off as Sakusa’s potential ex-girlfriend. (You don’t miss the speculative jab from the author, wondering if there’s a reason why Sakusa doesn’t post you. Even though you already know he’s not the most active person on social media or even that open with his fans about his personal life, it still hurts that your Snapchat memories are filled with nothing but photos and videos of him, and there’s hardly anything including you that he shares online.)
You made a joke one time. Something about how you’re so good at thinking that it only takes a few seconds for you to start overthinking. Overanalyzing. Overdramatizing every minor situation. Over over over ‘cause you’re just overflowing with emotions and feelings, filled with too much to the point where it all spills out, your heart left to bleed out on your sleeves. Everything inside of you is too much for you to handle. Everything about you is too much for anyone to handle.
But for a while, you did a good job in convincing yourself that Kiyoomi Sakusa isn’t like anyone else. He’s definitely not like your ex, the only other person you’ve been with before Kiyoomi. Or maybe, a tiny voice inside your head, the taunting one you haven’t heard from in quite some time, suggests, maybe your ex was right. Maybe all boys will treat you like shit ‘cause you’re not the type of girl worth stressing over.
Toys are only interesting when they’re still shiny and new. Once you see the same tricks performed hundreds of time, it gets boring, and then from there, it’s only a matter of time ‘til it’s replaced with something shiny and new, thrown out to the curb to decay in a landfill with other used up and broken things.
You rationalized, in the beginning of your relationship with Kiyoomi, that you were already a used up, broken toy when he met you. (The way he looks at you, though, makes you forget about those feelings.)
You want to cry your little heart out. You’ve been told by your ex that you’re ugly when you do so, that your little sobs are just pathetic and grating, that it’s stupid of you to cry over shit that doesn’t matter, that he can give you a real reason to cry if you don’t just shut the fuck up. It’s why you rarely ever cry in front of people now — out of fear that maybe it is annoying.
You try to force yourself to get up, to move, to do anything to take your anxious mind off of thoughts about Kiyoomi leaving you for some supermodel, but you can’t. You’re rooted firmly in your little pile of blankets, and all you can do is toss your phone on the floor and burrow yourself deeper into the soft fabric. You’re not quite sleeping when he comes out, so you don’t miss the way Kiyoomi calls out your name when he enters the apartment.
His voice is softer when he repeats your name. You can hear him walking into the bedroom, and even if your eyes are closed, you can still feel his presence when he makes his way to your side of the bed.
You try not to flinch or turn away from him when you feel his cool hand brushing back some of your hair, rubbing your cheekbone with his thumb. It’s easy not to move away when your natural instinct is to lean into his touch. So, you do a good enough job at remaining still and silent, even when he presses a kiss to your forehead, saying something under his breath that you can’t quite hear.
He leaves the room, and you hear the distinct shut of the front door, the locks turning into place.
Kiyoomi did not return home ‘til later that evening. By the time he does, you’re glad all your tears have dried.
You know the signs of when someone is cheating on you. (Although, your ex-boyfriend had convinced you for a while that it’s not cheating if he doesn’t feel the same emotional connection with the other girls that he does with you. You’re not sure why you bought into all his stories.) How many times did your ex assume you were sleeping before leaving the house to fuck someone else?
It doesn’t help that when you’re doing the laundry, you can smell the faint traces of women’s perfume lingering on his clothes. Perfume that you don’t wear. You almost feel sick to your stomach when the sickly sweet scent hits your nose.
(It’s not the scent making you feel this way; it’s the fact that history has a bad habit of repeating itself, and you’re pairing it with your bad habit of always choosing the worst men to give yourself to.)
You at least have experience this time. Your ex has told you time and time again that he doesn’t like the fact that you’re so overbearing, always wanting to know if he’s ate yet or when he’s coming home. He didn’t like that you always wanted to touch him (unless, of course, he was horny). He didn’t like the fact that you always had to bring up your stupid feelings in every conservation, how you were always under the impression that you two needed to talk things out every time there was a “problem”. He spat the word out at you, making you feel like any time you felt upset about his actions didn’t stem from any rational thoughts but rather your paranoid brain playing tricks on you. It took you a long time to realize that all he was doing was spoonfeeding (more like forcefully shoving down) you nothing but lies used to manipulate you into staying with him.
Kiyoomi’s always been very open, though. For someone who doesn’t talk as much as others, everything he says is what he means. Communicative. He’s communicative. He’s communicative and caring and he listens to you — like really listens to you, down to the most miniscule details about your day you choose to share with him. He treats you so kindly and gently, always giving in to whatever crazy scheme you’re coming up with. He talks about you to his friends — you know this because he actually introduced them to you. Being with Kiyoomi is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.
Up until now, that is.
Now, the unspoken distance between the two of you, the hesitancy to talk to him, the feeling that everything good is about to be snatched away from your greedy hands — now it’s all coming back, slamming into you like a semi truck, hitting you right where it hurts. There’s this familiar feeling washing over you, like you’re tiptoeing, trying to avoid broken glass lest you start bleeding, making a mess, giving him a reason to yell. He’s never yelled at you before. In all the two years you two have been together, Kiyoomi has never taken a harsh tone with you nor has he raised his voice or his hand. He has you beat, both in height and muscle mass, and never has he made you cower in fear from being smaller than him.
You can feel your bottom lip trembling at the thought of him hurting you. He doesn’t seem like the type who would, but you also never would have thought he would ever cheat on you, and look where the two of you are now: sitting on the same couch with enough space between the two of you to be deemed Covid guideline approved, both of you not saying a word.
He’s getting up now, though. There’s a sudden urge to grab at his sleeve, yank him back, beg him not to leave you, to stay for just a second longer — all you need is just a second to convince him that you promise to do a better job in making him happy — and you almost do. The only thing stopping you is your past experience.
Your ex never did like your clingy nature.
You cringe at all the times you’ve made yourself at home by Kiyoomi’s side. You remember how just last week, you’ve been constantly texting him tiny updates about your day. (He always individually replies to each text, but now you’re certain he did it out of obligation.) You did it. You finally did it. You revealed your true nature to the most perfect man in existence, therefore pushing him away from you. You could’ve kept yourself in check! You could’ve… You could’ve watered yourself down, bottled up all those annoying tendencies of yours, keep them hidden away so he wouldn’t be running for the hills.
It’s why you’ve been giving him his space. Isn’t this what he wanted? Kiyoomi’s a man; he definitely wouldn’t want to sit down and listen to you explain how hurt you feel about those dating scandals, articles that were written entirely out of his control. You know he probably doesn’t enjoy the way you’re always so grabby with him, constantly needing to have your greedy hands interlocked with his own, or clutching his arm, or even just holding onto the fabric of his long sleeve shirts. How pathetic and annoying he must think you are.
You can’t help it; you’re crying now. Pathetic little whimpers leave from in between your trembling lips until they morph into something truly hideous and grating — sobs that leave your poor shoulders shaking, vision blurred from all the tears. In an instance, Kiyoomi is kneeling down on the carpet, making himself eye level with you, large hands gently rubbing at your shaking shoulders.
“Don’t.” You turn away from him, letting his hands slip from your body. “If y-you’re going to leave, then just fucking do it, Kiyoomi.”
You don’t like being mean. Maybe it’s because your feelings get hurt so easily or maybe it’s because you’ve got an empathetic heart two times too big for your body or maybe it’s because you’ve been treated so horribly in the past, that the idea of putting anyone through the same pain you’ve felt for years is just horrifying. Maybe it’s all of the fucking above.
You can’t breathe, you can hardly say anything coherent now (not like your jumbled mess of thoughts are helpful), and you’re pushing away the only person you want to hang onto because you’ve never been taught on how to get someone to stay.
(The trick is, you’re not supposed to need to convince the right person to stay.
The fact of the matter is, Kiyoomi Sakusa does not need any convincing to stay.)
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
What’s that supposed to mean? You remember the way your ex spat out the same exact words to you, making you want to sink into the floor and never be heard from again. He was always so good at belittling you, making you feel like maybe you’re turning nothing into something like you always do.
Like you must be doing right now.
It’s all coming back to you now, until you’re curled up on the couch, crying like the world’s gonna end (because if Kiyoomi is truly leaving you, it might as well be). Past and present and the ever so dismal future are blending into the worst movie montage ever in your mind, and you don’t know what to do. You can’t say what’s on your mind because if you do, you’re so sure he’s going to be packing his bags and running for the fucking hills — or worse yet, running to that supermodel who can give him the world while all you give him are migraines. Even if you wanted to talk, it’s not like there’s any way for you to be taken seriously when all your would-be sentences are going to be interrupted with an annoying sob.
You know what it means! You want to shout at him.
Instead, all you do is let out a garbled up sentence that sounds an awful lot like “leave me alone!”.
He’s good at respecting boundaries. He knows when to cross over the line, and when to stay behind it. He sees the caution tape, and he backs up, watching from a respectful distance. It stems from the fact that he’s the type of person who values his own personal space being respected, and he’s never found it hard to keep to himself before. Before you.
He swallows hard. He wants to protest. He wants to reassure you. Most of all, he wants to hold you in his arms and wipe away your tears and get you to tell him what’s causing you all this pain and how can he make it better because he just wants you to feel better. He knows he’s not the boss of you, but for once, he just wants to tell you to trust him and don’t push him away. But if you want him gone, he’ll do it.
He nods, even though he’s not even sure if you’re paying attention to him. He’s slowly getting up, grabbing his phone and the keys. The idea of sleeping on Atsumu’s couch for the night is enough to make him want to break out into hives. The idea that you want him gone is still pushed to the forefront of his mind though. Did he do something wrong? He wants to turn around. He’s barely taken two steps and he wants to turn around, get back down on his knees, and beg you to tell him where he went wrong and how he can fix this mess.
You’ve always been very forthcoming about your wants and needs, though. Almost as if you don’t want to leave room for misinterpretation. The shout of “leave me alone” from you is enough for any person, really, to get the picture.
You wonder if it’s obvious when you cry harder. Of course he’s fucking leaving. You only screamed at him to do so, and Kiyoomi isn’t the type to question you when you seem serious enough about something. It’s the same situation you’ve found yourself in all the time in your previous relationship.
No. It can’t be. You can’t have a repeat of your last relationship.
You get up from the couch, making your way to Kiyoomi who’s already at the front door, but he stands still for a second, turning his head back to watch you practically fall on him. He wraps his arm around your body because that’s what he thinks his body’s been designed to do: hold you, protect you, catch you when you fall. (Everything about him has been adjusted for you: his feet are meant for making his way to you, his mouth is meant to be pressed up against yours, his heart only beats to the rhythm of the syllables of your name…)
“Pl-please don’t.” You cry out. “I’m sorry, ‘Yoomi. Please don’t go to her! I learned my lesson, I pr-promise!” Maybe he’ll think you’re pathetic. Maybe he’s always thought that. But when you have everything to lose, you resort to desperate measures. Maybe hanging onto him will only force him to pull away even harder, but you want to have him in your hands for just a second longer. You’re being selfish and greedy with him, but you can’t find too much fault in yourself (ha! — isn’t that a first?). When you leave someone out in the cold, even a warm touch can set them aflame. You’ve gotten too used to all those sweet, warm feelings you get with him. It would’ve been better if he treated you badly; it would have made him leaving you hurt a little less.
“What?” His eyebrows are furrowed together, but he doesn’t want to push you away to take a closer look at your face. You’re burrowing yourself into him, hands clutching at the front of his sports jacket, and he’s got both arms wrapped around you like he’s scared you’re going to disappear at any second now. “Who is ‘her’? What lesson am I—”
You think he’s cheating.
You think he’s cheating. You think he’s cruel, and a cheater, and a liar, and that he’s some asshole who’s gonna fuck someone else as a means to teach you a lesson.
He wants to get angry. Not at you. He can’t be mad at you. At your ex. The one you always try your hardest not to talk about. The one who’s the reason why you think Kiyoomi’s going to leave you. His hold on you only tightens.
“No, baby.” He tries his hardest to sound gentle, to watch the tone of his voice. You’re sensitive, that he knows. “No, I would never cheat on you.” And then he thinks, how many times have you heard this line?
You’re not crying nearly as hard, but you still refuse to look up at him, and he refuses to push himself back to take a proper look at you.
“C’mon, baby, talk to me. Please.” He’s not the type of person who begs, but he’s pleading with you now. “You can yell at me, scream at me, but just tell me what you’re thinkin’ about. I’ll tell you everything you want, you just have to ask me.”
Eventually, you do pull a tiny fraction away from him, just so you can look up at him. “Are you cheating on me?” The moment the question leaves your mouth, you want to run away and cover your ears so you don’t hear the answer.
The hurt expression on his face is too real for any actor to impersonate.
“You are the only person I want to be with, [Name].” It’s not the conviction that he says the words with that has you believing him. It’s the way he’s looking at you. You’ve never been looked at like this before.
No, you realize. Kiyoomi’s always looked at you like this.
“Your clothes smelled like perfume. There are literally dozens of articles saying you’re in a relationship with a supermodel, and you were going to walk out—”
“I was asking Sakura what women liked.” Most people would roll their eyes at you right now. They would not be stroking your cheek or speaking to you so kindly, as if you didn’t just accuse them of being a cheater. “I wanted to get you an anniversary gift, and she brought perfume samples from the company she does commercials for. I’ve got a bottle wrapped up, hiding in my sock drawer for you that smells exactly like it, if you don’t believe me.” But he’s frowning now. “I never knew you cared about those articles.”
You don’t. Because every other time it comes up, you make a comment about the latest headline featuring your boyfriend’s name, and every time, he follows it up with a rant about how annoying journalists can be and how speculative fans only serve to instigate the drama some more. You think his rants are funny; it’s the only time he ever talks as much as you do, and there’s so much genuine dislike for the articles that you know you have nothing to worry about.
“I really don’t. It’s just…”
“You don’t have to explain.”
“…you don’t want me to?” Your voice sounds like you’re on the verge of tears again.
“I love hearing you talk to me, baby, but you don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want me to know, y’know that?”
“My ex said that no guy wants to hear about my bullshit feelings.”
“I’m going to kick his ass one day.” Kiyoomi mutters this in your ear as he leans down even further to give you a quick, reassuring kiss on your lips.
“So violent, ‘Yoomi.” For the first time this week, you find yourself smiling as he kisses your nose and then your whole entire face, from your tear streaked cheeks to the edge of your jaw. You’ve always been leaning towards being a pacifist, but the idea of Kiyoomi willing to get his knuckles bloody for you has you smiling even wider. Maybe some violence is a bit justifiable.
“I want to hear everything about you.” He scoops you up, carrying you bridal style, letting you wrap your arms around his neck to hang on to him. “I want to know everything there is to know about you.”
“You already do.” You admit. It’s proven in the five hours FaceTime calls, the hundreds of texts you spam him with, the way you give him a play-by-play of your whole entire day the entire time you two are cooking dinner together. He knows that bitch you soft blocked on your Instagram, your favorite meals, the names and faces of all your friends to the point where he feels like they could be his by extension.
He’s heading straight for the bedroom, gently kicking open the door that was never fully shut to begin with.
“Really? Let’s do a little quiz then.” He sets you on the bed before slotting his body over yours, arms resting on either side of you, thoroughly caging you in. You don’t feel trapped, not in the slightest. There’s a sort of warm comfort in knowing that Kiyoomi’s always gonna be your shield from the world.
“Favorite color?” You let out a giggle as you feel his lips press against your neck, the curls of his hair tickling your jaw as he sucks on your soft skin, eager to leave a mark on you.
“Highlighter yellow. At least, that’s what you told me before.” You can feel the way his lips move when they work to form the words he says. He’s going to leave an array of hickeys on your neck, you just know it.
You like highlighter yellow; not because it’s the most aesthetically pleasing color in the world — far from it, to be honest — but it’s the color of the track jacket he was wearing when you first met him.
You curl your fingers in his hair, sinking further into the fluff of the comforter set. “Correct. That’s one point for you, ‘Yoomi.”
“Did the salon ever get that color of yours you like so much back in stock?” He pretends like he’s trying to remember the color name, but it’s clear it’s already been resting on the tip of his tongue, what with the fluidity he manages to say “OPI’s Dulce De Lece”. You whined about having to pick a different shade of pink since they ran out of your signature color. You did this over FaceTime a week ago and only made one complaining comment about it before moving on. You didn’t expect him to remember.
He did, though, and for some reason, that means the absolute world to you.
(How could you ever doubt him?)
“Bonus points for you, ‘Yoomi.” You hum, running your fingers through his hair. “Don’t overthink this one question, okay?” As if. There’s only one room for an intense overthinker in this relationship, and she’s currently being smothered by her boyfriend, feeling completely overwhelmed with all the affection he’s giving her and enjoying every second of it. “Who do I love the most?”
He pauses his ministrations before pulling away from your neck, sitting up straight.
“Do I get a hint?” He rests a hand on your hip, running his hand up and down the side of your body.
“He’s got his hands all over me, and he’s been sucking on my neck like he’s a character from Twilight.” You smile at him, and he thinks his heart could combust from being so overworked at such a sweet, simple gesture from you.
“Sounds like a pervert.”
“He’s actually a really great guy, ‘specially when you get to know him.”
“Can’t be that great.”
“Well, I think he’s the best.”
“Oh, yeah?” He’s lifting up your shirt (it’s actually his; you’re a bit of a thief, aren’t you?). “What makes him ‘the best’?”
“He’s six four.” You lift your body up just the slightest so it’s easier for him to remove the shirt from your body. He should’ve known you weren’t wearing a bra underneath, and all he can see covering you is a pair of pink panties.
“Okay, that sounds pretty impressive. Don’t tell me you’re just using him for his body, though.”
“I’m not. You wanna know somethin’ crazy? I fell in love with him before I even focused too hard on his body.”
“Hmm. Now that’s definitely crazy.” He’s unzipping his jacket, tossing it the ground, his shirt following soon after.
“He’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my life. You should see the way he treats me.” You take a hand to trace his abs, looking up at him and admiring the view. He must’ve existed in a past life; there’s no other explanation for why he fits the description of Adonis. “I don’t think there’s anyone else out there for me… Not that it matters, since I’m never letting him go any time soon.” You tap your lips to let him know what you want, and you meet him halfway for the kiss, too excited to have him near you to wait for him.
“Good. I don’t plan on letting you go, either.” He seals his statement with a kiss, only this time, it’s deeper and burns with the passion underlying his words. You’re pressed against the sheets that smell like him, and he’s lifting your hips for you, tugging at your panties.
Kiyoomi knows everything about you. He knows you down to your elementary school experiences, how you can’t sleep at night unless he’s got his arms wrapped around you, how he can always count on you to send him videos of you doing your daily fit check because you love to share everything about your life with him.
He also knows that the best way to get you prepped to take his cock is for him to properly stretch you out first. He’s kissing you as his hand finds itself in between your legs, rubbing your folds, smearing your slick all over.
Kiyoomi’s hands are always so nice. You like to fiddle with his fingers, trace the veins on his hands, and rub the calluses on his palms. His hands are especially nice whenever his fingers are knuckles deep in your wet cunt, his middle and ring finger slowly thrusting in and out of you, as if he’s scared going faster will hurt you.
You know the truth, though. Kiyoomi likes to start off slow because he knows that at your core, you’re a ridiculously easy person to make a mess of. It hasn’t even been a minute yet, and you’re already thrusting up your hips, tiny whines trying to plead with him to do it faster, to do it deeper. Your manicured hands — paid for by none other than himself — grab at his wrist, but your strength isn’t enough to control his own movements, and then he realizes that you’re not trying to control his pace.
You just want to be touching him in any way you can.
“‘Yoomi, please.” You look up at him with the best puppy dog eyes you can manage, your bottom lip jutting out just the slightest. “I need you so bad.”
“I know, baby, but you know I have to prep you first.” He coos, feeling the way you only get wetter with every thrust of his fingers. His eyes darken when he looks down and sees what a mess you’re making, sees what a mess you are. Hips rutting up, cheeks flushed, desperate and whiny all for him — just for him — and all it took to get you like this was just two fingers. They scissor from within you, stretching against your warm walls, and no matter how long his fingers are, they still aren’t hitting deep enough to satiate his greedy girl. You’re so wet that he’s sure he can hear the distinct sounds of his fingers pumping in and out of you, even over your cute little moans.
“I can t-take it now, Kiyoomi.” You whine at your boyfriend, hand still circling around his wrist, tugging at it, trying to get him to remove his fingers and replace them with his cock.
No, you can’t. It happens like this every time. The fact of the matter is that unless he’s made you cum at least twice before even thinking about fucking you with his cock, you can’t take him. Your poor hole is just a bit too tiny to handle his length, and it doesn’t matter that you’re so wet that your juices are forming a little wet spot on the sheets. It doesn’t matter that he’s spent some time stretching you out with his fingers, relishing in your whines and the way your slick seems to travel from his fingers down to his wrists.
Before he can gently remind you that, no, baby, you can’t, you’re already babbling out how you’re sure you can take him.
“Please, Omi, I missed you so much.”
Your eyes are wide, and you look as if you’re about to cry at the concept of him wanting to take his time with you. He spoils you, you know. Even when he shouldn’t. Even when he knows better. But a man’s will can only be so strong. You can’t be mad at him for giving in to your pleas. He knows his cock, at least, has no protests for what he’s about to do.
You’re practically salivating at the sight of him and his cock — long and hard with the tip flushed red, sticky with pre.
You can’t help but let out a moan, a blissful smile on your face as you feel him gently prod your entrance with just the tip. Most of the time, he doesn’t mean for his actions to be teasing; he just can’t bring himself to do anything without the proper precautions being put in place first. You can tell he’s still hesitant to fuck you when he swears up and down that his precious girl can’t handle him, but for once in your life, you’re fine — more than fine, really — with being treated without care.
Just like your Kiyoomi knows you so well, you know him to the same extent. You know that all it takes for his strong, almost noble resolve, is for you to look up at him so sweetly, so adoringly, and to pretty please ask him to fuck your needy cunt.
“Omi, I can’t wait anymore.” You spread your legs even wider, proud to show off your little hole clenching around nothing.
“Fuck.” He hisses under his breath as his hands grip onto your hips, holding you in place as forces his way into your tight cunt.
“Fuck.” He swears again, the feeling of your warm walls clenching around his cock nearly overwhelming him. He’s rutting his hips against yours, short strokes that won’t satisfy for long, but it’s enough for the two of you now. He’s moving without consciously even thinking about it, too lost in just how good you feel for him. “You were made for me.”
It has to be true. It has to be true because never in your life has someone ever managed to find spots inside of you that can have you cumming in a matter of minutes. It has to be true because Kiyoomi’s never felt like he’s right where he needs to be ‘til the first time he ever fucked you. It has to be true because there’s no pain recognition when he starts thrusting into you deeper. His grip should be bruising, but all it does is keep you anchored in reality.
You’re surrounded by sheets that smell like the safest place you’ve ever known, and you’re getting treated like a fucking princess. You feel adored, you feel happy, you feel loved, you feel blissfully fucked out, especially when his next thrust is even sharper, hitting a spot within you that has you squealing out his name.
“Can you feel it, sweetheart?” His jaw is tense, eyes unsure of whether to focus on the cute faces you make as he splits you apart with his dick or the distinct bulge of a cock too big for your poor body to handle. “Can you feel how deep I’m fucking you?”
“Y-yeah. Always fuck me s’good!” You try to look down, staring at the imprint of his cock poking through your belly with hearts in your eyes. You tap on one of his hands, pointing to your stomach, and he lets out a breathless chuckle.
“Shit — you always feel so fuckin’ good.” He answers your unspoken request for him to press down on the bulge. His large palm rests on your belly, and you make a move to place your hand over his.
“I love you, ‘Yoomi. I love you so, so much. I’ll never love anyone else! I—” Your constant streams of little love confessions gets interrupted with a moan. It’s high pitched, grating on the ears, but neither of you care. Your hips are bucking up, legs lifted and trying to close the space as you cum.
He’s so good to you. Omi is always so, so good to you. He lets you ride out your orgasm, cooing words of praise, telling you how you’re such a perfect princess and that you’re so pretty when you’re cumming, sweetheart. He rubs at your clit, the added stimulation only prolonging your pleasure, and the euphoria from your high leaves your vision hazy and your overthinking brain too fucked out to think about anything but how much you absolutely love him.
Only when he’s certain that you’re finished does he resume his original backbreaking thrusts. You can’t tell if it’s a consequence of just cumming or not, but you think he’s going even harder now. You’re staring at him with nothing but heart eyes and a dazed smile, content to let him use your cunt freely. His curls are sticking to his forehead that’s slick with just the slightest bit of sweat. His cheeks are flushed a dark pink, and his brows are furrowed, and the sight is as pretty as it is pornographic.
“I’m close, baby, I’m close.” He mutters, leaning down to kiss you on your lips. You’re still too tired to properly reciprocate, but you try your best. It’s sloppy and not at all romantic, but you don’t care. You just like being connected with him, in any way possible. He’s not going to last for much longer; not with the way you’re clamping down on him, not with the way you look at him like he personally hung up the constellations in the sky in your honor, not with the way you look so vulnerable and tiny underneath him.
“Cum for me, Omi. Pretty please? I wanna— I need your cum.” You know just the right things to say to him.
He presses into you so deeply that his hips are against yours. The concept of personal space doesn’t exist between the two of you, not now, not ever. He kisses you as he cums, groaning against your mouth as he spills inside of you. The warmth of him is overwhelming, and you still can’t get enough. You’re greedy, you know it, but Kiyoomi doesn’t mind in the slightest.
His forehead rests against yours, both of you breathing hard, both of you so close that the air you exhale is his to inhale.
“I love you, you know that?” His voice is breathless, chest rising and falling, cock softening inside of you. He pulls out, the move practiced and precise as he tries to make sure his cum still stays in you. He rubs at your hip gently, reassuringly.
Omi is the only thing you’re capable of saying. You stretch out your arms, and all he does is give you a tired smile. He wants to bathe you first, wants to take care of you and clean you up so the two of you don’t have to fall asleep while coated in sweat and cum.
But he gives in to you (because when does he not?). He lays down beside you, pulling you closer to his body to the point where you’re practically on top of him, snuggled against his bare chest, face perfectly angled to hide in the crook of his neck.
“I’ll love you forever, ‘Yoomi.” You yawn out, clinging to him as your eyelids droop.
Yeah? He sure hopes so. If not, he does have a backup plan; the jeweler who he bought the ring from said it would make you love him forever, too.
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storiesforallfandoms · 2 days ago
causing trouble up in hotel rooms ~ harry styles
word count: 1930
request?: no
description: in which their love can only happen behind the doors of hotel rooms
pairing: harry styles x female!reader
warnings: swearing, lil bit of angst kind of?
based on this song
masterlist (one, two)
*in honor of harry’s house being released today
Tumblr media
You pushed through the crowd of screaming fans with your head down and your hood up to cover your face. Not that anyone would recognize you if they had saw your face, but you didn’t want to risk becoming a reoccurring face and have the fans start asking questions.
You eyed the bodyguards that were stood in the lobby. Neither one of them were paying attention to you, not like it would be an issue if they were, but you could never get over how intimidating they were.
You walked up to the front desk where the receptionist, a lady that had to be in her mid to late 40s, was stood on the phone. You were bouncing anxiously on the balls of your feet as you waited for her to get off the phone and address you.
“Sorry for the wait,” she said once she put the phone down. “What can I do for you?”
“Um, there should be a message here for...for Pretty Perfect,” you said, lowering your voice a little to say the fake name.
Harry always got to choose which name to give the receptionists. Half of the time it was something kind of sweet, the other half it was kind of embarrassing to have to say.
You weren’t sure if this name was the former or the latter.
The receptionist gave you a knowing smile and reached behind the desk. She placed a bright yellow sticky note on the desk in front of you and winked. You awkwardly smiled and nodded before taking the note and making your way to the nearby elevator.
This had become routine for you and Harry. The two of you had met at a bar after one of Harry’s shows a few months ago. You didn’t really know him at the time - you hadn’t been into One Direction and you didn’t even know he had started making solo music - so he felt like he could truly be himself around you. You both hit it off and before you knew it, you were in a relationship with a beloved pop singer.
Unfortunately, this came with some big downsides, meaning his fan base. As much as they loved Harry, they often scrutinized any women he was romantically linked to. It had led to the end of most of his relationships, and he didn’t want that to happen with you.
That’s how this arrangement came to be.
With Harry still on tour, there was very little time for the two of you to be alone. The only time you had was when he was in his hotel room before and after the show. So, he came up with a system for the two of you: he’d travel from place to place in his tour bus while you travelled on your own. He’d check into the hotel room, leave a message with the receptionist to give his room number to someone with a fake name of his choosing, and you’d come in some time later to use the fake name and get his room number.
It wasn’t exactly the relationship you had in mind, but you did enjoy the thrill of the secrecy.
When the elevator doors dinged, you felt your heart race. You always felt this way whenever you got close to his room. All you wanted was to be in his arms again, even if it was for a short period of time.
You had barley gotten to knock when the door swung open, and there he stood. Your tall, curly haired, handsome as fuck boyfriend. He already had a smile on his face as he opened the door, and you couldn’t help but mirror it at the sight of him.
He immediately took your face in his hands and pressed his lips against yours. Everything felt right in this moment. This kiss was the most important thing to you at that moment.
He suddenly broke away and looked both ways down the hallway. You giggled at his reaction. “I don’t think anyone is catching us up here.”
“You never know,” he said before reaching for your arms and literally dragging you into his room.
Both of you flopped down onto the giant hotel room bed. You melted into the soft mattress. You’d never be able to go back to your own bed after being in all of these hotels. You’d have to figure out a way to steal one of these beds when you finally had to go home.
The thought of home brought down your mood a little. You had been following Harry for a few months now. You knew it wasn’t going to last much longer, but you didn’t want to leave him just yet. You wanted to take him home with you, to have a normal, domestic life with him. To not have to worry about fans or paparazzi catching the two of you.
“What’s the frown for, love?” he asked, running his fingers along your cheek.
You looked over at him and put on a smile. “Nothing. Just thinking.”
“What are you thinking about?”
“Nothing important,” you responded. “How was the bus ride here?”
Harry screwed up his face, which made you laugh.
“It was so bumpy,” he said. “I couldn’t get to sleep. Every time I closed my eyes we’d go over more bumps. I swear I almost fell out of the bunk at one point.”
“It could not have been that bad.”
“Did you not drive the same road I did? It was horrid!”
You giggled. “Well yeah, I did. I just did it in the day time, where I could avoid all the bumps and holes, and I wasn’t woken up because I slept in a motel.”
Harry rolled away from you. “In a motel?! Oh, you can’t stay here then. You probably have bed bugs or something.”
“Motels are not that dirty!” you protested, sitting up and lunging towards him. “Even if they were, it’s too late now. I’ve been in your bed, and now I’m not letting go of you. You’re infected with bed bugs now!”
Harry playfully pretended to pull away from you, then dramatically sighed and fell back on the bed. He wrapped one arm around you and pulled you close to him. “I guess I’ve been infected. Can’t go anywhere now. I must quarantine in this hotel room with just you until it’s all gone.”
Your smile faltered a little. You didn’t want to be a downer during the short time that you and Harry had together, but you couldn’t help but think about how much you wished that could be a reality: just the two of you in this hotel room for a long time.
Harry noticed your look and tapped your nose. “There’s the sad face again.”
You sighed. “Sorry. It’s nothing, really.”
“Doesn’t seem like it’s nothing.” He gave you a small squeeze and kissed your forehead. “You know you can tell me anything, right?”
“I know. I just don’t want to put a damper on our time together.”
“I don’t want you to be upset during our time together either.”
You sighed. You laid in silence for a moment, trying to think of the words to say. How do you tell your insanely famous boyfriend that you wished he wasn’t famous without it sounding bad?
“I just...wish things were different for us,” you finally said. “I wish we didn’t have to sneak around. I like the thrill of the secrecy and all, but...I sometimes wish that I could confidently feel like it will end eventually. But I don’t feel that way, and it sucks because I would love to be able to show you off or to go out on real dates together. I love our alone time, but sometimes being stuck in a hotel room feels...suffocating.”
Harry was silent. He idly ran his hands through your hair. You felt your heart pounding as you waited for his response. Would he be upset that you said that? Would he want to end the relationship because you didn’t want to do the secrecy thing anymore? No, he wouldn’t. Would he?
“I know how you feel,” he finally said. You let out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding. “It’s hard to be famous and to try to date. Either your privacy is constantly breached by paparazzi, or fans are down your neck trying to find the tiniest flaw with the person you’re dating. I want to show you off, too, but I don’t want you to be attacked and harassed because of me.”
“I think I can handle it,” you told him, although you weren’t too sure you could. The breach of privacy was one thing, but to be constantly harassed by people you don’t even know seemed like something much harder to deal with.
“I don’t want you to have to handle it,” he said. “I also wish we could just be a normal couple and do normal couple things.”
You tilted your head back so you could kiss Harry’s cheek. “As much as we both wish for that, I wouldn’t change what we have for the world. I’m glad I have you in my life, Harry.”
“I’m glad I have you in mine, too, (Y/N).”
He kissed your gently. It was so easy to get lost in his kisses. You could spend your whole day - whole life even - just kissing Harry.
You spent the next few hours just cuddling and talking. He showed you some pictures on his phone that had been taken backstage at his last show. Harry was so effortlessly photogenic. Almost every picture, even the candid ones, he looked like a model. You secretly saved a bunch of them from his Instagram whenever he wasn’t around, and had one of them set as your phone background. That was the closest you had to being public about your relationship.
When a knock came at the door, you could almost feel Harry deflate beneath you.
“Time to head to the arena, Mr. Styles,” came the voice of one of his bodyguards.
Harry sighed and responded, “Yeah, be out in a minute.”
He looked at you. You were sure your face mirrored his own disappointment. Harry always gave you the option of coming to his shows, and you took him up on that every once in a while, but a loud concert with screaming fans wasn’t really your thing. Plus, you didn’t want to risk being seen there every night and having anyone connect the dots.
“I’ll see you in a few hours?” he asked.
You both knew that by the time he got back, you’d likely be asleep. Then, your time together the next morning would be fleeting as well as Harry would have to get ready to head to the next location.
But, despite that, you still smiled at him and said, “Yeah, see you in a few hours.”
He kissed you one last time before reluctantly getting up from the bed. You watched him grab his things and head for the door. He hesitated with his hand on the doorknob, looking over his shoulder at you one last time. You waved at him and blew him a kiss. He smiled a small smile before opening the door and heading out.
The minute the door closed behind him, you felt your heart sink. You took a deep breath to try and fight back the sadness, but it felt like no use.
You loved him so much, and sometimes that was the hardest part of everything.
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hotchaways · a day ago
Sweet Sensations
Aaron Hotchner x Reader
summary: Aaron started to lose hope that he wasn’t going to find love the second time around. Well, that was until you knocked on his door one night to offer him a plate of muffins.
content: Fluff, mentions of injuries, sweet Hotchner boys, cute idiots in love, requited love
word count: 4k
A/N: man…another fic and i dont know how this got to 4k words 🫣 okay…i know i have WIPs lined up in my masterlist but i just cant help this random thought that popped in my head this morning 😭 ANYWAYS i hope you all like it, let me know what you think :)
Tumblr media
Aaron had started to believe the probability that love would never come for him the second time around. He was alright with that. He had to push through with life the way things were right now- being an FBI profiler and doing his best to be the father that Jack deserved. But, of course, he was blindsided by the way your worlds collided. Aaron didn’t expect that, he didn’t mind, though.
As much as Aaron loved his job, the physical injuries that inevitably came along with the job was never fun. It was not the first time cuts and bruises were scattered on his face- he was used to it. At least that was what he convinced himself. JJ insisted that he should get checked out by the medic at the crime scene, but he refused because all he wanted was to come home to Jack, who would be fast asleep when he did.
The silence in the apartment still haunted Aaron. It brought up the baggage he thought that he had stowed away far back in one of the drawers in his mind. 
“Thank you for watching him again,” Aaron gave Jessica a small smile, “Hope I didn’t ruin your Friday plans from the sudden call.”
Jessica shook her head with a smile and patted Aaron’s shoulder, “He’s my nephew, and you’re my family. I’ll be here as much as you want.” 
“You should get some rest now,” Aaron said as he neatly set his coat on a chair, “It’s getting late.”
“Same for you, Aaron,” Jessica said as she picked up her bag on the table and slung it on her shoulder, “Go clean up your cuts and put a bag of frozen peas on your bruises.”
He let out a small laugh as he shook his head and bid her goodbye before shutting the door. As expected, Jack was fast asleep in his Spider-Man pajamas and Aaron found himself smiling at the sight of his son. Jack was his world, he’d always do everything in his power to come home to him every single time. Giving him a kiss on the forehead as he whispered a ‘Sweet dreams, buddy’, Aaron decided to follow Jessica’s advice to put a bag of frozen peas on his bruises. 
After a quick trip to the bathroom to cleanse his cuts and to the refrigerator to obtain his holy grail, Aaron settled on the couch while he mindlessly surfed through the channels with his free hand. Nothing was interesting on his part. But, that was what he thought.
Aaron’s eyebrows furrowed when he heard a knock. He wasn’t expecting anyone, especially not past 9 pm. But, it didn’t stop him from getting up from the couch to  unlock the door and he was certainly surprised at the sight of you standing in front of him. 
"Hey, do you want s- oh my stars, you look like shit,” Your eyes widened in realization of what you had said, “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to say that out loud.” 
You internally scolded yourself for not hitting the brake on your words, especially in front of your extremely attractive neighbor. 
Aaron raised his eyebrows in surprise from both how honest you were and how pretty you looked despite your clothes being covered in flour and your hair tied in a messy bun. He realized that he probably looked like an idiot from the lack of response and shook his head, "...What do you want?"
You gave him a sheepish smile as you raised a plate of muffins, “"I wanted to ask if you wanted some  muffins but now I'm concerned about your wellbeing."
“Are you…selling them?” Aaron asked without realizing how funny he must have sounded, “And, it’s nothing new, comes with the job. Bag of frozen peas to help me out.”
Aaron internally smacked himself from the attempt he made to make you laugh. He thought to himself that the unsub probably hit him a little too hard from his lack of composure.
“Oh, right! You’re little Jack’s dad,” You smiled at him, “My name’s (Y/N), your next door neighbor. Not a kidnapper or anything, I just happened to cross paths with Jessica and Jack a few times when they visited my shop. And, no, I just happened to make some extra muffins as a trial before I put them up.”
“I’m Aaron, little Jack’s dad,” He let out a small laugh as he shook your free hand, “So, you own the shop that sells the muffins that Jack adores, huh?”
“Not to boost my ego but yes, he’s told me a few times,” You shrugged jokingly as you handed him the plate, which he happily accepted, “Thought I could share some peanut butter and chocolate chip muffins for the muffin connoisseur.”
“I’ll be sure to save some for his breakfast,” Aaron replied, “I may have to taste the muffins my son tends to brag about.”
“If he wants more, he can just drop by my unit or the shop. No charge,” You smiled as you swayed side to side, “Little dude loves to ramble on about Spider-Man and the Avengers, it’s endearing.”
Aaron found you endearing, as well. You seemed sweet, and he wanted to get to know you more if the universe gave him a chance to.
“Thank you,” Aaron smiled a little more than the first, “He’s convinced he’s going to be the Spider-Man in this universe as he mentions.”
“Maybe he’s got the Peter tingle in him already,” You grinned at him, “Anyways, I’ll let you head off for the night, I’m probably disturbing your peace and quiet.”
Aaron thought otherwise, he didn’t think you were disturbing his peace. He found it to be a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel, but he didn’t say that. “Not at all. But, thank you again. For the muffins.”
“Have a good night, Aaron.” 
Aaron smiled to himself as he closed the door behind him. He hoped he could see you again, or maybe he could casually drop by your shop with Jack for the weekend. No, he thought that he would probably look too eager. But little did he know, you hoped to see him too. 
As Monday dragged itself in, the two of you saw each other again. Aaron had a free day where he could pick Jack up from school and Jack insisted that they drop by the shop because he wanted more muffins. He was glad that an opportunity presented itself for the both of you to meet, but Jack didn’t have to know that he was taking a liking to his muffin supplier. At least, not yet.
When Aaron pulled up to the shop, Jack immediately unbuckled his seatbelt to get out of the car and run inside the shop. Aaron laughed at the giddiness of his son, he was glad that Jack started to look brighter these days because of you and your muffins.
He stood outside for a bit to let himself take in the sight that unraveled before him. You had your arms wide open to welcome Jack, who ran towards you, and envelop him in a hug. Aaron didn’t have to hear to know that Jack was heartily laughing from the wide smile on his face as you spun him around. He found himself smiling at the sight, too.
“What brings my favorite muffin connoisseur here today?” You playfully poked Jack’s stomach as you carried him, “Did you like the peanut butter and chocolate chip muffins?”
“Daddy and I are having my after school snack here today!” Jack giggled as he leaned in to whisper in your ear, “He ate a lot of my muffins. Daddy likes it a lot.”
You exaggerated a gasp as you looked at Aaron, who was walking towards the two of you, “I was not aware we had a muffin monster! You, my buddy, should have defeated him with your Spidey senses.”
Aaron raised his eyebrows as he crossed his arms, “Muffin monster?”
“That’s you, daddy!” 
“Little dude said you ate a lot of his muffins,” You said, “Yes, emphasis on the word his. We cannot deprive my favorite muffin connoisseur of his sustenance.”
Aaron laughed as he shook his head, “Buddy, you are in muffin heaven, you can pick whatever you want.”
Jack nodded, “Do you have new muffins today, (Y/N)?”
“Hmm, my friend has a batch of lemon raspberry muffins coming out in a few,” You smiled at him, “Do you want some with a glass of milk?”
Jack looks at Aaron with his bottom lip out and hands clasped together, “Can we stay here for a bit, daddy?” 
“If it doesn’t interfere with (Y/N)’s work, we can stay,” Aaron smiled at his son, “How much is it?”
You shook your head as you got behind the counter with Jack on your hip, “Free of charge.”
Aaron frowned a bit, “(Y/N)...”
“Aaron, it’s nothing,” You smiled at him while putting Jack to sit on a space on your countertop, “As long as my pastries bring a bit of sweetness in my life and in others.”
Aaron found himself smiling more around you- something that he had a hard time doing after losing Haley. There was something absolutely captivating about you and the way you treated everyone with kindness. He didn’t miss the way you easily fell into conversation with your customers, or the way you would immediately beam from seeing your usuals. And, Aaron certainly did not miss the way his heart melted at the sight of you with his son, who was animatedly talking about what happened at school today while he ate the muffins, and the way you would respond with the same enthusiasm and wiping the milk mustache that he had every now and then. 
“Hey, Aaron, do you want anything?” You asked as you leaned over the counter.
Before Aaron could respond, Jack was already talking over him, “Daddy is being strict on what he eats after your muffins. He’s going on this race for the FBI!”
Aaron laughed at his son cutting him off, “Yeah, there’s this triathlon in the next month. I have to be in shape, but a cup of coffee would be great.”
“Wish I could be as determined as you to work out, I’ve been wanting to start but I don’t know where to begin,” You teased him as you prepared the cup, “What kind of coffee?”
“Surprise me,” Aaron smiled as you nodded in response, “And maybe, you could join me? I mean, running could be a good start to work out.”
He honestly didn’t know what hit him to ask you to join him in preparing for the triathlon. But, he just wanted to see you more. To spend more time with you. 
“I don’t see why not,” You grinned at him as you served his coffee, “I will have to warn you though, I am probably going to slow you down.”
“I don’t mind at all.”
Aaron and Jack came home to their apartment that day with smiles on their faces for different reasons. 
You were wondering why you took up Aaron on that offer. But, it honestly didn’t need much thought because you just wanted to spend time with him. Seeing Aaron in an outfit that was far from his suits got your heart racing a bit more.
“You good to start?” Aaron looked over at you as the two of you finished stretching, “We can take it slow. To find each other’s pace.”
You nodded and smiled at him, “Let’s do this.”
Aaron couldn’t help but glance at you every now and then while the two of you ran through the trail. You had your headphones in because you told him it was for motivation. He wondered how you still managed to look effortlessly beautiful while running, how there were pieces of hair that perfectly framed your face and how you gave him a smile a few times. Maybe he was falling quickly, but he didn’t feel scared because of you.
You only accompanied him in running, you refused to join him in cycling and swimming for now because you had a feeling that he’d be dragging your unconscious body from passing out in the process. 
“I’ll time you and we can compare it next time,” You said as you drank from your water bottle, “Okay, now shoo, I will cheer you on from this lovely bench.”
Aaron laughed as he shook his head, “See you in a bit, (Y/N).”
You didn’t miss the way that your heartbeat sped up from the way he laughed. Especially when he shot you his dimpled smile before he went on to train for the cycling and swimming event of the triathlon.
The next morning, Aaron had a box of muffins that you insisted he take when he dropped by for his coffee (and you) fix, so he could bring some for his team to boost their morale. He thought it was really sweet of you to offer.
As the BAU team gathered at the round table for the briefing, Aaron set the box of muffins for them and he didn’t miss the surprised look on their faces, “These are specifically for all of you.”
“Oh my muffins!” Penelope squealed as she reached to grab one, “What’s the occasion, sir?”
Spencer’s eyebrows furrowed as he prepared to eat his muffin, “It isn’t Hotch or Jack’s birthday, though.”
Aaron shook his head, “Nothing, my neighbor thought that I should bring some for the team to boost morale.”
“Tell your neighbor that our morale is boosted,” JJ smiled, “Great muffins, too.”
“Do tell us more about this neighbor,” Emily said with her mouth full of the muffin, “This is really good, I definitely will not share this if I had my own box.”
“She has a shop a few blocks down if you want to get your own. It’s called Sweet Sensations,” Aaron replied, nonchalantly as he read through the folder in his hand, “Jack loves her muffins.”
Derek grinned, “You seeing her, boss man?”
Aaron looked up from the folder, “Do you think I have no eyes, Morgan?”
As each day passed by, the feelings you had for each other started to grow stronger whenever you spent even the littlest time in each other’s presence. Aaron’s belief that love would never come for him the second time around? Completely shattered. He was sure that you were his. 
You looked forward to Aaron walking in the doors of your shop for his morning coffee and the occasional piece of pastry that you popped in despite his protests. Aaron didn’t know that you wrote ‘Muffin Monster :)’ on his cup each time until Dave teased him one morning.
Aaron looked forward to having you around to cheer him on when he trained. He felt conflicted that the triathlon was this weekend, which would mean that he’d be spending less time with you from the absence of training days. He hoped he would have enough courage to finally ask you out on a date when the triathlon is over. 
Before the day of the triathlon, you found yourself seated on the floor of Jack’s room because the little boy knocked on your door with Jessica to ask for help in making posters for his dad as a surprise. How could you ever say no to him?
While you and Jack worked through your posters for Aaron, you weren’t prepared for Jack’s question, “(Y/N), do you like my daddy?”
You stopped coloring and looked at Jack, “Of course, buddy.”
“That’s good!” Jack smiled at you, “When we talked to mommy one night, he said he was really happy that we have you and that mommy would like you because you take good care of me.”
“You Hotchner boys make me really happy, too.”
The morning of the triathlon came and you were pretty sure that you woke up earlier than usual to wish Aaron luck before he became busy with the preparation at the venue. It didn’t take long for him to answer the door and he was definitely pleased to see you standing behind it.
“Good morning, early bird,” Aaron smiled, “Come on in. Jack’s still getting ready.”
“Good morning to you too,” You smiled as you came into his apartment, “You ready for today?”
“Of course, I had a great training partner,” Aaron chuckled, “Hope the training pays off today.”
“Glad I could be of service, muffin monster,” You teased, “You’ll do great, though, I believe in you.”
“Thank you, (Y/N),” He smiled at you as he slung his bag over his shoulder and called for Jack, who immediately ran towards you for a hug with the poster folded in his hands. 
“Daddy, is (Y/N) going to ride with us?” Jack asked.
“If it’s alright with you,” You looked at Aaron while you carried Jack, “I could look after Jack when you prepare.”
“It’s settled, let’s go,” He said as he ruffled Jack’s hair, “My team’s going to be there, let me know if they’re going to harass you for muffins.”
You laughed as you shook your head while buckling Jack in the car, “I did bring tupperware of it  in my bag just in case Jack gets hungry. But, you know, maybe the big kids could have some.”
Aaron couldn’t help but think how domestic it is with the three of you driving to the venue. You and Jack talking about the most random things- your favorite cartoons, favorite superhero, if you liked math. He wanted to replay this moment over and over again. He wanted to do all the mundane things if he had you by his side. He could, though. If he asked you out today and he decided that he will.
“Alright, buddy, I’ll see you later,” Aaron said to Jack as he ran a hand through the boy’s dirty blonde hair, “Don’t tire (Y/N) out too much and don’t run away from her.”
Jack nodded and leaned over to wrap his arms around Aaron’s neck while you carried him, “Good luck, daddy.”
You couldn’t help but think about how the three of you probably looked like a family to the people around you, you hoped Aaron felt the same. 
“Good luck, Aaron,” You bit your bottom lip as you decided to quickly kiss his cheek, “We’ll be waiting at the finish line.”
Aaron felt his cheeks warm up, which was definitely not because of the weather, “Thanks, (Y/N), I’ll find you then.”
The waiting game was a bit slow, but you and Jack managed to find a spot to set up your blanket and let the little boy eat some muffins for breakfast. It wasn’t too long when the team spotted their unit chief’s son before approaching the two of you.
“Hey, Jack,” Derek grinned as the little boy looked up with a big smile, “And, are you the woman who’s making our unit chief happier than usual?”
You sheepishly smiled as you waved to them, “My name’s (Y/N), you might know me as either the neighbor or the muffin supplier.”
The team introduced themselves to you one by one and you couldn’t help but laugh as Emily asked Jack for a muffin. In her defense and an ego booster, they’re the best muffins she’s had in her life.
It wasn’t long when you started seeing people on their way to cross the finish line, which prompted you and the team to stand by to wait for Aaron’s arrival.
“There’s daddy!” Jack screamed while holding his poster from Derek’s shoulders, “(Y/N), daddy’s there!”
You smiled as you saw Aaron approaching the finish line and you started to cheer for him, so did the team. 
As Aaron crossed the finish line, all of you walked to him to congratulate him on finishing while he hydrated himself. Jack hugged Aaron as he showed the poster the two of you made for him. 
You didn’t know what washed over you when you threw your arms around his neck to give him a hug, “You did it, Aaron!”
He grinned as he hugged your waist with his free hand, “Glad I have my personal cheerleader with me here today.” 
“I do need to be paid by the hour, though,” You teased as you pulled away, Aaron didn’t pull his hand away, “Seriously, you did a great job. Your hard work paid off!”
Before he could say anything, Jack grabbed  your hand to pull away because he spotted an ice cream truck. You turned around and stuck your tongue out at him.
Aaron shook his head and laughed as he downed the rest of the water, “Did you harass her for muffins?”
Derek raised his hands up and laughed, “Not at all, Hotch. Prentiss here got some from Jack.”
Emily rolled her eyes as she pushed Derek, “Excuse me, I asked for it and he gave it to me. There’s a difference.”
“We do have a question for you, Aaron,” Dave smiled at his younger friend, “When are you going to tell her?”
Aaron wasn’t surprised at that question, he should’ve known that a bunch of profilers would immediately decipher the feelings he had for you, “I’m actually going to ask her out when she comes back with Jack.”
Penelope excitedly claps, “I’m really happy for you, sir. She’s so nice and sweet and she bakes! Not to mention, she’s great with Jack.”
Aaron smiled fondly as he looked at you holding hands with Jack as the two of you walked back to him, “Thanks, Garcia. Now, go on. All of you. I have to ask a girl out.”
The team laughed and patted his shoulder to congratulate him again and to wish him luck, even if he didn’t need it because they knew it was going to end well.
“Team leaving so soon?” You asked as you handed him the soft serve ice cream while Jack still held on to your free hand.
“Yeah, they have errands,” Aaron smiled, “Also, uh, about the payment?”
“Aaron, I was kidding,” You laughed, “I’d be there in any situation that you would want me.” 
“What if I want you to be with me?”
You instantly stopped laughing and felt your cheeks warm up, “Come again?”
Aaron playfully rolled his eyes as he held your face in his hands, “What if I want you to be with me?”
“Are you joking? You’re joking, right? This isn’t a good joke, Aaron, don’t toy with me.”
“Do I look like I’m joking?” Aaron raised his eyebrows, “Again, I’m asking you for the third time. What if I want you to be with me?”
Jack giggled as he clapped his hands, “I want (Y/N) to be with us, too!”
You bit the inside of your cheek as you tried to ignore the way your heart felt like it was beating out your chest, “Then I want to be with you. Through all the mundane and extraordinary things in this life.”
Aaron grinned as he squished your cheeks, “I guess I won your heart, but would it be safe to ask if I could kiss you?”
“You are so cheesy,” You laughed as you shook your head, “But, yes, it would be the best way to seal the deal.”
As Aaron leaned in to press his lips against yours, you instinctively wrapped your arms around his neck and you felt as if fireworks went off behind the both of you. It felt as if you were the only people in the world.
He finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel, which was you. He felt found, he felt glad that the colors finally settled back in his and Jack’s life when you came.
Aaron didn’t expect that love would be sweeter the second time around. But he was glad that it was you. 
Tumblr media
taglist: @izbelross​ @skyler666​ @sbeno22​ 
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tealeafgrimm · 2 days ago
hiii, could i get a snape and professor reader where they were friends as children and they meet again when she comes to teach at hogwarts?? they meet in the great hall and she just yells his name and hugs him leaving the students are confused? Maybe some kids ask her why shes so close to him and she tells them they were friends and the studenrs try to get them tgt?? Happy ending please!! Thanks love💕
Severus Snape x Professor!Reader Words: 3.7k Summary: When you had accepted Dumbeldors offer to start as a professor, you had not expect to see an old friend of yours again. And even less had you expected all the students to act as matchmakers A/N: I really hope that you like this story. I definitly had a lot of fun writing it. Thank you so much for the request!
Nervously, you smoothed out the front of your robes. Today was your first day at school and you didn't want to make a bad impression on the students, your new colleagues and especially Dumbeldore himself. He had asked you to take over Magical History some time ago, to literally revive the subject. It was a strange feeling to be back at Hogwarts after fifteen years. Especially as a teacher. It made you feel as if your school days had been a completely different life. And to a certain extent, it was. After the war, you had moved abroad to get away from all the terrible images and events. You had built a new, quiet life for yourself, until a few months ago a letter from Dumbledore and finally the man himself showed up at your door.
After some persuasion, you had finally agreed. You had been toying with the idea of moving back to England for some time, and the significantly higher salary that Dumbledore had offered you had finally eliminated your last doubts. But now, as you walked down the corridors and received curious glances from some students, you wondered if you were really up to this new task. On top of everything, you had some private last-minute matters to take care of, and so you had arrived at the castle only today, one day after the Welcoming Feast. With a last deep breath, you entered the Great Hall. Your gaze fixed stubbornly on Dumbeldore, you strode between the house tables. Dumbledore rose from his seat in the center of the teacher's table, beaming with delight.
"Y/N! How nice to finally see you again. I hope your travel this night was good? I took the liberty of letting the students know of your arrival and Professor Binns' takeover yesterday. Knowing you, you wouldn't be thrilled with all the attention." He winked at you and you couldn't suppress a laugh. Before you could say anything back, he grabbed your arm and led you past the long table to introduce you to your new colleagues. Many of the professors had not changed since you were in school. It was a strange feeling to see some of your old teachers again. "And last but not least, Professor Snape. If I'm not mistaken, you're familiar with each other?" You looked from Dumbledor to the last seat at the table. "Severus?" you asked, shocked. You hadn't seen him in over fifteen years. You hadn't kept in touch with anyone from your school days, so you weren't aware that he was a teacher here.
The disinterested and annoyed expression on Severus' face that he had been wearing a moment ago disappeared and now reflected your shock. "Y-Y/N?" Without giving much thought to your action, you all but flung yourself across the table and fell around his neck. Surprised by your embrace, you felt Severus' body stiffen. Still, he patted your shoulder awkwardly. When you broke away from him, you were beaming. "I didn't know you worked here! It's so good to see you again." "I think you're in good company Y/N. Thank you again and welcome," Dumbledore interrupted, winking at you again and returning to his seat. It wasn't until you had settled into your seat next to Severus that you noticed how quiet the Great Hall had become, and that nearly every pair of eyes was shifting back and forth between you and Severus.
The first four lessons went surprisingly smoothly. Professor Binns had already been your professor, so you weren't surprised that your students were anything but enthusiastic about Magical History. But you wanted to change that. You had promised your students that you would make the lessons more interesting and that you would respond to their wishes and needs. In order to make the subject more palatable to them, you had already announced that you would take them on some excursions and invite guests to your classes. And it seems that these promises were enough to make the majority of your students feel much more motivated to participate in the lessons.
After your first lessons had been successful and your nervousness had slowly subsided, you looked forward to the rest of the day in a much more relaxed way. But what you were looking forward to most was lunch. Severus and you, had talked so long the night before that you ended up being the only people in the Great Hall. After fifteen years, you had a lot to talk about and you couldn't wait to continue chatting with him. Smiling, you sat down next to him, ignoring the still astonished looks of the students. Within your few hours at Hogwarts, you had already noticed that Severus was not the most popular teacher. And you had to admit that his constant scowl didn't exactly contribute to his popularity. But his gaze softened as he looked at you.
"And how strong is the urge to resign immediately?", he smirked, turning to his lunch. You laughed out loud, which earned you some more quizzical looks. "I don't have it. All my lessons so far have been very positive. Either I'm not as bad as I thought, or Binns was even more horrible than when we were students." "Just wait, if I saw correctly, you have third years coming up and Potter and his little Gryffindor gang are amongst them. The boy is a complete...", but he had broken off his sentence when he saw your frozen fork in mid-air and your startled look. "Harry? I had completely forgotten that he...does he look like Lily?" "Just the eyes, otherwise he's the arrogant spitting image of his father," he muttered, casting a disdainful glance in the direction of the Gryffindor table. "Severus! He's thirteen! Just because you and James didn't get along, it's not his son's fault."
In response, you received only an unintelligible grumble. Since the subject of Harry Potter was apparently a touchy one, you decided to pick another. "Do you still live in Spinners End?" The question seemed to take him by surprise, as he abandoned his food and looked over at you. Finally, he nodded slowly. "Yeah, I spend most of my time here anyway, so why make the effort to move away? Where did you move back to?" "Definitely not Spinners End. I won't voluntarily set foot in Hell again. No offense. I bought a little house in Brighton, a bit out of the city." And with that, you fell into an easy conversation that carried you through lunch.
Similarly, despite Severus' warning about Harry, the next few lessons went off without a hitch. In fact, contrary to your expectations, the students seemed to enjoy your lessons and most of them were probably excited about learning about magical history for the first time. As the weeks went by, you had established a new normality and routine. After your morning lessons, you would chat with Severus over lunch, and after your afternoon lessons, it had become normal for you to meet in his office for tea. More than once, on your way to his office, you had heard students whispering and asking them a little too loudly the question of what exactly you saw in him. Each time, you had turned bright red. Was it so obvious that even the students couldn't find anything more interesting to talk about? Your question about the fascination around your relationship with Severus was answered when you were asked to supervise an hour of detention.
Remus was supposed to supervise him, but due to his condition he didn't feel up to it and you offered to take his place. Harry, of all people, was the first student you had had for detention, and Severus didn't miss a second to make it clear that he had been right in his assertion. But you had skillfully ignored him. Who was more nervous in detention was impossible to predict at first. You had always liked to avoid confrontation, so it was a strange and uncomfortable situation for you to appear as an authority figure. But you quickly realized that Harry was not at all as bad as Severus had made him out to be. On the contrary, he was actually a very pleasant student and the hour of detention passed more quickly than you thought.
"I don't get it," Harry finally muttered near the end of his detention, staring at the paper in front of him in frustration. Assuming he was having trouble with the task he'd been given, you sat down next to him. "Let me see, maybe I can help you." Startled, he turned to you and turned bright red. "Eh, I-I didn't mean the assignment," he stuttered nervously, quickly turning back to his paper. "What do you mean then?" "I-I, oh it doesn't matter. You wouldn't give me answers anyway and most likely I'd get an hour of detention on top of it," he muttered, pressing his face so close to the paper that his nose almost touched the table. "Oh yeah? Try me."
After a moment's thought, Harry raised his head, still not looking at you. "I don't understand...why you seem to get along so well with Snape...PROFESSOR Snape. You are so...nice and he is so..." Before he could finish his sentence, you laughed out loud. "Ah I see! Well, he can be...special can't he?" you finally replied still chuckling. In response to your description, Harry let out a mocking laugh, but then held his hands over his mouth in shock. "It's okay Harry. Yes, he can be very scary and to be honest I can't quite work out myself why he of all people would want to work with children. But I've known him for so long and we used to be good friends, maybe that' s why I see him differently."
"Were you here at Hogwarts with him?" asked Harry finally, now more curious since you were obviously going to answer his questions. "Yes, he and Professor Lupin were a class above me. But...I've known him for much longer. We're from the same town. We were neighbours. So was your mother, by the way, did you know that?" Harry's surprised expression was answer enough. "She lived a few streets away. The three of us were inseparable at the time and then they both went to Hogwarts and so did I a year later." "Snape was friends with my MOTHER?" Try as he might, you could hear the disgust in his voice. "Oh yes, but...things change and eventually it was just Severus and me. You know, Spinners End isn't exactly the best town and our families...let's just say we both preferred to be away from home, you know. Severus and I looked after each other, hence the close relationship." "Are you in love with him? With Snape? PROFESSOR Snape." Even though you had expected anything, certainly not this. You promptly blushed bright red and quickly glanced at your wristwatch. "Oh, it's after eight already. I think you've done your punishment Harry, you know how to get back to the common room. I'll see you in class then." And with that you pushed him out of your office. But Harry had received his answer.
"We need to get them together." That was the first thing Harry said when he met his friends in the common room. Ron and Hermione had been waiting anxiously to hear what Harry would tell them about the new professor and how bad she was. After all, she was friends with Snape. "Bring who together?" asked Ron perplexed, sliding to one side to make room for his friend. Harry dropped down beside him with a sigh. "Professor Y/L/N and Snape!" The chocolate frog Ron was about to eat hopped out of his hand and was promptly followed by Crooshanks. And Hermione, quite uncharacteristically, dropped her book. "Are you crazy? Who wants to be with him voluntarily?" asked Ron, shaking his head in disgust.
"She...told me a few things. She was friends with my mum...and with Snape and she's very nice, very different from Snape. If those two were together, maybe he'd get better, don't you think? Then maybe we'd finally have some peace," Harry explained as if it was the most logical thing in the world. "Harry, I don't know. How are you going to do that, you can't very well force them to get together," Hermione now jumped into the conversation. "With support, of course. If everyone helps, then the two of them have no other chance but to get together." "Are you going to lock them in their classrooms together or what?" "Why not?" shrugged Harry. "Snape can't get much worse than he is now, can he?" Within the next three days, not only did all the Gryffindors know about the plan, but word had spread to the other houses as well. Even the Slytherins, who would never admit it, had joined the mission. They didn't suffer as much from Snape as the rest of the students, but a somewhat friendlier Head of House couldn't hurt either.
If there was one thing Severus Snape had sworn to do, it was to never mix business and pleasure. And for nearly thirteen years it had worked. He respected and tolerated most of his colleagues, but that was the end of his relationship with them. But since you came to Hogwarts, it became almost impossible to keep his promise. If there was one thing, he deeply regretted in his life so far, apart from his foolish decision to join Lord Voldemort, it was that he had lost contact with you. You had been the only person in his life who knew how he had felt as a child and you were the only person, he had confided in. Even Lily had not known some of the things he had told you. But after you left England, he had come to terms with the fact that he would never see you again. And suddenly you were standing in front of him, the same smile, the same bright eyes and the walls he had built up over the years began to crumble little by little.
But even though he was aware of his feelings, he didn't know how to show them to you. He had been alone for too long and had worked for years to keep his feelings bottled up. And even if he wouldn't admit it, for the first time in his life he was grateful that some of his students managed not to keep their pert mouths shut. "Professor Y/L/N told me today that her favourite flowers are begonias!" he heard Hannah Abbott say during a potions lesson to Ernie Macmillan. And despite being annoyed and deducting five points from Hufflepuff for talking, he made a note after the lesson to make sure to send you a bunch of begonias. "Oh Severus! I love begonias thank you so much!", you beamed as he brought you a bouquet for tea one afternoon and Severus vowed that he would give Hannah Abbott an extra point in the next test.
Another time he had heard Draco Malfoy talking loudly about how much Y/N loved vanilla Rooibos tea. "Oh yes Professor Y/L/N was telling me just yesterday that she thought it was a shame she couldn't find it anywhere around here." After briefly wondering why in God's name Draco Malfoy would ask one of his teachers about their tea preference, Severus turned back to his lessons. When you walked into his office the next afternoon, there was already a hot cup of vanilla Rooisbos tea waiting for you. He himself was not a big fan of sweet tea and stuck to his Earl Grey. "For God's sake, where did you find that? It's my favourite tea." Enthusiastically, you took another sip from your cup. "I had it in my drawer, I don't drink it myself, but I thought you might like some change," he replied. Of course, it was a lie, he had requested a tea order by express owl and had to pay a few galleons for it, but you didn't necessarily have to know that.
But the best hint he got came from Harry Potter, of all people. "Did you know that Professor Y/L/N's favourite food is Indian? She told me her favourite restaurant is in London and it's called Gymkhana." Severus could have sworn Potter pronounced the name extra clearly when he saw Snape standing only a few paces away from him. He would definitely find out if Potter was telling the truth. "Say Y/N, would you like to go out to dinner with me this weekend?" He had asked it so quickly that you didn't reply anything for a few seconds. "Dinner? Oh yes, I'd love to. What did you have in mind?" "Eh...there's a restaurant in London. I think Gymkhana?" Your look confirmed what Potter had said. "Seriously? That's my favourite restaurant? How do you know all my favourite things?" you laughed and shook your head. "Ah, probably just coincidence." Even though he'd given all the other students a bonus so far when their quips proved helpful, he wasn't sure if he'd give Potter the same privilege.
It had been going on like this for a few months now and Severus had the feeling that he was on the right track. One or two more dates and maybe the time had finally come. But his optimism gave way to the old dark and dismissive manner when he saw you in the staff room one day with none other than Lupin. He had forgotten his book and was just going to fetch it when he heard your loud laughter outside the door. Surprised and curious, he opened the door a crack and saw you and Lupin standing in the room. One of your hands was on his upper arm and you both looked at each other laughing. Severus quickly closed the door again and decided to leave the book where it was. If his looks had been able to kill, the castle would most likely have been reduced by a few students. Muttering to himself, he strode through the corridors in the direction of his office. However, he did not notice that he was being overheard.
"Did he really just say that Professor Lupin and Professor Y/L/N...?", asked Harry in wonder as he looked up after Snape's figure. "I thought Snape and Professor Y/L/N were going out all the time. And wasn't she gushing about him yesterday?", asked Ron in equal wonder, his face contorting in disgust at the thought of anyone even giving the man a second thought. "Men!", groaned Hermione, throwing her head back. "We have to do something or all our work will have been for nothing!", hissed Harry, scratching his head thoughtfully. "Do you remember what we asked you at the very beginning Harry? Whether we should lock them up? Maybe now is exactly the right time. Come on come along, I have an idea." And with that Hermione pulled the two astonished boys along behind her.
A knock on the office door made you look up from your papers. "Come in! Oh Harry, how can I help you?", you asked the black-haired boy with a smile. "Eh...hi professor. I...eh...Professor Snape sent me and asked that you come to him. He didn't say what it was about." "Oh...okay, thanks Harry. I suppose I'd best go and see him straight away then. Have a good afternoon." And with that, you left your office. What you didn't catch was Harry giving a thumbs up in the direction of Ron and Hermione who were waiting a few feet away from your office door and the three of them following you towards the dungeons. After a quick knock, you opened the door to Severus' office. "I didn't say ent-...Y/N?" His annoyed expression briefly gave way to positive surprise before it darkened again.
"You wanted to see me?" "I wanted to...Did I say that?" "Harry just came to me and told me you wanted to see me. So, what can I do for you?" "That insoltent little boy...if I can get my hands on him," Severus muttered, trying to open the door to see if he could still find Harry. But to his amazement, the door wouldn't open. And even with the help of his wand, he could not open the lock. On the other side of the door, Harry, Hermione and Ron looked at each other nervously, but then all three breathed a sigh of relief when they realised that the spell Hermione had found in one of her books seemed to hold up to Snape. "Come on! The spell only lasts half an hour, we might be better off not standing right outside the door when it lifts," Hermione whispered, receiving nods of agreement from the boys.
"Severus? Did I do something, is everything okay?", you asked timidly after he had let go of the door and was scowling at you. "Why don't you ask Lupin? You seem to be on good terms with him?", he hissed in reply. "Why don't I ask Lup-. Wait are you jealous?" You couldn't help but laugh, but immediately regretted it the next moment as Severus' gaze darkened further. "Severus! Do you really think that me and Remus...Shouldn't it be obvious to you by now that I enjoy our dates? I certainly wouldn't go out with you so much if I wanted something from Remus." His face was getting hot and he could feel the blush creeping up his face. He wasn't really like that, but just the thought of Lupin with you made his blood boil. Determined, you took a step towards him, took his face in your hands and pressed your lips to his.
"There, I should have done that much sooner!", you smiled after you had detached yourselves from each other. Severus didn't move, too shocked by what had just happened. "Remus is just a colleague, nothing more. But you...I've missed you Severus. And I love spending time with you." "I...I'm sorry Y/N. Lupin just makes me so mad and when I..." But before he could say more, you engaged him in a second kiss. "Maybe we could stop talking about him?", you murmured against his lips. With a short nod and sigh, Severus agreed with you and pulled you closer to him. Perhaps he did have to admit to himself now that Potter deserved a bonus at the next marking session. But he would think about that carefully over the next few days.
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procrastinatorimagines · 2 days ago
Fandom: Chicago Fire
Series: One Shot
Pairing/s: Kelly Severide x Reader
Warning/s: none
Word Count: 575
Request: request: roommates to lovers trope with kelly severide
Tumblr media
It started off innocent enough, you'd needed somewhere to live, Kelly had needed a roommate to make rent, it made sense.
But, slowly, it developed into more. So slowly you hadn't realised until you were in too deep, with glances at one another in a towel, or in gym clothes, or late nights spent having dinner, curling up closer than necessary for wine and a move, with conversation so natural you may as well have been together for years.
It was there, in the air whenever you were alone, but neither of you had put it into words yet, so much so that you were starting to feel that it was one sided, or all in your head, or both.
So when Sylvie told you she had someone in mind to set you up with, you figured, why not, you couldn't wait around to see what might happen with Kelly forever, right?
Kelly was coming out of his room as you were slipping on your heels, pausing in his tracks when he saw you, jaw clenching. "Little dressed up for Molly's aren't you?" He asked, tone deeper than he intended.
You smile at him, "I have a date actually, I won't be able to make it tonight," you explain as casually as possible.
"You, er, didn't mention you had a date," he tried to play it off, but he was definitely jealous.
"I didn't?" You said as you rose, "sorry, I thought I had." Now that definitely gets a rise out of him, but he heads to the cupboards in the kitchen so you don't see it show on his face, not that he was looking for anything in particular in there.
"Who is this guy anyway?" He asked, levelling his tone.
"Friend of Sylvie's," you replied, slipping in your earrings as Kelly turned back to face you and take in the full extent of your outfit, his eyes wandering unsubtly.
"That's what you're wearing for a first date?" He asked, equal parts annoyed and protective.
"What's wrong with it?" You asked, defensiveness creeping into his voice. What right did he have to ask that? You'd waited long enough for him to make a move and he hadn't, could he really blame you for moving on with your life?
"It's... a little much," he answered, though you new full well he had no problem with the outfit, or how it looked on you, and that was in fact the problem.
You rolled your eyes as he stopped there, not saying anything more, not saying what you want him to.
"I should head to Molly's," he said finally, heading for the door.
"Yeah you should," you snapped back a little harsher than intended and he leaves, slamming the door shut behind him.
With a frustrated sigh you gave up on the second earring, letting it scatter across the counter as you rested your hands on the edges and close your eyes.
You only opened them when you heard the door open again, with Kelly standing at the entrance, a look in his face you can't place.
"I don't want you to go on the date," he told you with conviction as you sagged with relief, tension you didn't even realise you were holding releasing.
"I don't want to go on the date," you admitted.
Without another word you both closed the gap, meeting in the middle and kissing like you were finally coming up for air.
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fanficshiddles · a day ago
Perhaps, One Shot
Thanks for the prompt toshisurtsdottir hope you like it!
Tom/Loki is a cruel drug lord, ruling most of the city. However, he just can’t bring his opposing crime lord down to her knees. Or maybe he can. Who knows.
And also thanks for prompt hidinagain hope you like it too!
This isn't technically a submission, I just want to say I'm a slut for demonic or vampire Tom/Loki. 
WARNINGS: Rape/Non-con, vampire so blood drinking.
The leather tight against her neck should have been terrifying, considering it was choking the life out of her, but she was so undeniably aroused it was difficult to think straight.
Was it the man who wore said leather over his hand that was arousing her? Or was it just the leather and act itself… She would never admit it, but most definitely it was both.
If this was how she was to go, then at least she was aroused. She could think of worse ways to die.
‘Any last words, pet. Before I take the life out of you.’ His voice was calm and collected, but so seductive against her ear.
But he saw her shudder. And that made him pause, a smirk spread across his face.
‘Or, perhaps… you have enjoyed our little game of cat and mouse over the years, and now upon finally being captured by the master of this city, you are finding yourself far too aroused to deal with anything else.’ He said cockily.
He then sniffed the air just in front of her face, eased up the pressure around the front of her throat and he put his thumb over her pulse point, feeling her heart racing.
‘I can smell how aroused you are.’
‘That’s plain weird. Even for an asshole like you, Laufeyson.’ She scoffed and tried to kick him, but he was too fast, with his free hand he was able to grab her thigh and he pushed it to the side, spreading her legs open, he stood between her feet to keep her legs apart.
Loki narrowed his eyes at her. ‘Are you really in a position to be insulting me, hmm?’ He snarled and squeezed her neck, taking her breath away. ‘For years you’ve taunted me, tried to steal my clientele, my men. But now, you’re in my territory and you’re not getting away.’
He rudely shoved his hand up under her dress and into her knickers. She tried to contain her whimper as she felt the leather from his glove slide against her sensitive cunt, sliding between her folds to see how wet she was.
‘Well, look at this. What a little slut you are.’ He growled as he removed his hand and held it up, her juices glistening on his glove. ‘Your body truly betrays you, darling…’
‘What can I say… I’m a sucker for rough play.’ She said teasingly, narrowing her eyes at him.
Loki chuckled and then forced his fingers into her mouth. ‘Clean my glove.’ He demanded.
Instead of sucking his fingers though, no matter how nice the leather felt against her tongue, she dared to bite them instead. He hissed and pulled them out of her mouth, the hand around her neck came up to grip her face harshly by her cheeks. He leaned in so his lips hovered over hers, she could feel his breath against her.
‘You have no idea how rough I can play.’ He growled, then grinned widely, showing off his teeth.
But he didn’t have ordinary teeth. He had fangs that suddenly appeared.
Her eyes widened in fear. Whilst everyone in the city feared Loki Laufeyson, even the police did, knowing what he did for a living they turned the other way. Not wanting to interfere or get on his wrong side. But she had never feared him, she was his opponent, always there trying to sabotage his big deals to take for her own. He had been trying to take her out for years. Now he finally had her trapped.
But now, she realised she wasn’t just dealing with a drug lord.
He was a vampire.
Her first knee jerk reaction after being scared was to say something like how come you don’t glitter in the sun or melt. But she was smart, so decided to stay quiet.
‘Cat got your tongue, hmm?’ He hissed, chuckling in amusement at how quickly she shut up. ‘Let’s try again… Get down on your knees.’
Swallowing hard and hating herself for doing as he said, she sank down to her knees. For one, she knew she wasn’t just dealing with a powerful human anymore… And suddenly all the rumours of Laufeyson’s enemies going missing made sense.
But then… One question she just had to ask came to mind.
‘You… You could’ve easily taken me out years ago… Why didn’t you?’ She asked, her voice shaky. She had no real idea of what he was capable of anymore. Not now she knew what he was.
Loki’s smirk had always been menacing, but with his fangs it made it ten times worse. Especially as he was looming over her.
‘Where would the fun in that be? Hmm?’ He pressed his fingers to her lips. This time, she did as he wanted and sucked them clean.
‘That’s a good girl. See, you can obey when you put your mind to it.’ Loki crouched down on front of her and gripped her hair, she hissed at the annoyingly delightful pain in her scalp.
‘Such a pretty thing you are too. And clever. I like that. It will be such a shame to destroy you… But perhaps I will grant you some fun first, since you are clearly so sexually frustrated. It’s only fair to give you pleasure in return for my own.’
He hoisted her back up to her feet by her hair, making her kneel in the first place had just been a power move. Needing her to realise how beneath him she was. Which only became more obvious when he tore at her dress, ripping it clean from her. Her knickers and bra were quick to go too, while he remained fully clothed in his black suit.
Loki forced her against the wall, making her yelp as her head hit it a bit hard. But she soon forgot about that when he forced his mouth against hers, his tongue taking control instantly as it delved into her mouth, almost making her gag as he shoved it down her throat as far as he could. He was greatly enjoying her discomfort.
While he kept her pinned in place with a large hand at her neck once again, he put his free hand to good use between her thighs. Pressing a leathery finger up into her, his thumb landing on her clit to rub harshly.
‘I will feed on you, bleed you dry while you cum on my cock. It will be the last pleasure you ever get, with the last breath you ever take.’ He warned, his voice full of darkness.
When she opened her eyes, she saw his eyes had changed. They were just a terrifying black.
She barely contained a scream, both because of what she saw and also because his finger was quickly replaced with his cock, she was so caught up in his eyes that she didn’t even register how that happened. But her legs were hiked up around his waist as he slammed into her.
Loki began fucking into her roughly, she could barely catch her breath. Her arms automatically wrapped around his neck to hold on, it was hard not to be caught up in the pure bliss he was bringing her as he fucked her.
His hips moved quicker and quicker, inhumanly fast against her. Then she felt the cool leather stroke against her scalp, before he harshly took a grip of her hair and tugged her head forcefully to the side.
He pressed his lips to her neck and moaned, his hips still pounding against her.
She shivered in fear and arousal at where he was now concentrating. And when she felt his teeth graze along her skin, she clenched down hard on his cock. Making him falter a moment, losing his rhythm he roughly just jabbed into her.
‘You seem to be enjoying this danger far too much… It would be a shame to waste such a pretty little thing.’ He continued grazing his teeth against her skin, now and then his tongue darted out to taste her. He was practically salivating now, barely containing himself from just sinking his teeth into her already.
‘Then… d… don’t…’ She whimpered out. It was difficult to speak properly.
‘Hmmm.’ His lips vibrated against her skin, making her whine again.
Loki’s cock felt so good inside her, even if he was moving at a rapid pace that was making her head spin. He was hitting all the right spots within her. If this was how she would die, then so be it…
‘Perhaps…’ Loki trailed his fangs against her again, above her pulse point. She trembled harder now, his grip in her hair tightened to keep her in place. ‘Perhaps I could keep you. As my own blood bank pet…’ He chuckled darkly then.
‘Wouldn’t that be a delight… The Master of the city claims the only opposing threat for his own.’
At that, he didn’t wait any longer. He had to have her.
With one well timed and aimed thrust into her, rubbing against her g spot, he bit down on her neck hard. The feeling of his fangs sinking deep into her made her scream out in pain, but pleasure coursed through her at the same time as he halted deep within her, keeping her pressed painfully to the wall so she couldn’t move.
And as she was cumming around his cock, the feeling of him sucking her blood out made her feel extremely dizzy. Her sight began to go blurry.
Loki moaned into her as he drank her blood, fangs and cock deep inside her, spurting his own cum into her as she squeezed him hard.
As delicious as she was, and as difficult as it was to resist from just sucking her dry, thoughts of what he could do to her flashed in his mind… Puncture marks all over her body, on her thighs, ass, stomach, breasts, hips… All the wonderful places he could feast from her. And he would have her on his arm in public, for everyone to see that she had given in and submitted to him. It would be an even bigger power move than simply having her disappear.
So with all the strength within him, he released her neck with a gasp. Her blood dripped from his fangs down onto her breasts. He licked his lips and dipped his head to lap up her blood from her. As expected, she had passed out from loss of blood and the well-timed orgasm.
He pulled out of her and scooped her into his arms, bridal style. Then carried her off to his bedroom. She stirred very slightly on the way there.
‘Shhhh, pet. You’re all mine now.’ He cooed just before she fell into the darkness once again.
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6robotmonster6 · a day ago
Derek having a drunk stripper moment.. That's all I have to say
Talk about perfect timing!! 💞
Derek has one of those room dedicated to pole dancers and it even has a bar. He uses it to have parties and laugh/bully dancers (who all just pretend to be so very hurt over it for his money).
One day he's having a party. As always he starts screaming out one of the dancers. He goes on his usual 'your worthless' rant but this dancer isn't playing along, she asks: 'well if I'm so worthless why are you paying me to dance? Huh?'. His "friends" think she is hilarious, their drunk but she does kinda have a point. She cost money and you're paying for her to be there so obviously she is worth something. Derek makes a sly comment says maybe he shouldn't pay her anything! All she does is twirl on a pole! He can do that!
Now every drinken "friend" is egging him on, so are the dancers. 'Oh yeeeah Derek your soooo right! Why don't you show us your skills then? Put us to shame, Derek, come on!' At first he won't then a "friend" calls him a pussy. Of course, Derek's pride is on the line now. Now he has to do it!
He gets up suddenly with drunken confidence. Yeah he'll show them! He grabs the pole, spins once, slips, falls face first with a comically loud ripping sound of his suit pants. Everyone laughs at him. He has to brib them all to never speak of this.
His father found out and beat Derek's ass for it. He doesn't complain about the pole dancers costs anymore.
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meowzfordayz · a day ago
let go/protect you
Author’s Note: something ‘bout thunder and lightning. ⚡️
Tumblr media
let go/protect you
Agatsuma Zenitsu x Reader
Word Count: ~1,000
CW: none
Request Fulfilled: Hiya, T!
I’m feelin a lil yucky bc my boundaries were carelessly crossed again :/
Can I request a pick me up hcs/fic?
Kamaboko squad in which reader has a big fear of being touched by people they don’t trust, and it’s them being very jumpy and shaky when their touched at first, but eventually they initiate the contact.
If hcs are too much for you, then either Tanjiro or Zenitsu! :)
Thank you so much for your emergency services ❤️❤️
~faqs/requests info here~
First thing that comes to mind ??
How gosh darn touchy he is 😆
—Not necessarily even romantically
—Srsly: pls recall all the times he’s gripped onto Tanjirou’s haori — after and before they were well acquainted 🙃
And how that wouldn’t initially go over very well considering he’d just met you
Trust = Nonexistent
Imagine running into him, Inosuke, and Tanjirou during a torrential downpour ?? 
Lightning, thunder, high speed winds — the works ⛈
And poor Zenitsu instinctively clings to you the moment another rumble passes through bc why would he cling to his companions when you’re so fricking pretty ??, eyes comically wide as he whimpers lowly, face scrunched almost as tight as your uniform in his hands, too engrossed in his own fear to notice how startled, uncomfortable, you are
“Um,” you swallow thickly, wincing Who are you? noticing his sheathed sword Another slayer? glancing upward at Inosuke (splashing puddles with intent to kill) and Tanjirou (aghast at how immediately Zenitsu attached himself to you) Three slayers?
There’s no way he can hear you amidst the aggressive deluge of cats and dogs lmao don’t mind me #it’s raining cats and dogs
“Could- Could you- Could you please. Please. Let go,” you whisper hopelessly
He lets go
He heard me?
“TANJIIIROOUUU,” he whines loudly, already hurrying to latch onto his next victim, “PROTECT MEEEEE.”
Something tells me he’d be hard pressed to seek comfort in Inosuke 💀
You stand drenched, intrigued, shivering; observing the sheepish movements of the maroon haired slayer as he awkwardly pats the quivering blonde’s shoulder; thick droplets collecting at the edges of their clothing; faint squelching barely audible as you step closer
“There, there Zenitsu, it’s just a little sto-”
Fast forwarding bc this would take forever and a day to write if I went into detail for every friendship-relationship building encounter heh
While first impressions are important, they certainly aren’t a be all, end all — Zenitsu epitomizing this
—Bc how many of us were lowkey (highkey?) irritated by Zenitsu originally? 😶
—Only for him to grow on us ~eventually 🤗
I hc that he has a fantastic memory?
So he remembers your reaction to his physical proximity, and he doesn’t repeat the same mistake
Doesn’t continue to disrespect your boundary — doesn’t derive any joy, any pleasure, in discomforting you
Let go you’d asked him, borderline terrified, subconsciously cracking his heart
There’s a special kind of pain reserved for hurting someone you’d never meant/wanted to hurt, and Zenitsu def felt it (that pain)
As you get to know him (as well as Inosuke and Tanjirou, ofc) better, you unearth pleasant surprises: like finding another pink Starburst at the bottom of the bag 💖; finding your favorite shirt clean and ready to wear even tho you can’t remember washing it #thanks past me 😌; looking up at the sky on a random evening, and realizing just how gorgeous the stars are 🌌
That’s how getting to know Zenitsu feels
He’s super attentive, silently, smoothly, navigating your aversion to touch
Putting your bowl on the table instead of handing it to you
Demonstrating stances and maneuvers from a polite distance
Giving you a thumbs up vs a high five
Sometimes he wonders if he goes a bit overboard; A pat on the back can’t be ~too harmful? he muses
Nonetheless, he refrains from any unnecessary (and really, practically all touch is unnecessary) contact
Explicitly berates Inosuke when he tackles you during training
“But some demons like to get up close!” Inosuke scoffs
“Still, you’re not a demon,” Zenitsu raises a stern eyebrow, “You could ask before shoving someone into the dirt.”
A softer gaze settling on you as Inosuke rolls his eyes, muttering to himself as he sulks away
“Are you okay?” he asks hesitantly, wishing he could help as you smack dust from your uniform
“I’m okay,” you smile gratefully, a tender ball uncurling in your sternum
Truthfully, when training, you understand touch can’t always be avoided
If Boar Head feels like tackling you to the ground, then so be it 
But the care and concern in Zenitsu’s tone—his earnest expression—still soothes you
I didn’t think you noticed me like that you chuckle inwardly, warmth caressing the tips of your ears
Almost reaching to place a light hand on his elbow
Ohmygosh there are endless possibilities for how/why you’d finally initiate contact… 
Zenitsu being injured came to mind, which, is so cute and so sweet and so angst
I feel like it’d actually be for something small; an intimate, private gesture
Maybe he has crumbs on his face? 🤭
Or starts to trip bc he’s hyper focused on how your arms swing effortlessly—gracefully—as you walk beside him
Orrr you’re sitting on a roof together overlooking a quiet district, a fleeting reprieve from your ongoing mission, clouds gathering overhead ☁️
Even w/o Tanjirou’s extraordinary sense of smell, you can tell rain’s imminent 🌧
And Zenitsu can hear distant crackling, provoking goosebumps along his forearms 🌩
You’re reluctant to seek shelter, however, content in the lull of solitude, of company — in a rare semblance of normal
Well, as normal as sitting on a roof w/ a katana can be 🤪
“It’s going to storm,” Zenitsu murmurs
“I know,” you shrug, something tentative—genuine—etched into the curve of your brows, “It’s beautiful.”
It is teehee me being cliche af Zenitsu exhales, your radiance framed perfectly by the surrounding grey, “You want to stay outside.”
He swears he just about topples off the roof at the sight of your bashful grin, “I do. We just…”
We never feel this peace he finishes wordlessly, nodding firmly, “Alright. We’ll stay outside.”
“You can go!”
Because you know he’s afraid of storms
Afraid of thunder
Afraid of lightning
“No I can’t,” he frowns
You’re close—so close—before he even blinks, heat emanating reassuringly from your confident posture, fingertips grazing the top of his hand
“At least let me protect you?”
Any logical rebuttal You’re not a lightning rod! promptly escapes him as your hand gently covers his, palm calloused yet welcoming
100% worth the colds you both catch afterwards 🤧
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smilingformoney · a day ago
hii, could i request a snape and professor reader where some students prank snape and he gets hurt during class?? they call her to help him bcs they dont know what to do and shes panicking and really angry at them?? he gets better and she visits him at the infirmary and they confess?? plus points if there are students overhearing their conversation?(they came to apologise) thanks!!
The Firework
Snape x reader (both professors)
Reader's gender is unspecified
You stood in the Great Hall, trying to convince yourself to move. All you had to do was head down the spiral staircase and you’d be in the dungeons. It was five minutes before lunch, and you knew Snape would be finishing up with his fourth-years at any moment. You’d been working up the courage for weeks to try and ask him out, but whenever you thought you could do it, he managed to evade you. He left meals swiftly, was rarely found in the staff room, and was usually occupied with marking or brewing in the evenings. Sometimes, he was just nowhere to be found.
So, you’d decided to catch him after class. You knew he had his Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw fourth-years this morning, and it was the perfect time to catch him before he got to the Great Hall. You took a deep breath and made your way down the staircase into the cold dungeons, running through in your head what you were planning to say. You were so lost in your thoughts, you almost fell back when a student barrelled into you.
“Professor L/N!” the student exclaimed. It was Michael Corner, one of the fourth-year Ravenclaws you knew should have been in the Potions classroom.
“Mr Corner! Whatever has gotten into you?”
“Professor, can you help? Something’s gone wrong -”
“Calm down, Corner,” you said, trying to ignore the panic that was bubbling up inside of you. He’d come out of the classroom to find help - why couldn’t Snape help? “Tell me what happened.”
“Someone let off a Filibuster firework, miss, and it hit Professor Snape. I think he’s unconscious!”
Without a moment’s hesitation, you ran the last few feet down the stairs and towards the classroom. You opened it to find the students milling around, chattering anxiously, their over-brewed potions ignored. Many of them were staring in the same direction; you followed their line of sight to see Snape, collapsed unconscious against the wall.
“Move!” you commanded the crowd gathered around him, and the authority in your voice caused the students to part like the Red Sea, giving you a clear path to run to Snape’s side. You gently lifted his head to examine it; he didn’t appear to have any bleeding. You gently opened his eyelid to see his pupil was slightly dilated.
You straightened up and looked around at the gathered class, who were all looking on anxiously. “Who did this?” you asked, trying to remain calm.
Unsurprisingly, nobody came forward. The students all looked down, trying to avoid eye contact with you as if that would somehow land them with the blame.
“Alright,” you sighed. “I guess you can all have detention for a week.”
At that, protestations erupted from the class, claims of innocence and angry parents and being busy with Quidditch and homework.
“Enough!” you hollered. “Whoever did this has until the end of the day to come forward. If not, it’ll be detention for everyone, Quidditch practice or not. Pack up your ingredients and go to lunch. And if anything is misplaced in the storage cupboard, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you how Professor Snape will feel about that.”
Everyone quickly scuttled away, and you turned back to Snape. You waved your wand to summon a stretcher to carry him up to the Hospital Wing.
Fortunately, Snape only had a mild concussion, and a quick reviving spell followed by a restorative draught was enough to wake him up again. Despite his protestations that he was fine, Madam Pomfrey insisted that he remain under her care for the rest of the afternoon.
“How are you feeling?” you asked Snape once Pomfrey had stalked off.
“Like I might murder a class of 20 children,” he muttered, and you laughed. “I suppose thanks are in order,” he said. “I’m sure you weren’t intending to come to my rescue today.”
“It’s a good thing I was there, I’m not entirely sure where Corner was intending to run to.”
Snape frowned. “Yes, why were you there?” he asked. “Your office is on the other side of the castle, is it not?”
You cleared your throat awkwardly. “I was, um, coming to see you, actually. To… ask you something.”
Snape raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise. “Oh? What business could you have with me?”
You bit your lip, your nerves gnawing at you again. Damn it, Y/N, you thought to yourself. You’re a grown adult, you can ask a man on a date.
“Er - well, not business, actually. I was going to ask if you wanted to - to go into Hogsmeade this weekend. With me.”
You had to contain a snort of laughter at Snape’s obliviousness.
“Well,” you continued, “I like your company and I would like to spend more time with you away from work.”
“You… like my company?”
“Yes. Is that so hard to believe?”
You couldn’t help laughing this time at the bluntness of his reply. “Well, I do,” you said, more confidently now. “I like you, and I think you’re quite handsome, and I’d like to go for a drink with you. If… that would be okay with you.”
Snape stared at you for a few moments, his brow furrowed, as if he were trying to figure out if he was being pranked for the second time that day.
“Very well,” he said eventually, although he was still looking at you with slight suspicion. “I suppose you’re not completely insufferable company.”
From Snape, you knew that was a complement of the highest calibre.
“Okay, great,” you said, breathing a sigh of relief. “I’ll meet you after lunch, then.” You stood up and hurried away, trying to contain your excitement that you’d actually managed to ask Snape out - and he’d said yes! Well, he’d said “very well,” which was his reluctant yes. But it was still a yes!
Outside the hospital wing, you bumped into one of the Hufflepuffs from Snape’s class.
“Oh, Professor,” the girl said, relieved to have run into you. “I was just coming to say - I let the firework off. I’m really sorry. It was an accident - I had it in my bag -”
“I’m not the one you need to apologise to,” you said with a knowing smile. “Professor Snape is awake.”
A look of panic spread across the girl’s face as she realised you weren’t the one she’d be serving detention with.
“Go on,” you said. “Better get it over with!”
“Y - yes, miss!” the girl squeaked before running into the Hospital Wing. The door closed and you were finally alone. “Yes!” you hissed under your breath in celebration, before quickly composing yourself.
As you made your way down the corridor, you chuckled as you heard the echoes of Snape yelling at the poor Hufflepuff. You couldn’t wait for Saturday, when you hoped you would be able to meet the man under the stern, strict façade.
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blueberryfrappuccino · 2 days ago
We're All Dead Inside || 'I think I have a plan' is better than no plan.
Tumblr media
A zombie apocalypse, modern AU.
A Childe x Female!Reader x Kaeya story.
Summary: A virus, made by a simple science teacher turns out into the biggest disaster Teyvat ever experienced, a real happening zombie apocalypse and no one is safe, not even the people that managed to survive.
Y/N and a few other students that managed to get into the safety of a classroom are now tasked with the biggest threat of their lives, and all they can do is try to stay alive, survive and get to the roof of the school building. But all is easier said than done.
Characters: Kaeya, Childe, Ganyu, Noelle, Barbara, Keqin, Xiao, Zhongli, Diluc.
Pairings: Possible Kaeya x reader or Childe x reader (Two endings)
Chapter warnings (Each chapter will have its own warnings stated.): Zombies, blood, gore, angst. -> Let me know if I missed something!
Words: 1,016
A/N: Here's the next chapter! For now, not a Kaeya part in here, but I will try to add some of them so you can see how Kaeya endures all of this! But for now, have fun reading! <3
Enjoyed my work and want to help me to boost it? Reblog my work, leave a comment, or like! Reblogs are very appreciated!
We're All Dead Inside Masterlist
Want to read more of my work? Find my General Masterlist here!
Chapter 1 - Chapter 3 (Coming soon)
Tumblr media
The three of you ran side by side, checking every classroom through the window in hopes to find an empty one where you could hide, but until now there seemed there was no empty classroom left. Most of them were filled with zombies, some rooms more than others but enough to know that the three of you wouldn't be able to take the time, or maybe you could?
"Next classroom with five or fewer zombies, go inside, I think I have a plan." You told the two boys. "Think I have a plan?" Xiao scolded. "He's right, with 'thinking we have a plan' isn't a good strategy in this whole situation." Childe retorted, eyes flashing to the classroom we passed by. "It's better than nothing, or do you want to keep running?" You scoffed, motioning to the three of you running through the hallway, zombies dashing after the three of you while trying to avoid one that would launch at you.
Child furrowed his brows as Xiao just gave you an annoyed glare, they both seemed not convinced of your idea. "Let's head down." Childe decided, nodding at the staircase that you were headed at. "We have to go up, not down." You fought back with your words. "We have no choice, okay? Now just shut up and let's find a way out!" Xiao hissed, silencing the both of you. The raven-haired boy was not in the mood to have you and Childe bicker about some stupid plans while literally running for life.
You stayed silent, deciding it would be no use to fight back against Xiao. Aside from the growling, snarling, and screeching from the zombies, no other sound could be heard. The tension was hard and could be easily cut with a knife. Frustration was slowly building, mainly because you all started to slowly grow tired from the constant running and were getting desperate to stop and get some air, but that was at this moment, not an option unless you got into an empty, safe classroom.
The three of you reached the staircase, Childe, and Xiao starting to go down first, taking a turn to the next stairs but stopping. "Shit, they're coming up." Childe cursed, turning around with Xiao following close.
You glanced behind you and then back at the staircase, for now, there was no way up and you could only fight your way down, but that would be a huge task with no weapons. Your brain was turning, trying to come up with a quick plan, and that's when your eyes landed on a stick that lay on the windowsill at the window that looked out over the football field. Without further thinking, you dashed towards it and picked it up before running past the two boys and diving right into the fight.
You used the wooden stick to either stab them or to hold them horizontal to use it as a barricade and to push them back. If you could force them down enough, you would be able to let Xiao and Childe through with a decreasing chance to get eaten. But the boys seemed to think differently about it as Childe pushed himself beside you and started to kick zombies back, and managed to even throw one over the stairs, letting the zombie fall a few floors down onto the ground.
You're e/c scanned the place in front of you, five more steps down, get some space to turn around the corner, and be quick enough to fight off zombies that might come at you when entering that hallway You pulled your stick back for a moment, waiting for the zombie to lunge at you before you dived the stick in his body, having enough left to only feel it's stinking breath on your face You used all your strength to push him with your foot, kicking him backward and the three of you watched it tumble backward, hands flailing around as it crashed in other zombies, watching how they all started to tumble down from the stairs like domino blocks.
And now there was space enough to run around the corner, Childe went first, followed close by Xiao as you ran last, stopping now and then to fend off a zombie that was close to catching up. "Here!" Childe shouted, pointing at a classroom somewhere halfway as he started to pound on the door, yelling some orders as Xiao joined his side. Did more people survive?
But their knocking and yelling only caused attention from a group of zombies in the classroom next to the one they tried to get into, because whoever was in there certainly didn't seem to budge to open the door.
You almost reached Childe and Xiao, the classroom door finally swinging open to pull them inside, as at the same moment zombies started to seep out the classroom next to them, running at Childe and Xiao, one tried to grab Xiao but he got in on time, and you realized you wouldn't make it to that door, let alone get inside. And so you made a b-line for the classroom before the one the others had entered, facing four other zombies. You started to run towards the window, throwing chairs and desks towards the zombies, to build yourself a little bit more time, even when it was just some seconds, but even one extra second could do a lot.
You reached the window and threw it open, climbing on the windowsill before you turned your head at the zombies. "Hey, deadholes! Come and get me!" You yelled at them as they started to run your way. You watched them get closer and closer, their hands reaching for you as you silently counted, trying to calculate the right time, and the moment the first one leaned forwards to grab you, you pushed your feet off the windowsill and swung aside, holding for dear life the outdoor windowsill of the window above you from the next floor.
And all you could think about at that moment was holding on and not letting go.
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make-me-imagine · 2 days ago
Our Little Secret
Prompts: "If there was ever anybody meant for me, it's you." + "I think…everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves” & Mar 12: Crowley checks in to make sure you are alright (no third prompt). Requested By: Three separate Anons.
Pairing: Crowley x GN!Reader; Y/n insert *maybe slightly ooc Crowley, who is a bit more "human" and lovesick.
Warnings: Brief mentions of injury; and a kiss at the end.
Words: 1.6k
General Taglist: @criminaly-supernatural, @caswinchester2000, @imaginesfire, @rexit-mo Supernatural Taglist: @kaashi, @witchygagirl
Tumblr media
Crowley looked around the dingy hotel room, ignoring the quick turns of Sam and Dean as they drew their guns on him. Also ignoring their displeased groans, he clicked his tongue. "Lovely choice. Always a fan of the mysterious stains on the ceilings." He said with a smirk as he turned to the boys.
"What the hell are you doing here Crowley?" Dean asked.
Crowley shrugged lightly. "Bored?"
Sam squinted at him, giving Dean a look showing his disbelief. "Uh-huh. What do you want?" Sam asked.
Crowley lifted his arms in an open gesture. "Who said I wanted anything?"
"Well, you sure as hell didn't come just to check in on us."
"What if I did? Maybe I've grown fond of our time together" Crowley said, sarcasm dripping from his voice. His eyes cast over the room behind Sam and Dean. "You two aren't fun anyways, where is Y/n, my lovely little hunter go off on their own?" He asked casually, looking down and flipping through a journal on the table.
Dean walked over, slamming it shut, as he eyed Crowley. "Sorry Crowley, Y/n's not here for you to torture with your charm."
"How disappointing. Why's that. Did Y/n get tired of you two, and leave the nest? I'd applaud if they did."
Dean rolled his eyes as Sam adjusted himself awkwardly, looking between Dean and Crowley. "Y/n wasn't able to come on this hunt." He said casually, but noted how Crowley's attention grew as he turned to face Sam.
"And why's that?" He asked.
Sam furrowed his brow, noting the seemingly genuine curiosity in his voice. He looked over at Dean, who seemed to be distracting himself with something.
Looking back at Crowley he shrugged his shoulder. "Y/n got hurt on the last case, and had to stay back at the bunker to recover."
"Well I'm surprised they've made it this far, most in your company don't make it a year."
Sam was almost thrown by the amount of malice in Crowley's voice. Maybe he really hadn't been joking all those times he showed interest in you, and maybe 'his little hunter' wasn't just a teasing nickname after all.
"Hey!" Dean say turning around to face him. "If you aren't here for any real purpose, beat it, we've got a job to do."
Crowley shrugged. "Fine"
Sam and Dean let out breaths of relief when Crowley vanished from the room. Dean returning to his previous tasks, paying no more thought to Crowley. But Sam had a nagging feeling that he knew exactly where Crowley was going.
- - -
"So this is how you spend your days of recovery?"
You jumped as Crowley's voice came from nowhere, causing you to turn in surprise. You winced and let out a hiss of pain as you grumbled out in anger. "Don't do that."
Crowley frowned as he rounded the couch, seeing you adjust yourself with a pained expression. Pausing the show you had on the tv, you looked up at him. "What the hell are you doing here anyways?" You asked, trying to ignore your quick paced heartbeat, or the way you felt a chill crawl up your spine as Crowley looked you over.
"Came to check in. Heard from rocky and bullwinkle that you got yourself hurt."
"I didn't get myself hurt." You excused. "A building practically collapsed on top of me, there was nothing I could do about that."
Crowley shrugged his head. "Would you like me to..." he trailed off as he wiggled his fingers.
You grimaced. "Not if you're gonna do that."
He put down his hands with a sot smile. "From the amount of pain you seem to be in, you should be begging for my help."
You rolled your eyes. "Oh you'd just love that wouldn't you?"
He cocked his head and his smile grew. "Immensely."
You let out a short laugh. "Now why are you seriously here? It surely wasn't just because you heard I got hurt."
Crowley let out an annoyed groan. "Why does no one believe I have feelings?"
You furrowed your brow, watching him carefully. "Because you have failed to show an ounce of emotion that was not tied directly to your own benefit?"
He let out a small breath. "Doesn't mean one can't change." His voice was unusually soft as he spoke. Turning he began to pace around the room. "I mean, sure, I'm a demon, The King of Hell. But, I've helped you and the Winchesters more times that I can count, and I've actually cared about the things I helped with. Well, somewhat. So does that not show, that I at least have some semblance of emotion?" He spun around to look at you, noting how bewildered you appeared.
"You really care how we see you don't you? When did that happen?"
Crowley straightened up a bit, and cleared his throat. "I don't know. But don't you think it's possible? That I have the possibility of being....better?"
You watched him for a moment, wading through the confusion that washed over you. You could see the genuine feeling of aggravation in his face. "I- I think....that everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves."
Crowley felt a soft smile cross his face as he walked over to you. Looking down at you, he paused before reaching for your shirt. You froze, feeling your heart hammer in your chest and heat rise up your neck. Lifting your shirt slightly, he could see an array of bandages and bruises. He winced a bit. "That doesn't look good."
Placing his hand on your side, you felt heat wash over you as his hand and your body briefly glowed. You closed your eyes until the light faded. And when you opened them, you reached down and pressed your hand against our side, noting the lack of pain.
Looking up at Crowley you spoke softly. "Is this you trying to prove yourself?"
He smirked. "Not necessarily. But it is me trying to show you why I wish to prove myself." You cocked your head in confusion, and he turned away from you, taking a few steps before he continued. "I lied. When I said I didn't know when I started to care how you saw me. Honestly, I don't care how those two dimwits see me. It's your opinion I care about." He turned back towards you. "And it started from the moment we met."
You shook your head softly in disbelief. "But...why, would you care what I thought?"
Walking back over to you, he stopped light in front of you, staring down into your eyes. Reaching up, he hooked his fingers under your chin, and you felt an unfamiliar wave of emotion flow through you.
"Because I find myself caring about you. About everything to do with you. Where you are. What you need. What makes you smile, or laugh. And when you get hurt. I feel angry, and scared."
"You? Scared?" You almost laughed.
"What I have been feeling. For you. Are...feelings I have not felt for a very, very, long time. If not ever. And no matter what you truly think of me. I know what I think."
You swallowed hard, as you kept your eyes locked with his. "And what's that?"
"I think, that, if there was ever anybody meant for me, it's you."
You felt as though your heart had an anchor on it, as it beat so heavily in your chest, you weren't sure if you could keep breathing.
"I-" You tried to speak, but could not find your voice.
He smiled, a soft, yet sad smile as he dropped his hand from your face. "You don't believe me."
You shook your head a bit, finding some ability to speak. "No, I...think I do believe you, but I'm not sure if I should."
"Because of all my past treachery? I can't say I blame you. But I am surprised at our reaction. No disgust, no yelling. It's almost as if...you knew, was I obvious?"
You shook your head, unsure if you should speak. Crowley cocked his head, before a flash of understanding crossed his face, and a smile slowly broke out.
"No. It's because you feel something too. But it, what? Scares you? Disgusts you?"
You shook your head again. "It doesn't disgust me."
"But it scares you?"
"I-I don't know."
He smiled again, before leaning down, bringing his face up to yours. You didn't move away, but kept your eyes locked with his. Bringing his hand back up, he caressed your cheek.
He spoke in a whisper. "No. It doesn't scare you. And that, is what scares you. But it's alright my little hunter, it can be our little secret." Leaning in, he suddenly pressed his lips against yours.
You tensed in surprise for a moment, before you felt your body relax. Your mind went blank as he deepened the kiss, his hand cupping your chin as you tilted your face up to meet his. His other hand gripped the back of your head.
Bringing your hand up, you wrapped it around his wrist as you returned the kiss, forgetting where you were, and just who you were kissing. Suddenly, your phone rang from beside you, bringing you back to reality.
Pulling away, you opened your eyes, meeting his dark brown ones. A smile spread across his face. "Better answer that, it's probably the dynamic duo checking in."
Almost thoughtlessly, you reached for your phone. Looking at the screen, you began to answer it but paused as Crowley brought his head down to your ear, whispering "But remember darling. Its our little secret."
Turning to look at him, you said nothing before you answered the phone. Aware of his eyes on you the whole time you spoke to Sam. You felt a peculiar itch at the back of your mind, a restlessness wanting you to hang up the phone, to continue what you had been doing before. But you pushed it away, and as you spoke to Sam, you knew there was no way in hell you could tell him anything that had happened, not now, and maybe not ever.
xx End xx
I hate how I ended it, but it had to stop at some point and I couldn't think of much lol.
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wttcsms · a day ago
domesticity with suna is both of you sleeping through the alarm, resulting in the two of you waking up to each other with wide eyes and exclamations of holy shit, we’re late!. it’s you trying to simultaneously fix your hair and brush your teeth, and you glance up at your reflection in the mirror, only to see a bleary eyed suna behind you, giving you a goofy grin. it’s you trying to speak with your toothbrush in your mouth, asking him what he’s doing, and he just smiles and kisses you on the forehead, muttering something that sounds like yer cute. it’s him laughing at you on the rare instances where you drive him around. he’s taller than you, so it makes sense that his seat is pushed farther from the wheel, and he records you as you push the driver’s seat closer to the wheel, ignoring your cries for him to shut up and leave me alone. it’s pulling up to the drive thru and as you place your order through the speaker, he’s tickling you, trying to distract you, and there’s cameras, yknow. the employees can definitely see y’all, and he hits the right spot that has you almost screeching into the speaker, and you’re so embarrassed right now, you don’t even want to pull up. it’s getting tiktoks sent to you when he’s in between sets at the gym or about to start a game. it’s him still wearing the silly beaded friendship bracelet you made for him when you two were in high school. (he only takes it off during games, and that’s because it’s against regulations). it’s him going on do not disturb, but the only calls and texts allowed to go through are from you. it’s you making him a sentimentalist.
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storiesforallfandoms · 8 hours ago
don’t go ~ stephen strange;mcu
word count: 2034
request?: yes!
“hi i love you !
can i request a cuddling with stephen strange with smut (only if your comfortable) if not then just a lot of fluff .!”
description: in which she tries to convince him to stay in bed a little bit longer before he goes to work
pairing: stephen strange x female!reader
warnings: swearing, smut (oral (f receiving), overstimulation, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex)
masterlist (one, two)
Tumblr media
I was awoken early in the morning by Stephen’s alarm. He would always try and wake up before me so he could get the alarm shut of before it woke me, but that rarely ever worked.
I rolled over as Stephen sat up on the bed. I watched him rub the sleep from his eyes before trying to stand. I quickly wrapped my arms around his middle and pulled him back down on the bed. He chuckled as he turned in my arms to face me.
“Go back to sleep, my love,” he said.
“No,” I responded with a pout. “Not if you’re going.”
“I have to go to work, sweetie.”
“They can survive without you for a day.”
“They quite literally cannot.”
I sighed and continued to pout at him. He looked at me for a while before giving in. “I’ll spend an extra few minutes in bed, but no more than that.”
I smiled as he slipped back under the covers and pulled me close to him. His body was still warm. I rested my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat.
Stephen loved his job. I admired his passion for it, but it also proved to be one of the biggest downsides in our relationship; the early rises, the long hours, the lack of time together. I’d never say any of that to Stephen, of course, but it just made it hard for me to let him go to work in the mornings. If it were up to me, I’d hold him and refuse to let go, and the two of us would just lay in bed all day until I decided to let him go.
At some point while we were cuddling, I turned my head and started kissing Stephen’s neck. I didn’t mean for it to be a cheeky gesture, I was just trying to kiss him and his neck was what I could reach without having to stretch.
Stephen stiffened beneath me. “Don’t do that.”
I looked at him, puzzled. “Do what?”
“You know what.” He gave me a stern look. “I will not be seduced into missing work.”
That hadn’t been my intentions, but now that he had brought it up I was getting ideas.
I sat up to look down at Stephen, raising an eyebrow at him. “Is that a challenge?”
“It’s literally the opposite of that.”
Well, that just fueled me more.
I leaned down and started kissing his neck again. He tensed beneath my again and I felt him raise his hands like he was going to try and stop me. I paused a moment, waiting to see if he was going to push me away. As much as I was enjoying teasing him, I didn’t want to take it too far if he didn’t want it.
But instead of pushing me away, his hands wrapped around my waist and a moan escaped his lips. That’s all I needed to keep going.
I got up and threw one leg over his waist, straddling him. I could feel his erection already, even through the layers of clothing between us.
I continued to kiss his neck as I grinded my hips against him. His moans and whimpers were enough to motivate me to keep going. I could feel myself becoming wetter with every movement, but I didn’t want to take things that far just yet. I wanted to tease him for just a little bit longer.
Stephen had other plans, however, as he grabbed me and turned us over in one swift movement. With me underneath him now, I was completely submissive to him. Whatever he wanted to do to me he could. I was secretly aching for him to have his way with me.
“You want to be naughty?” he questioned, his voice husky with lust. “Well, let’s get naughty.”
He pulled my pajama pants. I raised my hips and he slipped the pants and my panties off together. He disappeared under the covers. I gasped as I felt his tongue against my clit.
I thought he was going to take things slow and tease me the way I had with him, but I couldn’t be more wrong. His tongue was licking at my core mercilessly. My toes curled with pleasure and my back arched off the bed. Stephen grabbed my hips and forced them back down onto the bed.
“Stay still,” he commanded.
That was easier said than done. With every press of his tongue against my core, my body would inadvertently move or twitch. I gripped at the sheets in an attempt to hold myself down, but it only helped a little.
I could feel my first orgasm approaching quickly. I tried to stutter out something coherent to ask Stephen to stop. I didn’t want to cum just yet. I wanted to feel him inside of me, to cum over his dick and feel him pulsate inside of me with his own climax. But he kept going, fast and hungrily. I tried to push him away, but he just grabbed my hands in one of his big ones and pinned them against my stomach.
I cried out as my orgasm ripped through me. My eyes rolled back in my head and my body trembled with pleasure. Stephen lapped up my juices before moving his tongue back to my clit. I whimpered as he licked a long stripe up my clit, a mixture of pleasure and slight pain running through me. I tried to free my hands, but Stephen just held them tighter. I tried to kick him away, but he shoved my legs under him and pressed his whole body weight down on them.
“St-Stephen,” I stuttered. “I-I can’t - ”
“You wanted to play this game,” he reminded me, pushing the blankets back so I could finally see his face. “Now it’s my turn.”
He lowered his mouth on me again. A shock ran up my body and I trembled at the feeling.
“Oh fuck!” I cried out as I felt two of his fingers pushing into my wet hole.
He started to pump it in and out of me, slowly at first. The pace with his tongue had gotten painfully slow, as was the pacing with his fingers. My body felt overwhelmed but also pleasured. It wasn’t long until I could feel myself nearing another orgasm.
“Stephen please,” I begged, trying to pull my limbs free again. “Please, I don’t think I can do more than two and I wanna feel your cock inside of me.”
“You’ll feel it soon, baby, just give me one more first.”
With his words of encouragement, my second orgasm slipped out. My whole body tightened as my walls clenched around Stephen’s fingers. He finally released my hands and slipped his fingers out of me. I nearly sobbed with relief at the loss of contact. My body felt like it could finally relax.
Stephen brought his fingers up to his mouth and sucked my juices from them. Despite my brain screaming that my body needed a break, the action turned me on enough that I clenched my thighs together.
Stephen stood from the bed and I pouted, thinking he was getting up to leave. He chuckled at the look on my face and said, “Oh, I’m not done with you yet” before pulling off his boxers, allowing his hard dick to bounce free from its restrictions. He was so hard that his dick was an angry color of red, as if it was upset that it had to wait so long to be used.
He climbed back on the bed and knocked my legs open so he could kneel between them. He took his dick in his hand and lined it up to my entrance, which was now puffy and pink from the overuse. He looked up at me, his expression softening slightly.
“Do you want to do this?” he asked. “If you’re too sore, I can finish myself.”
I knew I shouldn’t want it. There was a slight ache between my legs and I wasn’t sure I would be able to survive another orgasm. But I did. I wanted him so bad. I wanted to feel him inside of me, to feel him fill me up with his seed. I wanted him to leave me sore and dripping and unable to leave our bed as he went off to work.
I reached between us and took hold of him. He sucked in a breath between his teeth at the action. I moved my hips slightly, pushing just the tip inside of me.
That was enough of an answer for him. Without hesitation, he thrusted forward, filling me up in an instant. I let out a gasp that turned into a moan as he started to thrust into me at a quick pace.
Usually, Stephen was a very gentle lover. We liked to take our time (whenever we actually had any). He liked to make me feel good, and I loved to make him feel good as well.
But this, this was the exact opposite of how Stephen normally was in the bedroom. In this moment, he was rough and merciless, thrusting into me so hard that the headboard was hitting off of the wall and the bed was shaking. My soft moans were replaced with screams of pleasure. I felt like he was going to break me in half, and honestly, I would’ve been more than okay with that.
He was hitting just the right spot inside of me that made the familiar pressure in my stomach build again. My nails were dug into his shoulders, undoubtably leaving bright red marks in their wake. Not that anyone was going to see them besides me.
“F-fuck, St-Stephan,” I moaned. “I-I’m gonna c-cum again.”
“Not yet, baby,” he said. “Wait for me.”
I wasn’t sure I was able to. I could feel yet another orgasm quickly rushing through me. I tried to hold it back, but it felt like I had no control over my own body anymore.
As if he could read my mind, Stephen started to thrust into me at a faster pace (something I didn’t even know was possible). He lowered his head and started kissing over my neck, leaving a trail of kisses and bites from my collarbone all the way up to my ear.
“Now,” he breathed into my ear before nibbling on my earlobe.
I screamed out as my third and final orgasm ripped through me again. At the same time, I could feel Stephen pulsing inside of me as he rode out his own orgasm. He groaned into my ear, sending chills down my spine as my body finally came to rest after such intense pleasure back to back.
We laid tangled together for some time, panting to try and catch our breaths. As much as I would’ve loved to keep him buried inside of me, I did feel somewhat relieved when he finally pulled out of me. I felt my body sink into the bed as exhaustion took over me once again.
Stephen stood and looked at the time.
“Well,” he said, “I will be sufficiently late by the time I get to work.” He shot me a playful look and added, “I hope you’re happy.”
“Hey, you could’ve left at any time,” I said with an innocent shrug.
He chuckled and shook his head as he walked off to the bathroom to go shower.
I rolled onto my side, my aching body protesting the movement. I tried to force myself to stay awake so I could tell him goodbye, but it was pretty well impossible. I was slowly succumbing to my tiredness was Stephen walked back in. He noticed my sleepy state and quickly grabbed some clothes from the closet.
“I’ll go get dressed in the bathroom so I don’t keep you awake,” he told me. “Get some rest, love. I’ll see you after work.”
He kissed my forehead and I smiled up at him. “Have a good shift. I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
He walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. The moment he was gone, I was out like a light.
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theelvenhaven · 6 hours ago
Protective Caranthir
Part 3 : Protecting You From Your Abuser
Tumblr media
- Caranthir is undoubtedly very protective over you as you are his everything; his peace, the love of his life, his best friend, his confidant, his family.
- There is absolutely nothing he wouldn’t do for you, especially in the name of your safety and protection.
- So when you disclose to him that been previously abused, livid doesn’t even begin to adequately describe just how angry he is over the news.
- Caranthir takes it very hard and does his best to let the focus remain on you as you explain to him about your previous situation and be supportive of you as you trauma dump. 
- It doesn’t matter what kind of abuse it was- mental, emotional, physical or a combination- it all garners the same reaction out of him.
- The first thing Caranthir does is absolutely assure that you are utterly safe with him, no matter what and that he will not ever treat you in such a deplorable and disgusting manner. 
- He heavily emphasizes that you deserve nothing but good things from him as he pulls you into him for a hug and a kiss to your forehead. 
- As for your abuser he openly goes so far to make threats with promise of retribution if they even breathe in your general direction, and asks that you tell him if they try to harass you. 
- He absolutely means it, Caranthir will make sure they never bother you ever again should they attempt to harass you. 
- Even though they haven’t done anything yet, they are already on his bad side, Caranthir goes above and beyond to have them moved within Thargelion as far away from you as possible.
- If they were working in his House, they won’t be any longer. He wants to lower the possibility of you having to run into them by any means necessary, and he will absolutely take the brunt of their anger over it. 
- Caranthir won’t tolerate any rumors that float about that they might start, he will gently scold whoever is repeating them while literally stamping them out at the source.
- Going so far to threaten them total social ruin if they want to keep it up, assuring them there is probably some legal grounds for imprisonment for undue distress and harm.
- Eru forbid that they threaten to physically harm you, Caranthir won’t hesitate to match their energy, with a warning or imprisonment. 
- If they do physically harm you, Caranthir is far from afraid of putting his hands on them and throwing them literally on their ass. 
- He will certainly make them ever regret letting the idea form in their head and will handle them accordingly. 
* * * 
Tags: @saviorsong​ @lilmelily​ @dicksoutformtl​ @fandomhoe101​ @icarus-fell-in-spring​ @iwenttomordor​ @red-riding​ @miriel-estelwen​ @ta-ka-shi-ma​ @nerdyely​ @thegirlwithoutaname87​ @anunexpectedsideblog​ @achasiel​  @spidergirla5​  @eunoiaastralwings​ @eternalabysss​
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manjirot · 18 hours ago
Teach Me
Tumblr media
pairings: imaushi wakasa x fem¡reader
summary: after waka’s gym closes for the night, he teaches you something else other than fighting
cw: nsfw! — MINORS DNI!!! [ 18+ ONLY ]
Tumblr media
“Huh? I can’t kick my feet up that high!” You said, looking at your droopy eyed boyfriend.
It was late and everyone had left an hour ago and Waka got the bright idea to teach you how to protect yourself. “Yes you can, now do it again,” he implied.
You sighed, and kicked out your leg in the same position Waka showed you, “how was that?”
“Maybe kick out your leg a little more.. I’m trying to see something,” he said with a sly grin on his face. You realized what he was up to and rushed up to while he was sitting on his black leather couch.
“You’re being such a perv.. It’ll just be easier if I buy pepper spray,” you said as you sat down on his lap.
He wrapped his long arms around your waist, “that doesn’t always work. Some people are immune to that shit, y’know. That’s why I’m gonna teach you how to protect yourself,” he said.
You cupped his face and kiss his soft lips, “I prefer if you teach me some other things,” you proceeded to kiss and suck down on his neck. Waka grunts as you leave red and purple marks on his neck. He squeezes your ass and you felt him getting hard underneath his gray jogging pants. “That’s no problem,” he whispered.
He then began to take off your shirt and bra, revealing you nipples. Waka started sucking one and twisting and pulling on the other one. You let out a soft moan, your fingers going through his purple/blonde hair from the pleasure.
Waka stops and starts taking off his oversized t-shirt, revealing his well tone upper body with a few cuts and scratches from previous fights. You rub your fingers on his abs and you can feel his dick twitch underneath you. “Take off your panties and lay on the couch with your legs spread. I’m going to teach you how to keep your legs spread apart.”
Tumblr media
A/n: so sorry for this being so short and not the best!! My next work will be better!
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One shot: Your Little Airplane Shoes
Tumblr media
masterlist of my fanfics
Tumblr media
This morning, I said goodbye to Kate and the children because I would be out all morning. I had a meeting with the president of Colombia, and then I would pick up my shoes for today's event. I was really excited; I'm a die-hard fan of the film we were about to attend tonight.
“Your Highness, it was a pleasure talking to you; I hope to have the honour of seeing you again.” 
I said goodbye to the president with a handshake and a smile and got into the car to pick up the shoes I had customised just for the premiere.
“Sir, would you like to go by yourself or want me to pick them up for you?” I looked at Rob, who was waiting for an answer. I just wanted to get home as soon as possible to be with the kids before I started getting ready for tonight.
“The second one and do it quickly, please,” he nodded, getting out of the car. In the meantime, I texted Kate that I was about to get home, and she replied that she was in a meeting but had almost everything ready for tonight.
We left for home after Rob handed me the shoes. I saw them and I was totally delighted with the result; an F18 aircraft was embroidered on the front, honouring the film. Rob was looking at me amusedly in the rearview mirror, and I wanted to hide how elated I was to put them on.
“We're almost there, sir,” I nodded and put the shoes back in the box. When I got off in front of my house, my three children ran to greet me. Behind them was their nanny, who looked at them with a smile on her face.
“Hey, children!” I knelt and let everyone cling to my body, and then I kissed their cheeks and foreheads.
“How was your day, papa?” Mignonette pushed the brothers away from me and I got up with her in my arms, letting Louis hold my shoebox.
“Everything was very well, sweetie; where is mummy?”
“I think it's better not to bother her,” George said, walking ahead of me. “She is in her office, and I tried to play there, but she gave me that look,” I knew what look my boy was talking about; we have all experienced that look.
“Then let's go and play together, alright?” They nodded excitedly, so I put Charlotte down to run alongside her brothers. I left my slippers box on the table and ran after them.
Orla, our dog, joined us at the football game, making us have to run after her because she had stolen the ball many times, leaving us exhausted. Louis went into the house and asked his nanny for a cold juice. The heat was certainly not normal at all.
“Wow, what is this?” Charlotte sat down at the table, taking my shoebox into her hands. I was carrying George headfirst over to the table because it was the only way to get him to stop playing the ball, and Orla came licking his face.
“That, Mignonette, are the shoes I'll wear today for the premiere we told you about the other day,” my little girl took one out of the box and looked at it; by the charming face she made, I knew she had liked them.
“I want one, Pops,” the first to say it was George.
“I want one too, but it would be prettier in pink...” a pair for George the same as mine, a pink one for my princess, and for sure Lou Lou...
“Me too... I don't know what you're talking about, but me too,” he drank some apple juice and climbed on my legs, looking at my slipper his older siblings had in their hands.
“We're talking about papa's shoes, Lou Lou, aren't they adorable?” Charlotte gave it to her little brother to take a closer look.
“Yes, I want one, Papa, please!” Alright, so I'll have three little custom pairs for them. I sighed and smiled at them, and they got that as a yes.
Maria arrived with George and Charlotte's cold juices, so I took advantage and escaped for a moment from the children to see Catherine. I didn't know if she already knew I was home, but she was taking longer to come to check on the children. I put on my new slippers to mould them to my feet, and they felt comfortable. 
“Then everything is ready, I don't want mistakes, and I want everything perfect as always,” she said as I slowly opened her office's door and everyone in her team nodded. “I think we can leave it for today,” my wife was in duchess mode, so I just let everyone leave to come in and disturb her day and make her laugh.
“Guess what I went to pick up today!” I walked into her office with a smile, modelling my new slippers for her. She was sitting at her desk looking at me, confused. “Are you seriously not going to guess?” She scanned me completely. I posed in a funny position to make her smile. I looked at her indignantly and I sighed. “Honey… I went to pick up my shoes look,” I showed her my slippers closely, and now she looked at me amused. “I asked to embroidered an F18; that way, not only you can wear clothes that have a meaning.”
When she looked at how excited I was, her mood changed, and she got excited for me as well. I saw her get up from her chair, and she walked quickly to collide her body with mine. I took her waist, and she gave me a beautiful smile. I couldn't resist and left a kiss on her lips, smiling in the middle of the kiss.
“You are really adorable and charming; you know that?” She looked at me tenderly, and I kissed her lips again. “Your shoes are very nice, my love; you will be the sensation tonight.”
That was all I needed to hear to feel totally confident that I wasn't going to look like a dork. My wife knew fashion; she was the queen of good style, and the fact that she supported me let me know I made a good decision.
We spent the rest of the day with our children, telling them where we were about to go and listening to the film's soundtrack. The children had a good ear and were very versatile in terms of musical genres. We bathed them, and then Kate put their pj's on them, but we knew from experience that they would be all over the process of us getting ready for the premiere. They were our most prominent critics. 
“You'll look really cool in your shoes, papa,” Charlotte said playing with my bowtie, trying to tie it on her head.
“Thank you, sweetie; I hope everyone like them as much as I do,” I said, and I showed her how to put on a bowtie so she could help me later.
“Remember what mummy says, ‘If you like it, then you wear it with elegance and dignity; if other people don't like it, that's their problem’,” Charlotte tried to imitate her mum's voice, making me laugh.
I kissed her little blond head and whispered that I loved her. She answered me the same way, and I finished getting ready with her. She would have excellent taste and fashion sense like her mum without hesitation.
Tumblr media
My boys were playing races with my heels; the first to reach the finish line would be the winner; that made us all laugh, so we just let them be. We focussed on my appearance tonight. I had chosen a strapless black dress with a white stripe on top, revealing my figure. I was proud of what I had achieved, three children by natural birth and seeing myself as if I hadn't had any was to brag about.
When I was ready, I turned around so the children and my stylists could look at me. I didn't think the dress would stick to my body so much. Everyone fell silent, and I felt I had made the wrong choice for the first time.
“Wow! You look beautiful, mummy!” Louis clapped excitedly, and that cheered me up a bit.
“I think Pops will have to take care of you more than ever tonight; you are very beautiful and perfect, mum,” George said, making it clearer that I was ready to go. Those opinions had the most weight, but there were still two people that might not like it.
I left the dressing room to join William downstairs. Natasha handed me my handbag, and I thanked her and everyone for making me look beautiful. My little boys helped me down the stairs carefully, and I saw my husband had his back turned.
“Mummy, I love it!” Charlotte ran to me excitedly and walked around, looking at me in detail. “You look precious.”
William, listening to our daughter, turned to look at me, and from that moment, he didn't take his eyes off of me. The children went to sit on the sofa and my husband wrapped his arms around my hip as if my body was a magnet for his.
“Sometimes I can't believe you're totally mine,” he whispered and placed a small kiss on my lips to not ruin my makeup. “You look really gorgeous and dazzling tonight, darling.”
“You see those three children over there?” He turned to look at them for a few seconds and nodded. “They are the living proof that I will be yours for life, so don't doubt that.”
I kissed his lips again and let the kids take a couple of pictures of us. We said goodbye to them with the promise that we would go through their rooms to leave a kiss when we returned. We left our house heading to the premiere; William held my hand throughout the trip because he knew that we had to maintain a bit of protocol in public, but also because he was nervous. I could tell by how he was squeezing my hand, and his left leg was trembling, making him move it restlessly. He kept saying he couldn't wait to see the film for days, and honestly, I was the same, though not just for the film, but Tom Cruise himself.
Tumblr media
Tom Cruise was the first to greet us; I made Kate shake hands with him first because I was a little nervous, so that could give me a chance to think about what I was going to say. It was evident that I wasn't the only one who was stunned by the beauty of my wife; Tom also praised her: “You had me at hello”, was what I managed to hear. She once confessed to me that he was one of her teenage crushes and that just made me laugh, so I let her enjoy this moment. 
We got to know the cast of the film one by one, and both my wife and I wanted to spend a whole hour talking to them, but I could tell we were running a little late, so I put my hand on her back to rush her.
She understood my signal because she said goodbye to Jennifer Connelly, leaving me to talk to her. I was very excited to know all the details that the co-star had to say. Kate glanced at me every now and then, and I replied with subtle smiles.
It was a charming atmosphere, and I was happy to be able to meet the cast of my favourite film. I forgot I was in an official position tonight; I was definitely in fan mode. When we entered the movie theatre, there were a couple of children waiting for us to give Kate some flowers, and it was at that moment that I realised the magnificent butt that my wife had with that dress, peachy and perfect.
My mind began to fly, and remembering how she exercised and how toned she had them made me excited, but it wasn't the time yet, so I turned my eyes to another place. Actually, thinking about it a bit, if I am the husband of this spectacular woman and I'm seeing her like that, that means many have been seeing her in the same way.
We walked in, and they sang the anthem with all eyes on us. It was a bit overwhelming at times, but it was something I would do my whole life. We sat down, and the film began. I put a hand on Kate's leg, and she took it. The entire movie, we were with our hands holding. Nobody could see us here, so we were totally free.
When we started to leave, I could only talk to Tom in fan mode again, forgetting my role as Duke, but noticing that Kate greeted everyone with such power and self-confidence gave me peace of mind. We shook hands with everyone one more time and headed home.
In the car, I felt the energy of a four-year-old after eating sweets, but I didn't say anything all the way home. I kept thinking that everyone saw my wife's butt tonight. A part of me can't blame them because if I, who have the pleasure of seeing them with nothing on, caught my attention, it's obvious would also happen to everybody.
“I hope you rest well, your highnesses,” our chauffeur left us at the door of our house, and I helped my wife get down. We thanked the rest of our team and went inside.
“Are you alright?” I nodded and took her hand to go to our children's rooms. We said good night to each of them, letting them know that papa and mummy were already home and loved them madly.
I knew Kate noticed something was happening to me, and it was a matter of minutes before she asked me head-on what was wrong with me, so I began thinking of a logical answer to not sound like a dickhead who couldn't help but get jealous because other people were checking on her. We left Charlotte's room quietly, but she faced me as soon as she closed the door.
“Are you going to tell me what's going on? Did I miss something? Did something happen for you to have that face and that bad mood? We have just come back from watching one of your favourite films; it was for you to keep talking nonstop all the way home,” my wife had no idea that she had been the centre of attention, and that made me feel angry with myself for thinking in such an absurd way. I decided to ignore her and went downstairs to the kitchen.
I felt her walk behind me. I took a glass and poured myself some water; when I turned around, she was waiting for me with that look, trying to figure out what was happening to me. I shrugged, trying to downplay my pointless grumpiness, which was an invitation for her to come closer. Her perfume that seduces me most of the time reaches my nostrils, and I couldn’t resist it anymore.
“Will, what's wrong?” I sighed and just turned to grab her hips and press her against my body.
“It's just that everyone today had the luck to admire something only I have the pleasure of enjoying, and I'm not saying it was wrong that you wore this irresistible dress because you're free to wear whatever you want, and you know how I love that; it's just...” I looked at those green eyes that gave me peace of mind, “I don't like the idea of people thinking of you in a certain way,” I stayed silent and thought how silly I sounded, so I just let out a sigh and kissed her lips, this time more passionately, no longer cared if her makeup was ruined in the process. “You looked amazing tonight, and that will be the only thought I will keep.”
“Perhaps there were many prying eyes today, but...” she wrapped her arms around me, leaving her hands on the back of my neck, making me stick closer to her body, “you are the only lucky one to touch it and besides, I have a surprise for you I know you will love,” she said that in the most seductive tone she could give me. Whatever stupidity I might have thought about others faded away when she mentioned the word ‘surprise’. I loved her surprises, they always ended up with us naked, and I was a fan of that.
“Oh yeah?” I lowered my hands from her hips to her butt and gave her a little squeeze making her gasp.
“Yes; do you want me to show you? Or do you want to find out yourself?” I knelt before her and began to lift her dress little by little, leaving kisses on the parts of her skin that were left uncovered.
My hands accompanied my kisses, causing my wife to lean her head back, letting herself be carried away by what my mouth was beginning to make her feel. I lifted her dress higher and higher, leaving her totally exposed to my eyes. My wife was a beauty from head to toe. I left her dress up to her waist, revealing her surprise.
“Why didn't you tell me you didn't wear panties all night? That would have rushed all this,” I whispered in her ear, leaving a kiss on her earlobe. 
“Because the last time we rushed the process, we almost got caught,” I took her by the neck to kiss her lips, letting my tongue meet hers and let them dance while my left hand caressed the most sensitive area of ​​her body, making her moan discreetly on my lips.
I drew away from our mouths, leaving a bite on her bottom lip, and turned her around, so her chest was flat against the counter. I wanted to do this with the star of the night right in my face. I looked at her buttocks and knew it was time to spank on either side of them, she moaned in arousal, and then I moved down to leave kisses on the red marks where I smashed my hand.
“I love your skin,” I confessed before kneeling in front of her again and sticking my face between two of my favourite places.
“Will!” She moaned loudly as my tongue brushed against her entrance. “We can't here… someone can come in and… see us,” I ignored what she said. I let myself get carried away by her whimpers, letting me know I shouldn't stop and saw her hands moving to the corners of the counter to hold on to them.
I knew she was more than ready when I felt her move her hips over my mouth and moan uncontrollably. I took her hips, allowing us to be in the same rhythm. One of my hands went down to her clit, and I moved my fingers in circles at the same rhythm as my tongue went in and out of her. My trousers were about to explode at any moment, but this was her moment, so I just dedicated myself to pleasing her. I felt her come in my mouth in a damn delicious way.
I turned her around, facing me; I placed kisses on her centre to calm her spasms. She just kept her head thrown back, cursing under her breath. When she caught her breath, I put down her dress to cover her again. 
“Honey, I just want you to know that as long as I exist, you will always have someone to make you come,” that made her laugh and hide her head in my neck, but I made her kiss my lips; I wanted her to taste herself on my lips.
I took her in my arms because I knew her legs were still weak and took her to our room. She was kissing my neck while we went up the stairs, but then stopped.
“Will, even though you look all hot, strong, perfect, and you just gave me the best orgasm in a long time... I can't help but think you knelt with your little airplane shoes on,” I laughed at the sweet smirk she gave me and left a kiss on her forehead. Surely tonight, I was going to make her come and go at the same time.
Tumblr media
William was in charge of removing my dress, leaving kisses all over my body, I was totally naked before him, and his look for the first time in a long time made me feel nervous.
“You are a powerful woman, Catherine Cambridge,” he cornered me against the wall letting his mouth kiss my breasts at his will. I could only sigh and let myself be carried away by what he made me feel. I took the nape of his neck to guide him, although he knew the way by heart. I felt him return to my lips. “You have a power over everyone but even more over me, and you don't know how that turns me on.”
“I could tell, William,” I began to unbutton his trousers as he quickly removed his jacket and shirt.
“I'm not William,” he said between kisses as I caressed him up and down.
“Yes, you are, or when did you change your name and I didn't even notice?” Being almost entirely naked like me, he began to take me to bed. 
“No,” he kept kissing my lips without breaking his stride for a moment.
“So?” I asked as he climbed on top of me on the bed.
“I'm yours; you can call me whatever you want,” I smiled because I was delighted, knowing that he was mine and only mine. 
“Well, I love to call you by your name,” I wrapped my legs around his hips, and when I thought he would give it to me and have him completely, he stopped. 
“And by the way, it's not just a little airplane; it's an F18, honey.” 
“Are you going to give me airplane lessons? Or...” he shut me up, stamping his mouth against mine. 
His warm lips gracefully pressed themselves against mine. I closed my eyes as I felt his hot breath against my skin. William's kisses were slow and soft, but once I ran my fingers through his back, it was like something deep inside him had awakened. His lips moved with force as he kissed me passionately, causing soft moans to escape my throat with every breath. I ground my hips against him, silently begging for him to enter me. I released a soft gasp, feeling his hard-on press against my entrance. And then I felt him slowly enter me inch by inch. I moaned as I felt him fill me up completely. 
“Oh, baby,” I whispered as my nails dug into his shoulders. 
“God, I love you,” William grinned as he stayed inside me, forcing my walls to clench around him in frustration. “I was dying all night to have you like this,” he whispered and buried his face against my ear. His hips moved slowly as I released a soft moan. “You smell good,” he noted as he inhaled the perfume on my skin. 
He increased his movements, his eyes still locked on me as he watched my face portray the pleasure he was giving me. I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment as he grieved into me. 
“Shit, baby,” he groaned as he forced a kiss onto my lips, swallowing my mewling moans. His slow strokes had turned into full-on thrusting, and my legs were starting to cave in; I couldn't keep them properly wrapped on him. 
“Oooh, faster, baby,” I moaned into his mouth as he moved faster inside me. I could feel the muscles inside me clench in anticipation. 
“Oh, you like that,” he cooed teasingly into my ear as he buried himself deep inside me. I felt pure bliss course every nerve inside my body, and I dug my nails into his skin. “Tell me how good it feels,” he managed to say as his lips hovered mine, his kisses hungrily matching the force of his thrusts. The two of us moving in union. 
“It feels so good, honey, don't stop,” I moaned loudly as I ran my fingers up and down his back. “God, Will,” I whimpered as I felt my muscles contract, feeling myself at the peak of the mountain. “You’re going to make me come”, I whined into his mouth.
“Yes, baby... come with me,” he groaned as he furrowed his eyebrows, shutting his eyes at the overwhelming pleasure and a single drop of sweat running down his temple as he forced himself deep inside me.
“Oh, God,” I cried out. He bit down on my lip before letting my mouth go, letting my moans fill the air around us, " baby...” I choked on my own breath as he ruthlessly pounded into me, shaking my legs. I whined as I squeezed my hands around his shoulders while begging for mercy. “I’m coming,” I moaned as I felt my walls clench hard around him.
Watching him come on top of me was always the hottest thing I have ever witnessed. The way his face scrunched up and the way his lips pursed together as he released a sexy growl. I tried to focus on him as I felt the fire spread inside me, but my eyes intuitively closed as I enjoyed the overwhelming waves of pleasure conquering my body.
We ended up in the most glorious orgasm we could ever imagine. Our breaths were heavy, we were trying to control them, but our orgasms were so intense that it took us a little longer than usual to get back to normal. He pulled out of me, letting my body and his settle on the bed. I laid my head on the pillow, letting my hair fall all over my face and back.
Silence completely dominated the room, leaving only our breaths to speak for us. That wasn't uncomfortable; so many years together made us feel comfortable even in moments like this. I felt William's gaze on me, so I connected my eyes with his; just today, they were bluer than ever, and I loved it. My husband laughed sheepishly and made me curious to know what was going through his mind.
“What's the matter?” I asked, leaving one of my hands on his cheek.
“It's just that I'm here, looking at you and realising...” he stopped suddenly and only moved one of his hands to my waist.
“What is it, love?!” I asked impatiently, seeing that he didn't say anything.
“It's silly, Kate,” he blushed even though his face was already red.  
“Will, tell me!” I looked at him in disbelief.
“It's just… I'm so grateful to the universe for putting me in your way; With you and the children, I feel complete; I don't need more in life if I have you,” he said shyly; my beautiful man was the most perfect of all.
“William, there are no words to describe you,” he just cupped my face and left a kiss on my lips. 
After that confession, he began to talk about the film non-stop; I listened to him with heart eyes and added comments from time to time.
“Jennifer Connelly's performance was spectacular, don't you think?” My mind went over all the actors and actresses I had met today, and I remembered that she was the co-star.
“Yes, impeccable acting, and she was very kind and lovely,” William just nodded, but I wanted to mess him up for a bit. “And don't think I didn't notice how you rushed me to talk to her.”
“What are you talking about?” I looked at him defiantly.
“You told me, ‘It's late, hurry up’ and grabbed my back so I could move on, and you could talk to her,” he sat on the bed and made me get up to sit astride him. 
“I did it because I wanted to go back home as quickly as possible to rip you off that dress and make you mine over and over and over again,” he kissed my lips, putting his hands on the back of my neck, and I let him make love to me one more time.
We fell exhausted after another orgasm, leaving our legs intertwined and letting ourselves be carried away by the arms of Morpheus... 
We were in the aisles of the premiere, William holding my hips while he whispered our usual dirty things in my ear. His hands lifted my dress, leaving me exposed; it was just him and me in the long corridor. He started stroking my clit the way I loved.
“You'll enter there and enjoy with him; I'll be watching you,” he whispered in my ear, and I was only focusing on what his fingers were doing.
“Yes, sir,” I said when I felt him take his hand out of me.
"You are forbidden to cum with him; only I can have that right over you," he left a kiss on my lips and left. 
I felt other hands on my waist, and I turned around scared, but when I realised who it was I gasped; Tom Cruise will be my challenge tonight...
Tumblr media
I heard Kate whispering things and moving next to me. I didn't understand what was going on, I thought she was probably having a nightmare, so I decided to wake her up. She was slightly flushed when she opened her eyes, and her green eyes darkened. I knew what was up; she looked at my lips and lunged at me, causing me to fall back onto the mattress with her on top of me.
“First of all, good morning,” I said, and she just started to move her hips on top of me to arouse each other further. I didn't delay the matter any longer and made her mine, as I always will have the pleasure of doing. Kate is so addictive; I would never get tired of her. Her body is perfect; her face is of an angel, her intelligence, everything. 
“That was divine!” I told her, pulling her to my chest when we finished. Her smile appeared, and she started caressing the hair on my chest.
“Yeah, we should do it more often; remind me why we don't do it in the mornings?”
Suddenly, we heard the handle of our door being tried to open several times, then desperate knocks to get in. We got up immediately from the bed to find some clothes. At least yesterday, we did remember to lock the door. I handed Kate her nightgown while she tidied up the room a bit.
“Mummy? Papa?” Louis's voice was heard and then was joined by Charlotte's.
“Leave it to me... Mum? Pa? We can come in?” We dressed as fast as our hands allowed us.
“Is it closed again?” George made an appearance as the older brother. “Perhaps they arrived very tired yesterday and want to sleep more… Pops?”
“Come in, children,” I opened the door letting the three come in.
“What were you doing?” Louis climbed on top of her mum and kissed her cheek.
“Adult things you'll understand later,” I replied, making everyone get into bed so we could sleep a little longer.
We woke up 30 minutes later and started our morning getting the children ready and taking them to school. That evening we ate pizza and told them about the adventure we had last night at the premiere. They were delighted and told me they wanted a pair of shoes like mine. Kate just looked at me, furious because she said the children had enough, but I calmed her down with a kiss and told her I would also order a pair for her as well. These four people are my life.
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Tumblr media
jealous! nanami + possessive! nanami + dominant! nanami + mentions of being uncomfortable / hit on + bathroom sex + sir kink + choking (breath play) + degradation (mentioned once) + breeding kink + creampie + squirting + praise (nanami’s good with his words) + dirty talk + face gripping + squirting + messy sex + detailed description of cum + f! reader
— word count; approx 2.2k
Tumblr media
nanami simmers, eyes near piercing while they roam your figure- watching while you talk politely, knowing how hard it is for you to be entertaining someone’s who’s actively making you uncomfortable. stuck nodding and pretending to listen in while people around him talk, stuck when all he wants to do is be back by your side.
but this outing is all about presentation, keeping polite- making networks and gaining new ‘friends’. and anyone with eyes could see what he did, what he had, and what belonged to him.
dressed to look enticing, near ethereal in pretty clothes that he’d bought the week prior with you in mind. ambling about with something sparkling in the cup you hold- lips curling enough to let most know its all formalities and politeness driving your mannerism. most.
he supposes he knew the man trying to gather just an ounce of your attention was trouble from the second you and him walked in and he was one of the first to introduce themselves, practically drooling over you while your manicured hands gripped at nanami's sleeve- body pressing tight to his side. off shooting compliments his way on your behalf, things like, "you really hit the jackpot with her nanami." or, "let me take her off your hands for the night! she'll be back before you know it."
those remarks would have been enough to send him five feet under, but the second he made a move to say something- your warm hand simply reached out and laid on his forearm, a movement of total control over his actions. letting him know you were okay, he hadn't necessarily crossed the line yet.
but now he sits and wonders if you still think the same- hand reaching up to smooth down any stray hairs, letting an index finger tug down his tie to loosen the suffocating thing while he stands- comes back to you. divorcing completely from the group who stopped him in the first place, jaw flexing with the scene unfolding.
maybe there was a chance he’d brush everything else the man was doing off- the closeness, the jokes, maybe he’d scoff and roll his eyes; but the palm on your shoulder feels like it burns him and he knows it’s time to intervene.
the first contact with you comes in the form of his palm reaching- fitting like it belonged there at the curve of your back, slipping forward until his fingers brought you into his side.
not a glance spared at you- the view from your eyes showed the lines of muscle from his jaw with the way he clenched his teeth. the curve of his chest from muscle rising and falling faster and faster. clear sign if you didn’t know him, would signify there was something wrong.
"we're going home for the night."
was all that was said- letting you begin walking with just a nudge from the arm holding you. already shaky from an uncomfortable interaction, it was easy to sway you, just wanting to be at home with his attention.
he crowded your body while you two left the man standing there, heat crawling up your neck when his palm soothed over your ass- knowing this was better than anything he could have said or done.
it took another nudge from him to let you know, 'home' wasn't it. strides quicker now, with purpose and headed towards the hallway into the bathrooms.
nanami could feel your glance, trying not to break right then and there- not knowing how to keep himself in check. happy when you two crossed the threshold of the bathroom door.
"im sorry." you squeaked, tucking your lower lip in between teeth- not knowing how to respond to anything that happened.
nanami wavered then, sighing out heavy with realization of how you were feeling.
"for what?" he questioned, keeping one hand on you; the same one laying against your ass- encroaching down onto you, warm breath already fanning against your cheek, kissing you sweet.
"for being beautiful?" he mumbled, the other hand reaching between to thumb at your lips- pushing in to let you suck.
"they all want you." kento smiled, feeling your tongue swirl around the tip of his thumb before sucking harder, humming because he knew you wanted this. "that's nothing new."
letting you until your body wavered into his form, letting him step forward and pinning you against the wall- hardness of his figure keeping you nice and still.
keening when you felt the hardness in his pants, letting his thumb go with an audible pop, too strung up in everything that had happened.
"need to give you something so they all know you're mine, hm?" nanami questioned, grabbing your face to look at him, wetness from your mouth painting the spot he gripped.
his allure for cute things making itself known with the way you responded to him, happy to please- eager to make him feel good. letting him know with the way you parted your legs when his thumbs found the tiny panties you wore tonight. deciding they were in the way and with a sharp tug, snapped it off your body with ease.
the need to keep close left you with nothing else to do but wait, standing in a sway while the familiar sounds of his belt coming undone sounded out- watching eagerly when he slipped a hand up to the already loose tie; hooking and tugging it free.
murmuring out a sharp, “stay.” when your fingers reached for his cock now laying heavy against your thigh, each throb and twitch of it painting more and more of your soft thigh.
he was the one who was going to take care of you- he was the one about to split you open in the bathroom of his works get together, not the man flirting previously and not anyone else.
it was easy taking your already pliant form and turning you around, cupping your ass with both hands and squeezing selfishly- pushing your dress up and out of the way for him. taking his foot, placing it between and pushing your own further out to better accommodate him.
you knew he was particular in moments like this, taking complete control over your pleasure- but tonight had already tired you out. eyes heavy, just barely looking back at him over your shoulder, pushing your hips to entice him was the first mistake. wanting to fit his cock into your cunt, shaky fingers slipping down and meeting with his drooling head for just a second before his strong hand stopped your movements.
gasping out when his hold turned tighter, keeping your arm barred across your lower back and stepping to squish you against the wall, cheek pressing into the cool surface- already drooling and dumb with anticipation.
“bad girl.”
it was murmured lowly and stern, in between the shift of his body so it trapped you completely. unable to react to this in anyway, not with how the weight of him slowly increased while heavy palms splayed on either side of your head.
his upper back arching down into you to press lips against your ear, wanting to feel all of you. letting this slip up go, knowing it had already been a long night.
shushing your tiny mewls of, “‘m sorry! ‘m sorry sir- i’m not a bad girl.” with giving you his cock.
swollen, drippy head stretching your puffy and sticky lips open- nearly audible with the lewd pop as his cockhead sunk inside. legs already nearly giving out if it weren’t for his body keeping you upright.
heat curling up from where the stretch of him ended, his heavy balls already putting pressure along your clit- seizing up with the first thrust back inside, barely keeping lucid. all nearly toppling over when you felt, and heard the low groan come straight from the middle of his chest, vibrations hitting you full force- like a lowly purr in complete pleasure. letting you know it wasn’t just you slowly unraveling.
this wasn’t just for you, he wanted to breed you- fill you up so that his thick cum ran down the insides of your thighs while greeting everyone, a base and feral need to show any eyes lingering on you who you belonged to. taking just a second to leave the wall with his left hand- coming between you and it to circle his fingers around your throat.
wondering why it didn’t occur to him to do this before the two of you came here- squeezing once between the image of you stumbling out of your shared apartment, dizzy and shaky and leaking cum everywhere.
“feels good?” he questioned, stray strands of golden hair tickling his forehead. sweating in the force he was using to bury his cock into you.
wanting to answer him, unable to do so with the fat cock of his stirring up your insides and the addition of his rough hand pinching your throat, palm squeezing against it- you could only squeal.
and he does it on purpose- loving the way you blink with wet eyes at him, lips forming a perfect little, “o” eyebrows scrunched in attempt to answer. knowing you’re trying your hardest for him while your pussy drools down his swollen balls and soaking his slacks.
every thump of his hips knocking you into the wall, knees bumping into one another with every shake- all toppling over with the taste of orgasm so close. it doesn’t take much, his words feel too good- his cock throbbing and pistoning inside you mercilessly is too good. all you can do is gasp and whisper out the traces of his name.
“‘nami, gunna cum- ‘m gunna cum.”
but he already knew that- your easy cunt squeezing over and over and the shakiness of your already tired body let him know.
and he was already at that precipice too- images of what was to come has swirling heat stir in his stomach and heavy balls too. murmuring out soft praises, choked in the edges of his words because you always look so good unraveling for him.
“good girl- let go for me, make a mess baby. it’s okay, i’ve got you.”
it was already so easy to cum for him- but the words he whispered along the sensitive skin of your heated neck while his cock made lewd noises from the arousal still gushing out of you had your whole body shake.
seizing up, cunt squeezing him so tight he hisssd- you came. the hand around your neck loosening its hold so you could freely wail, uncaring of who could hear you; clenching his teeth when the slam of his balls interrupted the stream of your cum splattering down the front of his thighs and the floor.
too caught up in how good it felt- in what he wanted, nanami came. pressing his face into you, steamy breath fanning down your shoulder- all while his heavy cum filled you. desperate humping of his hips pushing further in, wanting to be as deep as possible to give it all to you.
keeping you still while his balls clenched- his own form growing just a little shaky with how hard the spurts of cum left him, but keeping his hold on you tight.
trying to blink away the lingering feelings of possessiveness and jealousy- but finding it hard when rivulets of your shared cum slowly seeped down your thighs and his cock, painting the two of you.
“look at that.” he whispered, slowly detaching himself from you. peering down between your connected bodies to see what he had done. your swollen mess covered in thick and creamy cum, wasting no time to pull out- knowing you would leak no matter what. once again reaching down to palm your ass in appreciation and near reverence.
wondering how he could do anything but keep you marked and pretty- keep you dripping just like this with his cum to let everyone know it was him you came home to, that it was him who did this to you.
“pretty.” nanami nearly purred. keeping some semblance of composure while he pulled down your dress- a small smile playing on his lips with how your thighs clenched, desperation wanting you to keep it all in.
“it’s so much nanami.” you pouted, still shaky and weak. turning your head to look at him with wet eyes.
all he could do was hum in acknowledgment- bringing his hand up to your face and turning you around, careful to not ruin the front of your dress with his still messy and limp cock. wanting to care and soothe you before he attended to himself.
“but you’ll be good, won’t you?” he questioned, once more brushing over the pout of your lips. taking in your eager nod.
“we’ll go straight home- i’ll clean you up there.” and with a bend of his body and a sweet kiss to your forehead, he finalized his words. letting you cling onto him, fingers reaching under his coat and finding the brown harness he kept on and tugging- looking for more of his kisses.
kisses he would never deny you- wondering if maybe keeping you in here, in the bathroom while everyone wondered where the two of you had gone and filing you up over and over would be the better choice.
how could he ever part from you.
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nerdybluephoenix · 4 months ago
"This should do it." It looked down at itself, pleased.
The two - rather long - legs jut out under it's torso. It used it's new - ew - five fingers to feel along it's skin, feeling the bumps of a ribcage underneath. A heartbeat too.
In front of it was a mirror, and staring back at itself was a human. Well, an illusion of one.
Time and time again, the newly star bound aliens, humans, had infiltrated it's species ranks through elaborate disguises. They got better at it every time.
Not only were humans great with what they call "make up" but they had a way of mimicking their behaviors. It's species tried to replicate this. Failed to. In the end, they had something better.
A team of highly immoral scientists who were given boundless permission to try whatever the hell they wanted. And they went with genetic mutation.
It was a painful change, and slow. Agonizingly slow. But now, it was a super solider with one superpower. A shape-shifter.
And it was time to test it out.
It strolled out of the bathroom and into the eating area where various alien species were seated. Only one human - the unwitting test subject - was present.
If this could pass for normal conversation, this could pass for war.
It strolled right up to the other creature - a man who had not yet seen him - and sat down.
"I'm glad to see one other human on this station," it said.
The human non-committedly looked up. Only to jump with a start after taking it in.
"What are you?" he said.
"A human?" it said. If it's species could sweat, it would do so by now.
The man stared at it a moment. He turned to the alien on his right and pointed to his left.
"Forgive me if this question is batshit insane, but what do you see?"
"Two humans?" The alien had three eyes.
Her species' third eye was famous for detecting the most miniscule details and then committing it to subconscious memory. The rise and fall of a chest. The careful rythem of a human heart. How often - or little - a human blinks. Even human's make-up tricks couldn't bypass her species' extra form of security.
"So it is," said the man. She turned away and it found itself blinking quickly in relief. It cut that out when the human turned to it. "Sorry, I guess you're just real ugly."
"Ugh, rude." All humans are ugly.
He scooted in closer on the bench and leaned in towards it. It found itself leaning away, but couldn't help but notice the bead of sweat on the human's forehead and how the pupils were shrunken as far as they could.
"Wanna hear an old Earth tale?"
"I'm sure I know it." Was this a test?
"I doubt you know this one. My grandfather experienced it himself." He leaned away. It had stop itself from blinking too rapidly again. "This is about an Earth cryptid."
"Bigfoot?" it said, but nodded as if it already knew.
"Everyone knows Bigfoot," he laughed. "No, he was driving down a dark country road unlit by street lights. He didn't have his brights on - that's important to the story, you see - but heaven knows why."
Brights??? What are brights???
"Down the road an animal was crossing. A simple male deer with antlers. He couldn't see its body yet, but he was familiar with the eyes. They glowed as his car sped closer."
"He slowed as the deer became more apparent, and eventually came to a stop when the creature wouldn't move. By now, he could see the antlers, the four legs, the neck. Not in detail, mind you, but he could see it "
Other aliens in the room- not hearing this conversation - were trickling out of the room. There was no dramatic reason for this, they simply finished their lunch. The human, not paying any attention to his own lunch, continued the story.
"It's not uncommon for deer to freeze, especially when lights flood their eyes. So my grandfather gave it a moment to realize it should run. When seconds ticked by, he honked at it."
"There was something... off... about the deer. It looked every way like a deer, but the longer he stared, the longer that just didn't seem right."
"Was it a deer?" it said.
"It was not."
"What was it?"
"Not a deer."
The alien found itself frown at this in a perfectly human way.
"Time went on, and my grandfather decided to turn on the brights to try and see the creature better. And it was still... a deer... but not..."
It found its frown deepening.
"What's worse was it began to move. Similar to a deer, but all wrong. Like maybe its legs bent the wrong way. Or perhaps the legs were too long. It was every way like a deer, but it just was not."
"He drove home as soon as that not deer was out of his path. And yes, he found himself alive the next morning. But that encounter disturbed him, so he recounted it to everyone. And many people - especially in that town - could tell him their own stories."
"Well, that story is funny. Probably a figment of his imagination, but it does reflect a very real human instinct."
This was another test. "Would this be something I know of?"
"It's called uncanny valley. It occurs to us when something looks human... but is not."
"Well, rumor has it that it was a instinct formed from a predator. Something that looked human but was not. A not human."
"A not human? Is this true?"
"No," he said. He laughed. "No, we most likely developed it for something a lot more practical. Corpses, you see. They carry a lot of bacteria, so we have a fear of them."
"I have that very same feeling of you," he said. The room was empty besides the two. He reached for his bottle above his lunch tray.
"But I'm not a corpse?"
"You're about to be."
The human tossed down the bottle, effectively cracking off the bottom half and forming his weapon.
It shape-shifted as it scurried away to retreat from the very much human.
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Marisha with a sword is like a kid on Christmas Day
Bonus Ashley
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