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#one shot

Originally posted by twilightimaginesandgifs

Requested by anonymous

A/N: Sorry, it’s really short

Includes: Just some super short fluff


“Emy?” Y/N whispered once she felt a dip in the bed.

The breathing froze, and she heard a faint gulp. “Sorry, did I wake you?” Embry asked with a wince. The girl turned around from sleeping on her side and huffed.

“No,” Y/N lied, which Embry could see through. The werewolf sighed and layed under the covers next to her.

“Sorry,” he frowned, and Y/N shrugged to brush it off.

“It’s okay. I’m gonna have to get used to this patrol thing,” the human stated.

Embry turned to his side, so their noses barely brushed up against each other. “Yeah, but you shouldn’t have to. I thought when I imprinted on you that Sam would give me a little break. But I guess not,” the tan boy complained, and Y/N ran a hand through his tousled black hair.

Both couldn’t hold back the deep sighs that left their lips. Embry shut his eyes tightly and took a deep breath before flipping around, so his back was facing Y/N. The imprintee stared at her boyfriend’s smooth caramel skin and let the temptation to touch him take over. Three of her fingers outlined his right shoulder blade, and she felt him relax a bit. He remained quiet and didn’t move a muscle.

His eyes were slowly softening, but they never fully gave into Y/N’s touch. Her fingers laced back into his hair, which made the werewolf hold back a shiver. He bit the inside of his cheek harshly to keep himself restrained, and his body went back to solid.

“Embry … .” Y/N uttered, and Embry licked his lips before slowly turning around. Both stared at each other for a few minutes. Y/N leaned forward and connected their lips to kiss sweetly. His bottom lip went between her teeth, and she pulled away. Embry’s expression was priceless.

“Goodnight, Emy,” the teenager mumbled and cuddled into his bare chest. Embry was still too shocked to do anything. But, he eventually wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hair.

“Goodnight, Angel.”

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A/N: I most certainly can, I love doing HCs they’re so fun to write and don’t take up as much time as doing a full fic.

Raph: ❤️

  • So imagine the surprise Raph gets when he walks into the training room to have a good’ ol’ wrestle with Buddy, but instead he sees his s/o holding his tonfas. 
  • He freaks out at first but quickly notices the wicked gleam in your eyes while you’re swinging the mystic wood in your hands.
  • He pretends to act all stoic when he faces you, challenging you to a fight to see who wields them better, you win.
  • Surprises you both.
  • He can’t hold in his amazement and compliments when he sees your form highlighted in red and standing over him all out of breath and cute.
  • Nearly passes out.
  • Okay, he definitely passes out.
  • But when he comes to he’s very excited to teach you some tricks and maybe another sparing match.
  • “You’re amazing, you know that?”
  • “Well duh, I’ve watched you use them for months.”

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Macey daydreams about spending winter break somewhere else, with some envy sprinkled in there, too; suite shenanigans and some $300 Bose noise-cancelling headphones. One-shot. Content warning: themes of parental neglect, mentions of alcohol use, smoking + abuse.

(Read it on AO3 here.)

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Enter Clementine

She strolled through a shady looking part of town with a parasol in one hand and a suitcase handle in the other. Her long light-brown hair bounced with every step. She wore a long-sleeved, flowing black dress with a dark-pink gradient at the hem of the skirt, ending bellow her knees and a pale pink sash tied in a bow around her waist. It was odd that this little girl -appearing no older than 11- looked so calm, passing broken glass, dried blood and discarded needles.

Glancing to her right with tangerine-coloured eyes, she spies two well-dressed older men having a conversation in front of what seems like an abandoned-yet-active storage facility. She puts on the biggest-sweetest smile she can muster and approaches the men in top hats.

“Excuse me, Sirs?” She caught their attention with that gentle-British voice of hers and queries, “I’m looking for the Top Hat Clan. Do you know where they are?”

“Hu? Beat it, kid! This is no place for a child.” The Tophat on the right snarls attempting to scare her off.

She looks at him, unfazed. “I’ll ask one more time.” Lifting her parasol, she attacks the man, striking him across the face with her weapon. The other guy tries to subdue the little threat, but she dodges and knocks him out cold. “Where is my father?”

An hour later, the little girl is delivered to a giant red airship by the defeated Tophats and takes her to the control deck. “Chief. This little girl was found in Brooklyn, asking for you.” the gruff beaten Tophat addressed his leader.

“Who brings a little girl into a middle of a-” Reginald turns around to see the little girl with two of his underlings standing behind her, bruised and beaten. “What the…”

“Are you Reginald Copperbottom?” The girl steps forward.

The Chief nods as Right Hand Man steps closer to him. “Yes. And you are?”

“My name is Clementine. Clementine Copperbottom.”

The Tophat’s in the room are taken back in shock. “Another Copperbottom?” one Tophat says. “That could explain the bruises on Jack and Micheal.” Says another.

Reginald is speechless. He didn’t have any family. Unless…

“I come with a letter from my mother.” Clementine pulls out an envelope from one of her suitcase’s compartments.

That’s it! The pieces are coming together in the Cheifs mind as he took the letter and started reading. “Heather.” Guilt washed his face, making him sit down in his captain’s chair. “So. Your mom lost her life to cancer and wants me to take care of you?”

“Yes, father!” She answered with a bright smile.

“FATHER!?” The Tophats knew their Cheif was gay. So the news of him having a biological child confused them. However, the elder Tophats knew he was married to a woman about 11 years ago but divorced her once he came out. Though no one knew that his ex-wife conceived a child before he left, including the father himself.

“So, is this the man you left my mom for?” Clementine queried, looking at the cyborg cowboy.

Reg chuckled and nods; still processing the news. He had a daughter! Heather never even tried to reach out to him to let him know or even demand child support. He felt terrible about lying to Heather. She deserved better than to be used as a gay man’s ruise. And now she’s gone. She even kept the last name till the end? Why? The Cheif took a deep breath, stood up and agreed. “Alright, Clementine. You will stay here with us. If you think you’re ready to be part of a criminal organization, that is.”

Clementine gazed at her father and smiled. “I am! And I will!”

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Request + Prompts: Mr. Bingley comforting the reader at a party after hearing someone talk bad about them? + “I wanted to know if you were okay” and/or “You don’t have to leave”

Pairing: Charles Bingley x Gender!Neutral Reader

Requested by: @thebookbakery​​

Triggers: None         Words: 1.3k

Genre: Some angst + fluff (happy ending)


Originally posted by trudymonk


Originally posted by kathrvnhoward-blog

You smiled as you chatted away with the few close friends you had at the ball you were attending. Looking around you acknowledged some others you knew, as well as admired the celebration itself.

As your eyes met with another’s your breath hitched in your throat as you recognized the owner. Charles, or rather Mr. Bingley as would be the more proper way to refer to him, smiled widely at you and nodded his head in greeting. Smiling lightly and sending a small curtsy in his direction, you felt your face rush at the interaction. 

You had known Charles for a few months now, having met when he and his sister moved into the town, you got along with him very well. You seemed very alike in personality and were seemingly very comfortable around each other. Being in his company was becoming a very fond thing for you. Though, you knew others would not see it that way. 

The Bingley family were well off and well known, and your family was not, so there were many who did not think your friendship, or anything more, would be suitable. You knew his sister felt this way as well, she would pretend to like your company and would compliment you when you were visiting, but you knew better. You saw the looks she gave you when she thought you were not looking, and the quiet whispers to her companions as she giggled and glanced in your direction. But you did not care what she thought of you, only what Charles thought. 

However tonight, you could not help but be effected by the way you were treated behind your back. As you moved from a small group of acquaintances you wandered over to one of your friends to say hello, faltering in your step when you heard a nearby conversation between some more wealthy members of the party. 

“I am surprised that they are even here, they certainly stand out in a crowd, and not in a good way.” they whispered, followed by giggles. 

Another woman speaking up “To think they are an acquaintance of the Bingleys, you know, some say that Mr. Bingley has his eye on them, however-” she chuckled “They most certainly are not worthy of carrying the Bingely name, they are a nobody, they do not belong.” the comment was followed by more giggles.

Your eyes fell onto them, an emotion of shock and anger in them, which caught the gossiping women off guard as they silenced themselves and looked away.

Instead of approaching your friend you turned and made your way through the crowd. You no longer wanted to be in the presence of such rude and judgmental people. How many others were whispering about you behind your back? Were they right? Yes, they were. This was not a place you belonged. The riches, the money. But you didn’t care about those things. You simply wanted to be happy. But you were stupid to think that you could find happiness with Charles Bingley, especially when you knew of the company his family held.

As you fled, you were unaware of the figure following quickly behind you. Charles had been just behind the group of women and overheard what they were saying. He was unsure of who they were talking about until his eyes landed on you, he could see the offense and sadness on your face, followed by your angry glare at the women before you turned and fled from the party. He was quick to follow, not wanting you to leave, and wanting to make sure you were alright. 

You couldn’t help the small build up of tears in your eyes. You damned yourself for letting yourself get emotional. You were stronger than this. You collected your shawl and made your way towards the door, alone in the foyer, you did not care that your family was still in the party, you would walk home if need be. 

“Y/n?” the voice came suddenly, soft from behind you. 

Turning quickly you turned to see Charles approaching you slowly, as though he was approaching a scared animal. You straightened up and put on a fake smile before curtsying slightly “Mr. Bingley. Uh, I do not feel well so I thought I might take my leave a bit early.” 

“I heard what those women said” he spoke, catching you off guard. How had he heard? You did not see him. “I wanted to know if you were okay.” 

You looked down shyly at your feet before looking back up at him “I-” you were unsure of how to respond. You sighed in resignation “They were right, I do not belong here.” you began to turn away from him again. 

“You don’t have to leave.” he said quickly before walking closer to you “Please, don’t leave.” 

You looked back at him, head still down slightly “I cannot listen to anymore of their poisonous words Char-” you cut yourself off before saying his name, you should not become so comfortable “Mr. Bingley” you corrected.

His face fell slightly at this, taking one more step closer his countenance seemed to become a bit more bashful as he was now standing in front of you “They were wrong. You have every right to be here. Your company is much more favorable to me than there’s will ever be. I am the one who is unworthy of having you as a companion.” he took the smallest step closer to you, that made you hold your breath as he looked into your eyes, before reaching out slowly and taking your hand in his “I would never recover if you were to stop seeing me, if you were to listen to those women. I do not think the same things as them. I do not care that your family is of a lower status than us, that should not matter, it does not. I simply-” he paused as he squeezed your hand slightly ”I simply wish, for you to stay. With me.” 

You stared at him, your heart pounding in your chest, your mind flashing back to those women “They will simply whisper even more, they will not stop.”

“I don’t care. Let them say what they wish, there lies and insults will not stop the truth from being the truth.” 

“What is the truth?”

Charles became even more bashful in countenance as he smiled at you “That you are worthy of the Bingley name” your eyes widened in surprise as he continued “And that you are the most amazing person I have ever met, and that, I love you.” he finished his confession in a little more than a whisper. 

You opened your mouth to speak but remained silent, only able to smile in shock, you shook your head slightly, as if pulling yourself together “Charles” you said exasperated. He smiled at this, oh how he loved when you said his name. 

“Marry me Y/n” he said, continuing to surprise you. Seeing this, he took your other hand in his and held them close to his chest “Please.”

You let out a surprised laugh as our eyes grew moist with emotion, you grinned at him before nodding your head “Yes, I will.”

Charles grinned at your acceptance before pulling you gently towards him and kissing you. After a moment you pulled away and rested your foreheads against one another as he spoke quietly “We will not tell them yet, simply, go in together, and let them see that the did not win. And when they do learn of our engagement, they will be the ones to leave in embarrassment.” 

You smiled at him as he straightened up, reaching out his arm for you to take. Looping your arm into his he lead you back into the main room. You noticed the immediate whispers of the same women from before, as well as the curious and dismayed look from his sister. But as Charles looked at you and smiled, you no longer cared about their gossiping words. Because no matter what they thought or said, they had no say in your happiness. 

xx End xx

((Bonus Fun Fact: The Actor that plays Mr. Bingley in P&P 1995 is Crispin Bonham-Carter; Helena Bonham-Carter’s third cousin once removed))

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Mentiras piadosas - Ari_Golden_Saga - Eldarya (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
3 notes

word count: 1266

request?: yes!

“Can you write a Pete Davidson fluff. A medical intern goes to SNL and Pete sees her right away and takes her one a date.”

description: with new restrictions in place due to an ongoing pandemic comes the need for medical assistance on set, including a pretty medical intern that catches his attention

pairing: pete davidson x female!reader

warnings: swearing, mentions of the current pandemic



Pete was beyond excited to get back to work on SNL. Besides his Netflix special being released, the lockdown was the longest and most boring time of his life. He was itching to get back to work, and back to some semblance of normalcy.

Of course, with working during a pandemic came some new safety protocols. When not on set or filming, the actors were to keep a mask on, as were the crewmates at all times. If anyone had even one symptom they were forbidden from coming in, and everyone was made to take a test for the virus once a week.

It was a tiring process, and Pete had o admit that it was taking the fun out of going to work.

Luckily for him, on one particular day, he was paired with a new medical intern for his daily medical run through. She couldn’t be much older than him, if she was even close to his age at all, and she was absolutely gorgeous even with her mask on.

“Wow,” he blurted as he approached her. She raised an eyebrow at him and Pete could see her eyes crinkle from a smirk. “Sorry, I meant to say hello, I haven’t seen you before.

“Oh yeah, that sounds so close to what you actually said,” she teased. “I’m the new intern. Today is my first day going through the pandemic guidelines on my own.”

“Well, it’s my lucky day then.”

She looked up at him through her eyelashes before looking back down at the clipboard in her hands. “Name?”

Pete was shocked. “Seriously?”

She looked back up at him, expectantly. “Name?”

He sighed and responded, “Pete Davidson.”

“And your role on the show?”


Pete could see her smile through her mask and her shoulders shake as she giggled. “Okay, okay. The usual questions then: have you been anywhere with an influx of cases? Have you been to any parties or large gatherings? Have you been in contact with anyone who has tested positive?”

“No, no, and I’d surely hope not.”

She made notes on her clipboard before placing it aside and standing from her chair. She motioned for Pete to sit. “Pull your mask down to uncover your nose and tilt your head back slightly.”

Pete mentally groaned. He had totally forgotten it was testing day.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” he joked as he followed her instructions.

The intern raised an eyebrow at him as she pulled on a pair of gloves. “You really think now is a good time to flirt? When I’m about to shove a cotton swab so far up your nose it’s essentially tickling your brain?”

“Not my best idea,” Pete admitted out loud. “But I’ll say anything to relieve the stress I’m feeling right now.”

She took the testing swab in her hand and helped Pete to gently tilt his head back. Even with the glove on, Pete could tell her hands were soft and tender. A small thing, but it was enough to make him feel more comfortable with the situation.

He looked up at her and, for a brief moment, their eyes met. Her hand paused, the swab just inches away from his nose, before she looked back down at her hands again. “We probably shouldn’t be gazing into one another’s eyes when I’m trying to test you.”

Pete sighed and braced himself.

The testing took all of five seconds, but every time he had to do it it felt like years. He winced as she took the swab away and put it in a bag marked with his name on it.

“There you go,” she said, taking her gloves off and throwing them into a nearby garbage. “You are, potentially, virus free. For now anyways. We’ll see tomorrow what your test results say.”

“That’s reassuring,” Pete muttered as he stood from the chair. “Hey, you never told me your name by the way.”

“My name isn’t relevant,” she responded, focusing on sanitizing her hands and cleaning the her work station.

“Of course it is. Obviously I’ll be seeing you every time I come into work, we’ve basically gotten so close already, and I need to know your name if I’m gonna take you out on a date.”

The amused look on the intern’s face returned as she looked up at Pete. “You’re really trying with this, huh?”

“I’m nothing if not persistent.”

She sighed and reached up to adjust his mask so it was covering his nose and mouth again, then sanitized her hands again.

“There’s a few things wrong with your persistence right now, though. For one, you only just me. You barley know me, you don’t even know what I look like under this mask. What if I take this off and I’m absolutely hideous?”

“More of a reason for us to go out on a date. It’ll mean you’re not way out of my league then.”

She tried to hold back her chuckle at this, but also failed. “And two, we’re in a pandemic right now. Dating is not a good idea right now. It’s all sorts of risky, especially with someone who is in the medical field.”

“You say that as if doctors and nurses aren’t the safest people right now,” Pete pointed out. “I’m not going to actually be a bother about this. If you don’t want to, that’s okay. I understand your concerns. But if you ever do change your mind, you will be seeing me on a weekly basis. You can tell me at any time.”

Despite wanting to ask her once more, Pete knew it was best to leave her be. He went on to set to get ready for the night, but his mind constantly drifted towards the beautiful intern.


The familiar applause and music at the end of the night was always a pleasant rush for Pete. A congratulations on a job well done, that used to lead to a massive after party that none of them would remember in the morning. But now, with the pandemic, it led to everyone putting their masks back on and going their separate ways.

While it was still okay to do so, Pete hugged some of his co-stars before putting his mask on to return to his dressing room. As he got there, he noticed a figure leaning against his dressing room door, and the closer he got he realized it was the intern. This time, surprisingly, without a mask.

“Great show,” she said as she approached. “They let me sit in the audience and watch.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed,” he told her. “Are you visiting everyone to congratulate them on a good show?”

“No,” she said. “My name is (Y/N), by the way.”

This also shocked Pete. “It’s nice to officially meet you, (Y/N). Is knowing your name a good sign for me?”

(Y/N) smiled. As he predicted, she was gorgeous even without the mask on.

“It is,” she confirmed. “Tomorrow I’ll be getting the results to your test and, should they come back negative…maybe we could attempt to have a stay at home date.”

Pete returned her bright smile. “Yeah. You know what? That’d be really nice.”

(Y/N) nodded, looking almost relieved at his response. “Okay…okay, great. I’ll call you the minute I get your results.”

“You better. I’ll be anxiously waiting.”

She smiled at him again before putting her mask back on and making her way down the hallway. Pete watched her go until he couldn’t see her anymore, then celebrated briefly to himself.

30 notes

Bad Hair Day


Maglor x Reader

1.5k words

* * * 

You sighed out as you sat before your vanity combing your waist length long hair. Today it didn’t seem to matter how much you brushed or wet your hair, it in no way wanted to cooperate with anything you did to it. Your hair having gotten too heavy for an easy bun, your hair too silky to want to hold a loose braid that wouldn’t pull on your scalp… The braids that started from the front of your head were impossible for your fingers to manage, leaving that option unavailable.

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29 notes

  • Izuru doesn’t have much patience for most people
  • They’re just so boring 
  • Generally he already knows what they’re talking about, and they never talk about anything fascinating 
  • If he’s not talking to you or about boats, he just isn’t interested
  • Boats are his special interest, change my mind
  • You can’t, because I’m right
  • Pairing that with his autism and, in turn, his struggle to connect with or understand the people around him, he isn’t left with much incentive to talk to people
  • He’s constantly understimulated, and talking just doesn’t help when everyone around is so boring
  • He’d much rather being doing anything else
  • He’s also semi-verbal, preferring not to spend his energy on speaking
  • Forcing himself to talk usually just makes him anxious, so he doesn’t see much of a point in it
  • You are pretty much the only exception to that
  • Somehow, everything you have to say is just so captivating 
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about something he, himself, is interested in, you have a way of making him hang onto every word you say
  • You could read him the dictionary and he would sit there, full enthralled until you’re done
  • You’re so different from him
  • In a way, you’re like a mystery he can’t quite solve, but he won’t stop trying until he can
  • But other people? He just finds them annoying and uninteresting
  • He doesn’t have any interest in trying to figure them out
  • That all being said, Izuru doesn’t understand your extroverted nature in the slightest
  • You seem to find joy in talking to pretty much anyone about anything
  • You have a way of making anyone feel welcome and understood
  • He doesn’t say it, but he admires that about you honestly
  • You also enjoy going to parties? How could you ever enjoy being surrounded by people and their monotonous small talk for that long??
  • He doesn’t have a single clue as to why you’d like that, but he’ll put up with it for you
  • If you want him to come with you to a party or go over to talk to someone, he’ll do it
  • It’s worth it to see the way your face lights up
  • Izuru isn’t good at saying no to you, anyway
  • And he’s pretty used to you getting distracted by friends or conversation by now, so he just expects it to happen
  • Similarly, with your rather impulsive nature, Izuru knows you tend to get a bit carried away
  • Before you know it, you’ve unintentionally roped Izuru into a group outing with the friend you ran into on your walk 
  • Which leads to a rush of apologizes from you, that are always dismissed by your boyfriend
  • He wasn’t interested in any of it himself, but he doesn’t mind following you around
  • He isn’t particularly sensitive to sensory input, so he wasn’t uncomfortable or anything
  • Just bored
  • But you were having so much fun, he just enjoyed seeing you so happy
  • Izuru is always relieved to be done, though, as he much prefers to just be alone with you
  • He’s most comfortable and calm when he’s at home with you where it’s familiar and he can do whatever he wants
  • He wants to read his books about boats
  • Izuru doesn’t really mask too much, as he doesn’t feel any need to, but he is just a bit more unapologetically himself when he’s home
  • i.e., not hiding the tinge of excitement in his features and voice when he talks about his special interests
  • The average person might not be able to see any difference, but to you, it’s obvious that he’s much happier not surrounded by other people, preferring to be alone with you
  • But it’s also obvious to you that he isn’t lying when he tells you that he isn’t upset with you for wanting to be social
  • He’s completely genuine when he tells you not to worry about it
  • Izuru doesn’t lie, after all, especially not to you
  • He finds lying to be a waste of time
  • Overall, you may be almost the exact opposite of him, but that’s just one of the things Izuru loves about you
  • You’re so optimistic, bright, and excitable
  • He’s drawn to you like a moth to a flame, and he wouldn’t change a single thing about you, even if he doesn’t understand why you’re like that
  • He is, technically, the Ultimate Boyfriend, after all  
  • He loves you, and he’s just glad he gets to be with you 
  • He’s glad you want someone like him around
10 notes

Thank you for the prompt, hope you like it!: For your prompts if you want and if you are comfortable with it can you do something with Loki/Tom (you decide) who is dating a girl who had a toxic boyfriend (who sexually and emotionally harrased her) and now she is super insecure and scared to be intimate with him


Loki noticed that you weren’t quite yourself tonight.

You had been out for dinner with him, a date. It went amazingly, again. Loki was such a gentleman, you were head over heels for him. You adored him, and he adored you. The two of you had clicked almost instantly.

But now he was back at yours, you had been watching a film together. He was playing with your hair, making you melt. Though he knew there was something off, something on your mind.

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57 notes

Fandom: 陈情令 | The Untamed (TV)

Pairing: Wei Ying | Wei Wuxian/Lan Zhan | Lan Wangji

Word Count: 1500

Summary: Lan Wangji comes home, not even aware that it’s his birthday. Wei Ying on the other hand is fully aware of it.

Beta Reader: @leodreamlife

Read On AO3

The cloudy sky was a good reflection of how Lan Wangji felt. He was exhausted. His day at work had been longer than usual and now he couldn’t seem to get rid of the pounding in his head. Even though it wasn’t that long the quiet ride home in his car was a bliss. He knew that he shouldn’t work that much overtime but if it meant that other people would get to go home earlier to their families, it was worth it.

But there was also someone waiting for him at home.

The thought of Wei Ying made Wangji smile and the pounding in his head seemed to slow down. Wei Ying always had this effect on him. He calmed him down and grounded him. When Wei Ying was present, Wangji instantly felt relaxed and comfortable. Time and time again, he was surprised how well Wei Ying could ease his anxiety and make him feel safe.

Lost in thought about his boyfriend Wangji didn’t even realise he had already arrived home. As he made his way through the cold evening from the car to the door of their apartment building he thought he could maybe drink a cup of tea with Wei Ying before going to sleep. Of course that would only be possible if Wei Ying wasn’t sleeping already.

Wangji shook his head. When has Wei Ying ever gone to bed this early?

That suspicion was confirmed as soon as Wangji reached the door of their apartment. He could still hear noises from the other side of the door. He was excited to see Wei Ying. Although he saw him everyday, there was still a slight flutter in his stomach as he unlocked the door.

But what he saw then was indeed unexpected.

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Meeting You Again For The First Time



10 years down the road, Stiles has moved on from Beacon Hills and all her monsters and built a new life in the mountains of New Jersey, thinking it’s about as far away from his past as he can get. Then he runs into Peter and everything gets a little more complicated and a whole lot better.

1 notes
Auf Wiedersehen :: Kapitel 1 :: von DiejungenLoewen :: In aller Freundschaft > In aller Freundschaft - Die jungen Ärzte |
4 notes

His eyes opened with the pressure still lingering behind them, greeted with the darkness he had been hoping for in the hours following one of the hardest moments of the stag’s life. Dario wasn’t certain when sleep had finally come to him, but he could say he felt slightly more rested. Gripping at the sheets with a subtly painful touch, he felt no resistance as he pulled, indicating that he was alone.

The deer swung his hooves over the side of the bed, planting them firmly against the floor. He had anticipated his eyes to adjust by now, but there was still nothing but a flood of black before him. Before he could stand, the sound of ignition ran parallel with the blinding wave of light that encompassed his senses. A single flame was enacted across a room he had seen before, and without any doubt in his mind, he knew that this was an impossibility.

It can’t-

He reached out to his right, seeing his darkened arm carry his fingers across threads strewn in a chaotic pattern over his bed. They themselves were familiar, but the presentation was wrong. His memory was strong in it’s recollection of the last visions he had of this place, and the current setting placed a feeling of uneasiness in his chest.

“I did not believe I would have the chance to bring you here, ástin mín.”

His head turned rapidly to the source, and as he suspected, the goat stood in front of the flame, his silhouette glowing. Though his features were darkened and almost unrecognizable, Dario could make out the newly formed welt on his face. The discomfort in his chest grew as he remembered what he had done.

“Why are we here, Milae?”

“That is a question I cannot answer. You know this.”

The flat responses made Dario’s hair stand on end. There was something wrong not only with their setting, but the goat himself.

“…do you miss it?”

He didn’t know why he asked – that thought hadn’t even crossed his mind.

“There are… times, yes.” His words were low and soft; a mix of sadness and uncertainty. “I did what I must.”

There it is. The stag dreaded the idea of the topic being broached again, but to his own fault, he was the one that asked. “Do you blame me for it?”

The goat stood uncomfortably still for what felt like eternity. Dario’s eyes would not avert from his partner, despite his instincts begging him to.

“I do.”

His body became enveloped in a cold, tightening aura. He feared the words, and thought on them frequently… but they still hit him as if by surprise. He went to stand, and before he could fully rise, entanglement brought him back down against the bed. His hands fumbled upwards to feel his antlers caught in the threads, and attempts to free them caused further hold.

“Shit- Milae, please help me-”

The goat didn’t move. He hadn’t moved, not once as he watched his deer’s eyes widen with an unknowing fear. He looked upon the helpless stag as the threads seemed to move without external control, moving him further back onto the bed.

“Milae, please! I can’t-”

He pulled with all his strength at groups of threads in each hand, feeling the tension cause cuts on the already weakened skin. Trying to yank himself free, he felt the threads tighten not only around the antlers, but his wrists and forearms as well. The veins in his arms were visibly constricted, and without warning, Dario was thrown back into the bed, more threads seeming to appear into existence to further bind him against it. The stag felt the burning sensation return into his hands, as the pain grew more intolerable by the second.

“Please, Gods, get me the fuck out of this!”

His focus was fully on freeing himself now; he had no time to look back on Milae, though it would not have mattered, as the goat had vanished at some point during his struggle. The gripping, vine-like material exerted pressure against his windpipe. His writhing did nothing to dissuade the threads from forcing the air to escape his lungs, and with his vision growing bleak and disoriented, the deer abated his fight. The still of suspended consciousness was inevitable.

Dario awakened in a panic, performing a loud, deep inhale as his body shot up in the bed. The light stung his eyes, and as he ran his hands along his body and face, he reached the top of his head to find the antlers missing, as they should have been. A sigh of relief escaped his airway, and he carefully leaned himself back to rest beside the sleeping goat. In his jarring movements, he was surprised to see him still and unbothered.

Dario shut his eyes, knowing that he couldn’t dwell on the visions. Without too much time passing, he found himself asleep once more, and free of further intrusions.

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Summary: a really fucking stupid drabble that I may have laughed a lot while making. (request)

Pairing: Marauders x Gender Neutral Reader (Platonic)

Key: (Y/N)- your name

Word Count: 403

A/N: clearing some drafts don’t mind me

“WHERE DID YOUR LEGS GO?!” James exclaimed as (Y/N) walked into the common room from their dorm, they looked unbothered so far. (Y/N) brushed it off sitting down.

“James.” Lily warned him. She didn’t want shit today, wanting to study quietly.

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Draco x Male Reader Headcanons:

A/N: Just some fun Draco x Male Reader headcanons, don’t mind me. I wasn’t sure how to write for ravenclaw. (i’m a slytherin riP) hope you enjoy it!

Draco has an insane crush on you, what now?

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