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Faded Memories

Miraith Fanfiction

TW; Memory Loss, Mention of mental illness, Loss/Grief


The walls of the hospital were mostly white, but some had painted on inspirational quotes outside of the usual “get well soon!” notes. The apex games wouldn’t be the same without me, at least, I didn’t think so.

But they really wouldn’t be the same without Renee.

I had to take the season off to help her. She as well took a season off to help herself. I couldn’t just sit there and let my interest lose herself, no, not again.

I held a bouquet of flowers in one hand, and cute “get well soon” balloons in the other as I walked into the room where she lay.

A little backstory: Renee had fallen from a pretty high place, and as a result, she was pretty much broken. Broken ribs, broken legs and hand, and major injuries to her skull. They think she’s gonna lose her memory, but she couldn’t forget me, right? Her boyfriend?

As I placed the stuff down and tied the balloons to her hospital bed, she didn’t budge. It was scary, like, almost as if she were a statue laying in a bed, or a corpse in a casket. Which, I’d prefer to think of a statue in bed.

Her beautiful black hair fell just below her beautiful eyes, which were closed. It’s sad that she had gone through so much only to find out what her name was, and not how she got to the detention center for the mentally ill in the first place.

It made me…sad to say the least.

I pulled out a small picture from my pocket, and glanced at it, her still not budging, I decided to talk, maybe that would help ease my mind.

“Y’know Renee, you’ve never been one to like my ramblings, but it’s the only thing keeping me sane these past few months of you not being awake.” I say softly, brushing my hand against her hair and looking at the photo of us on our first date-well, not really-at my bar.

She walked in with a black outfit on, her usual outfit, which surprised me. She was kinda like that edgy girl you went to high school with, but immediately I knew I had fallen for her.

I was making drinks at my bartender’s station and she walked up, ordering an Appletini, and drinking it slowly, watching me. I could feel her eyes burning into the back of my head.

“Soooo miss mysterious, why don’t you tell me why you joined the games?” I asked, and I leaned forward to get a better view of her face.

“I just wanna find out who I really am.” And that sold me. I knew some of her backstory through hearsay already, but this really sealed it for me. I-for whatever reason-wanted to help her.

“Well, maybe I can help?” I suggested, and she just laughed and shook her head.

Looking up from my story telling, I realized my eyes were blurry, tears coming along.

Then I saw her eyes open.


She looked at me with a confusing look, and then my heart dropped.

“Who are you?”

(Should I continue & make a part 2?)

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Warnings: noncon sexual acts (sexual intercourse); unplanned pregnancy; cheating.

This is dark!Bucky and explicit. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.

(Fair warning, this is very depressing and rough)

Summary: You and Bucky had the perfect marriage until you didn’t.

Based on this prompt:

Shadow of what I once was.’ -Chance the Rapper 

for @honeyhan-123​‘s One Year Anniversary Challenge

Supplemental Lyrics: 

Where did you go?
Why would you stay?
You must have lost your marbles
You always were so forgetful
In a hurry, don’t wait up
I was too late, I was too late

Note: So this was kinda impromptu and out of nowhere. I haven’t done a legit one shot if forever so here ya go!

Hope you enjoy it. Thank you. Love you guys!

Please leave some feedback, like and reblog <3


Originally posted by mcu-marvel-comics

Your feet ached. Even in the low heels, you felt as if you’d been standing on nails all night. Your round stomach made it hard to balance without the added challenge of your shoes. The dainty lilac silk was taut across your middle and your swollen breasts were barely contained by the off the shoulder bodice. You were told you were glowing but you felt anything but.

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Summary:  When Danny goes to a psychic to get his soulmate drawn, he’s expectantly pretty confused about why she’s drawn him with a colour palette change.

Read on Ao3

Danny had been having a pretty good day with his friends, using their free Saturday to go to the arcade. In an attempt to not burn through all their allowance before they could save up for the upcoming Doomed game, Danny and Tucker painfully had to request Sam to drag them away from the venue once they hit their budget. Despite the grumbling he’d done when Sam followed through with it, Danny still felt it was a good day overall. That was, until they crossed paths with the A-Listers from school.

He was hoping that if they kept their heads down, that the trio could pass the popular kids without being noticed. When Paulina gasped at something she saw in a shop window and got them all to look with her, he felt like it might just work.

“Oh look, a psychic who draws your soulmate!” She exclaimed excitedly, jumping up and down and clapping. Being distracted by the movement was enough for Dash to catch sight of him in the shop window reflection. The tall boy wore a malicious smirk before chortling.

“Fenturd doesn’t have to pay her to know he’ll die alone.” The bully teased loudly, turning and jabbing Danny in the collarbone. To Danny’s surprise, the comment hurt a lot more than the harsh jab that would probably bruise later. He was a loser after all, so how likely was it that he’d die alone? If he did have a soulmate, they’d probably rather be caught dead than be his soulmate and ask for a refund. Who in the world would ever want to be his soulmate?

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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Fem!Reader

Summary: Dean is giving the reader the silent treatment. The reader resorts to drastic measures to get him to talk.

Words: 1062 ish

A/N: This is probably absolute shit, so I’m sorry bout that. But I had this idea and wanted to see where it goes. Feedback is always appreciated!

“Dean pleaaaseeee” Begged Y/N. “I’m sorry! How many times do I have to apologise?”

Dean was in the library researching and giving Y/N the silent treatment. It had been going on for two days now and it was driving her crazy. She felt so bad as it is, but to give her the silent treatment was making it worse.

It wasn’t her fault really. Well fine, she was the one driving Baby when it crashed. But in her defence she was hungry and exhausted. The hunt they were on really took a toll on them. The vamp nest was bigger than usual but Y/N was the one who got hurt. She hadn’t eaten or slept well in days and all she could think about throughout was a bigass burger with fries. So she “borrowed” Baby when Dean and Sam were asleep.

But turns out, driving when you are sleep deprived and hungry is not the right decision, who would’ve thought? Y/N nodded off at the wheel and crashed into a lamppost. When she came back with a largely dented car, all hell broke loose and here she was back at the bunker, with Dean not talking to her.

“I’m sorry, Dean. I know Baby means so much to you. But she’s fixed now and-“

Dean got up abruptly and walked out the room leaving Y/N speechless. She sighed and sat down in his chair and rested her head on the table. She then got an idea. She had had enough of this bullshit and decided to get him to talk.

Couple of hours later she heard Dean come back and head towards their room. She gave him sometime before grabbing some markers and slipping into the room. Lucky for her the bastard clearly had a few too many (who dafuq drinks so much in the afternoon!) and was sprawled out on the bed fast asleep. Now she could get to work in peace.

She walked out the room looking completely smug. Right at that time Sam came back from a supply run and bumped into her in the hallway.

“Hiya Sammy!” She grinned at him, making him suspicious immediately.

“What did you do, L/N?” He asked, narrowing his eyes.

“Oh nothing really.”

“You look happy. Is Dean talking to you again?” He asked with hope in eyes. This whole ordeal was quite troublesome for him. He wanted it to end badly.

“Oh no” Y/N laughed. “He’s a stubborn little shit. But he will soon. I guarantee it!” She smiled at Sam.

Sam sighed and shook his head in exasperation and made his way to his room.


An hour later Y/N was busy in the kitchen trying to figure out what to make for dinner. When suddenly she heard Dean -


She smiled to herself, finally he was talking to her. It didn’t matter that she was getting yelled at, all she wanted was for him to talk to her again.

Dean stormed into the kitchen with a murderous look on his face. Oh if looks could kill.

“Why would you do this!?” He said with gritted teeth. She had drawn circles around his eyes, a moustache and a beard. The tip of his nose was coloured too. The cherry on top was the word “Baby” written on his forehead.

With every ounce of self control, Y/N managed to pull off an innocent look despite wanting to laugh so hard.

“What did I do, Dean? You look the same to me.” She said, Choking at the end but covering it up quickly.

That’s when Sam came running into the kitchen after hearing the commotion. “What the fu-“ He stopped midway as he saw Dean. He stared at him for a good 5 seconds before he burst out laughing. Y/N’s behaviour finally made sense now.

“Shut the fuck up, Sam!!”

“Oh my god! I can’t breathe!” Said Sam.

“Y/N, God! You’re such a child!” He glared at her.

“Oh I’m the child?! You wouldn’t talk to me for 2 days! And you call me the child! Real classy, Winchester!” She replied folding her arms and with a glare that could rival his.

“And you thought drawing on me was the way to go???”

Y/N simply shrugged at that.

“You crashed Baby! I just repaired her and you just went and stole her and crashed her! And not to mention, you could’ve died, Y/N!”

“Oh jee! You care about me now?! You have a funny way of showing that!”

“Of course I fucking care about you! Why do you think I was so angry? I Ignored you caz I was scared. You were already hurt because of that stupid vampire! He almost killed you and then you get in a damn car crash!”

“I’m sorry, okay! I didn’t mean to worry you. I know I made an error in judgment. And I needed you to talk to me again even if it just led to you yelling. So I drew on your face.”

Dean sighed and closed his eyes. He rubbed his face, “God, Y/N. You used permanent marker. I can’t show my face to anyone!”

“Nooo!” Said Sam, with barely controlled glee. “You did not!”

Y/N gave them both a sheepish look. “In my defence, I didn’t realise it was permanent until it was too late.”

“And you wrote ‘Baby’ on his forehead!”

“Well… He was mad I crashed his car, so I wrote Baby on his head caz I was mad that he cared about her more than me.” Mumbled Y/N.

Dean’s eyes softened at that. He wrapped his arms around her waist and said, “I could never care about my car more than you, Y/N. You’re one of the most important people in my life. I love you so much.”

“I love you too. I’m sorry I drew on you.”

He went to kiss her, but she pulled back “Sorry babe, I can’t take you seriously looking like that.” She smirked. “You’re a walking doodle”

Sam snorted, “No one can.”, he then took a picture of him with his phone and walked out, but not before getting flipped off by Dean.

“Help me get it off” He whined, making her giggle.  

“Only if you promise to not give me the silent treatment ever again.”

“I promise!”

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Originally posted by haru-kaas

//a bit late but here it is

𝓦𝓪𝓿𝓮 || Momo Yaoyorozu

You always knew when she was trying to gain your attention, the glitter of something sparkling in the sunset as you sat in your room. It was always the same; she’d appear, you’d sneak down to the beach that you lived near, and watch her as she played in the water for a bit, leaving a gift for you to find in the sand once she left.

But this time you were going to make this different, you were going to do something that was out of the ordinary, holding the basket in your arms securely as you traversed the deserted beach, sand sticking between your toes as the mermaid greeted you with a splash, almost as if she was inviting you to play at the end of the pier, to watch her as she danced for you.

Feet padding across the worn wood of the pier, the wood creaked and groaned with the saltwater and age, her eyes coming up to meet yours as she gave a gentle smile. You had forever ago given up on trying to communicate with the mermaid, as all she would be able to do was respond in clicks and quacks to you. It was ok, body language was good enough.

Her mood changed once her eyes landed on the basket, hands coming up to grip at the edge before she pulled herself up, a tail glistening in red and white scales coming from the water as she placed herself on the wood, sitting beside you but yet keeping a distance. Webbed hands folded neatly into her lap, she watched as you pulled out a kalimba, her eyes widening in awe as her hands reached out, gently stroking the instrument just as she did other things; apples, books, she always stroked them. You’d gathered it up to poor eyesight from her kind, but she was the only one you had ever seen.

And so with a deep breath, you began to play the instrument, a familiar tune echoing through the air as your thumbs plucked at the ‘strings’. She always sang one song before she left, and you had spent months trying to find the instrument that would be able to play the beauty that she sang. Thankfully with your quirk being that of a musical type; being able to automatically know how to play an instrument, you were able to go through different instruments until you found the one.

However she did not sing back, nor did she make a noise, instead, laying her head on your shoulder as the sun slowly set over the horizons. The only sounds wishing you the best being the roaring sound of the waves over the shore.

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December 25th, 1994. Courtyard. 12:39am.

A smile tugged on his lips, patting the cold ground besides him. Sapphire gingerly sat down, removing the slender heels off her aching feet. His grey eyes looked down at the necklace in his hands, rubbing his slender fingers over the emerald glistening under the moonlight. The green complimented his pale skin nicely, silver chain blowing in the air as he fiddled with the metal chain in between his fingers. The pair had lingered away from their friends, taking a nice walk out into the courtyard where the winter air had settled enough for them to remain outside without shivering to death. The Yule Ball had ended several minutes ago, their blood pumping with apple cider and excitement from the many hours of dancing. Except for Draco who only danced for a maximum of 30 minutes, his cheeks turning bright pink remembering his hands holding onto her waist when they sneaked out of the Great Hall for a slow dance. Her head resting on his firm shoulder, the smell of honey and cinnamon lingering in his memory making the flustered blonde shiver.  Draco thought it would be a good idea to get an outfit to match her gorgeous silver dress, so he decides to wear a black and white themed suit, which Sapphire found incredibly adorable.

“Thank you, Sapph…” She grinned, tucking a stray curl behind her rather cold ear. Before she could utter a word, Draco had rather urgently pulled the bubbly girl into a warm embrace. Mint and his signature cologne overwhelmed her senses, sighing into his white button up happily. She jumped slightly at the touch of his warm hand draping her toned legs over his lap, his body spreading warmth throughout the poor girls shivering body. The sound of rather heavy footsteps approaching them popped their bubble, scrambling away from each other the short girl standing up on the concrete steps. Draco ran his ring cladded fingers over his bottom lip nervously, looking away from the two figures he spotted from the corner of his eye.

“What the hell?!” The redhead sneered, his face nearly as red as his tousled hair. Ron marched his way down the stairs, throwing his new dress jacket on the floor standing in front of his girlfriend his warm breath fanning over Sapphire’s face. She looked over at Draco, his signature stone hard facade was up locking eyes with the scared girl, his chest tightening up not liking the fact that his best friend was in a stressful situation.

“I-I thought you were up in the common room-”

“I was! But then I overheard Harry telling Hermione about you sneaking off with Malfoy, didn’t even waste a second before you started snogging in front of me! Almost 2 years down the drain for this… this git!” His voice bellowed, hands curled up at his side taking two steps towards Malfoy. Her hands gripped his wrist, pulling him back heart racing. The last thing Sapphire wanted to see was her two favorite boys going at it, their eyes full of such anger.

“I’m going to murder that bespectacled boy,” Sapphire let out a loud sigh, gently grabbing a hold of Ron’s hands locking eyes with him, “ I was giving Malfoy a late christmas present, and we were all cuddled up because well- I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m in a very thin dress.” Ron visibly relaxed, but the hard glare towards the blonde didn’t falter. His toned arms pulled the girl into his chest wrapping his arms around her waist, pressing a shaky kiss to her rosy cheek. Her stained lips kissed his cheek gingerly, looking over at Draco who looked rather uncomfortable.

“If she wanted to leave you, she would have done so months ago, Weasley” Draco scoffed loudly, brushing dirt off his expensive looking suit. Her head snapped towards him, giving him a disapproving stare to which he responded by letting his snarky expression drop. Sapphire gently made her way over to him, wincing at the cold ground touching her feet, he wrapped his arms around his best friends waist nuzzling his head into her neck. Fiddling with the hair on the back of his neck, enjoying his arms being wrapped around her. Parting from the blonde to talk to him properly, before they took separate paths to their common rooms, giving him a genuine smile.

“Goodnight, Mal… stay out of trouble okay? I’ll see you tomorrow,” He sent Sapphire a soft smile, letting his hands drape his suit jacket over her shoulders feeling her whole body warm up instantly. The blonde pressed a small kiss to her cheek handing her a small velvet box, briskly making his way back inside running his fingers through his gelled hair. Sapphire turned on the balls of her feet to face Ron whose face was contorted into an ugly face, wiping it off once he locked eyes with his girlfriend’s disapproving eyes. She sighed, giving him a small smile placing the gift into Draco’s suit pocket looping arms with her boyfriend as he walked her back to the Gryffindor Common Room, her glittery heels in hand.

February 14th, 1996. The Gryffindor Common Room. 3:05pm.

The sound of people yelling disturbed her slumber, groggily wiping at her eyes peering over at the commotion happening in the Common Room. Sapphire had fallen asleep in a corner of the room, casting an invisibility charm over herself so she wouldn’t be disturbed but that didn’t seem to work. All she could see was her boyfriend going red in the face, being held back by Harry and Hermione his wand clutched at hand. Looking to where he was shouting, nearly jumping from her position as she saw an angry looking Malfoy with puffy eyes, a look she knew so well. Working quickly to remove the charm running over to the group, standing in between the teen boys noting Ron’s voice had decreased in volume. Sapphire’s heart was racing the grip on her wand rather tight as she eyed all the curious Gryffindors looking at Malfoy with a look of disgust.

“What the hell is all of this about? I was quite enjoying my slumber, so god help me if this is over a foolish reason-”

“He forced his way into the common room, shouting some nonsense about needing to speak to you about some bloody fruit! Of course we’re all livid, he’s a Slytherin, what good would he be up to in the Gryffindor common room?! He could have-”

At the mention of the word fruit, Sapphire’s ears perked up her head snapping towards the blonde who had grown increasingly ansty his eyes bloodshot. She nodded at Malfoy, tapping the side of her leg three times to show him to meet him in the Room of Requirement to which he took gladly, forcing his way past the Gryffindors out the common room door. The room grew quiet, the only sound left was the sound of Ron muttering angry curses at the closed portrait door.

“Take a breather, babe. He meant no harm to you, or anyone in this room. He’s a good kid, truly. I’ll be back in an hour max, I’m going to go check on him. Don’t break anything while I’m gone,” She reassure the ginger, cupping his freckled cheeks pressing a soft kiss to his plump lips feeling Ron melt into her touch. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close to him as he caught the other boys in the room watching holding her small frame against his toned body. The feeling of her hands rubbing comforting circles on his back was all he needed before reluctantly letting go of her, watching as she hurried out to chase after the blonde.

Sapphire had dealt with Draco a few times when he came looking for comfort, using their safe word cherry. The poor teen had spent a good portion of his life hiding his emotions, including the way he felt about his best friend; Sapphire, who helped him through all of his family troubles, school issues or just to keep his mind off of all the things he brought down on himself. That morning, Draco had been told of what his parents had planned for his near future and he felt the waves crash over the wall he worked so hard to build. No control of his anger, and the tears wanting to fall from his eyes he went seeking for his silver lining in a sea of darkness. The young girl spotted him curled up in a curtained off section by the Room of Requirement, his face flushed with sadness as he trembled against the stone wall. Sapphire muttered a muffliato over the corner they were at, taking tentative steps into the closed off corner ducking her head before sitting down beside the sobbing boy.


It seemed as if time had frozen, the seconds ticking by as waves of sobs racked his tall frame. She placed a gentle on his shoulder feeling him tense up before he threw himself at her, clinging to the small girl. Sapphire’s arms tightened around Draco, rocking him back and forth attempting to calm him down. His hands clutched the back of her sweater, holding her as close to his body as he possibly could feeling his breathing start to go back to normal. Her fingers traced inconsistent patterns onto his back, the only sounds left in the room was her soft humming and the warm breath on her neck.

“Did you want to talk about-”

“They’re going to make me one of them.”

The silence that followed afterwards felt suffocating to the both of them, their movements stopping as that statement settled in. Draco pulled away from Sapphire, wiping at his eyes rather angrily letting out an exasperated scream, tugging at his gel free hair. He looked up at her, tears welling up in his eyes once again shaking his head as she clasped her hand over her mouth.

“No…no. T-they can’t. You’re too young, Draco! Voldermort could order you to kill people! What are they fucking thinking-” His heart nearly shattered as he heard the fear rising in your voice, the familiar shaking of your hands was all he saw before she stood up and slammed her hand into the stone wall. Draco stood up immediately, the sound of her flesh slamming against the hard concrete was all that filled his ears yanking her away from the wall. Wrapping his arms around the trashing girl, her screams filtering the room as she tried to escape his grasp.

“Draco! Let. Me. Go!”

“Sapph… please calm down. I promise, I will work my hardest to keep that from coming true. They won’t touch me… I promise.” At those last few words, she felt her body melting into his touch the tears streaming down her face rather steadily. Sapphire turned her body around, holding the blonde as close as possibly while muttering sweet nothings into his chest. Draco tightened his grip on her kissing her head of curls, rocking her back and forth.

“If they succeed in turning you-”


“Please… let me finish. If they succeed, I want you as protected as I can possibly get you. I have spells that I haven’t told anyone that they exist, that can help you.” She mumbled, wiping the tears from her puffy eyes looking up at the boy whose usual pale face was now flushed red. Draco let his thumb caress her hand, maintaining eye contact as she pleaded up at him.

“Alright… but only for you.”

April 26th,1996. The Room of Requirement. 10:48pm.

Abduco baton!” He shouted, pointing his wand at the running witch who deflected his spell easily. Letting out a frustrated grunt, throwing himself behind a tall bookcase racking his brain for any spells he could think of, his chest heaving up and down. Cursing as he saw the gash on his leg, tilting his head back.

Curvo!” The sound of her voice rang throughout the room, before Draco let out a large scream as he felt his back bend backwards. His teeth were gritted, attempting to fight back limply shooting a quick jinx at the witch before he felt himself fall onto the stone ground. He groaned, scrambling onto his feet as quickly as he could facing the girl who was staring at him with such frustration. There was a cut on her cheek, along with smears of grime and blood all over her clothes.

“Draco. Do you think you’re ready? Because I will not hold back on this and it will hurt. Like absolute hell-”

“Hit me.” Sapphire aimed her wand at the blonde, mustering up all the rage she could thinking through all the negative thoughts before parting her lips. She tightened her muscles, as he stood in front of her with a hard look in his eyes.



Both their streams of light hit each other, creating a harsh blast of energy tightening their grips on theirs wands. Sapphire felt the blast of the spell hit her body in waves, focusing on hitting Draco who was just as determined as the brunette. His bottom lip was captured in between his teeth as he pushed against her counteractive spell. The tension and the fear coursing throughout the room was unbearable, feeling the need to let go, Sapphire let go dropping onto the ground to avoid being hit by the spell. She bounced back onto her feet, a giant grin on her face eyeing the blonde whose sweat was trickling down his chest.

You did it, Draco. I am so incredibly proud of you.” She gushed, running up to the tall blonde and wrapping her arms around his waist and rocking him back and forth. His breathing was heavy, but the smile on his face compared to no one else’s, tightening his grip around the brunette.

“All because of you, Sapph… you’re the reason I’m even anywhere near as good as you.” He breathed out, clamping his eyes shut focusing on gaining his breath back. Sapphire giggled against his chest, pulling away from Draco while keeping her arms around him. Their eyes locked, biting her bottom lip feeling her chest tighten up.

“I would do anything for you, Mal. You don’t deserve any of this, your parents are cruel for allowing this to happen to you. You deserve better. I wish I could just take away all of your pain, but unfortunately I can’t. In the meantime, my knowledge and skills are all I have to offer.”

And your killer hugs,”

“And especially my killer hugs.” She grinned up at the blonde, letting her smile falter slightly as she thought about never getting the opportunity to see his smile ever again. Draco caught the slight change in her mood, feeling his smile wipe off of his face furrowing his brows as he held onto her shoulders trying to figure out what happened.

“Hey, hey… what’s going on? Did I say something wrong-”

“No, of course not. I just… I was just thinking about this summer. And the upcoming school year. What if I don’t get to see you again? What if my spells weren’t enough to protect you? I-I can’t afford to lose you, Draco.” The cracking of her voice made Draco’s heart shatter, shushing the small girl as he brought her into his embrace rocking her back and forth. He pressed soft kisses to the top of her head, tightening his grip around her.

Bubba… nothing is going to happen to me. I can assure you. Would you like to know why?” Sapphire hummed against his chest, messing with the thin material adorning his toned body. He laid his chin against the top of her head, letting out a large sigh,” because I have faith in you. I know that out there, no matter where I am, that you are safe and sound. And knowing that, will strive me to be better so I can come back home… to you.” 

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So, I had an idea for a one-shot/shot story.

And after much research, I have decided to make Patton a…

Cuban tree frog.

Why? You may ask, well because:

  1. I need a reason for Logan to bring this tiny frog that speaks in squeaks into his college dorm, and taking an invasive species out of the wild to prevent it from causing the Florida environment more damage seems like a good reason
  2. They are small. I have plans to have small frog hybrid Patton part of the way through.
  3. Live in Florida.
  4. They can eat anything that fits in their mouth and I need to have them eat human food at some parts (for Princess and the Frog purposes)
  5. Just really fucking cute
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What? Merlinmyrddin is uploading a fic at 4:30am?

Well, it’s more likely than you think !

May I present you :

You see, life is funny like that

[one shot. Merthur. Modern setting.]

You see, life is funny like that. You carry on your day as if it was something new and exciting when really, it is always the same boring routine. You walk to the underground station, you try to fit in an overcrowded carriage, you get out, you go to work. Maybe you’ll have a flapjack later on, you’re still undecided. At five, you do the same journey back to your miserable flat. And then, you turn on the telly, drink one too many cider, and die in bed, waiting for an other day to start.

Author’s note : I don’t know how to describe that thing. It’s all for the sake of the plot twist. I don’t know my dudes. I woke at 3am, obsessed over writing this thing. Yes I have a problem. Let’s not talk about it.

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Summary: Bruce might have adopted a bunch of children, but that didn’t mean all of them were ready to take on the mantle of Robin.

Batfam x reader 

Warning: angst, self-depreciation, Damian being a demon-spawn  

A/n: I’ve learned when I’m feeling depressed I write depressing so here we are. 

GIF not mine

Word count: 2.4k


You struggled a lot in your life.

Bruce Wayne found you after the death of your mother. Your father had never been apart of your life and without your mom, you had no one. Just like he had done with the Dick, Jason, Tim, Steph, he had taken you into his home with open arms. It was a big adjustment, one that took you years to get used to.

He trained you to be the next Robin, but fighting was something that you could never grasp. No matter how much he pushed you, had patience with you, and spent hours upon hours training, you felt as if you were never going to be enough to get on the streets. You felt weak, pathetic that you couldn’t be as good as the rest before you.

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Hey guys! I really want to try writing imagines where the reader isn’t white. I think now is a good time(it should have always been, I’m sorry for not trying sooner) to start including y/n’s in stories as other races and ethnicities and not describing your y/n’s to be SOOOO Caucasian. So any readers that are not Caucasian please send me asks (anonymous or not) that you think could help not only me but other writes start to develop stories where you guys are included. For example, how you would like your skin to be described etc. I saw a post earlier back that dark skin doesn’t show blush. So that’s a tip to writers. So yeah, I want you guys to know I stand with you because you guys are fucking beautiful and I love you.

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