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#one shot
drag me down
Tumblr media
Warnings: non-consent sex and rape; loss of virginity; bullying/humiliation, exhibitionism. 
 This is a dark!fic and explicit. 18+ only. It features frat!Andy Barber x reader. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Tumblr media
Synopsis: You live behind a frat house but the noise isn’t the worst thing you have to put up with.
Note: It’s Wednesdays, my dudes.
Thanks to everyone for reading and thanks in advance for all your feedback. :)
I really hope you enjoy. 💋
<3 As usual, I’d appreciate if you let me know what you think with a like or reblog or reply or an ask! Love ya!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were warned when you signed your lease but it could never prepare you for the level of noise from next door. Not that you had much of a choice as it was the only place you could afford on-campus. Not that living in town would be better as the commute would even the toll. 
The other tenants were entirely unbothered by your fratboy neighbours as they were often out partying just as hard. Thus they were not there to be disturbed or hungover enough to sleep through the noise. You had no escape from it as you didn't have the invitations to dance instead of study and you were never any good in those situations anyway. You hadn't worked your ass off for a full-ride just to toss it out for a good time.
That morning was worse than any other. You were used to the late nights after a week and a half. You expected them, but you usually had grace on Sunday mornings to sleep in before you finished up your weekly readings. Instead, you were startled awake by the blaring of a horn and the bassy blast of 'Chariots of Fire.' For a moment, you wondered if you were still asleep and it was really just a stress-induced nightmare. The all too real pulsing in your head assured you of consciousness.
You blinked away the dizziness and got up, poking your feet into your slippers as you stumbled around groggily. You pulled back the latch on your front door and clamoured down the stairs as others peeked out their doors, looking just as miserable as you felt.
You came out into the sunlight, the tail of summer still warm in the air. You shielded your eyes as you found the source of the cacophony parading down the street. You weren't surprised at the culprits, you'd be shocked if it wasn't them, however their appearance was entirely unexpected. 
The club members were painted in streaks of blue and white while they waved the bright orange banners of Nu Sigma Upsilon. Their de facto leader, a man you recognized as he often was at heart of any debauchery, was shirtless and his hair chest marked with Norse symbols. He wore a ridiculous Viking hat with horns and held another horn in his hand.
"Hey, hey," you snarled as you waved your other hand and marched in front of the jeep covered in furs and ridiculously bright streamers, "what the fuck?!"
The jeep stopped short and he caught himself on the roll bar as he lowered his brows. He tilted his head and scoffed.
"Look at that boys, it's working," he chuckled, "how's it going, freshie? Get lots of sleep?"
"No thanks to you," you snapped, "again, I repeat myself, what the fuck-"
"Out of the way, karen," he interrupted, "you're spoiling all the fun. We're doing this place a service. Waking all you freshman up bright and early so you can enjoy the sunshine."
The jeep lurched forward and stopped just before its grill could catch you. You scurried out of the way as the driver leaned on the pedal and crept closer. You crossed your arms and scowled as you glared up at that dumb frat and his peons.
"You know you painted that upside down," you called after them, "fucking…" you sighed as the jeep passed and was followed by several other decorated vehicles, "...idiots."
You shook your head as the music continued to pulse in the open air. You retreated back through the front door of your building and huffed up the stairs. The walls were too thin to block out the hubbub even as you shut your windows. You fell onto your bed and groaned.
Those fucking assholes. You had never yelled at anyone like that. Hell, you'd never been that annoyed or angry, but ten days finally had you at your wit's end. You grabbed your pillow and buried your head beneath. You could still hear that stupid horn.
You sat along the middle rows of the lecture hall, the professor midway through the outline of the day’s lesson. Dr. Munner only worked with a single slide, a bullet point list of topics that meant you had to take notes verbatim at the cost of your carpal comfort. It was only your second class but you were not optimistic as he also refused to take full advantage of the school’s online platform.
His dull voice made it hard to follow but you were at least not dozing in your seat like a dozen other students. The monotone was disturbed only as the side doors opened and you sank down as you recognized the late comer. That same fratboy who ruined your Sunday gave a small wave and an apology as he entered.
“As a reminder, I will forgive tardiness only once,” Munner said.
“Sorry,” the frat made a face as he looked around and you shook your head as you tapped your pen on your notebook. 
You kept your eyes down as the professor continued his diatribe about reformists. The student made no effort to be quiet as he excused himself and dropped his bag into a seat only two away from your own. He sat in the chair next to you and you cringed. Why?
“Hey, it’s you,” he whispered as you sat up rigidly, “I missed the first class, you wanna catch me up?”
“No,” you said bluntly as you tried to ignore him.
“Ah, come on, you still bitter about Sunday?” he teased.
Professor Munner cleared his throat and the stark pause had everyone silent. He stared up in your direction and you hid behind your hand. Fucking idiot. He chuckled softly but shut up and the stuffy historian continued. 
Your unwanted companion unlocked his phone and opened up the recorder, you didn’t bother reminding him of the class’s no recording policy but he really wasn’t your problem. You leaned your chin on your knuckles and kept your other hand scrawling across the lined paper. Between the lifeless lecture and the presence at your elbow, the minutes dragged by like eons.
You packed up quietly and as quickly as you could. The fratboy stood and caught your pen as it threatened to roll onto the floor. You tried to snatch it as he held out with a curt thank you but he held onto it. He winked as he smirked at you.
“This is a first year class, what are you even doing here?” you yanked but he still didn’t relent.
“Oh, so you know who I am?” he taunted.
“Give me,” you finally wiggled the pen free and hitched your bag onto your shoulder.
“Andy, if you need a name for the spank bank,” he stuck out the tip of his tongue, “and karen, I think it was?”
“Not even close,” you rolled your eyes and turned away from him. If he wasn’t such a prick, he might be cute.
“Oh, wait, I saw that cute little writing on your page,” he followed you along the row of seats as he said your name, “doesn’t really suit you but that stick up your ass must be tight fit.”
“Hey, would you… go?” you sputtered as you stopped at the end of the aisle and glared back at him over your shoulder.
“I just thought, since we’re neighbours, we should have a proper introduction,” he smirked, “you seem to be into proper things.”
“Alright, Andy, it was torture to meet you,” you grumbled, “hopefully, we don’t run into each other again.”
“Wait, can I borrow your notes?” he asked as you began down the steps.
“I’d rather burn them,” you retorted.
“Playin’ hard to get,” he poked your arm and you threw your elbow back blindly but pressed on, “it’s alright, poindexter, you’re not my type.”
“Oh, and you think you’re mine?” you sneered as you got to the bottom and fled to the doors amid the sea of other students.
“Do you have a type? Hard to judge when you have nothing to compare,” he kept close and you were annoyed by his pursuit, “I know a virgin when I see one.”
“Ew,” you huffed and turned on your heel as you entered the hallway. The flow of students split around you as you faced him, “I don’t have to prove anything to you but I’m not and it’s not your business anyway.”
“Sure,” he snickered, “silicon doesn’t count.”
“You’re disgusting,” you shouldered past him, “please, just go away, I have another class.”
“See ya next week,” he called after you as he thankfully didn’t move to trail you again, “I can always send another wake up call.”
You curled your lip and dipped around the corner. You couldn’t wipe the grimace from your face as his voice lingered in your head. You crossed your fingers that he didn’t make it to the drop deadline.
Friday nights were always loud. You didn’t delude yourself into expecting otherwise, even before you ended up in the accursed student lodging. Your window, to your chagrin and misfortune, faced the frat house next door and was on a level with their second floor. You had your window open as you sat at your desk and scrolled through a PDF.
The hoots and hollers mingled with the pumping music and once you were attuned to it, it was simple enough to just zone out and focus on the letters. When you finished the thirty page slog, you closed out and turned on Netflix with subtitles. It was getting late but you knew sleep wasn’t an option.
You yawned and leaned back in the chair as it rolled back slightly. The noise formed a wall and one was not discernible from the next. You swivelled and glanced over as you sensed movement from outside. You narrowed your eyes as you peered through and leaned your head in your hand.
Your mouth fell open at the sight against the window just across from yours. A woman’s bare breasts were pressed to the glass as her body shook against it. You reeled at the realisation at what was happening and you stood in shock. You stomped over and grabbed the wooden frame. You paused as your eyes met the face that hovered over the blonde’s shoulder. 
Andy grinned and winked at you as he pounded harder into the woman, her dress rumpled around her middle. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was entirely unaware of her audience. You sneered and shut the window with a slam, snatching your curtains shut before you swept away.
You grabbed your laptop and went to your bed. You dug out your earbuds and plugged them in as you laid down and sighed. Your back was locked up from hours sitting at your desk and the slight hunch from reading. Only two semesters, that was it. Next year, you would live in a closet if it meant you didn’t have to deal with that nonsense.
You felt less and less out-of-place as another week began and the faces in your classes became familiar. That morning you met up with Justin, another history major, to go over the material for your upcoming quiz in your historiography course. He was friendly enough and your shared interest in your studies was enough to form a rapport.
He was also in your Early Modern Europe lecture and you walked over together, both complaining about Munner's tedious lectures. You sat in your usual spot and you hoped the usual pest would take a hint and stop trying to copy your notes. You always underestimated Andy as he came over and sat on your other side, casually moving your bag out of the seat.
"Just in time," he interrupted your discussion about the history fair for your introductory class. Every history major was required to take the course and to present a group project about a primary document, "who's the new dude?"
You rolled your eyes and ignored him as you turned back to Justin, "as I was saying…"
"I'm Andy," he interjected again and reached past you with his hand out.
"Uh, Justin," your startled looking companion shook his hand.
"Ah, we're study buddies," Andy sat back, "not much of a history nerd myself so--"
"We're not," you insisted, "he just doesn't have any of his fratboy lackeys in here."
"She's hard to please," Andy chuckled, "sure you know. Anyway, the more the merrier, bro."
"Please, just ignore him," you shook your head.
Justin gave a sheepish smile as he laughed nervously, "sure."
You flipped open your notebook as Andy's elbow hit yours and he slumped down as he scrolled through his phone. You glanced up as Munner squinted at the screen and clicked onto his usual black and white slides. Justin opened his thin laptop and a wall of text popped up in his notes. He typed in the date and you shifted between the two of them. It was less awkward when you were sat alone.
"Sorry, I gotta run," Justin said as he held his laptop under his arm, "my next class is in the Halford Building."
"No worries, I'll see you tomorrow in Hayes' class?" 
"Sure thing," he quickly spun and rushed along the row of chairs.
You turned to grab your notebook but it wasn't on the small folding desk. You found Andy snapping shots with his phone and you tried to swipe it away. He swatted your hand away and flipped the page.
"Why are you bugging me?" You snipped.
"Because it's fun," he closed your notebook and held it out, "and you're smart so… win-win."
"Uh huh," you took the book and shoved it into your bag, "well, fuck off."
"Damn, I knew things were gonna be awkward after that little peep show but I didn't think you'd go full bitch mode," he snickered, "jealous?"
"Of what?" You hissed as you stormed away from him but were blocked in by the shuffling of other students.
"She was hot as fuck," Andy stayed close, "nice tits."
"Ew, I don't need to hear it, slime ball," you tried to wave him off and you stepped into the train of students slowly descending.
"Justin's nice. Bit of a dweeb but just your type, huh?" He came up beside you and nudged you.
"Shut up," you grumbled, irritated both by him and the dawdlers around you.
"History, though? Not much money in it, not unless he wants to be like the geezer at the front," Andy continued, "I mean, you'll be fine, I'm sure you'll pop out a few kids by thirty and be taken care of--"
"Look, I know you're shit at history but this isn't the 1950s, asshole," you finally got to the door and caught it before it could close on you. Andy pushed above your shoulder and you felt him close behind you as you went into the hall.
"Well, what else are you gonna do with some useless letters after your name?"
"I didn't ask your opinion," you sneered, "in fact I have told you to leave me alone."
"I'm gonna be a lawyer," he ignored your plea and stretched his arm over your shoulders, "nice house, hot wife, maybe a kid. No more than one."
"Get off of me," you growled and tried to shrug him off.
"I'm tryna give you advice, fresher," he said as he led you through the halls, "you can still change your major, get your head on right."
"I don't need your advice, blockhead," you tore away from him roughly, narrowly avoiding colliding with another co-ed, "take a hint."
"Chill," he said, "anyway, thought I'd warn you, it's gonna be a fun week. Might wanna invest in some earplugs."
"Warn me? Yeah right," you huffed.
"See ya 'round," he winked, "thanks for the notes."
You hurried off, your next class not too far but your desire to be away from him drove you on. He really was a jerk.
You were exhausted. Andy didn't lie when he said it was going to be a raucous week. You yawned into your hand as you sat across from Justin at the library table, your laptops, notebooks, and texts laid out around your paper cups of caffeine. The first paper for Munner's antiquated course was coming due so you agreed to work together to keep from falling asleep over the dry assignment. 
"Can't wait to get done this," Justin said, "I still gotta get a few sources for the annotated bibliography for Intro but I got a six pack from my older brother. I need a drink."
"Oh? Didn't take you as a drinker," you said as you searched for a working pen in your bag.
"Eh, not much but shit, it's not even midterms and I'm about to crash," he flipped through his notebook, "Munner needs to retire already. If Hayes saw the bullshit he spouted, could you imagine the lecture?"
"Yeah, I mean I didn't even think the library was permitted to hold editions older than 2010."
"Heyyyyy," the prolonged greeting interrupted your low chatter, "sup, Justin?"
Andy appeared beside your study buddy and slapped his shoulder.
"Andy," Justin fist bumped him casually, "just working on Munner's."
"Fuck, really, I was just getting into that," Andy smirked at you, "mind if I join you?"
"Sure," Justin pulled his laptop out of the way but Andy went around and pulled out the chair next to you, "so, you got your topic?"
"English Reformation and all that," Andy sat and dumped his bag on your notebook, "what's going on, poindexter?"
You grumbled but gave no discernable answer as you tugged your book from under his bag.
"Ah, good old Henry VIII," Justin jokes, "you probably pull as much if not more, huh?"
"Ew," you audibly uttered.
"Calm down, sweetie, the boys are talking," Andy rested his hand on the back of your chair, legs splayed wide so that his knee was against yours, "dude knew what he was doing. Start a church for puss--"
"Alright," you closed your laptop, "you know what, boys?" You enunciated the last word sharply, "you can talk without me."
Andy scoffed and Justin blanched.
"Sorry, you don't have to go, we'll study," Justin said.
"Let her go back to her convent," Andy chirped, "I always figured nuns would never exist if women were allowed to explore more--"
"Dude," Justin hissed, "cut it out."
"It's fine, you guys be bros," you packed up hastily.
"Ah shit, sweetie, I was joking, not tryna upset you--"
"Don't call me sweetie," you snapped as you grabbed your coat and hauled up your bag, "and leave me alone."
You stormed off only to realise you forgot your untouched latte. Well, fuck it. You couldn't handle another second of that dumbass.
As you stormed out the front doors of the library, your phone buzzed and you flicked open Justin’s message. It was an apology. You left him on read but you weren’t mad at him. You were annoyed with that idiot frat boy constantly inserting himself into your life. He was an actual pest, intent on ruining anything he could for you.
Your phone buzzed again. ‘Andy Barber sent you a message. Accept his friend request to view’. You snorted and hit ‘deny’ immediately. You put your cell in your pocket and shook your head at campus as you traipsed down the steps. You could only imagine the shit Andy was trying to send and if you couldn’t block him in real life, you would at least keep him out of your virtual refuge.
You spent the rest of your day on your bed, surrounded by books and your glowing laptop. Your eyes burned as you scribbled down citations and filled in your piecemeal outline. If all went to plan, you could have everything ready to write for the next day. You held in a yawn as you scrolled through the online catalogue of articles and clicked onto abstracts before hitting back and continuing onto the next.
The windows grew dark and you turned on the lamp as you kept up your endless study. With the night, came the fervour of the frat house. As if on cue, the music began to pound from crackly speakers and shouts cut through the air. You sighed but pressed on, doing your best to ignore the voices and steady beat.
Your phone began to pulse as you stretched your cramped fingers and you saw the notification rise with Justin’s name on it. You frowned a several messages kept your cell lit up and you dropped your pen. You picked it up and unlocked the flurry of misspelled texts.
‘Vry srry bout 2day. Like u so much lulz.’ The last of the bubbles made you cringe. 
You liked Justin, you actually thought he was cool, someone you could talk to about your passion for history but after today, you weren’t so sure. You expected someone like Andy to be an ass but hearing Justin laugh at his piggish words was deflating.
You began to type, then backspaced and sat, trying to think of what to send. Suddenly, another bubble popped up and a buffering circle spun until a video loaded. You hit play nervously and watched the video fill the screen.
‘Go on, tell her how you feel, big boy,’ Andy’s voice came from the other side of the phone as the lens was aimed at a drunken Justin, a red solo cup almost tipping in his hands.
‘I can’t,’ Justin giggled.
‘You know she wants it too, dude, just do it,’ Andy goaded.
‘Hey, I…’ Justin hiccuped and spilled his drink down his front, ‘I wanna touch you cute little ass and– and— I wanna fuck it!’
‘Yeah!’ Andy egged on.
‘I wanna fuck youuuuuuuu!’ 
The video cut off as Justin’s voice droned on and you tossed your phone away. You couldn’t believe either of them. You couldn’t believe Andy would film him like that and actually send it. You were disgusted by it but couldn’t help but worry about Justin as he looked entirely out of it on the video. He had an excuse, he was plastered, but Andy sounded pretty fucking sober.
You shut your laptop and pushed the books out of the way. You pulled on your shoes and snatched up your keys. You strode out and barreled down the stairs as the music grew louder out in the open air. You crossed the grass and passed by several fratboys feeling up squealing girls.
You searched the crowded lawn and dodged a ping pong ball that missed a cup. You remembered in the video that Justin was by a table. You squeezed by a burly man in a letterman jacket and found the table with the keg beneath it. You saw Justin leaning on it heavily as he held his head.
You could turn back and leave him, let him suffer for trying to impress his new pal. You couldn’t. He was just another joke to Andy, just like you. Even if you were annoyed with Justin, you didn’t feel right just leaving him like that.
“Hey,” you approached and he looked up at you with cloudy eyes.
“Aye, it’s you,” he stood and wavered dangerously, “I didn’t know you were coming.”
“Justin, you’re drunk, you should go,” you said as you caught his arm before he could fall on his face, “hey, let’s find some water and sit down.”
“Nooooo, I’m having fun,” he protested, “are you— are you going to kiss me?”
“Justin, no,” you said as you held him away from you and he puckered his lips at you, “please, stop.”
“You don’t like me? I thought you liked me,” he pouted.
“I did,” you dragged him away from the table, “before you turned out to be just like the rest of these assholes.”
“Wha– I’m not— oh no!” He wretched and you let him go instinctively. You spun and watched him puke onto the grass. 
“Shit,” you swore and reached out to him again, keeping him from stepping in his own puke, “let’s go.”
You wouldn’t be able to get him back to your place but everyone else was distracted in their own drinks and games. You led him towards the back door of the frat house and poked your head inside before you pulled him in behind you. You wandered down a hallway and found the bathroom, nudging him in as you left the door open and kept watch.
He fell to his knees and hugged the toilet bowl as he began to heave again and you heard the water splash. You grimaced and leaned against the wall.
“You’re such a good friend,” Andy’s voice drew your attention down the hall, “you came all the way here to make sure he didn’t drown in his own puke.”
“And you fed him enough to do so,” you crossed your arms, “don’t worry, we’re going once he’s done–”
You heard a clatter as Andy approached. You looked into the bathroom as Andy peered past you and gripped the doorframe as he tutted.
“Looks like he’s done,” he chuckled, “you think you can carry him out yourself?”
“Fucking–” you groaned, “I’ll figure it out. Just go away.”
“Ah,” Andy stretched his arm across the door and kept you from entering, “sweetie, that’s not how these things work.”
“What are you talking about–”
“Now I know you’ve never been to one of these things before, I mean, you’re a buzzkill,” he moved into the doorway and loomed over you, “you don’t just pop in for a ‘hello’ and I don’t remember you paying cover.”
“Cover?” you blinked, “Jesus Christ, I’m just trying to help the kid–”
“You like him?” Andy asked, “is that why you came? Why you ran out? You wanna fuck that pipsqueak?”
“You’re gross. He’s my friend. I’m helping him–”
“Mmhmm, sure,” Andy clicked his tongue, “well, sweetie, since you won’t tell the truth, I’ll be honest. I wanna fuck you.”
He pointed at you and smirked. You slapped his hand and shook your hand as you took a step back.
“Andy, I’m done with your jokes. Haha, very funny. I’m a fucking loser. It’s hilarious. Are you happy? Alright. You won. I’m mad.”
“I’m not joking,” he stepped closer, “I mean, it’s just as surprising to me because at first, I really didn’t like you. Stuck up little bitches like you, can’t stand ‘em but then… there’s something about you. Something I want to… break.”
You turned and he blocked you with his arm. You tried to go the other way and he planted his other hand against the wall. You tried to duck under him and he hooked his arms around you and snickered as he jolted you off your feet. He wrestled you up onto his shoulder and knocked the wind out of you.
You beat on his back as he carried you down the hall and you reached out, dragging your nails down the wall and knocking down several frames. You kicked with your legs and hollered, your voice swallowed by the sound system that fed the booming party.
“Andy, put me down,” you snarled as you tugged at his tee shirt, “this isn’t funny anymore!”
“Oh, sweetie, I’m not laughing, are you?” he taunted as he carried you into the front room and tossed you down onto a leather couch, “you know, I haven’t met a virgin since high school.”
“What the f–” you tried to stand and he shoved you back down. You grabbed his arm and tried to push him away and his other hand flashed across your cheek, leaving a hot stinging along your skin. “Now,” he pointed a thick finger in your face, “don’t think I won’t do that again.
“Andy,” you touched your cheek, “why—”
“Take your fucking shirt off now,” he growled as he put his hands on the back of the couch and leaned over you, “or maybe we’ll go find an audience. You know, these type of things, there’s at least one good showing–”
“Let me go,” you quivered as dread trickled down your spine, “you made your point.”
“And what is my point?” he sneered.
“I… I don’t know,” you admitted.
“Come on,” he said brusquely and reached down, swiping the hem of your shirt up suddenly, “you really don’t do well at listening, do you?”
“Please, please,” you begged as you clung to your shirt, “please, stop—”
“You came through those doors, it’s fair game now,” he gripped your arm and ripped it out of the sleeve and the other. He twisted the cotton of your tee shirt around his hand until it choked you, “you lost, sweetie, so now I get my prize.”
He kept his hand tangled in your shirt as his other fumbled with his fly. You tried to pull back and he yanked on your roughly so you coughed. He reached down his boxers and wiggled as he pulled his dick above the elastic, stroking himself as he smirked down at you.
“Now, you play nice, sweetie,” he warned as he tapped his tip against your lips, “or I’m gonna be real mean.”
“Fuck you,” you squeezed his wrist and tried to turn your head away. 
He grabbed your chin and pushed you back against the leather. He climbed up onto the couch, his knees on either side of you, and leaned against your mouth.
“I’m trying,” he snarled, “open up.”
You clamped your lips and he tugged your hair instead, drawing the cotton tighter around your throat. You gasped and he slipped into your mouth impatiently. You winced as he jabbed the back of your throat and you puffed out through your nose. He pulled back and slid back in, poking at your gag reflex as he thrust deeper.
He moved you with the restraint of your tee shirt and his other hand wandered down to grope at your bra. He groaned as you gagged and your body tensed. Your eyes watered as you clawed at his jeans weakly. He sped up as the couch shook and you tried to breath around his battering thrusts.
He pulled out suddenly so you coughed but you barely had a chance to catch your breath he coiled the cotton even tighter. He reached down and grasped your loose sweatpants, forcing them to your ankles as you flailed and grasped at the elastic. You writhed as he jarred his hand down, forcing you onto your side across the leather cushions.
He tore your panties past your thighs as you pressed your legs together. He shifted on his knees and bent over you. He grabbed your knee and forced it away from the other as you felt him prodding along your ass. He snaked his hand under your leg and felt along your cunt.
He poked his tip between his knuckles as he spread your folds and you flung your elbow up. He caught your arm and let go of your shirt, his other hand stretching across your neck. He jerked into you in a single motion and you cried out at his intrusion. He jolted your entire body as he tried to thrust even deeper.
Your latched onto his thick arm as your lips parted in terror and shock. He tilted his hips back and slammed back in. You closed your eyes and dug your nails into his flesh as he rutted into you harshly, the denim of his open jeans scratching against your ass.
“Fuck,” he gritted as he pounded against your thighs, “you are a fucking tight ass, huh.”
“Please, stop,” you gulped, “please.”
“Sweetie, it’s too late,” he purred against your cheek and his hot breath rolled down along his tight fingers, “you feel me? You’ll always feel me… they say you never forget the first.”
“Andy,” you quavered, “please.”
“Say it again,” he snarled, “say my name.”
You shook your head as his flesh slapped against yours, loud despite the wall of music around you and the din of voices outside.
“Say it,” he raised his voice and rammed into you even hard, “say my name, bitch.”
“Andy,” you squeaked as you covered your face with your arm, “Andy!”
“Mmmm,” he sped up and sent a pang up your spine, “feel the way that pussy wants me.”
You stayed hidden beneath your bent arm as you began to cry, the hot tears flowing past your nose and cheek and onto the leather in a steady patter. You didn’t know what was worse; the pain or the humiliation. You just wanted it to be over. 
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mountxchilwell · a day ago
𝐃𝐚𝐲 𝟏: 𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭 𝐒𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐚 | 𝐁𝐞𝐧 𝐂𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐥.
Description: When getting Ben for secret Santa, you struggle to find an idea for a gift. When switching presents, you find out that Ben was also your secret Santa and he got you a gift that you've been wanting for a while. Note: So I decided to write some imagines for the upcoming Christmas period. If any of you have requests for one, feel free to message me! Word Count: 2,146
Credit to @lateralchilwell​ for the gif :)
Tumblr media
This year, our friendship group decided to do a Secret Santa and here we were, twelve of us scattered around Mason's living room, ready to receive our Secret Santa. I had grabbed a bowl from Mason's kitchen to put in pieces of paper that had everybody's name written on. One by one, we all picked out a small slip of paper.
My fingertips trailed over the small piece of paper that was folded oh-so neatly as I watched the six boys run around the house, trying to hide who they'd gotten from each other, while myself and the girls sat down laughing at them. A smile appeared on my face as I looked towards my favourite who was standing calmly in the corner of the room, opening his piece of paper with a smile. The other five boys were loud and chased each other, trying to sneak a peek at each other's paper in an attempt to figure out who had who. Ben, however, just stood there quietly, content with who he's gotten and I could see his brain whirring, thinking about the things he'd get for whoever his person was.
I took a seat away from the others and opened the little slip of paper that was folded in half. My heart skipped a beat when I read my handwriting the spelt out Ben's name. I tried my best to keep a poker face as I was sure that someone would catch on if I smiled widely.
Mason came up behind me and started to say something, but I was quick enough to cover his mouth with my hand. "You say anything and I swear to God, Mount, you won't live long enough to get a damn present," I threatened.
Ben laughed at my words. "This is why we love you, Y/N," he said, causing my cheeks to blush scarlet.
I bit hard on the inside of my lip, smiling sheepishly at Ben as I removed my hand from Mason's mouth. Fortunately, Mason knew I was joking as that was the type of friendship we had.
Throughout this past year, I'd grown very fond of my newfound friendships with Ben's friends, their girlfriends as well as the Chelsea and England teams. I had known Ben since secondary school but we lost contact when his schedule became hectic after joining Leicester City. However, a couple of years ago, at Christmas time, Ben's family had invited my family over for Christmas dinner as our dads were close friends, and we reunited again. During the Euro's, Ben introduced me to all of his teammates and close friends and I became close to their girlfriends pretty quickly. We'd all grown close to each other due to my ability to bond to each of them in different ways, regardless of all of them being very different.
Despite my friendships with the others, Ben and I were obviously the closest. We were close during secondary school due to being next-door neighbours. I knew from the minute I met him that I could trust him with anything. He was the sweetest person in the world and the passion he had for his career was admirable. Even if he was just my best friend, he treated me like a queen and put me before himself and anyone else. And that's one of the many things that I loved about him.
Although we were all pretty close, I was surprised when they had actually included me in their Secret Santa. I had suggested it jokingly weeks before, but today I had shown up at Mason's with a few of the girls and they all seemed very keen to do it, having never done it before.
Now I'm stuck with getting an amazing gift for the boy I was in love with, without making it seem like I was in love with him.
                                                     ❄️ ❄️ ❄️
I pounded my fists on the door of the house, getting over the nerves that had travelled through my body all week. It was too late to regret the present I'd finally decided on, and at the end of the day, Ben either likes it or he doesn't.
Mason opened the door, greeting me with a smile. Mason and I walked into the living room after I had said hello to him. On the floor, I saw ten other gift bags lined up by the Christmas tree, so I placed my gift with them. Phil was scrolling through something on his phone, Sasha and Lauren were cooing over James and Kennedy's baby Leo and Ben and Jack were sitting on the sofa, deep in conversation.
"Y/N's here," Mason said, causing everyone to look up in perfect sync. Everyone greeted me with a hug and it felt like it went on forever considering how many people there were.
Shortly after everyone's conversations had died down, Mason read the names out on the gift tags, handing the bag to the corresponding person. We had no idea who'd gotten us yet.
Before opening my present, I watched Ben open his. It wasn't one specific thing that I had gotten him, It was an assortment of things that connected the two of us as well as things that Ben had previously told me that he had wanted or loved. It may have been a little over the price limit that we had agreed on, but that didn't matter to me. It was the fact that he would hopefully like it.
I watched as Ben's eye lit up, his hands lifting each gift out of the bag. I giggled silently as he looked around the room for who his Secret Santa could possibly be. "Holy shit. Who had me?" He asked.
A smile appeared on my face as I raised my hand a little bit. Ben shuffled closer to me before he wrapped his arms around my body in a warm and comforting hug.
"You know me so well Y/N," he told me which made my heart flutter. I looked at him, a smile still plastered on my face. He then nodded towards the bag as if to tell me to see what was inside.
I reached into the bag, pulling out three things: one present wrapped neatly, a little square box and a rectangular box. I unwrapped the first present which was the bigger one of the three of them. It was a bomber jacket that had my name personalised on the back and I blinked several times, trying to figure out who could've gotten this for me. I had been looking at this online for a while, debating whether to get it or not; no one knew that I wanted it.
I opened the other two presents, gasping when I realised how beautiful they were. In the little, square box was a rose gold bangle with a heart in the middle, which was covered in little diamantes. In the rectangular box was a matching necklace. The heart was also covered in little diamantes but it was a locket. Before I opened the locket to see what was inside, I asked everyone who my Secret Santa was.
"Who was my Secret Santa?" I asked over everyone. The room was filled with the voices of everyone trying to figure out who their present was from.
"Do you like it?" I heard the nervousness in Ben's voice. "I didn't know what to get you so I just settled on-"
I cut Ben off by tackling him in a hug, pulling his body close to mine. "How did you know I wanted the jacket? I mean, I love all of the presents but I've been looking at the jacket for a few weeks now."
"Well I saw you looking at the jacket a few days after we found out who we'd be buying presents for so I got it in hope that you didn't already have it," he grinned. "As for the jewellery, I knew how much you loved rose gold."
"Thank you, Ben. I love them so much," I gave him another quick hug.
"Open the locket."
I opened the locket and inside was a picture of me and Ben. It was quite an old photo of us when Ben and I went to prom together. We went as friends and both of our mum's convinced us to take a picture together. It was my favourite photo of us to date. I smiled, remembering the day like it was yesterday. I slid the bangle on my wrist and Ben helped me put the necklace on.
                                                     ❄️ ❄️ ❄️
My entire body was filled with exhaustion as I grabbed my bag from the table in the dining room, ready to leave the house after a long day. It was a nice day spent with people I cared about but tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I still have a lot of gifts to wrap which means that I need to give myself some time.
"Okay guys, I love you all but I have more presents to wrap for Christmas," I announced.
"Awe, do you have to go?" Rebecca pouted.
"Yeah, I still have presents to wrap," I told her, putting the jacket that Ben bought me back in the gift bag, not wanting to ruin it in the snow. "Back in the snow, I go!"
Ben walked to the door with me after I said my goodbyes to everyone. "You walked here?"
"My car broke down and I can’t get it fixed until after Christmas," I replied, pulling on the big fluffy coat that I adored.
"I'm not letting you walk in the snow, I'll take you home."
"Oh no, you don't have to Ben-"
This time it was Ben's turn to cut me off mid-sentence. "Y/N, it's getting dark outside and it's close to zero degrees."
I knew there was no point in arguing with him so I just sighed and waited by the door while he said his goodbyes to everyone.
"You don't have to do this Benji, I only live down the road," I told him as we got into the car.
"Yeah, I know but I wanted to."
"Thank you again for the present," I smiled at him, looking at him while he was driving.
"It's no problem," he smiled, eyes focused on the road. "I'm glad you liked it."
"You know, it feels good knowing that someone can know me well enough to get me something that I didn't even ask for and nail it. I don't know if that makes sense," I told him, blushing slightly.
Ben chuckled understandingly. "It makes perfect sense."
The rest of the journey was spent in silence, but it was a comfortable silence. Ben pulled into my driveway and I smiled. "Thanks for dropping me off."
We got out of the car and he walked me to the door. "Hey, before you go, I've got a question."
"Shoot," I looked up from my bag in an attempt to find my house keys.
He took in a deep and unsteady breath before he spoke. "I didn't think it would be this hard to say it."
"You can tell me anything, Ben. You know that," I told him. I found my keys and held on to them while he asked me the question he wanted to ask.
"What I'm trying to say is that I've liked you for a while now and I kept shying away from telling you."
I couldn't stop my mind from racing with happiness as I gave him a sly smirk. "And the question is?"
"Can we do something about it?" He replied understanding that he didn't need to have any fear about what this would end as. It may not have been clear before, but Ben was someone that I really, really liked and I'd do everything to be with him.
Standing on my toes, I grabbed his face gently with my hands, which were freezing cold, placing a sweet kiss on his soft lips. His arms snaked around my waist, supporting my back as I reached towards his tall body that seemed to overpower my petite frame. Before we pulled away, I couldn't help but smile. I stared at him with love visible in my eyes. "Let's."
"I'd like to take you out on a date," Ben informed me with a smile
"I'd like to take you up on that request," I grinned.
He let out a quiet laugh at my mocking response, kissing my lips one final time before allowing me to go inside my house. I stood at my door, waving to him as he got into his car and backed out of my driveway.
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kendrahues · a day ago
Tumblr media
I thank you @numbersninja for letting me redraw and color this. I find the thought of the third option very nice when it comes to rpg games like these. The fact that we the players would put in the effort to find another solution to an impossible situation that let's us make everyone happy is amazing and we need more games like them.
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mishasminion360 · a day ago
So in Love with Loving You
Frankie Morales x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Warning: none! Just some beautiful, softy soft Frankie fluff.
Summary: You and Frankie have only been dating for a year and things are getting pretty serious. One night he finds out how far your love extends past him.
A/N: This little fluff fest was a request from my wonderful new friend, reader, and follower @hb8301. Thanks for the ask, luv.
It’s the small wail from the baby monitor that first rouses him from sleep, but he doesn’t actually pull himself from bed until it’s gone silent. It’s just after 2 a.m. and “Dad Mode” has been engaged. His tiny princesa has probably already cried herself back to sleep, but Frankie knows he won’t be able to reclaim his own rest until he takes a peek.
He pads down the hallway expertly avoiding the creaky floorboard (he’s pinpointed its exact location by now) so as not to set off a fresh bout of crying from his little one.
He squints against the glow of her nightlight as he pokes his head into the room and is thrown off by the presence of a figure that’s beaten him to the punch. Frankie hadn’t even realized your side of the bed was empty when he’d risen.
“There you go, sweet pea. All nice and clean.”
From the doorway he watches as you lift his daughter carefully from the changing table and hug her snugly to your chest. Instead of walking her back to the crib, you ease yourself down into the rocking chair in the corner. You gaze into his little niña’s eyes with a mystified grin. He knows that look. It’s the same one he knows he gets on his own face whenever he stares into those impossibly big, brown eyes. Or when he looks upon you.
It’s a look of complete, undeniable, irrevocable love.
“You’ve got your daddy’s eyes, angel,” you coo softly to the child in your arms, and Frankie feels his cheeks warm.
“Just you wait. With peepers like those you are going to grow up and have the boys eating out of the palm of your hand.”
Frankie cringes at the very idea of his infant daughter fully grown and being hounded by men.
“Just don’t grow up too fast,” you add softly with a gentle boop to the babe’s button nose.
The tiny thing coos her response excitedly as you start rocking at a steady pace. Frankie’s heart just about leaps out of his chest when he hears what you do next.
You sing.
“Have you seen her?
So fine and pretty,
Fooled me with her style and ease.
And I feel her from across the room
Yes, it's love in the third degree.”
Months of date nights featuring several drunken attempts to get you to crawl out of your protective shell and sing some karaoke at your local bar, and not once would you budge. You wouldn’t sing for him.
But you’ll sing for his daughter.
“Ooh, baby baby,
Won't-cha turn your head my way?
Ooh, baby baby,
Ah come on! Take a chance you're old enough to dance the night away.
Whoa, come on girl, dance the night away.”
Frankie has to slap a hand over his mouth to keep himself from laughing over the fact that you’re singing Van Halen to a 1-year-old.
After another verse, his princesa is sleeping once again and he watches as you lower her back into her crib and drape her little pink blanket across her minuscule body.
“Goodnight, sweetie. Te amo mucho.”
Your Spanish is getting better.
You slip out of the room silently, leaving the door open just a hair behind you, and you nearly shriek when you back into a strong pair of arms.
“Frankie, what the—“
He swallows the rest of your words as he crushes his mouth over yours. A sudden, rich, and deep kiss.
“Shh,” he instructs you softly. “Don’t wake the baby.”
You turn in his arms to wrap your own around his neck as you sink into the warmth of his broad chest.
“Have I told you lately how much I love you?” he asks.
“Not since before bedtime.”
“Well then, I’m long overdue.”
He smooches you again, but it’s softer this time. Gentler.
“How do you it?”
“Do what?” you inquire.
“Find news ways, day after day, to make me fall in love with you all over again?”
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girl8890 · 2 days ago
Little Bunny
Jeon Jung-kook / JK x Gn!Reader
Tumblr media
{ BTS Master List }
Summary: You and Jungkook have been dating a while now, and you've called him all the basic adoring nicknames. He's working on a project, and you start to get bored when he stops paying attention to you. While browsing on Twitter, you see someone call him "little bunny," and you wonder how he'll react if you call him the same nickname.
Warnings: FLUFF, Nicknames.
Rating: T
Notes: I just love bunnies, and the fact that Jungkook looks so much like a bunny, makes we swoon 😍
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
"Hey babe, can you pass me the tape?" Jungkook says while concentrating on the task in front of him. 
You hand him the tape and kiss him on the cheek as you do. Watching your shy boyfriend blush and curl his lips. Making you have to try to hold in your giggles and own smile at how adorable he is. 
Jungkook is making a sign for the BTS VLive later. They're all about to release a new album tonight, and Jungkook thought it would be a fantastic idea to make a sign to show appreciation for their fans. The other members are even doing similar projects too.
He asked you to help, but you're actually just there so he can keep you close to him. Jungkook always wants to have you around, even if he can't since his schedule is so busy, but times like these are always precious. Every now then, he'll squeeze your hand or give you a kiss, all while still working on his little project. It makes you swoon, but you especially love when he provides surprising affections, and he loves the same from you.
About an hour into Jungkook making the sign, you start to get bored. Although you love that Jungkook is making something special for his fans, you hoped he would give you more of his attention especially since he invited you over to help. You tried getting his attention with more surprise kisses and trying to create conversation, but he mainly was focused on the task in front of him at this point. Him currently sprinkling glitter all over the board. 
"Kookie, Kookie, Kookie," You chant, trying to make him look up from his task. He either ignored you or didn't hear you because instead of saying anything, he got up from his spot on the floor. Jungkook walks to the closet at the end of the hallway, where a bunch of arts and craft-related things are, and you see from your spot on the floor he's grabbing more pens and glue. 
You sigh to yourself and lean against the wall, defeated. You pull out your phone and decide to just wait for Jungkook to be done with his sign. Since clearly you’re both not going to talk to each other until this is done. You love how passionate Jungkook gets with things like these, but you can’t help but feel a little neglected right now.
As you scroll through Twitter, you see many BTS-related posts - as usual - but you stop when you come to one specific post.
Tumblr media
Although you've seen thousands of fans tweet about your boyfriend specifically, this one stops you. Not out of jealousy, since posts like these are normal and you know Jungkook loves you and only you, but because of the nickname. The bunny comments have always been said from fans. You’ve never called him a bunny because your kinds scared of how he’ll react, even though he loves it when fans call him one. But for you, would it mean something different?
It's true, your boyfriend does remind you a lot of a bunny, but you wonder how he would react to you calling him your "little bunny." 
Speak of the devil, Jungkook comes back and drops a bunch of supplies in front of you. Making you jump and look up from your phone. Jungkook looks at the supplies, then wiggles his nose. And you know he’s about to sneeze, already feeling your stomach bubble from how previous sneezes from him are so adorable. 
He sneezes, probably from all the glitter that just went all over the place, and rubs his nose with his sleeve paw. His sneezes are adorable, and you've always known this fact, but after reading this post by a fan, it reminds you of a bunny too. Making Jungkook look even cuter than before. This also is the perfect time to test out the nickname. You hoping he doesn’t have a negative reaction. 
"Bless you, my little bunny."
Jungkook pauses his nose rubs mid-way, and looks down at you.
"What did you just call me?" Jungkook asks, thinking he didn’t hear you correctly.
"I called you my little bunny," You respond back nervously. Not sure if Jungkook's taking the nickname as a compliment or an insult.
But luckily, it's the latter because his lips slowly turn up into a smile.
"That's the cutest nickname you've ever given me," Jungkook says this, then, without warning, dives down in the spot on the floor in front of you and starts giving you so many face kisses. You laugh until your face starts to turn red, and your laughter soon gets muffled when his lips attach themselves to yours. His lips feel so good, and you melt into the kiss quickly.
When Jungkook pulls away, he has the biggest smile on this face. Clearly loving the new nickname you just gave him.
"If I would have known calling you little bunny was going to make this reaction, I would have called you this a long time ago."
Jungkook rolls his eyes but pulls you by your waist to sit in his lap on the floor, wanting to feel you close to him.
"Sorry I've been so distracted about the sign, but now you’re going to get all the JK love."
You giggle, and it gets muffled once again when Jungkook dives in for another passionate kiss. Loving both his affection and the fan that decided to post the nickname on Twitter. You should probably tell him you didn't create it, but right now, you're both too entrapped with each other. Him cuddling you on the floor and kissing you all over your face.
You're not sure why he loves the nickname so much, but if you get this reaction every time, you'll be calling him your "little bunny" a lot more in the future.
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moonxbabe · 3 days ago
vinnie hacker smut - mine -
hi besties - i know its been super long since I posted so i hope you guys enjoy this story! it was a request a while ago but I changed it up. i have a few more requests to get to, but I'm always open to more, i love to know what you guys like.
One year ago
You wiped your nose clean after just sniffing a line your boyfriend so generously provided for you. It was your third one of the night and you could feel your body buzzing from both that and the drinks he kept shoving at you. The music was loud and you sunk into the couch as people talked all around you but you couldn't make out what they were saying. 
“Another one?” He leaned in to say loud enough in your ear as you shook your head. You had been dating Aaron a few months now and have come to terms with the fact that he liked to party. Hard. You were never like that, but being with him brought that side out of you. 
“Don't be lame,” He said out loud, leaning in taking another line himself.
“Me! Me!” Tana pushed through a few people, never refusing when it came to coke. She took her line hugging Aaron a little too comfortably before giving him a kiss on the cheek and rushing off. He chuckled before eyeing you and gesturing to another line he set up. You sighed and sat up feeling almost forced. 
“She's good,” a voice said sternly, causing both you and Aaron to look up. 
“No one asked you, Hacker, fuck off” Aaron glared at him throwing an arm around your shoulder holding you to him as he sat on the arm rest above you on the couch. Vinnie had become one of your best friends since you moved to LA a few years ago and he wasn't the biggest fan of Aaron but he also didn't over step. He looked over at you as your eyes met his, he shook his head in disappointment realizing your answer. He slightly gripped the drink in his hand before walking off. 
“Vin, wait--” you tried to get up from your seat wanting to talk to him but Aaron gripped you pulling you back down. 
“Sit your ass down,” His jaw clenched, holding you in place as he pointed at the line he had set up. You stared at it as tears burned your eyes, you hated who you were becoming but you didn't hesitate any further taking the line. 
“My girl,” He kissed the side of your head before taking your hand in his, he brought his beer bottle to his lips taking a long swig before getting up pulling you with him. 
“Where are we going?” you held your head and felt it spin. 
“Upstairs,” Aaron dragged you as you followed stumbling a bit. You glanced back seeing Vinnie leaning against the wall staring at you as you attempted to take step by step up. 
“Maybe we should go back down, Im thirsty,” you slightly bit your lower lip as anxiety crawled up your spine. You could feel the effects of the coke pumping through your veins. 
“Here, drink,” Aaron shoved his beer to your chest as he pulled you into an open room. 
“I don't want this,” you shoved it back at him, crossing your arms over your chest. “Why are we here?” you glanced around the empty room realizing it was Vinnies. 
“Because I want you, now,” He finished the beer and put the bottle down before shoving you back against the wall attacking your lips. You kissed him back but pulled away a little at his aggression and placed your hands on his chest shoving him off you.
“Not here Aaron,” You tried to pull away but he gripped your wrists slamming them against the wall.
“You don't get to say what goes on and where, I do,” He said against your lips before attacking your neck with kisses and bites. 
“You're hurting me, get off,” you groaned trying to fight him off but he was twice your size. He moved one of his hands from your arm to your hair gripping it to pull it back in pain. 
“Shut up,” He shoved himself against you pushing you harder against the wall as tears stung the back of your eyes and fear coursed through your entire body.
“Please stop,” your voice whispered as you tried to fight his grip, he used his other hand to open his pants as you struggled against him, your chest rising up and down. Tears began to stream down your cheeks as he shoved your short dress up.
The door slammed open as Vinnie walked through it realizing what was going on. His eyes burning with rage.
“Get the fuck off her,” He growled and stalked towards Aaron yanking him back by his hoodie. You covered your mouth in a gasp as you sobbed in relief. Your back slid down against the wall as your knees pressed against your chest. 
“I got you, you're okay,” Vinnie got down to meet your eyes as you nodded. 
“Get away from her,” Aaron fixed his pants, staring at Vinnie. 
“You have 5 seconds to leave my house,” Vinnie got up standing in front of him not backing down. Aaron challenged him, staring into his eyes before looking over at you.
“Lets go baby,” He said sternly, reaching his hand out to you but you didn't move. 
“She's not going anywhere with you,” Vinnie shoved him out of his room as Aaron still stared at you. 
“Fine,” He scoffed “Fuck you bitch, dont need your pathetic ass anyway,” He walked off as Vinnie slammed the door shut and walked back over to you. You hugged your knees as you attempted to stop crying but couldn't. 
“Come here,” Vinnie wrapped his arms around you, holding you tightly in his arms. You snuggled into his chest feeling his warmth. “I should have ripped his fucking head off,” He said quietly.
“I-Im sorry about earlier,” you sobbed against his chest taking a deep breath to calm down.
“It doesn't matter, nothing matters, I'm just glad you're okay,” He stroked your hair softly kissing the top of your head. 
“You're too good to me,” you sniffed, wiping away a few falling tears. 
“You deserve so much better,” He helped you up, walking you over to his bed so you could sit down as he sat down beside you “I never understood why you were with him,” he shook his head in disbelief as he brushed the back of his finger against your cheek softly.
“I honestly don't know,”  you sighed, closing your eyes for a moment, enjoying the feeling before looking back at him. 
“You're beautiful,” he gave you a small smile leaning in to kiss your forehead as his lips lingered there. He slightly pulled away, your lips inches apart, you could feel him breathing so close. Your noses brushed against one another and you couldn't stop yourself from leaning in and crashing your lips to his. He kissed you back deeply, placing his hand on your cheek pulling you in closer. Your tongue slowly slid across his bottom lip slipping into the kiss meeting his. 
You move your hand to grip at the front of his shirt pulling him closer before he let out a soft groan pulling away pressing his forehead to yours. 
“I think we should slow down, I want this but you just...,” He trailed off but you nodded understanding. 
“I'm sorry, I shouldn't have…” you looked down, playing with your fingers, almost embarrassed you kissed him. 
“No, I'm glad you did.” he used his fingers to lift your chin so your eyes met his. You gave him a slight smile.
“Would you want to spend the night here?” He asked, getting up but looking down at you.
“I’d like that,” you smiled as he walked over to his closet, grabbing you a t-shirt of his and some sweats. You took them and walked into the bathroom to change before coming out and crawling into his bed. 
“You look good in my clothes,” he said softly, watching you with a smile. You blushed at his words as he changed into a pair of sweats as well, no shirt on. He got in next to you as you two faced one another laying on your sides. 
“Thank you for tonight,” you said quietly, staring into his eyes.
“You have nothing to thank me for,” he said softly as your eyes slowly drifted close.
You walked down the street to your favorite coffee spot before you had to head back home to finish up some work. You ordered your iced vanilla latte and waited as you glanced down at your phone checking the time. 
“Hey,” a familiar voice said from behind you, causing you to look up. You stood there speechless as Aaron looked  down at you. You hadn't seen him since that night a year ago and things had changed so much since.
“Listen… I just want to uh apologize,” He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand and sighed. “I shouldn't have acted that way with you that night, what I did wasn't okay and I'm really sorry” he looked down in shame. You blinked surprised at his words because he seemed different, his eyes weren't as sunken in as they used to be, his hair was cut and his skin glowed. 
“I um--” you glanced down trying to find your words “I appreciate the apology,” you nodded a little. 
“I know it doesn't make up for it, but I’m trying to be better,” he nodded. “I’ve been going to AA and just working on myself,” he offered a small smile and you gave him one back. 
“Good, Im happy for you, you look like you're doing well,” 
“You look great too,” he nodded before hearing the barista call his name, he grabbed his coffee and looked back at you, “Well I’d love to hang out sometime if you’d be open to it,” 
“I uh actually have a boyfriend Aaron,” you gave him a sorry expression.
“Right, I did see that about you and Vinnie,” his lips pressed into a line before nodding “Well I wish you nothing but the best,” he gave you another small smile. 
“I appreciate that, you too,” you smiled back at him as you leaned in to give him a parting hug, he hugged you back tightly before walking away. 
You heard them call your name and went up to grab your coffee. You left the coffee shop and glanced down at your phone as it blew up with notifications from Tik Tok Room, you slightly frowned in confusion as you opened it up seeing photos of you and Aaron talking and hugging just a few minutes ago. 
“Great,” you rolled your eyes annoyed as you gripped your phone. 
Vinnie sat at his desk and stared at the screen intensely as he streamed. 
“No no no!” He groaned as his player died in the game “Chat I hate this,” he chuckled and looked at the camera before looking at the messages in the chat that were filled up with your name and Aaron. He studied them for a moment confused before grabbing his phone and going to check tik tok room to see the photos. His jaw clenched in anger as he then heard a faint knock on his door. 
“What?” He gritted out as you walked in and looked at him. 
“Chat I need to go, I’ll maybe stream later tonight,”  He waited for a secord before ending the stream and looked over at you as he held the phone up with the photos. 
“Vin, it's not what it looks like,” you slightly rolled your eyes as you approached him. 
“So what is it? He's a piece of shit and I don't want you anywhere near him,” His tone was upset, as you stood in front of him in between his legs looking down at him. 
“He just wanted to apologize for that night, he’s been doing better, no more drugs and drinking,” you ran your hand into his now short hair trying to calm him down. 
“I don't care, that doesnt make up for what he did to you,” He grabbed your thighs from behind pulling you down onto his lap so you were straddling him. 
“I know but it's in the past now,” you wrapped your arms around his neck as his wrapped at your waist. 
“You're mine,” He pulled you in closer to nuzzle his face into your neck kissing it softly. You bit your lower lip and leaned your head back slightly giving him more space as he began placing kisses all over. 
“He knows that,” you said softly as your hand played with his hair. 
“Do you?” he groaned softly against your skin, finding a spot to suck on hard. 
“Mhmm,” a soft moan escaped your lips as you slightly gripped his hair. 
“Say it,” he pulled away leaving a mark as he ran his tongue over it once more, his hand moved up to grip your neck holding it as his eyes met yours. 
“I’m yours,” you said breathlessly as you felt yourself throb between your legs. 
“Good girl,” he pulled you in by your throat attacking your lips in a deep kiss as you could feel him grow hard under you rubbing at your clit. You slowly started to grind against him to relieve some pressure.
“Get on your knees for me,” he whispered against your ear sending chills down your spine. You nodded obeying his words, you got off his lap and lowered to your knees in front of him. His lips curled into a small smirk as he pushed your hair back and leaned in giving you another hard kiss. You let out a soft moan as you kissed him back and reached for his pants unbuttoning them. He pulled away from the kiss letting you pull off his pants along with his boxers letting his dick spring out.
You licked your lips in anticipation before leaning in and slowly taking it into your mouth letting your tongue play with his tip. 
“Fuck baby,” He groaned gripping your hair pushing you a little further down. He leaned his head back for a second before looking back down at you. You took him deeper in your throat and  began to bob up and down attempting to get him all in. Your hand slid up resting it on his abs as your nails slightly dug into them. 
“Such a good girl for me,” a soft moan escaped his lips as he licked his lips watching you. You pulled up sucking at his tip before taking him deep once again causing him to groan once more. He held your head down as you began to hum, sending vibrations through his length knowing it would set him. 
“I'm about to cum baby,” he bit his lower lip and pulled your head back “Tongue out,” he demanded and you stuck it out readying for his load, using your hands to stroke him. His knees bucked up as he released in your mouth and you licked it up, swallowing. 
“Good fucking girl,” he grabbed your jaw opening your mouth before spitting into it swallowing once again. He smirked, pulling you in to kiss you roughly. You kissed him back as your body buzzed with need for him. 
“Vin,” you moaned softly against his lips squirming. 
“Take off your shorts and come here,” he patted his lap. You did as he asked, removing your shorts and straddled his lap once again as his hand snaked in between your thighs to your heat. He pushed your underwear to the side using two fingers and rubbed your clit slowly.
“You're so wet,” He groaned softly “You better only be getting this wet for me,” His tone husky as he inserted his two fingers deep into you thrusting them in a fast pace. 
“Only you Vin,” you moaned loudly as your hands held onto his shoulders. Your hips moving against his fingers chasing your high. You leaned your head back as he kissed your neck finding a spot to suck on hard. You moved one hand up to his hair holding on to it as he used his thumb to rub your clit. 
“Fuck I need you,” he growled into your ear pulling his fingers out of you causing you to whine. You positioned yourself on top of him as he gripped your hips hard slowly lowering you onto his dick. You let out a gasp at the feeling as he slowly filled you up. 
“Oh my God,” you moaned at the feeling as you shifted a bit adjusting to his size and the angle. 
“You okay baby?” He groaned softly using one hand to push your hair back behind your ear as you bit your lower lip.
“Yea,” you nodded, holding onto his shoulder once more slowly bouncing up and down his length “You just stretch me out so good,” 
“You feel fucking amazing,” He moaned softly gripping onto your hips harder helping you move up and down at a bit of a faster and harder pace. He looked down where you both were connecting before letting out a groan and leaning in to take your left breath into his mouth letting his tongue play with it.
“Fuck, Vinnie,” your eyes rolled back in pleasure at the feeling as your nails dug into his arms. He moved on to the right breast giving it the same treatment before kissing up to your neck. 
“I want to fuck you so hard,” He gripped your hips to stop moving “Get on the wall and turn around” He demanded and you nodded quickly getting off of him and standing up against the wall. He got behind you as he pressed his chest to your back and slid a hand into your hair gripping it as the other held onto your waist. You spread your legs slightly apart as he bent you over slightly and thrusted into you hard.
“Holy shit,” you moaned loudly at the sudden feeling as you attempted to find something to hold onto. He fucked into you hard and fast as he pulled your hair back to his shoulder as your lips found his attacking you in a deep kiss.
“My good fucking girl, taking it like she should,” he pressed his mouth to your ear as your eyes rolled back at his words causing chills down your spin as you moved your hand back to hold onto his neck and the other gripping his leg, your hips meeting his thrusts. You could feel the knot growing in your stomach from the overwhelming pleasure.
“I'm so close, don't stop,” you whined as one of his hands moved to grip your throat and the other moved down in front of you to rub your clit in fast circles. 
“Cum all over my dick baby,” he growled into your ear as you moaned loudly. Your climax hitting hard as your walls clenched hard around his dick. 
“Oh fuck,” he groaned at the feeling thrusting in and out a few more times before his knees bucked and he came deep inside you holding onto you for dear life. Your legs gave out as he held you up for a few minutes before slowly pulling out and carrying you to the bed. 
“You know how to wear me out,” you laughed softly as he cleaned you up with a towel, he smirked up at you. 
“That means I'm doing it right,” he chuckled softly, crawling beside you to lay down on his stomach as he propped himself on his elbows looking down at you. 
“Definitely that,” you leaned over to kiss his lips softly as he kissed you back. 
“Mine,” he whispered softly against your lips as you smiled. 
“Always, I love you and only you,” you whisper back against his lips as he smiles against yours.
feedback always appreciated <3 
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obeythedemons · 2 days ago
The Tease [Obey Me!: Barbatos/MC]
Obey Me! Masterlist
Warning: Brief mention of harassment, Barbatos being a tease (per usual)
Barbatos placed cups of tea in front of the brothers. One by one, they received their cup. When he got to MC he paused with a slight smirk. He leaned forward and placed the tea and saucer in front of them. It was a dainty design with small pink hearts all around the cup. MC glanced at the cup and froze. It was different from all of the other cups that were a pale green.
Barbatos leaned forward towards MC’s ear and spoke quietly so only they could hear him. “I heard that we are dating. I thought this cup would only be fitting for you.”
MC turned to look at him in bewilderment, their face flushing heavily. “Wh-where did you hear something like that?”
“Oh, through the grapevine,” he hummed mischievously. “Apparently you told another demon that we’re an item.”
Realization set in. “Oh,” MC whispered. “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry,” they sputtered, catching the attention of the brothers, but still spoke too quietly for them to hear. “He wouldn’t leave me alone and I thought if I told him I was dating someone else then he would leave me alone like in the human world and you were the first one I thought of I’m so sorry!”
Barbatos blinked. “I was the first one you thought of?”
MC nodded. Their lips were pressed into a thin line. “Yes, I’m sorry.”
“You didn’t think of any of the brothers first? Or Lord Diavolo?”
“No?” MC shrunk in their chair, trying to hide the fact that they were pining for him.
Barbatos’s smirk widened. “Well, darling, I do hope you enjoy your tea.” He pressed a quick kiss to their cheek and left the room to fetch snacks.
“Oi! What the Hell Barbatos?!” Mammon yelled after the chuckling butler.
Barbatos appeared shortly afterward, pure chaotic joy emanated from him. “We’re dating, Mammon. Didn’t you hear?”
MC groaned and hid their face in their hands while drawing their knees up to their chest.
“D-dating?” Mammon choked on the air he was breathing.
“Yes,” Barbatos confirmed and placed a heart shape cookie in front of MC. He glanced at the untouched tea. “My love, if you don’t drink your tea, it’ll get cold. Or perhaps you’d rather I serve it to you myself.” He picked up the cup and made a show of bringing it towards his lips.
Lucifer sighed, interrupting the demon. “What is really going on?”
“I’m simply teasing MC.” Barbatos placed the teacup back down.
“You know they say that you tease the ones you have a crush on,” Asmo sang out with a sly grin.
Barbatos smiled towards the Avatar of Lust. “Yes, that is true.” Asmo’s grin faltered.
“Why aren’t ya denyin’ it?” Mammon slammed his hand on the table.
“I would be lying if I denied it,” Barbatos spoke calmly. His eyes trailed over towards MC. They peeked at him through the gaps of their fingers. When their eyes met, they squeaked and looked away, their cheeks still burning. Barbatos chuckled and shook his head. “In all seriousness, MC. Please inform me who was harassing you, and I will personally deal with them.”
MC came out of hiding behind their knees and hands. “Thank you, Barbatos.”
“Of course. Anything for my significant other.”
“Barbatos!” MC whined and went back to hiding their blushing face.
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buckyshusband0 · 2 days ago
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥 & 𝐃𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐥 | 𝐁.𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairings || Soft Dark!Bucky Barnes x Husband Male!Reader (AU)
summary || Reader and Bucky get into an argument so reader leaves the house for a bit and goes to a club. What happens when reader is attacked and Bucky doesn’t take it lightly?
warnings || +18, age gap, dark theme, angst, f slur, harassment, description of violence, crying, hurt reader, murder, blood, stress, anxiety, attempted rape, fluff?
authors note || Dark so by pressing “keep reading” you accept to read this. Thank you for everyone’s support. Reblogs and comments are appreciated <3
wordcount || 2k 
Tumblr media
“You know what Bucky? I am sick of your shit!”
You were currently yelling at Bucky because all he does is shut you out. He never wants to come eat with you at dinner, never wants to cuddle. Hell, he doesn’t have sex with you anymore. He just gives you short answers and grunts and walk away. 
You had made dinner for the both of you, filled with love. His favorite food not to mention. But he didn’t show up. You had sat there and ate dinner by yourself. Yet again.
What was the point of marrying the six foot man if all he was going to do was shut you out. He wasn’t like this before. He was truly deep in love with you. All the smiles and laughs he made were for one reason. You. That love for you started fading when Bucky had to rethink life. 
He did still love you, he truly did. It’s just that he feels trapped in this relationship. Not saying anything. Pushing you away was part of his plan hoping that you would finally leave him. He just couldn’t push himself to break up with you first. He called himself ‘pathetic’ and ‘pussy’ just because he couldn’t do it. 
You have had enough of this shit. 
Bucky looked at you for a second before walking to the door way leading to the kitchen. 
“Bucky I swear if you walk out of this living room, oh so God help me, we are done!” Tears threatening to leave your eyes in hopes he would just run to you and engulf you into a huge hug smothering you with kisses. 
That wasn’t the case. 
Bucky walked out of the living room making his way to the kitchen. You felt your vision getting blurry as some tears slipped out of your eyes. Running upstairs, to your shared bedroom, you got a duffle bag and started to pack your bag. 
Only important stuff. 
Such as hygiene stuff and some clothes. The important things.
You finished packing and made your way back downstairs. Putting on your shoes, you looked back at the living room before slamming the door shut signaling you have left. 
Bucky sighed. 
You needed a place to stay. 
No family or friends in this damn state you decided to move too just for Bucky hoping to have kids and grow a family. Some dreams never come true. 
“Fuck, where am I supposed to go.” You tried hard to think of a place but nothing. Nothing came into mind. You had gotten frustrated at yourself but more so because of Bucky. 
“Fuck it. I’m going to the club.” Sighing to yourself. 
If you’re not going to be staying anywhere, you might as well have some fun. Right? 
Getting out of your car, you looked at the old tacky club in front of you. Yeah it wasn’t the best but it’s still something. 
You stepped inside the club. hoping to get drunk as hell so you can’t remember a thing. ‘God the things Bucky has made me do.’ You thought to yourself.
It was nice you guessed. You had gotten drunk from many, many shots of vodka. Dizzy as ever. You might as well dance so that’s what you did. Looking around seeing people make out and dance on each other made you feel so lonely. You hated to say it but, you missed Bucky already. 
Your fun was soon ruined when a guy at least 6 foot, came next to you guiding your hips towards him. You looked at the man before pulling his hands away from your waist. He had a silver fox hair with all black clothes. 
“Come on baby, dance with me.” He looked at you before smiling slightly showing his perfect teeth. 
Fuck it. 
Might as well. Not like Bucky’s here to stop it. 
You danced with the silver fox haired man until he started to kiss your neck. You instantly backed away not wanting this. He looked you with a raised eyebrow questioning why you backed up.
“Sorry sir, but I think you got the wrong memo. I just came here to drown my sorrows and dance till I get tired.” You stated awkwardly. 
His eyes become dark. Not a good dark either. 
You start getting nervous as you made your way to the entrance of the club ready to leave now. Feeling a couple of eyes on you. You ignored it though. 
Leaving the club, you felt a pair of hands grasped your arm tightly. 
You grunted at the sudden contact when a group of guys came from the alleyway pushing you into the darkness. 
Trying to get up, you felt a hard punch to your jaw. Tears coming from your eyes at the contact one of the men had just made. Trying again, you got kicked in the gut. You were in trouble and Bucky wasn’t here to protect you like he always used to do. 
“Fellas, look what we have here!”
The group of men all chuckled looking at the state you were in now. Blood coming from your nose with marked bruises on your face. 
“What a little fag!” 
You looked up to see who had said it.
The silver fox haired man. 
Of course it was. He couldn’t handle the rejection so he decided to beat the shit out of you. Typical guy. 
You actually found the strength to say something. 
“You’re just beating me up because I rejected your little sex scheme you tried so hard for.” You knew your mouth was going to get you in trouble someday. Well, this is the day.
His face angered more and picked you up by the collar before connecting his fist with your already bruised up face. Forming a purple eye. Dried tears on your bloody cheeks. 
This is the moment you wished you had Bucky.
Finally done with you, he dropped you hard on the ground not before spitting on you. You waited until they all left before running to your car to call Bucky. 
Phone is dead. 
You got out of the car finally pulling up to your shared house with Bucky, or used to shared house. 
You tried running but no use. 
You had to limp all the way to the door because of those intoxicated men beating the life out of you. Before you knew it, you were banging on the oak textured door, loud. If Bucky was sleep, he would definitely wake up to this noise. 
“oh my god, who the fuck is that!?” Bucky grunted more looking at the time. ‘Who would be banging on the door at 2 in the fucking morning?’ He got up to open the door with a cold expression. Opening the door, he seen you. The way your face was bruised up and bloody. 
His face instantly turned into confusion and worry. 
Before he could say anything, you wrapped your arms around his neck crying into his shoulder. Praying that he would let you inside and calm you down. Like he used to do.. 
Instead of pulling away, he carried you inside the nice modern but old fashioned house. Seeing the way you were limping, he would never let you try to attempt to walk in that condition. Even if he doesn’t love you.
He dropped you down gently on the couch before leaving to go get something you assumed. 
The dry tears still on your bloody face. The pain was surreal. 
“Why did this have to happen to me?” 
“All of this happened because Bucky couldn’t just talk to me.”
You thought and thought as you were looking down at your hands that also had blood and bruises on them from the impact of you falling on the ground.  
Bucky came back with a warm towel, some bandages, and a bucket of water before kneeing in front of you. He dipped the towel in the water to clean some of the blood on your face and hands. 
“Who did this to you?” 
You scoffed. 
“Oh, so now you care? You didn’t seem to care when you literally walked out of the living room willingly basically telling me that we were over.” You said with venom in your voice. You never, ever, used that tone on Bucky before.
First time for everything.
“Please, Y/N. Now’s not the time. Just tell me who did this to you. Please..” He practically begged for you to answer him. He knew what he was going to do once he found out who it was that hurt his love. 
You sighed knowing he wasn’t going to stop begging. 
“It was this guy at the club. He had silver fox hair and he kind of looked like was 43 years old. He had a gang with him but, it was mostly him who beat the shit out of me.” You looked at him feeling tears appearing in the crevice of your eyes. Trying to hold them back. I guess the universe isn’t on your side today because they slipped out. 
Damn it. 
Bucky finished cleaning you up and patched your wounds. He hugged you for a bit letting you cry into his chest. He kept telling you it was okay and that he’s not leaving you. 
You eventually cried yourself to sleep. 
Bucky carried you to your shared room with him, laying you down gently. He looked at you before kissing the top of your forehead. He pulled away and picked up his phone. Calling a certain someone for help.
He called his best friend. Steve Rogers. 
Steve was known as the big man in the streets. He was a mob boss. Got anything he wanted because if he didn’t, boy oh boy were you in trouble. Bucky knew  to called his best friend since he needed help to find this someone who attacked his love. No one ever touches his love. 
Steve finally picked up the phone. 
“Hey Buck, What can I do for you?” The blonde man on the other side of the line said. 
“Hey punk. I need you to find someone for me. Like now.” Bucky said in a rush and that signaled Steve that whatever his best friend was up too, it wasn’t good. 
“Uhh, six foot-ish, silver fox hair, and 43 years old.” Bucky said knowing that Steve could find anyone he desires less than 5 minutes. One lucky bastard. There was a pause on the line for a second but then the blond haired man told Bucky he had found who he was and where he was at. Right now.
“Thank you punk.” 
“No problem Jerk.” Steve chuckled before pulling the phone away from his ear and pressing the end call. Hanging up on Bucky.
Bucky didn’t waste no time. He looked at you before grabbing his coat and keys ready to leave the house. Setting his gaze upon you one more time, he whispered ‘Don’t worry doll. The man who hurt you is going to get what he deserves.’ Saying that with venom.
Leaving the house.
It was the next morning. 
Your eyes squinted at the bright light coming from the window. You were laying down on your comfortable bed that you used to share with Bucky before you two broken up. Your mind instantly went to Bucky.
“Where is Bucky?” 
You got up from the bed still feeling a sharp pain in your feet as they made contact with the hard wood floor. Your phone was still dead. So you couldn’t call Bucky. 
Walking downstairs, you heard the front door open. That must’ve been Bucky.
You walked to the front door until you saw a view you couldn’t believe.
Bucky came into the house with blood covering his hands, clothes, and boots. He had a dark look look in his eyes telling you he did something not so good. ‘Oh god, what did he do?’
He made eye contact with your e/c eyes with his dark blue ones. He smiled seeing that you were getting better. He walked slowly over to you basically stalking over your smaller frame. 
“What happened?” You finally asked needing answers. 
“Don’t worry about it doll. Just know, no one is ever going to touch you again. My love.” He said the last part with a smooth calm voice but filled with love. 
Tumblr media
TAGLIST: @wolf-knights @blurredx18 @jordan005​ @marilynmonroefanfics​ @sebshusbando 
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jstxnes · 20 hours ago
Omggg so you’re really cold at night in bed whilst waiting for john but when he comes home he warms you up!🥺really fluffyyyy please🥰x
This is the cutest and he is def needed for these cold nights <3 thank you for the request!!
Warmer Nights with You - John Stones
Tumblr media
You toss and turn and pull the covers right up to your face. It was absolutely freezing, it was beyond ridiculous. You were pretty sure hell was freezing over at this point.
You had the heating on, socks on and the warmest pyjamas you owned but the cold was still seeping in. You weren’t surprised, the snow in the Cheshire air was thundering down outside along with the minus temperatures, it really was turning into winter. You were missing the one thing that could warm you up though.
He’d had a late night training session and you hated him leaving in this weather and driving in it. You thought it was stupid they even had to train in it but you knew he’d be inside. It didn’t stop you worrying about him getting to and from the training academy though.
You close your eyes, trying to get to sleep and ignoring the cold, you pull the duvet up and wrap it round you, almost like you were a burrito. You felt yourself just dropping off just as your felt two arms wrap around you. “John?” You mumble, his warm hands and strong arms pulling you close. It was amazing how he was so warm and you were the complete opposite.
“I’m here, baby.” He mumbles into your hair, pulling you closer to himself and his body heat. “How are you so warm?” You mumble, lacing your fingers with his. “It’s so cold..”
John chuckles slightly as he wraps his legs around yours so they were intwining, doing his best to warm you up. “I had a hot shower before I left training and had the heating on in the car with about three layers on…if anything I’m probably sweaty.” He grins, stroking your hair gently.
“Just stay there..” You whisper, relaxing back into his body as his body heat finally starts warming you up. He was like an electric blanket and you loved it.
You shuffle slightly so you’re facing him, a smile on your lips as you kiss the tip of his nose gently. “That’s still cold..” You giggle, his nose a little red from the cold.
“The most important thing is that you’re warming up…is that the case?” He asks, his arms still around you and his body against yours as you nod. You really were and you were beyond thankful you could feel your toes again.
“That’s my girl.” John whispers as he kisses your cheek, both soon dropping off to sleep, tangling yourselves together to keep warm. You couldn’t ask for much more. You were warm and you had him.
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lana-writes · a day ago
Requests - Open (30 Nov 2021)
Ok, for the first time in a very long time, I think I might open up for requests. Just short things, like 500-ish words or less. Because I’m feeling somehow stagnant in my writing right now. I need some interesting prompts to get those creative juices flowing, you know. 
So send me your Druig and Eternals related requests. 
They can be related to “Wherever You Go” or completely unrelated. 
They can be headcanons or scenario concepts or a snippet of dialogue. Whatever you like!
You can use a prompt from a list here on tumblr or something original. (You can search “prompts” on my blog for prompt lists that I’ve made or reblogged, or choose a different one that you like)
Druig may be my favorite, but you can totally include other Eternals in your requests/prompts! In fact, I welcome it! The Eternals are so much better together than they are apart <3
Fluff, angst, *mild* smut (i.e. non-explicit). It’s all fine with me.
I’ll do fem!reader or GN!reader
I will not accept any prompts dealing with controversial topics like abortion, religion, politics, etc., nor will I accept request involving non-consent or any sort of sexual violence. 
Any questions? Just ask! I’m happy to answer them!
You can send your prompts/requests here.
There are no guarantees on how quickly I will be able to write and post them bc well, life happens. But I’ll get to them as soon as I can. Thanks for reading! And for all your support! 
Tumblr media
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yan-senna · 2 days ago
Mysterious Husband (SS)
By yan-senna
Links to the one shot: Wattpad / AO3 / FFN
Introduction to the one shots
Introduction to my The Keeper of the Diamond one shots
Want to be tagged when I post a one shot?
This one shot contains Severus Snape x professor! reader. I only own Y/N who is about 31 years old.
This is a request from @acupnoodle here on Tumblr. Thank you for your request!
During one of her lessons, Professor Y/N Y/L/N’s students ask about her time at Hogwarts when she was a student. As they notice her wedding ring, four students make it their mission to find out who her mysterious husband is.
I hope you enjoy!
PS: You can send requests!
Word count: 1.2k
Published: 11/30/2021
It’s Monday and a day just like any other. Y/N Y/L/N, the History of Magic teacher at Hogwarts, walks towards her classroom to teach the third-years.
Professor Binns, who used to teach her subject, decided to finally retire right before the summer. Which was why Dumbledore had to find a replacement.
That was no difficult task - Y/N was a bright student when she went to Hogwarts herself, and she knows a lot about the subject. It simply had to be her.
The students adore her - they actually seem to learn something now that the teacher isn’t a boring, old ghost.
Severus Snape, the Potions Master, was surprised to hear of his new colleague - not just because of the fact that there was a new addition to the staff, but mainly because of the fact that he knows the woman very well - his wife.
That’s right, Severus Tobias Snape is married.
But it’s a secret - the only ones who know besides themselves are Headmaster Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall.
They thought it was best if the students didn’t know, which is why Y/N is using her maiden name - two Professor Snapes would just be confusing, right?
Besides, they probably wouldn’t believe them anyway. Y/N is kind and patient, while Severus is rather mean and has a bad temper, plus he only expects perfection.
Oh, and he loves to take house points from anyone who isn’t in Slytherin, it seems.
How could these two opposites be married?
Back to Y/N, she opens the door to the classroom and greets the students.
“Hello, students. I hope your Monday has been great so far. Have a seat and let’s start the lesson” she states as she gives the students a friendly smile.
She then sits down at her desk and starts the lesson.
Forty-five minutes later, Y/N notices that the lesson about witch hunts is taking a toll on some of the students. She decides to give them a small break.
“Why don’t we take a fifteen-minute break?” she suggests. All the students immediately nod in agreement.
As she sits back in her chair in a more relaxing position, one of the students raises their hand.
“Yes, Mr. Potter?” she asks as she smiles at the Gryffindor boy.
“I have always been wondering, Professor Y/L/N - what was your time at Hogwarts like?” the boy asks her curiously.
That seems to catch everybody’s attention as they all look at their professor, intrigued.
Y/N chuckles. “Well, it was a fun time. I was in Slytherin and I was a Head Girl. I was a Prefect, too. I had a lot of responsibilities, but it was definitely worth it” she says, thinking back to her time as a student.
All the students look surprised - Professor Y/L/N is a Slytherin?
“Bloody hell, how is she in Slytherin? She’s too nice!” Ron Weasley whispers to his friends.
Neville Longbottom nods. “Yeah, I honestly thought that she was a Hufflepuff” the boy says, agreeing with him.
Another student raises their hand as well.
“Yes, Ms. Granger?” Y/N asks, giving the Gryffindor girl a smile.
“Did you go to Hogwarts with any of the other teachers, Professor Y/L/N?” the girl asks, looking curious.
Y/N nods. “I did. In fact, I was in the same year as Professor Snape. He and I were friends” she says, smiling at the thought of her and her husband sitting next to each other during all the lessons.
The students were surprised before, but now they are absolutely bewildered.
“Snape had friends?” Weasley asks, looking puzzled.
As Y/N hears that, she can’t help but laugh. “Yes, Mr. Weasley, Professor Snape did indeed have friends. We were best friends, actually” she explains.
Suddenly, she notices the time.
“Merlin, how long did we talk for? Class is dismissed!” she exclaims.
Cheering, all the students rise up from their seats and leave.
Unbeknownst to Y/N, she had forgotten to take her wedding ring off. And it did not go unnoticed.
“Did you notice that Professor Y/L/N wore a wedding ring? I wonder who she’s married to” Harry Potter questions his friends.
“Yeah, I did. She’s probably married to Lockhart. Poor her” Weasley says, shuddering at the thought.
So does Potter. “Honestly, Ron, I don’t think so. She’s probably married to Lupin. They are both really nice people” he says.
Hermione Granger rolls her eyes. “If you ask me, it’s pretty obvious who her husband is-” she points out.
Before she can say who she thinks is the mysterious husband, somebody suddenly decides to join their conversation.
“Nobody cares what you think, Mudblood. Professor Y/L/N is obviously not married to any of the other professors. Surely, we would have known then. I think she’s married to a rich, Pureblood Slytherin man. Probably someone my father knows” Draco Malfoy says.
The three Gryffindors groan. “Yeah, right! And I’m actually richer than you!” Weasley says sarcastically.
Malfoy glares at him. “You don’t believe me, huh? Why don’t we find out, then?” he suggests.
Potter raises an eyebrow. “What do you mean, Malfoy? By spying on her?” he asks, confused.
Malfoy smirks. “That’s exactly what I mean, Potter” he states.
Later that day, all classes are over. Y/N walks towards her private chambers - the ones she shares with her husband in the dungeons.
As she approaches, she decides to knock first in case he’s busy with something and doesn’t wish to be disturbed.
She however doesn’t notice four students spying on her.
“What is she doing outside Snape’s private chambers?” Potter asks, puzzled.
Malfoy sighs in irritation. “She probably needs a potion against a headache or something. Now shut up and listen, Potter!” he warns.
The door then opens to reveal Severus.
“I was getting worried, what took you so long?” he asks in a concerned voice.
“Wait a minute… Do you think she’s having an affair with Snape?” Potter whispers.
“Shut up, Potter!” Malfoy whisper-yells.
Y/N gives her husband a sad smile. “I’m sorry, love, I was in the library. I found a book you might find interesting” she says as she hands him the book.
He hums. “Thank you, darling” he says.
The students look bewildered. Love? DARLING? What in Merlin’s name is going on?
“Why don’t you come in, my darling wife? I have made some tea for us” he says as he steps aside for her to enter.
She smiles at him. “Of course, my dear husband” she says as she enters.
She barely gets to set a foot inside before he attacks her with kisses.
“Sev!” she squeals as she giggles.
Smirking, Severus closes the door without noticing the four students outside their door looking like they have just seen a ghost. Or well, something very unusual.
“Bloody hell, she’s married to Snape?!” Weasley exclaims.
Granger gives a satisfied smile. “I had a hunch. It seems like none of you boys won” she states.
The three boys huff. Stupid know-it-all.
Meanwhile inside the private chambers, Severus is still kissing his wife as he notices the ring on her finger.
“Love, you forgot to take it off this morning” he says, gesturing to the ring.
Y/N widens her eyes. She then chuckles. “Well, I guess it’s no longer a secret, my mysterious husband” she says playfully.
He chuckles as well. “It appears so, Mrs. Snape” he says in an amused tone.
They then continue kissing, not caring about what people will say the next morning.
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inky-child · 2 days ago
hinata meets sasuke’s motorcycle gang for the first time
I will be writing this as a one shot prompt today (Nov. 28 2021) stay tuned!
November 30 2021
K, it's a couple of days late but here it is! Criminal
The fact that he was part of a gang was all her sister had focused on. “He’s a criminal?” Hanabi had whispered, eyes wide, pink lips disbelieving as she stared. Hinata had flinched, having not considered this a possibility. “What? No!” Then, more slowly. “I… I don’t know.” It was hard, when it came to Sasuke.
He had arrived in her life like a bomb, attached to the one sunshine creature she had always wanted. Where Naruto brought cheerfulness and laughter Sasuke chilled a room with a single menacing stare and Hinata had thought that he could stay as far away from her as possible. Leather jackets, wild black hair, an attitude to match she had been about as interested in touching him as petting an aggravated porcupine. Then, she’d met his brother. “It’s not that he’s faking, exactly.” Itachi had explained at a party, gesturing easily in Sasuke’s direction. “It’s more that the badass is just an armor, you know? For the soft squishy innards inside.” “In-innards?” Hinata had stuttered, “I’m saying.” Itachi had grabbed her by the face then, squishing her round pink cheeks so her lips puckered slightly and she considered for the first time in her life kicking someone in the shin. “I’m saying I think you two might make a great match.” Hinata had been about to laugh, cry, or swear- all in various degrees of uncomfortable when someone had ripped her out of Itachi’s grasp. Surely, it was Naruto. Surely he had noticed and come to save- “What the hell is wrong with you?” Sasuke had snapped, pulling her behind him and releasing her wrist like it burned. “You can’t just touch her. That’s-” Whatever else he had intended to say, Neji had shoved it back down his throat with a spectacular sucker punch to the jaw. Defending Hinata’s and Hanabi’s honor often came to blows, despite her protestations and Sasuke Uchiha specifically touching her had struck a nerve. Two weeks of visiting him in the hospital later, a couple wide eyed revelations about his sense of humor and how stupidly, unfairly pretty his lashes looked while he slept and Hinata had begun to turn pink every time he looked at her. The fact he was in a biker gang had really not occurred to her until after. “You’re dating a criminal!” Hanabi squealed, kicking her legs above her head where she lay in Hinata’s bed like a child. “I’m so jealous!” “If you don’t be quiet you’re going to make me dead.” Hinata cried, slapping a hand over her mouth to stifle her sister’s delight. If Father heard he would lock her up for the rest of her young adult life, and going out with Sasuke on this or any Friday night would never happen. ***
He agreed to pick her up down the street, offering her a smirk with his nod that said he knew the various complicated reasons why she had requested this. It made her skin feel too tight and her navel too hot to see how much he was delighting in the fact of her hiding him. “What does one wear when on a motorcycle?” Hinata had wondered out loud as they waited for his taxi to arrive at the front of the hospital, watching as rain poured in torrents from the sky. Sasuke had laughed, if you could call the prickly dark sound he released a laugh. “Aren’t you friends with Tenten?” he had inquired, popping open the door of the yellow cab that arrived in front of them. Hinata folded her hands behind her back, forcing her shoulders straight so she wouldn’t cave into herself as she fretted. “Yes?” “Ask her. She’ll know.” And he’d climbed in without even a good bye. Not that it mattered, the way his eyes had lingered on her as the cab pulled away had done more of a flip flop in her stomach than any heartfelt hug would have. “It doesn’t matter what you wear.” Tenten had not been as helpful as Sasuke had said she would be. “He’s going to have to get you proper riding gear.” “Get me?” Hinata had blinked, confused by the insinuation that Sasuke would need to pay. “But-” “He probably already bought you a jacket.” Tenten rolled her eyes at her from underneath the half disassembled engine of a 1965 Charger she had been rebuilding for the better part of her high school career. “You’ll probably need boots and something to tie your hair properly too but if I know the Uchihas at all, they’re not cheap with their women.” Hinata made a face of yuck. So many things about that sentence were not okay. Especially if they pertained to her. She did not feel like a woman, per say. More of an older, still awkward but hoping to one day grow up girl. Also, she didn’t want to be part of the Uchiha’s Women Club.
“Don’t be coy.” Tenten laughed, smearing a dark line of something on her cheek by accident as she pushed back some loose locks of her brown hair. “If you’re going out with him to meet his friends that’s a big deal.” Tenten and Sasuke weren’t exactly friends, but she was the best source of information on his behavior, what with being the mechanic not just for him, but most of the gang Hinata was supposed to be meeting. “Well, so then what do I wear?” Hinata hung her head sideways, aware that she was asking this question while decked out in a flowing white skirt, a pale pastel cardigan and a v-neck blouse. Tenten grinned, nodded at her from her crouched position next to the Charger and said, “What you’re wearing right now. I dare ya.”
Next to him Hinata considered she probably looked too young. “You look…” he paused, cocked his head as he shoved his dark hair back from the tangle the bike helmet had made and smirked, “...angelic.” It was not exactly a compliment, but Hinata chose to receive it as one, arms crossed. “I took the advice of your mechanic.” “Did you?” Sasuke’s smirk grew. “I did think she would have some ideas, but perhaps not this one. Alright. This time you can ride in what you’re wearing.” He turned, offering her a helmet much like his own. “Next time you have to wear the gear I give you.” “What gear?” Hinata asked, hesitating a moment before sliding a leg precariously over the machine he seemed so comfortable on. “Gear to keep your skin on in case we bail and slide all over the highway.” Blanching within the helmet Hinata shivered, blinking when Sasuke peered at her over his shoulder. “How brave are you, Hyuuga?” Perhaps it was the proclaiming of her family name that did it, but Hinata suddenly grit her teeth and sat up straighter. “Let’s find out.” It wasn’t a smirk that time, when he smiled. She knew it because she could only see his eyes, and that black unshakeable gaze didn’t lie. ***
There were more motorcycles than she had ever seen, all lined up in shining ferocious looking lines. The location he had taken her to was not what she had imagined. Faded neon lights, unassuming decor, funky smells and a lot of beer had been what she had pictured. The club was not it. Even from outside in the gravel parking lot you could hear the sounds of the DJ ramping up a bass beat that would surely break her sternum where it vibrated with her heart. Windows up high on the warehouse shaped building spit out colors in smokey laser beams into the evening light.
Nothing about the party trying to break out of the building suggested anything but elegance and money. A lot of money, considering row after row of expensive car. Despite the scene, it was the characters Hinata’s eye got caught on. There were a handful she knew, leaning languidly against imported cars she couldn’t name and chatting in handfuls among the growing blanket of stars above their heads. “This is it, Hyuuga.” Sasuke said, feeling as her hands around his waist tightened for a moment. “It’s do or die.” “Should I be nervous?” “If you are, pretend you’re not. They can smell fear.” Parking at the end of the line of motorbikes Sasuke stopped, swiveling to look at her as she removed her helmet before catching her chin in his hand. Lips parted with words of encouragement heavy on his tongue he paused, considering instead the steely look she fixed him with. His smirk was a little smug in reply. “What?” she whispered, blinking curiously at him. “Nothing. I just can’t wait until you kick Kisame’s ass.” “Kisame?” Hinata began, glancing at the handful of people who were now studying them, some lifting up drinks and jeering at Sasuke good naturedly. “Which one is Kisame?” Without malice Sasuke answered, “The ugly one.” There was no time to ask anymore flabbergasted questions, one minute she was climbing uncertainly off the bike and the next minute Itachi had her by the waist hoisted in his arms. “Look at her! Didn’t I tell you she was gorgeous?”
“Like a thousand times.” A handful of voices grumbled, although laughter joined in.
“Put her down.” Sasuke snarled. “It’s this behaviour that got me in the hospital with a concussion, don’t start.” “I did nothing.” Itachi proclaimed, placing Hinata on the gravel more gently than she had thought he would. “It was the Hyuuga who tried to replace your brain with his fist.” “Like you didn’t know he was going to do that.” a blonde annoyed looking young man grumbled at his side, arms crossed. “That was your whole plan.” “Plan?” Hinata finally managed to find her words, tugging feebly on her arm which Itachi still held. “No one had any plan.” Itachi laughed, pulling her along. “Ignore Deidara. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Here, let me introduce you to the gang.” Said in Itachi’s tone of voice Hinata considered it might be the kind of neighborhood gang which spent a lot of time playing street hockey or catch at the local park. Looking at them all however cleared her of that idea rather quickly. “This is Hidan, steer clear of his religious speeches.” “Hey!” The man snapped. “I don’t-” “No one cares about your new age awakening, Hidan. Shut up.” Deidara drawled. Itachi plowed on while those two continued to bicker with the tone of familiarity. “This is Sasori. He has this really weird skill where he can make puppets talk.” “Ventriloquist.” Sasori raised his hands in defeat. “Why can’t you remember what it’s called? Also why is that the only thing you ever say about me when you introduce me.”
“And,” Itachi continued, ignoring Sasori while the others chuckled, throwing jabs at Sasori as the noise level began to rise. “That’s Suigetsu, Jugo and Karin. Sasuke’s fanclub.” “What the fuck?” Suigetsu began. Jugo shrugged his giant shoulders. “I mean, he’s not wrong.” “Last but not least.” Itachi spun a bewildered Hinata around, pushing her forward as though in offering. “Kisame.”
The ugly one was a fair descriptor. Hinata blinked rapidly at the extremely tall, muscled man who studied her from so high above. Nostrils flaring as though to sniff out weakness he bent forward so they were eye level, smiling in a way that was closer to a snarl. “She looks like she got picked up from a brunch with the queen. I’ve been more intimidated by a chihuahua.” “But chihuahuas are terrifying.” Suigetsu lifted his hands up in confusion.
Hinata stuck her hand out, as though to shake. “Nice to meet you, Kisame.” There was a moment’s pause and then riotous laughter. “Look at her.” Kisame’s smirk revealed the entirely unnatural sharpness of his teeth as he pointed at Hinata’s still offered hand. “So polite.” “I didn’t realize I needed to be intimidating.” Hinata admitted, aware of Sasuke trying to make eye contact with her from somewhere in her periphery. “Why is that?” “Besides the fact that we’re Akatsuki?” Kisame took her hand, dragging her forward so she slammed into his chest. “You don’t know the kind of work we have to do. It’s probably best you go home, little one. You don’t belong here.” “Right.” Hinata hummed, flicking a hand at Sasuke to still him at her side. “Well, to start…” she adjusted Kisame’s leather jacket casually on his shoulders and collar. “I really need people to start asking permission before they touch me so-” It happened fast enough that if anyone blinked they missed it. One moment Kisame had her in a grip that dwarfed her waist, the next she had knocked out his knee, used the momentum of his falling body to drag him over her shoulder and onto his back with a crack onto the gravel. Sniffing slightly, Hinata dusted her hands and put them on her waist where her frilly white knee length skirt fluttered in the evening breeze. “I didn’t think to come looking intimidating. It’s not something I put a lot of thought or effort into.” “Shit.” Karin piped up after a long silence where only Kisame grunting in pain could be heard. “I thought it was her cousin that punched you in the face Sasuke. But now I get why you’re obsessed.” Laughter broke out, with Suigetsu cackling in delight at Kisame’s pain and Deidara rolling his eyes and Hidan crying out “I’m also obsessed.” “I told you!” Itachi called, ushering everyone in the direction of the club doors. “I told you she was great!” Hinata startled at the feel of Sasuke’s breath tickling her ear and she turned sheepishly to examine his face. “Sorry.” “Am I allowed to touch you or are you going to paralyze me like Kisame over here?” “Haha.” Kisame grumbled, rolling awkwardly onto his feet to throw an arm over Hidan’s shoulder as he hobbled towards the doors. “Permission granted.” Hinata smiled, twining her arms behind her back. “Did I overdo it?” Sasuke waited to hear the club doors close. The pulsing beat of the bass was muffled with a click before he promptly picked her up, shoving them both against the wall so he could kiss her as though his intention was to devour her completely. Knees tightening around his waist Hinata panted in the quiet as he explored her neck with his mouth. “Did… did I do something right?” “You are something right.” Sasuke gasped against her throat, fingers digging into her hair, searching out places to make her squirm and moan.
Hinata could live with that.
Criminal or no.
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becomeawendybird · a day ago
Tumblr media
Where You Hiding, Dream Girl? by QuickedWeen (3.5k, E)
Niall invites all his friends over to help him get ready for his epic proposal-turned-surprise-party, but everything goes sideways when his girlfriend Emily comes home too early. Louis can't believe he's making them all hide, but she's just glad she didn't have to wait outside in the cold like they originally planned. She's even more forgiving when she ends up in a compromising hiding position with Emily's friend Harry.
Additional Tags: Girl Direction, Engagement Party, Hiding, Surprise Party, Surprise Motorboating, Though no one calls it that, Breast Play, is that a thing?, Smut, Public Sex, and a surprising lack of closet jokes
Written for the @motorboatrryfest2021
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isolatedlight · 4 hours ago
secret tattoo || Tom Holland
Summary: Tom is away doing press and reveals a secret tattoo while you watch at home.
Rating: PG-13
Warning: swearing
Having a famous boyfriend isn't always what it everyone thinks it is. I mean you have a job of your own, and you can't go following him around the world like everyone thinks you do. You're lucky to be able to visit as much as you want, and for as long as you want but you still don't visit him once a month. Especially if he is in his busy season like right now.
Press time is always stressful. All he does is go, go, go for a good month or more just talking about his movie and his costar. They go to red carpets and dinners and spend more time with each other than they spend alone.
With the Spiderman: No Way Home it's not much different. In fact it feels a little worse. And you didn't want to bother him so you sit at home watching all of the interviews like everyone else does. Texting him your reactions because you know he does' have his phone with him.
This time you cuddled up on the couch with Tessa watching the interview on the big screen. You couldn't help but smile with everything he did and the way he interacted with people. He was so kind.
Suddenly the interview shifts to Tom and his personal life more than the filming and cast of the show, he doesn't look surprised i mean it's been like this since you had gotten together a few months ago.
"So Tom your lovely girlfriend, is she around these days?"
"Of course she is. She usually just stays home during press because we get so busy you know?"
"Of course, of course. And you too have been together for a while now right?"
"Yeah, about two and a half years."
"And is this like, a permanent thing? Do you think you'll end up getting married?"
"I mean i hope so."
"Well i heard from someone else that you got something a little permanent..." Your eyebrow quirks and you lean in a little bit. What on Earth could he be talking about? Tom didn't say anything. "Does the Mrs know about it?"
"Uh no, no she does not."
"Would you be willing to show us? Or is she watching this back home?"
"She is definitely watching this at home but I'll show you now. She can't get too made from thousands of miles away right?"
He pulls the edge of his t-shirt up to expose a small, fine line red inked in heart with your initial in the centre. He has a smile that tells you it was probably not impulsive and that he had hoped someone would bring it up long before he got home.
Your jaw drops and your hear races as the camera zooms in on it slowly.
"Oh my fucking god."
"I know that we will probably get married, she really is my soulmate. But until then, and I guess after then i wanted something special. I mean it's easy for makeup to cover and I won't lose it like a ring that i would have to take off every time i was filming."
"Honestly, i think it's a pretty good solution."
"See me too. Will she probably hate it? Only for like ten minutes honestly. Actually she's probably texting me right now losing her shit about it but in like a good way."
"And what will mum think about this?"
"She probably won't even care. She loves her, and she knows that it's my body and I can kinda do what I want with it."
"You're really wrapped around her finger now aren't you."
"I am, but i like it that way."
"Your skin really glows when you're in love."
"I might've also stolen her skin care."
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greyeyedmonster-18 · a day ago
tw: sexual content. younger readers be advised. (i know this is usually a family channel, sans a few swear words but...when it rome...i.e. when its naughty november) 
If anyone asked, he’d deny it vehemently; he’d stubbornly lie and refuse to admit it; because he absolutely was not enamored with Sirius’ hair. He absolutely hadn’t noticed that he was growing it out and the black curls around his ears were not all-consuming, nor was the shampoo he used. And Remus, under no uncertain terms, had no interest in pulling it. 
Not. At. All.
There were a few things Remus had come to expect as far as first days of school went.
He expected to be a little nervous, even though he was a seventh year and knew the routines and schedules of Hogwarts. 
He expected to be reunited with his friends (and his boyfriend) after over a month apart. He expected James and Sirius and even Marlene to make a loud scene that would be the envy of any muggle film that involved waving from a cruise ship and welcome homes. He expected Lily to give him the last book she had finished over summer and Lily expected Remus to do the same. 
He expected the feast to be magnificent and he expected eye rolls from everyone in his vicinity as Dumbledore rattled off the rules, even though James had been made Head Boy, and Remus was a prefect, and they were supposed to be perfectly well-behaved. 
He also expected crying first years, stiff school robes after being in muggle jeans and t-shirts for the past few months, curfews, and general merriment in the Gryffindor common room. 
But he didn’t expect for Sirius to return from summer with long hair.
Sirius who had been expected to keep his hair short by his parents, who usually returned from summers with short hair. Sirius who had experimented with growing his hair out since living with Potters, trying out different shapes and cuts and shaved edges. He would’ve expected Sirius to return with pink on top of his head. But never with long hair, in perfect big curls falling just onto his shoulders. Hair that he hadn’t bothered to tie up, and framed cheekbones and eyebrows and SIRIUS like he was made to have that hair his whole life.  
Remus had always been pants at Divination, but in all his made up predictions, never would’ve written that down. He also wouldn’t have written down that something as simple as hair on someone’s head would being enough to activate feral teenage hormones he was sure had surpassed him at the appropriate ages. But then again, Sirius was always good for inciting the most impulsive, careless, unbridled version of himself in the best ways. 
They had spoken over the summer, using two way mirrors and post and everything else they could think of. They had even visited each other twice, but Remus simply didn’t recall Sirius’ hair looking like that. 
Remus resisted all urges the first night well enough, reminding himself that he was in public and fucking your sinfully good-looking boyfriend into the ground in front of first years would definitely warrant a few detentions, not even mentioning it until they were alone in the bathroom that night, Sirius raising an eyebrow in the mirror reflection. 
Which was strange because Remus was not staring. 
“Alright?” asked Sirius, “Why do you keep staring at me?”
“I’m not.”
“Did you miss me that much?” A smirk appeared on Sirius’ face slowly, turning around to lean against the counter and face Remus. He reached up, taking the hair tie off his wrist, running his fingers over black curls, pulling them into a knot on top of his head. It’s a bouldering hold built for you. 
Touch it. 
Pull it until he’s on his knees screaming your name.
Stop it.
“I....yeah, I did, actually.” Remus stepped between Sirius’ legs, bringing his arms up to rest on his boyfriends broad shoulders, the leaning position making them eye level. “So let me stare, would you?”
“I didn’t say I cared.” Sirius spoke softly, tipping his head forward so he could meet Remus’ lips. “I missed you too.”
Remus knew that if he reached up to touch the knot on Sirius’ head it would be all over. Meaning Remus would cum straight into his sweatpants at contact after looking and thinking about hair for the past 10 hours. So he settled (well, there was no settling with Sirius, really) for a heated snogging session, hoping the desire would ebb. Hoping the excitement was just from the surprise of the first day. 
It wasn’t. 
But If anyone asked, he’d deny it vehemently; he’d stubbornly lie and refuse to admit it; because he absolutely was not enamored with Sirius’ hair. He absolutely hadn’t noticed the way Sirius’ fingers put subtle braids in it to keep it out of his face and the black curls around his ears were not all-consuming, nor was the shampoo he used. And Remus, under no uncertain terms, had no interest in pulling it. Not. At. All.
It was only the third day of term when he returned to the dormitory after Ancient Runes to find Sirius already in the bathroom, giving him a smile as he dried his hands, moving to tie his hair up. Remus swallowed, a wave of want crashing over him. He was alone with his boyfriend, he had a free period, Sirius was smiling at him and he was helpless, and as the expression went: fuck it.
“Don’t.” Remus told him, advancing forward quickly, sandwiching Sirius’ body between his own and the bathroom counter that looked like it had just been cleaned. He reached Sirius, putting a hand behind his boyfriends head and pressing him into his mouth. Sirius gasped at the pressure but offered no complaints, reciprocating the passion with earnest, a big hand trailing down the front of Remus to palm him over trousers.
“Baby,” Sirius whispered, feeling Remus’ cock that was already half-hard without any stimulation and Remus’ fingers curled into Sirius’ scalp. It was a tingling at first, morphing into a pulsing, into a thrumming in time with Remus’ heart beat and the breathy voice in his head that had been nagging him all week. 
So he did. Long fingers tangling and tugging at black hair that caused Sirius to recline his head, exposing the lines of his throat and Remus kissed down them, keeping his hips flush against Sirius’ ignoring whined protests from his boyfriends lips that meant they were far too clothed and Sirius’ wandering hands wanted Remus out of his trousers. Their cocks hard and rubbing against one another as their lips played a similar game with open mouths and tongues and strangled half-swears at the unexpected collision. 
“This hair has been driving me fucking insane,” Remus said, using magic to undo the buttons of Sirius’ shirt, not wanting to remove his hand from the hair he had been desperate to feel. Better than he imagined. 
“My hair?” breathed Sirius, wiggling his shoulders to shrug off his shirt, making sure it stay on the bathroom counter, not letting it fall to the floor. Remus pulled again, this time slightly harder and he watched as Sirius’ pupils dilated further, breathing out a whine of delicious pleasure.
Every single cell in Remus’ body plummeted southward, as he relented to Sirius’ wishes, giving just enough space between them for Sirius’ hands to undo the belt of Remus’ trousers, well practiced hands taking care of the buckle and the fly with ease. Sirius sank to his knees in front of Remus, talk of hair already disappearing in favor of feeling. 
And he could feel Sirius’ hot breath on his cock, Remus’ own catching in his throat. He could feel thumbs in the waist band of his briefs, kisses pressed into hip bones as they joined his trousers on the floor. 
He tightened the hand further in Sirius’ hair,  his heart hammering in his chest as he looked down at Sirius-fucking-Black. Sirius who tilted his head upwards, grey eyes wide and lips slightly parted. His tongue poked out, wetting his lower lip in anticipation of what they both really wanted him to do with his mouth.
“My pretty boy...” Remus said, using the phrase that was only allowed in the bedroom. One that elevated both their states of arousal and Sirius’ eyes darkened.
“Please?” Sirius asked his hands gripping Remus’ arse tightly and Remus let his own moan escape, simultaneously loving and hating the slight satisfied smile Sirius gave him. With nothing more than a tiny nod from Sirius licked the tip of Remus’ cock, dripping with pre-cum responding as Remus’ hips involuntarily bucked forward at the contact. 
“No teasing, baby, just--” Not needing to be told anything else--the two of them dizzy and hot and Sirius was still in his fucking trousers and they hadn’t moved from the bathroom--Sirius took the head of Remus’ cock into his mouth. Remus twisted his hand into Sirius’ hair, using it to guide his head back and forth as Sirius sucked. He loved the noises Sirius made as he worked, his head reclining backwards in sublime ecstasy, his thoughts completely numb and only vague mumbles about Sirius and his gorgeous mouth and his fucking hair were left. Sirius’ well-trained throat could take Remus’ full length, sliding up and down with skill and determination, big hands at the back of Remus’ thighs, clipped fingernails biting into the skin ever so slightly. 
“Sirius, fuck, I’m--” The sensations were too much, Remus getting caught in the space where his wild fuck fantasies met reality (a space Sirius was all too skilled at taking him to), and he closed his eyes unable to resist prolonging release He would’ve liked to bend Sirius over the bathroom sink and fuck him, would’ve liked to hear Sirius choke out his name, not liking to be such a selfish lover, but Remus’ hips bucked against Sirius’ mouth, filling it with his cum, all sense of control completely gone. He felt Sirius swallow around his cock, forcing himself look down once more to watch Sirius slowly pull away, licking wet swollen lips. 
Sirius rose to his feet slowly, meeting Remus’ mouth with his lips, careful not to loosen the grip Remus had in his hair.
Oh you like this too, don’t you, my love.
 “Alright, darling?” Sirius asked biting down on Remus’ lower lip as he pulled away, that particular term of endearment enough to elicit a moan. This sweet creature and his insatiable sex-drive and stamina.
“I love you.”
“Mostly my hair it looks like,” Sirius kissed along Remus’ jawline. His trousers were around his ankles and Remus could feel the spot on Sirius’ own that was soaked with his own cum, wet and cold fabric against bare thighs. It sent a shiver up Remus’ spine, this perfect boy coming from pleasuring Remus alone. 
“Love you so much.” Remus repeated, kissing Sirius soundly, finally willing to relinquish the hold he had on black curls, untangling fingers and sliding them down along Sirius’ jawline until the shorter pieces trickled out and he was left holding nothing but olive skin and a steel gaze with long eyelashes that Remus still couldn’t believe was his. “Now, I...won’t tell you what to do--”
“My knees beg to differ.”
“You were halfway down before I even looked at you--” Remus told him and Sirius grinned his teeth catching his lower lip, Remus’ cock twitching, “You’re welcome to do what you like with your hair...but for what it’s worth, I like this... a lot.”
“Well then I suppose I’ll have to keep it this way...” Sirius trailed off and cocked an eyebrow slowly, “On one condition?”
“Always negotiating...”
“Fuck me.” 
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make-me-imagine · 2 days ago
Request: "I like to think we're more than 'just friends.'" Requested by: @criminaly-supernatural (this was from the mystery prompts thing from like 10 months ago lol)
Pairing: Erik Lehnsherr x GN!Reader
Warnings: Brief mentions of killing/violence. I also kind of re-hash everything that happened in the movies, so if you haven't seen them this is heavy with spoilers.
Word Count: 1.5k
Everything Taglist: @criminaly-supernatural, @caswinchester2000, @imaginesfire Xmen/Marvel Taglist: @aquariuslavenderhoney, @trashywritestrash, @resplendentlady, @marvelouslyme96, @supersourlemon13, @mochamoff, @simsiddy, @bisexualdragongirl
*This is supposed to take place after Apocalypse; and in a way, it's like he never had a wife and daughter. **I'm not sure how I feel about this one, but I hope you guys like it. It's my first time writing for Erik, but I couldn't quite find the muse to write it how I wanted too.
Tumblr media
To say you were surprised Erik was standing in front of you would be an understatement. It had been four months since you had seen him last, and you had a sort of sad acceptance, that you would never see him again. But here he was, looking at you with a mix of worry and amusement on his face.
After everything that had happened between the two of you, you often wondered if it never meant anything to him. But now, as he returned, most unexpectedly, you couldn't help but think that maybe it did.
You had met after he and Charles had recruited you to join what would be called the "X-men". You grew close to them, Charles like a brother, and Erik, something different. You were close, not like siblings, and at times it seemed to be a bit more than friends, though it was never made clear.
Especially after what happened on the island, with Charles getting paralyzed, and Erik leaving. You stayed with Charles, even though Erik tried to convince you to join him, but you couldn't. No matter the pros and cons of his arguments, you could never convince yourself it was right.
Years passed, Charles changed, the school opened and closed, but you stayed behind with Hank. You heard and saw nothing of Erik, until he was arrested, for the alleged murder of John F Kennedy. And then, bizarrely enough, a man named Logan showed up at the school, who claimed he was sent back from the future by Charles himself.
After breaking Erik out of prison, you talked a bit here and there, but he knew you had not forgiven him, not truly. But there was still something between the two of you, just beneath the surface. Plus, you couldn't help but wonder what the meaning behind the often amused looks from Logan when he watched the two of you was. Maybe the two of you were something else in his future, something different.
You couldn't linger on the thoughts for long, and after the events in Washington, the reputation of mutants was changed after Raven saved Nixon. Erik of course, much to no ones surprise, disappeared, again.
You and Charles had both pleaded with him to come back, to stay, to stop running. You could see he was tempted, that some part of him wanted a home and a family, but he pushed it away, and left without a word.
Again, years passed with no knowledge of where he was or what happened to him. Not until you found that he had allied himself with En Sabah Nur, a mutant who was, as you later discovered, was 10,000 years old.
But with this change, you and Erik were now enemies. He took Charles, and planned to help En Sabah Nur to cause ruin and destruction, so only the strongest would remain. You could see his uncertainty, and tried to convince him to stop when Peter took you to talk to him. You knew you got through to him in some way, but you had been afraid it was not enough.
In the end, it was enough. He turned on En Sabah Nur, and helped stop him, saving the world in the process. He then helped to rebuild the school, and you thought, you hoped, he was going to stay. But, once again, just as he had done before, he left.
Months passed, and the school was running again, and you were teaching again. You were happy, but often found yourself thinking of Erik. Where was he? Was he okay? You found yourself wishing you thought nothing of him, it would make it so much easier. But maybe after he was gone for another few years, you would feel nothing.
But now, four months later, he was standing in front of you again. You were sitting in your office, and you heard the door open, and someone walk in. Having expected it to be Hank, you didn't turn around.
"How'd the lecture go?" You asked casually as you stared down at the paper in front of you.
"Slowly, I'd assume."
Your head snapped up at the voice, and as you eyes met Erik's familiar greenish-blue eyes, you stared at him agape, unsure of what to do.
"Hello Y/n." He said softly, not surprised by your reaction, if not a little amused.
It took you a few more seconds to gather yourself again. Straightened up in your chair, you looked him over briefly. He appeared the same, did not seem to be injured or upset, or in need of help. "What are you doing here?"
He seemed to think over his answer as he took a few steps across the room, looking over your books. "I wanted to see how the school was doing." He replied casually.
"Liar." You replied.
You could see the ghost of a smile on his lips at your comment. Turning to look at you, a small and almost melancholy smile crossed his face. "I can't seem to find anywhere I want to be." Walking across the room again, he was now looking out the window at the grounds.
"And did you come here for advice, or because this is where you want to be?"
Erik stayed silent, and after a few moments, you rose from your seat and walked over to him, leaning on the wall as you stared at him. After a moment Erik looked over at you, he could see you staring at him as though you were trying to see through him, or read his thoughts like Charles could.
He smiled a bit and shook his head, "Even after I betrayed you and Charles so many times, almost got you killed more than once. You both still asked me to stay, to come...home, as you call it. Why?"
His gaze was still, but intense, he seemed to be lost, unsure of himself. And you, in this moment, felt a similar feeling. "Because we are friends." You answered, not necessarily lying, but it certainly wasn't the whole truth.
He turned to face you now, and moved a little closer, so that you were less than a foot away from each other. "I think we both know, we are more than just 'friends'"
Your heart sped up at this comment, and you were sure your surprise was evident on your face, but you remained still, and your face unmoved. Before you could say anything, he continued.
"You and Charles are the only two people in the world who could convince me to change, though I rebel against it anyways. You two are the only ones who make me see myself for what I am, the only ones who make me want to change. You two are the only family I have. Charles is my brother, but are so much more. In here." He placed his hand flat on his chest as he stared into your eyes. You could see the emotion behind them. "But I don't understand why. After all that I have done."
Slowly, almost hesitantly, you placed your hand on his, and you could see him hold his breath. You stared into his eyes as you spoke. "You were lost in your pain and anger, and yes you did betray us, you did hurt us, you did run away. But every time you helped us in the end, came back to us, saved us. And now you've come home Erik. You don't need to run anymore. Me and Charles always ask you to stay because we are family, because we love you. Because I love you. Because I see who you really are. Who you try to convince yourself that you are not."
A tear streamed down Erik's face as you spoke, he was surprised to be feeling so much, but he was relieved in a sense, as well. He brought up his other hand and placed it on yours, so your hand was sandwiched between his. "I have-" he faltered for a moment, seeming to gather himself before he spoke again. "I have loved you since we first became a family all of those years ago. Since we first became the "X-men."" He smiled a bit before continuing, "But I hurt you so many times. How could I hurt someone I am determined I adore, so many times? And how- how can you possibly say you love me back?"
You shook your head lightly, "You can't choose who you love Erik. And no matter the pain you caused, you always undid it. You can never really hide the good inside of you, not matter how determined you are to think you are damned."
Moving his hand to cup your face, he studied your face for a moment. As if he was now the one trying to read your mind.
You spoke again, softly. "Why did you come back Erik?"
He locked his eyes with yours, thinking over your question, before a small smile graced his face. "I wanted to come home. To you."
xx End xx
Abrupt ending, i know, but I wasn't vibing with this one sadly.
But I hope you enjoyed it anyways.
If you want to be added to my everything or my marvel taglist, let me know :)
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bitchjerk78 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Yn hears Dean touch himself
PAIRING: Yn x Dean
WARNINGS: Smut, cheating, oral sex, unprotected sex
You watch Sam sleep with a peaceful face by your side, you caress his face rough due to the growing beard. You don't really like a beard but you have to admit to yourself that it looks great on Sam. Long hair covers his sleeping face and you smile softly thinking about how happy he makes you. You try to suppress the overwhelming thought that reminds you that he is not the brother you really want to be with, but the younger brother's bare back judges you in silence and you bring your legs to your chest sinking your head between your knees. What a mess.
You are aware that you care about Sam, he is so thoughtful of you and makes you feel special. Sex is not bad at all. But you can't help but think of Dean's big hands and his green eyes that you are dying to see them focused on your naked body. You know Sam might be the one for you, but you've never been good at making the right decision and you already know you'll end up choosing the wrong option.
You sigh as you close your eyes and breathe softly. Thoughts fill your head. Why can't you just be in love with Sam? Because he doesn't make you feel that excited thrill down your spine every time he looks at you, he doesn't give you goosebumps when he touches you, and his voice doesn't make your stomach crumple like a sheet of paper. Because he's not Dean.
You put on a sweatpants and cover yourself in Sam's plaid shirt, you need to get away from the muscular guy who sleeps in your bed.
The bunker is silent, everyone is probably asleep and you try to be as careful as possible so as not to wake anyone up. Jack is having trouble sleeping and you try to pass his room without making the slightest noise. You stop with your heart in your chest in front of Dean's room and put your ear to the door to hear what he's doing. Everything seems silent but your heart explodes in your chest as soft moans echo in your ears
"Fuck" you hear Dean cursing and his stomach does a somersault. Is he touching himself? The very thought of his face twisted into a grimace of pleasure creates a thrill right there "yn" you open your mouth in disbelief. Did he just say your name? You can already feel the panties getting wet as the moans get louder and louder "oh my god, yn" if you thought you had imagined it before now you're sure he said your name.
You absolutely have to walk away or you might get caught and sure, that's the last thing you want to happen. You walk in the dark to reach the kitchen, you definitely need a glass of cold water to put out the fire that has ignited in you hearing the low and hoarse mouth of Dean say your name between a crowd and the other. You cling to the table as his voice explodes in your chest
"Dean?" you start seeing his sculpted body in front of your eyes. He has unkempt hair and red and swollen lips as if he had squeezed them between his teeth until recently. Slide your gaze up to his hands as you imagine his cock squeezed between long fingers. You are almost out of breath and take a step back and take another sip of water
"yn" read the embarrassment on his face as if what he just did was a cardinal sin "I thought you were asleep" shake your head as you watch the muscular legs stop a short distance from you and the big hands busy pouring water
"no, I'm not very sleepy" you bring a lock of hair behind your ear while his plump lips are moistened by the cold liquid
"I was cleaning the guns, didn't I bother you with the noise?" You smile knowing that he is lying and that he wants to make sure you haven't just heard him touching himself thinking of you
"no, I have not heard anything" he sighs relaxed and smiles mockingly "apart from you moaning my name, no nothing" an adrenaline rush shakes your chest. His green eyes focus on you in amazement and his pink face suddenly whitens
"I" shake your head and act without even thinking about what you are doing, without considering the consequences. You put yourself in front of his face being able to finally observe the freckles covering his nose "yn?" Dean asks confused as his hands land on your hips. You melt feeling his fingers tighten your bare skin under Sam's thin sweatshirt
"Dean" you sigh "Why did you touch yourself thinking of me?" you ask, holding it from below and tilting your head upwards
"fuck" moans as you approach his pelvis to let you feel all his excitement growing in his jeans "because I can't help but imagine you bent over this table while I fuck you until you cry every time I see you" you gasp from the his unsettling sincerity "tell me you do it too" his hand ends up on your face while his thumb slips cautiously between your lips. Dean caresses your mouth slowly while his finger brushes your teeth "tell me that you touch yourself thinking of me" your breath becomes short while you can almost feel your soaked panties "tell me that while Sam fucks you, you think of me, that I am the one who takes you between your sheets "you tremble and nod shyly. Didn't you think this would ever happen "yes?" nod again "good girl" your body is on fire at those words and you quiver with excitement as Dean pushes you down making you fall on your lap. The floor is cold but the desire for him sets you on fire
"Dean?" you don't know what you're calling him for. Whether it's a plea or a necessity
"sh, shut up. Don't you want to wake Sam?" his hand lands on your face making the sound of the slap echo throughout the kitchen. You moan with pleasure and place your hands on his thighs, the only thing you want is to feel his cock in your mouth "I know what you want, little slut" arch your back waited to see him undo his belt "hands" he orders while he tightens the belt waiting for you to put your wrists on it. He Pulls hard and ties your hands behind your back "so you'll be good" he grins as he looks at you and undoes his pants. Black boxers are so tight you can't imagine how big his cock "suck, baby" nod as you lick it with mock innocence as you watch it from under your lashes
"mh Dean" his hand ends behind your neck as he begins to accompany the movements of your head. He pushes you hard towards him and you can feel his cock in your tight throat. He puts both hands on the sides of your head and beats your mouth mercilessly. You would like to touch it but your tied hands prevent you. He's torturing you
"shit, yn" brings his head up so he can see his neck pulled. Comes out of your mouth and moans softly "open" he orders opening your lips, a trickle of saliva slips on your tongue making you aroused "swallow" you watch him while his saliva crosses your throat "good girl" makes you stand up and look at you intensely in the eyes "why don't we take off this shirt ah?" he smiles as he tears it up forcefully making it fall to shreds on the ground "you are mine" you moan nodding and, finally, his lips end up on yours. The kiss is slow but full of passion and desire, desire for sex, desire for him, desire for love. His tongue explores your oral cavity as his cock rubs against your leg
"Dean" you moan feeling your knees give way, his powerful hands hold you and without realizing it, you find yourself bent on the cold table while your body stiffens from the cold
"I'm about to fuck you so hard you'll beg" you nod as your pants are pulled off and your panties ripped in half "mh you're so hot. Lying on this table, you're so wet I can see your cum dripping from your legs" you ajar your eyes and you bite your lips hard as you feel his dick inside you "oh shit you're so tight" He takes you hard by the hair forcing you to arch your back
"Dean" you groan as the thrusts make your legs shake
"yn, you're so wet" he presses your head hard on the table and holds your bare back with his free hand. His moans give you goosebumps and you feel him approach your ear and bite your earlobe. Your legs are shaking and you are sobbing in order not to come without his consent
"Dean, please" moan "please let me come" you hear him laughing and whispering dirty things in your ear
"come for me, yn" you explode mercilessly moaning his name
You scream as he collapses exhausted onto your back and leaves you a sweet kiss on the shoulder. He moves your hair away from your face so he can leave you another kiss on the cheek, forehead, nose, lips
"oh my god" you gasp as you try to stand up but you have to hold on to Dean because your legs are still shaking
"come here" he covers you with his shirt that reaches mid-thigh and takes you in his arms to keep you from walking, you put your head on his chest after having playfully kissed his chin. You hear him laughing and his chest trembles under your face as his laughter echoes in the kitchen "sleep with me tonight" he kisses your forehead and at the same time directs you to his room.
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buckybarnesandmarvel · 19 hours ago
Love is a dagger
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x f!reader
Warning: Mentions of sex but just an overdose of fluff!
Summary: You get a new tattoo.
A/N: So... this is my first time writing for Tom Hiddleston. I have described the reader as having a fair few tattoos already. Enjoy! :)
You rolled over on your side to come face-to-face with Tom’s sleeping form. His arm was under his head and his cheek was squished against the pillow. You watched as his chest fell up and down steadily. Small rays of early morning sunshine were peeking in through the gaps in the curtains, illuminating his handsome face. His arm was wrapped securely around your waist as you watched him slowly wake up from his slumber.
“Hmmmm. Morning, darling.” His voice was husky and full of sleep shooting a fluttering sensation to your core. You loved the man in front of you with all your heart and were privileged to be able to call him you fiancé.
“G’morning, honey.” You replied with a sleepy voice. You tried to roll back over and ease your way out of bed, but was kept in place by Tom’s firm grip around your middle.
“No. 5 more minutes.” He spoke with this eyes closed, cuddling into you and you chuckled quietly.
“Baby, c’mon. I need to get to my appointment.”
That woke him up.
“Are you ever going to tell me - or even show me - what tattoo you are getting?” He whined.
“Hmm. Nope. I have kept it a secret for so long now, and you, Mr Hiddleston, are not going to get it out of me now.”
“Are you sure about that?”
Before you could reply, he rolled you over, pinning you down and kissed you passionately, his hands wandering all over your body. You let yourself get lost in the kiss for a few blissful moments before pulling back.
“No. Nope. Not happening. You are not going to distract me with sex, honey. Not today.”
You moved your head away as he ducked to kiss you again and Tom gave you an offended look.
He rested his forehead on yours as you looked into his beautiful, blue eyes.
“You like all my other tattoos, right?”
He closed his eyes and gave a hum of confirmation.
“Then, I promise you, you will love this one, Loki.”
And with that, you quickly rolled out from underneath him, gave him a cheeky wink and locked the bathroom door before Tom came up with any other ideas to distract you. You heard him let out a breathy chuckle as you shut the door.
“Okay, honey, I’m leaving!”
You called out to Tom from the hallway to where he was situated in the living room. Instead of shouting back to you, though, Tom came to you, placed his large hands on your hips and gave you a quick kiss.
“Don’t go too long, darling. I love you.” He gave you one more kiss before you walked to the door.
“Never. I love, too, baby.”
“Tommy, honey! I’m home.” You called out front the front door. Bobby came bounding towards you and you pet his chocolate brown fur.
“Hey, boy. Where’s your daddy?” You cooed to him, though, only getting a bark in response.
You passed the living room but Tom wasn’t there. You then went into your shared bedroom and quickly changed before going to the office to see if Tom was in there, which he was. His glasses were perched on his nose and his long hair was tucked behind his ears. You made your way towards him and eased your way into his lap. He looked up from his computer as he secured you with his arms.
“Can I see?”
You knew he had been dying to find out what tattoo you had been wanting to get ever since you told him you wanted another one a few weeks ago. He immediately encouraged you to get one as he finds peace in tracing all the different intricate designs whenever you guys are cuddling or if he’s stressed.
You pecked him on his lips before carefully pulling up the sleeve of your right arms, showing him the tattoo taking up the space of your forearm. It was from the series ‘Loki’ that you had loved so much, making Tom watch it with you - even though he filmed it. It was a dagger with Loki’s helmet with a ribbon saying ‘Love is...’ The quote was ‘Love is a dagger’ and you had come up with a design for it.
You watched as Tom gently held your arms gazing at the green, black and gold ink.
“So... what do you think?”
“Wow. Darling, this is absolutely beautiful. I love it. I love you.”
“I love you too, Loki.” You winked at him, again as you got up and tried to rush out of the room, but Tom was too fast. He grabbed you and easily picked you up as he gave your ass a quick slap before carrying you to the comfort of your bedroom.
Thank you! I hope you enjoyed! This is not proofread so sorry for any mistakes.
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Falling Slowly
Tumblr media
tagging: @eurynome827 @jewelofwinter @ikaris-whore @chuuulip@randomfandompenguin @book-dragon-13@jobean12-blog@littledarlinhavefaithinme@loricameback @marvelgirl7 @hiddles-rose​ @etheralmendes
Colin was never the type of man to settle down, his rockstar lifestyle always seemed to dominate over any want to be in an actual committed relationship. Even Alley couldn’t keep him around for long. But, what did catch his eye was the new tenant that moved in above him just a few weeks ago. He only saw her in passing, admiring her as she made her way down the stairs to her office job. He would catch her smile at him if she took notice of him. Colin didn’t need anyone and he most certainly did not need a woman in his life.
I don't know you
But I want you
All the more for that
She had had enough of her downstairs neighbor. She glared at the clock that reflected the red LED 2:30 AM back at her. Throwing back the covers, she huffed and pulled on a sweatshirt over her pajamas and made her way downstairs. She glared and banged on the door despite the pleasurable sounds coming from the other side of the door. She was determined and kept her raps loud and purposeful until the noises died off. She nodded at the door and turned to walk back up to her apartment, unaware of Colin poking his head out to catch her walking back up the stairs.
She came trudging down the stairs, coffee in hand, on her way to work. After hearing her downstairs neighbor, sleep was hard to come by. The world seemed too loud and bright despite the lack of alcohol consumed the night before. She rubbed her face as she walked past Colin’s door.
“You doing okay this morning, neighbor?” he antagonized, causing her to stop. The first words he had ever said to her and she was already prepared to retaliate with physical violence. She kept walking but he followed her this morning. “You know you could tell me your name after killing the mood last night.”
She whipped around, prepared to tear him limb from limb, “I don't know what you do that allows you to sound like you’re fucking on the ceiling of your apartment, but some of us have jobs,” she bit back.
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react
Colin couldn’t lie that he wanted to mess with his upstairs neighbor, but when he came to the roof and found her crying with a bottle of wine a few days after their exchange in the hall, he could hardly bring himself to even crack a joke.
The door slammed and she turned to him, “oh,” she wiped her nose, “sorry,” she stood up, “I know your band practices up here, I should go.”
“Are you okay?” he asked dumbly, “I mean- do you want to talk about it? The band won’t be here for another half hour.
“You don’t even know me,” she shook her head as she sniffled, “you don’t need to help me,” she mumbled.
“Come on,” he urged and pulled the cover off the couch, “you don’t even have to tell me what happened, let’s just talk.”
Sensing he wouldn’t take no for an answer she came and sat down on the opposite end of the couch, folding in on herself. Feeling his gaze on her she looked over at him. Colin wanted her to guide the conversation. Taking a breath, she started, “you know, when I moved here I remember thinking I was untouchable, that everything in my life was going to fix itself. Problems I left back in my old home would vanish and life would end up becoming perfect,” she shook her head, “god, I couldn’t be more wrong.” She folded her hands in her lap, “silly isn’t it? A grown woman still dealing with her childhood issues?” “I don’t think it is,” Colin told her honestly as he looked her over, “not everyone is dealt a fair hand.”
She laughed humorlessly, “my whole life has shown me that I was playing the wrong game,” she shook her head, “maybe didn’t even have an idea that games were being played.”
They sat silent for a moment, “sometimes we have to make our own rules,” he finally said, “fuck playing everyone else’s game, it’s rigged anyway,” he told her.
She couldn’t help but smile at his words, “Y/N,” she told him.
His eyes darted to her, “what?”
“My name,” she explained, “it’s Y/N.”
Colin broke out in a smile, “Colin Shea,” he shook her hand. She smiled as she took it, their touch lingering for a second longer than it should have, being broken as his bandmates loudly came onto the roof.
Pulling away, Y/N nodded, “thank you, Colin,” she gave him a parting smile before disappearing downstairs.
And games that never amount
To more than they're meant
Will play themselves out
The fighting neighbors turned to friendly ones as she eased up around him. It was when he had to have his apartment sprayed for insects that he joined her in hers.
“Why are you sitting in front of your door like a sad dog?” she teased.
“They’re spraying my apartment for bugs and I can’t go in yet,” he explained.
Y/N laughed at his bored expression and nodded her head up the stairs, “come on then,” she urged, “can’t have people thinking you’re a stray.”
He took in her place and caught sight of the instrument against the wall, “you play?” he asked about the piano.
“It's more like dabbling,” she laughed, “a very rare dabble.”
Colin was coming back down the stairs from band practice a couple weeks after talking with Y/N on the roof, the sound of a piano caught his ear. He stopped in front of Y/N’s door as he heard a tune he didn’t recognize along with her humming. Furrowing his brows as the music stopped, he took off to his apartment, the melody never leaving the forefront of his mind. He picked up his guitar as he entered his own living room, plucking out the melody he had heard Y/N playing. Smiling as words came to him.
Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice
You've made it now
After introducing herself, Colin became an everyday asset in her life. Both of them found a reason to always go see each other. Morning coffee together, movie nights, nights just spent laughing with each other. What rubbed Y/N the wrong way was his every night escapades after he left and as of late they have been cutting into their time together. She had no right to be upset, but the nights she heard the same loud moans from below her she buried her face and hid from the world. Of course they had been few and far between the longer they hung out, but it never made the pain any less. After months of spending time together she decided she wanted to tell him about her growing affections. She had just set her bag down from work when Colin came bursting through her door. “Y/N!” he greeted and kissed her head as he passed by.
“Oh-uh-hi,” she smiled, “you’re early,” she told him as she took her jacket off and hung it up.
“I stopped by because I have to cancel tonight,” he told her.
“Again?” she asked, trying to mask her disappointment for curiosity, “this is the third time in the last two weeks.
“Yeah, I know, it’s just I have this meeting tonight,” he explained cryptically.
“A night meeting,” she said slowly.
“Yeah,” he grabbed her arms, “you understand right?”
Y/N paused for a moment, swallowing her negative feelings, “uh, yeah,” she offered a tight lipped smile, “no problem.”
Colin smiled and squeezed her arms, “great, see you around,” he left without another word.
She stared as the door slammed behind him, licking her lips. She should have known. Colin had told her himself that he doesn’t do commitment, why should she be any different. Rolling her neck in a last ditch effort to assuage the dark feelings that crept over her, she turned to face her apartment, trying to go back to the life before Colin.
Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can't go back
And moods that take me and erase me
And I'm painted black
Colin had finally finished recording the song he had made for Y/N, he had received a copy in the mail while she was at work. He was all but bouncing as he waited for her to walk up the stairs, but as it grew later he frowned. Had he not seen her come in? He was sure she had left for work this morning. He was about to head to bed around 1:30 in the morning when he heard someone shuffling up the stairs. Peeking his head out he saw Y/N walking up the stairs with someone else, a man. Someone he hadn’t seen before.
“Andy, I am perfectly capable of carrying my bag,” he caught her say, despite her hushed tone, “I’m a big girl.” “I know,” the other man said with a small laugh, “but I overworked you today, it's a small price to pay.” “Thank you,” she said, even out of sight Colin could hear the smile in her voice as Y/N’s keys jingled in the lock, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“I’ll pick you up,” the supposed Andy offered.
“You really don’t have to,” she protested.
“I insist,” he persisted, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N.”
Colin sighed and shut his door, he had been too slow, not to mention she probably thought the worst of him for canceling all their nights they had planned.
You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It's time that you won
Y/N opened the door when a knock echoed through her apartment, “Colin?” she looked at him as she slipped an earring in her ear, “I wasn’t expecting you this morning.”
“Expecting someone else?” he asked as she let him in, he looked around for any sign of that man having been here before.
“No?” she looked at him confused, “I was just getting ready for work.” Colin took a seat on the couch, “so is the date tonight?” he looked at her as she came around the couch.
Her brows furrowed, “date?” she muttered, “I don’t have a-” she gave him a look, “you heard Andy and I last night.”
“Yeah, heard you making plans, just thought you would tell me if you were seeing someone.”
“I would if you were around,” she retorted, folding her arms, “it’s not like you’ve been around.”
“I’ve been busy.” “Yeah,” she gave him a wide eyed look, “so have I, working a case with my boss, Andy Barber,” she rolled her eyes, “there’s a new murder trial,” she told him, “he was put on the case last minute, I was helping make the case.”
“I-” Y/N cut him off, “yeah, that’s what happens when you work in a law firm,” she gave him a withering glance.
Colin looked down, “I’m sorry,” he said sheepishly, “I came in guns blazing and I should have asked.”
“It would have been nice,” she took a deep breath, “now what did you need?” she asked him.
“I want to show you something,” he said as he stood up and handed her a flashdrive. She took it and went to grab her laptop. “I heard you playing the piano a few months ago and it got me thinking.” “You heard that?” she asked shyly, “sorry if it disturbed you..”
“Just play the song,” he instructed quickly.
“Alright, alright,” she loaded the song up and clicked play.
Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice
You've made it now
Her eyes widened as the piano rang out, “is this-” his nod cut her question off. Y/N smiled as she looked back at the screen taking in the words of the work he made. As she listened to the song she couldn’t help but think back to all the time they had spent together. She knew it was dangerous, but listening to the lyrics of this song she allowed herself to hope. Hope that he was wanting what she wanted just as much. Y/N closed her eyes as she let the music overtake her. Colin smiled as he watched her coming up behind her as the song swelled. He gently set his hand on her shoulder before pulling her to stand with him. Setting his hands on Y/N’s hips, he leaned his forehead against hers as the song played. Her heart felt it was going to beat out of her chest as the song slowed to the end.
“Falling slowly, sing your melody
I'll sing it loud,” he finished his own song as it finished, reaching up to touch her cheek.
“Colin,” Y/N mumbled, “please don’t be messing with me..”
“I don’t think I could right now, you inspired that, with that little tune you were dabbling with,” he smiled softly.
“I-I really like you,” she admitted, “I know you said you don’t do rela-”
Colin hushed her with a kiss. As their lips melded they both smiled, finding too much happiness to let it get away.
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storiesforallfandoms · 15 hours ago
behind closed doors ~ michael langdon;ahs apocalypse
word count: 2078
request?: yes!
“Can you write a dom!reader x sub!Micheal Langdon smut at outpost 3?”
description: they all think that he’s the dominant of the relationship, but things are not always as they seem
pairing: michael langdon x female!reader
warnings: swearing, smut
masterlist (one, two)
Tumblr media
When Michael Langdon walked into Outpost 3 with his girlfriend, (Y/N), following behind him, Gallant leaned over to Mallory to whisper, “Not hard to tell who the top of that relationship is.”
It wasn’t a hard assumption to make. Michael stood at least a foot taller than her, and carried himself like he was even taller than that. When he spoke he sounded so powerful, like he was demanding the attention of whoever he spoke to, while (Y/N) was mostly silent. He handled the assessments of those in Outpost 3 to see who would be leaving with them, while (Y/N) spent most of her time in the bedroom they had been given.
It was a fair assumption, but it was a wrong one.
The minute Michael closed the bedroom door behind him, (Y/N) shoved him up against it and pressed her lips against his. He smiled into the kiss, putting his hands on her waist and holding her close to him. Her tongue licked his bottom lip before pushing into his mouth, not asking for permission but rather demanding it.
Without breaking the kiss, (Y/N) took hold of Michael’s collar and pulled him away from the door. They finally broke away so she could push him down onto the bed with so much force that he bounced slightly.
“Clothes. Off,” (Y/N) commanded, already breathing heavily from the kiss alone.
Michael smirked, excited by her dominance, and started shedding himself of his clothes. (Y/N) watched, her eyes full of lust as more articles of clothing came off of her lover. Once he was down to just his birthday suit, her eyes lingered on his hard member.
“Up,” she told him, nodding towards the headboard. “Arms out.”
Michael’s eyes widened. “Handcuffs? But I don’t - ”
(Y/N) raised an eyebrow at him. “Are you disobeying me, pet? Remember what happens when you disobey.”
Michael whimpered slightly and did as (Y/N) commanded. He knew he was going to get the pleasure he wanted no matter what, but the handcuffs were his least favorite of (Y/N)’s moods. He knew it meant he was going to be teased for a long time before finally getting his release. A painfully long time.
She went to her bag and pulled out the two pairs of handcuffs. Michael stretched his arms to either bedpost, allowing her to clamp the cool metal down on each of his wrists before she put it on the bedpost as well.
When he was fully secured, she began to shed herself of her clothes. Michael watched, his dick twitching as she reached behind her to take her bra off. He longed to grope and kneed at her perfect breasts as he felt her wrapped around him.
She didn’t take her panties off, though. Michael kept watching her hands, which were moving down her body as if she was going to remove the final article of clothing, but she didn’t. He tried to stifle the noise that came up his throat, but the whimper sound slipped from his lips anyways.
(Y/N) smirked. “Is someone needy?”
Michael nodded. She got up onto the bed and put her knees on either side of him, just nearly straddling him but still sat up enough that there was no friction between them.
“Don’t have the patience tonight, sweetheart?” she asked him. Michael shook his head. She leaned forward to grab his face. “Use your words, pet.”
“N-No, mistress,” he said. “I-I don’t h-have the patience tonight. I-I want to be inside you so bad.”
(Y/N) let his face go and sat her clothed core back against his naked dick. He sucked in a breath as he felt the dampness through her panties already. She let out a pleasured sigh as she began to move her hips back and forth, running herself up his length than back down again. Michael pulled as his restraints, wishing he could do something - anything - to feel more than what she was giving him.
She leaned down to start kissing his neck, purposely nipping at his sweet spot to earn more moans from him. He knew there would be marks forming there, but he didn’t care. He was under her spell, he was completely hers.
Her hips started to move faster. Michael was arching upwards, wishing that pesky fabric between them would just disappear. The word “please” was on his lips, ready to slip out if it meant he could be inside of her.
She sat back up and threw her head back, a loud moan slipping from her lips as her hips kept moving. Neither one of them cared much about being caught. It’s not like it would change anything; Venable’s rule about no sex in the Outpost was fabricated, and seeing Michael in this vulnerable position wouldn’t do anything to the residence of the Outpost. They were all going to die anyways. If anything, anyone who decided to peak in would get quite the show.
(Y/N)’s mouth formed an “o” shape as Michael felt her panties become wetter. He realized she had dry humped herself into an orgasm, one she seemed to still be riding out. The thought of her using him to get off made him feel like he was close to cumming himself.
“P-Please, mistress,” he whimpered.
(Y/N) looked down at him, her eyes still clouded with lust. “What was that, pet?”
“Please,” he repeated. “I need to be inside of you. I don’t...I don’t think I can hold back much longer.”
(Y/N) pouted her lip out in a mocking way. “Awe, my poor anti-Christ. You used to be able to last so long for me.”
“It’s been so long since we’ve had sex,” Michael said, feeling the need to defend himself even though he knew (Y/N) wasn’t actually mocking him. “I haven’t felt you in so long. It’s all I want.”
(Y/N) reached down between them and took his hard dick in her hand. She pumped a few times, causing Michael’s head to lull back in pleasure. It was a dangerous motion as he tried so hard to hold back the orgasm that was forming, but he feared it would be a losing battle.
She stopped suddenly and ran her thumb over the head of his cock. When Michael looked up, he saw her with her thumb in her mouth, slowly pulling it out as she sucked on it. He realized she had collected the pre-cum from the tip of his dick and was sucking it off.
Fuck, she’s going to be the death of me.
She got up from the bed, much to Michael’s disappointment. He tried to pull at his restraints again until he realized (Y/N) had gotten up to take her panties off. She threw them somewhere on the floor with their other discarded clothes, before straddling Michael again. She took hold of his dick and lined it up with her entrance, poking the head of it against her still wet folds.
Involuntarily, Michael’s hips moved upwards in an attempted to finally get what he wanted. (Y/N) gasped as she felt the tip push ever so slightly inside of her. Despite the pleasure she got from watching Michael squirm, she still desired to have him inside of her just as much as he wanted it.
“Bad pet,” she chastised. “You know you’re supposed to wait until your mistress is ready.”
“I’m sorry, mistress,” Michael said. “It was an accident. I’m sorry, please don’t punish me.”
(Y/N) put on a face like she was thinking. She was still hovering over him with just his head inside of her. She started to move her hips a little, not taking him in any more but giving him just the slightest sensation as she moved.
“I don’t know,” she said. “You were a bad boy. Really, I should just leave you here without any release and make you think about what you did.”
Panic filled Michael’s eyes. The last thing he needed was to be left handcuffed to the bed, a painful erection against his belly, where anyone could walk in and find him. He didn’t mind if anyone saw him like this when (Y/N) was on his dick, but it was a whole different scenario if she just left him there.
When she slowly lowered herself further onto him, he couldn’t cried out in relief.
“But,” she said, continuing her thought, “I have missed this dick, too. We travel so often out there in the scary world, sometimes I almost forget how good it feels to have you inside of me.”
When she finally reached the hilt, Michael was basically a panting mess. He wanted to feel her move, to feel her rock her hips or ride him until they were both sweaty and tired. He needed her more than anything, he wanted her more than anything.
(Y/N) put her hands against Michael’s chest and started by slowly rocking her hips. The feeling was so intense for the two of them, so needed. These moments would be fleeting, as soon enough they would be on to the next Outpost (if there was even any left), and they would have to wait another long time before they could be intimate again.
Her desire to start slow and tease Michael quickly faded away as (Y/N) started bouncing on his dick. She was beginning to feel another orgasm swell up in her stomach, and she needed it now.
At the same time, Michael was feeling his own orgasm coming. His nails dug into his palms, the only thing he could really “grab” in that moment.
“I’m close,” he panted. “Fuck, I’m so close.”
“Me too,” she told him. “Cum inside of me, pet. Let me feel you coating me with your seed.”
Her permission was all he needed and Michael finally allowed himself to let go. He cried out in pleasure as he felt himself spilling inside of (Y/N). Just moments later, he could feel her walls contracting around him as she hit her second orgasm as well. Her head lulled backwards again, her moans mixing with his in the otherwise silent room.
They were both panting, sweaty messes. (Y/N) had fallen forward, her head against Michael’s chest as she twitched with post-orgasm shivers. Michael was practically dissolving into the bed. The only thing holding him back were the restraints, which were now starting to hurt.
“My love,” he said. “The handcuffs.”
“Oh! Right!”
(Y/N) was slow to get off of him, not wanting to waste a moment of feeling him inside of her. She retrieved the tiny handcuff keys and freed Michael’s wrists. A thin red line was on each of them, but he knew they’d be gone in the morning. It was the marks on his neck that would be sticking around.
Despite the two of them already being warm and sticky, Michael pulled the covers over him as (Y/N) climbed back into the bed and cuddled into his side. The fire that had been lit hours ago was still burning strong, the dim, flickering light being the only source in the room.
“I have a bad feeling about this place,” (Y/N) commented.
“What do you mean?”
She shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t have a good feeling about the residents. Something is off about them.”
“It may be the Voodoo witch you feel,” Michael told her. “Dinah. I know her, I gave her a favor in return for taking care of those witches before the apocalypse. She’s harmless to us, she’s not powerful.”
(Y/N) sighed. “I guess you’re right. Could be that Venable too. She’s...something else.”
“She’s power hungry. It was bound to happen with the apocalypse.”
Silence filled the room. (Y/N)’s eyes grew heavier with every second that passed. She was nearly asleep when a loud knock came at the door.
“Who is it?” Michael demanded. (Y/N) couldn’t help but giggle to herself. What an extreme contrast to how I had him moments ago.
“It’s Meade,” came the voice of Venable’s right hand woman. “Ms. Venable requests your presence at once.”
Michael groaned in annoyance and got out of bed. He retrieved his clothes from the floor and quickly got dressed before turning to (Y/N).
“I’ll be back soon. Don’t go anywhere.”
She smiled at him and responded, “I never do.”
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