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love-wont-save-us-now · 3 months ago
"You can lean on my arm as you break my heart"
— Mitski, I Don't Smoke
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krikidilly · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
What if it was just a really bad dream?
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honeypleasejustkillme · 8 months ago
every time you send a dry text or you take 5 hours to respond it feels like your hand is being plunged into my bare chest and ripping my heart out, and if i were to say this out loud i would be being “manipulative” and “dramatic” but it actually feels like i’m dying. it feels like i’m being physically hurt, but of course i still run after you because who would i be without you? i would have nothing to live for, no one to obsessively think about and adore. i would have no one to be completely and whole heartedly in love with, and being absolutely infatuated with you is the worst pain i’ve felt in my life but i wouldn’t change it for a second. you are the worst and best thing that’s ever happened to me but goddamn it i wouldn’t be here without you. i owe everything to you, i fucking adore you my beloved.
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itspileofgoodthings · 2 months ago
every Bruce/Selina moment is just so perfectly sweet and calibrated. when she asks him who he is under there or if he’s just hideously scarred and you can feel him laugh and loosen up even though he barely responds audibly; when she’s stealing the passport and he holds her back so they both don’t get caught and it’s this struggle but it’s almost a dance between them and on his side almost this strong and gentle embrace? and she’s mad at him but also knows she can trust him??? you can tell she is not in the least physically afraid of him// It’s a Lot.; the almost kiss at the end and the way you can feel the magnetic longing between them, especially on his side; the actual kiss —her sweet impulsive daring almost interrupting his offer to help and stipulations on it, he said he would help and that’s enough for her, his quiet immediate instinctive response to it all the more poignant because he is not a man who responds quickly or to everyone; when he stops her from shooting falcone and it’s the most loving struggle you’ve ever seen and he’s using his body almost like a shield between her and her dad but he’s to the side and he’s giving her SPACE because it’s her choice and her struggle and he’s not going to let her do it but he’s also not going to treat her like a child, he’s just going to BE THERE next to her ready to fight for and protect her body and soul; when he calls her Selina in the kitchen the first time with his whole soul looking out of his eyes just quietly watching her—the immediate naming she has such a hard time with, the sudden, and in a man like Bruce, surprising way he has just let her into his heart; the way his face softens and saddens when she says “we need to talk where can we meet” because he’s been thinking about her SO. MUCH.; when she kisses him again and it’s like sleeping beauty levels of softness and then when he loses his mind when she’s attacked right after; when she says “run away with me” and you can feel her wanting him to say yes with her whole self while knowing he won’t because the reason she wants him to is the reason he has to stay, he is so solid and faithful and TRUE, he is the roots and the steadiness she’s never had and so him saying no hurts her but he wouldn’t be who she wanted if he said yes; when he says “take care of yourself” and means it knowing that she can and will but also saying “be gentle with yourself the way I would be with you;” his heartsick desperate fear when he thinks it’s her at the funeral; the way they ride their motorbikes in this perfect weaving dance until they have to split and go different ways; him watching her leave in the rearview mirror, a final reminder of what she means to him, literally every single Bruce and Selina moment
#the batman (2022)#batcat#the batman spoilers#actually this is a self-indulgent post just for me please don’t read#don’t read it if you haven’t seen the movie I am just ruining all the Good Romance Stuff but actually I’m obsessed#perfectly calibrated and delicate romances in superhero movies actually make me want to launch myself into the void#and actually the ones that make it into my heart on a deep level are rare because they have to do so many things at once#I’m obsessed with romance because it’s about the ordinary and the spiritual. the everyday and the great sweeping truth. It’s body and soul!#it has to strike so many notes but not overplay them. It’s about BALANCE and Bruce and Selina are everything to me#I think the ingredients are good actors with good chemistry#But also. A story that handles them with care. That gives them beautiful and clear moments of connections (their rooftop scenes??? GORGEOUS#but also intertwining and real arcs. they move through their stories together and they’re so aware of each other#especially Bruce because it’s his story. He’s#He’s Darcy watching Lizzy across the room! He just IS.#and yet it’s just peripheral enough to have even more of a hold on me#it illuminates and gives the main story meaning and heart and SOFTNESS but it is not itself the main story#because they have work to do#But it’s a side story that tells you everything you need to know about who they would be if they were married#and their life WAS the main story. and a simple domestic life is far from both of their thoughts but the truth of it affects them anyway#literally making myself cry here#okay I’m done please don’t read please ignore this is just me getting feelings out of my heart
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creativepromptsforwriting · 2 months ago
Hi, I'm writing a couple where the affection is kind of one sided, or rather only one person tries to be affectionate and loyal.
Do you have any dialogue that would suit them? For both the loyal and unloyal person?
Please and thank you
Hi :)
Sure, here are some prompts for you:
One-sided affections dialogue
"I'm really not in the mood." "You never are."
"What do you need my hand for?" "Nothing, I just want to hold it."
"Can you please stop clinging to me so much?"
"I waited all night for you. I thought you would call to say you're being late." "I must have forgotten."
"Do you have to watch football when we're supposed to have a date night?"
"I bought a new dress for our date. Do you like it?" "It's alright."
"Can I get a kiss?" "Don't you see that I'm busy?"
"You never hold my hand in public anymore. Is there something I should know about?"
"I tried to make this work. But you never did anything to make it better. And I'm tired of being the only one fighting for us."
These turned out so sad. But I hope they are what you were looking for :)
- Jana
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searidings · 9 months ago
*hugs you back* Don't even get me started on that scene when Kara falls after her battle with Reign and Lena is there watching it all. That was cruel on so many levels. I get so mad/sad when I think about it. Some days I think that was the cruelest part of Lena not knowing, that she could lose Kara and not even know it was her until it was too late. If learning Kara was Supergirl with Kara well did that to her, I can't even begin to conceive what losing her not knowing beforehand would do to her
listen i don't wanna be that person who quotes their own stuff however i also don't want to type it all out again so
Tumblr media
we are on the same wavelength of agony my friend!! if kara had died with lena not knowing she would never have recovered there is no doubt in my mind about that
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ctl-yuejie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the “villain” catching feelings
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lollytea · 11 days ago
Yes it might have taken me an embarrassingly long time to really pay attention to it but in ASIAS, along with the 'half a witch' parallel, both Hunter and Willow are motivated by upholding the legacy of those who came before them. That picture of Gilbert and Harvey being flyer derby champions is just as significant to her as the Golden Guard sigil is to him.
#other miscellaneous ASIAS thoughts that are not worth their own post but i think about them often:#its an episode that asks ''but who are you outside of the roles this story uses to define you?''#this is the only episode of the Hunter Makes Friends series where his actions are not motivated by Belos#and Willow is neither one of Luz's two best friends nor the estrangled acquaintance to Amity#both characters are unnattached to those influences here. And without those roles slotting them into predictable places#we're able to explore new nooks and crannies of their personalities#stuff that really hasnt been revealed before#the two of them are trying out something new and a little out of their comfort zone and it pulls new traits out of them#Hunter’s hexside infiltration reveals him to be WAY more socially awkward than previous eps have shown#and then after his flyer derby match it really brings out his excitement over having friends and the genuine affection he has for them#Meanwhile this is the ep that really establishes what an ambitous go getter Willow can be#Shes never been a leader before. Shes never been this direct or ruthless. But her dedication to this team really pulls it out of her#and these lesser known sides of themselves are the version the other meets#lastly it is a very good take on a Person Vs Society story#again Hunter's internal conflict in this episode has nothing to do with Belos. He literally never gave a fuck if Hunter had magic#But Hunter was still born and raised on the boiling isles and no matter how sheltered he is#the inherent prejudices of the place is gonna gnaw at his self confidence. hes gonna internalize this shit#so while every Hunter ep before this was about how Belos has manipulated his self of worth as a person#this time we are dealing with how hunter views himself as a WITCH#MEANWHILE Willow's struggles with have always been entirely focused on her insecurity as a witch#her terrible grades and her severed friendship has always been about her insufficient abilities with magic#but in this ep you learn that it goes deeper than that#she berates herself not because of her magical ability but because she believes that shes stupid#the half a witch thing has severely deteriorated her worth as a PERSON#their respective struggles go in different directions in this ep and their emotions are complicated#but they still overlap enough that they can understand what the other is feeling#OKAY AND LASTLY AGAIN. Forreal this time#that scene when Darius is about to attack the entrails and Willow throws her arms out to shield all three of them#and then Hunter proceeds to run in and shield HER#because SOMEONE had to shield her. they are instinctive protectors. they are the same
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kinnporschelover · a month ago
I just can't get over this.
It's Porsche's first love.
And, Kinn's first true love.
Knowing how love deprived both of them are I'm super happy to see them totally crazy in love.
From sweet kisses to hot ones, from loving moments to sexy ones, hand holding, Porsche feeding him to clicking pictures and ending the adorable date with underwater kiss. It was freaking awesome. 😉😘
Kinn even went to pray with Porsche without debating if it's silly or anything. 🙈
Tumblr media
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trafalgrlaw · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i may be biased but this is my favorite scene in dressrosa
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stxckinwonderland · 5 months ago
People pretend to care and when eventually you care more than their pretense, they hurt you beyond repair.
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love-wont-save-us-now · 2 years ago
"Watch me fall apart over you
Watch me fall apart trying to please you"
— Six Billion, Nothing But Thieves
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howifeltabouthim · 12 months ago
He would probably feel obliged to do something stupid like offer for her. And how mortifying it would be to receive an offer of marriage for such a reason. Especially when one was beginning to imagine oneself in love with the man.
Mary Balogh, from The Wood Nymph
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honeypleasejustkillme · 8 months ago
i fucking hate having a fp
literally fuck you and i hope you die
but only for the next 5 minutes, then i’ll be absolutely infatuated and hopelessly in love with you all over again.
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simgerale · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
antoin: Your majesty… What a pleasure it is to finally meet you. --  Brother. I see that you are already enjoying the position you are in.
luca: You—
magdalena: Let us retire to the drawing room. I am sure that will be more of an appropriate place to talk.
a: I was rather... surprised to find that my little brother had been swept off his feet, your majesty. Especially in such a short amount of time.
m: I understand. It was rather sudden for me, as well. But as someone who has a deep love for his wife, can you not see how it is possible?
a: ...[takes a quick breath] My wife and I were arranged to be married since we were children. Our love did not exist until she fell pregnant with our daughter. So, Empress Magdalena... I can only see what you wish for me to see.
m: What I wish for you to see, Emperor Antoin, is that our people do not have to be divided. We are one and the same, separated by a past that neither of us had a stake in.
a: And this union between you two is supposed to symbolize the union of our empires?
m: . . .
a: Forgive me. I will continue to sit here, oblivious to your schemes! Do continue with your declaration of love and whatnot.
m: [the chair scrapes against the floor as she suddenly stands] When you are ready for the adult discussion we were supposed to have half-a-decade ago, do come find me.
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patroclusdefencesquad · 3 months ago
brb writing an essay about how whoreson prison blues is about jaskier's unrequited love for geralt and him trying to get over it
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karkalicious769 · 3 months ago
Me omw to preemptively defend Adrien and Marinette from the salters before the season finale has even aired.
Tumblr media
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lowkeyconfessions · 5 months ago
It's 2022 and I still fucking like you.
a. j. lim
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hauntedeyes · 4 months ago
everyone saying we have proof that lexi is in love with fez because she said ‘a little exchange, and i fall in love’ with a flash back to the hand holding scene, are missing the point completely. shes not saying then shes in love with fez, what she is saying is that the moment anyone in her life has given her a bit of affection she has clung to it and declared it ‘love’, she gets stuck in a tunnel vision bc of that one tiny moment. creating a whole fantasy around it, even if the moment wasnt even necessarily romantic in nature. what fez and lexi have is completely different. and they are in love. but that then was not her saying it.
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oneshortdamnfuse · 9 months ago
People wonder why Laurits isn't loyal to anyone when his entire life experience has been:
1. Dad dies when he's ~4. Only memory of him is a photograph where his older brother is lovingly held by his dad, while he is off to the side. Idealizes his dad in his head his whole life. Feels inadequate compared to him. Finds out his dad wasn't his real dad.
2. Tries to bond with real dad. Realizes real dad is using him to get to his older brother. Older brother uses him to get to his real dad. Genuinely cares about them both. Real dad gives him attention and material things, but ultimately plans to kill him. Older brother kills real dad to save him, but he doesn't realize this fully until his step mom tells him what they were planning to do to him.
3. Mother focuses the majority of her attention on older brother, who she babies in an ableist way. Laurits grows up mostly taking care of himself. She doesn't pick up on his substance abuse. She doesn't pick up on his depression or binge eating either, even though she experiences the same things. She just says there's something wrong with him and he needs to take himself to the doctor. When he's hospitalized, she tells his older brother to first get out of the room and then makes them leave without even letting him see Laurits. So, again, he's left alone.
4. Step mother absolutely hates him. Tries to kill him multiple times. Calls him a bastard and a thing, not a person. Confesses that his real dad had been planning to kill him when he was at his most vulnerable.
5. Older brother wants him to be a part of his plan to fight corruption in the town, but Laurits has to choose between the attention he's finally getting from a parental figure and helping his older brother. He helps him anyways, but he's not trusted and his older brother tries to dictate to him what he can and can't do. His older brother also lies to him which directly results in Laurits nearly being beaten to death.
6. Wotan/Odin outright rejects him when he offers to help, calling him a traitor. Nevermind that literally how everyone treats him makes it impossible for him to be loyal to anyone. It's not in his nature. It is a result of his environment.
7. Step siblings are similarly using him to get to his older brother. He initially tries to be friends with them, but they don't have any interest in his well being.
8. He's queer, and he's unable to find anyone who actually cares about him romantically either. He is first interested in Fjor, but he's not gay. He's interested in Jens, but he's too old for him. Still, Jens gives him some attention just to be nice and friendly and then Laurits is crushed when Jens falls for someone else. There's pretty much no one else in town who hangs out with him just to hang out with him other than Oscar.
Not to be dramatic, but I wouldn't be loyal to anyone under these conditions because no one has really proven that they have any interest in his life or in his continued existence. So... It really doesn't matter to him what is right and what is wrong because on every side of this he loses. Self preservation is his go to because he perceives that it's his only option.
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