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desthergw018v · 2 days ago
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love-wont-save-us-now · 3 months ago
"You can lean on my arm as you break my heart"
— Mitski, I Don't Smoke
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thisistheheartspeaking · 9 months ago
When someone's being a lil bit too kind and friendly,
Me to myself: DON'T. YOU. DARE. FALL. IN. LOVE.
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thesapphireprincess · a month ago
Friendship rant
One thing about me, I could never be friends with someone who never texts me first, I could never be friends with someone who never reaches out or checks on me. If the only time we ever talk or hangout is when I message you then we can’t be friends. It’s been about 2 months since I decided to stop messaging her and see how long It would take her to reach out to me. A whole month had gone by when I realized she’s not a real friend, in my book of course. I don’t do one sided friendships. My birthday passed and no happy birthday, you know why because she didn’t know because she never would message me. I’m not about to text someone on my birthday that it’s my birthday so that they can say happy birthday. I removed her from social media the day before my birthday because I just knew how it would make me feel.
I removed her from my social media 3 weeks ago and she just now has noticed... I told her how I felt and she ignored everything I said. First off this girl is an influencer so why would I invite her to hangout first? Second off she hardly replied to my messages and took hours to respond yet was constantly online posting. I get that’s her job but not every thing she was posting was for work. Reposting peoples pictures, talking about tv shows yea ok and drama… How would I have the opportunity to invite her out when she hardly responds. The only time she ever messaged me first was when she wanted something. I literally drove to her house when she was out of town as a favor to her and I put her 3 packages in her car. I tried inviting her out before but she was out of town with her boyfriend or she would cancel. Which is fine but you also would never tell anyone when you’re back in town so how would I have the opportunity. You obviously don’t care enough or have time to build a friendship.
I feel like her response is very much gaslighting because one everyone is busy but being an influencer you’re less busy than people with normal jobs. You literally post 10 second videos online… So that “I’m a busy person” excuse doesn’t work. Busy people don’t have time to watch t.v or go on vacations multiple times a month and chill on their phones watching Instagram stories and tik toks. I specifically said you didn’t care enough to build a friendship. Checking on someone takes less than 3 minutes… I could never be friends with someone like this. Her response shows how selfish and inconsiderate she is of others and it made me feel like I was the one in the wrong like I overreacted but that’s actual gaslighting. The stuff she said she did is something a normal friend would do and not a big deal but highlighting it and throwing it in my face shows that she ignored everything I said as if what she did was such a big deal. Like have you never had friends because that’s a normal thing friends do. The problem was that she never ever reached out to me ever, this was the first time, also I had invited her out before like 3 times. Which she either canceled or was out of town. We live 10 minutes from each other… we haven’t spoken or hung out in 2 months and the only reason you message me is because you didn’t see me on social media? I think maybe influencers live in an imaginary online world and I don’t think I’d ever be friends with one again.
The problem is for a friendship to work in my book and most peoples books is that there has to be effort on both sides. Especially when building a new friendship communication is key. Imagine dating a guy and he hadn’t reached out to you in 2 months and the only time you spoke is if you messaged him. Absolutely not, you would of been kicked him to the curve. Friendships are still relationships except platonic and they have to be nurtured as well especially in the beginning or their not going to work out. I replied back to her at 2pm and she didn’t respond, yet my friend who follows her on Instagram & Tik Tok she posted like 3 times within the hour of my message on both her platforms (she sent screenshots) my friend lives in Greece… that’s a whole different time zone and she was studying for exams but she’s never “too busy”. 10 minutes away vs someone in Greece that’s about 5,843 miles with an 8 hour time zone. It’s 10am in Texas and 6pm in Greece. I don’t need someone like that in my life. Selfish and inconsiderate of others is a no no for me. Idk why she even bothered messaging me it’s been 2 months babe. Her definition off friendship and my definition are completely different. I don’t think I want friends anymore.
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invalid-request · 4 months ago
I guess the only thing we had in common was that we both cared about you
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nightskyblue · a year ago
Csak arra vágyom, hogy itt feküdj mellettem és azt kérd tőlem öleljelek át, mert érezni akarod a közelségem.
~ nightskyblue
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pinkstuffedbunny · 11 months ago
i think the worst thing ever is putting all of your energy (what little you have anyway) into someone who doesnt care to do the same
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icedcoffeeandsunshine · 5 months ago
why does it feel like some of my friends have stopped giving a shit about me? is it my anxiety or am i just unlikeable?
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sansilogy · 6 months ago
in my head he's mine.
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sparklingxsoda · a year ago
Fuck people who don’t put in the same amount of effort that I put in when it comes to relationships.
You take x days to message me back? I’ll do the same.
You leave me on Seen when I forward you something? I’ll do it right back when you send me something.
Fuck you. You don’t deserve my validations anymore. And don’t use the “I was busy”/“I’m dealing with something” bullshit either. We’re all busy. We’re all dealing with something. At the very least have the fucking decency to respond in some way instead of fucking ignoring me.
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shaz-ni · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
This is the difference between Cas' feelings for the Winchester's and the Winchester's feelings for Cas. Cas loved them, he'd never allow them to sacrifice themself, would always try and protect them and offer himself in exchange.
The Winchester's where more than willing to let Cas sacrifice himself time after time, never tried to stop him and viewed him as nothing more than collateral damage. They never once told him that his life was important or that he was anything more than a tool to them. Never once did anyone tell Cas his life mattered.
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love-wont-save-us-now · 9 months ago
Do you think about me when that song comes on, do you think about me in the dark, do you think about me on my birthday, do you think about me about all?
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thisistheheartspeaking · 6 months ago
Ohhh I have so much love to give but no one to receive
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ashiyleveilleur · a year ago
Relationships require effort on both ends. You shouldn't have to be carrying all the conversations, all the responsibilities, all of everything on your shoulders alone. If the other person isn't willing to contribute to the relationship, let them go and move on! Someone better will come in time!
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invalid-request · 3 months ago
When I put in so much effort to communicate with an allistic friend, I guess it's only inevitable that the friendship always turns out to be lopsided. I keep assuming we're both putting in effort when in reality they're just doing what comes easy and natural for them. I'm always blindsided by how little they ever cared.
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the-expose-on-girls · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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gigihufflepuff · 5 months ago
You were the first girl ever that made me realize I am also attracted to girls. I loved you with all my heart even when I knew for sure that u don't like me back. I cared so much about you and our friendship. You were more than a crush or a friend to me. U were so special to me in a way that no one else has ever been. And yet u blew it up, u kept getting further and further away from me each day without any reason. U started to act like u were bored of me after all the months we've spent together talking every single day for hours. I thought of cutting ties with u, but I couldn't even stand the thought of you dissappearing from my life forever. U don't let me cut ties either. Seems like u just want me to be there when u need me but as a friend, u are not here for me when I need u anymore. I don't know what I should do, all your actions started to make me feel so worthless. A few months ago u were the person who made me feel the most special ever. It's like u are a completely different person now and I don't know which one is the true you..
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lucifersteacup · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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thoughts-in-the-night · a year ago
apparently all my feelings are one sided in every relationship
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fedupwithyou · a year ago
I care about you
more than you think
more than you know
And maybe that's the problem
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