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Skin Crawler (Geralt of Rivia Oneshot)

Character/s: Geralt

Word Count: 1,342

Inspired By: going bonkers in quarantine :)

Tag List: @dontdowhatisayandnobodygetshurt @myriadimagines @lilyswritings @encounterthepast @biscottibitch @randomfandomimagine @fangirlsarah16

A/N: Writers block hit ya gurl like train recently. I’ve had so many ideas, but everything I write and continue to write feels wrong. Tonight though, I made it my mission to finish this fic! It turned out better than I expected, but I’m still really unsure…. Been stressed with family and about getting my results back from a school I wanna transfer to and it’s gotten in the way of all writing and creativity, not just for fics. Gotta work through it and try my best, even if I’m unsure about the end result, right? Anyways, I hope you like it my loves!!! Feedback is always appreciated 💜💖💜




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Works posted Month of May, 2020


I’ve decided this recap would be better off as a monthly as well. If you’d like timelier updates, you can turn on notifications or subscribe to my work on AO3.

I’m also using #tffw monthly if you want to search for them.


The Maiden and The Outlaw - Ch 16 - 21: Medieval/Robin Hood Bucky AU

Making Omelettes - Ch. 1-3 collab w/ @that-damn-girl

Whoopie Brownies - Thor smut

Thor: Thunderstruck sequel HC - Daddy Thor

What You Want (Thor x F!Reader): Smutty one-shot

100-Word Drabble Challenge submission: Steve & Thor

Not My Captain: Steve heavy angst drabble

Thor and Heimdall’s Accidental Marriage moodboard


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pairing. romantic analogical
warnings. none (ask to tag)

405 words
reblogs >> likes

winters in canada got pretty cold. you’d think that you couldn’t get cold under twenty blankets, including three full fledged comforters and sets. you’d be wrong.

“honey, we really don’t need this many.” logan tried to argue faintly, virgil being wrapped in a batman robe underneath his thousands of blankets.

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Ink》 Spock x oc

Author’s note: there aren’t enough Spock fics in this world so I took it upon myself to fix that. Spock may seem OOC but I imagine him to be quite the beast in bed.

Warnings: mentions of smut/lemon,probably an actual lemon, oc has tattoos (a lot of them)

Pairing: Spock x Mercedes (oc)

Summary: For such a badass, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to Spock that she decided to decorate her body with tattoos. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t surprised when he has a chance to inspect them up close.


Mercedes lay in bed, messy sheets tangled around her naked body, breathing heavily as if she just ran a marathon. Spock rolled onto his side in a way that he was facing her, his equality naked body glistening with sweat from an intense, ehem exercise, they just did. She took a few more calming breaths before propping herself onto her elbows, a mess of long inky black hair falling around her face like a curtain, as she twisted her neck to the side so she could look at her exceptional lover.

Perhaps lover isn’t an appropriate word for them. They weren’t quite together. They had this arrangement where they would take care of each other’s needs. Since his break up with Uhura, he found himself drawn towards the blue eyed beauty, spending a lot of time together, engaging in flirty banter, sharing his ideas with her over the lunch in the mess hall… until it culminated to an unforgettable first night they spent together after an intense sparring session in the gym.

Dressed in tight black shirt and black shorts, she was a vision, moving with a grace of a wild cat and intensity of a supernova shining in her eyes. She somehow ended up trapped beneath his gorgeous strong body, with eyes blazing like meteors staring into his own chocolate ones. If they were asked who made the fist move, they wouldn’t be able to tell you, because one second they were sparring and she was lying underneath him, and in the next, they were breathing each other like a suffocating man would breath in oxygen. Their lips moved in perfect synchronicity, while their greedy hands explored every inch of other’s body. They somehow managed to stumble to his quarters and as soon as that doors closed, he was pushing her against it, grinding his clothed erection into her hot center and, quite literally, ripping the shirt off of her. She welcomed his advances and did her best to reciprocate.

Mercedes was never the one for relationships. She thought they were too much trouble, too much obligation, to much responsibility, too much everything… she did however appreciate sex, and what batter way to get it than to have friend with benefits. And that’s how it has always been for her. Until she met Spock. There was something about this half alien that drove her mad. The way he stood so straight, the way that his eyebrow twitched when he found something amusing or irritating, the way he spoke so eloquently in a voice that could have been coated with honey… there was just something about him and since his break up with Uhura, she started noticing him more and it looked like he felt the same way. It wasn’t, however, until that night that her suspicions have been confirmed.

As a chief tactical officer, she spent a lot of time on the bridge with the rest if the senior officers. She loved her job. She was a total badass and she knew that. She was even brave enough to put Jim in his place and it provided a neverending entertainment for bridge officers to see their cocky Capitan being taken down a peg by their incredibly intelligent and witty tactical officer. Spock was aware of her intellect and of her reputation as a badass among the crew and even her closest friends. So it really shouldn’t have come to as a surprise to see her skin decorated by ink. His logic seemed to have failed him, for as he ripped her shirt to shreds, he couldn’t stop himself from emitting a gasp when he saw the extent of body art. Word ‘unbreakable’ was written in delicate pattern on her collarbone, her back almost completely covered by a huge phoenix, together with a few more tattoos scattered in random pattern on her back. He growled approvingly before he lifted her sports bra over her head. His lips followed the line of her throat going lower and lower until he reached her chest and took one erect nipple in his mouth and gave it an affectionate nip. Her spine arched in the most erotical way and she let out a husky moan while simultaneously threading her long fingers into his silky locks and pulling his head into her chest even more.

Instead of listening to her, Spock released her nipple from his mouth and trailed his lips even lower until he was kneeling on the floor, his mouth pressed into her navel. He licked a long stripe over the elastic band holding her gym shorts up, drawing a long moan from her, while at the same time hooking his thumbs into the elastic of both her shorts and her panties. He yanked them down her long toned legs, his eyes locking onto her center. She was so deliciously moist and he looked into her eyes as he threw her leg over his shoulder and licked a long stripe from her opening to the clit.

Mercedes gasped and grabbed at his hair with her hands pushing him even closer to her. He made a rumbling noise in the back of his throat, sending vibrations straight into her, and pushed his tongue into her, tasting her, while his nose pushed into her clit forcing her closer and closer to her climax. But before she could get there, he stood up, making her whine, and pushed her towards his bed. Somewhere along the way he slid his sweatpants low enough just to free his throbbing cock and give it a few tugs, lubricating it with precum. Mercedes sprawled herself over his bedsheets, looking at him from beneath her lashes, she spread her legs to accommodate him as he slid in between them. He coated his cock in her juices before locking eyes with her and pushing his way in stretching her like no man has ever stretched her before. She moaned. She has never felt so full before. He gave her a few seconds to adjust to his large girth and then he started moving. The pace was pretty fast and it was obvious he wanted this for a very long time as well. He had her tearing at the edge of her climax in minutes as she clawed at his back and moaned in his ear. He brought his hand between their bodies, found her clit, circled it a few times and she was sent flying over the edge of what was possibly the best orgasm of her life. She sobbed and clenched around him, making him want to join her, but he stilled inside her letting her finish like a gentleman that he is. When she stopped shaking he resumed his pace making her groan from overstimulation.

Mercedes, not liking to be dominated for too long, grabbed his shoulder and hooked her leg over his knee and flipped them over so that she was on top. She smiled at his surprised expression before she ground down on his still rock hard cock drawing a moan from his mouth. She rode him like an expert while his hands circled around her and rested on her back, going over her tattoos. Getting closer and closer to the edge of his own orgasm he met her thrusts with his own and in minutes he had her coming onto his cock for the second time that night, but this time he let himself go as well, remaining inside her until the very last moment, he pulled out and unloaded himself against her cunt.

They collapsed together onto his pillows, breathing heavily. She was lying on her stomach with her head facing him while he propped himself up on his elbow and leaned over her to press kisses on her back. With one final kiss to her tailbone, he rose again and pressed an open mouth kiss on her lips, his tongue coiling with hers. They spent a few more minutes making out before he laid onto his back and pulled her into his arms. They fell asleep that night together and in the morning they rose and headed to their shift but not without agreeing that they didn’t want this to be a relationship.

That was three months ago. From that night, every night without exception was spent in his quarters, their moans and sound of skin slapping against skin filling the silence.

Something was different tonight however.

As he rose to press kisses along her spinal column and the ink decorating the skin and taut muscles underneath he locked eyes with her. His eyes were shining with deep respect, satisfaction, lust, but that was nothing new. What was new, however, was a deep understanding and affection shining in his eyes and she seemed to accept it as she turned to meet his mouth half way as an understanding seemed to pass between them.

They would talk. Just not tonight. And not with words.

The end

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「White Clover pt. 1」

—Thranduil × Reader

(Author’s Note: I’m trying to look for a more aesthetic way to post my works so ughhhh bear with me guys. Also this will be a series and I really hope I’ll be able to finish this. I wanted to do something for LOTR since it’s been so long since I wrote another series and here we gooooo

Warnings: none… YET

Part I | Part 2comingsoon)

Ever since you were young, you have always loved the tree in your backyard and how it changes color in different seasons. You loved it the most when autumn comes and the leaves turn into the warmest shades of red, brown, and yellow.

This tree holds a special place in your heart that one day you decided to dig near its roots and bury a metal box with a letter for your future self in it. The letter held your hopes and dreams and some memories you would like to look back on that were captured in pictures and other things that you considered important.

So your 10 year-old self started to dig and when you thought it was deep enough, you carefully placed the box in the hole and covered it up again. Hoping that in ten years time you’d still be the ones who owned the house, you went back inside with a happy smile on your lips.

There were times that you have forgotten about the time capsule that you had buried but whenever autumn came you were always reminded of it. You have forgotten what you have written and what other things you have put in there but you looked forward to growing up and being able to retrieve its contents.

By the time you turned 20, you have completely forgotten about the time capsule. You were caught up with all the things that was going on with your life. You were focusing on your studies, worrying about your future, and fussing about packing up because you and your family were going to move out of the house.

The only thing that reminded you of the time capsule was when your beloved tree’s leaves did not grow back and turn green in spring. Instead, the tree remained bare.

On the night before the day you had to move, you walked up to the tree and stared at its roots. For some reason, you could tell that there was something not quite right. The tree wasn’t like this because it was just dead. You felt something odd the moment you got closer to the roots.

One moment you were standing in the dark, the next there was light that seemed to come from under the tree.

Of course your mind told you to back away. Could it be something dangerous? Could it cause you harm in any way? But for some reason the light made your heart ache with longing. Your throat started to hurt and you had the urge to cry.

You stepped closer and as the distance between you and the tree, the light started to dim. You kneeled by the roots and the light went out.

That was when you remembered what you had buried here ten years ago.

Frantically you started digging until your hands met something solid. You took the box and the moment you realized it wasn’t the metal box you had buried before, tears started to run down your cheeks. You wiped them away as you stood up and walked towards the light by the backdoor.

It was a wooden box with the most beautiful and intricate carvings on its lid. There were also words engraved on it but you assumed it was from another language since you couldn’t understand. Your hand caressed the figure of a couple in each other’s arms at the lower right corner of the lid.

Curious as to what the contents of this box (that was clearly not yours) was, you sat on the ground and opened the box.

You remembered that you had put a letter, a few pictures, and other things that you seemed important in your box. The person who owned this did the same. There was an envelope inside, as well as a preserved white clover, a bracelet, and a drawing of a person that looked a bit like you.

Taking the envelope, you opened it and read the letter in hopes of finding out who this box belonged to. You also wanted to know where yours was.

“I asked the Valar to have pity on my heart, that I may find peace and happiness whilst I stay in this land without my beloved. I had only asked to be able to look back on memories without having to clutch a bleeding heart. I had only asked to be able to look back on memories without having to shed tears. Yet they have given me more than what I asked for.

They have given me a chance to love.

Someone began appearing in my dreams and she never spoke to me. I could only watch her as she directs the loveliest smiles she could muster. My heart would feel sudden happiness, a happiness I had not felt since I met my wife and my son had been born. Even when I wake up, I could still see her image and it was an image I have to admit I did not want to forget.

She came to me and I did not know what to do. My feelings I could contain no longer, but I was scared. I felt as if I was betraying my wife. I had let myself slip and I have done actions that were clear messages of how I felt for her. But I have not told her, have not put into words my feelings.

Before I could do so, she had already gone.

They had given me a chance to love.

They had also given me another reason to grieve.

I hope wherever her home may be, she will still remember me as I remember her.”

A teardrop fell on the letter, smudging some of the words. The elegant handwriting seemed so familiar to you and strangely enough you could hear someone’s voice in your head. It was as if you were hearing the voice while you were underwater so you weren’t sure whose it was. But as you looked at the white clover in the box, you remembered a beautiful shade of blue.

You closed your eyes—maybe you were going insane? Maybe it was because of how much you love reading books and how much you wished for someone to love you someday that the letter moved you to tears. Maybe it was because of the questions you have. Where was your time capsule? Where was your letter? Whose is this? How did they bury this in your back garden?

So many things running through your head, but no answers came to mind.

You decided it would be best to just forget and continue on with life.

But suddenly your head started spinning and you had to place your hand on the ground to steady yourself. You let go of the box and the letter, panicking that this wouldn’t stop. You didn’t know anymore if you were still upright or if you were lying on the ground. You could only hope that this would end.

And it did end. The spinning stopped but you still felt queasy and weak. You then realized you were lying down on the ground. With effort you pried your eyes open.

You were greeted by the sunlight peeking through the canopy.



You sat up, your heart racing at the unfamiliar environment. What was supposed to be the mowed grass was replaced by the uneven ground of a forest floor. What was supposed to be the night sky was replaced by the patches of sunlight that found its way through the leaves.

Where were you?

In the middle of panicking, someone placed a hand on your shoulder. You jumped and turned your head to see who it was.

Your eyes met blue ones.

Familiar blue ones.

His eyes were as wide as yours, as if he knew you like the way you had a hunch who this person was.

“Who are you?” he asked. You knew he was speaking in another language but you could understand him, and it suddenly clicked in your mind that what he was speaking was the same language on the box you had found. “How did you get here?”

You said your name and looked around you. “I do not know how I got here. I don’t even know where this is.”

He pursed his lips and got up, offering you his hand. You took it without question and got on your feet. You waited for him to let go, but he never did. He led you through the trees, knowing where to go even without a clear path. And you followed him even though you were skeptical.

Something was telling you that this was supposed to happen.

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prompt. “you found me crying on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night surrounded by a shattered jelly jar.”
pairing. romantic analogical
warnings. breakdown, mention of blackout, crying
notes. i’m sorry this took so long :3


434 words
reblogs >> likes

when logan found out he was going to be staying with his crush of four years throughout all of college, he was more than a little conflicted. on one hand, he got to spend basically all his down time with who he thought was the love of his life. on the other, every breakdown he had would now be around the same place as his biggest fear.

he knew on the day he moved in it wouldn’t be long before a breakdown inevitably happened. that day, he woke up feeling horrible. he had gone to sleep very late, his schedule being shot to hell, and he had woken up to his brothers yelling about who got to embarrass him and how.

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“this is hell.”

“go to hell.”

“this hurts like hell.”

most people don’t think of these expressions, what hell actually means. what it is. what it’s like to actually be down there, in the pit. however, dean winchester knows exactly what it’s like. he knows what it’s like to be chained, tortured, having demons laughing maniacally as they cut layer after layer of your skin, making you whole, and repeating the whole process again.

dean winchester knows what that’s like. and he will never, ever, forget that. ever. and it hurts, it’s traumatizing. and no matter how hard he tries to, dean can’t just forget. no amount of hunting can make him forget. no amount he consumes can make him forget what he had gone through. even when he stabs a demon, watches them die, no amount of vengeance can help get rid of the hellish experience from his head.

sure, dean may have talked about it to sam, about what the demons had done to him and … what he himself did to other souls. he didn’t want to become a torturer, but after thirty damn years of enduring the pain, saying no to alastair, he had given in to the demon’s deal. sometimes when the hunter is by himself, he can still hear the screams, and sometimes it’s hard to tell whether they’re his own or of the ones he had hurt.

and then the nightmares, oh they are the worst of all. dean gets flashbacks to the pit, being tortured then being the torturer. he can see the fiery red flashes of hell, the white thunder that strikes. he can see himself chained up, see the blood drenched all over him. he can see the crowd of demons around him, almost like they’re partying. you would be celebrating too if you finally got to get revenge on the hunter that sent you back to this damn hellhole. but he has done some … other things too. bad things. hellworthy things.

maybe dean winchester did deserve to go to hell after all.

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Hi Anon

Here’s a few for you~

Day in the Life of a Student by Bluecow13
(Rated G, 1,889 words, oneshot, complete)

Eren is working late on an essay when he meets Levi, one of the campus janitors. Eren decided to keep Levi company as he works and both of them are surprised by how much fun they have together.

Some Things Never Change - Some Do by ChangeGirlYuki
(Rated T, 2,477 words, oneshot, complete)

You’d think that if you already lived, if you remembered the mistakes from your past, you’d do better next time. Right? Except that things didn’t go better during Levi’s second chance. He was yet again born into bad circumstances and ended up as a teen thug. But when he finds himself as the janitor at a high school, he things that maybe this *is* better. He gets to clean, he gets to mind his own business and he hasn’t to fight for his life. He has friends, he has his own place, he’s got a cat. What more is there to want?
Well, he soon finds out what there is more to want when a certain teal eyed teen transfers to Trost High and resurrects long forgotten feelings. But does Eren remember their past life? And would he want to have anything to do with the man who has been ordered to do unsay-able things to him? 

Prom Night by erenfuckinjaeger
(Rated E, 1,524 words, oneshot, complete)

Eren gets caught drinking in the school bathroom and gets caught by the janitor. So Eren does the logical thing and bribes him to keep quiet.

Coup de Foudre by godtiermeme
(Rated T, 13,948 words, multichapter, complete)

Following the death of their mother, unofficial siblings Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman are sent to a boarding school known as Trost Academy. On the plus side, this allows for them to spend more time with Armin Arlert, a good friend of theirs who attends the school. It also affords them the opportunity to meet new people and, for Eren Jaeger, one of these people just happens to be a young, enigmatic janitor who enjoys lurking around the French building.

School Detentions by ZWorld
(Rated E, 20,216 words, multichapter, ongoing)

Framed for a crime he did not commit, Eren Yeager starts attending after school detentions with janitor Levi and his cleaning squad as an alternative for getting suspended. It’s a rocky start that soon turns into something memorable. 

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Hello, here I am with something that is not a drawing.

I have this “Fanfiction” by Creepy Argen, I plan to publish it on Wattpad but I don’t know if anyone wants to read it in their language (?


Hola, aquí estoy con algo que no es un dibujo.

Tengo este “Fanfiction” de Creepy Argen, planeo publicarlo en Wattpad pero no sé si alguien quiere leerlo en su idioma (?

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“You just have to promise to not be scared.” Jimin eyed the elder warily.

“You are scaring me.”

“I’m sorry just- don’t freak out.” Yoongi took off his shirt and turned his back on the other. Amber wings unfurled themselves, spreading five feet in either direction.

“Yoongi! What- Can I-”

“Go ahead.” He whispered. Jimin reached out slowly, his fingertips ghosting over the feathers.  They twitched under his touch.

“How..?” He traced the top of the wing with his palm, feeling the soft feathers run against his skin.

“How have you his this for TWO AND A HALF YEARS!!”

“Pure luck honestly. I thought you would have noticed by now.”

“How have I not noticed!?!” Yoongi folded his wings again as Jimin watched in shock. He smoothed his hands over the elder’s back. The wings molded perfectly against his skin, they didn’t stick out at all.


“You’re not- going to leave me, are you.” Jimin turned Yoongi around, looking at him softly.

“I would ”

prompt by: @shyhidingshadowgirl

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The soft, low voice echoed in the dim room, the only source of light illuminating was from the window. Levi’s eyes were gazed upon the back of the woman beside him on the bed, obviously turned away from him. A single sheet of fabric covered her lean body, but the exposed areas certainly felt cold. He received no reply, not even a small movement came from her.

Still watching her intently as he released the tension from his shoulder blades, he continued, “You should go back to your room, Mikasa.”

Finally, her whole body shifted and eventually, she was out of the bed. Her skin longed for the warmth that the thin fabric gave her, because now her whole body seemed uncovered. She reached down to grab her clothes on the chair. Her eyes turned to look at the man she left on the bed. Even in the dark, their eyes met. She smiled.

He averted his eyes towards the near window, and noticed how dark the room was. A while ago, everything was cloudy and a blur – except for the view of Mikasa’s bare body below him, and the vulnerable expression on her face which he wanted only for himself.

Levi heard footsteps, she was already leaving, a hand was ready to turn the doorknob.

“Good night, Mikasa.”

She stopped, and he couldn’t ponder whether she was surprised or not from his words.

“Okay, Captain.”

When was about to open the door, she heard his voice again


Curious as to why he would call her by his name, she turned around until her feet brought her back to the bed – to him.

They were close. She sat on the edge of the bed, and he moved until he could touch her face with the back of his fingertips. She shivered from his touch, the same feeling when he first did it. It was long ago, but she could remember how her heart raced, and her breath got caught under her throat.

“Call me Levi…” He caressed her hair, tucking them behind her ear. Then, she kissed him.

It wasn’t long before he responded. Their lips danced like it was the first time, and Levi felt the heat from her skin everytime he touched her.

Both moved away from the moment, and immediately, a smile was formed on Mikasa’s face. She began making her way back to the spot where she almost left the lone man, and opened the door. Before completely disappearing from his sight, she said,

“Good night, Levi.”

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Originally posted by haru-kaas

//a bit late but here it is

𝓦𝓪𝓿𝓮 || Momo Yaoyorozu

You always knew when she was trying to gain your attention, the glitter of something sparkling in the sunset as you sat in your room. It was always the same; she’d appear, you’d sneak down to the beach that you lived near, and watch her as she played in the water for a bit, leaving a gift for you to find in the sand once she left.

But this time you were going to make this different, you were going to do something that was out of the ordinary, holding the basket in your arms securely as you traversed the deserted beach, sand sticking between your toes as the mermaid greeted you with a splash, almost as if she was inviting you to play at the end of the pier, to watch her as she danced for you.

Feet padding across the worn wood of the pier, the wood creaked and groaned with the saltwater and age, her eyes coming up to meet yours as she gave a gentle smile. You had forever ago given up on trying to communicate with the mermaid, as all she would be able to do was respond in clicks and quacks to you. It was ok, body language was good enough.

Her mood changed once her eyes landed on the basket, hands coming up to grip at the edge before she pulled herself up, a tail glistening in red and white scales coming from the water as she placed herself on the wood, sitting beside you but yet keeping a distance. Webbed hands folded neatly into her lap, she watched as you pulled out a kalimba, her eyes widening in awe as her hands reached out, gently stroking the instrument just as she did other things; apples, books, she always stroked them. You’d gathered it up to poor eyesight from her kind, but she was the only one you had ever seen.

And so with a deep breath, you began to play the instrument, a familiar tune echoing through the air as your thumbs plucked at the ‘strings’. She always sang one song before she left, and you had spent months trying to find the instrument that would be able to play the beauty that she sang. Thankfully with your quirk being that of a musical type; being able to automatically know how to play an instrument, you were able to go through different instruments until you found the one.

However she did not sing back, nor did she make a noise, instead, laying her head on your shoulder as the sun slowly set over the horizons. The only sounds wishing you the best being the roaring sound of the waves over the shore.

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