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multifandomtrashpanda · 2 days ago
4am Diluc Brainrot - Give Diluc a hug
at 4am I had massive Diluc Brainrot, so I decided to get up write it down and share it, because why not. Also I have come to the conclusion that Diluc's bird is most likely an Osprey, they look similar and Osprey live in Germany so I guess it's the best real world equivalent. ALSO WE NEED A CANON NAME FOR THE BIRD >:(
Diluc x gn!Reader; comfort (Diluc needs more hugs)
Today was your lover’s birthday, meant to be a day filled with joy Diluc had confined himself to his office. All day the maids had tried to get him to come out, but their attempts proved fruitless. After half a day of unsuccessfully attempting to get Diluc to come out and at least eat, you made the decision to quickly travel to Mondstadt in an attempt to retrieve something to use as a bargaining chip.
Upon your arrival in the city your first stop is Mondstadt General Goods, where you pick up some juicy mice for Diluc’s beloved bird, who had been the only other life Diluc had interacted with today. Next you quickly stopped by Good Hunter to pick up a Pile 'Em Up to go. With your two items obtained you hurried back to Dawn Winery with higher hopes of success.
Pushing to great wooden door to the winery open, the maids were still gathered in the foyer speaking in hushed voices. You threw them an awkward wave through your shopping bags and hurried past them towards Diluc’s study. As you approached the door to Diluc’s office you pressed you ear against to door. The only sound coming through was the quiet chirps of his eagle and rustling paperwork, with a quiet sigh you go to open to door to find it locked. Luckily you had the key so as quietly as possible you unlocked and opened the door. Diluc’s back was facing you as he seemingly worked on paperwork for the winery, his eagle chirped at you from their stand as you approached your lover. You placed your bags down quietly beside his desk and pulled his loose hair away from his face kissing the newly exposed skin. Diluc flinched and turned to you with glossy unshed tears in his eyes. Your heart ached at his pain, and you leaned in to pepper his face in kisses as you shifted his chair and straddled his lap. “Oh, honey” you whisper embracing your lover and rubbing soothing circles on his back. Diluc brings his arms up to hold you tightly, as if you’ll leave when he lets go, and buries his head in the crook of your shoulder. You begin to rock him gently and whisper sweet endearments in his ear, you can feel the tension pouring out of your lover’s body as he sags against you exhausted. “You know that when you feel like this you can come to me right?” you say now massaging his scalp. He murmurs something about it being his problem into your neck and you pull him back as he whines at the loss of the hug. You gently cup his face, “Diluc, nothing is ever just your problem, it’s always okay to seek help even if you feel that you brought the situation upon yourself. Besides this is your feelings and grief, which are always not your fault. I’m always here for you so please, for me reach out and let me help.” You say looking into Diluc’s teary eyes. He sniffs and nods slowly trying to bury himself back into your neck, you let him and go back to massaging his scalp. “no one thinks that you any less of a person for seeking help or comfort, in fact not doing so will just make it worse” you whisper. Suddenly a loud flapping of wings is all that can be heard, and you have Diluc’s eagle on your other shoulder. You nudge Diluc to get him to look, “see, we all love you” you say as said eagle jumps onto Diluc to preen his hair. Both of you laugh quietly and love on the bird, who seems very happy about this change in attention. As you sit on Diluc lap as he strokes both his bird and your hair you move to grab the bags you brought. “I was going to use these to lure you out but seems I didn’t need to” You say holding up the Pile ‘Em Up, Diluc smiles, and you place the plate on the table shifting to sitting sideways on Diluc’s lap so you can share the meal together. Diluc’s Eagle chirps angrily and hops onto the table in protest. You both laugh again and you reach into the other bag to grab a mouse for him. “I didn’t forget about you” you grin, throwing him the mouse as he takes off to his perch. As you and Diluc share your Pile ‘Em Up and bask in each other’s presence, you feel like slowly Diluc is getting better.
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mirkai-haiwa · 2 days ago
"Hold me tight and dont let go"
Tumblr media
Request: desiree610 How about some sfw Cuddle time with Brahms Heelshire? ☺️
Characters: Brahms Heelshire x reader (y/n)
Length: 1.211
Rating: SFW/ Fluff
stressed reader, slight anxiety, cuddle times with Brahms, mostly fluff, Brahms being somewhat clingy, mention of Brahm being a brat and being angry, comforting in the end
This is my first Fanfic in years, so please don´t mind the few mistakes I made in here (lol) I also may have gotten carried away and that's why it took longer than intended... o-o
Not beta-read! (It will be edited again later on)
The night was terrible, and the morning did not look any better. On their way home, (y/n) thought about all the stress they have been through the last few weeks of nonstop working. They are a nurse and accidents seem to happen every minute nowadays. From simple bruises, broken arms and legs, and one too many fatal accidents that took a toll on (y/n). Everything has happened this week.
After a long walk, since someone has decided that cars are no good, (y/n) made it home. It was an early morning, too early. It was cold the sun slowly comes back up after a long night. The sky was beautiful, and y/n took a small break to just stare at it. Letting their mind wander, just standing outside and calming down. Having forgotten the fact that someone at home was waiting and being very much impatient.
Just a few more minutes of walk time and (y/n) stood in front of the giant house that the Heelshire residence was. Too big for its own good, was the first thought that came to them the first time they saw the residence. When they accepted the job as Brahms nanny their whole life changed. That all was a long time ago, Brahms came out of the walls, and now they are a couple for a few months. It took (y/n) a lot of convincing and promising to get out of the house again. After Brahms's parents have "disappeared" or at least that is what Brahms wanted to believe, very much not agreeing with the fact that his parents have killed themselves. (Y/N) only came out of the house after telling Brahms how important their job is to them. Still not very pleased with it, he agreed to let them leave, but not even (y/n) thought about or remembered how stressful their job could be from time to time.
They opened the front door carefully, trying not to make too much sound since it was so early in the morning and Brahms probably being asleep. At least that is what (y/n) has hoped. This false hope was quickly pushed away when they hear walking come from inside the house. A big sigh escaped (y/n) lips knowing what is about to happen. Brahms hated it when they had to do nightshifts, especially since their night routine of him being put to bed, couldn´t happen. He complained about it almost every time. It was hard for (y/n), knowing that they would hear about it again. Hearing how hard it was for him to be left alone, his routine being ruined and him not being able to contact them and not knowing if they would come back or not. Brahms was very clingy and his parents now being gone did not make it any better. But (y/n) was tired, exhausted, and just did not want to hear the same complaints over and over again. They were ready to tell him off and tell him how they feel about this whole situation.
But today the complaining never came. As soon as y/n turned around to look at him, his face softened. He saw the exhaustion in their eyes, and he did not want to make it worse. "Brahms, I know I am late again, and I am sorry-", (y/n) began but was interrupted by the taller man coming closer and opening his arms.
"Come here", he said in his actual voice, and not the child one. It took (y/n) a while to process what has just happened.
It was not uncommon for Brahms to be clingy and want hugs and cuddles, but him not being mad at you and just accepting the fact they were late? It surprised (y/n) but they gave in a second later. Falling into his arms with their face pressed into his chest. Both of them just stood there, in the middle of the hall, for at least a few seconds before deciding to move.
On their way to (y/n)s room Brahms did not take his eyes off his lover. He noticed that they were thinking about something and were trying to not look at him. He was worried that he had done something wrong, even though he knew that most of the stress probably came from their work, the thought of again upsetting (y/n) was locked in his brain. Before he could even say something they had made it to their room. (Y/N) moved past Brahms, flopping down face-first into the newly made bed letting out a big sigh of relief. They stayed like this as Brahms stayed near the bed just staring at his lover in awe and confusion.
Confusion since he did not know what to do. Is he allowed to come close to you or should he just leave you be? He does want to hold them close since they did not have time to cuddle the last few days but (y/n) is also quite stressed out and probably needs some alone time to calm down.
His thoughts were interrupted when he heard sobbing coming from the bed. The sobs were quiet but still painful to hear. Panik started to come up in Brahms now even more scared and clueless about what to do.
"(Y/N)?" he spoke softly not wanting to harm his lover in any way, by maybe sounding angry, confused, or anxious. He was at a loss of how to proceed.
Only a small sob came out of the pillows and blankets: " I hate it". But that did not help him out. Did they hate him? Did they hate the situation they were in? That they have to be stuck in the house and were not able to leave it at any given moment, since he was there to stop them. And he was the one that was mad at them for wanting freedom?
The silence in the room was painful. Filled with anxiety and panic by both ends.
But if they hated him so much, why would they have come back to the residence? Brahms got it together and moved closer to the bed, looking down. (Y/N)s face was still hidden in the pillows. He went over to the other side of the bed and laid down. Moving closer to (y/n), he slowly grabbed their body and moved their back into his chest. His masked face was softly pressed into their hair.
There he waited for any complaining or movement that would show him if he did the wrong thing or that he should stop. But nothing like that happened.
The only thing that did happen was (y/n) turning around to lay in his arms. A huff escaped their lips before they pressed their head into Brahms's chest.
"Can we... not talk about anything right now, please. Just laying here is perfectly fine", their voice came out, not louder than a whisper. A hum of agreement came out of the taller man's mouth before he gave into the loving hug smiling under the mask.
"You're going to be fine. I will stay with you right here and listen to you when you want to talk about it", he whispered into their ear before they both slowly fell into a deep and calming slumber in each other's arms.
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scandalous-chaos · 2 days ago
🦋 Remus our lovely Moony
“I’m personal offended that you didn’t get me to be your fake date”
"Slughorn insisted to bring someone! I didn’t even want to go!” You said defensively to your best friend.
“Sure you didn’t,” Remus rolled his eyes. “Well, who did you go with?”
Sirius raised one of his hands. Remus’s mouth fell open.
“I’m personally offended that you didn’t get me to be your fake date!” 
“Oh, shut up, you were busy wandering around the castle,” you replied.
“I wasn’t wandering around, I’m literally the Head Boy, I’m supposed to check everything is in order in evenings!” 
“Same thing,” you shrugged.
“It’s fine, I’m cool with it,” he sent a wink your way before adding — “I’d rather go on a real date with you anyway.”
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Tumblr media
Rating: E
At seventeen, Lily fell in love in secret. At eighteen, she said no to a marriage proposal from a man she loved. At nineteen, things that were always meant to be come back together.
(How Lily and James fought a war, lost each other, and fell in love a second-first time).
Tumblr media
For the @jilytoberfest​ Bittersweet Challenge! FLUFF TO ANGST: "It's nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today."
Thank you @clare-with-no-i for helping me push my Sisyphean Boulder up the hill by making me add this post (and @mabeltothknows aka the original architect) and all it’s E-ratedness to this. your order!jily separation anxiety legacy lives.
um also if you’re on the jily discord and saw me go through my mid-life crisis trying to finish this fic…no u didn’t
Tumblr media
It was October.
The rain pattered for weeks and anxious first years were overheard excitedly wondering if it would abate in time for the first Quidditch match of the year.
Lily nearly laughed when she heard this and told them not to worry; the Gryffindor captain was too determined and insane to let something like weather spoil a match. Which might have been quite inconsequential, if their Head of House didn’t share the same values and could be heard loudly lecturing on the importance of a stiff upper lip in the face of ‘a bit of rain’.
Lighting and thunder boomed outside, rattling the windows of the Great Hall.
Lily’s eyes went to James.
He was sitting on the far side of the hall, tucked amidst his laughing friends and teammates. Lily was on the steps by the doors; out of sight, out of mind. The Slytherins were getting bolder each day, more and more Muggleborns ending up in the Hospital Wing, and the shadows offered her a bit of peace.
James spotted her looking and an instant smile broke across his face. He didn’t wave, but he cocked his head at the table, a silent invitation.
Lily shook her head, raising her napkin filled with toast as justification.
James grinned. Mouthed: Hey.
Lily bit the inside of her cheek so she didn’t smile, then glanced around to make sure no one saw them. He wasn’t being as careful as they usually were today, but his mates were all distracted with their own things, so there was no harm done. They were still a well-kept, lovely secret.
Good luck, she mouthed back. See you after?
He grinned and made another vague gesture—one that left nothing to her imagination as to what he wanted to do to her after.
Continue reading on Ao3!
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fullmarvelheart · 2 days ago
Pairing: Bucky x fem!Reader (College AU)
Word Count: 2,768
Warnings: +18 Only, fluff, little smut if you squint, allusions to sexual harassment, hella angst
A/N: Wow, ok so I wrote this in less than a day. But I'm not sure if that's exactly something I should be proud of in this case. This is heavily based off of a situation I'm currently in. Though, I have no idea where mine will go. There's very little dialogue in this one, it's mostly a narrative. I know I should be working on Crossing Lines or part three of When Saving an Avenger, but it's been so hard, especially lately. And I needed to write this. This wasn't an easy decision for me, at all. Mostly because while I add little parts of myself to my stories, it has never been this personal and I'm really nervous about this. But, like I said, I needed to write this. It's been a week and I can still feel myself hurting. Yes, I cried a few times writing this. My relationship hasn't gotten to where I will end this story, but I can't help but feel it's headed in that direction. Anyways, enough of my rambling. I hope you all enjoy this! Crossing Lines or part three of When Saving an Avenger should be out relatively soon.
All mistakes are my own. The gif used is not my own, credit to the original owner.
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Tumblr media
You were tired of dating apps. You were tired of the cringy flirting and the boring ass talking stage. You were tired of trying, putting yourself out there, only for it to not go anywhere, or go in a bad direction. You were this close to deleting all the apps, and chucking your phone out the nearest window. But then, then you came across his profile.
He looked good, really good. Seemed decent enough, too. And his values seemed to align with yours. So, you figured you'd give online dating another chance. Besides, you were lonely and hoping to cross off being single. What's the worst that can happen? You swiped right.
And that is how you matched with Bucky Barnes.
Granted, you rarely checked the app, which led to not replying all that often, but he still seemed interested. You started talking about things you liked to do on campus and that's when he mentioned the restaurant and you two started planning your first date.
He asked, and you gave him your phone number, and you two started texting, everyday. His car ended up breaking down on his way to your date, and he swore he wasn't trying to stand you up. He even wanted to make sure that you were comfortable meeting him at the restaurant beforehand. And you understood. He wasn't in control of those kind of things. You could have offered to pick him up, but you were already nervous about the date, you didn't think you could handle driving him too. Besides, he didn't ask, and you had a feeling that you'd be seeing him soon anyways.
You two continued texting the rest of the week. He got his battery replaced, so his car was working again m. He made you smile over text and you couldn't wait to actually meet him. You guys made plans to meet at the same restaurant that Saturday. When you first stepped out to greet him, you only felt relief.
His hair was pulled back into a cute little bun that made him look ten times better than his profile picture, he looked hot, and he actually looked like his profile picture. His shoulders were broad, a result of the workouts he did, and he had one of the friendliest smiles you'd seen in a while. Even the fact that he had a metal arm didn't bother you, you thought it was so cool. You were excited.
You two immediately sparked a conversation, the waitress had to come by twice before you were ready to order. And the conversation didn't end there. You stayed there, just talking and then the other actually listening, until ten minutes before the place closed, receiving plenty of looks from the waitstaff during that time even though you weren’t the only ones still there. But you simply didn't care, you both were enjoying yourselves too much.
You two talked about practically everything. You both offhandedly mentioned past troubles with other relationships and the trust issues it caused, but you weren't worried about it. He kept complimenting your eyes the whole time, about how beautiful they were, and you kept mentioning how you liked it when he smiled. His smile was so pretty.
At the end, he paid for dinner and walked you back to your car before giving you a hug and a simple kiss on the cheek, and making you promise to tell him when you got home safely. You could swear that was the most you smiled in what felt like forever as you were driving back to your apartment, you couldn't stop smiling. There were no red flags, he was genuine, and the perfect gentleman. You simply had to see him again. And you had that chance a week later.
While you were texting him after your first date, which you did every day, he mentioned he got another ticket to a movie you had both wanted to see. Of course, you agreed to go and date two was planned. During that week though, you both opened up to each other a bit over text. Nothing too deep, you were waiting to tell him somethings in person, but that was something you'd tell him if you ever got to the third date. And then Friday rolled around, date number two.
Once again, everything went really well. The movie was great! The conversation, just as good. And just like before, he was the perfect gentleman, not trying to steal touches in the darkness in places you weren't ready for, or anything like that. You were happy. And once again, you both walked to the parking lot where you hugged and he gave you a simple kiss on your cheek before making you promise to text him when you got home. You both later admitted that you wanted to give the other a hug before entering the theater but backed out at the last second.
Again, there were no red flags, and you were excited to see him again. You may have even found his social media accounts to make sure. You didn't follow him on anything, and you were determined not to let him find out. Later that week you ended up calling him, after getting the idea and you just couldn't let it go. The conversation didn't last that long, he had gotten back from his workout at the gym and needed to shower, but it was still good. You weren't worried about it not being too long, you both also had homework to finish before you went to sleep. But, it left you feeling giddy.
You found that he became more opened with you over text, especially at night, telling you about the panic attacks that started when he lost his arm. You understood, you told him, you'd even get them sometimes yourself. He didn't push you to talk about things, and insisted that you only tell him if you were comfortable. He specifically wanted to make sure that you were comfortable when he invited you over and you mentioned your reservations, but only because you've had bad experiences whenever you were at someone's place. But you assured him, you were ok and would tell him if you weren't.
He made dinner for you, the conversation flowing easily as you were eating. It was so good and it had been awhile since you really had a good homecooked meal. When you were both done, you finally gathered your courage and told him you needed to talk to him about something.
He led you to the couch, and sat down next to you. You told him your struggles with your mental health, that you were working on them, but felt he deserved to know. He listened the whole time, even asked what something was but told you that he could look it up if you weren't ready to talk to him about it. And you explained it. Maybe this is where you went wrong?
He opened up too, even though you told him he didn't have to, telling you about his last girlfriend that cheated on him. One of the main reasons he had trust issues. You listened and couldn't help but think who is that bad of a person to do that to someone who is so goddamn kind and caring. You both sat on the couch for a while, just holding each other, just giving the other comfort. Surely, it wasn't there.
Eventually, he got up to take care of something, and you went to check your phone. When he came back, you looked at each other for what felt like forever, your stomach twisting in anticipation, and then he kissed you.
You had never really understood what feeling weak in the knees had meant until that moment because good god, was he a good kisser. You stood there forever, just kissing each other, hands wandering slightly, and you couldn't get enough. He led you back to his couch, and laid you down, not breaking the kiss once. He asked if you were ok, and you said yes, but left out how you never felt more alive. He kept his weight off you for awhile, and then you wrapped your legs around his waist and he was lowering himself onto you. He made sure you were ok, whenever he did something new, and you never wanted to stop him. When he started moving against you, you could swear nothing felt quite as good. You stayed there for a long time, but yet not long enough, until he stopped. You almost whined, your heart pounding in your chest, heat and wetness pooling in your core, you didn't want him to stop. But you weren't ready to go further.
No questions were asked, no comments made, as he pulled you into him while you cuddled on his couch, his metal arm cooling your heated skin. However, it didn't matter if that was, by far, the best kiss and the best you've felt after something like that, you just couldn't help it when your mind wandered back to all those times that weren't like this. You knew you were thinking, and had to stop it and just relish in the moment, but you couldn't. When he noticed he asked about it. He told you that you could tell him, but only if you were comfortable. And so you told him, not everything but enough to paint the picture. Maybe it was there. He held you through it, gave you his necklace to help ground yourself, and helped wipe away your tears. He told you that you did nothing wrong, that they took advantage of you and you burrowed into him further. He didn't pressure you into doing things you didn't say no to but didn't say yes either, he just held you and you wanted to stay there forever. You felt safe there.
You two got up, and he handed you a bottle of water. And you thanked him, thinking it was cute that he did that. You two spent a little while cooling down, just talking before cuddling again on the couch. This time though, he laid on top of you while you wrapped your arms around him, scratching his back. He claimed that your hands were magic and you never wanted to move. The weight of his body was a comfort to you.
After a while, he started placing small kisses on your chest, where your shirt dipped down, and you never thought that you'd like something like that quite as much. His kisses started getting rougher and you couldn't keep that small moan in if you tried. And he started kissing you again, hungerly, like he couldn't get enough of you. And again, he didn't lower himself completely onto you until your legs were wrapped tightly around his waist. And the way he positioned himself, with the tip of his erection just brushing against your clothed core perfectly, you couldn't stop the soft moans from escaping you. He felt too good. Maybe it was there? Was it too much?
Again, he stopped after awhile, resorting to laying back down on top of you.
"You're heart is racing pretty fast." He chuckled. His voice alone sending a shiver down your spine.
"I wonder why." You quipped, causing him to chuckle a bit more.
You two stayed there for awhile, before you both checked the time. It was already 12:30 at night, and he had to leave early the next morning. You understood why, but in the end, it almost felt like he was pushing you out. You weren't completely sure, because it was late and you really had no intention on leaving sooner (you were still pretty turned on from the night), but you also didn't want to overstay your welcome. Again, he walked you to your car and gave you a hug, but not without giving you a kiss and making you promise to text him when you're home safe.
That was the last time you saw him looking at you.
You two continued to talk but it felt different. You chalked it up to your insecurities and anxiety about getting close to someone. But a few days later, he was in a sad mood, and you were trying to cheer him up, but he kept saying all these self-deprecating things. You knew he was struggling with his own demons, but it felt like he was pushing you away. Especially because he kept saying he didn't want to hurt you. Because he hurt someone badly in the past. The last thing you sent that night was asking him if he was ready to be in a relationship. Your mind had already came up with the worst possible scenarios. So when you saw his reply, it didn't surprise you.
"I don't think I can handle a relationship right now. But I still want you in my life."
You both were confused on where to go, but you agreed to take things slowly and see what would happen. You really liked him, cared for him, but didn't want to only stay friends. You talked to all your friends, and they agreed with you. You'd have to talk to him when you saw him next. Unfortunately, that would have to wait a little while. Midterms were approaching, and his family was coming into town to see him. You wondered if he told anyone about you. You continued to try and be there for him whenever he told you he had a bad day. You tried to send him support as best you could. Though it was always difficult because whenever you asked if there was anything you could do to help, he'd respond with "help yourself first".
It was Friday night when you decided to go back onto the dating app to delete some of the guys you were talking to before, but weren't quite interested in. But m you froze. Bucky Barnes had updated a few of his profile pictures. You knew he did it recently, you kept deleting the screenshots you took whenever your friends asked about him and had to always go take more. He'd even used one of them on one of his social media profiles only hours earlier.
And you felt something break inside you.
He obviously was looking for a relationship with someone. Just not with you apparently.
You weren't enough.
The tears came quickly and it felt like you were being used. You felt sick, because you had let it happen again. You cared for him, may have even started falling for him, and it felt like it all got shoved back into your face.
But how is it possible to feel heartbreak if you never fell in love?
You kept it to yourself, the tears and the hurt, and acted like nothing happened. Bucky started to become more distant, but you had already locked up you heart. But you still couldn't help but care and worry for him.
He started texting you less and less, during the times he usually would. And you started to think the worst.
You were walking to the bus stop from one of your classes when you spotted him in the distance. You smiled a little and started walking towards where he was, but froze in place not even a step later. He hadn't seen you, but you had seen him. And the nausea in your gut came back tenfold.
He was talking with a group of friends, but he wasn't by himself. No, he had his arm wrapped tightly around another girl's shoulders. Her fiery red hair made her stand out from the crowd. It could be a friend, you tried to reason, but no. She was shaking their hands, bright friendly smile in place. When she finished with the group, Bucky smiled down at her before placing a tender but firm kiss on her forehead before he interlaced their fingers. No, he was introducing her to his friends.
The burn of tears shook you out of your frozen state, and you quickly turned away before practically bolting towards the bus stop, willing yourself not to cry until you got home.
You don't know where things went wrong, but like always, they did. You just were too happy to see the storm rolling in.
One minute, things for fine, they next they weren't. And of course, you were left by yourself, once again, to pick up the pieces.
Screw dating apps, screw dating in general. You should have just deleted the damned thing when you had the chance. You would have saved your dignity. But now, at least one thing was quite clear to you.
You aren't enough.
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drabble-me-this · 2 days ago
Apple of my Eye
Pairing: Geralt/Jaskier
Rating: G
Warnings: playing it fast and loose with fruit divination, also it's a seasonal fic but there is no pumpkin spice to be found here.
WC: 1,288
“Haven’t seen that in a while,” Jaskier remarks, looking over at a woman with curls the color of fresh straw peeling an apple over a wide, wooden basin of water. Two younger women stand nearby, watching anxiously as the bright red spiral frees itself from the apple to drop into the water.
“Apple divination?” Geralt asks as he follows the other man’s gaze. Jaskier nods.
“At the Academy, a number of us would get together and try our hand at it every Saovine,” he explains while one of the pair in the distance looks crestfallen at the floating peel before her companion leads her away with a comforting arm about her shoulder. “Mostly, it was for errant entertainment to pair with a night of drinking but some took it quite seriously.”
“Must make for easy coin during a festival like this,” the witcher grunts while he gestures with a jerk of his chin towards the crowded stalls lining either side of the small town’s thoroughfare as they walk.
“And it does half the pie maker’s job for them,” Jaskier joins in the witcher’s cynicism and pauses to peruse a small table of handmade charms for sale. Geralt seems surprised by this, as evidenced by his bemused expression. “What?”
Geralt shakes his head. “You must not have been in the serious group.”
“I was at first,” he admits to the piece of elaborately carved bone with runes burned into it that he turns over in his hand. “But an apple peel spelling the first letter of your true love is spurious when the only shapes it could possibly take would be a C or an O. Maybe an S if it were really ambitious.”
He knows which letter he wants to see, knows it's mostly attainable. All it would take to go from C to G is a single extra stroke--or curl, as the case would be in this particular medium. Not that any of it matters. It’s impossible in both theory and practice.
“The peel broke before you could make it all the way round the apple.”
He looks up to see a teasing smile ghost across Geralt’s lips. A long-suffering sigh worms its way out of him. “Every single time,” he confirms, gently placing the charm back onto the table. “I can peel an entire potato with grace and ease but the second you put an apple in my hand it all goes to shit.”
“It’s said that means you’ll forever be unlucky in love,” the wizened old man attending the table offers with a lisp born of too few teeth in his mouth. Geralt snorts, ready with a retort that Jaskier stops with a hand on his arm.
“If you’re about to make a comment about my promiscuity, witcher, be prepared to sit through a very long lecture as to why the two are not coequal,” he warns. His conquests meant little in the grand scheme of things and even less when Geralt was around, for a multitude of reasons that he cared not to vocalize at that juncture.
“I’m well aware of that,” Geralt deadpans and a heavy remorse settles in Jaskier’s stomach; he reasons it might be safer if he just kept his foot in his mouth at all times. “I was going to say that there is a contrary theory that it means one hasn’t yet met their destined person.” He shrugs. “But it’s all a load of superstitious horseshit as far as I’m concerned.”
Jaskier weighs the witcher’s words for a moment and his lips tilt into a smirk. Geralt may be well versed in curses, charms, and spells but he knew this one did not naturally fall within the realm of a witcher’s knowledge.
“The peel’s always broken for you too, hasn’t it?”
“I rarely have reason to peel an apple, bard.” Geralt narrows his eyes, a useless threat.
A mad idea has taken hold and Jaskier claps his hands together and giggles. “Oh, but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t. I know a lie by omission when I hear one.” He grabs Geralt by the wrist and starts pulling him towards the stall where they saw the pair of young women earlier. “Come on, let’s get this over with.”
He ignores Geralt’s intermittent protests the entire way. The curly-haired woman--a hedgewitch, he guesses, but can’t be certain--greets them with a confused frown when Jaskier places two coins on the table. He just grins and points to Geralt and himself. She shrugs and hands them each an apple and a small sharpened knife.
Jaskier balks as his courage leaves him, his hand hovering uncertainly over the knife. “Ah, well, we were hoping you would--”
She shakes her head before he can finish. “You’re going to want to do it yourselves,” she insists. “I’ve a sense for these things and it’s never been wrong.”
“First time for everything,” he mutters under his breath, taking the proffered knife.
“At the same time now,” she instructs while waving her hands at them to get on with it.
Jaskier hopes Geralt is too focused on his own apple to notice the way his hands shake as he slowly works the knife under the skin. His panic builds as each turn of the fruit brings him closer to the bottom, closer to success or failure. He swallows hard and musters confidence he doesn’t have to continue. There’s barely time for him to register his triumph when the unbroken coil falls into the water because Geralt’s is a moment behind.
No letters take shape because the peels take each other.
Together, they swirl around, twisting and tangling until it’s almost impossible to tell where one begins and the other ends. Jaskier’s breath and words fail him as he stares at the spectacle. A grunt pierces his awed silence but it’s not from the witcher. He tears his eyes away from the twirling apple peels to find the hedgewitch looking into the basin with her arms crossed and a smile of complete vindication.
“Knew it,” she crows.
“Wha--what does that mean?” Jaskier trips over his words but the woman offers no explanation. He looks to Geralt who is still transfixed by the sight. “Geralt, what does it mean?”
“It means there is no need to search for anyone.”
Jaskier hears the tightness in Geralt’s tone and assumes the worst. He feels the blood drain from his face and a cold dread clamps around his heart. “Is it like the old man said?”
“Idiots, the both of you,” the woman’s exasperated voice interrupts. “He’s left out the rest.”
“The rest?” he asks weakly, not sure he wants to hear it at all.
“There’s no need to search because they’re already beside you.”
Jaskier doesn’t want to look at Geralt. He’s afraid of what he might see; a pinched expression of disgust or anger perhaps. Then again, acting against his better judgement has brought him this far. He chances a peek and the quickly browning apple nearly slips from his grasp.
He knows the witcher is unable to blush but he thinks this might be the closest approximation. Averted eyes, raised brow, and lips pursed with discomposure all point to Geralt being visibly shaken but not displeased. Jaskier wants so badly to ask but his words have all spilled to the floor and he hasn’t the time to gather them up again. The scrape of metal draws his attention to where his coins are being pushed back across the table towards him.
“Take those to the baker’s down the way, he’ll make you a tart,” the hedgewitch instructs with a nod to the fruit Jaskier has cradled safely against his chest. Her face softens then and she smiles. “And congratulations.”
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szallejhscorner · 2 days ago
Hello there lovely author! I have a request and although it isn't on the prompts list (sorry about that) I think it's quite cute. Okay, so you've written about how if reader and Chishiya had a child but what if the child is a bit grown up now and is in primary school and the day comes when the child tells reader and Chishiya that like in a couple of days its when the child's parents come to school and talk about their occupation and stuff. I feel like Chishiya would be hesistant for a while but then he realizes when reader reminds him that their child deserves to have both of his parents there in school for that day and finally agrees. I apologize if this was a bit too long! Stay hydrated and take your time!<3
Hello out there!
This is so lovely, really! And I’m so sorry that you had to wait that unbelievably long for it to be answered. I hope I did it justice.
Thank you for the ask! x3
Tumblr media
Little Miss
When Chishiya first sees the invitation for parent’s day, he quickly shoves it across the table without second thought. This will just be one of those days where moms talk with other moms about the progress of their children, and Chishiya is sure he’d feel pretty much misplaced there.
Only when you stop talking about the old friends you met in the grocery store, he lifts his eyes from the newspaper, staring straight into a couple of narrowed eyes clearly judging him.
“What?” he mutters, and the brow of you facing him only wanders higher. Chishiya knows that look, and he clearly despises it. It’s one of those moments where you already have an argument he can’t disagree to, and you probably have long prepared this conversation while he’s being thrown into the cold water.
Sipping on your cup of coffee, you move the invitation back to him with your delicate fingers. “Don’t even try to wind yourself out of this. We’re going there together.”
With a grunt, Chishiya tries to find something very interesting in the paper in front of him, but there’s nothing. Instead, you simply continue to talk, unfazed and confident as ever. You know this is a fight he can’t win.
“I remember someone saying he didn’t want kids because he was afraid he’d end up exactly like his father. Well, your dad wouldn’t have accompanied you to such a parent’s day.”
There it is. Comparing him with his own father when it’s about his child is probably the worst but at the same time the most effective thing to do. “What makes you so sure she even wants me to come?”
You chuckle, and at the same time, Chishiya can hear a horde of elephants stomping down the staircase. Turns out to be just a single six-year-old, still in her pajamas and hair unkempt, but with the biggest smile that such a tiny face can carry.
“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” with a force similar to the elephant horde, the girl throws herself into his arms, unmindful of anything standing in her way. “You’re coming today, right? Right? I can’t wait to indoduce you to all my friends!”
Chishiya doesn’t want to turn his eyes to you. But your victorious grin can’t be avoided, and he ends up muttering a sigh into the unkempt hair of his daughter.
“Yes. Yes, I’ll be there.”
It is exactly what he imagined. The children are playing together most of the time, and the women have gathered together, talking about teachers and subjects and swimming lessons and whose child can already write a three-word-sentence. He can’t see many other fathers, but at least their topics are a bit more bearable. Most of the time it’s not even beer or football, and he manages to engage two others in a conversation about surgery. 
At some point, his daughter comes running towards him, still the same bright smile on her face that hasn’t vanished since the morning. Her mouth is smeared with chocolate, and Chishiya has no doubt that at least half of the chocolate muffins have been eaten by this girl alone. How she still manages to be as thin as a rake is a mystery to him.
“Daddy, can I ask you something?” she grins while he bends down to her, “I heard the teacher call one of the mummys Miss. Can you call me Miss? That sounds nice! I can be a Miss, right?”
The way she says that, so full of excitement, makes him chuckle. “I can do that, little Miss.”
“Mum says I can be anything I want. But... I can’t be a princess, right?”
And Chishiya has already learned that when you say something, it’s definitely not a good idea to disagree with you. “Hmm. It would be possible to marry a prince, although I don’t think that’s as exciting as you might think.”
His daughter seems to think about it for a while before she shakes her head. “Nah. I’d rather be a fairy, then.”
“Alright. I’ll look out for a fairy man for you.”
A tiny fist punches his side, with more strength than a grown up would have had, and he smirks at the pair of rolling eyes. “Daaaad! Fairies don’t exist.”
“Oh? Have you ever seen one?” His legs begin to hurt from the crouched position, and he shifts a bit while the girl in front of him shakes her head. “Of course not!”
“How do you know they don’t exist, then?”
That’s a bit too much for her little brain to process, and typical for a child, she soon begins to laugh and turns around to go playing with the other children, the princess-and-fairy matter already forgotten. Chishiya doesn’t remember that he has ever been such a lighthearted child, and he hopes that he will never see his daughter as a ten-year-old, studying books to impress him because she can’t see any other way. No, her life will be so much better than his own childhood has been. Because she will actually have a father.
Another half of an hour passes by, and Chishiya finds himself led by a small yet strong hand to a desk full of drawn images. One in particular immediately catches his eye, because it clearly shows a girl, a man in a white doctor’s coat and a woman that looks a lot like you.
“I did this! it’s cool, isn’t it??” she’s so proud about this, and while Chishiya wouldn’t call it cool, it somehow is still touching, so he nods.
“Have you shown this to your mother already, little Miss?” looking for you, he finds you standing not too far away with two other women, watching the situation from the corner of your eye.
His daughter quickly presses the drawing againt her chest, crumbling one corner while doing so. “Pssssst! That’s a present!” She means your birthday for sure since it’s coming soon, and Chishiya can’t help but smile at the loud voice telling him to be quiet. He’s sure that you’ve heard it too, but you’re deliberately pretending that you haven’t.
“I’m sure your mother will like it”, he mutters with a smirk, carefully taking the drawing out of the child’s hands and placing it back on the table, upside down so you won’t see what’s drawn on it.
“Hey, daddy...” there’s pressure on his sleeve, and Chishiya looks down into the suddenly concerned eyes of his daughter, humming questioningly.
The girl fiddles around with her hair, throwing a hesitant look over her shoulder. “Gem says... Gem says that his dad can’t be here today. He drank too much and now he’s in the hospital.”
Alcoholic with no doubt. Not sure what to answer, he stays quiet for a moment longer, and his daughter continues to explain her way of thoughts.
“I... I drank a lot too, today. Must I go to the hospital now?”
It is fascinating how children view the world, and how she actually worries about that. Chishiya shakes his head. “No, of course not. There’s nothing wrong in drinking a bit more water.”
However, the worry doesn’t leave her eyes. “Yes, but...” she lowers her voice down to a whisper, hard for even Chishiya to understand, “it hasn’t been water. It has been juice.”
Never before has he required so much strength not to burst out laughing.
“Well, in that case... I’ll have to check on you again in an hour.”
She nods, as if this has been exactly what she wanted to hear. “You’re a doctor, right? So nothing can happen to me!”
“Right.” Chishiya pats her shoulder, watching the other children gather around a makeshift platform. “And now hurry, something’s happening.”
She’s gone within a heartbeat, grabbing a cup of water on her way. It won’t last longer than ten minutes before she will return to juice, and one day, she’ll understand what exactly the reason for Gem’s father has been to end up in hospital. Chishiya only fears that this day will come too soon.
His thoughts are interrupted by a teacher announcing that the parent’s introduction will now begin, and to his surprise, his daughter is the first one to step up next to her teacher. He feels a hand reaching for his, and when he turns around, you have approached him and snuggle up to his side, a proud smile on your face. “Bet you don’t regret coming here?”
He huffs, since there’s not enough time for a proper answer. The young girl that looks so much like you is beaming down at her parents like a thousand suns, and only the movement of her fingers shows how nervous she actually is.
“Okay, so! My daddy is a surdon. That means he cuts people open-” Chishiya can’t decide what’s more hilarious, the fact that she still has problems pronouncing surgeon or how she hastily moves her arms around to show how he’d act inside an OP, “- and takes out what makes them sick. He saves lives!”
She doesn’t care for the aaaaahs and oooohs around her, since her eyes are fixed on Chishiya only. “I think he’s a hero. And one day, I want to be like him.”
Chishiya doesn’t notice how his lips part slightly, he only feels how his heart wants to burts inside his chest. Not for anything in this world does he want to disappoint this little girl, and it’d make him proud to see her as a surgeon one day. Just like his father before him, but different.
So very, very different.
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padfootdaredmetoo · 2 days ago
Hello! I was wondering if I could request a Tommy fic where he teases the reader for how she is when she's drunk (maybe she's extra giddy or a lightweight or something) and end it however you want?
Tumblr media
I had fun with this one! <3
Hope you enjoy!!!
Rating: Explicit - Non descriptive sex scene, sad feelings, mentions of lost lovers and heart break.
Summary: Tommy walks the reader home after she's had to much to drink. He comes in to stay for some tea and then its a mess of hurt comfort and smut once she sobers up.
It was a crisp autumn night and you were enjoying the spooky season. Pumpkins lined the streets and you were happy to see a cloudless sky filled with bright stars. There was a large moon in the sky looking down at you, giving you the impression that there was a sort of mischief or magic in the air tonight.
Weekly drinks at the Garrison was a tradition for all the blinders, though some frequented the place nightly. Entering the space always made you happy, the warm air and joyful crowd. Since picking up an important position with the Shelby family, everyone treated you differently. Women were more friendly and men wouldn't risk a second look at you. Something that was much appreciated while grieving.
Your boyfriend had passed in the war, he was a good friend of Tommy’s and kept his promise to look after you. Something that started as a job offer but had grown into more of having a second family.
You came from a family of heavy drinkers and vowed to never touch the stuff, but for the sake of enjoying fitting in for once, you would indulge in the occasional drink or two. Normally people would just assume you’d drunk more because of how red your face got and how easily it was for the alcohol to change you.
You’d ordered a whiskey and went to sit down with Esme, Ada, and Polly. They exploded into yells and cat calls as you approached the table. Admiring your new dress. You could tell that they were already pretty pickled. There were lots of loud discussions and funny stories. Esme talked you into another drink, and then finally a third drink. You were laughing and enjoying everything so much you didn’t worry about it.
Eventually the night started winding down and people were heading home. You head was still slightly off and your whole body felt to hot, but you heart wasn't hurting for once.
You were about to get up when you felt Tommy’s hand on your shoulder, everyone had gotten up talking, enjoying last dances, or finding their coats.
“Tommy” You said lightly, a big smile on your face.
“Y/N, let me walk you home yeah?”
You hated the way his eyes made you feel, you hated that you could possibly have feelings like this for anyone other than James.
You could feel your smile shift slightly, and you nodded. He grabbed your coat and helped you up. You were silently grateful that he held you steady as you got out of there gracefully.
But then you were out in the crisp air and he was still holding you tightly. You had to tell yourself that he was only helping you home because you were obviously out of it and he felt a responsibility to James, not because he had a secret in his heart like yours that swallowed him whole every time you walked into the room. Your eyes fell to the pavement.
“Don't have to sober up for me, love” he said with the slightest bit of amusement in his voice.
“What do you mean? I’m not any different when I'm sober” you looked at him curiously and his lips turned up into a small smile.
“Normally you're too quiet, it's hard to get you to open up but in there you gave my communist sister a run for her money and then began a speech explaining your personal vendetta against the colour fuchsia.”
Your face flushed and you let out a laugh.
“It’s a horrid color Tommy! It has no business being that obnoxious. And I have a lot of good points about communism!” He laughed a little and your heart almost exploded.
“Alright, I’ll join your cause.” You both stopped and you looked up at him.
“Oh finally a kindred spirit! I don't have a pin or pamphlet to give you.” He laughed and suddenly you felt very nervous that he was going to kiss you. You realized the reason you’d stopped walking was because you were in front of your home.
“Do you want to come in?” You were really pushing it but you knew that you would never get another shot at this, or have the courage enough to ask. He studied your face for a moment before answering.
“Alright, but have you got something other than whiskey? You’ve probably had enough for tonight.” He watched you fumble slightly with your keys.
“I haven't got any booze here, so don't worry about that” You mumbled successfully getting the door open.
He sat you down at the table and you gave him instructions on where everything was. What a site it was, watching Thomas Shelby fumble his way through making a pot of tea in your horribly cramped kitchen. You giggled the whole time and you swore he was actually smiling.
“So no booze?” He questioned lightly.
“Parents were drunks” You said absently.
“Explains why you're tanked after three drinks then.” He said, still amused, leaning against the kitchen counter.
“Am not tanked.”
“Oh yes you are, on top of being loud you're actually smiling for once.” You stared into his eyes with a look of disbelief on your face.
“Are you tanked?”
“No” He shook his head.
“Then how come you’re smiling huh? Actually you even laughed a moment ago, explain that.” His face shifted, he gave you a look that you would have sobered you up regardless of how much you’d drunk. Those were sad eyes, and they were understanding eyes, almost pleading. Tommy lost his girl just before the war. He knew what it felt like to lose someone you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. There was a heavy weight in the air and you felt the pain that normally occupied your heart return.
“It was nice for a moment though eh? I get why people drown in the stuff, almost forgot who I was for a second.” You said lighting a cigarette taking a long drag.
“Look Y/N I have something to ask you.” He placed a cup of tea in front of you and sat down with his. You stared at him trying to tell your body to behave, it was probably something about business, or a discrepancy with the books. He lit a cigarette.
“Look you and I are in similar places in our lives, I enjoy talking to you when you're in the office. You get it, it's not easy but you don't expect me to be the same as I was before. Just like I don't expect anything from you.” He took a drag of his cigarette but you saw the pause for what it was. He was giving you space to interrupt, shut him down, throw him out.
“I don’t want to do wrong by James, or over step” He paused again studying your features seeing if he’d pushed it too far yet. You figured it was about time you spoke up.
“I don't want to do wrong by him either, or Greta.” You enjoyed the look of relief on his face.
“I didn't think you really noticed me. But lord knows I felt horrible for liking you, the more I tried to squash it down the worse it got” He grabbed your hand and squeezed it.
“I don’t know how much of myself there is left to give, but if you’d like to take a chance, I’d really like to take you out sometime.”
“I’d really like that.” You said softly. You sobered up slowly, eventually going over to light a fire in the living room. You both sat on the sofa and talked about life. Eventually even talking about the war. You’d surprised him by enjoying his stories about James. The man was an absolute goof and Tommy probably had as many stories of him mouthing off and getting into trouble as you did. Tommy paused for a second.
“He really loved you though, talked about you all the time.” You gave a tight smile and brushed the tears from your cheeks. Tommy put his arm around you and you rested your head on his shoulder.
“Sorry, probably not the best thing to talk about when a man asks you out. I just haven't been able to talk about him since.”
“No, don't apologize, love. It’s nice to be able to talk about it without wanting to crawl out of my skin for once.” He gave a content sigh and suddenly the intimacy of the moment made the thoughts of kissing him flourish.
“Tommy?” You whispered
“Yes?” He gave you a slightly confused look.
“Would you maybe want to kiss?” you asked, still whispering. He laughed and took your face in his hand. You brushed your nose against his and leaned in.
His lips were heavenly, a strange mix of emotions crashed over you. You appreciated the sweet and tenderness of the kiss, something almost innocent if it wasn't for the thick wave of desire that started to cement in your stomach. You took the kiss a little further, and he responded by biting your bottom lip. Suddenly all the safeties were out the window, you both fell into a mad tangle of groping and clumsy attempts to remove pieces of clothing. You got his shirt off and your sweater was on the floor when he stopped you.
“You sure you're sobered up and feeling alright?” He asked with a look of concern on his face. You realized that it was a lot in one night. You had never been with anyone else, a fact that made you sad but also incredibly desperate.
“I'm definitely sober.” You said breathless. “But I’m happy to stop now, or take this to the bedroom. Either way. I’m happy.” He kissed you again.
“How about bed and we see what happens then?” You nodded and you untangled him.
“Stay here a second.” You said running into your bedroom, you hid your stuffed animals and any other embarrassing stuff. Then finally you took your picture of James from your night stand placing it in the top drawer where you kept all his letters.
“I hope you don't mind love” You said softly. Then you opened the door. “You can come in.” you called out bending down to set a fire in the room. You watched him look around and give you an amused look. Then you were all over him.
The pleasure you hadn't felt in so long tangled up with deeper feelings of not being alone finally. Tommy was a fair lover, and he made an absolute mess of you. The majority of the night was spent in a wild mix of entanglements. You’d stopped counting orgasms at a certain point and just let the night run its course. You never thought you would feel so undone and vulnerable again.
You laid there next to him for a moment before getting up. You weren't surprised at how shaky your legs were, you went to the bathroom and cleaned up. You came back to your room and lit a cigarette taking a moment to look up at the moon through your bedroom window. You swore if she had a face it would be smirking at you. You smiled back at her.
“What?” Tommy asked.
“The moon is laughing at us.” You said climbing back onto the bed and he pulled you into his arms.
“Is that so?” He said stealing a drag of your cigarette. You hummed, enjoying the calm after the storm. Eventually he pulled you down and got the blankets properly situated. You both drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
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cutelittlevamp · 2 days ago
Horrortober Day 20 - Lock
It's already day 20 ._. I actually didn't even think I'd make it to day 5
Whatever. Today with Obey me!s greatest otaku brother:
Yandere!Leviathan x Reader
Have a nice day/night/wheneveryoureadthis^^
Horrortober Challenge by @yandere-sins and @pastelbirb
➤ Day 20: Lock “You’re not leaving until I say so.” | One pencil/brush, one color, one layer only.
Yawning you woke up and - after you had fought your way out of all the cozy blankets around you - found yourself in a bathtub. Levi’s bathtub, to be precise. The one he uses as a bed.
You figured you must have fallen asleep while watching anime with the demon brother but having watched for hours on end you guessed it was just natural that you fell asleep somewhen.
Climbing out of the tub and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes you looked around for Levi but couldn’t see him anywhere. “Strange,” you mumbled, still rubbing your eyes. “He didn’t even turn off the TV.”
As you couldn’t find the brother you decided to leave the room and look around the house but - when you tried to open the door it didn’t budge. “What the -” You tried again but still to no avail. “Where do you think you’re going?” You spun around in alarm as you had thought the room empty before hearing the voice coming from behind you.
“Levi” you breathed out in relief. “Where were you? I didn't see you when I looked around.” “Answer my question.” He sounded off somehow, different. “I … I just wanted to look for you.” The confusion caused by his behaviour was obvious in your voice yet the demon didn’t seem very pleased by your answer. “If you thought I wasn’t here you should have just waited for me.” Levi was almost yelling now and it really put you off. Why was he so mad?
“I’m sorry.” “Of course you are.” The sarcasm in his tone cut like a knife. “Are you mad at me because I fell asleep?” No answer, just an annoyed huff.
“I really am sorry, Levi. Can’t we just continue watching the show from the last point I remember?” Now his eyes lit up and his expression changed back to normal. “Of course we can.” Before you could say anything else he had pulled you close, let himself - and you - fall on the ottoman. With a still pretty startled you seated in his lap he reached for the remote and - now that you were actually paying attention to it - you noticed that the TV screen already showed exactly the scene you last remembered.
“Did you notice I fell asleep and paused?” He didn’t answer but only pulled you closer towards him with his free arm. “How long did I sleep for?” “Some hours? You mortals really need an elusive amount of sleep.” You fell silent for a moment, eyes focused on the screen. Some hours, he said … but didn’t that mean - ?!
“If I slept for some hours, shouldn’t we get ready for RAD?”
Levi's hug tightened some more - almost uncomfortably so - and you felt his breath in your neck.
“Listen closely now, Normie” he whispered directly into your ear “you’ll stay here with me and watch the show and if it takes us the whole week to finish it. You won’t leave this room until I allow you to and I swear, not even Lucifer will be able to get you out of here should he try.”
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guruicore · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↠ In return for leaving you alone, Armin decides to send a package, a package with items you wouldn’t have thought he would ever purchase.
↠ Soft Dom!Armin x Sub!reader
↠ (NSFW)
↠ Word Count: 1.6k
↠ AHHHHHH thank you so much for 500 followers omg, it makes me so happy to know that people do enjoy reading my work! <3
↠ Facetime sex, fingering, masturbation, usage of toys, Praise, apart of Kinktober 2021.
Tumblr media
"Let's hope he's not too busy today," you whispered, nearly tumbling as you speedily hurried over toward your desk. If Armin wasn't to respond this time possibly you'd reasonably stop calling him for a while; certainly, he was quite occupied with school and so you could understand when he's apologizing numerous times about avoiding the call.
But it did make you slightly disconcerted that you weren't able to view his face, only monitoring his voice whenever you happened to articulate with him on the phone and the discussions would persist about five minutes before he's claiming he has to go.
Lodging your laptop on the desk, you're instantly planting yourself on the chair, the cursor wavering over Armins' contact also whirling around in your chair while the facetime started chiming. It's nerve-wracking, absolutely when he doesn't answer the first time and so you're doing it once again, nibbling on your fingernail; each ringing vibration prompting you to become agitated.
But subsequently, his face had emerged on the screen, a wide smile developing on your appearance when you understand that he's by himself and it appears as if he's in his dorm room as well. "Armin! I thought you were going to answer, it's been so long since I've seen your face and you're looking more handsome than usual!"
"but we just facetimed last week," you're dismissing his words, eyes only on your boyfriend and how much you missed conversing with him, the man growing flustered under your piercing gaze but you couldn't help it, he was just too attractive and you didn't know how long it was bound to be before you were unable to view his face once again.
"I know, and your friends were in the background screaming...speaking of your friends are they not there?" he shakes his head, notifying you that they had chosen to go out but Armin had preferred to stay, solely so he could discourse to you as he's doing now and you could sense your heart swell at those words, the man grinning when he saw how excited you became.
But that enthusiasm instantly disappeared when you're prompted of the times he wouldn't call you back after he announced he would." you've been so busy lately, I hope you haven't forgotten about me," you momentarily spring from your chair, Armin obtaining a glimpse of his shirt, your knee-high socks and the pair of panties you had preferred to wear that day, moving over to the side of your bed to reclaim the package that he had delivered to you. "of course I haven't, that's why I'm sending you stuff seems like you didn't open that package yet."
There was no rush for you to open the various packages he would deliver and even though you had informed him that you didn't demand the infinite items, he still makes certain to at slightest send something that would evoke you of him. and this package was no different, Armin prompting you to open it and you could see the faint blush emerging on his features when you're hastening for the kitchen knife.
"what is it this time!? is it more clothes!? I love clothes!" you walk back into the frame, Armin anxiously viewing as you're severing the cardboard box, shredding away the inefficient papers, and this time it wasn't clothes, your eyes enlarging before you're gaping up at Armin and he's sheepishly peering away.
"t-these aren't clothes," you muttered, eyeing the objects inside the box and shortly you're installing them on the desk for Armin to see, the man describing why he had purchased those for you, "i-it's just in case you get very lonely, you know I can't be there so I made sure to get one that resembles it," eventually you elevate the dildo, examining it and it did resemble Armins' cock that you yearned greatly.
Possessing the identical protruding vein that would graze upon your walls and the girth was approximately the same...and although you weren't anticipating something like this, you were somewhat happy he had purchased this without you possessing to ask him too. "t-thank you, I'll be sure to use this," but before you were able to set the toy away, Armin's driving you to retain it at your desk.
" about you try it and if you don't like it, then I'll know not to get something l-like that again," he whispers, utterly perplexed by the recommendation but you're presently smirking to yourself, Armin stirring around his bed and he was wishing you hadn't already noticed the tent appearing in his sweatpants; the mere idea arousing him to grow hard. "oh, I suppose I could do that, just this once," it was fascinating to witness him become so shy, eyes wandering down to the noticeable bulge he possessed and you're beaming.
Storing it aside, you're increasingly scooting away from the desk, propping both of your feet up on the table to which Armin was able to observe everything, from the way you're deliberately hoisting your shirt while your fingers delicately trace upon the perked buds of your nipples over to the way your opposing hand lingered soft circles upon your clothed clit.
He was capable of hearing every whimper that left your lips, his eyes thoroughly trained on the screen and you're shortly observing as he nonchalantly palms himself, relieved that his friends would not be back for quite a while and so he was proceeding to acknowledge this moment for as long as he was able too.
He's eager, that's for certain and when you're deliberately slipping your panties to the side, his eyes nearly drive to the back of his head at the display of your wet cunt; fingers progressing down your wetness before they're swaying up to rub at your clit.
It has him needing that cunt of yours, unable to retain the last time he was with you, the last time he was immersed inside you, and an audible groan parts his lips when you're sinking your fingers into your tensing hole, whining and moaning his name as they're deliberately drawing out your cunt. "fuck, y-you look so pretty baby," he breathes, slowly drawing his sweatpants low enough for his cock to surface and you're nearly salivating at the view of his achingly hard cock, his flushed tip dribbling of precum.
But no, he wasn't going to touch himself yet, not till that dildo was buried deep into your cunt and so he's disregarding the throbbing excitement of his cock, lips scattering numerous praises that provoked your head to spin.
"can't w-wait to get back and fuck my pretty girl," he's carelessly stroking himself, thumb grazing upon his tip all while he's viewing you grasp onto the toy, opposing hand seizing onto the lubricant and you're issuing just the precise amount; fingers working their way along the shaft and it has Armin envisioning if it were his cock your fingers were encircled around.
Slipping the silicone down your folds, your head is thrown back when you're deliberately pushing the girth inside, amazed that this succeeded to probe and stroke all of the spots within you, just how Armins cock regularly would. "f-fuck Armin you really did get the right one," you murmured, deliberately carrying it out before you're soon sending it back in, a noisy moan leaving your lips and you didn't anticipate it to feel this damn good.
But here you were, the sounds of your wetness reflecting inside your room as the dildo is pumping inside you, fingers wandering down to rub at your clit and Armins truly overwhelmed by all of this; sensing himself soon to cum just from observing how you coated the shaft of the silicone, his fingers stroking at an immediate pace while you're monitoring his breathless pants, spitting, stroking, and fondling with his balls all while your growing accustomed to this new sensation.
Certainly, it didn't seem exactly like how Armins cock did but it was a remarkably pleasant diversion, your eyes contorted shut while you're listening to the sounds of the man in front of you, the movement of his fingers growing quicker, "f-feels so good, fuck, it's so deep," your voice is becoming higher with each momentum of your hand, legs quivering and all you could think of was the man in front of you, the times he would come to visit, the man conveying you on his cock.
It has series of his name tumbling from your lips, provoking him to moan whenever he was to detect his name and how much you craved for him. "s-shit gonna cum for me baby?" you're instantly nodding and it's too much, your fingers operating the toy at a speedy pace, Armins' groans overflowing your ears as your thumb stroked upon your clit driving you into your orgasm before his friends were to return.
"'M g-gonna cum—fuck," your actions come to a halt, legs trembling once again while a gasping moan leaves your lips, the uncomfortable coil subsequently releasing, Armin catching the strangled moan and when he notices the mess you had made, a sharp groan parts his lips before he's lightly trembling himself, fingers soon glistening in his cum that dribbles down his shaft and you're striving to recover your breathing as you're drawing the toy out.
And although you would have never presumed to do something like this, it wasn't all too bad, slightly pleased with the package that Armin had sent this time.
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Tumblr media
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kiwitooth · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
chifuyu x fem!reader
synopsis: after the car sex from chifuyu’s BMW, he decided to spoil you, or maybe... another reward?
cw: +18 nsfw mdni pls! fingering. edging. semi public sex (?). pussy slapping. ass slapping.
part 1 ➵ part 2  ➵ part 3
Tumblr media
╰┈➤ ❝ [BMW]
Third Person POV
While you were looking at yourself in the mirror, you heard Chifuyu call you from downstairs.
"Yes?" You opened the door as you were putting on your earrings. You were dressing up for today as Chifuyu told that you two will be going somewhere.
"Babe, are you done yet?" You heard footsteps coming from the stairs.
"What's taking so—" He was cut off as he stared at you, the bodycon satin dress perfectly fitting your body, hoop earrings, lashes fluttering curl, and everything was just perfect.
"Damn baby." Your boyfriend said as he places his hand around your waist and brings you closer to him.
You can smell his expensive perfume, he was dressed in a white button-up polo shirt, black slacks pants, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his golden Rolex watch and the rings on his fingers displayed, and his outfits were all branded.
Chifuyu notices you taking a look at him, he chuckled deeply and gets all cocky about it until you shook your head and blinked back to reality.
"Take a picture, you might need it." Chifuyu winks at you as soon he left the room while your face flushes uncontrollably.
"Where are we going, Chifuyu?" You asked as you were sitting on the front seat beside him in his BMW.
"Secret, I'll ruin the surprise." He said as he leaned back on the seat, his other hand on the steering wheel while the other was behind your headrest, he turned his head back as he reversed the car out of his mansion's parking lot, his face was close to you as you can feel his hot breath on your neck, you tensed up as you tried to compose yourself.
"O-okay." You said as you exhaled, then Chifuyu faced back on the road and focuses back on driving, well, of course, he didn't fail to notice how you tensed up when he did that.
He was doing it all on purpose, after all.
After some few minutes, he was still driving, you were busy on your phone as you lost track of the time and direction, Chifuyu's right hand was placed on the steering wheel while his other elbow was rested on the window, his temples rested on his fingers.
"Oh, the traffic is really bad." You yawned as you stretched, you placed the phone back in your purse.
"My head started to hurt while using the phone." You said as you rested your head on the window, using your phone during car rides causes headaches.
"Can you tell where we are going now?" You whined, feeling bored in the traffic.
"Hmm, I don't think I can tell, princess." He replied.
"Aw, why?" You smirked, taking glances at him in the rearview mirror.
"Enjoying surprises now, are we—?" You tried to joke but you were cut off as you felt a hand on your thigh, you looked over and saw Chifuyu's hand caressing your thigh, you tried not to focus on it and use your phone instead.
"Guess where are we going." He said.
You didn't utter a single word, too distracted from his veiny hands caressing your thighs that were now trembling slightly, you didn't know if it's whether from the cold yet hot atmosphere or from the contact from him.
"Oh? Quiet now, are we?" He chuckled as you can feel him smirking.
Soon then, you felt his hand roamed up your thighs, you tried to close your thighs only for him to pry them back open roughly, you gasped from the action as you tried to compose yourself, you turned your head outside the window, looking at random cars from the traffic, I mean where else?
"Shh shh, open them for me." He slyly said as you felt his fingers brush your clothed pussy, you can feel a damp spot forming easily just by his touch, you were so desperate after all, right? Even the slightest touch of him drives you intoxicated.
You whimpered as you felt him remove your panties with just one hand, you breathed heavily as the sensation slowly started to control your body again, this BMW felt like voodoo in magic, causing a spell to progressively control you, submitting your body to him in any possible way it could.
His middle fingers started to rub your slit slowly, feeling your wet liquids as he did a circle motion, collecting your juices as it easily smudges all over your hole, easily feeling it clenching and dripping, like sucking his finger to be inside you.
"Hah~" Y/n let out a breathy moan, your hand flew to your mouth, the back of your hand covering your hand as you tried to not let your filthy sounds out of your mouth.
"Tch." Chifuyu clicked his tongue as he noticed you, he slapped your hand away from your mouth. "Did I say to cover your mouth?"
"No, sorry..." You mewled, widening your thighs open, he then inserted his middle and index fingers, you can feel the rings on his fingers gaze your skin, you widen your thighs open, your boyfriend notices, and he can't help but grin from how easily he got you already.
"Feel so good, hm?" Chifuyu whispered raspily to you.
"F-Feels g-good, fuck!" Your hips bucked forward in his fingers as his thumbs went to rub your clit while his fingers fastened their pace.
"H-Hah~" You whined as you threw your head back, leaning back at the seat as you felt so exposed right now, legs wide open, back arched and leaned back on the front seat, head thrown back with a face plastered that shows all sorts of dignity leaving, mouth letting out noises as the pace on his fingers did the work, thrusting it deeply and quickly, fingering you in his BMW while stuck in traffic, just a perfect timing indeed.
"Ch-chifuyu... I'm close..." You admitted as you felt your face redden, he shook his head and only laughed shamelessly at you.
"Isn't it a shame if you'll make a mess in here, babe?" Chifuyu said.
"Ngh— please..." You begged, as soon as you were close, your hole suddenly felt empty, edging you right here and then.
"H-Huh...?" Your eyes widened and brows furrowed as you looked at Chifuyu angrily.
"What?" He only shrugged and smiled innocently as if nothing just happened.
"The traffic is gone, look." He whistled, and there, the car started to drive again, oh hell you knew how he was doing this on purpose.
"Didn't even let me finish." You puffed your cheeks as you rolled your eyes.
After some hours, you finally arrived at your destination, you were quiet the whole ride, giving him an irritated look and rolling your eyes whenever he tried to talk to you.
"Why are we here at the mall?" You finally spoke up as you and Chifuyu entered the mall entrance.
"Chifu—" You were cut off as you didn't notice that you were in front of a clothing store.
"Buy anything here, my way of repaying you for a while ago." He said playfully as you froze in your place.
"Eh?! Really?" You pursed your lips together as your eyes glistened on the designer luxurious clothes aligned in the metallic golden racks.
"Way of repaying, huh?" You shook your head and laughed.
"What are you waiting for?" Chifuyu said as he grabbed your hands and placed something on your palms.
Your eyes widen as you saw what he gave you.
His black card.
After some hours of shopping, you finally went to the counter and paid using his card.
It took some minutes during the payment, you then saw Chifuyu enter the shop, both of his hands on his pockets as he smirked proudly at you, he took a glance at the clothes that you bought and chuckled.
"Are you sure you'll only buy those?"
"Why? Want me to buy the whole store?" You joked.
"I'm just kidding, plus I don't want to spend your money that much." You sighed as you leaned your body on the tall counter.
"I'll spend my money only for you, so let me be and spoil you, mkay?" He said as he snakes his hands around your waist and brings you close to him.
After the checkout, you were now spending the night with your boyfriend at the nightclub because Chifuyu's friends invited him in a sudden. You were telling Chifuyu about the clothes that you bought, and he told you to wear that one specific dress, and now you end up here in the club's bathroom, dressing up.
As soon as you're done dressing up, you went out of the comfort room, and there, you saw Chifuyu was waiting for you on the couch, leaning back on the red velvet round couch, man spread, his white button-up shirt unbuttoned and revealing a glimpse of his abs, his golden chain dangling loosely around his neck, his other hand holding a bottle of beer, while he made a come here motion with his fingers as he took a look at your new dress, he smirked proudly at the sight as his eyes narrowed dangerously.
"Fuck, how can I resist when you look like that?" He said while you giggled and sat on his lap.
You heard cheers from his friends as they were praising and cheering playfully on how Chifuyu is such a heavy drinker but has a high tolerance, he was indeed like an expert when it comes to this, the reason may be that he was working as one of the bosses in one of the largest and known bars in the city.
And there, Chifuyu took a gulp straight at the bottle of beer, you looked back at him and saw how he drank it straight like fucking used to it, his adam's apple bobbing in his neck visibly, little pours from the side of his mouth, and his friends hyped him up.
"Mind if I join my girlfriend?" Chifuyu said, you raised your brows as you didn't know what he meant.
You were about to ask as you felt Chifuyu grab your jaw and lean his head forward to you, he drank a bottle of beer and then kissed you passionately, the taste and scent of the beer mingling with the movement of your tongue as they fought for sensation and dominance, the flavor absorbing in, nearly making you drunk from the ecstasy.
It didn't take long for him to raise his head and pour the beer from his mouth to yours, unconcerned that almost everyone else in the club was half-drunk, the blasting cacophony sound resonating on your chest pounding so loudly as everyone was becoming drunk and nasty freely.
"More! More!" His friends cheered while Chifuyu only laughed and shook his head, he raised his bottle of beer and cheered with his friends.
"Look, guys, I really want to spend more time with all of you, but I have to leave in a minute, I have to take care of something." You were so focused on the crowd and his friends that you didn't see the hard bulge forming under you while sitting on his lap as Chifuyu bid his goodbyes.
"Let's go, baby." Chifuyu said as he stood up and placed a kiss on your forehead as the grip on your waist tightens.
Soon after, you were in the parking lot, giggling as you noticed the BMW parked outside the mall; the way his grasp tightened around your waist, his hurried heavy steps, and the way his hot heavy breath was audible were all too evident, and you knew exactly what it meant.
"Fuck." He whispered under his breath as you two hastily enter the vehicle.
In the spur of moment, he captured your lips in a ravenous manner, so rushed and sloppy, messy as he gripped your jaw and took in the kiss deep.
He lifted you by your waist as he places you on his lap, your covered pussy stroking his tent beneath and you both moaned in unison as you get so frantic on his cock already,
"So damn addicting." He said as he cups your breasts as played with them, it affected you, affecting you so much, that you began to grind on him as he cupped your breasts and toyed with them, massaging your hardened buds with his fingers.
The alcohol slowly took in as you both were now drunk with pleasure.
"You're so desperate for me, huh?" You trembled on his lap as you gripped his shoulders while he laughed breathlessly as he slapped your ass.
"A-Ah~!" You let out noises as he continued to slap your ass, it followed soon as he slapped your clothed pussy repeatedly.
"This? I own it all, yeah?" He asked commandingly as you nodded, flinching at his harsh slaps on both your ass and clothed pussy, it aroused you so much.
"Naughty bitch, getting all wet just from my slaps." He said as he gripped your hair, he brought his face closer to you as he bucked his hips up, his cock under his pants touching your clothed soaking pussy.
After some minutes of blatant slapping, he turned you around, and now your back is facing him, he pushed and arched your back as you bend in front of him while sitting, your face facing the steering wheel.
"Pathetic position." He teased you as he grabs a fistful of your hair and pulled you back, bringing your head near to his.
At this position, you can feel his hot breath, the words that drove you insane on the shell of your ear, your ass rubbing his clothed cock, his other hand went to grip your neck as he whispered words to you that made your pulse race and feel the familiar tingling of butterflies than you ever could.
"Let's continue what we started."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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witchbinchstories · 2 days ago
Worth It - Part 2
Pairing: Kang Sae-byeok x gn!Reader
Summary: Continuation of last night, where Sae-byeok invites you to spend the night at her apartment. In the morning, you two find something to do while you skip work.
Part 1
Words: ~3k
Contains: Fluff, spoiler-free
A/N: A beautiful person on AO3 requested a part 2, so here we are! This also unintentionally matched with a request someone sent me here for Sae-byeok making the reader breakfast, but I’m still going to write a separate fic for that. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy!
Eventually, Sae-byeok and I manage to pull ourselves out of her bed and resist the temptation to sleep all day and make our way to the kitchen. Sae-byeok opens a cupboard and pulls out what looks like a box of tea, before turning her gaze on me as I sit myself on a stool in front of the makeshift island that’s really just supposed to be a half-wall dividing the kitchen from the living room..
“Do you want any chai?” she asks, holding up the box.
“Sure,” I say, a small smile on my face, “thanks.”
She turns back around and pours water into the electric tea kettle I gave her for her birthday a couple months ago. She had been complaining about how her old stovetop kettle would take forever to heat up, since the stove in her apartment doesn’t work very well, so I finally decided to get her a simple, light teal electric kettle. Originally, she wouldn’t accept it, saying it was too expensive (it really wasn’t), but I managed to convince her to take it.
“Should we make some food, too?” I ask, suddenly noticing the feeling of having an empty stomach. She nods and leans down to grab a pan from a cabinet.
“Omelets sound good?”
“That sounds delicious right now,” I hop off the stool and enter the main area of the kitchen, “I can help you make them.”
Sae-byeok grabs some eggs, butter, cheese, tomato, and onion. She turns the stove on so it can start its long process of heating up and drops some butter into it.
“Do you want to beat the eggs while I chop the onion and tomato?” she asks through slightly closed lips that she’s using to hold a hair tie as she uses her hands to gather her hair into a low ponytail. I don’t answer at first, I’m too busy staring at her. I love it when she puts her hair up, it hides her face much less. I love the little pieces that fall out because they’re too short to be pulled back, how they frame her face and lightly curl and rest against her cheeks.
“Uh, yes, I can do that,” I quickly respond and crack a couple eggs into a bowl, then whisk it with a fork until they’re all mixed together. Eventually, the stove heats the pan up and the butter finishes melting, so I pour the eggs in. This is when I realize that I don’t know how to make an omelet. I feel my face heat up a little, and aimlessly stir the mixture in the pan. I hear Sae-byeok say my name from behind me.
“Do you not know how to make an omelet?” she asks. When I turn my head to look at her, she has a small smirk to match an overall amused expression. I feel my face flush even more.
“No…” I answer. She throws her head back in laughter, eyes scrunching closed. God, she looks so cute. It takes everything I have to not kiss her right then, so I turn back around to face the stove.
“Here, let me show you,” she says. I feel her lean in behind me to reach around and grab the handle of the pan, and now I’m pretty sure my face may burst into flames if it gets any hotter. “You have to shake it like this while it cooks.” She shakes the pan back and forth to demonstrate.
“Mhm,” I’m barely paying attention, but she’s so close, how could I? I can feel her breath on my skin, and she’s placed a hand on the middle of my back to steady herself as she leans in. This is a completely normal level of physical contact for us, but usually I would be the one to initiate it. Plus, everything seems much more electrifying after spending the night here last night.
“And then you lift up the edges with a spatula,” she motions for me to do so with one she had set on the counter earlier. I do as she says.
“Okay, good, now just keep doing that until it’s set and we’ll put the filling in.” She moves away from me and over to a different counter space to chop the tomato and onion. After she’s done, she brings them and the cheese over and I put what I want on top of the eggs, after we designate this omelet as mine. Then, we fold it, let it sit for a little longer, and it’s done.
“I hope you like it,” she chuckles as she watches me sit back at the bar and turns to make her own omelet.
“Well, your teachings were spectacular. Thank you, Chef Kang,” I say.
She laughs again, shaking her head, “Shut up.” Her tone is lighthearted, and despite the fact that she’s turned away, I can see her cheeks curve more in a smile.
I go ahead and start eating my omelet, and it’s probably the best one I’ve ever had.
“This is really good,” I say, mouth still stuffed with food. She just turns to briefly look at me with a smile on her face, then she shortly finishes her own omelet and comes to lean against the counter across from me, resting her forearms on the surface, on either side of the plate in front of her.
“You should be like a personal chef or something, seriously,” I say after swallowing another bite.
“I didn’t even make the one you’re eating,” Sae-byeok responds pointedly, looking at me with slightly raised brows.
“Well then I bet yours is even better!” I lean forward and open my mouth, hinting that I want a bite of her omelet. She rolls her eyes with a small smile and just picks up my plate to hold it in front of my mouth. I give her a pouty look and she reluctantly sets my plate back down and puts part of her omelet on it.
“You’re ridiculous.”
I ignore her and eat the piece she gave me. My eyes instantly light up. “It is better! You should—”
“I’m not going to be someone’s personal chef,” she cuts me off.
“Will you be my personal chef?”
She stays quiet for a minute. “Maybe.”
“Yes!” I exclaim, warning another eye roll from her.
Soon, we finish eating and the tea is ready, so we make our way into the living room to sit on the couch with each other and our mugs. Sae-byeok exits the room to grab her laptop and when she returns, her hair has been let down out of the ponytail. She sits on the couch next to me and places her laptop on the coffee table in front of us. We briefly argue over what to watch, but it’s not angrily, we both just try and get the other person to choose. Eventually we settle on some drama we’ve both seen many times before.
Deciding to continue my boldness from last night, as we settle into the couch, I lean against her side. Once again, I am met with Sae-byeok tensing up by my side, then slowly relaxing. She leans away from me for a moment and I’m filled up with that same anxiety from before. My chest feels tight and I can feel a warmth creeping up my neck and cheeks, embarrassed that I made an unreciprocated move. However, my worries are cut short when she leans back over and tosses a blanket over the both of us and returns next to my side. I look over at her, and she looks back at me.
“I wanted to make sure we didn’t get cold,” she says simply, and turns to watch the show. I look at her for a few more moments, concern ebbing away with each passing second. The previous tightness in my chest being replaced with a light airiness that bubbles up into excitement, causing a smile to grow on my face when I, too, turn back to the show.
We sit in contentment, happy to be able to forget about the world and be lazy for a while. My happiness is compounded by my contact with Sae-byeok. Our arms resting above the blanket, brushing each other whenever one of us moves. My legs, bent to rest on top of each other in front of me on the couch, making me lean further into Sae-byeok, and her leg resting next to mine.
I feel something cool touching my fingers, and I realize Sae-byeok has moved her hand so that our pinkies are touching and she is slightly moving hers on top of mine. Without looking at her, I turn my hand over, inviting her hand into mine. When she laces our fingers together, my face is in flames again. I glance over at her and see that her right hand has found its way to her neck, feeling over her scar again. Her cheeks are also tinted a slightly pinkish color, causing her freckles to stand out more.
I am definitely not paying attention to the show now. Now I’m just staring at her laptop with endless thoughts running through my mind. Are we holding hands platonically? Or romantically? Her hands are cold, is it weird that I like the difference in the temperatures of our hands? Does she think my hand is too warm? Is Sae-byeok as nervous as I am right now? Will this lead to something more? Is it okay if I kiss her right now? No, that’s stupid. Just sit in the moment for a bit, don’t mess anything up. But will I kiss her later?
I blink a couple of times, trying to wake myself up from this daze. Eventually I’m back in the real world and I can actually kind of sorta turn my attention back to what we’re supposed to be watching.
“Ooh, I always love this part…” Sae-byeok says, mostly to herself I’m pretty sure. Someone in the show does something stupid, and then another character says something funny about it. I find myself laughing along and beside me, Sae-byeok throws her head back with laughter like she does when she finds something truly funny. Her beautiful brown eyes squeeze shut and the bridge of her nose crinkles. My own laugh fades away as I watch her, hypnotized by her beauty. As she leans her head back, her hair falls back from its usual position floating, curling around her neck, and instead exposes the skin there. I feel a dull ache in my chest as I so desperately want to kiss her. Kiss each and every one of her freckles, kiss her lips, her nose, kiss her neck and the scar there I know she hates.
“You’re beautiful,” I blurt. At first, I’m not sure if I said it out loud. Then, I’m not sure if she heard it. She was still laughing, but that laughter was dying down. Did I say it quietly enough that she didn’t hear it?
“What?” She asks, suddenly serious. Her usual stern expression returns, no emotion visible in her eyes, and her eyebrows are furrowed slightly.
I gulp. There’s no going back now. “You’re beautiful,” I repeat. She doesn’t say anything, the only change is that her eyebrows furrow more. I decide to continue. “Your smile is beautiful. Your laugh is beautiful. You do this thing where you scrunch up your nose when you find something really funny. I love it. I love the way lights sparkle in the brown of your eyes, and the way your hair curls the slightest bit around your face, framing it perfectly. I love your freckles, too. I always want to be able to count and kiss all of them. I want to kiss you.”
I’m out of breath. She’s looking at me in shock. Her cheeks have gotten redder and redder as I’ve continued talking. Her hand returns to the side of her neck for a moment as she glances away, still no emotion in her expression. I can’t ever read her when she’s like this. She opens her mouth to say something, but decides against it.
The silence of the apartment is deafening, yet all I can do is stare at her and wait. Or leave. I’m starting to think I should do the latter, but she turns her gaze back on me and leans her face closer to mine the slightest bit.
“I… want to kiss you too,” she says. Almost as soon as the words have passed her lips, my mouth is on them. I don’t even recall leaning in, but I’m glad I didn’t have the time to think about it or else I would have second guessed myself.
Sae-byeok kisses me back and it’s everything I could’ve hoped for. Her lips are soft and gentle against mine and it feels like we fit perfectly together. My hand finds its way to her hair and I lightly lace my fingers in the hair at the nape of her neck as I feel one of her hands wrap around to my back and one come to rest at my collarbone.
When she pulls away, I involuntarily lean in, trying to reconnect our lips, but I realize that both of us have to breathe and so I manage to stop myself. As I take some deep breaths, I hesitantly drag my eyes upwards to look Sae-byeok in the eyes.
She’s already looking back at me, eyes wide, and a rosy tint on her cheeks and lips. It makes my heart explode and makes me want to do it all over again, to kiss her for the first time over and over.
“Did that really just happen?” I ask quietly, afraid that it’s all just a dream.
“Yeah… yeah, I think so,” Sae-byeok responds. Then, she looks away and her voice gets quieter, “can we do it again?”
I gently move my hand that’s on the back of her neck to her cheek, and guide her head to look back at me.
“Yes please.”
A tiny smile appears on her face and we both lean in once again. This time is much softer, less rushed. I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to have a first kiss with Sae-byeok again, I want to be able to kiss her all the time. This kiss is even better than the first. We ease into each other, slowly leaning into the couch to be able to be supported not just by each other. I cup her face with both of my hands and she wraps her arms around me and I feel like I’m home.
This time, when we pull away from each other, I lean back in to lightly kiss the freckle above her lip, then I kiss a few freckles on her cheeks, and end with a kiss to her nose before fully allowing myself to pull away.
“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that…” I say, a bit embarrassed.
“I think I have an idea if it’s anything like how long I’ve wanted to…” she responds.
“So that’s why you were nervous about me staying over, wasn’t it?”
“What?” she pauses. “How did you know I was nervous about that?”
“I can just tell,” I smile, a bit smug with the fact she doesn’t know.
She gives me a look. “Tell me how.”
“No, I don’t want to. You’ll change it then and I don’t want you to.” It’s a part of who she is, something unique to her. If she stops, then she’s changing who she is. And it’s not like it’s harmful.
“Fine,” Sae-byeok sighs, but a smile reappears on her face as her eyes scan my features once again. She looks away, back at the show that is still playing on her laptop. I keep looking at her, never getting enough of admiring her. “Does this mean we’re…”
“Dating?” I finish after she trails off. She nods. “If that’s something you’d like, then… I would definitely love to be dating you.”
“I… would like that, I think,” she answers.
“Me too.”
“Well then… I’m glad to be dating you.”
I laugh a bit. “Why are you being so formal?”
“I’m not!”
“Yes you are.”
“Whatever… let’s just watch the show now,” Sae-byeok turns back to watch the laptop, but now she leans up against my side, still a bit hesitant. It brings a smile to my face and I rest my head on the top of hers. As we watch the show, I find myself content in the peaceful moment, being able to relax with the person I most want to be with. It really feels like a dream. I stayed the night at her house, then I got to make breakfast with her, then I got to kiss her, and finally, Sae-byeok is now my girlfriend. This could not be a better day.
I reach over to my mug, and bring it to my lips. When I take a sip of the tea, it has become cold, gone long untouched. It’s okay, we can make more later. For now, I don’t care about wasted tea, only being here with Sae-byeok.
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u1travi0lett · a day ago
Cuddling w Tate Langdon
Pre-death Tate x GN!reader
Warnings- none
type- fluff sorta Idek tbh
AN- Again Idek what this is tbh 😭, please give me requests on what to write next I have literally no ideas :/
Tumblr media
Okay so Tate is BIG into cuddling, he’s clingy af and will wrap his arms around you at any given moment possible.
He loves when you two watch movies / listen to music together and you lay in his lap. In moments like those he’ll most likely be playing with your hair.
Tate loves holding you close but secretly prefers being the one being held, you know this as whenever you spoon him (you being the big spoon and him being the little spoon) he practically melts into your touch.
He always comes to you when things at home are bad or when Constance is being a bitch (which is a lot). He doesn’t usually like talking about it so you just drag him into your bed and wrap your arms around him. This instantly makes him feel 1000x better.
Tate’s love language is touch so he’s always randomly wrapping his arms around you.
You two are always sleeping over at eachothers houses so it’s honestly not an uncommon thing for you to fall asleep in each other’s arms.
Wether in public or not Tate will cuddle you, if he needs your touch or you need his nothing is stopping him from wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close.
Cuddling with you is honestly Tate’s favourite thing, it makes him not only feel love but safety too. (so pls give this baby a hug, he needs it)
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scandalous-chaos · a day ago
🦋 Regulus Black
“I mean it when I say I would protect you”
"Oh Merlin, I just know Rosier's going to go after Gryffindor," you muttered under your breath, your eyes scanning around as if he would jump out of a bush.
"Look, Sirius and your little group pranked him, and maybe he'll try to get you back," Regulus said, walking besides you. "It's only fair, isn't it?"
"I don't like it, he sucks. What if he gets us suspended?" You said with increasing concern. "What if he goes after Remus?"
Lupin being a werewolf wasn't a secret known to many. In fact, you were sure Rosier would never find out, but if he did, he'll try to make your friend's life a living hell.
"He won't," Regulus said firmly. "And you won't get suspended either. Didn't I already promise you that I'd protect you?"
"I don't need protection, I want to know his plans- holy shit, speak of the devil," you came to a stop, and Regulus saw Rosier and Lucius talking in the distance. 
"I don't think they're coming up with plans to kill you," your boyfriend said with a roll of his eyes.
"I wouldn't be so sure."
"Let’s just go- THERE’S SOMETHING BEHIND YOU." He pushed you out of the way to see clearly, but the force might have been a bit much because you fell right into the Great Lake.
You gasped for air and came up, your eyes wild and heart pounding. There was indeed someone behind you. James, or more clearly, James’s floating head.
"I told you not to wear your invisibility clock outside!" You yelled from the lake. "And Regulus, put down your wand, that's just James!"
You felt the coldness covering and pulling you down, but luckily you knew just enough swimming to get back to shore.
"Are you okay?" Regulus yelled, trying hard not to laugh.
"You won't be, y/n is going to kill you. Run," James whispered.
"Can I borrow your clock?"
"You may not."
"Then I guess I'll run." He saw you hurrying towards him so he rushed away as if he’s never seen you before.
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make-me-imagine · 2 days ago
Never Again
Plot: Some of the crew go to a haunted house after work. But, it's a bit more than they bargained for. When they finally get out, they all agree on one thing. Never Again.
Pairing/Characters: Evan "Buck" Buckley x GN!Reader; Also Hen, Chimney, Albert and Eddie are there.
Warnings: This is based on one of those haunted houses where they are allowed to touch and grab at you, so yeah.... A lot of mentions of fake blood, dead-people, body parts, dead animals; all fake stuff obviously. Mentions of clowns too.
Word Count: 2.6k
General Taglist: @criminaly-supernatural, @caswinchester2000, @imaginesfire 911/Buck taglist: @spuffyfan394, @webreathfandoms, @bellarkeselection
Tumblr media
"Come on, it's gonna be so much fun, you'll see!" Buck said excitedly, as he wrapped his arm around you.
You shook your head lightly "I hope so." It wasn't that you weren't a fan of horror, and Halloween related stuff, but a haunted house you had to buy pre-ordered tickets to must be worse than any ordinary haunted house.
And as you pulled up, you were sure it was. It was a large building with very few decorations on the outside, unlike most haunted houses. You noted the various fake blood smears, the claw marks, and the large webs at each corner.
"It looks...boring." Albert said as he peered out the window.
"It better not be, the tickets were expensive." Chimney said as he put the car in park.
As you, Buck, Eddie, Chimney and Hen all climbed out of Chimneys car, you began to approach the entrance, where a lone employee stood. Dressed in a torn up prison outfit.
When you got to him, he took Chimneys information and tickets before handing all of you a clipboard "Sign this and then you can go in."
"A haunted house you have to sign a contract for?" Eddie said skeptically.
"Yeah, it's so you can't sue if any of the actors hurt you." Chimney said casually as he signed the document. Looking up he saw all of you staring at him in confusion. "What?"
"Hurt us?" Hen asked with a hint of terror.
"'s one of those haunted houses where the actors can grab you and stuff...more interactive you know?" As you all stared at him in disbelief he shrugged "Didn't I tell you guys that?"
"Uh, no!" All of you said in unison.
"Oh...well, I'm sure it'll be fine, more exciting!" He said with a not so convincing smile.
You and Buck looked at each other before simultaneously letting out deep breaths and walking into the haunted house.
Entering into the first room, you found yourself in what appeared to be a prison block. Paired with the cells, were various blood stains, handcuffs, and fake body parts littering the cells.
As you looked into one of the cells, suddenly someone jumped out from the darkened corner. Reaching through the bars, he grabbed at you, making you yell in alarm and jump backwards. This caused the others to jump as well, and Buck to grab your shoulders defensively.
Just as you caught your breath, a shrill cry come from the other side of the room as an actor dressed as a decrepit guard jumped out, causing Albert and Chimney to leap away in fear.
As you all stayed huddled close, you moved down the hallway between the cells. You prepared yourself for another scare that could happen at any second.
Suddenly you hear banging and yelling from an upcoming cell, as an actor dressed as a bloody prisoner bangs a fake skull on the bars. Slinking past, you waited for him to reach out and grab at you. Luckily he did not, until you passed, before he jumped out and grabbed at Eddie, you yelled in frustrated fear.
You and the others ll let out amused laughs as you were the ones not scared. But, as soon as you did, a multitude of fake plastic chains dropped down from the ceiling, surrounding you all causing you all to flinch in alarm.
As you all made your way out of the chains and through a door, you found the atmosphere changed instantly. No longer in a fake prison, you found yourself in what appeared to be an old abandoned hospital. Various gurneys littered the halls, most covered in white sheets, with either actors or mannequins underneath. The walls and floors were covered in fake blood, paired with the words "HELP US" smeared on the wall.
You watched the figures under the white sheets closely, knowing that at least one would be an actor. Buck was watching them as well, surely thinking the same thing.
As your focus was drawn to the motionless bodies, you were more startled when someone dressed as a doctor jumped around the corner with an angry yell. You all jumped in fear as the doctor ran up to all of you while holding what appeared to be a far to realistic bone saw in their hands. Shoving in all of your faces, you all flinched away from them, quickly passing by.
And as if on queue, two of the sheet covered bodies threw off their sheets and jumped up. One reached out and grabbed your wrist while screaming "HELP ME. HELP ME PLEASE!" While the other grabbed on to Hens clothes crying out in pain.
You pulled at your wrist, trying to get away while letting out scared, yet amused laughs. Buck pulling on you as well, finally helped to get you free as you leaned into him, both of you letting out stressed chuckles. Albert from behind laughed in amusement.
As you continued down the halls, various white sheets draped throughout, causing none of you to know what would be on the other side. You rubbed your wrist with your hand, noting how tightly the actor gripped onto it.
Buck leaned down towards your ear "Are you okay?"
You looked up into his eyes and nodded with a smile "Yeah."
Another scream rocked out as a man dressed as a patient broke through a door nearby. He threw himself at all of you while yelling incoherently. He grabbed onto Bucks shirt, as Buck awkwardly and fearfully pushed him away. Letting go of Buck, the man then threw himself onto Albert and Eddie behind you.
You let yourself chuckle at the fear and annoyance on all of their faces as you tried to take in the fun side of the haunted house.
Hearing Chimney and Hen yell out in unison, you looked over to see an actor threw fake guts on them. You and Buck let out amused laughs as they shuddered. "Aw man!" Chimney said as he looked down "Now I have fake blood all over me!" He complained, making you all laugh.
"At least it's fake." Eddie commented from behind.
Pushing through another set of doors, you found the scenery changed once more. This time, you weren't in any particular setting. But pinned up on the walls were body bags, fake dead animals, and various body parts. The large room was glowing red as shadows moved all around you.
The room was much hotter than the previous ones, and you immediately grabbed on to Bucks arms. As Chimney and Hen pushed past a fake pig, a large man dressed in white, and covered in blood jumped out with a yell. In his hands, a chainsaw, that he turned on. The loud grading sound bounced on the walls, making you flinch and let out a yelp. As you ran past him, trying to get away, you found yourself being grabbed yet again as a hand came out of a body bag leaning against the wall. Pulling away, you felt something land on you from above. Grabbing whatever it was and throwing it, you saw it was the same kind of fake guts Chimney and Hen were victims to earlier.
Looking back at Buck, you see him and Eddie trying to escape a man in a pigs mask who had come out of a dark corner and grabbed them. Before you could catch you breath, you turned and find someone whose face appeared to be torn off staring at you, their face much closer than you wanted.
You yelped out in surprise and jumped to the side. Hen grabbed you and pulled you towards her as she grimaced at the person as well. "Now that's just wrong." She mumbled.
"I don't know if I'm having fun or not." You mumbled with a forced laugh.
"I'm not, definitely not." Hen said desperately as he let out an agonized groan as another torn of man reached out at her.
Feeling someone grab your wrist, you looked back, expecting Buck to be there. But you let out a yell when you saw the same faceless man from before following after you. "No no no" You said hopelessly as you pulled your hand away, gripping onto Hen tighter.
Quickly running through the doors at the end of the long maze like room, you let out a sigh of relief. Turning back, you reached out for Buck who ran through the doors in front of the others. He grabbed your hand and let out a heavy breath as he pulled you into his chest.
"How much more of this?" He breathed out as he looked at Chimney, who appeared frazzled. Chimney just shrugged in response.
You all looked down the current room, seeing the path laid out for you, and no actors in sight. The new room was an array of bright colors splattered around, all glowing with a black light.
"Come on, lets get this over with." Hen said as she began to walk slowly forward, Chimney now beside her.
Just as you all began to move, you stopped, frozen, when you heard a loud clown-like laugh come from somewhere ahead of you.
You felt Buck look down at you as you let out a soft breath "Oh no." You muttered, feeling your heart drop "Anything but clowns." You said with a hint of desperation.
"Oh God not clowns." You heard Albert say behind you, his own voice as fearful as yours.
"Here." Buck said softly as he moved you to his other side, so that he was on the outside, and more likely to be the one jumped out at.
As you began to inch forward again, you felt your feet dragging a bit more than before. The adrenaline was still pumping through you as the terror of a possibly clown attack sat on your mind.
Going through a wall of stripped paper, you flinched when hands shot out of holes in the walls, all grabbing at you. Everyone piled together in the middle of the path, trying to get away from the prying hands. Another clown-esque laugh echoed through the room as the lights began to flicker on and off.
Getting through the grabbing hands, you found yourself now walking though a cloud of smoke, being pumped out of the walls above you. The odorless white smog poured over you, sending cold chills through your body. You still had your arms linked through Bucks as it became harder to see.
As the path in front of you slowly became visible, you felt someone pressing against you. You assumed it was Albert, who had been behind you previously. But hearing him let out an alarmed whimper further behind, you looked to your side.
Right beside you was a man whose face was painted as a clowns, but his mouth, instead of a familiar goofy grin, was covered in sharp teeth and fake blood.
Just as you were about to let out a scream he let out a shrill laugh and jumped at you, wrapping his arms around you. Buck yelled out in surprise as the clown lifted you in the air and over its shoulders.
You let out a desperate yell in fear as the clown jumped around "No!" You yelled out "Put me down! Put me down!"
The clown continued to laugh as the others looked at you in stunned silence. Suddenly a scream from beside them, caused them all to jump as another clown started terrorizing them.
"Please put me down! I don't like this! Buck!" You yelled out desperately.
"Y/n! Come on man! That's enough!"
The clown holding you, finally did as you wanted, turning, and basically throwing you off of him shoulder and into Bucks arms.
You let out a shuddered breath as the clown stared at the two of you silently. You stared back in anticipation as he slowly reached up towards a fake flower on his chest. Seemingly pressing a button in his suit, the flower suddenly squirted out a large stream of fake blood. Which, not so luckily, splattered all of yours and Buck's faces.
You sputtered out, jumping backwards as the clown let out a laugh before bounding off into the darkness, followed by the other clown as well.
Chimney, Albert and Eddie all stared at you in silence for a moment before letting out amused laughed.
"Oh my God!" Hen said as she looked at you two in shock. "That, is so not cool!" You she, with a hint of amusement behind her voice.
You and Buck looked at each other with frowns as you wiped at your faces, trying to get some of the sweet syrupy fake blood off of your faces.
Before you could fully recuperate, suddenly, bright flashing lights turned on, paired with an alarm sound. A deep voice came over a speaker somewhere, earning your attention "You have thirty seconds to evacuate the building, I repeat, you have thirty seconds."
"What happens in thirty seconds?" Chimney asked as he stared up at the speaker.
And as if on queue, from behind you, the sound of screams and yells, paired with bounding on doors and walls echoed through the room.
You all looked back for a moment, before you all looked at each other in realization. "Oh hell no." Hen muttered before she turned "Let's go!" She said as you all turned and began down the path.
You could hear the doors behind you blow open as screaming and yelling was heard. Among the voices was an array of chainsaws and laughter.
Moving down the hall, you all let out a yelp as someone popped out of a doorway and screamed before beginning to chase you all.
Seeing the exit not that far ahead of you, your eyes locked on the familiar faces of the clowns from before. You felt your heat drop as you got closer.
The clowns began to hop up and down and laugh as they pointed at you. Just as you got to them and the exits, they both pressed their fake flowers, causing more blood to spray out. You and Buck, having seen it coming, ducked down. You heard the sputtered yelps from Albert and Eddie behind you. As Hen pushed open the doors, the clown reached out and grabbed at your arms again. Buck, seeing this, pushed the clown away and helped get you out of the door.
Just as you got out and closed he door behind you, you heard and saw the mob of people coming down the hall towards you. And as the door closed, you all waited in anticipation as banging was heard on the door, but it did not open.
Turning and looked around, you see another employee watching you all in amusement. "Towel anyone?" She asked as she held up some wet towels.
Glancing down at yourself, you see you were covered in fake blood. And glancing at the others, you see most of them are no better off than you.
You all stood there for a few moments letting out deep breaths, as the adrenaline coursed through you. Buck let out a groan before turning to all of you "Never again."
Nodding your head, you took a breath "Never." You repeated, glancing at the others, seeing all of them nodding their heads.
"Chimney." Hen began as she turned to him "You best believe you are paying for out dry cleaning."
You smiled in amusement at this as the others chuckled. Chimney looked around at everyone's stained clothes and nodded his head in defeat before beginning to walk towards the exit "Yeah. I agree. Never again."
xx End xx
I don't know if this is good or not lol, but I hope it is at least enjoyable.
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beneathashadytree · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Warnings : this is set after the second timeskip, reader is gender-neutral!
Genre : domestic fluff bc I'm in love
Word count : 0.6K words
Synopsis : No one would've ever expected the ever-dependable Jean to have been a secret romantic and a cat person.
Requests : Are closed for the time being.
Tumblr media
"You're in a rather good mood tonight," they chuckled, holding themself back from cooing as the soft kiss they left on his cheek earned them a huge, almost-sappy grin from him.
"Who wouldn't be, after a fucking great promotion?" Jean said, the elation nowhere near missing from his voice, raising his head just a little from its position on their chest where he'd been resting, amber eyes sparkling as he enthused, "We'll have more than enough money to move out to a bigger house in the city, just you and me."
Their arms tightened around him, and they chuckled out as they squeezed the brunette closer to their chest, "God, Jean, you really are a romantic at heart, aren't you?"
Though the newly-appointed ambassador-turned-Chief-Justice didn't say anything to neither confirm nor deny their statement, his cheeks began to bloom a rosy color, his embarrassment taking over. He couldn't help it though; being held so dearly, he had to laugh in pure (but still bashful) mirth, accepting the embrace with no protests.
When their lips fell on Jean's forehead once again to leave a kiss as delicate as a butterfly, overflowing with their own affection, he thought of just how long it had taken for him and his lover to reach this state of peace and tranquility. It truly had been a long time coming, and the very idea that he'd be lying down in their arms had one day been no more than a mere fantasy; wishful thinking at best.
He sighed, a bittersweet feeling rising up his throat, "I just want to give you what you've always deserved."
They shook their head, their eyes kind as their hand reached up to brush through his mullet, the soothing motion causing Jean's body to grow even more limp in their arms, "A peaceful life is one you deserve, darling. It isn't something you should just give away to me. Share it with me."
A weight landed on the bed, interrupting the serene atmosphere and turning their attention to the giant ball of fluff that pawed across the matress. Both Jean and his lover grinned, though the veteran had a particularly fond look in his eyes as the tabby cat padded over to him and curled into his side. With the weight of the two members of their family ontop of their stomach, they gave an exasperated smile, watching as Jean affectionately scratched underneath the spoilt cat's chin.
"With him too," he corrected them, his hand too busy stroking his beloved cat's back, "He doesn't like the fact that we excluded him from our plans."
They chuckled, "Well, he had been a surprise. I honestly never pegged you as the type to love cats this much."
He shrugged, though the happy look in his eyes said something else entirely other than nonchalance, while he continued to pet the soft orange hair, "They're alright."
Shaking their head, they just watched the scene unfold with infinite love in their gaze. Though the earlier moment was now lost in time, the tranquility that encased this moment too was just as perfect. Living with Jean and their heavy cat sometimes felt surreal; like the quiet life they lead was some part of a dream---but still, they would treasure this with everything they had, if only to keep that breathtaking smile on his face forevermore.
Tumblr media
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samthecookielord · a day ago
Im gonna do whats a called a pro gamer move *puts sweet capn cakes into oneshot and has them all replace niko to see what ensues*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anyways please play oneshot please play oneshot please play oneshot please play oneshot please play oneshot pl
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szallejhscorner · a day ago
Hello Szallejh-chan. Can I request where the reader is living with Chishiya. The reader is like 4th year college student and Chishiya is already an intern and he was being paid (canonical Chishiya is rich coz his father is a doctor with high position). While the reader is struggling financially because she doesn't have a family anymore. She needed to support herself. She's struggling to balance part time jobs and being a full time student that it takes toll on her physical and mental health. She wouldn't ask Chishiya for money or would borrow money from him coz she's too shy and wanna keep her dignity. Like she's getting skinny and mentally drained and would often breakdown when Chishiya is not around because she's exhausted trying to survive and making ends meet. Then, by accident Chishiya heard her crying and found out that the reader is struggling financially and he helped her. I don't how would you do the helping part but I trust your judgment. Sorry if the explanation is too long I just wanted to be specific. Thank you! I hope you are healthy both physically and mentally ♥️ (this request is actually based on my current situation right now struggling between working and studying).
Hi Nonny (:
Wow, this is a long one. I'm sorry that you have to face such struggles right now, and I hope things will turn to the better for you soon! Thank you for the ask ~
If one of you is going through something similar, let me tell you that it’s not wrong to ask for help. We all have to endure situations that we can’t go through alone, and there will always be a way to get support. Don’t let things like this destroy you, because strength doesn’t mean to suffer alone. Strength means to reach out your hand before you fall to the ground.
Stay safe, all of you!
Would a trigger warning for a panic attack be appropriate here?
Tumblr media
Falling Apart
You’re not sure you can do this much longer. It’s too much, all of it. This should have been a dream come true, living together with the most handsome man in entire Tokyo and studying what you’ve wanted to study since you were a little child.
In the end, it turns out to be a nightmare.
You feel drained. University is taking most of your time during the week, with all the papers and essays and courses you have to attend, and then there’s the part time jobs. Work at the grocery store every saturday and sometimes on other evenings as well, work as a waitress in the restaurant down the street on sundays.
The last day off you remember has been half a year ago, and still, you can’t even afford a simple breakfast. Financial support is rare when none of your family is left in the country, and the restaurant had issues with paying out your salary this month. There had been troubles already last month, and the month before.
With not a single penny left on your bank account, you don’t even have enough to buy a simple bottle of water. Payment from the store is just enough to pay the monthly rent, at least your half of it. Chishiya pays the other, and he doesn‘t struggle at all. How should he when he’s already working as a surgeon, in a famous clinic with a famous name? Some would even call him rich, although he couldn’t care less about that.
And yet here you are, starving while sitting in front of a brimful fridge.
The food has all been bought by Chishiya, with the money he earned. You don’t deserve any of it, and you refuse to take it. As a grown-up woman, you should be able to afford your own stuff, right? You shouldn’t rely on your boyfriend for such simple needs.
Chishiya wouldn’t even mind to pay it for you. He would instantly pay all of the rent if you told him about your struggles, but you’d rather sink into the ground than do that. He knows that it’s not easy for you, yes, although you’re doing a good job making him believe that it still works out so far. Despite the regular breakdowns you’re suffering from.
Looking at the tremble in your hands, you don’t think you can keep it up much longer. You’ve been so tired for an eternity now, and not only because there is not really an opportunity for you to sleep much. It’s the mental exhaustion that’s the worst, the fears and worries and doubts shouting and screaming inside your mind, causing you headache after headache.
Today you’ve been lucky that the restaurant’s chef offered all of you some snacks as an apology for the lack of payment, but a couple of fries and burritos can’t make up for the weeks and months of stress you’re going through. And it won’t help your current state to get much better at all.
You don’t need to take a look into the mirror to know what you’d glance at - a creature made of nothing but skin and bones, dark bags under the eyes and protruding cheekbones. The glow in your eyes has long vanished, being replaced by a constant worry how you’re supposed to make it through each day.
You’re tired, and you’re hungry. But most of the time, you just want to sleep. Hours. Days. Weeks. An entire month.
The worst is that you know this will never be possible. Instead of allowing yourself to dream, the nightmare continues to get darker. Afraid to go to bed because the next day will only be worse than the last, and because it will only bring new problems instead of solutions.
With a defeated sigh, you drop down onto the chair. Chishiya’s chair. All of the furniture inside this house belongs to Chishiya. The table, the kitchen, the carpet you walk on. Nothing is yours. You’re like a vermin, infesting this house. Unasked. Unwanted.
The tremble of your hands increases, and so does your heartbeat. It begins to race painfully against your ribs, while at the same time, invisible claws tighten around your lungs, making it impossible for you to breathe.
All warmth has vanished from your body, replaced by ice cold needles that spike your skin together with the freezing sweat running down your spine. Like a sharp blade cutting deep into what’s left of you, draining you even more.
The worst is that you can’t breathe. Trying to do so hurts too much, and you hear your own voice gasp and plead for it to end. It’s a frightening sound, like a scared and hurt animal. Weak, desperate, brittle and fragile. Terrifying.
Trying to move, you realize that your legs don’t obey any longer. They have been replaced by a huge mass of concrete, unable to carry you away from this place. You’re frozen in space, helpless and alone.
You need to sleep. You need to breathe. You need to sleep! You need to breathe!!
All of a sudden, hands appear out of nowhere and clench around your wrists, pinning them onto the table while a body against your back doesn’t allow you to move. Its warmth is too much, and the claustrophobia makes you gasp even more. It’s only making it worse. And you can’t manage to scream proper words to make that clear.
“Focus on breathing.”
That voice. Chishiya. Last time you had checked the clock, it had been hours left until the end of his shift, and it feels like only minutes have passed since then. How long have you been sitting on that chair? How could hours have passed just like the blink of an eye?
No matter what, this is too much. The warmth of his skin against your cold body. The force with which he keeps you still. No. No. NO! “I-... you have... let me... please... Please, I-”
Your voice is nothing but a scratch, unable to build a proper sentence. And Chishiya doesn’t listen; instead, his touch only intensifies.
“Focus. On. Breathing.”
You do. You’re not exactly given another chance anyway, so you listen to the sounds of Chishiya’s mouth close to your ear and try to mimic them. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.
Surprisingly, it helps. Despite the pain and pressure around your chest, your lungs still fill your air. You’re not suffocating, no matter how much it feels like you do. You’re not dying. And together with your breathing, your heartbeat returns to normal as well. The rush in your ears ebbs away and some of the warmth returns to your limbs. While your fingers are still trembling, it’s not that bad any longer, and it takes you a while to realize that Chishiya isn’t holding your wrists any more, finally giving you the freedom you longed for.
You focus on breathing for a while longer. In an out. In and out. In and out.
Then, as unexpectedly as Chishiya’s hands, a mug of hot chocolate is placed in front of you. The warmth of the cup immediately spreads to your hands when you wrap them around it, and the sweet scent is soothing while you wipe your cheeks dry of tears that you didn’t even notice falling.
Chishiya sits down on a chair next to you, with enough distance that he doesn’t touch you. While he has never seen you like this before, he seems to know exactly what’s good for you. Not that you ever wanted him to see you that weak... He was never supposed to witness that side of yours. And you have to pull yourself together to stop your hands from trembling harder again. It can’t be helped now; it’s too late to hide. 
“You need to quit one job.”
His voice is calm and determined, and it sounds so easy when he says that! Of course you know that it would be better. You would want to quit both of them actually, to focus on studying and good grades, but you can’t. It’s nothing but an unreachable dream reminding you of the helpless situation you’re in. “I... can’t.”
Your voice still sounds desperate and forein. Too weak. You don’t want to sound weak.
Chishiya exhales a breath and watches how you sip your chocolate. At least the drink helps to ease your sore throat, but the look in his eyes is unquestionable. “I don’t care which one. Two are too much. I can’t allow you to continue like this.”
Those words sound so weightless, spoken by his lips. A man who has never faced financial struggles, who has a rich dad, a well-paid job. Everything. He doesn’t know what it’s like to dread every day because the money will never suffice for the entire month. It is so easy for him to offer help, when he‘s not the one living in shame. No, you are the person not able to provide themselves with food and all. The vermin that has to beg for everything.
In the following silence, you realize that you have spoken those thoughts out loud. Not that the current situation could get much worse.
“Is that really what you think?”
He could never understand. It’s not his dignity about to be thrown away. Just yours.
You don’t answer, but the look in your eyes must have said enough. Chishiya places his hands on the table, so close that his warm skin is brushing against your cold fingers. “One year.”
“Huh?” Unable to follow his train of thought, you simply stare at him, causing him to chuckle.
“Let me pay the rent for one year. Focus on university until then. You can keep one job or quit both, but two is not an option. One year. When things look better then, you can pay it back bit by bit. You won’t owe me money then, and you won’t be in my debt.”
It’s an easy offer. You know he will be able to pay it without any effort, and while you don’t feel comfortable with it, you will pay him back. Not because he needs the money, but because you need it for your dignity. Maybe, if you want to avoid such breakdowns in the future... well, it could be worse, couldn’t it?
You lean against his shoulder, and never before have you wanted to sleep so much. Never before, even though you’ve had such breakdowns already, you have felt so tired. “I love you, Chishiya, but...”
“Then prove it.”
Too tired to ask, you reach out for the mug of chocolate to take another sip, knowing that Chishiya will explain it to you anyway.
“Prove it and stop destroying yourself like this.”
You sigh. His offer makes sense, and you would be foolish to decline. Most of all, he does it because he cares for you. Because he thinks you’re worth more than going through such struggles.
“Okay. One year. Not a single day longer.”
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The Volturi Kings x Swan!Reader One shot
A/N: Hi! So, a fun fact i am in love with reader x the volturi kings' content, so why not write some of my own. This takes a lot of inspiration on things what I have read, but yeah. Also, I don’t bother to look up the canon dialogue, so I made my own, but I tried to be truthful to the characters. Also, Aros and Caius’ wives don’t exist. Also, Cullen bashing is included. 
+ not proof read
3000ish words
I don’t know Italian so these can be totally incorrect, so please forgive the possible mistakes.  
Cara mia=My dear
Amore mio=My love
Why am i even here? I should be at home, at Forks. But no, I’m in Italy, in Volterra. Saving my sisters ex vampire boyfriend, from vampire royalty. And now we are walking down through a tunnel to only get killed by that same vampire royalty. This is fucked. This is fucked. This. Is. Fucked.  
I was brought back to life by the people around me stopping. I almost walked onto the vampire in a black cloak in front of me. I kept my eyes on the marble floor, but they rose automatically when the huge wooden doors opened in front of us.  
In the circle shaped room had only three chairs..., no, thrones. One in front of the other two. The room was made from the same marble as the floors of the hallway. And on the floor was a drainage hole. My heart started to beat faster. The situation just became more real that I liked.  
“How fantastic, Bella is alive,” the man in the middle throne said before he got up. He had shoulder length raven black hair, and he had those same blood red eyes as the vampires around me. The man walked up to Edward and took his hand. “Aro, can see all of my thoughts with a touch,” Edward explained clearly only to Bella. “Yes, it is interesting to see all of the thoughts that young Edward has seen through his life,” The man, Aro said but it didn’t seem to be here, his eyes looked like he was far away from this reality.
I took a glance at Alice who only a smile, but it didn’t reach to her eyes. Even she seemed scared, she wasn’t going to get killed. It was me and Bella whose lives were at risk. Of course, Alice was concerned about Bellas life, they were more sister than me and Bella ever were.  
I took a look at the other two thrones besides the empty one. On the left chair sat a man with a brown hair. But the main thing about him was his blood red eyes that were looking at me. Fuck, what did I do to get his attention? But he didn’t seem to be mad that I realized his staring. He gave me a smile. I had to look twice to see that I hadn’t made it up. His smile only grew seeing me getting confused. And with my embarrassed face, I directed my eyes to the other man who sat on the other throne. He had the same red eyes but his eyes had a dangerous feel like a no other. His blond hair looked so silky and nice, and for a second, I forgot the deathly situation I was in.  
“Aro,” The sound seemed to shock everyone in the room. The speaker was the same king who had smiled at me. Aro turned his head to the king, and the brown-haired man raised his hand to Aro. Aro almost ran to the sitting king, and took his hand to his. Everyone was silent, no one dared to interrupt the kings silent one-sided conversation. Even the blond king looked at his two equals, clearly annoyed that he wasn’t part of it.  
A slow hum left Aros lips when he let go of the other kings hand. “Is that really the case?” Aro asked. Now the guards really seemed concerned, why would a man who could see every memory ask for a confirmation. The king nodded, and I heard Edward sigh. “My brothers, what is it?” the blond king asked, now having a concerned sound on his cold voice. Then Aro turned to us, his eyes landing on me. So, I really fucked up in some point.  
I lowered my eyes down to the floor, I couldn’t look into those intensive eyes “We, my brother, have found our mate.” I had to look up to see who he was talking about. All eyes of the room were on me. And in a blink Aro was in front of me. I had to take a step back and one of the guards hand wrapped around my upper arm. Like I could run away either way. “It is okay Felix,” The brown-haired king said, and my arm was released. I gave a thankful look at the king and he returned it.
“You have already taken a liking to Marcus I see,” Aro spoke, his words were so calming and gentle, like he wasn’t a killer. I bit my lip and I could myself getting hotter. “Tesoro, don’t worry he has taken a liking to you to,” Aro continued seeing my flustered face. I looked back to Aro, his smile felt so kind, so caring. “Tell me, Tesoro what's your name?” I had to clear my throat that I got the words out of my mouth. “I..., I'm Y/N, Y/N Swan,”  
“Swan..., Isabellas sister,” Aro whispered. I nodded and he seemed to be pleased that I even interacted with him. “We are all aware of your sisters special ability by now, but what I saw from Edwards memories, this ability doesn’t extent to you, I am assuming that you knew that already,” I nodded, scared that my voice wouldn’t hold a second time.
“Brother, this cannot be real, a human girl couldn’t be our mate, this must be a mistake!” It was the blond vampire king. His voice was ice cold, and felt like venom. “Stop it Caius, you are scaring her,” Marcus said, his words shaking the everyones attention back from Caius to Marcus. His words were like antivenom to Caius’ venom filled words.
“Tesoro,” Aro brought me back to this realm. “Yes,” I whispered that only a vampire could hear. Aros smile only grew wider. Aro extended his hand to me. Edward had said that Aro could see all of your thoughts with a touch. Aro must have seen my hesitation, “It’s okay tesora, I am not going to force you to show all of you yet, we have time for that later,” I pulled my hands to hug myself. I could tell he was clearly disappointed by my action and by his own words, but still he pulled his hand away.  
“Tell me, cara mia, Have the Cullens informed you about vampire mates?” Marcus asked clearly intrigued by me. I shook my head and looked Alice besides me, who wasn’t even looking at me.  
“It’s a linkage between people, like soulmates. It starts of weak so even vampires can’t feel it. But when the bond is nurtured and cared for it blooms, then even the possible humans can feel it. You find your one true love, well except in this case, you have three of those bonds,” Aros words were so gently, like he was nurturing that bond between us. “How do you know?” I asked not sure how impolite I was being. “I can see bonds between people, I can see the mate bond between your sister and Edward, and I can see one between you and us,” Marcus had still a kind smile on his face, like nothing would make him happier than explaining me his power.  
I took a look at Caius whose eyes were on me. But this time he didn’t look like he wanted to kill me. “What is going to happen now?” I asked my eyes still on Caius, not waiting him to answer. “She needs to stay here; she needs to stay safe,” His words must have surprised everyone, because a shock was on everyones face. “Wait, what?” Left my lips, a panic rose in me. I looked at Alice, she wasn’t looking at me, then Bella whose eyes were still on Edward, and Edward who looked at my sister, without a care in the world.
I really started to panic; my eyes roamed everywhere trying to find a one person who would care for me. No one did, not even my fucking sister. “It’s okay, tesora. We just want make sure that the bonds are strong enough, and of course we want to get to know you,” My breath got quicker with every passing second. I started to tunnel vision, “Jane, would you mind taking dear Y/N to get some rest, my room will do just fine,” Aros words didn’t so clear anymore. And then my arm was taken again but this time I didn’t have time to look who it was because unconsciousness took over me.
I was ripped back to the land of living, by a knock. Before my eyes were even open my body jolted itself to siting. And like clockwork the door opened, and inside walked a blonde girl with heavy black eyeliner around his eyes. And that same black cloak, was she the one I almost walked onto when coming here?
“I see you are awake; the masters will be very pleased; I came to bring you new clothes, call me when you are ready. I have orders to bring you to the masters as soon as you wake up,” The girl said before putting a pile of clothes to the bad and left without saying a word. Once the door was closed. I finally had time to look at the room. It had two room connected, one part was clearly bed room and the other living room.  
I got up and looked at the clothing the girl had left for me. In the pile was a green sun dress, a pair of socks and to my disbelief a pair of silk underwear. Okay, this is kinda weird. So, as quickly I changed my clothes to the new ones, and opened the door and there the girl was standing. Without a word she started to walk, and not seeing any other option i followed her.  
We walked white hallways for God knows how long, before she stopped at one door and opened it before letting me go first, I hesitated to step in, so she gave me push to my back. I stepped inside to a library, with two floors and a big wooden Mahagony table on the middle. And sitting around the table was the three kings. All of their eyes fell upon me, and you could feel the tension building up.  
All the men stood up when me and the girl stepped in to the room. “Thank you, Jane, you can go now,” Aro said and with those words, the girl, Jane was gone and the door closed. I kept my eyes on the floor scared to look at the three in front of me. “Please cara mia, sit down, this all must be so exhausting to you,” Marcus had that same gentle sound to his voice as before. I looked at one of the heavy wooden chairs in front of me and sat down to it. I crossed my legs, hands on my lap under the table so they couldn’t see me playing with them.
“Did you sleep well, tesora” Aro started, and before he even finished I had nodded. I still didn’t look at them, and my heart started to beat up faster and faster. “You don’t have any reason to panic,” Caius surprised me with his words, I thought he hated me. “Caius is right, no one, least of us will bring you any harm here,” Aro confirmed. I nodded again, their words felt comforting but it still isn’t enough to wipe the pit away from my stomach.  
“I am sure you have a lot of questions for us cara mia,” Marcus said sensing my Un comfortability. “Where is my sister?” It felt like the only option as a first question. “She, and the Cullens as well are on their way back to America,” Along silence followed.  
“They left me here?” you could hear the desperation from my voice and I felt myself starting to tremble. They didn’t need to answer for me know that my words were fact. I pressed my lips together, but the tears still started to fell down on my cheeks. I heard a chair moving but I didn’t look up, I could not face them.  
One the chair next to me was moved and when I looked up, I saw Caius’ red eyes. For a moment I thought he would hit me, but his hands just got up to my cheeks and wiped the tears away. His hands were cold but so gentle that I almost forgot the killer in him. He was the first one to touch me, and I could feel a weird pull to lean onto his touch. And that is what I did, I leaned onto his hand and he kept it steady for me to lean on.
“They don’t deserve to make you cry, no one does, amore mio,” His voice had a dangerous edge to it. But I wasn’t scared for myself, I.., I felt protected. A small smile slipped through my lips and they all must have seen it. I hid my face to his hand as best as I could. A small laughter got out in the room. I looked at Caius who had a smile on his face, clearly happy that I had even smiled. I pulled myself off of Caius’ embrace, gently, not wanting to upset him. He understood my sign and he let his hand fall to my lap taking one of my hands to his. But still his hand moved slowly not wanting to scare me away with his actions.  
“What will happen now?” And I finally looked at the men around me. “You will stay here, with us. We of course make sure that you will have as comfortable stay as possible,” Aro said sounding like nothing would make him happier, having me here, even just me looking at them.  
“But how long will I be here, am I like a hostage or something,” I asked and all the happiness of the room was gone in a blink. Caius' hold on my hand got tighter. “You aren’t a hostage; you are a guest. And for how long you will be staying here is up to you. Of course, we would like for you to stay at least that we can get to know you. And for you to get to know us,” Marcus said with his calming voice. I waited a while until I answered.
“So, if a wanted to leave you would allow it?” They didn’t seem with happy with my answer. Aro cleared his throat. “Yes, if you truly wanted. The thing with mate bonds is that you cannot force it, at least not forever. You just need to be open to the idea of the bond and it will bloom,” Then it was my time to clear my throat. And with my free hand a wiped the last of tears off of my face. “Can I ask something...,” They all seemed okay with it. “You said that this mate thing is like soulmates..., and soulmates what I know are always romantic..., so is this mate thing like that?” All of my words were so carefully thought out, but still my heartbeat quickened up. They all relaxed when I got the words out. Marcus even let out a small laughter.  
“No, tesoro, mate bonds are not always romantic. bonds can be whatever the people in the bond decide it being. Romantic, platonic, even just sexual. And one of your bonds being something doesn’t mean all of the other ones will be that same,” Aros words made me heat up. Like they truly understood that this wasn’t easy to process. I nodded. Caius gave a gentle squeeze to my hand.  
“Where will a stay then?” I asked, just wanting to change the subject. Caius’ hand started to play with my fingers and pulling my hand to his lap. “We arranged you a room while you were sleeping, and your stuff has already been transferred, you have nothing to worry about, amore mio” Caius, even while speaking played with my fingers until without a word a was pulled onto Caius’ lap.
Now I was sitting on his lap, his hands wrapped around my body, and his face buried in my neck. My body tensed. And for a moment I thought Caius’ teeth would kill me. But instead, I felt a pair of lips kissing my neck. A smile whine left from my lips. With him pulling me closer I placed my hands to his chest. “What is happening?” I asked between my whines and heavy breaths. “Caius is making up his behavior from our first meeting. Trust me he felt horrible about yesterday,” Aro said laugh in his voice, that I could feel without even looking at him. “Shut up, Aro,” Caius’ words were pressed against my skin before laying another kiss to my neck.  
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koakyuu · 17 hours ago
—nishimura riki
Tumblr media
PAIRING ▸ riki x reader
GENRE ▸ fluff, enemies to lovers, comedy
SUMMARY ▸ When Riki’s prank leads to the both of you having after school detention, he insists on walking you home
DISCLAIMERS & TAGS ▸ fem!reader, mild-strong language, written in 2nd person, lots of bickering, pranks and revenges, cringe nicknames and neoduri with— with spammm
Tumblr media
"Nishimura get back here you bastard!" You yell, chasing Riki out of the classroom and into the hallways where his long—way too long— legs make it easier for him to rush up a flight of stairs and disappear from your sight.
You stop in the middle of the staircase, hunching over to catch your breath whilst also trying to calm yourself down. Why were you mad?
Riki threw slime in your hair.
You mentally curse him out, grip on the handlebar tightening. A sigh leaves your lips a mere second before you push off with all the force your legs have and run up the stairs at full speed. Fortunately for you, passing students quickly get out of the way, leaving you a clear path. You don't know if some people flinch because of how pissed you look, or simply because they got scared seeing a five-foot-seven girl charging in their direction with a weird, pink gooey lump tangled in her hair. Either way, you looked terrifying. Something worse than in a horror movie.
You halt at the top, head spinning from left to right in search for the boy who you would do anything to punch in the gut right about now. At the end of the corridor to your left, you spot a blond-haired boy. A big, toothy smile plays on his lips as he holds his index finger and thumb in an "L" shape on his forehead, hopping from side to side.
The corner of your lips twitch in fury and in a split second, you're after him again. You're a few meters away from him when Riki realizes he's done for once you get your hands on him and runs.
"Stupid asparagus! Screw you and your stupid skyscraper legs!" You attempt to shout, but your words come out in something that resembles more a screech. Like those over dramatic freshmen you saw last week that were crying their lungs out because a student pushed them out of the way.
Riki turns around, still running and tips his head to the side. Annoying rhubarb shaped kid, he looks like he's having a field day whilst I'm over here running as if Pennywise is chasing me with that dumb red balloon of his.
"Hey Sunshine! Love that new headband of yours! So pink and slime-y!" He sticks out his tongue. He's too busy laughing at you to notice his surroundings and trips on a pencil case. Unfortunately for him, he's not quick enough to save himself and ends up on the floor, gasps and shocked mutters erupting around him.
You take this as your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and get on top of him, fingers grasping his collar. That dumb smirk is wiped off his face and fear finally rises into his features. He vigorously shakes his head. "Y/n— no wait it was just a pran-"
"Kim Y/n! Nishimura Riki! What on earth are you two doing?" A sudden authoritative voice booms and you both freeze. "On your feet. Now."
Both you and Riki stand up, hands behind your backs and heads down. You hear Riki trying to hold on a laugh when he looks at your disheveled hair, and you stomp on his foot. He winces in pain, and you have to fight back a smirk. Deserved.
"Now would you two please tell me what in God's name were you doing causing such a ruckus in the hallways?"
Your head whips up so fast you almost pull a muscle. Suddenly, it's hard to swallow when the man's cat-like eyes stare right at you, clearly unhappy. "He put slime in my hair, sir!" You point to the six-foot-three kid next to you accusingly.
Whispers fill the corridor. Some giggle at how ridiculous your hair looks, others just look at you weirdly before entering their respective classrooms. Riki clears his throat next to you and speaks up. To you, rather than the teacher. "It was a prank! Your grumpy face needs a little brightness before it gets all wrinkly and you look like an old granny at 20!"
"Excuse me?!" You grab his collar, pulling him down to your height. Geez you gigantic creature, you could almost be mistaken as those ugly abnormal titans that run like crazy.
"Enough." You both flinch at the hard voice that sounds a lot more irritated than earlier. "Detention after school. Both of you. Now scram."
"Yes, sir!" The both of you now at him before walking away, heads down in shame. You manage to walk down the stairs without any bickering. Though you really—really— wanted to pinch the boy's ears in revenge.
The halls downstairs are empty, and you can only assume everyone is already in class. You're too busy trying to remove the slime from your hair to notice Riki slowing down until he's walking behind you, and in one quick motion, he shoves his foot into the back of your knee, making you let out an oomph! and fall flat on your face.
Riki's loud laugh rings in your ears as you groan and get up on your feet. You decide that you have had enough of his bullshit and raise your leg and—
"Ow what the hell! Why'd you kick me?!" He cries out in pain, clutching his stomach.
"Ugly giraffe. Because of you I have to wash my hair again today."
"Oh please, we both know how I'm just dripping with good looks, Sunshine." You gag at his cringey words, shaking your hand and waving him off as you continue walking and ignore him to save your sanity.
Tumblr media
When the bell rings, a scowl paints itself on your face as you shove your stuff into your bag. You wave off your friends and watch them leave. Your frown deepens when Riki's head pops up in your face and you stumble back.
"What the hell Nishimura! Have you ever heard of the term personal space?" You watch him straighten himself up and raise an eyebrow.
"I don't know, Sunshine. Please do tell me what it is." He crosses his arms, a crooked smile picks at his lips and you almost explode again.
"Whatever." You mutter, aggressively throwing you bag over your shoulder and stomping out of the classroom, Riki following close behind.
You find your way to the detention room, bowing to the supervisor. Plopping down on the desk in the back corner, you glare at Riki, who sits down next to you.
The universe works in your favor and for the next hour, Riki finally leaves you alone.
But of course, you were too optimistic about him. As you walk out of the gates, you feel a harsh tug on your bag and stumble back, crashing into a certain blond-haired boy.
"What do you want now, Nishimura?" You attempt to take a step forward, halting because Riki still has a grip on your backpack. "Can you like— I don't know? Get the hell off of me?"
You struggle against him, and when you think he's finally done Riki wraps his arms around you. "Hey! What the—"
"Oh my God you're going to burst my eardrums, Sunshine." Riki's unexpectedly deep voice echoes in your right ear. Chills run up your spine and you stop breathing for a moment. "Let me walk you home."
"What? No! Scram you lanky giant!" You finally push him off you, turning around to face his amused expression.
"Why not?" He raises his chin, peering down at you.
"Because I don't want you to?"
"But why?"
"God can you leave me the hell alone?" You massage your temples, tapping your foot on the ground in irritation.
"If you let me walk you home, sure."
At this point, you've had it. You stare at him for a moment, bottom lip trapped between your teeth. After a few seconds, you sigh in defeat. "Fine. But don't get used to it, Nishimura."
His face lights up. "Awesome!" That stupid gummy smile is back on his face and you roll your eyes, crossing your arms.
You walk away from your weirdly excited classmate, half wishing he was joking but alas, Riki runs up to you, skipping in front of you as the both of you cross the street and walk along the sidewalk.
You pass a few blocks before Riki pulls you in a convenience store. "Now what are we doing here, Nishimura?"
You're too tired too lash out at him, and he somehow notices, which makes his stupid smile grow bigger. He completely ignores your question and searches the isles. You automatically follow him, not wanting to be left stranded in the middle of the store.
He stops at the instant noodle isle, crouching down to scan the different cup noodles. He picks one up, shoving it into your hands. "You like Neoduri, right? With spam?" In a mere second, he's gone from your field of vision.
You're surprised at how he knows your eating habits, jaw almost dropping as your feet suddenly feel heavy when you try to figure out wherever the hell he wandered off to. Luckily for you, he's already back with a can of spam and soda, piling them up in your arms along with the snacks he chose for himself.
When he takes your arm to go pay, you almost drop everything, but he doesn't notice. If he did, he didn't make it obvious. Riki slides a twenty dollar bill to the cashier and thanks her when she hands him his change.
"Hurry up Sunshine, I'm starving here." He says, which makes you scowl.
"Then why don't you help me instead of making me carry all of this, huh?" Again, he completely ignores you and sets his bag down on a table instead. You follow suit, glaring at the boy who innocently smiles.
You're confused when he's gone again. You notice how the ramen he bought for you is nowhere to be found on the table. Why did the universe have to give that kid such long legs he disappears so quickly? Geez.
A few minutes later, Riki comes back, only to find you hunched over the table, head resting on your folded arms. An airy chuckle leaves his lips, setting down the cup in front of you and sliding into a seat.
Your eyes flutter open at the sound of a can being opened and you straighten up, meeting Riki's gaze. "Well good morning, sleeping beauty. Did you have a nice nap?"
He mocks you, and you roll your eyes. "Shut up, Nishimura."
"Oh please you love me."
"To hell with that."
"You can't deny it forever, Sunshine. Now eat up." Riki takes the wooden chopsticks that sit on the top of the ramen cup and breaks them apart, handing them over to you and pushing the soda can in front of you.
You're too hungry to come up with a response and instead listen to him, opening the lid and halting when you see that Riki already put chunks of spam into your ramen. You shake your head, disregarding it and digging in.
"You should really stop skipping lunch, Sunshine." Riki suddenly says, which makes you choke on your noodles.
"Why should I?" You manage through coughs, and it's his turn to roll his eyes.
"Stop being so stubborn, you know you never have enough energy to concentrate in class."
"And how the hell do you know that, Nishimura? Do you stare at me in class or something?"
"Well," he pops a chip into his mouth. "It's kind of hard to miss a zombie in the back of the class, ya know?"
"Oh shut up, Nishimura." You roll your eyes again, and he laughs.
The both of you are suddenly silent, atmosphere growing thicker. But yet somehow, it's still a comfortable silence. At least, until Riki opens his mouth again.
"Riki, Sunshine. Not Nishimura. Just Riki."
You scoff, “Y/n, Riki. Not Sunshine. Just Y/n.” You mock him, and confusion grows on your features when Riki smiles widely.
“What now?” You groan, gaze landing on his fluffy hair just a second before going to his stupid, punchable face.
“Nothing, you just called me Riki.”
Crossing your arms, you raise your chin at him competitively. “Yeah, now you better stop with the stupid nickname.”
He nods, “Fine, I will.”
“You better, Nishi— I mean—Riki.”
Riki giggles at the way you corrected yourself and goes back to eating. You two spend the next few minutes in silence as you finish up your food before heading out.
You’re quietly walking alongside Riki when he suddenly stops a passerby who’s walking his dog. “Oh my gosh, is that a Golden Retriever?”
The dog’s owner smiles fondly at the Japanese boy, “Yes, her name is Layla. You can pet her if you’d like.”
At that, Riki’s eyes light up so bright you could’ve sworn no star could compare to them. You watch as he gets on his knees and pets the dog who returns the affection, practically jumping on his lap and he laughs in contentment.
“She seems to like you a lot, child. She doesn’t usually like people.” The man says, making you smile unconsciously.
“She’s so cute!” Riki pets the top of her head one last time before standing up and bowing to the man who bids you both goodbye.
When Riki turns to you, his brow raises. “What are you smiling at?” He tilts his head to the side.
You immediately frown, clearing your throat. “Nothing. Let’s go.”
Riki can only chuckle at your reaction, watching you walk away. Your hair is still a mess, but at least you got the slime out and managed to brush it a little, though you’ll definitely have to wash it later to get rid of the residue.
“Hey Sunshine!” You cringe at the name, lip twitching in anger.
“I told you not to call me tha-!” You stop when he holds up his phone, pointing to the device. Your eyes widen in horror. His lock screen is a a picture of you sleeping comfortably in the convenience store. Your heartbeat speeds up and blood rushes to you face as you clench your fists at your side. The boy only adds fuel to the fire inside you by sticking his tongue out and dashing off.
“Nishimura Riki!” You roar, feet kicking off the ground as you run after him, yelling out profanities as the boy only laughs at you.
Oh boy, here we go again.
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