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maroon! rfjvj i forgot to mention how the scene would go, so here! sanemi’s fighting w his s/o, and eventually they feel like crap and say sorry to him over and over with tears streaming down, snot, all that jazz

I think I got really emotionally invested in this prompt, I love it so much. First one of my fav songs, then a character on my top 3 fav characters from KNY and then that awesome prompt?

✁ Cryin’ Like a Baby💧Sanemi Shinazugawa


Sanemi Shinazugawa x Fem! Reader

➳Words: 762

➳Genre: Oneshot, angst, h/c

➳Warnings: Relationship arguments/fights

❥Recommended BGM: Cryin’ [Like a Baby] by The Oozes

➳Taglist: @tomiokkaz


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Title: Black and Blue
Summary: You have to plan the annual navy party and it’s not exactly going too well… 
Relationship: Bastille x Reader
Warnings: - none -
Prompt/AU: 120 words - 120 oneshots
AO3 Link

With growing nervousness you watched the preparations, which continued to progress in the large ballroom. Banners were hung up, tables and chairs were taken out of the basement vault and flowers were arranged.
This time the annual festival of the Navy was in your - rather incompetent - hands and little by little the excitement ate through your stomach. As if you had nothing better to do, in your rank as vice admiral! You had reports to write, soldiers to shoo around and everything else, but not to continue to visit the party preparations.
“It’s going well.” Next to you stood Kizaru, hands in his pockets and a wry grin on his face.
“Don’t tease me like that.” you growled and crossed your arms in front of your chest. “You know very well that I’m not doing this voluntarily.”
“I’m sure it will be fine - as long as you don’t go overboard like Dalmatian did last year.”
You denied yourself a laugh, thought of the crowd of dogs that swarmed between the tables at the last party. It was kinda messy, and Sakazuki was furious, but all in all it was a huge success.
“Have the other vice-presidents arrived yet?” you asked the admiral next to you, who nodded affirmatively.
“Just about. Tsuru hasn’t arrived yet, but she should drop anchor soon. Ronse and Bastille are mooring right now.”
“Good! Ronse brings more supplies for the kitchens.”
You said goodbye to Borsalino with a quick wave of your hand and hurried out into the courtyard to meet Ronse.
On your way across the stone square you were greeted politely. All the soldiers passing by wished you good luck for the festival, which only made you more nervous. What if everything went wrong? Contrary to all expectations, marine  celebrations were known to get a little out of hand. Especially the high-ranking people became very wild when the evening hours started. Tables, chairs, dishes - hardly anything was safe.
And they always said that pirates were wild at parties, hah!

“Hello Ronse!”, you shouted to your colleague and the vice admiral turned away from his ship and towards you.
“Ah, I thought you would come and supervise me.” he teased you, but you waved your hand while laughing sheepishly.
“The crates have to be put in the pantry, would you kindly?” you asked Ronse and looked to your right, where the second huge ship docked and Bastille jumped from deck. The giant man looked down at you, and although you were extremely tall, you had to look up at him. The mask that covered his face still irritated you, but he hardly ever took it off. You wondered what he looked like without it. 
But the rest of him irritated you even more - his clothes were bloodstained and dirty.
“Do you want to come to the party like that?” you asked the redhead and he shrugged his shoulders.
“Why not?” was his answer. “I just got back from a run from Impel Down, so take it easy.”
In your mind’s eye, the festivities were already bursting like a little soap bubble - because if Bastille was already dressed like that, what would the other soldiers do?
“Wear something different!” You pulled the sleeve of his coat threateningly, but he just snorted.
“Why should I?” You opened your mouth angrily and grabbed a strand of his hair to pull him half a meter down to you.
“You will put on a suit! Even Ronse wears one! And Dalmatian, too!”, you clamored angrily, in fear for your project. “Dalmatian is part dog and wears a suit, Bastille!!”
“I don’t have a suit!” Bastille grumbled to you and pulled his hair from your tender hands. “I own a white shirt, that’s enough!”
Angered, you grabbed the collar of said white shirt.
“You are full of dirt, blood and smell as if you had just been two weeks at sea!”
“I’ve been at sea for two weeks!” he replied, just as upset. “And now stop pretending that the Celestial Dragons are coming here in person!”
“You just shouldn’t look like a dirty prowler,” you growled and pushed him away from you. “So go get yourself some decent clothes.”
“Like hell!” Bastille snorted and turned away from you. You watched him angrily, but caught him trying to brush the dirt off himself.

You pressed clothes into Bastille’s arms and turned up your nose. “And you’d better put this on.”
“I won’t!”
You looked up at him angrily, but then you pressed everything into his arms once more and disappeared to the kitchens to urge the staff to hurry.
Between the cooks, and waiters it was up and down, he was screamed and called, and in all the chaos you stood and felt a little lost. Was everything thought of? Decoration, supplies? Drinks? The food had to be ready on time - Sakazuki couldn’t stand delays. And pissing off the fleet admiral was really the last thing you wanted!
“Well, is everything going as planned?” Kizaru appeared, as so often, out of nowhere next to you. You flinched a bit at his sudden appearance but then just sighed.
“It’s okay. Is Fujitora here yet? And Tsuru?”
“Arrived an hour ago.”
“Good.” Relieved, you hurried off to change your own clothes.

The quarters of the vice admirals were in the western part of the headquarters. As a vice admiral you were allowed to use the private quarters, even if you could only use them outside the seafaring.
In the corridor you ran into Onigumo and Momonga, who greeted you warmly. Waving cheerfully, you sent them to the large banquet hall and hurried down the hallway to your room. Hurriedly you threw yourself into a dress and looked for your fancy shoes.
With your coat hanging halfway down from your shoulders, you stumbled out of your room into the hallway, one shoe not yet on your foot and your hair all mixed up. According to your tight schedule, you had to go downstairs, sign up for Sakazuki and finally let go of the panic that had been dominating you since last week.
“Shit…”, you muttered to yourself when the fastener on your back - out of reach for you - refused to obey you. “Come on, come on… Shit!”
Dancing, you balanced on your unusually high heels and tried desperately to reach the clasp. The admiral’s coat slipped completely off your shoulders, but was caught.
Surprised, you looked up at Bastille, who had saved the white cloth from the dirty floor.
“Thank you!” it slipped out of your mouth, completely taken by surprise by his appearance.
“Turn around.”
“Wha-”, you started in astonishment, but he turned you over at the shoulder and pulled up the zipper of your dress. Embarrassed, you cleared your throat and gave him a smile over your shoulder.
“Thank you.” you repeated, but then fell silent - he had really put it on. Blue shirt, black suit. The hair still wild and long, but you liked that very much. As grumpy as he was, you liked Bastille very much.
“Looks good.” you muttered and grabbed his tie, which was hanging completely crooked. “I guess you’ll just have to practice that, hm?”
With skillful fingers you pulled it apart and tied it completely new - standing on your tiptoes.
“You’re too tall.” you muttered softly, but squealed in shock as he wrapped his arms around you and lifted it a little.
“Bastille!”, you protested immediately, but he shook his head and lifted you a little higher.
“Come on now, we are already too late.” he said and you tied your tie with shaky fingers. Well, you certainly did not expect the evening to be so… full of surprises. 
“Ready.” you said softly and patted him on the shoulder. “Let me down.”
He hesitated for a moment and it seemed to you as if he was pressing you a little closer. Your heart made a triple backflip and once again you thought about how much exactly you liked Bastille. 
“Am I interrupting something?”
Your head whirled around so quickly that it cracked your neck uncomfortably.
“Kizaru!” you shouted in shock and immediately squirmed under Bastille’s firm grip. “It’s-it’s not what it looks like!”
“Of course.” The admiral whispered and offered you his arm so you could hook yourself. “Sakazuki already asked for you. You know how he detests tardiness.”
“Yeah, okay. Let’s go.” You gave Bastille another quick glance and smiled sheepishly. “See you later.”
He nodded, stepped forward and put the coat over your shoulders.
“See you later.”

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At the Graveyard

a sherlock holmes oneshot, post-gloria scott

cw: death mention ;

The grave in front of him was wet with the gentle raindrops that fell from above, slipping and dripping slowly to the moved ground where the remains of judge James Trevor lied. There was no sound, there was no crowd and there was no life at the graveyard, except from that from the young man who stood indifferent with the loneliness.

It hadn’t been long since he left the train station where he waved his last goodbye to his good fellow, Victor Trevor, son of the man whose body rested before him. The doubts that accompanied him in the travel were still there - would he ever see the young man again? Would he keep contact? Or was everything over, just as the judge’s own life?

Behind him stood a manly figure who had just appeared with a large black umbrella in one hand. He was as tall as him and shared with him many traits, such as the eyes and the hair colour. But he was older and bigger, and he walked with a big old cane at hand. This new old figure walked heavily towards the grieving lad, who seemed unchanged by his presence.

When near enough, the newcomer covered the grieving young man with the umbrella and said: “Hello, brother.”

“Why did you leave London, Mycroft?”

“I heard of what happened. I thought I could forget about work for a day and see how you’ve been doing.”

Silence, almost unbreakable silence, invaded the place just as violently as if it made it’s own sound. It did not bring peace - rather brought tension. What was there to say? How can you share your condolences in a practical way, where your words bring comfort?

Not wishing to talk and yet deeply wishing the tension to be gone, Sherlock asked: “What’s the big city like?”

“Let’s just say there are a lot of distracting movements that I do not think you would be fond of.” was the reply “But I came here to see if you were all right - not talk about London.”

“I’m as all right as one can be when hit by such tragedy as the sudden death of someone you hold dear. I may not have known Judge Trevor as much as I knew his son, but it’s a tragedy that saddens me nonethenless.”

“I suppose you’ll be back at university soon, is that correct?”

“What worth would it have? I am only there to please our father, I don’t even study what I am supposed to.” he let out a sorrowful laugh “I’m past 21 years old and I am yet to find out my future career.”

“You are not planning on dropping out of it, are you?”

A shrug was Mycroft’s only reply.

“I thought you wanted to be a chemist.” Mycroft commented. “You always speak with such passion of the subject that I hardly see you with any other job.”

“Frankly, I might as well become one. Nothing else suits me.” he fell silent. “Judge Trevor thought of me as an investigator.”

“And why would he imagine such thing?”

“I knew who he was running away from, I just didn’t know his face or his intentions.”

“Well, wouldn’t you look great in a Yard uniform?” Mycroft joked.

“Oh, shut up!” it was probably the first genuine laugh he gave since Trevor called him to take that cab, some days ago. “Of course I wouldn’t be a Yard investigator, could you imagine that? No, I have little dignity but not that little.”

“What then? Judge Trevor thought of you as a private investigator? One of those who spy on a husband because his wife thinks of him as a cheater?”

“When you put it like that, it does seem like the most boring task in the world!”

“Jokes aside, however,” he complemented, going back to his normal, serious tone “I don’t think he’s quite wrong with that. Part of my own personal job involves good chunk of investigation and, if you still are as good as me as my memory allows me to remember you are, then you would be fit for the job. If, of course, you had enough knowledge of it.”

“What do you mean by that?” he asked, suddenly curious to the new route the conversation was going.

“You wouldn’t be able to list me deaths that are similar to, for example, poor Judge Trevor - or would you?”

“No, I actually wouldn’t.”

“See, it’s this lack of knowledge that is taking you back. An actual investigator would list at least some cases of suspected murder - even if they turned out to be of natural causes. But you were never really interested in that.”

“I would be if it meant I could prevent a similar tragedy to this one.”

“Perhaps it does mean that. People look for more experienced people to solve life-threatening situation all the time, especially in big cities.” he shrugged.

Silence came back, but less violent this time, and none of the brothers dared to disturb it for a long time. However, the silence was only external for young Sherlock’s mind was as loud as it could ever be. A new career path was taken into consideration, this one more serious than anything he ever considered, and once he came back to his place the first thing he did was sit down to read the newspapers, looking for queer crimes to study closely.

Judge Trevor’s death was still a ghost that hovered around him during that night, but at the very least he could distract his mind by saying that he would never let something like that happen again and next time anyone seemed to be in danger, he would be ready to unravel the mystery. It would just take some time - and many newspapers - to reach the ideal.

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Campbell Eliot X Reader

Word Count: 688

Requested: Anon

Request: Please whenever requests ope. Up again. One shot about the Society. Reader always making sarcastic remarks with everything Campbell says and telling him he’s a jerk when he does something rude (like tells people to get out of a seat do he can sit there) even if there are other spots available. Reader she irritates him but he actually kinda likes it and her, however she has a thing for him but ignorea it. Since Campbell is smart he already knows reader wants him.


Originally posted by spidey-man

There was a lot that Campbell didn’t see and you hoped that he didn’t see you, unfortunately for you, he saw you the moment that you walked up to the bus, he was more interested in you than whatever his parents had to say and found himself dismissing them very quickly in favour of getting on the bus seeing as you had already done so, there was someone sitting next to you but that was easy to fix all he had to do was tell them to move which he did, whoever to was scrambled to get out of the seat. “You know there are other seats.” You said as you got your earphones out and plugged them into your phone.

“I wanted this one.” He said, you looked at him and rolled your eyes but you didn’t tell him to move. “You know you can use me as a pillow if you want.”
“I don’t want.” You muttered as you put your earphones in.
“You don’t want to talk to me?” He asked as you pushed yourself as far away from him as possible.
“Why would I want to talk to you, you’re an ass.” You said.
“You don’t even know me.” He argued.
“I don’t need to your like an open book, I mean you just scared someone out of their seat because you wanted it.” You answered, “what’s so special about it anyway?”
“You sitting next to me.” He answered.
“Nice try.” You then turned your attention to the window refusing to look at him.

The rest of the ride nothing of note happened and Campbell left you alone, you were turned around and taken home when you got home there was no one there so you decided to get changed and go to bed, there was nothing that you could do until morning since there was no cell service. The next morning Cassandra called a meeting at the church, you were one of the first people to get there considering you lived pretty close to it, you sat down and people started filing in some sitting next to you, you looked up when everyone started to move and you groaned when Campbell sat down and put his arm u to rest behind you “did you miss me?” He asked.
“Miss you?” You asked. “It was one night and there was nothing to miss.” You answered, now Campbell would agree that you were a rather frustrating girl, everything that he had used before was not working all the other girls would fall at his feet but you acted like you didn’t want anything to do with him, he could see otherwise he just had to get you to admit it. Cassandra had long since started talking but neither of you was listening, you really didn’t care what they thought was happening, it was clear that no one knew how to get home so nothing they said concerned you. After the meeting, you left and attempted to go home only to be stopped by Campbell.
“What now?” You asked.
“Just wondering if you were okay.” He answered.
“I’m fine.” You informed him before attempting to step around him.
“Hold on why are you in such a hurry to get away from me?” He asked.
“I just want to go home and sleep off this really bad dream.” You answered.
“You know your not very good at lying.” He smirked.
“Lying? About what?” You asked.
“Hating me.” He answered. “If you really hated me you would have moved away from me the moment that I sat down with you.”
“I never said that I hated you.” You said.
“You tried to make me believe that though.” He said as he stepped forward wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you flush against his body “the truth is very different isn’t it?”
“Campbell.” You warned and he smiled.
“Push me away.” He said softly, you don’t though, you should everything in you told you that this was a bad idea but you still didn’t and so he pressed a kiss to your lips “not so bad huh?

Requests and general question!

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Campbell Eliot X Reader

Word Count: 732

Requested: Anon

Request: I know requests are closed but I was re reading your stories and heart of stone needs a part 2. It was Campbell showing he cares in front of everyone. Of course whenever requests open back up again. Thank you so much AND Part 2 of ❤ of stone. It was about campbell only caring for reader

*Part 1*


Originally posted by painfulblisss

They kept you in the house for 24 hours before letting you go, you went back to the house but it was weird to be there without Campbell so you found yourself laying in bed waiting anxiously for him to come home, you hadn’t left your bed for at least 12 hours the only thing that you had done since coming home was brushing your teeth and go to the toilet when you heard the door open downstairs, you waited and you heard them coming up the stairs and then the door opened the reveal, Campbell, his eyes moving over to the bed where you were laying “You okay?” He asked as he walked over to the bed where you shuffled back so that he could sit down.

“Are you okay?” You asked softly and he smiled.
“I’m fine, they let me go,.” He answered.
“Really?” You asked.
“Yeah.” He nodded and you sat up pulling your legs up to your chest. “What are you still doing in bed, thought you would have been in the kitchen.”
“I don’t know I was worried about you.” You answered.
“They said that no one has seen you since they let you go.” He said, “When was the last time that you left the house?”
“I haven’t, I was waiting for you, I was scared that I’d miss something if I left.” You answered Campbell had been at the house for 2 days so he figured that you hadn’t eaten in 24 hours.
“Well I’m back now so how about you have a shower and I’ll get you something to eat.” He suggested, he stood up and pulled you into a standing position before turning your body to the direction of the bathroom, he pressed a kiss to your temple before giving you a gentle nudge “I’ll be here when you come out.”

After getting out of the shower you went downstairs and saw that Campbell was waiting for you in the kitchen, he smiled when he saw you he smiled and gestured for you to come and sit next to him, he pushed a plate of food towards you and you started eating, he nodded more to himself than anyone else before he started eating his own food, it was you who spoke first “what did they do?” You asked.
“They just talked to me.” He answered.
“You’re not hurt?” You asked.
“No really.” He answered with a shrug before he saw your eyes travel over what you could see of his body and landed on his wrists where there was a bruise.
“They handcuffed you?” You asked.
“Yeah to a radiator.” He answered. “I think they’re more scared of me then I am of them.”
“Please be careful.” You pleaded and he looked at you and sighed nodding.
“I promise.” He said and you weren’t sure that you believed him but you had no other choice.

The next morning Campbell got ready before waking you up, he decided that since you hadn’t been out for a couple of days that you were both going to go on a walk but of course he hadn’t told you that instead he waited for you to wake up “where are you going?” You asked.
“We’re going for a walk.” He answered and you looked at him.
“We are?” You asked a small smile on your face and he nodded.
“Come on.” He pulled you with him.

Allie and the rest of the gang were surprised to see you, they were all sitting in the park when you walked through with Campbell, you were both smiling and seemed to be talking about something “do you think that she’s okay?” Luke asked.
“She looks like she is,” Allie answered.
“A lot of people look like they’re okay when they’re not,” Will argued.
“So what do you think there’s something going on?” Allie asked.
“I mean how does he end up with someone like her, she didn’t leave the house until he was back.” Gordie said, “and if what Sam said is true then maybe she’s in more trouble than we thought.” They all looked over as you leaned up and pressed a kiss to the underside of Campbell’s jaw before he wrapped an arm around you and you continued on your way.
“Maybe we just need to ask her.” Allie said as she watched you both disappear out of view.

Requests and general question!

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Fred Weasley x Hufflepuff!Reader

Warning: songfic?, angst, cheating, breakup, underage drinking, party

Here we are. The Gryffindor party. They were celebrating the big win for the Quidditch Championship. Many students were cheering loudly among the music that seemed to have been playing from somewhere within the room. Kids from second years to seventh years were drinking pumpkin juice mixed with firewhiskey, all getting as drunk as they could before the night was over. Now normally Y/N would have been excited about this since being a Hufflepuff - she didn’t really get invited to these things. That wasn’t exactly what was her problem as of now though. No, what her problem was - was that the one Gryffindor that had invited her, the one and only Fred Weasley, was nowhere to be seen. She had expected to have hung out with the older Weasley twin, since he was the one reason she agreed to come to this stupid party in the first place. But where was he? The h/c girl walked around, asking his fellow Gryffindors as to where the twin was. Finally, the younger twin of the boy she was looking for had spoken up and pointed in the direction where he was. 

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“I said I’m seeing someone.” Ten’s face is calm, but out of the corner of his eye Johnny notices him worrying at a hole in the blanket he’s using. “That guy I met at the club. Chris?”

Ten meets a lot of guys at clubs, but Johnny thinks he remembers him mentioning a Chris. “The one you met a few weeks ago?”

“Yep,” Ten says, popping the ‘p’ slightly. “We’ve been kind of fooling around, but yesterday he asked if we could make it official.”

“Wow,” Johnny replies, “that’s pretty big.”

or: Ten gets a boyfriend. Everyone else thinks he’s perfect - but Johnny is not so easily charmed.

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Like any teenager, Renjun is a rebel. He won’t wear his school uniform correctly. He won’t listen to the teachers or the sharp-suited men on TV. He won’t drop the snark or the smartassery, because that would mean submitting to expectation.

And most importantly, no matter what, he won’t marry his soulmate.

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“Xiaojun called this a date, right? It can’t be a real date though,” Yangyang feels his shoulders level and his body deflate in disappointment. “because he likes Hendery. And I like Hendery, too.”

“You also like Xiaojun.”

“That’s true.. But, Xiaojun doesn’t like me because he likes Hendery. Essentially, I’m just the odd middleman who fell for two pearly white smiles and two pairs of gorgeous eyes.” And again, Yangyang remembers just how hopeless this situation is for him.

(or, Yangyang is a lovestruck witch who just happens to harbor severe crushes on both the curious and adorable mortal Hendery, and devastatingly handsome earth witch Xiaojun. The only problem? They’re best friends, and the two already clearly like each other.)

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“So remind me,” Mark says from his spot on the bed as he dodges a shoe Donghyuck is throwing over his shoulder, “why exactly you agreed to this if you hate the idea so much?”

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“Oh,” Ten says, the relief coursing through him in record-time, his body relaxing. “Wait, you’re telling me that you’ve been avoiding me and hurting my feelings for the last couple of weeks because you like Johnny?” Ten asks, the revelation finally sinking in.

“Hyung, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Mark says, his voice small. “I just—I mean, everyone knows you and Johnny-hyung used to—you know…”

“What? Fuck? Date? Be in love?” Ten fills in the blanks, amused.

“All of the above,” Mark mumbles.

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The is a oneshot I posted on wattpad a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoy :). I wrote it in a double class when i should have been listening but I think it came out pretty alright. (Follow my wattpad btw: yeagerbby)

By the time I stepped outside, the leaves were in fire. I was spreading faster than I thought it would. “We need to leave as quickly as possible” I shouted back to the gang. I looked back at them wondering if they had thought of an escape route. “Shit.” I heard one mumble as he looked up from the map. “ The quickest way out is back through the fire.” The sandy eyed teen said. “Are you crazy Jean. Fire and those other things. Marco nearly died because of them.” I heard a voice scream from the kitchen. Remembering the events of destruction and chaos that happened a few days prior I looked down. Always wishing for the end of the world I never really thought how it would affect me. Watching my parents killed by humanoid monsters isn’t something I thought would happen this week. The burning of things and buildings I once knew is something I will never forget. Snapping out of my thoughts I looked back and Jean and Sash. They were still arguing. “Guys shut up. If we’re gonna get out of here we need to leave. Now.” I screamed back and they went quiet. I grabbed my bag full of food and water and walked out the door. The heat from the fire was almost overbearing but I continued to walk straight to the van. “I’m not going on my own am I?” Connie, who has been very quiet the past few days, jumped up and grabbed his gun and headed to the van after me. Soon everyone was in the vans but jean. Connie had his foot on the gas pedal ready. “Where’s Jean” I asked looking around. The three others shrugged. I opened the door and stepped out. “(n/n)! What are you doing?!” Sasha screamed. I looked back at her and looked back at the direction we came from a few days before. The major flames were getting close and I knew that we needed to be out fast. “If I’m not back with Jean by the time the fire reaches the top of the road, leave.” “We can’t just-” “Don’t argue.” “(y/n)-”. With that I turned around and ran inside. “Jean?” I shouted. “We need to leave” I walked around the house until I got to the master bedroom. “Jean thank god I found you we need to get-” “No” He cut me off. “I can’t” I walked over to the spot on the floor where he was sitting. “Jean please” “(y/n). We’re after losing everything. I don’t want to keep running.” “I don’t wanna either Jean. But once we get somewhere safe we can relax. Just trust me.” I sat down next to him next to him and pulled him into a hug. “I promise everything will turn out ok.” “Thanks (y/n). I needed that.” We stood up and he grabbed his bat. I looked at him. “You really put nails in it. Who are you? Steve from Stranger Things?.” We both laughed. I looked up at him and smiled. “Let’s get going.” As soon as I said that he grabbed my hand and ran. When we got outside the fire was nearly halfway down the road. “Connie. I told you not to wait.” I said while quickly hopping into the back of the van. Jean and I sat down and as soon as I closed the door, Connie floored it. I scooted over to Jean. “Hey…” I said looking at him. “Hi…” I put my head on his shoulder. “I’m going to go to sleep.” I closed my eyes and cuddled into him. He tensed up but relaxed and put his arm around me. “You do that.” He whispered. “I’ll wake you up when we get to wherever we’re going.” “Okay.”

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