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allywritesforfun · a day ago
hello!!! it's my birthday today! so I was wondering if I could get wilbur x reader where it's her birthday? thanks !!
happy bdayyyyy! do you feel older yet? /j. thank you for requesting! kinda honored that i get to write your birthday fic!
{Birthdayyyyyy} Wilbur Soot x Reader
pronouns: not mentioned
word count: rough guess, 550 because mobile is trash
Tumblr media
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“You don’t celebrate you’re birthday?” Wilbur repeated for like, the 100th time.
Today was your birthday, and the answer to his question was yes. On your birthday, you typically didn’t celebrate and you avoid social media all day. People who you don’t even know who’s apparently “family” will tell you “I remember when you we’re only as tall as my knee! Happy birthday y/n!” like hello? Do you know them now? No, no you don’t.
“I’m not a fan, Wil,” You told him. “It’s not my cup of tea.”
“Well, we’re together now and I want to celebrate, with or without you,” He crossed his arms, looking down at you, bulging out his bottom lip to form a plead.
You rolled your eyes, “Fine. 2 hours and that’s all.”
Wilbur jumped up excitedly. Once calm downed, he cupped your face with his palms and tenderly kissed you. You closed your eyes and enjoyed the feeling while it lasted. He pulled away, “It’s nothing too fancy, but get something decent on.”
“I want to wear sweatpants,” You told him.
“Then we’re sweatpants! I’m gonna dress up a little so if you really wanna look casual with me, that’s fine,” He disappeared around the corner, heading towards your shared room.
You rolled your eyes and looked at yourself in the mirror. You decided that what you were wearing was good enough and you just needed to brush your hair out a little and maybe minimal make up.
As you were about to finish up, Wilbur walked in from behind you, looking gorgeous as always. He wore a nice button up shirt and darker pants with a gold belt. Basically the complete opposite of you, “Almost ready?”
“Now that I’m seeing you, I think that I’m a little underdressed.”
Wilbur shook his head and put his right arm around you back, resting in your side, “If you’re comfortable and like how you look then it doesn’t matter. Finish up now!”
“Okay, okay!” You giggled as he tickled your side, trying to get you more excited.
You must admit, seeing him look so good and putting so much thought into this did make you excited. This was a new feeling for your birthday. You haven’t felt this excited since you were in elementary and we’re gonna have half the class over to celebrate.
You finished up and walked towards the door. Wilbur grabbed his house keys and offered his hand to you, “We’re gonna have a great time, I promise.”
Your cheeks turned a light rose color as you took his hand and he pulled you out the door. You tried walking towards the car, but Wilbur pulled you past it, “Cars are for old people, we’re walking.”
“Walking?” You asked. “You wanted me to get all fancy for a walk?”
“It’s more than a walk!” He ensured. “Where we’re going, we don’t need cars. It’s not too far, I promise.”
“You’re making a lot of promises, Soot.”
He looked back at you, “That’s the point.”
You smiled and let him lead you into the downtown. It honestly wasn’t that bad of a walk. On the way, you stayed close to Wilbur. You hung onto his arm like the gentleman he was and he proudly led you to the town square. In the middle, there were two lone scooters.
“You said you always wanted to try those electric scooters, yeah?”
You smiled back at him. You always commented on the scooter whenever Wilbur drove past them. If anything they were so interesting to you. A new form of public transportation that was always on your birthday list.
“Happy birthday, love.”
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luv4tonic · a day ago
word count: 1k
warning: degradation, deep throating, face fucking, hair pulling, spitting, slapping, manhandling, recording
IN BETWEEN HIS LEGS, chest heaving as your head was yanked toward his hard, glistening dick by your hair. You had taken three loads of his creamy release down your throat three times this night but he insisted on continuing your training, using the classic 'practice makes perfect' line.
The perfect mixture of your eyeliner running down your face and his spurts of cum that you couldn't catch decorated your face, making you look just like the perfect little toy in his eyes.
Toji brung a large hand down to once again gather up the hair that clung to your face from the sweat, pushing it up into his makeshift ponytail.
"Ya sure ya gonna be able to take it," he taunted, allowing to you ready yourself before pushing your head to wrap your lips around his shaft with a groan. "You look so pretty with your mouth full of my cock."
Your cheeks were puffed, stuffed to the brim with his thickness. You started to gag as he pushed farther into your throat, hearing him chuckle as he saw the imprint of his dick bulging out. "Takin' me so well. You see, these sessions helped warm you up, didn't they, you fuckin' slut?"
You nodded in embarrassment, bobbing your head until you made your way to the tip of his dick, sucking and licking on his tip to make sure every single last crevice of it was coated in your saliva.
Though, it wasn't enough, he cupped your chin, pulling your head up to insert two thick fingers into your mouth, fucking the warm cavern. His fingertips reached the back of your throat, making you grab onto his arm in hopes of lessening the gag that threatened to rack through your body.
"Spit," he instructed, slapping you—not too hard but enough to keep you grounded.
You spit into his palm and let out a sharp breath as he took his saliva dripping palm to stroke his dick, adding to the slick that was already running down his shaft onto his base.
"Put on a show. You wanna learn, don't you," he tilted his head to the side. Black strands of hair falling from behind his ear and moving along with his movements.
You were so preoccupied that you didn't even notice the flash of his phone camera pointed right at the top of your head, recording each and every bob of your head that was made.
He thrust his hips up, face fucking you until your eyes rolled back, trying so desperately to keep up.
"Come on, I know you can do better than that doll," he poked his pink bottom lip out, eyes watching you intently as you struggled to keep up with his hips snapping up to slide in and out of your mouth.
He pulled you up by your hair once more, repeatedly rubbing and tapping his tip on your bottom lip as you caught your breath, sitting on your heels all fucked out and weary.
"Put on a show." He sat back, allowing you to do something all of the work while the camera was dead smack in your face, allowing you to look up through your eyelashes to stick your tongue out.
"God, I love that thing," he groaned, referring to the metallic piercing that adorned your tongue, not only a sight to see but also great to feel.
You grabbed the base of his dick, spitting and licking constantly before stroking it slowly, dragging consistent guttural groans out of him.
"A mouth like this shouldn't be put to waste, huh?" His words went in one ear and out the other, mind still utterly blank as your body was set on pleasing the man sat in front of you.
His legs were spread apart just enough for your body to fit in between. Perfect. so fucking perfect.
When he had first told you that he was gonna get you nice and ready for when the time comes, your eyes lit up, happy that you would finally be able to see what he spoke so highly of—not that you ever doubted it. It was obvious that the man's words were far from a lie.
"Look at you." Toji propped the phone up beside him, making sure you both would be in the frame. He let your hair down then pushed it back to hold your head, using it to his leisure.
Another one of those deep groans pulled from his chest as he panted, long fingers weaving through your hair before gripping it tightly and pulling, a muffled moan leaving your mouth as he plowed into your mouth with no remorse.
your knees were beginning to ache and your throat screamed for mercy from how long you've been kneeling.
His dick was so heavy and warm on your tongue, and your jaw began to ache from the constant position you had to hold your mouth to for all of him, but the feeling of him sliding and jabbing to the back of your throat made your eyes roll into the back of your head from both hearing his words of degradation and the pleasure of having control over him no matter how much it may seem the other way around.
All he could do was groan, balls slapping against your wet chin as he leaned his head back in pleasure, hips never slowing their ruthless snapping up into your mouth.
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scandalous-chaos · a day ago
congrats lovely! an 🦋 for Regulus with the "When you hold my hand I know everything is going to be alright"
i love ur writing♡
Thanks love, I hope you like this!
————————— Everything was going wrong.
The classes were less fun, the dinners had less chattering, and all the teachers were on high alert. The whispers of Dark Lord were getting louder, and who could distinguish the death eaters from the rest?
Regulus always stayed close by you, just close enough so he could keep an eye on everything that's going on. He couldn't lose you. You said repeatedly that you could take care of yourself, but he never listened. He knew firsthand how cruel Voldemort was, and soon the world was going to know.
"Reg, come on, it'll be okay. Now hand me over that sandwich, would you?" You tried to sound carefree, but you saw how his eyes darkened.
He said you should be more serious with everything going on. Well, when you were serious, you tend to freak out and that would worry him even more. Pretending like nothing was happening was also getting on his nerves. You didn't know what he wanted.
"I wish I could put a bag around Voldemort's face and push him onto the traffic," you murmured, taking a huge bite of the sandwich.
"Don't say his name," Regulus whispered, as if the Dark Lord was going to appear in front of him and demand a share of your sandwich.
"You need to stop worrying so much. When was the last time you've properly slept?"
"Fine, but I still don't understand how you could stay so calm."
You shrugged, "When you hold my hand, I know everything's going to be alright."
You were sure he would roll his eyes or call it cheesy, but he sighed and intertwined his fingers between yours, and looked at you with genuine care in his eyes.
"Then I guess I'm not letting you go anytime soon," he said, his face softening.
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leviskata · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏~♡ 𝐉𝐉𝐊 𝐌𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓
Tumblr media
▶ (*) indicates NSFW content; strictly MDNI.
▶ all works are mine, please do not repost on another platform.
▶ requests are: closed.
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©LeviSkata, 2021
Tumblr media
*·˚ ༘ ➳〔 toji fushiguro 〕 ࿐ ࿔*:
The one night stand you swore to forget turned into a regular fling... Until one morning at his house, you meet someone from his life.
*·˚ ༘ ➳〔 gojo satoru 〕 ࿐ ࿔*:
Gojo lets you in on his secret after you accidentally find out.
*Wrong! NSFW
You let Gojo use a special blindfold exclusive for the bed, but he mistakenly wears it to work the next day.
*·˚ ༘ ➳〔 nanami kento 〕 ࿐ ࿔*:
*Car sex NSFW
coming soon
*Praising NSFW
coming soon
*·˚ ༘ ➳〔 ryomen sukuna 〕 ࿐ ࿔*:
*Breeding kink NSFW
coming soon
Tumblr media
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kayami51 · 2 days ago
Masterlist | Twelve Kizuki
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Strange Human
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mostlybarnes · 6 months ago
It’s My Party, You’re Not Invited
Summary: Bucky has a birthday party, and for some reason you weren’t invited.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: A little bit of angst, overthinking.
Words: 743
Author’s Notes: Sometimes I get lost in my daydreams and this is the kind of stuff I think up. Requests are absolutely open, I’d appreciate the inspiration! Clearly I need some lol I left the ending open on purpose for a potential part two in the future. (What do you think? What reason do you think Bucky would have for not inviting you?)
Tumblr media
You paused the movie playing on the TV and strained your ears to pinpoint where the loud music was playing from. No parties from Tony were scheduled for this week, and the avengers very rarely celebrated their birthdays, although you were aware it was Bucky’s birthday a few days ago which to your knowledge, was quiet and low-key, but you also knew he wasn’t the kind of guy who would want a party. The party music was just so strange.
You pulled your socks up and adjusted your pajama shirt that had become twisted from your lazy lounging and headed towards the source of the music. It was even louder in the hallway, the floor under your feet shaking from the bass. You saw an agent stagger out from one of the rooms, she was wearing a short, revealing party dress and your curiosity grew stronger.
“What’s going on?” You asked her as she passed you. She looked drunk, and looked like she was about to pass out at any second.
“Bucky… threw one... heck of a party.” She slurred, hiccuping every few seconds and swaying on her feet as she gripped the walls of the hallway for support.
Bucky threw a party? You knew him as this really quiet and reserved guy who liked to read books in the sunniest spot in the common room and be left alone. So to hear he threw a party, it was hard to believe.
The door down the hall slammed twice and Natasha walked out laughing.
“Nat? What is going on? What’s with the loud music?” You asked, folding your arms across your chest, feeling somewhat underdressed.
“Barnes threw a party. Why didn’t you come?” She asked, eyeing you up and down and taking in your sleepwear.
That was such a good question Nat. Maybe because you didn’t even know about the stupid party. Or maybe because Bucky didn’t like you enough to give you an invite? Who knew.
“Because I wasn’t invited.” You told her through gritted teeth.
Natasha frowned and bit her lip. “Maybe he sent the invite in the mail… and it got lost?” She offered, trying to make you feel better.
“How did he invite you?”
“Oh, he uh– he asked me... verbally, a few days ago.”
A few days ago?! What the hell?
“Oh.” You were speechless, and started to feel awkward. Soon enough the door that Natasha came through opened up again, the rest of the avengers pouring out, laughing and having a great time as they joked in the hallway befo disappearing down the hall and into the metal elevator.
It was quite clear to you that Bucky not inviting you was no mistake, it seemed he invited every single human being that lived in the compound, everyone except for you. That was no accident, so then came your next question in your mind: what did you do to him to make him feel like you didn’t deserve an invite? Going to a party wasn’t your style anyway, and you most likely wouldn’t have attended but still it would have been great and appreciated to have been acknowledged by your teammate and someone you thought was a friend.
“You’re overthinking.” Natasha whispered, paying close attention to the way your eyes shift around you. She could see the cog wheels in your head spinning, trying to find any reasonable explanation for Bucky’s reasoning.
“I’m not. I’m just- enjoy the party.” You told her and turned quickly on your heels to head back into the comfort of your room. You didn’t need to be told by a hot spy that you were overthinking, you’d prefer to do it alone.
Your mood to continue watching the movie quickly disappeared. You turned the TV off and crawled under the covers of your lukewarm bed, being embraced by your blanket was a comfort that you needed right now.
“Friday, can you lock my door, please?” Your voice came out shaky and you hated it. You hated how much this bothered you, it wasn’t right and you knew sleep wouldn’t come very easily tonight.
“Yes, Agent Y/L/N.” You sighed as the clicking of the locks echoed in your room. You turned on your side and stared out into the darkness that was peeping through your parted drapes.
Yeah, Agent Romanoff was absolutely right. You were overthinking this but you couldn’t help it, you couldn’t help the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when more laughs and hollers could be heard outside. You couldn’t help it when you heard his laugh.
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aphroxditus · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ʜᴀɪᴋʏᴜᴜ ʙᴏʏs ʀᴇᴀᴄᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴏʀᴋɪɴɢ ɪɴ ᴀ ᴍᴀɪᴅ ᴄᴀғᴇ (ᴘᴀʀᴛ 1)
Tumblr media
ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇs: ᴏɪᴋᴀᴡᴀ ᴛᴏ̄ʀᴜ | ᴍɪʏᴀ ᴀᴛsᴜᴍᴜ | sᴜɴᴀ ʀɪɴᴛᴀʀᴏ̄
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢs: ᴏɪᴋᴀᴡᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ | ᴀᴛsᴜᴍᴜ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ | sᴜɴᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: ʟᴀɴɢᴜᴀɢᴇ | sᴇxᴜᴀʟ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ: ғɪɴɢᴇʀɪɴɢ, ᴏʀᴀʟ, ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀ ᴋɪɴᴋ, sᴘᴀɴᴋɪɴɢ, ᴅᴇɢʀᴀᴅᴀᴛɪᴏɴ, ᴘʀᴀɪsᴇ
Tumblr media
ᴏɪᴋᴀᴡᴀ ᴛᴏ̄ʀᴜ
Rushing to a table, y/n tripped over a feet, stumbling forward, the drink spilling on her dress.
“Shit, I’m so sorry princess~”, a deep voice said as the man stood up from his seat to help her up.
Looking up at him, she saw his hand out for her but she huffed, puffing her cheeks out. Shaking her hand to dismiss him, she got up herself and patted down her skirt. Examine his features, her breath hitched as she recognised him. Oikawa Tōru. The guy girls swooned over in high school. Her ex.
“Got a little bit of water up there, darling”, he circled around her breasts, eyeing it.
Pursing his lips, he hid a smile. Y/n looked down and saw the water made her dress a bit see through, making her red bra visible. Squealing, she hid her body with her arms and flushed red.
“S-Stop looking you perv!”
“I’m not princess, ‘m not ‘m not”, he chuckled, stuffing his hands in his hoodie pockets.
Pouting, she ran off behind the counter, the kitchen door flying open as she rushed inside. Quickly changing, the embarrassment didn’t fade from a few minutes ago. It was all Oikawa’s fault this happened. His stupidly long legs tripped her. Y/n came out in new uniform then her boss called her.
“Hey y/n! You’re out of there finally! Take this to table 9 will you?”, she gave her a tray with drinks on it.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I don’t deal with liquids very we-”, she chuckled nervously.
“Don’t worry about it hun. Just go. Quick”, she said, shoving the tray in front of y/hand pushing her along.
“I- Ah, okay.”
Slowly, she made her way table to table, getting stares from people as she moved along. Table 7. Table 8. Table 9. Perfect.
“Here are your drinks”, she bowed, placing down the tray and distributing the drinks to the two people, not looking at them, still ashamed from last time.
“Thanks princess. Ought to be careful you know. Unlike last time~”
“Huh?”, y/n looked up and met the same brunette’s eyes. This time he had a smug grin on his face. “Ah, um yes.”
Sheepishly, she stood there, fiddling with her fingers as he tilted his head at her, squinting his eyes.
“Shy little cutie?”
“No…”, y/n looked down, unable to make eye contact. ““I-I’m sorry for the delay for your food.. We’re low on staff today”, she bowed. “The food will arrive shortly. I’ll be going now.”
Oikawa looked at her while she passed, staring at her ass, the skirt bouncing up and down as she swiftly went past, flashing her ass a bit. I guess that’s what you get when you spill a drink on your own uniform, you get someone else’s.
“Oi!”, he said, making y/n turn around. “Why don’t you come have a seat, princess?”
“I really shouldn’t”, she shook her hands in front of her, trying to dismiss the idea.
“No no, it’s okay. Oikawa’s right. Come sit. There aren’t a lot of people here anyway”, someone’s head popped out from the booth and smiled softly. Iwaizumi Hajime.
“O-Oh okay.”
Sitting down on the edge, she hesitated to press up next to Oikawa but he wrapped a hand around her waist and pulled her in, right up next to him. Letting out a small squeak, her face flushed red as his warm breath fanned her face. There was one other people on the table so she tried best to keep quiet, although they seemed quite distracted by talking on the phone, arguing.
“I prefer F/n Oikawa you know~”, he purred into her ear as he eyed her name tag.
He rested one hand on her thigh, squeezing it. Her breath hitched suddenly, gazing down, looking at his hand, thumb rubbing her inner thigh as he riled up the skirt. He moved his hand up and down her inner thigh, making her tense up when he got closer to her heat. Feeling herself get wet, she whimpered.
“It’s a bit short for you isn’t it?”
“Y-yeah it isn’t mi- mmph.”
Oikawa pressed against their clothed clit.
“Oh my~ Babydoll, are you wet? My, my… Already?”
Going red, y/n pressed her legs together but Oikawa pried them back open. Gritting her teeth, y/n tried to contain herself as he tugged on her panties and pulled it to the side, exposing her pussy.
“May I?”
Nodding slowly, y/n wanted to be touched right now by him more than ever even though he was her shitty ex. The one who barely spent enough time with her because of volleyball. The one who would get drunk and flirt with any person he sees, including his very own best friend.
Running his index finger along her slit, she writhed under his touch.
“Ah~ Keep still sweetheart”, he tutted into her ear.
“T-Tōru~ mmph”, she muffled her moan by biting her tongue.
He circled her clit, rubbing it harshly. Who knew he was this good in making her desperate. Feeling herself get more wet by the second, he began to insert his fingers into her pussy, thrusting them in and out slowly, bending them inside her. Picking up his pace, he was in no mood to let her slip away from him without dripping all over.
“Tōru- No. I can’t”, she whispered into his ear, whimpering.
“Then cum for me, yeah?”, she whispered back.
On the cafe seat? Was this man insane?
“You heard me. Go on”, he picked up his pace, twisting his fingers, hitting new spots.
Unable to hold herself any longer, she released all over his fingers.
“Mmmm, that’s it princess. That’s it. A little slut aren’t you?”
Whimpering, she shook her head.
“No, you’re right. You’re my slut yeah? Always were, always will be.”
Tumblr media
ᴀᴛsᴜᴍᴜ ᴍɪʏᴀ
“You packing up now y/n?”, a voice called out from the kitchen.
“Yep! It’s seven. Closing time.”
“Alright, get everything back in place then you can leave. Thanks for your help today”, a woman walked out, smiling, her bag slung over her shoulder as she made her way to the door.
“I gotchu”, y/n said.
“Cya!”, the woman waved.
Y/n waved back as watched her exit, the bell at the top of the door ringing. Y/n sighed and made her way to the tables, picking up random cups laying around and went back to the counter. Opening the kitchen door, she began washing them. After this, she could finally go home for the day.
Y/n raised her brow. That bell could only indicate one thing. Someone arriving? Unless one of her colleagues were leaving? But they already did. She was the only one. Peaking her head out of the kitchen double doors. She glanced over at the counter and saw a blonde man, his hands in his pockets.
“Y/n? What are ya doing here?”
“I’m working obviously. Thanks for offering to pick me up baby.”
“I didn’t know ya worked at a maid cafe sweetheart. I was so confused when I read the sign outside.”
“Yeah”, she chuckled nervously, patting down her puffy skirts no fixing her small bonnet.
He slowly walked towards her, passing through the small gate, entering behind the counter. He eyed her up and down.
“Looking pretty cute I must say.”
Y/n flushed red. “Thank you”, she looked down at her feet as she fiddled with her fingers.
Eyeing her breasts, he stepped towards her, backing her to a wall, towering over her. Cupping her chin, he tilted her head up to make her look at him.
“T-Tsumu? What are you-”
Placing his lips on her neck, her eyes widened as she searched the cafe for anyone watching.
“People… People might come and see-”
“Mmmm it’s closing time, sweetheart”, he hummed, sucking her neck, leaving marks on it.
Grabbing her breasts, he squeezed it, earning moans erupting from her mouth.
“Tsumu~ Later-”
“Not my fault ya look so sexy right now”, he slurred into her ear.
Picking her up, he placed her on a counter and grabbed the back of her hair, pulling her face closer to his, beginning to kiss her with passion. Returning the kiss, y/n closed her eyes, melting into his touch. She threw her arms around his neck and tangled her fingers in his blonde hair. Her legs were spread wide apart, with Atsumu’s crotch up against her pussy, his cock erect. Rubbing against it, her grunted feeling her.
“Fuck~ I just wanna eat ya out of you right here, right now sweetheart”, he groaned into her ear.
“Who’s stopping you baby?”
She spread her legs further, her skirt riling up, making her panties in vision. Atsumu’s eyes trailed down and eyed it. He hooked his fingers on it and pulled it down, exposing her cunt. Examining her panties, he chuckled lowly.
“Oh my~ All wet.”
Whimpering, y/n flushed red. “Not my fault”, she puffed her cheeks, embarrassed.
Running his fingers along her wet slit, he pursed his lips, making his way down to his knees and staring at her cunt. Using his hands, he held on to her thighs, keeping them spread wide apart. His warm breath fanned her heat and she whimpered.
“Mmmm”, he hummed against her cunt, placing his tongue on her clit, flicking.
She mewled as she writhed from the sensation. Teasing her entrance, he smirked, eager to ear her out. Shoving his tongue in, he burned his face into her, sucking and working his tongue around. Y/n’s breath quickened, her chest rising and falling quickly. Grabbing on his hair, she tugged on it, moaning softly.
“Feels so good daddy~”
“Yeah?”, he hummed, sending vibrations.
She felt her begin to reach her thigh from all the vigorous pleasure he was giving her. Whining, she squirmed.
“Tsumu~ ‘M gonna come.”
“That’s right, let me taste yer cum, sweetheart.”
She felt herself lose control and she came into his mouth and slurped her juices up, not allowing a drip to go to waste. Standing up straight, he stared down at her, her breathing still shallow and irregular. Wiping the remaining cum from his lips with the back of his hand, he had a crooked smile with half lidded eyes.
“My type of dessert.”
Tumblr media
sᴜɴᴀ ʀɪɴᴛᴀʀᴏ̄
The door’s little bell rang, indicating someone’s arrival. Rushing over, y/n did a little fast walk to the door to greet the new customers.
“Hello! Welcome to Cafe Rouge, I’m y/n and I’ll be your-”, she looked up and saw a pair of intimidating green eyes staring down at her. “S-Suna?”
“Hello dollface, you’ll be mine? Okay I accept your offer”, he had a smug grin.
“Shut up”, he happy expression dropped to a stern face. “You can sit there, alright?” She said pointing to a small booth.
“Won’t you escort me there?”, he teased her, leaning in towards her, right up her face.
Crossing her arms, her brows furrowed. “No. Call me when you’re ready to order.”
Walking away, he eyed her dress sway side to side, barely covering her ass. Rolling her eyes, she made her way to the counter and huffed.
“What’s wrong y/n?”, a feminine voice came from her right.
Turning to her right, she saw a woman carrying an empty tray, wearing the same uniform as her.
“Suna. That’s what’s wrong.”
“Oh- Yikes. Well on any other day I’d get another person to do his order snd stuff but we’re kinds full right now so I’m sorry hun”, she said before rushing into the kitchen, getting the next order ready.
“Thanks for the thought”, y/n murmured under her breath sarcastically.
Grabbing a notepad and pen, she made her way to Suna’s table.
“What do you want?”
“One serving of y/n please.”
“We don’t serve y/n”, she said bluntly.
Leaning back, he spread his legs out and relaxed. “Oh come on y/n. Stop being so stubborn.”
Y/n’s plain expression didn’t change. Tapping the pen on the notepad, she began getting impatient.
Huffing, he rolled his eyes. “Alright dollface. Just a cup of black coffee please”, he chuckled, shaking his head.
“Alright”, she wrote down and walked away.
Rushing to the back, she got the tea ready for him. The sooner she got his order done, the sooner he’d leave.
“Someone’s rushing~”, someone said in a sing some voice.
“C’mon Kiyoko. I just wanna get this shithead’s order done.”
“Fair enough girly. Go on”, she slapped her back when y/n exited the back and walked to the table.
Placing it down on his table, she noticed he wasn’t at his table but didn’t even question it. She walked away, passing a small corridor to the bathrooms but someone took hold of her wrist stopping her and twisting her around. With a small yelp, she got pulled into a small corridor. A pair of green eyes stared at her. The same as Suna Rintarō’s.
“Suna! What the hell?”
He pressed her against a wall, his warm breath fanning her face.
“What? Can’t talk to my little dollface?”
“No. And certainly not in a dark corridor. Makes it more creepy.”
“Cmon princess. You know you still love me~”
He wasn’t wrong. She did love him but he broke her heart before.
“You what? You love me?”, he smirked.
“Shut up”, she murmured quietly, looking down.
“Look at me when I speak to you”, he said sternly, tilting her chin up as he squeezed her cheeks tightly, making her mouth fall open. “You really expect me to come in, see you all dressed up cute, and not fuck that little cunt?”
Pressing his thigh in between his legs, this causes y/n to whimper as she rubbed up against it. He gave her neck kisses, slowly making his way up from her neck, to her jaw, to her soft lips. Her eyes widened but she kissed him back, still unsure of her feelings for him. Did she still want him? After before? Hell yeah.
Suna pulled away his thigh, examining it. A wet patch was there and he chuckled.
“Oh my~ Need my fat cock in there again?”, he mocked.
Whimpering, she nodded. Her eyes drifted off to the side, seeing if anyone was there but to her luck, not a single person could see. Suna took her wrist and led her into a single toilet, locking the door behind them before he bent her over the sink. Riling her skirt up, he pulled her panties down, letting it pool down to the floor.
“Legs wide open for me dollface~”
He kicked the sides, spreading them wide apart, her ass high in the air. Y/n heard the unbuckling of a belt and her breath hitched. He was really going to do this. Soon, she felt something hard pressed up against her, almost teasing her.
“Mmmm your dripping wet for this cock huh? Missed it, dollface?”
“Y-yes master”, she nodded. “Please-”
“Please what?”
“Please fuck me with your cock”, she blurted out, shutting her eyes tightly, unable to take the tension anymore.
“As you wish”, he inserted himself into her entrance, slowly thrusting in and out, earning pretty moans from her. Soon, he picked up the pace, drilling inside with speed, hitting her sweet spot.
“S-Suna~ Ah, ‘m gonna- gonna-”
“Yeah, all over this fat cock tool, c’mon.”
Crying out from the stimulation, she released all over but Suna continued his thrusts, contributing to her overstimulation. Rings of white cum hung around his cock. In and out. In and out. Until y/n was shaking.
“S-Suna I can’t-”
Pulling out, he came all over her ass, watching his liquids drip down from it to the floor. With one harsh slap to it, he grinned.
“Attagirl. Taking my cock in so well every time. Wish you’d wear that maid dress everyday for me.”
Y/n turned around to face Suna with an innocent expression, big doe eyes, pouting lips. No one would have believed that she was such a slut for him. Cupping her chin, he leaned over her.
“Master’s little slut huh?”
Tumblr media
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sadomas0chist · a month ago
his mistress
Tumblr media
genre: nsfw
pairings: eren jaeger x female reader
word count: 2.5k
tags/warnings: cheating, affair, public sex, oral receiving (female), teasing, chocking, biting, breeding kink, unprotected sex, dilf eren (literally), fingering, daddy kink.
synopsis: you have known emma since you started working in the same office and let's just say that you haven't really had the best friendship with her, which was mostly because of her wanna-be-superior behaviour towards you. she would rub everything she owned or recently achieved in your face as a sign of being many steps ahead of you. however, you weren't the only one irked by her. infidelity wasn't your go-to, but regarding her husband's growing annoyance for her and attraction to you, you decided that a little payback wouldn't really hurt anyone.
a.n: i just want to come here to say that i don't support nor tolerate cheating in any forms or aspects at all, but toxic eren has been heavy on my mind and i genuinely can't see this man having a healthy relationship. (unless it's mikasa but let's not go there..)
"Oh my God look at this beautiful onesie!" Emma awed next to me holding out her phone to show me the baby onesie. Emma's daughter was turning two in a few months and she was already picking out outfits to get her for her birthday. I was currently at her house, waiting for her husband to get ready so we could all go to the Mall.
"Yeah, really pretty," I mumbled out, poking Gabi's cheek as she gushed. She looked adorable. Just like her father. God, I can't wait for him to fuck me again.
I glanced over at Emma again, her finger scrolling through the website of the online shop. Loud footsteps were heard coming from the stairs, her hand instantly throwing her phone onto the couch to run at her husband. I rolled my eyes, carefully standing up with Gabi on my side. "Look whos' here to help us pick clothes for our baby!" she exclaimed with her loud voice, motioning her hand toward me. Eren kept a cold expression, his fingers buttoning the buttons of his white shirt before adjusting his collar. "Hello y/n, how you doin'?" he asked with his usual deep voice, a small smile forming on his face once Gabi started to stretch out her arms for him. I looked down at her kissing the side of her head. "You wanna go to daddy?" she nodded, a little bit of drool oozing out of the corner of her mouth.
"She wants daddy alright." he walked toward me, a small smirk plastered on his face as he took her from my arms, the little girl grasping onto his shirt.
"Aren't we a beautiful family y/n? It's a shame that Brent left you. I thought you two were going to get married. Well, guess not everyone is as lucky as me!" she slyly stated, her arm wrapping around her husband as if he was some prize she won at the lottery.
'Oh, baby if only you knew why he wasn't fucking you lately.' The thought bringing a smile to my lips. "Indeed you are." I slightly chuckled, going to the kitchen to drink some water. Seriously, how could she be so fucking blind? I scoffed bringing the cup to my lips before smacking it back onto the granite counter, a gasp leaving my lips as I felt two hands gripping my hips. He brought my body back against him, my ass brushing against his dress pants. "I didn't know you were tagging along," he whispered in my ear, his long hair tickling my bare neck.
"I didn't know you cared that much," I replied my finger drawing patterns on the granite. His hand went up to my belly, slightly going over my breast and wrapping around my neck. "You know I do, she doesn't mean shit to me." he teased kissing my earlobe. I shivered under his touch, his wife's voice breaking us apart. "There she goes again." I sighed.
As I went to walk past him, his hand flew to grab my cunt, probably feeling the instant pulsations it made because of his sudden move. "I want some this later hm?" he gripped it harder and walked away, grabbing the blazer that was lying on the couch.
'Just fuck me already.'
Hours passed and we were still walking around the Mall trying to find clothes for Gabi. She was resting on her father's shoulder, her chubby cheeks pressed together as she slept peacefully. "Pass her to me, Samantha told me this place has the most beautiful clothes for babies." Emma stopped in her tracks, pointing at the shop that was next to us. "Meanwhile," she took Gabi who now had an annoyed expression on her face. "Could you go order some food for us? I'm hungry." she pouted, Eren sighing before nodding. She squealed pecking his lips and went into the store.
"I hate her so much," he whined running his hand over his face. "Come on doll." I cocked my eyebrow at the nickname and made my way to the food court.
His hand brushed against mine multiple times as we were walking beside shops, Eren holding my forearm once we reached Victoria's Secret. "This one would look good on you." he pointed at the black lacy lingerie that was displayed on the mannequin. "Go try it on." he tilted his head, my brows furrowing together. I shook my head trying to let go of his grasp but he held on tighter. “Eren we’re in public.” I hissed irritatingly knowing what he was trying to do. It wouldn’t have been our first time fucking in public, however, our usual spots were either his office or his car. Not a goddam changing room with people waiting in line.
“Didn’t ask.” his voice was monotone and unbothered. I rolled my eyes and decided to go in, the cashier already giving us weird stares. I threw her a smile which she politely reciprocated before asking us if we needed any help. “Actually yes,” Eren spoke up before I could say anything making me bite the insides of my cheeks. He can get so irritating sometimes. “My wife would like to try on that lingerie right there.” he wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me closer, his finger pointing at the mannequin. My stomach turned, a weird sensation rushing through my veins once those specific words left his mouth. ‘Could’ve simply said my girlfriend. Probably wants me to think of how good it would feel to be his wife and perhaps envy Emma for being his.’ I thought to myself, my eyes looking up at him. His phone started ringing in his back pocket, a small groan escaping his lips once he saw who the called ID belonged to.
“Yes Emma?” he pulled me closer to him, his hand resting on my lower stomach, rubbing small circles. He hummed throughout the conversation, clearly not interested in anything she was saying. I could still hear everything she said from how loud she was being. I smirked to myself when he hung up and rested his chin on my head. “Let me guess, she met Samantha and now she wants to grab coffee with her,” I muttered, Eren scoffing slightly.
“I’m so sorry it took me so long but I had to carefully slide it off. The lace is very fragile and tends to get torn apart easily,” she explained calmly before handing me the soft material. “Thanks.” I turned on my heels to walk towards the changing room but she stopped me. “Um, I’m very sorry but those changing rooms are currently full, you can use the ones on our second floor.” she pointed up. I nodded and started walking up the stairs.
“Well, no one’s in here,” Eren stated, walking toward the couch that was placed in front of the black rooms before dropping himself on it. “Come on, go put it on.” he motioned his finger forward earning a glare from me. I sighed going into the changing room, my hands reaching to close the curtains. This man I swear. If we get caught, he better pay them to stay quiet, or else we’ll get in trouble. My phone chimed in my bag. Great.
hey girl, i’m calling eren but he doesn’t seem to be next to his phone… anyway, i’m leaving with samantha and gabi. don’t wait for us. see ya!
sure thing
I rolled my eyes before scoffing. Thank you for trusting me with your husband I guess. The curtains were yanked open, Eren pushing me further inside and closing them again. “You’re taking too long,” he mumbled, toying with the zipper of my jeans. “Well your wife texted me.” he pulled down my pants as I carefully stepped out of them. “She’s leaving with Samantha and Gabi.” I unbuttoned his dress shirt before sliding it off his shoulders along with his blazer.
“Is that so?” he cupped my face, capturing my lips with his. My hands ran over his toned chest, casually going over the ink that was beautifully placed on his pecs. “She said you weren’t answering her,” I said once he pulled away, his hands yanking my tank top down, freeing my breasts. “Why would I?” he questioned sarcastically, taking my nipple between his lips. I threw my head back, my fingers rushing to grab his hair. “I got everything I need right here.” he moved onto the next one, still gently palming the other.
“Eren,” I breathed my cunt already a throbbing mess. “We don’t have time, someone might come up.” He pulled away, pushing my thong to the side before going down on his knees, his hand lifting my thigh to position it on his shoulder. “Let them come.” And with that, he latched his mouth on my pussy, not wasting any time to give it long licks, casually rubbing circles over my clit.
He was insane. But so was I for sleeping with him. I looked down to see him making out with my pussy, forcing my thighs to squeeze his head, bringing him closer to my heat. His fingers dug in my flesh, his hums sending vibrations down my core. My hand was covering my mouth, doing my best to keep myself quiet. My chest was moving crazily, my legs almost giving out.
My eyes almost shut close as I felt my orgasm rush to rip through my body, if only I didn’t hear the cashier’s voice from outside the room.
“Ma’am, I’m sorry but I just wanted to check if you were okay.” she worriedly called out, making Eren detach his lips from my pulsating cunt, looking up at me with an amusing smile.
“I’m okay, I’m sorry I just-“ I bit down on my finger as he pushed two digits in, his eyes watching me with complete hunger as I tried to compose myself. “I think I- I think I didn’t get it right the first time, you know-“ his fingers curled inside me, hitting my spot. “Didn’t put it on correctly. I’ll be out in a few.” I forced out, reaching out to bite my finger again.
“Oh, it’s okay it happens a lot. Take your time.” she politely said before the sound of her footsteps faded. “Asshole.” I moaned out hearing him chuckled, his mouth going back to suck on my clit, his fingers still working inside me. I quietly whimpered, rolling my hips to ride his face in hopes to get closer to my orgasm.
After a few more strokes, my legs furiously shook and my fingers roughly tugged on his hair as I came all over his face, some of my arousal skipping to slid down my leg. Eren pulled away, a smirk very prominent on his face as he dragged his tongue up my leg to lick off my cum. I heavily breathed, my body now facing the wall as he turned me around, both hands steadily pushing against it.
“Do you want it?” He teased, his tip now sliding up and down my wet folds. I arched my back trying to make him slide it in, but he grabbed my neck, gently applying pressure on it. “Do you want me?” he kissed the nape of my neck, pushing his tip teasingly in before pulling out.
“Yes daddy,” I moaned, his hand gently spanking my ass, the cold metal of his ring sending shivers down my spine. He chuckled before covering my mouth with the hand that was choking and rammed into me. I whimpered into his palm, his cock stretching me. “Shh I said quiet, don’t be a bad slut.” he taunted almost pulling out before thrusting roughly again. His thrusts were hard and fast, my cries muffled by his hand. At least, I hope they were. His other hand reached out to grab my hip, pushing it back to meet his thrusts. My eyes rolled back, his soft grunts and the adrenaline rush of getting caught making me want to come for the second time.
“You feel so good around me.” his voice was deep, his lips leaving kisses on my shoulder. “I really did marry the wrong woman.” He scoffed pushing himself deeper into me. He bit my flesh, his hand moving up to pinch my nipples. I was getting closer to my orgasm and I could tell that he was close to by how sloppy his strokes were getting. My hand flew down to my clit to rub small circles, accentuating the pleasure I was already feeling.
My forehead was now resting against the velvet wall wanting nothing more but to feel his cum filling me up. “Fuck, fuck y/n” he moaned out, his hips meeting mine. “Gonna make daddy come? eh?” I nodded eagerly, my legs wobbly. He must have felt that my knees were getting weaker as he flipped us around, his arms going down my thighs to lift me up and make me wrap my legs around him.
He instantly pushed himself back in, silencing my moans with his mouth as my climax shook my body, my cunt clenching around his fat cock. “Fuck you’re choking me,” he groaned, his face hiding in the crook of my neck. “Gonna come inside you so hard baby, holy fuck.” My nails scratched his back.
“Shit, Eren…” I mumbled as I felt him empty himself in me, his hot cum painting my walls. He pulled out with a growl, our come leaking out of my opening. “Well fuck we need to clean this. I’ll be right back.” he pecked my lips, gently putting me down. I grabbed his arm and tilted m head toward the floor. “My bag.” His mouth formed an ‘o’ as he searched for some tissue. He waved them once he found them and cleaned my legs and thighs. He cleaned himself and threw the tissues onto the ground to put back on his dress shirt and blazer. Once he was dressed again, he got out to throw the tissues in the garbage can that was sitting in the corner and went back in to check if I needed anything.
“Eren I’m fine, just putting on my jeans.” I chuckled. I adjusted my top and grabbed the lingerie that was still untouched then made my way down the stairs to give it back to the cashier. “Did you like it?” she smiled taking the item from my hand.
“Very, it will be my gift for our anniversary,” Eren answered, the cashier gushing over us. “Oh aren’t you a lucky one.” She poked me.
“That I am.” I chuckled knowing that this won’t be the last time that he would do something like that. His phone rang again, a loud sigh escaping his lips. “Yes?” he answered and paid the woman before giving me the bag. “Y/n wanted to buy some things so we’ll be getting lunch right now,” he stated as we both head out of the store.
“Yeah, she found what she’s been looking for.” he looked down at me with a cocky smirk on his face, mine erupting in a dark shade of red.
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gentlybarnes · a month ago
I Don’t Hate You
Bucky Barnes x You
Summary: When a mission goes wrong, you’re stuck in the safe house with the one guy you happen to have a crush on and the one guy who you believe hates you.
Word count: 1,148
Warnings: Enemies to lovers kind of, misunderstandings, angst with a happy ending, storms, forehead kisses.
Feedback is greatly appreciated. ❤️
Tumblr media
The mission you were sent on with Bucky had failed, and out of the two of you, only you sustained some minor injuries. It could have been a lot worse really, you could have broken bones or even died. Bucky was furious with you when you eventually made it back to the safe house, yelling at you about your carelessness. The adrenaline had disappeared some time ago and the cut in your palm was becoming incredibly painful.
Despite his anger and the invisible steam coming out of his ears and the sour look on his face, Bucky sat you down on the kitchen chair and cleaned your wound with antiseptic solution, ignoring your cries and hisses as his calloused hands were rough against your sensitive skin.
“You should have been more careful.” He mumbles loud enough for you to hear. You bite your tongue, wanting to avoid an argument tonight as you were far too tired and exhausted from the mission. You just wanted to go home.
“I want to go home.” You mutter back, ignoring his words. Tears well in your eyes as he finishes bandaging up your palm. His stone cold eyes turn soft as he looks you over, realisation dawned on him that maybe he was too harsh and he knows just as well as any avenger that mistakes do happen.
“I know, doll, but the jet won’t start and we might be stuck here for a few days.” He offers a sympathetic smile that does little to calm your nerves. The thought of being stuck here with a guy who trained you and supposedly hates your guts was overwhelming. Being away from home was never your strongest suit, homesickness was a real possibility and breaking down in front of Bucky would be the icing on the cake you were sure.
You must have been hyperventilating because the next thing you know you’re on the floor between Bucky’s legs with your back against his chest. He’s telling you to breathe with him, to calm down and he’s here.
You’re not sure how many minutes pass, but it feels like an eternity when you calm down.
“Good girl.” Bucky praises, his hands– one warm and one cold– rub your arms in circular motions. “You doing okay? What happened?” He asks, tilting your chin up so he can see your face.
You take a couple of more breaths before swallowing the lump in your throat.
“I-I just–” you sigh. “I just didn’t want to be stuck with you.” You admit, almost sheepishly. You’re afraid he’ll snap again and yell at you some more but to your surprise he doesn’t, he looks… calm.
“Why is that, doll?” His calmness makes you nervous. Since the day you met him–five years ago– he’s never been this kind towards you. Always pushing you to work harder, so this side of him was new and you didn’t know how to react if you were being honest. The scariest thing was it seemed he could read your mind because he continued. “You can tell me doll, I’m not gonna hurt you I promise.” He smiles, not the fake smile you’ve seen him give people but the genuine smile that was usually only reserved to Steve and people he liked. If he didn’t like people, they would only see his grimace, which was what you were used to seeing.
“Be-because you hate me and it’s going to be awkward here.” You admitted with a shaky breath.
“Hey listen, I don’t hate you. I never have and I never will. I got angry because I was scared and I care about you, that’s all.”
That’s all?
It’s a lot to unpack.
“You- you what? Since when?” You turned in his lap and furrowed your brows. A glint of mischief was shining in his eyes and a sly grin on his face.
“Since our third training session.” He shrugs like it’s no big deal. Like he didn’t just unpack a lot of feelings onto you out of nowhere.
What a turn of events.
“But how?!” Your voice became a little louder as you tried to understand it. “You’re always yelling at me and grimacing.”
Bucky shakes his head and chuckles.
“Because you’re clumsy and you’re always hurting yourself, you make me very nervous that I’m gonna walk in on a situation where you’re seriously hurt and have both of your legs broken or something.”
You click your tongue. “I’m not that clumsy.”
“No? Then explain how you can trip over absolutely nothing as sprain your wrist?” He cocks an eyebrow, referring back to an incident that happened a couple of months ago. You weren’t looking where you were going and you thought you saw a spider on the ground, turned out it was just a shadow but you told everyone else it was a big spider that you didn’t see until the last second.
Nobody believed you.
“So what happened was, I was walking and— shut up!” You slap his chest when he bursts out laughing at your attempts to explain.
“Sorry doll, couldn’t help it.” Your cheeks heat from hearing the pet name and you can’t resist dipping your head to hide your shyness that’s creeping up. “I’m really sorry for making you feel that way though. And for the times I yelled at you, start a fresh page?” He holds his pinky out and you snort but connect your pinky with his anyway.
“It’s okay, I just assumed everything and didn’t ask so I’m sorry too. Fresh start sounds really nice.”
You were all about forgiveness and a friendship with Bucky is something you’ve seriously been trying to obtain since the beginning.
A storm came in later that evening. You were under blankets that were stored away in a cupboard and listened to firewood crackling under the flames that illuminated the small space. The power was out which meant you found yourself staring out of the window and watching as the rain drops rolled down the window panes in a race against one another as Bucky held you close.
It was getting late and the exhaustion from the mission was taking its toll on you as you yawned and laid your head on Bucky’s shoulder. You will yourself to just close your eyes for a few seconds, but those few seconds was all it took to pull you into a deep slumber.
Bucky smiles down at you and kisses your forehead.
“Sweet dreams, doll.” He whispers, gently laying down on the couch and pulling you with him so you’re laying on top of him. He’s relieved when you’re still asleep and pulls the blanket over you. His own eyes close, horrible memories of him being an asshole towards you makes him cringe with regret. He makes a silent promise to make it up to you from all the times he should have and didn’t.
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luckthebard · 2 months ago
Since I occasionally see people posting to the effect of "I'd love to see Critical Role play games in a system other than D&D!" I thought it might be useful to make a resource post of all the times they have done that.
(I see this on twitter more than anywhere else, so if someone has a larger following on there than me and wants to use these links to make a thread, please feel free to do so!)
"To the Poop!: The Goblins" - A delightful oneshot, in which a group of goblins attempt to infiltrate a town and attack some adventurers.
GMed by Matt Mercer with players Ashly Burch, Phil LaMarr, Ivan Van Norman, Marisha Ray, and Taliesin Jaffe.
Vampire: The Masquerade
"Thursday By Night" - A two-part adventure in which the Critical Role cast wake up as vampires in the studio and have to figure out what's happened to them
GMed by Taliesin Jaffe with players Matt Mercer, Marisha Ray, Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, Liam O'Brien, and Sam Riegel.
Savage Worlds RPG System
"Undeadwood" - A 4-part miniseries using the "Deadlands" setting for Savage Worlds. Five strangers to both each other and the historic mining town of Deadwood are hired to investigate supernatural rumors by a local community pillar.
GMed by Brian Foster (with assistance from Ivan Van Norman), with players Khary Payton, Anjali Bhimani, Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, and Travis Willingham.
Call of Cthulhu
"Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Crystal Palace" - A oneshot set in late 19th century London, as a motley crew prepare a heist at the Crystal Palace, but get more than they bargained for.
GMed by Taliesin Jaffe with players Marisha Ray, Erika Ishii, Phil LaMarr, Travis Willingham, Ashly Burch, and Liam O'Brien.
Honey Heist
"Trinket's Honey Heist" - Vex's pal Trinket plots with other bears to steal honey from a festival.
GMed by Marisha Ray with players Matt Mercer, Taliesin Jaffe, Liam O'Brien, Sam Riegel, and Brian Foster.
"Honey Heist 2: Electric Beargaloo" - Trinket and pals are back for a high-stakes heist sequel!
GMed by Marisha Ray with players Matt Mercer, Taliesin Jaffe, Liam O'Brien, Sam Riegel, and Brian Foster.
"Honey Heist 3: Tova's Honeys" - Werebear Tova teams up with a new group of bears for yet more heist shenanigans!
GMed by Marisha Ray with players Noelle Stevenson, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Krystina Arielle, Brittany Walloch-Key, Dani Carr, and Laura Bailey.
Crash Pandas
"Sam Riegel's Crash Panda's Oneshot" - A group of raccoons attempt to enter a street race.
GMed by Sam Riegel with players Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, Liam O'Brien, Marisha Ray, Matt Mercer, and Blair Herter.
My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria
"Tails of Equestria Oneshot" - In this My Little Pony game, a group of ponies try to save their kingdom and discover that friendship really is magic.
GMed by Mark Hulmes with players Ashley Johnson, Markeia McCarty, Julie Nathanson, Liam O'Brien, and Roger Craig Smith
Monsterhearts 2
"Cinderbrush: A Monsterhearts Story" - A oneshot in which supernatural teenagers navigate both themselves and a creepy town cult.
GMed by Matthew Mercer with players Ashley Johnson, Erika Ishii, Taliesin Jaffe and Ally Beardsley.
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fxshigurosbae · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▎ summary: On a stripper club, Y/N has been reserved by a special client, which ends up surpassing her expectations.
✚ pairing: mikey x fem reader
✚ warnings: NSFW, unprotected sex, blowjob and detailed smut.
eren version by @leviskata
Tumblr media
Wearing nothing other than a black halter push-up top, a black tight latex mini skirt along with glossy knee high boots with chunky heels. Everything came together perfectly, black almond nails with small crystals in heart shapes.
“Y/N, you’ve got a VIP one tonight!” I heard someone yell, struggling a bit to hear over the loud music from the stage, hoping it wouldn’t be a pervy old man, well, most men that request a private session aren’t actually that old plus we can also deny service to them.
“Y/N, you’ve got a VIP one tonight!” I heard someone yell, struggling a bit to hear over the loud music from the stage, hoping it wouldn’t be a pervy old man, well, most men that request a private session aren’t actually that old plus we can also deny service to them.
“Alright! Leave it to me!” I replied, packing my stuff back on the lockers.
“Room 13.” I receive my directions, mentally preparing myself, getting myself into the sweet secretive character. I take a deep breath, holding onto the door knob, opening it with a smile on my face.
As soon as I walk inside, no one is in sight, only by turning my head around I saw a short black haired man with a dragon tattoo on the side of his neck, he was hot, way too hot.
“Good night sir, you requested me, isn’t that right?” I asked, containing myself from getting anxious or visibly excited, taking a few steps closer to him.
“Right, I’m Mikey.”
“Mikey, handsome, I’m Y/N. It’s a pleasure to accompany you today. Thank you for choosing me.” I slightly smirked, biting my bottom lip discreetly. He stood up, surely noticing the height difference between us. “So, should we have some fun now, Mikey?”
Gathering some courage I stepped in even closer to the handsome and mysterious man, running my fingers from his arms to shoulders, staring at his eyes for a few seconds, he looked even more attractive that way.
“Why don’t you get on your knees, Y/N?” Hearing his raspy voice sent shivers down my spine, I then slowly lowered myself, holding onto his belt, undoing them without an order as he stared back at me, not a single expression on his face and for some reason my eyes couldn’t look away.
He’s already getting hard from my soft touches, suddenly he lifted his black tank top, revealing six pack abs and a v-line that began to drive me insane, thinking about how lucky of a woman I am.
Above the boxers my fingers slowly ran above his growing bulge, playing with the tip, his hips slightly forward and his hair almost covering his hypnotizing eyes.
Finally grabbing the hem of the fabric, I removed them, exposing his thick long cock that touched his belly, completely erect.
“Are you just going to keep looking at it?” I got out of my trance.
“Any preferences—
“I prefer it when you’d shove it in your pretty mouth, what do you think?” He’s aggressive and it turns me on.
“Your wish is my command.” Keeping eye contact and being in a vulnerable position was exciting, licking his tip covered in pre-cum, kissing it slowly just to tease. Mikey lightly threw his head back as my right hand pumped the length and the other rested on his upper thigh.
Finally taking it all inside my mouth, feeling it a bit wider than I expected, my head began bobbing back and forth leisurely, suddenly feeling his fingers caress my chin, his eyes still locked in mine, as if we were both enchanted.
His lips barely touched, leaving very few groaning low breaths as I sucked his cock, his hips almost about to begin thrusting forward but he let me do all the work. Shoving it all the way to the back of my throat, I gagged for the first time, closing one of my eyes since I had to get used to it, hearing a chuckle from him.
“Careful not to choke on my cock, darling.” He groaned, cupping the side of my face, holding onto a few strands of my hair as well, as I kept going for it. Pulling out for some air, noticing it was the first time I have ever been this breathless from just giving a blowjob. I tried to go back in but he had stopped me. “Lay in bed.”
Doing so, I supported myself on my elbows, knees touching, staring as he walked closer right in front of me.
“What are your orders, Mikey?”
“Take your clothes off, then in all four, slut.” Ugh, he knows how to make my pussy throb. Removing my revealing outfit, he ripped a condom package with his teeth, wearing it on himself. Arching my back and spreading my legs, I slightly turned my head to look at him. Unexpectedly, he didn’t put his dick in, instead I felt his fingers circle my clit.
“What are you doing?” I gasped, he was supposed to be enjoying himself, not the one pleasing me.
“I wanted to check how wet you were,” his middle finger entered me but pulled out quickly. “more than I expected.” My legs quivered a bit.
He pushed my back to lay lower on the mattress, his fingers ran from shoulders to hips, feeling his somewhat cold hands grip onto my skin. Mikey aligned his cock with me, slowly beginning to thrust inside, it was bigger than expected as well. I gasped when it was all the way in, still leaving at least a bit out.
“Don’t think I’ll be gentle.” He murmured, going back and thrusting in again for the first time so roughly my whole body went forward abruptly, making me whine. The man began pounding inside me, slowly yet roughly, my moaning was already loud.
“M-Mikey.” I accidentally whined, his pace speeding up just a tiny bit. His hands helped my hips move as well, after every thrust, his pounds became harsher and it made my mouth open wider, eyebrows furrow, fingers curl and eyes roll.
“Louder.” I felt his hands now grab my elbows, pulling me back, Mikey leaned closer, groaning in my ear, fucking me faster. I was a moaning mess, not being able to contain myself nor form a single phrase. “Cute little whore, so obedient.” His voice echoed inside my head, hearing our skin clap loudly.
I had never gotten so close to an orgasm in so long and it’s only been a few minutes. My walls clenched around his cock frequently, making it more difficult for him to move so he used even more strength to thrust back in, leading him to hit the best spots and shove his dick all the way inside me.
Mikey with one of his hands, held my jawline, letting one of my arms go so I tried to support myself in bed but I started shaking so badly it was useless. His hand moved from my face to neck, neck to chest, chest to breasts, his index finger and thumb fidgeted my sensitive and erect nipple, it was impossible not to wait.
“Ah, fuck!” I whined.
“Gonna cum already? But you’re taking me so well.”
“W-Whenever you tell me to.” I almost choked on my own moaning, doing everything I could to wait for his orders. Noticing his pace getting sloppy, my walls clenched again, legs shaking and I was in total despair.
“Go for it, Y/N.” As soon as he granted me permission, I squirted all over his cock while my legs quivered, losing control of my entire body. Whining and moaning so much my throat hurt, feeling some warm sensation inside as Mikey groaned on my ear for the last time.
A few seconds went by, both breathless, he let go off me as I fell in bed while he pulled out from my nearly destroyed cunt.
“Maybe I’ll come back here again.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @snowyseungs @kiramdd @itsgoldnsage @sakichansworld @lovehollandy12 @mindlesschicca @soveutism @lovemusic-4life @atshena @xiaosshoulderspike @anajah @kangthetic @belphegors-cow-pillow @ninjakona @ibby-miyoshi-nerd @wadeangela193 @madarascrustycumsock @kenmababee @dianados @crabbae @feitanett @haitanihime @bekahtaylorgriggs
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reuinx · 2 months ago
Thunder (Yelena Belova x Reader)
Summary:  The last time you saw your childhood best friend, Yelena, was when you first kissed her. You are forced to confront your childhood memories and your feelings for her once and for all.
Word Count: 2,116
Translations: Dorogoy (Dear), Kraisvaya (Beautiful), Medovik (Honey Layer Cake),  Ostanavlivat'sya (Stop),  Lyubov (Love)
Tumblr media
When you were young, did you ever meet someone who left an indelible impression on you? At the most inconvenient times, you remembered them, and it brought you back to those moments. It's the simple things that didn't mean much to you at the time, but now, it means a lot. It's impossible to sleep at night without thinking about her. How did she look now? What about her bossy attitude? Did she still have that wicked tongue?
When you were a child, you spent every waking moment at your neighbor's house playing with Yelena, the youngest family member. A name that would haunt you for the rest of your life. The closer the days to Spring break, you thought of her more. Both of you had been fifteen when you last saw each other. You were running away from something when you went to live with your dad. In the past four years, you had avoided coming home, mainly due to Yelena. It was the truth, even though you didn't want to admit it to yourself. As soon as you got home, the feeling of familiarity set in, but the rising anxiety was unbearable.
"Why don't you call over to see Yelena? You haven't seen in a long time! She would ask for you, she still does." You thought she let you go that day, but according to your mother, she didn't. Despite not knowing what had happened between you and Yelena, your mother encouraged you to see her. Everything you put Yelena through, she still asked for you. You were too cowardly to say goodbye to your childhood best friend. She was left to discover for herself that she might never see you again. She was trying to get your attention while she chased after your father's car before she was unable to catch up to you again. She was forced to let you go. You assumed she'd still be bitter.
Nevertheless, as soon as you saw the farm that was Yelena's home, you felt at ease. It was like a second home to you. Your childhood memories of you and Yelena scaring pigs flood your mind. It looked different from what you remembered. The house appeared to have been freshly painted and repaired. The door opened, and Melina appeared behind it. You hesitated. Since you last saw her, she had aged, but she was still as beautiful as ever.
"Dorogoy! Look at you! Come in, come in! "Melina clapped her hands in delight as she led you into the hallway, remembering how cozy the house was even as a child. She has treated you well, even now.
"I'm glad you came to see us! You've grown up kraisvaya.” Melina explained as she was about to lead you into the kitchen, but you were both interrupted when a voice rang.
"Yeah, she has." You knew that voice from anywhere, Yelena. She was nowhere in sight when your eyes scanned the hall. Melina's gaze caught your attention, and your eyes traveled to the balcony that overlooked the spiral staircase. There she stood. Your Yelena. With her hair flowing on either side of her shoulders, she leant over the banister. She waved her hands in a general direction as she dangled them carelessly. As she gracefully descended the stairs from the banister, she didn't seem real.
She looked as beautiful as when you were younger; her face had grown a firm structure with it. She had lost her childhood charm and fulfilled her dominating nature. She was wearing a pair of fitted denim jeans, a white t-shirt and a thick leather jacket. You could tell by the sizing and aging on it that it wasn't hers; it had belonged to Natasha.
"Well well, look what the cat dragged in." Yelena stood on the second last step, leaning against the bannister as she glared down at you. You expected this. Yelena wasn't going to be flaunting over you; you had left her without a single word and clearly hurt her. However, you noticed a softness in her green eyes. A relief that she saw you.
"Play nice, Yelena. I guess you girls want to talk? I'm sure you have a lot of catching up to do! How about you both come and have some Medovik and tea after, mhm?" Melina offered you a gentle smile as she vanished into the kitchen, shutting the door to give you both privacy.
"I'm always nice!" Yelena called out after Melina as you raised your eyebrow at her; she noticed that.
Upon descending the stairs, she corrected herself: "Nice enough.” Keeping her distance from you, she didn't dare come close enough to you.
"She's a feeder." Yelena rolled her eyes, her green eyes flickering to you as she held your gaze for longer than you expected. It was as if she took her eyes off you; you'd vanish again.
"Mhm, I wouldn't say no to her cooking."
"Let's take a walk together first." Yelena's voice was firm as she couldn't keep her eyes off you; she continued to glance at you as she walked by you. As she leads you into the forest behind her house, she stays slow enough for you to keep up.
"You planning on murdering me?" You teased. The prospect of Yelena confronting you about your past had begun to feel inevitable.
"I just got you back, you think I'm going to kill you?"
"Well, are you?"
"I'm debating it", Yelena mumbled, her lips finally pulling into a soft smile, but it didn't last long. Climbing up a wooden log, she plopped down with a thud. Her fingers traced slowly through the moss as she gazed longingly at you. In her head were all the words, yet she lacked the strength to articulate them. Nervously, you grabbed your left wrist with your right hand. As you cleared your throat, rub your thumb slowly over your wrist. After gathering her thoughts, Yelena spoke.
"How's college?"
"Um.. it's okay."
"That's it?"
"What do you want me to say?"
"I'm not sure, you've been gone for such a long time that I've been expecting to hear how great it is."
"Not as great as you I thought you were going to go to college, El. Changed your mind?"
"I haven't hear anyone call me that in awhile."
"It was always my nickname for you."
"I guess. Hm. I decided to stay home and help Melina with the piggys. No college for me, it didn't interest me anyway," Yelena explained as she offered you a shrug. It felt as if a knife was cutting through the tension as you changed subject to lighten the mood.
"We use to play hide and seek in these woods, remember?"
"Never forgot." Yelena replied as suddenly she stood up. Her face lit up as she pressed her lips together in excitement. While she stood on top of the log, she covered her eyes with her hands. Before she muttered something between her fingers, you watched her curiously.
"This is the part where you hide." She prompted.
"Yelena, how old are we?"
"4…5..If I get to twenty and you're not gone…."
"Fine, fine!” You stared back at Yelena as you pictured her throughout the years. She relieved your memory of her as if it were a burden. Despite Yelena's counting, you ran until you could no longer hear her. What were you thinking? You were carried to a familiar spot by your legs. You could almost imagine yourself as a child running through the forest, laughing so loudly that Yelena could not miss you. You reached an aged oak tree that was tucked away.
This was your tree—you and Yelena. You made your way over to the bark, your fingers slowly tracing over the carving. Both your name and Yelena's are etched in history. Even after all these years, it still looked the same as the day you both did it. It brought you back to the moment when your names were carved. You could still remember Yelena carving in the names with her pocket the night before you shared your first kiss with her. That kiss that made you run. An unexpected kiss made you feel as if your friendship had been tainted. Instead of staying around to see what happened, you were terrified of what would happen between you two. Then you left. You abandoned her.
"You haven't changed at all." As Yelena called out behind you, you placed your hand over the carving before looking over your shoulder at her.
"In what way?"
"It was always easy to win at Hide and Seek because you always hid in the same spot, this tree. Without fail, every single time."
"Maybe I always wanted you to find me." The face of Yelena flushed red as you commented. She shook her head in embarrassment.
"I doubt that."
"Why would you?"
"Ostanavlivat'sya, I'm just the hide and seek champion. You just don't want to admit that," Yelena chanted as she stood a distance from you, her arms wrapping around her figure. Suddenly, you noticed tiny drops of water hitting the leather of her jacket. Your gaze fixed on the sky, which had now turned grey as you stepped further under the oak tree. The rain fell heavily, causing drops to splash on the ground. This was something you missed about home. There are times when a sunny, warm day becomes a dreary, grey affair as soon as a dark cloud appears. As You saw Yelena rush under the oak tree quickly, you scrunched up your nose as the thunder began to awaken within the clouds.
"Still scared of thunder?"
"No." You heard her growl as the thunder roared through the forest, making its presence known. Despite being older, Yelena still reminded you of the girl you grew up with. She was still the girl you loved.
"Maybe..." Terrorized by thunder and spiders, she was still almost unbreakable. As she watched you rub your bare arms in your t-shirt, she huffed as she removed her leather jacket. As she stepped towards you, she grabbed your arm without hesitation, pulling your arms through. Her lack of interest stemmed from her awareness of your stubbornness. As a child and even as a teenager, Yelena used to give you her jacket. She didn't do it to be courteous because she never did it for anyone else; she didn't want you to get sick. The breath she gave you signaled how close she was to you.
"I'm guessing you still hate me." Immediately, Yelena frowned, grabbing the zip of the jacket and tugging it up to your chin.
"Why would I hate you?
"You know why."
"I couldn't hate you. I tried but I can't hate you. It's hard to hate someone you lov-" Yelena was about to finish her sentence when suddenly the colour went out of her face. Thunder continued to make itself known as the rain was beating down.
"Because you what? Yelena was getting wet as she stood between the gaps in the leaves of the tree. She shook her head in response, a few drops running down her face. She still hadn't answered you yet.
"Can I ask something? As you nodded in response to Yelena's question, a pit formed in your stomach.
"Do you.. or did you ever think of me?"
"Do you ever think of me?"
"No." Her response stings more than you can bear to admit. When you heard that you were no longer wanted by the person you loved, there was a bitter taste in your mouth. Yelena surprised you by adding to her previous comment.
"You never leave my mind." While walking towards you, Yelena grumbled in frustration. You didn't expect that at all. With your back against the tree, you turned to face her. Keeping your distance from her, you balled your fist and pressed it against her chest. Yelena respected your distance; she didn't try to close the space.  This was the same as when you were fifteen, but would the outcome be different? Would you run?
"What are you so afraid of?"
"Don't be. Stop ruining a good thing because you're afraid."
"I've hurt you, Yelena. It kills me to know I have. I-.. I wanted to come back, I wanted to apologize for breaking your heart but I just…."
"You're the only person who I would've wanted to break my heart, Lyubov.” As you slowly lowered your fist from her chest, Yelena stepped forward to bring you closer, your lips touching as your arms hugged around her neck. Instead of running away this time, you were safe in her arms. She wasn't afraid of thunder anymore; she was afraid of losing you. 
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evanstan-hoe · 6 months ago
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Requests always open; just understand I'm human and can and will decide if I use a request or delete a request.
Reblogs, Likes, and asks are always greatly appreciated and encouraged.
Dividers created by@firefly-graphics
Smut Week Masterlist
Tom Holland
Dating Tom| HC No Condom| HC Insecurities| <1k Want you; Need You| >1k Safe Here| <1k | BestFriend!Reader Tom’s Birthday|<1k|College Au|BestFriend!Reader Anatomy Tests| >1k| College AU| FWB!Tom Study Buddy pt2.| >1k| College AU| FWB!Tom
Sebastian Stan
Leave your Shoes Here| HC Settle in pt2.| HC Fighting| HC feat. Chris Evans Overreacting or Over Acting| HC “Bucky” in bed| HC Uncomfy|HC Don’t Care| HC Out of Reach| <1k Vancouver| <1k Teaching| >1k (pt1. here)
Frank (E&B)
What you Mean to Me| >1k
Bucky Barnes
Such a Blessing|HC Make Everything Better|<1k|HydraTestee!Reader Simple Trade| >2k| Demon!Bucky Wrong Side of Town| Mafia!Bucky| One| Two| Three| Four| Five
Chris Evans
Don’t laugh at me| HC Need More Time| HC Say it again| pt2.| <1k Garden Boy| HC Eating Out| HC Besties Already| HC Down Low| HC Meeting Chris| HC Dating a Southerner| HC Dating a Brit| HC Dating a French| HC Dating a Norwegian| HC Dating a Latina| HC Dating an Italian| HC Dating a Muslim| HC Dating an Indian| HC Dating a Talk Girl| HC Just Say It| >1k| Actress!Reader Not a Problem| >1k| Younger!Reader
Andy Barber
Friendly, Cookie Baking Neighbor|>2k| Neighbor AU
Random Drysdale
Innocence| >3k Truly a Softy| <1k| Neighbor AU
Steve Rogers
Hurt| <1k
Coney Island| >1k| Platonic!Reader Our Girl| 1 of 3| >3k| Mafia!Stucky Welcome Week| 2 of 3| >2k| Mafia!Stucky Tuesdays| 3 of 3| >2k| Mafia!Stucky All Alone| <1k| Mafia!Stucky Normal| <1k| Poly! New Neighbors| <1k| Poly!
Odd One Out| Pt.2| >2k|Poly! Runs the House| >1k| Poly!Mafia! Over Brunch| Pt.2|>1k| Poly!Mafia! First Born| HC| Poly!Mafia!
Truth Be Told|>1k| Poly!Mafia!
Choices| >2k| Poly!
The Start of Something Great| >6k|Poly!
House Hunting| HC| NonCanon Laughter is the Best Medicine| HC| NonCanon Bisexual| HC| NonCanon Booty Pics| <1k| NonCanon Oprah Interview| <1k| NonCanon Teaspoons| >1k| Student!Reader| NonCanon Royal| >1k| Royal!Reader| NonCanon Meeting the Boys| HC| Canon Cooking| HC| Canon Sleeping| HC| Canon Cuddling| HC| Canon “He’s Hot”| HC| Canon Dodger’s Favorite| HC| Canon Yoga| HC| Canon Baseball Games| HC| Canon Friendly Competition| HC| Canon Coming Clean| HC| Canon Biology|HC| Canon Considerations| HC| Canon Culture Identities| HC| Canon Fight Night| HC| Canon Goddess| HC| Canon Sharing| <1k| Canon Better than a Proposal| <1k| Canon Sons did Good| <1k| Canon Romanian Surprise| <1k| Canon Pregnancy and Party| <1k| Canon Date Night Shenanigans| One| Two| Canon Without Me| >1k| Canon London| >1k| Canon Jealous| >1k| Canon Don’t Like to Share| >1k| Canon Busy Working| >1k| Canon
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏~♡ 𝐓𝐎𝐊𝐘𝐎 𝐑𝐄𝐕 𝐌𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓
Tumblr media
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*·˚ ༘ ➳〔 manjiro "mikey" sano 〕 ࿐ ࿔*:
*All my boyfriends are here NSFW ft. Draken
It's been a couple months already since you and both of the guys have had this strange situationship, until they decide to confront about your feelings one night at your dorm room...
*First Time NSFW
coming soon
Getaway Car angst, fluff
coming soon
*·˚ ༘ ➳〔 ken “draken” ryuguji 〕 ࿐ ࿔*:
*All my boyfriends are here NSFW ft. Mikey
It's been a couple months already since you and both of the guys have had this strange situationship, until they decide to confront about your feelings one night at your dorm room...
*·˚ ༘ ➳〔 baji keisuke 〕 ࿐ ࿔*:
*Help me help you NSFW
coming soon
*·˚ ༘ ➳〔 rindou haitani 〕 ࿐ ࿔*:
*Lighter NSFW
coming soon
Pillowtalk fluff
coming soon
Tumblr media
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kh-ael · a month ago
Summary: You and Geralt are bound to each other. A prophecy fulfilled but as great love stories go, nothing is ever simple.
Pairing: Geralt x Reader
Warning: Mentions of blood and murder, first time, virgin depiction
Word Count: 2300+
Taglist: @kebabgirl67 @liecastillo @lumiousmoon @violacavs520 @summersong69 @est1887 @little-brattyangel @myloveforhenrycavill @calwitch @wheretheriversrunintothesea  @pandaxnienke @a-little-counter-esperanto @cavillsthighs​
A/N: This is my first Geralt fanfiction and somehow was inspired to make one when I heard the song "Found" by Jason Banks which is the ultimate inspiration of the title. Let me know if you listen to it.
This is not beta'd and I edit my own work so there will be errors ☺️ Thank you in advance for your likes, comments and reblogs.
[This story doesn't follow the Witcher timeline or any of its characters.]
**I do not give permission to repost parts of my work without my consent**
**I own the GIF used for this story**
Tumblr media
The moonlight shone on his face and revealed the scars not seen even in daylight. You wanted to reach out to touch his face but you decide against it. Geralt has been on the edge ever since you left Blaviken, killing some of its men. It was because of you. He was protecting you. You, a nobody, is being protected by Geralt, the famous white wolf.
You always felt powerless without him, like the world shifts and you are just floating in midair waiting for the wind to take you. But then he found you ages ago, and you felt deep in your gut that you should be with him. After months and months of travel to his missions, or when someone randomly tosses a coin for his aid, you're there waiting for him. But he never lay his eyes on you. Not one, not ever. 
So you wanted to somehow catch his attention, not until you heard another women's name on his lips while he's asleep.
"Renfri..." he utters, his voice deep and rumbling like the storm nearby. He flutter his eyes just as your heartbreak sinks in. He knew you wanted him for so long but he didn't say he's bewitched by someone else. So out of self pity, you should get out before it's too late.
The anger and pain stirred in your heart and decided you will wait no longer. Not for someone who never sees your worth. This must be the reason why he is so distant towards you. But the truth will hurt less than not saying.
"Y/N..." He calls out your name, his deep voice now soft. You have shared a few kisses yet he's not wanting to bring it any further but now, you know better.
You align the blanket as far away as possible from where he's lying down. And you quietly cry, every tear drop witnessed by the moon, looking at you and must think you have been a fool all along.
Geralt never bothered you again and finally, you were able to shut your eyes and fall asleep.
You wake up just as the sunlight breaks into the sky. You look back and Geralt is still asleep not far away from you. You gather your belongings and carry them on your back. You saw a village not far away, maybe you can settle down, find work and live a normal life. Away from magic.
It's mere magic Geralt and you meet. An old woman you met along the road mentions something about a bond. Confused, you didn't probe further. Some nonsense old wives tale to scare villages.
You stand up, looking back at the sleeping wolf, some his white hair falling smoothly in front of his face. You swallow the lump in your throat and walked away.
A few miles away, you can hear him scream your name but you hide. You hide not because you don't want to be found but you hide because you don't want to get hurt. Again.
Once you felt you're in the clear, you walked again. Not looking back this time and finally arriving at the village. Now it's time to find a place to sleep and some food in your stomach.
You managed to get a room for tonight with bread and ale to fill your stomach. You look at the few coins in your pocket. Not enough to stay in this village for too long and too far away to go back to where you came from.
You ate and tucked your self to sleep, dismissing all thoughts of him. He's possibly somewhere his aid is needed. Not wandering to look for you. You're not that important and that stings a little bit but you know you'll get used to it.
You close your eyes and fell into a deep sleep. And you dreamt about two people being united in marriage with kids running around, white hair and rosy cheeks. The view is too far, so you can't see the faces of the two people out front. But as you inches forward, you are certain the other one is Geralt, his hand clasped above a woman's as they say their words of union, a cloth binding their hands.
"By fate or magic, we unite thee, two souls floating freely now bound to each other..."
You walked towards so you can see the woman's face, still blurry while Geralt smiles at her with so much affection.
You actually thought for one second that you would see your face. You chuckle, even your dreams are betraying you. Just as you're walking out, feeling confused and oddly haunted, this was supposed to be a dream but it feels like something else.
The children ran up to the woman but you're too far away, but as they kissed her cheeks you caught sight of her hair. It's long, wavy and brown. Her eyes are the same color, warmth she possesses as she tends to her children. She then stepped towards Geralt and kissed him on the lips.
Your body shot up from bed, gasping for air, your dream becoming more of a nightmare. And the impossibility is too much. Witchers cannot procreate. It's been like that for thousands of years. So what your mind just spun is a lot of nonsense.
You reach for the jug of water but it's empty. You didn't remember anything other than sleeping so it couldn't possibly be empty. The pub downstairs is closed and no help around to get it for me. I pull up my night dress and tiptoed downstairs. Slowly but surely so no one can hear me. Another jug of water is neatly placed on the table, too out of place but you take it anyway. You're too thirsty to even think.
The cool freshness of liquid soothes your dry throat and as the jug hit the table you hear the thud of boots just as quickly as he said your name.
You didn't have time to think so you abandon the jug and run upstairs, not caring if it will wake up anyone. And since magic doesn't work on you, Geralt can't use it. But he's quick and big enough to block your way.
"There's no time to waste. They're catching up on us."
You scoff, pulling yourself from his tight grip, trying your hardest to remove him from your sight. You didn't even have a whole day to yourself before he shows himself.
He looks at your face, scanning your face, for something you don't know.
"You've been having dreams too." He whispers, his voice so low you can feel it in your core.
Finally, you're out of his hold, hugging yourself.
"What dreams?"
"I can see it in your eyes. You've seen them too."
"I don't know what you're talking about." You quivered, remembering every vivid detail from the dream.
"You have, haven't you? Our children, white hair, brown eyes and cheeks as red as yours right now."
"It's impossible..." You say more to yourself than him.
"That's what I thought too. But those dreams are somewhat a look into the future, with a prophecy of a half human and half Witcher powerful enough to wipe enemies. The court, the mages, royalties, everyone is coming after us. We need to keep moving."
You shake your head not believing anything he says. He will say everything just so you'll come with him.
"I don't believe you. How can we have children when you are not capable to reproduce and even if it's possible, you haven't laid your eyes on me in a romantic way. Never made me feel wanted by you. Why should I believe you? You might be one of those who's after me."
Your parents always knew you're different. You were always laughed at because of it. A human that can wield powerful magic that mages need to learn for years. You're born with it, an abomination, as they say.
Of all people, Geralt was aware of this, having been in your village for catching the monster who's eating all the village's livestock. He was aware of you. He couldn't possibly been blind about this. Now his intentions are not clear.
You try to run to the room but you feel the wind blew past both of you, gravity pulling you back where Geralt is standing. And that's when you hear people coming, the all too familiar voices of mages that tortured your parents. You close your eyes and see them closing in on the pub. You haven't used your power in years, how could they possibly know?
You look back at Geralt, deciding if you should trust him or not.
Without wasting any time, you held his hand and drag him to the room you're staying in, cast a concealment spell on the door and hesitated.
"They would know I used magic." You pace back and forth as Geralt stood there, all brooding.
"Any ideas?" You face him and yet no reaction, just staring at you.
When you hear the owner letting the mages in, you're out of options and just want to create a portal to somewhere far, far away from here but that also means the mages will follow the trail of your magic. They can't know you're still alive.
You look at Geralt one more time and came up with a bright idea. At least a few seconds pretend won't hurt anyone.
You strip your clothes and walked to Geralt, his face flush as he looks down at your body. You remove his armor one by one.
"Y/N..." he grunts, not agreeing to this at all.
"Look, I know your heart is taken by someone else and you don't want anything to do with me but we need to do this, to stay alive. You can lie down and at least pretend you like it."
When you hear the first knock on the doors outside, you strip every clothing Geralt has and pushed him on the bed and putting on a small cloth just as where you will be sitting on.
"I need you to moan." As you ride him without penetration, you look into his eyes and lift his hand, placing it on top of your breast.
"I don't -"
Then the knock came, they warned they'll come in no matter what. You increase the speed on where you're riding him, your back on the door, impossible for them to see you and would be embarrassed enough to interrupt two people who are making passionate love.
The mage lingered for a while, I felt him scan the scenario but didn't feel anything in particular. He just thought two people rutting against each other. I can read the disappoinment in his mind.
I hope I can also read Geralt's mind as I pretend to make love to him.
Once the door shuts, you stand up, gathered your nightdress and slips it on.
"Do you really think that?" He's still lying down, practically naked without that small cloth you sat on.
Your eyebrows furrowed, not knowing what he's talking about.
"You really think I'm in love with someone else?" He sits up, his white hair sticking to his sweaty skin.
"Aren't you?" You feel the cold breeze past your chest and your nipples hardened.
"Y/N, I don't know how to explain this but ever since you came with me, I haven't laid eyes on any other woman."
"Really? Who's Renfri then?"
"You uttered her name in your sleep. Now, I am completely inexperienced in love but when you utter someone's name when you're unconscious, they're pretty important."
Your back is at him, afraid he'll see the hurt on your face.
"Renfri was my sister."
"Was?" You spin around and you see him with his head down.
"She was killed not long before."
"How come you didn't tell me?" I walk towards him, he looks up and I touch his face just as he lay his head against my chest.
"I reek of blood and violence and everything humans should probably stay away from. I couldn't bear to see you be burdened by any of this."
"Tell me, Y/N, do you also feel that warm feeling in the pit of your stomach? I feel that when you're around. And when you ran away, all I felt was fear. Fear of not seeing you ever again."
He didn't move, just spoke with his head down and my hands wrapped on it.
"Forgive me..."
You touch his face and his chin, forcing him to look up. His golden eyes showing so much emotions. You cage his face on your hands and gave him soft kisses on the lips. His hands are rough and calloused but his lips, soft like cotton.
You bring his hands in front of you.
"These hands are capable of murder but I trust them completely. I trust them to make me safe. I trust you."
And within a heartbeat, your mouths collided, hands on each other's body like two sailors on a boat in the middle of the sea. Anchored by each other.
He carries you to the middle of the bed, knowing this is your first time, he did everything just to make sure there will be no pain. But when he finally sunk in you, you feel your walls being ripped apart and that's when you feel the trickle of blood from your center dripping down his length.
Geralt slowly and surely thrust inside you. Whispering sweet nothings to distract you from the pain and when his finger flicked your mound, the pain is now mixed with pleasure. Until there was no pain anymore.
Your bodies united, hearts connected, souls intertwined.
Sparks fly behind your eyes as you reach nirvana, holding on to Geralt's strong arms. He carefully removes you from his lap and dipped some cloth in water, wiping the blood that clung to your thighs. It was somewhat so intimate seeing him concentrating. You stop him and he drops the cloth on the side of the table.
You kissed him, more passionate this time, feeling that hot, burning desire in your gut again. 
"Make love to me, Geralt." You whisper, your lips on his.
"Hmm..." he grunts and smiles before sinking into you again. That feeling only him can give you.
The emptiness and pain now just a distant memory as you fall deeper in love with the White Wolf.
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mostlybarnes · 6 months ago
It’s My Party, You’re Not Invited (Part Two)
Summary: The morning after Bucky threw a party, you confront him but it doesn’t go according to plan.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Warnings: more angst, arguing, Bucky is an asshole, language, not proof read, mistakes are my own!
Words: 1,567
Author’s Notes: Wow. I absolutely can not believe the support on part one! I’m so happy you guys liked it, and of course I’m always happy to give people what they want and since so many of you asked for part two, here it is! Really hope you won’t be disappointed, please let me know what you think. And don’t worry, there WILL be a part three. This isn’t the end!!
Tumblr media
As you had predicted, you got no sleep. Your night consisted of you tossing and turning and occasionally groaning loudly into your pillow.
Your pillow was your closest friend, it captured your falling tears, and provided you with comfort when you couldn’t rest. The morning sun was pouring through your parted drapes, a new day was beginning and you knew you definitely wouldn’t be getting any sleep now.
Lazily, you threw the blankets off of you and sat on the edge of your bed, your palms on either side of you, digging into the mattress. Bucky not inviting you to his party shouldn’t have bothered you, but for some reason, it did. It was the reason you got no sleep, and you were annoyed by how Nat and your friends treated you last night. They were laughing and you couldn’t help but feel like they were laughing at you, even if they weren’t. Today would be the day you would confront Bucky, no matter what. But first, you needed a hot shower to try and wash away the tension that was rolling off your shoulders.
The shower itself would have taken a good ten minutes on a good day, but you spent almost an hour on the shower floor with your knees tucked under your chin and fresh tears disappearing under the shower head. Pathetic, you told yourself. Crying over something that wasn’t even your fault. How dare he treat you this way and make you feel broken. Speak of the devil, through the sounds of your cries and the water cascading down around you, your thoughts snapped back to reality when you heard his laugh from the hallway again.
Enough was enough with his games, you needed to know why you didn’t get an invite, it was just a simple little question.
Standing up off the shower floor with shaky legs, you turned off the shower and stepped out to grab the towel off the rail and pat yourself dry. In your haste to get dressed, your clothes were mismatched and your sweater was turned inside out. You didn’t care about that though, you needed to speak with Bucky. You needed answers.
You left your room and followed the sounds of the chatter coming from the common room. Your feet quickly carried you there, stopping in the doorway and noticing the room was completely trashed from last night’s shenanigans.
Broken glass was scattered over the marble floors, there were literally hundreds of solo cups all over the tables, there was even a broken window.
What the hell happened here? You wondered, stepping into the room, being careful not to tread on glass.
“Watch your feet!” Bucky warned, holding his hands up to halt your footsteps. “There’s glass everywhere.”
“No shit.” You scoffed, folding your arms across your chest and rolling your eyes. You heard him click his tongue as he worked on sweeping up the glass. “I heard you had a party?”
“Uh yeah, just some close friends and stuff.” He shrugged, and ouch if that didn’t fucking hurt.
“Really? I didn’t know you were– were close friends with people from…. statistics?” Anger was rushing through your veins, his nonchalant attitude wasn’t making this any easier and neither was the lack of sleep. You wondered what had happened to the sweet guy you knew. The shy Bucky who couldn’t even make himself a sandwich because he was afraid of being mocked by the other avengers. Or the Bucky that loved to sip herbal tea at 3 in the morning. Where did that Bucky go? Who is this Bucky? It was like a switch flipped and he changed overnight.
“What is this about, Y/N? You walk in here with some kind of an attitude problem and I’m tired, it’s early and I’m not in the mood.” He snapped and that was it for you. If he was tired, you were something else.
You stepped into the room regardless of the broken glass still all over the floor, not caring if any shards cut your feet as you stand toe to toe with Bucky. You shove him, but not surprised when he doesn’t budge.
“Where was my invite? What did I do to you to make you forget about me? It shouldn’t even be a big deal but–”
“Then stop making it a big deal! Is that what this is really about huh? It was my party and I invited the people I wanted to be there!”
“Wha– but you invited everyone but me!” You cried, your voice breaking at the end.
“Then maybe that tells you something.” He offers no sympathy to your state of distress. At least not to your face, it’s when you turn your back and he hears you cry harder does his own heart break. He didn’t mean for this to happen and the Black Widow’s footsteps behind him is about to remind him of his mistakes.
“You’ve really messed this up Barnes. I’m not sure Y/N will ever forgive you.” Bucky turns to look at Nat. Guilt and anger written all over his face.
“You don’t think I know that?! I did it to protect Y/N!”
“Well, what are you gonna do about it?”
“I don’t know.”
The day away from the compound was exactly what you needed. The air was refreshing and cold, biting against your skin. It helped to clear your thoughts that were running in circles since you talked to Bucky. You still didn’t have a clear answer as to why he chose not to invite you, and that bothered you more than anything, but what he did say replayed in your mind. You suppose he had a point, it was his party and up to him who he chose to invite but it confused you because you thought you were on good terms with Bucky. Did you get it wrong? Where did it all go wrong?
Your fingers wrapped around the mug as you sat in the corner of the quiet coffee shop with a friend as they watched you watch the world go by.
“Okay, what’s going on?” They asked, blowing into the hot liquid before taking a quick sip.
A deep sigh fell from between your lips. Your body and mind felt exhausted, it was hard to concentrate.
“I don’t even know. I feel like I’m overreacting.” You shrugged, licking your lips and looking into your coffee as if seeking the answers to your unanswered questions.
“Overreacting? Did something happen on the mission you just got back from?”
“No, no. Something that happened after that. You know Bucky, right?”
“Bucky Barnes?” They asked with a raised eyebrow. You nodded and swallowed the lump in your throat. “What about him?”
“I just– I– would you be honest with me and tell me if I’m overreacting?” You bit your lip nervously and your friend nodded.
“Of course! Tell me everything.”
True to their word, your friend sat and listened to every single word without interruptions or sassy remarks. They didn’t stop to ask you questions, and they didn’t make you feel pathetic like you felt. Talking about it out loud made you feel stupid, maybe it was stupid to get angry over something so small. That maybe deep down Bucky had a good reason not to invite you. Maybe you just weren’t close to him after all.
“I’m so stupid, aren’t I?” You shrugged, the wooden table becoming more of an interest.
“You’re not stupid. He’s stupid but I think he likes you.” Your head snapped up and so did your eyebrows.
“You’re insane! Didn’t you hear what I just said?”
“Of course I did!” They defended with a smirk, “and here’s what we’re gonna try.”
Your friend’s idea was so stupid and this dress was far too tight for your liking. You felt like your your body was spilling out at the seams, a complete opposite to what you were used to wearing: comfortable clothing or pajamas.
Walking in heels was another problem for you. Any second now, you were sure you were gonna have to call Dr Cho because you had somehow broken your neck. However, after a few laps around your room, you felt confident enough to walk a few blocks in them. Grabbing a purse and a jacket from your closet, you staggered out of your room and into Bucky’s chest.
“Whoa there, you alright?” He asked, pushing you away from him. He eyed you up and down, making you feel naked under his gaze.
“Why wouldn’t I be? And what are you doing here? Outside my door?” You folded your arms across your chest, big mistake as it pushed your cleavage together and with the height difference, Bucky had a pretty good view. He was a gentleman though and kept (or tried) to keep his eyes glued to your face.
“I came to apologize. Where are you going dressed like that?”
“It’s a bit late for an apology. I got your message loud and clear from this morning.” You scoffed. “And I’m going out with my real friends, not that it’s any of your damn business.”
“A party?” He wondered, his jaw clenching at the thought of you dancing with other people that weren’t him.
“Yes, and you’re not invited.” You smirked, turning on your heels and walking towards the waiting elevator, ignoring his calls of your name.
Bucky watched as the metal doors closed, his hands tugged his hair so hard he was afraid he would rip it out. He’s fucked up, Natasha was right. There was no way of fixing this.
“Fuck!” He yelled, kicking a hole in the wall next to your door.
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locker42 · 2 months ago
Johnny Bear
Tumblr media
Warnings: swearing, a little smut and underage drinking.
Word count: 2433
Pairing: JJ Maybank x Routledge!reader
This is my first JJ imagine so I hope you’ll like it, and if you do please feel free to request literally anything. You can see in my profile if the requests are opened or closed. (They are usually opened). Have fun reading!
“Fucking stop it, Y/N. I’m serious.” Pope said in an attempt to sound threatening but it was impossible seeing as you kept on poking him with your fingers, your long nails making it even more painful for him. You laughed and backed up.
“God, it’s so easy to annoy you.” You said. He sat back up and gave a look.
“Annoy me? You fucking tortured me. And I do not appreciate that.” He said and looked you in the eyes. You kept your eyes locked with his until his lips cracked up in a little smile and you knew he was just exaggerating.
“I may be a bitch, but you still love me, Pope.” You said and wrapped your arms around him. He hugged you back and you took the opportunity to rub your knuckles against his head.
“Fuck you, Y/N.” He said and got up, though he was still laughing.
“Love you too, dude.” You said and reached for the joint you rolled yourself a few minutes ago. You put it between your lips and lit it up, inhaling and relaxing back on the couch. You knew JJ didn’t have a problem with you two sharing his weed. Although it took him almost three weeks to finally let you take some but you convinced him at the end.
“Y/N.” You heard your brother’s voice. You turned to your left and saw him walking out of the Chateau.
“What’s up, John B?”
“Me and Pope are going out to help Hayward unpack some deliveries. Well be back in a few hours.” He said and took his bag.
“No problem, say ‘hey’ to him from me.”
“Will do.” He fist bumped you and they both left, closing the screen door behind them. You took your time finishing your joint, reading a book to occupy yourself. You eventually fell asleep on the couch, one leg propped up on the couch and the other on the floor, leaving you head to rest on the armrest.
Your life in the Outer Backs have been.. adventurous. However, after your dad disappeared, something inside you broke. John B still believed he was alive but you accepted the fact that he was dead.
It’s didn’t make things easier.
You, John B and JJ have been friends for as long as you remembered. Then you met Pope and Kiara, and you all became friends. You loved all of them and were grateful to have them. But after your dad disappeared, John B started to lose it. You helped him and he helped you, but not in the way you needed. He took care of you, but he wasn’t there for you.
JJ was.
Seeing both of his best friends fall apart was something he hated the most. He was your shoulder to cry on, the person to talk to and the friend to distract you, making you laugh literally all the time. Little by little, you two became closer and closer. At first you thought your feelings for him were only because he was there for you, but after a while, you realized you were in love with him. You had a little thing going on with him, but no one knew. So the only times you two could share affection for each other was when no one was around. Other than that, the maximum you could do in public is his hand on your thigh, and that was not for a long time either. You hated sneaking around but you knew that if John B knew JJ and you are together, he would not like it. So you kept your secret. He wasn’t the only one to be there for the other. After finding out about his dad you felt the need to protect him and to be there for him. And that’s exactly what you did. You patched up his wounds, held him while he cried and fell asleep beside him, hearing his breathing calming down. You understood him, and that’s exactly why he loved you. You loved him, and you made sure he knew that.
The screen door being opened woke you up and you quickly sat up, expecting JJ to come back from work so you could spend some time with him until Pope and John B came back. But instead you saw Kiara standing on the porch.
“Hey, Kie. How are you?” You asked her as you sat up, your head a little dizzy.
“I’m good,” she sat down, “after an eight hours shift how could I not be good.”
You chuckled and said,
“Well, you’re here now so let’s go to the beach or something.”
“I actually talked with JJ, we are planning to take the boat for a little ride, you are welcomed to join us.” She said and put her legs on the table.
“Already making plans without me, babe?” You said with a fake pout.
“Never.” She chuckled.
“So I shall go.” You said and went back inside to your room, changing to your black bikini. You put on shorts and a shirt on and got out. You saw JJ sitting on the couch, he looked up when he heard footsteps getting closer.
“Hey, what’s up?” You said and set down next to him.
“I’m fine, you?” He turned to you.
“I’m good. Where’s Kie?” You asked as you didn’t see the brunette anywhere.
“She went out to get some beers, she’ll be back in a few minutes.” He said. You looked at each other for a second and without thinking you leaned forward and connected your lips with his, his hand immediately coming around your waist. “I missed you.” You whispered against his lips.
“I missed you too.”
You put your hand at the back of his neck and the other one wandered his chest, lightly scraping it with your nails. He felt a shiver at your touch, making him pull you even closer. You climbed into his lap, humming as you felt his tongue running over your teeth. You immediately granted permission and let your tongues play with each other. His hands made their way to your ass and he squeezed it over your jeans. You moaned quietly and started kissing his neck, licking over his jaw line as you began grinding down against him. He bit his lower lip as a throaty moan escaped him. You heard your phone ding and reached out for it, reading a text from Kie asking where you were.
“JJ.” You said but it sounded more like a moan.
“Y/N.” He said in the same tone, his lips moving to your neck.
“No, JJ. It’s Kie. She’s asking where we are. She’s probably at the boat already. We need to go.” You said and tried to get up but his hands on your hips didn’t allow it.
“JJ..” you warned but he didn’t listen and continued sucking at your neck.
“No hickeys, J.”
“You think she’s at the boat?” He asked you as he began kissing your jaw.
“Y-yes. She’s waiting for us.” You stuttered.
“Do I make you nervous, princess?”
“No, you make me horny.” He chuckled. “Now let’s go.” You said and finally got up. He groaned and reached out for you again but you stepped back, a little smile playing on your lips.
“Come on, Y/N. Just a little.”
“No, let’s go..” you giggled as you walked out the door. You walked to the dock and saw Kie sitting in the boat, glaring at you.
“Where the fuck were you?” She asked as you and JJ made your way on the boat.
“JJ needed to take a shit.” You said casually and sat down next to her, laughing as you saw him glare at you.
“I did not. She took an eternity changing.” He said and pointed at you. You laughed at his childish behavior. You locked eyes with JJ and he winked at you, making you smirk.
“Okay, let’s go.” He said and started the boat.
* *
After getting in the water and drinking some beer you went to pick up John B and Pope. They were both standing on the dock, waving at you. JJ drew the boat closer to the edge and they both hoped in.
“You look like you two need a beer.” JJ said as he fist bumped John B. “Or maybe weed?” He added with a small smirk.
“I’ll pass this time, thank you.” John B said and sat down next to you.
“I hope he wasn’t too annoying.” He said to you and Kie.
“He wasn’t so annoying. They, however, made me wait on the dock for like an hour.” Kie said and frowned.
“Hey, come on, Kie, it wasn’t an hour. It was at least thirty minutes.” You said.
“Why were you and JJ late?” He asked and turned to you. Well, these are the exact moments you hated the most. The moments you had to lie to your brother.
“He needed to take a shit.” You said and took a sip from your beer.
“I did not!” You heard JJ yell from where he was standing with Pope.
“I’m getting in the water, anyone wants to come with?” Kie asked as she stood up and took off her shirt and jeans.
“Right behind you, babe.” You said and took off your clothes. You didn’t miss the sideways glance JJ have to you, his eyes roaming over your body, making you shiver under his gaze. All you wanted to do what to go there and kiss him, but you couldn’t, and that sucked.
You walked to the edge of the boat and jumped off, diving into the cold water. After you Kie and Pope joined you as well, leaving JJ and John B on the boat.
“John B, you coming?” Kie asked him.
“Maybe later.” He said.
“Okay I’ll just-“ she screamed as you jumped on her back, yelling,
“Come on, Johnny Bear, don’t be a party pooper.” You pouted.
“Johnny Bear?” JJ asked laughing.
“Shut up.” John B said as he glared at you.
“What? You didn’t know John B’s ultimate nickname? He even called his teddy bear after himself.” You said and chuckled.
“Y/N, don’t make me come down there and shut you up.” He threatened.
“Then stop being such a cat and get in the fucking water.” You rolled your eyes.
“I will.” He said. You stuck out your tongue and swam towards Pope.
“So I’m guessing it’s over between you and Kie?” JJ asked.
“There was nothing between us to begin with.” He said and took a sip from his beer.
“Are you serious?” JJ sat up. “So all the agonizing sexual tension between you two was for nothing?
“What are you talking about?” He frowned.
“All those ‘be safe, John B’,” he imitated Kiara’s voice, “‘oh, John B, be careful, come back to me’.”
John B looked at his best friend in a very confused look.
“What? You seriously don’t know what I’m talking about?”
“What about you, JJ? Any girl caught your attention?” He asked, clearly avoiding the subject.
“Dude, that wasn’t even a smooth change. You’re better than this.” He said sarcastically as he watch you and Pope playfully drowning each other, Kie laughing while Pope was trying to escape your death grip. JJ couldn’t help but chuckle at you, you really were something special.
“What-“ John B followed his gaze and his eyes widened. JJ thought for a second that he caught him staring at his sister so he quickly moved his eyes away from you. “Are you staring at Kie?”
JJ felt a huge relief on his heart.
“What? No. I’m looking at Pope being a pussy and letting Y/N kick his ass.” He said and pointed towards you and Pope.
“Right..” he said skeptically. “So about my question. Anyone caught your attention?”
“Nope,” he shook his head, “no one. I’m gonna die alone, JB.”
“No you won’t,” he chuckled, “you got time.”
They continued talking for a bit and then joined you in the water.
“Finally, Your Majesties, thank you for sharing your presence with us.” Kie said after they both jumped into the water. They both laughed and started splashing her. You ended up being in the water for almost an hour until you decided you needed another beer. You swam to the latter and climbed up, grabbing a beer and sitting down. You used your long fingernail to open the can and took a big sip. Your eyes wondered to JJ who was climbing the latter, his torso dripping. You couldn’t help but bite your lip, trying not to drool.
“Eyes up here, princess.” He said and winked at you, taking a beer as well and sitting down next to you.
“I can say the same thing to you, mister.”
“Ooh, kinky.” He said and smirked, leaning closer to you. You put your hand on his forehead and pushed back, giggling.
“No, but seriously. How could I not stare?” He said in a low voice as he looked at your breasts, perfectly hugged by your bikini top, biting his lip.
“Stop it, J.” You said but your voice gave up the the fact that his gaze had a huge effect on you.
“Why should I?” He said and moved his hand to your neck, the other one on your thigh.
“JJ, John B is literally right there.” You said and put your hand on his shoulder in an attempt to push him away but your body didn’t seem to do that.
“So? He isn’t even looking.” He said and kissed your collarbone dangerously close to your chest. You sucked in a breath and looked over to where John B was, noticing that in fact, he wasn’t looking. You ran your finger through his hair, adding your nails as he continued sucking on your skin, moving slightly to your right breast. You let out a quiet moan, laying your mouth fall open. He moved his hand that was on your thigh to your left breast, slowly massaging it.
“Y/N!” You both broke apart immediately after hearing Kie’s voice. You looked up to see Kie climbing the latter, the view of you only coming to her now. You let out a sigh, hoping she didn’t see you.
“Oh, hey JJ. Y/N, can you grab my towel please?” She asked.
“Yeah.” You said and quickly gave her the towel.
You and JJ looked at each other, trying not to laugh.
“What?” She asked. “Did I miss something?”
“No, it’s nothing.” You said while keeping your eyes on JJ, loving the little spark in his eyes that told you he loved you without any words.
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aphroxditus · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ʜᴀɪᴋʏᴜᴜ ʙᴏʏs ʀᴇᴀᴄᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ᴛʀʏɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴛᴀᴋᴇ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ғᴜʟʟ ʟᴇɴɢᴛʜ ғɪʀsᴛ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ᴡʜɪʟᴇ ʀɪᴅɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇᴍ (ᴘᴀʀᴛ 1)
Tumblr media
ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇs: sᴜɴᴀ ʀɪɴᴛᴀʀᴏ̄ | ᴀᴋᴀᴀsʜɪ ᴋᴇɪᴊɪ | ᴏɪᴋᴀᴡᴀ ᴛᴏ̄ʀᴜ
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢs: sᴜɴᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ | ᴀᴋᴀᴀsʜɪ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ | ᴏɪᴋᴀᴡᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: ʟᴀɴɢᴜᴀɢᴇ | sᴇxᴜᴀʟ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ: ʀɪᴅɪɴɢ, ᴅᴇɢʀᴀᴅᴀᴛɪᴏɴ, ᴄʜᴏᴋɪɴɢ, ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀ ᴋɪɴᴋ, ᴘʀᴀɪsᴇ, ᴅᴀᴅᴅʏ ᴋɪɴᴋ, sᴘᴀɴᴋɪɴɢ
Tumblr media
sᴜɴᴀ ʀɪɴᴛᴀʀᴏ̄
“Getting comfortable yet dollface?”, Suna smirked as he was laid down on the bed, waiting for y/n to take in his length without his help.
Mumbling something inaudible, y/n nodded, clearly lying. What was she thinking before? Getting cocky like that. Suna’s length was so thick.
“If you need help, just tell me and I’ll make it feel good for you baby”, he chuckled.
“I don’t need help!”, y/n pouted. “I meant what I said early. I can do it myself. I don’t need your help in everything”, she huffed.
“Alright then”, he sighed, knowing she would give in sooner or later. “Maybe this will motivate you? The longer you take, the longer I’ll make you wait to cum. Sounds good? Alright go on”, he slapped her ass.
“I’ll be the one making you beg to cum inside me”, y/n muttered under her breath.
“You sure about that dollface? Make me beg? We’ll see who’ll be doing the begging.”
She sunk down further and tears pricked her eyes. Slowly, hot droplets ran down her face as she fell deeper into his length. Grunting, Suna decided to help her out and suddenly, he thrusted his hips forwards, his tip hitting her cervix. Moaning, she threw her head back, both in pain and pleasure.
“Rin~”, she moaned.
“Fuck~ that’s it baby. Moan master’s name.”
Whimpering, y/n started to get comfortable with his cock deep inside her. She shuffled around and started to bounce slightly, getting a few groans from Suna.
“Fuck this, I’m taking the lead baby”, he grunted.
Hands gripped onto y/n’s hips, he moved her back and forth and the sounds of their moans filled the room as he dirty talked her.
“Such a dirty slut, aren’t you? Thinking you could dom me like that first time? Getting cocky on me? Look whose making you feel this pleasure. Who?”
“Y-you, master”, she babbled.
“Mmmmm, that’s right, dollface. I’m the one in charge but of course, there’s always next time to make up for your past embarrassment. I can only imagine how humiliating this has been for you.”
Rocking her harder against his cock, it began to twitch inside her. Without telling her, he came into her, the warm liquid filling her up.
“My little cumrag”, he groaned in pleasure, seeing her eyes roll back. “See? I didn’t need to beg at all. Thats your job dollface”, he said in a low voice, grabbing her neck, pulling her right to his face.
Whimpering, y/n tried to move but his grip was tightened.
“Know your place, bitch.”
Tumblr media
ᴀᴋᴀᴀsʜɪ ᴋᴇɪᴊɪ
Whining could be heard from the room y/n and Akashi were in as she attempted to ride his full length.
“Fuck fuck fuck”, she hissed, sinking deeper and deeper. “Keiji- ‘s big.”
“Mmm”, he hummed, laying back lazily, his half hidden eyes staring at her breasts. “You’re doing so well darling. Take your time, it’s your first time, it’s okay.”
Y/n nodded and dropped herself down further. Fat drops of tears ran down her cheek.
“Shh shh, if you can’t do it, just tell me and I’ll take the lead from here. You did so well so far”, he hushed, cupping her cheeks with his hand, rubbing the tears away with his thumbs.
“N-no it’s okay, daddy”, she whimpered.
“You’re so pretty. I cant wait till I can ruin that body”, he groaned, shutting his eyes as he tilted his head up.
“Yes darling?”, he opened an eye.
“H-help please”, she said in a quieter tone. “Please.”
“Thought you were never gonna ask”, he smirked. He placed his two hands on her hips, guiding her down. Y/n moaned softly at this. “Fuck, all these pretty moans just for me”.
Y/n started to bounce on his cock without his assistance, getting loud groans from him. His cock twitched inside her, indicating he could cum.
“Daddy… cum inside me, please”, she said in a low whisper as she felt her face burn up.
Warm liquid ran through her as he groaned, throwing his head back. “Fuck~ you did so well for your first time, princess. C’mere baby.”
Y/n got off his cock and bundled up into a small ball, burying her face into his chest as he stroked her hair, praising her.
Tumblr media
ᴏɪᴋᴀᴡᴀ ᴛᴏ̄ʀᴜ
“Shut up Tōru”, y/n hissed. “I can do this.”
“Fine fine, I’ll stop teasing you”, he chuckled.
“More like bullying”, she mumbled under her breath.
“Oh come on, you can’t blame me for teasing how cocky were ten minutes ago and how cute you look now, trying to stick by your words- nghh”
Y/n sunk down suddenly, catching Oikawa off guard. Her walls tightened as she winced in pain but that reaction was worth it.
“Fuck~ loosen up”, he groaned, throwing his head back.
“That’s what you get for mocking me”, she grinned in triumph.
“Oh? Don’t play this game with me y/n, I’m warning you”, he chuckled devilishly.
“Don’t forget I’m on the top”, she said raising a brow, looking down at him.
Gripping onto her hips with his big hands, his cold rings sent shivers down her spine as it made contact with her bare skin. Slowly grinding her against his cock, he smirked seeing her eyes roll back as she begged for more friction.
“W-wait Tōru- Fuck!”
He slapped her ass with one hand, making her lurch forwards, before resuming to move her back and forth.
“Fuck, Tōru”, she moaned. “I fucking hate you.”
“Sure you do, baby”, he had a smug look plastered on his face, continuing his excruciating slow pace.
“Fuck you”, she hissed, jerking her hips forward.
This took Oikawa off guard and he groaned. Beginning to bounce on his cock, Oikawa stared at her boobs which were bouncing with every move.
“Fucking hell~”
“Like that Tōru?”
“Fuck yeah- just like that baby, you’re doing so well.”
Y/n continued, watching Oikawa’s chest rise and fall rapidly. He came inside her without a heads up, making y/n hiss at him.
“Cumslut. My cumslut. One hole filled. Two more left.”
Y/n eyes widened when he said this. Fuck you Oikawa Tōru.
Tumblr media
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luv4tonic · 2 months ago
FUELING THE FIRE , katsuki !
word count: 3.3k
warnings: choking, doggy style, degrading, orgasm denial, hair pulling, rough sex, oral (receiving and giving), slight slapping, hate fucking
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The after-party was the best part of a show. After winning a huge battle of the bands, the small group of talented young adults had decided to host a party. One that was supposed to be inner circle only but ended up the co-lead guitarist -Mina- had posted on her story about it and at least one hundred people off of her platform only had shown up and it quickly became a bigger deal than they thought it would be.
You groaned, sliding your hands down your face in annoyance as hundreds of sweaty bodies pushed themselves against each other, leaving no room for anyone to breathe. "Mina, you aren't allowed to take another shot. You are nearly on E," you said while grabbing her arm, hoisting her up from her spot on the floor. She recently collapsed after dancing with the nearest person to her for about thirty minutes straight, leaving her boyfriend to have a hissy fit and sitting quietly by himself, drowning in his own jealousy.
"Here, I got her," you heard Kirishima get up and wrap her dangling hands around his shoulders, holding her in his protective embrace while saying small goodbyes to his friends, being mindful of not speaking too loud and adding to the loud music due to Mina's ear being right next to his mouth. "Bakugo don't act a fool and leave y/n alone," he pointed at the ash blond, glaring at the male as he nonchalantly sucked his teeth while looking the other way.
Kirishima walked out, cradling his girlfriend in his arms while he stepped out into the street but not before looking both ways. Opening his car door, he put Mina into the backseat and made sure that she sat comfortably. Driving off and honking his horn, he started his route to their shared apartment.
"I need love like that," you said, leaving back onto the white brick walls behind you and averting your eyes to Denki and Jiro grinding to the beat of a slow song that boomed throughout the room. This made you feel even worse because there you were looking at everyone dance with their significant others while you stood lonely with a drink in your hand, wishing to wash away the loneliness buried inside of you that didn't seem to go away.
Even in a room full of people, you still felt as if you were the only one, not enjoying life and not living as you should be. You were young, youth showing through each curve and crevice of your body, spirit, and mind but yet, you just couldn't grasp the concept of friendship.
You felt a tall presence beside you and you shifted your body, looking to see the culprit and you found yourself to be face to face with the one you hated most,
Katsuki Bakugo.
He could get any girl he wanted in the blink of an eye and that only added to his huge ego and even bigger god complex. He thought he was high and mighty and every piece of land that he walked on should be worshipped and you tried to steer yourself as far away from him as you could get but of course, luck wasn't on your side.
Being in the same friend group and constantly rehearsing for gigs, you just couldn't seem to get away. Everywhere you looked, he was there flaunting his good looks and using them to his advantage with every chance he got. You hated the way that he would get mad at the simplest things but could still have the utmost respect.
He nudged your shoulder, taking a sip of his strong drink from inside of a red solo party cup. "What's with the dumb look?" he asked, mixing the contents of his drink just by rolling his wrist. His face was lit up by the white fairy lights that decorated the room.
"I don't have a dumb look. How about you go back to fucking some girl you find around here. They all look your type. Pretty with blonde hair," I looked up at the ceiling, avoiding his hungry gaze. Striking red eyes burning a nonexistent hole into the side of your head and it seemed to grow bigger and bigger until he rolled his eyes.
"Look, I don't know what the fuck is up with you but shut that shit down right the fuck now." He held your arm tightly, pulling your body so that you both were chest to chest. Due to the height difference, your neck craned back to the best of its ability so that you could hold eye contact. His cold silver rings made marks into the flesh of your arm.
"If you don't get your hands off of me right now I swear I will punch you in the gut," you raised your hand and balled it into a fist, showing him that you wouldn't waste any time to do so.
Laughing in your face, he thought you were adorable. Acting as if you would lay your hands on him. The pathetic attempt made him poke out his lip and try to get his breathing back in control. "You know, y/n. You think you're so scary but I see the looks you give me. Glaring at me as I talk to other females. To me, every last thing you do looks like jealousy," he put a piece of your hair behind your ear, leaning closer to you and nibbling on your ear lightly.
Kisses were placed on your neck and it made your breath hitch. "Some say jealousy isn't a good look but when it comes to you, it's a lie." Grabbing your neck and applying pressure, he trailed the kisses up from your neck, to the side of your lips. Whispering right above the said area, he stayed there but moving any closer. "Everything looks good on you."
Fed up, you smashed your lips on his, pushing yourself unbelievably closer to him. Your mind was clouded with hate and lust. The physical attraction you had towards him made your body move on its own and you couldn't help but revel in the feeling of him against you in this heated moment.
Tongues intertwining into what first was a slow kiss but almost immediately shifted into one that made your knees buckle from beneath you. His unoccupied hand came down to your ass, fondling it in the large, calloused hand of his and you moaned into his mouth. Bodies running on the absolute hate that you have for each other, the kiss grew hungry and desperate. Slamming his back into the wall as he let go of your ass and held your thigh, bringing it up and keeping it there.
Everyone in the room was so wrapped up in the loud music to notice you two hurriedly rushing out of the room. Running into someone's room, sickly bright yellow bedsheets enveloped your body as Katsuki pushed you down. His hands took of your leather jacket and the clasp of your red bustier top. Letting your breast free, he leaned down and took one into his mouth, sucking on your nipple and grazing it with his teeth to add pleasure while he played with the other one. Pulling and playing with the bud as your hands clasped his hair, holding his head as it went back and forth between your two mounds.
Your back arched into him as his knee rubbed against your aching spot. The fabric of your jeans and the pressure of his knee making your eyes roll. "I hate you so fucking much," you hissed as he switched nipples, continuing to take his time. He looked up at you with his hair covering his eyes but he could see you clearly and he loved it. The way spit dribbled down your chin as your tongue rolled out from between your plump lips.
"Look at me when you say it or I don't believe it," he let go of your bud and moved his face to match yours. Opening your eyes, you took a deep breath, looked into his eyes, and repeated yourself. "I fucking hate-," he cut you off, putting his lips onto your own and inserting his tongue into your mouth. He took off your pants, sliding them down in a rush and separating from you.
Going down to your soaking heat, he licked his lips and ran a nimble finger down your slit to gather up a good amount of your slick. Popping the finger into his mouth with a hum of content, he wanted more and that's what he got.
Using his tongue to sop up each and every last drop of the slick that coated you, he couldn't get enough of you. You let out a squeal as he put both of your legs on his shoulders, bringing you closer to his mouth so that he could lick spots that he couldn't before.
Your hands made their way to his blond locks. Holding onto them tightly as he let out a moan from your grip. "Bakugo please," you whined. For what? Neither of you knew but it sure did ignite a fire inside him at your behavior. He chuckled and the vibration sent an electrical-like wave onto your clit, making your legs close around his head and you shook. He graded your thighs, enabling you from cowering away as he continued his relentless sucking.
"I can't," you broke down, body jerking and shaking as you released all on his tongue. His face was covered and glistening. "Mhm, who knew pussy could taste so good. You better feel as good as you taste," he said, slapping your thigh as he got up and removed his clothes, rendering himself naked.
Recovering from your recent orgasm, your breathing unsteady and ragged, you turned your body onto your stomach and lied your head on the plush decorative pillows. Bakugo let out a 'tch,' reaching over your body to place consecutive slaps to your face to bring you back.
Getting excited as you felt his long, hard length resting on your ass, you put yourself in your needs, bending over and sticking your ass into the air. Katsuki slapped it a could of times, making an irritated red mark in the form of his large hand on your left cheek. "Needy little slut," he said, aligning himself up with your entrance but not sliding in, teasing your folds as he coated his tip in your slick.
You pushed back against him, wanting him to hurry up and put it in. "In," the one simple word made him slowly but surely slide in. Groaning and throwing his head back as he bottomed out, hitting the spot inside you that resulted in you pushing your head into the pillows beneath you and moaning his name.
Wanting to hear you, he used his hand and gathered your hair into a makeshift ponytail, using it to slam you against him while he used his other to hold your neck, arching you. You brought your hand up to his, trying desperately to grab onto him.
Rutting inside you, Katsuki muttered a series of incoherent curses under his breath. "Shit, shit, shit."
Locking his hands in your hair and pulling you up to his chest, he fucked into you like there was no tomorrow and the only thing you could ask yourself was how did you get here.
How is it that you ended up fucking the person you hated with every part of your being? When Mina first asked you to join their band, you almost said no due to the blond male's nasty attitude but you couldn't let that hatred ruin something great. You hated the way he clouded your mind but you also couldn't deny the sexual tension.
Being pulled out of your thoughts, Katsuki grunted your name in your ear. "Push back against me slut," he let go of your hair, letting you fall onto the sheet and grip onto them to steady yourself. "Katsu," you finally out, just being able to form one single word before he grabbed your waist and pinned it down, pushing into you and reaching the spongey spot buried so deep that only a certain kind of person could hit.
You yelled but used your hand to cover your mouth, wanting to minimize the sounds that bounced off of the walls but Katsuki grabbed both of your arms, pulling them behind your back. "Don't fucking do that. Let everyone hear how good I'm fucking you. Let them know how you talk shit but at the end of the day, no one can fuck you like this," his hips stuttered, and knew he was close.
Pushing yourself back against him, your ass slapped against his pelvis, matching the speed of his thrusts. "That's it, slut. You're finally learning," he smirked but his breath hitched, slipping out and cumming on your back with a grunt.
"Shit, if you always fuck like this and we could actually be friends," he said, laughing while using his thumb to gather his release off of your back then turning you over so that he could slip his thumb past your lips and into your mouth. "Suck," he looked down at you, smirking sadistically while your watering eyes looked at him in submission.
You turned your head and shook it, signaling that you wouldn't. The smirk on his face grew wider with every passing second. Grabbing your throat, his hand acted as one of the finest pieces of jewelry you could ever act for. His athletic build standing over yours as if he was a predator stalking his prey. "Suck them slut. Don't make me tell you again."
All you could do was nod your head. The grip on your neck prevented you from breathing properly. Katsuki only left just enough room to have you getting enough air to keep you running but other than that, you had to use your nose. You swirled your tongue around his thick fingers, tasting his cum on them and surprisingly, due to being caught up in the moment, the taste was bearable.
Your black eyeliner ran down your face beautifully as he brought them to the back of your throat, making you gag but quickly gaining your composure. Bakugo cooed, loving the way you looked. He found the picture in front of him to be the best thing a guy could ask for but he would never in his life admit it.
The guys always told him, "You guys are going to get together by the end of the summer. You can't fight the fact that she is fine as hell and could get anyone she wants." It was true. You could indeed get anyone but Katsuki threatened anyone that even looked in your way for too long. Every single person that tried it with you had a long lecture from the ash blond and it always ended up with him beating the other person to a pulp for thinking they ever stood a chance.
Taking his fingers out of your mouth, Katsuki wanted to feel how well those pretty little lips of yours would feel around his throbbing dick. Shifting you so that your head was aligned with his rock-hard length, he put his hands behind his head, looking down at you then back up to the ceiling. "You know what to do."
You swallowed thickly, looking at his angry red tip and prominent vein on the side of his dick. "Don't just stare at it. Do something," he hissed, grabbing your hair and bringing you even closer to him.
Your hand went to the base, stroking it ever so lightly and looking up at him while you kitten licked his slit. Spiting, sending a glob of your spit to his dick and watching it run down the side of his shaft, you looked at the way he twitched as you did so. Katsuki let out a frustrated breath, and his eyes furrowed together. He wanted nothing more than your lips to encase him, sucking him in all the right ways.
"Stop fucking around." Grabbing your head and pushing you all the way down his length, Bakugo moaned, cradling your head in his hands as he slouched over your kneeling figure, Knees digging into the mattress and hands resting in his lower thighs, you hollowed your cheeks and flattened your tongue on the underside of his dick.
Moving your head to his desired speed, "Aren't you just full of surprises today," he cooed, feeling you maneuver your tongue all around his dick. "Look at you. Sucking my shit like this," holding your head in place and thrusting into your mouth, he fucked your throat. Stretching it and feeling you gag around him.
Spit dribbled down your chin and his balls slapped up against it. The sound of gargling filled the room and you were pretty sure the party died down, letting everyone on the other side of the wooden door hear two rivals fucking each other. "Ah, shit y/n. That loud ass mouth of yours actually can be put good use." He always used to taunt you and talk about how you used your mouth too much and never used it for the right reasons.
There were so many boundaries that were being crossed that very night. Everything from now on would be affected by what took place. The way you would view the male and the same thing goes for him.
Letting his load out into your mouth with one last thrust, he let out a long line of every swear in the book, throwing himself back onto the surface beneath the two of you, with heavy breaths. You sat on your heels, swallowing the creamy hot cum he graced you with previously. Looking at him seductively as he regained his steady heartbeat.
Pulling you into his chest, you felt his heart pounding in his chest. "This isn't going to change anything, right?" You questioned, wanting everything to go back to normal. Back to him hating you with everything in him, or at least what you thought.
"Yes, y/n. We will go back to screaming at each other in passing," he laughed, holding onto you but deep down inside, he wanted you all to himself. He wanted to be the person you woke up next to every morning, the person that would hold you ever do protectively when you've had a bad day. He wanted nothing but the best for you but was willing to push all those thoughts aside for you.
"You know what? Katsuki, I know what we've been doing is mad childish and now I want to build a connection that we didn't get to start up when we first met," you started, pushing yourself up by your palms. You saw him smile, something that you seemed to yearn to see.
"I want to get to know you. See the playful side of you that no one ever gets to see." He pulled you back to his chest, kissing the side of your head repeatedly and secretly smiling to himself.
"Just don't fuck up, okay?"
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