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Happy birthday to the ultimate rock star baby!
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He loves them all equally
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when life imitates art..
Tumblr media
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Ludzie zawsze tęsknią bardziej za drugą osobą, kiedy zobaczą o ile bardziej szczęśliwy jest bez nich drugi człowiek.
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Onewe - A Small Roomof Time ; era
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⤷ 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘰𝘳 𝘳𝘦𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘨 𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘢𝘷𝘦 ⭑ 𝘥𝘰𝘯'𝘵 𝘳𝘦𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵!
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Cya getting the best hair: Parting edition
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중독된 사랑 ONEWE cover || Cya
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ONEWE : 별 (Star) MV Teaser : Group
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I’m currently thinking about that time when I recommended “Rain to Be” to this guy and he liked it so much that he added it to his playlist. Shortly after he confessed to me and I friend zoned him. Now I’m wondering if he kept the song on his playlist or if I cost Onewe a potential Weve ;-;
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Stay | k.gh
this is a WeUs mafia au that i decided to tackle, you can’t improve without taking risks:’)
Tumblr media
Synopsis: after being thrown into a very dangerous world without your knowledge, you find yourself in some very dangerous situations. luckily one of your brother’s friends is always nearby. there are secrets in the house you’re living in that you need to unravel, can you do it?
Words: 1.2K
Characters: Kim Gunhak x reader, brother!Ravn
Genre: angst to fluff, mafia au, f2l, slow burn
Warnings: heavy angst, violence, blood,
Song rec: stay and last song by oneus and onewe
Notes: this took way longer than i intended, and i kind of wanted it to be one part but oh well what can you do? my braincells disappeared somewhere after starting this but i intend to finish it so please look forward to the next part!
it was the same thing everyday. classes until 4PM, work and studying, sleep, repeat. weekends meant catching up on reading, assignments and, yup, work. you worked in the cafe that was just off campus, it can be busy right after class gets out but then again you were usually getting out of class at that time too. your parents had stopped supporting you after you moved away from home for school, the fight you had before you left had been really bad. they kicked your brother out when he was seventeen, you hadn’t seen or heard from Youngjo in nine years.
that is, until today. it’s a regular saturday, during the morning rush: Youngjo walked through the door in all black, his head tilted down to look at his phone. it had been so many years but you recognized him immediately. he looked much the same as he had all those years ago, you knew he probably wouldn’t recognize you; you were thirteen when he left, you had grown into someone completely different in the last nine years. Youngjo didn’t look up from his phone when he reached the counter, your coworker was about to take his order but you quietly asked her if you could take it instead. “hello, what can i get for you?” you asked cheerfully. “one iced mocha latte please.” Youngjo still didn’t look up at you. you smiled “of course sir.” you didn’t ask for his name even if it was policy to do so.
your coworker raised her eyebrow at you when she passed by to take her place at the cash register, but you just smiled at her. you started Youngjo’s drink, and when it was finished you called him. “Kim Youngjo your drink is ready!” his head shot up immediately, looking at you his eyebrows furrowed and then his eyes widened. hurrying towards you he exclaimed “y/n!! it’s you! how are you? are you okay? why didn’t you say anything?” his questions came quick, and you barely had time to answer them. the rush was slowing down and you took your break to talk with him for a few minutes. “first, i’m doing my best. okay is a relative term in my opinion. i wanted to surprise you that’s why i didn’t say anything. how are you? what have you been up to? you must be doing well for yourself those clothes look expensive.” you laughed, Youngjo chuckled nervously. “i was so shocked! normally i give my nickname Ravn for coffee orders. i’m doing good though,” he paused, “i haven’t been up to anything interesting to be honest. what are you doing working here? shouldnt mom and dad be taking care of you?” his questions were innocent and concerned, but they still stung. you looked down at the table, “i’ve barely made rent with what i make here and my student loans, mom and dad haven’t spoken to me since i left for school.” a tear slid down your cheek, Youngjo reached across the table and wiped your tears away. “it’s okay little one, i’ll take care of you now.” he was determined to make sure you were taken care of.
after your shift, Youngjo picked you up and grabbed your stuff from your apartment. after that you picked up some food and were on your way to his place. “i have ten roommates but we have a really big place so you probably won’t even notice them. plus we leave and come back at weird hours so don’t worry about them.” Youngjo seemed sort of tense. upon pulling up to their group home your jaw dropped. “you live here???” you gasped.
the house sat just outside the city, on what looked like seven acres of sprawling grounds. the house itself was massive. it had huge pillars on the outside and ivy crawled up them. there were large gates and a stone wall wrapped around the property. Youngjo pulled into an underground garage where cars you could only dream of were parked. “we share the cars too, any car we want to drive we just sign out and go. you don’t have to worry about groceries or anything i can cover those, we do share chores around the house and if Seoho catches you slacking off you’ll be in trouble,” Youngjo took a deep breath, “don’t ask too many questions, they can be sort of secretive. we only have one rule and that’s; always make sure someone knows where you’re going when you leave. no matter what. the boys are usually respectful but they can get rowdy sometimes. don’t worry about them if you’re uncomfortable just let me know and i’ll talk to them.” he finished with a tight smile. you nodded “thanks Jojo, i really appreciate you letting me stay here. are you sure your roommates are cool with it though? they seem sort of… i don’t know, tense?” you finished uncertainly. Youngjo’s grip on the steering wheel tensed, he put the car in park and turned to you. “they’re fine, i asked Yonghoon hyung and he said it was okay. just as long as you abide by the rules and don’t get mixed up in what we do, okay? you have to promise me you won’t get involved with our work.” youngjo demanded. you nodded “i promise.” turns out you wouldn’t be able to keep that promise after all.
Your brother’s roommates turned out to be incredibly nice and cute too. Yonghoon was the leader, he was sweet and secretive but was always willing to help you. The younger boys also always made sure to include you when they went out to get coffee, and in movie nights. Other than Youngjo; you were closest with the twins, Giwook, Hwanwoong, Hyungu and Keonhee. Even if Hyungu was quiet most of the time, and Hwanwoong could be a little bit… eccentric. Hwanwoong often stayed in one room for hours at a time, and you weren’t allowed in that room. You weren’t really sure why.
Recently though you had started spending more time with Gunhak, he had asked you to go get coffee with him. He had been driving you to class and picking you up when Youngjo couldn’t. maybe you were really excited that Gunhak had been driving you to school… he was admittedly very cute. And strong and oh no you’re falling for him aren’t you?
It was a regular day, Gunhak was driving you to school. You talked quietly with him, it was comfortable and calm with him. Not to me ruin he buys you expensive coffees on the way to class!! Gunhak pulled up to your university and parked, “have a good day y/n. i’ll pick you up after class, okay?” Gunhak smiled at you. “okay! Thank you Gunhak!!” you exclaimed, getting out of the car and waving at him as he drove away. The grounds of your school were unusually empty but you weren’t too concerned about it. Out of the corner of your eye you saw something moving, then a strong smell filled your nose and suddenly all you saw was black.
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soulmateszedits · 4 months ago
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Onewe - 2022 Season's Greatings ; simple
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Tumblr media
a/n — mmm. thick cock giwook. head fuzzy. + song link is at the bottom idk why
non-idol au — dom!bestfriend!giwook x sub!tattooed!genderneutral!reader
cw — established friendship , reader has a crush on hyungu for story's purpose , fluff if you squint , smut , pet names (including kitten, don't ask) , fingering , oral (reader receiving) , breeding kink , overstimulation , stigmatophilia (just look it up) , idk tell if i missed something
word count: 4.7k
GIWOOK WAS ON the phone with [name], attentively listening to all of their problems.
[name] usually complained about college work, their job, their family, and now literally going hours talking about hyungu, giwook's friend and a stranger in their mathematics class.
giwook assumed they liked him, which broke his heart.
he and [name] have been friends since they were in their first years of middle school and since then, the two have been inseparable. that is until college came around.
giwook went his way, majoring in music production while [name] double majored culinary arts and media art. college has been hard on them, the best friends hardly being able to hang out.
but whenever they do have time for one another, they cherish the moment.
giwook arrived at [name]'s home within 20 minutes, takeout in hand. the two had ate together, smoked together, and now was high and sitting in a fort they had made in [name]'s living room, watching a horror movie.
they were laying against giwook's chest while his arms was lazily wrapped around their neck, hands rested on their stomach.
the jumpscare on the laptop surprised [name], holding the man's hands for dear life, which made him laugh.
"can't do horror movies huh?"
"i can, just not crazy ass shit like this"
he sat up a bit, bringing [name] up with him. one of his hands let go of theirs, playing with their hair.
"good thing i'm here", he places a chastise kiss on their shoulder blade, "or else you'd be having nightmares and crying like a little baby", he teased
they slapped his thigh out of offense, "i would not"
"yes you would", he placed a palatable kiss below their earlobe, "you big baby"
[name] turns to face giwook, their eyes meeting. his tongue peeks out, licking his lips and sucking in his bottom one, his eyebrow raising to taunt her.
though the older doesn't let this faze them, "just can't keep your hands off me huh?"
he nodded with his lip still between his teeth as he smiled, "how can i when you look so beautiful, all the time?"
he leaned in to place a nice and sweet kiss on their lips but they denied the gesture, still not able to think straight from what happened with them last time.
the entire situation, they just couldn't wrap their head around. was giwook truly that drunk that he would engage in a one night stand with you? he could've gotten that from anybody else, just why you?
"is everything okay [nickname]?"
they were brought back to reality with the sound of giwook's voice.
"yeah, yeah. im-im fine"
"am i making you uncomfortable? do you want me to stop?"
they shook their head then turned to face him, kissing his lips softly, "you can never make me uncomfortable"
"especially since you were there when i got my first period"
the two burst out in laughter, remembering the embarrassing moment.
"plus, i like it when you touch me"
the statement took giwook by surprise. he turned and stole a longer, more passionate kiss from them, "is there a particular reason why?"
they kissed him again, holding him closer by the back of his neck before sweetly pecking his lips as they pulled away.
"i just like how your hands feel"
"you sure that's it? you're not falling for me, are you [full name]?", he was teasing once again, smiling at their reaction
they scrunched up their nose and got out of his hold, "you disgust me"
he chuckled, lying down and resting his head on their thighs, "you're the one who likes how my hands feel"
"im sure you love my hands too!"
"oh yeah? how so?"
"you loved them when i saved you from drowning in the deep end!"
"hey! i was drunk at the time!"
"no one told your stupid drunk ass to jump into the pool"
giwook sat up and pulled them into his lap, kissing them with more passion than before before holding their hips and rolling them down to his own, trying to keep them quiet.
a surprising gasp escaped from both their lips, the sudden pleasure being so delicious.
[name] didn't expect this out of their best friend, someone who took two weeks to finally say a word to them in middle school.
they pulled away, their breath caught in their throat, "giwook-"
"who gave you that?"
they were confused, until he pointed to a purple hickey slightly visible on their collarbone.
remembering their intimate time with dongmyeong which ended in a disagreement about hyungu, they sighed and got off his lap, crawling out of the fort.
giwook mentally cursed at himself for making them uncomfortable before exiting the fort, following them into their bedroom.
"i just wanna know"
"why?", they looked to him
embarrassed and flustered by the sudden question, he looks away from them, "im curious is all"
they scoffed before silence fell upon them.
"look, i know we've been friends for years but it's not like we're dating. you can fuck whoever you want or be with whoever you want, i don't care. why? because we are just friends"
"sure, we kiss and shit but we've never fucked, stop making it seem like we're dating or we're exclusive"
they turned their back to him and was about to tell the man to leave until he spoke.
"i like you, [name]"
they stopped thinking, turning to him slowly, "what?"
"i like you. like, really like you."
he turned back to them, a pout on his lips, "i like the way you look when you're concerned"
"i like the way your eyes get all big and sparkly when you smile and laugh"
"i like when you sit with me and record guides with me and make lyrics with me"
"i like the way you hold me when it's just us, whether we're watching a movie and we're too caught up in the moment to pull away from each other"
"i like when you send me pictures of cats and frogs and all kinds of animals"
his words made their heart burst with happiness and pure love as this proved that the feeling they felt was mutual, but they refused to show it.
"i like when we smoke together and watch youtube together, talking to each other for hours about little things that probably don't even matter"
giwook stepped closer and closer to them, [name] backing into a wall. he entraps them with his arms, his face close to theirs.
"i like the way you look at me, no matter the occasion. whether im playing bass on stage, immersed in a video game, or just watching me shop, i like that your eyes are only on me, even in a room full of people"
"i don't just like you, [name], i'm in love with you and i don't think i can ever stop"
they were shocked, that this man younger than them admired and adored them unconditionally.
"please, say somethi-"
[name] cut giwook off, slamming their lips into his while putting their hands on the back of his neck to deepen the kiss.
giwook's arms fell to their side, his hands pulling them closer to his chest as the kiss became heated.
they guided him to their bed, lying back onto the mattress and bringing him down with them.
his fingers slowly slide down the back of their thighs, hiking their legs up to his waist.
[name], needy and desperate for the man to take them, stopped kissing him to latch their swollen lips to his neck. he groaned as they kissed, licked, sucked, and bit on the sensitive skin.
as they continued their attack on giwook's neck, his hands fumbled with the matching pajama set they had on.
the shorts barely covered anything, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. the way the thin and flimsy material hiked up their thighs was too delicious to ignore.
the top's material was also thin, and in a way tight fitting. their chest was practically begging to be freed, and he gave them their wish.
[name] felt giwook's hands under their shirt, the warmth feeling amazing against their chilled skin.
they pulled away, looking at the blemishes of red and dark purple as well as the bite marks before taking off their shirt for him.
he looked up, his hands itching to fondle with the mesmerizing chest in front of his eyes.
"you can touch"
his fingers squeezed at the flesh, lightly sucking and licking.
his teeth were showing as he smiled at the delightful sounds [name] were making before sinking to his knees and disappearing in between their thighs.
"darling", he called, [name] looking down at him, "if i take these off, what will i find?"
they smirked, "take them off and find out"
his eyebrows raised simultaneously before stripping them of the shorts. his eyes met with the slight glistening of [name]'s intimacy.
he licked his lips, ready to devour them whole. every second that passed, they grew more and more impatient, bucking their hips up against his face.
he chuckled, his hands pulling them to the edge and prying their thighs apart and held them wide open for him.
he licked his lips once more before diving in, eating them out like they were his last meal.
licking around their soft spots, sucking on them, gently biting at their sensitive bits with the tip of his tongue.
after what it seemed like endless pleasure, giwook pulls away with a soft pop as he unlatches his lips.
his lips, wet with [name]'s arousal, planted soft kisses down the inside of their thighs while his hands traveled up their body and beginning to massage their chest.
the person beneath him was pouting and whining, "why'd you stop?"
he kissed up their thigh, until his lips were met with their hole where he gave it a small kiss, which only made [name] squirm.
"i wanna take my time with you"
he begins kissing their other inner thigh, his lips trailing away from the place they needed him most.
"wanna make you cum so many times", he continues kissing them
"wanna see you squirm under me"
"wanna hear you scream"
"wanna make you never forget me"
between his words and his fingers pinching at their nipples, their arousal dripped down onto the bed sheets.
"my baby is so goddamn pretty", he continued kissing up their thigh, "so fucking breathtaking", his lips once again lining up with their hole.
"tell me what you want", he whispered though [name] heard him perfectly.
they gulped hard, "you"
he blew hot air on their wetness, sending a shiver down their spine.
"how do you want me?"
they whined softly, bucking up their hips before giwook forced their hips down onto the bed, tutting and shaking his head.
"use your words with me, angel. i can't do anything if you don't tell me anything"
they got a hold of his hair, pulling on it to make him look at them.
the way giwook looked so innocent with his wide cat-like eyes, despite the lower half of his face wet and his lips swollen from his previous activities.
"do anything you want to me", they said with sincerity, "i'm all yours"
giwook didn't need [name] to say anything else at this point. he moved his hands, tossing their legs over his shoulders before diving right back in, messily lapping his tongue at their arousal.
they gasped, back beginning to arch with their eyes closed, fingers tugging at his hair as their high slowly creeped up on them.
with hips stuttering, they squirm, the feeling of sensitivity taking over. he looks up at them, watching their face contort out of pleasure.
he loved the sight, he loved the way they looked as whimpers and whines leave their perfect lips.
he wanted to see them destroyed, with tears in their eyes. the thought alone made his dick twitch.
he decided to continue on before that desire of wanting to see [name] cry from pleasure came back. finally, he gave in.
"eyes on me", he mumbles against their skin
they shook their head, "c-can't", they were too embarrassed to face the man eating them out like he hadn't eaten in months.
"please kitten?", he pleaded
they shook their head again, still too embarrassed.
he pouted but continued, lowering his head back to their intimacy where he sucked and hummed around their most sensitive parts as he looked back up at them to study their facial expressions.
[name]'s moans were like music to giwook's ears, only wanting to hear more and more.
he unlatched himself from them, dropping his hands and dipping further into their tattooed thighs.
and within moments, they felt their hole begin to open and cold air hit before they felt his wet muscle, tongue working hard to please the beauty beneath him who was breathing heavily and whispering his name.
giwook thrusts his tongue at a moderate pace as his hands travel up [name]'s body once again, touching their tattoos and tracing their curves before they rest on their chest. with him pinching their nipples and rolling them around in his thumb and index finger, a powerful orgasm ran straight through [name].
they rolled their hips down into giwook's mouth, riding out their high as they pulled his head closer to try and get more.
at this point, they were shameless and needy, and the only thing that could satisfy them was the man between their thighs.
he pulled away to give them a second to calm down and minimize the shaking while savoring the sweet taste on his tongue before poking at their entrance with his fingers.
"you gonna look at me now?", he kept his keen gaze on them.
[name] gave in, propping themself up on their elbows to look down at him. his eyes were still bloodshot red from the weed they had smoked earlier and staring them down as he kissed and sucked on them, and delightfully twisted the perky buds in the other hand's fingers.
"don't look away"
they complied, looking into those daggers the man called eyes. they were piercing right through them and they wanted to look away but their submissiveness got to the better of them.
between his unchanging, lustful stare and his fingers, [name] couldn't take it anymore, another orgasm ripping through him.
they grabbed his wrist, "if you don't fuck me right now, i think im gonna lose my fucking mind"
he smiled contently, "i think i'm gonna make you lose your mind regardless"
his middle and ring fingers slip comfortably inside of them due to the overwhelming wetness, curling them up slightly before beginning to thrust his fingers slowly yet deeply, as deep as his fingers could go.
[name]'s eyes roll back, throwing their head back and groaning loudly, trying to fuck themself on his fingers.
"didnt i say to not look away?"
they whined, feeling empty as giwook withdrew his fingers and placed them in his mouth, sucking them dry.
"don't get upset now", he freed himself from their thighs and stood from the floor, "i told you not to look away, and yet you did it anyways"
[name] continued to pout then noticed how they were the only one naked. pulling on giwook's shirt, they trapped his right thigh with theirs.
they began grinding against his clothed thigh, whimpering incomprehensible sentences and moaning quietly. he pet the top of their head, massaging their scalp as they continued. he tugged on their hair, causing [name] to look up at him.
their eyes were big and watery from neediness, as if begging him to forgive them for their inability to listen.
between their facial expression and cute little noises they made, the man's dominance slipped from his grasp, now just wanting to please them.
giwook stripped down, hovering over [name] before carefully and slowly entering them. his eyes danced around their face, taking in all of their beauty.
"gorgeous", he whispered before slipping out then going back inside of them.
he repeated his actions so many times, so many that [name] lost count, before actually beginning to thrust into them.
giwook pulled up their thighs, practically folding [name] in half and thrusting into them slowly. their nails grazed his back as they sighed out of pleasure, encouraging him to keep at his slow pace.
"wookie...", they pleaded, "can i cum?"
he hummed in disagreement, kissing their thigh.
"why not?!", they sobbed
there was also a not so subtle squeeze around him after their exclamation, causing the man to smirk.
"is my little angel gonna cum, again? i've barely even started and you're already gonna cum"
"please?!", their legs were visibly shaking from holding back their orgasm
"please what?"
his hips snap against theirs, his cock buried deep inside of them. this alone made [name] unravel, their arousal completely covering giwook from the lower half of his stomach all the way down to his thighs.
they gripped and scratched at his arms, their own back arched high and entire body shaking. curses fell from their mouth again like a mantra as he continued to fuck them.
he stood to throw their legs together and moved them over to their side, feeling how their velvety soft walls swallow him perfectly and moaning just loud enough for [name] to hear.
they pathetically try to fuck him back, wanting the overstimulation to be over already. one of their hands touch his soft stomach, making an attempt to have him at least slow down.
giwook caught onto their plan, grabbing and holding their hand while drilling harder into them, causing their vision to blur and tears fall from their eyes.
it was becoming harder and harder to keep their eyes open, let alone on him. they opened their mouth to complain but the pleasure took over, the only thing coming out of their mouth was incoherent babbles.
he scoffed softly and smiled cockily, "what? too fucked out to say anything?"
they try crawling away, needing a little break from this relentless fucking. but giwook pulled them closer to the edge of the bed and pushes their legs down onto their chest.
"what's the matter gorgeous? do you want me to stop?"
he presses his body against theirs, his cock hitting a gummy, sensitive spot deep inside them.
his pace is slow, the tip of his thick cock hitting that same perfect spot each time he pounds his hips against theirs. [name] is dizzy, groaning sinfully with eyes rolling back as their brain short circuits.
giwook's head drove into the warmth of their skin, sucking bruises onto their collarbone while keeping his slow, torturous yet intoxicating pace for a moment before speeding up again. drool pooled in [name]'s and left the corners of their parted lips, their mind completely blank and only focused on the sweet feeling inside of them which is leaving their skin all prickly.
he slowed again, [name] now realizing what he was doing; he was truly trying to drive them to insanity.
his hips snapped dangerously against theirs, the squelches sounding like pure ecstasy.
they balled their fists up, catching the comforter in between as they felt fire pooling in the lower part of their stomach.
the squeezes around his length made him slow his pace, damn near making him still. but the way he quickly changed his mind and pulled out almost completely only to slam his perfect cock into them, making that intense fire in [name]'s stomach dissolve, mewls and high pitched whines emitting from their throat and their body twitching as this was the hardest time they have ever came.
the thrusting didn't stop though, giwook desired to tire them out. he held the back of their knees tightly, gradually slowing down before removing his weight and pulling himself out.
the feeling of emptiness knocked them out of their own world, confused and frustrated as to where that feeling of being full went before giwook began manhandling them, positioning them just the way he wanted: lying on their stomach with their legs hanging off the bed and arms behind their back.
their ass was such a sight, his cock twitching upwards and getting harder, making him hiss. he looked down and noticed a white sticky ring near the base of his cock, chuckling breathlessly.
he spanked the delicate and supple flesh of their ass, earning a moan from [name]. he made a mental note of that little detail.
he kneaded with their ass, spanking it lightly a few more times before bottoming out again. he leaned down into their ear, thrusting slowly, "you left a pretty cum ring on me, sweetheart. are we still just friends now?"
he held their wrists with one hand as he feverishly rutted into them, [name]'s ass colliding with giwook's hips and producing a wonderful sound.
the mattress was filled with screams, tears, moans, whimpers, whines, every single noise was muffled, thankfully or else the neighbors would be traumatized.
he let go of their wrists and held their hips instead, speeding up to chase his own high, "tell me angel, who gave you that hickey?"
[name] took a mental note of his jealousy.
"d-", they choked, "dongmyeong!"
"yet, who's fucking you right now?"
they took another mental note of his cockiness, going to use these notes in the future. but since they were stuck in their own head, they didn't answer giwook's question quick enough for his liking, his thrusting beginning to get inhumanely rapid.
"who's fucking you, baby?"
"you are!", they cried
the way he made their body jolt caused their legs to spread wider, inviting to take their entire body. he watched her body quake and jump, pulling them up against his chest.
"tell me how this feels darling"
"you're making me-", another sob broke out when giwook's hand trails up to the base of their neck, his fingers wrapping around their throat as if his hand were made for it.
he gave [name]'s throat a tight squeeze, making them gasp, "feels so good!"
they just went on and on, practically just word vomiting.
"oh god it's so deep"
"fuck fuck you're going so fast"
"don't stop, please don't stop"
"close, so close"
"oh my god, 'm gonna cum, can i cum... please?!"
he slowed his thrusting and removed his hand, licking and delicately biting on their flushed skin.
"cum for me, my beautiful angel"
with that, [name] subdued to the blazing waves of pleasure.
and, their mind broke, entirely.
their knees buckled and they fell face first into the mattress, whimpering in bliss with chills coming down their spine, causing their legs to shake and body to twitch.
he pulled them back up against his chest and put them in a chokehold. be took a good look at the state of them, and what he found was absolutely heaven sent: their tongue, completely lolled out of their mouth. drool was all over their chin and chest. their eyes were hooded and clouded with lust. their legs unable to stop shaking and can't seem to hold [name] up on their own. their velvety walls convulsing uncontrollably. their hips rolling back a little, wanting more.
he took them out of the chokehold and held their waist down into the mattress, leaning down and brushing his lips against their ear, "think you can last a little longer?"
they nodded, "anything for you"
"can you handle it?", he pounded into them harder, the slapping of the skin getting louder.
[name] found it difficult to formulate words, being fucked into oblivion.
"why'd you invite me here? was this your plan all along?", they shook their head, edging giwook on.
"yes it was, it's so obvious. why else would you call me at 2 in the morning?", they mewled, their knees buckling and shaking.
"guessin' hyungu can't fuck you properly...", he scoffed, placing a gentle kiss on their earlobe, "...can he?"
they whimpered, "n-n-no giwook"
"that's why you called me over, isn't it? to have the best sex of your life?"
[name] grumbled, not wanting giwook to think he was being used. they reached back and held his hands, squeezing them before starting to fuck themself on his cock.
he stills and hisses, feeling the little clenches they were going and groaning lowly. he wanted to last as long as he could, but at this rate, he was gonna cum in seconds.
"easy, angel", he bites back a moan, "you're gonna kill me"
his comment made [name]'s confidence boost. they somehow had enough energy and strength to crawl up the bed and pull him down, straddling his lap.
"aren't you tired love?"
they nodded, "but you still haven't cum yet. i wanna treat you", they began to sink themself down onto him, causing his pretty face contort in gratification.
"want you to fuck me again", they start a tangent as their hips rock back and forth with a rhythm
"wanna ride you until my knees are tired"
"wanna keep you in me forever"
"want you to cum in me and get me pregnant"
they put their hands on his chest, starting to lightly bounce on his cock, a sinful moan escaping from them.
"wanna give you kids"
those four words drove giwook mad, gripping their hips harshly to make them stop.
"you want all my kids, angel?"
they nodded, trying to continue bouncing but the hold he had was too strong. he smiled before holding [name] up and pounding into them once again.
he was so deep and rough that the outline of him was shown on their stomach every time he thrusted inside, which only encouraged and turned him on.
[name]'s mouth fell open, tongue falling out. they began getting dizzy from lust again, snapping their hips back against his. giwook groaned and hissed, his fingers pressing deeper into their skin. but his grip got slippery as both his hands and their body were sweaty.
the room was so hot, not only because of their lustful actions but the tension between the two friends.
they cried out, feeling another orgasm rip through them, causing their elbows to buckle and their body collide with giwook's.
but he still didn't stop, not a single time as he began to chase his own release. he could practically feel it coming, quick and hard. and with the way [name] was tightening around them, he knew he wouldn't last much longer.
though they were tired, they jolted up and made a sound that was a mix between a loud moan, a throaty groan, and a squeal as they felt something so painful, it was pleasurable.
unknowingly to both parties, giwook was buried so deep that he was effortlessly hitting [name]'s gummiest and most sensitive spot with each thrust, the curve of his cock hitting it deliciously perfect.
the thrusting continued for a few seconds longer before the man completely emptied himself in them with them squealing as the feeling of warmth filled them.
when he pulled out, his creamy white substance was escaping from their hole, causing him to manually push it back in with his fingers.
he disappeared, coming back with a warm, wet towel. he wiped them down, cleaning up the massive mess on their inner thighs and their intimacy.
the two moved from the bedroom to the bathroom, the after care beginning. they laid in the bathtub together, warm water soothing their muscles.
"was i too hard on you?", he asked while playing with her fingers
"you were perfect"
"are we really just friends?"
[name] thought about that for a second.
they felt something for the younger man, something they could describe as adoration. and knowing he feels the same is reassuring.
because they didn't want any woman, or man, taking him.
and he didn't want anyone taking them.
"no, i lied", they turned to face him, climbing on his lap, "we're exclusive to each other. no one else can have you"
"what about hyungu?"
shit. they completely forgot about him.
"i'll take care of it"
he smiled widely, feeling absolutely giddy.
"round 2?", his eyebrows raised
"jesus giwook, how much stamina do you have?"
"if it's you, endless", he winked before placing them on the edge of the tub, "i'll make it quick"
"no, you will not"
he chuckled, "correct"
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bowieisworried · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ONEWE | Rain To Be [Band Performance Ver.]
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overfeeler · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I was bored during distant learning so I made this for our favorite hamsters. Comment who should join hamster unit. Have fun, stay healthy and enjoy onewe's comeback.
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cyallbue · 29 days ago
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[#CyA] Giuk-ssi who is beautiful and shines brigther than the stars 🌠
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angelic-jeonghan1004 · 11 months ago
Accidently confessing to them in conversation || ONEWE
My inactivity has been strong I'm sorry y'all :(( just gotta respect the Hussle that is having jobs. I'm trying to write more though! Got a lot of ideas that living rent free just gotta put them into a post and not leave them doing laps in my brain. I also already wrote an entire accidental confession fic for cya you can check my master list its Give Me The Honor!
Pairing: ONEWE x reader
Genre: fluff
Warnings: minor swearing, very cheesey, not proof read
Gif credits to rightful owners ✨
So everything was going great
Hanging out at the studio
Initially he invited you over to see if you could help him out on how he should sing their upcoming cover
Kanghyun was out so he couldn't run through it with him
So he asked you
Listening to his voice it's so easy to get lost in it
A love song that made your heart skip a beat when he'd look at you
Your heart was turning into putty
"So how did you like it? Anything I should change? Should I sing lower? Higher?"
"You don't have to change anything really,, your voice is always so romantic. So romantic it has me ready to confess to the boy I like"
You said which quickly regretted as you saw both panic and curiousity in Yonghoon eyes
"You like someone?" Your eyes went wide
He hadn't picked up the courage yet to confess to you so here's his make or break moment
If you didn't like him he'd have his feelings fade away but he just wanted to know if you're friendship could turn into more like he'd hope
With confirmation he's the one you like
You'll never see that man smile more in his life I guarantee you.
Tumblr media
Never have you wished for him to be asleep more in your life
You swear your heart dropped when you found out he heard you
He was laying peacefully at the dorm getting ready to take a nap
He had almost fallen asleep
But then you came in the room and he didn't see who was walking in but he heard your voice
You had come over to drop off food for the members after finding out they hadn't had dinner yet due to being so busy
You saw Harin laying there peacefully getting ready to wake up the tall boy
But he looked so peaceful you didn't know if you should to tell him foods ready
You quietly said to yourself walking up to him
"You're lucky I have a crush on you or else I would be waking you up right now to eat food"
You said with a chuckle ruffling his hair lightly
Your jaw dropped as you saw Harins grin with closed eyes
"I like you too, thank you for being so considerate of my attempt at sleeping. can I still have some food?"
Tumblr media
You and Kanghyun were trying to work on lyrics for a song
Trying to think of cure lyrics for a love song
You decided to mess around and look at pickup lines telling them to Kanghyun for lyric inspo
"If I could rearrange the alphabet to put u and i together I would" you said nudging his shoulder
"Gosh these pick up lines are so bad at this point you're telling me them just to flirt with me"
"Well how else am I gonna win you over?" You didn't realize how flirty that sounded until you saw the redness on his face, ears burning
"Did you just confess? Or are we joking around?" He said with a undetectable tone
"Whichever way you'd like to take it" No going back now
"Well I'll go with the first option and ask you on a date?"
"Sounds like a plan"
Intertwining hands you both felt warm inside
Tumblr media
Hanging out your outfits matched eachother without even planning
"We look like a couple!" He said with a giggle
You giggled omg and tried your best to say "Hopefully we can be to" under your breath as quiet as possible
But he still heard
"Wait for real? Please don't joke with me on this" he said with a small whine
Really turned into Casper (the friendly ghost) there realizing he heard you
All you could do was nod
He couldn't help but laugh
"if you like me so much you should pay for my coffee"
You couldn't even be mad or say no
Because his smile was just so bright
Tumblr media
Self promo for my other fic!!
Same situation basically <3
Go to my master list and go to onewe and read Give Me The Honor!
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