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Help I have fallen far too in love with my own Genshin Impact OC. I wish she was in-game so bad

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From a make a demon character challenge on Twitter! I had a lot of fun with this one

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“Heaven isn’t necessary. As long as they’re strong they wont die.”

-Mudano Naito [Tougen Anki]


this man keeps me going 😌

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Ooh! Okay, I’ll write Hana for this one!

“Oh here we go again,“ scoffed Hana as she abruptly stood from the low table. “Why can’t you just let it go?“

“Actually, no,“ she seethed, bawling her fists as she tried to maintain her composure. “Don’t answer that. You two’ll find any excuse to bring up the damn past. I’m already a fighter and you two are just gonna have to deal with it! Should I have dropped out? Probably not, but I’m happy with where I am! Why can’t you be too?“

“Hana, calm down,” Dhurgan urged, placing an understanding hand on her mate’s shoulder.

“No, Ganny. I’m so tired of apologizing to these guys.” The oni turned towards her uncles. Ganko sat with a permanent frown etched in his strong features, while Tengu looked on in disappointment.

“Happy Inshu-Shonen Fest,” she growled, grabbing her jacket and storming out the dining room.

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I feel like Oni is pretty chill dude if you are a bug. It’s not like a big scary samurai will chase a butterfly or a fly.

I honestly don’t know what more to say, I’ve never really thought about this XD I’m gonna distract y'all with napping Oni with titties out.

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this user finds susamaru the best oni in kimetsu no yaiba.

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oni no fukucho - Hijikata Toshizou

I wanted to make Hijikata look as menacing as possible, because I don’t know why but the yokai CBC CE carries the feeling of encountering a DEAD END, especially if you were to meet this literal Demon Vice-commander here.

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i complained to hex that she never takes pictures of me. so, she set this picture up and i couldn’t help take one, too. i’m a failure.

wearing – [please don’t ask me what she is wearing, i have no idea.]

aii - ibaraki horns (hooked) // koii - minimalism earrings - long // random.matter - zakei choke chain // random.matter - zakei muzzle // aviglam - aurora eyes (ice and ink) // bolson - hanzo tattoo (fresh) // lelutka skyler // stray dog - hikaru //

see them on flickr.

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