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I wish I could be a pretty pink flower...
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Graphics Card Prices
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online icons
(if the 3rd one on the right side is not showing up its because the letters are on black)
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lovelybluepanda · a month ago
How to romanticize online school
Post requested by anon.
Fuzzy socks and a warm blanket when you're sleepy in the morning
A warm cup of hot chocolate or tea or coffee
Having a box of snacks nearby so you can munch on something
Soft music in the background so you feel more calm
(if you have a pet), let them walk around. A bit of distraction can be rewarding if it's caused by fluffy creatures
Make tiny doodles with your mood on the notebook or the sticky notes
Record the lessons when you feel like daydreaming and write down the key elements of the lesson when you can't be bothered to do more
Chat with your friends about the lesson, ask what you don't understand, make funny jokes if you can
Ask questions, see the excitement or surprise of the teacher that someone actually listens to them
(never show up and just self-study if the lesson is recorded+the teacher gives materials for self-studying) -> optional choice for those who have it
Wear your comfortable clothes or your favorite clothes, make the day special that way~
At the end of the week/day, have a chat with a classmate and go through the week/day you had. Meet online if you can't face-to-face
Make lunchboxes for breaks if that is something you look forward to. Try new recipes.
Plan a "ghibli task", something that makes you excited for the day.
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365filmsbyauroranocte · 2 months ago
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Daybreak Express (D.A. Pennebaker, 1953)
(you can watch it here, 5 minutes)
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I realized today that Lindsay Ellis left youtube due to mobbing, and I'm devastated about it. It's terrifying what she was put thru, and how badly it traumatized her. Her goodbye message shows that she got hurt until it broke her, until she regretted everything she had ever done, and has become frightened of other human beings alltogether, not knowing who will turn against her next.
I relate deeply to being isolated and smear campaigned into traumatic fear of people, and I'm enraged that a mob of males managed to do it to her, just because she was a woman with a public voice. Lindsay Ellis was the absolute ideal of liberalism; she was sensitive to every minority, supportive of every pro-liberal propaganda, great supporter of every woke category, contributed greatly with her opinions to every issue liberals fought for. I watched her video 'Mask Off' with bated breath, completely in shock that she had the courage to make it, because it was raw and powerful and brilliant. She apologized for miniscule missteps, and it kept going thru my head, that had she been a male, she would have been considered an absolute icon of progressiveness. She'd be praised as the absolute best, most precious, nuanced and important ideal, proof that males are 'becoming perfect' and 'can do no wrong'. Instead, she was berated over tiny shit males have never been called out in their lives. It made me sick.
She got mobbed because she was a woman with a voice online. Males decided it was not okay for women to get as far as she went in the society, and suffocated her as a threat to any woman who'd dare to try. I looked up the videos of people sharing their thoughts of her leaving, and they were all made by males. Every single one. Not only they did this, but they get to shape the public opinion of it. Disgusting.
It was only in the comments I was able to find people acknowledging how much she has done for the youtube community. She entered the stage of youtube filled with angry male videos, and she provided brilliance, humor, nuance, intellectual analysis, she created a genre of media essays that didn't exist beforehand, and paved the way for many other women to speak and gain public voices. She was the number one in how popular, funny and well-received her videos were. I remember being completely obsessed the first time I found them, I've never seen interesting and educational content like that before. I've learned so much about the ways movies are written, shaped and put together, I've learned more about creating stories than I did anywhere else. I've appreciated and loved her content. I didn't agree with all of it, but I didn't need to, I've benefited from it all the same.
My heart hurts that I couldn't do anything for her in return, that I've done next to nothing to support her when she was getting torn into pieces by the mob. It confirms her horror and pain about how people turn their back on you as soon as you lose popularity.
I want to know if there's any way we can organize to protect women when this is happening to them. I don't want to see another woman chased out of public space because she dares to speak her mind. I don't want to leave another woman who helped, taught, encouraged, and benefited others, to be unprotected against an angry mob intent on traumatizing her. I don't want to see this happening to my favourite women online, and I want to know what we can do.
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There’s a special place in heaven for booksellers who turn your order into a gift
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It me.
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99.99% of tutorials online.
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Phantasy Star Online
ʟᴏʙʙʏ 5
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Hogwarts houses and online schooling
An anon requested this post.
Self-studies a lot because they keep sleeping in. Probably because they researched or spontaneously learned something new in the middle of the night.
Asks Slytherin for recordings of the lessons because they zooned out at some point.
Prints out/downloads materials ahead of time so they can highlight/underline/add notes to the materials as the teacher teaches them.
Has some hot drink on the desk at all times + water because they don't want to get up and miss something important
Picks up new projects in the beginning of the semester so they have less work to do near the end.
Asks a bunch of questions to get activity points and laze around at the end of the semester.
Keeps a comfortable sweater nearby in case they get cold, which they do.
5min before class they look over the material from the previous class.
For 5min after class they check the material again to see if there's something they don't understand.
Has a list nearby with things the teacher said will be on the test/exam.
Appears like a burrito, a fluffy blanket is everything.
Keeps a box with snacks nearby + 2-3 kinds of drinks because it's important to have these around when you study.
Records the lessons just in case they can't keep up with the speed of the teacher and need to go again to a particular part of the lesson.
Adds sticky notes to parts they need to review or exercise
Just adds sticky notes to everything that needs an explanation, more work, it's unclear, it's on the exam.
Very detailed notes.
Chill background music so it feels more homey even if they're already at home.
Keeps all the materials they need on a chair nearby just so they don't go too far away when the teacher calls on them or sth.
Stays in pajamas for comfort and as an anti anxiety remedy.
Has a list with things they look forward once they are done with the classes so they are excited. Probably has a list with reasons why they like each class so they're happy for the classes too.
Dresses in normal clothes as an attempt to trick their brain into "productivity".
Records the lessons because sometimes they want to go through them again, or they were taking a shower and couldn't be bothered by the lesson.
Snacks? Nope. Proper meals nearby? Yep. No way to miss the nutritional part of life.
Basic notes, more like a mindmap.
Adds little stars for important parts.
Does mock exams/tests made by them to check if they know 70-75% of each lesson.
Adds sticky notes with potential questions so 1) they know what to revise and 2) to check their knowledge.
Has a study group with Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff so they practice and revise together. (Gryffindor has never been told about a study group... They were but they just didn't pay attention to anything that day)
Sends emails to the teachers whenever they finished their study session and got questions.
Asks for notes from others so they can add in whatever they didn't consider important enough at the moment. Different perspectives can help a lot.
Closes the window because they keep getting distracted.
Creates a shared document in Google so they write together with their friends. No information is left out!
Downloads all the documents, saves all the sites they used in the class or got mentioned. 50/50 chance of checking them again though
Asks Hufflepuff for a study session in 2. One asks questions, the other answers. Flashcards but human version?
Watches documentaries for a topic if possible. Watching things is better than anything because you eat popcorn and see stories.
Picks up essays or projects so they can avoid exams and tests whenever possible.
Uses some sort of games like Quizlet to study.
Asks a lot of questions about the structure of the exam/test so they know exactly what the teacher wants from them.
Writes on paper only the main ideas from the shared document.
Takes naps between classes so their mind is fresh. 50/50 chance of actually waking up on time.
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365filmsbyauroranocte · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Daybreak Express (D.A. Pennebaker, 1953)
(you can watch it here, 5 minutes)
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Recent mini book haul from an independent online bookseller
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the top 10 most popular arcade games in webkinz (at least as of 2015)
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Rate my setup
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