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Feel free to not read this

Today at dinner my sister asked me “are you okay?” Because I just sighed… I started crying and my family looked at me like wtf just happen jssjjs 😔 they know I’m stressed because online classes/ architecture student life that you spend a week trying to do a project that you don’t know what to do anymore and feels like you want to give up every 5 min and feels like it never ends. And the professor saids that it’s not enough and you know that but shows the project anyways because I’m dumb and I’m scared that I’ll end up not passing if I don’t participate more in classes.

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Today was the second day of this semester and I already finished the first assignment. I was way too bored and did the assignment while the prof told us about it 😂 Also sorry for the ugly pic, but I used the living room to study a bit. 🙈

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— october 21, 2020

first post as a sophomore!!! it’s only my third day of classes but i already have so many readings and lecture vids to go through lol also my notes are kinda messy but i’m trying to do them differently this term and im still trying to figure out what works for me (the style i’m going for rn is inspired by linh truong !!! my fav) ◕ ◡ ◕ i hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

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I’m so TIRED of distant studying, like seriously it’s been already ENOUGH for this year, I cannot make it throughout another two-three months of distant studying. I’ve had it for like three weeks now and I’m so EXHAUSTED already, although i lov e studying and I love my school, but it’s just SO hard honestly

I’m gonna have distant studying at least for another three weeks and like gosh it’s just too much

Besides everything, I gotta write my course paper (yeah I’m 14yo and I’m writing a course paper🤷) and it’s also hard without seeing my scientific adviser and like daaaamn I’m tired

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This is based on my personal experience as a first-year chemical engineering student. Because of the pandemic, I find it harder to focus on my studies not only due to distractions but I cannot fully understand lectures. Even if we had synchronous classes almost every week, which we’re lucky enough because other schools rarely don’t have one, I find it no different from having no sync classes. 

In the past, I am okay with solving math problems and my grades are average. They are not high but I guess they’re okay. But now, I find myself shaking with fear whenever I see math problems. Rather than analyzing each problem carefully, I had to look at them generally (it’s like saying there are too many questions, numbers and variables, I don’t have the motivation to solve them).

Chemistry is my favorite subject but the teacher is too fast in teaching, I cannot understand a damn thing. I feel really left behind. I really wanted to learn but it’s still hard. I am usually okay with self-learning yet it’s not enough.I should not be blaming the pandemic for this since everyone’s adjusting to the new normal. I just want face-to-face classes back.

I studied really hard and took practice exams for our exam in Math but it was too overwhelming. Aside from the time-pressured questions since we have this on Quizziz, the number of questions was too much. Even if it were two attempts, what did I learn? Well, I did learn from my experience to handle time-pressured situations, but what did I learn? NOTHING!. I never learned from those type of exams, which deals with memorization except math of course. I was used to essay questions with only three to four questions that I find it so hard to adjust back to this exam-style. It’s been too long. 

Why is there no understanding? For my exams in purposive communication and mathematics in the modern world, it’s just identification. What would I learn from those? I was expecting question like how is communication important and I wrote key points about it. Isn’t it about learning from the subjects? To be honest, while reviewing these subjects, I came to appreciate them and put them in application because they’ll be helpful. The education system is so fucked up. Or am I wrong? Maybe, I’m blaming it again to the external factors which hinders my success.

Date: October 21. 2020

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Time is so fast; we could not expect that this year 2020 was complex. I remember how we celebrate new year last year, everyone is so happy from the gifts, foods, fireworks and everything. Everyone hopes for a good year because year 2019 also was a complex. Suddenly year 2020 became worst of all year. Like what I’ve said we could not expect everything that happens right now. After the joy we celebrate 2020, Pandemic suddenly arrived in the whole world. COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Most infected people will develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization.  

Since COVID-19 has come, everyone needed to adjust, especially those who are working and studying. Works from home, online classes, and virtual gatherings are called a “ new normal”, So everyone now required to make double efforts. As for our online classes, a lot of adjustments have been made. Classes are done through “Gmeet” or “ Zoom ” application. It hardens everything but we need to accept the fact that we need to face the reality of this pandemic.

School year was started by virtual gatherings, we experienced a lot of conflict. Such as slow/poor of internet connectivity, power interruptions, and other factor which affect the learning of every students. I, too, as a student experienced these and it really hard and very tiring. But since I have future in life, I need to fight this battle hence of circumstances, I need to find ways on how to survived. I have family and friends who believed in me that’s why I have no right to give up so I need to keep on fighting.  

My experienced has opened my eyes and it gives me realization into things I thought I could never do. Doing my activities on time because since it is online class there’s a lot of activities given, and you will not want to be dumped. I have no time to chill and to think that everything still easy. This kind of system teach us to be more hard working.

We know that this is just a new normal thing and this will end soon. but since it’s new to us, we can’t avoid to think negative thoughts because we are still on the denial stage that’s why we think that this is something we can’t beneath.

In my 16 year of existence, I know that I don’t have enough experienced in life that’s why this pandemic was traumatic for me. Reason why I think I can’t surpass this crisis we encountered. There’s a lot of challenges wherein I really had to be accepting the changes. Pressure on teachers, deadline of activities and also the expectations of my parents. We all have experienced “new normal,” so I think, “ I can do all things through Christ who gave me strength.” I just have to take the reality with all my heart and give my best every day. I want to give my best shot and I hope everyone too. So “ no one will be left behind”.

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Don’t Do Homework In Bed!!!

Okay, I get the sentiment, I really do, but I want yall to know its actually okay to do work in bed.

From a sleep hygiene perspective, its not preferred. The blue light from your monitor and the association of your bed with work may make it harder to fall asleep. Be aware of this and adjust your habits as needed.

However, if you’re anything like me, sometimes your desk is just too daunting to approach. Sometimes you just want the comfort of your blankets and pillows to balance out the stress of work. Sometimes your desk is too damn messy at the moment and you have a lot to do.

Whatever your reason is, don’t put off your work just because someone told you it wasn’t okay to do it in bed. If you’d feel better doing your work in bed sometimes, that’s okay. Do what you need to.

(However, do be aware how it can affect your sleep. Using a blue light filter helps some. I use flux! As for the association bit, that may be a tradeoff you’ll have to make and that’s valid.)

Love yall

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Fuck man, there’s just never enough hours in the day to do anything. I gotta lower my expectations if I want a feeling of accomplishment when I finally go to sleep at like 2 AM

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I’ve been finding that keeping a schedule of tasks I need to do every day is really helping me keep on track with online learning because if I don’t want to do a task that isn’t due today, I procrastinate by starting on the stuff I have to do tomorrow. It all still gets done, I just get to be a contrary gremlin in the process.

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just here to rant again.

you know that times when you take a quiz or an exam ad you study and study but the questions you got wrong were the most obvious and easiest ones? Like when I was in 5- 6th grade I lost 2 points just because I forgot to put the 3 dots on a music note, and today I confused to closely related terms and also lost two points. God why must I be so stupid. AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHh!!!!!!

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