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1/100 days of productivity

04 june 2020

hey there studyblr community! 

i’ve decided to commit to this productivity challenge, as it was one of my goals when i started this studyblr.with all this free time being productive and not watching tv all day is my main priority.

today i woke up pretty early (5.30 am!) and worked out. After breakfast i logged in to my scheduled zoom classes. I did my best to concentrate and take notes especially during english lit. (that didn’t require much effort tbh, it was really really captivating)

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Hello Tumblr fam,

It’s been way too long since I last saw Tumblr; my phone was toast and due to the COVID-19 lockdown, I couldn’t get it fixed. Also, I really didn’t have anything worth snapping (using others’ phones)

But now, apart from having my cellular back, I have another news: my last semester has finally started *much claps*, it’s going to be conducted online but it’s a start to an end.

What you see above is my first lecture of the semester related to a course called Biomechanics.

Good health too all 🙌

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#3: Tough Life

Let me begin with a beautiful thought.

You discover the biggest of your strengths when you are at your worst.

The topsy-turvy world we live in leaves no chance to leave us unsurprised. Unexpected as it is, my life has taken huge turns, which has affected me in many ways.

The first incident is related to CAD, which is an abbreviation for Computer-Aided Design. A CAD contest was recently organized. Due to lack of participants, the organizers were forcing the students to take part by threats like evaluating our semester based on our participation. Unfair as it is, many of us are stuck due to lockdown. I myself don’t have my laptop computer with myself. The classes were unbearable, and this thing crossed all limits.

So we came together. We, all classmates, and protested against it. We expressed ourselves openly, and however rude as it sounds, decided not to participate. That didn’t stop them from troubling us. In a stubborn manner, they kept on trying to convince us, until I was forced to show the worst of my behaviour, and no surprise! They have still not stopped calling students and asking them to participate. The formalities are killing. How could we learn CAD via conference for the sake of participation when we couldn’t even properly study for our course syllabi via online classes?

I wish that was the end. :( A bigger problem started when an issue began in my family. We have been living in a very bad condition in the same place for several years. It is so dirty and cursed of a place that my parents have to suffer a lot. Forced to work with corrupts, dad always has to compromise, and being exposed to an undesired unclean environment, mom caught a terrible ever-growing OCD. We have tried for years to fix this, but nothing worked. Also, I would lie if I said we are middle-class, because reality, we are worse. We aren’t even decent when it comes to financial stability.

Mom’s OCD pertains to cleaning. She is tempted to clean everything, even when it is not dirty. In fact, she believes that everything that comes from outside is dirty, at least as long as we are in this place. Dad, me, and my brother face trouble getting along with it. It is a feeling of insecurity, but she makes us do it, too. Not that it is her fault; It is totally understandable.

This often lead to fights among my parents. That too, each being worse than the previous one. Every time I try to control things and cool the situation down, I end up taking a lot of frustration on myself. A very terrible situation it is! And another fight took place yesterday, when mom had disagreements with dad regarding him bringing a few books from the office because they would be ‘dirty’.

At this point, dad couldn’t take it anymore. We were going to leave this place soon, but now it got sooner. He said we will leave within a week. It is a good decision. Living here is very hard for all of us, especially mom. It is lockdown, the situation is tense, but we got to go. Life and its challenges… I wish we had our own house.

Not that I will let myself down! Strong as I have been, I have made it through lots of problems in life. I have never let my guard down, and with absolutely nobody to have my back, I have proved myself to use the power of goodwill to do things that people still find amazing. And hopefully, everything will go well. I hope this week passes quickly and we get out of this place. It will be the start of something new.

We will collect money for a few supplies we would require in near future exempli gratia a new laptop for me. The one I have [left in college] is around 12 years-old, and to learn new things like Android app development, I would certainly require a new laptop, because its lack is the only thing stopping me from learning and trying out new technologies. In fact, I need to do that to polish my skills. I am going to work hard to solve all my family’s financial issues!

Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.

With that said, I end this post and will see you again soon! :)

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