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#online friends
CommuniTea Steampunk Weekend.
Three days of steampunk fun and community, and I’m exhausted!
I caught up with some old friends, and made new ones. The event was run via Zoom and Discord. I’m not great with tech, so I loved this combo. I just had to click on the posted Zoom links, and it was easy to find the Discord forums for each topic. There were two video/audio panels, which were easy to use as well. Each day had a different teacup and assortment of pins
Day 1: After my laptop crashed, I decamped to Dearheart’s laptop for the weekend, with lots of tea, for:
Libations with the Literati – social hour centring on writers and publishing.
Bottling Lightning – with amazing steampunk artists: James Ng, Joe Phillips, Talia Lopez, and Maya Preisler
David Lee Summers (a astronomer in real life) chatted about Mars and our history.
Cog Match game – (fill in the blanks) I got to play and even managed some matches!
Intoxicating Historicals. Kat Martin regaled us with historical tales (as a result, I’ve bought several more research books on 19thC health)
  Day 2: So many panels I have to wait to watch in youTube replay…
more music
compliment duelling
Victorian dating during the pandemic in the wee hours (US time).
And Discord video chats into the wee hours…
I was honoured to be asked by Madame Askew to be a guest for ‘Pressing the Ink: Self and Indie Pub Adventures’. I was joined by Catherine Lundoff, Joyce Chng, Danielle Ackley-McPahil (who co wrote Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn), Robert Dahlen (Tales Of Peavley Manor), and Nicole Givens Kurtz.
   Day 3:
Sadly, I missed the Time Travel Baking, with Gail Carriger as a guest (3.30 am ACST), but caught up with Ms Carriger for The Valve Gag: A Discussion in Steampunk Comedy.
The day finished up with Discord live sketches by Audra Balion, and a chat about Arduinos (electronics), and other tech add-ons for costume. (I’ll have to wrap my head around it all.)
I’ve had a ball, immersing in steampunk, costumes, writing, art, cooking, history, and more, in a safe, inclusive environment, with amazing, accepting people. I’m going into hibernation for a few days to recover.
Due to timezone differences, I couldn’t attend panels between 1.30am and 8.30am Adelaide time. The Discord video panels couldn’t be recorded.
Fortunately the Zoom panels were recorded (and the indie panel I was on, was changed to Zoom and got recorded!)
You will be able to (eventually) see some of the fun on Madame’s youTube channel.
Patrons received a sneak peek of this post on 12th April.
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power-of-words23 · 3 hours ago
I just now realized that 'Shadow and Bone' will come out at 12 am PDT sooo it's going to be 9 am in my country... No night watching I guess... And also, the question is now, 'to go on lessons or not to go'
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pinkfluffyhippogriff · 3 hours ago
marauders as things my friends said during online school
sirius: i'll try again in ten minutes. until then, goodnight.
james: (about the teacher not sending a link to the stream) is there a similar rule to the bus-stop-rule ¹ for that?
peter: ("why can he program that this quick?" - "he's got a solution") - then i'll have one the next time, too :(
remus: (sarcastic, bc the stream isn't working, in the groupchat) you do have to listen to him.
¹ bus-stop-rule: if the bus doesn't arrive after 30 minutes, you can go home.
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nerdybutch · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
these are 10/10 i love wearing boxers but hate the way they fit on me because i'm curvaceous and bodacious but these are a happy middle
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bi-rising · 8 hours ago
listen, i’ve never liked the term “weeb” before, bc lord knows that i was called a lot of not-technically-insults-so-nothing-was-done-about-them kind of things, but the more my brother keeps telling me my genuine interest in Japanese culture and actively learning Japanese is just me being a “weeb” while i have to listen to him talk about final fantasy 14 that he plays for literally 12-14 hours a day (no, i promise, i am not exaggerating) and if i don’t pay enough attention to his spiels about it then he gets genuinely pissed off at me, the more i feel genuinely bad when i get called a weeb and the harder it is for me to be excited at all about what i’m learning and accomplishing
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honestnoa · 15 hours ago
I'm like a wild animal in the sense I try to hide and not be perceived and if I do choose to approach you it is either cautiously and slowly or I'm storming towards you at full speeds making threatening noises
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doismelllikedeath · 16 hours ago
Let’s start this with some informations about this page and about me.
Like I said I’m going to treat this as my personal diary but sometimes I like to talk about random shit and other times I like to just rant so don’t expect to much from me.
I would also like to act like I am talking to one specific person, like an imaginary friend I just meet. So for starters I should talk a little bit about myself as an introduction.
- My charts ☀️Leo🌙 pieces ⬆️cancer
- I like Animes, Books and Comics
- big fan of marvel and DC comics
- I like fashion
- I’m currently learning how to skate
- I love mythology of every kind (Greek,Scandinavian, east Africa, west Africa etc)
- I am very interested in witchcraft
- I can read cards
- I love plants and herbs
- I speak English and German and Right now I am learning French
- I wanna travel as much as possible
- I like writing especially short stories
- Im kind of an airhead
- I listen to almost every type of music
- I am very open to new things and I like to try as much as possible
There is probably more you could know about me but let’s see how much I want to share.
Who am I kidding? From this day one you will know everything.
I hope we can become good friends.
Until next time :)
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brienadraws · 16 hours ago
Good afternoon 18+ moots, I have finished my last final for the semester, would anyone like to talk about the Marauders or Linny and also be friends 🤝
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adhdtrans · 16 hours ago
stupid vent post ab my ex roommate don't feel bad about scrolling past
throwback to when that ex roommate lied to his parents and said we kicked him out when literally one of the things i'm the most mad about is that i STOPPED my grandma from kicking him out genuinely 4 distinct separate times because i felt bad for him bc he made himself homeless :/
but he turned right around to his discord servers and said he was "leaving without saying anything first 😎" (quoted) as if it was cool that he left without a word to get a haircut at a friends house during the pandemic (which he admitted to??? to me????) and confirm the moving situation with them at the same time like
how fucking stupid can you be
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totallysweetheart · 17 hours ago
This may weirdly seem like a cry for help lol I'm ok but also not that okay. Idk anyone down to talk or can add me in a group that's appropriate?? and can add me into that group where I can make friends...that would be kinda nice! I love long conversations and open minded people!
The tags may seem all over the place and a bit crazy (like me) but it's just my current interests for now
Thank you for reading
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journalistgirl · 18 hours ago
Online Relationships
Nowadays online relationships/friendships increased. The reason of this is the electrical progress and the wireless internet. We can communicate form anywhere we want. We can meet people from around the world with no problem. We spend more and more time online and its more comfortable for us because we don’t have to go out but on the other hand real relationships are better because it it more fun and we can be with each-other physically and show our emotions.
Tumblr media
Covid changed our lifestyle and internet is the only way for communication. Also people who are in a long distance relationships use internet for communication.
Tumblr media
In my personal experience covid helped me find new friends and it also helped me find my soulmate. I started playing online game called PUBG mobile. It is a online game and you meet new people around the world and you start to play together , you all have microphones and you can turn it on and talk while playing and get to know each other.
Tumblr media
I was lucky enough to meet Georgian people and we did not had a language barrier. I found my best friend and his name is Luka Janibegashvili. We spent hours standing in the game lobby and game was just a reason so we could talk. Is was more like a podcast than a game. Our circle got bigger and bigger. We made new friends but some of them were immigrants living in Cyprus.
Tumblr media
I met Luka and my future boyfriend Tazi on the same day, on June 6th 2020. Pandemic had just started and we all had free time and started playing this game 24/7. But I lived in Tbilisi, Luka in Kahketi and Tazi in Cyprus. We had long distance relationships. We also had a fourth person in our little group of besties. His name is Nika Janibegashvili. He is Luka’s brother and him and Tazi are both living in Cyprus. Its been almost a year since we are talking nonstop.
Tumblr media
Me and Tazi had a special bond and we became closer than ever. He could not be far from me anymore so yesterday he landed in Tbilisi and in few days we are going to meet and Luka is gonna come to Tbilisi and Im gonna meet him as well.
Tumblr media
Our squad also managed to meet new years together online.
To be short I wanted to tell you guys that everything Is possible maybe our true soulmates are living in another country but this is not a problem anymore. Online relationships are a common thing in our times and for our generation.
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ganseylike · 19 hours ago
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sillyfarmbakerygarden · 20 hours ago
TW: mention of self harm, suicide, dysphoria if that’s a TW
Okay, how can you help online friends?
I have this online friend and they’re pretty suicidal and having a hard time dealing with bad parents, dysphoria, and self harm
And I have no clue how to help them - I’ve dealt with these things too, but I still don’t know how to help in addition to like, they’re online, so that can make things more difficult I guess?
I just need advice
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mojoflower · 21 hours ago
Things I have learned about Fandom.
Tips for beginners.
I’m staring down my 9-year anniversary here on Tumblr, and I thought I’d share some thoughts from that perspective. I discovered fandom (and Tumblr) when I was 41, so I’ve obviously never been a teenager online, but I think these are pretty universal for newcomers of any age.
Pick a name that doesn’t reflect your current fandom, because the odds that you will move on in 1 or 5 or 10 years are very high, and changing your url often means that your old friends don’t recognize you anymore.
Keep your friends! Your current fandom friends are going to migrate to different fandoms than you will. You will generally not be able to convince them to love your Next Hyperfixation. Learn to enjoy the eclectic oddness that your dash will eventually become.
Don’t be afraid to move on. Fandom is Brownian Motion. You will drift from one space to another as the spirit moves you. It’s okay. In the beginning, it can feel like a betrayal to leave a fandom, to start reblogging things your current friends aren’t in to, to lose interest in their meta/writing/art, to change the feel of your dash. It’s okay! Everyone does it, although some take months and others take years. Just let them know that your hyperfixation has changed, but your heart and friendship has not. It’s that simple.
Be Kind. To everyone. You have no idea what they’re going through or who they are. Try to not say anything to others that you wouldn’t want aimed at yourself. (You’re going to fuck this up. Everyone does. Give yourself some slack and remember to absorb the lesson, if there’s one to be learned.)
You are going to stumble. Especially in today’s hypercritical climate. You are going to say something that starts a fire. Just say sorry (if it’s warranted) and move on. Delete that post and take a break for a couple of weeks if it gets too hot. LEARN from it, but don’t fixate on it. Make liberal use of tumblr’s Block feature.
Learn to recognize wank (“discourse”). Know that if you jump in with your opinion, you will very likely become some rabid person’s target. So make that choice with your eyes open. Try to avoid black-and-white thinking (we're right --> they must be demons). It's really not helpful.
Online stress is real. Online hurts are real hurts. So learn how to protect yourself. Curate your dash, block people and tags. Learn to recognize when tumblr thoughts follow you into your real life and affect your happiness. When that happens, take a break. Change the makeup of your dash.
Don’t make assumptions. Your friend might be older or younger than you, might be from an entirely different culture. It’s easy to assume everyone on the other side of your keyboard is a mirror image of you, with similar experiences. They very likely are not, so always tread lightly.
Guard your personal information. No one needs to know your real name! And probably, they don’t need to know your age, either. Especially if you’re young. You are your url, and in a fandom community, that is enough.
Being part of a fandom community takes time and effort. You make friends by commenting, reblogging, encouraging others in their writing/art/meta/whatever. If you are a creator yourself, please don’t be discouraged by a slow lift-off. That happens for everyone (except a lucky few).
It isn’t necessary to make friends with the BNFs out there: make friends with other newbies. Your shared experiences will be stronger for that!
Have fun! And if you realize it isn’t fun anymore, walk away. People take breaks from fandom all the time, and it’s still there when they return. Even if it’s been decades. 😉
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