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just ordered an ipad + apple pencil so the world of paper notes is gone !! i was looking through my old notetaking apps, so here’s a picture of some chemistry notes that i scanned into my phone for on the go studying (: im currently studying to try to place out of gen chem 2 so i can move onto organic and thus get some premed reqs out of the way and have the opportunity to try a fine arts class or a business class but we shall see what happens (:

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My science class is doing scalars and vectors right now and I have an overwhelming urge to put this in the google doc

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Can my teachers stop getting mad because my mic doesn’t work occasionally? Stop telling me that I’m not contributing, I just can’t type fast enough to put my contributions in chat. It’s not my fault. There’s nothing I can do about it. Please stop telling me that I need to speak to learn French. I know. There’s nothing I can do. I’m a theater tech kid, not a computer tech kid. When you continually tell me that I’m not contributing, even when I’m trying, I break down. Please stop getting mad at me for something that isn’t my fault.

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The assignment for religion class today is to have a debate, but you are supposed to be all the roles???

Conversation leader, the atheist side, and the religious side???

This is so much shit.

I hate this so much.

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Hey everybody!!

how are you all doing? so for the much awaited history GCSE Tips, requested by @la-galaxie-langblr. I really enjoyed making this post, so let me know if anyone of you have any other requests.

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Even though people are beginning to return to the workplace, many meetings will still be held through video call to practice social distancing. We have 5 tips to make video calling easy!


1. See Which Program You’re Using

There’s more than one video conferencing program out there. Your workplace may have a preferred program, but other businesses or courses may use something completely different. Take a moment the day before a meeting to see if you have the appropriate program or app downloaded for the call. 

2. Check Yourself

Open the camera on your laptop and make adjustments. Is there enough lighting? Is the camera too close? Do you need to move that pile of laundry out of the shot? Make sure to have enough light, put away anything you wouldn’t want to be seen on your work desk, and that your clothes are appropriate for the occasion.

3. Prepare Your Background

A lot of family’s are using the same account for video calls. Make sure to double check your settings before the meeting starts. That background image of a meme may have been fine for your kid’s video call, but may not be ideal for a professional meeting.

4. Get your Gear

You don’t need to invest in a fancy headset for video conferencing. Most phones come with earbuds that have a built in mic. While you’re getting your headphones, go ahead and grab your charger too. It’s better to have it and not need it than to cause a distraction during the meeting.


Please if you only take one thing away from this blog, remember to mute your mic. There’s nothing worse than hearing someone’s dog barking or a TV in the background during a meeting. Even if you don’t plan on unmuting yourself, it’s a good idea to limit noises as much as you can before a call in case you need to chime in. Many video conferencing programs allow you to turn your mic and video feed off in the settings by default, giving you a chance to turn them on after you enter a meeting.

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Fundamentals of Nursing 

Alright I guess this is the first life update in the the two? three? week history of the blog.

The way that my nursing school works is that the program is three years long, 7 total semester (there’s a MANDATORY summer semester). Because it is a private school there is limited staff, so you have to be very careful to pass all your tests and classes because if you fail a nursing class then you get put black a whole year. they only offer classes once a year. I have watched my cohort get increasing smaller in the first year of my acceptance into the program. After the first semester my class went from 130 students to 98, nursing is challenging to say the least but not impossible. (currently we are at 89 people)

Anyways, right now I’m doing the mandatory summer semester that is our foundations course. I believe it is taught in the summer due to the clinical sights that we have contracts with. (the main place that we have a contract with for this class is the Galveston women’s correctional facility… Galveston is very…. far… away… I mean I already commuted 72 miles daily I can’t imagine Galveston)

HOWEVER due to COVID-19 my class is online, and what would have been a summer of clinical is now a summer of me being a shut in studying. 


This class is a little intense. It’s a six credit course that I’m completing in basically five weeks because after a close look at the syllabus the last five weeks are dedicated to taking the end of course HESI.

The amount of reading that I have to complete for this class is UNREAL. it doesn’t help that my professors are on crack and are assigning new things every couple hours. Just to put it in perspective the picture is of all the assigned textbooks for the next 5 weeks. help.

Well this post leads nicely into my next tips post that I’ll have up at some point this week.

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It’s so hard to do school right now like 2 weeks to the end of the year right? Usually it’s hard to get thru but like being at home ~distraction~ figuring out I can watch YouTube while doing my work ~distraction~ my family being people and making noise ~distraction~ my phone being within my line of sight ~distraction~ I fucking hate this. I can’t do school at home with all these distractions.

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