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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#only if you want to

Tagged by @chellekumari​ thank you! (◕ ω ◕✿)

Rules: tag 9 people you’d like to get to know better/catch up with.

Three Ships in any order:
(only 3? I’m not super into shipping, but I like a lot of ships)

  1. Khyzonia (Khyron/Azonia, Robotech)
  2. Shotura (Shiro/Lotor/Allura, VLD)
  3. Entrapdak (Entrapta/Hordak, She-Ra: PoP)

Honorable Rare/Crack Pair Mentions:
(my addition b/c I’m bad at following rules)
Ginger/Lisa (Vehicle Voltron), Juri/Kozue (Revolutionary Girl Utena), Daryun/Narsus (Heroic Legend of Arslan), and Annerose/Oberstein (LotGH). Apparently Kumari and I are on the same cosmic wave length on that last one.

Last Song: 100% by Angelspit (Fucked Remix 110% by Combichrist)

Last Movie: Venus Wars / ヴイナス戦記  (1989, dir. Yoshikazu Yasuhiko)

Currently reading: Sera and the Royal Stars (Vault Comics), Imaginary Cities by Darran Anderson (novel), Mó Dào Zǔ Shī / 魔道祖师 (manhua), and some smutty Macross doujinshi that is taking too long for me to translate because I keep getting distracted.

Currently watching: The Midnight Gospel. Re-watching She-Ra: PoP because I can (and its wonderful). Slowly making my way through Chōdenji Machine Voltes V / 超電磁マシーン ボルテスV. Waiting on next seasons of Castlevania, Seis Manos, and Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.

Currently consuming: too many Girl Scout cookies

Food I’m craving right now: buttermilk biscuits with honey

Tagging: I hope y’all are doing well! @saltwife@headspacedad@asennnaa@pastellipastels@mutedtempest@the-not-so-dark-age@aquaburst3@tarotofbadkitties

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Thanks so much for the tag @spngeek7983

Tag 10 followers that you want to get to know better! :) 

Imma tag: @rustandruin @marvel-and-dc-geek @imqueenswhore @theirdarkmaterials @for-the-love-of-reylo @nottodaysatan-8866 @poe-damnnn-eron @ferrod22 @hxldmxdxwn @reylo-is-my-solo

Age: My current vessel is 22 years old 

Gender: I’m what Kesha would call a motherfuckin woman, baby that’s right 

Star Sign: Capricorn/Aquarius Cusp (oh, you don’t believe in those? sounds like a personal problem lol)  

Height: 5’7’’

Sexuality:  Wish I knew… pretty sure I’m more towards the middle on the spectrum though 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite animals: Cows! Pigs! Manatees! So many more! But do me a solid and google “loris”, you’re welcome 

Average Hours of Sleep: umm 6 to 8? (I’m an essential worker now so the sleep schedule had definitely changed)

Current Time: 3:51 PM

Dogs or Cats: yes

Blankets You Sleep With: Just my comforter, but in the winter I swap that out for this massive, super soft/fluffy/heavy blanket

Dream Job: I would love to act, direct, and write. Issa lot I know but hey I’m a Capricorn, the more control I have the better lol 

When Did I Make This Blog: Uhhhhhh… good question, 2014ish?  

Followers: 782

Why Did I Make This Blog: Highkey, I’m just here for the fandoms lol

Reason Behind My URL: My name is Samantha, I love the Winchesters, and my favorite number is 18 :) 

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Hidden in this poster are 24 song titles.

How many can you find?


1st picture: Actual poster

2nd picture: Songs I found

3rd picture: Wallpaper

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I was tagged by @go-west-brother thank you!

Rules: Using songs from one artist answer the questions and tag 10 people

Artist: Talking Heads

What’s your gender: And She Was

How are you feeling: The Lady Don’t Mind

Favourite mode of transportation: Houses in Motion

If you could go anywhere: Road to Nowhere

Your best friend: With Our Love

Favourite time of the day: Stay Up Late

If your life was a tv show: Creatures of Love

Your relationship status: Heaven

I tag: @stufenlosregelbar, @chadbot01, @cheapskate-bleeding-queer, @groovietimes, @topperheadon, @fakepunkjacketliar, @wannabegothgurl, @mikedirnts-sideburns, @moogotron & @punksleftshoe

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Rules: Tag people you want to get to know better.

Tagged by: @brokenbluedoors  (thanks bro!)

Top 3 ships:

Thoschei, Villaneve, Catadora 

Last song:

Fair Play by Lucy McWilliams ft. Malaki

Last movie:

Ummmm I think it might have been Mr Poppers Penguins 

Currently reading:

Only fanfics atm

What food am I craving:

Jelly. Always jelly. And apple juice but it’s not a food

I tag: @v4n1r-artattack @becauseseaotters @i-was-bored-so-this-happened

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Ideas for entertaining yourself


I know what you’re thinking sports? There are no sports, but listen

  1. Watching your favorite teams/players epic montages
  2. Stalking the teams or players social media accounts
  3. Making your own montages
  4. Creating sports team mood boards
  5. Looking up the history of you favorite sport or team
  6. Re-enacting your teams epic moments to the best of your abilities


  1. Learning/perfecting a new or old technique
  2. Fucking around to see if you can find a new way of doing things
  3. Working with a new material/medium
  4. Trying something similar (cross-stitch, embroidery, hand sewing, ya know similar)
  5. Researching about the history of the art you are creating
  6. Researching about a person known for creating the same art that you create
  7. Finishing that 5 year old project
  8. Redoing that project you want to be proud of, but just can’t

Working out/being physical

  1. Rearrange the furniture
  2. Run around and screech through the halls/rooms
  3. Do push ups in the dry bathtub(no pull ups)
  4. Pick up a person you are stuck with(if both parties consent)
  5. Technically you can go outside for a jog
  6. Climb a tree

Miscellaneous others for all

  1. Gaming, on phone, PC, gaming console, download a new thing, see where it takes you
  2. Finding a discord server for your interests
  3. Literally anything in this post
  4. Reading, go side up for that free month on Audible or go find a youtuber with a discount link
  5. Find new youtubers/streamers to watch
  6. Watch history videos on YouTube
  7. Go put all your friends on a group chat if you haven’t already and fuck shit up
  8. Sing, doesn’t matter if you’re good or not
  9. What you want
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Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Put your entire music library on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then choose 10 victims who reblogged from you.

Tagged by @damn-that-smile-x, Dankeschön hihi

1. Garden - Dua Lipa
2. Everybody Loves You - Charlotte Lawrence
3. Don’t Hold Me - Sandro Cavazza
4. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems - Lana Del Rey
5. Lost In The Moment - NF
6. Sorry - Halsey
7. To Die For - Sam Smith
8. Not Afraid - Eminem
9. Adore You - Miley Cyrus
10. Are You With Me - nilu

I tag @takethisride, @leicht-gesagt, @mostlyy-happyy, @vintxge-heart, @welcome-to-thelabyrinth, @youre-an-angelfallendown, @justme-and-mymind, @nurerscheinung, @youguyssuckballs, @waswaerewennx

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Thank you so much for the tag @imqueenswhore

RULES: answer the following questions! you can only use each movie once

Favorite Movie: Currently, Venom 

Movie that makes you remember your childhood: Star Wars: A New Hope. I still remember when my brother sat me down and introduced me to that galaxy far, far away. 

Favorite Tom Hanks movie: I love Forrest Gump

Movie that makes you cry: I cry at everything but, Room fucked me up

Favorite 80s movie: Damn this is hard! Probably The Little Mermaid, I wore that VHS out man lol but lucky for me DVDs were becoming all the rage

Favorite comedy: Monty Python and The Holy Grail 

Favorite sports movie: Goon 

Favorite courtroom movie: Legally Blonde, duh

Favorite War Movie: Inglorious Bastards 

Favorite Animated Movie: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Favorite Horror Movie: Silent Hill 

Most overrated movie: please don’t come after me… Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 

Favorite Gangster Movie: Unusual Suspects 

Movie You Can Watch Over And Over: Birds of Prey  

Movie With The Best Soundtrack: Thor: Ragnarok hit different man 

Most Embarrassing Movie You Love: Frozen II 

Favorite Christmas Movie: A Christmas Story 

Favorite Sequel: The Dark Knight 

I’m tagging @rriseoforgana @marvel-and-dc-geek  @poe-damnnn-eron and anyone else who wants to do it! Please tag me if you do! 

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10 random questions for 10 random simmers

Thank you, @avornalinoo and @droolski for tagging me!

1. If you could travel one place in the world, where would you travel?

This is hard because I have a long list of places to go at some point in my life. But I really, really want to go to Venice, Italy.

2. What do you do in your free time away from sims?

I do a lot of school work (Pre-Med here), I like yoga, I want to learn to draw, I have two cats to play with, I have some favorite YouTubers, and battle my depression.

3. What other games do you play besides the Sims?

I have Pocket Camp on my phone (but I’ve been slacking recently), I like Minecraft, Skyrim, Summoners War (also on the phone), and I like to watch the games my boyfriend plays like The Witcher and things. 

4. How tall are you?

5 feet + 6 inches 

5. One random interest of yours?

Um. I’m not sure. I love skincare (future Derm) and nails. 

6. Current favorite bands or artists?

Oh. Well I don’t listen to music very often to be honest, but I love Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Ed Sheeran, Broadway songs, and some other random music. 

7. Something you’re looking forward to:

Finding the mental energy to work out and be healthy again. And celebrating my 21st birthday that got “skipped over” due to the situation of the world and a few other factors (it was March 5th).

8. Current favorite films? 

I don’t really watch movies anymore.. but I enjoy Star Wars and cartoons. I just don’t have the energy to watch them, even though that sounds silly. 

9. Who is a historical icon that left an impact on your life? 

I’m going to pass this, none come to mind honestly

10. Favorite series (book or movie)?

Well, I like a lot of books and a lot of series (shows or movies) so I don’t really have a favorite I guess.

I tag: @mystelise, @sunlitcrys, @angels-simblr, @butternutsims, @meadowsims, @kit-cat-sims, @simpeachie, @kalissimsblog, @winterstar-sims, @lotusplum, and anyone else who wants to💖

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quarantine boredom tag game

i was tagged by @//lhzthepoet was letting anyone do it so!

maybe you guys will get to know me a little better through this cute little tag game.

Appearance :

i am over 5’5 // i wear glasses/contacts // i have blonde hair // i prefer loose clothing over tight clothing // i have one or more piercings // i have at least one tattoo // i have blue eyes // i have dyed or highlighted my hair // i have gotten plastic surgery // i have or had braces // i sunburn easily // i have freckles // i paint my nails // i typically wear makeup // i don’t often smile // i am pleased with how i look // i prefer nike to adidas // i wear baseball caps backwards

Hobbies & interests :

i play a sport // i can play an instrument // i am artistic // i know more than one language // i have won a trophy in some sort of competition // i can cook or bake without a recipe // i know how to swim // i enjoy writing // i can do origami // i prefer movies to tv shows // i can execute a perfect somersault // i enjoy singing // i could survive in the wild on my own // i have read a new book series this year // i enjoy spending time with my friends // i travel during school or work breaks // i can do a handstand

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