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#only talk

Of course you can enter!, although it would be a bit more complicated to give the small gift that will be made to all participants qwq

How about you put your favorite character in his place? OwÓ I think it would work fine too UwÙ

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Porque te da cosita mi vida? :“0

Tu dime y haber como le hacemos OwÓ

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<span>Necesito con tanta urgencia hablar con alguien</span>
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If you dont have the level of intelligence to comprehend that arbitrary social concepts made up and defined by humans have multiple fluctuating definitions that vary by culture and could potentially cease to exist in their conceptual forms as we understand them if the entire human race agreed to do so, don’t fucking pretend like the people who do are the idiots because you can’t understand it. If you dont understand it, but you aren’t toxic about it and you just let people live their lives, amazing, youre doing great im proud of you. And if you’re trans/nb/agender, I love you, I understand, and im proud of you for doing your best even if you dont fully understand it yourself. Pop the fuck off y'all.

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i’ve always thought that in that scene (in 1x10) where hannibal says “will has a remarkably vivid imagination. beautiful” he meant that will’s imagination is beautiful, but when i re-watched it with my mom (with subtitles in spanish), they translated beautiful like “hermoso” (which is male) so it sounded like hannibal said will is beautiful… thinking

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Me, two days ago: man the stuff the dream smp fandom makes is pretty sweet but I don’t think I’ll get into it. There’s too much lore and I’ll never get caught up to it.


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Salt Meme // @timeguarded sent this one in too.

☢ What fads/trends are you so over?

TBH I can’t think of any current trends that bother me. The only one in recent memory was the ‘interest checkers’ & those died off pretty quickly. They were good in theory, mind you, but any time I filled one out, I’d never hear anything back so I just stopped using them.

As far as current trends go, I haven’t seen anything that really bothers me outside of people using like. Really super tiny icons with the color burn turned up to 120%

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A wip of a Convin piece ive been sitting on the last few months

Its a fanart of a fic I was reading that I adore but as you can see its still needs a lot done. Frankly I hate drawing people. Like hate as in I legit was shaking when I had to paint this but god damn ill master people if it kills me

i also hate doing buildings and man made objects so the chairs and table are the last bits to be done but New year new me, im pushing myself so itll take fucking forever before its finished

Im throwing sumo in there just for a gift to myself

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Okay this message from my coworker kinda made me 🥺🥺 I’m sorry nobody uses your full name friend! I’m gonna call her by it more often now.

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I think working on interpersonal skills can benefit you a lot, and it might even help you create your life fortune. Take care of relationships you have with people, don’t burn your relationships for silly reasons but don’t let people burden you to the point you can’t move. Know the difference between you vs other people, relate to them but don’t merge with them to the point you lose sight of yourself. 

Analyzing, listening to people, seeing different perspectives are good and all- but at the end of the day decisions need to be made. The problem with Libra is they tend to fall into indecisiveness, because they see too much that they forget that information is supposed to help them make an informed decision. Discipline your mind, learn from healthy Capricorns; they have prioritization and ultimate goals, thus they know how to make the right decision because of this.  

Since I’m not an astrologer, if you want in depth thoughts about personal placements, it will help you more if you approach astrology blogs about it, they can help you better.  

P/S: when you google placements description, you can’t google “sun, mercury, jupiter, mars in 7th house”. Separate them. Combine “sun in 7th house” description with “jupiter in 7th house” description, then combine it with “7th house stellium” description and so on. Not to discredit your claim but information like this is everywhere, I know because I’ve searched around.

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Just applied for a new job. I’d make more money for fewer hours, and would be FAR AWAY from my current coworkers of hell. I don’t really believe I’m gonna get it since I’m never that lucky, but, oh, one can dream, can’t they?


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