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THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER that lives in my head → 37/?
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sambuckysnippets · 2 days ago
 He can, of course. But, selfishly…Bucky doesn’t want to give Sharon the satisfaction of knowing she was right.
 He’s still debating what in the world he’s going to do when the last block finally rolls around, and as if the day couldn’t get any worse, Bucky watches Sam Wilson’s fifth-grade science class walk right through the doors of the library.
 Knowing it’s futile but praying for a miracle, Bucky pretends to be busy, ducking his head to finish shelving a cart of books, but when he risks another glance in their direction, he sees Sam looking right back, and when their eyes meet, and Sam’s face lights up in a delighted smirk.
 Bucky holds back an irritated sigh.
 “You know, I was a little worried my favorite librarian wouldn’t be in,” Sam says as he sidles up next to him.
the best thing i never knew was mine by dharmainitiative
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saryasy · 4 days ago
lost in the in-between (or so it seems)
T - 3K
He wakes up on the Wilsons' couch.
He flew in late last night for an impromptu visit.
Sam stubs his toe.
Redwing falls to the ground.
They watch the sunset.
Sarah is home.
Sam burns the pasta.
The kids are fighting.
He wakes up on the Wil-
He’s stuck in a time loop, isn’t he?
on AO3
based on this ask I got from the lovely @samothy-wilson, thank you so much babe!
also, my eternal thanks to @livingincolorsagain. this fic would never have been posted if it weren't for you and your endless patience. thank you so so much honey 💖
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bisamwilson · 6 days ago
they don’t need to know what we do alone
sambucky | E | 2.7k | picking up a stranger at a bar roleplay | complete | ao3
written for @samwilsonbingo round 2 square N2: date night! this is also my first bingo!!! (only took 16/25 squares lmao)
special thanks to the lovely @obsessivelymoody for betaing this fic for me <3
this is hopefully the first of an upcoming series based on MAX’s overly horny discography! this one’s based on an older song called hotel confidential
Sam’s sitting alone at a near-empty hotel bar when he feels someone slip something into his pocket.
He freezes when he feels it, breath catching, but he doesn’t turn around right away. He thinks maybe they might stay if he doesn’t turn around, might whisper something in his ear since Sam can’t see their face, but when nothing comes, he turns around to find the mystery giver gone and out of sight.
He fishes in his pocket.
He pulls out a key card for one of the rooms in the hotel with a sticky note attached. The note reads “RM 1212” in all caps, the ink a little smudged, and Sam’s damn curious.
He waves down the bartender. “Can I close out?”
His one glass of red didn’t run up much, so he leaves enough cash on the bar for his drink and a nice tip before getting down off his stool and heading towards the elevators. The hotel’s almost as empty as the bar on a Tuesday night in mid-January, so he gets the elevator to himself. He’s not sure if he’s grateful for the anonymity or worried no one’s going to see him go up to this mysterious room.
finish on ao3
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livingincolorsagain · a month ago
Like Heaven to Touch (1.1k, g)
The song ends and another starts. Sam half-turns toward the dancefloor at the first tone, the wine glass forgotten in his hand. He gets a look in his eyes as Frank Sinatra’s voice starts to fill the spacious room.
You're just too good to be true Can't take my eyes off of you
Bucky watches him for a moment; the look in his eyes is one of aching longing and wistfulness, as if the music has taken him to a different time and place. The look grows unbearably sad, so without thinking, Bucky asks, “Wanna dance?”
for @whyareveelikethis, happy birthday love <3
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sassysambucky · a month ago
(AO3) Oh It’s Magick
Summary: Bucky is magically split into two bodies, himself and the winter soldier, when a mission goes south. Sam finds that both halves are still attracted to him, but despise each other, Rated M/E
BBB round four, square B3: stranded
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tw blood / tw wounds
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
instagram | twitter | ko-fi | commissions
i like to invoke chaos actually >:) 
i actually drew this a few months back and have only posted today! i made a bunch of versions too, one of which became my new profile pic and header :)) what do yall think? so far this is my most detailed art yet <3
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plantswithme · a month ago
Knowing Him
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Read on AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/40077675
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Pairing: Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes
Words: 909
Some Tags: Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Holding Hands, Sam and Bucky miss Steve, Grief/Mourning, Canonical Character Death
Sam and Bucky miss Steve on his birthday and so they talk about him.
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enchanted-lightning-aes · a month ago
what are some of the most popular headcanons of sam and bucky as roommates?? asking for fic research. 🤧🤧🤧
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alivedean · 17 days ago
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sambucky + two truths and a lie (insp.)
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sambuckysnippets · a day ago
Bucky’s doing fine. He’s doing better.
If he has to be a civilian, he has to have this routine. It doesn't matter if he despises it, or if the boredom is creeping in on the edges. He'll never be like these people that come out to sprint first thing in the morning, grinning with their Seize the Day smiles, and that's okay.
Bucky is rounding on his second lap of the Pool and approaching a man crouched down, retying his laces and humming to himself like a chipper little songbird. He rolls his eyes to himself as he passes, turns his music up a little louder.
He’s too slow, of course, and can’t pretend he doesn’t hear when the guy says something to him. Bucky slows to a stop and pulls one of his earbuds out, tries to keep his face neutral. “Sorry, what?”
establishing shot by sambambucky                
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buckyismybicycle · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
*SWEATING* Another Bingo down!!! Unfortunately, I didn’t get the black out I was aiming for, but these prompts certainly inspired a lot of drafts, which will hopefully come to life one day. A total of 57, 316 words combined this round. See ya on the next one! 😘 
#1 - Cockwarming & Alpha/Beta/Omega - never asked anyone to save me, but if it's you, i'll take it (Explicit | 5,598 words) 
#2 - Edging & Thigh Fucking - subject no. 1 (Explicit | 4,665 words)
#3 - Face-fucking - tangle of lives, lies and limbs (Explicit | x Steve Rogers | 7,721 words)
#4 - Bondage - butterfly (Explicit | x Joaquin Torres | 9,286 words)
#5 - Roommates - I've been lookin' / meet me under the mistletoe (Teen | 7,220 words) 
#6 - Threesome - 5 times Sam learns of Bucky's coping outlets + 1 time he joins (Explicit | 5,167 words) 
#7 - Torture, Coma, Amnesia - bargaining chip (Mature | 6,869 words) 
#8 - Vormir & Asgard - Moodboards
#9 - Accidental Eaves Dropping - spread your wings (Explicit | x Joaquin Torres | 3,370 words) 
#10 - Grief - just temporary bliss (Teen | 782 words)
#11 - Free Space! - The 107th - (Fresh Plum Cake) 
#12 - Holiday - this christmas, I'll give you my heart (Teen | 6,638 words)
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bisamwilson · 18 days ago
mak’s au week masterpost
i know au week ended two days ago BUT i thought it would be good to put all seven fics i wrote in one place!
day 1: based in canon/canon divergence: 
one of those nights (ao3) (tumblr)
3.8k, E, one night stand
There’s a kind of greasy man holding up the bar near Sam’s normal spot, and he’s admittedly not too happy about it.
day 2: meet ugly/coffee shop:
all of the while it was you (ao3) (tumblr)
4.1k, G, enemies to lovers
Sam's having a pretty great day, at least until his least favorite customer walks in.
day 3: in the public eye/royalty
bloomed (ao3) (tumblr)
3.6k, G, enemies to lovers, arranged marriage, language of flowers
“I don’t want to marry you,” James says, and Sam tries not to let it wound his pride.
day 4: slice of life/summer camp
talkin’ bout honeysuckle rose (ao3) (tumblr)
2.3k, M, clothed frottage, awkward Bucky Barnes
Bucky's been half in love with his co-camp counselor for years.
Maybe this is the summer he'll figure out how to talk to him.
day 5: genre-themed/based on film or tv
but it feels like there’s oceans between you and me (ao3) (tumblr)
2.7k, E, star wars au, porn with feelings
Emotional attachment is not the Jedi way.
day 6: all the tropes/soulmates
(what is love) baby don’t hurt me (ao3) (tumblr)
1.2k, T, cacw
You physically can't hurt your soulmate.
After Zemo uses the trigger words on Bucky, all his blows glance right off Sam.
day 7: free choice
what happens here stays here (all of this’ll disappear) (ao3) (tumblr)
2.3k, T, married a stranger in vegas au
Sam wakes up with a pounding headache and a stranger in his bed.
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livingincolorsagain · a month ago
for the prompt hands around the waist from this list: physical intimacy prompts
ao3 link
Sam is in the kitchen, watching over the eggs as they cook and sipping his coffee when he hears the patter of socked feet.
Not long after, there are hands around his waist, thumbs brushing his skin from under his tank top and a face pressed into the back of his neck as Bucky grumbles about weekends and early birds and empty beds between kisses.
Sam smiles, puts his cup down and turns down the heat. He spins around to face Bucky, whose hands quickly find Sam’s waist again, his thumbs brushing his hip bones now. His smile gets fonder as he takes in Bucky’s half-opened eyes and bird nest of hair.
“Good morning, honey.” Sam says, because he always knows how to make Bucky lose his grumpiness.
Like clockwork, Bucky melts into him; a kiss that tastes like mornings and coffee; hands that travel over his skin like they’re trying to learn something new, even after years.
“Good morning, sweetheart.” Bucky says back when he pulls away, pressing kisses over Sam’s cheeks, neck, ears and nose, because Bucky is even more affectionate in the mornings. Then, near Sam’s left ear he says, “The eggs are definitely overcooked now.”
“Shit.” Sam pushes away from him, twisting around to turn off the heat and remove the pan from over the burner. He frowns as he takes in the eggs; definitely overcooked is one way to describe them. He turns his head to the side to glare at Bucky. “This is all your fault!”
Bucky smiles and leans his hip on the counter next to the stove, smug as hell with his arms crossed. “How is it my fault you’re easily distracted?”
“You’re incorrigible.” Sam says, but there is no heat behind his words. “Guess we’re having over hard eggs for breakfast.”
Bucky shrugs. “I’ve had worse.”
Sam sighs.
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sassysambucky · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Touch Me (Feel Me Bloom)
(AO3), 40k+ words, Ongoing, rated E
After months of tracking him through Europe then being roommates, Sam walks in on Bucky talking to his… well, talking his dîćk.
Some tags: recovering Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson Feels, roommates, slow burn, s~xual dysfunction, meds and therapy, semi-europe, bestie Leila Taylor, lying to Steve Rogers
+ other sambucky fics
Excerpt… 👇🏾
Tumblr media
Truth be told, touring Europe had its perks, and Sam had taken in a lot more scenic routes than he could during tours, trying any local cuisine that he could get his hands on, really getting in touch with his sensual side. You couldn’t just be in a place and see touristy crap, you had to touch the trees and flowers, taste local dishes, hear music playing, smell the mysteries of street bazaars.
The one thing every place had in common was that feeling of being watched, trailed by a shadow that he was supposed to be trailing.
It was funny, really, like a game of cat and mouse, and Sam took it upon himself to really enjoy his time in each city, stopping at galleries and just sitting, breathing, taking in the peace. That way, maybe Bucky would gather some tranquility himself, even inadvertently.
It was at the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris where Sam had sat for an hour just staring at Monet’s Water Lilies, letting himself escape into the pastel greens and cyan blues. He could feel his heart swelling with each stroke of pink and purple on the lilies, missing home, thinking back to the swamps and beautiful ponds where he’d grown up until he’d decided it was enough, releasing the emotion as he got up to leave, moving calmly to a different exhibit.
He pretended not to notice the broad shoulders and dark baseball cap standing to the side with a crowd of German master’s students, blending seamlessly if not for the listless look in Bucky’s eye, lost in the lilies himself, jaw agape and blue orbs soft. Then he flinched, realizing Sam had passed him.
Yeah, in hindsight, that was a little sneaky, guiding Bucky into reflecting.
But seriously, who could stalk a man through a field of night blooming Cereus in Rome, the ones that would only stretch their beautiful milky petals once a year, and not take it in himself? Who could trail the streets of Belgium, mirroring Sam as he ordered a generous waffle with powdered sugar and rich chocolate and not moan in bliss as he tried it too? How long had it been since Bucky got to taste the sweet things in life?
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honestlyfrance · 2 months ago
*spins teh wheel* 26 or 47, :3 - 🔮⛈ (@enchanted-lightning-aes)
star-struck lovers / sambucky
One of the most baffling things Bucky Barnes ever had to witness was himself change into a version of someone capable of loving. It was terrifying. Dare he say, scarring; if it was a physical change, there would be scars all over him— he could not recognize himself, but there were bits and pieces that he remembers was from his previous self.
For example: he remembered how tender he loved, how ever-lasting his feelings exist and the ways he could showcase this. And when Bucky found Sam Wilson, he knew that this love would last longer than the lifespan of any star.
The way Bucky loved Sam, it was without hesitation. He bought flowers "just because" and pulled the man close just so he could hold him any time he wanted. Bucky would ask permission for any kiss, and Sam's affirmations would only taste sweeter with every answer. It was wonderful. They both feel ecstatic.
You might think that the way Sam loved Bucky was kind of scary, because he's seen him at his worst, at the edge of inhumanity, and at the end of all things happy; then Bucky got better, he learned to smile again, and the way he says Sam's name birthed universes on his tongue. It's not scary at all; in the moment, it made sense to fall into each other's orbits. They made sense, is the thing. Everything made much more sense in their lover's presence.
Sam is star-struck, loving like a romantic with an affinity for words and Bucky, who has all the time in the world to match his man's energy, has whole constellations in his eyes. What a pair they make.
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plantswithme · a month ago
Wherever You Are, That’s Where I’ll Be
Tumblr media
Read on AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/39181014/chapters/98029701
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Pairing: Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes
Words: 6.5k
Some Tags: POV Sam Wilson, Time Travel, Feelings Realization, Mutual Pining, Denial of Feelings, First Kiss, Idiots In Love
Sam and Bucky find themselves working with Dr. Strange and Wong, when suddenly, things take an odd turn, or maybe a right one...
Or the one where Sam meets a version of himself and realizes a few things.
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