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onthelightside replied to your post: fernsea replied to your post: ATTN: Posting a reel…

major eww lol

And he has his middle name as “Suave”.


It was “Breezy”, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse.

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onthelightside replied to your post: onthelightside replied to your post: JANICE WOW,…

WAIT, what about the school system? I am confused haha. Are you talking about The Lottery?

Yes The Lottery, haha it’ll make sense I promise! It’s really really good!

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onthelightside replied to your post: JANICE

WOW, MY INTERNET WAS BEING SO SLOW TOO, I feel u. I always see The Ward on there so I’ll it watch tonight! Iol I’ve seen White Chicks a few times and I actually like crying during movies so I’ll check out The Lottery and the other 2 as well, thanks!!

YAY!! But really though, The Ward is like, DANG - and The Lottery is really fascinating OH also I realized you’re from Canada - the way the school system is in NY isn’t the same in every state, or even district, so don’t think that that’s how it is all across the US!

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onthelightside replied to your post: onthelightside reblogged your photo: …

yeah! I don’t follow him lol but I think I will because his blog is more my style now and I want to be updated since he sent in his audition tape! anyway, his url is -insomniaticdreams

aww wow he really is auditioning for it ? fingers crossed

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onthelightside reblogged your photo: fishingboatproceeds: justmargaret: …

I love him and I don’t even know him but I know his tumblr and that’s all I need lol

could i have his tumblr ?i unfollowed him a while back llol

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onthelightside replied to your post: Lol, I seem to have offeneded my dad. …

That seems a little odd, to be honest lol. Like, if theyre not that close, why is he so grateful for him?!

Lol, I honestly don’t even know why either. I even think they’re sometimes annoyed by my dad. Sigh, another conundrum to add to life. 

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Nope :( Sorry! 

I’ll narrow it down. It’s not a reality show. I rarely watch those.

It’s not super famous, but a lot of people on the show are now famous. 

Hope those hints help someone :) 

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onthelightside replied to your postLast day of Insanity tomorrow

oh my gosh, you must be excited! How was it all? I hope you got amazing results! :)

it was great! i did :)


 replied to your 


Last day of Insanity tomorrow

Definitely just googled him to see if he’s nice on the eyes..

his body is tdf

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onthelightside replied to your post: princesslink replied to your post: weightz replied…

my sister had to get that done this summer! She needed a fake tooth put in (because half of it chipped after a fall some years ago) and the dentist said her teeth would be too short for the new tooth, so they had to make her other teeth “longer”

seriously?! but wouldn’t that expose a ton of nerves or something? Idk why that freaks me out haha

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onthelightside replied to your post: p.s. I really want my hair braided

I was supposed to get braids like two weeks ago, but I was too lazy to take out my weave lol

you have a weave?! I’ve always been to scared to get one, so I just stick to my white girl flow (relaxer) or box braids! also I’ve never gotten micro braids, but my mom did one time and her edges were all messed up! so I avoid those too lol

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onthelightside replied to your video: In “Katy Perry: Part of Me” she had videos of her…

aww, this is definitely going to happen. I know it! You are already inspiring people and you are amazing! And I loved the end hahaha.


seriously my heart was pounding out of my chest for like 30 minutes after that

And thank you so much gurlfran :) :)

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I just have to say that you are soooo cute! You seem so cheery and upbeat and I love it! And I wish you the best on your weight loss journey as well, you WILL get there :)

haha THANK YOU! <3

you too, babe!

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Thank you! and you have made SO MUCH PROGRESS!!! Oh my gosh, your body shape has changed so much already. I'm so proud of you even though I hardly know you haha. Keep it up, you're doing great and I can't wait to see you eventually get to your goal weight :)

Awww, thank you, Janice!

I can’t wait to see you get to your goal weight either! We will be amazing mofos! >:D


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3, 5, 14!

3. Ohhhh man. If I got $100,00 a week, I’d probably spend it on:

  • the sweetest gym equipment ever, including barbells
  • a nutritionist to plan my meals out
  • hiring Coldplay to serenade me on the weekends
  • obviously a swag house
  • and a beach house
  • and all the healthy foods I could get my hands on
  • oh and somehow paying RDJ to hang out with me

5. I’d probably spend it with John Lennon, talking about his career and his musical inspirations, and just generally chilling together B)

14. Five things I have to have in my dream home:

  • the ultimate fitness room with all the equipment I could dream of
  • a room that’s entirely pillows
  • an indoor pool
  • EL lighting throughout the house (also to use it to make TRON suits for fun)
  • a 10 foot high, high def screen for TV, movies, and videogames
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7, 13, 21 :)

7: What does your last text say:

its UGLY

13: What are you listening to right now

american wedding by frank ocean

21: Are you sarcastic

omg very

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I just want to say that I love your blog! Thanks so much for following and I really wish you all the best with your weight loss :) Oh and you're gorgeous too, by the way!

omg thank you! you too c:

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Don't worry too much about yesterday, today is a new day, so good luck! :)

thanks so much! i really appreciate your support :)

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