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i was tagged by @naiivete
tag ten followers you’d like to know better

  • name — Adrian
  • gender —male
  • star sign — libra
  • height — 5′6
  • age — 25
  • wallpaper on my phone — My Nephew
  • house — Gryffindor probably
  • ever crush on a teacher — Hahaha
  • coolest halloween costume — Ghostface
  • favorite 90s tv show — Seinfeld
  • last kiss — I don’t remember the date!
  • have you ever been stood up — maybe
  • favorite pair of shoes — a pair of kd’s my sister bought for my birthday
  • have you ever been to vegas — no
  • favorite fruit — Apples
  • favorite book —  Death Game: Provenance of Darkness (had me scared to turn the page haha)
  • stupidest thing you’ve ever done — HAH oh boy this is hard but maybe getting talked into throwing a cinder block through a truck windshield that one time
  • all time favorite shows — That’s a big question. I’ll just say my all time favorite is Legion haha
  • last movie you saw in theaters — I think bloodshot but that was a while ago haha

tagging :: @aconites @sweetcstfantasy @firestcrms @wintercolourss @memosblue @flvorescent 

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I’ve drafted all the replies I’ve forgotten I owe and will get to them ASAP.

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Quarantine must really be getting to people if sending anon hate is their only way of feeling validated or entertained 🤷‍♀️

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probably going to be taking a writing / tumblr break for a bit. life is stressful and my brain just isn’t in the mood. I’ll still be on discord if you want to chat.

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This is a RP blog for Kuronue, from Yu Yu Hakusho!

Kuronue died at the palace, didnt he? Well seems thats just what the ruler of the palace wanted you to think. But Kuro has escaped, and he’s happy to be free.

This is a HC based blog. Please read the rules, and be respectful in Kuro’s inbox. People who ignore the rules get ONE warning, privately if possible. 

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[[Hi! I’m still on this plane of existence, just still very busy!]]

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((what if… spin the bottle but it was spin the knife and instead of kissing you had to stab whoever it landed on id be down for that ngl))

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half of hnery’s drafts done. i’m off for a bit to do other shit

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//omfg you guys Tonight Is The Night I Die by Palaye Royale is finally out and I can’t stop squealing!!!


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( Okie, so my goal for tonight is to finish all my drafts for @nix-mc500 & @burntoutbadge so Harper gets my full attention tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for your patience as I get my Hank blog started up ☺️💜 )

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