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Jensen Ackles | SPNTOR 2022
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misteria247 · 12 hours ago
2003 Kranng: Terrifying aliens.
2012 Kranng: Terrifying aliens who kidnap people to experiment on and mutate them.
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jigen-daisuke · a day ago
Rest in Peace
Some sad news that I don’t think has reached the Western fans as of yet. ‘Kobayashi Kiyoshi’ (小林 清志), the voice that breathed life into the character of Jigen Daisuke (次元 大介) passed away on July 30th, 2022. 
Tumblr media
Thank you, Mr. Kobayashi, for your dedication and hard work. It has been both an honour and a pleasure to have had you when we did. 
Below, are his words upon leaving the Lupin series almost a year prior. With no other message to share, it somehow still felt appropriate to include.
“Lupin was a lifetime job for me.
Despite the risk, I wanted to do it until I was 90 years old, but it's a shame. I wanted to hold on, but I can’t. 
As I get older, there is a gap between me and the image.
It's a different story, but I was asked by Akio-chan before.
"Why did my father quit being Goemon?"
His father is ‘Chikao Otsuka’ senior. I was at a loss for answers. I'm sure the old cast were also disappointed.
Some people say that Jigen is old and hard to hear. Of course, I’m 88 years old. It's the result of my own efforts. 
From now on, they will be relieved, as I'll leave the rest to Akio-chan.
Please do your best.
However, Jigen is different from those rogues. It's called living in Edo. It's a strange story, but Jigen is an Edokko.
Akio-chan, this is difficult.
The atmosphere is similar to jazz.
I would like to thank those who have supported me so far. Thank you very much. 
Lupin. I'm leaving.
— Kiyoshi Kobayashi
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cynthiaandsamus · a day ago
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ahoysteviex · 2 days ago
steve: okay. on 3...
steve: 1...
eddie: wait are we going on "3" or are we going on "go"?
steve: 3
eddie: okay but if you say "go" after "3" im gonna be pissed
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conduitandconjurer · a day ago
I feel like no one is discussing how Five is full-tilt passively suicidal, particularly by Episode 8-9 ???? People are instead criticizing him for “giving up” like he isn’t acting based on spending more than four decades in complete solitude, blaming himself for his family’s deaths, then dealing with fucking it up 3 more times trying to save them.  He’s so exhausted that he’s happy to die just for it to be over and no longer his responsibility.  Why aren’t we putting this in context? 
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mewcrew · a day ago
dailymewtwos > mewcrew!
hey guys! I finally decided to make the jump and rename the blog! 
I already called the blog “the mewcrew” on my other places ( webtoons, twitter, etc ), so it’d make things easier to find across. Not only that but it’s become more and more silly shenanigans and lore bits rather then a daily blog nor do I want to pressure myself into keeping up the “daily” aspect. It’s about having fun with a cast of psychic roomates tolerating each other lmao. 
now gimmie a sec with fixing the links since the url change. I wanted to make a nicer looking pinned post anyways.
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prof-peach · 2 days ago
have you had any people who’ve managed to correctly guess whole plot points that haven’t even shown up yet? Or at least any predictions that come close? (And if so, do these people actually know or do you just give them vague answers that leave them questioning whether they’re right or wrong?)
The second a plot point is solidified and proven, I’m kind of locked into it, so keeping my cards close to my chest means I can change up plots as and when new and better plans come along.
This is not always the case, some of the story lines have been in my planning for years now, I’ve slowly been tweaking and editing until they’re just how I need them to be, so something that is set in stone like that will sometimes be disclosed as truth if someone’s wise enough to guess. I do however do this over private message, to restrict spoilers or issues for readers who do not wish to have things ruined so early on.
For the record, i have planned several major arcs, and seeing as the whole of hisui is just one of those, and it will take many chapters, I will be creating this world, and building these characters for many years to come. I like to try to hold back some fun or interesting plots for this reason.
Sometimes it’s wise to take time over the things you love, even though the temptation to tell people is so great!
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mod-jazzy · a day ago
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I still can’t decipher if it was a dream or a nightmare. I was half “Yeah bro. Get that bread get that money” but also slightly mortified.
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firegire96 · a day ago
Makima x Sweet/Innocent Reader! I just love the idea of a manipulative leader around a soft hearted person that brings out the best in them.
Coming right up!
Makima x Innocent! Reader
Tags: Fluff, Developing/Established Relationship
Warnings: Spoiler Warning for the International Assassins Arc and the Gun Devil Arc. SFW.
A/N: Soft Makima = Best Makima?
Tumblr media
Makima is a controller. For her it is either her way or no way. And if you dare to defy her, she will be the last thing you ever see. 
She treats everyone like they are her dogs, toys and pawns in a larger game to win…
But not you. No, she treats you like an angel.
After missions and days at work, she will take you out to relax. No ifs ands or buts.
Gives you the best massages.
Isn't a fan of PDA. But if she feels threatened, she will grab you and show everyone who you belong to.
She won't force anything onto you unless important. She knows how timid you can be when making decisions.
She has no problem explaining to you her missions and tactics, though she will sugar coat some moments for your "safety".
Her dogs love you. They literally run in your direction when you go to Makima's home and just jump on you.
Yes, Makima is a little jealous of it.
Watches any movie you want to watch, good or bad.
If it's a horror movie, she'll hold your hand the entire time. And if there's a jumpscare, she'll hold you when you jump.
Loves when you get easily flustered but wont show it.
She'll literally stare at you with a small smile and quietly be in delight at your timid state.
Will ask about your day, which is something she doesn't do for ANYONE.
If you want a sleepover, Makima will do the whole nine yards. Endless snacks, a batch of good movies, bad movies and a bunch of blankets.
She only has ONE rule; Don't speak of what you two do outside of work to coworkers. You're her little secret. No one can have you but her. Not to mention she has a reputation to keep.
Will ask Kishibe, yes, Kishibe of all people, advice on how to care more and be better for you.
Will also ask how to tread lightly around you as to not scare you away. But will never admit it or say it out loud.
Say her eyes are beautiful or pretty. She'll melt just laugh and call you cute. Maybe even kiss you on the cheek.
In-Story (Spoilers Ahead)
When Makima fell for you, she thought she was sick.
So sick that she took a few days off of work to wonder what was happening to her.
She asked her higher ups and even Kishibe what was wrong in subtle ways.
They all concluded; she wasn't sick. She was in love.
But she didn't want to be. No, she wanted to just focus on Chainsaw Man and Denji! You were ruining her plans! You had to go.
So why couldn't she kill you?
She just couldn't kill you…
Though she continued to think her attraction to you was unnatural, she soon asked you out.
Say yes. Makima doesn't show it, but she wants you to accept her confession.
Though your relationship is not displayed around your co-workers, they know something is going on between you two.
They all think the same thing; "Good for her." "I'm happy for them." "She's dating someone? I thought she was just a scary emotionless woman!" "Lucky!"
Makima doesn't worry about anything.
So she's surprised she worries about you so much.
After your encounter with the Darkness Devil in hell, Makima was her usual quiet and mysterious self.
But Kishibe informs you she was worried sick when she found you.
And don't even get him started on how she was during the return of the Gun Devil.
She tries her best not to tell you her true motives with Denji, but if you give her puppy eyes she'll spill.
Please support her. The last thing she wants to do is kill her precious angel.
When you noticed her being extra friendly to Denji and Aki, your cute little head started to worry she would leave you for them.
She'll assure you in a sweet whisper that she only belongs to you.
Be on the look out for a jealous Denji...
"I'll admit. My motives will be seen as evil. But it is a necessary evil. I hope you understand... You have to understand. I know I can accomplish my mission, but it might be near impossible without you... Oh, I wasn't saying I-... Haha. Yes. I love you too."
Makima is a devil. A control devil. And could destroy the whole world.
But maybe. Just maybe. She'd sacrifice it all if it was for you…
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dilftrolls · 17 hours ago
It's International Cat Day show me your mf cats.
Here's mine. She's a 20 year old chartreux named Tahoe and she loves to try to steal pizza.
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Jensen Ackles preps Dean’s hair | SPNTor 2022
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misteria247 · 2 days ago
If there was a crossover between the 2012 and Rise turtles I'm betting that Leo and Raph would make their own little club where it'd just be them bitching at one another about their younger brothers. Like imagine-
Raph busts into the dojo: Leo you're not gonna BELIEVE what my brothers were doing-! I caught them trying to mess with some alien stuff! Just randomly pressing buttons without a care in the world-!
Leo who was meditating: Oh hell no.
Raph throwing up his hands in exasperation: I KNOW THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING-!!!!!
Leo: And then I told Mikey to not touch the Kranng thing and what does he do??? TOUCHES THE THING-!!!
Raph shaking his head: Bro I feel you, I've said the exact same thing to my brothers and they did it anyway.
Leo: I swear they're smart but God they're so fucking stupid as well like please just use your brain cell I'm begging you-!!! Like I love them to death but come on!!!
Raph: Mood brother from another mother. Big mood.
Like it'd be hilarious and hella entertaining. Big brother support club of our favorite leaders just complaining and bitching like two exhausted mothers who have unruly as hell chaotic children.
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asksavel · a day ago
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Sometimes living in a family is finding an absolute banger of a song that you relate to way too much, start belting it out in the kitchen on repeat while making something and accidentally providing entertainment to your three children all at once. Pictured is Youngest.
Happy Munday. :P
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cynthiaandsamus · a day ago
When you start a FTP Gacha account and immediately pull the best units and realize you have no idea how to play this game:
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ask-the-bone-boys · 2 days ago
indefinite hiatus.
so, as much as I really hate to say it, I think I and anyone who’s been following along with this blog for the last year or two could tell this has been kind of a long time coming.
Basically, the gist is that I don’t know if I’m having fun running an ask blog anymore. I genuinely do love writing these characters, and I want nothing more than to keep working on this story and helping it grow and develop. But lately, I’ve been struggling massively with actually getting the motivation required to work on it. 
It’s become a pattern; I get motivated for a few weeks, drop some updates that are more than just static talk sprites and text, and then disappear for months more before it all starts again. I feel bad and guilty every time I disappear, especially for no reason, but I just can’t get myself to work on what I need to do next. It doesn’t help that I’ve gotten progressively more busy as time goes on, too.
That’s another thing. I started this blog when I was thirteen, you guys! Next summer I’m gonna be getting ready for college! There are so many things I wrote back at the start that I wish I did differently, good lord. But that’s besides the point, which is that in the four years I’ve been working on this, only about a week and three days have actually passed in canon. Considering how long I plan for the full thing to be, thats..........a little demotivating, yeah
But enough with my list of grievances! I want to say now that this does not mean this story is being put to bed. I want to keep working on it! I want to tell the damn story I’ve been writing for four damn years!!!! I’ll abandon it when I’m in my thirties!!!!!!!!!
Lately, I’ve been playing with the idea of fully moving away from the ask blog format and converting it into a more traditional fanfic. This would come with its own challenges, being that I would have to almost completely rework the first two arcs, but. Writing’s always come a bit faster to me, somehow. 
I haven’t decided on anything yet, though. Maybe I’ll try the ask blog format a bit longer. I love interacting with you guys, after all, and I love seeing what weird shit you decide to say to my skeletons! But for right now, I just need to take an actual, intended break, guilt-free, just to figure out exactly what I want to do. I’m also gonna start a separate fic for Karma’s backstory sometime soon, so maybe that’ll help clear up some of the weirdness in my brain. Who knows! I don’t!
But anyway this is long as hell and y’all get the point by now, so I’m just gonna say, thank you all so, so much for sticking along with me for as long as you have. I hope that I can find a way to continue that’s satisfactory for everyone, and I hope that one day, we can all see it to its end.
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mewcrew · a day ago
Wait a minute...
You're on WEBTOON?
I am :'D! I announced it awhile ago but its been awhile since I brought it up woop --
dailymewtwos on webtoons!
Im currently trying to catch up to where the crew is right now. But heck if you're new to the blog or like something a bit more webcomic like you can check it out!
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