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embrace-the-sibling · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[Image description: A close up of Hornet's face and she's in a panic. An empty shouting speech bubble is next to her. /End description.]
Tomorrow :)
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Ooc: anons are back on. And I'm going to make some changes for this blog.
For one; I'm going to begin using trigger warnings, and I kinda advise we all start doing such. I feel like in many aspects of the RP, many people freely and openly roleplay things that can be traumatic for others. And of course, I don't want to be a dick and continue to ignore how it's hurting others. So from now, I will add tw's to my posts or asks. For sexual or adult topics I will put “#tw 18+” and also just blood warnings, death warnings, etc.
Secondly; I will be blocking/ignoring certain RP blogs. Especially in recent light of things, some things are too much and this RP has been toiling away at my mental health. I myself have been affected by the lack of trigger warnings also. Honestly, drama is great and all, but sometimes it's too much. Especially too much for me to handle at once, and often it's overwhelming. And I honestly miss how carefree the RP used to be back in January.
Thirdly; don't feel hesitant to tell me if I ever make you uncomfortable, I am always trying to be open minded for other's well-beings, but also please don't be an ass about it. Block me if you want because you don't like what I do, send people an ask or message about how you'd like for me to change, but don't send me shit about myself personally.
Fourth and the last; I do need to start focusing on my job and schooling, so I will be less active than I have been. This RP has frankly been too chaotic for me to keep track of and continue doing what I love. I will still be here, I will still interact and done what I've always done; just slightly less now.
That's it, hope everyone stays safe and happy, I love and care for y'all immensely. Remember, if it's not hurting anyone or anything, just leave it be. You don't have to like it, but you don't have to come and attack others for it. But if I am bothering you or others, feel free to tell me and I shall see what I can do.
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asks-n-trolls · a day ago
Inbetween matches i did a pose but didn't know who to draw so I made that post and siiince roe said number 3 first i put Sibley in it <333
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mountmultimuses · 2 months ago
So apparently, the Internet gave the Papa T-Rex from Prehistoric Planet a name. They named him Hank.
Tumblr media
You know what?... He looks like a Hank.
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sunshineandrainyflowers · 4 days ago
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not enough people are talking about Lou Wilson’s social media tag just being “Man About Town”.
Sir what is this???
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seashantyposts · 4 months ago
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wlw and mlm solidarity
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inquireanerdyberd · 6 months ago
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((Made this meme a while back and posted it to twitter, now I’m posting it here.))
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xx-eddiethebanished-xx · 13 days ago
I literally don’t have the brain space to think on a day to day basis cuz my brain is constantly consumed with images of Steve Harrington in his Scoops Ahoy uniform.
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bakusay · 4 months ago
| ɪɴ ᴡʜɪᴄʜ
Tom Riddle has a crush and learns something new
TW- no swearing, kissing, tommy is very ooc but as he should tho, Kinda AU-ish, fluffy. like really fluffy.
Tumblr media
People born under Amortentia couldn't love. right? at least thats what every source that tom read told him. It wasn't until you came along, you who were also conceived under Amortentia, made him feel a human emotion. He didn't like it, the feeling of wanting to search for your breathtaking face , the feeling of jealousy and violence surging through his body at the mere mention of another male around you. You who was just another member of the sacred 28, you who smiled brightly and showered your friends in affections, you who merely acknowledged him with a nod, he wanted more. No. he needed more. 
Moving from Beauxbaton after being Expelled was maybe the best thing that ever happened to you, sure people talked about the issue for what seemed like forever, but you knew your violence towards those girls was justified and thats all that matters. The meeting between you and Riddle was quite normal, you were turning a corner towards your class and he bumps into you, both of you apologise to each other and move on, well one of you did. You found friends in Slytherin, pure-bloods of course considering your family but friends none the less. Each day your encounters with Riddle increased, you guessed that you have matching schedules but the lingering looks and touches Riddle leaves behind says otherwise. 
Tom after watching, or observing as he liked to call it, he realised a few things, You aren't the most morally white person (this was a good thing in his book), You liked to scrunch up your nose when your concentrating, and oddly you sparkle. yes, sparkle, He may or may have not written the word down in his diary for you. day by day his infatuation grows, his minds being diverted from his plans but he doesnt mind it. after weeks of coercing himself to finally put his pride aside (a very difficult task) and confess, he decided it was today, a raining and cold day to confess.
Potions was running smoothly, it was last class of the day, and Tom was readying himself the moment, you didn’t have any friends in this class therefore tom took the initiative to be your seat mate and potions partner (abandoning abraxas in the process). “Sir do we really have to pluck them out by hand?” you whined at slughorn as he instructed the class to do a prac today, the dirt was going to get into your nails and you really didn’t want that. You started working on the potion, as you were moving to the plant to pluck it out, a pair of veiny hands gently pushed in front of your hands to pluck the plant out. “i shall do it for you” he mutters as his hands start working on the plant, “Thank you Riddle” you say leaning against the counter to watch him work for you, “i always did believe i was meant to just sit pretty and let the men do all the work” you joked. a deep chuckle came out of him “That’s cute”. Cute?. a chuckle. from Tom riddle, you whipped your head around to make sure you’re not being deceived only to find a small smirk on his lips.
“I suppose it’s alright if you’re the pretty girl in question” he says while shifting his eyes to you, he turned his body around to place the plant on your table. “Thank you for your kind act good sir” you courtesy with a teasing grin, “the pleasure is all mine milady” Riddle bows back. His followers watching in shock as their lord bows to another person, only then did they realise how serious his feelings were for you.
the class has ended and you were packing up your things to meet your friends, you felt a tap on your shoulder only to see Riddle staring at you, “Meet me at the astronomy tower 11” he says in a whisper before smiling down at you and walking away. shocked is an understatement to how u felt. You knew that at some point Riddle harboured some feelings for you but you never expected him to act on it.
It was 11 and you were running late, chatting away with your friends had distracted you and now your left running through the hallways to Riddle. He’s been waiting there since 10:30, and when he finally sees you he felt his heart race again. his hands were getting sweaty and his head was spinning, “Make it quick Riddle,it’s freezing outside” you say wrapping your arms around yourself. “Y/N, i- i um” he stuttered. “i don’t know what you did to make me feel like this, but my hearts racing everytime i look at you, in fact i can’t seem to look away from you and maybe that’s the problem. i want to spend every minute of the day with you and it’s diverting me from my plans. i should be incapable of love so what did u do to me, i must know” he says finally looking into you eyes, only then did you notice how messy his hair was, how dark his under eyes were and how his tone sounded almost needy. how unlike him. It clicked. Tom riddle was in love with you. “Riddle, you’re a child of amortentia am i correct?” you take a step closer to him. he hesitates to answer but nodded. “You realise we who are born under love potion are still allowed to love, but only once. our love is found once in a lifetime. put simply one could say soulmates” you explain, his eyes widened. he felt like his world was crashing, everything he learnt was.. false? “Go brew some amortentia and if you still smell me then i can confidently say that your my soulmate” you said and you took a step back and left him to think. the confession wasn’t a suprise, you knew, and you knew you have gained feelings for him too, but unlike him you made sure to confirm he was your soulmate and you can only pray that he does the same.
Morning came quicker than expected, walking down the hallways to the great hall, you were pulled into a dark dead end. Riddle, again. “I did it” he said, his cold hands still resting on your wrist. “and you concluded?” you whisper. “you. i…love you” he muttered as he pulled you closer to him. “took you long enough” you said lacing your arms around his neck, his hands finding sanctuary around your waist. “you knew?“ he whispered back. you nodded. “If only you hadn’t wasted so much time stalking me and actually thought about it, maybe we would’ve been in this position weeks ago” you say while moving yourself closer to him. “let me kiss you” he breathed against you lips. a gasp left your lips, you hesitated but nod nonetheless. you felt his lips against him, it was surprising gentle but showed his lack of control. his hands were pulling you closer to his body, to feel you, to reassure himself that you are not a fragment of his dreams.
you pull away first, opening your eyes to find a serene expression on his face. his rests his forehead against yours, smiling, “Marv” you whisper, he lets out a confused noise. “can i call you that?“, he sighs moving his face to nuzzle into your neck, “as long as your mine and i’m yours, you can call me anything you wish dearest.” maybe being born under amortentia isn’t a curse after all.
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askhenrymorris · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
me at night lol/ooc
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ask--glados · 5 months ago
I did like 30 takes of this. Here are some.
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su-inverted-au · 4 months ago
Hey! It's been a while, and I apologize for that.
I went quiet hoping that I could return with some sort of exciting announcement about resuming the comic and ending the hiatus, but as the weeks and months have passed it's getting clear that this is lasting longer than I ever anticipated and you all deserve some sort of update on my situation.
I've been having wrist and hand issues since August-September that have made it painful and difficult to use my hand. Without any healthcare, I've been spending a lot of money on various low-cost doctors and treatments over the months -- but nothing has helped and I'm still in the same situation I was back when it started. If anything, it's only gotten worse.
Besides my physical health, certain events that transpired in May 2021 impacted my motivation for this AU dramatically and made it hard to continue telling the story I wanted. I'd be lying if I said otherwise. This was a problem long before my hand became an issue, but I tried to pretend it hadn't been. It took me a long time to begin healing from the pain those events caused me.
Between rough personal dramas and my poor physical (and sometimes mental) health, it became a chore to keep up with my social media and particularly this blog. I went quiet largely out of guilt, and it became harder to return the longer I was away with no positive news in sight.
There is hope. I finally have healthcare, and I'll be working in the coming weeks to find a specialist who can help me.
I miss this story and its characters terribly, as well as I miss all of you. I know this hiatus has been a huge blow to the momentum of this story and its fans and for that I apologize.
I promised myself that I would finish this story, no matter how long it took, and I intend to keep that promise regardless of where it takes me. I may need to change my approach, style, or direction, but I intend Inverted to have an ending someday.
I have other projects that I'm working on besides Inverted in the meantime, ones that I can do without needing to use my hand. I've needed something creative to keep me sane in these months, and I finally have something fun to work on that gives me the same fulfillment that drawing does. If you're interested in seeing different things from me, I'll be trying to be more active on my personal blog (@jirachibaby) and my twitters (also @ jirachibaby and @ tiredfoxart) when I'm finally able to share the projects I've been working on quietly.
Sorry this isn't the update many of you wanted to see. It isn't one I wanted to give. In the coming weeks and months, I'll hopefully have better news to share. Until then, it will likely be quiet on this blog again unless anyone has questions or comments they'd like to send my way.
I love you all <3
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asks-n-trolls · 8 days ago
working on commissions again but who wants to do this silly thing with me
reblog this post with YOUR best traits and i will reply with a troll of mine who would keep you in their pocket/ not kill you
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krabat-art · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Mairon doodle???
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sunshineandrainyflowers · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Ah, yes, cinematic parallels <3
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skelliefanatic · a month ago
Darius: It’s my honor to present to you-
Hunter, falling into him: Sorry, Darius!
Darius, whispering to Hunter: You either let me teach you to tie your shoes, or I’m putting you in time out.
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