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//been a while since tumblr has done that unprompted unfollowing thing

Well any who like for a starter or let me know if anyone wants to plot or wants a meme from Morgan

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Originally posted by somenerdthing

I hope all you lovely people have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the first days of Spooptober! I’ll be out for  the next couple of days but I’ll be back Sunday evening to answer any lingering asks and catch up on threads. HUGZ to all of you! <3 <3 <3

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Recently we took some of my FC Members through Bahamut Coil since they’ve never done it. It was such a throw back for me since I am pretty sure the last time I stepped foot in that raid was back in 2015.

They’re a quirky small group but I love them. They’ve brought a lot of enjoyment back into RP and the game for me. <3

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((thank you! I’m finally feeling good enough to answer asks again! ^w^ there will be a bit of a style change to something simpler though because it’ll be easier for me to keep up my motivation. Also I won’t be continuing the ear piercing stuff because i ran out of steam for it ;w; Floyd’s ears are canonically pierced now but i’m not drawing anything else about them getting pierced.

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((im not doing so hot rn, not gonna answer questions for a while but you can send asks for when i get back

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((Im not feeling up to doing art but Floyd and Harry are both still open for asks, please send some in!

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reminder that danny is an idiot but he isnt stupid. he’s incredibly calculating, manipulative, and cunning. he’s knowledgable in the journalism field, has exquisite writing and storytelling skills, and in addition to that he’s extremely good at reading people and memorization.

he relies on his ability to notice minute details in a person’s behavior to be able to read them as a whole bc he stalks people before he kills them.

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