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stargazer-balladeer · 9 days ago
“Ah… so my love is reciprocated?” [Genshin Impact]
Tumblr media
While passing by, they accidentally overheard you gushing about them to your friends. How will they react?
Characters Included: Aether, Albedo, Bennett, Childe, Chongyun, Dainsleif, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Kazuha, Thoma, Razor, Scaramouche, Venti, Xiao, Xingqiu & Zhongli + GN! (Some points to female sorry) Reader
Notes: This idea was too cute to not do :3 this takes place before you two started dating btw. This is going to be a bit long since i added every character, hope ya’ll don’t mind 😋 Hope ya’ll like this!
Warning: Minor spoilers in Dainsleif’s and Kaeya’s.
Tagging: @halloweenismyfav @genshin-obsessed @alonelysimp + anons (hope you don’t mind the tag hehe~ a gift from me to ya’ll 💗)
Tumblr media
… would have the most dumbstruck, lovestruck face ever. Leaning on the wall behind him as Paimon floats in front of him, he can’t help but let out a happy sigh. His heart is beating loudly in his chest as a pink dust colored his cheeks. He wasn’t sure if you reciprocated his feelings, but now that you’ve confirmed it, he can’t help but be giddy about it.
Not registering the calls of his companion, his mind races to possibilities of you two dating. The places he will bring you to, the scenery, the atmosphere, basically he turns into a high school girl that just got accepted by her crush. Which is his situation right now, but the other party isn’t aware of him eavesdropping on the conversation. (He was just passing by when you heard you gushing about a certain blonde-haired traveler)
Doesn’t let you know he overheard your conversation with your friend/s. But he makes subtle signs that he’s aware of your feelings to him. All he needs to do is wait for the perfect opportunity to confess to you without worrying of rejection…
“… how did I know about your feelings..? Oh… uh… i might’ve… overheard you gushing about it with your friend/s… sorry.”
… would still have his usual blank face, save for a small smile appearing on his lips if you look closely and the pink-tinted cheeks. His hand continued to move as the pencil drew lines in the pad he’s sketching, having a fond look on his face. Even though he was already aware of your feelings towards him, the words you used to gush about him sends his heart (if he has one) soaring.
Humming when he hears his assistant Sucrose calling for him, he looks up at her, briefly looking at your figure before returning to her. His mind not registering the words spouting of the timid girl’s mouth, nodding along with what she’s saying. He waved her off after she’s done talking, stating that he’ll return to the lab to see the problem personally.
Like Aether, he wouldn’t let you know he overheard your conversation. But he does drop hints about it with a smug smile-smirk. Actually, the very next day, he asks you out on a date.
“You know, if you want to gush about your crush on me, do it more privately okay? People can easily hear you gushing, most specifically me… though it was rather adorable hearing you say such cute words haha.”
… would be frozen stiff for a minute before a huge smile broke out in his frozen state, giggling madly as he slides down to the ground, his legs too jelly to hold him up. Twirling a windwheel aster he got just for you, despite its appearance being a bit bend and a petal missing. He tried to calm his racing heart as he debated to himself whether or not to confess to you already since he knew how you already felt.
Prior to this event, his heart broke when he overheard you gushing about your crush to your friend/s in broad daylight. He knew that it was a longshot, having you returning his feelings but he still hoped, that’s what his optimism said after all. Sighing dejectedly, he was about to go away when he heard his name being mention. And that’s when his shattered heart beat.
Immediately going to you after bidding farewell to your friend, he asked you out on a date while holding out the flower he had picked just for you. Already admitting to you he was eavesdropping because he can’t hide it from you for long.
“Sorry, I uh… kinda eavesdropped on your conversation with your friend/s. I-I swear I won’t do it again though!”
… would have the most smuggest look on his face as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, eyeing you and your friend/s at the corner of his eyes. He won’t deny how his heart was beating loudly in his chest, and how big his smile is on his face. He’s aware of your feelings towards him, but was too stubborn or prideful to admit it. Now that he got this information, his mind started to devise teasing remarks to tease you with about this gushing session.
Doesn’t pay attention to the fatui messenger in front of him as his mind is occupied with you and your gushing. Waving them off as their only wasting their time, his attention is now all on you. Making his way towards you, he puts his index finger on his lips, shushing your friend/s about his impending arrival. You haven’t noticed his presence yet behind you, his shadow looming over you as he placed his hands on your shoulders.
Smirking deviously at the sight of your surprised face, he chuckles as he urges you to go on. He wants to hear more. The date can wait for later or tomorrow, but for now, he has all the time in the world to listen to you gushing about him despite your embarrassment and unwillingness to do so-
“Haha! You’re so cute, my love. Gushing about me to your companions. You’re not good for my heart, y’know? Anyway, why did you stop? Go on. I want to hear more.”
… swears his face overheated when he hears his name slipping from your lips as he tries to eat his popsicles fast enough to avoid activating his condition. Everything around him feels hot as he munches on his blue popsicles greedily, his face beet red. He’s glad his friend wasn’t here as he would be tease by him, which wouldn’t be good for his poor heart.
As he’s eating the cold food, he can’t help but feel giddy about your confession. Even though it’s not directly at him, he was happy that you felt the same way as him. He also can’t help but be embarrassed at the words you’re using to describe him, if his bright red face isn’t a sign of that. But now he can’t help but be disappointed in himself for eavesdropping in your private conversation, despite him only walking through where you’re located.
Similarly, he wouldn’t mention that he accidentally overheard you gushing over him. But it’s quite obvious something happened as whenever he sees you, his face would be beet red and furiously munching on his popsicles to calm himself down. Would also take a while to properly ask you on a date. He still can’t help but be surprised at you accepting his date despite him knowing his feelings are mutual-
“I was wondering… if you would like to accompany me on a date? R-Really? Y-You mean it? Thank you!”
… would have the same stoic face on his face, nothing major changed in his face as he listens in on your conversation with your friend/s. His eyes glazed over at the idea of you loving a monster like him. Don’t you know the crimes he committed? His hands are coated with blood from the land he was supposed to protect. But despite the rationality of his mind, his heart is beating happily in his chest, overjoyed that you reciprocate his forbidden feelings.
Immediately drowns his drink as he walks away from the tavern, where you were located, still gushing about him. A walk through the land of freedom would ease his mind. Even though he knows that bringing you to his mess would do nothing but put you to harm, he can’t help but let his emotions take over him. How it will feel to be surrounded by your love after living isolated with society. The warmth of your body against his in the coldest of nights, the featherlight kiss you place on his skin, he yearns for that.
Known as the man of few words already, he wouldn’t spoke of the incident ever again. But you would notice how he became softer towards you, the usual high walls he put around himself disappeared. He’s willing to bring you in his life. So would you do the honor of accepting his date?
“The journey before us would be rocky as our fates weren’t supposed to intertwine, but destiny decided to play with us. And I have no qualms for it. You are the most precious thing that could ever happened to me. Thank you for choosing to love me.”
… tries to suppress his blush and growing smile but fails to do so, letting his childish emotions take over his cold front. Rolls his eyes at the teasing of his previous sworn-brother as he continues to clean the glass of wine. But even Kaeya can’t deny how Diluc’s usual cold eyes were now softened with a fond look and a small smile adorning his face, a fool in love he would describe the red head.
Cleaning up the last wine glass, he grabs one and pours his favorite drink in it. Making his way towards where your table is located, he sets down the glass while looking at you with the same fond look as earlier. ‘Enjoy your drink’ he mouthed as he walks away. Hearing you gushing about him in the same tavern he works in makes him question whether or not you’re stupid or tipsy, but nevertheless he was glad he decided to take this shift. Hearing it, he has gain the courage he needed to ask you out.
After closing the tavern, while on the way to your house, he would ask you on a date right then and there. It’s quite obvious he overheard your gushing with the glint of mischief twinkling in his eyes, complete with a smug smirk on his face. Who are you and what have you done to diluc sir-
“It’s quite adorable hearing you describe me in such sentences. But be mindful of your surroundings next time. Though I would like to hear more about it in our date. Haha… I’m just joking, my love. But it is quite cute the way you’re gushing about me with your friends-“
… tail is literally wagging back and forth and he doesn’t bother to try stopping it. His ears are twitching as he tries to suppress the smile forming in his lips. Since he basically has inhuman ears, he can hear conversations happening all around him. This was no different. Hearing you gushing about the general himself made him blush, his tail being more expressive about the emotions he’s feeling.
Despite knowing that having a romantic affair is dangerous in the present circumstances, he swears with all of his heart that he will protect you even if he has to sacrifice his life for it. He’s willing to fling himself to every battle to protect you, whether you reciprocated his feelings or not. Gorou is a straightforward person, he means what he says and doesn’t sugarcoat it. Listening your concern and berating him for his reckless actions, he would literally say ‘i will do anything to protect you because i love you’.
Would immediately call for you using his general status, knowing that you wouldn’t disobey orders directly from the general himself. Would have the biggest smile on his face when you enter as he tries to compose himself before your arrival but failing to do so. As his tails wags back and forth, he excitedly tells you about the plans he has for the date you two will have in the future when Inazuma is finally at peace.
“Oh- oh! We can go to the shop in Inazuma city! I heard they have delicious pizza’s there with inazuma and non-inazuma flavors! Or we can go to the Chinju forest to admire the scenery there! Aaaah so much potential date ideas but not enough time~!”
… sipping in his drink with a smug smirk on his face, his eyes glinting with glee at hearing you gush about him. His cheeks darkened slightly but he waved it off as the alcohol sipping in his veins, which is an obvious lie. Craning his head to the side to look at where you’re seated and seeing you still happily gushing about him with a bright smile present on your face. Aaah, the things you do to his poor heart.
He’s well-aware of your feelings towards him. Nothing escapes his sharp eyes, not even you. The way you act around him, how you became shy and all that were all signs pointing to you having a crush on him. Normally he would play with people’s feelings and used them to gain more information about the people around them, but he doesn’t want to do that to you. After all, his heart beats for you, why would he trick you? Despite his conflict on where he places his alignment with, he wants you by his side.
Making his way towards you, giving himself away with his chuckling. Seeing your flustered state, he can’t help but coo at how cute you are. Placing a kiss on your head, he pats your head and takes a seat beside you, not minding your friend/s at all.
“I didn’t know you think of me like that, darling. Do you think of that every time you see me? How handsome, brave and sweet I am? Haha. I’m quite flattered. Please go on. I want to hear more.”
… would have the most fond smile on his face as he looks down to hide his flustered face from the teasing looks of his crewmates. Hearing you gush about him from a distance he can hear due to his enhanced hearing, he can’t help but get flustered more with how you describe him. Bitting his lower lip to calm his beating heart, he takes a sip on his drink, still ignoring the teasing remarks of the crew.
Being surrounded by the Crux’s mates in celebration for another successful voyage, you were invited by him to participate despite not being a part of the crew. Now he kind of regrets it as he continues to hear you gush about him, but another part of him is patting his back for bringing you here. At least now he’s aware of your feelings towards him, not anymore fearing about the rejection or the awkwardness that will soon follow if he ever confessed his feelings towards you.
He would whisk you away from the noisy party to a secluded area, telling you to ignore the whistles and howls of the crew (beidou was the loudest). Holding your hands with his, he confessed his feelings for you. Underneath the starry night, he asked you on a date. The moon being a witness in watching a smile forming on his lips after hearing your reply.
“Oh. I must also thank you for your words, my love. The way you worded your words for me, as if you chose it quite carefully, it made my heart warm. I must return the favor, right? Hm… where to start..?”
… would dead set give away his hiding spot as he lets out a loud ‘whoo!’ in happiness right after you mention his name. He can’t help it! He needs to let out the surge of energy, no matter how idiotic or stupid it may appear for bystanders around him. Letting out a happy laugh, he turns to Ayaka, who only chuckled at his actions. Her eyes flickering to you every now and then, wondering if you noticed his overjoyed state. (Disclaimer: you did but shh)
Despite him usually being a composed guy that thinks things through with precision, with every word and action having meaning behind them. But this time, he can’t help but let his childish side win over. It’s no secret he was head over heels for you, and he make sure to remind you everyday of his feelings for you that will never change. Even though he knew he should stop to not make you uncomfortable, he would always notice a small smile creeping over your face when you thought he was gone or turned your back. Making him want to shower you with kisses at the spot but restrain himself everytime.
Not bothering to hide himself anymore, he quickly rushes over to you and lifts you up with his hands. Laughing at your surprised sounds as you scolded him for the sudden action, his hands holding your waist tightly to not let you go as he lets his forehead rest against yours. Staring into your eyes with a gleeful smile, he asked you out on a date.
“I love you. I love you. I love you! I won’t stop saying that to you, y’know! Even if you grew tired of me one day, I won’t stop loving you. And hearing you say all those things about me is the most cutest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re so cute, my darling.”
… would have the most confused face when he hears you gushing about it. Since he has a limited word language, he doesn’t understand the words coming out of your mouth. But he would let out a blush when he hears the word ‘like’ or ‘love’, already understanding what you’re saying to your friend/s. If he has a tail, it would be wagging back and forth as he lets out a small happy whine.
He doesn’t experience love much, only having received it from his wolf family and his mentor, Lisa. Perhaps also from the red burny girl from the city too. But other than that, he was deprived of it. Razor doesn’t understand the difference between familial love and romantic love. So when he starts growing feelings for you, he was so confused on what he’s feeling. Trying his best to tell Lisa about his predicament, the older woman laughed at his situation and pats his head, explaining to him the romantic love.
Would not mention it either. He doesn’t know either how to bring it up. But he would be noticeably be clingy towards you, snuggling in your neck as he mumbles out ‘date’. A word that Lisa told him to use if he wants to be together with you.
“You… go with me? On a… d-date? Yes? Or no…?”
… smiling smugly when he hears you gushing about him just around the corner, where he was hiding. His sour mood shifted quickly to a smug one after hearing you uttering his name. Of course you would love him. What’s isn’t there to love about him? But even he can’t lie the gnawing feeling of rejection creeping in his heart prior to this day. No matter how much he denies it, the insecurity of not being the one your heart is beating for beats him up which angers him often.
Hearing your gushing finally puts his mind and heart at rest, finally, he can put his poor subordinates to rest after venting out his anger to them (but he would do it again if they mess up). Gripping his large hat on his hands, he puts it back on its usual position on his head, twisting it around to adjust it correctly. He starts to walk away with a smug aura around him. Harbingers, mages and others immediately took notice of his rather chipper behavior. One harbinger decided to poke fun with him but it did not end well. Don’t try this at home please.
Later that day, he would walk up with you with the same smug smile he wore earlier with hands on his waist. Stating that you owe him a date for making him wait for so long.
“Who knew you had such thoughts in that pretty dumb small brain of yours? Hmph. At least your heart made a right choice in submitting itself to me. I want to hear more of your gushes if you will, actually, that’s an order.”
… would have the biggest smile on his face as he leans back on the tree with glaze eyes, resisting an urge to strum the melody forming in his head to not give away his position. He decided to follow you for fun since he had nothing to do. What he didn’t expect is to intrude on a conversation about you gushing about your crush on a certain bard, a surprise but not unwelcome. Sighing happily as the winds reciprocate the happiness their god is feeling with the soft touch on his body.
He didn’t knew he was capable of loving still after having lived for centuries now. He was once a wind spirit who took a form of his old friend to walk on the grounds of the earth, the land of freedom. He never feared anything, but he did fear of you leaving him one day. A concept that he doesn’t want to accept. That’s why he puts a distance with you. Getting attach to a mortal wouldn’t do him good, even getting attached to a goddess would end eventually. But he learned to accept his feelings for you. Maybe that’s why his heart is practically leaping out of his chest right now.
Uses this as an excuse to tease you, seeing you flustered always bring joy to the bard. Laughing at your attempt to look scary despite how flustered you look, he placed a kiss on your lips before he could stop himself. Letting his tongue out, he told you the time and location for your date, not giving you time to agree or disagree with his request. Not like you would reject him right?
“Ehe~ you better be there! No being late to our first official date! Oh, and bring some food, would ya? Wouldn’t want to starve out there in the wild haha!”
… his cool composure would crumble as soon as he hears his name leaving your lips, making his usually cold and stoic face bright red. He could feel the intense heat radiating from his face and the blood rushing all at once into one location. Good thing nobody was around or else they’ll have to deal with the angry intense glares of the flustered yaksha. Only Verr would be brave enough to point it out, chuckling at the flustered state the almighty yaksha is in.
Huffing to himself as he disappeared to the sanctuary of his room to cool off. His head on his hands as he takes deep breaths, his heart still loudly beating in his chest. This was the first time Xiao had experienced something like this. Why did you words fluster him so much? Was it because of the adoration hidden in your voice? Or how you phrase it? He can’t help but groan, trying to rack his mind on how to calm himself down. Oh how the vigilant yaksha has fallen from his thorny chains and into the hands of a mortal. Unable to stop himself from letting out a smile at the thought, maybe it’s time to let his guard down and let you in finally.
Would never mention about it either again. Nothing in his actions would suggest that he could’ve listened in on your gushing session about him. But you do notice how he became soft towards you. One day, he would ask softly about having a date with him while smiling slightly with qingxin flowers in his hands.
“… I would only say this once, so better listen carefully… I… would like to take you on a… d-date.. as you mortals call it. In other words, allow me to court you.”
… hides his growing smile behind his hand as he coughs, covering up his excitement at what he’s hearing. Lowering his head as he hides behind the book he’s pretending to read, he smiles fondly when he hears you gushing about him more. His heart swells with happiness at the words you’re describing him. It takes all of his will to not go over there and tease you, watching as you grow flustered under his teasing words.
Not wanting to be caught, he patiently waited in the table as you continued to chat with your friend/s. His mind racing at the possible dates he’ll dragged you to, the excitement and thrill of each one makes Xingqiu even more excited to ask you out, already wishing your friend/s to leave. He traced the pattern in his table with his index finger as he recalls the first time he met you. Just like a rare glaze flower that blooms at night, you bloomed brightly in his eyes. A rare kind indeed. One that wormed its way to his heart.
After your friend/s leave, he would appear shortly with a shit-eating grin on his face. Repeating by memory the things you said about him as he watched in amusement as your face grows brighter and brighter. Chuckling lovingly, he placed a hand on your cheek while cooing at you. He suggested that he’ll make it up to you via a date.
“It’s okay, my flower. It was rather cute at how much you gushed about me. You really must love me so much huh? Hehe~ good thing your feelings is being reciprocated or else this situation would’ve turned out different, and more embarrassing for you.”
… would have the most calm look on his face as he sips on his tea, a fond look overtaking his feature. He didn’t mean to eavesdrop on your ‘gushing’ session, but it just happens that you were at a place that Zhongli often visits to have tea. Smiling contentedly at the fact that you return his feelings before looking at the sky with a hint of sadness hidden behind the fond look.
It was time to move on. It’s been years since his beloved’s death. Years that he has the puzzle with him, going unsolved despite him trying and trying. Though he couldn’t replace his dead wife with you, but he was willing to try to love again. He loves Guizhong as she is, and he in turn loves you as you are. You are nothing like Guizhong, and he is glad for that. He can never truly replace her even if he tried. But it’s time to fill the gaping hole in his heart that she left all those years ago.
Taking his precious time as usual, he would ask you out after a few days since he overheard your conversation. He would definitely bring it up, chuckling at how flustered you became when he recalls the details you said. Taking your hand and placing a kiss on top of your knuckles, he asked you out on a date whilst looking directly in your eyes. The amber in his eyes shined brightly, intensely staring at you before it softened at your answer and a smile adorned his face.
“Thank you for accepting my proposal of a date, my dear. I’ll make sure you’ll enjoy it to the fullest… my apology. I can’t help but fawn over your affectionate words you said about me. Fufu~ It was quite cute. I want to hear it directly from you though. Ah, don’t worry. I’ll also contribute by saying mine, it’s only fair.”
Tumblr media
[x] Main Page || [x] Mondstadt Page || [x] Liyue Page || [x] Inazuma Page || [x] Fatui Harbingers Page || [x] Random Page
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clairenatural · 2 days ago
i just really think more people on this website would be happier if they freed themselves from the chokehold canon has them in. canon is over. it can’t hurt you anymore. supernatural killed its own author on screen. “you can’t just say things didn’t happen because you don’t like them” yes i can <3 we can do whatever we want!!! it’s our sandbox now!!! just loosen your death grip on canon just a BIT it’s more fun i promise
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akidori · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"rin." your voice is no more than a hum, a sputter of breath floating across the sheets. "you can go to sleep, y'know. i'm not going anywhere."
suna has never shared his bed with anyone. and as humiliating that might seem at any other time, here and now—as you soak his room in midnight blues, airing the bed with the scent of sleep and warmth and you, the thought almost seems—endearing. at least to you, anyway.
"'m fine," he murmurs—voice half-smothered by the fluff of his pillow. "wide awake actually."
"oh, are you now?" you nudge him from the other side of the mattress as he mumbles something unintelligible, hooking an arm around your waist to pull you closer.
"yep," his breath flutters against your neck, a swirl of laughter catching in your throat. "could run a marathon right now."
you roll your eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck as he buries himself further and further into you, and part of you—a stupid, lovesick little part—would keep him awake forever if you could.
because you like this suna. the never shared a bed before, barely clinging to consciousness, would stay up until dawn if you really wanted him to suna. the one that buries his face in your neck and hums sweet words of solace against your skin and kisses i love you's into your shoulder just because he can.
and perhaps, that's rather selfish of you. perhaps clinging onto this—to late nights and early mornings and the hum of his voice amongst a thousand stars is too much to ask for.
but suna has never shared his bed with anyone, and somehow, tonight, he's sharing it with you. so, when he pulls you closer, tugging the blanket just above your shoulders as his lips press into the center of your jaw, you decide that you're allowed to be a little selfish if you'd like.
Tumblr media
reblogs/interaction is always appreciated!! ❀
Tumblr media
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casliveblog · 4 days ago
Deku: You really want us to come do a work-study with your dad?
Todoroki: Yeah it'd be good to have you guys as backup in case things turn violent
Deku: You said your dad's changed, you really think he'd hit you again?
Todoroki: No I'm afraid I'll deck him
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tsumooo · 10 days ago
hurt / comfort. reader does mention pregnancy
Tumblr media
Katsuki is angry with you, genuinely angry.
“What the fuck did you think you were doing, pulling a stunt like that!” He roars. His eyes are wide with fury and his hands are shaking by his sides, fists clenched.
“What the hell do you mean, stunt? You mean the rescue I successfully pulled off?! I was fine!” You yell back at him, matching his volume.
Much to everyone’s surprise it’s incredibly rare for you and Katsuki to fight, much less to get in a screaming match. He has always been honest with you and communicated well, so upsets didn’t really lead to arguments much. But today there had been a severe incident. Thirty two victims, twelve of which were children. You had run into the fray and used a new move, one you know you haven’t practiced enough, and only just managed to escape what could have been death.
It had been reckless, but it had also been your only option. And it was your job, your duty as a hero, to rescue people. You chose to trust yourself and take the risk and it had worked, even if just by a hair.
“You almost killed yourself and you fucking know it!” He spits.
“Give me a break!” You laugh sarcastically, throwing your arms up in the air in disbelief. “How many times have I had this exact same conversation with you? How dare you scream at me after all the shit you have pulled in the field”.
“This is completely different,” he growls, volume lowering but tongue still sharp and it cuts through you. “So you don’t trust me in the field, is that it? You think I’m weak?”
“You know damn well I don’t think you’re weak!”
“Then what is it?!”
“It’s because if you die I am fucking finished!” He yells, his voice breaking. You inhale sharply, not expecting that response from him. He shakes his head to himself and huffs a broken laugh, looking away from you. He looks defeated, and tired.
“Do you…” he gulps, his throat tightening. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?”
Words fail you as you stare at him in shock, your throat tightening with emotion. Across from you, Katsuki presses the heels of his hands into his eyes.
“I know I never fucking say it. That shit doesn’t come naturally to me. I know you know I love you but… shit, I really think you have no fucking idea what it would do to me, if I lost you” he croaks, hating how naked he feels in front of you.
“You’ve ruined me, for everyone. Or you’ve ruined everyone for me. Fuck, what am I even saying,” he trembles. You take a step closer.
“I would never be able to love anyone the way I love you. Never. No one would ever compare. I was so fucking scared when I saw you today, I knew that even if I blasted over I wouldn’t get to you in time. You would’ve died right in front of me”
Your hand touches his chest and he flinches, having not noticed your approach. Your cheeks are wet, tears slipping down your cheeks to your neck and your lips are quivering. “Katsuki,” you whimper quietly.
He takes you into his arms and pulls you tightly against his front. You return the gesture and lock both your arms around his waist, gripping the back of his shirt with your hands. He presses his face into your neck, his tears intertwine with your own and soak into the material of your costume.
Of course you’d known that Katsuki loves you. He shows you every single day how much he loves you. But you’d had no idea he was having thoughts like this, that he was certain he would never move on from you. But you understood it.
“I love you. I’m in love with you,” you murmur into his hair, nuzzling against it. “You’re not alone in your fears, you know. I don’t think I would ever move on from you, either. After all, there is no other man on this planet quite like you”.
Pulling back from your embrace, Katsuki presses his forehead to yours and takes a deep breath. “Always pictured that you’d marry some random extra and have a bunch of brats eventually. After a few years of me being gone, I mean”.
The image makes you uncomfortable, and angry. There was no version of your life that you could imagine without Katsuki in it, in some form. The thought of spending your life with someone else made you nauseous.
“Absolutely not,” you argue firmly. “I don’t want marriage, or brats, or the happily ever after if it isn’t with you”.
He grins slightly, his under eyes still swollen from crying. “You want all that with me, eh?” He teases. You scrunch your nose up at him in mock distaste.
“Dunno if I would want to carry a child for 9 months just for it to come out as a double of you,” you grumble. To your relief his grin grows wider.
“I love you,” he tells you affectionately. Warmth fills your chest at his fond expression. You run your hand through his hair and bring it to rest against his cheek, he turns his face in to it and kisses your palm.
“You’ve told me that, what, four times now? I’m getting a little overwhelmed here” you smirk. He rolls his eyes but there is an obvious pink tint to the tips of his ears.
“Don’t get used to it,” he nips at your fingers playfully. “I’ve filled the quota for the year now”.
Tumblr media
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tinyshinysylveon · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
shouto's smile here is so different 
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meguroshi · 3 days ago
for the first time in his life, bakugou katsuki flops down onto his bed— on his back, mind you— with the most lovesick smile he’s ever felt spread across his face.
not when he got the new toy he wanted or when he got the highest score in class did he ever feel this way and finally, he knows why. nothing as simple as an object of plastic, or materialistic evidence of his incredible smarts, will ever compare to you.
only you can make him feel this way, and he’s fallen in love with it almost as much as he has with you.
the wide grin on his face soon limits itself to a simple closed-lipped smile, but he still feels the same nevertheless. his heart still beats fervently and his hands just can’t stop shaking even hours after he’s dropped you off home— hours after you’ve had your first kiss together.
katsuki turns onto his side, shifting to lay parallel to his bed, but he doesn’t bother to untuck the covers. his mind is too busy with how the night ended, how your lips felt against his, how much happiness has filled him ever since, well, maybe never.
but he’s okay with that fact because he wouldn’t trade his feelings— you— for anything else in the world. he would never dare.
katsuki lets put a small sigh and digs his nose deeper into his pillow, eyes squeezing as tight as they can if it means he can relive just a single second of tonight. should he have asked you to stay over? no, it’s too soon. he doesn’t want to scare you off, not when he’s just got you.
and yet, he lays pondering what to do next. is he supposed to show up at your door the next morning? roses in hand to celebrate your newly upgraded status of single to taken?
as silently as he can, he lets out a small chuckle. no fucking way… right? his smile disappears as he flips onto his stomach, propped up by his forearms as he types into the search bar of his phone. though whether he was relieved or not to find out that showing up with roses the next morning was not mandatory— he won’t say.
he flops onto his back again to let his eyes wander the expanse of the empty ceiling. then he wonders, do you feel like this too? like the world is just starting all because of one little but extraordinary kiss, like you’re finally able to see the beautiful colors of the rainbow after living in a world of grey— at least that’s what katsuki feels like.
he feels as if you’re the beginning of something beautiful and everlasting, an ineffable love that he may never find with another, and for all he cares, he wouldn’t want a kind of love like this with anybody but you.
he can only hope that you feel the same way.
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ask-vox-hailer-boy · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
In light of TTS's indefinite hiatus I wanted to say, Thank you, to all off the TTS crew for all your hard work. You guys personally brought me all kinds of joy with your series and I hope to see it someday return. Until then I look forward to supporting you all in your future endeavors.
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prof-peach · 3 days ago
Could we know more about Kyle?
I wish I had more for you on them, but they’re kind of the hypothetical island trainers starts you get in the games. Like idk, Brendan and May, or dawn and Lucas ect.
Their designs and names aren’t set in stone, but they’re the NPC kids/young trainer set.
Tumblr media
They both will have one pokemon, and will be regular visitors to the island or perhaps intern for a bit, or maybe just report back with info while they venture the region. Not sure yet.
I have yet to write much about them, but here’s what I got.
KYLE: Nervous, a little skittish, but despite this shows great promise for bravery. Second guesses everything they says, hates the lime light. Gets dragged into mischief by others, and hates every second of it. Not sure what they’re after in life, but thinks the island and some training may help decide a path to go down.
ROSE: wants to be a journalist someday, brave and kind, with tenacity and a nose for gossip. She loves to get the scoop on anything, and found herself chasing a lead of multiple robberies across the johto region to the same storage unit peach was raiding with some local folks to retrieve stolen Pokemon. Their chance encounter inspired Rose to be bolder, tougher, and overall in tune with her pokemon way more, after seeing the professor deal with villains so quickly.
Both have yet to gain their first Pokemon, was considering making starters for them, like new region, but also we still in johto so could just be lame and pick some random species that just suit them. Not entirely made up my mind yet on anything haha!
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kich-rp · 6 days ago
SO I Hit a Milestone! Let me draw for you!
Hello, babes!
I've recently hit over 1k followers on Tumblr and in grand tradition (also because I want to get my hands on your lovelies), I like to hold a bit of a doodle give away!
I will be handing off to three different winners, with the prizes being as followed:
1. A fullbody colour
2. A coloured bust
3. A sketched or inked portrait
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. Like and Reblogs both count as entries, and will both will count as an enter!
2. pls be a follower, but new followers are more than welcome! pls no give away blogs.
3. Pretty much anything goes for your character, though please not anything intensely NSFW (nothing against it, more wut are dicks and how do one drawr them).
4. Please make sure that I'll be able to contact you on Tumblr, through DM here! <3 5. I will be counting entries up until 9pm est, on August 5, 2021!
That's it and seriously, thank you all for all your support over the years! Tumblr is my safe spot, and creative happy place, and I'm so grateful to be able to share it all with you!
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b1rdza · 2 days ago
Snowchester is too big.
Well, maybe the size isn’t the problem, but the lack of people to fill it. It’s too empty.
Foolish left for warmer lands, scorching sand and ringing, flashing machines that strip you of what you have with the promise of more. He said something about the cold being bad for his skin or some other horseshit excuse. Tubbo can’t bring himself to be angry about it. (Maybe that’s a bit of lie. Maybe he put a little more edge into his words than necessary when Foolish suddenly took the position against him, standing next to a scarred, dark-haired man with dark eyes.)
Tubbo supposes Puffy still counts as a citizen, but she hasn’t slept in the snowy town since the Banquet, so what significance does that title even hold? Tommy leaves Tubbo to his own devices nowadays, and Ranboo still sleeps in the tundra far away from Snowchester, neighbors with Tubbo’s executioners, of both his life and failing country. Tubbo pretends that the cold side of the bed doesn’t bother him.
At least Micheal’s here. Tubbo would be lying if he didn’t say their daily walks at dawn and dusk weren’t the best parts of his busy days. Sometimes he (and Ranboo, more often) worries that Micheal’s secretly miserable here, left in his room all day, in the biome farthest from the suffocating heat he was born in. After all, the little boy can’t speak Common yet, despite he and Ranboo’s attempts.
Tubbo knows this isn’t really true, though, when he sees Micheal’s eyes sparkle when Tubbo comes home after a long day of work, the way every one of his expertly colored crayon drawings feature him, Tubbo, and Ranboo holding hands and smiling wide smiles. He can’t help the smile that traces his tired face as he thinks about it even now, walking the dimly lit streets of empty, too-big Snowchester.
The frigid air claws at his pinking cheeks, sharp wind teasing his hair away from his eyes and easily slicing through his fur-lined vest. The cold only serves to remind Tubbo of the vacancy here, the fact that his and Micheal’s hearts are the only ones that beat in this frozen village.
Tubbo makes his way to the docks, settling himself at the end of one of the wooden piers and shoving his hands into his pockets. He stares at his face in the glassy blue ice, lit only slightly by the few lamp posts posted on the docks.
He hardly recognizes himself some days. Looking at those hardly-visible baby blue eyes, his hair that’s grown so shaggy and wild over them, that same button-up he fought wars and died in… it’s strange. He looks like an entirely different boy. If he squints a little, maybe he can pretend that he’s a normal teenager. No trauma, no explosion scars, no deep circles under his eyes.
Scrutinizing himself at this level, Tubbo suddenly realizes with a start that his left horn is bare. He forgot to wear his wedding ring today. He’d woken up in such a hurry to keep building the cookie outpost’s walls he hadn’t even given it a thought.
Tubbo never cried easily, after the first war. He never cried when Schlatt dug his nasty, rotten fingernails into his forearm and asked with slurred speech to get him another beer. He didn’t cry when he woke from a bed with ugly, raw scars webbing across his face. He didn’t cry when he was completely sure his existence would peter out in exchange for a pair of music discs.
Yet looking in his distorted, messy reflection, horn void of his wedding ring, it feels like the world is crashing to an end around him. He can’t do anything to stop the tears squeezing out of his eyes and down his cheeks, into his lips, and he doesn’t try, either. Tubbo curls in on himself, digs his fingers into his arms, and lets the salt sting his face, face contorted with the pain of letting himself cry. He doesn’t shake. He doesn’t hiccup, or sob. Water falls from his eyes and splatters in drops onto his pants and the spruce decks he built with his own two hands.
His tears trigger some primal sort of fear in him, the fear that Schlatt will round the corner and snarl at him to get up, tell him that crying’s for pussies and girls. But Snowchester is too big. And Snowchester is empty. There’s no one here to tell him he’s being a crybaby, or out their cigarette on his wrist. There’s no one here to ask if he’s okay.
Tubbo’s head jerks at the sudden presence of someone else’s voice, and he fumbles, nearly falling off the deck onto the ice. He stumbles to his feet, fists clenched and eyes still wet, and whirls around to face his husband, who’s looking at him with that stupid expression he wears when he’s worried about Tubbo.
“What,” Tubbo manages to choke out, voice muddled by tears. He feels stupid, trying to hold up a flimsy pretense of stability when he is so clearly upset, but what else can he do?
Tubbo expects Ranboo to ask him about his tears, make a fuss, press him for details. He braces himself for questions, maybe even angry words.
None of that comes. Ranboo steps forward, hands poised to reach out for Tubbo, quiet gentleness in his voice. “What are you doing out here all by yourself?”
Fuck. The softness in his tone is almost too much to take. Who let him be good at this shit?
Tubbo just shrugs pathetically, rubbing fruitlessly at his eyes. “Couldn’t sleep,” he croaks.
“Do you want me to give you some space?” God. He’s even asking if Tubbo wants to be alone.
Tubbo hesitates a moment before shaking his head, and when Ranboo moves to gently touch his arm, he lets him.
Tubbo stands there, face wet, gaze pinned on Ranboo’s polished loafers. Ranboo doesn’t say a word.
“I forgot to wear my wedding ring today,” Tubbo says softly, miserably, like he’s the worst husband on the planet. He might as well be.
“Is that why you’re crying?” Ranboo asks. There’s no mockery in his tone, no snicker, only quiet curiosity and genuine concern that makes Tubbo’s heart wrench a little.
Tubbo nods.
“But not really,” Ranboo says, and although the statement contradicts him, Tubbo knows that he understands.
Tubbo nods again.
“Okay,” Ranboo hums, and Tubbo doesn’t protest when his husband tugs him into a loose hug. Tubbo squeezes his eyes shut, pressing his face into Ranboo’s shoulder with a heaving breath. He doesn’t even realize he’s crying again until he notices the soft, soothing shushing sounds that Ranboo’s making as he slowly rocks them back and forth.
“I’m getting your shirt all wet,” Tubbo can only quietly say.
“That’s okay.” Tubbo feels Ranboo’s shoulders lift and sink again in a shrug. “I like my shirts best soggy.”
That earns a wet, quiet laugh from Tubbo, and he pulls away, rubbing at his eyes.
Ranboo smiles at him, resting his soft hand against Tubbo’s cheek. “Do you wanna talk about it?” he asks kindly.
Tubbo shakes his head.
“Do you want me to walk you back home?”
“Yeah,” Tubbo says, after a moment of quiet consideration.
“Yes, Tubbo.”
“Will you sleep here tonight? With me?” Tubbo doesn’t have the emotional capacity to take Ranboo’s no, and he drags his eyes away from his husband.
Ranboo’s fingers find Tubbo’s, and he smiles. “Okay.”
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prof-peach · 2 days ago
I imagine Team Brawl as a gang who goes around beating up the other teams when they commit crimes/steal back pokemon.
Oh entierly!
Vibes are very much anti-authority, super into fairness to a fault. A big Brawler will not fight someone who’s not able to defend themselves, the match has to be fair, or they’ll throw it to not seem like a bully. That’s not very brave in their eyes. Will resort to a Pokemon battle if you’re not up for a physical fight.
Will shout you down if you look like you can throw a punch. Have been known to chase cyclists or cars to try to initiate combat.
If you brandish a weapon, you have chosen death, they will not hold back!
Will do good things for sure! But in dumb or perhaps aggressive, or destructive way.
If the law stops regular folks from doing something, for example, a law preventing police entering a building fast enough to get to stashed Pokemon, they will break said law to get the job done, and rub it in the civilian faces that they were so tough and strong.
They seem quite extra and standoffish, with one track minds on improving their bodies, and beating up the enemy.
Team leader peach focuses on improving the mind.
Team leader grey focuses on improving the body.
You’d think it’d be the other way around.
At least this is just me spitballing, it’s a very loose set of ideas yet, can’t even nail the grunt uniforms down so eh, we’ll see how it all develops haha
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theeio · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
very very messy continuation to that depressing douxie post
Page 1:
Zoe enter’s Douxie’s apartment. “Hey arch”
Douxie is in bed, their back turned towards the wall. Archie is laying beside him. “Hey Zoe…”
Page 2:
Zoe sits by Douxie’s bedside. *Sigh.*
“Whatever will we do with you, Casperan?”
Page 3:
Archie rests on Zoe’s lap for a bit as she scoots closer to Douxie.
She adjust’s his blanket and pulls it closer to him.
Page 4:
Zoe leans in and gently kisses Douxie’s cheek.
He shifts a little, and Zoe gets up to leave.
“Later Arch.”
“Later, Zoe.”
Zoe leaves the apartment, and Archie rests beside Douxie again, who has a little smile on their face.
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omniscientwreck · 8 days ago
Let me combine both of your favorite things! I would love a little thing about Caduceus (in his infinite wisdom and questionable intelligence) trying to give either Essek or Caleb relationship advice that may or may not be actually helpful. Those two wizards are probably too much in their own heads to see what's right in front of them and could use a little nudge. Just imagine both of them going to Caduceus for advice on how they're attracted to the other and Caduceus just sitting there trying to fight to urge to facepalm.
Hello! Thank you for combining my two favourite things into this fic that took way too long but I'm quite pleased with! I hope you enjoy!
In which Caduceus has three conversations with two wizards fighting against a force bigger than either of them.
The first of these conversations Caduceus had was expected. Gardening alongside Essek, teaching him how to sow beauty where destruction had laid waste had been therapeutic for both of them. Caduceus had never given up on the war criminal. It’s difficult to feel no sympathy for someone whose story was written across their face in blank but pleasant stares and a mask of platitudes.
The state he’d been in when they met him at the outpost had filled Caduceus with determination. He’d been as close to a wreck as they’d ever seen him and now kneeling alongside him and looking over to see a small self-satisfied smile as he observed the work they’d done, it feels like they’ve done something right. This second chance had been well earned and he has faith that Essek will continue to earn it for the rest of his days.
This Essek is determined to right wrongs, and he’s started with the garden. He pays careful attention to the plants, always asking if he’s unsure about the compatibility of certain species, and making sure to put them exactly where they tell him. When they work past the point when the sun disappears behind emerald leaves he takes off the gloves Jester had made him and digs his hands into the ground. It seems to bring him peace, it’s good that he’s found any.
Most of the time when they work it’s silent, creases pressed into Essek’s forehead. He sweats through the layers that serve to keep him safe from the heat overhead and always has to be cajoled into taking breaks or drinking water. It reminds him a bit of Yasha.
On the third day, when he’d nearly gone faint Caduceus has to intervene, “You don’t need to hurt yourself to repent you know.”
Essek takes great care to swallow and not choke on the water he’d been sipping, bad timing. The mask comes up again, “I don’t know what you mean.” he states flatly. He knows that Caduceus is smarter than that and it shows.
“Hurting yourself doesn’t change anything. It’s the creation of beauty here that tips your scales, not the destruction of yourself.”
He nods slowly, indigo eyes downcast. “I suppose you’re correct. I have much to atone for Caduceus. There is much work to be done before I will deserve any of the kindness you foist upon me.”
“Hey now, I decide who deserves my kindness. We all do.”
Essek nods again, running a dirt stained hand through his silver hair. It leaves streaks of dirt, Caduceus says nothing.
“It’s difficult to be made aware of your stark moral failings, to learn what it means to truly care for someone again. It’s difficult to care more than you expect and to know what is enough, if anything is.”
His eyes flick behind Caduceus, where he can hear Caleb explaining something to Luc and he understands more than Essek probably wants him to. “You’ll find enough.” Essek looks at him, eyes full of a delicate hope, easily shattered, “He’ll tell you when it’s enough.”
His eyes widen just slightly and a deep blush spreads across his face alongside a smile so small it’s like he doesn’t want to let himself accept the barrage of feelings it holds back. “If.” His voice is small but the weight is heavy in the tone.
Caduceus reaches a hand to cover one of his, “When. Remember, I see things the rest of you don’t.”
Essek smiles wryly at that, voice full of mirth, “Of course Mr. Clay the ever observing.”
They go in for dinner and Essek speaks up a little more, he’s a little more alive. The change is small, but Caduceus notices.
The second conversation is less expected, completely unexpected if he’s being honest. Caleb arrives at the doorstep of the grove one evening around 8 months after they’d last seen each other. “Hallo friend, I hope I am not intruding.”
His smile is easier now, though still restrained by sadness. “Not at all Mr. Caleb you are always welcome here. There should be left overs from dinner, fix yourself a plate.”
Caleb allows himself to be ushered in and fussed over. He tells a few stories of the trial but Caduceus tries to steer away from that particular vein of conversation. It’s raw and it doesn’t look like he’s fully healed. There’s still one catch somewhere that he needs to loose himself from before the smile will be easy and free, before he can walk away from his past and toward the future.
“I am going to Aeor next.”
When Caduceus doesn’t say anything he continues, voice laced with trepidation, “I am going to ask Essek to join me.” he wants Caduceus to convince him of something.
“Well, two wizards is better than one.” He eyes Caleb knowingly and the wizard squirms a bit under his gaze.
“It is just, a little strange isn’t it? The directions we are led in.” He trails off again, maybe he’s hoping for wisdom. Caduceus decides he can probably dispense something.
“You’ve never seemed like someone who wanted much to be herded into decisions to me.”
“It’s been a journey.”
Caduceus clears his dish and sets down a teapot, “It’s a journey you’re still on. One that might not have a definite end. Is it worth it to deny yourself happiness because you’re worried about whether you deserve it?”
That caught him a little off guard, copper hair shook a bit as he’d clearly gone a little further than Caleb was expecting. He likes to talk in metaphors so that he can hide from truths later, or at least pretend everything can have multiple meanings. It’s time for Caduceus to stop letting him twist words around in that expansive brain of his until the original meaning is obscured by hypotheticals.
“I cannot tell you what’s right Caleb, but if you came here for a reasonable perspective listen to the one I’m giving you.” He pours the tea and offers honey, “You will never know if you don’t go and I know you better than you think. You don’t like loose ends, not as long as there’s something to learn.”
He nods, staring into tea, they’re so similar and so stubborn that Caduceus can feel the loving annoyance usually directed at his siblings creeping in. “Caleb, stop punishing yourself for something that wasn’t your fault in the first place.” Caleb nearly interrupts but Caduceus keeps barrelling through, “Self-flagellation won’t get you anywhere, you’ll just end up with regrets and what ifs. Go explore Aeor, forget everything else for a bit. Do that thing the two of you do where you’re finishing each other’s sentences and nobody knows why you’re bothering to speak out loud because it’s obvious you’re thinking the same things.”
Caleb’s smile is smaller now, but lighter. “Ja mein Freunde, I think you will. Thank you for tolerating questions I don’t know how to ask out loud.”
Caduceus smiles back, “I think this will be good. If you need anything while you’re there don’t hesitate to reach out. Stock up on healing, you’ll need it.”
Caleb laughs at that and spends the night, before heading to Zadash the next morning, undoubtedly to clear out Pumat’s stock of healing potions.
The third time this conversation is had it’s his fault. He doesn’t mean to start it, but honestly the situation is getting ridiculous and the sibling feelings Caduceus has to both the wizards are firmly cemented.
They decide to get everyone together maybe a year after the last conversation. It’s his first time seeing any of them since then and as soon as they’re all in the same room it’s like no time has passed at all. Essek had come to get him while Caleb gathered the rest at Beau and Yasha’s home in Rexxentrum. Jester wraps him in a crushing and loving hug, Beau gives him a punch that’s soft for her but still stings, Yasha offers clippings of flowers immediately, and Fjord’s hug is warm. Veth’s family is here and she looks happier than he’s ever seen her. Caleb greets him with the warmth that’s always burned behind eyes that hold less and less sorrow every time he sees him. He hopes they’ll drop it all together one day.
When they pop back into existence from the way Caleb and Essek look at each other Caduceus expects something to happen. He doesn’t know what exactly but they hold each other’s eyes in a profound way. There’s gravity to them and everyone can feel it, he’s getting tired of watching them fight it.
It seems so simple even though he doesn’t feel that kind of pull, to see where this is going. It’s feels like the days before a big storm, when everyone knows what’s coming and it’s getting a little ridiculous that you’re still waiting for lightning to strike.
Everyone else drinks, they cook and eat and tell stories. Caleb and Essek sit apart but spend the entire time stealing glances across the table when they don’t think the other is looking. Nearly always they catch each other.
Yasha plays on the bone harp, she’s gotten very good and Jester swings Veth around into a dance. Kingsley, three sheets to the wind, grabs Beau and whips her into a reluctant dance and her initial protests eventually bubble into laughter. Caleb sits beside Caduceus and Jester has switched to twirling a flustered Essek across the floor of the livingroom. It often turns to dancing with these people and he loves that they love it so much.
“As I recall you’re an excellent dancer Mr. Caleb, go cut in.”
He shakes his head, “Ah- I couldn’t. Yasha is playing and I don’t think you’re much of a dancer.” He looks over with a quirk of a brow.
“I’m sure Jester won’t mind a break.”
He coughs at that, “I ah-”
Caduceus shakes his head, “No, talking is done, this is getting ridiculous.” He puts a hand square on his back and guides Caleb to stand, “You two will weave circles of metaphor around each other until one of you drops. Go Caleb, follow gravity.”
He seems to understand, seems to accept Cadcueus’ words and as soon as he stands to full height, Essek is watching over Jester’s shoulder. She, thankfully, understands the same way Caduceus does and even sends a wink as she loudly proclaims, “Oh my gosh Essek I’m so tired, I think Caleb needs someone to dance with, go to him.” She extends her arm, releasing him, and his levitation doesn’t allow him to stumble at the abrupt change in momentum.
Essek and Caleb meet and Essek steps to the ground gracefully as Caleb holds his hand out and pulls him in.
Nobody says anything for fear of spooking the delicate peace that settles over both of them as they gently turn, but Yasha slows the music she’s playing a bit and a quiet celebration is shared in the eyes of the rest of the Nein.
Caduceus breathes a sigh of relief and Jester sits herself beside him, bringing an overly sweet juice she’d found on her travels for him to try. She tells him stories into the night, and the wizards never let each other’s hands go.
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baalism · 3 days ago
Lucifer x reader; make up sex + 'say my name'
🔞 subby(?) Lucifer + more suggestive than explicit
'Don't even think that sorry excuse of an apology was enough.' you say, firm in his ear, still peppering kisses up and down.
It's there where he finds it: trailing behind your sharp, playful words. His desire runaway, chasing after something that he's always been too uncomfortable to aknowledge wanting.
And it is you, the one who does these things to him.
Tumblr media
Only ever under you Lucifer dares to consider full submission, forgetting about the lavish words of praise he is owed, forgetting even the burn crawling his neck as he is reduced to a single apology almost lost in a kiss. Because there is another fire, much more sweet and urgent, spreading deep within and travelling down him when he meets you, pulls you in.
So when he lets you fall on his lap in the plush bed, it's a compromise before anything else. Pride clashing against everything he wants, and all the previous arguments colliding against just how much he needs your presence.
Throes are left behind as you straddle his thighs and his hands roam your sides; lips in a lock and every flick of your tongue again, igniting something Lucifer no longer wishes he could ignore.
And while you wouldn't like to give in and forgive so easily, he has always had way of dealing with you, leaving you gasping for air and pleading.
Lucifer's tired yet powerful gaze, ever so close to defeating you. Even though so much time has passed since the first time, it never fails to bring your heartbeat to a gallop, and now almost makes you falter.
Not quite, though- Not today, at least.
But he's working incredibly hard for it right now, letting you have a semblance of power over him so he can get on your good side even if it hurts him where it matters. Or that is what he tells himself.
Lucifer no longer thinks it amusing: it is by all means a demeaning custom, but something he ultimately is seeking. Your weight on top of him a thing too good, no- great, much needed. He misses it the very moment you move away to undress down to your underwear, and that is when he notices he's done for.
All that's left for him is to pretend he doesn't care, play it cool.
It's fine if it is you the one pushing his buttons, it is okay if he can get even later on-- foolish thoughts, in the end. but Lucifer doesn't have to admit to them. These are things you already know.
So even when his blood boils, the second you're bsck on him his kisses begin trailing in reverence from the palm of your hand, onto your wrist, arm, shoulder and hide on that spot under your ear, sucking.
And when Lucifer looks up then, it is only to seek and find the light of your smile.
But is a grin, instead, what he meets. One that says that yes, you have seen him, and the red light of his eyes lust-clouded as you work him up with nothing much, and yet you're not going to-
Shudder against the grasp he has on your waist and roll hips into his, relish a bit too much on it and remain unable to hide the way he affects you, even though this time his wiles might not suffice and...
'Don't even think that sorry excuse of an apology was enough.' you say, firm in his ear, still peppering kisses up and down.
It's there where he finds it: trailing behind your sharp, playful words. His desire runaway, chasing after something that he's always been too uncomfortable to aknowledge wanting.
And it is you, the one who does these  things to him, like freeing him after so long.
Then, it'd be hypocritical to deny it, to pretend he hasn't already given up, and that while not sorry for what transpired between you both, his pride isn't all yours to dismantle.
So there is a flicker of devotion in Lucifer's gaze, on the tip of his tongue teasing your lips. Devotion and surrender for and to you only, in exchange for all you give to him.
When he holds you down harder on him, he's no longer biting back the soft, low sighs that escape him.
'By no means, I just intend to make it up to you.' 
Even if words are close enough to strangled, strange of him, some of that infuriating lilt to his deep voice remains, useless if not just to spur you on further.
But you'll let Lucifer keep it, this façade of being above everything; allow him to retain some of the act and save face.
After all, it comes across anyway: just how much of a well trained hellhound he can be for you. Showing in the way his hand finds yours to guide it between your bodies, urging you to fondle him over clothes as he bucks up.
And asking still-
'What can I do for you to forgive me...?' almost too sweet with lips that ghost up your neck, and you tilt your head back to let him. Then comes his best impression of an apologetic look, one which could fool everybody but you.
So you take his habits and make them yours. Being around Lucifer has made of you someone proud, arrogant, unable to back away from a challenge, after all.
Not even faking to think over it, you act. Your sudden grip on his shoulder makes him break into a rare smile then.
It's not a command: he's pliant to you now, and orders are off limit anyway.
'I want you to stay still and behave.'
So Lucifer complies, kissing along your jaw still. A hum rumbles deep within his chest before he declares his 'as you wish', low.
Pleased and waiting under you, who deliberately undo his belt and pants to let his hard on spring free between your bodies. Barely grazing him yet his cock twitches to your touch, so sensitive after having teased him for a while now.
And as you keep grinding yourself on him, fingers wander over, around and under his sex, until finding that sweet spot behind to press on and pull a undignified whimper out of him.
It's hell for Lucifer, to relinquish control. His face burns red, turns to the side and he looks away in an act too familiar. Can't help it, even knowing just how much you like to watch him- how he is actively misbehaving.
'Hah- master...' uncharacteristical, needy; just a breathless gasp but not quite a plead, dying in an almost-kiss to the side of your mouth.
But for once you refuse to hear it. Because Lucifer is yours, yes, but just as much as you are his.
The vulnerability of this knowledge, of how it very well might be you the one calling him master any other day makes you melt on him, guiding him inside you once and for all- ever so slowly sinking tight around him, letting him fill you up.
Between craddling his face with one hand and tiny kisses that could never amount to all of your worship. Before you even begin to move, and despite all the games you play, you confess to what you really want.
'Say my name, instead.'
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prof-peach · a day ago
Do you mind if I have Prof. Peach as sort of a side character in a dnd campaign? I'm thinking she's sort of a Steve Irwin type, has sort of a show about pokemon and caring for them, giving information about wild pokemon and how to care for different species, at least as far as the campaign goes
Go for it, and if you need extra info, drop a message and I’ll try to get her reactions, or responses accurate, should you need that.
Or just go hog wild and enjoy her however you see fit. Honestly it’s just nice to see people creating around the lore and her and the labs and stuff, so just keep at it!
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askfallenroyalty · 5 days ago
an overly long and honest author’s note
(TLDR; I’m back)
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