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#ooc: +18
bingbong-binx · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I like drawing these two as if they're wearing a shitton of eyeliner, anyone else do that or just me?
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iridescent-king · 5 months ago
I follow you on Twitter and on my dash I saw that you follow someone who recently posted art of a white-washed Herman Carter.
I SAW THAT 😂 what the fuck was up with that?? I dont like shitting on ppls art but he definitely looks pretty weird and wrong there.
If I remember correctly, they pointed out in the post that it was whitewashed, making fun of it I guess?
I know it's 100% a repost, I saw that same picture circulating around ages ago uncropped, the art's super old. The original artist probably drew him like that cuz back in the day Herman's in-game model was super pale and ppl were confusing him for white all the time, it was bad.
I'm actually not even 100% sure if the devs ever fixed that, 😂 my Herman has on the purple tie physical therapist cosmetic, and tbh ive hardly touched the game in months.
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skymaeda · 5 months ago
Man, nothings better than watching an 8 minute video of you and Nagito Komaeda, in a cave while he shames you for clicking on the video
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ask-omori-ageswap · 13 days ago
how old are people agian in highschool becus for some reason you guys decide insted of using numbers you are using words like sirios dorito or somthin similer
im 16 lol
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the-bastard-entity · 6 months ago
The greatest distraction [starter here] (+18)
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